Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, January 27, 1841, Image 4

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.Cheap cThistde fug' Cash. •
The Subscribers, desircnis of reducing tindr stork'
Of Nterehandize,oll'er it at reduced privAl:s for ell Yi n.
. Their entire stock of
Cassiitidres,_.Satinett,s, Merinoes, Flaw_
• ! - ?lets; li.c. 4 4 c.‘ '
loin ke sold•at siveiw opyili . advance. Such persons
as are 'desirOtis of obtaining good bargains will please
gall at the More of • . .
. ,
N. B.. The• entire dock 'of aterchantlize Ivill be
sold a-bargain to any one wishlix to engage in'tlie
busineti,ifutd!eation be.made immediately.
631.W.11M . .
~Shippemlwrg, • P.a.
Are 1110,W opening at their Store .large,and. most
aldendid assortment of -
and - IVinter
-•• .04 . ; • Qiz) op E ffi ) . 4 .
which they will sell at such prices is. 'cannot fail to
suit purchasers, being determined to sell . cheaper
than, can be found elsewhere in the state. Their
stook consisting in part of the following articles, viz:
illetek;Blne, Avant, Olive Gree7;, Xnvisible Green,
Mulberry,- Steel-mixed, eg Cadet mixed
: Broad Cloths •
„Black, Blue, Striped,-and Drab Cassimeren; Mae
Green, Drab arid' Steel-mixed Canines.; Prussia!
Blanket and Merino Shawls, - 11andkerehiefs,'&e. -
Also a large assortment of • • r • -
Domestie GoOds,_ :
tio .
e.ensware, Hardware,' G roce
: •
ries, Liquors,
. . We'would inVi - -thepublio - to - call - mid 'examine
I kt,
oUrnew and rhea oods, and_
- if gOod.gontls, low
• prices and exertion t please witthave rinyeffeet, we
feel confident that they will .not 'go, away without
- leaving with us a little of the Ready Riau.
N. B. Cowitry Prothice of all kinds will be taken
in exchange for . Goods, at market price.
. ' ..
P.S. A report has heen - circulated that we do not'
intend' to continue; : here longer than the ensuing
spring, we therefore:votild-acquaint the public that
------. --we have lensed the store-house, which We now occu
py, t r the term of four y.xtra, May this cheek th e
slap e mut tongue of...those who seem to devote all'
. - their.attention to such base and' degraded acts.
Dec. 9 . ; IMO:- .... .
~,, ...
. .
. . -
- -
• A R.G A . 4N- ‘N
, .
---- - Yr — pitheitp• iv - - 8( .ti7idateek;
. .
At their New-Store-in- Centreville; Dave -jest--re
'assortment' or-BRITISH, FRENCH and DOMES
- TIC -
- R-1" 0 - 01) S;
which lists e been selected with muCheire in die cities
of NEW' YPIIRK and PIIILADgLPHIA, rind which
- they restiebtfulltitirlte:tho — citizens:of - Centreville
, and vicinity to call and examine, beena.
bled to please • and sell' decidedly 'cheaper than any
establialiment in the colinty. They will be
•—happy . at all tinies to see custmners who arc desirous
of haring ' - -
Nevr , Cheap. avid: Good Goods.
AmUng their stock will be found Bine Black,
Brown, Green,-Olivo, Cadet, Mulberry Calaia.• Cit
ron, Claret, Miat Drab, and a variet y } of low priced
• .• altZleate)
Superior striped' and plain London and Buckskin
Cassimerea, premium and low priced Sattinats; su
perior Silk, Satin, Velvet, VAtiencia, Corded; Strip
ed,,Figured' and Plain MaVaellles and Cassimere
Vestinga. 'A general assortment of all qualities and
colons of .
Fall and Winter Goods.-,/:
suitable for Gentlemen's wear. Superiorri3laek.
Italian I..utestrings, Gros De Naps, Po„ S wus,
Gros De Swiss, and Senebaw Silks; antler; Chint
zes, Jacaonets, Cambrios, Bobbinett<Plain and Fi-
Hred Swiss, and Book Muslins,-Shawls, Dress
andkerchiefs, Scarfe,Neils, Ribbons, &c.
A. large and excellent assortment of fine million.
Erioed - Caliqoes Trish, Table, Towelling and Table
Dialer, Crash Muslins, Tickings; Clieckg,_Cords,
Baaverteens, fits/A general assortment of 'Leghorn
'and Straw Bonficts, Umbrellas, Parasols, /cc. Also,
an extensive assortmentof_,
~tinceries and Oueensware
- Unite most approved Qualities --The public-are re.
.-apectfulli Invited to call mid judge for themselves ss
they are - determined to sell cheap for cash or country
produce. TAVERN -KEEPERS are respectfully
• invited to call and examine their sleek of, Liquors
-before purchasing elsewhere.
Centreville, Cum. Co., Cctober 14, 1840.
Cheap Shawls;
The Subscribers hivell4.h - illft a large aisortment
of Cashmere, Thibet, Merino, BrOcha;Chenille and
other kinds of Shawlef which they will sell 'at
matt winkle& for Cash.
.1117 W ER Er aIUI,V.I.A-k2
• Flair• Jr. Cloth Caps. •
A good assortment of Par and Cloth Caps will be
sold cheap at the store of •
Lace • i;ioods.
A. large assortment of Thread. Lace nod Edgingg;
Cambric and Swiss Edgings and Insectinga, for' sale
at reduped prices at the store of . • -
. • ' 1177WER Ed' .31ULV.IXE
in Sliippensburi, English, German and French
MERINOES, and for sale by *.
LL COLOURS OP CARPET CHAIN., fold --sale at thi New_ Store iii Shiptwasbarg. lw •
UST RECEIVED and' now offered for sale at
the New Store. in. Shipriensburg a handsome'
and sidendid,stssortment of Plain,Vhite and l3roid
ered Merino Shawls. '
-IiTIN-STU l FlFS.Logwoo 4 ,—Brazilletio,
'cavorts, natio, Madder, Alum, Cochineal,
nirD;t4BlueVitriot Copperas, I ndigo, Oil of Vit
riol, Nitric Acid, Miriade, do., Solution of Tin ; the
above will be, mild lour for , Cash, by. - '• .
• • ~
There is notimeatise of Fevei in a thousand', hut
• effectually broken'. up and removed , by the
use °CO; Elixir. removesall acidity indigestion,
~„bilious matter, and constipation from the stomach
bowels. Operates geiitly and effectually on
• the howeixot&d . powerhilly on die_kidneyeandl in.
.11 retiiiiitstill-unpleasant feelings after' a hearty meal,
andpromotes a good appetite .. It needs only a trial
•Co givoPerfect satisfaction. it has become a general
prude!, with many to use this articlein all cases of
colds, pilaildthe bones, or heavy diiagrerable feel
ing,teadurEtig to headache or chilliness. For hoarse
, ileasiltatiitough the day, it licimpletely restores
the 'vole* • Ntliout. producing sickness. Whooping
-- ottughboattall-eoughs of children are cured by
The stomach ii(keptin perfect order. by it, and it Is ,
'trite impostible that any disease :should commence
while irperson is Using this Syrup.
oXiflaken daily* produces,* rudy healthy,
young appearance, by 'driving off all the homer" of
the system. -.Sold genuine at 'Fletcher 'Street, one
' :door bel .
oterearls,etreet,2Cli by, - ,
aiml by altrospeetable /Nu:mists.
