Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, February 13, 1839, Image 4

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    Moffatt's regetableife Fide and
All ontiona, from the remotestagesilifivehad'ships,
but Colitmlius_only_foumbnit-the-waYitt_Arnerica,_ .
Before the time of the:great Spanish navigator, peo
'le Were - only enabled to paddle about the shores.
Just so with the Life Medicines. It but two years
since first ventured upon an unkdown oeeani-mid-t
-'liavediScovered the precious object I . was in search
Vegetable' Medicines were indeed
known when I conerlenced my search; but their-use
was not. -.13, the use of them, I have not'only passed
from-the dejected invalid, to the hale, hearty and Re
da* man of
,buslness, but, comparatively °speaking, I
reuewqd my youth. I can thus, with confidence in
my own experience, advise. with InyfelMiv-citizens.
Does the render-want-proof-that the-VEGETABLE -
LIFE, MEDICINES ate suitable 'talk own 'ease?
I have file at My office; 546 - RroadivayV hundreds
of letters, from some.orthe Moat respeidable citizens
of thin.My,natiVeland, voluntarily offered testimony
Of the virtues of A IGOOD VEGETABLE MEDI
Persons :whose eonStiitition have been nearly ruin
ed hyllte - "all , infidlible" luineral preparations of
the day, will 'belie witness, that- the Life Medi
cines, and such only; are the true course to perm
,•- : •
These medicines have long'been known_and appve
riafed, for their 'extraordinary and immediate pow
or restoring perfect health. to personi suffering
• under nearly every. kind of disease to which the lie
• unni &lupe is liable. • •••
In many hundreds of cer6fied.iiistanees, they have
• even rescued sutferers from Oki very Jerge.of an un
timely Grave; after all' tdit; deeeptiie nostrunis : of the
day had utterly4faileilj_apil _to manylhousands_they
have permanenfly 'seCured - ililif . finiform.enjoyinent of
. health, without which-life itself is but a partial
great r indeedltaa , their -efficacy invartablir.
and infallibly preyed, that it gas appeared scarcely
• less thati miraculous to those who were unacquainted
with the beautiful i , philosophieial,,principles upon
Wide!' they are compOunded, and upon which. they con
sequently act, kmaktb..their_manifest ntaksensible_
• nctiont in purifying . die springs and channels of life,
• and enduing them with renewed - tone and vigor, that
. :_they,were.indebted for_theirmanie,mhich was bestow
,d eel ypon Them it the spontaneous request of several
indiidualswha's - elives - they had obviously saved.
TheproPrietor rejoices in the-opportunity afford
ed by the-universal dinsion of the - daily limas, for
placing his VEGETAIILE - LIFE PILLS within
the knowledge anti reach of every individual in the
community. Unlike the' host of pernicious quacke.'
-ries, which boast of vegetable ingredients, the Life
Pills are solely vegetable, and- contain neither Mer
_curt', A nti mony, Arseniii„ nor_ any other_ mi neral, in'
any form Whittever. They inkentirely comp. •• d '
extracts from rare and powerful plants, the virtues of
which, though long known' to several - " udian tribes,'
PinLiceently to some eminent pharmaceutical chemv
ists ' re,altogether unknown to the ignorautpreteml
ersto Medical science; and were hever before ad
_ ministers in so happily - eine:ions:a - combination. -
The lint operation is - to looscn the conts•of the
stomach and lianas, the various impurities and ern.:
dities. - constantly settling around theM; and to-rez ,
move thc_hardened fitces. which collect in the convul--
- siOns-of the smallisitestincs;7--thher:mediiiine - S-par--
- _tinily cleanse thesrotnil leave such collected .masses'
behold, as te..produce habitual costiYell6BB - , with all
its train of evils, or sudden diacrluea, 'with its irtimi
• nent dfitiget•s„ This - fatt is' well kniwn•to all egular
.anatomists, who examining; the human - bowels - after
\ death: . hence the prcinilice of these, well sinfarmgd.
men against VEGETABLE , 'LIM PlLLS__isto
cleanse the kidneys and 'the bladder, and by thisi
• . meihie; the liver and the lungs. the bealthfol'aetidn'of
- which mitirely--;depends-upon the- regislariiy of- the
• urinary orgitils. The hlomf, which takes its red co
- _:_ , ...for_fromtlie_agency.of_thit_liver. and the lungs.b.efore.
it passes into the heart, being thus purified by them,
and nourished bylbod - comingfrom a clean stomach,'
courses freely througlt• the veins, renews eYery.part
- of the system, and- triumphantly mounts the 'banner
-lo 'health in the blooming elicek. •
- The .folioning,-are among the distressing variety of
- - --human diseases, to , which the Vegetable- Life -Pills
are well known to-be
DYSPEPSIA,' by ilioronghly cleansing-Alm first
and second stomachh, and creating, a 'flow of pdre,
healthrbile, instead. of. the stale and acrid, kind
. Flatulency - , Palpitation of the Maw, Loss of Appe
- the, lieart-Inirmtunt=fleadtsche,-Restiessitess
• .temper, Anxiety, Languor, and Melancholy, which
are the general symptoms_efArpepsia, will vanish
as 4-natural consequelice - df Costi v eness,
the wbole !tallith of the intestines-with
: - =;l:_sakentzprocessatufwithotit , - - violcniel- - 1111. - -violent,
- - puirges leave - the - bowels - costive - within two -dayit;
Diarrhera and Cholera, by removing the . .sliarp acrid
fluids by which these complaints are.oecasionded,
and* by promoting ai r lubricative secretion 'off the
musens meml;rs. • 'Freeness of all kinds, by rector;
'ing the blood to regular circulation, through the firo.
cess of perspiration in seine cases,Mal die' through
_ • soltdion of all, intestinal obstructions in others..„ The.
-LIFE PILLS have been knoWn to cure 'Me/nitrations
permanently in three weeks, and -Gout in half that
time, by removing local inflatnation from the rauscfes
and ligaments of the- joints.
._Drohiitar-of all kinds,
• • hy,ffeeinvind_ateengthetiiiig_. the kidneys-and-blad-,.
der; they operate most delightfully on these Impor-,
mut organs, and hence have ever been.-found_a cer
ain remedy , for the worst eases of Gravel.-. Also ,
'Worms, by dislodging from the timings of the bow
' eIS rho slimy matter to which these creatures adhere;
Asthma rind Consumption, by relieving the air ves
sels Of the longs from the mucus, which even' slight .
colds will occasion, which it not removed becomett
-- harden 6:17, - mid -- produres - those - drentlful - disease : .
'Scurry, Ulcers, and inveterate sores, by the peel feet
purity which these Life Pills give to the bloodtanti -
sly the, humors;, Scorbutic Eruptions,:nnd bad coo
- plexions, be their 'alternative effect upon the fluids
that feed the skin, the morbid state of which - ocea
_ sinns all Eruptive complaint, Sallow, Clo h dy, and
other dis tgreeible Tire use of these
Pills for a-very short thme, will effect an'entire cure
of Salt Rheum,Erysipelas, and is striking improve
ment in the Clearness of the skin. Common- Colds
and Influenza r will always be cured by One dose, or
• by two, even
for-this most distressing and obstinate raalady,the
' 'VegetablC Life Pills deserve a distinct and emphatic '
recommendation. - It is well - knoivirto hundreds in ,
this city, that the Proprietor of these invaluable Pills
was himself-affiFdawith.tbe complaint for upwards
of . thirty-fire years, and he tried in vain every rem
edy preseritied within the whole compriss - orthe Me
ieria He however, at length, tried the med
. Mine which he - now offers to the public, and he'was
cured. in - a very... Short time,. after - his recovery had
beed pronounced not only iniprobable, butabsolute
- ly impossible by anV human meow.
