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;WEI:11081mi IV,loni4iirci,'PEDEumm 0,1830:
•IfOß . y.icE PRESIDENT,
'1).114.11=13 17313STMIL.
• Our report of the, proceedings of the legisla
titre 'cUn be gitien:inia few words. • . •
. A bill to borrow ONE MILLION TWO
• SAND DOLLARS at f we per cent. has
'passed' both brandiCs;; •
Another bill to boriow SIX II UNDRED -
11-lOUSAND DOLLARS et the same per
_Tentage- has also passed: •
Tss - Exrcoerion.---We Itiave feceived
• . - Several nnmber4 tir;a'n , eckly paper recently
established in of New:York bearing
the - abOye• title, 'Ojai is devoted to koreign
and domeStic.intelligento,literature, science
- - a - tid:Ahe'fine
form, cacti_tumbercontainingttvelve.pagcs
•• ' ••of elosely; printed matter, at f_ our dollars a
year in advance. IVB
I;ast two onAltree,:numbera ,with attention,' ,
' -which are occupied to n ce:ris:derable'ux
'' tent withfevieWs of new wart and were
- - .niiiied4o••.knd so much talent and ii researelt
evinced throtighotit'the Vjholeghtet. The
editor is l'foriiiblt,-Ilifent,. and pleasing wri‘
• t'r and executes his task with considerable
—tact and ability', showing that-he--is well
•eonvei.,sant with the subjects of which he
'treats. Such a - work,_in the grearcbininer
vial emporium, we should suppose,
• Ant: . fail to receiVe support..,
:A SlisTAii.k.—:We Jeurn i frnth the ;Dela - -
Ware State. Journal, tthdt ,a R. J. W.
•• .
'in a bad predicameni*llic•circtdatioit of a
rep - 011111dt lielind been 'advocating ita:k. on
wives- • kgeneral - meeting or feialcsMOk.
place, in which. single wonien took a ac
.hive part; arguing that nneh a ta`kAvnu l l - d
sen their chances of getting . Intarrind.f
'ter having inflamed . their nainds'hy a warm
4 ussion.of the proposed oppressive mea
,stire;T:therrepaired - to - the - .house 'rev=
•c.rend gentlemen to'secl: redress, or ivreak
:their vengeance upon , him, Ihing fortn-- -
nately--AnfOrme4 - ;Lof - the 4)prOach - of the-
+crowd he' prevented their .ntrance by bar.
'ring his doors, and addressedthem from an
'upper window, endeavoring. to appease
Their indignation, by informing them that
he was misrepresented- by - the - printer. - But
!the ladies :new nothiuk about typOgraphi
-caPetkors' and reiited, threatenin f ; with
dreadful punishment if he should ever .fall
into their hands. The misprint tras wives
foe wines.
Qty FOkfinic 'seems to have ailei•7y
' - i;oreil the proprietors of the Volunteer. John•
'Corn'man was *elected county eoininiSBioner
last fall, and rGenfge Sanderson has been ag
!pointed Prothonotary. 13esides receiving
their 'fees of Alec, they have thebommatiil
- of• - iikre - kt - En — sitre p - iltrOnage fffi . ifiliTz - v It
learn of ever "seeing in The "Receipt's and
Zxpendiuwerhirrainekint - cififfinfellaidio . the last .gewe'ral election. Why does not
the attorney for the directors of the Poor:-' lqr. Sblaer; the member 'of C'otigres from
13t4 why did the Volunteer appear 'so' sot- tbi3 district cornpesed Of'Adams and Fiank
sil izre on this poinr,and pass by the others.? .1 .11 ( ;b: ey ,. 6 : ,, , ,, res i• gn '? 'in 1837 there - was • a
Why did it not "takeyp the cudgefs,_".. for' ..,iia.j.,' rity;,:-against--:ltina arid- the .- .meaSures
'Squire Snodgrass` and Dr. Baughman too? .
hilt he . sup picrted; in •1838 - the4n.'tvs
The.: reason is . perfectly obvious—it dare 4" in aj orl ti - gairri, iriffiaintei , eit 'a' t Ihlti' Spe
not,becaus-e it well vulnerable •: , • , . • - • • • -, .i•..
~ mar ,election tnere-is-a•majoqrty or nearly
they 'are.' • . . •
• -.- live hundred against him.. be same" . re
•. .. . ~, •i , * marks will apply to Mr. Reily, .member. of
• EXTR AollinNY1,111! CAVE.—The Red' Lake . 6ongress from Dauphin and Lebanon; twice
Gazette mention's . that an' extraordinary his cpustituents have condemned his course.
cave has lately been diseovereinear an up
. ICT,The Harrisburg Keystone—that tin- Why AY not all these men, examples, taken
principled paper, whose 'editors, by their . P er bratich of the
PiiiPPew 6 River , - (Dig - trent our on.n state; oblj Or resign? Why
trict . of Heron) Whit.:dl thnstantly em its a
fawiring_arid_duplicity,:obtained tbousands-.- do not the friends-of -tlie-rightsiefinatruc
u fair
crrent e, gaseous of such extreriablr
y 0./
./ of dollars 'through the votes of our friends don 'Call ton them to . rage? 'Becaute the
fensive smell, as' to render it impossible fol. sa e-.
''' in' the' reform convention, and *he subtle- reasons. infinende than as inffnenee
.• : one to enter. enter. • What i$ still morc
iquently,A3t.the Aaama.meatis - obtained-Bie-- 1 7— ,re -''the lawyei, in-'the fable of the'far mei, and
v o te s --rdogs___will.--ru4-41-_ -_,with_-_--..gre_aLL-ibe-Aawyer,-.,ivhicir.-_-iii4,ll3Bthiitills-as-miz
- ' wil i ly ; but as soon as hey have entered - l •• II r •
our friends also,: although. theirrivals receiv- ...t
lows:-The-farmer le armer wentto the.-lewyer and'
ed it a
they set up it friginal-howling and yelping,
,bylarge yote in cauetisk
taes us ' tahlhim that his bull had gored thelawyer's
.to-task for speaking of Ovid F. Johnson which'gradually dies attiay in the. distance `steer~ ~ Welt, said, the" awyer, you ar ah
. iie'le iti and .18 he Was, - and places us-upon 'tillralfle quiet,. 7 -- Ne dog is- ever said - lci,•rtr- - ; Ainnesitlitani - aint.reaSen; - justice 'mid bourn.
