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    INRS taking nicto Edward's s, , vitve, she had
'• always avoided it in our I knew slut
iarcultilJ vfirited it•as fregiimmy as ever, alone. tier
• step-was now mire. hawncil.than usual, as ifsliefear-'
sektluit_.hekpurporremai3ini-e-ilefeattalpial..l4l , ll6 - weil
-$ tattier. side in silence. Onseachilqthe elnirch
- she led the ire yationg then tarpow path.; coining
. .sto the. grai.e, kneeled. de WII ,'WithOUt 610'111* a wird ;
steside slab; ntitt.gimed . intently 't or ueVerat
- tailititesteirep the name - i - tlimiliuryinthwthW:hTliTA;
hands anitqcisting th li
em ver the railing whici;
- .rotttaid-ttie - initrble,.iyuret into ,tt4iirSFT - Ictieeleil
.. 'down by her, and wartedtilie Ante:merit of this par
- feeling : . At length slie looked up; and
though the sight of tlnu, ih that position, seemeil,to al
_ feelitetas B oX,P b. ame More, composed. .
-4 feared that it would be so, Remy. have nerer
to restain_ntY 2 griefi,w-lien-kPee l4 3 l 4-:1" , -
side this grave :.why dirt to do it necslHow
ieVerfjt:ity,past,,:anil -Pain: glad -tint.ffott,•are7.'here.=7;
• - You seit . .i.ltikireelliigii-the . Plagieawukeini. Think von
thatiliii-heact tealleVer Ild true to'itipt, if false to flint
. that steePtil . 's-Het*, again,' I warn you, that I can never
• 'be to yoUbitt is a sister. Think.of me only ns such.
• - Now. leayeme, 'Henry: it often.go home alone from
'this sot."'- I
imse from nay knees and walked silently away.—
. (Onntirdiiiorke edge of the - wood, I looked back, and
an* Alice ge*Ong after me with - a sorrowful eye. I.
, hitqled inriNit had gone 'only
_a few steps further,
whow4larry Browne Suddenly..appeared• the..path
befoiatue pereialvesll; sit once: fcoal the expression
o fhis face that he had witnessed the _sedlie at the
grave , _
"Miss Alice - Whe r re is' Sllss - _ltlelintond P! said
' di left hor.sit the grave— liow_did yad — know ' that
alte had - been with Me .N.,.' - .. .. . ', -
. ! 4 11toiss , did I knovi ?' Do t`no't Reciter with yodevery.
day;' and 'she talkii to you, and smiles, and,ou call
• her Altie. .-0111 - 1 - am- afraid. sometimes, say' luiadt
-- sv,ilP-burst i . You , have ~ tleceived. me—you loie
Alice !" - ' . .
. I teied to peadify the poor. fellow, ank he became
more calm. Sinking into ti. mournful silence, he
. walked along by . - my. side for, some, time, and then
left me ,to pursue - my way - alone:- 'My - spirits, were
scarcelysis LainYant aialten I had sctout with Alice,.
—=liar Worifiltthe_gravetitill trettilded. OA mW ear, and
more, perhdpS, - than.evoi.previously„l despantled.• -
- - - (TO DE CONCLUDED' IN won swat's) . •
- 7 PENAT'Ai: LECUSttiTUR3p7.
• -- trAARISIMKO7 Feb. 1839. •
, .
Mr. PouLsox.—The business of the Leg
tb-dny: was very • unimportant.—:
Mr. Fraley.,. in Senate, introduced a bill to
the 'Pennsylvania--Institution , for the
gdication of The Blind.. •
, •
Mr. Ewing. one,. to' employ a
- Moral-instructor - for the" Western Poulton- -
• tiary,,and. to make'rin appropriation to finish
• Alia: beildings. The-, hill is accompanied
with a report upon the condition and man
agement of the' prison—favorable. • .
- Bills foil.the relief of the' Pennsylvania
Hospital, n and to; amend the
_charter of. the
_..Wyoming Coat Company; and supplement
tO charter: of-Pennsylvania and Olio Canal
Climpany,.piteseiLfinarreading•-- .
The partial-appropriation, bilLwas. up in
trouee, , lo. 'consider the amendnients liy
:Seriaie - ,.and - wai - then — postponed — to -- Wed-•
_ : -acSdhy - tn.0.1.4:-,;__ 2 _l7lo:___aine e t - :—tc. stop_
--the Avork
Be strongly opposed._
.A. resolutian was offered to adjourn .sine
• dit oa:the 26tItol1ltarch. .• • • _
Besolittions_passOd to' inquire into .'the
propriety of divorcing the station of state
_printer from the newspaper or political
press ; and to' inquire into - .the reason why
- *he Qenventiondebates have not been print
•` ed. _The. first referred`Cothp judiciary
committee. the latter to a select ecitninittee.
bill to charter . the' Washington Insur
--aneirPonappy:--passed -committee of the
. .
w hole. . • _ _
Th - elloard - of CaTial - Corrintimai - oiseraltave
1414; day appointed. T. 14; Wilson, • Editor
of the Reporter, as- their-clerk._ . _
. The applicants for -canal offices appear
to be numberless--vastly more . go away
sorptvingthan rejoicing.
lIARRIBMIRO, Feb. 5, 1,830.
_Mr. PouLsoi4. 2 L-There was a short see=
etoi. of the Senate this morning, AO but
'private bills" considered. • In the absence of
Mr. Penrose, Mr. Strohm ,teek.... the Chair
and'acted as Speaker.
