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WEDDZESDiy, MARCH 27, 1839.
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The Printing-Office
of Ike'. •
"[ A il -11 1 1 I'j: :Z T R P cinTiNNVI; I IN F T. u 0 1 g,t7 , 1!
• _ . Ell BY THE EDITOR; '
• •
One- ,. .-dour--.Prort -of-silte. , -Slore
- • • .1-ratoldA.•,Coo
---A-M-C30101)ATgl/ AS USUAL.
11liircli 2T; 899, '
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bWILTTAN.R. GORC AS nod, G uoutiE W; Cu/t n,
EEtirs., accept our thanks for various pub
' •
- Iplr't'Ve tit•e-i.e9u,est4B to state 1.101.. at aynectingl)f,
- giment, P. M. held at the Itidoe School ilonse, to
. of Colonel 'of said Itegitnent, in the room of 'Colonel
- - Peter Lesltir, resigned, Major-J. J. IfEA.IPIIILL
'vas' unaniinousljrnondnated ft. said °Fiji-C..
have received, brit at' too late an" ltotir for
-knser.tiott_ this-tycek's paper, the "proceedings of
meeting of the citizens of Southampton - and the ad
joining townshipa, held at-the house
,of y„ . T.
14E111, onSati:day evening•_ last. The object of th , !
inceting : svas to-notniuste-a--suitable- person for -the
office of Colonel, Sti'cafed by the resignation of
.Colonel Peter Lea/icr. Afli jar WlLtzAm
•, President, and Captain' olvi W. CccrEn,Seerefary.
A-coimmittee ofseven was appointed to report
(Kite, who nominated Captain JAMES (ILES:NUT.
• ishich nomination wa.3 unanimously gonfa!med,',
~.....3earnfrom the Philadelphia Inquirer of this morning,
_that4aftep-tbo--ebarge of-Judge -Rodgers-to'the - Jury
- yestenlay morning-, in this_important case, the Jury
retired at about It and M. little more than
. • half an hour returned with a re:rdiet in fimer of the
• f Velu Schootiorßetatere,
We • have since heard that the RespOodents have
pined for a new trial,
MI LITAIM-Our borough was pnt 11l n great buzz
last week on nceonint of n number of nei..ests of theof
figriLor the. 10 nan9lion_Gurnheeknnl74,Volunteess,
niade•by Odor of Colonel POtilk, The Colonel; it
eilicera of his Battalion to report forthwith; and com
e -
pany•ollicers within six days for themselves and each
__Anember_of_their_company,:wheiher_they_w ere_or._
" were ngt willing- to volunteer their services to the
President of die United §tates to march to Maine in
case - of - a - warwltliCreat - Britain, Onr reaIEITAVIII
- • understand the whiile, subject .1);% perusing the pro
ceedingsefthe _paitalion meeting, particularly those:
• - the 'George Washington Artillery," which'will.
befound in !Mother column. • Although a member of
another corps, we feel it our' duty to say, that we ad
mire the noble anti patriotic stand of the members of
the above. naMed company in this Weir. They arc
truly worihy of the name they bear, Mid - Seem deter
;rained to assert their rights, and protect their coin;
•manding officer from insult. The prompt manner in
which this new company respond to a 'tyranniea/
. order, evinces a Magnanimity of conduct which is the
!test guarantee of their future welfarU and prosperity:
Whether the officers thought a war unlikely to
'.happett; or-whether-Amy:imagined' thaCCol. Poulk
had ne'right to issue such an order, or whether they,
weie backward in volunteering to march with an of,.
. ,
. neer whose eontluenti the recent Court ,of Inquiry
jaViiireitt raison to ;doubt liis''c'orn age,' we do not
pretend tO:tiajbeit - eertaitrit'lli7that - they treated it
with that contempt, which taking all things -into con
sideration, it deserved.
We understand., that- Major general Alexander
-subsequently owned Colonel Foulk to be ari.ested.—
'The nsture-of the - chatus and specifications
not heard
Sii'iz.LoAtt:—The-credit of the-state Ofyenniyl
- is nitlio lov att . ebb, that the money . required to
carry On the-intblie works cannot be boritciwetl.' Cnp-
italisuf will not advance their nionei , to a -set of men
who, openly justify the outrages of a mob ready; and
r"4rilling:M% destroy the' goSet•ntrient,. What security
is there or what confidence could tiny feel of Payment?
The.lbco foe° irojeCt of sending an *iit 'Pig-
/ six".4filiiinis for.the use of the govern-
melt shows the clutt4eter of" the partyl' and the bad
credit of 'the stale. at .honie. The ' l egislature can
-oblige the United States Si,. to loan money it jinn'
.per cent. to theatnonnt of siz millions of dollars; vet
our iuplettkrepresentatives prefer paying five or six
ter; cent. the Lleitteh Banke.'s'atu4.iyoldes.
these are bright fellowtiatul Musthave verylezveari.
:: - .oo.olllce!'nfrtae ! ! 'oiftee !!! is al) the loco foeos
seem to think 'about. It 'is the 'calling principie Of
Creed and being in or out of olliee with them
nmkokevery thing either right or wrong. Ifa Whig
is in offtee,the ' , eking curs of the locoloco party,
'press give tongue and hunt biro`w and if don, they have.
-- the - power;turn — hinrOnt7 ,This7ihey think is, right Dut it a loco foe° bra'wler be re - inored"from office by
his opp - Omuta, 'ri,,great:Uproaris, proocription.
isshinyed•:Out, silid "pei•accution far opinion's•inke, is
talke.lof; truth iq, these lOeSos : aeem to think"
Mutt all the offices yere, mule Corthetri.,and
E Z-GOVERNOR: aPprat:sthat at the re:-
cent election for township officers, (as we learn from
the American Volunteer, whiclr,hy.lhe bye, is not the
very best authority in the world) some of the move
minilictive'and ignorant of the loco focos
in West
'pennsborough, had the - effrOtery te'deposit-tickets in
the ballot-lox:•tiltit the !tante Of nJOSEVII Ittrasn
printed or written thereon as a candidate . for Consta
ble. Noty,as-ifte. !cocoa cannot muster even a "corpo
ral's guard" in good old Westiictinsborough, of course •
bntfew such tickets were deposited; and the Volint
teer, trite to the contemptible spiiit which has ever
charaeteriied that mendacious 'print, heralds it forth
as an evidence of Governor i itner's:declining pond
larity in that staunili,Antimasonic - township. , The
editor also takes occasion to abuseein Ix vulgar man. :
- iitiyour'Wzfetlirand , - - -estiotable --- Ex. , Governori - proba-;
bly thinking thereby to recommend himself to "the
poWers that be," and thus provide for himself when
:lie shall leme the Protlion'okary's °nice next frill. We
think, however;thatit Govern - or Pon;rEß basilic least
spark of honor in his bosom; he will spire 'such base
attempts of the cringing editor of the Volunteer to flat
ter hint, by ahusinga pan whole's fined--honorably
filled—the highest office in the-gift of the freemen. of
Pennsylvania. . • . •
JOSEPH RITNER, having retired feOm llaCtoils and
cares of 'office, will, in a very few—Alays; become a
'citizen of our county, Where he intends pursuing the
l honortildennitifeateful - calling - ofan husbandman...nit_
will carry with him into his retirement the good
wishea of thousands of his . fellow-citizens; and will
enjoy that peace - of - mind'which results - from -alon
scionsness-of having (lone his ?witokk DUTY as an
-Executive officer.--When such nhsourcscribblers as
the editor of"the Volunteer IMO at him the.shafts of
their petty and !impotent malice; . lie will treat. thUm
"wiikthe contempt which they so. justlyjaerit.;.
