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    'Which thS'7 hail — sufferedthus
adsuredliecit:.tile—d;- :-en
-dure foi the same trial' again— r and of
'the. jciy,'MOre than he 004 expi.ess;,which
he feltat finding'hor so. willing to fulfil, her
_engagement, which it is said,:is soon
,to be',
conSunmated.. It Was not tilr.thenthat
he was , made acquainted With the fact, that
his ladylove is heiress - to an. estate- worth.
200,000 01 Who Woiild not be 'Ship ,
wrecked; and henceforth, - -who will say
" niatcheii, are mot .matle in heaven ?"
, • .
„ .
I , an -Buren-:T4chet._______:._
_ -
4"--REDERICK.-W Mel*, ES4.
' _ ' • .08embly. .1 -
Commissioner.. • ,
Director' of 10 Poor. :
Auditor. -
plaee. - at - theliead Of . 1
:our. columns to:daY • , ..ticltit formed: in
, couNty.sonvention by the friends - of Josepli
Titner , andOpporthits oflMartin Vanturen:
We place it at:our mast head - with pride and
_pleasure . ,•and'edlifidenily•predief r iiial,
be successful, or at .least aportionofit,• as
our friends are zeidousin the and our'
gm° . nents distracted and di.vidytL It is. one
wbick = the.honest.yeornanty..ofilumberland_l
support with all their might,- inasmuch. :
as it is the strongest that has beempiesented.'
•to them for some years. In". our next, we
shall speak. of lkembrits and qualifications '
of the different etildidates at seine
-and 'giye our reasons why . they •should
ceive the votes of the, people in preference their loi , a loco opponents._
• ricrnttring enr absence at the Pittsburg
onvention, several letters and eorarnuni
cations weretTeceived, which shall receive
due attention. The faverof_our ShiPpens
burg correspontlent iS crowded outthis
.weelt,'but shall appear in. oUr„next:
• . --=•-• • '
=. Our press - liaving Ina witti - an arel
derit,thellerahl and txpesitor . is delayed
longer than _WC-Wisited. - ' ---- We'liav - e not‘been
• able,•jnoreover, to pay that attention,lo:,inr
7pqper to-day, which we shot.ld have done,
jtad we not been absent
. at the Pittsburgh
convention.'; . .
• IcrlVele. arW there, has been, great trou
ble in the loco foco camp during our ab
sence.; It's wonderful,. indeed, the 'swaps ,
“anii_;Thanges' thst tak eh place within
ihelast ten days., The igre..i-t-gun' .of the
party (dol. M'ClUre)' has
. been
.. 'surrendered' at. diseretio - n' -to his subaltern,
Capt.,Ramsey!!,., Pliiiitagnaiihnous chief,
~ we. suspect,, waif 'taken by surprise," and
.abdicated before - he - waS aware of his rival's
rail strength. But there was-iiictchery a
hpard;- and Capt. Ramsey and his few'adroit
-friends accomplished by intrigues r and stra-
ItagemS, what they could not bk.fair means.
tr - r, Our - , neigh!) . or' of _the Volunteer, we
are'tol l,,
4rtandary r fer-aLlew
!days relation ; to' the rival.candidates for
, cnn! ess: - • - best foelingsLand—sympa-
Ale; were for IVP.Clure; but avarice point r
•ed to the county treasury; and Ramsey. must
.-receive4he-nominationt of the
way! 'The schoolmaster is abroad' truly,
:and seems .determined to have Seine of the
publicfodder at alkhaiards!,. How admi
:ribly would our county affair's 'be managed,
, if we haA Col Cornman commissioner,
and George Sanderstin for. treasurer! What
-a.neble pair . of and diiintereeted
democrats, whose_prinei/es,'sepin
Ao lie' en
tirely in their±yeekeisi I , •
- column - we publish a , letter urritten by 'Jonx.