Rothe house, a resolution was submitted
by Mr. Fisher,
,that a grand Committee,
- consisting-of one-member-front-each-Con
gressional: District, be appointed to -take
Zito Consideration the 'propriety ofAmoy:
ing the Seat of Government from Farris
burg toa mere- eligible place, and that the
Com na rifee7s6 - thithiftifed - ro — receive - fr - e - n
any city,,borough, town, or county in the
Commonwealth, prciposals to erect-within
the sarnesultable buildings for the .use of
the General Assembly, and to report to the
The House took up this resolu
trop for consideration and • without opposi
. tion-oxcept-hy--Midutinifig,tiainof-Mer
• cer,) it passed', 59 . to 30: The plan of re
---rnovingits'init new, and the agitation-of-the
'question has Often been raised-from Various
motives. •Sometimes to reduce the price
of board, sometimes 'for vilashwiaman's
•44pairel; and, always, heretofore, without
sufficient cause. But this Legislature has
cause for removal. - - At the "
-of this scssion, a very large - ,minority' of 'the
members; if not a majority,vere beset by a
gang of ruffians • and bullies, and their per r
sons jeopardised, and comforts' destroyed.
The respectable, peOple of Ilarrisbnrgi saw ,
• -this state of things, and though .they were
• , called upon for pxotection, yet, few of th'ein
. raised a hand. then Let the now suffer for
theirfolly. ,
• ' ,
4 Several resolutiens werelabtowthe table.
Bail the tfiaiVr = l Vailliirig-,
ton Insurance Cpropany, . s paatied linal--read
_ ' $:
HARItISBVIO, Veto. 0, 1639.
Mr.'P,outsow.—The .Hooso - of - Rept - C-7
ism:natives' to-day non-concurred in the
amendment of Senate to the partial appio
priation bill, so - far: as it--went to tliscon
tinumthe, lkonch line after the twer
`tieth'instani: • Th - e - vote to • non-concur
'stood, yeair 57, nays 3L The Senate re
failed to recede;'ls , to 13, , and committees
eonference were appointed. In Senate,
' Monis. Btrohm v Pearson, and ~ IVlillert, of
'the city; . . in Howe, Messrs: McElwee,'
Spaekaaan and . Siitiwden. This_ comthit
, lee r will report Stro4ni
, reported'the resolution' to* discontinue „the
,r(rnityslittra road, froni' - tlie CoMmittee ;Int
bland.ittl4vkation, - with . ; certain 'amend
,ontraetOra `&c:' '.The bill' to
Medieal ,
lege.Vaseeil giiidrP4ding: - Under the retie
.. :tion . pf FialitiAf yAstertray, relative to.
the refpoit4 of he $6,61. of government, the
• ppilfg Flab et.; •• :Ryan;
7 1 0 a Or n "? urnrlenter., Rteltardson',
'Figilly;lteddii, Shearer, F.s Mirth - J 2. etinitingliarn,'^- pot,
AsyStow, Megilvypey Hill, fle4ep, Lyre,
g'. :S.; GiTnnlO,liarn,
Doug!asti; . ;t4eCuiniiiitt . C. groin tlut, corn- '
ple:xion 'of, '.the,2110n10 . judge
lliata7rlp - tifFliTiTriblo to LliCrem oval isTeniTif
be . • ' • . .
The •Himie sperittlie , remainder Hof,- the
session in. the•diseussitin :of a'resolutipULto_
kali/prise the 61M - renter to open corres-
Iporidence:swith -the Governors of-Ohio; • In
l Epail from. Pittsburgh" to St. Louis: This
subject, w • aslhiroduced into the message of
Gov. Porter, and*lie fespiutioti was offered :
yesterday. •It.raiSes a Magnificent topic
for discussion for such my), as Hill, (of
..West.) McElwee, Flenilcen, and otheisuch
wiseacres .as coinpoSe•tbis Houk ofßeprc
sentatives. They cannOkstray froth the
subject while the map is before theM,• and
stifficient_ force. of in ind_ tO: come": to--a con--
clusimisnot row:tired, • They• debated it'
ae though natur"- was before them.--; -
Sonieof the more •senSible menibers • calleTh
the previotia•qUestion to-day, but they were
on too strong a scent,. andliad'too broad a
path before: them to be-diverted by such a
trick. The previous ctUestien •Was sus-
Wined, but;': as the, fox; dinner/ were
more irresistible, they finally - gave , iip their
amusement. for. that, labour. Ancfthe (Ines-
Lion will be again up to-morrpw.
.- . lintutisituito, Fel): 7, 173 . 9.
Mr. PotyLsoNL.—Alr. -Fraley - at - tire city;
by deputation,;tcted es Spcatier, ut the ti.b
series of Alr.•Penroso,ylio is ., -confined to
his' lodgings by indisposition.
The .elntinnan of the Committee of eon
ferdnee, appointed
_yesterday npon 'the ap-.
propriation bill; to-day made report."
agreed - A° reduce the ramount given, to the,
Sinarnebaning line..b° 30,000 dollar's; but
to leave that to be paid in carrYing on /tile
work without. limitation. - - So tliat line is
placed onAhe.same footing Of allitui-Otheri a disposition. to-day to fling at . the,
north branch lines. -T ,
hey - are called "hunt- .• . --.• :
bugs'-'--by some who have-heretofore voted NOT SLO-Wz.—As' a train of cars was
for them: But, they say, they have .been , passing alung. one of the rail roads a few
mistaken in the importance.of the „days since under full , head way; the engi
north. Inanchand doubts are raised-ivlteth neer 'ohserved an, old_
woman -running-to
er-the_State of NeW York Will.ever form a wards
. the train from a Irse he-was about
junction if it is finished. • I passing, waving her hands and exhibiting
- A..resolution passed in the liouSe cat- great anxiety' lest thd train- should. geo'by,
ivpohtlie Canal
.tlommissioners /or without stopping:. Supposing. that her
formatiottof the-steps Yak ! rand Was important., he checked the locomd
in 1136 preinilieS The -aniffilitt-of dye . Moved - as--slowly- along until the
to-day p.nssed is, 1",260;000, audit is - cal- ',oldladY---Wbo- : had-nearly! Itin irersell . out
led-a-tempcira,r_y_or_partialLbill,-„It-was,JeLot_breath=gradually" approactred
p_orted hy._ a: me in be r, 1.111 llll ......... 11 nisi ti `N0.11., warm ,r_.cried-th
-place, and-did :notcomp from 'a committee. .." - condp clot “WItaTTOlo you Wantl',l. want;_'
The two folltiwingareAlle rules •adopted replied_the dame screeching- at the top of
by the Senate: itt considering, .E,xecutive.her voice.,.!.`l Want to know' if 'you want to
nominationS4— • - • • " rimy any-squashes?" • !Pile way the steam
1. Bionediately-.aftCr the nomination to was put on theTheomotiVe_for the nest. on
thc - Scriate - iryllitt G u vern - or - of - any- -- persmr - ntiles --- Wast - a - eau dun-la-land-P , t Bos.::-
te fill a judicial station within . this: Com- - . toii - Transcript.
