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The People's Candidates,
\V Mai ' l ll,, I.M.Fht OASIno
• Snfi- -
_ Congreu.
ilato .l ll.GE RUPLEY,. •
C 0771112 iSS iOner.
. • . Director of the Poor:
Auditor. • •
- Ai - ilk nEIGgI4..
-we•aie regeieSted to state ti:nt - a meeting of the
friends of oar ptiesent I , ..rmer Govern& will. be
--held at the hottse - of CapL JSponsler, in, Newburg,
_on.Tnesday next, r st-2 ,
- aLin otirrriemls_nt
—Midtitesex,-on..snturtiny _evening next.---AI itt the
house of Bceehbill, iu South ' . . 1- Nlichllet3n,.on the
same evening,
. .
GETTrtivno.ll./ 11pAli.—The law for making
`This road was signtil by. Gov. Wolfla 1832- 7 ,4114 1).
R. Porter,•in 1857 voted far an appropriatitin
IsiiiirfretraiidArty'thoittaiiiit (16 , 17ciii goy.
`.Ritnerliatoeil. In 1838, :the frit , b(l.iof Porter.fil -the
- .legislature ran& another apprnpiAtion to it in. the
• itilpravement i.,?/itetant/y . kgri:
ed, rather than to -have the7hole state works unprO 7
— Attativelbt one year. 'ljitt , stanita the matter with
which the porter papen Lie shape of it.tape , roorni,
are trying to injure Ritigr! •
'S;r4Deirr y . -LAfter anthe figuring which theloco
loco papers )five made upon the subject of the-state
-debt, it etjtf appears that_Gor. Ritner has reduced it
afteril .
, 71
tindred theusand.dolkirs since he .carne into
offs-,'-and, in addition to this, liehas abolished the
. sidle lax, Whieh''' Was imposed- upon thd People by
7/bor.:Wolf, the ward) friend-Of Porter.'
cr:).The last VOlantect contains a note from Jaenb
norsheimer of this county.. who - had liegn employed
on the Gettysburg rail-rim] as a foreinaliby General-.
Bailey, stating that lie was discharged from work,
•hecausehe was a Perter man. This was itht thecase,
as we learn he was discharged its consequence of his
frolicking, instead of attendingto his duty.
irrThe Volunteer, in gi!itui'an account. of the loco
foco conference .that nominated 'Capt. Matey for .
'congrcs'k Says: "M. Dunlap, Esq. one of the confer
ees, not appearing,9eorge Sittidersori,ESQ. was ap- .
pointed to fill the vacancy."' We presum'A the liter
ati of Bhippenshurg, far the proficiency he has made
in Thomas Dilworth and Baron Trenk, have confer—
red the-title:of ESQ. upon him!
cirlNVe hare other matters to attend m et present,
than to notice the an&t.6lg Vindex, •alitts the, 'upstart' .
Pedagogue. Our Shippinshttrg friend Y. has him in
training, or is rather playing with him as an angler
*mold for t gntlgeon, and he could not have , got in,
-to more admirable linds.. -
.. .
_,.. ,
-----71- - - The-Perter , ooriventioti - heltl at tteuiting . on the
10th inst. p'roved a ilecilleillailtn•o. So it will most
certainly be with the Porterites 'do the sec,nd Tiles
day of October. Their attempts t foist Porter upon
. ' the, peOple will, turn out 'a grand failure. - .
- czyro send Wm. S. Rams 2'y to congress, tvotild be,
to adopt the 'old saying--'sendiog a boy t 3 do a man's
erVe . had the pleasure, yesterday, 'of witnessing';'
at HiVrisburi;The PresentOtion by GoV. Ritner of the
sword voted by the lastlesistiturc triGea. Hugh Bra
dy, of the Y. S. .A.rmy,,fOr his gallant serv'ice's during
tlMlttst war.'. The ceremony took place at the capi
tol; hl.:the'llnWor the H. :ont. sit' 3 O'clock iu the l&
inlhe 'presence iiity'FlZtads of Departments,
Cont. Junes Biddle;' Corn. Jesse Elliott,. nnd Lt.
Robert RitchieOf the U. $, Navy; Lie'ut.'od;Baven
port anat.:apt E. Sumner of the 'U.:S., Army;' Major.
GeneilkL9ainuel'Alexalider, COlonel John G. Wm-
- :=mouth, Col-Pleasanton, Lt.:.C.ll._Willis,Poulk,_Maj._
Ed._Armor.;.and"lVlnj,_ Stille of the P. M.l , n,uniflrm•
Col. 'Arthur ,P. Hayne anti Major laaae Roach, for
racily:of S. 'Army( M penrose; Speaker, of
the Senate; ',Col: Robinsoy of Pittsburgh, and 'Gen:
Bailyi besides .other distmguished 'civil and military_
gentlemen.* The sword is'of the antigne'form, deno- •
nainated the ornmier, and is - si Mika , : to thoaeysed by
the Knights in the Holy Wars, the blade and handle
forming st crosa. 'The frontaide bears the o following
inscription: ,ffPrescnted Pennsylvania . to General
thigh tOken'ef the high sensed tiis
'. ry and ter/lea's' the irite War with'or Britain,en
tertnined by the citizens of his ;in • .0n the
reverse of tho:l4o,ei.,re Pg‘glis%a
OcA.3-,Witit'llteWwords: "Perigee „Ohlimewa,
• . Chrystler'e, Niagara, and.Port - Erie;".
iate the several battl'es'fOiiglit
Wantof room, hciwever;conmels, us to defer' it far
• ther description of this imposing ceremohY, Br.o. till
nexeweek, when we shall tM ennided to ,)inblish the
• whole proceedings.,. • .
Paosclurriox.-r-It ben fabliionible of lite a-
raongst the linker en, whenovor , • oni
tractor; or' laborer p tho'pnblio works, neglects his
_ anti; Inial 1 -11 TcurA
• from - such individual a certifiCato:that he was turned
oifoa account hiainilitical principlcs:— In the,
• cases which haTO:y otr.,boon.:broni,ht has
• been made the Persons •so dismissed
were eithet.lcile,Arankeni or WOrihlOait-:•nitllikt they
wcre men* niorsf ch,itiactei; : 4Oatsinic ample •
was that t ithey were einleavOring - 10 - excite
a spirit of insubordination among the Woi4c#4o.' So
,•.., . . ..
According : te proinise, we proceed to take a calm
and dispassionate. view:of the tickets preseeted to the
' people of euraberland, county ftn 4 their suffrages ,00,.
the Tuesday of October next.-.- ,
JOSEPH ner NBR, the present Worthy and WO,
o'tic Governor of Venosilvanin,. is at the head of our
-ticket__ He is brought before thepublic for''c;,
that' which he has filled with so 'much ad
vantage to the state and credit to himself, by the una- ,
nimourvote. of one of the largest conventions that e-
ver assembled in Pennsylvania.;' Of, hisi.iiierits - and
fidelity to his . trust, it is scarcely necessary fOr us to
speak; as the coarse .of policy which helms pursued
sin;e , l:eha l is exercised the duties
.ofChief Magistrate,
. . . , . .
has . u t
It roved by all inipartial mid high'=iikinded
- Mee. - ' Hifi coil % tents Can 'find — nothing its his public
acts to which the j: can .rai i c:-.a reasonable objection- , 7•
1 4 andillterefore, , in hopes o defeating his re-election,
lare compelled io resoryttileiv scurrility and pitiful
!revilings: But they will misirtheir mark. The peo
ple of Pennsyltanizi know sand appreciate the services
.and worth ofJoseph Ritter too well not to suattinlim,
manfully on'the - second Tuesday of October.. -Of Isis
triinnphait t ye-olactioni-tve hciite not now the least aha-
iloZ of doubt, .„ . • - -
But Who has been brought mit by theopponents of
~_ P orter,
as their candidate? David..ll. Porter,
a trutn who, before - the meeting of the convention that
nominated bird, ittns'SOttrcely ever heard of out of his
• own derict. And what is the character of this man?