ANDREW SHILLZE, Ex-Governor of - Tenn.;
"syivania; in reply, io•one front a committee
of citizens asking :his views on the subject
of the apProaching eleCtion.This old and
• ..ataunch. dethocrat gives his Opinions freely
and fullyon the .subject. .We ask the 01,0
Democracy--the Inkiest old Gemara far
"nem+ who,supported Mr. SnoLzE when . •a
-candidate for'Grovernor 2 —te . peruec - this let
ter with : attention. 'fin3y will then' See
who is the Democratic candidate for Gov-
eruo.r, -
honie on Wednesday of week before ;last,'
- to attend the sessions of the Convention
called to convene in the City iif"-Piftsburgh
on ':the 3d.inst. On our arrival Sn the city,•
we were delighted to see that It, was crOwd
ed ,
with,delegates—,-indeed, wasliterally
‘ - `taltec by 'stove by the friends of JOSEPH'
IHTNEIi and Specie Payments . ../1// the
.public houses in t h e were crowded to
excess, before The time Cppointeil.for the as
sembling of the convention;' and those who
arrived at a late hour-
,were, compelled-to
take lodgings on the floor, on:chairs; or'
wherever they -could procure a'peg tO hang
uptin. "As We are somewhat hurried this .
week, finding on our return a:goodly quart
ti9kof business to attend. to, we shall not be
ablin to give as.lengthy an nceount , the
proceedings,of this body a s we desired, and
musetherefore defer it till our next. To be
brief, however, the 'nonvention was called
to order by C. Darragh, Esq. of Pittsburgh,
who ,nominated T. Cebnitivonam, - .E, sq
of Mercer county, as chairman; and Col.
Mathiot, of Westmoreland, and E. : Guyer,
of Dauphiu as :secretaries. committee
was then appointed to a•eport officers for the
p,ernianent - organizatimr - of - the'convention
whose report,• together with the entire -pro
ceedings., will be given in Our next. If we
ever entertained a doubt of the Te-eleetion
of GOv. ltitner, our vlslt to li;TVrotern part
of the state, and ihe size and enthusiasm 0 .
this convention, at :once dispelled it. We
&insider JOSEPH RITNEWSO-election,
hya Most triumphantmajority,.as-certain
us .that two and iiirolinalte .A large
nutidterofgentleinen addressed the'ximyen . -
,tion . With much -zeal and the
body of people assembled 'was uocregrihan,
I.II.HEE -. THOUSAND. - • : •
_ ..IQm - Some-tithe. Junb, 001-Col. AC
-Clure returned home on. ,
-and at the very time the sub7treain
ry.hill*ai_expected to be _ tlecide,d—inlhe
ihouse; thought that:something urgent.
had brought him herne. -.7tV.e._mentioned in
I L iiiii7paperat the:tit - tie, that lie doubt
beard,of the intrigues - and plOts of sornemf
i ltis old fii . end. to •supplaig hint, rindthat he'
had probably'returned -- M - get - his - confiden;
trial friends throughout. the district to give a
tone in his_ ailor at the-celebrations on' the
4th of July. •On that occasion did net
speak unackisedly,4ndzreciiii - Wilie
fully vorifietLallthattVe said`ghb- - intriguers'
have been successful, and the colonel is `laid
on. the Shelf.' - ••
FRIENDS, DE . ACTIVE.—We „say to our
friends in each , of 'the' -deciion districts, - be
active, and victory.: shall, be - )ours. Let
eachipan-bestit hiniselffrom_this_time
til' the
Second 'Tuesday of Octobenneit,
and a glorious victory awaits us. We have
the Notes 'hi. this • county 'to .--- give 'Joseph
llitner and our whole .connty ticket a tri
umphant 'majority. • .Nothing is wanted,
therefore, but our friends to do their 'duty,
and when the returns shall behroUght in
on the' night of - the second Tuesday Oc-
Inher — , -- "it be:ticen—that.,victbry:_has
perched upon, our , banner. • .Let not one'
'vote be left atAiorne, but let: all , come and
'give ." long pull—a strong pull—and a
.ptilk N !iltogether". 7 -arul the : way .the loco
focos'4vill stare will be a caution.
\ I
11=7.13e t remembered, citizens of Cum
berland cotiiit, thatthe County Conven
tion, of the frienils of David R. Porter, Re
solt;ed,support David R
One; becatae he a friend lo •the
ciples ond measures of \Martin lint %Hu.'
'What stronger.leiridence•Ao
. we want of
the - fact, that if David R. Porter should be
elected Governor 'of- this State, :that his
election would be claimed as a Sun TREA
SURY triuiiiph, and that ..atithe next •sesiiimi•
of Congress, this. infamoup bill would be
passed in opiosition : ta the wishes of nine
tenthi of the eitizene.of this.countyT74
call. upon You, therefote, to go -I to the "inns
and cast yotir'suffreMs-for-JCSEPWRIT:.