monwealth,. under: the-- provision-Of the . .
eighth- section of the second article-' of the), I3UCITA NAN A NI) 13ENTON.--Trou-
Conititution, l the S'peaker 1 , shall „Me is - brew hare. 13n elmnan has been
announce the same-from - the chair, - & - cauze -- named in Pennsylvania as t candidate:for
the message with any accompanying, docu- the Presidency after-Van Iluren. Benton
ments to. bc..road„. and lahlAnthe table, it is well linoyin; is an assistant editor of
•2. At anytime, after- the expiration of the. Globe. As-a • heavYThit
five:days-from---Actime Nir C : flint the fllowitig:
being made and announced as 'afinresnid, on; "For ourself we can sly, that from our
the chair declaring that original'resolutions early school, boy days, we have "never had
ine ord - dt-T any nidinlier may move to go , but one opinion of -the Federal party. We
into the consideration. of . executive .busi, ', have always thought, however some among
nese for the purpose of acting on said .theta may disguise it from themeel i veS; that
- nomination and- on .the- thevoy_instinct
a - greed to, said nomination shill be consid- - , of the.pat ty—was identical with that which
ered the-first- of the day, until finally '.dispo- has robbed the people of their rights.civery
where_in_the_old world and all its efrorts
by,a majority 'olthe §enate ; but such busi-l - tend to the Overthrow of free * Government iu
nom, when - commenced, shall not be post-.,this. country. We never voted for a Fed
poned for more than five days, except in ; oralist, advocated a Federal
,principle or
case of an adjournment of thP body. kir 'a , supported a Federal
. meamOt .and, with
longer period. God's blessing; hope we-never '
A. rule Was reported by Mr._yearson, to! What an onslaught .this will- make with
call upon the Governor for the recornmen- 1 all the renegade.
nations on which4lie Made the nominations mu Party!- - --k. Express.
itrwas,'upon.debate not adopted. Id • - - -• • . •
„ . _
was considered that ibere was no power to FROM TEXAS,—The schooner Teat
-compel-lira to produceHpapers„an_d such er-arrived-at-111ew_L4rleans:on_Ihe-2.711ui1t,
as he might feel at liberty to P r6 d ucelv°tdd i bringing dates from Galveston and Houston
have no efleetin satisfying_the_requisition's _
i to the - ISth .Vanuary.
of the Senate.. . 1.. Congress was to adjourn on die 21st ult.
.... . .
, ...ingresb
The filially - , after a very long de- The 'Senate had passed a bill fOr the . crea r
bate, - dispoaed. of Abe subject-of. the, grea t l . tion of a national \bank, being predicated ori
Rail ;Road scheme .to connect St. ' - Louis, the revenue of the Government.--„ They
with Pittsburgh. .- - They adopted the reso
: i had also authorised the-President to negoti
ate a loan .- 'The
-apprapriation for, the expensei-i - of-thgov--
! erninenfamounted t 041,5,00,000.
Ex-President. Houston"had announced
• his intention to visit the nited States.
The papers say nothing of - the Indian dis
turbances on•the frontier. •The escape of
tivo Texian citizens . from-'the dungeons of,
Mutarnorac4. is mentioned—they. reached
Houston in•safety—'-7their names are Davis
and Hedr;ck. • . •
- A Temperance Society was organized at
Galveston and-twenty:five names signed to
the pledge'of total. abstenance.
Late Galveston (Tcias) - papers - state - that
'about a thousand . emegrants - errive monthly
at that - port 'atone:pant! that . the.ninnber of
*LvoeselLinLlfitrbeii. averages- twenty-five
-rapid" growth. of_this ietv_itepublie_on_our_
South Western': border, .perhaps .. only.
•esfullied by-_thee results 'exhibited-'in some
our own Western, and : South Western
States.-Ba/63`Piitiiai; • -
to.luiiou have the • Oovern_or corfeN — torid .
With other Opyeinors . up_on the subject. If
thii administration nets in immortality up-
. such .a project, it will have a 'slim foun
datitiii: It is apiece of . humbug. Humbug
_ . . .
Mr. Spackman latd before the House an
amendment tea bill budet 'charge of Mr.
Butlei, to effect a liability on,the part of, the
Stockholdet's of a 'Coal Company, for the
corporate debts. He said. he_ Should _vote.
against his own
,amendment, but to try the
affections of the ne*frienda of Mr. Butler,
and to settle the question, 11%.offered-Ahin
Mr.' Hopkins showed . Spartan „Wood by de
. larina he Should votefor bit the ques
tan was not taken. ; - .•
Th`e - Lo edrroto -
House otßepresentative ordered-the print
ing of fifteen thousand ; copies of Governor
Porter's' address, anctreused to print three
thoilsand copies of GoirentOr Ritner's Mes
sage; on, the -subjept of calling-out of
the , Call' you that fairness?..,. How.
diffeteiat does c'Mr 'party act-:.-always
ing'to.givetheth sides ajearing. In the
Begate our 'friends' - ordered Ave tkoUsand
_copies.k.GovArnor,Portees T addross.---Our
party is not dfiaid to_let the people see both
sides of all queStions. But fill! rebels are.