ILet the,eyidence of his neighbors, and the records of
; the - cotirts - of ilitatingdonßeaveroind 13utler j -nnswer-
I the queStion. - Thity tell us plainly and *oily, that his
1 character is marked with fraud Mal lie joi:y on iiSIT.
1 ry facet. that at one period he took .the benefit of the .
insolvent laws, and took a solemn _oath that lte_hadileo
I livered up all his property to. hisereditora, not keep:.
ing . any back from them; that:in:llrd nil delivered' yp''
ALL his property; but Ilg(LaF , signed - considerable or-
Ilona-a -it-to-dart . .eenL . sons fir the tirtic bei ~ who'
'.afterwards-oont4ed-it-hatik-to.ltiur;_tluipte is • it. v
'worth filly thousand dollars,. - andstill , par:
his poorlmt tone.. -et•c t m s..- -But what are his prin-•
ciples? :They :We of the rtlal locof‘co stamp---oppo
sitiOn to charters granted in griod faith by the state ;
and -in favor - eitthe • sub-trerily shin-plasters; Nl9licli
are nikreeeetUtt'itt "th ) ; , .. , pine& where is'sued. lle is
opposed lo!banks one .ay, anti it laver of them the,
nest; and the same, ;tit reg • ard to the improveMent
bills as well as 2ther matters of public importance.
Dia private 'character, end political :principles must
' oyerwiteird,biim with deil•at f and we therefore deem:it
1 entirelyAitineeessary to dwell long tipon,thi,, , i'tiopic.
-To oe- and all of.ourreaders, however;•we would
.... _
mytiely say, read the erideinielyhich proves Davidik
' .orter - guiltV - offlvittiitudlperfuryttini - tliett Ans Wee.
to-yourGtqatukyonr consciences ; wliether:7you` tan -
Lsupport him for the highest office in tilt; giWof the peo 7 -
pie OrPelnisylvanilt? . If you can, then support him',
- With all Yon'. mihht---but ilYdu cannot,Fuld lidiat ho- I
nest mati . cenitl?) . Wit ask you-to - get to Work like true
Pennsylvanians, anti
_do all in lone poiver in optitisi-
I lidit to hitn,t•an as-to swell our Majority. Go to the
polls on the second Tuesday of October, mid give "a_
longliiilT, - a "strong-pull, and a pull altogether' Litt fa-•
ye). ofJosephitither, and "yon,..will' have the cOrisOla
'tion•orknowing that you did all in yotir power to keep
the reins of the government out cf the hands ofsuch
'Characters ps Dayid B. Porter . .
. . _
. ,
FREDERICK WATTS, Eiq. our candidate for
congress, tomes next on the list; He is so well and so
favorably•known to the citizens of this county,-that it
would he almost presumption in es to attempt enlight
eningthem by any thing.sve could say _in relation to ,
liim. • But we may_ be permittedito remark, that his
nomination Pis Afforded the highest gratification to a
large portion of the citizens Of 'this congressionill din ?
~They_behohl in hitt a Man who has the ability
to take a high rank iii the councils •of. the nation, and
who, if elected, would do credit to himself and honor
to the people of the district. ; .He is opposed to the o
dious .sub-tren a sury scheme and to a Treasury Bank,
by means ofwhich the Monied power would be placed
'under Executive paeronage: he is opposed to ALL the
Mad and ruinous measures of Martin Van Buren:, he
is opposed to the Executive influence being brought to
bear on our state elections: 'lie is,- in shorty opposed to
any measures which linve a tendency to bring disig,race
and ruin upon our 43mi - win country. He is in favor of
a sound ctirreiicy, one foundetrupon a - specie basii, not
like that of the sub-tiensury, Which is composed of ir
redeem:lbl c-shin-plasters:--he -i - s-in- favorof bringing
the expenses of our national government down to'.li
proper medium: lib is; in fine, in favne of those prin
elides which, if , carried nut in practice; would once
I. mi - we bring our republic back tti its .originr.
If the people or this di'strietbiltstmly their wii inter
ests, they Will elect Mr: Wtiitif - lii‘ti signal Majority,.
and we would here urge them to the r,eseue.
As an opponent of Mr. - Watts, we have Wilhapi
' Ranissypresented .0 - us by the loco
.gees. Of this
gentleman, we shall snAnt little: he is a young man
who haste) exiierfence whatever: if he shbuld hap
pen to be elected to high and responsible :post of
mi mher of C111,7,1'6;8,
,pre ina'S• well say ' , llea save the,
CoMinoliwealth,'„l - We wonder that any party should
ever ha ve thoughtof putting him in nomination for such
ari - officei we eimsemicely final -- words to express 'our
cOntempttar the Im - in who wotild sn fay attempt to lit
susthe people, of q.sllistrit as by nominating. - him.
f Ofthese-two canilidateS, vde iay to citizens of this
coonty, choose will- - -‘but in so doing; we
think you.enanot f. it one moment yield yoiir support to
• Win, s..lhnnsey Iniireference'to such a man as Fre
derick. I ; • • • - : - •
. .
GroucF, Rumsrand UV:J.OIIS ItET:4oLbs,Esqks. 1
rivialic peksolis lu:t..seate to youtts - eandidateslotvilie - 1
legishttuee on the pait Of the-filet ids ofJosepli.Ritner
and specie paymetits.: . path, of these: . gentlemen are_
advantageously known to a 'large pcirtion ofthe chi-.
zees of the'county, us heing , possessed of integrity,
exierienCe nod capacity.: T fie for Mer residLis East
Pentisborough township;
_and the tremendous vote he
received in that tlwnship: last fall for sheriff, shows
the high eStimation in which he is held by his neigh
tiers cif all prirtips.-The latter resides an irf ShiPpeng
burg, and is known tope people of dte'Unper end as
most 'estimable and, competent man, who. is esteemed
Vail who are acquainted with him,. and Whci will rep
calve an overwhelming
.majoritym the Shippcnstmrz
district., 2 , -
, . .
On the oppositionfichtet, you are presented with the
• old members,. Messrs. Cargos and , frood6uro, .who
appear to claim' a life'estute in the legislature! ' But
it , is unnecessary to say any.thing in refeienee to them,
as tkey mustbe well know,n to our. -readers. generallY,.
as inefficient repreientatives for the last two or three
yeirs, partioularly the latter. As Col, Woodburn is
opposed hy-tt number of the Porter men themselves,
we Consider tle.feat morally certain, if ow' frieMls
•twilftint'dOtholefinty 'Alike feel confident,they will.
is our candidate for commissioner.
nndprobnblr n better choice could not hive been math!
in the haroukh;:fdrheli a man or hiisiiless'-inildts, Of
404 integrity;,ni~d_»n,:pigmplar _.
• - member of , the, Lutherah church—while hie oppo
neat (John dorilinan) - be oltniother.6W
fit for the station, being an ignorant and swaggering
puldican„Whose.nominntion,has justly incensed scorec
of, the mist; Zealecti 'friends:of will
ilise his electidn'.with ALL their. might.:.