For miltr(aliso bySTEyENSON:k
'KLE Carlisle "
Of the efficacy of:Dr , . Ilarlich'e Compound Strength
, . ening - and Gerinan ;. , 41ocrient
A LLEGUANY, JAM 8; 1840.
To Dr. Ilarlich's Agent—Sin 1 will to state for
the benefit of those who maw be afflicted, that Dr.
Hurlich's Pills have entirely:civet' intiltitllyimepsia,
of ithich 1 have been afflicted for many nas. l used
both_kinds, the.Aperient_and_Stretigthening,antll am
constrained to Say, that they area valuable discovery, -
and act upon the system mildly , but very e ff ectually.
1 found the Tonic Pills to quicken the circulation
and cause a deterthination to the surface, and to
strengthen the weak stomach and increase its powers.
The Aperient Pills are the:best cathartic' ever used.
ant confidertrall Dv Ijdi would tlo well to make
immediate trial and'he relieved. Any one can call'
at my house and be satisfied of the above at pleasure.
4. B. The original certificatxmay be seen at the
offiee of the "Spirit of the Times." For sale at No.
'l9,Nortli Eighth street:
1 - IWitala - y - "X."J,73TY.F.R.S & CO., Carlisle
; and Wnr. - Peal;Shippenshurg, [Dec. 2.9; 1840,
• We are not among that class of Editors who for a
few:dollars will, ( at theexpense of truth and hones . -
ty) -4, eivick up" an article,and bring k into rapid sale;
neither are we willing to remainailent,after-haviix
tested the utility of an improvenient oridieethery in
science or art. "Our readers will recollect we told
them we were unwell with a sore throat and violent
cold some few weeks age. Well, we purchased two
HOUND snits° sudden was thecure4tat we forgot
we ever . Those who arc afileted, may .
- trritipon our recommendation.—Lewistown 7ble
graph. .. . .
}or tale by '" ' • •
S . . ELLIOTT, Carlisle
• NORTH, Newville.
AlsoftqPritggists ginierally throughout the coun
try.• . .Price - 50 eents.per bottle:_ - •
' 'Oct. 411,-1840. '
- Voremove these troubleionie 'Sind *lsoprene
inhabitants of the stomach and boweli; which so often
impair the hesith and destroys the lives : of children,
use Jayne's Tonic Vertnifuge, a certain and safe pre
paration for the removal ofthvviriouskinds °Norms,
dyspepsia, sour stomach, want of sppedte,, Infantil e
fever sod 'ape, and dlblll oftlt4s Stoinaidsend haw.
.els, tad organs of dl Ttalie 411 sit Nes,4o
'South Third , street ils 1 Ain.'
•Also to lie had of Samuel Fallon and Stevenson &
!tinkle [May 13 14140
For Sale.
The two 861 . 1. Stone Ileum!, ()reap' ieithr the mib
sic...l4ller tel East street Carlisle, with the Lot of
(;i•netaii 90 feet
.frpas", Ith suitf street, awl eiteutiing
t'3)leer. hack. to the,L6,tart sprin. There is a Stone
Stable, a eniTi l ; e House; anti a well orvatcr on
du. iweraises. '1 he whele. property. is eneloseil brit
stthstaa!lal stone wall. Per titytkey partictiliirs upOy
t ,, • •
it. C. HALL.
Carlisle, Nov. d, 18114 " ";*
. .
• •
.q 1 !.". . • •
. •
..• . .
' 'The sitlveribrr Will rent that :well .knornilarie
and convenient house, for many years, °reamed b y
Christian I imarieli, Mid more recently by others, as a
Tdif ILVVWO C". 11.
The h vise is remarkably well caleulated for enter
taining HUMMERS; tliere. being three - stair-ways,
nd.,Eimplaces in most of the rooms. The situation
is very pleasant . nnS.dcsrntbTe ' ohetitg'oi~ Tire Im't r=
west corner of Hanover and Loather streets; while,
for conveniences, it excels'any other house in the bo
rough or country. •I t possesses (hit Mumma advanta
ges of 12 roonts_ot the first f100r.,12' rooms 'on the.
second, and d rooms on the third floor. Taut wells
of water; (one faille bout door bit Lather street;
..with a pump therein; the other in the yird at the
kitchen door;) a Cistern made to :contain eig h ty-five
hogsheads; large and convenient stabling, with car-.
riage house and shedS; large •and excellent garden
attached tothe .buildings; besides_nuany convenien
ces not specified. Forintrticulars-einpure _
- Carlisle,'Nov. 25; i840.... , ; . 4.r. • •
Tlfir - ifiliscriberhoreby_informs tliti-eitiiens of Car
lisle; awl the public generally, that he has taken the
;hop nearly opposite the Jail, where he will be pre
pared to manutilvture to order, on the most reasona
ble terms, eon article in his line of busineSs, such as
lie wiltalso attend to find Ceinding, Axes.
lie solicits a share of public. patronage..,„. -
• Carlisle, Nov. 5,184.0.•
. .
Val ~
iety Store,
.&c. •
T"',;,,,„.:iiwi...... , ,,, ~i,. past - flit-ors', reapept- -
-Cully •Mforrai the, pahlie-that tie. still continues
'to "hold . 14111", in Chords Alley, near "Eduratioti
Iliall," where he hasmow On Inittd it large assortment
of nottom. consisting in part, or the following,: Bread,
(;nkes, Cheese, Barmy lams, Floor.' Soap, Chltir,
Spices; 'Fruits, SweetawatS, and other necessaries
C.tlenistted for. this meretlian. - - .•- • •• -
N. li.llr . nlso contitmes take: ep nn Enting Ilontte
where gentlemen runbe accomtputlntid. Trijte
Pigls . Feet, Pickled Oysters, &e.
_At the sliortek. notice
Sept: 9. 18l- I:-1 year
Pl'od.ute- Wanted 'lmmediately
, CASH ivill - birmid for-rtrE - THOUSA.ND bar
rvbi of Flour; TEN THOUSAND biiebels of Wheat;
TEN THOUSAND.. bii.llo4-of Rve, Anil TEN
THOUSAND bushels - of - Own:, - .by the ,
nho can nisill times - be found - nt - liitil i Viire-liodiii - on
the - caliallietweelf - Nralnuctiwllitteects. - • .
I an;iiiburg, April 1, I itilf.--tf - _ -
1.41:: ! :s, offered far silk by- • .
.'• •-* • - N01:114r., ; 413RVA15..,... •
of a new styleilor-;sale at /he' New Storaio
Shipiraabargiliy ARNOLD 44. t. ABRAMS. •
Atw Hardware, Grim - Om - 4P
lilE has
,jostreturned- froth
tisc Cities,of-New-Yorki-Philadelphia'and Bal
timore, acid is_ now.opening 41t his store room S.