N. ll. Since the above wad type, we have seen
and _ conversed 'with a' gentleman;from Westpeans—
borough, w h o positively denies that any votes - weee
east for Gov. liltin. at their township electiOn; Thus
the..,charge-is proved to. have
. origina6l in the tlis
rehapered iMaginalion oldie VolUnteer-man:.
• (L - 71•Wesobserve that the Volunteer and some other
kiltdred . Mee, • 11)6).p:tilers, pretend to --- disaiwer that
'CongressTeposedgreat-60aence in the •Presiilent of
the United States,. Martin V,ui Buren, when they
passed a law authorizing hint MI call out thetmilitia
and protect - our territory from foreign invasion! By
the. - Federal - Ciriit - ilter r ritlays 'possessed the
-powee r ani(Congecss-havylonemiU-titore-than make_
an appropriation,- enabling Idin,to:carrylinto 'cxecm'
:thin; measures for sustaining, the honor and dignity, of
the Country., -Wheircitmotitional rightstireMadnged .
upon by •a , :foreign power, 'we trust that the-Whig
mendWrs.of Congress will always Tie ready to--ein
.pou'er the Executae; .
hoevi.;---bc*,-be i to maintain
_the_high.charneter_whichif r ie_country_nOtr_austains....—
Congtxss liad ijot unlimited confidence iii the:
Presiilenti-ii-evident-frotirthiLlintt-thititheYlWoult not
.sanctiOn therbill reporta by the : Committee tin For:,
cage Rei r atiois;•autherizing _the •raising.er2l
meats - ofregalars inoreover, that the liresknit_ - Made di.:7/1/ 14444 Ig.fte'r the
;twitting of Congress. -
To talk of suelia mampossessing the confidence of
the people is rather ridiculous. No person even ,
imaginetithattherc would be, the least danger in en
trusting-Martin Van liiirest the.iword"..oftlie_
country, for,he;like - sonic of ourneighbors; who sball .
now lee.nainelehs, would rather bide yiniseltlin 4 flour
barrel, than expose his precious hide to danger. lii
discretion, which is,considered" the'hetter Inuit or
valor," every one lias - tonralenee:—The, great fear to
be felt from Martin and
. 1119 friends, is the great love
of " the purse" which they have •always shown.—
Fighting is not their strong point, hut fir, walking into,
the money, end walking of with the money, they.arr
Unsurpassed by any preVieus administration. Iliac
lies the great danger, hod 'Congress will find fit out
when too late,
c i :jJuilge'llErnuits commence his 'Official
duties at the :Perry coindycourt On Monday- next.--,,
VotinOn his professionoind nat presesing the t!ilints
and, legal
,experience which are so ,essential - in the
character ofa Judge, he will without doubt, if he
ti • • • •
possesses much sensibility, find that his situation is
not a bed of roses. fhb 'ugh he was selected on party
groundsalonei - weliope - for - the - hon - orohltellen - ch,
that" he ' will •adininisti . 2r jitstice and the law in their
uilge has a daractir to establish
bud tiinc will x9Oll show rbether he will be Worthy'
of his station, or whether, like some Judges now in
-our-state,--he -the -mere- tool -of--a-political
ffiction. • • •
--;l4lEnit-tvILL - ROT C .II w-w-s-n.--We- recommend-the
• folloWing short article, from the Philadelphiallerald
. & §entinel; to the atfention of those nutierstAtaput•s
of our borough, who are; appareally, so anxiCitis - uot
only to volunteer their own services,, but also to com
pel other' to volunteer to march to , the, frontiers of
Maine. Theywill find that there is at•present Ink
little probabilitrthat their services will• be required,
hut should, unfertmikely, "grim. visaged war" visit
our peaceful , and happy shores, we trust that those
who now look add talk so savage, will then be wil
ling to " forward march t,"'and perform . their. duty
like men and soldiers." The intelligehee from Eng
land is conclusive, to our judgnient, as to the feeling
of a majority of the. Whig partythe party in Power.•
The scussion-in iament-took- pined,-
it is true, on .the Canada' question it neverthe
less, devilopes the•torie of the Tory Party as of a
belligerent aspect, while the',Whigs are cooilyraTl
autionsly - for - peace.—lt-will-be-thetenne-thing upon
.the gtiestiOn of our Northeastern
liegton will talk wr.ttln, but Mel bourne anifilroughani
will talk pettee. .Tlie Tories, hatil•the very. natuo
-of a Itepuhlie, IVould like to 'do something to, east
odium upon our institutions if no other oppor
tunity shoultfpreseut itself, they would be.WillittgAti
put baOk theliheral feeling which appears to be• ex
parading. itself in England; by a war upon our insti
tutions: Mit the Whigswill atyer stand.this.
sides, not a small pecuniary matter is now:iirtolved.
Embracing the direot:debt we owe from commercial
operations 'as ; :state scrurities, ye :probably;
owe - England inie I Ired , Millionsl of 'dollars; and,
more. And whht. is mare, England is not Very-soon'
to.give,up Ameiica as a customer for her manufac
tures. We shall
,havo•no• witr T oe Whig Pat:tY , of
EnglitO decide," • • - • • ' '',„'
Tiid Otipot, STarkm OF . linrcsyLvAxt.C-- 7 The ,
InteSehotil Superintendent, Mr. Burrowes, statelikin
his report, that of theien hundred and, twenty-serer
diStriets in , the * Statd, - fight - hiunireil and saventy-fiile
have already accepted-:the-astern. :That In tise
there are at least five thousand'echools and two hen
dred and thirty thousand VlCholar;'; and that since the
hitrodnetion of the systern, the , cost .of instruction is
only one half What it 7as.befOr l. - e the cornicno School
Si4d . ein went into .
Irr . ,The Joan. Hintansor, Whig;:neeently.
elected J)y the Legislature iirt i Missisippii i , to the in ,
ate of the United tates; wits' w,altoenMker from 1845
Fidiana#, • ATi - he end of that
term he removed to Cincinnati, went to. school a kw.
'years, studied law with the Iltnalellamy Storer - ,Went
'south; married Well; i# l 4lis,tiour a United §tatesSen•
atm, country; any; piung 'inian, by persevrv'
trance and indnstryi may fi i )l, the highest
.&fit)::i . F'..:(ar*l.l.o.ltir T.i»..v.V41-J.V::;(itv-VlSt.Nse'o.44.l9:la',..*.
QThe flecarr;
. 114 'able and independent
Whig, paper, publishCd ,in Chester county, thus
ouently pourtrays the - char:l4er of the Whig party of
that county. We fielieve that the character 'of the
,Whigs.-of Chester county - , -- ia •t 1 :character of the,
'Whigs'and Antintasons of Cumberland, and, indeed',
of every county in the stale. The Whigs and
masons' of , Pennsylvithisr-arcillinished. for
, intelligence,ladnstry,,tenipet:ance and psitriotism,and
if they remain firm and ,united; they will eventually
c - aueCeedin'driiing rum the helni - ofistate those .cor;; .
I •
,ruptand short-sighted politicians who now disgrace
.our beloved' Commonwealth. 'The Recor4' Says
'We have mingled freely with the people of Chester
county, abroad and at home; we haye conversed with
them face to fitc'e,.in•the field a.nd by their own fire
-Wes ; antl'4 Tiiivegoild reason to knoci tkit thug
nee generous, hosPitable and enlightened, No -yeti
ple knows better o or practises there fully, that sound.
principle of economy—' your own business,'
laid let other people attend to theirs,'—dam they do :
and hence they prosper. Every pendent 'Mau
has enough for himself. and 'family ; -- and always a
trine.{ or•poverty Or affliction : he has always uword •
of - comfOrfforthe distressed, add his hand is open to
the needy. His firm is his kingdom—his wife and
family his coMpanions, who. mingle his jays and
,solace his afflictions: He is the sturdy ? independent'
and enlightpied citizen. ..• . •
--- SirChlithe-Cheitai county &inner . ; Gutwliilc his'
family is the home of the aftections•and the nursery '
'of all those feelings and. sound morals, - whicli eras- .