Their policy is,tokeep light and ;truth' from
the people&Hai. Chron. ' . •
'ERIE; Pa.; Jan.111,1839.—A man by the
naMo of James C. . Bedford", 'Canto* his
'death iii this place on the 9th: instf; 'll4 , ;ft
'the following • revolting and shoeking` 7l
Cumstances co m ppion ,hi5...131,7t:4h eL ,
name of ffif - Mn DancolitOifered feirpaYZW. a
quart:-Of hiskei,-pr ded Bedford - Would
drink it] the• Offer was aecePted,• the whiz:-
key {trunk; and in . •'•a. • few; hours; nowith
standing, medical :dawns - called in,..themtia
crab's being w'aa a , :corpse:' , ..• The: Coroner
lield-unlnquistilvertilterbodyi Who - repnrt-'
44;in accordance 4ith: thep, i sboVe fiats.-
',Prelifie . ,diell•ais the fool diethe-irrie •,Ga
.01.0. • • ••
4t,p...X1e" . ..9..p,:i-i =: 10-r. : *,,;,
'i liiIiEEItIGA:4NO-CoanrkrTtli.—fliTig4
. , ,
is'pli i i.i . n 4iiris mar/Jib - 0' Sity.S, it has in t er-:
; ..,
nation that thc;lnViiiStigatinir Committee'
now, at work. iiiT - I\WYZtr ----:---. aVe..makirig,
imlibitant discoveries—"PtichaP *ill Make.
thOlibebYticiiPlcel- deep Ternorsti:that they
_did not take the : early advice of tlibir.,,qpin
darn friend's, the C.onserratiVeS." - .,.. •
That paper, which certainly O - Ooys ebti:
-siderable-facilities - inj - coMinglit tlieinith‘iri
that partieular, more than insinuates.tbat a
portion - or the •public money- employ ed 7 by
Swartwout, went to the. aid or '.building op
of the Globe newspaper!. . 'his within our
own recollection that abmit the time of the:
;establishment of this Official organ of the ad
ministration, 'there, went.forth a rumor That
the ljiiited .States , oflicc-holdeis, and espe
cially those of New York.. the 'heTeditary
: do mi n ione-of - the - hCir - apparent,. were pret
ty-kJ:lie-rely .eked in their Meows, ;for,the
t_suppor(of - this newspzipei'r -- enterprize. ; if
; that rumor was . true, and we believe it' ii. a-,
.i.grceahle to the usage of the lacksoii_ Van
1 'Buren administration partics-Alie, same ap
peal. having been Made,;and tax leVied, for
I t . the Telegraph, w i f; so, likely to he pompell-
I d to "bleed; freely" as SubtreasurerS wart
, -i.
.wout ; whose „ q qies i . VCl3.s ' upriiiizied to7con
•tain millions?' It would ben pretty chapter
in the revelations brought about by- the in
vestigating Committee,-;if;it ,sliall, be made
to appear, as - the Madisoniam'seems •to-afi r j
ticipate; •thai---one -eause—of -Leg reasurer
Swartwout's defalcation, was owiing to•his
I contributions in aid of thb.eStablishment of
Ithe Chiba neWspappr. - . -- This;me,sayovOilld
be a pretty item, of iriO.liguice fol•_the, "4
1 mei:Joan peopie,", of whoni _the 'Globe used
seine time EiflCC,:todiSCotirSe:SO ' CliarrninglY:
Lilo, if we AO'no - fgreatly err, stranger and
more important developinents than that, in
I regard to -the wasteful and. corrupting- rule
of the spoils; adminiStratiimi, for years Nit;
will crown_ the laborkpl the Juvestigating
Committee.--.Batt. Pat..
Cure for Pe/644..--A plaster made, of
soft soap and' theatrongest lime thatcan „bet ;
rocured.7—Exihangepaper. 4
recommend,Vo thiboveirecelpttp - fire
attattentionof Coagr e i ss, tab° ehgraffed ,n the
bill aginst defaulters. The first article, can
,obtained from the President himself in
all its purity, and the 4atter . Mr. §peaket
Polk has on hand for 'die .use .of his white
washing coMmittees.—rMiiierk,Tortrnal.
. 1 111 titc'./Verericel—The State:Treasur
er• paY the order of
,'Gov. Rimer
ilefraf.the e4eitcc:s of the military call:
Cd Alte'loco Honse are wil
initla-papAlte,Wries,--o(a•kicked--111"P all
the riot -aftb - e, rote' of.:r( . dollar, and a half per
day. 4 , l oh . .C.Onsisterk 4 y, thou art 'a jewel!"'
--Minerovirountitt: .
• • rizr i 5.0 PO•COPtea 'of Gov' yPot, is In au- ,
gur.4laddress wereltoted . '49,The House,, and
only=;luO- f ,c, o v:-,iiitrter's--spealal Message.