Corner of Marketfirytiare and Main Streets (for
merly occupied by Geo. )Y. Iliniera a general as
sortment of
Harkare, Stone .Ware, Cedar Ware,
Brittania Ware, Groceries, Oils,
Paints, Varnishes, Glass, Brush
---es--Whips-,—Canesi-tanzps for ,
burnuo• Canzjihin - e — Oil - , - • -
and a great variety of articles useful anti necessary
for furnishing and keeping n house. He hasalso, nd .
will constantly keep on hand - -
• Camphine Oil •
a cheap and elegant sol.stitute for sperm ail, and
having been appointed the agent of Messrs. Backers
and Brother of Newark N. .1., for the sale of Jonc's
Patent Lampain this county, he is_prepared
wish Lamps and Oil, ace, very - reasonable rate to all
who may wish to use this newand economical light.
- Haring selected-his
. goods himself, and made his
TinFelfaies for cash, he, is able, and is determined to
sal ow. .
.- Those Iniving.thecasletolar.ourwill.find it to their_
advantage to give him a call.
Caclisle,Jalp.B,lBlo---1f... _ •
IXTIII.III.IIAS the Carlisle Saving Fund Society,
_V V, will expire in 1843. ••Notice is hereby given,
agrcralily_to_the_constitittion_mid lawyer_ ,Penti . syLvit
ma, that the stneklinlders of said institution . Intend"
flipplving to the next . l.egislaturd of the Common
'wealth for a renewal of charter; change of name, style
and titleto "CtunberlandlTalley Bank,". increase of
capital and general discounting and banking 'privi
leges. all 'tinder such 'restrictions as the Legis lature
mav direct. The.almeinstitntion to be contimiel d
in Carlisle; Pa.
is the basest crime in man.
i - *14.). f..7 1, :-• c4 VA .i. - 0 4-- c...,:i74P: wl-0 9
. , . .... ... . .... . , .
Milli.n . auls improved
." - "Maciat horse
°Pt great encourageMent , heretofore' received
' from the sale onus machines,iinluces him to of
, 'e'er to the public it new and-improved Horse Power,
whic!'can be.shifted in gear or out of gear by.keys,
and Shift the band togivelt. five differentruolutions.
And he has no hesitation in assuring the Farmersthat
he is now abletofurnisli them with, an article far au
perioito those manufactured heretofore.: 'For speed ,
and clean threshing and ease to the liorses,.he be
lieves his machines to be unequalled. .
His_ price is $l4O-.-seventy dollars'to be paid cash,
and the balance In six months, for which a, note wilt
be required with interest. Any person purchasing a
machine and upon a fair trial, not being pleased, cari
return it. lie will at all times be ready to furnish !
them on the shortest notice; orders from a distance
,will be punctually attended to. Ile will also.roair .
machines on the shortest notice. •
Newville, Jury 29,1840.—tf.
Balm, of •Columbia.
British Comes Office,
• Philadelphia. 5 •
yr NOW ALL PERSONS to whom these preii,
ents shall come, that I, GILBERT ROBERTSON,
PAT his Britanic Majesty's Consul - for the City of
Philadelphia, ilo hereby certify, That Robert Whar
ton, Esq., who attests to the foregoing Certificates, is
-Mayor-ol- the-City- of- Philadelphiaf and-that-Mat
thew Randall, Esq., is Prothonotary of the Court of
Common Pleas for the city and county of Philadel
phia, to both whose sig,nitures, with the Seitia ol their
respective offices, full faith and credit is due:
- I further certify, that I am personally acquainted
with - Joseph - L. Inglisone of the signers-of the certi
ficates hereunto affixed t which expresses the efficacy
of the Balm of Columbia, and that lie is•a- person of '
great respectability, and worthy of full faith and ere:-
diti aqd that I have heard him express his unqualifi
ed approbation of the effects of the said Balm of Co
lumbia, in restoring his hair.
Given under my band and seal of office, at the city
of - Phi Wel phiatothe•-State 9f -Penney' vania, _the •
United_States - eif America. •- —•-
• Read the following. '
ROBERT WHARTO, Esq., late 'Mayor of
Philadelphia, leis certified, as may. he seen below, to
the high eintracter of the following gentlemen. •
'The undersigned do hereby (malty that we have
- filTd - OWlhilea - ciflEislumnia discovered - b - 7y
ridge, and have found it
,highly} serviceable not only
as a preventive against the.fidling - off of hair, but also
a certain restorative. '
Methodist Sill - lister in St. GeOrge clwr4 e,
• No. 86 North Fifth et.
JOHN P. INGLIS, 331 Arch st.
• - JOHN S. PUItILY, 101 Spruce st. . -
- I.IIJOI-l - McCURDY, - 243 - Soitthilth - st -----
.. JOHN YA11111;jr.,•123 - Areh st. - --
The aged, and those who persist in wearing viigc,
May not always ecperience its restorative-qualities,
yeelit will certainly raise its virtues in the estimation
of. the publip, when it is known that three. of.-the.k,
bore signers are more than 50 years of age, arid the
others not less than 30.
ROBERT WHA,RTON, !Weyer of said city of
- Philadelphia; - do - beireby -
quainted with Messra.4. - 1 1 . - Inglii;JOhnS. Furey,
and Hugh McCurdy. whose names are signed to tile
above certificate, that they are gentlemen - 0 chassis:
ter and respectability, andits such full credit Mould '
be given to the said certificate. • .
'ln witness whereof, I haie hereunto set my hand, '
and caused the seal of the city to be affixed,
the sixth diy of Deoembei:B4c: •
THE HAIR.—Its positive qualities are as fol.,
lows:• •
lst. For infanfaa keeping the head free from scurf
and causing a I Ixuriant growth of bair. '
. 2d. For ladies after child T birth, restoring the skin
to its usual, strength and firmness, and preventing the
falling out of the hair. '
Sd. Fcir any'person recovering from any debility,
die sitme effect is produced. ' • ,•••
4th, If.used ittinfancy akood growth is started,
it may be preserved by ilttention to the latest period
of life.
3th. It frees , the. head • froni dandruff; strengthens
the roots, imparts health landMgor:fo the, circulation
and prevents the hair froMflUtUging,'cOlour 2 or let=
ling gray : . , .
Qt. It causes the flair hi aCiit, bolintifUlly , when
done up in it over night. - - '
ale No ladies' toilet should ever his niadeArithout it.
.:7th. Children whiltive by any meens - contracted
vermin in tlteNbesit, are immediately And perfectly.
funed'of them by Its use.. It is
C 0. , •
''Fbir - alisrattfthedritg-stere-of Convivially:Ea o 2 -
Fletcher street Ivor Pearl, and in' Carlisle by, Ste=
v enom' (Eleo• 18p 1840,---17
rtan` , , - • Fr,-71 ,- .• '
.. , .
