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op.4.3gag. - .on ABB' Ealtptie.
. _
.ike causes produCe sinillar effects;, under Wash
ton the country..was prosp . erotts„and happy." Let
have another' farmer Presideptia) another Age-of
!verity and jilenty,..
Baltimore Market.—Saturday_Aug.,.
0tn.:55.1211. Penn.4Pheat $1.14 asl.lo.
orn 49 to 52 cents:' • Rye 00 cents. Oids
cents, 11eqf.5.50416X;(0: ----- Hogs - $5iS 7-
56.25. Paiskey 25 cents / ekchisive of
• 'ltd. •
ourfrimi& bear in mind that on, Sat
. _
!day next, the 29th-mst...Two riki,En;yri)s,
3e • to be elected by the, Whigs - in - each
)wnship and borough of .the County, at.
ie aslial places of!•holdiiig_townihip
, which: 17elegates .are, touieet on the
'uesdav following ih Carlisle, at 11 o'clock
.•.. • , •
. rn.,.-td.nominatea - County
Hellas would:. do .well ;to. select .pendent
.aen..)lS . and let - :them - come to
die Convention well informed as to ithe
,vishes.of the .people w.hom_they represimt.
AV.e should, form a good.,licket this .yeir,
.as-we-have - often - heretofore - doge; - compos- -
3d of - idoral, intelligent _men ; because , we
. 3o stand - a cliance of electing, ivedin: Old
Mother Cumber/and..
!Election ,14 . aw--91 egistiT.
We trust our friends thrOughetit the coun
ty will be particular in seeing that ever✓
voter's name is'-entered on the.. Assessors'
List in due time.. —lt-must be done at leagt
”ten days betiire - lhe - electionr.
as well the names -of• -persons-between the
: age of 21. and 22, as those who claim to vote
• as taxpayers. Read.* law on the second
• •
Thu Harrison Meeting held at Meehan
•iesliur on Saturday last was very respect
-- able - in - point - edit - umbers - and -- character: -
'There were; as estimated by . different indi
viduals, from 700 to 1000 people in atten
: dancei- .. .14 7 e - counted - . 000 men, in proces
--siOn-4anothergentleman-tiyour:side count
ed 005—Capt.: Weaver. counted .them. as
, i-they--left—the— . woods,:an4 made 786 ; a
-young gentleman whom we did.not know
made the same number. ,Iqr. , •Laak, aLo
eiifo - ieo - rthirSila - Ce, who seems to have t--
tended for that special purpose, informed
us thht he xounted.s46 ; lift admitted that
ho.thought there were about 690 altogeth
• err , We give it as our candid opinion that
_______tli,rere_avere_about:Einollorrison voters o
tge - ground'; .:and If Ilieto—e-iifiaikeil-Tteid
of this at their meeting, they may saSr they
tsiat Holding their meetings after us,
they certitiply have - , a great' advantage; and:
we lo'olciarthem to have from 1 000 to 12.0.0
. .
at Mealiaiiiesburg.on Saturday week ; but
thiharifeiftussle they've had for many
years iq this re'gion , The - harmony of the
Whig meeting was transiently disturbed by
:a few , blackguard locolocos,'among them a
certain Doetor, — who — WoUldlike to be sent
to the legislaturburilley iaere"email
pBtatoes l 7 -' and we forgive. them - , Cams.
, STAymaN presided:- The rest of die
officers we .did not , know'r but shall no
tioubtAc.d - theirrnainesln the -next-advocate.
id"Tite irOlueteer l eeys there ' were. no
drunk ht the Leeefoto_eelbbreiten pi
thelitti l •iii 'favor of a Tariff: • We can on::
ly say ilatmie Made tfieingeiriftitiiiiistie
gestion 'of ,orte of the;party. who, was prc
- sent at the celehration„ and alleges-that HE
47a - riff - Toir;74 - ,,which
prCeSed by certain leading - men - of - the, bold
turgh: lf. we'do , not greatly mistake; , we
understood tnrthey from the gentleman: . itt;
' gilisitiori,.th.4,l4l6 l l 6 4 l llPOnthe
' editor' ioft
the '•VnlubtOir 'tn.uscertain why. toast
,did not appear, acid was fnforunatlteOtite
611 rimiti 4 fe!' 1 10.1 40 )- ? -bit*/,'' , Our.
rrOnt - *ill no' doubt serthis paragro;,ind
• we Call hia,MientiMLlco l the factirlstateil
We thinkte V(441":
• teer'Amileir the allegation, to ineke'e
statement of facts., 9iir coltitinte,are' at his
service,, ;Ptiterwit his name is at•the , ser
*lee of ,ihe '
, ran Buren County-Tie
The paeotocti Cotiventieli wet itY Car
lisle, yestprday itternbon,..aad . ttorttinated
the following tickei
A. Smith llciriney, (Hopewell,)
e f ehiifitssioner:
rllicikael (Monroe.)
Clitiile t t.itell, (batiste.)
S.amtiel (N•Middfetoli.)
, •
~ biiector
,of the. Poor.
Bend:int:pit retiCr, (Dickinson.),
James Reed / (Ne,vvville.)
AZNIR MAICH."tile 'editor of the Vol
unteer has o ened his batterie4 bion the
Harrison boys--the little-ChapS that
bed Van Buren's funeral proceision on Sat
urday week, -by their .hurras . "-When
Greek mete Greek," we tnay look for
cutting dd slashing. •
ricir;The .. .Volunteer still • inquires 'for
Capt.4 ,'__- Toast. - Well, if
.our. neigh-:
bor will put himself to the trouble of hand
ing it to ,ue we will publish it with-pleasure,.
