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'~ iX ~,t .
.}7.01. GOVERNOR,
- 11Jecting.
At a meeting held at the hole! .of Mr. c :
Macfarlane, on Monday evening Ate .15th
instant, ~Captain - John_ H. „Weaver
called to the chair, anti William Al. Baird
. appointed .SeCretaiy. .
, • On'motion of Dr. William S. Roland. a
.a committee of twti from each ward Was
nppdittited by the.eltaii, consisting of,.ftit.the
East Ward.. • S. West Ward.
. . Dr. W. S. Roland, Robert : A. Noble,
Nadia:del faeob-ltretz.,
N. West Ward. S. East Ward.
William - -I: POrter,: Ditnlatp Adnir,
Jacob Fridley, John
. 'Me committee, after 'consultation, re
: ported the Tollonring ticket foe the' support.
of the Ha'rison Democrats of the borough.
- ,of Carlisle • • • ..
Judge-Colonel John MCGinnis.
- InspeCtor—James Wirer. `•
r • n pdreiv Con fort.
:Chief Burgess-=.lln Ofricer, •
.Basisfunt Burgess--•:Natbaniel Hanteh.
Town Coynei/-44eorge W. Rheem, Dr.'
' M.alion, 'Charles Fleager, Charles
• Thirnitz, Armstro n g NOble,.Freilik. Watts,.
John D.- Gtirgas,-Jacob Sener,.-John -H.
. .
. . .
.• -, Thum Clerk—Thom:lS Trimble. ..
• - ' Conshibles—lnliert IVidiartney, John
— Bpahr; -- - - JOlirC - C - Oilmore, :Mat...4w - p.
'Rodgers. -- • ;
• Schogl Directors—Andrew Blair; Lewis
'Marian. • • • • • • --•--
.„....... .
• On motion; the 'following premnble. and
. resolution were; triiinihnousk adopted:
gavetheir suppi - iftio the present Executive
.of thetnited States, upon the ground that
the affairs of the government were mis
managed, by his predecessor, and the offi
.cers under his conttol:• TherefOre
• Resolved, That it is 'the opinion.of this
meeting that the .President will best sub
serve -Ahe--in terests- of -.the - country:by - re ,
--- moviii,g - frord•Oltice all those,-who were ap
pointed by the late and preceding Adinin
„ • On motion„ adjourned toumeet on Thurs.
• day .evening the 18th ink at 7 o'clOck at
this ylace ( Macfarlane's.)
, CoimerL...We Jearn .l, that• the 1 . 1 Bin
' nAcxs BAND" intend giving aiiiiihOr con- .
Education Hall, Thifisilaror
• Friday' evening of next week. The Band
have been practising for this concert for
some months, and as'it ti ill be Uie last one
• of the season, we trust they will have a
full, house.
ac2t,.The Supreme COtirf, of the United
States have decided in favor of discharging
the negroes brought to this country. inthe
.Atnistatl,. •
11C The Rev. George' Cookman, late
chaplain to the United . States Senate, has
been appointd a delegate,, by the Board
of-Managers ottlic - Anieriali - 13ible - Snifely,
to represent tlrem at the next Anniversary
of the British and Foreign Bible Society,
• to be held at loam' in. May next. Mr.'
Cookmait sailed on 'the 10th instant in the
Steamship'. President.
• .
___tRANIII;II4,RAIL_IZOADII4 IT ES,,--'l,l.l.(tie_
is a largeAuentity of the paper issued by
the, Road Company in eircit..
'ie'tiorfiriTthisiounty.- • 'ln some -instances
it 64,4tiieli purchased at 25' per cent. tlis;
Count; and our merchants and business
men appear tint' to. be very anxious. to re
-ceive it. Can any of our contemporaries
inChatehershurg- or Hagerstown inform
tut whether. the company will eventually
'redeem their t If the pager is really
worth . any thing, the People . ehould_know
it, iin order that they may, not sacrifice it.
' ryiThe State Treasurer, in isomer to
, :a reitilUtion - of the Senate, states, ."That
- The
~ - a meutit "lie — ieeelied at the
134'te - Ttelisktiy, applicable to ,the-papntent
of interest on The itnilroveinent loans, clue
'its; of 'iugu . 5titext,•i5.5534,987;29."
' , Mee Many.
• - hiitie received -Itin first 'number
tGis Obt,ttiliciti, containing several Tales.
igketehee, 'and etnh6llished With - a
portrait'of Peter Hay, Esti: Editor'ortlie
Ail!erirar? Sentinel. The Miscellany will
be ( iiiiheir tnipinlify;. and is (forded `st the
low.pries.o! One Bolter iier. 'year. - •
'Mirror. .•
Into 168 i, 'rainitieji. of 411i6.poputur Maga•
tide is embellished' by a beautifill
Oluiloenpher in Benich'of
ihe- the' chief ihe
pie . aiiii ; :tinit of . tr. bay 'Who has open
the liellowa
._toaee wfiere die 'wind i It
ferninds, its felion't.iie once
kniti.-wii• • on . '
seeing oae
Pat a ia a t ang like
that once ,- but I open See what
the criminalty) the interested blindness o
Loeoloco judges to the rights of Whigs
claiming to vote,, and, where there possibly
might-be some .alight-dou bt - thle -re.
quisite'qualifications— We need not refer
- to - our electionin :this borough_fn , Oitobei
`last; the behaviour - Of the Locofoco officers
of the election must, be fresh in the memory
of- 'ell:- The-'''Way,--theirp to- - avoid — these
in'•future,is turn
_out.. the K'lilg .
strength and elect judges in as many -die
elect. a. Whig. Inspector_ in-every -Astrid.-
_Heretofore in' many of thestrong.Locofeco.
districte, that party have been in : tbe habit
I rof taking _ advatitageji the remiusness o
the'Whigs, mid-elected-both thy/ inspectors,
the law, intended to prevent fraud or in-
justice tin =either glide. Let, then,. the
'Whigs atteed . "and- eleet. : an rin - speeter as
they are able; if theratteed, in every dis-
The Assessors' office should also be at
tended to. Several instancei_are _knosirn
where Lncofoco'Assessors liave shown an
indisposition (if not altogether refused) to
'assess Whigs, and attended to assefising
Locofocos 'even without an application.
