Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, November 04, 1840, Image 2

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come, I niettAure the full ex•tent Of the fool
h•avatittis of -my eaterpr,izfl -." Weigh°
.bist-tbWahrt . das Iteisen!." may. be
.121111)4411:fer 'Etiropo,. where 'wants
• are pp.vitied.formost tomfortably,:titit
ntit dii'6'44;:;iille're• often lits:comrrwn
cessttries of 'life ; are watititig,--where with
every 6fep'y m 1 have to istr°,tgle, with oh
04W: ;a lifr:I1 * Wit - Ole tra
pasited_ thie'Desert, with, the thermometer
, lh ,, ree,.! . ,(fteritt mu r); - notieha•
• etlf:,tny. •,consis tett
• • '•t , Zd earnel;
of the
, •
• untied
a troop of
oxen are usually cip
- f eu - for riding, and on 'spelt occasions
• ei'leading -strings drawn throngh\-.llleir
/ nitrils.—Ottr common kilts , of grain, as,
'Wheat, bailey, and maize, do n,ot thrive in
.-- iathis.onuntry; instead of bread, : they Make
ause of„ , xi species of millet, called dokhen,,
hardly to be had; and then it
,high price, Two 'pounds
:,---iif-g4etl_beef2tiaL'ltot_eest_so_muelt_as, - .a_pen- -
-, - ;ttyi . ., , f*Sles !ore not used, everything.
.;;F_lrn___prio_cipal sr
'. !f„ticles•of TatpOrt gortinfan arc gum, of
,44rnserperior'..quality,' 2s: _ad. .the , canter;
~ i the pres ant' time fetch
theiictiSts.:ll6. - ving. destroyed.
- ‘-ittitst; -of .; -Which varkk slmest ,every, twn
id es;- BEL •
„api e -;**. i v.o ry, in
- -"Tekkelti,7,•Shihit4Tatittl;tro - go - ; .-- 50s - . — !.be
4fantar.:, • ,
, 6 f eral;'
- .orilfortiora .
. 51. 4ii i' i l '.
- ..1 . . v.,'..4.i ''llbt: a -s
, :::teioool6 and
to., i n .;...-
.•and greatj unhealthy;.-or:
• h'. Iven.- -iy $
;..,-7''inu.....liiiiite'itt= :.earilhilogiYhtd.'":abl.siled
'..'N.44tt'L!. -; gbi li pcO n ' s " . „..." . W.. fourths' Per,. at
.:•''.:4lthe ' ''' . l; l o 3 ' ' lieri s l' '1- 1 " -6 ':., 0 - in . i .ti,Fre.:. Tf& eds I I
410°1" lit 'ENO islun" - .4„,.i , eix.. : . ,
~:..,,i.:,;4iiia: eig .i i ii no -. 1 '11:10 '!
!-:••:".-n'.,,_•,40ijiliA1 to:' - ex_,atiiiii„,
.: : ..:f: • „- 'if mei ilur ..Y.'., • 1 able ” 0 ' g1..-1:.:,111.1.*Clel:7„
'-T , , , .,0 4 ., ~. .tre..".*10.-91!r.. to Egypt
.«TtM:44loa .2 .4iiti turn i„, o 3 ju,!, - 1 ., i n y: journey.
, - 1 . 41 ,-,. ti p,.
~,4:',R*ily.`iiily,,ti'ok.6soroo"P ~-,Agh5.::0169.;..5101d.,;
iit.ii*ilik,,,',....-1..,-Eilicireaaf:. ilett',V.t aits ' -'
I's. ~ .g . 4,1i,' ij ,15111Vt,,-- . le , -:- I 'lll,' . . i..... 4egr6t,
1!. ~',T7,=.2*_,Tihe.tiirn,a,,. *.•., • h
.100,`Pi'"", ;
„"i,:itiii. Oinv,AF';-1. - ,ijois;'in .`AP ' elipoiiiid.:4l--,...
' 'keA'roofail,,',olll7.tlitinst 4141 i! -h4,-aitillo4.lg=
, :-.,,
~.,,..,.:-:-::,10.-,;•: find' hope ~ of ABliprk ... . top,
A704._4:-kiii-,Yi117. -oegi
0 women,„ ,- ....
s,Aodoo,, w hen :gl:°m, -- ,in thi'da'sr.t"., 'IY.
•F'd 4,, th e •• ..7 tile ' .
~ sure , • :. T
.. .. .
d....; : : . • . ;..„.,....--„.; ,
.:,..-... ~,::..,
. •;i 4 .•::,77.7.,. ,-7.7'.='--'T• '!:':-: :'-:'-:,..77.7..,C77':'. ' .
4P-' ''''4''..::;'7...f......:'',".„--
nie;sentirelyi l aked;
o j . :1)1 tioe,
over nie,.tliemarter. , having.ftihbvd Me dry;
they rapped site tip.imsheepslthignn,d sacks,.
_so as „to secure . an abupdaot. perspiration,.
by ti'tiich means: recovered: •my - .. ,i ird
however, J,was
1.140,0g11 - . the - eoubtrY..ii ,
are .now. here:, met with, with the . ex,e4C 7
don,. perlitys, of n feti; blind people; yhilm
!rife ''travelter.::ir. - .ht - ::n - 0 - .
,is every where effere'd .
Wel; `ii ti-it . woull be considered
as disoraceTtir to accept paytnint. .-'lke
• • • •,. 'd of the Milt Nile,
save the singular pri
• ' .ssed by any man they
ent a stranger a
• wash Ilia fect - li . tiousr drives
• • •
,ace, oe_gives him bind
.to drink ;-
- rt.; each of:them has to perform-slime
.d &ace or other ..towaril • him; •-The,
aiisbands- take no . notice': of •thiS; indeed:
-is--a-alousy thing-enktiewn-in -this:coed—
v. • The inhabitants of the mohntains.•of
iba, six journeys,to the . south •of Obeid, a different race from those on, the. W kite
Nile—they differ in language and• manners
fromthose on the White.Nfie.