We never 'saw it—nefer Ward it read, and
do not knoW where it is. But. what was
done with the TARIFF TOASTY? We_have
geed demeoratie'authorlty for . Saying tliM:
. _
.such ..toists.:Were-drunk:at .the-Locorpeo
celebration, and afterwards auppressed.- 7
The '.genileman froin'„whom..:thes.e
. facts .
were.g. athetid; informed us ... that drank
STa . rici 4 TeaSt- 4 --ivhere is it?'
------ rit:7°TheNolutiteer-talke-about-teering
-down.- our Log . Cabin.: Bring on your
"bone and sinew"l.:neighboit . :
and . make quite agreeable
.. tea party
We understand that the?Locofoeos
who undertOok to cut down„ the .Harri'son
pole at , Dillstown _on Fridak_night last;
were severely wounded
. .by' a ..disellarge
from-ashot gun. Tliat ruse rather rough
usage for the"bone and tiinenr;'-! siasii*i it
- RC'''. The Locofocos -- of Carlisle have a
beautifulflag,', which we usually see stuck'
up along side of Mr. Purser Resitkiey, when
the party is on duty.. This flag is.a pretty
large on, and must haVe . cost cozs'iderable
—several mitit-tiro - Ps at leak. The
It—the Party, the . Treasiiry,
or the Purser ? •
T4e Volunteer of last week copies
an' article relative to General gorrison's
-prospects -front-ilte--€A4Vew---Th di-Hera/d r !!
and classes has a. intig mien This is
a pretty fair sample of our neighbifir's-le
racity.._ The New York'fferald is edifed
by the notorious James Gordon Bennett,
- atul , although — it is,.osteli - gibly, a .neutral
paper, its editor is, at heart, as errant a lo
cofoco; as the" Volunteer- man hienielf..
BennetifortherlY'ellited the " PeimsylVaz
• .
orgau:of locofocoism in this 'stateoand
wag at-that time. the prOtege'of•no, less _a
personage than Amos-Kendall. No"riltPc6c.
tabfe..mati,of either party,. pays any Lti:9il
- to whet Bennett. says ; :and the-Nfric
York politicalditerary and religious,
has lately_denouneed • Benriett .aild his pa:.
per,,_ aa,a miserable charlataU, and
- the - pap - eras-a compound of filth and - false;.
Itood—L_THEREFOR,`i2O-- reipeclUblefia
• We learn that' the 'firm or Ramsey &
,Leed Mu * ►, Of this place, patronizes Bennett.
Comment is inufecessary..... .
• See it stated, en r thc_ t enthority
Banked contributed a .million of dollars
"to h elp 01 federal - w hi r er - Ary - on the
election." The Globe and the •Democracy
of this region, on, the other hand, haye as
rted for two,years past - that the Bank is
insfilvent. Mogi - ividely ' these:entittent
Doctors differ In their`opinions. _
." • DOmberacy.:
Let the Feder4 - -Office-holders-in- this
county, who are so actively engaged 'in-the
presidental contest, read the , subjoined
eeimen - of Jeffersoninn 'Dernocracy;,and
hear in mind that after t le' • tit a_
we exemplify the realdemacracy
of Jeffereon, by bringing it to operate di6:
:federal pbwer, -we apprehend ; they r w will
lege tvedileiltb 'the ;principles of. the.dreat
Apostio,tban,t "e now pretend to be....•tre
shall give Di inisey- a 'dinned put
dOwittbe:Banke hisleisore,:untrinintel
ed onerous hispursership:
One thing to the
future; interference .in elections.; whether
of the - Stitte - ait ' , General Governments, .by,
WO . litttee t should be:,deemed
-cAusn'er REMOVAL;. Iniemnie the.' conStitu
tintiat ritnnedy' by:the-elective. principle be
cones: if, it may "bg::emethereil by
the enormous patronage 'the:General"
410••••. •Lits,t4r,
, :The Ele.ielionfil
,1 1 . he result Of' the August Elections InaY
be (lin;
Kentucky, IndiaOa; ti,nd . N.OTtli:Parblina,
giving,.V 1
39 Electoral oes, have:gone,
large . majorities, for to
Alabama,,J.Hinoie, , and 'Missouri, giving
16. electoral votes,-have-gotuFfor thif-Loco
facos"; Whether, by increased - or 4ecreased
Majorities is not' at present known; but we
thihk the ,aggregate' majority. will: be len
tlidfi It ivasin 1830.
In'the, three states carried by the Whigs,
We haie gained 20.000 in.ihe popular
vote; and one of the states, Nortii - Caroli
na, we haie wrested front - MARTIN VAN
In 186 , the whig Inajoriti in Kentticky
and In' aha, *tie i§;4bs; no*. it aboti t .
25,000 ; -in kiarthbakolitta :Van
Buren-had- over 3000 uiajoritynOw-w.E.
have . carried the state by upwards of
800.0. -
• • . •
. 'Since this time. last year; the-ivhigs
carried noleis,thaUSEVEN STATES, that went
for Mr:Tan . Buren in --- 1830; - Thei3e seven
states give IOA eleMoral votes—and they
east, for' nsaraggregate - mejority; Of22;000;
The admitiistration.eannot win one of them
'raking . into . vie tit theBe Indisputable
facts, let us inquire,. in the, language of
- .
In 1838 the - following states voted against
Mr. Van. Buren c--Ohio, 21 ; Kentucky;
T5O - ndiana; -. 8; -- Tennessee, 16; Vermont,*
7; Veorgia;ll; Maryland, 10 -;- New.
sey;' 8; Smith Carolina; 1.1 ; Massachti
getta, 14; land - Delaivare;'34. making• 44_01.