Mani the humnq chiti;acter,,the• farmer la tinirO - S6 -
wrapped up, in domestic things as to turn a blind eve
and a dint canto affairs which -agitate andaffect
the interests of his-country. Far-removed fi-Orn the
turmoil ofpolitiesl/Strife. lie mingles but rarely . on
the political areris Cita fiom hisrfire"-side,.tiS
throne, he views acid caolly . e 'evaj; movement
and incident calculated to benefit or injure the happi
nesiat the people and the country. TerSndir - t - the'
intrigues' by which tiesigners'attempt to mislead the
tinsuspicious—able . to distingniili between Abe titlse
glare and acceptive• colors with-which vice:attemptS.
to dcOnivevirtue, he is rarely wrong, and alwayr
ready retrace a falsestep. lie thil.ks tor hitnself;
and despise:l- ihe simple tool N Ito permits others to
think for him. ' .
In our inteyvairsn with the ; higs of
county; w . e - have found — such - tolie - theirleharacter trit
tharacterexaltqd is it dihtingnished degree, and one.
Which hits won our most ardent admiration Mid high-
est; respect, : With such- a, lially..We act.-
pr -such a party we glory 'in..being consideyed
humble to:ext•Cl in the
virtues m-hich tlistinguish ifs itieMbers,.'wecan imitate
-and followthem,- -Koowin g and appreciating—the
patrpitisra and intelligence.of the party, we rely with
confichince; on the belief, that in the hour of tria l it
found true ; to a nu - ti ; ter their cause and their
country- 7 40t. the . ronstitutiinranil-the
li s eart, they will be Amited in. action t' and a hen they
Bill, ii fall-they must, they will fall together, and not
shattered in a.thausand fragments:" _
sL"ilitru~y t VC(tifr:
At a military merlin-, Itrld at the public home- of
:Major *Jacob Ilelwar, on Saturday evening, March
Id, 1839—0 n uslaiou of Colonel Foulk,. Sergeant
WM. PA RISS tvas appoluted Presiditt Licutonant
It, A,.NOHLE,.Iind S e rgeant
A.'_residents, and . Corporal.Joa .TultM ud
Joas ll,Out.Torr werechostm Seccetarics.
On 'motion of pent. Mceartney c n. committee of
seyeta Were appointed to draw ap . a preamble and re
solutions expressive of the suisc of dab; Viiiraltirici;:ibd
report the same at a future nwetingiso be palled by
the conunittec—whercupant the chair appointed the
following named gentlemen to serve on sahl comvoit
tee, Viz:— L ieutenant 'Robert MCCartury, Captain
Samuel Crop, Ser,.leaiat 'Major James M. Allen, Sur
geon Williaa.S. Itoland,'Qoarternalaster Sergeant E. I
Continual, Captain William Mau& and 11_,ieutenaid
NVillastm...M. Porter.
---Thr-tueetioi then adjourned to meet ,t-the call of
the committee.
Agrec:ahly to the call °fan: conimittee i anaqjoiwned
meeting of the Battalion was held tills eveniog at the
house oi . ,Major Jacob Itehrtir, to hear the report of
the committee appointed at the meeting on the ttith
instant. In the absence of one of the Secretaries of
the former .meeting, on motion of Captain S.Citor, ,
GEO. M. riiiLLIV3 Was appointed to net as Secrkacy.
The committco4ppointed at the fOrliler meeting
of which was Signed by four or the members, the I
On motion of
.Dr. Roland, the (*.Mowing. report,
signed by a nnijority of the coduidttee; .was adopte'd
ineettog as beiigexpresshe of their views, 2
lit committee up paintedat-a.mcetiug
of the lit iliittalion of Cumberland Volunteers,_held
on Satordivening the IGth of „March, to take 'into
log the_services of the battalion tmhis Excellency the
Pres:dent of the United Studs—respectfully make
thelol I ow ing_statemei
--That dining the dine the committee haul the sob;
jecf under 'consideration, ow order was issued by Lt.
,Colonel Fount, as follows:.
"BAYUALION 011.91:111.9;.—Tlie members'ofthe
Ist battalion a Cumberland Volunteers, well! OpOrt
whether they are or iire not, willing to voludteerutheir
services the President of, the Coded Suites for a•
tour of military duty in case . an war between the U.
States and Great Britain. The field officers, the com
missioned and the non-commissioned staff officers
will report in writing to the undersigned ifinnediate
ly on receipt of this order. Officers in cbminand of
companies will report in writing, by.liame for them
selves, and for each individual belonging:to their re
spective 'companies within sii,days after the! receipt
of thisorder. The -Adjutant will communicate. this
bFdei• - = -- withiii - Ilwty , four:hours - from-the:date-hereof
to the field antbstalf officers, and to the Captains of
companies either persoinillyor!by Colty."
• •
,Colonel Command
Your committee tfeeMthe oider' an' asstimu.
tion of power, on the Lnirt of Lidut. 'Colonel Pau
not conferred on libin officti—net delegated to
him by-the -meeting, and an inshlt-t0 the'. battaiien
througli.theircomniittee.. .
• • Your '.committee,• therefere,',beg leave 'to 'decline
making any reportrand recommend ,the passage of
Residved, That the further consideration of the
subject be indefinitely postponed, -
An of which is respectfully-submitted:
.'• • --w, ILIA M. S. R01..X1' 4 4),- - •
- • ' 'JAMES At ALLEN,
'On. motion; the" following. resolutions, 'adapted Ay
the, !!George.Washington Artilleg;!,Aytreithenvend:
W ' Whereas, a " military notleo,'. over th_e signature
of" Mr; Foote:, Lt. Colonel .Cominanding'," atyltm.
der:date of "Mara 13, 1839," was,puhlibbed an tlij,
.fielsPapera, of the horough 01 Carlisle . , reapfeating
' 44 'I he 'menibers'of the lat illatuilion Orem berland
Volunteers, and. Othera,‘'to. attend a meeting at - the
pnblia' house of' JA,COI) ,ftlEllftAlt, on Saturday:
- evening next, to take into emixith . ratiOn the.subjeet of
teneleeing the services -- ef thellattaliOn to the kieSi. I
'dent of th'eynited States." ' ' ' ' • ' - .
And whereas,the - . mcmbera of. mud_ Ifattelton, did, ,
assemble at the t I me and phipeappoiiited hipttranane,e '
of - kiaid call—was duly orputiiedi. and - thei'objek of,
the meeting fully explained by Lt: Cu!. 'W;;Foutk. .
And whereas, this , battalion meeting could nirive ' • definite conclusionoirNing 'from' a-witnt of *au
-1 thentie information, whereupon, sifter corisideraticiii, '
a v pruiieib . appoihting n eottee of 1 ,
ses i 'er s i c'lui pee i g:is ‘Ys i 9 oeepnet upon the enk!dieneyninii of ti.
dering.the services. of the
battalion,_ ho lysra ttreii . .-
same reiggaticnotu *a
chorizCd to lai 14,.!tyirdvie , late ,wi
battalion when prePared to repOtA ra ii i 7,,,,h, 0 ,„,, d 1 CAI
,Andidterfait, a" b11tta_,....-. l knik4 7. lialtin-lbr-thenil '
' " W.Teulk,Tl4.. C4ilati helOnginMi heir: rel is
of" Marph:t!il; . l:B9 ! lif :101 — days'after iliereeeipt• S '
a r ompairiekteme ihey hem or .riririicit 'hillink to:: P 4"
selves antl.Et!ertiersAci.7the Pec'ehlent-of the f tri . - ' du
speatt7o tour of duty in cilia ofli werlietweeit" the?
