Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, November 11, 1840, Image 5

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' . 'OCTOI3E/1, •30 , 1840.
. , . .
.. .
• .".
IIb :
. .
. -
.- . •
\ ' • 1 ' tzi 1 .•
Ad,mis .
2,453 • 1,628
Armstrong, • 1,260 1,744
Allegheny.; • 7,620 4,573'
Beaver,, 9,143 1,710
Bedford, • • 2,910 : 2,446
•. Berks;•-
.9,582 - 7,425
• Bradford, ' ~ • 1,631* 2,844
''Bucks, • -4,705 4,488
~. Butler„ . _ • 2,100 ' 1,004
• Canibria, -7- - .-811' - -- -NO --
Centre, . •. 1,447 ' -2,242
• Chester, • ••:• 5,643 • 4,882
...' Clarion,- . ' 640 1,366
Clearfied, • • ' 499 . • 812- •
Clinton, • • 637 649
• • Columbia, ' ' 1,325 .'9,829
Crawford, ' 2,469 -2,908 '- °
Cumberland, ' 2,791 2,695 •
" Ibmplritt; . . ' • 3,1'2 - 4 2,187
Delaware, 2,031 .. 1,335
'Erie, , • •• 3,636 ' 2,061
Fayette, • - 2,755 3,035
. Franklin, 3,586.
Greene, • • ' 1,350 2,010•
- Huntingdon, ' 3,826 - 2,266 ---
____lmlfanit, ...
____._ _.•_).,953" _ 1,9.09
• , Jefferson. ' 476 592
auniatn,,• ..: 966 1,043
, Lancaster, - 9,678 , 5,472
. ' Lebanon, , • • 2,369 1,402
- Lehigh, . '. 2,405 • 2,451
' , Lozerne, 2,774 4,119
•••• • • Lyric:ming, ":••-• - . '1,504 - •- 2,181
- ..; 2.ll'Kean, • '262 , .275 •
- Arereer, , 0,249- 2,336-
- _....alonroe;- . . • • _3lB , 1 ,44 47
- ..lAltmtgonfcry•,* - , 4,068 • 4,869
• ' Mililiii,• ' .. 1,226 • 1,269
• Northumberland, 1;351 2,187
. Northampton, • 2,846 ' 3,838
, Philad. city', I Q 1177
,- '. - ' , 110. - -• county,
1 . 7
7 7.. ". - •
'' Perry-,.. _ • 1,072
Pike, '. ' .', 135
•-•' pOttdr, , -180 -
.. `_Susquehanna; .' . 1,560 . -
..7 ~-;----7Seli nyl kil 1,,------- -.-14:91-. _
Simerset, .-- -- - 2 , 501-
Tiogn, -- - -,•, -, 895
. 'Union, . ' , ' • 2,423
Venango, . 855 1,2 i.
- lVarktirr , •: - :--_- - • , -.827- • , 9291 „_
Westmoreland, 2,778 : A '-"•
lVavne, -.- , - 675
. AVa . shington,
..'' • 4;147
York, •-• ' - 9,792
',H . a_r_risan_niaj,..„.'.344=
11 4 alteable . Out Lolls "Safe.
WILL-be:expo - sed to public safe, qu the prOil
puifitialice Of an ; Order - of the Orphans' Cour
Cumberland county, on Monday. the 14th day•of
eember next, the -lollpwitig - described - out, lots,
_the elate of Robert Armstrong, dee'd i• ~.
No. 1. •adjoininglots of Win. M: Biddle Esq. and
-L. Keller, Louther street continued and the Colltge
lane, containing one and two thirds acres.
. No. -2, Bounded on the north. and west by lands of
James Noble 'S heirs, on the east by a lot at the heirs•
of James Moore, deed., and on the south -by lots of
James Armstrong and Mrs. Cooper, containing 3
No. 3;-.Bounded by lands of Baughman's . heirs,
Aitibk4 Blair, Patrick Phillips and others; being
part of additional out lot No; 15, containing two acres
_ _and. forty .peyellesz,.-all _situate within Abe Borough
1./ - 11 - rft). lisle. .
The terms of sale nre--one half of the purchase
money to be paid on theconfirmation of the sale,and
the residue in one year thereafter without interest,
to he secured - by - a) nods. Sale to conmencc
at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of said day, when nod,
where due attendance will be given by
adm'Y. of R.Ailitstcong,
caclisle, Nov. 11,18(0.---4t'
For Sale.
'Elie subscriber offers for sale,. ar small tract of
first rate
.• Limestone Land, •
confirming 12 acres, 'situate' in North Middleton
township, adjoining lands of Christian Rule, Robert
Irvin and David Kutz. An t y person wishing to
purchase can have any amount from 2 to 12 nem%
• " . .JA COB,. G RUBIS.
• _Noy. 4, 1840.--_-30
--- For — S
The two Story Stone, House, occupied by-,11...p.
"Hall, Esq. on East street 'Carliale, with tlia,. foal of
Ground 90 feet front on said street, arid . extending
.250 feet to the Letart spring. There is a Stone
Stable; ti- c •House anti ti_well_efiwater _on
the, premises. a Wholelie, property iilenclosedby
sulistantial stone wall. For further particulars apply
Nov:•4, 1840.
Otrilaak),X Ta i aLalrlu
CAME to the residence of the subscriber, in
Franklin township; York county, (4 miles west
ofnillsburg, and 6 miles east of PetersbUrg, Adams
county) some . time in September, a
about 141 bands high, eight years _old last .spring,
with a small %Mite spot on the fOrelicad--two,bind
-L----feet-white,-and-ring4sOned-hi-the-rfghr litniMirotT=
' The owner is requested . to proveproperty,l4 char-.
ges and take her, away, or she will be 'disposed of
according to law.
. ' Franklin tp. Yell( co: ? •
' Nov. 4, 1840.-31 5 - 5 . •
. .
. • ..L.•`\ . ‘,
•. N . Q ti
- 1
• Xi gratiled to the subscriber residing in F.ast:Pcnns.
" - borough township, on the estate of jactib Maltz, late
' of EastPentistiorough township, CtuillMrland count,
deceased: All pursues having claims against said
estate, areyequested to present thein properly nu:
•• thenticded for settlemcni, and - those tielebted will
mike payment to •-- ~ . .. ,
JOHN mourz, A 4 40,.. -;
Noveriiher ft, 10,0.—_(it . , .
Wt.(11).,122_CU,a) 4
raTzug TESTAMENTARY upon.the'LaSt.
Will of Sebastian Bower, late' of Westpenas
borough township, dee'd., hare been . issued in 7 (WV
foriia ot r a.rtly, to the subscribers; all persons haying
claims against the Estate will' present Ahem - for settle-
meat, and all persons 'indebted will make payment
• DAVID BOWER, Exeekrs; •
S A NM. BOWER., • -
Oct. 6,1840.--6 t. •
. .
! 1.18 subscriber hereby infinius the`eitizens ofCar
lisle, and the public generally, that he ha's laken the'
slitip nearly oppositethe Jail, where lie will be pre
pared to =inductive to culler, on the inosfreasona r
ble:terma, - his line of buiiinees, such es
.., , ~
. : •lixes RIM ...ricks, &c:
He will alsOttetttl to Steeling nod . Crintlist Axes
He solicits a, share or ptiblic patrondge.. • ,
,'..l7'.fOHN 11A1HlIS.
Carlisle, Nov. 5, 1840. :,' ,' - , ,• .
- 1.1,-.Nicarngua;'t tistio, Idadifee, Alum, Coaldheal,
Blue. Vitribl, Copperas, 'indigo, Oil 'or Vit.-
riot, 'Nitric Acid, Miiiiatic do., Sillutinn of tin ;'the .
'Aare be sold low for each, by
4 I I
All perSonsitaving accounts with Said dec'd., are
requested to present them to tke subscriber proporty
authenticated fop settletneAt,:lrkl thoie itulebled to.
make immediate payroent,
. .