. . a.leyslAw.. _ ithipepers_ which it: denounces as . tint.
,‘. .:.: . ...., .: __ . .." ::__ . 1 *otitd:ihoiv-ism that you ought 'to, make
every thing 'vile.', .Fortnnately; the- people . . ' -.. - 77-_ - tt ' . .. • .l , 'the cOmPeinratien for the injuiy WhiehrhaVe
. . tf.rienitSilVertia.kne* the vulgarand lying
CoiinkEss. - -L-Nothing -of importance has reeeived;:l - Biit ship, sayithe fartnet,l Made
~ I
—eburseinthich-the-KeysteneA atr -Per suel l-becOransacted_ittliengress - Sinee - enr - last — a - alight - mii3takeTit - was - yourbull - thark:illed:
' since its establishinent, : and- the-meen and repoth "fat, drinityhe . inerry, and peek- (my steer,--ali I it . was
.my bull :That killed - I
: 'dislierterable charar4ers which at least two et eight dollar's'-a.; day,".
.seerns to . he : the your s&ar,.Was. it, Said the lawyer, : that al- .
•. Of its nditore sustain," to render any. - tbing . ,' motto of-our 'law=makers. The following 1 terth the.cabb considerably,' iVle:4l7-ill take the
they say 'of anY . 'iiiipOttance. They: a re resolutiOnWas offered by Mr: GraVeS of KY; matter into ccnsiderationi Thus it isAtith
hind pirates in Prinniple and practice->Ahay - i and lkidori•the table: .• • - •: . thelocofocos; if it *ill Work. to their advert
, - wonl4', barter their principles at any mo.•, • lieeolved, .. i .th4t The, -. Secretary of the - , tage, they are great stth i ltlera about the right
meat ter Ihe - :•4lSii.e . . - of•filthy luere=-Land they Treasury ; 1
be ..drected.lo report to this. House ,' of instructioh t but when the turn 'comes - for
. - . their -..- -- ' •
would hettay'their :party or their .ou'nrY ' AtiOtiley 'dr Pli'la• d 'lob' ' 'a l lid all, ' some (4 . own men' to obey or resign,
--for-e' d - L;.-Ati totheir- 'I . gies-of -------- - --- - -- -:'----; . 1 11 , e - -- -11 -- h * - 7 1 -- --- '- 9 .! -then'' 'I . i--' ti hi bo 'HI .- i t-of-i -
. --pro quo. : ~._ eu o . any, portion:ors 0,491, for w doh -he ivas'•
,:tve• ma no r g--a . u
. re rig i , m
ilie!aitetriefgenerali: they :0 0 .4p11:_under..,,,te;Orted ~a. . ° said ,Secretary,. en .1
siruCtion ; on that. subjeettheitnientha are
steed' 'frlia' - a ifteeiated' --we have., heard the 17th otJanuary, 18381. and also :to fur-: clesed.:.... - ,Btit-We de-not-think-that-the-moSt
., ~,..., - ' nlithieflouse.-Witli - 111-11 - ' - *- - -
_ ._,
_,,,,, , .
~ . . t e-. secounis "and '
- " - several - promitieuttlootr'fbcos -, ofttrite; place r radical Of tiretoccifociiiii-helleve'rin,tlti's doe- .
. -
• Condemn the appointatent ity rather-severe erhMetit ' during the continuance, 'o,:sine:' trine,. they assuredly, do . net.;--.
, . ,
... .,
. t g y mil , ..- . , , -,•, - • :.
~.:, ,:.,,, 1 the expiration of the' time he. Wee-4fOce,- _WhertWe speildr..-Wright,-the spoaiorfivin
-'----- "• -.--.-- -- -t - ; -------. ... ----';;-:-------------,'-'• -------.- - ' -- - -- • - ' - , - '. --- 7 .- - . 2-- :• - -- ''''''''''7l - 7 -------- : -- - • • -- 7 - ' ------------ ---
&per. Ve-clo not really envy theni all trio;
but we will spy, that if they had notbeeit ilie
. proprial - of the only press 'of "t he party"
in thiS county, neither of therriever - would
lime rcceived an appoinunent - from. the
Governor; nor an office front the people,—
They were both several times before. the
public when , they had not the atil of a press
to sustain them and to frighten rivals off
their.track, and were in•.every inStaMe
tlidaptly rejected by - the people.
' ' Gritinoe'S.ltl6EßS ON to 6..Prot4ollotary.
•' tir, - be - Recorder and -Clerk
.of `
the', Courts: ". , , . . •• - 0
named individuals Rre ;
residents, 'ot this- berough, and, the third re
sides*thida taile.of it; What Will , Messrs.
Lusk, Montgomery; BgiVinah;- Miller; and
othey••• : appliethitsiii "the iippoP. end of 'the.
Clendenin; . Hume;'
.Dunlap; 'oda otheiS, in the IoW - er end, think
of this arrangement they"accniiesee
silently 'hi. the selection of all The county
officers . frOria Carlisle anil its'inimedtate
? They may fok the present.; but
when the doinitY'r' Convention meets 'next
;,September.; we shall see
: another• orderef
things:- 'rlie
.insult, thus 'ofl'er'ed to the.
Country 'will, we have no doubt, be justly'
Winked by the delegates from the - country,.
Who can "form just such a' ticket •as they.
please, beemiSeThey'hafve the poWer . . dohi
•pletely in their own hands,' . But what Was'
Coy. Porter - to d 0.,? Sanderson had pits*
tained him "through -thick and thin" during
the last campaign, by. resorting to eyery.vile
falsehood anti slander -to keep him. from
sinking, and was one of the vice presidents
oldie rebel meeting in Harrisburg, which
deserved'a good rat office.. FoOlk WaS a
Pieminent-Member of-the-"provisional-g'civ:.
and consequently. could not be Overlooked':
-Angney- i 'althougri : lie-only—left -lour ranks
last - spring, took Some 85 or 40 follovirers
' with him, he is' popular and ion ac
tive politician, must be provided for too.