, 'DIRECTIONS 'FOR USE:--The Proprietor' of
the Vegetable Life Pills dim& not follow the base and
. mercenary 'practice of the qnacksof the day, in advi
sing persons to take his PIIIS in large quantities: , - No
ligood 'medicine can possibly he so required, These
. pills are to be. takewet bed dine every, for a
file - nighVaetiordltirtrriheTdisease. • e
usual doie of these bitteiiFishalf n wtere glees fill,
er or wincTinid - thialmaatity -- truirbe - taken-t:
-- or - three baleen day, about ruff ail hour before meal's,
or °6. less quantity may be taken at - all times.. To
those who - are afflicted with indigestion after meals,
these bitters will prove invaluable, as they very great
ly increase the action of the principal viscera, help
them to perform - their functiont; tied the:ste
mach so discharge into the - bowels whatever ii Wen.'
• sive. -Thus indigestion is easily and speedily reran-
• ved, appetite restored; and the months of.theabsor- '
hent.vesseliLbeing..eleansed,'nutrition-Is facilitated,'
and strength of body and energy of ,mind 'are the
happy -results. ' Eor 'further particulars .Of MOFr
apply at Mr. Moffit't office, Ne. 16 13roodway_; New
- York., where the Pills cab be obtained for 25, cents,
50 eents, or ft per, bint3. and the Bitters for p o r
IW - tier bottle. aj Numerous, certificates of the,
wonderful elfienoy. both, may bethere inspected...
- , ------Xn-some-obstinate-nnti-oornplicated-casokof-bh
• . nip and: intim:dory -Rheumatism, Livercomplaints,-
.:_e_reer_ntt Agne..,:_Dppepsia,Palsy..Plies,mijurks
. from"the nae.armercary, quinine, and .other_fhaeases
of Lm" rptroltn s .ri it may be found` necessary to take,.
both the Life PAIS - and ,Plumnia. Bitters, in the "doses:
before reeommended..
N. B.—The Pills:U(l' tlie Bitters.will get AB mer*
• oury out pf_the syste% infinitely' raster than the-boat
Preooratliiniofßar.mparille, and' are.o.oertain reme.:
fortlie.rushitig'Of btOod.:to'the hettO r all Violin(
' heada - thes, cknieurns,'lko.--All persons who are
predisposed to apolgesy,pattO. flb., should never be .
• without the Life Pills or. therßitters, ror'one fir
• time will 'save life. They . eopalize the'oireulation of
the blood; drain all pressure from the leattprebtom
throw,. off eliery Impurity by the
pores. o fLtbeskin , ' _
lo wale st the.. store or sr, ELTJOTT.- ,
anuary %IMO: . • -1
a N'asecirtn?.ent; ofthe'besitiuftlity IfArtnmered Bar
Von for stile at Dickingotl ?pige prices, :at H.
e 41 - 11. your pares:Etat •
• •VialtaVtc , :: . ,.
. .
A N OPPORTUNITY .. is now offered of atipplying
yourselves with.WOODCOCK'S •
. •
I_Being thebeit article ever Offered to the Farmers in
• • this .section oftlie_State. •
These Ploughs will not choke nor.carry dirt, and
the drab. isabout one'-third less than the Ploughs Itere. •
tofore in use, two horses doing the work of three, be•
sides a great saving in-..time and money in keeping
them in repair. he point and t 3 hard taw be put on
in five minutes, and besides cost only - 25 cents each,
and when llull.can be turned and repeated until worn
out; and even then will be taken iu part pay for new
The following named persons are among those Who
have.purchaned Mid used the above Ploughs dueingthe•
last season, to whom Farmershre referredforlisform-.
at i on respecting them, viz:
Omni/ton toussushit.—pliiliii - Winters, John • Arm.
strong., Samuel Strickler, John 'NUIe- Henry Betz,
William Slider, Philip Miller, Mr. :i..shway, John
Kunes,.Ensmin Elliott; Pimp • • • •
Letterkemsg---Mielittel 'Grove, Danfel Kremer ;
Mr. Shields, ]sane Ilesore,•John Miller,. Abraham
- Hoover, John Bodes, Benjamin Bodes, Sam'! Roden.
Grtitfo d.- Philip -.Niles Dunlop, Jan. Pur-.
vianee,•Mr. [littler, John Lessher, George Trace; Jo.
iseph Wingert, George Petterhoof,' Mr. %rangy, Geo.
William llyern, johis . fool) B=l Geese.
man, Henry George , Peter Raker,
Green.—Jacob Oyster, Samuel- •Ptunlance, Jacob
Darr, John Reichard, 'Jr . ~ 'Joseph Neicely, Alexan
der -Thomson, Henry Wingert, Martin Wingert,
Charlen Hetiih,;Me.-Smith, Me. 'Clark, Mr. Salami ,
ger, Samuel LeMy: - •
Southasuptan.—Samitel Thomson, John Orr.
- -- St. - Thomasticolt Gallageri- lohn
'We have also secured the right of Adams, Cum.
berland,.and -Dauphin counties, and
-the following
getaleiriest inAdanislinve. usalite Eloughsliuring the -
fpast sewn, to Whom Farmers hi flat county are re
erred. - . -
Near Two Taverns.-r-Samuel 'Thirboraw, t sq.,
Joseph eosin's), Alexander Wllwaine,lacob Keller, -
isq . Jacob Strestly. " - • .
.-.Aear.4.llllePatown.—Frollprick -
ca•Theabove.elortglie edit always be had dr the
Foundityqf W. SEIII - Llrl7 Chtunbersburgi
JOHN P. LYNE, Hardware MetichantiCarlisle, and
oePHOMAS HARRIS; Mechanicsburg. Where-
Farmers ,rho wish to test the.Plough, will please call
anitget them_ on trial, and if they will nottenderfull
and - entire sittelbetion, no - Charge Will he tnaderif
they break it is at Our expense. We will also pay any
Farmer.-for any daniages or • loss - of time, - he may
sustain in trying.the Plough, if he does not like . it of-
- ter trial . — There - have-been , sold and_the
adjoining country, upwards of ONE THOUSAND of
these Ploughs, within 18 mouths,
• ja(IN DEATIGiSgent. • •
August 4T, 1888.-61 m.
siLiciogs' TttETAx,i4c, -OR MINERAI: INCOI
. . . . .
. , • : -- TrUPTI . IILE TEETH. . .
• Is hits for many years been a great.desideratur 4
among Ir.' uropead and American.llentists i to manufac
ture Teeth from incol,ruptible - materialsWhich shod.'
-imitate -the natural living Teeth. 7 • -' '
Many have devoted years to unsuccessful eperi.
month; and'othere have succeeded in manufacturing•
teeth of niaterials
, the pordelaht ware * but
generally they !lave an opaque white appearance, by
%Loch they tire easily distinguished from the human=
After-long and tedious experiments; the lubicriber
'ha's succeeded in manufacturing teeth of materials en-.
tirely incorruptihle, and perfectly in imitation of hu
man teeth: 1 hey have a semi-transparency, and are
made olvarious sizeaand shades.'
. . . . .
In cases where nbsorption of-the fleecier process,
or other causes may render it necessary, he will cast
.ot he same metellals attached to the .teeth,nrtiQciai
gums,' which -.shall imitate -the gnat . and supply -thelosaofaulistance--
It- is entirely impossible for these . teeth to change
theif color, or cause foetid breath, ,
He will insert them from one to 'entire sets, in such
manner that they will make articulation'of the voice
perfect, and materially assist in mastication, and so
that they cannot be distinguished from the most beau
tiful natural Using teeth-by the most scrutinizing ob
server. . ' •
'He ,ago. performs :all; the various operations in
Denta Surgery, according to the late scientific
provements in the, art.