_Then let the Whigs of every township
turn otit, and strike the first blow in the
cause of the people against- extravagance
._ •
and corru ption.
ed the campaign by electing our ollicers•in
many more townships than we ever did
before, and endetLit by carrying the coun-
ty by a majority of 95. Let us now en-
deavov to give Judge Banks a majority of
at least 300 in Oetobar next.
• Resignation. of:111r Speaker Penrose.
7 —Mr. Penrose, in an eloquenraddress, re
signed his post as Speaker of the. Senate
nn Ipit gaturilay. On motion. Of, Mr. E.
Kingsbury. the thank!;, er the Senate' were
unanimously tendered to the Hon. Charks
B. Penrose, for 'the :able,'impartial
dignified manner Irrwhiclake had discharg
ed the duties of Speaker.
John H. Ewing of - Washington county;
has been elected Speaker; the' - v ote stood,
for Ewing 18, William F. Coplan .7,
On . Monday, Mr. Penrose left town for
Washington. — to --- ssuine the dfities
office,.as Solicitor . of the Treasury:
----- JiEbtocakriellAamsoN C r iiivvErrpoN.-" r
' This , body assembled 'at Hartislitirfifn - the
10th instant, to nominate, a candidate -- for
theofriCeof-Governoi. • Everyeountyand
district in the State was fully represented.
The,, greatest harmony prevailed in the
convention, every member being actuated
by a strong determination Yo commence and
carry on the campaign of 1841, with the
same brilliant success as that of 1840, un-
ill the state is redeemed from the grasp of
LocofocoSsm. as well as the nation. -
, • .
'ln - the evening. iht Convention was ell) ,
quebtly addressed' by. Thaddos Stevens,
,Of Mams4.. E. Brown; •oliNnithattiptOn;
J. J. Peatenn, of :Mercer; •trib.' J7l ! Heed
.and J; Hall Wendt 601 1 1 - 6 city of P i hita~
delphia. Proceedinge,•or tte:,ecirtien
tion will be fpund :,in another part of .64
tic7•l46 ilcKtsurtir,4ise reported a bill
to the House of ,Representntivegli allowing
niilenge Ceirouissioners,l; ad - Audi
hire Cumberland county: - ,
, ..
' . gorThe ' Porter min venthitu i lisie -‘sp
ppinted iiearlir the 'vidole Locofoco pally
a committee , or
will be, a large amount. oftibEitnie aid roi
unwelcome; abaiit the last of October.
lief that perkiooe engaged tha,t
bringing anite,?igainat the Ban ks,
for the non-payinent of their ape.
,eie, , as iiimnevit is -00 . to-them by - the
day ;9f_ writ,: go,
the Broken the vide; tii
. .5.^%,,.
The 'Election on Virialty:
We hope no Whit will- neglect-Intend;
ing the: township elections,' which are to
be held on Friday the 'l9th instant:_
have taken one great step do the march of
-Before]: by .electing General..-1-kirOSOti 'to
the Presidency; our next Step will bit to
hurl fiats) office the "min who now 'dis
graces the Gubernatorial chair Of Pennsylt
-vania. Next fall the people of this-state
till! :decide whether our resources :.are to
_be squandered, in: electioneering, and our
state debt to be greatlyincreased;. Whether
'criminals are to be - pardoned ':without
trial;' whether the.veto power is to. be con
stantly. Opposed to the will of the people;
'whether a thousand, other abuses are to be
.daily perpetrated' by •David R. Porter; or
..hethet.the democratic one,tertri principle
is to - be intrOduCed into . our state,. as well
as buritatiOnal governments by electing the
honest - and- talented . and popular John.
Banks of. Birks county.' • .
No. one, then, who 'reflects . for. an in
stant; i
can esteem t of - light importance to
elect :good. honest, democratie-Harrisan
men as Judges:of elections in the : different
townships. H. - Hundreds of legal Whig votes
have hitherto been lost by (we will not say
Last spring we commenc-
le,Tii ! lrf,, , ,..itr-.14.,#. : 4: - ,.:, : :*.:v:::0.1t0kt0.1r-.
premium -of. Sroi-=6 ' per cent., for : other
notes, on whichihrtiguin commence
proceedings 'agninet the Banks:'4.
dU R
to pleelng, at the heatiof our paper, the
name of the:lion...loßK - BANKS, .as the
Dentocratic 'Whig candidate for the office
.-• • •
ol:Governor of this Commonweelth, we
congritulate our friends throughput t he
county, on the auspieiouS commencement
of the 'political contest, and-the bright pros
pects we hive of a glorious triumph.
The nomination of' John' Banks was a
simultaneous expression of popular \
iti his favor; and - is the strongest evidence
of the compete union of the party—Aiti
I •
Character and . qualifications ..afford the
surest.guarantee that the confidence of the
people has, no been rnisplaeidr while _the.
simPle conidderation. that:he is opposed to
the present incumbeht of the Gubernatorial
chair;' gives us the .utmost certainty of
success. : • • • .
-- '1"o • our 'friends, then, we - Bay, take lU)
mediate . measures to * bring the strength o
'the•party to. bear on the' coming fall elec
tion.keep.up_ .yaur organizatiori—present
the same unbrokert,front; to the enemy that
you did during the last campaign; and when
the proper time arrives. let the cry resound
aloUg the whole . Whig line ; "Up, Guards,
and - at them !"•- .