.. ,
-- j' It is very evieent . from all; the ap
-p"obitinentininde by Gov. Porter, that his
sole.olf cut, has been to strengthen himself
for the •next heat, without any regard . for :
'the 'convenience and aeconanodation of the
public: - Ile is striking atthe very freedom
of elections, by the appointment of numer-.
ens 'editors iii - every_ section. :C•l_the ' state,
-t'vhich will effectually-se - eare . the - influence: ,
of - the - press - to nllvnenterhis — a - ets; - iiili - ntliet
they be right:or•Vreng,: - Tie . has alij)ointed
the priticiipafediter and the principal - owner .
'of the IlJessrs...:Jnlinson and
Packer, Attiiiiiq fsienerat4/ anal Conr•
inissiene'r . 1. Mr. LekeVer, of the 'l4eftysburg .!
CoMpiler,. has also been appointed to a good 1
office 7 Mr.. RuPy, of the Oliambersburg
T.elegraplr, bas t geod fat . office;'..
and bui neighbor 'Sanderson is iirothokidta-
rp•-•-all. of *horn reside within 30 _mile's . 'of
us. A -good - , deal :of alloWaneeJrinart be ..
- niade - for the ii.iteiiieliW of thco,,,AntOrs in
future; as they will no doubt be. more tough
and unfounded than over. ,They willlabor.
harLin..their cause, tlia shut a great deal
"anti-masonry !" in . order to throw diisl in
•the eyes of their iiiiitispeetingieadei.g. They
will,. in short, do every thinglo 'retain their
places,- alit" 1110 secure their bread - and beef.
Kph is so seldom that the Volunteer
can detect any this-stateiheAts 'in our articles,
that. When it does chance-to disioiret tut, ft
pounces upon us like'a "Oa at a biickber
ry." 'One .inistake retaiie to the aitolifey
for the directors of the poor, afforded it an
and slang throughout nearly half a 'colurim
We will take the explanation of theYolun=
teo, admit gh 'Are were . ; not. aiVaFe of the.
filets therein slated, and we have lo rec_ol- '
‘7_- . oi:e . :'o,44:*.tilii4T, -Niv:*.(4...•..:4*5pi._:..-,%::#00ttit.i,t•.,4
I.'qi4l . lltoillOt6l4:'lllict
• a.,,Enrron.—All •the locofoco papers
in the state, frorkthehighest -
,!,o the lowest,
from the - Pen - risylywiatillOWir ti:cthe4rner
iciiil Volunteer, are shouting for joy at Iheli
success-fir-the-litg-ipedial election - in-this
senatorial district: All theiiparagraphs
gin"with the'chankes which have taken place
siace'the-governor 4 s•election, arid ..coaclude
‘4th an essay - on the doctrine Of instruction,
and its - applic'ation_ to the case of the
C. ligratosi; As tithe Charigeli Which
niay have taken• Place, there 06 no means of
'Tis true; in October there was - a
Majority in favor of the Whigs; at the spe
cial election . there was a majdrity against
them; but hi' the former election there were
over fifteen. thouband‘ Votes polled in the
district; at the - latter - not 'tell thimit'atid.—
F 1 ow then Cali there be a fait' expression of
public - opinion When more, than five thous
and voters (more than One third - of the votes)
of this dis'tri'ct giVe•nb ekpression whatever:
of - their sentiments. Gen. Miller had nota
majority di' the vdtee. of the district, for it
Would require nearly eight thousand votes
and•le had but five thousand. He did not
tebeitie afitajority_ of , the votes in a single
county. .E veal in Cumberlmid the strongeSt
tonnty in. his favor and:Which at ~the gen
via election polled over five thousand votes,
Gene ietelVod - but twenty-two hun=
diett - ffalling nearthree hinidiedhehind
majority; his Vnte'ili Alliwenunty. totty
eight less than even — ln Friiiktin
enmity, Miller lackedinoie than a' thousand
of a niajority of .the whole voter that coun
ty , five: thousand three inmdreil fii
October, and 'Miller ieceiving.bnt sixteen
hundred 'votes: and in Adanis his vote was
five hundred „less than that 'given for .Oov
mhok_Porter.. „ •• ' , ' •
But as• for Mr. Penrose resigning, he had
better wait -until 'he can form
. 86nie Opinion
as . to whether the peOple have diSap . proved
of lifs course orznoti xvlin , knOw but that a
large proportion - of . that-k V -a 'Tare'
anxious for him to remain. .Mr.
•had.reesivedMote : N'Otes_lhari Mr.. Penrose,
there - might - be something in wha
_t - the-locu=
focos say. I3nt comparing the votes.
given' to the two in.en'We.find ihatMeTPen:-.
rose received 6800...vbtea, whilst .qefieral
Miller received but. 49_00, no'.-coming with
in nine- hundred , of ..the vote of' the former.
But the friendsof.Mr.iPenrose_WOuld be,
sorry to sob him resign, for: otherand better
reasims.. What right have the loOfOcos to
call on him to resign? they did not elect
klitip, - Cin the contraiiTthoy .. Aid all`in their
power to Oppose him: they did not give liini
the office, what tight have they then to de
mand it from hid? 'Mr. l'enrose is Whig
: and thofitiAiktio-Astinio'rted mid elected him
are rigs, 'And whigr (TO not hold this prin-
Ciple 'of instruction; for Whet advantage
'Wo'uld there be in inaking the terms of sen
*ors longer than those' of representatives
. and what balance would there bei -:
n the leg
isiation if at every Special election the sena
and resign. but if this theory of instruc
tion is as tOod a's tho' locos - say it is, why
•do they irnt piac'tice it a,iitile, Why 'does
not Mr. CaidWellthe idenfeeci . iienaior'from
ife Lancaster and York dis triet resign?, 'His
eiiiiirs — e - W6l 7 eTarthireilieen condemned by
his cOn'stintenta and at thelist eential elec
tion by a 'clear majority-of two thousand.
hy does not judge Akers, resign? There
-91.Delawart;, Chester and' Mnntgomery al
~., _ , ,
•NeW Y ork, Mr. Wall, or INTMV Yersey, Mr.
