Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, January 23, 1839, Image 1

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'V IrAlltlikt%
. .
ThO"Cailiek-Herald tiposito," willbe issued,
WEEKLY; at Two Dotoutne per annum", if paid in
chiatice, A5O at the end of si.tmonths, 41(1,0,00 if
t?Otpaiduntikafter the expiration of the year.-
' , ADVERTISEMENTS lunsetted at thossual 3-
: Letters addressed to the editor, do business, T
DP; POST PAID, otherwise they m;ill,ree* , *, at-
1 -- . -,,,,' AGENTEI.. - -
. ". ite,following named persOnilave been appointed
zents for the " - Carlisle Herald & Expositor ( " to
tom payment for_subseription and adzertiseme
sm be 'made._ :', • . -- ~•
D. SHELLY, Esq. Shiremanstown; Climb. Co.
SCOTT COY/X., E - 811. XCIVVilki - . do
T. KooNTVEsq. Newburgh ' • do . '.
... .., Ttios. TV.. MULES, Esq Shippensburg . do: - -.. 1 - • -.
joitsl TUND'ERLICII,4Iq. -'" do.
,do ' ..-
..:1. NlA.rnr.a.;-Eiq.lloguestown - • . Flo .'1 '
li.: Wicso:g, Esq. Ateeintniesburg, . do
. AlftwAm Rtinstin;Esq.•Hopewelt ' - do r -- -
- D. 'Sri:iici.ot , r, Esq. C: urelitown, • • 7 'do
• Cr. Ask Wnt - rt - , Ne* . Cpmberland
---7 1 7 11 - Oir - lii.'WCwi Esq.-filoomfielili-Perry-eounty
A.DLACic ~:1:1sq:- Ltindtslitirg do .. -
Ar Fr i <VM --71 4‘„
4,.,-....„. A 1 . t .,,, t u;
~,-1- 4 v-t;*
rjiredito gel lea I, 111 u .Nie ; -
4N the Sacred Minstrel and Sacred 'Pep united; •
•consistiugofn geat.varit•ty of PNa int sail He n it
Tunes, 4iit hems, Set Piuta!s, Le. Of he mostapp. oretl
'character--"-be It I tiik!ok rind Geal , gic Pletitiak
s and
. ,lished antilir sale Whetliatn, Philadelphia--. 1.
'll. Hickok, .Chanibee•sborg; Fletnitg ?
Pittsburgli-",-Yule - atid• I
- 11Tyatt,..Rielnotal, Pearce.anCifesancolt;
- Nateltez,-3,1 ks.! -
'rheitubli,bers put f , ii•tletlAAvells-witli-ii-v-i .! •
- nteettlic Watits'-itl•the religious-con.ritiloityrtiod its
reception hits been.stielt as to 11:.ttcriNg
_Jissuranc.6 di:A they .have.lieithee_ipistakcii . its wabrii
nor vainly endeavored to-supply tritan.• - -very large.
'edition hits in a shoectimeheer(ekluttisted, and another
. called lbr. This demtriul deiertained the_ publish
ers to IniVe :the work steritatypesl . , and ! thus becini..
• bled to !keep tip a :supply for the aotlillbel:
This collet:don contattis_titites-suited to_nearly•eve- - 1
ev variety of measure Ibul in the various Hymn
liooks - i ii use, eft - dn.:teed in it very large coilEctioirot
Psahn 13esitles these, it et ittaiiis a
. fiumber of interesting. anthems; Mt. plieCt;iff, sacred_
songs, &e. easy Of-execution Ayitlrlittlielid . s3l . lllStill-1
mental accompaniments, and 'suited to various orea
sionsofeeligions•worShipeontrdeted With thacliriitian
.enterprize bf • 7. .
Tea cliees-of MusiCi-MitsicaiSccietiesXboies; re-. 1
faders' told others, supplied on !the most
teiinreiii - sTpplieatton r ufiliihe,s.
pc"- Theitbote uitorliiiiitylie7tatl, whole
sale or retail, at the offlee•-t?f the "Herald!
mid Expositor," Cailisle,-
_„ •
if) , ff. , 017: 84 if. Rl'.
The stibgeriber will splla tract 4 irate land situate in
North Alidelleton township Cumberland county, bou n-
Ided_ by lands of liobt. Abrablim 'l"7ler, John
Sainlerson, the heirs .of James Lumberton, and
._othurs' containing 359 acres, about 200 of .which
eire well timbcrcdand the t esidde is in a state of ciil-
tivation. • , .
• • 'rho improvenien'ts . consist of aN . Tao.Story
llouse and a large Barry a never fitilins - stream of
-111/NVAILD M. 811/1/LE,
• ;
Carlisle bee,. 26, 1833.-3 w. •
hitZeit .411"13 R.
riftlE subscriber has,,in ft. received ' a_larbeuml hand ,
gg sonic assortment of-,. ~;
which he is selling:Ammer:llm ever 'sold in this
town or county. His stock consists in part of
ran; Olive, and Oxford _mixed etoths ;
Plain and 'Striped London Ogssimero;
• 'Salta-nets
_ofall'colors.awl 9.ltalities„ 'Sipeti„Prenc_ Cerenan
, an'ilEiTgliili: - Mtrtnoes• HOW colored„:silksi,fi , mred.
. ditto. new style; Black and blue-blatk repvlSillonT
'black Italian Mantua; 4 1-4 do' do.i.super:blackSilk
Velvet;. handsome cojored Silk 'Velvets and figured
silk for bonnets; Aferitto and hrocha Sliawlo.