. Ntiba is, an I said before, a repnhlici and,
has no chief or ruler—each inhabited menu
taiivhavitig its own •judge: According to
the statements : of the inhalaitants 4 ,..there•atti
no less 'than. a hundred of „the& mountains
inhabited; huti, think•flre nutilber
gerateth engaged;a . sstryaet,
_who-ivau(n.,nafivo of •Nuba. the ::age
of .fifteen, he had becti.breUght to.,the slay e.
market at cairo, anifpurOliaSaby an Eti
ropeab,, id )whose service, he ilea) dined . six.
years. Master iliad,''and h'e, haing .
go t , his freeddm,yent to IPirilefiti:.
negro - ivas'doublY welcomed tome; en ac 7;
es' i '...6 . 4l,..beeause he aiiglt
inte:!lireter in 113,01.1
V iS kterflie
.7 7
bornpifiliD 'cannot ,
t 9, the of 'the' re:Cepiipn' niet .
there at the handa - bf his
The, ilthabitants of, titetiptaitia 'are .
.I ) agaitg l very. year thOy'relehtattia fea r;
tival in epnitpernoratinil,of
rn ut u attachment is- re in arkably;gre at, an d
platy. I have met . 4 yrith le* tataticeiv
relae.wkere., They are i,,;igay . 'aoinr Jively
~ p riseitial',,,atnuseraetita
dancin '
They look
o pen nre fir" darver,,
an,c l k treated 'the "gOateat
days I span} atlveng
Ih!":n*c..; ,, E v •erT,evapipg
The 041'1'011:o eplilftir":grlt'
) 1 1FIR't .14 0, 6 1P , ti;eY:
pi*4 koli4 -04,g ,*,;ity1..Ti0' , .1 . 44;01, - rt'i)t. r
GEA" 4.46.::4,119
, aticlZ 143 c Foprid 40,thii..1)*314;, and
"diriktrithr -. 4:_,; 1 0-ti#ASTii,, ,: i'lle. Oat 40#0.
'wo r k! fni,,ringiiie,i;plyttiy hut, fi,da
-into tears, ; :Sky' tnfoiMed nie, that
4 6 '
, 1
wan (we., piag l qo al ;
the Sarnun., [Sitnoon] whose
I had deice the:honor to make.
darkens,.and assumes a,retl
-- •nt—the'snn seems to b e
and Vis disc has a blood
• •Wxperienee, at the
. closeness .ahout the
med by the up-rising
I. WWI persons
.he tlooll 'bursts
. • ionul but fe'w sur
Wi'V;,:i . r7::V...47V4 - . -P t26',.X .- ..itr:
aaeorditirto; the . ctiston,icif . th e colt try,
l: oughi:;to ; _have kept file 'girl, with. Me till
departure. After Ithat, • none of the
&egresses could 'be . .indoced to ~lirinc. m e
Milk; and when I asked . for it, they
smack their:lips—a sign of negation,—and
Walk- Babb • ft it's'particular
.make use in reciten- .
hoWever;l beyond
Atts - or, places , the women Ip,owder;
their• heilde'with eertairi•red . •sul”tance.
:T:Amotigthe•Bakkatii•the girls.besmearilicllr,
hair with butter', and then bestrew it with:
pounded brimstone.: desert between -
Kordofan and Darfur, I saw the of
.itevei before been
'seen . hy . EuriSpeaii;' anti •still lea visited.
I At Qbeid I - , get acquainted.. with the SM. !
tan of Dying I enjoyed his full confidence,
and • he expressed. the wish that. .1 .should
reinwith . them.. • He only •Waited ; ror•
the retort . ' of the Pasha:of Egypt, who was
.al.that Brice io Seimar, beforelie eeillontOn,
his journey back to •Darfur. I.had a fowl
, ing pieCe; to which he took a• gr'eat, , , fancy,
so 1 to him as a i?resent.• Un
fortunately, when he attempted to-shoot a
pigeon, - the barrel burst, and Her injured
his band.' Being. in, great fear - at:the con-, -
sequence&J took-topflight, and sought• re ,'tfirhouse friendly- kaki, [de
' votee] twelve leagues distant from Obeid,.
I where 1. - wmrsale - enough, and had nflear
of 'being betrayed. Herel. - heard' that the
divan. of Obeid had instituted a 'Criminal:
./procedure-against the „Sultan , .
himsetf cairte:fOrrd as niyAlefender, say,
ieiny ; friend! lie is•liiino
; cent; God
,ordainedit so!" Still wasin
willing to retOrii; and this was'•the reason .
of my shaping my:eourse back to Egypt.
-One day, when - ~ was Walking on. the
-bankS.l . of :the a town of 14.1 per
Egypt, I ileard myself called by name, and
recognized the eunuch .of the Sultan . of
Darfur. Apprehending, very naturally,
Some unpleasant consequence, I hastened
My steps, to order. to reach and
. prepare, - if need . be, lo show
. fight.„' Then
the inamcluke of the Sultan called - , after.
gave more - coolidence, &Mr
went to the Sultan, was received by. hiin,
• in a very kind manner, '
and proceeded With
him- to-o;6re; and. should , 1 find • myself
"disappointed - inMy hopes of gaining my
set out on a pilgrimage to Darfur, and sieid
the remainder of my 4lays at the court- o
its Sultan. . . • -
From the-dtLrandria
A: Gkipce - nt
-Skim Alie-Nlormoits _w ere-expelled_from
the State . .of MiSs'ouri - , they have puieliaseil
the town of Coinnteree, a situation of 'Bur
rapids-, on the illinois--shore.of-the•Missis
sippi river: The lime of the•place they
haVolecently Changed to NPlivoa; the
lirew term-for:Fir . Around
this pthce, as Alter centre, they are. daily
.gatlierhig from almost every quarter; and
.several oundred new houses erected within
the last fewmonths,`attest to.thw passing
traveller the cneroy indmitry., and self-de=
'll, with which the community is embued.
y'have also obtainedtrpossession - of ex
lands'ow the opposite side of the
r er, in that charming portion of loWit
errito4„•known as the •" Half Breed Re
-iervation ;" and there, upon the rolling
an fertile prairies,:they are rapidly select
ing theje homes, angl Opeuing4heir farms..