Wzarti t at . is initninateti ror director of ,the,
poor, and Is en:amend? qualified fon that 'station; being
7 k 7. .- - _l-.trir.::-.W.'',.-v.-11-0,4 - .i' .:-Tfi.y:.;*1e04,..4.:,:::4i-,%.ti-t(:*-10.1V710'ik;:4:*=41--,..-,
every way more worthy and' capable than /Ail lurr
70 0 the locolheo candidate. for the Eairie orate. Mr.
:Wealsleyiiiliet only well gnalified' for the Offiee:,:but
merit.lies to recommend him tothe people for _their
support; for he served his country Ens nionthSiduring
the last war on the Canadian frinitich.Sn'the Bayne co In
pany.With Col t -- which is tfigptily. stet that
, ei - er tended to th ol‘the'lattei tci'afice.. •
ADAM 14141
ididate for' auditoti,aad no
one the least actp th him .will doubt his high'
qualificatinntrfor I; for lie has been ,in the
mercantile bush -.Ties dye - ars, and is not on
ly an excellent cleric and accountant, but a man of the
.strictest integrity and good moral ch . araoteru We have
nothing to say against his opponent; John agruienir.,
good character, and whose only objection is hie acting.
with the 'party whielrhe has tealoitsly opposed on se
veral memorable oceadana. . .
We - hove - tiotr;Tellow either's; given yotra - brie
outline of the political characters and qualificatio brie
the several candidates on botktickets, and; o egd
Tuesday of October, "choose ye which ye lfl."
. .
,-.l4ofto..V.ALsEgtoos ! -_-_—__Theliarrisburg_ney'ston . e of
:Wednesday last, nroong'variou titer notorious 'and
infamous falsehoods, contain . the following precious
morcel: •
• . •
- "At the letting'ofte-Wiscoriisen feedei.nt ;
Dauphin county,- a f weeks ago, the Canal Commis
sinners gave AIX the contrasts to Ritner men, and
openly told tl applicants for work:,..that•nOne-hitt
Ritnerites nee apply. NnY - , - they annottticedlliis with
the most shfinieless audacity, hy mounting on the VE
RY l•IORSE where
-they boarded. and held THEIR'
,OFFIPE. -a , flaming banner displsying'the motto-..-
" nja'N.En AND NO - SUR-TREASORYor, hi.
plitin English, "HITNEX on' Ikto cON.,TRACTR.r
Noiv,. we positively assert tbat the above is a most
base fWebeanlyand was 4mown to be false by tl&'edit
ors of the-Keystone when they pub)isliedit. NVe-re
leatAbitt-it-ialalsef-beettuse_weJen, , we , ventlemen
rom its coon y, w Kl—Ftreerlialirtrident
n6vhoirri-was-spoli.edotasli -candidatit. for-thelegisla
tu rOsthat received contracts on idwork - spoken of hr the
nho'Ve paragraph. But what else can we expect from
the mendacious editoi's of the Keystone,' who live by
their falsehoods and slanders?' In' the same paper
liich : .contains the abov'e, we find the following edito
rial remark, which has reference to the speech of J.
I Mahon - in late Ritner convention at Pittsburg,
and wh~cli is looked upon by the.Keystondasa kind
of salve apPlibd to the bleeding 'wouildsbf the private
,Clairactcr of Air: Porter:
TY. Mehon,._Esq. - the gdittlemnrri , crer'red to in
the second letter'of - i - aur em.Te spltid enti
has been long known as one of the leading f..sderal
cf-the - -stnterind a prominent supplirter-op-M
-vCr 11 or - 'littler. - -Ilejoitly pluegd - the - emitroversy' tat;
lie decided at the next election opoir meastires and' -
primiples,and n.ssurned the irtie-grotnid that. : any man.'
with arrives at the distinction of-being 'nominated. for
governor adds great commonweahlt, either the
federal or denineratio. parties,. [party,l nmstbe pus-
AsAss,ed: of a good and unspotted- moral character.
Ourlitrtherous readers; who know that John
Mahon Ifas:spentthe - greater - part - of - his life Kere, and
who alsO know.his politicatcpurse,.wilt smile, tit the
mendacity or Ignorance_of the Keystone editors. Mr.
Mahon was and zealous advocate of the
Hero' from 1825 till - 1839,, when he left the place for
the west. He supported the candidates of 'the party'
during all that period with great energy and ability,
and to his pen were they indebtedfor innumerable re
-solutions and tonati - aftheirmeetings and cciebrations7 - 1
We know, MorVover, that Mr. Mahon was n warm
and ardent supporter of George Wolf at the last go
liernritariateiectioni-notwithtkandinithe lying-decla
ration of the Keystone.
• ihit why does die Keystone noW beg the question
in relation to Mr. Porter's private character, after it
and its iiiihncts have ferociously assailed the private
'Character of Gov. Ritner in cyery pc:risible shape—
but in vain? Is it not a-candid acknowledgement that
Porter's Character will not stand the, test. of scrutiny?
Is it not a tacit confession that he has beenguilty of
fraud and peijiiry?.. Eta they tell us that it is not to
be Presumed, that any', man could be nominated for
such an exalted station, Amiens he was possessed of a
good and unspottOd moral character. _.We grant it--
and we believe the friends of 'Porter - took him to be
such a mati when they nominated him: but recent de
velOpementa have convinced thousands of them to the.
contrary, and hence their 'abandonment of Lim to fill
the ranks_olourl'armer_Governor. .
Dnspnits•rieor or tur..Loco Focos.-Any pelwon
who has an opportunity of looking; 'ever the loco loco
papers of thib state, cannot but perceive at once that
they have lost all hopes oT'electing their candidate, ,
David R. Porter. The beit evidence of this fait .is,
that theyresart to every species of meanness, slander /
and falsehood, which-66r fruitful imaghiationNcan
invent, because theythavelieithei facts nor argtititieilts
to'Sustain' their cause. Week after week, falsehoods
Of the most wicked and atrocious character are in,
vented and Chi:Aided to defeat the election of the peo;
ple's candidate, JosePh Ritner; but their base acts will
be ALL in)vain. The PEOPLE viill come to the res
cue,/and nobly.-sustain °Ur Farmer Goernor at the
- ensuipg election: they Will then deposite'their votes
lu his:favor, la despite of .all the
exertions and calumnies:: of his 'enemies.. The citi
zens. of this Chmmonwealth-are a grateful people, nd
they know that. GoVAltner has done all in lds power
'to - administer the affairs Of our state government to
• the best advattinge. KnOvving this; therefore,
/ they
Voluntatily come up to hie stipport like men who
have served their censtiptents faithfully and honestly . ,
mid WhO have.had an eye single to the beat interest of
Pennsylvania"--Let the frieiids-ofPennsylvania,then,
come up to the Work like' nien;/ and our word for it
JOSEPH RITNER re-cleated governor by a`
athe Ilon..lesse 14liller,3d Auditor of the 'Frew ,
Bury nt Washington; 'visited Peri,- and Cumberland at
the ,4.ogest cotirtito stir up the faithful, and wont •to
Harrisburg to brotv-heat the people thet4, by offering
to bet large sums of treasury notes on the sub-treasury
candidate for governcir!..? . 'No sooner did he return to
Washington, than one of his c/c48,;1. , ,/ Alcx• Mithoni
'formerly Speaker of the Senate and SMM,Treastwer;
came on to this place, and . was neen%doil,iing, about' at
the' very time the Van Buren Men were forming their
county ticket! When shall we gevrid of this iinPertit.
nentlnterferenee in our state affairs by the officers tied
meniats.Orthe general governmeet?