124 eketorai votes. • '• • • •
,The folloWing sluice irotedfti':Mr. tin
- Buren : *** --LNew -- Y0r1c;742 - ;77renzisybioni4;
30 ; New Hampshire, 7 ; Connecticut, 8 ;
Rhode Isla - Od - ,:4 ;. Virginia, 23 ; Louipiana,
5 ; Alabama, 7 011inois, 5 ; Missouri, .4 ;
Maine,..:lo ; 4 Michigan, 3 ;
Arltania6; 3 ; . North Caiolina,.ls ; making
. 01(170 - electoral Votes.
Since 1836, the administration have'ear
ried, - Of the ..whig,ptates - ,
.Ik;,:_,Giiirgio,_ll;_:Mdryland, -- _ 10 ;
South Carolina, - 11.; and'
. MassacLusetts,
14, in all 82 vot:(i . s , butsit must - Wrecol=
lected that Airco. of
...the largest of,theSe
were only earned last year; and by small
majorities. Add these 82.yoles to the 170
castfor Mr. Van Buren in. _1836,_ and he
would ,have• 252 xlectoral •Votes.
But the.whige have eat Tied seven-of Mr.'
Van7 - 13tifen's - atatesTgiving . 100, clectoiall
votes, not one of which he - can b.y- -recover. We We must, therefore,.
deduct these' front him; which will leave
PA) 152--aitd add -thein to 1110 . 42 votes
fair - to - rw
pies since 1836,•which. will giVe to Gene=
ral Harrisonll42 certain electoral votes.
This will place.. the two candidates as fol
For GE.: IlAttosoN—New York, Vir
ginia, North Caroline; Kentucky; Indiana,
Louisiana, Michigan, Vermont, Connecti
cut, Rhodojeland, New Jerpe4mul..Dela- ..
ttnre—A44. . = •
- POr 'l3ottim--Pennsylvania;
.7:W7n:caste, - Georgia, Maryland
South. Carolina; litassachuseiti, New
Mississippi and , Aritairsdri—i=l6l. •
Erom this statementlt, will be seen that
Ge n . Harrison wants but 6 electoral votes
-to make him --Fcesidenl• The question
ean•he' get them? To answer this ques•
Aion_it_tvlll only-be .necesdarY _to look- at
the list of states given -16 Van ti;. rett,- We
see among_ them Ohio, Tennessee," Geor
gia, Maryland; and Massechusetts. 01
these it is , not disputed, except by.' a- few' '
madmen whose insane ravings are only
-Intigbed-at-liy_Ziensible_men i t.that-Omo.and,
MAssAonusErrs, giving 35 votes, are cer
jorify. I t hle would give him- 177- votes,
and - reduce Van Buten to 117- Of course
HARRISON would be elected. But'euppose
that _we should lose_ V irginiai the only state
on our list that-tbe moN of sanguine JAW°-
. ,
co could claim, the gain of Ohie and 111.1 s-.
sichinfetts'WOuld still give Gen. HARRISON
154-votes-td-yan 'Buren's 140.__ Besides;
we are certain .to carry, Georgia, Maryland
and Tennessee!' stand ali t (ood a chance as
the limb loco s fOr Mississippi; and pay
"Axt I possibly carry ; Pennsylvania,
I. lit , iimiti Gen; IlitinisON cannot be de , ;
fated arthe:ballot boxie.;fie. - toill be elect-.I
edoind - tiir-theitirgestiipitlautiod-Oloetoral:'
majoilties eier .given to - any candidate for
th! same high coirme.:l,- - ' : , „,. 1- '4 l'- ' ,
" ghaPOlac to , crow. We have
had Harrison . Thunder and Hard bider
aril uakea„eaoughpf late to make-us all
' 4 Ari`a grpot and written these
titoi3ii I,b'd /Poporpeoli• abdut Affersanian
Petro pram favoring the -rights., of inn)
?pen, and . Federal Wrillocraey opffosing
theScri - ghts,. it may pot tie ovules to lay
boicitt thellobbling ignoram uses who tall
71;3. 441 - 111 -- 16t4 le t,* OV+
'flinch mote than thity kridit, the . ,:AAlovVing
Act of emigres''' bearing the sign manual
of, the Great 'Apostle of rlemocriey,, Let
beat in, mind too, that
::fuppotted:theprepertgstiglifieteitott in Yip
...ginis-1-Vvltile OLD Jowl
men. of Massichuietts (Modes -and, Fade
in . favor- of.. universal suffrage, and the
Poor Man's Righter • .
d2ct .ext ending. die rigid of 4terbee
in, the Indiana .Territory, -
Be it enacted,&C That every free white
male •person . in the Indiana territory, above
theage,of twenty-one years, having' been
a citizen of the United'States, and resident,
in the territery one year next preced
ing art' election of representatives,' anti Who
has ailegal or'eqpitable title to 4.ltact i of
laud of the quaiititY of. fiifty acres, Or who
may becimbe the_purcliaser from, the United
States ola tread- lend of. the quantity or
.50 icres; Or. Who holds in. his own right a
town lot of the value of 100`'dollers; shall
be entitled to a ate for representatives to
the general assembly - of said territory.
- - . J. B. VititNum,
Speaker: of the tionSe ofßepresentatives._
Vice. President of the , United States. and
Preaident of . the - Senate. '
'Approveel Feb; 20,- It3oB,
"Federal llilitigidaein-yr).