The.former contained empty promises, the
latter public business of importance.—Ni
nets Jottoal.
i 'toy t nutnett ~ ,xpross
reaild neikhboys
- iopth'e'k.!anaila-'w a ri" front winch_
Lecture ut).l
we ke . :th e foll Owing extract:----
- "Friends and fellow:citizens—Keep cool
and doret - make, fools - of yourselves • in the
linsinets: B,tay-nt
. yoUr own' afrairs-:- - --keep', your - nioney
don't tear yourshirts;•hor Inirralt befpre,you
areatt t - of the, Wocids. ; fOrm 'Many' se
cret societies as-you please, &petite your
winds, netts and grips_ yeti_ pljase, ,but
dbn't,get drunk---don't pledge: yourselveS
trust - Yourselves - on British 'ground,
They Aandle,guns very. -carelessly On the"
other side 0f..-the boundary. Them Brit;••
ishers•hliways hut their eyes before they
shoot,-and there is no knowing...what they
may do .if they'shouid . shooting -but- -
lets:7les perfect - My to get in the .way of
a gun in -careless'hands-4okeep sitady—.
don't join The "taunters: " don't go wander-
ing; off aW ay Toni 'het i° "about voar baiiz
ncss.;" don ' t "have :as good -a .sight to be
in. one 'place as another:7 if you want to
rook my - Su:Hods; look so at your • Wife ; -if
fon want. to , shake•your head, shake it at
your children. Do. business on-your'
,- own
capital—pay a • sufficient respect to the
soundness of your skim=take a newspaper
and payfor it, and'you can learn all about
those matters us well as if. You.were on the
ton AtlaS haS - thelblloWing 'very just re
marks in relation to - tlf6 recent defalcations
of the Sub - -Treasury , . •
We have•ofted heard tlorthts- - expressed
,of - the . permanency- of.on rrepu blican insti
tiniinis,. and the violence of Party
contentious, there are, some who fear that
the tnion must' fall. But- in a spirit .of
"tope, of faith •inour - raCe, and'in • the God
ofnations ) rwe; ,- have = always sustained -the
belief, that. the great experiment of a free
government here was to-be-successful - . - : A
time hoWever is shortly. 'Coining when We
think a test is to. be exhibited, of• the s't . tilf
Of which the American people are made.--
` Odo !lot refer - to the agitation of any 'of'
the political questiobs,- 7 —bank,. or tariff, or
slavery,.---out , of which kays often. arisen
- what.have . been Mulled t!erisee,”• - in which
all was to he lost; Tliese•co me - and ,pass
away like the thunders 'find lightnings of
.summer._...Btit_wolOOk . milli intense
ty to the niacin which 1116 American peg
ple•will. receive the official accounts of the
cnormaifs fnuuts....whiChSaie...beeit.przetis-ed
'upon - them iethe name - cif - dteeracy.
rook, not with a. partisan interest, but - with
a patriot solicitude, to the course which the
American people will pursue towards that
:par,tyA, thatadministration, which has coun
enanet,•id acts having_alLtho wieltediff
highway-l'obbery. ,
When • apty "robbery
the one. now in paw:
-er in this country, is detected in crimes
ivhieh sant defiance •all honesty, political
or . privatewhen tale after title . is - unfolded
of robberies , of, the public treasuries, com
mitted by, one set of the officers of that par
ty and connived at by' the rest,:•---we-
Ljtayie-fronv-the-treatment_which_that _party
receive at the hands of the people, how far.
the latter are fit for freedom or free govern
feenive the story quietly and
submissively-'--if they wonder for a day and
thin forget----if. they ceaseinttil they have
ferketed out every_corner:into which the
haSest of traitors-r-becauSe traitors to free-
dom—have hidden the_ eVidenees of their
profligmy and corruption—and; above all,
if they continue in power and. office tffe
men wlio ha - ve thus . been- false ;tto liberty
and.eheated those whim they swore to
serve,—then indeed is the republic lost. Its
basis, its' only basis-'-the sound heart, - the
quick, true, honest, moral sense of the.
e - ople ,- - -- ;-• - is - gone; - mul - the - hope - - of - the - icy=
oftintentiis'goite. with it..
„ .. •
A Nront.—The - Woods of Lancashire
are - 4 distinguished - family .for character ;
- wealth - and - talent;the-eldest-sonriohn
Wood, has been returned memberilf Putrid
meld. for Preston several times, and proved
himself a steady supporter of civil-and
liberty. A laughable circumstance
Oticelook place upon a trial in Lancashire;
where the lead of the family, Mr.. Wood;
giving his name, Otti well Wood, the judge,
addressing the reverend person; said "Pray,
Mr. Wood,. how' do you spell your - name ?
The old gentleman
_ .
O double T - •
I double
E double L - •
. double. U
• - double (JD' ,
Upon which •the astonished lawgiver -laid
(kiwi - fills pen; saying it was - the most ex:
trathilinary name he had ever met with' in
his life; and, after two Or three attempts,
declared-he was-unable to record, it. The
court was convulsed- with laughter.—Gar
dlno'.4 Muskand Friends. • ' .
We rccornMend the . following, from a
a . Loridon - Paper, to - i,bni - e - ablit — feaders who
are afflicted with Aeafnes, - : hoping ;that it.
may be of beneficial advantage to them:
' lit 'a.communicatica,in this week's VariL
.cot, finni Mr. turtle, 'the surgeon to
- royal - dispensary for: diseases -- of-- the±ear.,-
' l Whin from his situation niest have had great
exporieneeht this line of, prOtide.,.. an , ea-,
'count is given '.of the employment of a new
remedy for diseases lir - tli - e — ear,' the—value
nf which hasbeen - exemplified' .
hi' several
:''After.. ~ .
. rerriarking'on the prevalent mistake
.thqt.these diseases are incurable; and the
conSequient.negleet of
,them; to • which' he 1
attributes the greater' number • of cases of
deafness, he observeslfist,one of. the prin..
cipal and most coniton.,catiseenfthatmala
'dy is doficienc', ' of :the natural secretion,
arising fiern 'a want
,Of action. in' the Cerium ,
inionsllsnds,:ow, retnetiar . of ..wiiid., . the
ileafitess' geniiiilV — di - s - OpearS. ).. For — tii — e
purpose of ekfecting thisi Mr.
latelystriployedn'stiltitioni t crebiote, - the
applieationof which . does not .Cauie. ;11.0:7,
i) ie
tif',orisinarting,seasation, the only sensi
b e_effect.piodUced.being.a.feefing.ofogrcea-.