As, the"traveller now passes through. those
naturall - parks and fields of flowers, which
the-hand of the creator seems, to have Ori
ginallY.planted there fur the inspection of
his own eye, he beholds their cabins, dotted
'down in most enclmting / perspective, either
on the borders of the timber, or beside the
springs and streams of. living water, whiCh
. sre interspersed, on every. band:
Nor arc Mey,uninindful'of their inter
ests ahroad while they • are-thus accom
plishing so much at home. No secf,•witlt
equal means, has probably .ever suffered
and•achieved more in so short. a space of
- time; ------ I'heir - eltlers - have-not7only-bee
commissioned and sent forth to every part
•of;ourcountry, but they, have left their-fa
: milies and friends ;behind them, and gone
to'Eurripe . ,and even to the 'ifoly Lartd,•to
I -reveal the-wonders.-of-the- new -uhd.ever.
lasting covenant," and to prelich "dispenr,
satioti oLtho:fulhiess - of - the'_times" . They
.dOubt not I:Mt. - that they_ shall be enditert;
'when'neeessary, with-power-from on'higlr
to proclaini_toAll the. nation's of, the earth,.
in their oWn.tongueS;llie'wonderful.worki
of Grb
he he signal success Which every where
attends , their exertionS; profes how' well.
their religions...system is adapted- to give the ,varions forma, of claim
aiastn 'that pervade - ,The religious sentiments . :
'o(' the day.- Retaining 'many- truths which
are held in common by d i fiVrEiti:dendmi
,nations of Phrialiami,"' .and,.cOyerme. their
creed, with Ain posing :for* - and - lofty pre-'
'tensions; , their system opens winning,
naylum'for'all the, disaffected or ' ilisatisfied :
of:: other persnasions, and .noritainit. much
"that ; is ,congenial-jo.tveryi,shado , of-erratic,
or yatliCal. religious charactei:: Aa an
' . tration- of this, iris stated, in,the 'last:num—
004-.PeOsotiii,7ll,o; single.' occasion
in Englandi.Mni. of their " elders' Intely bap-.
tized, among others, Jew than , thirteen
pre ehe' rs'.of .- one den'omination:of hrie-
. , and
- The name Mormon they,disclaim . ;
'affirtn-thit - it la,,as - Sgiven -to '..them---by their '
,':, - T hey call tOeMselves ". The
I , Vhurch. , cel'Asue : boy,
numbers among their', chief
eciiesiastieSiOrtirieso t),YtiOltei;o4trinich,
and ii train ;' ofchigh.priests; ' bishops, and
they pre understood to tlifielow„the
truth anil validity:Or utter , Sbnchei;'.Ornl to
bOieve that ecclesiastic ei,matitn
te .
thuralciO•encientl tlmesi,:".thex,teaCh:
PiNtifoOthiiitti , :gre , iloloMo,4 l .oo'•.(o: o l 6 :
H0rk319,10 8 1. 4 ';', Aip4,itiriptliOrreli"oo6 -6*.
i3rell 4 eti r
'lkiti'l*ls7; to !iPelik'si,itif :;tongues,+,to hate
44 r 0tVg4413Oveinte:00 , visitofto r 'offrf*Na= .
tions; and in short; io'exereliie r `alF the' gifte
of:.wl, ip, °riles among :the' . .ancient„
r tt l,ol (1 IS-V4v L; Jakt•
chpy6lies. They . believe •. that -thi;restOra-,
tron ',jsrol Ala PaleStine;'.the'rebtild i
JefusidenciYUnif the second' adveht of :The
Messiah, are near at hand; and the dread
ful which hayelateiy befallen
'some of the cities
,of our land, are set down
lifiOn , their4aeortiai - ta S' - praiihe - tiet tgn - firiift
:the second
the ,S,on„of.
the cloudsof Heaven, to mien the mil trial
As to the `.‘ Boa .of ' Mormon," while
. .
they - filaCe - implieif contdeiiceirrits truth,'
they -deny, that it is •a new :Bible, to. ex,
chide the old; but 6 - histbrical.itanu t elkmt;
record." written in ancient times . by:a branch
of the hoese oftsrael opl
that peopled America,
frorri•ivboin • the Indians are descended.,—:
the' Jnettillic. plates, on which
cords Abr . e . engraved, lay deposited . -for
.r.milii,centuries. in . the : mil!,
wer fit length diseovered, and
1 Joseph Smith, "Jr.,
..and found not:. Qttly .to
corroborateand Confirm: the truth . orloik
Writ; but also. to open , the events:- of an
cient Ameriea,. as far :back: at least' as- the
flood. They believe . .thatlhis bank pains
the :light, of noon-clay upon the itittOry of a
nation, W.hoserriounds, -.cities, and tPrtifica ,
lions still iepbsein grand-but- .. melancholy. '
ruins; upon-the. bosom of the western prai,
ries ; --and the reasoivtliat it ie net generally ,
received is ihe same- that operated to pre,.
vent the reception of Gospel in the early
• aies. of - C hriatimi ity...
"1" , It Las a" beautiful morning, , towaid the
close-of .A prillastovhen- the --W ritei-of-- the
foregoing sketch - , accompanied by-a . friend,-
erased the -Mississippi river, from Mout
rose to pay a• visit to the prophet.' -.• As we.
approached - his house,•we saw rhint . -ride up'.
and alight 'from his beautiful i" horSe ; * and
han• g . the bridle to
. one of ills. followers
lii ndance,;he waited -iii_ front - 4 his
gate#n - receive us:' A member nithe,prin- .
