Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, October 27, 1840, Image 4

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    Valu.ftble, an-Yard Property
Afijildny , the r9th of November
.neiti nf:10:
clock, sold tit public sale, on the pre
mises, ito.lteliovour+ of Carlisle, Cumbet laild•coutt
ty, quit:bite; and coriimodious •
Tats Yard,
iituale on the nortlyeast corner of 'Anther nad East
.streets v hounded n the east by the . Letart sprung,
and .on the- north,bY lot of t'. C. Hall, Esq.; dontain
ing two hundred and sixty fret in - front,und'one bun
tiventv 'iu' depth, more or less, belonging
to.the estate of batid S.Torney,dec'd..,having there
'on erected alarge •
'rwa: Story. Stone kirkishing . -Shop; a large Two
Story Brick , Bearn -House; a large I. rame Bark and
Mill House, with a 'Bark Mill in ito There are
.:forly Tone InY-a ways and- one ,pool - inrille yard; five
handlers; three Hines and one bate iii the team home;
and a good well-of water atthe kitchemdorir. 'There
I _,willidso_be sold at V - c same tiine• and phice; a quail . -
tity of Chesnut and Black Oaktogether with
-some-Tanner's tools,f,te. The property is in good
• order, and in a very desirous situati - ca of i rdniTr.,
or a private•dwellin.. ' . Terms of sale will be made
known on the (lay of sale; and any information will,
;be given about the property before the day of sale by
• • CE.O. W. SIir,,AFER,?_• - r ,:„, trs • '
• JACOB SIIRO3I, - • S •
: Carlisle, Oct. 14, 1840. ' - ' •
: WILL be exposed to Public S;le, nn the premises,
in Westpennsorough town hip,Cumberlatidcounty,
on Wednesdav,thie .11th day .-of November next, at
10 o'clock, A. IIL,
. • .
.:and Limestone Land, om;whirli is treeteif a - --
•. • ;,, , rri:s , k4... - "'. '
...ILO 4 9 Id 0-U4-"Ft- r T--
-- ' Min ii r ____ . .
• • .
Liog Barn ~S ze
9 . •
• ---.. .....,:-•;-,,
...../ hem is also on said premisesla first rate Orelinr 4
,of prime fruit ; also A firsi rate filt i lug of never falling
uoterrintjoiliing Nods - of - NlittotlVoort§Orear; Sites .
_ , sid others. Terms will be made khowii.on .day of
Ticecutot• McKean
9p.t91nr., 1 4,11.49
Okiphamas? COurt - Sale.
order•-ot--the Orphans Corot-Q1
- Ctfinterland County, the, following- reaf.egatei
ate - tie prolieriy - of I lent,. • Zimmerman; deeensek sOld;_ost Alie,..prentises,eit Saturdnv the 31st
.day of October next, at 12 ci'eleek, noon that day,
.to•wit: •
All . that 'certain 'pl . antatiotir'6l
tract of lana,,skunte_in_Enstfefinsborough tow nsbytii
ecinnty, aforesaid, - bounded by intitiff
John • Holtz, Martin Benninger, lsane lAngneeber
and othersOnuf tooth.' g - '
One-ili - mdrad and-fifty -deres; -
r lorc or lesm—alintit one hundred- noire of .which is
'cleared land, and the residue well thribereil: The
improvements urett - •
x 9 u Two Story Log
fi P 4
•t ' House
It double ling Born and other out buildings. '.There
is.ti small stream of excellent water running near the
house; ,and also a good spring. _.There is a first rate
.apple orchard on the premises, and other 'fruit trees.
'The terms of sale arc follows: two hundred
dollars to be paid on the confirmation of the,
one third the phrcluise money to remain in the !and,.
the interest whereof is to be paid yearly and every
year to the widow during her life, said interest to
commence Ist of April :text; and the principal other
death to and among the heirs and representatives, 6f
the said Henry The residue of 'The
purchase, money on the said Ist of April next, when
pos.iession will be given, and until whieli time the
rent is reserved. Said payMents to be secured by
re6ognizances in the Orphans Court.
September 2, 1840.—tds
Sheriff's Sale.