THE Subscriber . respectfully informs the inhabi
tants Rf Carlisle, and tlietitie genersillv_",
he stilt resides at his 013 — Siaiul, in North lianover
sfreet,opppsite. Mr. E. Bullock's Chair Manufactory,
where be continues to carry on the
Cabinet Raking nminess,
in, - all its varioua_branchei. He has latch -- furnished
hiinself with a new and splendid HE.A.IISF
&c. to accormnodate all those whin may favor ufn
with - a call: -- He -- returns-hie sincere-thanks-to-his
_friends_andcnstomersibr flw tiben t Lenenurigeinen
bestowed 011 him; and:solicits a continuance *of their
I patronage:"" 'lififirefitrtal
tion to business and - ii dispoiition to - pkase L to merit
and receive a share of public patronage. •
N. B. One or Two •Journeymetv tabinet Makers
wanted; to whom lateral wages will be given. An
apprentice will be taken to learn the above business,
if well recommended. .
CorlisleZNovember $7,1838.-bin.
ID ES PET FULLY. inhiriess Ms Mends , and the '
nil' - 'lt a the .A'
that he haa removed from the Western I must. confess roys.....'stoptir ~ t extra° hurry
Hotel in Market street; to that large and commodious result.. No people Averi•44lr More blessed than We
hotel formerly kept by; Mr. B. Duke, sign of the are with such rineilies. - Tiio many quack advertise-
L---- -IA -DI Al.--N Q 110-E-E-111 - . ----- • men4,1,v11141 appear in the' papers which" I. _rec.eive,
This lietells. situated in South , Pour& street, bel,figin., your ; city, deterred me" froitkining your Pilla
tweak Market atil hestnut - streets; in the very centre .., • .
of the business part of the'city, arid will therefore _be heft) . re I dtd. lam truly say, that no medicine in the
found very convenient for merchants and ,business known world,has Estil such a beneficial, efreist air your
Men generally.
The buildings have been thorimgitryarjeol4 re - te.. ' Carton:oe and A.perient i',lllB:TiiiiVirtakes_thocure
ly repaired .by' the putscriber;and "no expense' has ;more estrtiordieatrAs,lll aftaM l ino re, than f?rtY Years
been aparedlin itriarieng anid- fOrnishin di rorim e s of•age and-l'ciVnie last four years. could just move
iiii - suitiilifrinnitethe comfort anibconveuhinee of those , about, stud short tritervlt,, 113. lam at Dims"t
who may 4Rio'theUulio -With their btibtorri: 1 t ' and my hoes ire, dui . t you may
Gcntlenien traiellitit With their families can have'. ent i r e ly recovers • /
private parlors frimisliedlii the 'Vest manner with enjoy a long - and prosperous Me' It . l am . spa ,
chambers - aushihral .to ;them; *hake ,thej , , :niut-enjoir wilt ahrinstcertginly come to . f,lpilidbitollia to see you',
' ri i e va a r s : lte n l n r im i at n o) , ° tre .th Zii d i -e-t "r 4a e.. _,.._-_ ni°na k* , .. uf, , their ' i xr My mune and letier'Will be Of any sertke to yew
,-- 'IU BAR ataI , nCELLAIIS , hisiirr'll eete d you are at perfect jiber4to main use of them; ' and
; with the liett - LIQUOILS - tirat•the iiholitait, ob an b can, do to aid.youv will' he, done with unbounded
every-despription. " •,,- ~
_,. - - , . • ' . .
..., , -
TheTATILII 4111 . at all thnes lie 1404 with' l i m suP e • , • ' • .
cry delicacy which the warn :unit market-Wm -al'- . ' - Yolir inoscrrUir greathtl ~,,t• humble servant:
"11, and every exertion made 10 please the palate orl - % . • :- '-.. t ViiTI.III4I.IVI- JOHNSTON:
Ifog customers .. ,\
he HEADING .110O1HS'-ire'welt supPlleii With \ _ W. V: Original Cernfinatea to be seen at Dr. Wm.
.the , leadingjhurnala oil di ff erent eities;aiwwellne with Evans' Off i ce and General depot, No. 19, Mirth
a great Varietrof the country" journals:of the' * te? izi ' . Eighth siiel,nilitheinilirt. -.- : •
' ' The SERVANTS 'ivili be Intend cavefida and et ' _.,.....1 -..•-- ''' - - - •
SW ;
worthy. . : . , ~... , . ;
V i '. tr„"Pnei„tilinielltedieineman afwaye bnolithinel
i Attaohed to thehotel aro very extensive STAB ~,-, at, the • Office tOVele IIEnALD a EXPOSITOR,
! calculated Mhoctimmodate ensiiiiundred.herses; arin*Carlisle, and 5.'' . :801,801% Shippenslimig,
' untlerthe sistierinttntlamirr oficureful' and attentive -; ' --- - • , - - •- ' - • . ' . • .
1 1 °Vi c I li ' returns
r. • . - 6 mdiii6 rI \ - E . 1. 4 8 NovicE.
~ D . . im sincere ao ow ante or ~ A., , , - ", '
the veil , : liiiiirain - ricouragiiii - entheretofore - receivek-- --: - - eadininistrutloh ontlie - eihtte - rifikiii:
andfeeling configent that !melon furnish iiiir gneats„ eel Merstdx,'Anc'd; rata of TrankfOrd township;
; with fare whicluroi , Jose_ nothing fly a':eorriparisori:- bay ng hiked to the subscriber residing . ih Fratileford
I t
With other houses, arid that his appartnintilit,lrid their. toiviniliiipt all, persons having claims 'against said estate,
,furniture, are, fully equal to those of any other hotel wilt present them" for settlement ea those Indebted
in the city, lie respectfully a - further share o, 'will make paymentinimediritelY to , .., '- ..
.pnblic wormier._ ----.,„ --',,," . 7 . --.-..,"_., , ,i,..._-
. 1 .•,- -;----, • , , -- --- ; - _-_ ,- - - :..=. 4 iiitNCYAßKlNTAJSairitar:• ----
.' Phikkilhia„Mier,i4ar . ig - Aso, - 'Ci.):l- • , . "January . ll9 1989:--titr.
F. IL K.N.4PP, Surgeon Dentist,.
- N. Ir. oortier ofCharles Et, ray:ate &Week
• Baltimore
lt4 . .ztjt:y . -. Tir:e, 1e.4.4.p . .... 4 :Sjiti, :2q t:# . o.. o.=*'*9-:*:.4.
• - • -
•• - .
Zinnuity and Truot Coinpany 'of
Office, t .59,Oheainni street.
Chai•ter Peipetual. ., •
- IrNURE - LIVES, grant annuities and Entlow7.
menta and make contracts generally . that involve
the contingency of life. , Accept 'Frusta asitutkorized
by the charter, frOmlndividnale; cohiorate bedies,`or'
Courts-of-Justice, end execute them agreeably to the
14esire of the parties, and receive Depoeitea of money
intrust, tuition interest. .
LIFE INSURANCE..---The terms arc as low as
those of any . olllce'iwthe•Dnions
Datee fqr Eteuring'ooo.. „
.4ge 1 1 .'or1 Year . For 7-Years.'Mole Lite .
Annually. Annually. •
.20 60 91 '•-$0 95 -01 77
. 25 1 00 . • 1.12 2 04
36 1 31 , 1 36 . • 2 36
'35 0 1 36 1 53 • . 2 0 75
40 ' 1 69 1 - 83 : 3.20
- 0 1
91 1.96 - 3 73.
50. 1. 96 . 2 09
55 - "' - '2" 324 21 • • 5 ';8 ".
Further information . can be obtained by application
at the office. • ~ - •••
• D. W. RICHARDS, Pres't,
• . .IoIIN F. JAMES, actuary.'
Cacutos W. Asti, Treasurer.