&nice. Velvet arils,'
•Beaverteens; Flannels, Blankets, Merino and Lambs
wool Rose; French and LondonChint4 Silk Velvet
VeStings; .Stocks, Shirt-Collars, Slispenders, Cloves . ,
iSzci'.Stc,- Also, a general assortment of Fresh Groce.:'
rics,all of which will'-be sold on.'aecomrnodatidg
terms and unusually low for cask: Pdrchasers , arefl
• respectfully invited to call and examine for them
selves, at the old stand foal. , doori east of the market
house, and directly opposite S. Elliott's Drug Store.
CfaiAe,"October 23, 11338..
.P. ;S:..A very large and genaral assortment of-1
Hats r Caps,-Bootaamt,Shoes, Jost received and. n0w...1
opening in the room adjoining the store; sold whole
or retail'verrcheap for'cuSh.. . C. O. • .
E: 14g1z, ' Street, a few ikons.' ethit_pfthe
• - " --- Claiirr House
'The' 'subscriber having leased the .above named
establishment frodt-Np,Sionan Itimt/erlich,and hab
sag. provided, himself witheery-thing - iireet,Snry, is
now' nabled:t
o accommodate travellers, and others in
- Vetyfe -- tliiit *illo'ot:fail to pleasethose who may favor
• hitrovitha:call..! r • -'
will, receive .his atientiorn -These will
ivitlithebet of LIQUORS
; . TiTE tiAßl;entt •.
wi fit all OTOS be alivadant4l with - all the,
trelicticieet which - the Gelman and' Market Can, afford,
• 'and. no exertions will be wanting to 'please the palate
•of ..(10 most fastidious; ;•-. • • . -
tireeotarnOdicius and secure; and ; a careful and, attiin.'
t.ive hostler altiaSrs in attlenilanee; •
119NRDZIZS :will. be. taken bytini week; rnOntit or
year,:on - the:nilist reasonxible.tertas., - • '
:'...A....§4'iO 6 dttoittiOlt to business and an anxious desire,
y.k1.1; 'trusts, ensure flint it reasonable
shafe'of public pittronhge. -
~ r ; •Carlisle;Aprjl 4 4, 1816,—tf. •
citra run 'pasC above C6tllllllllin eat ;
6 Ii o'clock, 'A. M. anc.ut 2.4iitl 7 oN:lok.k,-P.
'Drub, •Es tc
rrow filtte,q3lak Pursoiss stud 81M.% Mixed Cqe
trinettkftr sale. umusually,lcsw, at Ilse Story of• • ,
S't 18
V ._
. „
.„.• &et _
-- WL 1 1123 17 .0M2D
• '" BsoadStrAet,'Philadelphitt.
THE Undersigned respectfully informs'the citizens
of Franklin and CfsmberlnfalLeounties, that he has
opened a.WAREHOUSE Street, next door
above Broad street Hotel, for the sale of all kinds of
Country Prbduce; and respectfully Solitifs"ednsign
: From his 'general acquaintance, knoWledge of inv=
sines; and the exercise of. Isis best.efforts to promote
the interest of his customers, he flattell - himself tha
he will be able to render g'eneral satisfacticiU. — .
J. 100,8 BERLIN,. •
Philadelphia Mar 1838.
Ohambersburp - •
David Mahan,Piq..
• Geo. IF. Himes,..Esq. A'
• .T.. - Sivoyer,..Esq, Newville:
Gen: SanelSlexander. l - ! _t
W Henderson., .
Cariist di •
:•.J.adob Rupp; .1
am , sb
— Geo: /1 7 . Layng' ..Esq
- Cleaning and . . Coloring
Silks, Ckapesy-.;olerinoi!st. and
• Woolens . of all kind6.dlio
Dyeing Az ,Sctituring..
JANE. M `3l-UjiRAY,,
ICES PE - CTFULLY informs the citizens of Carlisle
'and its vicinity., that she has cOmnienced the color
i,,• atol semtring bilks , (Tapes,. men:inoes and all Finds
woolens, also taabt dyeing Co' Scouringln all its curl
eas branches. ~ S he may be found at her regldenCe in
Church A Hee; aTew - iloors below the Grocery Store
, Captain -George-\k: Crnbl!, where 'wprk. will be
_thM.lit oily received, and executed in a neat and band
same • ' • •
CltrliFde; . ootObei . :30, 1808. •
-Eg OKS. • . •
.DST •receiteattfid 'for et Dr. - Myers' Drug
A_suaLlieujoeuitiplete-sets of
-Waverivi\ oviTs . " - volumes. '
• .. . -7 .
The Britigewater Treatises..
;Loekhart.s Life of Barns. • .
—• " Scott; • - - A 7
" • Napolehn.
• The Di'vore.o,.liy- Madame Bury.- . - • - •
LWalsiughiiiit, or the Gamester.
• The I,Mivotlti, J,. Miss Sedgwiek. _ • -•-
Diary of thetimt; or George IV. -- • _
. The l'ikwiek l'apers,illostrited by prints 'fro
. Tom - int" illustrated by CRiticksbailk
Carlisle,,Augitst 27, 1898.'
SOLE. • _ _
TWO FARMS, adjoinily each other, one eon-
Eiglity• — Aeres, and the
other One.llundred and Sixty Acres, of first quality
Limestone Land, inn good, state ofeultivation. These
flirrif.4 - are situated on the Letart Spring, in South
Middleton township, Cumbprland• county, abotit:l,l
Miles. south of Carlisleoind within sight of two first
rats merchant mills on the said spring.: ,The im
proxements . •
. •
S T N.V. ITO S-1
"f g ,
•u • STONE B.dRN,
with other iiecessary buildings.
A further description Unnecessary,as purchasers
will view
.the premises and judge for themselves.
Possession will' be given on the first of April next.