- Under thrs eaPtien,.the Volunteer of last
Week-contains-a --charge against theAVlligs
of ltlCto Holland, Fickaway county; Ohio,.
the terms'of which are so aivfully bTaaphe-* . at ,we forbear to 'quote them. We
subjoin - ftbm.;the •Washington. Reporter; a
letter from Post Master Of New . , _
lam), who is , a •Van Buren man; which
sweeps .away.: the:charge . . against - igs,
and exposes. tile .. .despdrnte - Tivickednes - of
the• reildtditti in rit:tery thorough manner:,
'Read the:letter : -•"
Mr. S. Weaver Sii.--01) the
day the:Merin : Mut wfis said to' Im-adininis
-fere(); there was :a log-cabia.-raisiag in this
pinee.:' There being-a majority of Whigs .
this county, there was about-]2OO, per-
Sons,presenkand in, that .number about 3,00_
democrats.- There was a•griod deal of ex
eitement on boih'sides, - in. whiclr'both-par
'ties published the proceedings of the day.-
Thewhigs had - parched corn, and hayd 6 7.
der'-at the raising, and there wa!gono of our
party, a strong_ democrat, said it looked
like worshipping General' Harrison,' and
that he intended to have it published io the
form of a sacrament—it would be a . ,.g00d
joke on the whigs—:Land accordingly on the
following. week had it published iii the
Circleville Watchman.. It has since been
refuted satisfactorily, - and proved not to be
-so, by bOth7parties. - .. I -would jnet- sayoe
— charge is altogether false to' my - own cer
tain knowledge, Your may if you choose
have it refuted In some of your public 'pa
pers. go for having the truth told .on
both sides.. We need not make use of ally
unfair_means 'to .elecj Van Buren.
'There is wiothin mere certain - thair - his - te=
: ing cintnext - President—log cabins and hard
cider go ThifiFigiliEiriarireausm---Ohio
will notglveCieneral 2- Harrison - more - than.
5000, majority, one of the strongest whip
stateS in the Union. Very, truly yoiirs,
For a similar charge:brought . against the
Tip . pepnop'Cltib of Gettysburg,. by . the
[Magician, in , which Mr. Stevens is rtnnae
- t - ots - er - a - promittent — parti — thak gen tlem an
has Commenoed a
= prosetien against the
editors for -- slander, and they have each
bean , bOund over-for:trial at the next term
cif the Quarter Sesaions At6ms county;
in the-sum of $3OOO. We :annex.a'refu
tation.of the slander by the offieefs of the
Mr: XMontkoßzery
Siri=Our - attention -has been-drawn--to
marticrle - editoriallk = in - the' "Magician'-'-a ,
Locofoco liver published in Harrisburg,•
under date of the Bth of .August, headed
"horrid .111ctipheinf/,' . in • among
eil2er things, the !"rippetanon Club of
ettyitirge!'• g
is accused of blasphetn . t and j
4- Profanailint _.of sacred
_,things, at_ their_
weeklynTeeTnirl: —.
the cause we maitlP
in requires, that hoti
-ever-disreinitable the-b,ltlree from whence
the . charge 'comes, it .shoill.d be PrProPdY
net, ':and" its utterfalseliood expOsVl:
We, therefore, 40 declare 'and .'Certif y;
that we whose 'namee..are.herennto
sigh ti, i
officere•-and,members,,of :said Club, ; balm
been! in _the:habit .-Of 'conetandy attending
the meetings Of eaid Club 'since its Orgeni
lzation;• anti that the Whole 'of said charge
as - Sevforth'in'the article referred to,
is ut
terly'ahil_totally_false end without-shadow
I,of.foundatii3if....., • ' ' •
"r No tkansaetions Of the: kind,. alluded to,
'n6r:indeed:dily , other to whic the-•moet
,fastidious could' take .. el:ception,..liali ever
'occurred7inktch - m - ent' ith"
Anowleidge,___4l3,2.. ..feet4
big regotindink wi. !Id rteriV
en revelry;" me ha.. _w
er - deem: liquor
introtiked on thnee - : occasions )into - the
meenni t , ... ~ .___ -..-
- Wo--ttrist than any 'ATers - m --
.Itaire been induced to
,give currency to the
foul libel; will do .as thri justice to publish,
this`reftitation-Of it., °. - ' •
, . • -
' IVI. -,c; ~_cLArtitsON President..
--- , - -
GtEatiatliEftc, O: P
Y, oi " ‘ 87
G:'0031/EHLER,' '
,• -, .. :
:,,, ,H. p: Slieliellirii ( ;1;a ' '
‘'. Win.:Butliroff,;' ec • r _ , , ne . 1 . 3 .* , --- .' '' `'
" '
Although not having 'attended' the
int - of the club as 'consuiiii4ras other merit-'
Biers; I liesitsse riot to say;.that whoiri,Pre
senti iiPver:.-liii? any thing' objectiaPable
'9"hat.ennid is any filniier give ,Canso)for
-o,o:grOsS a libel. - ' -p. -ll.' STKOPI,6:;`V,..V. -,
ITcw Holland, JuIST . B, 1840.
* -. l3eCatiiiie ;04 kneit..ll*-_,
Let those - miseterniti 'Who are now
slandering the heroic and patriotic ifar,ri-'
eoit; anti - applying to hiimile,,terms ."coiiht
ard," petticoat' General," " Grinnw,"
tfic.'rei4.the following. We .dpe'6ially . re
commend it to the attention•of
S;'-isamieyiT that—pink—of--politenesirand
paragon of orators. Ws,extradi It ritoni ilie
"rumbeilan4. Register" of Sept. 9, 1812,_
into' Whichit svart,copied from a Ohilicothe
(011io) paper.. • -1
"We understand information wis receiv
ed in town, by the mail of, this day, that
the VALIANT' .HAxtiOsow; botnntfinded
in the action of Tippecanoe; On the 7th 'of
list Novenaber; has been, appointed
the Kentucky- VolunleerB, into , Canada.—
We hope itmay prove true.- Under such
an, accomplished General, we are, certain
that .they- will :march with alacrity and
pride tb- the field s of 'glory. -Theretis dot
a mayi,-west of-the-Allegheny -mountains,
in Whom the. backwoodsmen have . so-much
coroteEithE.' ° '
•,' It vrilthe - leinembered , that the above
paragraph - was written
,immetliately' . after
the diegracefasuriender of Hull at Detroit;
when the whole country was threivri - into
• ,
confusion and alainn . by that disastrous
event.• Although 7 thingt looked gloomy.;
the. hardy..sons of the -west were not dis-.
mayei). ,-. They knew that the chief who.