•• the place soon-
_collected .a-
cipaimen of
romp, apparenily anxious
. 01 hear the wOrds .
which fell _from his lips. ~:His••hcarii- i g to•-
,warts them was like •oae who, had autho
rity 1 mut :the deferthre which , they paid
cony-inqed:ps_ that . his .domitlion was
deeply sealaiii — tWeiripile of. thelf - Miti-:
sciences. TO our minds, a profound liriow?_
ledWe of huMan nature had evidently taught
him that, of all *principles, The:Most omni
potent is the. religious principle; arld , to. go- .
rent:men of bertain.ciasses,jtis neeessary
'to control
After 'he 1113 the fine grounds
around his dWelling, he conduCtedus, at
Titiriretnierst, to an upper room - , - where he
dreW :aside -the •curtaitie r of a' case, and;
showed us, several: Egyptt ii'_mumm.lo~;.
which we were told thati the .
urchas:eil, - atAia-sug;TeStiou, sonic time
beioreilor a large sum of money. •
- .,„"„The;,enithal,m,e.d-b,c* - tha.t-„stantls: near.,
cent re' .0 t" the case ; sat& l ie-ribs `ii
sift upon Tilie "thrt'Ttie ----
gypi;'and the - fernale (Fgure by his Si
was probably. one , orhis-daughters...„-•
• It may have 'been tlfe.prine6s Then
tis, I replied, the smile that rescued Ma
front the waters of the Nile. •
It i 9 :_not' probablep,nn'swerinl
phut; IRA my thou bag Mot yet allowed Oh
fully to.examine and deciido that, point,—
.I)6..y.ou_tualerstand the' llebrewlanguage,
said be, raising his hand to the 'top . 0f the
cuise,'and . taking - down. -a Small- IfebreW
Grammar of Rabbi Sexias. • • • •
That language has not altogether escaped
my attention, tlip
. _
• He then walked to i • secretary, on the
opposite Side of the loom, 'and drew ont
'sever - al fames covered with glass, under
numerous fragments , of Egyp
tiun papyrus, on whict, as usual, a great•
vfiriety of .bieroglyptteal 'Characters. had
been imprinted.' •
These ancient 'records, said he, throw
great liO,yipon the subject of Christianity.
They htvre •been„unrolled and preserved
' with great labor and 'erre. time has
hitherto beep too mucl4alten up , to -trans
latc-the whole of theM, Lot I Will Om*
yon how 1 interpret certain parts. There;
said he,.panting particularcharactpr,
ghat-is-the-Ognatuie-oflhe-poiriareh-Abra- ,
. •• . • •
. .
It: is indeeda most•hiterestin - g autograph,
I replied, and douhtless the. only- one ex-.
fault. •• What - au orname, nt it would be to
have - these ancient-nibinseripte,- bandsom.e..'
ly appropriate•frtrues, anillitu4 - 0, 1
arena the wall oC - theemple 'which - you-!
are about to erect in this plaeo,
• i
• Yes,. repliedlhe prolihet,..atid - the trans,.
lotion •hung up. with thqm. -
'Thinking' this a proljer,time to propose
a .few inmuiries.relativeto some.of his pe
culiarAenels.; 1 . -observed, that it was:com
monly reported of him,itha,t'he.belicted in
the personal reign of he hlessiah„tipen_
during 'the Mittel? 'era. .
- :I believe •in no such thing, was his re
ply. ':,'Atthp -- epetang 9 that perind,,l. be-
Obrist will descend; het will lin
mediately"retitru. flgaiq to heaven.. 'Some
ke,conkinrl l . l)9fore I , have,
found instruct hatterlieve
Unadvisedly propagatedentne'such opinions;
but.l,-tell- my , people. 41,10 t" is 'absurd' to
;suppcise ! that Christ "nit ,lump out or the
frying pan into•the „He iiin• a good
Tifficexovr; an rit _is -riL, supposes
tbat he ! bad:cnie . ;
• .
- DiicoveTy 'of ,r2mereo b' the Danes:-1 7
There is certainly . tit' reason, initity-,
pette that this continent'lied been visited by'
eonteLof the- 'Northetin:notene :•ef_ Etireite
prior fo 'the tiiiiit of .; Colurtbus,, arid:long
before ihe , 'revival 'of, IV subject by the
'Bevil' Denial. Society , hose.publications.
`A - ,keliltterld it are look if' for tit itti much'
interest, Many learned , ea.:had:express...
ed their belief:in ituch•:ll(.. reumstance;;Dr.
;Fiatililitilril Oeller tii M 10 , Oefibliiinyia.
qf any'. Phovicaiii-vairii , d in America,ll
ithoiald ;rather think it"`lVa not: byahlt-aeci
:thint:ef trittorti. tint ~ in, , Abiturse'of Theie
141 14"::ali:0:•';aib*IPAilit!0;1 6 44';':iiid: . *t. '
IheyrcgiOtiffro4-,:lionni ,. R•.,a4'Nln*ltY,
01 1 3 '•th;GrfienlinidCan - tt . di • Rienthtvatd - hy,
'Neitifiiihilliiiidi'llol,kgo' tt#;',#*;titl'eiv:
iEntilltudit.ttpth4trnto th maelimi co:M(4-
'ly tyiisopie frgo before e; liniibututl i' , ..
-.-. ,,, -.--,-- , . , ,--4,: , .. 7
4 'W.,i;ifi ." ,ot. , rfolienibet avOCITOP 4 4 I 4,
I,l4tAagc'?fFranklifi% tioti ed in•conneiiitin•
'lvith'_thie,_iubjec4: and it t . . ay not be unitt
,tereetievr-Wat.:lnt. , . • . .....: ' •,.
. /
Rumors Otiv.mait horrible murder::, and',
reached l;Middletown . yesterday!) .
morning soon. after ; he arrival. of a passed—'.
.gey 1)y - the • second :Ayala: of .cars, ?rid they
were 'in such shape . 'as; o leave..rbut.
'4outr, at, their receiving • the
. co lineation
Tf — m. given - The b . !. otly deeds
.were _ Alone at_aanciall house'' , 4. ; .the -track...
of the 'railroad,' .and were mmated, as
is Aiboiit.tho::•-tirner
there, in the first. train of car's'. I The mur
married to the man from.-whoin
- "ties diveiced; she was 15 . years. old.
Her, mother, with
tinte of thei,,purder e • The foßowing.,•par
denier: account of the: bloodY 'affeir is. fur
nished us' tq'a. correspondent ivho resides
in Wallingford" • •
To the•edifoi . of the New. Have n
- A most .horrible 1 murder, -followed by
auicide,•-was committed in Wallingford, on
I Tuesday morning the 20thinst„ by David
llopkiniiHotelikis.a, on tkeperson Of Mrh..
Ilerriet:jape Allen: Information of -What
_taken place. was early ; given to Justice.