461 States andSreiii.Brltain- • ' , • • ' • '
And whereas, the subject is now under considera
'thin of the coniiiiittee 'appointed by the "said battalion
meeting, and the company believing thiit :any. action
upon the " Battalion Order" would be disrespectful
alikete the battalion arid. the committee.
- Therefore Resolved, That the officers of the "Geo..
Washington Artillery' y 'Ae - and:theyare hereby' re ,
quired ombelialf of the members of thidcornpany, to
report to." W. ,Foulle, Goromanding,"-tbat -
We will take no' action whatever Upon the "Battilion
inasmuch as said:Oetter is in direct oppoiiition
• to the expressed vote of a battalion meeting—and well
calculated to frustrate the vieiora of:the members. of
the Committee, one of whom is the common:ding offi
cer of,, whom we will not see insulted
when acting on.alconimittee.of the.hattalion—and that.
asTreemenand citizen soldiers we" take the respon
sibility" of reftisine toobey . an order, illegal, unjust;
and unconstitutkat. . -
Resolved, That when our country calls, through
the legall.V_constititted_authorities, for aid-in-defence
of her rigida, her constitution and-her laws, we are'
willing to march and devote "our fiv6" to defend
those rights for which our ancestors "fought and bled
and died," detettnined at all hazards to hand down to'
posterity our republican form of government; untarn-,
isheiblier insQUtCioins unequalled--and her civil,
political, and• Military glorymnparallelcd; ---
'Resuived, Tint the threping preamble and reso
lutions be handed to the battalion meeting to lie held
to morrow evening, with,a request that they be read
as the views of this company.
lteaolved, That the -lumping- preamblemid-reso--
!idiom . ; be transmitted-to Lieutenant Colonel' Willis
Fcralk by the officers of this company. • . .
9.3 d March, 1839. Entered on the Minute Book or
the George Washington Artillery. •
ALFRED CREIGH; See.refary.,
jo ) irtipiL • • • —L.
State - COnvention.
The friends of HAnnzsox and WiliiTEß II) the se
veral countiekof Pennsylvania, are retreated to' ap ! '
point delegates, equal' in number to members to
the State Senate and !louse of Representativea, td
meet at the Court House M Harrisburg, .at 4
im - - - - • , ,
Wednesday the'22d day of May, 1839,
for the purpose of nominating a Ticket of Electors,
to be voted for by the people.of Pennsylvania at the
Presidential- Vertical in 1840, and-pledged,-if elected,
to 'support the candidates for. - President and Vice
Presidentolthe-United-States, settled by the Demo.:
1-cratie- AMinutsonio National Convention which was.
held in Philadelphia, itt November, 1838. • • ,
Eurrowes, . Ncr
Theophilus Fenn, 'Ands Ellniaker,
I Francis .lames, ThoninsEhler,
Irilliantll7.lry.iii,- 4/Iyres, -
(Monar Denny,' • SannietH.- Fisher,-
• IFillionitlifeekre,-
George -Mowry,
•• Harrisburg,. larch 5,,; 839.
. .
.' • - rhiladr . liihia,-111arpli 5. '.
=4l-,(JI-1t- &-111.A-L.-;-The-utiward-tentlermy - notiA
t h last week lia s sciiiTtinneil in Flour; sales 'early in the
7week-:-.14:1-7-_-;' - 2-57117 . ' Kin 5-,-shief ty7 ats7;l7.bilater.-At
$7,57-a 7,50 ; and Mr some days past 7;50 haS keen
the general price. Stocks are light, with a moderate
demand Mr teipnwirt and-home use, Rye Floinit- ,
sales at $5,'25, , Corit 'Meal in-hinds. has Void-a - old at
$l7, anii inlibls. at $3,87.-1 - a $3,75. ' . - .
". GRA V.--- . Wheat is Kiddy inquired_ for, and we
have no sales of any'extent to note. Rye sells f're'ely .
'at ii l , oB a 1,10 Per bushel. Corn Is in fail . ..demand at
kateritly rates, viz; round at_ 8G a 88; flat yi•Ilow 86,
anal white-84 cents per bushel. Oats,--sales at 43
i . eentS, to some extent.- _. . _ .
WHISKEY--Ilas - been sold at.3B a on cents - in
• ..-
1111 s., and 39 in bbls, being a decline. •
OR the 19th the Iter.J.Ulricli,Mr:GronGE
SrllcEr: EL:MIA:MT - to Mrs. CATHARINE BURNET, bOtli of
On the 4 21.5 t iUst.. by the Saline, Mr. "WILLIAM COO.
VEll, tO :11i; 'NIA KY Ouccit all °Monroe township. •
- On the , 22(1 inst., by the leer. P. Scheurer, of Dills
bmitc. 9L. TilomAs cATBARINE
IvEhTFALL, both of Cumberland c.o. •
TI rfil la, lit'st, by the Rev. Beßjamin S. Schfieck,
Mr: .lony :11 ELI. ING FM; t) Miaa MAIWAIIET
EU, b9thlcf' . th6gouv.ty, • .•
• -7.O7A..ZALL
Price $l.O, - Eimutit of ; .Capt.. James Iti r lihtni: -
1111111, at the Carlisle lrou Works, agent forlhe own-
• Villa's'. COmpoisiut -Extract of.
___The_Gek6rate(Fstrbstitute-for—eakonel,- 1
TIIIS excellent article havitilho tt od the test of ex
perience elsem here, is o ff , red to . public 'with conft-.
(fence, that those afflicted with diseases dd which Cal
will find relief from its use. Its perfect applicability :
in ins of the live'', and in het in all visceral' Oh
_structionsyltasbeenlifflfiviedluid th6.decision_of_pidv—
. lozioTiitirotiTtiwwffltiturreat u trniter-of7the-must:
spurtaldel'hysiehins, has been giveti in its favor. — lt is
particularly recommended iii liver diseasee, obstruc
tions of the bowels, ( . 11111 . 01min eruptions" of the skin,
• iilcontlitioned ulcers, and dyspepsia. Its 'flatiott is
tunl perfectly soli.
th e l aw a vilmiturv, statement Made
highly riispectarile and scienae Physician, and ap
peared in the "Jeffersonville Conrier," lastwinter
terr con t• A 1.115113..---1 la ving nutden trail of theubove
article, I feel warranted in recommending it as a use
ful and safe'medicine. The pills possess all the pun ,
gative and anti-bilious properties of calomel, without
any of its injurious tendencies.,'Persons who arc ad
dicted to habitual torpor of the iver,. and consequent
accumulations of bile, and who have
. been compelled
to have reCourse to the preparations of mer
cury far rwlii f, will find Miles' Pills, a safe and - con,
ventent substitute. • . . "
A supply of this ,tryly
sjile by
Cilrl*,•.lllnrch2q,lB39. _ • . . . •
Call and Examine for Your:selves !
TAK-@S-this-method-or-informingltia_frientis and
the public general, that he still continues. to .carry
oniar his ON, Stand - hi - Bast - High - str4etl
the tuanufacture of . „
. • ...---
2 1 omb Stones, Head. tg . : Foot Stones, 4-c.
he shall at all "time's he feadyto, itipply cus
tomers at-the shortest Malec' and on the most acorn
m n t te rm s.---I Inv i ; employed- Mr.—Wtttr enr
- E. G REIM. oe thisiinrciligl!,rq agent - Tor thesale of
the abbve - mentioned articles; any 'orders furnished,
.;...)i-.h;6l#lvill - be..promptly,attentled to--altio all orders
teretofore gi v en for .work are now reatly'to be filled
tip;. ' • -;,! •
•• Carlisle„ , March 27, 1851.`."