'-had—conquered Willi-them at Tippecande;
was. competent, to lead them to victory to
Canada: And he (lid lead theta to - victoryi•
- i f he_l_g r is kitasid Brilliant battle of the.
Thames, where•he beat the: British and
their savage - allies,proved cOncliisivelY that
their_conrideince- had not been Misplaced: ',-__
. . From - the samea source vie learn
,the fol
lowing.: It is an extract:of a-letter from
Cincinnati, dated August 30 ) 1812,
.." TWo• - • titotiSand Kentucky. Volunteers
left-here .yesterday for: Urbana; and.aboot:
4000 more are elpeete Here- thi.l ''&ek:.
The, whore ern .I'd ',be—iiii c
of Goveinei Mitt/arm w to is now hi-this
town.- appointed a Major General
by Goveitior'Scott, - Of Kentueliy; - and. the
-volunteers from that stale are much':pleas
ed with the appoinimen l." • " . • - •
-- . Nowirea4President , Madison's. opinion
ec,General Harrison;- delircied by-him-in
his Message 10. Congress, Roy - earthier 4tir,
1812. Speaking Of, s the disaster, at-Detroit,
and the zeal which die citizens evinced to
wipe away that stain, the President Says:
•_,' " Thjs:patriotie zeiil,- i wltickif 7
- cessary rather to limit titan excite,.has em
bodied an ample force from the ktatei of
Kentucky_and Ohio, and Trom parts - Of'
-Pennsylvania-nod_Virginia. It is, placed,'
With the addition of few regtilars, under
the command of Brigadier General Harri
son, who poteesses . : the entire confidence
Of hiefellow
_soldier.i,.among.witictiyare ci
tizens, some-of them- voln nteers in the . ranks,
not less distinguished by their-political sta
tions, than by their
,personal merits." .
the resillt of the recent elections in
ilence-tliat the - olflsoldiers of the West have
lost none of their early confidencein the
'skilLand patriotism of their, old comman
der.. Net only they, but. their children,
whom he protected. fromilie scalpinggkiife
of the savages, have evinced their.gratitude
to: hiM, and given the lie directto the host
of hired scriblers and orators who are Andy
ritarious officer. •
Wenow invite the - attention of our rea
ders to the following artiele, written by the
celebrated Thomas Ritchie,' editor of the
".Richmond Enquirer,"
,*heiitas' now, the
organ - of the democratic party.of:Virginia,
We find , it in the Cmmbetland Register, of
,Ma) 11', 18 tiTereilited- LOS the . Richmond,
Eniluirei:, Mr. Ritchie, after censuring,
the condnct of some of the American offi:
cers, particularly that ofTGeneralAVilliiii.;
son, says - •
" Brave ad American troops have recen
ly been, they fought, they bled, and-but for
unfortunate eifeurtiatatioes they would have
conquered; ' Seek - =theta- w here '- you ..w ill
eu - flnd thein-brave c herole;:and-enterpriz--
ing: In the Walls of Detroit they were be
-tray ed-by-Hull.Qa - the -ban Its -of- the-Rai
sin, they snatched a laurel in spite of the
improvidelled bt their General; , •and the
snows which sulitounded them: the
heights of •Queoristritiri ihes- vton even the
ot ;;!lnuse , of a most feroCionit enernjr.. At
York to cl Fort Georgethey_perforiiied deeds
which did ahem honor, and would have
do ne mbre . if tiler had been seconded f die
activity of their wader.:_ _- On the name
they , were. creamed will+ a brilliant victory;
because they had a H.B2:VISON to
them. Nev glories wotkld• have encircled
_them afNiontreal if their coinunt4ers had
I conducted •them to its walls., , Give us of;
ee - fs --- bvir -- worthy - of=these7men; - =and-no -
truormin-the—vrorld.,..would be able to van;
W . here , are ,V 0 fb_ meet with_ such' a
leader? By what. iinalifications,-.aro-we
Aoitttorti him when wet,soe him ? Ile' must
not be merely bravertint,botdelleptiatig
und decisive _ ; Ulways seeking an opportii-
A . to' strike at his eneiriy. lie must bd
las prudent as he in biAve, always iteekityg
for information to fegulate the
must be, ab,steinfouS in his hahits, noti. fob
mush deinted to the pleasnrCtiorrtheAuble,
liuriiitymind'always detained-to-the:niter*
of Firms.. ,lle must'havearrOgle!ts eyo,- . ft*
sier on. the ttratnii,` , inspectiOg tho'condition'
of his darlipi and inducing ettery, FeSpOnii
ble:pfficer, tp Attend to the discharge of his
duty :° Sloth and i 106 , 1ro th
:his Piiisetie_ respect fief
tihila' man reitteet7AW:
He' itt'ambitious of finitt,•but he nuidies
ben;-1 , 4 deserv*it.:'lfeis',
beCauie it is his bueiness as
hiajfeasuiet ••• •
If : any: one - ask .us where such amen
'is t(. bs„ met'.with; sat)Weic•tb the best
•iof th . ..kmanWho.had Washed,
away' the" disliSters . at :Detroit, who had
everything to collect fora)zewcampaign,
and, who got eiiery:' thing together; who
_t adeil ,
tasses_ and_ _ft pows,_ and
stapoonteil,tba. Most 'Trightfal ,climaie'
theljnioa-Union . -nian Ow- was.neilhe, to
I.e . ititwited - WiliscOter;.n.dr , diffiotiltiCe nit
-lei-any-shape, .the'Skill.of the civilized..