Pomeroy, who' iiiiiiinakined a Jury of 'ln
quest.: at the house-Of said Hotchkiss; and
wheri, with others,:tVe: •repaired thither, a
scene;, indescribably shocking and :painful
to-every feeling of humanity, was-present
ed. ' 06.4 bed, in a *small bed-room at one
_end _of..thc kitchen,Aay diedifeless_bridy_of.
-Mrs. Alien, with her. arms,. face,: and head
horribly cut and backed with -,a sharp axe,
7 -the instrument- Used irilier - destrucitieif.'
oa;:ii__bed also, at,the other end of the kit-''
&fee' ley the:lifeless body' of 'Hotchkiss,
*lib ngreOt profusion of blood on the floor.
He seemed to have,been sitting on the.edge.•
of his bed, when he thrust hrOrge pocket
knife into,••the Side of his 'neck, by which
lie: opened the jugular Vein, and - poured
: forth his blood nporiThe floor: - Rishigp,
F he
,walked a
.taw :steps - towarip - ilk or, :
I : as the bloody tracks Of his liarefeet4opld
. indieata:but probably finding himself faint,
I he returned alit!.th re ir• - h i inSelf7:haeliword
upon the belf;:whefe,he soon
eXpire - d.• :
. ,---
The murdered...woman, about two years
sign, left hii:husband, and. -since that time'
pied lived: chiefly with Hotchkiss at his
-house, it-is-.supposed, on adulterous terms.
In_tinel_ne_t_Welnlslanees,_lshe...had,been... r re7
moved thence,- - by---the -SelectMetilonlie:
town, to the House of 'Correction, but she
soon . returned. 'The day previous:4o the
murder,* She 'hail ibeen win . Hotchkiss to
.New---flavento-iilitain -of : ;the- -- Snperiora
I)Mitt'ahilf of - divorce lionalierliuslianil.•
The - bilV -- -wits-- - granted,- but-hatl-notzheen
' :; due form by the
. Clerk when
1 home. It Was- 'their 'agree
.be MOrried, • lii the evenirig; -
•ettirn, the matter was 'talked
! NVIII not 4301 to• be soon
Ofertheles;liejslied :her to
;de with him;nitshehad done.
that, if he would not agree to
le foltowing Sabbath evening_
save his house the next morn:-
ing with her Mother; saying that Y'she,,hatl
lived in sin long enough." •• They retired
about - the'usual - time; be to• one -,:bed room; •
, a nd she to the other, with her mother, who ..
for the time %vox-there; having been to. New,
Haven with them to assist in•ebtaining the,
bill. 4 t arlyrin the morning,.he was up•and
about the housi,'Ond went to• the, bed, of
Mrs. Allen, and *aSked.her to,get up ; for
what: pia:pose, it did not appear by any tes-
timony before' the,jury. She declined: 7 .-
.Heleft..her Toole; _and offer a While return,:
"ed with the axe, and being again•irenied iil
his request, he raised his axe, and with re- -
peated choppirige ended herlife.' -• He hen
-went immediately to his own hod m,'.
leaving the axe in.the kitchen, as he eassid
.through it, and.let out his own life-blood
upon the floor.' - * - : • • I
Hotchkifss had long beers` a• nian,of in
tempe'rat'es habits; but not subject'to help-.
less' driinkenness. He drank a little at a"
time and (Imhof:tea: and-oonsemed. large
evening before the dreadful tragedy was
performed; the youngest sister
:ceased- woman , was sent to•the store ; with
. ~ „ .
a tin pail, for twn quarts of spirit, of which
a little-more-than-a-pint remained:after-the
Murder.< • On the stand, by the bedelde. .of
Iletehkiss, was 'big_ eider pitcher, alinosi
"einptied,..and On:- the - shelf iri the pantry
stood a glass,, which retiiined the smell •of
spirits. . .:'• ~: .• . ' '..
• liillieWcii:itliiiiii - Of Gad,. here ieranotifer
awfUlleSsoliOnflielise and traffic in strong
drink; airlnwful lesson, loci,. On' the viola
tion of the iieir6th e onimandmetit. : . How
different , the path, and i 'how different the
ertdeif virtnal: : :,...Yrki,otio'bf. inisffoniare
yileasantnesiiiiirid ailloipqths. are peace.'!
Mr. Charbert, the - , director of the veter
inary school. of•;Afriba, had a' number of I
cows'which yielded; twelvegallons of milk' In his ptiVeatiOnsbn.the , tub
ject, he observes that coWsled in the win
ter upon'OrysubsfancesTiveless,* - milk than
those Which aro kePt_upatt_a •greendiet
- agi•Velee thetdtemmillelosei much of its
quality:*• He .published"the-Ifollowing te
.CeiPtirbY, the, ese,..of Witielr'liSreows afford
ell' ••
him nu -. equal quantity and' , quality, of
milk dnring•the winter , as during theititra l .
flierr t - 7 ' • • t . . 2,, , '
take a bushel Of potatOest,breakAhem. , : l
raw, - liliteaAhent itLaittaFretiitandint
!ttp,,ptitting succespively
toes aniliatlir of bran, hnd a • sat all quan
',tiOlof •-yeast:it tho Jardine „,of,theln
. .tu3s,,
which tobc •left ` ; lhtie'to . ` ferment dating.
.whple,,weck, and' iinoas ; las
has pervadert•the whole' mitture,
giiea to.tha Cows, earit-greedily„Vi.
ii — loTbi
04 TOti:-4.4. E'etuWytylient''. aper, s ales'
111".4 Mr., Caldwell, of , Valicty,' ; fitiaiteiiii;
:Aclr:DOvillti,;attitied'4o .1)1)414o* w Rea t
I f - dalleidJillina;:iita44Af i hfa:#4;tiir-ii,e
+Mra.lagp-AtiAproduat4thtt satite-,fieitiWUS
but thirty iiivehtiliio,4ttr ti*•.*ekutinie: Mi..