N virtue of a writ 6f Venditioni Extionnd to me
tens of Curriberldifd county, will he exposed to pub
_Jß 4nle .unlliu follownig_Aleacribud premises, on
Thursdny the 29t1Cday. of ctober iust., at , 1 o'eloals:'
. -- i.- NI., to wit: — - ---- .:
All the. Estate . riollt - and
Jolin C. Sims, of and to a certain Iron Ore Think, ill
end upon thit tract of Lend of Claiistian Hurst, situate.
in Cumberland coctty,-now in the occupancy of Mar
tin Zimmernitm,.contaitting eighty . itcres. more .or
less, adjoining lends of— Markle, John Black and
otheis..,, Seized andtaken - inthreention as the-prepor
ty ofJohn C.,Sims, and to be sold by me, -
, - • , JOHN MYERS, Sheriff:, •
-.- Sheriffs -Office, '
Carlisle, Cct. - 3, 1830; • 5 •
'(.0 1 3 041400
Paritt.ort42Aliires of_ Slate
and Litttest(me'
Situate ih North Middleton township, CuMberland
co., two miles from. Middlesex and five from
Carlisle; Tile improveinetds area good:
Double Bank Darla, "YAW'! . ' , ; t . ..
Smiler - part stone with four stables, wi th lnick and front
Ahab, one-of Which is a granary with a cellar under;
• . ,
' • •
0 .
together with' other mnprovernents, About 100 acres
are cleared, under good fence and in a flood state of
cultivation; the'remainder - frc`mered .wititgood tjm;. --
ber, n part of which is Locust; s . irings in tientirtill
the fields. Vile Conodoguine creekbmmdsdiisttlrm bounds
on one elite 252 per Ches, which will afford a location
for water works, Any person Wishing' to . purchase a
Tarm of till& dm:Option wilttle-well-to examine it, a 8
am deter Mined to 'sell.
-.- Application . catibe made to Valentine StMlly on
Oie'Wtai• or to t 4 subaeilierin ' •
• • • •.#OSS - :Li111111P..13,T0N...
Julyls, 184,?...4 • .
5 Valuable Farms
FOR Sall,E.
1. kfarm of 165. acres . of first rate
Limestone land; 'situated in 'North Middleton town:.
ship 13 miles fromCarlisle, adjoining the Poor House
Harm, M. Brenneman, and others.- Aboutills. acres
are cleared, the residue covered ,With Amid:thriving
timber. 'Theilaprovements APC a Double Log:House,
A new Bank Harnot yOunr,-thriving orchardot well
40 feet deep, of never failiagiwater. --
2. A:Farm containing -195 acres of - Slate
land iituated in said tbwmhip,l3 miles from Carlisle,
adjoining lands,of George Wise and .others, of which
- 120 acres. are -cleared,-and: the residue in thri‘ing
thither. The improrements are a Imii!Trame House
and Kiicheii; Logllarn,Tenant houseo good ten ivlag
nrchardot never tailing well of water at the dmir, and.
•springs iMevery Odd. - S •
3. AT'arm containing 224 acres of fir
rate Limestone land, a little mixed with slate, situat
ed in said township 5 miles froM Carlisle, and -One
mile,north east of Middlesex, adjoining the Canodo
guinet creek, ecter Hettrick and others. About 150
acres are cleared, and, the,residuelli heavy- timber.
TIM - iiiiproventents - are Ilona° and Kitchen,
a good. Log Bitrn; Stone Spring-house, with-a never
failing spring tinning through the farm;lind an Or
-of ilibleTfrairiWirother - improvements.
'. 4: A Farm of 265 acres:Slate land mixed
with Limestone,: atjonmtg - thelact mentitmed'and
bounded ry the Canodogninet creek. 140 acres are
cleared, and the residue covered with heavy timber;
aboat ;10 acres 4131.4 ,rate Meadow' land. The
Movements nee h good: Log House, tog Barn, a
Spring House witli a never - failing' spring near the
door, anti au Orchard.' This Farm will , affOrd a lo
cation for water works.
. •
• 5; A Farm .Of 226 -acres Slate
nu - c&licitliTtincs :idlintong - the litsrmegthineA - .
and Ca Oodogninet creck. 150 acres are cleared and
the residue in good-timber, shout 30 acres of
are-first :rate-meadow.- -The:improvements are .n_
.Double ling House. and- -Log :Earn;
House with tt never.failinispring, and an orchard of
choice fruit trees. The last mentioned three Farms
will be sold separately_ or togetherati'it may,suit itr.-
' chasers. A; good -quantity. ,of Anesdow-caebe yet.
made of the , woodlaild along the said creek. A large
tittautity of locust is groWing nn the last three rrieution
ed Farms. • For further particulars apply to the sub
scriber, one mile east of Carlisle; near the C. V.