The old Stand of he subscriber, opposite Simon
AVonderlich's.brern; is now crowded with the larg
est and. most extensive - new stock of, the cheapest
. oods ever brought to Carlisle is tlie Anllic - ny
—,... ~..
saes y ILITILSCAVCS ay eatling - atal4eia6
Pilot; Beaver midi other doths,42—rind limy:adi
per yard; Cassinieres *mid clissinetts unusually low.
it — large a sifilltment of Wash trlle Larinth - , froto:s2,-,50-
to SIU per pattern. - . - -Stacks of shawls, such-as-broth:l ,
inerinwrlglioniremb'd. silk-and - choosy,
atin satin
damask, blanket
_and, cotton; from '25 ets. Lb $2O - ..
Elegant plaid' and other lancy cap and bonnet rib:
bons, from fi to 75 'cents, with linings to match.
Einh', satin and thibet scans and handkerchias,
-evervimiety.ufladiesmulgi;i4s,.glovns and hosiery,
&c.,with a variety of other valuable itairseiii6aillifii'
articles.- , .... . • . - •
. . . . .
X 33
---- 565 -
- . 765-
1 . ,5181
• -922
148 -
... 5,611
-- ,--
, •Cases-Boots and Shoes, have just been opened
and added to the before extensive stock, among
whieb arp Ladies and Misses 'pune cloth, lined am f
flue gum, Morocco Kid, &e. Men's mid Bova Roots
stud Shoes of every descriptio - a - for ih 1fl:aliil~l in=
ter seasons. - • ' .- —•
A generid stock too, of Men's. a11(1 Boys. Ftir,
Cloth and Seal Caps, with a few fine, asbionable
Furllats all of which will be sold cheaper than ever
iii.- • - .- "; • MIAS: OGhLilYi',—
i of
IRE undersigned have formed a co-partnership
under the firm. M. 1.140WN,
for the purpose of transacting:V.Ceneral Commission
and Forwarding Business.
We' would give notice that we have taken the spa
cious fird Proof brick Warehouse, situated on the
south west corner of Broad and Vine, streets, where
.we are pt•epnred to receive and Ibrward Mercian'.
and receive and sell all kinds of country Pro
duce. . • '
We t'esilectfully' solicit a share of theiitfiilic - pat
J. BROWN, of Franklin Co. - • -
and of the late firm of Alpe w, Alacurdys & Brown.
• •G. W. BROWN,ofilarpers Ferry, Vu.
rarladelphia.—K MeLanahap & gyp, Caleb Ce
&Co ; &A. Wray ; George • Hand y &Co; C.
Houston & Co.
_Lancaster C0.,--Dr. N. W. Sample ; Capt. John
Steele; S. Smith. Pattersmi B. Ferree.
Hariisbueg.--Thomas Hunt, Henry Buehler. •
Carlisle.—Geo. A. Lyon, Wnt. Leonard. •
..Iretvville.—Willmom Barr.
Pi anktin Co.—George Chambers; David Fullei.-
une, James Campbell ;ohl: M'Dowell.
• Pitta me Chamberlain.
' Wm/ling/on Cm-3,5. &D. White. ' •
Bedford Co.—James. Agnew.
Hagerstown OLL—Win. M. Marshall.
Harper's Ferry, 9'a.—G. B. Wager; E. Lueus,J r.
Oct 28, 1840.---6 t .
\gai i. 3413 I LWo
Farm of i 47 afereti ot Slate
Situate in North Sibidliifon townsliiiiTtumberland
co., two miles from Middlesex mills, and five from
Carlisle. 'lliennprovementsarea good
- Double- ltaisk Borti,
haik - andfrobtl
sheds, one of which is a granary with a cellar iiudeil
la , •AY ENCELLDX2' • •
en _
together with other improvements. About 100 acrea
are cleared, under good fence and in. a F,ood state ot.
• cultivation, the remainder is covered with good tim
ber, a part of which is Locust; springs in nearly all
the fields. The •Conodoguinet creek hounds this farm
oil one - side 252 perches, which will afforda location
for water. works. Any person wishing - to puFeliase
thrin of this description will do well to examine it, as
• - co fo -711. - • • •
am *rL ermmei Co Bet_
Miplication can be •made .to ;Valentin.° Sho
the (arm or to the subscriber in
1 141- 0 W 62(.00tQ*Ci -
The subscriber 'has. just returned from the city
with n large 'supply of-superior new styled -
•. • GOODS . • --
- .
COIISI Alia in part' cif---Wool dyed Black, Blue, Chi
-yet, .Brown„lnvisible Green and, Mulberry
Wool dred Black; Blue;_and figured cossinteres ;
Sattinetts of all descriptions; Cords and Beaverteens;
Ticks and Checks; imported Stair and figured Car
inthia Saxony, Prince l and Mouse de Lames; Bora
baZines, Merinoes, blue MAO; blacki Mantua, Fawn,.
Brown, Figured and Plain Silks;. Figured and
- Plain Swiss and Jaconet .711118/itis; Green Baize and,
Flannels of different colours; GloVes and Hosiery;
Cloth and Fur.. Caps; Broglie and Meeino Shawls;
Mack,innw'; Rose and Point . Blanketia- , Ingliorn and
Straw Bonnets; together with an assortment.of
Groceries . dr. Queensware.
MI- of which :will lie sold on the most reasonable
terms . . Person arc iiivited,tm call -and, examine for
themselves before pufthasing elseWbere. - •
lieraladdrelhs reg,etable
• • • - sal Rills • • •
Are held by tbotAlowing agents in, their resPec r
tive - cow/tics. "AR In rountarfeita or, these,
pills are attempted to he palmed upon the cornmuni-
Ay, the propriety of. purchasing only frOta the recog
nized agents, will bp apparent.' . - `'•
Cut Berland County - -7GeorgeW:llitner;.Carlisl;
INlechtMicslittrg; Gilmore 8 McKinney,
S. Culbertson, Shippenslitirg; Boke At
Brenneman, .I%lo•CtimbdrLitntl; Isaac Barton
Rinip; SltiremanstouM; Co.
Churehtown.• • ' • -
.Perr - y CtortytAl6. -lc
ander yffigeo,' Bloonifield;
J. Bl . C°Yle, Lantlisbin,
• . .' • ,
....,. . . . . • ,
• . , . . • . ,
. .
. ,
. . . .
, .. .
k. . - ,- . • . . ,
'2,4.' = l . ~.-.. _ —•••• `-- -
••,,, : . . .
).• . . '
• skl li' f f "
f oi'* ' . ' Y 4 -. ;.. r .
t -'
4 4
...• ;•, , 4t. al
~,.. .:'• _ g _i_ i _ : :.,_ ___... i,....,....tr____.....
, , •,, ~,.,,,
' , •
4 •,...„ k ‘4..:, • 4 .„ '
. .
. ,•• • . •
T.....• 1 ... ,
~-.. ' , • . •
. - • • . .
Vestmented . Spirits.
Prepared and sold:wholesale and retail by Dr. W;
Al'Pherson, west side Matrkit Slu
These Spirits rir,c warranter to c superior
other preparation of the
. kind now in use,-foC.
Rembving all kinds of. Grease, 7"( i•,
Oil, Paint, Wax, 4.c. •
from ladies and g entlemen's wearing apparel; car.-
pets,"&c. without injnring them. It is also effectual
In removing spots occasionchl by any kind of acid. .
: It will-also he found a nscful article foe removing
thindrulf from the head, ind loving the hair' in a
rOiltliy.iiififyigorous condition.
For sale in Carlisle at the Drug Stomp of 'Dr.