Sibith,Of bonnt:Ctient, 4essrs. • Mown &
Strange, of North Carolina, Wittilave been
-rePcatedly__urgecLby_.thn_Leg?latuie and-in--'
stititetiz to:vote' in a particular way, and
' lintiti.e' _S
_Others of-the-- i 8 , ena r Vir om
their c onstituent s have condemned. tune 'di...,
ter ditto obey or resign, Where 'Mr.' Cain
breleng. and' Other ' representatives, in Con
gross from the State of . Now .York;' those
we have mentioned front Ohl' oWn State,-
seven members from Oeorg,ia ; several fiem
Viegini n a l Six from:Connecticuti "one .frorr
Lonisianay 'one from illinoiSi and otheis whc
like these have been . repeete:lly,condenaned,
resign;. the whips may begin to think o
following this exainple. When Presi•den
Van Buren and his'eortupt administration,
s 6 .corrupt that they are afraid of the ligh t
of truth and investigation, whom the people
Of the ."United Stela tti their different state
electitlns have 'c'ond'emned by an aggregate
popular majority of-fifty thoOsand each,year•
of his term—when these Thep Orbp the sub . -
treasury scheme, thatinfamous plan derived
ibr i the purpose of giving the money i .,of : the .
:people into the hands of mere tools of the
PresidetiC to be sq uandered land embezzled. '
at his and their "plea sure, When ,Ilfey sub
init to hiVestiga'ti9 s h by the representative's
of the petiple in Congress assembled, w,e
may think that they believe in the advanta
ges of this &urine of instruction,. Bet un-:
til "the) , .'otey the. expressed 'will bf two-
thirds'of the states. of the Unionnitllthey
people - to inquiri - inter•the lose
of . millions of the ievenue of goveimnent
•oVer which they should have some control,
virecan form nnotlier opitihin than thatthey.
advocate this doctrine itttely when it suits
their'oWn convenience. Until Martin Van
lluren-and his-advisers-obey the command
4. a large majority of the people . of the
United States we can haVe but bne bpinioli.
'that this : professed pgard for the iiglit 'of
.the people is,,hut a clOahAntheii.nefarious
designs, that their seeming' ad - ineacy - Of the
. _
, Kight . of iltstructionlis' but an infanmus plot
to quell and defraud a confiding:
- Shalt — M . on such contemptible rascality. •s. •
Extracts from Minutes.
At - the annual Meeting - of . , the- Cumber
land County-LS , CeMit :held in.thellethodiat
Episeop . al Church,. Carlisle; - on _the-. even
ing of the 28th Deccembei, I'B3B, Dr. Ira
Day, one the Vice Presidents-took the chair,
andz-M-T-- - ;491m - -Zug-=wns Woidied—Secreni
On Motien.of Professor EMory, lt was
resolved, that the Eiecutive Cominittee •be
tk-Ooiren itteelo-present4e-the-Lyeeum —for
their action 'en to , morroWsit orning,. a revis
ed Constitution, to, correspond with- the ar ,
rangements made last , 'year.
A Lectuie - was then by . Profes- .
sm. Caldwell on the objects of EthiCatimr.
• • -'Saturday intruing; Peceiribei tittr, Dr.
Ira!Day in the chair.
The Executive Coin . made their
annual Report, Which was ordered to be
Protesior baidWrefl front ilie hiecbihre
COrnmittee reported an aniended Constitu,
Lion, :which was adopted. • ,
0 n—ni oti o n•Resnlvecli-lhat - the ' i:gceuin
now pi•`oceed to the election of - oikcers
which resulted as fiiltowsTo
Hou.. John Rii . ed of iDaths . le, .First Vitro
Tiesideht. •
Hev.-11;. - -,R,; - - - Wilson of Bhippcnsbuit,
onil Vice President.
Dr. Ira Day of Mechanicsburg, Third. •
Dr. James It: irviiie of Newville, i'otir`th.
Robert Cameron; Recording Secretary. .
John :',ug, Corresponding Secretary‘
M. Caldwell, -• , '-. •-• , •, 1 • .
J. Hamilton, lExecutive-CoMmltiee. •
It. -Emory,
. Adjourned until 3 o'ehie)i, P. M. - •
'attil•daY eftbitiobil' • J ames Hamilton,
__J ._
Esq. in the - •
eiiislkyll from the Newvipe - Lyceum
Made avlbrbal report of the conditien of that
• aSeoeiation_Lantlrepresented-it-to'be - Au -- _a - :
flOrishing condition:
On motion, ordered that the Executive
- Committee he instructed to ai:Whit tlele
gates• to the next meeting of the Mate Lye--
um, -which.iwto be held at Reading; iin lute
- first - Tuesday tis A.ugubt, itab. .
Adjourned until 6a o'clock, to • niii4, at
-the-Salon otthe-Equal-iltights-Socielk
Saturday evening, James Hamilten, Esq.
in the chair.
Profe.ssor Allen delivere*Leettire on
' _Oxygen - and tioirogtia- but, accoMpati.l
zed by, a gibatNirie.ty or. interesting ~63cporim
ents. '''''
A.djouriied, s(iie
DRUG ; i
• - DRUG ; ST.OILE' iiiivii in ene.of dui
moat fertile_atatioita_olaleuniiylvaulat, , is-offertid
or'sidia.. ,; To a person of, moderato capital, there are
but few lacife 'deailableiiititationi... A tfouse aittl Lot
will be rented to the purchaser, if ierituiretl, and poi+
wailen theiargiven at'lll,6' (laic. For further virile
alatitipirlyta the Ittlitoh of thit Volunted. • , - •
Fohruarr.,s, 1809:—Titi ' - .. . . 10 '
Baltimore, Itbruafy 4:.