. .
rrtHE undersigned have formed a co-partnership
' under the twin 'Of J.' M. & (1.- W. BROWN,
for the- purnose_a transacting "a General Commission
and Vorwartling Business.
We would give itotice thattwe !laic taken the spa
cious Fire. Proof, brick Wodlirnise situated on' the
south' e'st Center ef .Broad, and V_nte streets, Where
we are peepar'ed to recei e. and forviaril
and . reettiVeTtitil sell - all - kinds of - country- l'ro
duce. •
\Ve r&spectfully solicit a Share of the pnldio pat
ionage: ' ' • •
J. M.. BROWN. of Vranklin'Co.
and of din late firm of. Agnew, anatrdj'alk,Bowni
.G.W. B It WN; of Harpers Ferry, Yu.
I • Phikide/Phia.—.l.•Mettmainin & Co; Caleb Cope
6c. Co ;I. & A. Wray; George Bandy lie Co; G.
• licniston & Co. .
Lancaster"NAV: Sample; Capt. lobo
Steele; S; Smith •Putteeson ; .1: II: Ferree. •
Harriabum—Thomait Mat, Henry Buehler.-
-- ViiiViNE—Getie - A7LiTiriOnnrizoniardF2-------
.Vetreille.-?Willtam•bare. • .
I).anklin • Co.—George Charribertn David Fuller
ton; James Campbell ; John APllowell. '
Pittsbnu:—Murphy & Chamberlain. . •
' Waillington Ir.
5. , 11. White. • •
_Bedford. Co.—James-Agnew:
llagenstown 114.— , W m. M. Marshall. _
- llarper's Fertty; Va.—Cr. B e
,Wager; B. Lae:lB;3r.
Oct tta, 18 - 40.--6 t •
-THATCliEß,4enior,__LE if --.
[From the ORiyolq
. ,
City of Philo&lptlia.
4. l . 7 tag' iffne brl i reliOt Cars,
THE enbeeribee,grateful Air pied toycitloreapeedid
Ily acquaints hiafrienda and the pubiic giat-le_haari
into' operation on' the liarrisburgilAneaater & Co
hunbia ; ,• ; "
a line of new DOIIIILt•CAUS" Which, Will, nn rer -
larly between HalTislatrg and rhiladelphie, bv Which
Goods and Froduce of all descriptions will be forwari
(led with care and. despatch; n the lowest rates of
freight. • • !
51300ds will be received at the Warenonseot THOS.
J. MAXWELL, N. E. corner of. Broad and Sine
streets, Philadelphia,, and forwarded to Harrisburg,
Carlisle,:-Chamberstan, and intermediate places,
by the subscriber.. • — OIVEN - NI'CABE7
HinTisburg, Feb. 5, 1939. •
IrrFISII, SALT AN!) PI:ASTI:8, 'constantly on
hand. Celli paid for almost all kinds of country pro-
Nice h icsbu rg-:. Line
1 , 4107, •
• upstr.
- _ • ra t .,
-Between illochanje trg.aild
:Phibgdelphja or, IT altimoiv.
[.BY RAIL ROAD OR al.n7L) ,
1 1 HE subscribers grateful for,past favors,.
beg leave to inform their Mends and tublic
„enerally, that; they - still 'continue to run a line of
Weibel') Cars regdlarly between 'Mechanicsburg_antl
Philadelphia or Baltimore, by which goods and Pro
duce of all descriptions will be forwarded with , care
and despatch at thelowest rates of freight: -° •
Produce will be received at their Ware Houses
in Mechanicsburg, and forwarded to either Phila
delphia or-Baltimore, according , to the directinn_of
the .owner. -
The highest, price will: be given for Wheat
an tar d Flour.
B. Plaster of Paris and Salt always-kept - on'
hand; and for salent the "lowest prices', --•-• ---
July '29, 1844.--7ty.'
. .
Craig:6,lBclias dtr, Co. •
".§l-e- • !" / Mre"
HirVe removed to the capacious Warehouse recentlJ ,
Occupied by I). Leech & Co. at the nartli-west corner
of Cherry and Broad street, Philadelphia.
theloCatuni itmlibternlil
arrangeinent orthi a- depot 'tiffOrd, 30 lo~tll3urpicii
-Cars can be accommodated to unload and load at the
same time with sufficient room to store 20,000 barrels
of Flour, and 400 to 600 . ton of Grain exclubire °film
forwarding department. • • : • .
Produce . of every:description will be received as.
usual on consignments, and liberal advances made on
receipt (if required) until sales are effected. "
. - CRAIG, - HELLAS - lc Co. •
North-west corner of Cherry & Broad st.
• • • Philadelphia.
. -
W. S. s. Cobenn, Cashier. .
Henderson & Parker, • H p„" •
Henry Rhoads,
Samiderson & Bosserman,- - --- •
'JcCob Swoyer, .Ire-ovine. ' 4 •
David Nevin, ShiPpensburg.
J. Logan Smith,Esq. i Cha
m erseurs".
}lyater, Hutz tr. Co,
Robert Flemirr,_
---CatherwoOd &Craig,' PhilarkiPhia.
R. Thompson fat Co. ,
Whiwll & Brown, ‘,
Those who. know themselves to be indebted to
the subscriber, are respectfully requested to call and
settle their accounts between this date and the Ist
ofJanuary 1841, as it is absolutely necessau that ill
outstanding accounts shouM be..!ettled by that.time.
The Hardware bt,siness is carried on as usual at the
Old Stand, where the public are requested to call
for any article in the subscriber's - line of business.
...Carlisle, Nov. L's, 1840.-3 mo. • •
.119wd'is InaprovOd"Water Wheel.
THE Subscriberhaving purchased of the original
J". Patentee the right of the above Water Wheel
for the state of Pennsylvania, mill dispose of individ
ual rights or counties on advantageous terms. This
water wheel has been fully tested end proved to be so
far superior to any kind in its power of
machinery, having a greater force than any other
wheels in proportion to The quantity of 'Water applied.
It is calculated to be more particularly useful at
mills,having from two to eight feet head and fall,
and to greatly obviate the inconveniences experienc
ed from back water. It is considered by those hay-.
iegthem in use as one °like most importan t reprove-,
ments thidhas ever been introduced for its simplici
ty, strength, steadiness of motion and durability. It
is constructed altogether of iron and not so expensive
to make as an .undershot, and operating-with 'about
half the water and not.liable to be - .obStructedWee.
in the winter. The subscriber will devote hie atten
tion tos.alls for these wheels at such places .as.may.
be required. "
• ' • MICHAEL 111'111.ATH-,'Harrisfitirg.
• • [Corr.]
This is to certify, that I have put in one of Dow(Ps
Patent Cast Iron Direct Action Water Wheels, in
place of a- Reaction Wheel, that the Direct Wheel
does not flood the tail race as mucltby three inches
as the reaction did;and that I can grind seven bush;
els with the direct action wheel an hour, and drive
els in the same time with the reaction and drive one
run of-stones. ' -PETER -PARNESTOCK.