Au-indispuL•eble-title-will he-givek—Fcr-terms—aq.:
ply to the subscriber in Carlisle, l'a. • ,
Atignst2B,lBo.—tf; •
fortti -•
47'r" ; Mrls.
rUs. 3 & 4 Central Block,lßroail $l. Plyladelpina,
--- Airelireliiii 7 ed - to - receiVeluid - effecriaili - ia orany-rro
rdute, Provisions, or Mereliptli se, which may be em
- trusted to their chine. „
wral Advances' will be made, when t‘eribieed,
- Isles arc...effected All goods to be forwarded
oil Road or Canal. destined West will'receive
lid attention.
'Robert Fleming, . . . _
• - Catherivootl-&-thatig, :
_. - .
. ,
'Smafel Srayth,
- : -- Phitadephia.
, l'Vfni. R. Thompscin & Co.- --- . :
. . .
,Jahuston It Tingley,,.
. Samuel Bispliant ; .
,4-. Logan Smith, Esii. Cushier, „ .
' . Bank at Chailiberaburse; Pa.
King & Holmes, .. 1 . • -
. Kings, Higby & tmle,i7,
Macslinne Sr. Kel f ys,
'Atwood, Jones 'Si. Co.. . •
--Edward-Lr.-FaiLt ist - u o. — --- '7' - 7
.Sterinig,'Watie.4.l3eebe, , x °
.T.,,k. .:-.
Samuel APAlliatei:& Co. • el°
~.Willittny CroOks &I Co.
13. - Produ cee left at the Warehouses of Henry
Is; Carlisle, or GeUrge W. Lnyng, Harrisburg
;shall reeeiVe:prottipt attention.
ladelphia.,pec. 10, 1838'.'Om. .
. .
by Rs
(or MI
ffoi•warding & Cons 11110$10111(
Vewt rzf6.4
, a 1
.digs rity Elentitig 3
Carlisle, Cumberland County, have lately '.
erected a Ware House orethe,
at the West end of nigh Street s &reedy Opposite
Dickinson College, -where they can at all times Bd.
ceive and Forward Merchasulize and Produce
To Philadepliiii, CliavibirsbUrg, and all
intermediate places.
N. B. 7'hey' put•chase Grain,'Flour , and
country Produce, and keep constazuly on, hand and
foreale Coal, Plaster and Salt.
IuST received n lot of Loafrind Droivn Sugar,
.Colleit, Rice, ; Molitssety Nipiilegs, Cloves, and
very finer Tea-.,..501d low ; for cash. C. 0 &MBE.
drifIUSII.F.CS of Clover Seed told
410 UV ty - Tol — Phesseed, just Veliei lila for
side ,~. iiitilOADS,
s , $ lll EL1...44.04'0N bg,
'4• l llbeitelini, sulk. • ' .
• • ' • " CHAS. •BARNITZ.
LAIN and . figin,:ed ', - tionibia.iiieoreiliti 'undo
4tyaboticiue6tolbkalbe - sale at • ' . : ,
k ' )
. ov. 20; _ . • ••- • ' . c-'....„IIRI4 , ,TQLD:SC. 05; :
- •
, • . • - . • ' • .. , ' - ". .• " '. r .. • .
___, ' " ' - - • - -• : •
..: •
.F , ifnied
.0114. 1 1 .00likheit,' Ilk i ed4y, by- ,Cteorire . 7 11.-:Phiflips, in'. Cnr.lis;c l Cuinicriand County, .rd.
... ~..„ ~
I. 4 7iinzDaleancsaa . maaratTeo crframtalraz acieoQ-
Il k ataLO , e 9
HAVE taken M
that large and Commodious WARE
HOUSE, lately erected on the Canal' nd Rail Road,
below the,foot of Cliestnutatrect, Harrisburg, where.
their arrangements are such that they can at, all times
forward produce and merchandite with_ promptnest
tudidespatcli, to the following places, Viii _
Philadelphia, PittAtttrgi - polurn- ,
bia, Baltimor'e,'Carlisle, Chainbersburg,.
and - altiatermediate 'places.
They havelateli entered into arrangenients 80 as to
enable them to send any proditte orgoods byA.trity .6
the Pennsylvania . Canal and Colurribitrnailroacl, to
Philadelphia, at the sarrhi prices charged by other
companies- running-on ; did Union-canal;thus-Oning
tliVee days in time;-and.: delivering goods in 13rOltil
street, avoiding the usual expense of hattlingfront the
I'IIEY.WILL PMICHASE_Gratn, Flour, and
country firoduce Of every description, keep con
hand (Mai, plastei'; fish Mid:silt for sale: -
April 2, _I . • , -8:
..FURArat.)lB A' FORGE.
'IP 3
h.- 63 4 1a6M4
/111 HAT well-knoirn-and 11 . rsiArtite property, called
;Mount BOA Iron Ifil'orkg, situated about. 'six
miles soutii-eiiiit of Carlisle and the Ctiniberland-link
ley.ltail liaying'ilepurtenaint skint 801IP .Neres
' of floc timberland, and having et ected thereon a Fur
nace nntl Forge; - 1 Carpenters' shofis;
a .Wareliouse and Office, 2 i%lansion.hollitis of stone,
ir Bank Barn andStabling,thirt) Tebements for war,
kers, with fitrennk or ivait6,. iifp,i•ent
ftia au extelislye r, a NationalToniulry;
'nnii also Several' hanks' Ore.
- By die payment of a reasnenbreinint in hand, adib
wall. be given for the , renhuinder - of - the pur
.elinse anoliev. - ' , •
. . . . . . . .