- June 11,1838.-6th • •
II A la A.VL
,rta WOAD 0/111=1,30
.-Hetqns his sincere thanks tothecitizensof
and adjoining country, for the Most liberal-patronage
which has beeli bestowed upon him, and_ivishes to in
form the publid generally that he has r'eplenishedthis
stook of Goods, and flatters himself that he will be
able to give entire.satistastion to all who will .catl. at
hie StOre",tothiti quality and' price of goods its he is
re'solvetkto sell low for cash. • -.- : • .
Call at the old well known Statid of L. Harlan; in
. treet,_and examine his stock of
Goods; as he has a general and aonipleto assortment
of Hardware, --• •
sin.! l FINE POWDER;
of the best piality;-_which will be sold 'at wholesale
or retail. - • • . -. •
He -has also the - New Cooperland Nails—but call
and &amine; each-one-for himself. •.•
• TVlit. • lavaite-tatittitnele.
1 , 1111-IESE" pills ilooth:the . neryes7of seneibility, and
I fortify the nerves,of "nioticio.: The dowers of
E:ITANS', CAMOMILE PlLLS'are 'atielObat the
palpitating heart, the trentloas hand, the diZzy eye
and-the fluttering raind,vanialt befo're themilke
'loud vapors before the benign influence of the morn-,
-. These medicines, by their r;eanimating powers, in
vigciratii the,mind, strengthen. the body,- imprOve the
memory, and enliven the • imagination,•so that the
whole faculties become restored, to their pristine.
UMW and vigor.
'1)11. 11CIL' EVAN'S" C.4.110.M1LE - PILLS
are for all . .A' - ert.yous . Diseases. Instil eases of !typo
eliandriacitos, I f alu Spirfni - Palpilatiosn-ofthelleart:
XervOni Xrrvous freak-ilea; iqourAl
bus, Seminal Weakness, • qlaraBie, Platnlent or Ilya- .
terical Faintive,lllieterice, Head 4,che, Hiccup, Seq
_Siamese, .73,:igWV_,41W, - Gioncßffeiiiiiiiffion; — dathma
Tie Daloreux, .Cramp,' Spinosa& ; k: tre‘itione,
two or three Catnoruile. Pills before'each -meal.
These who are victims to that7most excrutinting
order, Gout, will find relief from their sufferings, by
a course of Evan's Medicines, commencing ,with a
rex: , doset of:: Cvat.s' Family Vegetable Aperient
knti-billious. Pills, and the Camomile.Pills as abci*e.
Nouscu; Vomiting ' Pains in•the Sitle,Limbsi Head,
Stomach or Back, dimness or Confliskat of Sight,
Chillness, Tremors, Watchings, Aginltiori, Anxiety,
Bad Dreams, Spasms, will in every sate lie relieved
by. an occasional:dosed (:vans' Camomile Pills.
. Ladies tluft'are 'Ma delicate state are often trou
bled with Sickness, Vomiting, Heartburn, Head
Ache, Hysterics, and oth(r troublesome symptoms,
_rum_vdelt_they:_vvill,finft:Themelvesrelleved by
.Evans'Cainomile Pills.
Those that wish inforrriation concerning the above
invaluable Medicines, are reqrtested to call at the
office, No. 16, North .Eighth, near. Market street,
Philadel hia,•where the testimony of thousands
Evanedainondie Pills, and BEWARE 01 ,
Georgetown, D. C., June 28,1838
To Da. Wu. EVANS
Respected Friend --4 am truly gratified that I can
turirmy-sincere-thanktrto-yourwho-haVe-been-' the
-eauseaf-my,beingrestoredio-ISRPECT HE'iLTII.-
For five Months pastl - havebeen laboring:under a se ,,
vere Chronic InflamatorY Rheumatism, attended
wtth debility, loss of appetite, lowness of spirits, But.
Having frequently heard , tif the truly excellent qualli
ty of yOur CAMOMILE PAIA, I at last determined
• to make &lid of diem, althoitgls not.without conside.
amble opposition from my physician and firttily. At
last, seeing my determination, they agreedto the tel.
al, and upon using die third paciage, I was altogeth.
r restoier to health. How ran I express 'my
tude and sineere regard for suc
The True .pielies.ofLiire is
Ire kholo that ilealth,and . the abiti)klo'
abor is the. wealth of
. the great mass of
the people. in this as in- most other coun
tries. To pkiierve, therefore, that health
by .
Ard2TUR.4.I;-mearisi is-agrand moral
'and, poitical scheme, to fulfill - ulltich re
quires our utmost attention. •
' • THE unparrelleled reputation tvhiclt Peters' Pills
hate acrired as a Medical Restoritive, is the'tnOst
unquestionable proof that ctin!be given of their imt.
menge impOrtanee. — tO the afilieted in ..nlmoit.
cliiss_of..diseaseii,-The._number of letter a-received
froth patients recovering throng,' their means is real
ly prodigious, And the complaints which they have.,
cured are almost as varied as they. arc numerous.—
But still there are - some in which they are more'
especially beneficial then In others; and among those
may be tamed the too..often fiital conVl:did:a of the
stomach and bowels such Flatelen ° ce; and
Indigestion, for'whic'h they are not only a certain
but an immediate cure.
It is well known that from the disarrangement of
the. i almach and bowels, arise nine "tenths of, all the
maladies of adult and declining life; that this 'is the
Soundatimi ofFlntiileney, Spasmodic Pains, Indiges
tion, Loss Of - Appetite.-etc.omd that those in their
turn giie birth toDitipsy; Liver - ConiOliiiiit, 'Con
sumption, and habitual lowness of Spirits; therefore
Peters' Pills being the very. best medicine which-has
•ever.been discovered fee the-inciient diseases of tbe '
intestines, are .necessarily the surest preventatives of
those dreadful, and also.gencral digorders,whiek cm,
bitter life, and- ,dreg -scr•many millions to untimely.
graves. , . .
In !peaking,
,tints Dr. Peters arrogates nothing to
tom - self that-has not been conceeded by,the public.-- .
He is no needy quack or nnknown speculator, mho.
Tomes before the world as his own herald and wit
ness, but is =pliiceiViii.a. responsibilityOf Situation by
ale patronage which- he .has enjoyed for years, and
iv Inch is Increasing to an ettent 'unprecedented in
the annals of medicine, that makes him careful- to- as='
IklFlTCWathirt which - is - not borne out by the' most in-.'
-fellable_prbolinul_littneet be does not fear to be put
to the test in any thing whieli lit haspromised -re
specting.liiii Yills. • i
De.. - Peterais-tiiosChapiiy be Table to: state, on
1.116-. - anthorittof -a great number of regUlar.physi
'chins, that w h ere his:Vegetal& Pills have beet'
intrOdliced, they have almost superehedEd the-atltip.
'On. of mercurial _ex perlments, for theirliecu liar fat:-
filly in sweetening-the. blood, and stimulating it td ,
expel all tioximis Juoica, and. hvgiving strength and
tone to themerves, prevents disease 'from acqulrink
that strength whieh -must b4got-underi if et all; by
dangerous remedies. . •
129; Librarv_street, New York. Each box contains
- 40 - pills; price 50 cents.
. 'These celebrated -Pills atr sold by all - the prinei
paj. Druggists -in Baltimore; Philadelphia, Washing
ton City, and throughont the United States, the Cana"
das,.Texas, Mexico;" and Ad Writ Inilids,.and by
minx; SAMUEL WILSON, Shippensburg; I.F.W
-' DENIG, GEORGEGAItLIN, Lliandicrsburg.
December 4, 1838.-1 y.
~ .
~• . . .
.. .. . , . ~ . ..