. .
.tir - tlie barbarity of a savage 'foe; the
. man
who won the hearts Of Ae,people: by his .
sprit; the respect of his ,ollicerS • by his
zeal, the love of hig.skrity tiy . 'a . participa
flan of' ; the tharl,vdm - was,
finally tritiniphancover his enemy:. Such
a mania Fru:Lug. HENRY
Thus iiirbte Thomai: Ritchie in 1814, ,
giving utterance to the sentiments of an hO r
nest heart; anti echoing the opinion held by
the-great-Rep tad gair-fa o f -th on -I
Mow imortirYirt tildSt it now. be to him to
find hinascilf fighiing side py side miili s poeli
a hired mercenary.' as .4mos iirla
creature` -who. Weekly - and daily attacks,
- through.: Abe prootituted coluiuns tile
Globe, not only the- inilitarxreputntion;
-but also the privalc chili'atter of General
Harrion. One thing; however, i;e
- to observe'• Mr. Ritchie neiiht
indulges: in this coarse-abuse . hinistilf, - nor
will he permit.others to do so witlrinipu
.. •
il toi.I . Z of.
Murder. in. the second degree, August terns.
. .
1830...0f:the court.
'Of Oyer.and Terminer _
of - 4 13erki-conntY:., -• • • . -'•
Oii:the 12th - day - of August,. in the year
1830,1t0 was sentenced - to the Penitentiary,
for. the period of 12 years: • . _ - _
..On the Btli day of - April, in 'the year
1836, he was pard - tlw - _ - Ciovernor,
upon- condition-that'. he- tvobld pain : the
State of Pennsylvanitvpforthw vet:
return- tcniaitPSlate.: He did not leave. the
State a Pennsylvapia,Atbough lie received
said, pardon,land :was liberated from ,his
- Confinement by virtueof .4. 1 -Ile is now,application has been
mail 6 to IlisOourt, fur a rule 1.6 - slsov cause,.
why aavarrant shouli not be ` 'Eafice - d - , -- Pb
-that he:might be - arrested, - and remanded-to
the Penitentiry, under Isis - former sentence::
August session - 1840,- the case was argued
before Judge .B.Arnts, who delivered
ln.the 25th Section-of the 9th Article of
our State Constitntion, We find the doctrine,
that "Emigration - front - the State, shall not
be prohibited. ; ' branches of;
ernmetit, by their united ;action cannot pre
-vent emigration; is he 'supposed; that
the Executive can, of his ownmere Motion,
compel any one, to emigrate..
~citin_he im
pose emiu b ration tipon_ any one,hy way of
alleviated punishment; even. with .his-.con
sent, without law, or uuthOrity of law? Is
it a Subject about which the executive, and
convict, can make a binding.contra . ct ? At
tpr all; is the_aufkatitiition of one Itiod or
punishment, and disability- in fieu_otanoili ,
_• This - punishment, if- not forbidden, is
notlierinitted . as nishuuent by-outlaws:7
The character of this iastituteis stihstan- ,
tially wrong in principle, and Would be. Of
evil-consequences in-practice.. Under eve
ry aspect of the case, I think the condition
is void, and that the pardon is ahsolute, and
that, the rulo.must be discharged.'
"For thd . Herald §- Expositor'
the — differentire -
sons named for a seat in theileit Legisla
ture of Pennsylvania, the mine of our fel t
low . townsman, Mr, Jaceb• Bretz, has
beenlientio.ned. In viewing the claims,
as well as the'qnalifications of the-Several
gentlemen spoken of, none is more *mi.
nent,than these , of Mr. - Bretz: 'He - is em
phatically ono of the people; a =dirty- shirt.'
It ie hoped that the .coming County Conk
. ........e his elairns,
and give higi- a nomination. A VVliio, • '
s.ll:ite VOIIVeII fop'
hi 'Lai:cadet city, tiiday 181114 Sept.
Thp follonringPreainble.and Resolutions,
subm . tted by' 1)r. • WM. S. Rowe, wore
adopted at .a special meeting of the Harri
son Club 'of Carlisle, held. on - lionday
evening- tho7-17th --instant,. The_. attention
of—the-different -theld,antLoLoUr:frientla.
generally throughout the county, is earliest 7.
1r -requested to-the-object-which-they-cou•
template. • •
. .
Whereas; The friends and supporters "of
H. llorrison and John.
-'ryler, in tbe,county of 'Lancaster; have
determined upon; 'holding- a large County
,Convention of the people Of , said - County;
htthe city of baidaster, on Eriday the
of September next; and to which they invite
all the friendsnf Old Tip and Reform, who
'ieside in the iinmedinte neightioring coun
tiei, tO lifted() 'and • participate: in their,de-
whereaa;__The - parqi - ,( loLtka. pee-)
ple) which „still adhere to the much dis
.ased- and- 'constiin pled system of MartriY
that,:citv Whet '
ilrev)ave been pleaseil - to calf a/gathering!
of th Teople; but Which — we ine &slued
was, nothing more than , "a meeting . of office
; holders; together • with their Thrift§ Midi
'ticrend - ents;. - 7 - 11t - titerefore -- behoeves every -
atie'ef us, having at heart, the good ot our
cbtiutry, and-possessing the spirit ot free!
. ftiptiblicans; to sma4e.htriactualtdentenstra
,tion o€-the numerical force ottiterfree peo- I
pl 6 tlint .bibraitar of our cause. Therefore; !