(a Dr. SturgerM; ;the : Ptote Trensurer„bas made
complete 'moonlit/1 goose' of biniselk by ..w.riting ,
I Atera for publication in the loco; foco papere in Har 2
risbtirg, relative to the triumphant of The
Ihe Central corntitittee put the doctor foirivard
'ae dice
'cat'a paw,' anO there foie 'int lttfo snarl' 119 .
is now, the Irishmatt!e colt,,fairlycorriero; and .
Stands before
_thee public ian•Very•unenViable Position.
Ile bas been literally annihilated' by the S ecretary anil
the`.kuditor Penerali and every step be takei*xtri.!
Cate the dilemniasin.whleb be le plaCed,
plunges him still deeper into the TorielS.' ' c'''
• •'. -
Rupley, : cme deny eindidates:for the Legisle.
`. (ICrhe Votunteer of last week, in speaking of Mr.
tire, says that IM "is ingy.known is the defeated. n - •
. didate of the antl;masonic partrfor slairiff at se last 1
1 Shipfieniburg; S l iptember 3; 1838.--
ra.tra--The 'lasi Volunteer Conties the
election, and iiiaid to be very unpopular W ere he, is
~,;., Ma. P . nt •
beat Iteovve." NoW, in order to Prove ). every tut-
I 'volunteer toasts of the loco jbeoa who celebrated their.
prejudiced mind, that the editor oft 6: Volmiteer is
Hardest Horne in the vicinity; of thisborough, Mull
one of tile Meet realm and brasfi-faced mmis in
: had anticipated something racy and
,pungent from the
• Alr:P!'l' l cY.g .cd 1 " iprincipal members of the, party, having understood
the State, we annex the vote wtije
[ that Sir James Lamb Fitzpatrick „ and John Dim-
Mock, Peg. had been busily engaged is writing and
his own township and in thezneighbOring , townships,
circulating toasts . on the occasion. Bet what-was my
- where he. is .of contrse )b e at together with the
astonishinent on finding a miserable batch of dell'imd
vote received by the successful candidate in the same.
townships,” vrisidis,y4 take from . th e
~ o ffi cial Moine.
In East Peansli,nrfing li s . (his °7 4 tnnlasl?iPs)inaPleY, stupid sentiments , either containing the moat fulsome,
had ; 242 and MYers 85, leaving a majority
of 147 19r-Leulogiuma upon'David R. Porter, or the most foul a
Ilmse_ofjosephßkner,:_vilthout_any.regard_terhyme., Allen, _1111Pley.„ had .143 and' Myers
127, le!1i ng a majority - of 16 for the former - --,in Me- ,or reason, and a mere repetition of stale slang al
chalicksburg, Rut:hilt:id - 47 and Myers 34, leaving !meat from beginning to end! 'I shall not; therefore,
I •
ajoritYofl3 for the former—in .Churclitoivn,Rep- I double either you or your readers with a lengthy re ,
I .ley had 101 and Myers. 87, leaving a majority of 14 i view of there, as was my -intention at first; but I will
for the former—in New Cumberland,'Repley had.72briefly notice a few of them, which. are fair.samples
and Myers 54,1enying a majority of 18 for the former 1 ofthe whole hatch.' -- 7 - r •' ' • ' .. • .
—and even in Silver Spring, the very hot-bed of loco 1 By Wm. TAU, Vice President—Joseph Ritner's
focoism, Rupley, had O - votes. We thustind frern last preclamatiOn f anhosult to the intelligence of the
the returns, that Rupley had handsonie majorities ow People- -, , .. -
, ver Sheri ff Myers in five out of the six lower . districts , 1 2 kdid not suppose that• any sane man would
such a silly-declitration-under declaration-under-his:-own own propername;.'
' and an tinp arallelerl majerify in his own township '
where he is 'beat known.' 'Ailif how was kin the o- because it shows a lamentable want of-knowledge in
thee extreme end of the connty;Shippensbure' Rap.: the individual, or . a malicious disposition to detract
Icy had 170 and Myers 148, leaving i majority of . 22 from the character and merits otothers/ -Se-fee:from .
for the former., In DickiMson, Rupley had 113 . and the . prociamatioebeing received 'as an -Insult by tha-
Myers 187, leaving the latter only a majority 0f,74 in fieople, it was bailed with acclamation by them, not
his own iliefilice.' To he briCf, however, had the anti-' only in Pennsylvania; but throughout the IL States: ,
-It-brought on its wings glad tidings to the people, for
• and vvlngs ist the Carlisle and Newviller dist
triets not •thrown away their. votes upon candidates it was a prd. preen& of the r esumption
. of dpecie pay-
Who bad no chance, but •voted for - Mr. RupleY;he meats by the banks, and the suppression of the shin,
'Would have been - elected by-a majority of at least 500.:. PT"Stera, which the people had so long and so ardent
tniis-is the mnn; then, whom the "couvxeraniitszt.;" ly desire& :Bien some of the most zealous loco locos
LEIR ° of the Volunteer 'says is very unpopular where ' in other states_ as well asPormsylvania, have been
he is 'best known'! -Tie upon the' beagle! - • , I constrained publicly to.adrinit the fact, that it 'was the
'. . proclamation of Gov„Ritner which caused the banks
• .
he Volunteer - Si:frit:o Mr. Sener is a "good ,to redeern.their notes-in gold and silver. lndeed - e
. „.„,,,iiic,74.. 0 1-•„,,,,ii„-- To -.. fespecte d_ ri , i r ,: g b i b or _ ft . d ' er_ entl state was
[a citizen- i t:out is considered utterly-incompete,nt lo _di s .,...pleasedWitli.the.proilamation aud_the_prospect.ofau_
I charge the important/hides ofcounty commisaioner." , early resumption and none hut the leaders of the
el • '
•• Pahaw, Master Bsinderien! "Whatit beau mrgran- Party and their immure ate tools, like Mr. Tritt,
i . ny was!' . Why, if Mr. Sener is unfit trid4charge the-were opposed to it. • -: ' ___
t..duties of.conimissioner, John tornman as ten times ! * But mark the , striking similarity of - the following
1 mote 'so, Us every unprejudiced man acquainted ,w i th sentiment with the one above quo ted ! They are . pre-1
them must admit . But the editor the/Volunteer _else!) , thesame,_with.the addition of two words to the
: knew he was lying when he made the abin:e assertion, . following, and arc evidently from the.sametnintr for
! and the public knee; it Vibe false." Mr. Sener•waS en- they are as remarkable as 'a calf with two heads.' . I
gage,rti, fife6s - ad,Makilig . /111(1ji very business f0i.5e..1 .. think . the public will ro! , givethe party mucheredit - 1
! ven t l•yeari i and 'snow engaged in the mercantile bu- for - talents or _ veins, aertWsf-itentihtareirernarkable ,
siness, • all of wMch he transacted id the most correct for their sameness and tautology: . • • . -
Gabriel_Bovi;ers-,-Joseph - Ritner and_ his last
mid-satisfactory manner, 'mid which prOVelt that he is I . -11 7
. - Iproclamation, an' insult on the Intelligence of thepeo-
A thorottA business inan... In short we consider it a -
Ai sgrrice to Alt„;,. Speer to John Cornman with 1 It would b - • win .. —..;-__ . .