4.. haa 'II oreaitAtoo -buibetirSiiiiiiiii
iispk a
' , A
land. Liiii# l o ' ,fYt-liteiskseleri i, , to 40_1)0;
Pit44' . 'flaTF:fasP. I.oi_Vi . PrA ttikkther- hand ,
it ite, tot . every` . i iitte,re ; wiiiteci. ; What li
1 1,4 is science' eniitigli; on tbo,farmar s a'
-:',_:, ;IT lit - know when and WhOre he 'has ne
• •
emelt for'•it, and to wha,t, extent. The
Geological Reports are . , throwing grOS
light on these_ matteri;and they' are dis
closing, at the: saine-time,.nufnermis
locations of valuaole•ltthe. • - . •
'Cuitioni sag ..k 1''.... 4.4 THE ... NC/I;iI3EC 01113 g
'Ote "CommoMi.--.Ope.-ottlte- Tom; t'entarkaw
ble . am ong, ,the : many disputes' that, lia:ve i
, a 4 riSen'ciii classical 'passages, took - placetin
tile:tiger, of the House, of Cpmitions.,iii,l7 , o„
and is descrified in' Co'xe'a Memoirs - of
Sir - Rol:Tit 'Walpole. -IL-appears that Sir
Robeit, l then prime minigier, lieinglihreat- 1
-ened-With:-articles-of-impeachtnent_for - eord
rapt practises declared,' "that he was not,
conscious of. any-crirrie to'deserve accusa
*lion." He.laid'hia hand on his lireatitand,
quoted, with some emotion, the line, ',' l4 ,'
"`Dili cpuscirit sibi, quill pallescere culpm,"
" Mr: Pultetie4VeilythLt the 'Right;
-Hooorable,.G 'fii Latin and logicl
we're ' equally Inaccurate,- iii . Horace had
' written " 'tuna palli:seere . ctilpa.'' - - Tlie
ininister defended his quotation; and Pul
teney. repeating, his assertion, he offered' n
I . : wager. of- .1 . !:
,guinea. . Pulteney accepted
the cliallenge,and referred the decision of 1
the-dispute- to the 'rnini - ster"s_-:friend,.Nieb,,
,olasll ard inge,,-C lerlt. of the -I-1 otise,,•_a man
distinguished for classical erudition. Har
dinge decided against Walpole; the guinea
was iminediately-thrown4O-Ptilteney; who
caught it,. and, holding it, upqn the House„
lexclaimeil„_!_ltAs_ die.._only_inonoy:_t,
feceited from the Treasury for Many-years,
and it sliall be the last.' "--Boston Jour.
ler at-the-
lady. from -a great distance "to
be ctired,".and.When asked the natiire df
her complaint, she replied, "as to the,mat
.ter.l. beri - C - Vethr;re is not a single complaint
under•thq sun which I have not." Here
Was finecataloatie of disoiderrailie - tt
,she was'marricd or single?' ".Single,"
Was - the - answer. I then told": w-that - se
many complaints - ,as she--seemed to:-have
could only-be. l eured-by:a: - busbatid! •-At
' obServiitton'She - 7Ntras• -- eic - e - edingly
exasperated, but her anger
' proposal to marry "I never was more
60rprised in,m-y life r and-looked quite stu- -
pid.---jirtihry.'s -Travels in Mexico. -
Mk . of Gen..
. .
~. •
. , • r—Latinn,_Of La. in.hiszaddress at _the
Marlborough. Chapel on th e. glorious 10th
:1;-)r_f. September - g. - a s Vy-atiriteeriiiiitrof an iitter4;
esting - and thrilliiig incident - in the life at
G.Wril arrisoo ofTwhielv-he-was-an,-oye
-wirne'Ss. Afterloaking - an.-eloeierit - raia
„beautiftil introduction, and , delivoriog s a•
7glailerOotipatriotte.addresi•ftir tli-leY-Itigs
—he at the.suggestion'ef some o(the- ad-,
dience,'ocinimenced speaking of Gen.-1-lar
risod. ..He stated that he knew .him 'well
--,-Ire was his old commanderomder whose
banner he enlisted while a youth=he CCM
siderett:ltim a ,statesman,. a.,hero,' and- a
senotar, qualified to-fill any statien--4.qudl
led by few,.and.surpassed by none in hori .
caty of soul, „integrity, of purpose, and
s gencroSity j rif heart.. • .
.. -. .
AmongCitlief'Aitialifica'titinS;which the
I•old General pos - ses'sed,and be- it known.
they' were neither, few nor ,small—nqne
- surpaesed his pitivei' of -eloquance. He
did not believe that what he had heard fall
from 'the lips of. Gen. Hurrikin, on the oc
casion to which he was about to refer, had
bedn surpassed or equalled since the days
of St.''Paul. ' The circumstances , ' were'
trielly - as -- followsheTariry had been .
.3vorn•dewo by fatigue, on a long and peri
lous march through swarnps'and ,forrests;
and had actually been without-meat seeen
dells:mut without water three days. • In
•thisitritititi, •situatiott,theY- were' joined by,
'Gcia; . llarrisoit, who
them ..iliscour
figetl,;strviag, and in a state "of revolt and
deSperatiqnl—Seme,seven hundred. had art=
tually - ratised 'to - march another step, and
had lashed their,k4psacks to. their backs,
'shouldered their: • gAntr, :.and _ determined,
reckless of tliCeirwrloonces;io - 'morch - to t
the fi rst settlement, and abandon the army
at the point ofAhe bayonet, o'rity 'the use
of powder-andrhall„ if s cornpelletl-0-0.tlo:
``Under these'trYing arulpeilleits cireurril7.