.Applicati . miTif by mail, post paid,) to boil - twit-to
ty ----- -- ~ WM. - GIMILIAW:
Ilarrisbtdt,.Deo. 31, 1838, z ,ttf. , ` ' . • 5
. <
. .
TilE.c.letlitors Of William B. Milligan, are here%
by notified that the• subscribers have been appointed
Trustees . under..adotnestie'attachment, t all
personti are rerpwsted to preaent tbeir,claimi against
the 13,„ Oilipm, to th.e._ mbseriliers on- . .or
'.bcto , re the 2Uth ofifebruarv.nexi, and-those who
indebted are sreePtesteth - to payinent other NV 15C
snits will be commenced, - •
ALEXANDER tcpaut, } Trustees:
December 31,1838.---13 w- • - •• •
No 66 South 4th street PIIILADT.L.PIIIA. ,
CA Pll'AL $i1 1 .50 000.
0 . 1)0 *datily . •for the transaction of business from 9,A.
Doptisites df money received, for whirl' the follow
ing rate of interest Wine e
I year • G per cent. per annum.
6. months
On bitsineks depositcs, to be drawn nt the pleasure
of the depositor, no ittierest will be allowed. Uneur
rent Notes of Solvent flanks, in every part of.the U.
States will be received as Special Deposites, on sue;
terms as may be agreed on in each particular xase.
By order of the Board,
J. DESSAA, Cashier -
• PhiladOphist, Dor. 17, 1838-I.y.
..Issignet.o* fiolice.
HEIMAS — Jesse it: Johnston did - on the 9.9 th
day of November, execute to the subscribei's a
deed of assignment of all his effects, incluiling• his
books and accounts,- for the henehit of his . Creditors.
Notice is hereby given to all those indebted •to the
- said - Jesse 11. Johnson, or to the fit•iu of Johnston ,§e
'Newman, on bond, note or book actiount to make pay
inialt without Alelav; and all these hating claims
figninsi the said Jolinson,oragainst the firm cif John-
SOH es, Newman to present them for settlement.-
• M. PORTER, ?_
. A.ssignee
\Y. P. LINE, S
• •
rchereLFgicen that letters testamentary on the
estate of William Carothers, deceased, late of
We'stpcnnsborough township, Climberland county,
have this day been issued in due torn of taw to the soh-.
scriber -who restilei'in-the-AoWnship-'aforesaith-all
persons having claims or drinands against the estate
of the said deceased; are,' requested to make
the Rune with Out delay; Oid 'those indebted to 'said e s
tale -will present their claintS 2 pr6perly authenticated_
, DEOltoti 11EIKES, Executor
December 12; 1.838. ---ow*
The suliseriliCr residing in 'Monroe loWnsitip,
ling taken Letters of administration on the estate ofEve
Wolf late of said township deed., hereby gives notice
.to ill persons who know themselves inslebtett,tn tbc
• 7iuTtille -- rif Tirdirdee'd. to come . forwiir'd . nnd Mae pay=
-meat, nod all those. who linve claims agni tat told
present them tO , :the subscriber duly. waken
JoON AVEsTvAtt;;Aitii;e: -
Mourbe township, Eec. 25 1835.
NT EN . DS -re si (li g - en tly-i Ca 1.1 i and
would reslicettlilly Direr his ju.of,essional :s:crvices
to the citizens of tho, place and
He has taken,Xo9i.n,4 at
' , • , •
, -
Refrrelits:-= Dii.VitEonoun . 114i , tus,
REV. T 1 1 ,55: C. TII2II,,WECRI A '
• .
••;.....1. •
(al; tA\
ow iie:oi,ed and for sale a inetititYtor.rain z
011 FLOUR, a supply of trhieh be ;kePt . .,,',9pa-
Stantly,on bands and. delivered to fan4thes lnlany'part
Of the town by' • •
• MURRAY 8t rk.4miNG.
January t-; 4849: • • ' •,.
If carious 1 ectll are propel l}' trestol t‘t a seasona
ble timeoistliprogress or die (leesy may 'be entirely,
Wed. PAL WARR, Daiwa Sinseint,
N. NV, Corncr of Clnulos g4,1:45 3, :ti0 sta., Baltimore,
Received, tttwt for sale bract:o4 white enthi Aces,
,3 r. at.;.
, .
Just received' fiom wilip'inannfne
to•ny most splendid lot of slorswitelles,ladieo•
gentlemens rtdiug wtp[ls9fAlio.West :boy le; iiMPTok
0 4. . 6 by • .`- . BARNITZ:
sweetest flowers enricled,,'
Vrom iiiirious gardens cull'd Wifh care."
Ft:oin the:chrietion . Statesman
Hail, sacred relic!—Can it bd , •. • • ,
Stldea's suns have-nurtur'd thee? .
'Say, tlidst . thou rear a verdant crest,- - .
• , Auct spread in branches bold and fair,"
: .. .Upon . thatrriountain'ilndlow'd:brinist,
thy Savinuriueit. iu prayer?. . . .,...
Dome on,• 'Fancy's:swelling tide, •
..ooeft'ViSibts _Oer - Ahen. ieeni_to
• Methinks, upon my polished brow
Thepilgelm's kiss:might be forgiven,
Or low the meek enthusiast bow
Before thee, as a shrine from flettven.
Oh thou-whose table here hdow ,
'Ai thy lasi . i . t -- fiper held n foe, ,
. us a'sleepless wad; to
From every traitorous sin io flee,
And . 1)Y - thy 'payer on - Olivet,,
•Yl'pt•tCi UB, when Ivo fly:l2,tit . ee'! .
Hem:ford, Conit.)
U'briuin abinii-7o be Afar-
1 cannot,.without trlliag lies, - .