, — e a very. i cunt - tam, 4 appreneno, to
! cast an 'insult 'on the intelligence'. or either. Mr..80W.!
litinThC-Cause the firmer is soMuch stiperior to the Int
-ter in capacity, busineskliabits, : attelitiento.buSiness, Lersi-or-Mr:Tritt. - ' But let that 'pass, in order. to. see
_ .. • - '
. and moral conduct.
_,The people ofboth partieein this What the Constitution - tinkers have to sage
_borough are well'aw4:ef the facts just mentioned, B y Th o ii ia , 11.-Britton--The,amendinents-to the
ned_they will giveMriSener II triumphant majority, , constitution is [are] whet the republicans have long
' which Will cause his opponent-throw.ep his head desired. - - '- • • - • - L . .
!. like `anohltebse in a. thunder-storm,' and make the Like Devid'sPsalms:here'sJanother of the aumei'
with the single exceptionof the word people being
editor of the Volunteer raise upon hi stip-toeetual di a- -
play the iiirinkles onliistareheakas is eusioniary with substituted-fu that of rePublicans: _
Limon evutin geenslinis!By James Ginshal- ,, The amendments to the coil: -
. - - stitution is [are) what the people have long desired.-
The writer:of theseioasts, and the editor who pub,'
tidied them as we find them, Must be truly illiterate,
and are well worthy to hold rank with 'the Tritts and
Bowerses! , 'But we have another brace to present, o
jThe editor of the Volunteer, in his laSt4mper,
makes a very pathetic appeal to the party in this coun
ty, invoking theta to support' 'the ticket ? the whole
iiact.,iiiiii nothing buthe fitli4o-iiiiiirdeirry
/ his candidate for commissioner! , Wonderif the edit
or is'ut getting fearful that the prospect - of.lohn Corn- •
man is apoor one, - sind - that --his chance of clutching
tlmmoney of the cleanly treasury is very doubtful?
We have bten'crediblY informed by three friends of
'Porter, iliat . there are upwards of seventy of the party
in this borough alone, the most of whom have never
Iswerved frem , the ticket,;whO have declared theirde-'
cided 'Opposition to the electron of Cornman. - There
are also thirtya - ,ATlFSiiiiiii kiitinFrralreatly irl - Sonth- -
Viddleton—nhout the same-number in North Mid
dleton—and so in proportion in almost every town-.
ship and district in the County. We have also learn
-1 c'd from a leading friend of SiMon Wunderlich, Esq.
! that his h'Onest supporters at tbeiast sheriff's election,
or at least many of them ; are determined -to retaliate
upon Cornman and his preceptor foifiteMeans they
made use of to defeat .his election at that tittle, even
, after the latter had been imiongst the first to eocou
rage,.Mr„:Wtinderlicli to offer himself to_the_publict
• Ender - all the circumstances, it is very evident that
I Common's 'cakesitrti dookii, l and that the conseguen
tial editor of the Volunteer, will be Madelo 'shrink
back into his original shell of insignificance.'
:-ma'tt'e learn that cur old friend 'Squire ar
rived in town the eveningprevious to the meeting of
the lore loco county emiCention; for the express pur
imse of boripg theilciegatts for a nomination• to the
legislature: 'BM notwithstanding his personal impor
tunities, and the:Secret exertions of llarrisburg rte.;
port& concern and a clerk in the State • Treasurer's
office, the'quiee received but two votes out of the en
tire delegation! !What n frill was there, my ciuntrf
men!' If the 'Squireialculates en a noinivation . by
the party for the legislature, he may 'wait till donmS
day before he receive r s it, Fes : the leaders have mitrked
him and his-employers both..
rrthe tole° num Pcirter \rah This en (11 , th•ii , tn of
Kenektigtoil, Snuthwni4c itn(l Idnyntrir , ?lsiTgr,,
inumty,bove riot Tr.r clrmilenced rettcwaii
their favorite shinplasters .with gage* Tr.l74k.
And the prohsbility is flint they never.will redeem
them. :Doubtless they are waiting - to '"follow in the
I . 'footsteps'? of Mr. Ven Buren, snit. will resume when
he.resnmes. _They deem' it unkind 'to leave Mntty .
"solitarysnd_alone i 'l'_And, areAleternaipeCto .."beat
him cpnvany." " • . • . • ;
6 - ithe Mohawk Courier, a genuine 100, (leo Pa
per, printed away up in , York State, Rays that ''the
democracy 'or the e u try are wide awake, to
ots7r,interests:" - '.. -
, • • •
I'faith we helieve You are-rightillteLohey_rolecy.
This •nericefidnessin some of thernembers of the Van
43uren party fully accounts far..the..numerous
night flights of 'Postmasters and Sali.Treasttrerti, with
iheii • pOckete , well lined:with.. the :people's. money s
whieHdve'hear of. ,They, hive taken care
olihe aces rle ,long';enough,and they are now
"wide awake to - their - own interests.° : •
. .
nj'Our nrnion i 4, that . : the Man Buren pnrty has
gained elnetderably in IlUirecelit election in Indiana.-
- 7L 01 0 . 44 , 4 ( ve11iie
Va;'lVr: Adiertiser, it han gained what 4 Ti* To*
Moore" gained r wfieii thi nOwni•dli-a(ttiek
upon Colonel,l4entice-4 rivastti!einet . Idcnt sdrubhing:
§aaraia'ry 'faulding - daidea, thrqugh
hia amt . na,, that tia is the audtai• of thelatt: baaa attarls
Ivan the.Natt. 'Feat:went Hal had betfai..tell that
!,‘to ilia'riarince; alitivnalvol't
is - YTh"e lost Volanteemeniiiing in'
imilnt.itrk to thoe'id have
nVeetinti held 'at i'littinii•gh,
touching ``the private , chni'•rit t;n: of llt.Viitit.
The iv)itile pytieleilkiiittai , ,i? it n tisatie elialieyoc4o,
from beOlinhig•io oay.
theie re resented ai Navin epld.. .
thcrrenderi whieh r though not so similar ih every re 7
spect RB the two flprmer,are 'chips of the earoehLooki'
and will tipenk for theinselves: •
; en: Porter, the denincratic cutri ,
didate for governor: success to his erection.- • •
" After readi4the'above and. the ene that follows,
they brought to my mintrcery forcibly the' old ancc
dtue-ef , Pathly-c_...... out, and eemt out . Paddy: ,
By Peter Burldioltler--Gen. D. It. Porter, the de.
Mocratic candidate his election is certtin. oft lt9Hpluall
Shall introduce to your notice
the profound and erudite Pedagogue,: Occasion
ally entertains hialirethren with disquisitions on mat
ters of great public importance, - ,Which are couched in
'words of learned length and thundering sound'--but,
"'Stand bark my lord?, and let the coffin pass."
• fly John H. Dimmock, Secretary--Gen. Arvid
Porter, though he be assailed byaill.the weapons of
-slander, which fiendish malice can invent, his high
moral character and integrity sustain no blot. -
This toast; as a matter of course, arrested die at.
tention of every one, and it was closely criticised by a
portion d{ the literati of ohr idaee. David Nevin at
once pronounced it a 'most beautiful speciman of na
tive eloquence:"-James Willis said it was a ‘rara- a
ide in terrie Wai. Bullock maintained thatit 'el ip
'clipsed Hen-Henry Clay all lini-hollowe Itabbin
Lawtqn was •fermly of opinion that it bait anv thing
(he) iver heard from the lips of Grattan and Curran
in the ould country: -Col. John Snyder said it was a
'ivel'-ry nide redorigal viurish and sount But.