,ilischat . yed fisTrizt.n. from
my employ, all persons' ndebted for . Taub Stono,
Jtiontoente; 110(1 and 1 0 00:Stork& f tiresp , l
tinned money for_Ltkced%Y„ ...
us the receipt tin:44:ot , tudlt.' not be iteknox4say.!! •
me. -
CC7frfie ChniiibeCalinro.l , ?,....,: , ; 7 ` 4- 1...1;: „ . •
above 3 times and,C,lnicr.s-1-,—=,-1:--
1 ;411116'60h Oahe #ubacribe r ,
I..aorou g li township, Immo,
Arl/1 SePtetiiliefhist i a "dark • - 5v
„ Brindle' 4
ith tt. piece sloped titif of 'tho,prler aide o.f hitifight
r, with lon,, !lords Ilpteadin g forwarda: . There was:
hridill,scar-o o liii t h,VWhe n hair:Woe afiort. !-• Ha
0604 . 3 yeara Phu, o*ne r ia.desired to ootno
r ward, prove- prep4 t l , ,i 'pay. char g es MO '.take film
afa -9thi'w,;se he ,%' . ./1 (he iliPPeigid:of , '
the law
klatch 27 . lAn ; ' •
- , edicine,:ii* re.
To the reader:, of the Carlisle Herald & Expositor:
• The-immence Capitalt contained in the .subjoined
Scheme, must coihmand the attention of every person
desirous to secure an INDEPENDENT FORTUNE;
Hesitate not therefore-to - -send a liberal order for
Tickets:without delay. Enclose Cash cii• an,order.
for in this, city, New York, or Baltimore s ,
for the tickets or certificate of packages you may re-.
quire, and urge your friends and acquaintances'
the same.' Remember that the scheme contains up
wards of One MILLION of DOLLARS, the most
Brilliant scheme ever drawn in the United States.
'ours, '
- .Ritthori.z.M.lxent lo the Managers,
BY Authority of Congress!'
• •
$80,000: .•
25,0001! --S
ALEXANDRIA LOTTERY, Class No. 2, to: be
positively drawn' in the city of Alexandria, D. C. on
Saturday the 20th 'of Apri1,.1839, at 3 o'clock, P. M.
'll S. Gregory 8t Co,' Successors to Yates ik Mcln
tyre,. Managers. ' George Mclntyre, 203 Chesnut ,
street, Philadelphia, authorized Agent for the sale'of
tickets and payment of prizes, to iyhoni all orderd are
requested to lid addressed.
- - 1 Capitra - Vriz . e - of i $BO,OOO -is $80,009
1 " _ 25,000 - 14 25,000
20,000 ' " ' -20,000
15,000: " • 16,000
' 10000' 14 10,000
9,000 9,000
.8,000 • " . 8,000
7,500 • " 7,500
7,016 • . 7,016
5,000 .. are - 10,006.
4,000 .4 1 12,000,
'9,000 • '1 12,000
2,500 . 12,502
2,000 ••• " 20,000'
1,500 4l 30,000
.1 4 ,000 " 50,000
750 . ' 97,500
500 ' " 66,500
250 - 14 16,25 E
200 .. 44 13,000
7 150 • 9,75 Q
100 • " , 6,500
." 5,200
60 " • 7,800
50 1 4 6,500
40 1 4 179,400
20 " 540,800
,~.,._L _,~_.
. .2 Prizes bb
10 "
50 "
• 133 - "
• 65 "
-65 !‘
.65 "...-
65 " •
130 "
.4485 "
27040 '
-32,396 -PRiZES,,rimon nting to - • $1,2.17,219
-78 Number Lottery-13 Di iwn Uallots.
• Wholtltickets s‘2o-41a1ves
Eights $2,5Q, A certificate of . 26 It'lilcTiikiT6TlTy;
this grand scheme will - be sent for' $2701 - ‘26
.tickets for -$135;.26 - Quarter 'Tickets for 468; 26.
EiklitheAr . s64. • • •
Alrordi•i•s'isiill - Mkt' With' the most prompt attott''
tion t aa-will - be - contitlentially execute;by--
: . . 203& Chesnut stieet
. _l7,"The drawings will Le sent to purchaser's
Nines? ljostapowild .Extract , o
CALOMEL. , - '
TT is - welf known that the Irellow•Tomnio contains
- 4;alunidaliq.a cathartic principle, highly useful jui
jaundice and other bilioua_diseases. .11r. Miles* has
succeeded in extracting this priitaipie, separating. it
from the imparitie,s of the Tomato, and forming it into
it pill, which has proved to be of great benefit in B - ys- .
pepsin, Liier Complaint-and Bilious affections gene
rally, and and substituta - fOcalomel, in all
seat diseases. • •
It 'should alWays be taken in these aflimtions, instead
,calomel. The one;
,calomel, being injurious .to
health. The:tither; tomato, heing",beneticial, and 'a
promoter of general health. .
The following letter; recently received from Dr. S.
}I NI graduate of the Cincinnati College,
We publish as a specimen of the success of our medi
cine in those countries where diseases are acute, and
assume their worst form.' . . .
. .
Dr. Nankin's became acquainted with the-medicine
whilst a student in doll*, and-took 'with him a quan
fltrof it 'to use in his practice; on his return to
We have*ecelied'other letters from-him; expres
sing his regret that he has nut, to procure a
supply in' that country; and also giving us tin account
of his.succeis in the treatment of Syphilis.
,alluding to his own sickness, he proceeds to
'say :---
' Since my practice has opened, have had many
opportunities of trying 'your Extract at Tomato, and
in every administration, have been. gratified by its
operation. I find it nets upon the kidneys; as .ivellit;
the liver. • Soon after I got to thiaplace,Twas called
I administered a potion of your Extract, and repeated.
the.astme,maingliutlittle cheat( an apperient. Many
cases of long-continued Chills. and Fever,l have (Owl&
tn. relinquish their citadel by a continued use of your
pills. But, sir, in nay own case I am compelled to
saftbat of 11117 orniulas in medicine, none have had
the saninappy ratorative - temlederasturTomato - :
Pills. In their operntion, I experience( nn disagree- .
able symptoms. wba - milif;')`et eflecival. ,
Vety trultyntirc====:n
Lagrange, Miss. August, 1838.• •
120.'T he -ab'Oe -medicine- is for •sale , at :the Drug
Store of 8.-ELLIOTT, Carlisle, , Pa.
March 27, 1839.
Rich, and. Splendid Lottery.
SSO . OOO. - •
$25,000: $20, 00x .) : W
: $l5 O!!!
Alexandria Lottery,
Class N. 2 for 1839. ,
To be drawn at Ale:within, D. C. positively on Sat
urday, e,Oth April, 8899.
ilendid Prize of $80,000• •.
Prize o I
do. _
-7-,500 -.
4 ' 5,000
4,000 .
2,500 '
_ . .
1() .. do _ 2,000 ,
20 - 4.- • • - ' --1,500-- --
50 ••• 0. . ' • . - 1,000
50 - 00. " . . _. ' : ,_ 750 .