Ilesolvede73l4 fl
Dr.7lliam RolanK
Qaptalci_Sapw4l_Ctop, aml.V_e6,, Fr. _Crabh,l
corentittect to procure` and
p,ublislf, the -names' or ell who are
fo , •unite- with the ''frecreeni.` , ef •Itineestey:
co.neti'4. Fridatihe ' 18th - ,of , Septtimbef
, , • '
• 'Resolvid, that *a recommeria
several Clubs 'throughout the'conny; the
appointment of tediii44l ;troth eadli
club it) et•_wittrthe aboieeenneittee.'
• •
• IlniirinxtarlitquitmSxwrzar.--11 . there -- he any perk
ionawho miiitaity doubt the truth of the All randethe- •
nitin Systend, we would 'entreat them tolAmder well
tipini - tliefcillaWing:factsi 7 --
-The food taken into the stomach is converted into
blood; Which rind stream,' flowing through' all' the
ramifications of the system, not only, inipaits strength
mid continues life, but'actually CREATES, roams and
nbtLiiaur eachand,every part of the animal machine.
if the blood,,tlieretbre, is pare and healthy, the body' •
Which -ii.formed "froin and suppOrtedly. the - blood; ,
canntiflie'diScased.- •-.lf-there is-a-single - pain or ache
in any phri,it. proves we hinie , no health., Nothing..
can be more Absurd than to say we have '"had health.
. Da. )3MOtiiturs NzeEtniita-Ugtvalls.i • .
enjoy, the enviable distinction of being feared and
ted .by the Medical Taculty,„betause they are des,-..
troying diseage tmd spreitditik health iirid consequent ,
happiness through the length and qeatltli'of our ' ,
loved country. - -4 • '•
Purchase: theih in Carlisle, of. Goo. W.
!or of agents liUliliiihetl in another part of this potion / . •
MARItIED,• - •
VOn thel3th the Red. 3'. ;IJlrieli Mr.
RY RAUDADAtItiIt, to MISSI4DIA iiilß744lll . 4trtßilkl:;
fO,Vit tOWObill p. .. • ~ • •• ..
V On thoi sank day, by the same, MK. DANIEL -WRA
vEn, to Alissilcrry BEcicon, jilt of Sit wer: Spring • -.
• . .
Oo the some day, by the tame, Mr. W.tu t imal.Ank
imitinsr, of Dickinson towiiship, to Miss SattAft 3.A.Nit.. • •
I‘l.wi; of SoutiLMitlillettOi .tsiwieship. - •
Oa die gOth hist. by the saint!, Mr. Amor McCurpt, -
tll"Elise' CORNINGRAM; all of - Monroe
township. • .
. ,
. I . •
Y oi.ELlava •
'2lst Nlv..A: AIt;EL:TATNE> r; 0 11.
of Mifiliii Sdwuship , Cumlii ilund'ebuity, in the 5.5111
37eitr of 1114 . 11 , . e. - •
• - nridgepOki Liehi.
rrl-IL.ou scribe' haytog become jigent hit
the tthove Lhiof Freisht . Catrs, reSpeet,
fully inforin the public, the liels ready. at nit times .
to fonvartl hutilier to.any point along the CUM-
Iterlittitt Valley or Franklin Hail'
• Ortiers - tplresseil as above; a ill meet With prompt
attention. _ _
A ugu,t fro; 1840. ---3 t
Snr~ciiL'S Political Reuister for
HE,sabscriber.llaye jast,r6ceived'g fc*
tlie i•e , sOlts of EleetionS4Mblifi flit!. ut* Slate 8 - and:::
Counties throughout the United -States from 1808 'to
1840. The above wof k will be fou n d a - convenient •
reference for those a ho•wish .16 compnre the resultd_
of the.up7rovelliog Cleiftion4 with those that bat e pre:
ceded Went: - Pena? 25 •
iirrNER & MULV_ANY: _
, Aujiist 28, 1840.
- - • •• • - - .. _.. .
•—-.- Log Cabin Buttsing; • • -
,_ ...
••nrillE- subscribers have just received a further sup=
1 ply of Ls Cabin Jingo/is.% - - • -
~ ,
• ' • • --- - • --11.1TNE . MULV ANY.: -.',
August 26, 184
, . .
'el AAIE to the' l'hiotatioa of 'flininas Craighead .. y
oao-kii,-.Solith-.4lAttletoit—toty.tialtiii r tite.4ottitg__.4.
i;little,' . (ltmeribett aa Icillog ii i ' - •. '
. .
One Spreel:leil Heifer, about 11 . years old; one Red
dov:sitrouv2 years:do; onel3laek-do. Ililollt-li years do;
one Heil Steer, about I,i• yen, a do; one Sinn - Cud Bull,
Shout 1 year do, • - No marks to be s en. -.•
• The owneiisalcsiittllo.notneioni.l6l,Trore 1111ri
I.erty, pay elinrges.and. take-them away ; otherwise
11Ernril - beiliariosed - ot'aceording - to - lirtr;
-- -August ‘26; 1840.—dt . _
Estate of Jacob Pain; deceased.,
tate of Jacob Palm, late - orw - arl'ennisborough
tucimithip, Ctintherltuut County, deed. have beefl
sued to the subscriber residing in said-township r-Nci;,•
tit e-• is -liereby = gistin _td _all those _indebted An said
estate to• inake immediate payment, and „Ai those
having claims ugititist said estate to present them,
properly authenticated, for settlement.,
August 26,13;01-
foiviuzE.sA LE or.'
• .
. .
17.1randralhs_Legetobie waiver
• -sor.E.Pillsi r .. -
- ..
Are' eld by the following Ilkt:IllS in their malice- '
tive counties, As numerous counterfeits or these'
pills are attempted to he palmed upon the - communi 7 -
ty, the propriety of purchasing . mil) from t h e .
razed agents, will be apparent. .