Bail oad..- •• • . • _
.dgern't far the OTVIIiTS
.At 5, 1840.
N:11.- .- Also.n.netnlier of first rate Ermeatone and
Slnte.Farms mill. Mill Propeales for sale M. F.
.. .
A •
--- •
ssigneeship Aecpunt.-
Whereas Jos. Whisler A . ssii; . ace of JoSeph
_serolid7c AA:1840; - file.
Itk.the Office Of the - PrOthanOtary thO - .Court — of -
Commie eleas of Cumberland county; his recount
as ..tissiTvec of the said Joseph NEOHSc!r:
'4lpseby given to nil persons iaterestetq ilu the mid
!Viitlrt have -appointed the first Mendarof Nerembei
.term 1840, kheing the oth) for the confirmation of
said account. . - . .
• • • • .
. S kNDERSON; Prodey,
, C-VO • •
ProthonotaryVOlntei -- - Z.—. . • " ,
'Carlisle, October 1;1840.
- ' • -.. Auignecs.hip Account: - - - '''-'
Whereas David Kenower, Assignee of Joseph
Ittmit. - • ' dla V.. thc Maass tiny' or Alsguret, 11... D. 1540,
file in the Office of the Prothonotary of the Court of
Common Pleas of Cumberland connty, his aecountas
Assignee of the said Joseph Hoover: Notice is here
by gtVen to all interested, that, the said 'court have
appninted the first Monday of November Term 1840,
(being the 901) for the confirmat ion .or said account.
. ._ CEO. SANDERSON,ProtIty.,. ,
' rothonotary% Office, ' ? . .
Carlisle; October' 0840, 5 ' . ' .
__ _•- • - Notice: .. .
• •
. •
islereV Riven that Letters of Admin
j istration on the - A/state of.laeoh . Goodlieart, late
of West renusborof township deceased;havt„ been
issued to the subscril)er in due form of law.
All persons hat* , accounts with said deed., re
requested to present them to the subscriber-proper
authenticated for settlementolud those indebted t .
make immediate. payment. . '
• Dickinson tp. ?' • .
Oct. 16, 1840.--6 t 5
The members of the Union Fire Company of the
Borough of Carlisle, together with any others oda!)
may wish to become members,arereinested to meet
at dui Town Hall in said borough, on Saturday the
• t st_4l42L e tnime 'el ock.-11:1114-on
siness py importance to said company: '
• '_MANX,
iiflisle Oct. 14_ 1810 • •
. -, . • r'UVZ - 1.01,114 .
--- Estate of 411-aill Zinn ; deed. • 44.
tate of .Nlary Zinn, late of Westpennsborough
township, Cumberland county, - deetkliave been issu
ed to the subsrr•ib'er living iii the same lwnship; No ,
TICE is hereby given to all i those hale tell to said es
tate to make immediate payinent,'int all- those hay
ing_claims agninst said estaa
. to.pres . l. them, prop
erly authenticated, for seftlemenu ~ .. . ,A., -
GEORGE. Z , N, Allot'''.
Oct. 7,1 84P.-.-- o l * . . . ' '
.••• . . . .
70 ,our erchto s. ---- -.-
_Take notice that-we gave applied tO the Judges of
the Court of Common Pleas of Cuinlierland county,
for the benefit of the Insolvent LaWs ofithis Common
wealth, and they have appointed ../Hsyilny the 9th day
ofNavernsct. 11CSI„ for the hearing hf us,-and our
crediters;at the Court House, in thehorongof Car
lisle, when and Where you may titten , if you think
proper: •
~, :.. . .
. -*I .
~ .. JACOI3IKr, lITHARD.*,'"..
' :GEOIigH P PIXY. ;*;',..
• - .t..„,..... ELUBLX AILNES.• -
.... , , .
Octoberlv_ . 11340:-3t - •
, . ... . .