-EqphraZ,l.4lll. co. Oct. 1848,7
Al!away, May 5,1898.
This may certify, that I have been engaged in pia
ling in S. 13. Howd's,cast &rain direct ite,Son water
wheel, both in the Stut6oElieis , York and- in Michi
gan, and can give it as nsfil6cided ifiiinlon that with
8 feet head or under, rlihtly putia, it will do more
business with the same water than any other water
wheel which I lutve yet had any experience in, and in
referenie to back water; is second best to none that I
have yet-tried, In reference to gmartlinq against ice;
there_,can boato,belter_operationiand it is very-easy
to-he Xept. in - • - • •
- - - L - - • STEIH_IRLAILUS,
• . Alloway . , Sept. .1;18.98.
This may certify that I have hail in my Malone of
Mr. Howd's direct wpter wheels for the space of tune
year. It is a five ket wheel; end I have. had a ire-
artimiln the *mephitic—l have oleo had Wheeler's
Union Wheel, yeti think Mr. liowd's will do more
business withless water thsurany,otherliquiVe tried.
It does well in back water. - I have had from 5 to 6
feet head. I think we could do as much work with
half the water its we Used to do with the undershoot
wheel; which has also been in operation in my mill.
Lyons, Sept: 3, 1838.
This may certify, thar,svc have used one - or-s:
Howd's patent water Wheels Sioce December last,by.
the side of a re-action wheel, and we think; that
Howd's Will 'do double the business With 'the slime'
water that the reaction will do, or 'very. near.. 'We
never have but three feet head, and , can grind . ;With
that. eight bushel per hoer. %. We are subject to bank
water. This Wheel will do eigood "business Under
intok-wnteras the end we recommend it,,to
the attention and patronago ofthep9bile. 7 .
W...'BERGSTHESSEIi: teill-verWit;
agent for the Above .mentioned. Water wheel - the
counties 9f Dauphin, Cumberland and yorls,and
at all times be reedy to attend to peirsaleand ere&
- tion,-at-the -shortest -uoticer by, addressing' him at.
Sheterdetown; Cumberland , oounty,
April 8,1840. • . -13 i
444.1 1000114,
-pßii- - ipmr4pPs7
pmEnoup remedies have been offered ',and
puffed into; notice . . for diseasei of the Limp,
-some of which has undoubtedly' been fount! very use
-fulj'but that have-.hither tcitieen-knowilcit-must
be universally acknowledged there is none that has.
Over prottal as successful' the . '" BALSOM OF
WILl) OFIERRY4 - "- -
Buell indeed are the . a stonishing restorative add'
healing properties of this " Balsomi" that even in the
worst forms of .Consumption, when the patient has
suffered' with - the Most distressing cough, violent
pain in the chest,difficulty oflirembing,night sweats,
bleeding oftlielungs, &o. and wherithe most esteem
.ed:reined ies ofoiir Vim mimeo& as had failed to afford
tiny rellefoind even when Botanic, Hoincepatbic; and
numerous other remedies, had been used • for ninny
months in vaiii; this invaluable remedy , has checked
.eveg_fpnlitom,antliteen_prioluctive of the Most as
tonishing relief. In the early stagesof Aitietirte;
proceeding Irons neglected colds, termed Catarrhal
Consumption, it has been tied,with undcvlatingSue
eras, end in many -instances, when this disease seem •
edto have marked its victim for On-early- grave, the
tise - of this - medicineliar - arrested every symptom,nnd,
restored the lungs to a .state of perfect health..
In that form Of Consumption, soprevalentsmoogst
delicate young females, commonly termed de6i/ity,or
"going into a decline," a complaint with which thou
sands are lingering, it has idtio been used with Surpri
sing success; and not only possesses the power of
checking the progress of this alarming disease,but
'at the same time strengthens and Invigorates the
system more ,effectually than tiny remedlwe
have ever possessed. ,
Fitt COMPLAINT.--In, diseOses of the
Liver, particularly , when attended yitli a cough; indi
gestion or wandering pains in the-side, it has also pro
ved very elfieacious,i and aorta many cases of this
kind after the Most powerful remedieslituf killed:—
ASTFINIA.-4lniltis complaint it has also been
used in numerous - instances with the most singular
success. itppens.the chest,Vendering the breathing .
, perfectlylite, arrests the cough, and will seldom fall
to gi permanent relief.
BIIONCHITISAS a renteilY in all Brohi,
'chill affections - of the throat, attended iiith a hoarse
ness, cough or sore in the throat, it will also befourid
very"effectual remedy, and will Mostly. aflbrd im
mediate relief -if used at. the 'coinmencement of its
Atha, "
(Cf COUGIIS & COLDS.---lo common coughs
and colds, that prevail so extensively throughout the
winter, it will be foundl — flitch more effectual than any '
remedy in use, and When Colds settle ninio the rungs,
- Farding - ao - inflamthat ion with pains lu the breast, thf
fieulty or shortness of breathing, &c., the use al this
_BalsantLwill_sulipress suchSvorti-doins immediately,_
and at the same time prevent' - the lungs from becom
ing more seriously 'diseased. . I
these comji!aints, so common • to young children,-this
Balsam will be found much superior to the Parego
rie:. Elixir Syrup_ of_Squills, and the: various_cough:
mixtures in common use, as it is entirely free from
any thing the least injurious, and may at all times be
given td children with perfect safcty,and with the cer,
.tautly of its affording them speedy relief.'
CO AS A PA MI LY. -MEDICINE ftir many Oth
ei complaints this Balsam-will also - be foind - partic , .`
ularly useful. Besides haring,proved ;ay:doable
_rerneily in all Pulmonary affections,
erfnl'influence over many
depraved condition of the system, ann ,
suffered froin the indiscriminate use-of Mercury, or
other, deleterious drugs, that arc often compounded
in different quack nostrums, will find it a remedy . of
'great value, poshes Sing the power of Strengthening
and invigorating the whole system more effectually
than_any other medicine we possess..
. icine basalready acquired great celebrity. there may'
probably be some attempts to imitate it, and deceive
-the public with a spurious mixture, to prevent which
I would wish all purchasers to observe the following
marks of the genuine is put up in bottles
of two sizes each, having the words WISTAR'S
PHIA, blown in the gliss, and a label on the front
with the signature of - HENRY WISTAR, • M.: D.
without which none iS genuine.
Preluiredfor the proprietor by WILLIAMS &
CO., Chemists, No. 22 Commerce street, Philadel
phia,and sold by the most respectable Druggists and
other appointed agents in all the principal towns
throughout the-United States.-
zr.' The Genuine Balsam sold in Car
lisle, by SAMUEL' ELLIOTT; appoint
ed Agent.
Price $1:00 a bottle.
Debember 16, 1840.--ly
DR.- I. C. -
TTAS returned to Carlisle, and will, as heretofore •
II attend to the litactiei of Dentistry. He inay
be . found at Colonelrglyee's Hotel. Persons re
questing it, will be waited - upon at their residedce.
---1 1-..r --A ‘ ener " °- DR:DAVID N. MAtiox; -----
6Carliele, March 11, 1840.