_By so deing,..jrou will
for ever put to rest the mad schemes 'of those'
up and doing, andslietory - shall be yours.
LOWER END IN MOTION 1 .-' 2 A. very
large-mid respectable meeting , of the farm
ers cif_the lower end the county. We un
derstand, was held on Saturday .evening
last in thehormigh of Shiremanstothi.: The
old ..hardy farmers. turned'• out in their,
strength. -'Several addresses were deliver
' Proceedings in our next.
•loco -Foco . Tickct.
. . . , •
. •
Col. JAM S ' 11577(10.01:.5b1t*..,
CommiseloiLerc . . ° .
-Dirgctor of the Po''or, v
• .12udito?.,. • • . 4
. - y. - „,.lli.t.',lg.4'*.ll,kiti : tt .W. - ti ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
1N9.,--Below we give 'a rt . ,c.sfinur. of the
receipt which David. R. Porter gave to
- George. Davis, 'for part of : the property
which he cancealed when he took' the be
nefit of the Thsolvent ' The Original
receipt WE HAVE - SEEN;
,it was found
-arriong the paperoOf the late. George
who, our readers.will remember, was One'
of -Porter's aids in. the legerdemain
. prac :
ticed concerning his`, property.' AR wit°
doubt whether there is such' a receipt or
not, may-call - with 'Robert Campbell, Esq.
of Iluntingdon,in:whose possession it is,
and judec fcd• theibselveg. Ve o havesee'n
it, together with' the bonds - which Niter
gave when he conveyed away hisJproperty.
"' - We - aslrt te - marala4d intelligent freemen
of Cuinberland• county to pause and reflect
heferethey-iilte.for Daiid
R. Porter, alnan upon whom the Charge of
_been, fas tened. Will you
-- , can. you entrust the destiny and honor of
your stateln - his polluted-hands-1—
know. you will - not, am? we think We bear
you say, "We capriot'suppOrt Di , R. Por
ter, because 'w.i'xiicnv Rm."! „-
. . .. , .
‘' - \ • '.'
.• • 1
. . .
' 1
--- 71 ..: _. ‘• ..' • „...:.
- i V
\ A .
. . , \7-•-.---- ~,.,- --.. ' '
..... ..-..-:
.t\t - *. "
-. . .
_.. . ..
- _t . ' ••. - --
.. ~.. . . .
. .
. . ._
- "... "4.. -...."..-- ~,
•... . .
.t - .
.. ---t, •
, . .
'7 .
- • ,
t .
1.. 1
• .
- • .
•- V -
'The above, in the lang,uage Of the Penn-
sylvania,lntelligencer,'proyes'FßAUD and - .
PERJURY beyond the possibility
doubt, ilt • exposes the .statement of Mr.,
Porter's certificate maker, Thomas . M- O
wens, that "Porter. was not interested to
the amount of one cent:in the collection of
Lose bonds," 'most etTectually; Sand_ knocks
the Porter's', friends, of
clearing him frcim diet Charia
been made agiinst:him. .'"
"The.fac similiewas;prepar r etn
delPhia. A gentleman from •Hunting
took.the original receipth and, bonds with
hitn'to the cityi - Where'TheY werc'exlibiteß
to all. - who washed tci•:examine then'; arid'
among others, to Josiah Randall,•and many
leadingmew Of ahe • opposite party, who de,
ciared themselves convinced
. thereltriusebe
"something-. rotten in The
.bonds, together Av;ith the original receipt,
1 -ivegain,.243tate., may be seentin Hunting-,
don; . and,We challengethe friends of, Por
-I..mt_ altommitteei-:consisting - of
equal '-imixiber of:_l honest men of - both"
inies, to go to fluntiugUori and. examine
1 , the documents to, which reference has
:en snade.. If they do this,..we ask no
ktm foi-mter-consi--
3red siemens, if.,what have pub
shed, against Pavid'lt: P \ , cannot be
lbstentiated.. . ~,. .
We,hayei i nvited a ,prosecution; in case
ter to a
ie hand writing is not Porteria: We now
,iropose to go into court in an amicable ac
tion, wieh-sny friend or; friends. of David R.