-313:ers & Co. and Stevenson & '
W.. C., *PHERSON.-
Harrisburg, :Nfov. 11, 1840.-3 t '
estate of Jesse , Duck, NW of. tire borough et
NewvilleXtnberland county, (M(l'o., have liven is
sued to the subscribe larrisburg:„No,
rice is hereby given; that the subscriber will attend
at the house of Mrs. Elizabeth. Duck, in Newißle,
on Wednesday and Thitesdaysthe •525tIvand . 9.6 th of
November• host, when all thoSe that are . indebted to
said estate will:pie:Me, make payment, and all those
having claims hgainsi said estate will present them
properly authentidated for settlement.
• . . .:WM..DUCK, Executor.
Nov. 4, 1810.-Lat
A k T,OTICE is 'hereby given thnt Letten of Adnibt
istrittiou on the-estate. of Jacob Coodheail:, late
of-West-PeunsboroLtomighip_deceased, lave been
issued to the subscriber in due fot‘iii, bf law.
- .
Dickinson tp.
Oct. 16,1840.-'--Gt
CllEtllP E R -BIM ff.
Carl isla,:Nov..4, 1840
First Costlr - .
I - . d ND 017-1E115.4,
nil IHE Subscribers,intending to. leave Carlsle, of
; ler their ENTIRE STOCK, comprising awes:-
lensive variety of every description of •
: D BAT ,600DS
for sale'al FIRST COST,?'
Country Merchants, and die piddle:generally , will
'find it deculedli US their ailyant*C. to' cull, extimine,.
and purchase`—Os —ns thcy cannot obinin goodn'clicaper in
the city. .
Call and see--call a nd purchase.
Depend upon it, Bargains nre now oared to
one who desires to purchase. -' ' - - .
, .. - • . 410(0 LD 4.! CO. '
~Carlisle, Octobrr.'2l, 18.10.-:.: , ,
• N. ILL—Persons indebted are requested. to cull and
lettle before the first of January next. ,
Popper, • Sheet Iron, ‘212(1 Tin Ware
'hid subscriber offcrsfor sale, at his - shop, 10 North
Ilituo-er street Carlisle, next door to Wiii.
fird'; will manittlictore; at the 'shortest no
tice) the following articles, to wit :
DAylll PALM,
Qii , eia4l2alla ate a U. 3 El 0
of. all descriptions,
of tiLicL lie has pn hand a large nssoidnient,
tioNdlrtell lowertlinir-ever,lnr7Caqh;---lic-aln
. .
fees lor sale any quan roe Stoic 11pe; \
• • • Cooking 'StOvep.4 • :•
• for wood Mul 6811 all sorts of
•77n;;Copper and. Sheat Iron 11 .,.
such AR Wash Kettles, Dve Kettles, I latter's yettles,
Drums, Dripping Pans, * House -Spontiug, &e.; all ,01
Which he Will sell on better terms than - usual.
- I 540.-*--tr.
Dry Goods, Grocerics -- 4- Queensware
WILL be sold by Ybe subscriber, at very i.editeed
for Cash, in Thu room recently oneuipied_by
Jaeob Itheena and ndioining the store of Snliniel IL
_& Co.
stocli, is new and part o
ttroadtlOths, eassirocres„ . cassinetts,.blank 7
OS; bombUzines, tlann - 61 - s, vestifts,
- niuslines; - calicoesOickings - ; sills, linens;
table- Covers; and- figured swiss tritts.-;
lines, . insertings, laces, silk and cotton
handlte - rchiefs, ribands; gloves and stock
iligs, bonnets, boaverteens, &c. &c._ '
• Also; sa small- lot
. of GLASS -AND.
QUEENSWARE, and a few .G:ROCEit . 1E9 . .
Having relinquished business in Shippols
burg, and removed that entire stock to this
piadc, I am desirous of closing. up.the con
cern as soon as •possible. Purchasers will
do went) call soon, as Great bargains ss ill
be given. , • CHAS. OGILBY.
Carlisle, Sept. 20, 1840. •
WA - R - G AINS!
Sotheimer . 8 e,Lindatter, •
At their New Store in Centreville, have just ee
ceived'find are nowmpening ii,verviiirge and splendid
'assortment of BRITISH; FRENC I L aid BOMBS-
Tic •
hich have been tielectrd_willonelusare in the cities
of NEW YORK and.l4 lILADELPI II A, and whicli
they respectfully invite the citizens of Centreville
and vicinity to call 110(1 examine ss' they will be ena
bled' to please; and sell decidedly cheaper Alum any
other establishment in the county. They will be
happy 14 otttlmes-to see customers who are desit , oUs
of having ". *. •
ew Cheap a nd Good Goods
Among their - stock will be found Blue 131Ack,
Droim, Green, Olive, Cadet, :Mulberry, Da hlia, Cit
ron,.Claret, Mixt Drab, and u variety et low, priced
. ,
. c - s 1 (.0 'a
0 0 •
Salmi jar - striped and plain London and Buckskin
perior Silk; Satin, Velvet, Valencia, corded, Strip
ed, Figured and Plain Marseilles and Cassimere
Testings. A general•assortment of all qualities and
colors of
• • Fall and• Whiter
iiitulilc foie Gentleroen Soperior Mack
Ltdestrin '
,Gros De Naps, Po De. Swan,
Gros Be Swiss, and Senshaw Silks, Challeys, Chint
zes, 3aeronels Cambries, Bohldnetts, Plain and , I , l=
gored Swiss, and Book Muslins i Shawls, Dress
Handkerchiefs, Scarfi, '4 - elk. ; Ribbons, &c.
large and excellent assortment of fine and .low
priced Calicoes, Irish, Table, Towelling :Ind Table
Diaper, Crash Marlins, Ticking's, Cheeks,Cords,
Ileaverteens, &c. general assortment of eghorn
tind Straw Bonnets, Utnbrellas,Paraspls, &c. Also,
an extensive assortment of ' .
• • ...
Groceries and.queensware i
- oftlie;most-appriwed-Qualjties-The-public-ture-rc.•
epectfully invited to call and judge for themielresls
they are determined to sell •rheap,for cash or country
produce,, TAVERN KEEPERS:are -respectfully
invited to call amid examine-Alm:4' Itoek of Ligtiors
before purchasing pelsewhere.
Centreville, Cum. Co., Clitober 14, 1840. '
Bargains, Bargains.
in ,Shippensburg
Respectfully inform the citizens of Shippensburg and
vicinity, that they. have just received, and are now
opening atilMir store,-in bfain street, an extensive
and 'well. selected assortment
consisting of very fine English, French' and Germnu
Cloths; Cassimeres, Satinets, &e. -of every variety of
color, quality and price. Also,a large and hand
'seam assortment of English an French Merinoes ;
Dombazines,. Merino Shawls and liandkerchhafs,
Challeys, Mouslin
_de Lains French Chintz, plain.
and figured Silks and Satins •o'r every ; color and quail
ty,silk and gauze dress handkerchiefs, bohinet and
blondrveils, fancy scarfs; gauze, satin, and Mantua
ribbands of every size - and color, &c. ,Also=—Straw
Bonnets-and., platted braid. Also—a, large' assort•L
merit of Domestic Goode: consisting of calicoes,
Cheeks, mnslins, and every other article which pan be
mentioned belonging to the Dry - Goods husinesS;
gether , with an' extensive assortment of ,
- •
gimensware; Hard ware;Croce-:
• •
ries,,.Liqtyqs„ Stc•
all of which will be sold cheaper 'than - ever before
offered for sale.
,They would respectfully invite' the public to call
and examine their.stock and Prices, being fully satis
tied thatilmy Can accommodate them at prices far
below what they are in the habit of paying. .
N. B. Countr,v Produce of all kinds will be taken
in exchange for Goods, atMarket price.
Country Merchants arc invited to' call and examine
their,stock, being' connected with - European,
lactories, which will enable Th em - to ifelVid. 01000
less Than can be purchased In the cities otNeWT Vrk
orThiladelphia. . a '
- Bhippensburg,Oct.• 7,1840,
?811. K E.VEJ
1 - 01 MW EU W 1411112
p . RY 0.00n5.,
WithhitprOved .