Kaye Liniment.
This extraordinary chemical composition, the re
sult of science and the inveutioit of a celebrated med
ical_niani-the-introduction..-of—which- toLthe .publio
was invested with -the solemnity of- a death-bed be
quest, has since gained a reputation -upparalleled,
fully sustaining the correctness of the limeade& Dr.
Gridlley's laist confession, that "he dared not' die
-without giving to posterity the benefit of hilt knowl
edge on this subject," and he therefore bequeathed
-to his friend-and-attendant,-Solomon Hays, the secret
of his discoyery., . • • .
};tip now used in the principal hospitals, and the
private prailticelisour Colifi;firararid most cer. '
tainly for,the cure of the PIL ES, and also extensive-
ly and effectually as to Satlie-credulity,milesev:here
its effects are witnessed. Externally in the follow.
ing complaints: _ . • •
For, Dropsy—Creating extraordinary absorption
at once.
. Swellings—ltetiuehts them in a few hours.
-- Ithiumatisni—leafs—or—ohronio,giving_quiek_
Sore . ThroaV- - ; - 41y cancers. ulcers, or colds: ,
.Croup and . Whooping-Coulh 7 .--Externally and
over the cheat. .
All Bruises, Sprains, and Burns—Cured in a few
hours., • "
'Sores avid .I.llcers—Whetber fresh or long stand
ing, and fever_pres. _, . • , •
Its operation upon adults and children in reducing
rheuMatic swellingx,ind loosening coughs and tikh-t
-'less of the chest by relaxation of the parts, has been
surprising beyond conception. . The common re..
mark of those who have used it in the Piles is "It
acts like a charm."
• THP MM.—The:Kiw i -St, is-refunded ttran
!_pemott' who will use a - houle of .Hays' Linirnent , for
These ate the positive order's of the proprie
ter to the spate, and out °fumy thousands sold, not
one has been unsuccessful. I
We might bisect certificates to. any , lerigth, but
prefer that those who Sell the article, should exhibit
the originarto Pirchasers.
To Physiciana'cind Patient*. . -
The, Blind ,Piles, said to be incurable by external
applications.--Solomon Hays warrants the contrary.
.His Liniment will cure Blind Piles. Pacts are more
stubborn than theories.. He solicits all-respectable -1
Physicians to try it upon Itheir patients. It will- dos
them no harm, and ibis known that every physician I
who has had the honesty to make the trial, has can.
didly admitted that it lum succeeded in every,csse,,
they have known. Then why not use It ?, It is thn.,
recipe of one' of theirinest respectable Members,how
Accessed. Why, use it tHerritise it is sold
as a p roprietary _ Medicine ? Is Shia a ,suflicient ex;
ruse for wiffering their honest .ppdents. to linger in I
distress ? Witthink. pot., , Physicians ihall"be cow.
rinsed that there: is .no - battling,. or' quaikery about
this article...... Why then not alleriate'human 'stiffer- !
boa , : Ifthetwon't try it. before,lct them afteii all
other lirescriptiOnifall. --- "hysicians"are-revectfully:
requested to' o themselves and'patienti thejustice to
Use this article. It shall be 'taken from-the-bottles,
•and done up 4a. their preiieription if the3i'desire;
Sold by Cemelook' Ei• 'WlickB l o D ruHi/ 1 4 ,
;No. A, Pletcher street;New York; 4 "
' sale - eloo kg, STEVENSON dr,
December 23, 1840.---ly
An unparalleled remedy fcjiebtrimOn Cola; Coughs,,
Asthma, Influenza, Whooping Cough, Bronchitis;
and all diseases. of the Breast' and/Lungs, leading
to' Comatamtioti I composed :of the concentrated_
of -Horehound, Boneset, Blood 'Rant; Liv—,
..._erwort and several other vegetable substances.
• The innocence and universallv.adniitted Pectoral
virtues, afthe Herbs froin which the BALSAM OP
'HOREHOUND - is - made; area too generallykiid*ri
to require recommendation.' it,is therefore only ne
cessary to Obaerve that th is medecine Contains"the
whole of their medical properties, highly concentrat
ed, and so happily combined with several other Ve
getable substances, as to renderit the most speedy;
mild Ind certain remedy, now in use, for the, Com
plaints above ~mentioned. • _ .
. For Chikiren;this Balsam is of inestimable value.
It is.a speedy remedy for the Whooping Cough and
Croup, and sifford cella n relief in lined Complainti,
Mahe, Teethin9,Bto. It is pleasant to the taste, and'
may be safely given to the tenderest infanfand should
be kept at all times in every 'family; as it is much
_betterfor_tlitsoinplaints incident to Children,-than
Paregoric, Godfrey& com
monly used, as'hundreds in this City havelestified.
Read the following.—l hereby certify' that early
in the spring of 1898,11 contro . oed a s.:severe COLD,
'which settled upon my lungarand threatened a hasty
Consumption.. _I used_several:prescriptions, but ob
tained little or no relief; I Was much
Happening to be I vas advised by 'my
friend, Mr. Winslow, to try a bottle of his IFiatssst
or IlOttawatiNO, I did so, and to my surprise oh
tained-Mief at once—and by the use of that single
bottle was perfectly.restored to health. ..1•43 those
-afflicted with Colds or Coughiy nt this inclement
season, I say "go and do likewise.". - • •
• Pittsford, Monroe co.; Nov. 9,188$:
Mr.lolin M. Winslow, Druggist
Dear Sir: I have been for a series of yearsafilict;
ed with an affection of 'the Lungs, and a hard con h,
and many times arose in-the-morning-RS CO
pletely exhausted by excessive coughing during the
night as a person would be by a bard days labor. -I
have tried-most of the popular remedies of the day";
but never found relief until met with your Balsam
ofklorehound.. All the othersremedbo or.:palatives,
tlmt I have used, leave the bowels- in'n congested
state, while yours leaves them soluble and free. This
I consider a great desideratum. • On taking . 11 dose. of
your Balsam plieo_going to bed, I rest quietly thro'
the .night, and my sleep is, refreshing.. I take great
pleasure, in reCoMmending_ yottr_. Balsiun_of IHore
hound- to all those - afflicted - ,with pulmonary com
plaints Or any disease appertaining to the lungs, and
.I take this opportunity to thank you for the great re
lief and benefit I have 'experienced through your in
strumentality. 'Yours, withMutif respect. "--
•• For sale by..
s.ELuoTy, Ctulisle
_ A. NORTH, Newville. '
Also, by Druggists generally throtighout the. eon
try. rri!;c
. 50 cents per bottle• • - - - •
April 1 5 ,1840.---I'y. • ' • ---
• Fresh Medicines.
The subscriber has recently received - laize "addl.;
tional supplies of
L•nseed Oil , p i
s. Turpentine, Copal Varniehi Pain
ters' Brushes, Varnish _Brushes, Bandßrushes, Sper
maceti Oil, (very . fine) Sper Candles,
great variety, Glass Lamps, Cap and Letter Paper,
Fruit, Spices, Perfumery, &o. &c., which he Will sell
to Physicians, Merchants and others, wirotzsatz or
by RETAIL, at the lowest rates,having purchased en
tirely for cash;- he will offer -bargains to those who
wish to purchase at'wholesble.