Party ,spirit • was. defined, many years
ago, by. Mr. Jefferson, to be ‘."The
meSs_nithe:many_forthe benefft.olthe_few.!.!..
The-experience nf..the.,last twelve_ . years
shows that`theTdefinitiort ha - sloe - nothing
of its , force, and the. deplorable condition
in which the country is placid; proireS-thit
party spirit. 'has-been:carried- beyond what
was . formerly considered its legitimate
ject-- . -the benefitof , the:few ., =—the-ollice.
• holders. It - nom goes'_ the_ whole_ htig=to
institution's. i lt strikes 'at religion,
Sabbath, and men in holy olric - O - . - It strikes
at trade, commerce, the arts, and all that is
worthEilwishing in'obr social and political
relations. It invades the sanctuary of the
dead as well as that Of theliviiigt—the,cot:
tage of the poor and the mansion Of •the
rich. - - Party spirit is carried too far —~li
regret it, but few have firmness enough to
mills' it. The time is not far distant when
this ferocious spirit, this madness of the
many, yield to• feelings andisso'cia-
tions of a different chiracter. Necessity,
a sense . of coMmon , danger, will force men
together, who have heretofore pulled against
each The ultra radicals will be left
in a miserable minority. The hmerican
party Will be fOr the country=fot measures
calculated to heal the wounds inflicted upon
upon us by improvidant partizan legisla
tion—to dry up the tears of the widow antl
the orphan: • •_.._
' - •Senator Bentiiii, of mint drop
metallic currency notoriety, has Made the
discoimiy that the salaries of men iii office
are entirely 7 too high—altogetitet_beyond
reason and justice. He is for cutting them
down.tO a fair
_equivalent for.- services - reir-v
tiered. He has no-idea that Mr. Attorney
General-Butler (who. played the 'last card?
of the party. so bunglingly as to Pose the
odd trick) and the collector of the port of
New 'York should enjorfees and emolu
.ments' which in a - few years amount to a
princely' fortune. Why was not the dis- ,
•covery made sooper?;His indignation_:_
official extravagance_ extends oven.to_tlie
boiee stuck in bow , wintlows by postnias-H
tare. He insists tlitit they-should-be-farm,'
ed out for the-benefit of the Treasury, and
not rented ftir l rivate gain. Why dithi t t
he harpoon these boxes sooner--years
ago? Hush, lus friends were then in office.
Montgomery, of . Vie Hatrrii
burg Chronicle; has issued proposals for
resuming - the publickion of the "Log Ccr .
bin Rifle:" Terms 50 cents per copy.
j'\Ve present to our readers this week
a letter ',froni Messrs.. Kennedy :and xer
kel, our Representative Delegates tp, the
State Convention, in . answer to the asser
tions Of:Alta HairiabureOligraiilt;'-iiilative
tit pOpular , feeling in• thii county, anti - the
proceedings . Of our County'; Convection..
, noticed itee,,ariiele, 'OW - lasi
but coftiOnied ourself With a simple denial,
ad Wadi 4 pot wish to drag navies
the gentleMen-alfoiled to ,be:OreAhe public.
without' their *consent...
• rs' 1144titi8puRoi, hfireb 1841.
To the ..4Etei , i of the `liatelli'genceri .
Gentlemen--4i "sense of justice to our
Senator, Charles 11. Penrose, the prestint
sakpr„, of .the Senate. of Pennsylvania,
compels,; to , inotiee a' thosi
a upttack wide on :lan in, an editoiial ar
ticle 4:4,U - uniting bitterness, headed ,'Signal
gl.ebtike," published in the — Daily. Tele ! '
1100: of the .4th of.Marth instant, _ edited
by: Fenn' and Wallaee,'
That portion - Of,the, article irliielilimme
di4telk relates to.Alr;:po s follows:
fin cro,PI
being - the home otAt..-Peorose;
et' tocootaiwen. tapil-sl,,ev.end[44uencei••• , ,
the personal , and pin Weak admirers or, dui'
latter gentleman have 119/ clnlY,be,flehrien
ad delegates; but. Mr. llicKethdonfett befl9 '
• elected the eqfportul, yelegate; who as
: a -member ofibe 'EleCtoial College; signed
a•petition -, urging the ,appointlitent of Mr:
Stevens. '. NIA it Oin,Corioinftirt has• been.
left - for hie enemies tit : tAi i i- quarter-;-th ey have been every Where iipudiated NY.their.
Constituency, and we • repeat - a-former-as--
:sertion, that they - 10[6nd their efro'r when
• next they.cerite before the'PeOple, for their
suffrages:” .. : . , -..- •
.... • .
. We are the delegates appointed by' the
Convention .of Cumberland county to . the.
democratic State Convention, which . as-.
sembled at Harrisburg -=this-day,-and mie
: of us was a member of the countY-ConVen
-tion by which we were appointed,, It is
strongly stated in the article in question
that our appointment was a signal' rebuke
to Mt.' Penrose,'and that it is'tvidence that
he has been "repudiated" by his "consti
tuency." We,.do Unheeitatingly, declare.
such a statement to be 'wholly. destitute
: of
foundation:. - • .. i.:4 . :
We are the personal antl.politial friends.
of Mr. Penrose, andTreferred'hislappoint- •
meat to a place in .the cabinet of .General
nutrition to that Otany other indiVidual iti
this state. ..:- '':. ' . • ' : •
. •
The Cumberland county ctnivolitio# nn
initnouslyinsiructed*,the conferees appoint
ed- to - fix.the'iienatorial• delegatee for the
district to siipPert-tlie' appointment of F.
Wattai,Esq.,, who was well known: as On
personal and political , friend of Mr..Pen
rose; and to liaye taken,a very - active•part
in Urgitie the appointment of ,that -gentle
man to Gen. Harrison ' scabinet.