— FLOUIt- - - - ThTiCalifs of the week - com
prise several • thousand bbls. for foreign ex
port,, the_largo - proportion-or-which - has:
been taken at $8,25;
,SOrtm parcels were
sOld'itY.lB4B.fiand an occasional in
stance $8;124. To-day holder are firm at
$8,25, at which price • sales ate making
reelk, and we quote accordingly: Tho. I
price paid by de'alets for flour-by Railltoad-,
is $8a58,124-, and by wagons $8,121.
61 4 best reds,
in small parcels, are Making at Sl,BO. 'the
`receipts, hciwevcr, ate very trilling in
amount: .
borw- , - -- .We know : of no transactions.
cargo received early in the week, fqr which
87 cts. were offered,has been otoretl6.
Rye.--Nosales., -
Onts..—A cargo afloat is held at 80 eta.
Flax Seed—Arrives in small quantities,
and the price both.ftom.stdres and Wagons
continues without 'change,- We . qnote .
.from wagons at $1,624- 3 --from-stotes at $4 ,- .
to $1;78 - per bushel. ,
-Cleiver. S'ee(l,4n,this article Thep - is not
Mucirdoing.owing to the very limited (pla n tity of prime seed in market. . Small sales ,
of Western have been-thade. from
,stotes. at
$l4 to $l5 per bushel , and some parcels of:
Eastern _seed__atiol3,soas.l.4. .
WHlSKEY.—PriceS'haire - ruled during
the.week at 41 centaforhhds. aitd .44-a 45
cents Markbt-'-more -.Aim at -.the
- Close of the- week. Wagtin , price of bbls:. 40
cents,-exclusiv.e. Of---the-baiyeL-The-insped
tion's of the *eektomprisp, 57 hlids.. and.
9.30 bbli. of which 24-Olds. and 228_114316 4
were received by the naltimore- and Sus!.
MARRIED. • • • -
ron-thei7ol ult. by_ the Itey...f..lslricb, Mr. George
Seirer, of East Penn'sbolsAigistowuSl;ip, .111iss Su-
San M. Bell, of 1 . 1E1741 4m.
.31stult; - by the 'same, Mr. John . Crull,
York County; to MisSLydii: Shelly, of Shelly's Inland,
.IkUlAin County. , • •
On Thursday tlr lost; britli'c' itotten
miller, Mr . Richar Irityknuavr, to NfiasJlfargarei
qardniT, all of Paii.ertOwt. ' " ,
On Thursday lastiby . AcTßesr . . Henry AnraniliNtr.
ChrOtian.Woli; to Miss Sarah Lerr , bolh of• North
Atidlicton township. - -
. .
--,On the same ; day lay the same, Mr. II
. 'e§.lefi aliles;_
tci :Miss-.Rebect- it- Glasse, both of this Place. 1
. .
4 lion4,4cnne,slictiof wediling-cakOmecOmpilletttlie
above node& May the Young wedded couple - . have It
•pleasant journey:9lrougli life. ' So . say our "imps," .
and so mi . we... .. , - _ - , _
On 24onda3i last, l in this boroughoAfter a. protracted
illness which she bore with ehristiaOlbrtitudrand res
ignation,-Sarah.l:On, danghter - of .11r.Dasid Reisinger,
aged 15 years and rtuonths. . _ •
THE Officers, Members; and Contributors of "the'
aboveTinstiation,bie reqUesterl to meet in the Library
Room, tin SATURDAY EVENING the 9th instant,
at_6_o!clock.;__Punctikal attendance-is-desired, as offi
ceriarir to beelected for 'the ensuing year, and a new
Constitution will be submitted. fly order of IteMan
agent •
Febriinry 11339
" • -
rw _
12 I 1 ,- 1 •••'''
• . tfi • • .95 .
aro W ANTED N - io load
- Chambershurg for
t - Pittsburg, a• number of
~o,4 ( •fni 649 lime,. •
a i ,l ast
For which a fair freight will be given. '--Apply 'at the
irat'elloVise of EYSTEII, TITITZ 45t
Carlisle,. February 5,1599.-1 m .,, .•. 10
(Oren) _Line of:Freight Cars'
We 47. 4 kata
aP4VaI. 1111,112Z111031Ma
, . . .
THE - subsrriber;grateftitfor - pastfarorcrtaffe•AftilT l
ly, ttegnaints his friends and the Tail in, that Int has.put.'
Into opeilttion on. the lIAIIIIISBURG, LANCAS
•• . -
.a line cifnew,boOilLE Outs., "which w4I nut regu
larly between Ilarrisburg and.Thiladelphia, hy AOuch_ _
Goods - antrProdiiciFaiilrdacriptions will be forwar
ded with cure .and de - Spatch,,at the lowest rates of
freight,. .
Goods will be received at the Warehouse of TIIOS.
J. MAXWELL, N. E. corner of Broad and' Vi t l6Y virtue, of the audowity.yested in the Adjutan
streets Philadelphia,, and forwarded , to Harrisburg-, 113
tieneiul,.hy the 'militia laws of this Cmunion.
Carlisle, Chambersburg, and' intermediate places, ; wealth, it is hereby directed by him, with the Cohen)
the subscriber. OWEN M'CABE. and concurrence of the Oovernor Mal.Cotamanderlin
' IftliThlbllrgi,Feh. ° Chief of Pennsylvanin,lhat the system of Mill:maim in
SALT AND PLASTER, constantly on . military knowledge, and iiegulations , for the Militia
hand: .Cash paid for almost all,kinds of country pro- and Volunteers of the State of Pempsybunia, be, frodi
duce. „tut after thi3:0 8 4., that livsterowhich been prelim ,
• -.
- ..pint tua es,little.4 •
N exaellent fine-toned PIANO rertirF4 man&
(ackaved in London, witkadditiona Keys. ' • •
or partitil i4;ll,doiltdre at Me,. Crabb's stoc.6. - 1 .-
Caillude,.F . einruary , .s, 18.39.-tf. '
Webeg lett'ie;ts,Antorm the public in general, that
we lurienteoniated opraelreaunderthOfirmotSHEAF. • •
FEg skwurz; tor. the junivase of V‘oridueti%...the...) .-
plaieTiltere ore" intend I
sesvitaittly..keeplitg:on hand--a--largo-und - general - as•; -
arrtment 0f...