133 110. • 500 •
l'hosides-Prisis of $9.50;.fp00; 150;'100; 80; 60;
• , r; 40: and I..csecat PVI
rize . '. --
13 rawn
Numbers out:Rf 78..
nTickets o YS9 o ;ludi'ea tio;quarterl4s. eighths 250
c e i.tifi e vs of TieUtea 0f26 - WhadTiikets 9,611 7 -
~ : do „. ,26 Quarter do- 6.5.-- - r•
..- , 1 , ._, do ~ - 26 Eig!Ats; do' ~.- "42 . .50
ndi9rdertifir 'll'ckt:i diul Share , ' or ,Voltreaki itf
pil'asni in Abe, altove Splentlimes•will re.
ccV the riled. Prqtkit iittentioNe9.,tim.".ofrb' o rder .
• ,er from us , will , ' rely tieouAdv.lKtpo intioitts• seta
, iVin immediattkaftet: jr.-0 . .?"1'. ,ott,(l - ,t,
.171 era early
at (I , actdrenep , ~.._,• - -• '• - ' . f 1:-. 1 •
- 1t
~OILY kW. eltanage4,
Vaisliftteui City, D. C,
-- :l 4 iirlh' 6, ,1,80; i .:, ,
__ 1 •
,• , • -', , .
. • do.
2 'Prizes .°
4 do,
-• Diiim'oltlllioti - 'ot Varflnerolaip. '
2. " 1 " - F -4 • - ...."Wr4:41:..$fuldie• ipid liarnes- J ,
, on,aint
, heretOrore:exiisting ender , the fp . i . :!,, , A,
' .Kennedy, is . this -ctx
,di ese l v • . Ind '.conxent .
et . tn ,...... 6 .51 st the;pi•in will pre 7 .
- All persons having
~e m t h em t m ,,,,,,...re1y Tor settlement, antral! those
,i 1 ,9 ~ir re. 4 . ,,pbre d to the grin willnoine•thrWaril, lint)
r...fte Tayinent on' . or before,tho
,Xsth day •of
April next, or their peconnts will be. gineed in, Elioblind of an officer for collection. . ' . . ' . ' . -
Nei vile ; 211iircfrA IBM:, . ~. -'1 .• :' ‘,.......;',..,
'l4. .. The businesiftra be eirr,ted nOt 4 11 * . likr0:
place'.iis iisuil - bythe: sutelFriber. , J A . ylift. aim , of
good inthittciinitn,gOod'!werkninn . : , Wontd)neetz with':
oonstancwort„bY,egpfyint t0: .. ,.._,_ . '.. , ...$- 7 4- . ___ , :::;if; .. _ , "."4
....,,,. :1:::‘,.,
-,,,, i.... ~? ! ;1: - .:13,-.:4. : .:4.i,:vid.:b...tlNNEuV 'I
„ .
- .ll•Chrioniete . o.Olie Turf, Literature and"
- • the:AS age.
• .
m ANEW - VOLUME (the Ninth) of this'paper was
commenced °tithe 2d of Mareh, 1839, enlarged
.addition of FOur Extra Pages, printid on linen
pper of the finest:- texture -and on new type: 'llie
present -volume will' be embellisiiialrwith not less than
Seven Superb Engravings on Steel, from paintings by
the most eminenrArtists,widi a variety of beautifully
execute - 41 Etchings and -Engravings on Wood. The
Pictorial*EmbeUislinetits on Steel are intended to con
sist of Portraits-of e tistinguisheifwinning horses,and.of
the most celebrated "-Sore-in the 'theatrical world.
Inthe first number (Mares waa given a 'portrait of,
AUGUSTA:, the voilular danieuse; in the
character of "La Sylphide," engraved on steel by
.1 - linshilwood; and a' portrait, also oil :dee), of ill,ACfi,
MARIA, engraved bY Dielt;friiiin a pa inting-hy-T'royo.:- . --
.other engravings are in inual, and will aepear imme
diately. ,„ • . "
-. The "S pirit of the Times" was established by its
present Editor. lleceinber '100831'; the Old
contained Five Volumes. On - the:2oth of :Februarr, I
1846,aNOWSeries was commenced,.w.ltieltelosed on ,
the 23d. of February - , 1839, comp( rising Three Vol-
limes; a very few.copies - of the last ,'two- may. be had
bound at the office, or they will he: 'scut, in. slmets to
order through the mail, . I
Great:are , is taken to forward Time Spirit ortitto
Times strongly enveloped and legibly, directed by the
earliest mails, to its different subscribers throughout '
the Union, the Ganadas, anti Texas, suit particular atL
tendon is paid to its punctual and safe transmission by . '
ship,to•foroign_ports. Subicribers iiu. Great Britain,
'France, and the British West India -Islands, cab rely
upon receiving their papers with as much regularity as
if residents 'V this country. • , '
Extra copies of- the large engravings on steel may
he , olitaiiied at the Mild kation officeat One dollar each;
'orders - enclosing the uneasy will lie promptly attended
to, and the engravings,liith or without the liver, will
he sent to any section of the Union, se enveloped as to
secure them frem injury:,•
. .
Terms of Subscriplion and adkrtising.
-•_ • -
For ono yeai:'s Subscription;sloin advaime.
For six month's subscription; $5 itlldlimice.
• For advertising one square'of 2, , 2 lines, first inser
tion 111), ---Each subsequent insertion $l. : •
No advertisements will
,be,ibserted for a less sum
than one dollar. • • •
cej'eoinmunications, if by mail, should be addressed
post_paid; to the editor, 'or _left. at-the publication office,
on the corner of Broadway and Barclay street; in the
American Betel Basement.
PAW° S• 11." E C !EJ S.
Of the . .. Second Voluifle V . the Jimerican
.111Wseum of. Literature and the' d2rts—a
Monthly IYlrt4tzine, embellished with
Steel Portraits.
.ON. the fli•st ofJnounry,lB39, wns come
second volume - of the .ihnet:iium Ohl
71 - the virr
eFitiff;eilWittlic vit. ta t l'his magazine is
of - the - various departments of Literature, —.
tlic Arts, calculated alike to instruct, profit and pfease
realer. As utility iiitlmoliaracteristic of the age,.
the Museum contains. articles of interest upon
'Science,Literature v llistory-,-Bior,rapliy- - Biography-Mo: als;
Reviews and. liter are-criticisms, so i mportant_in. this
piblishing age, occypy-a_promiueut place in the,work..
lt, tilscr, , Contains,Aiort rcyiewp
- distingtitsfitl"Aatenit aiitlCore, accompaniCii by
engraved on steal. -
..—:_fite..stilidity_a_thelvork_isrelievedbylight matter.
-=-liricb as graceful essays, interesting,_ and amusing
tales, criticishis upoittlic fine m ts, legends, sketches
of travel, literary and scientific intelligence, and poe
-try ofa superior order.
The very favorable ecception which the 'work has
metfromilie press and the public,lins justified the pro
prietors in nialdn,q•liheral arrangements for eimtribu
tions for thelleciind volume; and they litivc acco /Jingly
made large additions to their corp's of regular C.intri
butors: In the : January number will . be found ori k Ot I
papers from the
. following original writers:
Rev.. Dr. Beasiev, Rev. J. G. Morris, Rev. J. H.
Clinch, David Holl'imin, Esq., W;G:Sinims, Chaeles
West Thompson, T. R.'llofflaind,ll. T. Tuckernimb'
E. A. Poe, Professor Fisher Oldie Uniyersity ofMary
land, Professor Foreman. W. B. Tappan, Mrs. S igour
ney, Miss IL F. Gould, Mr.S. Emma C. Embury--41
sides these many other writers of known ability ha-7e
contributed to the work, and will continueto aid mi.