-stances, his action7waS - prompt,Tenergetie, -
disipterested,i--and: characterized by the .
heart 'of
r e patriot;: a *tidier and ' CliriStiaiLJ
Ale ordered the ineti - ,to . be, formed into- a
hollow square, and rode into the centre,
and commenced an address to his soldiers
-14 e fold them thst he expected to receive
supplies within two days—Altai he helieved
they would arrive, hut could not promise
to a'ceitainty--that their skfferings were
his sttrings—that it Was more honorable
to Starve than to desert=thaVitheir coun
trY's glory, farrie, and'Vonor,' should
more' precious in, their eyes, than anything
else--tlitit for 4 the preservation of that fame,
glory, and honor,
,every true ,patriot and
soldier should fearlessly brave 'death in
every form: a• • , ',
' ‘P CoMrades , and lellow=aufferers I) - I
conjure you ,hy, yonr , d,ovu_of country, your
attachment to.her insti,t4ionS, yonr prayers
alter prosperity, powero-Stid 7 perptifulty,
you -if -re s t.
se pec , your hatred of tyranny,
and oppression, by eieryi thing oaered, and
as you value' a. soldier's itottor; character
amt Aptilation,•never to'abandonyourposte , l
'iti .disgrace , and ..ignominy:: . Every,noblo '
principle-of your. haturesieverrebtvalrous
-and patriotic aspiration pf,a'soldier's heart,'
eV e ry s feill n i g_A)l,--h emir -:andarnagnanimity
iliiielts at such/a colirse:i. Be 'ypur,Motto, 1
M# Getentr* Alt, .lost, andloreveri
Oland' by your - General, ffellow•soldiers, I
and Itimfare shall' be , Yobr - lasi; tintiliSthe I
lait-;.and'.ii'lho worst must .come,let' 711 s
meet the'de,perate ' einergeneY' - with' - the'
,couragtrolArue :Ool4ioret;=and 118 •:we , hove
'lived and: fought fogeillifFrof our 'Country:,
it 9 iffiv,Yentaiit at our,POsts;' , lll . the ii'W
foinialiedOf,ont , atitietkand STARVE`ttig,r
for our countrh'itiliiiVAid-iif,bilidltrdis
,1 . 4, , ,-ta ,';,
~ Resert,Ati mrtutlieit4Livill -put.-.:thay
not. li after :thigicirbu, - still iio'relqt in your
'11 11". 1,01 ." 41 0, 0:4010 06 i ; b 6 01 ,0 ' brit satu;i:=l ,
4 1 0 , 4**4440 1 1cipiii*:06i:ii*,„404 - t
Du !max -xcirinlt; #01; alio in 04 1 1 , 44 can i-
E"4:f""li?lir'"#itiVittforis',heartfand. vli- I
Stainea idpitattoits—=ited meek '4 , out• wives 1
and childten' e neighbors, frieittliCandcotin:.
Fiom ihe. Hdrrieeft Eagle
tryrnen, without ',a blush upon your
• .. '
During 34tis. , address; not a dry eye wad
,to be seen in that •vast*concourse- , -not a'
sound disturbed.the breathless stillness an'
appalling 'solemnity of that seine, in
erness, exeep - thu - laMpsaoksTarr- --
they 'drOpperl• - one 'after another- from the- •
back of each Soldier, and the hollow_ echo•
of the ground, as each musket , was.brought '
downjrdm the . ehoWder.•. •
And then - one . uiliversid - shoitt,broke 'the •
will never desert Our - brave 'Oinerhl ! 1 —
_:Tite_nekt4ay,ilie-Isupplies‘arriVed, - `and xe
lieved tho necessities and sacrincrs of the'
Fellow-eiiiiensthisis"the man *limn
the hireling seavengers , of..a desperate and,:
reckless party, brand with the name of
granny-iinhecilezeowaril, - , .}:4l`.
not•brand such infamous n'it'd' unprincipled:
dehperailoes as vile°. ea:uriinjSiors, it the",neit Nov'eer4.. We, keo3v',
you' 'will.
WittilOw's Bgeloam of
. .. .
An unparalleled reincilY for common Colds,Coughs;
Asthwa, Influenziii - W,hoophig Cough, Brouchitie,'
- mid 'alllditeasei of the Breast find Lungs; leading__
to Consumption; compoied
,of .the concentrated
`• virtues of 'Horehound, licnieset;Blood Root,'Lfv- . .
_erwort and several„otheri.V;; etablo substances.—., . .
' - - - Prellattironl '.' 7‘..v_-_ 4 : - , , ,,, h kOW; Rochester; • •
•170wk0V to ; - x.,.., •
N• A " 4'4 t.
, 47 4744 1iV . ' .. ' 4 l ''''''• :''.
___ . ..llle_intior,c - 7. 1 .:';'• ‘'.••,Y . -.4draMed
. ' -
virtneg, 0ft1 4 d, r 0,,, 9 -410411413ALgAl OF
li°MOOD , 07P t, arOo -,,-
to reiluil‘WW6
, ! •li'"'- , ' :tion;.'it is therefore only new
cessaryAff obserit• . , this medecine -contains the .
whOle.ortheir_tnell; , l_properties;highly concentrat- ' •
ed, and so'hiqfpiViombiiied with §CV :
..etlier, , ve- -
getable substaneeffas to render it the.' ItiC)t'Peed7r
mild and - Uertitlti remedy, now in tile; Or(ltc"•:Coiti- - .
plaints 'above mentioned.. • 7,„ -- ' .....-- - •
rim children; this Balsam is e l, value.' ' •
j.t is a speedy remedy for the li‘opiiig Cough and .. .
Croup.ituid affords certain relliifin Bowel Complainte,
Cliolie; Teething, Isle:, It ispleasant to the taste, and • .
mss be
.safelfgivnis to the tenderest infant Enid should •
Ire kept at all times in es cry fainily, as it is much • ,
;,liette - r"fer - ibe complaints incident to Children, than •• -
Paregoric, Gall eys Corilial, , ar the Cordials - so - cord , '
moldy:used, as itintlreds in thit City have testified: •• -
..., 161 : 1 4 14190.9.4111.'74.1iergb31,-cOar that-, ear.l.Y-.:- . .....-
iii the spring at 1838, I . contracted s severe COLD r-.
, .„
-which settled upon my lungs, and threhtened_a hasty :
ConstimpticiM:l. used several prese - fritil tfirs - , but oh-, :.- -
tamed little - or - Bp relief; -I wa's much alarreed.— _.. •
Happening to , be in Rochester, I wits advised by my., -,,--
friend, Mr. Whislow ' ttftry a.'hoitle of .his 1 - Isissleer:-- -- '-'":
OF iitiIiEHOUSR : I did So, and *to my surprise. obi
tained• - raitif.nt nace-Mtd-by-the - use of -that single,:
bade - , Was perfectly restored to health. ..To I.lOSe .. . -
' - alfl - Mtedrarith.. - tC 0 ..145.. or.,,CogglQ, , _ at this inclettient,.. - . ,
_seattati,'lsity'to and - do„,lilie w Ise:" -.'-'; -''• .' ' '..'-'....- -:' - '
.. , ....?-• .: -, 'LEANDEIII..CIDP.MAIT..