. . - . .
DRY GOIA I S..GROC.ign, irtS &C
-• 4
We invitee") to give ura • •
. " • " • GEORGE iiiIIEAFFER.
• Meant Reek,Febtiary sth .18.59. • •
' N. B. All those blowing thernseltia itidehteil tome,
can make phinient at the Store; as the Booka are left
. •
otr pre ordered to:parailc;on
on.PEIDAY die nd, inst., ut
o'cl?okA,Tkl.cornplgtely'eqmipiC.d t v/Ith
aims In good' firing order • ,
By order of Capt." DIDDLE.
' JOllll .R.-K,BuiiAN;:p..s: • •
• k•-' Feb. 6:18S9: - •
WM. S. 11i31...AND, See'ry,'.;
`7#4 , 7741 fr4gifftm
The subsetihee - reSpebtfully inforrns his fi knelt; and
the public lu gtsnekal, that he has opened a
Trillarat a/arlD rA;aID.M 4
Store, nt Ids old Stand, (Carnet Lonthrr and Bed
ford) Where he intends keeping for sale, Inuit and
Rye Flour, by the bam) or smallertpiantity. Ruck.
-wheilt and Coen in'eati C F op ond,Bran,Coen, Rye mid
Oats ; which he intends keepliet
hand, and hopes td tkeeithe a slial'e of the public pat
He has also on hand tea , bushels or spnvo
WHEAT FOR SEED, it hiCli he nfil•vs tor Side.
Carlisle. January 22d. 1839. •
P. S. Ile still continues So car ry on the .
PLATING at the old stand. and hap nn
hand a Bond assortment et plated saddle' e sin re; I
STIRRUPS, BETTS, Inn new; mniniting and ta s
work. Plating for roach done its the be st
manner Ad with dispatch. J I
MOIIY & CO. cannot lit this seasoirof propitia
..l4--Cion and good feeling passvvitlintitnii expression .
of thcir hearty',thanks, pie many favors revel veil
from their numerous wtdi-tried - patrons of Car
lisle and i ts vicinity, and hove through strietattention
to their wishes, to merit a continuation:6f 'their kind
We should indeiid ha insensible to the most nigni
ficent'siiccess,,did we tint give way to the feclingi; of
our heart, for ma e x pression of our &inks to Dame
Fortune, for the-nianv especitti lie toll; 'she has bestow
ed upon-our oftce,h;-selecting the-home of--het
golden V.i'cltegiter. We invite all then, to select their
tilial•ea in the Brilliant Scheme, herewith submitted
Which is lo be dinivti on SATUIII)XV;, 141131ttl'A-
It - Yl6th, instant, in which he who. ven'ture's a little
may:gali)a geentilehl. - .kitNeelbee is the ladder of
Fortune, lic-bold klien'ziitt hylittle - rialiiNve
our all!tid often ourfirst step'is just at the tide
leads on •Portuneis tOvititijog
She smiles upon us when Vteleast espert it, and makei
us rich to t roorrow,thotigii poor to-dayl - Let then Mt
at the last thnwittg, it inay lie Nita the next.. A little
ptience and move petieVeratice and ymi will win lief
and although all-would speak tat out the cannot
crown all. he hol l l , it rosy ln..vour Intttnext. Be
bold then, she has already (-itisell her oriflim over our
ofike, and haVing estaldirdual it Iter Biotite: We have
peen busy ever since, the last drawing r ilispetising her
favours to her happy suitorsould 'Bough our hearts
are lightened at the geatitied notattentuttes of her 'ma
ny favorites; our hinds arc weariettin hielnexlialliti
blescifrera. We are ready:again 1'0.14 task. _ •
- - liloStMmber it may be your time next, the-official
draining of thictlratnii:. - niterf the
"Public ,lottr . oal," and sent * free of charge to those
Who wish it. , • -
-- Yrease :address your orders to the Grand Capital
Prlzt ' ---- ESTORY:iJi co..
. : • . N'od2-,•Cnivett.d.. itahlintite;
- -' •
CLASS NO. for 1839.
.• „..
TiYbe - draimat Ale.Ottilt.iti - ,-(Vb.) oil Slit. Feb. 1G•.
'_s._„l4u4tiEito, 12 PRAWN 11AL/60Tfl.
_ .- •
1 Gelind Cap i ta l of - $ 50,000"" is $.50,000
il - ~
.• : - 10,000 - is .-_ 10,000
1 - -: , - ~ .5,000 is 5000
1 •,, 4000 'is ' 4,000
9';o , A is • 3,000
• 2,01X.1 • is • • , 2,000
_l, • • •• 1,015 is' ~ 1,915
4 1(1 ?rites or j 1 ; 000 art 1 41,000.
10 • 750 pre , • 7,300
- • . 4 SOO arc •-'; 7;300 -
kg • 200 arc 15,Q00
4 150 are 15,000
125 are , 15,625
. 100 are 12,200
60 arc 7,3'20
30 • art, - 6;100
20 arc •• 7,3'20
20-. are - 98,8'20
10--Pre 2.103231
125 --
91595 prizes riiittallitlng to - - ••••
Tickets $lO, halves $5, quarters $5,f2,50, eigliths 81,25.
The certificate of 8 paclisge (4 . 25 Whole Tickets;
containing all the' numbers, will he sent for $12.5,
Halves,O.narters and Eighths in proportion. •
Office 2d Calvert st. opposite Barnturn's ii9tel,
rihruary 5, 1839.
It lip's been Refolt/01,,That the Board of School Di
'rectors of die.Bormigh of carliale will hereafter moat
'on the first Monday of edch iqui,in.the Town Hall,
at nine o'clock in tile ulu t ti:i., and eight o'clock in the I
'slimmer, for the Sr mission of scholars into the Pulllie
Schoola T and-the-thomictioirof - other businesWPtwii=
Prs. Pa'renti and Scholars, will therefore take notice,
that the next nicetilT of the Board will be o i Monday
the 4th day of Pawnor!: next, and on the first 'Nlonday
.of each month following ; and that these will': be the
only opportunity. affmled for presenting bills and ad
mitting. Scholars.