- • It is- due to, propriety to correct cite
statement of the, Telegraph, the-falsity of
which is apparent from what we -have al 7
reaily siiil u anitwo do 'it`as an-ace ofitia:'
tice-and-w i thout.- the-least-desire twengage
in - controversy -or- promote-the--views- of
persons • if any such there be, who seek to
'create "die impression that thei:e is diseoril
in .the Harrison' Democratic_ party in this
statevW hich-7-Was = never-more - united - than --
at piesent. Yours respectfully,
Nnfi.--Mr. McKeehan was not chosen
senaloriat_:l.l.elegateiat: Talli!'_bitt_ was._ ap
pointetLa ennfo . 'ec to' . 'isuivork.Mr..Watts
ae senatorial delegate. ' •
A:contraotOi — oillthOp - obliO iverks of _ II
linois has patented a new - drill for excavat
and. drill into. solid rock, in one day,
to the depih of forty-nine feet.
They_ have _ one, dawn East,
used for drilling•militia'companies, as well
._ •
as rocks.
r.or(be ffirakl 4st_ Zrpositor,_
• .ilit::.Editor:.-•4n this intelligent and en
fighteried7community,—every -thing—which
tends to prevent the diffusion . of moral
religious information among every class of
our population, must be looked,iipon by
all good citizens with disapprobstion._ Of
this nature evidently is the singular omis
sion tin the part of those who have the di
rection of our Poor House to provide a
Chaplain or. regular instructor fur those
who Awe kepk-away-,- -britarions-reasonsi
'from attendance upon the services of are
sanctuary., Here •is certainly . a . fine field
for doing good—the poor, the afflicted, the
ignorant from the whole county are here
brought within reach of simnd instruction
in the truth, and yet it is witlihniden froth
..thein, so far as any provision is Officially
made .for Children are growing up
there, and nd. Sabbatli••llny instructor im
parts, wholestime , . advice and counsel to
'them.' We have chaplains for our
asylums and other' public situations ; but
here to one place of public appOintment
where nothing of the kind is directly pro
vided. The poor there complain of this;
'ouch good fright he done by listening to
theirreqUest. • Will 'not the Directors take
this matter into consideration ? .
FrOmthe Pennsylrania Intelligencer:
The Currency Trotibles.
: Every body agrees that cannot haYe
an,etclusitipa r ecie'euriency. lye must
- theri - Itaye - a - nnxed - oneniart specie; - and
part paper convertible into specie. 'Phis
convertibility of the, paper part can only 'be
poMitia/,-tiot-actual.--- - every paper
had a epeeici dollar soineWhere, which
it represented, we might as well have the
Specieltselt. 'We dare not, therefore, run
we can always turn . our pocket-money into
change. - Nines serve all the purposes of
busitiess,.. - except* for small amounts; and
ivlten the banks have tltmpe4dO„,:tve don't
want - it, lint we only want43vltettAey
have not got it. Coofidenit,'.'ilkiecorec'is
essential to the -circitiatina iif a nosed cur
xency,,and. that want of confidence is the
sole, cause,of thcc , present-disease ' of the
' Look into our publje journslo, o l-a-,04-
tain- class, 41)0 tlik.tmituY,Pflptire : to the
G avern Men ergs ti , s
. there , . y_ M jug
-there - like confidence in thir'moneyed, inr
atitti dens? ,1:11e.111Mk Of England burrow
' .to'.enabliOet‘•
Maintain specie' payments; but thTEnglielt
press .sounded no. alarei And •eausedt - no, run
up_onihe Bank:: The Tad:slaps grumbled
a little•about itirrorn ibeirnatiOnal
to the .English: but the latter Were, harm)...
thrice!) patriotic., and- true 00 : lbem
ael yes. %V hen dtk.,Philadetpinie Banks,
finitated the example bf the . English' Bank s
did an- out Petineybtania pressee e even,'
eland bv' theiii,or were Me '!dogs . of war"
let . loose;:a.were• the , bale enidneipated,vie- .
tims !Iseiied and 000 npon; their': IV;
feral;, pyre ? " Perish eredie , —.. perish
• • , ree"....-" perish' confitfenee"4llJetie
niannted;freirn these
die. fiendish:ea: ! - Ik# 43 ,
who professed 16- hb,....t:: .49 . 11 r f i1, 818 . 11'
"aizetteers . qt
RepOiters of, the 'GovernMent
•Ponitsyitianin I These thints have Phased:
ji lt" hi PsirYi and iliq. ingo(liary:or
eenik 4nionell fame
tlifir '
'wile* every patriot tkuly.dpoi t ti
of re-establiihiiig- - our mixed' tiltren
!he toil° qt that . part of q
tho' mai ohaotredt
, . .
True, in private, some of these editors talk
like sensible.dien; they sacri
fiee their. iiihitiiPles to the dosiimed distiny
which CoMPeis belie their better
futirrrienT. -- Viliiiiitilitit hie!' the body
politic has received is siill chafes: by the
. me instrument_ which praduces_it.__Niit
a whisper,eseapes the organs of destruction'
of a repentant course. Notu relenting sign
is vouchsafed . by; the genius that animates
. ,-
_" Cruel he looks, but cairn, and strong,
~,,- • '
"Like one who does, net sutlers wrong."
'Wedded to his errors, like the : " Salt-water
pilot" on the. inland sea, who figures in
'Cooper's "Path-finder," not a look of hope
for those:abnut, escapes his obduracy,,When
the ship . of. State: is already'. among the
.hreakers, and the
,arew'are putting up their
lasiprayer: ' Change the' tone of the press
and all will yet be well.. . \
If the English were.on our fronti slivith
a hostile army of 10,000 strong, the e would
be lesi distress in the: communit —less
. alarm,less fear for the future,. There Would .
be. unio n -con'c'ert---action; and these
questions ot.domestic policy EVolfhl 'soon be
lettled hi die iiiii3 , way : they can be settled.