?SHE „Subscriber', tharikfullto the,
• As .ieri of Carlisle aml vicinity. for 01
Patronage which they have heretofore hi
him, begs - leace - tolefifir - 611fein — thiirlki
his eataliThiliirceut from Illexatuler'ri
house formerly occupied .by',Dr. Amithan iolinstoq,
in West Louther street; where he is; aved to
Cloths, Silks; the-neatestiluinner and at
the - shortest tultice: • . • , --- •
He " reSpectfully solicits Contintitinee: o public
favor.. . JOHN YONDER:,
Carlisle, Ostolrer" 7,1840.-;—at
• . .. - • TOR '5.11.114K.
N Pursuance' of the. will •and
,testament of
Janietam, late of Allen.taw nsip;cumber.
and sooty, dec'd., I will sell at publie , sale, on the
premises, on Wednesday the 11th day cif Novumber
next, at 10 o'clock,A; 14.,• the following, - described
valuable property, to wit:
. One Hundred - Acres of Prime . •
about one mile south of ~.I%leclianiesburg—about one
half cleared, Under geantrencei
,awlin a high. state.Of
cultivation—the residUe covered with thriving young
timber: There sire no buildings on (he land. •'''.
A clear and utitlisputable title-will be given, and
the terms-made known-millie llfly of sale. . •
PersonsAvishing to view the:premises.previons to
the day of sale; can call atthe late residence of James.
Graliam,:adjoiniiig the same,' or on. the' subscriber:. •
• .
ROBERT', G. YOUNG,Executor.
October 7,1840.-40. ' . . . . .
, . •
SonthehnOr 8" Lindazter,. ,'--
• Attheir New Store . ,in Centroville, have just 're
ceived lind'are now opening a very large anWspletulitl
• IPRL-11-!—. 6-0 .41) . .S. -
which bare been selected with much care in foe cities
of NEW YORK and PIDLADBEJPHIA, and which
they respectfully int ite .the citizens of Centreville
and vicinity to call and examine, as they will be enn
bltid to:please, and sell decidedly cheaper. than' any '
other •establishment in the county. - 'they will be
happy at all times to see Customers who are desirous
of having . • '
I . ' ew — Ch ea p a tra grtkojiirli4rods;
Among their 'stock will be found Illtie; Black,
,Brown, Green ; Olive, Cidet, Mulberry, Dilhlia, Cit
ron, Clatler,llixt:Drith; dud a variety oflow priced :-
.0 LVEAKILMte .• * ' - -
Superior' striped .and, plain-London and . . Bucleiklri•
Cassimeres, premium and low-priced -Sattinettr, su
perior Silk; Satin, Velvet, Valencia; Corded; Strip
ed, Figured and Plain Marseilles and Cassinserti
Art:stings: A general assortment of all qualities , and
colors 'of ' .. .
,-•• -I- •F‘fii-0/14--ligNiirer--.64/oil 7 B - - -,: 2 .- -1
suitable for . Gentlemen's wear. - .Silperior• Black
Italian Lutestrihgs, Gros De Naps, Po De Swas,
GrowDe Swiss, and Sensha w Silks, Challeys, Chint
zes, ,Iticemiets, Camlwies, Bobbinetts, Plain and Fi
,gured,Swiis; and Book Mitslitt, Shawls, Dress . ,
Handjimilleis,-Searfp,—V-eik „Ribbons d!.
A 'large and excellent atssortritent:6l.fine and loiv
priced Calicoes;- Irish; Table, Towelling and-Table
_Diaper;:Cliash:-:Muslins, Tickii4Y,L'ClTecks,--__Cord
s &c.' -A:general assortment,'of Leghorn
and Strait: Bonnets, Umbrellas, Parasols, Sze. Also,
nit extensive assortment of -. . -_ • . - -
- ,
. .
...'....Groceries mid Queenstware t
of the Mgt It/Troll - IA Qualities The while' awl re
-spectrally incited 'fl-tiill and-judge for:themselves as
they are &teeth - loci! to a - ell-cheat, for casli,or county
produce. TATERN;IcEEPERB Are_ vespectfolly
incited to call and . exatnine their stock of Liquors
•before-purcliasing Ose where. —. _
Centreville; 01111. CO:, October . ,l4, WO. •
I Good s, ' GrocMes Queensware.