'Teachers are - informed, that the I2tli Rule • of the
inddished, re°.i l; tines of the Board, which permits a
Teacher at his 'or her discretion; to allowat Scholar=
tO-attend-sehoolytinfi/ thelneetinr - ofthe — Roard; — lnor
reference exclusively Schotars who, liair..not
been at any school in the Borough fie th i s fn's neetling
tip motths, Dud of this fnet it will lie - eXpeetcd that the
'Teacher Nviltrequirc full and satisfactory" evidence.
• By order, of thelloard, -
• • .111.11.P.S
Tammy 98th 1839.' . „
, .
A11.11:11*.A.N1 4 PI:INERAty'S OFFICE;
Jantuvw 1, iS:I9
. eta,
ed and arranied:by Brevet, Captain S. CdoinT, (01 the
U. S. ..Arnty;)"4i,d-daa
e-inpand Ar , sihtuntAun
I.Gene'rril, and .
entitled 'n. cot'uise system of Instruc
nails and Itegulationi for the Militia And Volunteers
of the United*Statelf,
An officers and .non-cumndsSioned ollieertr,
cianS and tavales_of...the.,lfilitia=oi-Volanteurik - Ufr:uiii
TSEireTiall therefore„ henceforth conforni, in the per
their goiter:M{6nt prescribed fa the above sy,iitem, and
I all and every other mode of instit*tion in nulitaiN the
! ticti; not Consistent with that above referred to are 'here
' by positiiely prohibited, fo'r the instruction of the:lli
and Vohintacii of thin State. .
AS:a Malterof course, nil instructions of Volunteers
qi be giyen in the English language.
• . -Net Gen. of l'enitsyhyttlirk
Cinnr:) - •
nnuary 17,80.-!-52111
' Will be sold', at 'sale on ifie premises diS Sat.
Imlay the 23d day of Fawn:ll7 183 U, iionfrintaob of
order. of the oridtims' icaliA of Cumberland county,
A rfract or l'ireEe of Groialicii
Situate in Newton Township, in .faid coiYi ty, adjoint,
inglanda of .C. Au, Dayid GreAty,'Ani) Imes. Whdl
dle, containing ab.dut one and ii halt acres, bet:lse:sante.
More•of :a having . • -
triefirmi; .late the . mutt': of CO . O01"0.C11141Y',
tlebWote'p o rehav *mei' to be paid. coal', ol t • tie
; Sale, to. comotelieo :of 19
olarick of *Gen due attendance will be. gi'velt
by; • •
• ..
30th,1.8.99.":. • - ,' .
Reed:red, R : fce , superior black silk &stills stooks .
andfor sule by : • . •
- '
Freglnte4Cl3 . FO,It 09 . 1. y.;
• ..-aii . ( Dat tjaztim
. . .
IHAT well-known and 'first - rate property, called
Mount Roily Iron Works, situated about see
sdeto-east of, Carlisle and the Cumberland Val- .
Icy Attil Rood, having appurtenant about 8000 Acres
of fine timberland, and having erected thereon a Furs
uace and Forge, I Smithshop, 2 Carpenters' shops )
a Warehouse and Office, Z Masision houses' f stone )
a Bonk Barn aud.Stahling, thirty •Tenements'for wor.
kere;with a stream Of Water of &eat power sufficient
for-an extonslienolling Mill; or a National
and also Several' hanks of Orr.
By thr„payment of a reasonaL l e sum in hand, a lib
eral time wilt be t tiWn for the reruNjodet' of th . o Por
chaile money. •, • „
' Mt., WittriorWinuisi,itelidinghear giddermlu
sier,._will show-the place. '
• Application (if by mail; post takiil,) to be mitilefo _ , WM. CAI* staw:
.., _Harrisburg, Den..:31,-1838.--tf, ' '-5
,glssigneels Atitice.
1 tree 11. .1 . 0 . 1
day of 'Xoi;etoliilr
, Te l l " tl d m i attl i i i rk ii rite 2 4 t a
deed of assignMent. of all liid itfeetailtiChidin Lib
honks and aceOllnta, for the beneflit of . hiatreditotth
Notice is herChy klqii to all thosii: indebted to` the
said Jesse H. 3 olifisolioir to the firm of Johnston V'
Newman. on bond, note oi , liook account to make pay
iiieht without itchy; aitiit these haling claims
against the said Johnson; or agitinid the-firm of John , .
sow& Nen:Jima to present them for aelilement.
11r. F. LINE, . ABffignees.
.e,trlisle i dam 4th ; 1339. . •
V.A.LIIA'I3LE 1 -1 110PERT1
(v)at Eicaa.twc,
111 . 111.1 . , he offeredUf tinge sale on Wednesday the
VV 20th day ; of-PeZ.rziaity nett, all that ialuald
property, situate Itt. the coriier of High and Pitt streets
in the borough of earlisle, late the prepepy JOHN
WILSON, -deceased. -The l'Ait is 60. eel front, on
High street, end 240 feet tleeti on Pitt ttreet=ritniiing -
,north to Dickinson Alley. 'lliere are ereeXE4l 'upon
this propertruTWO
. • STONE . HOIAJ3,,,,.
, !4 1 7* wstoticiiKitchri - , a TWO-STORY:
q''''''' -1 -4 4 '4 4 ; BRICK .lICILTSEI,'
with severalSHOPS. Thelotis.welLeultivated,
• trrining-a-varietv of FRUIT TIMES,. There in
newer-failing - Wal of excellent water in. the yard.
This property being situateddirectly ;n front of the
Caimbcrinad idley.Rail Road; at the point where the
Cara atop, it' offers the most elegible scats for a Hotel
I'AirtliiiretiiiiitV; it is - entirely - free front itnYineihnbfince,
'MO the Otleisindisputable. •
• . -OTT,
dittorncy in fact joi; joinn't
'llie"inilltimore Patriot" and "Philadelp iiit lanaii.
; ree". *Ail publish the above once a week' for three
weeks, mark price, and charge this office.