In this number is the commencement lit series of
" Italian Sketches," lay a . gentleman of taste and Scho-.
larship who,has been s ojourning in that classic coun
try: Besides these, the future numbers of the Mu
seum will contain articles from distinguished Europe
an we arc far more anxious to re
ceive assistance from, and encoura , re; native-talent.,
PLATES—Portraits on stet-4.44i distinguished
artist,: similar to that of Washin g ton -Irving, in the
September numbct; will Continue to cinbelliSh,thc
TERMS -.:-TheAnericarrOluseztm is priked on
good paper,' , with new type, and makes I wo volumes a
year, of more tlatii 500 pages each. 'Primp per an
num, payable in advance. Pour copies will be sent
one year for $l5. We shall be happy to receive ap
plications, post paid, for travelling mid local agencies,
with references enclosed.. All communications must
Ile post paid, and directed to the edKors.
Pravelling - agerits - greatlrweeila a 1 4.00 bi. - SINOIItIItA . SS, 'Editors and Pro
priciori„ •
— llaltimore, - .lnouhry 1, 1.839.:
New-York Weekly Whig.
Ittl - Seenttd - Autiutil - rdltritie -, uf Thig'lsf a wzymit -
Weetly Whig is this day - submitted to its patrons
and the public. During the Inlet year of its existence
rt — :Zali-eit, and 'now enjoys a
steadily_increasing patronage and sale of 4:so 5,000
copies per week: - • 7 - 77
file political character. of The Whig is fullv-indi
eatedity its title. It wilt support the enusit.ot.:Eon,
stitutional Liberty, Social Order, and the Supremacy
of the Laws with its whole heart and soul, and expose
corrtiptinn,, peculation, Jacobinism, disorganization,
and demagogneisni in high places, with 110 mealy,
mouthed 'pheaSeology or elyaven spirit. It will call
knavery and hypocrisy briheir right names, and, hold
them up to the contempt Of a deceived and despoiled
people. Briefly, it-Will labor to restore the F ood old
days when, integrity and ability were the chief pass=
ports to public -station, nod when high -functionaries
seriously implicated in peculation and gross, neglect
of duty would have scented to hold office an bone
thi; chargeswereon trial disproved and overthrown.
It wilt fearlessly contend for lionility; fidelity,.and
republicanism. - It will war against the. corrupting:
influence of Executive prtromtge; the seductions of
power and expedieneV;andeurnestly contend for_geti
-uric-rctrenclunentand reform:
"In-its noniolitinall:atures, triXe,
to be instructive, ORA( and
. entertaining. The in ws
efthe-dar are.
wilLbe-cfully-made4m-Jrmit Jur:winde r
listof exchanges in this ;country and iii Europe, sided
' by a Vahlable . foreign correltrudpice t
- PortX - of -Commercial transshtions will . -Ite' given, with
a review.of the Markets, Bonk Note Table, &e.
vigilance will be tiacd t .affbrda % icw
tranapiring• throughcfn , the world: --.
e a portion of the pa pt. • (about one
levoted•to original and selected lhera-
sparec irons the more pressing.
jimest -- In short;ao labor - or roil kill
be.spareillo render it universally htterestinfg
- The Atrfo;;rork 11' eckly Whig will .ligvigret•th lie
„I..verr r attailay on a large imper:at .beet of
good paper so the.Qttarto..forritleight."(olile Png'rs to
a 'insulter) suitable for., presertatirti and binding, pr
, Three Dollars poreannum fl DOPars for two
Sopi,atictsttitstliitgilWant, larger 'mother. SO
ant . ./84 . ; rip time ? will - buyer:6 v et 7w idiom pay atea t ,
vance, nor will tint; - paia . ;/ he' seat . after the p eriod of
such subscription luts exPired• '
Our.,patrons.nt"Jthe¢etorq•bc assutwultllilt 16 :
7411:n0t h e t ro oted to.,stoßt,hoirltnitrrS when they
shall till rons44' Want.
. .
'liaise address • . -.• • . •
• • ,• . & Co q
N o rd , 27 , 'A s o . ? • ' 127 NitisAti hlreet
• • .
• . ; owl - ee oir<tie. - Lady's , • 1Bo4)h , , •.
••.• ,_.' 'II,IIM,Orti4RT STitaf, Pitutat . m.vnia,- .:
Ts r ecilie Oilier pithli'aidnits that advCiti So rash ton
.rtiteN .I'l6"Pnbltsber of the _....1,;.(1.y 's Hook viti Shea to
be distinctly 'understood that.the' fashions ' ha his work
are colored; and are 'in every nuniliek i Niltieli 0 Y, r ,it
the case.iritk, any . other , ,•phblisheti in . fitia,Tr7,,li n i r y.
Lille plates are entirclyttseress wittwat tlr,;(botoring.)
In addition to she plates eitashiAli; te; . ' g ry es .l ll eve r y
number' n':steelfeggrAying cor' . iforl:e' ,- popula r Subject,.
And quarteriy,,a - ..pattero, alsO' eniored, of
-the latest
fashion oP:lrYtitthsor - cr.rta'zii: 'Price per annum, 'SI::
-144 e -I : l ofirtsent,.... - 1W it B o :iiithee velit — e - litetie the sender to:
:belGa!alkini,lY*7; ll l;iraine mei the Ludy% liool4 . onei
..flariioN'Oor 4-0 0 . es Boot and Ehttnrday'entirie - r.", ' I
- ' ;;AA''-ii'esil ' , : '''''L. , ;.A.: - GailEY;" Ilkilidelphia:-,
: '''March'il ,19 . 90. :'.. :: ', -.-- .=" '' - •. -, ,:;.. ' -; ~. • I
• , ,
, •
anQ 14 Hns% retetvea and far snk• 1)Y:
• '.h:sti tuaaarce•
The Xeiv-Vorher.
TIN' Satyr l day, the 29d of March, will lieissued the '
11 . 7 first number'of the'siath lintiusir•vOlume in the •
Follo-formomil.tho- seventh. imentimnnual volume:of
'the Quarto Edition, df Ew-YO , a journal
of Polities, Literature and General Intelli;;encem . The
departments of this journal embrade--- • • • •
Literature-.-thieler this head will be comprised
carnets from 'new works of interest, and from the
magazines amid reviews of the day ; inehiding all the
and'Ainerican perindicals of note,'which are -
_ regularly-received - at - tins office.. To this department
we are enabled to give great: variety nut • freshness,
from the abundance and excellenee of the Materials
continually coming 'into our hands. In addition to -
these • resources, original' papers, from• wellAupown
and -valuable ontributois, regularly appear iii,dur
colunks. Tales, ',sketches of • men and manners, '
poems, reviews, anecdotes:and essays of 'every de. •
scriptien,•constitute the-. staple' of WM: department.i.
Editorial notices Of all subjects of-rriOre immediate
. natimnal interest in literature and the-arts, add to its •
completeness and value.. • •'
ii. Politics --In the- portioa of •iacir jour
nal we aim at record,-rather than discussion; avoid- •
ing,-iimLfar-as-finny-he _merely4artiztut_yiews ond—
presenting a comicusedregisteecilemagressional and
State legislation, and' all political developm6ds, and
presenting only matter the most deserving of remeitt
chi-mice, in a form the 1110St:S011Velliellt 0 -re erancm- - -
I Tahles. of. electicni .returns, an:impartial accounts of
themost important political 'Movements throughout ••
states, with the noininations and conventions of
bot:i the great -political- partreci, render - this dlepart-,
meat of The New-Yorker a correct and fitithfutchro- -
nick dale times. We believe that it is thus made
to embody a variety*information, thatmould alone •
render it- vatiable; - amid, in the absence of any work,
'corresponding' to the Eoglisli Annual Register, ecpe
chilly u se f u l for pcblic libraries and for all who have .
occasion to mark the progress of political events.
.....11L_GeoezziLtrute/hgOctir_conilC;nsed aummary.,_
'of foreign and domestic news ofsdhstmitial interest.