Families that now writhe in secret anguish,
douhtitig 'of their. mo'rrow's - bread—their
heads too old to work, too proud to beg—
wthild , feel 'that Abell' Toe was wit/soul:-4.-
They. would not feel, as .the subjects of
Turkey, : that their worst ettemyis,theirosvh.
Government, They would be 'resPited
from perpetual goading for the sin for which
they are -- punisheil—the_-crime - of having
been industrious, of having saved something
for old age, of leaving a provision for the
Avidow._and _bread,_for. .the----orphan :.--tlie
crime of havingtrusted_their pittance to . in!..":
Stiititimiti created by, the Commonwealth,
trtisted by the Comrtwealth, - weakened
by her, and now to he destroyed? Shame,
on-the tone of exulting derision with which
some presses speak, Of the, misfortunes - pf
thOUsands,.or the hylme'riticiti cant of others,
affecting pity Tor ealamities_which 'they
have.' helped : to : protlop.,, 'The warring
savage is more merciful -when he destroys
the.mother c and murders_the_orphana.whom,
he has made, • than they who ., reb - thew - of
the - support:of - life; 'and foretrthern in their
helplessness-to exclaini. ,
Vhy have • we sense to know the curse upon usc"
PCP We have.been . reluetantl.keeinpelled
to omit tlie Departnfent this
week. In ditr next we will attend to it.
Raltilizore, March 15, 1841- -
CATTLE—S6:SO to $7:75. •
sstts_peCloo 7 l4s,
FLOUR--$4:25 to $4:34
WHEAT-85 to 90 cents per buShtd. .
CORN-38 to 40 cents per do.
RYE-46 to 48 cents.
OATS-2S to 2S cents per 'do.
WHISKEY-1 - 111(1s. 21, Ws. 23. tircr,on ISriEe
19 cents exclusive of the
the llth .inst,, by the Rev. John Ulri D ch, Mr.
all of South Middleton township.
On the same day, by the same, Mr. JOHN Frankfort! township, to Miss ELIZ
ABETH SUZ, of North Middleton township.
/On the same day, by the same, Mr. JAMES C.
SMITH, to Miss SUSAN RAN KUNE, all of
„"On the same' day, by the same, Mr. HENRY
all of Carlisle.
"On the same day, by the.same,-Mr. FREDERICK
ELFLEY,Io . -Miss.-MARGARET—GOULD ; all or
Carlisle. • • .
-lOn t'ie 4th instant, at the residence of his father,
iii.. North Middleton township, HENRY, only ion,of,
llayid Katz, in the 19th year of his age. -:..•
At MerCershergohe Rev. F. A: RAUCH, , D.D,.,
President of Marshall College.
Of the Cumberland•county Bible So6iety will 1:1(*,
held on Tuesday' evening the , .28d Mat., at 7 o'clock,
at the house of W. Seymour; Esq., In,
A fun, attendante of the Managers is earnestly de
sired;as business of importance will he Oresented
for the action or the Society. The. township Com
mittees are"respectfully- mines - tett- to- transmit- to
the' meeting ,the result of their operations and the
donations collected by them—also the names of per
sons desiring to become members of the society.
ROLIT—C. HALL, Cot.; Sc.c) -
March 17,1941.
N. 11. The depot for Bibles is atthe store of Mr.
Richards, in Carlisle, where a, variety, both In En
glitl and Gerinan, can be had at extremely • low
prices, or gratnitqusli on an order from a manager,
by - those unableto buy.
Rooins for Rent.
The rooms above the store of Miner ISt 11fulvany
are for rent. Apply to
March 17, 1841
Cheap Cloths, iS•c
The subscribers will .sell ttieir stock- or Cloths
.c.:assiinerea soil other Woolen Goode, very lew .fos
cash. • •
March 17, 1841. , .
• • NoticE., •
~,T A VERIst LICENCE granted at the last...Coert
are now ready for tleltiery, Etc, .
• , 1 • , , 7 recter. ,Cfhtt. Co.
Tren - snier'n 0111 - co;
Carlisle, March, 17, 1841.—.5t5 ~ ,•
To , cill Claimants and
,persons interested:
, Notice' i therehyliven,that wrirof Sidra Facia'.
to April Term 1841, to me directed, lies hiten issued
out of dm Court of ,Common Pleas, of Conbellood•
County, following Y . Alechltnic'q Lien,nAn.:
tered amt recolded the Court of C ommon Pleas
aforesaid, yiz , - • -
Jacob Money, vs.'Dayid Nelscin, contractor, and
the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Chulch In
the hot , ough of t, . -. • • .
Se. hi', Stir. Michanlii Lien, No. 18, April
Term, 1841: ; ' . ,
, ,
Collins Stephenson poll Daniel Dinkle b •tratling
tinder ',the top of, .Stevenson Et. Dinkle, roe. David
Neliop;iirailroctor, find,. Mrs. Catharine Creighton,
Me n ohituieetiep, No, 33 AAit Term,
IiAI2II.N, Sheriff:
-1'4184i-43C • ' , ' ,
, . .
e„ . : , - - BRANDRET.HVft • -
..,,.. kfi 4 l . :. .,upp,l 7 ,jus ! .. F .,e! ): ,,g,,,t, t he.sidi4:ar, .:, - , ,
.1 -. -,.* i •:•:.., . •.•-• •,..-. „,•!--. ...,,,.!,,,'....:,:..--.,, 'CP,i.,PG II !; II I I7 ..';
,;.-74,'""''i,i4,!:-:,-.•; ' - •.•
r . AIOUSEI.I , Iiit — DE; • 41N.,
Z . kitilt*Otviglgirlegatit ,111,ouc 25. 1110
. 4% AR al 4 1 14, cli• PPrl.'4 ll/ '
• • „.• CHAS. 0
' 1143 4:4, ilft- • At • .