- That latpie and commodious white situate in
treet in The Borough of Carlisle opposite 'Alio
roit office;havin'gextenstre back buildings tbereunto
'aftaclied, litlircseat in the occupancy of Capt. 'g.
Jliddie r paleulated for 'any kind of business. Posses
siduouihe 1.4t.4ay orA pea next. I'or terms apply to,,
• , , ta .g entofi: 'Pociti, •
Carlisle, January f2‘24. 1839.
the stabserihers,'FrnAees of Shady
.Grove Seliopt
llouse; situate in: Southa m pton if - maid - lip, - Franklin
tiesirous'af - emPlnyiwg - triaThiyat — FeactO.FrTo take
tthi:k; a Ow school. lol.tatchGrani.
mar and Geography, in addition 'to the. ustial
es tetiglitiu inn Ey, school iI I be' pederrecl, as he
'eau Ito furnished with a dwelling hoUse neat' dot
achocd hottse,
A \ Atgle, TON't(tONIERY;
Jan: 9, 1839.
The estate of Christopher 'Walters rate of
S'ofithampltin tOtorishipOtmbthiloitg Cro.
..4eceaseal. • -
Is hereby given that letters of - AdMikstraticin llama- -
issued - to 'tile anima rititmar, - oti tli bkitte of - Ciaittopher
WalteYs lateofSeuthampton to , s , mldp 430 d. and that
all .persons having claims lip';alaigt 411 W estate 'are re.
quested to make kaaAvn !din sate , tv•itlinut delay and •
all persons hlehteiliMei-citi c amited to make immediate , ,
payrneskisto ibeihYt L...wls ; 15 4 Ilonds.
Jndiin'P! 1,
1'..1 - rgitS of. Administratiokon the estate of
cob Lockman, late of Dickinson to icashi p, Cum-
hrrland county, deceased, haying-Issued to the. sub
scriber, residing iu the.same township , . • All per
ately, Rod those having'claims will present diein_pro- -
perly nuthenticated for settlement. '
Decemlier 3, 1838..--15w 4 t . .
Estate of IlitiOhites Young, deed.
"SOTICE. .. •
Lette . rs of Atlitinistration liarioateu_xlinOtt fit
- the snit - ;rihrr resiiiiiig in Monroe towliship,
hOrhnol trioty, on the estate of Mathias Young, late of
saki !otiotsitip, deed.“-..-this IS therefore to notify id
perions indebted to spid estate to make ptiyntat im
mediately; and those iutring claims *III present thrill
without ifelny property anthemicoted. for Settlement.
January i 1, 1836.
• • .
ETTEItS of.Adrainistratipn on tiK. estilicsof
. 11 . 4, Joshua Williaius,-t). late of West l'emirlys..
rough township- • Ctindierland, county,. deceased, Juin- .
this day issued itif tjueSornt pf Law to the'subseHhel.,.-
Who resides iu Wrest Peaushoi.nitgli townslkiji; hfore r
saillT All perilous hai•ing elairlia or (limgiuiA:tigailist,- -
tlre - estate - 51:411 - iiiiiiTiTececlat arti.refloesteil lo.make.
kunWil the Sarno without delay ; Indebted to
said esfaw to vay_ilieir,said_debis.to__.
- Detenater Id , 1.838.--GW
•-• ...•
N01.11t1E: • •
Take tiniiect that" have nitptietil to the Judges of the
Court of (Anion') PlenaorCithiberland entudyfor the
benefit of the inttottrent Liws, told the Court hat' .11p
pointed the tblitionitay of Apritnext for the Leering
of inti antrtnyitredflorp atCnrlisle, when. and •where
you (nay attend if 'you dill& proper. .
, ,
Cariitde,,ihniiary 2 . 2i1. 1839. • . • •
- REA.T.
from the Brat of' April iieitt, the two story TWA
hotise.ailjoiii,iiiig - lite Post office. ow occupied by Mrs.
Miller. - Por. terasapply to n Charles OStilby,
101.1. N .M. -14 Stt,. ,
earlisle,,liiiifinry 'Lid. -1339. . .
The. .11:y4ot:1%111p .horetefore, ekiatiog 4 - eti4eh the
subscribers, raider the mane of -Moore spti iihhhe is
this day tlimolverl liviott)iini oonSeol. An hhisittess of
the thlit will be itettlE;el
-464N:14p01:1.1, . •
' . guwArti) 13IDDLE.
" -
:. • •
' ell ''
l'ti -.;
thp estate I) te - a ,---
;Tm.. ~ .0 . Iqi.ll, :Of 1-A” . - - -- - respectfully retweitell-- -fate
- to - c - tvirklitith - e - 16ViFriiii , Vhicd - iiittle their respective ' -
lICOCHItIif6 on-or.hofpl'e- the' - fi rst-of *mil iitxt,. and '
4liese 'presomi,who liire challis null Aletunnds against
the ,rsiste, 'will present them leplly ‘ hutheulicatedlbe
riettirsucht. ....., • - - ' • ", : 1 '
A.N . Tirt BREDIN, Admr'x l .."
• i'isrlible, :ItiMitary 22, 18,99. - , : • '1
islntice is heeelii? givetelltat , the' fice° 4l4ll PP irligkr
Ileeecruhfrenfjohn inn. been wonted, t o
the (:our , Cot-nylon Ma tt a ne Cattlberlitntl, county,
for contirmation;andallowance, and said court have
appointed the flrat titty‘of the Aprll 'cottct file ita CM":
pplOeptiOP,PFli 4?,Pi9 Op all concerned. ic.4heur ...Luso!
AvV : tigllitale r sbal/ not be confl rrned and allowed.
' WM: 81. POUTER:Tkolleyt
Prothonotary ! A i Otltea, •
• . ~- • .
'--..: BAR , I,RON FOR •SAX4IX•
:itf,r assortment. of the beat
.qualitv://ataatene4,/,ka -
-t for sale 01 ipkioson Fifroe'plig9ial IL
Rhea.% Rail Real A ,Ikhattati
._ t : ,
cwiliele i OiifOU . r. , -1.406.0.;_ -
. .
` .: 75 rttecl.
S, Adm'r