.. Si S P A - Por- the'preuention
4 . and cure of Coughs,
• ni,
•'i 0 0 4 ' ' t't ‘ . ri Colds, dlstlunas, Con
'PMiii, . s'umplions,spittingof
- . ...1 •1. -A,',, ($' Bloodr and diseases
• . -......0.- - ..• of the breast ':and
rl'' 't lungs,. 4.c. , - •
Doctor Ct./imam; Flissinari,the proprietor of the
'Specific, resided upwards orrour years among - the
'tribes of North American Indians, and with unwea
ried diligence used - every means in his' power to ac
qiiire, a knowledge of the different remedies used by
them, for the cure of the sick and wounded; hod
more particularly those which they take to prevent
and cure the consumption, and comp laints of the
breastand kings: He • observed the Indianswere
sohject to numerous and similar complaints to those
of whill — Penfirei - iiiiiTfiTo"tit their ffitTilebilliiiigTahlr
being exposed to the inclemency of all weathers,
many of their complaints were complicated and vio
lent. Although, many of their diseases were of such
a 'nature as would, with a people in abivilized state
have terminated in confirmed consumptions; yet, du
_ring_the_timele_rias fifths them, he did not hear of
a consuinption.
So...happy ; are they in their knowledge-of reme
dies, and so tertain.of_their effects---When applied in
time, that it maybe said "a true consumption is a dis
ease never known or heard among- thou." The'
truth of this observation mete( be corroborated by all
-wlinhave had the opportrinity of becoming acqamted
these people. It may then be Biked wlrthey
are exempt from-these complaints? The reasoMis
obvious;-timmuse-they_immediateitlicelc iA
_for rel
anti preveoudiosebomplaints which insensibljeunder
mine- the constitution, and bring on incurable dbii=
Dills of direction accompany each bottle of the,
Speeific : pointing out i 0 a conspicuous manner, all
die trynsiitoms in the different start of these distres
sing diseases.; alsii.particular .threetiona respecting
Diet and ltegiinen, and how patients are to conduct
themselves through every 'stage until health is re-.
stored ;',for vain and useledit would be the prescrip
tions of the ablest phiiirchohnceompanied by the most
powerful Medicines, if hid directionsare not faithfully
-two- hundred•and,eighty.seven_personslitive:been ta•
14n:before the proper authorities of the city of Lan
caster,.Pa., all_completely_oured_ofilmmost_deape-'
late - esseirof-consumption,some of which are detail
ed' fn the bilfsticcomptrilingihe bottle: •
Ttie price. of each hottle of the - -INDIAN Sit -+
cifie is One Dollar, and: each enveloptngthe genuine
Specific is signed- by Dr. Clarkaori Ilteman, and ,the-
Initials - C. - P. - on the seal of-each. bottle;.. None, can
be genuine with Out -this signature): it base:.composi,
tion having been attempted to heitriposed upon the
Puhliti by-a oon t derfeit imitation of this extraordinary
(*'" 7 ".A imp* of the aboreSpecific, is kept constaid-
Ir for,
,sale by s...tititigt, ; .g.t.z.lorr of Carlisle
and by Samuel Wilson, SluPpensbilrg.,
•' a saviour o union
- 7,lllE•stihsciiter - tesmectfuffrinibrms• - hill - ftiends
and the public her ly that - be
Coal:and Lumber Yard,
on the bank' of the Susque
banns; river, in the town of Wormleyaburg,
2000 llusherEi superior Smith
Pqnswel and' 0. 4 iiitfintel; Hoards.
Poplar Flunk and and Scantling, 4T.
OM,. good quality, stemmed. Tight Bar
. rel Staves and Heading: - •
Ail_of which he will dispose of at low rates? and•-on
the moss , acconnnodating terms. persons wishing to
purchase Would do well by ailing with. the , subscri
• Aprif,o, 11138.—Sin. . • • • - •
otini,Cilits, Tippets; za. Justrcolved,
- news - oflFOrvap - and`iiso solvlHdir
ea' and
Cloth Ceps, for sale OGILBY.
The Indian Specific;
yatztetelpkwoup- 4 Earpulesymb 7 w.mag, j '
. i'lporot-trotuer:
THP:great encouragement whichirthe ,thtbscribers
received daritig. the last year in the salenf their Ma
chines; induced them to make extensii4repartitions
to meet the Mcreatied demand for their article.:.. No
thite;laboicor-experteerhas:beeti'sparedto procure the
very best materials the, country can afford. Their
workmen are experienced end of, the flesteldtracter,
and they have no hesitation in assuring the Farmers
that they era now able to furnish therdWitheitn.article
not only_equal but , decidedly superior tit our ether
mnnufi i3par e c
iffthit oftlionntri;.
' For speedy and clean threshing, Ivith ease to the
horses, they believe their Machine to lmtmequalled:
Their price is the same as last year, viz: 140 dollars,
70 dollars in cash and the balance in six months, for;
which a note Will he required. The tunchinds are in
snred rm., twelve months', or • until they,:; . shall have
threshed two thousamtbushels of grain. They have
now several machines and ready, for sale, and will at
all times he ready to.furnish thetn , .on the shortest .
notice. Orders fromdiktance. , will be punctually
attended to. For the , trililug sum,of *FOUR DOL.
14Altg,111 addition to the rice of the,Machi* and
'Power, they furnish the fartner an:addliion that will
,enable him to. shell his Cloverseed.
'll`o Ike
. •
.. The subscribers, being desirous of publicly cotm
teracting ihe eflbrts which are - seeretly - made to.
thii character of their ,untchine, bi persbna . Who tip ,
per to actuated. by , tinfriendfv feelings -tontti . ..di
them,. respectfully submit the following CEICIII , I-;
cA.TEs to the public. • -
I certify . that I,lnst-year, used one of the Thresh
ag-Maclunes manufactured Wady. be
and during the season,. there - was threelted. 'on it
Abut. four • thousand bushels of grain, mill about
two. 'Mildred,' and twenty five " bushel's of clover
seed, and I am fully satisfied that, for the ,Farmer's.
use; it is superior to any other Machine'll have ever
_seen'in this part .of tllCe country. I further . certify
that Mr: Henry' of my neighbori, slx
wagon loads orclaver -.seed.stiiff _Cleaned at a clover,
mill, and the yield Was 2.4 bushels, and that the saute
quahtity of stuff was - lbrehhed oil my machine, and
the yield wits 32Arhuslielo.. Mr. Ilurstis.of the ()Pin
ion that the..stufflie hauled • to the 'mill, was the bet
ter lot of the.t,w6. - _' •
ilay 'I 50838. •` •
'1 certify that, itf.logust pnyclitOed Alm J.
E. Brady Be Co. one ,of their threshing rintelitnes,
which I used for threshing grain kr (liniment Farttiers,
till s.ome time iit - March. last. — Buying that period
threshed aboutifteetiT thousand,hushels of wheat, rye
and oats, • My etpense for repairs. 0,- both:the
'Machine andstltirse - Pocvetylid notacendlive
larsondwhen I sold them; (which was in March,),
the machinery appeared to -lbe mait: as good as it
Was At the time I. botigbt them. ;The .Wheels in .the.
horse power were perfectly, sound And substantial,
and upon a:clos# - examination, I•could not diScover
that the cogs.had worn in the slightest degree. .1
Mid, for several Vcars previous, been enaged in;
diffeßMt — kiiidiilf 'machines,
which. it fully tried, and I unhesitangly certify - that
for durability, service and speedy, and clean thresh.
ing; I have neiel'ilSettor Seen ttny tfirtt i in myopin. ,
ion, will it all compare With'-the one had last year,
unleiS itbe'otie'of the same kind.-I(attontion is given
- to - themachinEim; it - appetiPs - 1.0 me-stlincarinipossilne
for. TO' part of them to get out of
' - . - Mny .17;11138: • -
1, lan ,eau' , purchased Iwo of the threshing machine
OfJ..Fi. ra ci l y & Co'.