Porter, and if . thercan .proOe -that-the lac
given abave-is n ot-a--true copy of a
'receipt in Porter's hand writing, with his
name sigte / d,,-to-lt,, and which is. now in,
Huntingdon, we milt:pay the penalty
Mched to FOR‘GRRY, and live - under the
disgrace of it-the rest of our, lives. Let
them come .on tut 4 clear 'their .ctintiidate 'of
the awful ci:line Periury, IF ;,THEY
CAN, •
CUANGie.---At.4 meeting of the triende
' of, Goy. Ritner held,iii:Duoks.vinaty a few
days,ago, it was' ascertained that there - were
sons r present ':Whe' had i,oted for 'either
Wit y -or lifolaftibo4 in. le*
/Wit YOUIVASSERTIONSI — We learn from
the Pottsville Journal, that the Ritner Stand
ing'Cornmittee of Union coinityliave pro
-posed to the Porter patty, a joint commit
tee, to consist of three of each party, whose
business it:shall be•to proceed to Htinting
dOn,•-under oath, and examine into alf mat=
tern touching the insolvency of David - R.
Porter, 'and to report thereon with all the
necessary 'documents. This is a fdir iest,
and we tinhesitatingly Make the same.offer
to the Porteparty of Cun4erland county.
Let:ccfnamittees , be formed, -and--the,truth
investiff,ated. - It is of importance to .our
eipponents :to disprove the, unqualified - ns
sertions which are daily beingArnade against
their candidate; and many who have here
tofore been the friends of Wolf and Aluh
lenberg -are leaving their ranks,' because
they conceiVe the !silence of AL: Porter's
friends on the - subject, to be a tacit conces
sion ofits.truth. Here, 'then, the lists are
'prepared, a fair field is 'opened—the chal
lenge-given—they - should= - accept - and:try -1
-"Heaven favor the right!" This proposi,. l
tion is so fair, that, if not accepted, both
parties Ittironghont the - State. Bain place but
one 'Conitinction• ton :it refusal._ C!onte,,i
lumniated, as you have asserted So often;
- • I ner
- onvention-assembletVin-thalAsiociatene.
formed• Clturchjn, PittsbOrgh, one of t the
largest 'Churches in''the ; stateiit was TOund
to be *lob small to . conlain More than two- 1
ali'irds of the clUTtateijn'.attettdance'. • .
order, therefor, to acconimodaisk : everi one,
" .. •
,the Convention adjourned .to a• bOautiftd
Grove on the banks Of the Allegheny, ;where
a .sc4rold - was erected forAhe aocom-moda
tion:iit. the speakers: ._:The !lon. - RICIIARD
DL, in .conamencing his eloquent and .
manly: _addrOss,treinarked, "'that. he..liad
alWays:•Opposed. the:policy of Van - Buren,
and should continue to. do so, - but it had
never - re - occurred • that-for so .
- doing lie:should .be, as - he was, brought to.
dlae scaffold:'-'=-Mr., , Biddle:contiripedf an -
.6Very..onO:Avlio i lieardAtintadmitted,Ahat:
though he•had been- "brought to the..scaf
'fold,"-it-was iii the - capacityof theciaioner,
for•-tlie . Way in which ho used up` Van Bu
ren.andliorter "was a cautiou.",
ERROR , PORRECTIED. , -.lnourlast, in pub
lishing?the Locol'oco County Tieket;_we
inadvertently prefixed the title of "COloner
to the cognomen lof Mr. JOIINVORI.prIiIsI,
the candidate for CommisSioner..The'rea
der, by referringAo the .ticket in this, day's
paper, will perceive that we 'have divested
the gentleman 'of his. "bor.rowed plumage,"
and 'he now puts Ids best leg foremost and
tualfe - a - his bow. - to an ,admiringand cxnec
-tant woild;from the giddy pinnacle to .which
he.bas been elevated, as plain John Corn :
- man! Although . Mr.-Cornman commands
: the esteem . .and - iespect. of all +Whoknow
him ; although he can command a copious
flow of "oratorical eloquence," and in ex
pressing his ideas, he uses the most chaste
and claseic4anguage, (sometimes a little too
flowery though, and beyond The compre
hension of:Ais_ordinary:_xnortals,)—
tifough.,by 'lie excessive -m'ollesty and un
obtrithiud and retired he has won
, ,
'"golden opinions from all •sorts, of men',"
and gained for•himself "troops -of friends;"
..,, , .