WILL be salty — diesubsTribeF,Thl. vciy reduced
prices tbr CaB/1, - in the room recently occupied by
Jacob Illicem.and adjoining the :§tore of Samuel
.•:-Vhe stock new.and consists.iMpart of
broad cloths, oassimeres,,cassiOmfs, blank
ets, merinos, bornbazincS, flannels, vestings,:
muslines, calicoes, tickings, silks, linetis,
table covers; lain atOrfigored swiss- =s
hines, hisertingS; laces, . silk and cotton
handkerchiefs, ribaiols, gloves and stock
ings, bonnets, beaverjeens, &C. Ste.:
. Also, a small,l6t of GLASS • AND
'Having reljiiitOritie& Shippens 7
and'removed that entire stock to this
place,.l am desirou.4'of closing up the con
,as soon as possible. Purchasers will
do well to"call soon, as ivies
be given. CHAS. OGILBY.:
Carlisle, Sept. 20, 1840.
,~~~ - t i
. There will be exhibited in thii bro
• rougliaGiiiii the last this month, at
- - - -1.1)e-Publie 7 llatise of C.'Nfne fi ttione,
•lot orfine
••• • be,offered.for - •
Oct. , 14, 1840
WHEREAS the.Carlitle-Satiog -rund,Societyi
will expire in 1841 'Notice Is hereby given,
agreeably to the constitution-and laws of Pennsyl -
nt, that the stockholders of said institution intend
applying to the next Legislature of the Common
wealth for a renewal of charter, change of name; style_
and title to "Cumberland Valley Bank," increase of
general disepunting_and banking privi..
legesialitinder such restrictions as die -Legislitni'e
may direct. The above institution to be condoned
in Carlisle, Pi.
• ron 711 E SALE OP .. •
• .• '
'sal Pills, • •
Are held by
-the following agents in their respecr
Live counties. As numerous counterfeits of these
•pilliTifelitterapled - thimpalmed - upon - the - rommtmi6
ty, the propriety of purchasing only from the recog-
Aimed agents, will be 'apparent.
Cumberland County—George W. Hither; Carlisle;
A. lliege4'Meclinnicshurgi- Gilmore & McKinney,
Sewvilie; S. CUlberISM!,
-Brenneman—New-Cumlerlaliarlsaki-Barton , Lis'
burn; M. G. Rupp, Shiremanstown; L. Riegel &Co.
ChurclitOwn. • •
Perry County—Aleminder• Magee,
T. Br. S.A. Coyle,Landlsburg. . . • •
.4.4.116126,184 Q - .
Will be:received fkitri9 OJice far
Sub. rt lion
p' - :c;1 - 6'..t.i4L.zt,'4'tt,'0,:v.
. . ,
Whereas in andby an act of the Genital 4iSSCRI.
lily, passed theatlllay of 'My,' tB39,lt:ii ,Prosidetl
that the electors of, the several - counties of the COT-
monweatth, qualified to vote for tnemberiofthe Geri=
eral . Assemly shah hold - an 'election at .the same .
places at which the" Mid.mertibera 'shall have . been
voted for Bettie preceding eleistionon the:fifth - Yrs= •
clay preceding the first Wednesday in December eve
ry fourth Yeariliereafter; heinethe 30th dity-Of Octo- . .
bee,) for the purpose of electing etcetera of a Preai
dent and Vice,President of the United Shaul.
• • Now, therefore, I, John Myers, 'High Sheriff of
.. •
'the county of Cumberland, in pursuance of .the duty
.enjoined on me by the above recited act, do issitethis . •
my prOclalnation giving notice to the freemen of Said
'county qualified for members of the (lepers}
- Assembly to meet at, the several election district:).
therein, as follows; viz: • ••
The electien in. the eleFtoi district 'composed of
'hie Borough -of.Carlisle, and townships oLN. Mid-. •
dleton, South Middleton, Lewer Dickinsori,:.Lower
Fraokford; and Lower West Pennsborotigli, will be
held at the Court House in the-horough, Of
. The election in - the district composed of Silver •
.Sprinetownillip, will be held at the Public Reuse
of Joseph Grier Hoguestown,,in said township..
The el ecti o the,distric t composed of East Peon s-
`lcovougli'mwrisliip,illfbelield - at-the-Public-House----
ef 'Andrew Kreitzer in. said. township. '
•- - Theelectionirithedistrict 2 cciMposed of New Cm- - -
berland and a pnyt:4 Allen township, will be held at'.