PeetOtt:ifforse Power.
•-from the saleofhis tnachines,induces" mu o of=
fix to the public a new and improved 'Horse Powq,
ntliich can be shifted iirgear or out of geaEby keys;
and shifethe band togive It five different rifolutiiira;
And he has no hesitation in fissuring. the.Farinersthat
he is now, able to furnish diem with an article tilt su
perior to ilm'se - fintnufactured heretofore; For speed
and clean threshing and ease to the horses, he be
lieves his machines to be unequalled.
His price is .I;l4o l —seventy. dollars to pnid ensh, '
'mid the balance in six months, for which a note wilt
be required with ininrest. Any persompurchasing a
imachine and upon a fair trial, not being pletised, can
return it. lie will at all times be ready to furnish
them ()lithe shortest notice; orders from it distance
will lie punctually attended to.. Ile will also repair
machines On the shortest notice:
wwill expire in 15 1 3.:' \oliee~s hei eby given,
agreenl4 to the Constitution :nal laws of Peititsylva
nin„that.the„stockliciltlers of said institution intend
tipplying M. the next legislnittre of theCiinitnott
wealth for ri renewal 'of cluiCter, change of wile, style
and title to .. , pitniberland Valley Batik," hicrenne
caPitnl - gold gencial divicannting and banking privi
leges, nll tinder such restrictions as the Legislature
may ilk eel. The above institution to be continued
in Carlinle,Ba.:
Aug.~l9,‘l-gi'o—.—om.; .
Variety Store - , &e:
I.IE- sub sepiber s .thankfulfor-pnat-favoro r rnspect:
fully informs the public that he still continues
to' “hohl forth" in Clinrch . Alley, near "Education
tfaki,'..!..whtire he has now 9,11-lisind a large assortment
of notiong; consisting iti part, of the following:' Bread,
Cakes, Cheese, Bacon; !lams, Mom% Snap, Cider,
.Spices, Fruits,' S weettneats, and other necessaries
c-ileulatrAfor-this merequit.
N. Wirealso contimi - estpfeinritiftatitin , noose . ,
where g:entfetneti c a n be accommodated wills Trine,
Pigs Feet, Pickled Oysters„&e. at tilt: shortest notice.
bit iItSIOIV'S. BalSolll of
.1110 ND; •
Ail thiparallelett remedy for'ein'ontott Chllls,Conglts,
Asthma, Inflytpiza,.Wltnapin•Cutti:, , h, Bronchitis,
awl all tliseases ot the Bretta, and Longa", Iratlisii .
.in Constimptino ; composed or the concentrated
virtues of I loreltootal, 1101W...set,' Illood:Robt, , Liv
erwort atal seviwal other veketalile 'stile tiiiici'•s.
The innocence anti '‘nliVersnily nthaitteil
virtues, of the Ilerhs'from lvhieh the. BALSAM OF
I101tl'AIOUNI) is luattirLlTire lnei I;.rnerrilly_kriowit
to esquire it is dies tore only . Cr'
-- C.,e . ssary to 'observe that this inedecine contains the
*hole of their Meilical kopertics - ,highly contentrat
ed, and so happily corabined:with'seliCrarother
getable substances, :is to render
_it 'lle Most speedy,
trld-a remedy; nd certain il-I-Ml!.01)1. the .Com—
plaints above tdetitio
lialSam is of Inestimable value.
Ittis a speedy; remedy frt. the 11 ii'aping- Ceiti,9;h and
'Croup; and afibrds certti n .Rowet Conaptlitit.s,
C'hohe, Teetifittg,&c, It is pleasant to the taste, arid_
may he - safely given to the tenderest infant-and should
Ire kept at all times in every family, as it is cinch
better tin. the eomplaiirts incident trl
'aregoric,thy COrdia I s'so
Moldy' uSeil, as landdivils in thiktny hay& testified.
Redd the frdlowing.--I hereby certify that early
in the spring of 1338,1 contracted e 1 severe COL'S, ,
which settled upon my /rings, 101(1 tliveutencti a hash'
Consumption. I used several pros-miptions, - hut
t:aoed little or no reliefs I was mild' alarmed..—
llappening to be in lioulteatet. LI. its
friend, Mt. Winslow, to try it bottle of his il4Lsmkr
or IlonuttouNo: 1 did so, :111(1 to my siwprise -ob
tairiiell relief at onceand by the use of that • single
bottle was perfectly restored trk:li;.•Jilth.__.To..lll,ml
htllicted with Colds or Coughs, lit this- inclement
sesson, 1 say "go and do liken ise."
- . 'Pittsford, \IMMO. en., Nm. 9;1838.
Mr. Jolol M. Winslow; DroggistilL:
• Dear Sir: I have been for a s( of tears afflict
ed with an affection of the Litg•s, and-n * l(mA cough,
and have ninny times arose 'dale morn lig as cdm
pletelY exhausted by excessive coughim, during the
night as a - person - would-be-tw-a-laa , ll-do «-Inhor, I
have tried most of the populir remedies . al' the (lay,
Mat never found relief. until I. met with y.t or Balsam
of Horehound. All the other remedies (v palatives,
dint 1 have_ used, leave the bowels in. n congested
stale, while yours leaves them soluble and frec.:Yhis
I'consider as great desideratum.. On taking, a dose of
.your Balsam when, going, to bed, I restquietiv thro'
the night, and my sleep is refreshing n iti take great
pleasure in recommending your Balsam of llorp
iound to all those afflicted" with - pulmonary .coda-
plaints or any disease appertaining to the lungs,
1 fitke thii opportunity to thank you for the great re
lief and benefit :I have experienced through •.:y,•our in
strumentality. Yours, with much respect, *(
-- 11911; - COGSWELLi-:.
For sale by
S. ELLtorr, Carlisle.
A. J NOlLl.lkNeivville.
Also, by Druggists generally ilirontAout the coun
try. ; Price 50 centsper bottle. , '
- April 15,.1840.1y.;
is the .basest 'crime
We are not among that class of Edi t ors who for-a
few dollars will, (at the expense of truth and hones
ty) "crack up" an article and Nino it into rapid sale;
neltter aro
,we willing to remain silent, after having
tested the utility of an improvement or discovery in
science or art. Our readers will recollect we told
them we were unwell with a sire throat and violent
cold some few weeks ago. Well, we purchased two
lIOUND and so sudden was the cure, that we forgot
we ever had a cold. Those who are 'Mitered, may
- try it upon our — recornmendationT- , - - - --, ./koehrohrfele=
graph... •
'For sale by•_ •
. . • • • .. S. ELLIOTT, Carlisle
A. 3. NORTH;
Also, by Druggists gyzierally throughout the coun
try... Trice 50 cents per bottle.
.• • •
rresh Medicines..
,The: subieribcy has recently received large
lions' supplies of
Ttledicinefo f -Colors ; Dye-Sitiffs,.
Lie seed Oil, Sitti:Turi;entine, Copal Varnish,.Pain
ters' Brushes, nrnishilreshes, Hand Brushes, Sper :
mac.eti b'erf ihiciSpei In Candles, Soups in
great variety, Glass Lamps; Cap and Letter Paper,
Ft uit,Spices, Perfumery, &c. &e. „which he will sell
to PhysiciansoNferelnints and. others, {VIIOLEALE or
by ReTAii.Tut the lowest rates, having purchased en
tirely for cash ;' tie will offer bargains to those_ who
x'ibh to .purclise ut wholesale,
August 5,1810,
P l l O Dn. SWAYNE, Pluladelphi~.. --It is
•••• with sincere pleasure I write you theiellines.-'—
Having.been reduced by-a long spell of siekness in the
lower runtryto a +MT critical state of health, and
returning to this climate, I was attacked by a Most
distressing,--pulmonary comp y
laint. My symptoms
were of the . most alarming lied, and in m weak
state of health I thought I foresaw my early dissolu
tion. I had a - constant cough, and a sense of .pain_ on .
my chest whiCh seemed to be obstructed SO that , I
could not breathe with ease. I got. no rest at night,
and my constant irritation produced a high • fever at
times. In this alarming statel !make!' for help, and
recollecting yetiradvertisemelit, I sent to yourogent
for two bottles . 9r Wild Cherry Syrup,' and' belore".
using the second bottle; I found tny,eollighltad lisaP 7
peered; and with it all those distressing-symptoms.