6 .wirreth. The
,preparstion excites the
action 'Of ,the. giant's, and cause's an abuir: -
dant secretion of cerurnen; thereby - . restor
ing hearing.. ..... . . ,' '
. . . ~.
:KEKA,L,.D._Ba,;EX.F. , ,I9SIIrd.(i..
' FOIL I ; OISII)P.NT,,. •
tcf . ..Vte•dre'itgitiniititlelitetl tot Loth
SERGEANT, -for-very iniportatit tblicJ
_ _
fle •sill. please tweep
.11ppointigent I, l le.llllotney_Gcnerol..
Esq. toihe Prosecu-,
tiiio Attorney for ('uinUcrlanil county=:
MoxEy-W.ItTSTEu.•.-Our subscribers, arid: friends—We have • nothing to say,
those indebted "torus for advertishigind job: cause is the:for - Mite of piditical • war.—
printitig;will shortly he .Waited.on, for the7Tliis is the true •doetrineof the loeofodos—
aMcituitthie-us--. ..We liope:that they Will be "to thevictors - belong ; the epoils''.:—arithno
• •
psepartidit.) - trufet us with a • lyelcono L
~ and man - has._ preached. it up with more - zeal
promptly hand• over the "Benton than the - editor. of - dui Voluntesf..--- He: iSH
drops.' '= • • - now glorying,in the work of "regeneration" .
that is now going oni and seemed. to exult
in his paper of. the week 'before fast, that
tsti,i)ireCtora of - the Poor supplanted
M. Bititile,Esq: , as their. atterney—se.deeiil
'ded jahe-for - carrying the.-work of.proserip-:
tiOn:oitt• its :.. 00rnost• extent. „Tut :Atte
_Managers _of the _rail etoMpapy,..,:w
have an undoubted --"rightlo'appoint -- xvhdro. - -•
they- please - as , their' offiees -and:agents ; : he
stigmatizes in the severest and most tinjuSt
terms,and, while - Striking at' them, strikes
at the 'Very prifieiples
. W114:11 he is now' and
has. been-advocating ! ! ! • -
11_71Ve the attentionOlour frietdi,
to the card Of Messrs: Fisher and: SWainc,.-
inserfed in.another . eolunth of . -to=day's pa
„per. ktriend ivlo has already had deal
With the firm, assures usthat- ihe Set
cllauls - of our county ,- --ran deal Inora - 16'fileie
advantne in- that establisliMent than with
senior par , t-
Fisher; we are well - acquainted, and
-know him to - ho in obligingian, a g ood
jud g e of the articles in his line, : and a- very
felloW." We 1101;0 our merehantS
apPointment of a comniittee by . the-1 - 1 - onso I
of-Representatives.of the:.Uilited States , to i
investigate the defaleafignSiif. Swartwout, •
has caused the _greaten uproar and outcry!
---- - •
amongtheloco=ifico - pressee - in - the - eountry. -1
ap_pens _ __ :;. _ ..4 - . „_____. • .
7.l'liey" --- vineonost:pitermslyi --- .end -- rallege
to be one of those kind of rascals who too
often forget to pry the Pridte r.' • He stands'
- lloOnslead of, violation
is a violatio*-tlin -
tlfe - appointment of the committee by
,indebted to us on our boOlts, to the amotint- 16 .
of $6,75. If he does' not sliiirtly-"Arti us of ail 'former preeedent, and alins a deadly
the amount ; we will be compelled_to_place blow at thcininciPlekof legislation?", They
him, - slung• with soniirer graceless I seem to Maintain - that bodies have
scamps; on a thfilr; - Which we are.abon ti .not a right to alter or amen 4 their own rules,
-when-necessity-or-expedienc=may-require- -
it, or when 'the object of die:majority impe
riously demanded it; But Mr. LEGAREi Of
South Carolina, in a late eloquent and pow
erful speech on the subject,: completely
leaves thein nothing to stand upon. He
makes it*Jelf-evidenti. that, by .the _existing
rule, "the Speaker is charged with the ap
_p_ointuient of ,cOmmittees, unless the house
_shall see fit to order otherwise, in which
case, they shall be chosen by BALLOT. , " If-
Speaker Polk had sppoini!l the committee,
it would of-course-have' comprised amajori
:ty of the devoted friends of Van Buren, and
,thus:any-thingeulptible or-criminal on-the-part:
-of-the_prineipal agents' Of the_ government,
which might be detected,- would have bedit
either smothered or white-washed. The
tocositistly dread.a etifilinittee of • holiest
and independenmen-theyknOW the - guilt
of some of the I *gli
. agents-.of the *govern
ment.!t in speculations and frandi upon . .the .
United States Treasury-=and therefore they
lookSy - fill — terror to the report - Of rthe'Com
mittee now sitting in life . customliggte of
New York., .• , ' • • • . • .
NOTinEiThe Post Master at 33urling
ton,Xerktu—eky; infornis us thetacertain fel
low by the 'lain° Of!fohn refus
for lift the -papk'clireetedio,l4ln. Unfor-,
tuntadvior:us, this man_ Gibson _
10111,„CigNERAL POST OFTlCE.—Recent
facts - have been ..developed in Washington,
which prove that.the General Postbflice is
-bankTupt,-notwitlistandingihe-- Pompous-ac,...