Alte.Public House of John Sotirbeck; in New Cum
berland. .
The election in the , district 'comprised. of Lisburn
and a part Of Allen lo*hsliip, will beheld at the Pub.
lie tionae of-Peterliliatin, in Lisburn. .• •
The election in the district composed of that 'part •
of Allen township, not included itt the New. Cumber
(louse •of David?Sheafec,m .Sheplierdstown - in-taill
township.. • •-•
• The election in- the district composed of the bor•
ough of me - clinniesburg t ivill be - held :lit the Ptilitic •
House-ofJohn-llciover, in said borough: • -
The•eleetion in-the district composed of Monroe
township, will lie heldat theiPublic Houie,orWidow
Patili•in - Dburchtown, in said township,,
• The election in the district composed of "Upper
Dickinson township,will be held at IVeakley's Scliool -
.110tisevin said township. •
Tile election in-the district composed of Abe hbr-I
oagl o: Nemille,rand townships . of' . 1 1•11filinAam . Cr , .....
_Frankfort], Ulmer - Westpetinsborongliiandhat part
of Newton...towitship, not _included inctfur Leesburg
election district bereinafter mentioned, - will be-held
i at the Brick : School Douse, its the bormigh of ye
• The election in the district composed of the town- • .
ship of flopeweltovill be held at the _School Mouse
in Newberg' insaid toWnship,_:___, - • .
election .
compostatof-dte bor
• glv_of, Shippensburg,Sbippenshntai - townslrip„,autl- „
,part of Southampton township, not
the Leesburg election diStriet, will lhe .held. at . the
Council House, in the borough of Shippenshum,
And in and try sitrant of - the 'Gentili! Assembly of •
this commonwealth, passed the Julrt t139 - ilia thus
provided, "That the electors of parts, of
and Southampton townshilni in the county of
Cinnberland, bon:Med - by the followniglinea and (HS-
Lances, viz: . IlegiCinhv at the Adams county
thence along,the line dividing the townslaio °Mick
ibSon and Newton to the turnpike road; thence
said - - Centre - school-house, on "Said turn- •
pike, in Southamptootownship, thence to, a
. point ou
the Walnut Bottom ,road,at lleybuck's;
Iteybock's farm, tbetice a straight direction to the
saw-mill belonging to the heirs of George Clever,
thence along Kryslitr!s run to the Adams county line,
thence along,,the line of Adams-county to the place •
of beginning, he and the same is hereby declared tt
new and aeperate eleition district; the .general elec
tion to he held at the public house now occupied by
Leesbnrg, Startluitimbintowitship:
At which time multplace, the mollified electors, As
aforesaid, will'elect by ballot—
for President nald Vice President oldie United States
' And the seveladjudges, inspeCtors nod clerks x hn
shall attend nt the.preceding election for members of
Assembly, are required to attend and perform at the
said electiod, the like duties, and be subject to the
likti penalties for neglect or,miscomlnet, as they shall
be liable to at the election for members of Assembly.
And the return Judges of the several election dis
tricts of CUMberland 'county, are lierehy required to
meet at the Court I louse, in the borough of Carliale,
on Monday neat after the said election, at ll' o'clock
A. M., with certificates of the election in their (Ps:.
Given under Inv hand nt Carlisle, this 24th day of
..--September, A. D., 1840, and the eixty4lll 'par of
Atherican Independence.
JOl-114 MYERS, Sheriff'.
. " .
Repectfully . inform thecitizens of Shippeusburgand ,*
vicinity,-that they have just
,receired,..und ate POW __.: _
OliiMilig at their store, in - Main street, an extensive ..;.
.and well selected assortment of . ' ' .'" . " . :
consisting-of-very fine-English; - rreneh and German
Cloths, f.,assimeres,Satinets,"&e.every yariety
color,' quality and price. Also; n' • large. and hand
some assortment of English and Aer enc ),
Bombazines ' Merino ShaWls .and Handkerchiefs,
Monslin de Leine, French, ,•;Chintz, plain
and figured Silks And Satins of every : color and quali• . •
' ty; silk, and , gauze tWess bandkerniners, , bobinet and
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