You are at liberty to-publish this, and I most earnest:
ly recommend your Syrup'of V. ild Cherry Bark to
sufferers with diseatiekof the-. Lunge, as an effectual
renaedy. Respectfully Tours,.
Pittsburg, Sept.' 27, 1839., ;
Principal 011ice,No. 19 North Eighth street,Where
this medicine, can always be obtained;- , --
tike.wiset - the above Certificate inay be seen, with the
sign atureof a highlY reepectable citizen , kof Pittsburg,
witnessing the above to-be a'certain facet, -'Po be had
at the_Drog,Btore Myers & qui*, Pa.
-N0v.400'839.. . .
The public are hereby ditieeted to the Medicalad-
Tertisements of- Dr. Iltudich's Ueletiratdd Compound.
. Strengthening Tonic, and Ocrynan Aperient Pills,
-whiclrare a meditinccofeat valtie to the afflicted,
discovered, by_.o.-.E.llarlich i tt oda:rated physician
at Alitiorf;Gorniatiyovhich lank - been used WI -
paralleled success throughout-Germany. This
consists of two kinds, viz: the German Aperi
ent, and the Compound Strengthening; Tonle Tills.
They are each put up in small packs; and should both
be used to effect a permanent care. Those who arc
afflicted would tin Make a trial of this invalu
able.. medicine, as they never:tn•aloco sickuess or
lrausen - ,whi le itsing., -A safe ralli" dreallta s reiliCtly - fol :
and all stomach complaintt33 pals side, liver 'eons
plaints, loss or appetite, Ilatfflenity, palpitation dale
liart,general debility, nervousirritability,Siek head.
ache, Female: diseases, spasmodic affltetionvrheuma
tism, asthmas, consumption, tcc... •l•he German A pc-.
rient l'ills arc t di:le:Lase the stosnath and purify the
blood. The Tonic ot• Strengthening Pills are to
.strengthen and invigMmte.tlie nerves and digestive or
gans and give tone to the stomach, as all diseases-ori
ginate from impurities of the blood and disordered
_stomach. 'Pilo Mode- 01 treating diseases is pursued
cut luiretofore received
by all practical Phyrdeiiiia;"'WhielF - experienc - eAta-s-,
taught tliem to be the only remedy to effect a cure..
They arc itot only reentropetoted nod prescribed by.,
the most expgiietteo in- their daily peat
-tire;ltut tilsov take!' thorn-getitlemen: themselNes ,
whenever they find the symptoms or those diseases, jo
which they know theta to be ellicacions. .1 . 1113 is the I
case in all large chic's ip . Whir.ll.4lmi—have an exten
sive sale. It-is not-to understood that these mi:111.:
eines.will cure, all diseases. merely by purifying the I
lilood---this they will lot do; lint they certainly wind
and sufficient authority of daily proofs nsseirtim4 that ,
tliose medicines,taken as recommended by the direr- .
lions which accompany them, Will Cure a great Mail)...
€lise et thlFsfoliilatiOlnig3catitt lirer,by ••
11 hich imparted s of the blood tire occastoned.
rr - • Ask for Dr. Ifarlich's Confpound Strengthen-,
Principal - office for the sale of this medicine, is at ;
No; 19 North Eighth street; Philadelphia. ;
Also--iPm• bale at the Drug Stoic of Ny-,1
ors S.: CO. Carlisle, and William.. Pjal, Shippens
(Nov. aO, 1839.
. _
C1111 . .1)12EN TFIETIIIN,(:.--,To Mothers and
Nores.—Yon are aware, that there are lion
(Ire( olltlitiseliitle ones that you so dearly love.wlio
ale daily into :in wiltimelv.irave, &ony that
ilimtres,,ittg malady Coirvtilsiows, whiich - almost every
rfofitiit falls-a-prey thaw oLdenthien..)_there,.
• •
,y_aii who are inothers,aiwl have !the care of those
little cues ; should apply Di. Varts.sceliiirn-tvil-fipotli—
iiiy. Syrwp frr.l ls Teething,.W I iic4.l ikttprestirtetl..
awn - molds, wlicw-thooglit past reywyety l p- rom that
structive rdrager . . This itivalwablelbet ichie . cati al:.
wiivs 1)e-10w:tined at the Medical 011ic6,No. 19 North
arect, opp - osite Filbert street,
- where teStimoiiials of its_cilleney can lie secti.
•. ca•lfor'sale :it tfic I)ritg,store of Joho .1. Myers &
Co. Carlisle. Pa.
PO UN N)71111' P:11.1.T.VUN177?•;::
G7X.1.1.:\ .1 or • Wild Cherry.---This is, clreidedly
one of the hest remedies for -Coughs and Colds DOW
.in UM , -- it allays irritation of (lie Lungs;loosrus the
Cough, - etimang the - phlegm •to-raise -frre-atul-rasyritr
AtAluna, - Pulmonary Consumption Iteitentßy
Cotighs - , - ll'lwrzkoz and • .chok *tug - a . - Phlegm
I Mar seuess; Difli'eulty of Breaffitig, Croup;SPitting
of bfood, . This SNlllp is w:u•routc[{'ts drect ii
whkli atatmupaity the bottlrs. For sale - at No. 19
North Eighth street, Plultult
in - Tor sold at thelhars Store of.!. -J. Myerg. &
Co: Carlisle, Pa. - _ _ _
011 E PROOFS of the 'efficsier.of Swaynels
Compiind Si i-up of Wild .Cherry Ilark :
.Mrs; - .llrown, vainer of-Seemitritrect and the forks
of Germantown NOT, cfreetnally cured._ nee' n inj)-
Ohility, attended with a constant
,cough, pain in the side, breast, and back, with other
svnyttouis hulicative of pulmonary disetiseodit essen
tial to intimate. After taking the second- bottle of
this inimitable medicine, her cough entirely di sap- ,
;mired, and tier strength increased fast. , and by tin'
time site used two bottles mere; she found herself
freed fromUltpain, and other 6,4 d-fisted symptoms
which attended her disease. .She is dew, enjoying-
perfect health, and will ins;
e to give any information
respecting her cure.. She likewise reconundiols - this
- Syrup to all afflicted with it coligh, nr a disease 'attic
lungs. For sate'at No. 19, North Eighth street, Phi
ladelphia 1, and also for si le by .1. Myers & Co.,
Carlisle, Pa. -- 4 - [Nov.oo, 1830.
/ MONIALS of the, EFFICACY of Dr.llarlich's
Medicines. Aft. 301 as Hartman, of Simnel tom it,
Pa., entirely cured °fate above disease, u bleb lie A 01.9
tlfilkittMl with for six Years. His symptoms were it
sense of distension and oppression of eafing,distres
-sinz-pain-in-the-pit-ofthextotoselioiausLa, loss of ail,
petite, giddinessand dimness of sight, extreme &bilk
ty,llattalency, acrid eructations, sometimes vomiting,
pad pain in the right side, depression of spirits, dis- -
turbot kest, faintness, and not able to pursue his busi
ness without causing immediate exhaustion and welt.,,
riness. - Mr. Hartimm is happy to state to the public
and is Willing to give any information to the afflicted, ,
respecting the wonilerthl benefit he receked from the
ase of Di-. Ilarlich's Compound Strengthening and Aperient 'Pills.