Bah. Pai
To the iiiiiectors of the Chmihott
Schools in Cumbefittiid cOunty., \
- GENTLEMEN:—.TIfe following
. stiientent is, made
a accordancewith the, school law, phased in. 18313.
I inn youm.respectfullv, . • •'• •
4, •
ILarrisburg, February 23, 1841; -
TIM amount of tax every district must
title itself to Its share of State appropriation, is a min
Fqual-tolit least GO cents for every taxable inhabitant
in the district, according to the last triennial enumer
titian itfildein llte spring of 1839. A list of taiables
in each disirict is hereunto appended.
Districts abut have Already accepted bonimon
_School SyStera, and recelved-then- , :iliare-of-thelip!:
proprilition for former years, will on levying the
proper amount of tax, be entitled under existinglawd
to receive for the school year ; 3842, which commen
ces oWthe first Monday of next.dune, one dollar for
every taxable.'
Districts which have not received any part of the
appropsjationOffermer years, but which accept the
aysteni_for the first time, at _the annual election in
March next, and levy* the proper amount of tax,.
will under existing laws receive $4 40 for everymx ,
able in the district in 1835, and $3 00 foimvery tax
able irt.1839; 'according to the annexed list. Them
sumsi by a resolutiOn passeu April 13th, .1840, will
remain in the-StnteTreasury-for-the.use of noitkle
cepting districtd, until the first - of Novetriber, 18'4i
and no, longer. • • • •
Number of taxable inliaiatantsfajhe several. School
Dihricti clithe,countij, aciordiig. to.' the'enunie
, radon (11835 and 15.59. • . .
• . " 1835. 1639. •
Allen,. • -.. •. ' 423-• : 493
Carlisle,.. , . - : - 783 , . 844 •
-Dickinson, •
._ . )508 • ' 623:
' Frankrord, , ' 2.91 ' 239
Hopewell, : . 204 206 •
MechattiesbUrg, . 125 153 •
-.Mifflin,- : 296 •-----318 - - •
.ro Middleton, . .355 -.. 394
SnutliMitldfeton, . 4 62 423
• Monroe, ". . , .303 • 369
• Newton,. . • : 291 336
Newville ' . '
~ . 152 149.
East Pennshorough • 453 503 •
:West Pentisborougit, • 397: __. 453 .
- ShippenslitMginarongh;. - - - 207 • ---- 821
- Slimpensbure -township, e 28' 50 '•
• Silver Spring, • , : 969 ~.,-... 480,,, '
Southampton, =_ . - • 305: - 315- I! ----
-. ' : By 'order of the Commissioners. ' -,....1
Test:--JOHN IRWIN, tJerk. ..... , ..,: . ' .
. tommissioners' Offlee, Carlisle,. -
--- ,Marckll,lB4l. • • S - •
Country Seat at Publie Sale,,
:- 4 - :COMFORTABLE - FeliihMlsi;, sienated .newt
Petersburg, mid Within /CM ile and a half of the
York Sulphur Springs on - the - Carlisle and Ihilltmors-
Turipike road , comprising a neat, .m ell built and
mutt:Meat layge • ' •--
ft -.1, =-wl . . .. Two Stor y . Brick. .
fru, -
-.-:„. : .. -
. - H ouse , ,
and 'back_bnilding, in thorough good reptile, with7a
good Stable. stild Uft•riage7fluile in, the_rearbn,si
lot-ofabont 100 feet frunt_by..lso...lbebdeep,-weßvi
closell - wittr - ttew - pslini, ,- feneet — l'ltere - lii:a - watet
right to a spring of goad - Nimter,.co!krenielit to - the
house - on an adjoining lot. To a .persosi '%'i lib' would
is ish a lite:want 'summer ietresst, and to be yelirest
frolo _the busy_ scenes of life, bic. O t is, allbrd;.3 a
rable opportunity. -r
-. The above • will be exposed to Public Sale, o
Saturday the '27th day of Minh, inst., sit i': o'c lock n
P. M., —together with none horse carriage and liar
lieSS (isearly - hew)tisillse - liousishold efiects - general-
Iy. of the pre.seut occupantewhess- ternrs:wilbbe made
known by
'. . J. C. BRIDGES, Ag't.
Teteribtirb-York. Spring, _2
March 10,1841. . S
• aqi)vawah. •
ALL persons indebted to lIITN MULVA
NY are requested to make payment on on be
lore theist day of April next, after which time theit
ilboks will ; be placed in oilier hands for collection.
Carlisle, March' IT; 184 L
TRe undersigned 'will receive. proposals 'tit the
Old Church, on Saturday the Sd day of • April; from
12 till 2 o'clock, for the building of a new Church
on Longsdorl's' Church-ground, in Silver Spring
township, of the following dimensions to wit:-61/
feet long by 45 wide, to lie built of limestoni: and
brick; the foundation to be raised of, iinestime to
shout the hffiglit of 4 feet fritm the bottom, then to
commence with good and sufficient brick a 1,4 inch
wall t the height of 18 feet, to. be built after the
plan of the German Reformed Church in Carlisle,
in a good and workinanlike. Mailer, the iiintritBtor
to, purchase all the. materials but the undersigned
wilt bare all the hauling done.
March 17, 1841. •
.The partnership existing beta 7 un the snbscribers,
*as:dissolved by mutual consent mi=ihe first of last
lYeeiernbet4..the hooks haVe been left in the hands of
I.&ltl.'Snitth, Esq. fur collection, where • all those
indebted td the firm•are requested to call and make .
paypsOut.on or btifore tl i q let et . April next.