yet notwithstanding, ..with all. these- facts
staring us in. the face; we do most:positively,
dopythat-.helm - helm - ihel honor T to com
mend a regiment. ' Colonel' quotW, he I In t '
deed,many or our *woos; .iiiilkin g front—
his' Stately st e p and high military bearing,
and'well knowing that that "sprig a.fehi
- very," Mae - ter:Ephraim,: who inherits ma-,
of the soldier-like virtues of his'. illustrious
'sire . , has- always evinced ang penchant
for military titles- ,and" - :. gew 7 gaws,. haio I
Thought, in-the' simplicity - Of their hearts,.: )
that Mr.'Corninan Was -a BONA FIDE " : Mi-. 1
Warp Chieftain." EvenNwe ourselves liaie, A
been, deceived, _amtve now_hasien .to pay-. 11
to:Coionelliie i beghis.pardon) Mr. Corn-
man, 4itairbfinde 440 fable.: ' : ' . .
—We understand thaLon SaturdaY' s l34lt,
one of the largesti:nicetings ever held in the
to IvnsYtip . E) 'rankford, was. , held at the
store of Mr.'3ohn -Remick; in . that town-
There were at'least 175' persons
present. , :Sevaialaddressesvere delivered.
The proceedinkl are browdedout this week
bot shall appear in our next.
' vrA Loco,Foeo paper in thelrsrthern
part of the state, in speaking of the quali
fications of Porter, winds - 4 in eoinething
like the following strain •-;
:1 1 G . eneral Porter is a gentleman of the
mest,insint,eating anilsifideoi4lished,
news, combined with. the- most enticing-ex
terior." • ' • , • ••
. , , •
We ire aware that . Porter "itisinu2itedr
himself:into the, goollgrates' 01. ;#uharY pet.
sons in and about Huntingdon aounty,and,
afterwards pri)Ye4, l !iiiiiiielf :to have Veen % an
"iMeomplislied"eemindrel.. .Aste
exterfor f ! We. knoW , nothing about;
eieapt,,,itideed, , it be'that lie, Keinit,Wi peg
) Pf,a7,1 1.0 10 the paoo,,orYit,tue.% ;,
To theeditor of the Herald and Expositor;
Van Buren Democrat' Balsa the fi,vour of
' yott &ink him, through your columns, to express
his disapprobation to again of the ticket formed by
the democratlceounty delegation, on Tuesday the dth
init. I allude; Sir; to the renomination of Col. James
1 . Woodburn for thelegislature--=a man,whe hail been
a member a part of a session and two full sessions al
-1 ready, without ',possessing. a, single ntialificatton for
a legislator; except that he can say yea or nay as the
ease may be. Col. Woodburn 'is a' most miserable
scholar: he cannot conneerthree simplosentences to
gether, icarrectly, for the life_of hinu.lie•cannot. spell
'note than one•word out of five, . if he was to he shot.
fOr it,ae his letters will fully prcive;- and-he ire man
of little or no reading, as his conversation abundantly
shows, his mind being a perfect 'barren waste.' He
neither displayed judgment nor coneisteney in his le.'
gislativecareer,, having at one session voted for the
mammoth, improvement bill and the Chartering of va
rious batiks, and at the next pursued a quite. contraxy
course, thereby showing that he had no opinion of his
own, antithat he'vras a 'nose of .wax' for others
to mould just to suit their purpose!). These are such
palpable facts, that none of his friends dare deny thera
fora vooment, because the journals of the house_
. will
satisfy any man of their correctness. And _Was knot
this xig-rorcourse of - Col. Woodburn in.,The legis
lature,Land this support , ofrnammoth improvements in"
opposition to the best interests of his constituents,that
caused hint to fall bahind his colleague at the last e
lection in every borotigh, township, anti district in the
county, except one.? It.wae very stronereasoncthat .
induced the democrats of Cumlieriand county,-who are
proVerbial fo; their strict adherence to !regular !Irani-.
nations,'to give Col:Woralburn's colleague one him-.
Bred anil iixty-tuo yotes snore than they, gave to him,
ivliithltnara - tralow-eStimafinificriihicirthevoloner
is held by members. of the - party in' everiliection of
the county. This ominous togei
fact that he has-already 'been • electedAliree:sessions,
should liave.adritonishedliim -to decline and Slime his.
credit, and warned hia indiscreet friends not to thrust
him-again before-theparty,aniLthe.ipublie..'Butthey
have dared to lirave public opinion, and to treat with
contempt a large portion of the democratic poky, by
foisting, the colonel .upoimscagaiii,-even-after-Lhe-has
frequently declarid Sinee.theiidjottinment of thehst
'session, that hedid not wish-a renoinination.4t_was
in consequence of.these declarations, and the fact that
he had received his share - of the' publichonors,
that induced the democrats of the 'Kier end" to cast
about:for a suitable snecessor-;and theliames - of A.