Sir. Jamei Lamh , Pitzpatrick,wholooks upon the Pe
dagogue as a great rival, contested these opinibitsin.
a serlins . nrinner, and showed that'the toast Wits bad'
ly punctuated, as well as containingsahardltiOits words,
which were used merely- to make a flourish. He then
transcribed the toast for their inspeation, plabing the
'perreetiona - Tbetvieett - tratchets; - and - lite yprtis Act
would have. omitted between parenthesis, thus!' •
By John H. Dimmork . ,-Secreml : • [
rid R. Porter, [A though4Though , - (he be) assailed
by all the Weapons of whic fiendish malice
can iirCent r his- high moral chfiracter and integrity Sus
tain tbaVe sustained) . no blot.
Petit waimot my inlandon to dwell Upon the eulc
'giants of the friends, or the criticisms of
hi s-rival--I is-the-fitlsity:of-thepast - that - I - wish -to
expose, and:the daring effrontery &the man who had
the, beldness tn.giv It. What helmet andtlnprejtitlic—
ed man in society, no.matter party-he - may- ,
. _ .
Mr: "Porter's Public ... and private
,character has sus- .
tainej no blot, afler.htving carefully perused the itti-
Act:ail:rated documents in relation to his transactions?,
Was his base conduct to wards 'Peggy Beaty no blot
upon hishonOi' and Vharactei4 'Was -thn*lititding
of StUrgeon and other poor men no blot aiMaliis in
., tegrity? Was the transfer.of titles to •pt;;titerly, when
about applying tor the insolvent .I“Wst tiroOMo of his
trusty friende fn'r his future use;, no' blot upon his ho
liieSty? .
,Wis the taking of a' sdamti oath is Ourt • that
he hid given 'Up all hisprope'rty;ter, :tibix, ttSe: Of . ffiO
creditors; when•hihati:secreted- as large . portion'nf it
(with his frignds;o'6lvtititiiin hiS eciiselence?' These'
!fitcts are nutter of recor d in ilte,courtseflustitie; belt, :
ai•the Pedatitigo, appear's tcr ba , ignortlfat. 'of some of
i thti'itbiineittterkias, he sets them down - atiAl,knidera."
1 What anttsra - cf;! ..., t ',.' ••.., ;?, • ' 't . '''
• ' •,'
.1 By Bleary ifuhi; Es ti: . Secretary ==- Joseph Rituer •
;and the .9_ettysbargrailnrOad7-tieth a disgrat* to the
• This creature, l'iinderstand," is the nominal editor;
/ cit Uie,',Chavnbersturg 'telegraph, lri which paper the
' serp e ntine c at of the Gettysburg_ rail-road'. orl r g,lntill y
I'''' • ' il if ''
If t . i o f the •
/ appeare_. . _ e was as v o c tan Opponen Van
1 Buren party a few years ago, as he is now tiiealiins
I advocate tor it; but; ash; is' destitute ilike - or Winvi
and principles, he,econman ve*YM. W i r- e 5P eC4 ' t t 1
, would be a great-blessing to Nhim and sci*e'ethisettV, 1
' 14 0 Yerot: os • well;, tliah"-e,iii,(,li4Otift'giTol!"tiOi' if
ithey were such an hotiOrAii:tb'e,iiiitili4: l 46o,;Bitrte.r,
whose high moral characters . arid .tinalifieatidini corn-1
Tibriso advau . tgge ou t ' y w nthlies ofhis degradedand i
, dishonest appot*i l l 4 .l3;ifekitititititere '. .. !
%'•• • -'• ' ' . ' ''‘ - --?•:,,;•, , •.":, 1 , ' '.,: ,' ',.. •' •
By Major D.-Nevin—,The..dirty' shirts of old roo
ther Cumberland; innytituy continue Avisea.ser,pcup
and hum:lees as dOies.
brinaddajor . ! y . a federalist ef the
JohilAdamistairip, he turned democrat:for several '
years;- but he became disgusted.with the-dirty shirts,
and 6'oo round again to his old party." IFltiWas one
of the most violent oPponentsof the Jael;so . n . V, 'Buren.
party for a series of years: he attended public meet
ings.andeounty delegations,,wlterethey and the whole
pert; ere in the„strongest terms; andhe'
labored with_ great zeal in the causeAorlidarns and
Clay. Now he,is # great Prop here. of Oie:,lackson
in* Van Buren party—bellows
, out lustily for .the
dirty shirts and the Pedagogue-=and is said to' eier
elite itcontrolling influence 'over the editor of the To
bi:der. What_hypocripyin a . wealthy 'nabob . of his
character and disposition to flatter the dirty ihirts in
this fulsome manner! Whatever -truth there maybe
in the qualities which.theitlajoi: ascribes 63 the dirty
' shirts, It it very evident from his :Changing, sides so
'fr'egaently in politics, that, ifhe walit - s 4 harin
dove, he never evincedany eildeace of the holi"darn°
of the serpent.
. _
By.Jonatban Estv--nen: Dayld it. Porter:
May his , eveningrßose never he disturbed, butby the
exclamations - of rejoicing freemen. . • .- ' -
This gentleman has blundered on a pretty severe
hit, whichpeals his candidate to the'guick. Whether .
Mr. - Porter be elected or not, his evening repose can
not but be disturbed by the 'exclamations' of betrayed.
_friends and much wronged citizens. _ The thoughts of
his disgraceful ,atnors and frauditient insolvency, his
dishonesty arid petjury; will ever/and anon flit across
his bewildered brain, and•he Willhearnottght but the
'exclamations' of friende and toes!' - - - , 4
• By aeo:How—Ritner'a late proclamation: Mea
gre, muddy, sour and rapid, St only to engender eho- -
lie and 'w)nd.' , ' ' -
- The prelamation,it seems, was_ a maxi terrible
stumbling-block to the party here; for they einildnei
ther swallow•nor guzzle it down;notwithstanding the
copious draughtier the 'critter' which they took on the
oecnsion! To judge from their teasts, it. made them
truly-‘sotir'-andivapid,L and—'muddy' beside--L-and if
it tii4 - not 4 engen et-c ei -pi . nocge
()Nanny of them in most admirable style.
• - DIED; . •
. . .
- On. Friday last, Mr. Jossra S u mac, ar. of this
place, in the 7601:year of Mange,
On this afternoon; M. Dattnsne. Sanest, relict of
Joseph Shrank, sr.; deceased, aged about 74 years.
In Alleghenytown, on Monday evening the 10th
instant, of dysentery, MAntErrA r daughter - of Dill A.
and Mary Janemith aged about 10 months. : `.
On Flidayibe.lihin4; in Franklin township„York .
county, GEORGE LAnEyv,laged 17 years:
. , .
- - •
• FOR SAL.Ei - .. •
OR . TO L.E.ISE`Fo 13 . .711 OF YEARS,
The claire Farm on - which the subscriber. resides,-
containing 185 acres, or 55 tierea . of It., with the prin.
eipat.improvemetars;aituate- within the. limits of -the
boreugh.. JNO. V. g: HORNE. - ,
September-18, ".: -
. ~ . .