• • •,. JOHN DIOOItL, •
Carlisle, March 17, 1841. at .•
N. B. Vie btisitwss is now coniffrcted by Richard
Anderson, nt the. old stand, North Hanover street,
wheru blacksmith work doll kinds attended
to with despatch.
D Y Virtue of a writ of Yen. Exponas to me
rected,lasued out of the Court orCominOn .
Pleas of Cumberland county, Wilr be exposed to
Public Sale, at the lionrt House in the borough of
Carlisle, 'on Friday the. 9th day of April, Vat, nt
10 o'clock, A. M., the following described Ilea
: lis
• .
ate, viz:— •
All the - Interest - of - William - Davidson inztnici - lots
of ground (being the muliiided oue-fitlh part) sittude
in the borbugh of Newville, Cumberland county,
enutaining each 60 fe t in breadth and 19.0 feet iu
depth, more or Jess, having thereowereete,d i a_
n tiVO STORY FR_ . ME ROUSE; n. Tan house
TAN YARD AND BARK HOUSE,IuId other improve
ments, udjoining lots of the heirs oh' Robert Steel on
the west, Cave.alley on the morth, Big Spring on the
east, and Main street on 'the south.—Seized and ta
ken,in eidentiOn as the prOperty , of William Da
vidson. .:And to be srild by nu!, r 7.
Sheriff's Ofaee,.
Carlisle; March 11, 184.—k ;• "
~ , -
• 70.'0Yr - •
_Take notice that ivt; flare applied to the Judges of
'the Court of Common Pleas,uf_ Cumberland county,
for the benefit of the Insolvetit;taws of this Com men-
Ilealth,and they have . apuointeit.illind4,the Oar/oil
of :/peril; nett; for the hearing 'of our
creditora v at the'Conrt House, in the borough of Car
lisle, when and ivhere•you lnaY ati(Mtli if you think
proper: ..• .
•. • - • ' 'JAMES ,
, WACTMA.I9 . ,
[5:. D. .114 'CHRISTIAN ItE - EIATAN; .
. 'DANIEL 1:3010.rt, -. '
w. a.] JACOB WOOD;' •••
....,.. •
JOAN. notrEz, , : : ,
• '
.ritEnEnicx-,pcitiLto.. ...•
• • : IC ,
~'Eatiite qt Acicidr
lA:jimob.SlMlfibittigiii into 11001:11Iiiicilemo.
timeosisip; qiiiiitlo l lhipl"OtiukiiOseitsed; iiirtifig,
- IMO Ate -the .I,slthic'rillie , Ncrsts,,s, is
ilkystipiit, -- and i
thosehating tiiipiOsent Chum for, setticiiiiiiiAl
1 - 0; 1
' 1 prize of ' '/' . .09,009 ifbilsrs.
1 do • , Z .. 40,uthi
1 do • 15,000 ..
• . 1 do . • • /Q, OOO " ''...'
zz z'
- 1 do - . :, -
1 do 7,000 .
, . 1•' do - , . 6 (KO
. . 1 do -.- 4,00(1 . . •
. 1 (10 . • . • 2,500
. 1 do• . . .•- 2;:irl, • ,
• ' 4 prizes of .- .. , 2,000 .. •
• " 5- do . : .. . .1,750
.. 10 - . do • • ',• ' ' ~ • - 1,50) .- • _
10 do . / • '• • ' : - .1,250 ,
5Q do -1,00 i) "- '
• '
• 5Q
,'do . - : 500
50 do, 400 -
' .100. (16 - 300 . ,
100 do - - - - - . 250
170 dd .
" --
124 do, ~.- - . 150 .
1'24 do .16 - &O. , •
id biinv ii xyposx,7 oiti R f 7€3 .
i'ickets $2 , .)--llailvei . slo— l igl.dtil $2,50 .
Cimii $ cotes of l'itekagLs of:16 t - % lioleTic4els e 2,40.,
Do. • ' do . VI Mill d 01.1,1
Do: do - 9.6 Qua: ter do '45 . '
Do. , do . Ski Eighth • (13 • 52 53
• .' s Orders for Tickets atal Shares and Certificates
of Packages trift be jairmidl)'l - alteaded awl as
sopa as Ike s - vill• be
larivarded toallsyhd - ordiff• from us- Address
S. Ott:G . OllY •&.CO. 31anagers,
. AVashirigton_(;dy, I). C.
ET - TER.STF.STA - lIEN TAM' •oo the e.4tate •
_EA of hoe of Sooli Ifidellotoo t iwtl•
•Sliii),4...:unibuilintl_coulitv_qcalLsctl; vilig•_igsbed _
to Ilteitlist;rilicre in du o : ; NoTitt IS lior.fliy all pet-Fonv k..ii; ;; te" or mid,
decedent, to . make iirim; 414;te t, 41.11 those
LatiiuD erAtil ‘ sto' live:4( 4 ;o t,lrm 1 . . 1% n.• 11
. - 1 •
JCPJLI:M . I . 1 1-.l::x,;oth-rs..
.I.Acoa err Nztt
march: 10, 1841.
. • •
UT2SUANT . tailfirovisioaa - rfilie'rid
trionwetiltbi entitlet4.9 An net to ' , swinish 11 general ..
aysteni - of Cruntnsin Sdliools," passed the -day -
of April, 1934,1 licrebV give notice to All the citi-
Lens in the sm:erat a'ai . ool districts 1 - n the county of meet in-their 11!SiRTILFV1.1 townships
and boroughs, at the Tlactis_where_tlicyjniolil
eleetionshor &Teri isqrs ; Town Council, -and ' -
stables, 011 the Tined 'Friday and 19th day cf Niarelt
instant, them and there elect Two Cilizens_of each
School District, fn serve-throe years as ',School Di_
reetors.or 'said° IXStritits l'espretively ;- Which elec
a .'
dons arc to be conducted and held in tilik.Srinie man
lier as elections for Supervisors and ConstOlea are
New Spilmag Gotias.' •
Just received from Philadelphia on adiorttneid cf.