.(one- al which I still...haye,)
TOrdliilr ale(' them: •I , 'ol- speedy nnd clean thresh.-
.ing, they .are, certainky,n superior, :wade, nial,otie•:
thatin - orgrent service to -the Farmer. I consider it
the - beillitlicle °lda,. kind I have ever• :Seen in; this
part oftlie country. • 1 take great pleasure ill recoup
mending-it the. Food-. -: • ' .-....
. . . . . DANIEL NV: IMYEIi.
May 1,-18:18._ - . .
. . .
I eertify thatlllr. Andrew Davison midi piirchased,
last.NovembeK, one of J: E. Brady& .Cobi ‘ threshing
inachiiies, , :whieli --We fully tested, hating thresh - Fit
wheat, I:A L l:nits 11111 i clover seed on it. I iiin fully
satisfied thatit ativ tither I have seen
in operation, and it is an article that . will repay,
the Farmer-amply,for 48-w:ice. 'lt threshes clean,
is not liable tq get out, of order, mid upoij the
7 irliolitoineartiCle—thirbLeanwith—greatt—conlidenc ,
recommend to the ',miler.
June 18 1838. , •
, Mr - Itenfamin - HaMilton and - Mast yearaiurCluniFil
one — ol7,ETllrWkWirthresiiing machines, with
which there- was threshed not less than 4000 bushels
of grarn. It is an excAlent article, superior, in my
opinion, to any of the kind I" -seem One of
its chief excellenceis, that it is not liable, to o out of
order.' I have no hesitation in recOmirnending it to
the .rarmer. ,
June 12;1 88
Other certificates have teen procured„belt it was .deemed unnecessary. Persons • who wish to
-inquire intcrthe-power.and machines,
arc rec , c,tred tothose who fast year used them, and
particularly to the following named gentlemen, ; viz:
Messrs. John Fmist, Frederick lyersfAdam Yonder
ow, Emanuel Sites, 'and Samu el Diehl , of Guilford
township; Messrs. John Iluber and JohnTockey, 6
Quincy township; Messrs.,. Abraham Stoner and Isaac
Frantz,. of Washington °township . ; Messrs: - Jaen()
Bade, James M itchel, James Allison; Emanuel Bade,
ohnHinchley4feney-and-James-Meatty r Christian
Hevel and Christian HoorCr i oe-Antrfin township.;
Jacob Oyster, Esq. and Mr. Henry Wingert, of Green
township; Mr. r Frederick Deck, of Letterkenny
- trthiship; Messrs. John Rhodes. and Conrad Gold
,of Hamilton township; Messrs. William An- f
'gle and John Phil pi, of Montgomery township ;
CO pt. .-..l.°llcFarland- (I°-.1 oseph Duncati,-of-Paers
township; Messrs. William Bowers and J. Sea , eristi
of Warren to wristiri ; Messrs. Jacob and John It ege. , .
or Mefal township ;• and Darid Hinder, Esq.,
and Henry Winger of Bedford county. . • ..
- J. E. BRADY Az Co. •
• Chanibersburg, September 17, 183 S. •
One of the above maChines is to I,e seep at tile.tarn
of Mr. Praticiti - Nobliclif - CarlisteT=-Any---person
wishing to purchase. one, can have it. set, up ; and_if it
it.rwaylive , of-espense-to-thc-ptircliaser,- , ..There ,
have been upwards of 100 of them made and sold by .
Brady & Co., within 15 months past. line direct..
ed to the subscriber will meet With prompt attention.
&pt.. 1838:---6m
Famous Cure for the fthetta
inalisin 'and Oilier
-- MUCH need not be said - in relationis lionder'-
ul reined as the ro rietor feels confident that
ositiolul of.
1 -when-app, xt_wk , e- -
of resperable persons, effect an entire cure .of
-Rheumatic and--other-ifains.--It-had-not -Until lately
been his intention to make it public; but - by the re=
q en ifftylicititms - of - hisneighbortriand themonderfUl
cures it 11.11 i efreoted, he feels-it a duty he awes to
society as well as .to himself, to make it more.gene
rally known, andat the same.time have it-put aear,
as he can Within the•reack.of all who may bestillieded
With that painful dispase. • • ---
111mdreds-of-natay. could be' published ofpertons
who hale been cured by this eelebratektinedieine,
but the ,following : are.oelected-A•om the Mass, at be.:
ing - areply,suffickent tkl attest itt powers. -•
John Sr•ove, • . Dkdid Bender, Nagle"
Lindemutb . George F101),er;
_John Alsbaugh
SainuelTaely -
Aaron Render, P Lindemuthjr. Sainuel toung
Hobert Dysart,, • , R. Richardson, JaeobWorlich
Ifeney Alsbaugh- J. Dilfenbaugiii - = - JacoliMlers. --
Christian' Organ,,. ,1..-11.1estand,
Mount-Joy, Auguid 25 % 1846. •
Scriber, MountJcy l j_duacaster Cougty, will be prompt!!
and faithfully atteddid to:- •
Mount Joy, Feb. 7, 1837.; • ,s• .-
The'above medicine is, also - for sale by •
Carlisle, February 12y 1838: '
ram sH •
,YOl, El DS t '047:
Itavingrecentry retiirtietf from Pliilaiielplitirand
TION to, my former Stock, I beg'leave to , olfer_to the
citizens of Carlisle and the Public generally, •
Comprising every article hi the Drug line ,
. which I
will dispose of WHOTABALE or RETAIL .at the lowest
possible rates. Pfiysteininicountry Store keepers-..
Fullers and others, are respectfully i nvited to give me
a call at.the Old Stand on East High Street. - .
Carlisle, Mai 28, 1838.. •
1733A -" t't t- A L , 141 -*
Prepared onlp by JOHN AIILL.E.R,-at hie Ikrak
"rnore,oppol tie the Market Thiuee, PreArick,'Sd. ,
1,103 valuuble•Medicine hal-Already acquired*,
celebrity to Which lb* otlida perhaps in BO 'Blind
a time. -ever arrived, and its:eiferisive,- use for 4 or 5,-
- years i - in- various . _ parts of: the-;OolintrysCities;:tind
T o w_pt4tin Maryland, Yirginiii, , PennaylVailln, Obilns ,
New YOrk,Lentucky,Missouri,SAMliCarolina,Al.',
abarna,peorgia, and New„Orleans;which
edit with : ,
of_pyrsons have inied. , it, and ninfe"out of
ten cases haVo, beeTiiiiiiiinnentlyoured of Dyspepsia,.
Cliolies;lsTervous Thernors, tiownetitiSpirita;ral
pitatioes of tlie•hearta and all those train d'Eliseases ,
-resulting from a disordered condition ci(theitonizieh
and liver, or derangeMent of the Digestive functions,
o:erieral.-debiliq , or': iv'eakneas, Flatulency;
Loss Of Appetite; . Boiir..Eductations and Aciditees of
the Stataaalii; Coativeness, HeridaehetiOciundice,
ttileneandDiliodi Colics, &c. Br.. 4 .
To Adults and Children- who are troubled with
Worinsiit will operate as a safe: and thorangli•ver-,
mifilge. It is entirely Botanical in its 'ciempoaition,
and. may be . used by both sexes 'and of any age, with
perfect safety, w . ithotit any change of habit or iet: .
nottecommended like most patented Medi
cines 119'a cure - all but the proprietor recommends
it;Tor what he lies full confidence it will Red has.ctm !
id,...whiclitcan--be---stibstantititeif - lkfthe testimony of
hundreds of - persons,:that. 'experiencedl6 good
elfects.• . • - .n -
It Is neatly put up in square half pint Bottle's, hieh .
the name lilown•on the glass thus,'Garlegnnt'a Bal
sam. of Healtlir; prepared only by .lolin S. Miller, and
his signature oh a.label, pasted on•theyutside wraP 2 ._
per - o'rerielillottle;•whiclreciihillEfely secures itrAtit
being coUnterfeited._
A full and satiafactoryPirection ficeomptinies each
Dottie, and by the quantity at a liberal discount of
the, proprietor and of al! his agents, which are nam
ed at the bottom of 'each direction, • • .