Pit ford, Nlonroe co., ...)1 civ. 90888
311 r. : John ll.Whs.l OW; rtigk st,
,Dear Sir: I harti.hetaffor n series of yeors - •
&with an affection of the Lungs, and a hard vough,
pletely exhausted, -by-exeessive coughing- durntwlie
night as tiperson would- be by a' hard - days labor. 1:
have tried most of the popular remedies. of the day;
of ltoi eiiotiiid ..:Yll the otha!Feiriedies
tliatl hitife' used, leave the bowels in a congested
state, while-yours leaves thorn soluble and free. -This .
I consider a great desideratum. :Ontaking . a dose of •
your:Balsam. when'-goingto_bed, I - restquietlytbrp' _
the night, and -my sleep is refreshing.. I take -great"
pleasure in recommending-your 13aliarn: -
honaid to all those afflicted, withipulrnorsacl.tom
.. ; . ch,.1.14-, 1 , 41/11
t take lids opppetubity to thank pm for:the great re- •
lief and benefit I have experiencea through your iq
itrumentiAtity.44 Yours, with much -respect,
' 8. E.L1401. 'Carlisle.
t A.. 1 ;NORTH, Newville.'
Also, generally - throughout the COUII---- : -
'Prji:C 50 cents per bottle- •
- April 1.5,,1840:-ly.'„ • ~.
,i„ •
For• sale by
is' the Ltisest Man.
. .
We are not among, that class of kditers who for. a
few dollars will, (at the espcnseortruth anti lionei
vi"crack up" an article anit brio; it'into rapid sale; •
neltlmr aro we willing to remain silent, after having
to 1 the utility improvement or'discovery in
, sciel, or art. Our readers recollect we_told
them we were-unwell with a sore .throat and violent
.cold some few weeks ago. Well', we purchased two
bottles of WINSI:OW'S. 13ALS'Al111.,,OV. HO 11,E,
I lOU NL) so Sudden was the pure, that iJe forget
we ev&iiiid a cold, Those who are afficted, may
k or . sale by., , • •
• - S. ELLIOTT, Carlisle,
• . A. J . : NORTH, Newrille: , 45
Also, 4y Orng-gists gewally througlioutthe coun
try. Price 50 cents per bo,tat'i
Oct. 48.,-IfHO.. _ _ -
•p f-,
rjvER -7. c am dtAese
Mten,termivaras in another of it more serious no
ir provex cemeiti es arc not resorted` to iriltiine.
forniepal this disease, Dr; flarlicles Compound -
'Stren'gthening , ml f3e'rritaii Aperient:Pills will per?
'torm a perfect - cure-“first, by cleansing; the stimutelt •
mid ha wels, thus reMmlngnall -diseases-from thc - Li- . - -
vet., by, the use of the German Aperfem Pills, after.
wluelc the Compound areAakcit
to give 'strength' nnil tone to those tender organs which ,
require snch-treatMent ONLY. to effect a permanent..`'
cure. These pills are neatly -ptft'mp in small pack
with full slirectians. atNo.49,l4orth ; -
-Eighth-street.- Also,.by J2Tut J., Myer-Ile:ed.: cp,,Car-
atiltelatore.'of A. Keefer,-Harriehut; Rennet •
13otilirrtiner-York; and
,;.%Vm. Mathiott,
: . • ••1 pan. 8,4840.
D rt tiie S v ‘ e Y ry A lf; N nti era I i t t •f7i s ' i n ' t e s e N t ll d il Cirl ri li a n V d e ' '
received F r
i trout the use of thy Con:Mound Syriip 'ol.lY.ildPlterry
,Bark, I am fully , willing to testify to the aitoulshing
t ...effeet.. My attack wits that Of a comMett ealtl, , whieh •
1 hegan to threaten Saint:thing Oa more serious nature.
; Being recommended to Use the above Syrttiii I finally
gave it a .trial, and Mit Jiappy , to'Say, lit gave 'meitl..'
i. most instant . relief.. , Iliave used. it .frequently; and
,I always, iikit h :the .same befielicial:.effeets.
.. It others
would title this tnedeeltie , at . the . Utimnieneemeni, of '
their. Colds and Coughs, tliey i .;vould preVenttrtiliteasa
i whielt . wthild:l3Cinore alarming in its eitaracter.,untl -
Much more listinatd in the cure.. .• -' .. • '. • ..
•. . • '-'' ELIVOOD 'l.;'. ` PUSSY. ,
N.tir.corner'of - Arelrand - fifth - atreetisi:Thilad;
Eigth raoptli,-251i:1fi49.t - - ...., ~t I •,.. ;...'.. i - :-. ', ---
~.:Ete ahove Mediettte•la for sale ut: the. MediettP
Offleeilo;,N,orthF;igtl4trCet;P,ltilidelidtin; - atidAlhio
respective 'anentS;,, ~.7 : .'... ' ' ~ .. ,' ' '1';"
I_, GarrFrer stflealiq'tit the, DOg Ptore' of .1.1. M,firs 4.
' btpo Carliae'ra .' - at the'fitOre bf 'A 'Keefh'lHlar
ristit:gi'Dennet:&.: IlulagardtteN TOrli, *lira - Woo
Niztlikotf; pcibarriliia,4%; - 'r.- ~. .. [5T.9v4t0;1839: ,i'•
• ~_ ... ... ~.
T, 0 np NDI
.r.:ttIENT PILLS L=L and; efilaieal.itigiteines
and can he taken bi r t enpat delinate female. 'They ;
eiiiink",lsfaiieiiiiii;Tlvieitliiiiplaint, -
pain in the side, and .ht;elist'•;Siiiic Heailaahe, lAist. of
yeri;rs Tremors, " • •
too many iirtildbAkto,) „
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