D:luo<I the liglitniiig"of Your eyes, '
.For madam. to derlAre the. truth, •
You!ve nelthmyeattty, shape nor youth.
ilow'eri 01 . .11:Merry iart,..__ •
_ You're playedyour eilitS_t'vjdusa,natfckart,:
' When
youngY no itive saw your Charms,
/ •
,Or presved you in his' eager atuur,-
but triumphs your old age attend,
And you-begin -where others 'o:ntl. • .
Frain .11exander's Weekly. AressAjts
-Plores.- - Singular ,Fancy—A Whale
eare for the
— Rhetematisn - Singalar eircumitantes
,.•• —The Skipper's Groi--Bovaniata-=-
. Preparatiw?sfor a Straggle.•
We lay off - and -on Flores for three days,
during which time wejlot on board a sup
ply potatoes, pumpkins.. !
• best, by
the way, that Lever. tasted) onions, &c.,
and "The old sow and little pigs,'.' fowls,
fruit, and a plentiful supply ,Aaf
latter gentleman; however, is no sailor, and
a few day at sea generally terminates his
mortal existence. The i .patives, here are;
- mostly - of - part-Portuguese and [fart Negro
ilAcent, and when we landed, were poorly
clothed, eager to traffic fruit, wine, and the
pretty frail, baskets they manufacture,. for .
Waives; clothes, er money. They are un
cleanly in their habits; and covered with'
vermin ; : and it was rather disgusting to see
them sit leisurely down and. overhaul each
otheri caputs, - and when they found a resi
diner, crack the poor little unfortunateNbe
fween their teeth--i-augh! "lie gustibusi"
- & - ,c. marbe a. vorygoolLnotiorr,..butiLcana
say 'it suited mystornacli. -
Our operations here completed, We bore
away to southward. A, lOok out was now
-- kept . - frorrilherfore - and - rriain topgallant head
for whales;' and the day after We lost sight
of Flores we "raised-a whale:" "There she
!blows,"--resounded from-all:quartersintl
amidst hurry, bustle r and no little confusion,
the three boats Were lowered ; and in a few
hours. we had Min alongside.. That night
we lay hove to, and the gray and. blue
sharks played round us with 'glee 'at their
approaching banquet,- As I shall take oc ,
easion hereafter, to give a deMiled 'account
i,of the manner .or taking'and "cutting in"
. the-whale andlfrying out the oil,'-we
jat present, let it pass. The. next day he
•was cut in,6-and--the-rright-and-partof,,the
-1 folliiwit b ur morning Was passed in frying
out the. blubber. And a jolly looking set
I wS ,Werd-aS -wp hovered around the fry
Works-,-the Ted' glare of,tlie fire beautifying
Mt r - respectable - : v xd p: , 6011.
,liartitannur.- The:Mate; With his ski, 'tivir
in hand, :tirnitig,,out, the scraps,with' his
cliiii TWitlVti beard 'o a .wook's
dowing-his broad;.rndity Ond 'well bearded
countenance, neW - Wotighlf saturated 7, as 7
well-as his dressc-Withitiii- . 7 4thick shirt, and,
hands" ; stirririg:'nii
buitling*biitit;:,blOOlt; dingy, ind greasY-,-;,
like so many. imps on .their,errands'of miss
say, him? of alit of;
sernery tbey'have thi s WnlielaW . iinost amaz-:
The',mata was ` in gOod humor--as the
fires grew steady and the works hot, thiroil •
hevaine : .fatter in color. . while oil,
.thiVdrA4ritlith, for a young bull," said,
h'ec, fiQ In ft . of it.froin his ladle:,
into the conthr',"wliile "enough )I(os'Obr the
elillady's glass lamp ashore."
"Sartik, never see ; pre •
'"Take_ that, Yoe.. Semi u ref, e: hole _
49i-serap,at - a :that pp* : his head
impudently. out :the . ,,stat'ei,, ' shark`
LitAkkheit.-- 7 !4Mice;slr,:Whenl was
a iii•aiti*..ttic . !:''thaa thaf.""'
was that?"
alr w,e,were . boArds
Ofr iind on lamaic.a looking ,Otit:•for,-thn
_ .
Buccaneers, that had be trouble
some in 'that, quarter and now and then,
we got apiece of fresh meat from the shore
—this Spoiled Dllr appetites for old salt junk
in its nat'ral state, you :seez-Tso; when we
gets . our allowance for the tness, we• just
slings it with a piece of spun yarn from the
sprit sail yard, so that it soused in the, wat
er and freshened its nip a bit. ZWell„there
was a cursed shark that folkivied the ship;
and every im,tti and then: bolted,a piece. of
our' bief, ' brOught our, mess - upoO
short allowance.' So we watched. him,
and one. day . heated 'A •thirty-tWo . pound
shot. red hot, while .old.Tomr Beverly tan
talized lint with the_piece_.olL.beef,:licildiug.
it_to his 'nose one minute;• and jerking :it
away whenever lie made 'a rush for -it.
He soon- got ravenous enough.
,Po he
:gave the, beef a last jerk, and dropped th 6
shin in its •placetlie old commodore made
aelear, . pond- ought it at least-two feet
(Terri' tke-zvater. -. My, eyes; . iliat-a hissing
it made 1 I've . an idea that chaVs au-petite
for_salt junk was as well cured as•the French
inan was or the rheumatit." • i .