' , New testimony of . its cures are .fregtiently receiv
ed, a few of which follow. this advertisement, and
many- more ca'n be-aeen on the direetions-around
each Bottle, • .
. .
Jainr - A:.7til/ter.-Dear Sin—l do hereby certify,
that 'have been afflicted with. Dyspepsia for the last
4 - or 5 years,. which has been increasing on me ever
since, to such - degree; .that for 3or 4 weeks previous'
to rising your valuable Garlegont's Bartamsof Reath;
-I um - certrinerliave not eaten 0110 ounce-a day.of any
kind Of diet, neither: was I . able to sleep . with =any
kind of comfort -tiering this time, fora severe,pain
in- thy stornach,iii fact I had.giveit myself:tip its.ineu
• rabic, as have had resource to to many.dilTerent re
medics without ady kied hf benefeit, Int length heard
'of yotir -Balsam of health, tieingg advertised, Ipilt•
Chased a liottle of yoUr agent WM..Miller Win. !
cliestet• Na.—After taking the three first Aness'l
found my stomach- - to retain in Some:degree what
eat; and - thepain in My. Istoinach
mid-after using. One and n half bottles,llound my
self . entirely -well; and 'base cat - anything-Haft - my
for; uurifeep well at night. IC web stir
'prißing.te see, the quantity 'of morbid matter I dis
charged from •my Stomach, 7whitht once inclined to.
believe was thick with it, which no -doubt reiidetcd
:all diet • • -
Given.under, my IMnd, this ist day Of_Deceinber
-1836, - ,
Living near Wincheitee Vu. •
. -
Cekificate of Alekotaa Weaver'. •
- This to certify thatbought — of your agent .i . tt
Gettysliurg•;'several bottla' of - you'r valuable - Balsam
of licalth,.which completely- cured me 'Of the •Dy 6-•
pepsin. • 1 had .taken -much of other
.patent Medi
cines,.but found no relief, until L made use of. your
Balsamoof Health, which : ol' radical cure,
and do recommend it to-all those Who are troubled
with that obstinate disorder Dyspitpsia:
. , N. WEAVER. •
Gettysburg Pa. Nov. 3, 1836.
• • • •
Certificate from the Rev. 11. F. Shaeffer, Pastor of
, the 'Lutheran
— John - S. - dliillr—Dear . Sir.,--1 deem it my duty to
inform you that I • consiikfr Garlegniit's Balsam of
'Health, prepared by you, a Superior Medicine. My
nitre has long been in a delicate state of health, and
of emirs& no - means were left Untried of *Moll
m es4eilicinT - nevertheless consented to purchase a
bottle of your Balsam of Ilealth, and do hereby cer
tifylliat Mrs Shaeffer derived more-benefit-from the
use _ollt thini_any other. medicine.
_opinion IS
thatif_n_cuee.can_be.effect - ed,na_regarila_the. i sell se- !
you mention, your Balsam will, ilustd -- in the first
stage,of the •disekse, - --•--- -- - -
-Frederick, Aug. es; 18.46
This Medicine has been used lw thany persona in
this vicinity, and invariably provea beneficial. •
S. i
S.-fusel the Balsam n my own familyand ati;•,
ministered it to some indigent persons and invaria
bly fonnil , it alnostefficacious vermifuge. •
For Side br . • - SAMUEL. ELLIOTT
Carlisle, Heeernher 25, 1858.—ty. ,' •
lie must b 9 anaiserabie villain indeed l who
would place' the lift of a fellow• being in
danger,. for the purpose of making mo
• ney. . .
1 - 110ATES 4 relii.GEN . ge •
:Mat do .Druggists prove by making and selling
Counterfeit Pills purporting to be
. • •
. Brandrethls Vegetable rub.
.ist.. - ---That they are without noNEST . and iteirtivti-
DLY. principles. _
ed.—That no other medicine is required . by the
public;' or not these druggists counterfeit
other pills in the same wiry they do Brandreth's?,, , ,
Simply because no others save Drandreth's.Vegetable
Universal rills ever effected the extraordinary cures
that these rills are'lmoWn;--urftv.ansau..* KNOWN
. .
Who did not recommend them do terms of
tht most unequalled praise, •
'sTeverffielesg these counterfeiting druggists hate
dbne - fiz are doing the Character of the Genumea - great
deal .of injury; bilt it it hoped'tliat individuals will
not allow themselves to be deceived hydeSigningperr
sons, whose only object is to make money, awl who
are perfectly careless of conscquentes.- - matter
°Eno - importance colt hem whether the poor child is
yearning arms of its parents, or whether him on whom
vented from filling an 'early ) . and untimely grave. The
_finterMay.conwfWheirthegmatneas - oftlieurgoiltiihidr
become clear to their benighteitimilerstandings, and
then it is hoped they Will endeavor to make some a
mends by the after purity of their lives, • - -
Eery authorized agent bail a eoppecopperplate'certifi-
Mite of agney, Mal has it exhibited in his store, . Ne-
Ver pure - halm unless dila is Iseen mid finite some re
gard also to the character the agent bears among - his
fellow citizens. He must be a miserable villain who
would place the life of a fellow creature in danger for'
thc'purpose of making motley. ,
• Dr. Bijandreth4 Officei in Philadelphia..
Principal Nu. 8. North Bth - Street.. , •
Minor office, No. 43, Chestnut Street, near 2a at.
Remember the above .officers are kept e.xcluaively
, for thesale of the true and genuine Brandreth's Pills.
The following persons are &dip authorised Agents
for the county of Cumberland, in the - State of IT cau
-1 ayhvnia whose respeetle namesare:. "'- - •
. - -
'S. CULBERTSON; Shimensbuig.
JOHN M OORE,' Netivte.
N.No druggist , apothec'ary Or pedlar; is ul
na-eat) self thekenume Brandreth's Pilli,under any
circumstances - whatever. Also observe when , you
purchase of any advertised Agents, that they have a
certificate of agency,. signed'and sealed by-me, . •
.704 8; North Bth - StrZet,.
August 8,1838.—1 y. ' • . •
Just- Iteceived
A complete assortment of Fancy. and' bomnion 80p,,
Vi 2 rt - GeyrOlreitiNlblrbiliisWM6gra g rOlCW - Wl?
Winsor snap, for, softening the skin; Amber Musk
. soap for beautifiing,and scenting.' • ' -
Emolient vegetable 'soap, Fact for ;both 'Sexes.
Patent winsor soap, for shaving. , Patentvegetable soap
for washing Almond 'soap, for.Misses-lanv: Come
oirtaidileilecniont and Ciittritrrsoap: - . -7 Per sail:T.
gnat' eltsl , and 'theirestructive. •,
D .
THE unitedte" tr064 . 9i, of the phialidatiti through..
out'the. United &idea has fully proved the.fact that -
Peters' Vegitable then only.frue.Vegitable
Pills vvhiclrwill stand thelestof- analyaatiem ence
,theprOprikkir - wcild-rdo'st'earviestlyurge them to
'the .notice.OfAlnise who 'have been i n the habit of
.cathartgs de_uperiente r the destrueOve_end.- , ---
iiiitating 'quack pills so generally, advertised, and :
'which are at slow consumers; .of the"vital
tUnetions; Mid "muNlerous Agents 'eveikto thelt ast' Late. -Ibis-true, •
Most-of them produce - a purgative .
effect, and fonietimes' tihnsientrielief; but in most
Eases they injure the-digeittive thwins, and hn habitual
reSort to ^ them Hoist terminate in confirmed dyspep-
Itiitrue'Antetithnrtie and aperient medicines are.