OBRERVE—This medicine can - be obtained at Na.
10,Nortk Eighth street, opposite Filbertstreet,Phil
For sale at the Dram Store of dOllll J; 'Myers& Co.
Vied IsTeVrii. . ,
IRIIEUMATISM, entirely Cured by the ase-of Dr
0. -I-ker-Haiffleh's Con - mound StrengtheningTand
German Ape:rient :Pills. - Mr. Solomon Wilson, of
ChMter cdi Pa.,afflicted for two years with tlib aboVe
distressing disease, of which lie had to use his crutch
es for 11l months, life syntritoms were excruciating
pain in all liisjoitits, especially' in his hip -shoulder,.
mid uncles, pain- increasing always towar ds eve g
attended with heat. Mr. Wilson, was at onetime not
able to move 'his limbs on account of the pain being,
so great; he being_advised by a friend of his to pie.
cure Dr. Ilah s pills of Width he sent to the Agent
•in West Chester and procured some ;- on. using. the
medicine the third day the pain disappeared and his
strength increasingfflst, and in three weeks Was aide.
to attend to his business, which he had not done for
18 months; foc the benefit of others afflictel,he wish
es those lines published that they may be relieved,,
and again cidny the pleasures , of a healthy life.
_Paulin)Ahtlier, 19 ngt•th Bth street, Also
for sale at the Drug Store of John J. Myers & Co
" • [Nov. $O, 1839.
NOT HEALTII.---Tlioe who enjoy
health, must certainly feel Ides'Sed when they
•compare themselves to those sufferers that have been
afflicted for years with various diseases which die-hu
man family are all subject to be troubled With. Die,
eases present themselves itt gallons forms and from
'various circumstances, whielt in the commencement,
may all be checked by the use of Dr. O.•P, lea lick's
Compound Strengthening and German Aperient
Pills,—Bich as dyspepsia, liver complaktm,pain in
theaffle;r h entnatism, - general - debility,-Pernalc-dis---
kiases;,and all diseases to which human nature is sub-_
ject, where tlieatomadh is affected. Directions for
ttiltig these med icines al waysaccompany them, These'
medicines can be . taken with perfect. safety by the
most delicate • Pemaleos they are mild in their ope
ration and pleasant iwtheir effects.
Principal Office for the Uhited States,No. lit north
'Bth street,.Phi la: ,Also for sale at the Drug Store-of
J. J. Myers & Co. Carlisle. - [Nov. 20, 1839.
ir , 4 IVER. COMPLAINT.---This disease is diScof
eyed by fixed obtuse intin And weightin the
right side tinder the short ribs, attended' with beat,
uneasiness about the pit of the stomach ; there Min
the right side also a dirensioti the patient - loses his
appetite and bectimes sick and treated with i.-orniting.
he tongue becomes reuglimuil black, countenance
changes to a pale or citron color or yellow,like those
afflicted with jaundice—difficulty of breathing, dis
mt•bed rest, attended with a Art. cough, difficulty of
laying on the left sidetlie bo4,beconned weak, and
finally the disease terminates into another of a more
serious nature,which in all probability is far hey end
the power of human skill. Dr..:llarlich's CoMpound
Tonto Strengthening and German Aperient Rills, if
taken at the commencement of this if isease,will check
it, nndby continuinethe..uSe of the medicine's, few
weeks, a perfect cure Will he performed. Thousands•
can testify to this . .
Certificates of maarpersonif 'suitY° daily be seen of
the efficaey.,of this invaluable'inedittine, by applying ,
at the Medical Office, No. I 9,i)Orill Bth 'area, Phikt:
Mao, for Sale:at:the Drug Stekof 3,lllyers*
'Co. Carlisle. ! • ' • 1839. •
)Viii be, received.. at . this•,Ojice in psy- for,
Subscription. • -
oNgir . ,-or fine. quality,salea)
d _
E R T 7 .Li'iG ET ZB LW:2P lELS
More Chan six inillions of boxoserthese celebrate
Pills have cell so c np ttc I tutu
:try 1835. •
llMulreils and thousands lrlesAllinAty they - became
acquaintet with -Peteks' Vegetable Pills,. which,
consequence' of-their .extraordiuriry 'goodness, have
popularity opularity unprecedented in the history of
- When taken iiccording to the infections accompa
nying them, they are liighly befiellcial - hrtliv -preven—
tion and cure or Bilious Vevey, Fever and Ague,Dys
pepsin, Liver Complaints, Sick I lead-ache,Jaundice,
Asthma, Dropsy, Rheumatism, Enlargement of the
Spjeen, Piles; Colic, Female Obstructions, Heart--
burn, Purred Toque, Nausea, Distettsion-uftlii -- Ato- ;
mach mill Dowels, Incipient- DiffAten, Elattiletice,
Ilabituul-Coitivenss of Appetite, Blotched or
Sallow Complexinn; and in all eases of Torpor of
the llowjls, when- a cathartic or au aPerient is need
ed. They.are exceedingly mad in their operation,'
Producing neithee natiketi, griping, nor debility. •
- The efficacy of these -pills -is so:well known, and
.their-use-sotgimeral,-that-further-coniment is ,consid_&.
cited mmece - ssary. , ' • • .
For further particulars, see Dr. Peters' . pamphlet,
which can be had, gratis, of any of the Agents.
• The pills are neatly put up in tin bokes,containing
-20 and 45,pilli;RFar
Niro Orleans, April 24, 1837..
.Dear Sir---As an old classmate of yours' in Yale
College, I take the liberty of opening a correspon
dence: ~
" learn that you are 'making :1.-Nilotic bY the sale
; of your pills, which I trust is the case, as I am, fully
imwaretthar through them you are conferring a great.
blessing on the public.
I — myself - a - in among tho - se who have-beeti.peculiar
ly benefitMl `Since my arriyal
had Mien subject to severe bilious attacks. which had
ineurlytroughttinuitolbmgrax-er but; (and -1-;;Mknow
haiku it with gratitude,) a few boxes of luur pills
rlitive. completely restored me. I would add, that
illicir effect Upon Sick Head:ache and Sour Stomach:
,is almost miraculous.
With maim - crap Or.eSiCCITt, . .
. • . .
Exh•aci ofa rue,. fivin Dr. Francis Bogart, of
. ' iirtreideidw,R: 1., Dec. 7, 1838:
Peters' Pills are an excellentaperient and cathar
tic medicine, (those ,ell'ect; being produced fly the
difference of the qu,intity and. are decidedly
I - int - ie .- rim. 0 - Me's; lfriffiiillretli's, 91: MorrisOn's Pills:"'
-.Extract-ofalciter-fr-om rEiliume-Philodejaia
• Pe . biltary 11 . 338. •-. •
, Yon r pi/is are the'their - op'crationSi and:
yerl 7 o.l - §7Cir : ny that. I lard
ever met within a practice of eight and twenty years.
Their action on the'cliyle, and' hence oWlhe import
ties of the blood, is - e - VideMlY very surprising. '
B,a;irtfrt of a eller from .1)r: Srottiof . Baltiniore
' December, 17, 18,30.
lam in the illy habitof prescribing them (Peters'
PAN. ftnil z slwy in nearly all cases answered my Puy
; pose: I Inti,:e=tlisirtkid Ottilie.metlicliieGnoine
them roes good ones, in-their,faxori -- • •
art entire stranger. Pout• medicine•is the cause and.
apology I offer for oldruding.:my,self upon -your no
tice. 'loving - experienced a serious attack of Bilious
Fever this fall, 1 was.hdluced, in consequence of their
popularity, to .try your pills; Mid so beneficial lets
taTiTitlarresnliTiliaU ant desirous - to - proeure alnrge
(Main ity of them to use in My practice. Please write
lac word ulialia your - lowest price to the faculty f'or•
two !Mildred boxes,: Your, earliest . attentionl lo this.
will oblige,. . •
. . Solis, &c. _ _ •
--- 31, D. .