"I should think 'it was Who .was the
Frenchman, and jiew was'he cured? I have
it myself, sometimes, and should like- to'
know," • • - -
"Ldon't believe you'll'llke the method„
6jr.• As fin: the Frenchman, he WaS a kind
I of -captain's l'elark,-aboard, the- -p6or
critter had the yhenniatiz so bad that. his
legs arid arms were all- drawn 'into a heap
•-he had tried a good - many things, whet
the Mi - ptahrof the,
.ibretop said he could cure
him, if he wouldn't stand-at trifles. So he.
agreed to do anything in reason and not to"
stretch his:conseienee.too taut if-he went a
little beyond it.' • • • -
a day. or: the•dld tar eaught a
OA at least ....... feet long, -and Sung out
mad-for„the.-Prenehthan. On (16ek lie
earne as well 3s he could, so
. they•quieted .
the shark a bit, ripped . liim open,-strips the
old fellow - naked, ,m,d'elalis him inside the
slirk-read out—be_lays all solid, aud'left
hini to - think a bit: In about ' !)._half an
hour,- - they came back:. took him out half
dead, stows him
s awa . , in his bunk, and
wraps hird up, warm -with'a half dozen
blankets, three 'days after,..he could
run up the rigging as well as.aiiy powder:
monkey mi board.!.'d
L l'es
"I say, Mr.: Griffith, ar'n't you a bit giv
.en to yarn .it?" _ • •
"Not a bit, sir, not a bit—true, as I'm a
"Well, you area sailor, 111. say that, but
blow me ill-ever he.aril Qf viell a enr4.:
for the rheumatism before."
."Live and larn, sir, live and tarn.' But,
I 'Say old-'one what's that :t: , ou're turning
over the side so carefully ?".
"Ah, well—l once was witness to asing
ular circumstance, Mr2-Brown—can't say
could ever-account for it rationally. -.Our
steward, in the Trident whaler, once broke
a,large china dish—Shallow sir; and
ti foot milt a-half athwart shipsso, not
caring to let the 'old man anything
about it, he threw it mita the cabin
dowe This was. about. two bells afternoon
—the sea was ag smoth as Polly Monroe's .
china--,(you know Poll, sir?--,no!)=—Well,
pt eight bells I went aloft;' to • relieve' the
mizen torgal;antihead-I: stews myself
round and lookingclesc astern, saw someth
ing dodging to and fro in the water, 'moving
slowly down slantendieular like, then rising .
slo -again. lancing-dovvai.--I- sung
out, and they lowered a boat, and What do
you think it was I'll be hanged if it war'n'.t
the broken dish; As - fast as it went down
- the curveoiritts edge it up, all stand
ing—and it couldn't - sink.fdidn't • the old
nigger get a blowing. up, though ?"
The mate locked
expression .in his eye.:, , -.".l"hat true, :too,
-Mr. Griffith?"
"Sartin, sir; see it With my, oWn eyes."
. "Wel4. it's no touch to what happened
aboard this ship, last t voyage. You, -see
the 61d•mati: was fond of - a glass of grug,
nokv and then, and the steward d,itin4ilintl
a small sample of the same goods himself,
.so he used to knock. the ,necks oft` the 'old
-man's bottles, and stow o,lvay their con-'
--t,ents-under his o wil-belt.—AVell; one storrity
dak, ye:were hove undettnaintopsail,, and
the sea, was ,going up .and'..-doirn as if, hair
the world .ivas on: fire_under it; the steward
came - on - deck , ainte.inti'Ve . something to
ward,-Lthe slippet,gang out. to liitnand lie
went lift.- .'qiarter of' lan -
. 116nr; - ho
came forward:OtM:toleekafteTeenitithing
in tlicsalleyv just as - heHetboktaitt:;iiqd
to go 41,:weshilwid-w sea
ai)dithatiacame the bottle again, -(fo r
it-was he had throwir ) aspliitec bolubsltelOigaHnst -- the - .- - darkees
FierflAtead. _____4 l t - __4ll - 6_nritne:nsoment,' we 2nll
lipard, , avoicetiayingralte that,-S;ou
ber,:.for, stealing the skipper's.witte, was
Davyqotte's,as''re'rt sinner. The skip ,
was safe enough after that, I tell
yeti. 4!: • • i
N.Pindelee - jeastall' at 'meeting„ ,- Joiltthati_
up,4 7- Jilideifei arter meeirng, -r antT
• she kind a Sidled'off....7He went'closer, dd . ]
his elbow. '6lie resolved she ;Would,--antl
' phiMped'her:arin right round Jut*
than, feltAll4yerishir and- said liked.the
text; 'seek and ye' shall find,' was . purty
good reading. Prudence hinted that 'ask
and ye shall receive'' was better;,..Junathan
thought so too, but this axing was aiuzr
• . • was apt to.get tine . a snort
A LOVE-LETTER i rkom A . TAv,cln To. and shoran warn.'t no fun.
,follow ing.. letfer Pro de nen guestied Straivberries and . crea m feuM - a tailor sweetheart, we 'clip • wqre - iil i ect, Jenathenlhey Warn't so slick
fro on 'llkehange •• "Rqiniant . of my as - don't',saidTrue, and
‘ bnittis;! May' Ihe ripped from the' borders ' s he guy - Jonathan's arnr an involuntary hug.