Sniith Lusk, Samuel Piper, Jo
seph Wagoner, William Stough, and several Others,
were mentioned by their respective friends, , Noiv, it
is very well known to the party and•thc pollici that
every indiVidifal just named is superior in qualifica
tions to CoL-Woodburn, and-that .n Majority of tlienv_
arefar his - superiors in every ireSsttet. ;Messrs: Lusk
and - Piper each possesses five thnes the Tindal:in - Mid'
,qualifications that Col. 'Woodburn does, - and the for.
.mernias five times th&merlt in a military point of
view in the service of his country—yet these gentle
men-, in the face of all these facts and circumstances,
had to yield to-a mere 'man of straw;' bccause he was
backed by alargeTamily connexion and a'few leaders
in Carlisle! If a ronjoritY - Of the; derincriats In other
parts of the county are disposed to submit to tlittriif
siletiCe, and Wady follow In 'die wake of some un - -;
kincipled politicians inthe*rty, not,:bdt will,
castmy vote for George Itupley,, an old republican,,
who is well known to excel'Col. Woodburn in every
particular, and whose vote at the last sheriff's election
shows conclusively the high estimation in which lie is
helkn his whole neighborhood as well as elsewhere:
And there are genres of democrats who, being equal
ly-disgusted with the public course of Col. 'Wood
burn in the legislatUre, and chagrined at his renomi- -
nation for a station'which lie has, disgraced .liY his ig
norance and inconsistency, will vote with me against
him in the • • "UPPER END."
Fur the Herald and Expositor
Mit.'Parturs—The editor of the Volunteer, In
speaking of the ticket recently form4l by. die' demo=
erotic delegates of the county, 'Mikes some very bold
assertions and contemptible_ insinuations, which seem
to me to,require n passing notice. Ido this with the
_more_rehmtance, because I have been a consistent Van
Buren man and efriend of Gen. rorter t anti um there.;
fore - mot-disposed to -come - in collision with any 'who
support the same principles, ortiito advocate the same
candidates. But when a party editor, puffed up with
noucirself-importance, andisluming hitiself upon the
influence which his station is• supposed to give him,
mide•takeslo utterituabluiling alsehoods in reletion
to the county ticket, anti to cast aspersions upon those
democrats who have expressed their decided disap
probation agabist one or two individuals on_thattickt , _
et, it would be unpardonable to remain quiet._
In relationtto'The eandidates..nominated, the editor.
says:_ 4 r6ey pre allwelf'known to theTeeiple-cd-the
county as •gentlemen of intelligence, honogy, and
strict podded . integrity, and are every marworthy
rand colvipetentr • . Ai'diyil , Will.venture to assert, that
there is net,onothei4rldividual in the place; who; is
possessed of ordinary intelligence Ruda kilOVledge of
the candidatcs,'.ind•Who has the leatit regard 'for his
I cluiraoter as aistati of trtlihitaintegrity, that would
make such-a declaration. 'lt is a base and impudent
falsehood, known to this whole community tar bp fatse,
1 which none bin a braten,ignoramni would dare lA3
ter, and which none but a silly knave weailtrbelleve.
To the editor of the-Volunteer, thCrefore, belongs all
i'the credit of this-declamtion,whichisas tidier
. •
it is mifounded, mulwltichl•must Once its author
fore'th'epublic in.tbo:most colitomp n tiblo liF,ht,. such
• sno - rnan dorablefeetings cool endure: -•:
. .