. DisSol4 ion . of Parlelership. -
. The fittrtnersl4 heretofore existing beiween the
subscribers, under the firm of 4. - Le S. COE .. ,is .
this day, hy mutual agreement; dissolvod. The books
are in the hands of ./intire-at Coyle, one,of the
. late
artnerti, who is 'authoriv . .rd to settle the same, and
opeirthat all concerned will make immediate settle
September 413, 1938
The business as heretofore will be carrie4 on by
the subscriber, at the old stand, who will in a few
days have a new and general assoittnentnf Pall and
Winter Goods, and hopes by strict attention to busi-
Hen rcee; •-•., liberid , share of.vatiorulge.
. .
. SCOTT colt Lt.
`Newville, September,lB, 1838.
— CASSlNETTS;.= , Lli:s : ttnderv.Drab,-Steotr
drown, Parkins and Bictdle Mixed Cas-'
itinetts, for sale nuasually low, at the Store of
Sept. 18
FUR- cAps..Fur anti ScaiSkin
Collars, Linx and Russia Fur l'iPpets (fir Ladies)
f r sale very low to. 'ARNOLD St CO'a.
Sept. 18. .
BLANKETS...Rose, Duffield and lackl.
UAW:DIU - Acts; forssalt!ty:
Sept. 18
TIM QUEEN'S OWN,....A r intorin,
and Melbourne, Plnid;Ribbed, and Striped I rt ondon
and Ildokakin Cassinieres Nt
• LAST NOTICL. •-••-•
THE subseribers, anxious to'settle up the . business
Of.the late,- firm of o,olby Fe , Hitner, hereby - give
notice - to all those indebted, to snake priyment on or
before the 20th September next; after which slate their
itcaounts placed. in other bands for collection.
T UST received from the city of Baltimore, a gene
-0.1 ralussortment of Fresh titrocemes ' '
Strong, Rio Coffee, St Domingo do P Rico Sugar,
Loaf do Lump doßraail;do 'Black. Tea, Gunpow
dcr do-Imperial do Currous N yvo P R Molasses;
N 0 do Sugar House do. 1-Ihney,Spiees of all kinds,
Lucirerjuid Friction Matelietir-Wacking Brushes,
Ropes, gze._&c. ofwllich have been selCcted with
tare . and will be sold_attlie lowest Priees,.lT •
- 1 -- tig-T redirect spun anti plug iobaceo, wil
41 be sold' at manufacturers' prices by the keg.
- IFITSt - received - ,'Flit - caysi-by T Do'
0.1 • . • • • CLIAS: . BAIINITZ.- , •
••,,. . , , _
. . .....
1111,ECEIVED train Connecticut, Brass
fill,Eight Day clocks, Mahogany fro,its, and for
Sale by 0 •' •. .
, ,
irtittVED curled ',init. Aintrasies. •
•• . ,
- • •
A‘rariii For
• A ~
-gay iii:der, °role oroulny court 0( Cumberland
,JUll . OodotY;1 *ill expoie to Putitio Safe, oN'the
pretnise4,.on Friday the 12th'of Octo6olkrt, a
4V 12
o'clock, 111., - ..... , ' --
.. -:. z . .
:-. ,'•.'- - ,' .
. .
• • . . • - • • . .
-as ricasT
Silverrn S Ili tow nship, einnb eriand "ciaanty a bout
one nine North - vet' th'ellarrisburg , TUrnpike;bendtteti9
by late! 'Aringtronglrvirie;..Fraticiit• Eckles,',Mlll.
tin Hartican,.aud others, cautainiag.,, Arius, with a
ratio SlO:rgt.go.use,4 -
f n Ali
• Er , ; „CiAir Press, Spriag,lfouse,snd other
,improvemeitts thereou erected,' with
# Bred,
.etauce . out.. ouct um,
acres or the' sire 'cleared, in a good state of ,eul=
tiva6oe;atid hader e*Cellent feiieC.:„7o ;s among ... oe
best'k7arins in . Cnmberhnd ,
• Taira; of sale -$25:0 to' be 'OM - au the' iciatirma
"tion-or, Sale, the residue pf .extelhalf the'inttichatie
molar to,-be? . pald toecif whenVos...
session balance two annual.
'll l 9tOnli .. othotil Intifi34. >:
rt;il4citi • ilArpit.
t• 6 is" e
ar is e ep em er. 180..te • • • •
colt" lanctetteifteratilk kitninervlll,pleaser
insert the`above . till 14e inut . oharge, this
' - •
wava Qvtaauarm. ultaimovrra) ipiegne
• •
TILE great - encouragement which t. die subaerib — erit
received during the last Year, iii,the side of their
Chines, ihiluced them to make extensive preparations'
. to meet the hiereased demand for, their article. No
dine; labor 'or expenae.has imeitspared to precerc the .
very-best materials the country . ean4lll:9o. ,
workmen are experienced and of the osielnietiUter i ,
and they have no hesitation in assuring the Farmers •
that they arc How,able to furnish them with an'articlet
not only equal hid. decidedly superior to "any other
manufactured itt.this Pitrt at.the country.
For speedy and. Olean threshingN with ease the
horses, tlicy:believe their Aluchine'to he unequalled.
Their, pince,li elie - atnetialitit Year;vtt
I •70 Aollara in cash' and ,the balance in six mouths; for'
which 'a note will be required. The machineS are in,...:
Buret' for twelve menths, -or ,until grey, shall: hate
threshed " two thousand bushels pf grain, 'They have•
now several machines and 'ready far 'sae, and will at'.
all.times be ready ,to furnish them on the shortist„.
_uatice.._,ShAerc Rm' 'a tlistiince Will be punctuall.f._
etteniteil CO For the trilling sum of FOUR. DOU.;
LARS, in addition td the price or the Machine and
Poway they furnish the' fainter aii",:iaddition•that
I enable him to shell hiipploverceed. ' •, • ,
' ...--To - life Viiblici .- .. • '
„The aubscritericheiiik - deeirous tyfpnbliely ' .. 7
teritctingthoefforts•which are secietlymade to hijure _
theeliaractr of their machine, by persons who ap
per to' be. actuated by unfriendly- feelings -towards-..._
them, respectfully submit the following CER.TIF,I• - - ..
CATES to 0* putlic. „ -.L..... .• ~ ' • • . - ..
I certify:that I; last year, used one of thelThreshr• -
iiig - m In
oolin j es anufatui•ed tiy - 4,.a.'711ta1y. St CO. '. ,' -
and during the season, there was" threshed' on ,it
abotit "foUr thousand - - bushels - .of - graiivand - about
twO hundred and twenty . five bushels of clover
seed, and I am fully satisfied that, for the Farmer's
use, it is - superior to "any other - Machine thave . ever
in this ,putt of_ the country, , I further certify
that Mr. Henry Hurst, one of My neighbors, had' ix ..
wagon loads of:clover seed.stuff cleaned at a clover,. „
Mill, and the yield was '22-IM - Shelii,, and that the tiamo:. - -
quantity of stuff was threshed on my machine, and
the yield was 34 bushels. - Mr. Hurst is of the opin
that the stuff he hauled to the_mill; was the bet.
ter lotoftbe two.
. •
... •
_,_,' ... . - •' , ' ' ' . FRE DERICK RARPE I R.. "
• -Ilay 15 , 1888 .: ' :. : . - -
• ,
• certify That, in August last, !purchased fivm J.