of "your esteem, anti tieVer`be bidtb»iid. to was leeter,atarted, but thought,'his farm
the let;E. of :your kindness; Strong- wanted . sonic female 'help ts.,look arter . the
lr .fedisa-,t,3 4 .00 . •1ient yotir • beau'ty. , - , - - .- house.,- rPrneltherlidw to, make rade Ltuoti thiMble_full_ot yogi ..'breatl..,l'hiii_jlon'l,c . .eaid
favor, but von' have so entangieci . thethreel should',' ''Said. Jonathan., 'Now" don't,' Said'
of my understanitani4,wio, l :o4 . pretty 61.11.; yein : Worild'ntantl Juba
c" of yours - that . l.:am — sirtrk 77 trutiho 7- be'th - Ml7ihTletmitToweir; 7 o.nti Trull nOtt - rep
.yours ; every 'stitch of, ' me;„ and my . - needle ler - tell faytherhat'S;Jist'What
IfolloWs. you. '9•Ther6fore;, phihint Jonath r emitnd*three.Weekilnnithnly
point or,..iny7eritreavol!; 'lint let, me
Myself to.your kiadiiess;thatl.op.r let`thS , --;:ht!ddl'ivernere,'; • , ,•• . •
tighter to your. afeetions. I live' you be
yonelmeasure, but it his hard to eatbage
one sweet look from you, that talmort des
pair of having enough to finish my suit.--
Pray put a favorable eenstructioit on .this,
entl.for the . same I shall always. sit 'cross=
legged for your sake, being my dearest lit.;
tle jirouneer.- ,": - .
Frotri.the NitiidintrAlugiezine. -
. Our object is to . ive a like telt or-Congress
as ii is—its members and their 'manners ; ;
but:we must be, pardoned if we travel a lit
tlo out Of the recordie,a point 'of 'time _re!
Moved Some years.- We refer to the great ,
South Carolina debars- which took place in'
_the Senate Chamber upon the Tariff .ques
ticm'Cif 1832.: We were in the . gallery. 7—
~iiullificatibn. fever had- risen almost!
frenzy - high. :Members - of all panties had
deserted, the Lower ,House'• to- witness the
splintering of lances between Robert :Y.
Hayne,of South Carolina,aud Daniel Web
ster.,... When -we entered the Hall, Gener
al Hayrie n Was speaking ; -he was a man or,
general ydathful*appearance, with-his shirt
collar turned
. ovei his cravat, and this hair
smeothly - brnshed-across his forehead. ,
was of the middle stature and *well - made.—
Ile - wa's speaking energetieally.Hhis eyes.,
were peeuliarlY'brilliant, and his face. wail
, eitrentely'lnale ;-• he inbyeti..up.''and clown'
the aisles formed
o betiveelailic desks with; 'a .
rapid, and agitated step ; his gesttires were
vehement, and lie appeared to be under - a.
high statement 'of . .. excitement. - We.were
peculiarly*struckWith his whole appear
antS, and the tone of feeling evident in the
Chamber. , Mr. Calhoun, then Vie - 6 'Presi,,,
dent, was in the chair., with his large, sta 7 '
:dy and vigilant 'eyes WitneSsiiig,__,the'lliSt
great battle of lii4l.loetrities, he seemed.--the.
- very - spirit of embodied interest--not a,
wind,.not . a ge,sture•of taneral .Ilayne. es
caped, look. The Senate .was
- deeply interesteilas-a . tuattel;.or.
The.langtiagerof - Venetia .Rayne was rich
and vigorous;
,and his InAverful sketch of
the effect of the ImpostLaw.on the' South.
--the description he gave of her people—
his'oWn h;azardous 'elocution- and
impetentis bearing, Were.-evidently making
a strong impression on the Body.. From
time to time attention Wenli_ he directed
.frOm him to the_gentlem
ed to answer 'him, a:
Rayne attacked inkier -cover of *a'terribla.
and-galling fire. . •
Cold, serene, dark, andpelancholly,.that
'man, thus assailed, sat. apart,• bleak and
frowning as a mountain rock ;, he evidently
felt the gigantic intinences that were at work
around him, but his profound -Mind was
strengthening itself for the contest. And
how deeply solemn was that hour, that
moment—hoW grand .that scene, and -.what
were the meditations'and'sPirit rallyings of
- that-dark man'? His countenance waver
ed not during the whole of that tremendous
speech; assault after assault was made up-.•
on him, but yet he neither Turnetrto Yiie
right nor left, but. calmly and•gallantly like
a soldier waiting the signal, he 'bided., his
hour: That time. of retaliation cantle swift
as the thoughts of vengeance. to Daniel
Webster. Who will forget the :exordium
of that remarkable effort—the lashing sar i _
casm—the withering tones '4 7 -that 'voice,'
.and:the_ttmper_a_l_ iis — languagel—f-Oenefal-
Hayne (we - remember distinctly) 'clanged
color and - appeared-much disconcerted. ;' but
who that heard him will permit the:iie'rora-
..fa Att.
ti - 611 to - lo forifottet—tikise closing pasiages
of grandeur, that majestic allusion to: the
flitg of freedom and his country-?- 'Looking;
:with his. dark and • lust4.ts eye, -: , , , ,thron g
the glass dtiin'e of the eltambeto* - eY'iv .
he could see that banner flotiringSte
ered an apostrophe! which. husote'ver: been
sUrpassed.and.seldom equalled. - It coritpos=
ed a figure cit the Most thrilling interest Via ,
buret of•solemit .arrA pathetic feeling and,
coming/from stieh,,a source, (a man getter.-
allyAskemed phlegmatic,) it was electric.
•It Wasli4e the beam Of ituneet,••or the - gleam°
of summer lightning,•radinting.the brow of
tlitiVilf to ti , 4,11- we have above . alluderl.
Agra those seeqealare-pasr;==atid-ille coon
tty.litis the benefit of . those speeches S hut
the memory of them;` and
~the • incidents
that attended theware forcibly log - tressed
upon-our-mindt- ' •
UM Tr gaugarago,.,voati kasb
. ~
The drought of . last seasoneo having dee-.
troyed or greatly injured „the second crop of .