- ofteri - TrAuiredebut thit - hicestdiScriffifriation idinufir
alvvays 'be observed to the selection; and if this be
'done, nothing injurious can.result from their use. •
Toiiroduce this inn*, desired result, Dr. Peters•
his - made it lily 'study for several years, and feels
proud , to say he has' succeeded 'at length far beyond-;
his expectations. The object of his pills is to, super=
cedethe necessity or a frequent recourse to injurious
purgatives, and to Offer a medicine safe, certain, and
pleasant in its operation..
No., •129 Library street, New York.. , TraClA box
tains 40 pills.. Price 50 cents. •
• .
tleadachß t Sic and silrervoles.
Those who have and are Nveau_ofsuffering -
frnm . theseTdistreiiiiiiig coMpliiiiits, will find in P.&
TER& VEGIT.RBLE PILLS a remedy at once'
Certain and ,immediate in its effects. • • •--*
. .
•IN D t sompsiA 64 stand ailed
ninny have een. cured in, few weeks, after having
adferettunder this dreadful 11
ul coniplttiot for years.
In habitual , costiteness they kid tibdidedly supeOi '
or torulkylregitable eve! , - yet disedyeretknn - d
besides this they,tire recomMendea : br
nent and leading, members of the Medical Faculty. '
- - -
. Catatoge of Reasons'
:For' rising
,hr, Peters' gelebrgted- regi.
• • table lillB, , .
_they 4ire eitceediugly
proves theni to be exWetlingly. goo& .
2.. Because they ecirrmcised of simplei which, -•
have the power to do good in an ittimenee number of -.
eases, without po'ssessing AIM means to - do - injury - in
any. ,' • •
3. 'Because they are not. a_illikk j IMt-the-- .
scientifie - edlimbund "of a.regular physician, who has
Made his pl'ofession the .tititiq ,oth la life, .
•4. Because they are•bot unpleasant' to take not disk
tressing, to retain, while they are Most eflectiie to op
crate. - • .. .
5. Becatise they are recommended - as a - standard
medicine 1)y the regular faculty., • - • •
- 6. -- Decause by keeping the system in a natural state
of action, they cure almost every disease which, ia
incidental to the human . frame. -
7. Became they are client) and portable, and mill
retain all Aliqie virtues - in -full vigor, in any climate'
and for any length of time. ,
Because, - , — nottritlrstlinding their z— a - imidiCity .sitid
iiiiltlncAsi they are one of UM spediest ptirgative
icinea which 'the been tibicovered. • .
Becnuie they are au -did:Wing- reritpdy for pro= •
*tiring a good appetite. - -
10. 'Because in cases_of spleen or deliiiondency,hy
their healthy influence on-the excited state of the bo-• .
_it , they have-a-most-614,y -elfccti in Calming - mid: in- ,
•t igontting the mind. :
11. Because they effect - their._ cuyeri . .withoutAhe ,
usnninfteudsnts of other pills, sickness and gripingsn
- 12.-Because its well asJicing
of the general - system, flier are a soverei edy
for sick itead-rtchp. • •
13. Iticatikee-t ley differ from the majority,ofmed
icines,i,w-tlie fact that the more they.are known the-
morn they are approved: : _
14 Because as their applicatiom drente no debility
in the system, they may he, taken without producing
any hindrs u to businesl or,-the pursuits_ of every
day , •
15. Because when once iniCodizited into a family,
or a_ village,lffey almost ifilifiediately take ~ t he pre.
cadence of alrother medicines in general coinplaints: -_
16. Because.a number of the wonderful cures they
have effected, can be substantiated without any undue
means being . resorted to; toSprocurc testimo- •
17.' Because' their composition is such, that they
are. equally_applicable_to_the'_uBital_discascs otwarmi _ _
cold,.or temperate Climates.
.18. •Because_ two, or dree..nre in general sufficient
for a dose—so that; as is the case with the generality
of patent medicinestlie_itient is not convolled t
Because -each-indi
-Iti.• Because -each-intliVidual pill-it put-np under .-
that no mistake in the composition, or quantity caw •
possibly, occur through the carelessness of a less in-; •.
tere'sted agent. ... 1 ,•
20.• ; Beettuse they purify the frame without debili
biting the system. . •
21. Because ; notwithstanding their .immense fop- -
ulatitii,no person has ever Ventured to raise against
(hem the breath of censure, Which Would not have ,
been the case, if envy could pare diMovered in them •0
a single. flaw to cavil at.
- - 22.-BeCtittatt - - - -(and this fact -is of - the utmost lima'
portance)--•-ladies in a certain situation may take
them, (not more than tivo or three at a time howev,
er;) Without in the slightest degree incurring the.
hazard of abortion;Were the virtties of Peters' in- 1
estimable pilia, Confined to this desirable end alone,_
it would give them a decided advantage • over the •
medicines of all competitors, as in ntp cases is there ••
more dangcr to he'apftreliended, or for which so few
25. Because while they are so,efficient in their op=• .
erations with •adults they •Itay .. ..:at the sane - time •
adininistered to children and even-to infants, in small
tinantities, half a pill for instance, without the
est danger. • -
24; --Because - their -virtues -are-acknowledged-to- 4 -
Mind pre-eminent, for their soothing influence upon
young ladies - while sufibripg from the usual changes - -
of life, as directed by the laws of nature.
_ .
, .
. .
DR. I. 'C4 LOON.igi , ------4
-----•--- --Dell/ i 8 C.--- • •
-11 - '-itilsEND .4--fesitling;ertnit . tienflrin-parlisle, !Intl _
--JUwoulti-respeotfuliy,oferitis. sn:ofettitohlsktviceit. ,
to the citizens of the plane and . vietnit ~ • - --,-- : .
He has taken rooms at ColoneF 'erten . % Hider,:
where he may be found at all hours. -
' Persona requesting it will be waited upon at.their
reilidenees. .
~. • ' • - n. Gronar. D. Foul:RE,. ' •
Refereh'er,— .. Do. TtazononE Mvzits;
. , '
------ ..--.- 2 . NOTICE: ' ... .•
. .. •• --- • ------
hereby glien that, letteis testamentary on the'
Itafe - OM'-V-illirmit'strotliersi-dami'l
\ est used
pennsbormigh township , Cumberland county,
- ha'ftilds - day„beetossued inilue form - of law to the sab- -
-scriber-whM , retudes-in-the - township - aforesaid - rall - 7 .---
• persoms having claims or demands against the estate
Of the said deceased, arc requested M make known
the same w . ithout. delayi and thosttitidebted to said es
tate will prMtenttfimcosAilp# properly authenticated .L.
for settlement. - ' - ' .' ' • . '
. • GEORGEEMEES, Executor.
December - 12, A 938. ! —Cel , • .r, . , . .
_The CarlisfiHeffild&
.. .47:positor," will beissuett
VVEMILY; at Two Dot tias per annum, if 'Add ift
udvante,s2lso,atthe'end‘-.04 $1,90 if
not paid . until atterthe expiration of the year.
'2I.DIITISEMENTS inserted at the timid isles•
tater* addreded to the editor,on busMeis, MUST
BE I "BaT_TAro., •Qtherwille thei•;rilllNeeeive no a
• •
The following named: persona bete been apiointed .
Ageuts for the "Cisllele Herald, bi Fitiositor,"
whom 'kayment .. fer 'eulisol4ptina and :advertiaemene."
a belnade...
Sorim:ir Es 9 '9llli . onnioulbyyto Comb' Co: •
9btt Co }.E; Pub :
1. •
.......LNlhm i vaElq..),•loglego.opL,,,,: _do_ •
WiLsort, Evil. Meoluodoßturg, do• • •
Hopewell . do_
R.' STURGEON, Esq. Clolroldown do` ; •
.11-. AGA Wsirty, New coinb9iland .do• .
TO . ost_Ei.A4:4-•Efoki-ElRoinF44Perry.`
A. lii.Acxy Esq. LondistittrF,