August 5,1840.
The, Indian: Vegetable Fills.
Are a purgative medicine, 6 natural to the human
- constitution, and withal so mild, - andpleasant - in - their
operuti on, that not the slightest dread.of pain or sick
ness, need be apprehended from their"use, even by
the most delicate: at the same time, if used in such a
manner as to_ operate freely_ by the bowels ; ' those
morbid . humors, (which deposited upon the various
parte of the body arc the cause of every ache or pain
we suffer) will most assuredly be removed; and not
only will pain rdi stress of every description he dri
ven from the dy, but disease many form will be kn.;
possible. -
- Tor the same reasomwheni from the sudden clialig.•
es of atmosphere or any other cause, the perspiration
is checked, and those humors which should passoff by
the skin; are thrown inwardly,causingheadache''nau
seau, and sioknesa;paiiiii in the bones, watery , arid in-;
flamed eyes, sore throat, hoarseness, coughs,consump- i
don, rheumatic pains in variouspartsof the bedy;Eilid'
many other sym ptoms of cafchi ng cold; the Indian veg 7
etable Pills will invariably give immediate relief: 7 -
Three or four pills, taken at night dh golng to bed,ifrid.
repeated a few times, will remove all the above un
pleasant symptoms,and rest Are the body to even soun
der health than before.
The Indian Vegetable Pills, (Indian Purgative) are
a natural, and therefore a certain cure for Costivenessf
because they bowels of those
bilious humour!, which not only paralyze i and weaken
the digestive organs, but are the cause of headache,
oatmeal' and sickness, palpitation of the heart, flying
pains in various parts of the body, cud many other.
disagreeable complaints. The same may be said of
difficulty of breathing, asthma; the Indian Vegeta
'ble Pills will loosen and carry Of by the stomach and
bowels, those tough pleghmy humors which stop up
'dreadful complaint. .
In all Ilisordered motions of the blood, called inter
mittent, remittent, 'nervous, inftaMmatory and - putrid
'FEVERS; the -Indian Vegetable Pills will be found
a certain remedyf because they cleanse 'the - istoinach
and bowels of all bilious matter,aud purify the blood ;
consequently, as they remove the cause of every.kind
of disease, they are.absolutely, certain to cure every
So also_when morbid humors_are_deposited_upon
the membrane and muscles, musing those pains_, in
flammations and swellings called Rhmintitism, Coat,
!Ste.; the Indian Vegetable Pills may be relied on as
always certain to give relief,and if persevered with,
will mostassuredly, and without fail, make a perfect
,• cure of tho above painful maladies. From three to
six of said Indian Vegetable Tills, taken every filed
on going to bed, will, in a short. time, completely rid'
the holly of all morbid and corrupt humors; and
, Rheumatism, Gout and pain ofevery deacriptipn,will
disappear as if by magic.
It should be remembered that the Indian Vegetable
Pill are certain to remove painintlie_side,_oppres.
nausea and sickness, loss of appetite, costive.
ness,a yellow tinge of the skin and eyes, and every
other symptom of Liver Complaint; because,' they
purge from the body these corrupt: and stagnant hu
roors whieh,when deposited upon ,the Liver, are' the
eause of the above'dangerous complaint. • They are ,
also a certain preventive of apolexy add sudden death;
Because, they finny off those humours whick.obstruc
ting the - circulation ' arethe cause of a rush, or deter
mination of blood to the head---giddiness especially
on turning suddenly round.rblindness--drowajness
tnemory-»inflanitnatieh of the brain—iii
sanity, and every other disorder of the mind. • •
" Those who from habit or riceupatian, are kept much
within, doers, should yernember that they frequently
breathe ah, atmosphere which wholly inifit f'oF the
prcmerexpanalon of thelungs, and at the "erne time,
owing to - want of eiereise,theboiPels are not sufficient
ly evacuated,-the blood beoinnes impure, and head;
ache, indigestion, palpitation of the heart, and , many .
' otherdisagremble symptoms, are sure to follow.
Being It idealiser. ofthe donnish and howelp,and a ill.;
red purifier of the . blood, are certain not only to re
move pain ordistressof everykind from thethe body,'
but it mud UuCileionallyoo, A.e,keep the , body, free,'
froM thosehunsori - which are themuse Of every male-I
d9Uluter.heilivens , theY *ill,' most' assuredly promote
suchil•juste arid eqUarcirculation of the" blood, that
thossWho:' lead a -sedentary, life, will be 'enabled .te'
enjoy sound health, and, disease of, stay be
absolutely - , f
• F.or sale by 4,, . ;
• • CHARLES OGILBY, Agent, .'
„, • • - • CirrNalf , ; a.
47 (Ace and Ceueral Deliot, , No. 169 Sam street
Pluiadelphia, ' May 20,
SUBSCRIBER respectfully • ' tenders his acknowledgments to the • public for the
very.liberal share of.patronage •Itc_hari received dur
ing the past year , . and would still. continuo to offer
ches at his residence, No:•7;•Hat:pees Row. He files;
olestise,s and plugs teeth , and inserts , incorruptible •
manner. Charges always moderate. • - • -
. • J.' C.'NEFF, M. D.
Carlisle; March 25,1840.--tf - •
Prepared only by ht.: Inventor'
and sole proprietor;,NO: South Third ,
street, Philadel tea; and maybe . had ,of
S. ELLIOT' , and 'also of STEVEN.
•• • •
Theik medicineasere recommended and extensive
ly-need by the rnortetelligent persons in the United
'States, numerous • Professors and • Presidents of:
Colleges, Pliysiciani ,of. the Army,and Navy, and of
Hoapitalr - ind4lroshouses i and. nio'rel.than three _
hundred Llergymen of various,denotninations. • .
They are expressly prepared for family use, and
have acquired an unprecedented popularity through- •
out the United States; and as they are so admirably
calculated to preserve HEALTH and cure umiak, no
faiiiily - shoultever be-withattrthetn7=-Thegiroptic;r
tor of these valuable preparations received , his edu- . ••
cation atone of the best 'Medical Colleges . in the Uni
ted States, and has had' fifteen years experience in an
extensive and diversified practice,ny which hebashn&
ample oppertunitiei of 'acq u iring a. practical knowl n.
edge of diseases . ; and of tile remedies best. calculate d
byreniove them; • '
. ,
These Preparations consist of
JAYNE'S EXPECTORANT,a valuable remedy
for cough, colds ; consumption, asthm, spitting, of
blood, croup, hOoping , cough, bronchitis,plemisy
inflammation oldie lungs or throat, difficulty of brea
thing, and all diseases of pulmonary .organs.—Price
one dollar. ' • - -
AIsoJAYNE'S HAIR TONIC, for the preservi
tion, growth and beauty of the hair, and which will
positively bring in .new hnir'on haltilleads.—Price
one' dollar.