It is the object of The New-Yorker to embrace as
many topics as may be adequately treated in a weekly
journal, to give it life and varietfas'aliterarY,perio
dical, are matter enough of a useful Charticterio - rem ,
dm it worthy OfPreservaiion, •Of its plau 7 Wii-ftitil ---
liberty to speak ; and we--believe that there hi no pe
riodical in the' country _which_ combines 'so. many
points of interest, or so much that is calculated ,
render it an acceptable visitor at any . fireside. _How
fimr the,exemition may with the design, time
public must •deterinine, , ,That -it.uni.'nnt- altogether '•-•
been unsuccessfully executed ; may be inferred from •
the fact Mat it enjoys at the present moment a circnla
-tion of 8,500 copies; and this from the legitiMatermil •
steady increase oral . ' unsolicited subscription. It app
pcmirs to be thus well adapted to supply a positive de-•
nand in the.coinmunitv. .
COjrDITJOA'S.% - - •- •
The _Quarto New.:Yorker, containing fifteen Closely
printed pages Of original and selected matter, with a
:page of new and. popular :Music, Four DoliarS per
annum ; the Folio.of four pars, containingpea rIV the
ammo matter with the quartO, and lelvertisem r ents;
Three ...Dollars per anntim. A 11060o:I of fifty
cents froth tliese priCes will he - Made •to "those who
punctually pay in advance. •
IrrAs an inducement to inn - Monies — in unite - in sub
ibing, three copies 6r th', pr,fiw (vies of
'olio edition of The New-Yorker Will be sent,-ti
tersing - Ten-Ddlars
postage_ or other Charge. Any larger cumber
at the 1341i1e rates.- Address'
_ . _ .
siihSsribers !Hive hst' - reeviveil from the East,__ . •_
a large variety of Galslen 'See(le, consisting in.
Ii tIK; Of
pelves; . •
ficaus..-Eaely Yellow six weeks Beans, Red Mae.
rnedat -4)warl, Dini Colutireil-.')wail; SWeet Whitti
Lima; Ifortieulturalor Pole. •
_Bret.v.-- 7 -I.pnk; Blond, Turnip, Eiirly Yelhiw. • . •
.Yorli, Dwarf or Paris, Early
York unil Ilarvest,"Early Ileart, Early Su
jar Lpaf, Drum .I.hiteli;Creeti Curled Sa
:Carrot.t:—Efium (lrati.v: :Mona, .
Curuniberg.-- , •Early . Cluster, Early Frame, Long
Cvecti Pickling. ,
C'e/ery,---WhiteSoli(l,..nose Colored,.Solid
Turnip llooted. .
Egy Thal& Oval
' Lettuce.--Early Curled, Lettuce, Imperial, Sugar.
Ofellons..— Nutmn,, Large .Yellow .Coltelope,
:Onions.--Yellow Skinned, - Red:: Large,,
Stir ••
'7-ruratey.--Ciirled or . 11ouble; Parsley, Dwarf Curl
ed. - .
Peas.--Early Dynif nt Rix: weeks Peas, - Early
Franc, Pall 'ALIT° w fat, Blue Iniperial..
Prfiwr Grass.:—Cayenna.
Radislies.—Early .scurlet, Salinon,.Bose Colored,
White Turnip, Black Spanish..
Riotherb Ph/ a.—Vegetable Oyster - ar • Salsafie.
• Squasit.---Early Bush, Smuttier Crookneek, Win
ter Crooltneek. ' _
Tomata.- -Large Bed, Large Yellow.
Plat, Large White, Large En
glish. --
lier6B.--Thyme, Sweet Marjory, Summer Savory,
Lavender, Sage, Busyndilary.
.1011 N• J. MYEBS, & CO.
Carlisle, March 19,18:39.
ti - Ita 11 - 11 oa caws
porta I km.
viN( . ; p l i e d iar . c d j Bostick's derla'd line'- r - r
Union Canal JivatP,iinei built a large tinisiber or •••
to earn'
front Philadelphia to I.lltlTl
.51tippenburg,..etutinberakurg,.asal 'all late' mediatu
lilnee4, well as !IP the Susqueleintai, and Jutiiata. .• -
'canals, either by canal or rail road.
Their boatsivilLleave the il'archottse of Ilarradan , '
Hays, Nine streretrharf, Schuylkill, Philadelphia,
daily ;,:lial.the ears will akin start daily frour.the
warclunete of Pox Y. Cal ran, Broad alsory Race
Philatlelidails, where I - nerds:tots mid others forwarding
goods will,please - y,all. •
They also cosundie to reet.:3-e at their,Warelooiliti
and f9rward with the utmost despatch, all tlemrritstioas
of freight to any point on isnprot mueslis.
I lareihlairg, March 15, 1839 '
, • ,„. .
ffVir a r t
.. .
41112: - V.A LITA LE property sittint nt. the corner be
i g ls•lnstl Pitt streets ' in the borougl of esrlislei)stu •
se_m_nsyyt•tv of John Wilson &reused... The. Jot-is
Fin feet tenet on frOS-741124ttfctrileers-nts-Pitt------•
sttlset,_runnhis; north to-Dickinson-Alley,--'llklVlled • '
' t erected upon this property,h Two Story
STONE' i MUSE...trek a,vionelaicken,
"r ; 'il,. R : ~ tit..tidyinucK liousE o vith ? ..., .
74 ,u, g• - era{ sione: The lot is well cultiviaell,
t. ,t ,„ '' . •45 containing a I,ariety 'Of fruit Week Them
is n new t ! railing well of rxcellent water in the yard. •
'1%6,1)1.01,01y being situated directly in. front of the
unno,,Thital VE,lley. Rail !toad, nt the point it hem the 1
aim - stop;ii - ofeers a ,most eligible , tcribTfo - Fii - fiti
lids horetighT - PoMeisslciti giten on the St tlay:of - .N.;:
pril.tivat. • •:' • ' .'• '.
~ .
maum.a.Tiww atlezi
• -
CAPITAL $600,0000
lii " North _America. ler;urauve" . Cottipany. n, •
l'hilatielphia„ through their, escncy in
continuo to Inbure Al rkintis, nf property . ht...:l4att the rick.
of Mall, sueli is lhlivos,lhrousehlWaiPowiture,:44torei.
r:rcisandite,,Eft• .utt!wir 1 0 1 tett Mei of pectin' nun%
The whole .eic pease of luswmg : slPoo worth cf pro
perty µiU ouly cost, from .450 . epeint tg. upon itc,
bifnatlon c4l' he' Aviettntl .lii
Witliont.' Ate I d t r on( ) h, cent - luting' to.the city.
: APPlicationt to bc" tUntle'eithoriti iu:rson or by lettm•
• - -•' JO IN 'J. ittYraLS:,' ,
'•••• • ,::;nrlislo',.Felmuapj% " It •
'r!':" 7-7- rf.ti..orti AND'
.. .
• • • le 11 • rt- •\1 3-
rnip;.suiliscribei ,oti ta ',Jim stni,
• ..51011.GAN, liffetrs foe talc ut Primuialon Oott,
-Works, sxfoure.,;:iol3.l4 ant - 111:d MI C(11 ivon,llorsit-s1100;
and xcallob.iion. AISO, Si lt,„111101 11011 S. ..NIAILYAI{I4I.
31)1kili, , : •, . • •, • • : • .
Will be punctually anuuded 10,
,• , „•• • •
-/k1hr0h..,27.•1•9310..t,611„-Pl. th'rec‘g69o.fdrgen:en. ••f,
• , , .
.•,:, , MpitashurG• Tel' h
- • • ("PM)
.24.(LY , iitilits?',. Oil k :
Cal EELEY'Co., :New -York