E. Brady & Co. one - of - their Threshing 'machines,
which I Used for threshing grain for different Farmers,
till some time. in March lasts During-that-period
threshed shout fifteeri.thousandlinihels of vitro.
stud — o - ats. - 77My - Texpen - se 7 for — tepiiirs 'of 'bit - IMo
Machine and Horse - Tower, did notexceed five dol
lars, and, when I sold them, (whieh was in March,)
die machinery • appeared to be nearly as good as -it' •
wart thetime them. The .wheels in the
horse power were perfectly sound and substantial,
and upon a close examination; I could 'not discover
.that the cogs had -worn , in. the Slightest degree. I
had, for several years previous, been' engaged In
Ihreshing_with, three different kinds of machines,
which I fully tried; and I unhesitatingly certify that
for durability; service' and speedrand clean thresh.
ing, I have never used or seen any that, in my opin.
ion, will at all-cornpare with the-one Iliad last. year,.
Unless it lie one of the same kind :41f attention is given
to the machinery, it appears to ti impossible
for any part of them to-get out of order.. •
May 17,1888. -.• • • •
.171 out
Y. ‘,
. _ .
I, last actiaan,:had -- .one • of Ati - Jela s o a2
Threshing Machines, upon - which there threshed,
about 3000 bushels of grai3. , I have fully tested it,
atid'consider-At--superior -to-any in this part of the
Country, end recommeinl. it to the Farmer as a truly'
Cervices eLltiel
-.May StO, 1888.: -, •
I, last yaw, purehalied - two,af the threshing roatyltY#
of J. E. .oraily & Co. (one-of, :which I still - have,)'
and fully tested them. For speedy and clean. thresh.
ing, they are,. certainly, a superior' articlei, and' tine
Ofkretit service to the Farmer. Aionsidee it.
the best article of the kind I have ever seen in' thia
part of the country. I take great pleasure in mom.
mending it the Firmer.
71Sfit' y-1-;TEISa.
I certify that Mr. Andre* Davison Mat pnrchaseit
last November, no Of J: L. Brady & Co's threshing
machines, which we fully tested„luvring threshed
seed on it. l' - am fu r
satisfied 'that it is preferable to ally other I have seen
in operation, and. it: 'is an article that 'will repay
the Farmer amply, for its price. it - threshes clean, •
not liable to. get out of,,order,...and Apon.,tho •
whole,.an article 'that f can,' with great cont4ence„
recommend to the Farmer.
AllfarlAM S. DA.'VISON.
1 June 18 1838. •
one ad'. Brutlv & Cn's thread:7 ..mnehittes, with.
which there was ihreshed.nnt ) PPs thin 4.710 bushel*
of Itis an excellent nrilele, superior, iw my
opinion; to nnv oldie kind 1 ha' o ever seen. One of
its chief excellence's, that it is not Irate to fr . / out of
order...l have no hesitation in_ recommending it to
the Farmer.
;June 12,1,8313
Other certificate's could hate been procured; but
it was deemed unnecessary. Persons who wish to
inquire into the power nnd .rpiality of tini ,
are refereed to those who last year used them, and
imrticularly to the following namtal gentlemen, 3•17,1
essrs. John. roust, Frederick Byers, Adam Yonder
ow, titnnnuel Sites, and Samuel Diehl, of Guilford
township; Messrs. John Huber and John lirockcy, of
Quincy tOwnshitt; Messrs. Abralunn Stoner and Isaac
F ran tz, of . 'Washington township; Mesirs. Jacob ,
-Ilade.Jatnes lllitebel,James Allison Emanuel Mule,
John.Hinrhlrs\ Henry and - James Ileatty;•Gliristian
Heyel and ChristiatLTlOriree, of -Antrim township;
Jacob Oyster,Hscomeltir. Henry Win. ' crt, of Green
township; - Mtn. Frederick Deck', of Letterkenny
township ; Messra, John 'Modes_ and Conrad Gold-,
of•HaMilton township;, William Am
gle-andJohn Philipi,pf .Montgciniery township ;
Capt. •.I.'McVarlaticl• and, loseph Poncau. of Peters
township; Messrs. Will un ,llowers and T. Seacrist,
of ' Warren township; Messrs. Jacob arid John Hege
ries,- of Metal ' - tOwnship ; :And Dayld Hunter,.Esq..
find Henry Winger Cif
• Hedford County. •
•••'•' •••••••—• • ••••-• • IF, BRADY& CON
- Awicdui St Co..
ARNOLD & tO's.
- - - - - -
Cluunbersiori,„September 17,,1838., '
`".":. One of the above - Machines into be seenat the Eqirts
of Mr: }'rands Noble, in Carlisle:l. Any ,person purchase, one, can have irset up i and if it
doe's notlanswer the
,purpose as specified, we
it away free Or expense to the purchaser. There
luive b'ecn upwards. of 100 of them made and 'Sold by
Brady & Co., within 15 months past.. A line direct , the subscriber will, meet with prompt attention.
JOHN DENIG 4 Agent, •
~epL 1& ISSS:-6m.=
- Ni
Pig St.'fiol.lltT SALE.
--1 7 11-Y.virtneituti order.rofthe brphanst:Courf, - Cill
~ 1131- he sold at 'public. sale on Saturday the 13thAlaY
_of.,Qatolker , neat, at 1 o'clock, P. M., on the prem
' Ises of tract N0..-1 - 41Cfolliiiiitiffitropert.' ---- -' --
,Valuable • ..Lot'Limel.itohe
land; situate' in the township of -Weitpentoborottgli: .
latethe pronerty Of Alexander' fi l lenniderAtThed, con
taining 'SVIVENTtEN ACRPS,.more 'or' less, and
boinfdetttiV the State Road luting frottilearlialeAo
Newville,by a Palle road letidtngfrOin Diller's mill
to the Mount Rack, road, and lijr„ the Janda of James
Irvine and 'O.' lloWertnaster on-the No ferriaining
sidea.-; 711 c aboredeset lbed land launder gOitdrence
a n d hi n.goodatatc of oultiiatlen,and ie alsosendered
valuable on acconnt of-its hegig situated gme.
erghth 'of a *mile :of, lit.. , `;: '
!-Ntig4-*.:;.41a0 at the 44me . tim6 o.tid Place,
another iota' land,iituale in the loWnship of. New,
too, foranirly,ttlao the propertrof Alexander - Gleim,
deceasetlosontaining 'FOUR ACRES,lnore . ,'or
I-bounded . by the state read, leading; from Newville to
Gap,,hy the' cannotroglutiet. creek, 'and by
Linda of ,itinie* !Herran'.'aiiirdiffertioti4hilea on the'
tiro reinainiaeaideß. .Thia lot id also in it gggl7 data
of culdratien and withintinitnileOf ' '
The term a of,,,th& sale :0111 the
day of pie .vetidtte, lireviold,t!ten".
4turinguf th e i
thiiiiti,d:ltittri„+'O' -t rota
„,Nes.,.aleurt; deed.,
... . : --- :,-: OGS • I 'SALE,' ,='..
. _
1 . 4,i, subaeribpr ,reaidirig one:ilge... east . eifSpring
rolie;lOis ' , tor stile= .onrobtr Of — Sial Fed H 09,9.
whicy will be distid of at o ivniiitintibfo'priee. :,--
---:-:.- s- •-• ' . JonN,l3}3..T.Ticio,vrat,,,
..,:;Etepiettiber3l,,l 8: ~ ••. , .. .;; ; ~%-..,:;',.,.
-VELVETS,llimaNirtile;,*,roon ,
Greet), niul liolorad
iii tb;tery'clifto at the
Ser. 11,
MOva Vototv.
JOHN' numrinnEYS.
`AIiNQ i sc;