1 ' hay, Many farmers have blt'a shortsupply for-their:stock the min g -- win ter;----Every
ineans,.therefore, of using. .this with the
greatest. economy . should be resorted tn. It
has been abundantly, proved„. both in En- :
rope-and-this country, that . 'cutting nllf•long
feed for stock, is - a gain:of 'one-third to one '
.lialf of the, cost of ..keeping on . long. or un-.
cot: f00d.... The . great
._objection --to-Attie._
rnode of economizing, has _heretofore been'
the severe or. expensive labor attending it ;
is to rcinove this, iniPression . that .1. trouble'
,your . readers with these reinarks. . Thil
difficulty no longerexists, since the intro
duction o'f that ?te plus yltra of agricultural
Machines, 'GII . F.EN'e STRAIV- CUTTER, which •
may almost be. said - to .:the self-cting, so
small is the force ,retiiiired hi` * work it...!
On this point "may mentiOn'tliat- the. comh,
niittee on machinery of the,llighland Agri
cultural_ S - ociety of Scotland, having eareful• .
ly tried the •"Yarikee'thition," say in their :
Report, that "it will cut three,,_tirnes . more'
the liestMachines of the common sorts,.
and to'. with less force? that one serson
driving th a m ac..l tinc,;-....Wi11,ent---willi-z‘e . • ,- .
five hundred weight of- hay 'or 'straw -per .
- hour," To the truth of this avertment I
airr,readylo - ietir :fall. tesiiiiimiy- n fr - om•--fity---
'own e - itperienee:: - - - Now, - -tvitifthe aScertlirt= -
. ed power io convert three tons of kw into
four, by the investrnent of only thirty lor
furtk dollars, it is to be. hoped that tno far-'•
me'r will allow- hiniself:to-be concerned fo-r
-wanl of sustenance for his kine. If, the
- hay,-after being cut up, be:sprinkled with
brine, it be more valuable, and- be eaten. np"
eleatier„ from.the trough. Try it. _ -
[We perceiye - the machine is still adver=
tised for,sale - hy 11 , 1rA - . - . I. -Hitchcock, at
Landreth's36-Cliestiut-streeti-and atHirst
and, Dree's new .and elegatitestablishrrient;
- No-97, same street. We are "true
.vers''. 'in the economy of cutting all long,
feed, for stock, anti we constantly here
g reliii!irinstrument spoltetrrifiTilliElliglrea"
terms of.praise by those.who have used it.
-The approach of winter always induces the
thoughtful, and careful and industrious
farmer to look about him to see
.that he is
prepared to Meet so boisterous and inclem
ent a_ scason : of_the_y_eariti_theltest posaible,
nmner. ,His windows, his - doors, and the
roofs of his buildingsi. and are alliexamined,
and if necessary, made tight anCiectire.4-;- • '
Ibis barb and stables are looked to, and put,
in order. :His sheep; and Inigs and podl- • .
try have all comfortable,'dry lodgingslira-
pared for them in due season,' for tie knows
that no animalcan thrive anddo well, that ,--
is not well housed, and tv,pll fed, and every,/
rty,ay. 'made .clean and comfortable. His
I yotatc . :-if_ily-stigar z ,bests,-his- - turnips 4ind—
all his winter'fruits and vegetablesare well .
secured against frost, and placed' in such -
positions that ready access can be' had to
them to dangef of injury by' exposure to
the weather, His fuel, is so arranged .and
preftared , for. current Use that. hisfamily can •
procure it -- Witliout : Miy unnecessary expo
sure tribe rudeblasts of whiter. Aid fields. - ,
:and meifilias are 'kept - closed during the
tviriter,Mul earlypartof spring ; sethatanr
imadifinny not be permitted to ramble over
them and_injtire his grounds, His barn- .
yard is•so arranged that 'his cattle' never
lea've it - during the period of winter feeding, /
by whickineans lie Baves all their manure
for. the nourishnient 'of his ._crops,—H is
imPlements of husbandry • and food are all •
carefully housed and arranged in goad or
der; so that they. can belted when wanted,
.for, use--His garden, in which not a weed
-has:lteenTperrnitted-to perfect-and - scatter
its* seed during the autnem, is thrown up ,
into•ridges about 18 inchee high, and sepf
mated only by trenchei extenollng fi:ont end _
AO-end-of-the-beds-g_ this he knows ,expeOes
_theicill:iitiffi.melioratinglitifin_e_na___et_tlie - -L.
frost, destroys the grubs and ,wormsWhivh._
sack minim during the winter, - ,deep ,in the
: ground, and. Witco!! the , ground7inoles7to -----
- Sea - ouffor - .dryer -and,,iwarmer lodgings ~.
elsewhere. 1-By this:•plan •of -ridging 'his . , _
garden in the as soon the frost is .
out in thespring, his beds dry end-warm,
and.admit of being leveled. and worked at
on e e; lengbefore flat and , wet . ground -'can
with propriety be :Untied by the tipatt ; this
'enables his: faintly to have a euppli otgar
den ,vegetables'4e . .i:eral, week's, - earlier than
those whehave less - intelligence •or indu,s- .
try ;. thedeeper, filth and .'more . thizirOurgli, • , •
pulverization of the Soil, also increases 'the
growth of the plants, and enables them The .. .
better :to protect thetintelVes.' against the,.
contingencies Of . eitlifir - i ,L ais,',. dry . - Or. .iterjr
Wet tteasona.-:;•FaiMerle'Caliinet. . • • ' . %
WELLEmsnle.---‘ Rather shady here," se
ilie ;cockney said; yen hervas let-down into
, ,t h bottle vete
e: to '
it lien; sitjmndred fathoms in ihe sea.
4 `Thitt'e sem et hing:ne bre'Wer,
said, Nen the. dancing master offered, tosal
hilry hie •
teTiz.o DiatinaLume
[Froth the Partner's Cabinet.]