Cinnberland Couitty—GeorgeW. Hither, Carlisle;
Adam nieget i Mechitiliesburg;-(iilntore - & , Setittuan, - -
Newville,; S. Ciilb9l,_son, illiippcnsburg ;, Bolai'lt '
Brenneman, New Cumberland ; Isaac IliTtou, Ps=
niiiirlll7 - C iltupp -- , - ShiremairStowm - L - rittegelttio.
Clitireittown. , _ . . , , • • •
t ,Perry County—Alexander Magee; Bloomfield i -
J. br. S. A. Coyle; Landisburg. •! • • -,. - _ ,
Augitst li, I EAQ-v - .
- . .
Orphans- Court
pursuance of an order of the Orphans' Court of:
Cumberland Comity,. will .be exposed to public
on Ale premises, 9il Friday Me :2(1 'of. October:
next, at 12 o"clock.noon E the: following described real
estate-late tire propertJ of JtilM Dait idson, Esq. de
ceased,- '
Traci of Limearoneg.Mill. - iti"Weiticenniborea l
totimship, about 2 Milei east of Ne*Valle, by
lands of Samuel S ites,Jaeub Lamm?
.andlohollyces, containing fifty - six acres, more ot:
lesS. About 40 acresareii .
ing timber—about 20 acres sown with clover seed --
last spring. There is ai well on the premises, whichf
OW a little repair; would tiffordA constalit .'supply
of . Water. The soil is gout: and produces ciktial . td
--anYln_the neighborhood. "
Also, on a'W:tairi/iiphe 3d of October, at. One
clock, the house - of Col. Wm. 11. Wood:
burn; in Neiiwille, trill lie'ofiered - at public" sale tC.
-he ve-Aiiwdoli-TrouaLLationu , a mile north weak
of Newsitle, b.avied by hauls of Woodburn; W - ailk".
sconuLtheikaufoiluAuinet_ercekLeontwiiiiiii_ti Mara.
und,l2 I perches; welt . enclosed Ad good gra'Ss land.
Also, at the same time and place, alot of Bi acres
of land about half .4 , .taile" tient] east of Newville . ;
hounded' by hinds of Ale'. Elena's heirs add Samuel. -
~rtnti on Monday tlie.sth,of October, at one o'Clocli
M., , on.the premises, will be t olre'red atiniblk
n lot of first rate theadoWland,Ttairthe - Aftriint; Reek - -
*lag, bounded by,lafids of. Wm.-Pavitison unilmitriat'•
eioia for t iu of deceased, contaioing"Cacreti And 1.51 •
Pil•st k ils wishing to fiureftn,,e are ikited;fo
the above-MlOperty previous to de day, Of sale: .
'• T.erms of sale prescribe r s by the Coutt:::'oUo.luilf , .
-the purchase Money. to be paid - on the'etinfirinaticitiT-.
of tits: Salei.the balance in two ecjual yearytl,pymentii '•
without interest, to be secured by n '
eyed on the Ist of April 1841.' ~. • ; •
order of dustOrphina'Couf s ;
L CHM' ,
4ugu t 19, 1840,=—Ms:
---. Y-,--
~. .;:, ,f ,
.B . l' a stated Orphans Court, begun ancb , lield 0n:.,, ,',+,
' nday the loth day of August, Ililfkat Car:p'i.,.,:', , io.,
Its u iti and for Cumberland County. beforo the lion, 4 ;:4:'
irrniii4l.teillturn — Prcsidettr, -- itud .- And -Stuart -and ; ',,:i'
.lolut s Lefeier, aiibiiafe 51(Oltiei of Wu salllOiciiirtsftlii ..1 ". ;
i signed Flt6iLhc fult6whttOrtideeilings crerallititto4sl ,*''..,,..
, 19. th Attgust 184.07' LOC on ill the Wilt of Itktbie is,k .fii..,;„'•;
I Armstrong. deceased, to slum; cause at aieuext, ~ 7. ,
I Veillber ocatrt,;:tshr the Real .Ettate" of Rob`erl4.NoC„,...„ .
fstro_og,decbl, Would not lie sold ; . personal..ltotlett , *(qa , , , ,,
re ( 86'0A ()11 . flit- 111‘''itilFtitielOsklimr,.AtIOVA:tpty,1* - 4,
miles, and fni:all othent.tat,,ta:olltOntrAttelrsl9l4,4hetie'72,
i .iti CorliLds, for four Successiver*tfeki.relt4t utatAlit i .,-,„,
Court.`.; - ••• ... ~-. • .„: . .;. , i ' , ..7optbsl4o*.t."f.' ~
Otinberland County, es.
"'. , iitt i • '
.1; do eCrtiti the'ittdtiCtriitli'?iiiiiiito:;7' , ..; 4 ': - C'
a. iii taken from tli,e' fitcOrtliVtif ibj,Orl f ,. Y .
,4 c' 4. 'Nina Court itt and forlgaltViiittsh'"4 4 .'' , ; - V e f t
' 1...^ ;(• • I: • 11/Abair/1011y i/111Predri•1/#o,VititatO r t•' , 6,\.;
' \l s,. 4. * , set my band 8114 i peatl?ii'rttititt. - -odiiit;',,te3.l.
-catlisle the t4th i gultit.)trAtigijio:Bo,'7.:* '''''.:c:
~')'.VS- AV,PVCOPLIt'IO,,, -,...,'- ,
~, i ll
• ~ ..o'..': -. ' 'CltYlt' be 4,i,iiiik;- ,,-, l!' , :arei
- t•; , f. ,, ,•:' , :• ', '• , •;, ;•••,, , : ;,,,...-• , ...f . ..;;?? .. ;.r,, , P,
• ,ir,,, ~, •.„. , ; . : :•,•,:- - v;-,.,...:„.,,,0k0
Auggsl VJ 1840
- , , , ,,tt)
0 1* 1