• 'Mi. ^ls Broome street, X., .1":, - ..1fay
~ 2 7, 1338. -
1 hereby certify, that "my_ liver Was in a \ ory
sed state, and Ina long baffled' the skill' of a highly
fuiptifurphY''4,Eian, hut that ithas been rendered per
fectly healtitfty the use of Ptlttirs7 Vegetable-Pills.
They were first recommended to me hy-De. Nelson.
• • T 110.11.18, AN S
iliave snitch pleasure in witnessing to the truth of
lie above, as I know from experience -that Dr. Pe
ers',Pills are ap imalluildgmkedicine.
. • • AGENTS, _
Off ; A:7 KESEY, Chatithersburg. ,
^ , frILSOA% & Shippensburg.
• IVILLIAI, BARR, New vale.
SIML. E . 1.1,10,7".1",
• , jol ty arrEß s & co. Carlisle.
Autti,by all the Druggriitß of Philadelphia and . Ba
li more:- „_
t ß . he very
i'—liespected Friend :•1--Fro
very beneficial effects which I have received
treat the use of thy Compound - Syrup - of Wild - Che
Bark, I tin fully willing to • tesofy to-the astonishing
effect.: My attack was that of a common cold, which
began to threaten something °fa More scrim* ot nature.
Bet 9 recommended to use the above Syrup,l finally
gave it a trial, anti am 'happy to say it gave me al
most instant' relief: I have used it frequently, and
always ,with flue same-beneficial effects. If idlers
would use this Medecine at the °commencement of
their Colds and Coughs,they would prevent a disease
which would be more alarming, in its char:titer, and
muci more obstinate in the cure.
N.W. corner of Ar'eh and fifth streets, Philad.
'igth_montho,23d,lB32.. _
The above Medicine is for sale at the Medical
Office, 12 North Eigth Street, Philadelphia, and the
respective agents.
001-For•sale also at the Drag Store ofrJ. Myers
&CM Carlisle, Pa:; at the store of A Keefer, Har
risburg; Dennet & Bumgardner, York, and Wm.•
-Mathiott -Columbia, Pa: ,
. [Nov, 20,-183?.
ed by Dr. Harlich's celebrated medicines. Mr;
:Harrison, of Schuylkill Sixth street; Philadelphia,
afflicted tor several years with the abvoe distressing
disease---Sickness at the stomach, headache, palpita
tion of the heart, unpaired apPetite,nerid eructations,
coldness and weakness of the extremities, emaciation
and general debility, diSturbed rest, u pressure and
weight at the stomach after eating, severe flying pains
in the chest, back and sides, costiveness, a dislike - for
society 'or conyersation, langtiorrind lassitude upon
the least occasion. Mr. Morrison had applied td
the most eminent, physicians, who considered it be
-yorid-tho-power-orhumair-skill go---restore-hinrto
health i c however, as his .afflictions had reduced him'
to a deplorable condition; having been ind4ed by a
friend of his to try Dr. •Harlielea medicines, as they
being highly recommended; by which lie procured
two packages for a trial • before using . the second
package, he found himself greatly relieved', and by"
continuing the - use of them the disease entirely dia
-1 appeared—he is now enjoying all the blessings of
perfect health.
Prinifipal Office, l 9 no; th eighth streß;Philadel
phia. LAlso, for sale tit the Drug Store of John J.
Myeirs & Co. Carlisle. [Nov. 20, i 839,
Mrs. A: Wilsbn, of LancasterPa,,entirely
• cured by the use of: Dr. &waylayhi Syrup of Wild
Cherry--her symptom's were bonstant soughing, pain
in her side, hank. and head; depraved appetite, spit
)ting.ofblond, no rest at night, &c. After using - two
, bottlesof Dr. Swaynes Compound Syrup
,of Prunus
Vitginia, or Wild Cherry, she found herself relieved,
andlnfr the time she Used 'the third bottle, she found
herself entirely cured of the aforesaid . diseaSe;•which
she had been afflicted with 'for three years. There
, are daily certificates of various Persons, . which add'
infffilier testimony of the great efficacy of this invalu
cabletl diciu;c. got sale at the-Medical O ffi ce, 19
'north - 4 I - street Philadea and :also titlheZDrug
f ) ••
Store of, .1. J. Myers & C0.,0
Nov. .0,1839. • • •
. •
IVER COMPLAINT, ten years standing;oured
by the use of-Dr. liarlich's Compound Strength
enng and Geranui Aperient pills. Mrs.Sarali Boyer,
wife of William Boyer, north 4th i street above Cal
lowhill, • Philadelphia,' entireli • cured of the above
distressing; disease. Tier symptoms •Were habitual
costiveness of the b.owe:s,total tins of appetite, excru
elating pain in the-side, stomach and back, depression
of spirits, extreme debility, could not lie on her left
Side without an aggravation of pain, with other symp
toms indicating great derangement in the functions of
the liver. Mrs. Beyer was attended by several •of
thee-first physicians; but received but tittle relief from
their medicine 1 . 44 last; a friend of, hers. procured. a
- package of Dr. Harlich's Stre.ngtlieninglind German
Aperient Ping, wilich,by the Use of one package, in
duced hor hyrootiNe with the medicine, which re"-
stilted hit_ effeeting &permanent cure, beyond the e..-
pectiition oilier &Meals.
„Pri n Opal Offieelcie,thisidiiedieineis at 11000 north'
Bth street;Thilit. - '. „ .. ',- . . .
air The above ' , Minable medicine may. be had at
the Dr . ukiStore ofJohu .1: Myers .& Co: Cailiale Pa,
N0v. 7 20 1809.. -,:- • - - ' -
'32:. . ‘ . ,
::‘1:::“?J~x§, ‘~'l~L«'m3 r-rm'rm—fl
. :" «:2".
Prepared only by br.ll. ItifineanUentor,
and sole proprietor, :No. South Third
sheet, - Philtatelphiti,reirid - niay be had of
11 1 -1;MO-T 2 -&tuid-tif ST-Blzß-N—
SON 4• DINKLE, Druggists, car-
lisle, Pa
These medicines are reconimendedatid_extenslye,.
ly used by the most intelligent persons in the-United tr"
Stites, by: numerous Professors and Presidents of
Colleges; Physicians of the Army and Navy, and of
hospitals and Almshouses and by more than three
hundred Clergymeil otvaritifilenommations: .
They are expressly prepared for fitmily use, and
have stequired an unprecedented popularity through
onithe r United"Stiites ; and its they -are so adthirably
calculated-to preserve ifeAutif and cure ntsensE, no
fitmilXshould ever he:Without them: The proprie- •"'
for of these valUablepreparatiOns _received his edu-'
cation at . one of the best Medical-Wleges inihe Ifni. •
ted States, and has had fifteen years experience in an
extensive and- di versified
. practice, oy which he hashad "
ample oppertnnities of acquiring a practical knowl
edge-of diseases, and Of tne remedies best calculated
to remove them; • • •
JAYNE'S EXPEETORANT,a valuable rerneity*
for cough, colds, constarption, astlnwt, spitting of
blood,rroup, hopping bpugh,broncliitis,plcurisyyand
tnfhunmation'ofthe lungs or throat, difficulty of bre . a.
thing, and alt di gFases of :pultnohary-organs.-Pricc
ore dollar;
Nlso JAYNE'S HAIR TONIC, for'the prescrva
' don, grtryth add beauty of ihe.bnir,.and 'which will
positively brita , in new liair- on bald. heads.—Price
one dollar,
lain and pleasant remedy Mr worms, dysikpaia,pilca,
and many ()On+ iliseases.--biee 50 cad
Also .IANE'S cAumixrrivE BALSAM, a
certain care -for 4oweland summer coniiilaitits, dram
rhte, dysentary Otolic, clamps, -ski . headache,. sour
- stomaelccholdra mortuSiand-all derangements of.the
stomach and bini:elS, nervous 'affections,btc:---Pricc
"50 cents.
diseases, liver complaints, costiveness, levers, intiruin
mations, glanduldr, obstructionsoliseases of the skin,
Ice. and in alreases were_ au Alterative •or purgative
medicine's required.--Price 25 cents a box.