. 1 36pritteevoUti, •
of the newest style and ; .sfdenditl aqua .
Silks'aad lliliands,;•Nftameljiru4
Gimes, Freopli worked Collars, &ie. Also, a large
assortment of,
Cloths, Cassimeres, , Vestings, Tickings, A .
Checks, 4-c. C.
All of which will be 61.1 very. Jow by the Subscriber •
hf the old stand opposite S. 11'nuderlich's Hotel.
March 10, 1841
WITERE.I.S, tile I SAMUEL .. •
sident Jip,lge of the Cow t of Cotrariou Pleas
in the OW Instriot,composeitnfthe c , •11, CeR of cum,
berind, • Perry_ and 11.10n..-Istas.--
Stuart and JoI;z Li:krre, Judges of the said Conk•or
Common Pleas of the catinty of Ctiniberlitudi have
issued their precept, bearing date the 01h egv cf
' January, 1841;
,and to die dir,.cteil, for linkli - vg
Cofirt of (leer. and 'remind. and 'General Jill De
liveryontd.Gencral Quarter Sessioi.s cf
at Carlisle, on the
Second Monday of ,aprili
.1841; '•
(being the 12. th e. 4) at ten it'..clc , :k in the fergnoon :
NoTtcE is hereby . &yeti to the Cermer,".lttsr,rei ri
the Peace, and CoeStableS alhe raid ectuay of Cum
berland, that they he Wen and there in their proprr
persons, with their recoras t inyui itirun , eXrrriii,R
tintis and Other rementhranceF to do those things
which to their Milks respectfully appertain. 'And
those who are bound by recogiatance to pro' Setbied
.against the prisoners that are,.or then May lie in the
doll ottumberland comity, to he then mid lie, in
Troscenii: liffiist-ihern its Le..PM..
Dated at Cprlisle; the • 4th day of March; .
Nid the sixtysistliyearof American Indencaderce:
PAUL. MARTIN, Shetift;
~ ... , ,
The Co-Parfnership hesytnfore exituieg between
JAMES 130,11
IlliNklY 11 11ENEMAN-.- -
Trailing under the name or" Beek and Ilrem itetit -.6,.
was, by - mutual enbsent, - Dissolveil on the <6M. of
February, 1841. All thMfe indebted to the Nee firm
;are respectfully requested' to :make ptt'lnett'V'on or
b'efurc the first day of April
.mxt: to Ileiwy 111.ene
man, at the old stand, in New Cumberland, whia . itt
duly authorized to receive the vune, %there also 41
:Clailns ageitst said firm ivill'be paid.
• .1/ENlri 1111ENEMAN I .
.''., • . - t ,
- . 3 A:StES' DOAK,
• • 24m:idk to, I I:4l.—sto . . . . .
-.- N. ll: Tim. Subscriber continues die Dual:leis at
the old gami c :Md . respretfoltreolleits a' share (CAM
publio patronage '
4LO'. ARAJtif#olo,llt .
The, Tinet*lililp - ,iievelovo..exi ti kiv rig the •
.Subseigherte -the litni ofF. ,11A.R11,, -
8e CO. is itisSolved by the tritlitirmi:iil JIIIIIOP , .
:I)rt:ter..., The (Maki, Nett 3 &e. 'Rye in die of
. S. DUNLAP. wjto , Will settle the busineas Of tli:
late firm.' • , '
° • • • '• 8.1.1111, • -'
• . • • • • • VA .N lEL S. nuNLAP.
,NcWAillopWarall I's4ll—S(
The.B t ore war fai - roatMuett by: 11:e Sittscri
.lter, who -will he pleased to tieedmillnii, the e:elsto
veers of tile old film, and thqufilia genrr . Ally:
" " • HARR.
Estate .of deceased:
y ETTEPS, NIKNT AHY on, the% Ware
of Intry f AlciebutliesLufg,
=vied ,bartng isined to the sidiceribei• in clue &era .•
K!wereeis hereby given to cal .I u ifich Lied .to •
the estate of saiil.tleuesumilila make immediate pap. '
meat, and fltbie Luring 4lriihs3 to iireseettitern for'
6941etinent. • - . • "'
•,• - • , • • • .Ton.). 7 •,COOVER. • •
Esecutor of Altie±.l;npv, &Ott.—
" C4I'U • s•
• - ; • - • -•-
crrict iihbAfirirych,Vott unito?ii•intf i ttg;
thaltor f itiooit pittpl, Calle, or
any.,oeteei tliang; on or trorn!titit - Mount
mpautl,nrity.,in 9 / 1 1111 = h6 l'"Wen"'"
631 p 1111q,1111li 41Wpt.raollit --
'll,p'e,_c 3 fliti °nod 81;1401...plying tvhts,extielit to" mittelt, , , 7. ,
or to. my tv!itteit action as llama is amagCsit:iiiittibt
Iztr by me to act in- these- touttertipot
it* appoint t anyt•- , .-!: 1 / 2 , - ,
• IVNIL. . .
Atiorstrynr %hp FarratTs'lic ItAccltstlici.olo4ll,l"
riatAllittrz --•
1,60'000 !
,1530,080 $15,;000 •
" _MAW°
'lntacorst Ltivaitearaz -
Ctnita 140.1, fop 1841.
To b 6 drawn at AleXOhdria,
' • April 17th 1841.
NOTICE., • ..
Estate of James'_Givin, deed.
tuentres Orrien,
Carlisle, March 4,1841. S