'c'otints,Of Amos Kendall as to itstiourishing
condition.; In 1831, there was a"nett sur
plus'revenue of $BOO,OOO- which was in 7:
$1.60_,1100.in1838401,,..mt_The first_
Lof January 1839, the mail rolites and. ex-;
penditures greatly .decreased—therti, is' no •,
surplus, to be f01ind6424 miles of mail
route decte'aseil-- 7 and.-still there is -an in- I ,
-crthee of expenditure of one three'
hundred grid forlys!_!!==
'.A correspondent of a New York paper,
Who is intimately acquainted with public
- and Priv* affairs at Wasilingtoni anti who is
generally correct in his statements and con=
elusions, avers That Amos Kendall keeps
no. regular set books, but has a system
of his own In shorthand, such as no com
mittee can understand. It is agident from]
the ".signs -Of the. times,"*: that Kendall
and his - nnPrincipledaSsociatei in Plunder-,
ing the publfe, are preparing to fill their'
pockets and make off with the "spoils."—;.
The evidences of this fact are too'glaring to'
rhenlistalien4lhey are - getting rea - drfoti
start.—and- as soon- as-a-committee-of_ con- :i
gress Shall have co►nmenced the investiga- ,
tions Of the Post Office department, they
willbe o off in a-jiffy, -
. ,
Goon Dime. lY r.,•• , -The New York
nal of Commerce says that die Merrimack
'Company in Lowell divided in December . ,
last 40 percent, on. their calAtal*sl,6o9,-
000,13esides.reserv,ing a l surplus of $ too,Ooo
for the . pyrchase'of-- new Machinery,- The
Company made no dividend in 1837, but
reserved their profits to ;meet: thelessesther
were then exposed to from bad debts brthe
general distresses of the whole . : country - - in
that year. . • .":
• IlitP,The Alhanyeerropendellt of, the .
Roeliestertlemocrat says • yeung lady,
attending bpardingselio,ol irt the .litst.
od city, suddenly.expired few dayS`sined,
'while sifti►rg at her - 'Tie last note
.of.the-inelody-sheTwas playing-hadTsChred- ,
ly ceased, when . her- gently spirit,
its eternal ow, floating and
• Autcertain ie.lifc 1- • .
• ~- I tif.toitAikE, . - 4 ito, e "
editor;of lie'tYolunteerr - displayti.most gross.
nvizinz - 6 - 00 - enlpablehzeoitifnaito/ in
his remafks . • about certain removals and ap
pointatents in this'conn(:,ry.;'HO, evidently
maintains ,tlie.doctribes,Ahatthw . loco•focos
iri,'entitled' - tO, the "spoils' , - ..undet;,..GOy
• Piiker,' - hbeeausc'they
'denies' 'the right of the managers of the Cum-.
- ,berlaud' -.Road.,a majority - of
whom aid .viilfigni to aPpoint their.friende an
agents:BLO. It his eyes that
Gov.:li>orter,remciied Messrs. Porter, Line;,
And giaighead, and aPpointed Mesars, San
tierion; Angney . , andFoulk in theisplacii,
but he thinks - it cruel - that the Managers of
the R. appoint. Mr..Craig
head weigii-master in, the room of Mr. Ant !
ney, and E. M. Biddle, - . Collector in --- the:
rooirf.Of ''Eby!- .11e calls it• ft.!deral:ty
faiiny, proscription,and all that sort of thing,
I •
• and wakes :a very ',pathetic appeal to the
"democracy" to frOwn,it down! Whoeyer
heard such rani; nonsense? Whoelicr read
such shameful: incoltnistency ?. Whoever
I . oitded :through diatribe of • folly?
,-Witiletlie-Govertiorii - removing_ourfriends:
from the:vieounty. ollices , by: scores—while
the 4ttorney'. - -General is - rapid' Y: Idinoving
all the deputins in the. State--:andwhilethe
'canal.commissioners are disbanding every
_agclit_and car-greaser Mt Our improi,ements,,
and tilling the - vacancies. with .their Own
fa They Visit 'tl
PAM AvaADAESS.—Unilpr this, appropri-:
ate- hamOlte-Franklinlßepository-Says:
L'he . Ba. Bank of the United States is bound ,
, ay, its enatter, to loan the tate, any iumanf
money she may want ht-four per cent; but
the.prejudice of a majority of our Legisla
ture'agalnst the Institutionie,so great : , as to
induce them-to pay s /hie per cent. to - other
banks in preference to npplying to it. This
is truly absurd. ':Such conduct i s as silly,
as was well Temarked by amentber;iii that
of.the Inariontho undertook:to break. a_bank_
he disliked by ~burping all, its notes he, could
get into his possession.
,AVo learn -from the Baltimore liatrief,
thai,i'daring attempt Iva's . made on Friday
_the 2t1).. -to Set :-fire to the
bank. of Michi gati. The. office-of Messrs..
: bates & Talbot Which is'in the • haiement,
of that institution, was, forcibly opcned# and
fire communicated to papers hiseverat parts
of the 'office, itunately ' no - . —datriage
- was - tioneLthe papprs,having : been hutrr;
Bally cOnsumell,.in—whicli'state they were
found in the following morning,. When the
.oftice.was opEnti,tl: _ . ' , ,•,
. •"""
1 1 10.70.yr , lq,9410AIRderion erthe Vol. ,- • •
iiiiitegliaa briraitit tOrit paper, a
tostyle" proscription extended
the,--derae , cratic Officers 'of 'the Cumberland
l'Ee..e.ry: of
lion is rather lamusing when it comes front -
the Senior bcl4ot`Of the ,Volitnteer; who, has . , •
just superseded in the office *of .Prothonota-7 -;
ry - of this eounty,.an ahlo and efficient oft- • ---.. •
cer, and - One in evert nianaertis
merely forthe. - salre of
. political
- H'e has. alit), 1104 . same paper, .a. inghly
proacriptive article, censtiriiig the loco loco
Governor of Kau - land for having appointed
to office his political opponents, and ,ur-
ges that every publiC•offieer in the UniOn! . •
who-does not think pOlitically withflie ad
ininistration at Washington should be („0-:
chayged;• "until," as.: Mr. 'Sanderson very •
.despicably_observea; :"until „the, Argeao.:.. -
4ablO is elfe,ctuallyand diroughlYcleaUsd," •
Of this principle e wepoweii . er do not .com
plain, beiog•willifig - to concede the doctrine •
that to the victors lielbrig the spoils." • • WO.
merely notice •these facts the con-'
sistency.Of George:Sanderson and-his ad.!