May 13,1/340,--ly• •
medicine lets already proved itself to he all that
•it has been recommended; by tlidse who have g - iverk •
it a lair that in this country, and the demand for it-im f -
i•ea-i..s daily. .\Ve-Lazo just brand_ ti an im mrtan: •
- cure-of - A st hma; - whieli - ha nscot—
ameighboringtown--die ease was that of a fe
male who hall for adang time been- under th 6 citre.of_ .
a physician, hut bad i•ceeived no relief; and her ease '
was beginning- t9„be'eonsidtred hopeless. As - a last,
resort she purchased a bottle of D. Jayne's Expecto
rant; which caused her to expectorate freely, gradual
ly eased her cough, and is rapidly restoring. her to
health. We have no hesitation .in saying this prepa
ration of. Dr. Jayne, for the cure of cough s, colds, in
liffarca;Asthma,•Comattuption, mast valtif,•__
lde medicine ever offered. to the American puldie,---
There is no quackery about
uia ; and wherever his preparations hay been thor,
oughly tested, We islooked upon us a great public belt
efactor.---[ Sobit , rset-(Me.).Jouruil.
- Vey sale 14:Samuel Elliott and Stevenson & Dirt•-•'•
kle ; Carlisle, • [may 1.5 1840
I•9reitiffve these troublesome and dangerous .
Inhabitants of the stomach and-bowels, vvhielriaioftern:
"impair the he: ldrand destroys the'liveatof„,:ehildrei,
us - e Jayne's Tonic Vermifuge, a certain andsafe tire
,-paritt jail for the removal oftic sari cats ki ads of iv orms,
dyspepsia, sour.stomach, want . orappctite, infantile
fever and ague, and dibility.of the-stomach and boNV
-618, and organs of digestion. rho be had-at No.' .f., 1 0 •
South Third-street
Also to be had of Samuel Elliott and Sttvenson-fst.
Muffle Cailisle, Pa. [may 13 1840
Cl ONSUMPTION ! CONSUMPTION! that fe11 . „./
U destroyer, which . destroys its Thousatida and /
Tens of Thousands annually. Ilcw shall we avert/
its:foal progress before it stews upon the vitals ?-/I . •
would answer nt once: Take iome suitable medieine
to arrest the disease at the very cominencement.— . '
How very many do we see in .the ;world whoac . deli
cate frames look scarcely able to suppOrteien a Shari
reign of existence--but for the timely e,dre Illad pro
per means they make use 'of, oftimes / Will far outlive
, the most athletic.and robust, who nyglect such timely -
.care and proper means that are placed within their .
reach, whichvvould unquestionably avert if taken in
_proper.time, , At thelFead ;Of all_remediesiand the ;
first in rank,Stands Dr. Swarnets Compound Syrup
of Wild Cherry, which if aamiidstered in time, and ,
taken agreeably to tliqrescribed rules which accom
:any the medicineyWal • times out of ten cheek .
Principal Office, No. 19 North flight!' street, Phil-
adelphia, whei•e this invaluable medicine,can s'way's
be obtained. • Price $1 per bottle.
'For sale* at the Drug Store of John .I.'Myers
4,:e. Carlisle, PA. • poley.-20, 183!1.
mpoliTmiT_To FEMALES.--Dr. 0. P.Har
lich's Compound Strengthening TOttic, and Ger
man Aperient Pills. Those pills remove Al those
distressing diseases which Females 4 ar4 liable to be .
afflicted with. 'They remove those morbid Secretions
whieh\when retained , soon induce a number of disea
ses and oftentimes render - Females unhappy and mis
-erableall theirlives. Those pills used according to
directions, immediately create a new and heiTthy ac
tion throughout the whole system by puritying,,
the -blood, and giving strength to' the stomach - andl•
bowels, at the sometime relieving the pain itithe
back, and loins; giving appetite and invigorating the
system again to its. proper functions and restoring
• - .
tranquil repose.
(se Ask for Dr. Ilarlich's Compound Strengthen-
ing Tonic, and German Aperient Pills.
. Prineial Office, 19 north Eighth street, Philadel 7
phia. A l so for sale at the Drug Store of .1. J. Myeis
& [Nov. 20, 1839. .
LEVER COMPLAINT cured by the tiSe of Dr.
Darlieh's Compound Strengthening and Ger
man Aperient Pills. Mr:Wm. Richard, Pittsburg,
Pa. entirely cured of the 'above distressing. diseases
.his'symptorns were, pain. and weight in the left side,
loss of appetiie; vomithsocriul eructations, a disten
tion of the stomilli,‘ sick headache, furred tongue,
countenance changed to citron color, difficulty of
debility; with whet' symptoms indicating great de
raitgemonf of the (unctions of theliver. Mr. Richard
had the advice of several :physicians, but - received,u6
relief; until -using Dr. Harlich'smedieine, which ter
minated in effecting wperfect cure.
Principal Office, 19 north Bth stye* Philadelphia.
Also for sale at the Drug Store of JOhn J. Myers' &
C L o. .• , [Nov. 0,1339
A CUTE • Blioxplwris; A FORERUNNER
OF CONSUMPTION.—This disease is very' , "
mach like acommoucatarrk f itgencrally-comMences..
like an ordinary cold, with Lassittide,
slight Cough and oppression and tightness about the.
breast. In many instances the disease seems at first and
very serious character. Asthe disease continues the,
- oppression in the breast ; increascs,the countenance
becomes oppression of anxiety, tbe respiration . be;
comes more and more laborious, sometimeswheezing
or ratling sound, as if the air was forced through a
narrow aperture clogged with viscid fluid...
giect this diseaXeit may be of 'serious- eanseamence,
but by a timely application to Dr. Szei3Ole Com
pound Syri?,p of Wild Cherry, with 'aidrnit attention
to The directione; all these unpleasant effects will be .
removed. Be careful, - as it is sold at rio plaCe
cept at No, I 9 NORTH EIGHTH Street, or at the
•resseetice- agents... .
Tor sale at' the Drug Store of John J. Myer Bf.„ •
Co...Carlisle, Pa. 1N0v..420,
H. lI,HR RN .
'kJ TEETH.—blow many thousands of thoselittle
sufferers die annually from the effects of. Protracted • ••'
dentition. //i 4 . Parrs SoothipirSyrupfor.Childreftl• '
,euttins their Teeth: This -Infallible remedy has,
preserved hundreds of Children When thought poet. '2l - ,
recovery from Convulsions. As soon us the. SVruji:-.
.is robed on the mynas, the childiv ill recovertbpi,'Yt. - e...
preparation's so innocent, so eMetteiousoind so
sant, that no child will refuse•to let its gumsbertibbed
with it. When infants are at urn age of four Taoidli4`.?.'-';
though there is no appearantAof teeth, one Alottle . of'z -
Syrup should be used on the arms, to open the Pores,:
Parents should never be without syrup the liurz;: , '* - .„!..":1
eery where there are,young children ; -fur if a
wakes in the 'night; with - pains inthe.gtims . i 'the'•,Sy.=;;: l ],..: .
rup irninediately gives ease, by opening the . 'poiei
healing the gums, thereby . preventing ; ; Convulsion';
Fevers, &A. • •' • - = ' ;
For sale only at No. 19 North . Piglithatiee*-19bilii=15:
delphia: -
OCcrFor•SaAe at the Drug 'store o - fitaittZ
co.,.Carlisle t iat 1E the store of A.
Dent2et Bomtwliacci ,
Gal bia Put.. ,
• • '