_ Also JAYNE'S TONIC VERMIF.C.GE, st„cee- ,
thin and prensant remedy forworrosolyspepsia,pile4,
and many other disesses.--Priee '5O cents.
certain cure for bowel and summer complaints, dutt ,
rhos, dysentery cholla, 'cramps, sick headache, sour
.stomach, choleramOrbolotniall deinstementS of the
stomach'and ,howels,
'5O cents. :
diseases, li ver_com plaints, costiveness, fevers, ;Orlin
mations, glandular, obstructions, diseases of the skin,
&e. and in all eases where•an alterative or purgative
medicine iarequired..--Price - cents a box._._
•• Jayne's Hair Tonic. •
For the growth, preservation • and .restoration of the
hair.t lasi', an-excellent article, and has, in nu- •
morons instances, produced it - fine groWth :of haiir
'onthe heads of persons had been bald for years:
. • .
. ,
. ,
. • LADIES AND GENTLEMEN,-DO you 'Wish elegant,
luxuriant and beautiful hair? I know you will answer
7 ell. ,Hear, for one moment, the cause of its loss, why
it: turns gray, rusty 'awl coarse, harsh and unpleasan
. i wits.appeartutee,_and finally foils Mt Each hair haS
a" root in theskin, and is itself a hollow tube, through
Hypis circulation_ the, hair is nourished . , and held.
its glossy colour is given and preserv ed, ii it is.
covered with the finest oil. Now any thing Which in—
jures the skin of the lead; or diverts or takes. away
the blood from It, will or impede the circnla--
tiOwthrough the tube. of the hair, stop it.; &MAI,
and cause it to fall offor.turm-gray, or both. Hence
itit(thbfanyeause that obstructs'erweakens the cir- -
mutation of blood through the skin, or that diverts the
blood to other parts of the system, will take away the
lively, fresh and youthful appearance of the hair ar
rest its growth, turn it .gray sooner or later,. and in
,of instances cause premature baldness. ,
Forsale bq. .
Carlisle, Pa.
May 13,1840.!—1y
Hair Tonic.—We call the attention of those af--
Meted with premature baldness. to the excellent Hair
Tonic prepared by Dr. Jayne of this city. Having .
used it ourselves, we can speak outs virtues by . expe
rience, and we unhe'sitatingly pronounce it an
able - rentedy to prevent the falling off of the bair,and
to 'restore it (corn a dead, to a • fine, healthy appear
ance. We can also speak from personal knowledge
of the cases of two or three friends who were predis
posed to baldness, Who by the use of Jayne's Hair
Tonic. have now luxuriant hair, We have no dispo
sition to puff, indiscriminately all kinds of remedies
for all diseases which flesh is heir to, but when we
have tested the virtue of an article, we are free to say
it is good.—Saturday Evening ost.
Jayne's - Bair - Tonic.-We have, - heretofore; num; - - ---
bered-ourselves among those who believed that the
Hair Tonic, prepared by Dr. Jayne, was one of the
Many quack nostrums whose virtues are never seen
beyond the fulsome pull's of their authors. - We - are
willing, at length, to make public acknowledgment of
e e
thrror of Ourkelief. - An intimate frieinl,some two
'toe three months since, all the top of whose cranium
was as bald ass piece of polished marble, mangre all
our jesting and ridicule of the idea of attempting -
to cultivUte so barren a spot. purchased a bottle or
two of the Hair Topic from-Dr. Jayne,and according
to his directions applied it. During the present week
the same friendushered himself into our presenee,and
uncovering Ithrlilthertonziked•head, astonished us with
.a thiii;thinigh hittithintrowth — cithair,--frain onertii .
two inches in length—upon the very premises we had
believed as unyielding to cultivation as the trackless
sand that skirts the Atlantic. This is no piiff, but is
religioualytrue,and to those who doubt,the gentleman
can be pointed - out. What is-more in favor of this •
"Tonic," the case here cited was not one of tempora
ry-baldness--no sudden loss of the hair--but was one
of years' standing, though the the gentleman is but
fortyrfive_years_nf,sege..--_,.-_Phi4ideiphia_giititAf_th •
Tftnee. •
WAR! WAR! WAR! -The Wig makers have
declared hostilities against our. neighbor Dr. Jayne,
on account of Itis'Hair_Tonie which is knocking all
their business into a "cocked ' Vat. " Ladies and gen
tlemen—;•old and young are flocking to the Doctor's
standard. Heads long divested of even the first rudi
-with new-and-flowing -locks,-which-Absalom himself
might' have envied. Beardless boys are seen with
large and bushy wLiskers; and lidies smile again
through their own raven ringlets more beautiful and
bewitching than ever.. - Bald heads are dolling their
wigs and throwing them to the "molts and the bats ' ''.
while the Wig makers stand aghast •as they behold
the demolitionof their business.
be. the consequence of this war we know
not, as theowiggici are outrageous, and the Doctorre
mama firm, and declares that "some things can be
done as well as othcrs,"aud that bald heads may air
well wear their own hair as that of others,--iWeek- ,
, .
. .
Haii , ;2lmic.—,We meet at almost .gyerr",
corner, when perambulating the streets, men wearing
long and .glossy hair, which they seem to be proud
of, and others who have raised. in a few weeks, a crop'
of black moustaches, that would vie with theglossiest '-
bruin that ever walked the forest It has punted us_
to know the secret of all those wondrous ..crops of
hair; but Messrs. SANDS, 79 and 160 Fulton street, -
have got the remedy, where all who are ourions
such matter& may learn a valuable secret..-40m:
York Wh.(q. .
'Sold in Philadelphia at 29 South Third Street
el. medicine has already proved itselfto be all, that
it has been recommenledity those who, hicregivetv
it a fair test in this country:, and the demand' forit in. ,
°Ceases - daily. We hive Just-heard "of an' important '
cure of Astlimii which has been effected-by-the dient!.
it in a neighboring town—the case was that ota fe
male who Ind fora long time been. tinder ttid r> of
a•physician, but bad received no relief, itod-ber--0 1 10, °
Was beginning. to be considered hopeless. - As itlas;tl-
resort she purAasell ii bottle of Dr. Jayee'slr l xpetsto4
rant, Which caused her to expectorate iWely;gradual-,-,• .
ly eased her cough, and is iwisidly4estoring'ker td.
health: We have no 116411100 w Prepti., .•
ration of Dr.'Jayne, tor the'cure of dooglaccoldi,iti...‘'
itenta,'AsthntaXonsumption k lieiistbninostwa ,
biomedicine ever offered to the Atnerilian
There lino quacket7' about it—Dr. jayne is 'ciitie4'
themost skilful praetising physicians in Pennsylia-7
tilal end wherever his preparations hive been , thorn - '
onglily,tetted, helsloelted upon ass great pulgie be*"
efaotor.-4Sinnerset (Me.) Journal., .
r, • Fore:tic tiunnel.Elliott and Stevensont:& , o4 6- '.
kle„ Carlisle ra, . • - [sissy 131840'