EICIUM the tissertion that-Reined: '• ,
:Angney3nid:_hison W.:Eby'zycrilreiheyeci
on account of their - political Principles•ale - ac - 4 7- -
-is. untrue; We understaml.that -the:Board'
of Managers - at ts --- recent
- burg' arranged. 433eu , _ system, Air the transac-...
tion of the business of the company, tieces
sarily reqniring.neiv appontinents. These____
Were. : given to persons, selected by _the, -
Board, - without- regard to any supposed
rightof'Preferenee Which Mr. Eby-and Mi.
Argney, appear,,teiniagine they had. ; -_lf-
1 4l le.-Boaid of Managers are not competent -
I to decide who be- their agents, or if
I-dicy are forced-7tcrTpppeint. men - Merely be- . •
cause they:are "deinotratieOffieers'! : ,atl
disgtisting . 'political brawlers,. and if they
I : would consent - to have men in their employ .
who are sedulously „engaged. in villifying . , 7 -
them, we say that theyare unfit.for the trust
repoSed.-ir them. •
_other conSidara - tiens., ;
- the-app - captment-o - cone:44: these merry at
least, _would= have heett- -- aerdrary- to --the
well tit/Own - will of aitia-tenths of the §tockL
woeld have been 'a Want of self
respect i ittr:the:Board of Managers,-.sornd of
vv holiOiave:been i assailed••by him in -the
,eoarseSt: and grossest manner. Ilis •inso
k nee an . d. overbearing
. _behaviour : .to._Mana , - -- -
I 'gers, Engineers, Stockholders, and pdrsonk
having-business-with-the—company; have_____.!
been. prOverbial, .and the pi►blie voico de- •
manded that- his further• connexion with •
the company — should-ceasesome-men,
however—imagifte—thitt—nsolence- to- th*---
empleyers display an independent spirit. •
A PEEP )3EIUND THE.ScENES.---It will s
recollected,. that the lion.. F.O. J. Smith .
of Alai lig- refuse& : to sanction. the
q.ub-Treasury : scheme forfeited the ecinfi-. -
*ll6'nee of the spoils party atliriashington.---: .
Thereupon every Utnintstrafion - dog set — iip .
a - barking at him and during his recent ab-•
sence in Europe, with characteristic Magna
nintity,- they libelled him hi 'sogritss a
manner that lie lost: his re-election in .his
o‘itn argtiTeyby a failiiirinaktrity: — kexed i---
at this defeat, he has . turned "Stiztes' Evi-.
ilence," and in a series . pf recent letters - ex— ---
poses the corruption of the party Manage
imntsitr-.111-aine--=a-• specimen,—by—the-bye;
of that of which -we aie-tasting. -
. • ThelSwoEdltors,Of whom he speaks ba've .
bptii been rewarded by the Van Buren dy--
nasty for their fidelity; and present us a les
s ti.of, what we are to expect in the Key- . , •
- 5.1.i1e10 get at - the truth:and the following re-. ,
marks of .141 r. Sinitli show the coiTtipticirt
_upon 'which Van Burenism is based, and
the little honesty - there
,is in their 'yelping
The editor of the Argus, who has. been
outraging_ alltleceneyinhis sbuselof me dur-
ing my. absence from_ the country, as also
- the - editor - of - theAngnsta - Agei - who has been .-
doing the sane thing, are both noisy parti
zane• Of the-Van-Buren- sub-treasury,- hard=---=-
specie, ant4bank • scheme, which
doArn alnrost'the Whole diedit'systerr4—cer- . _
tainlk the, Whoic opt ainong men who
have not specie capital—and yet Oro
•'selves,not not-only
utility. to the - rising gepeidiion, , of the credit
- system; but . 11ave-beerinestLSignally_de- • _
pendent upon With. their own bread,,and for' •
that wherewith to feed their farnilies! 'And
to aggMvate the baseness their inconsis
tency in
. thiis matter, and mark thein
mere effectiial °
t o
ly for°' public 'scorn, — as con-
'ids of hateful ingralitade ' man who.
is most abused personally by them intheir
war upon the . credit and banking eystenni of
thee - cOuntry,' is. no, other than' ilmanan tivho .
.e x tended to each of.,,thern;,*6.ftiot and
moet:inycirtant,' credit and loan'pf . , capital'
that they have had in their Jivei;.WhereWith
to commence business in itte ''upon"n
re . epectable feotingand and; their, own nan es!.
ikeredibte' as it tria.Yeeern frthir,the tette . of
these two papers toWeide.ii* . l.S.M; in truth,
that iW 7 requiied 'beee6enii oftheenificitiiies•
cirei,en;" the
Aigps,play,; - _truly;' ho. sail ''l ti ver
dollars of °
eed the Eniter,k . Aigus came in--.
to the state;he-pprehasetVtipen *lend
ed.eredit of, mere,tilin• tWo.- yearS; j arid it
was of Myselfiliat he..sOught, and ; ofnie,,that .
,he,:recti.hed'exery - delbr..qf that-pre.(l44 tits recollection ,of
you, :Probably that
. restabli shod. the - Anus- •
ta-....ig0 on -the ren4ovalvf 'tire . legislature