'Let us sake; for example, Johu Cornman, the raw
didate for commissioner, and test the limit of the Vo
lunteer's assertion. Is there a min in this enlighten
ed-community, '' , :vho knows - Mir:thin - IR c - b - Tif,hitii, and
who imompOtent to judge of his qualifications, that
would pronounce' John Common a 'gentleman of in
'telligence,' and '.pert' -t pay worthy and icirrOetene to
discharge thedutiesn't the olliee for which he is a can
Is he not extremely illiterate anti ignorant,
but full of egotism . ak4arN,Mitee; whose POMPOide and
ridiesitous 'sayings and doings' have made him a veal
laugliinvitoch for:the whole comm Unity, mat caused . ,
even somenf 'his relations and' , heitfriendnielliiile'
at his folly and sillineSs?•• -Has lte not teen repeated
ly Itincetforuthe democratic tioket for •some Milne Or'
, other, And airipeatedly_reketedhy.the party; became
there wasnlways enongh of lol.eNgenee.ameng them
to know that he . was net 'cam/tete/4' for any responsi
hlepuhlic station? • .41.iiii#assint his nomination for,
c ommiesinner,on ontral#pasi nine-tenths of !bode.-
miasmata of the borongli,' 4 Who had openly, expressed ;
their sentiments against hint?-/ Let these facts bonen:-
traterted, if they can. , ~ .. .. .
,Letiii now reverse Sic pintare,,.nnd see who were
the competitors, pfjohn, common, feiiii:tlie ibciongip
Their 'Were -Gbh. * en Lae,beet e e i Dr. - 90 1 % 4D;
1 rbulke,Col: Jelin 111‘Ginnigi'40:1)::Sloloti„.E 4 1:. P.
1 DaVislson, Esq.. ,Cifirles Sell, Esq .. lvtaii*- oioq,
' Jcisoph;tebanh, "John ZgiCantinlp, - !Geo .'• Ny.'• Slinger,
ianii-Tehi'i'PttAtillt,...l.o...t•heie 00 .1,1 ,0 1 VIdniq 0"* 15
iiiii,oo)a not Morit!iisite/iigenti,aed 'ainiii.4!it'..!:ihnyt
.loho'Corlinme?.,':,lts 'diets ,Okki 04 'ltier(!tell,l ' ,Y? . '. ,
itlettlit•4os4tMo . Aiik• iv** , latge:Ojoritt et
.• , .'...
.._. .
, ' 44
them far superior to him in all respdets? How;tlien, •
it will be asked, did he receive die nomination in pre ! .
ference to all the Other Candidates? :Simply bCcattse
la son is one of the publishers of the yolUntecr, - nind
other is believed to have exercised his iiii!uence,
4or him in secret;, for he was Seen throperini with one
of the delegates on the stairs leading to the hall im
mediately after the second baYlot was taken, which re
sulted in atie between I?r. Foulkennd.Cornman, eacli
having Ift—and as soon - that gelegate returned. to
the hall, the third ballot was taken, and Common re
ceived .a large majority over Dr. Foulke!!! Frein
these plain facts, [the people ! can druF,their own con
clusions, and.act acrprdingly. , ;
3Vith regard to the defiance which:the egitiii of the
Volunteer hurls at those democrats who . will not nor
cannot support John Common under the lelitking and
outriVous circumstances ofthe case,.we look upon it
1 1 . as . che iaving Of-a petty demagogue and . upstart
1 1 who has been long yearning tiller some of the 'spoil.'
of office; and Who vainly imagines that lie can drive us
into the traces by his arrogant and insolent course!
But we can tell this blustering dictator ; that no Mat.
ter Whether he denounces us as 'open' or 'secret ens
mkt,' •we have got tfig-right kind of Materials, - not on
ly in this borough, but throughout the county, to de
"feat his candidate for commissioner, and are waiting
-patiently for an opportimity to do so 7 - We have not .
only the materials and the disposition to reduce John'
Dorman once more to Tileproier:lever, but also to.
hainble the arrogance mid dictation" of the editor of
the Volunteer, who laiaiti fnougli to think that he is
the grand pivot round which theMhdle,party .should
revolve! Unless.w&do.thikat the approachirig"elec
tion, our delegate electioni will-be nacre farces, 'and
the generality_ofourdelegatcs mere puppets, Who will.
have - nothingito - dotbut.tii - register - the - rdicts - olalittle
unprincipled cabal in Carlislecas•was the case on'the
oh the 29th'illt: by the Rev. VF)lliem -A—r—mstrong,
Mr. Sobieski ilrady,Cas tier of he erehan an
Niechanicl'llank of 'Wheeling, (formerly of thla_bo
rough) to - Malt Mary E. &daughter - Of the Hon. A.,
caldtrril, of Wfienling. - =1
- On-Thurfalny evening liat,by the Rev. \Valiant T.
Sprole, Mr. john Turner, to Miele - Catharine Hal
bert, both of thia l place. - . _
hy. the Rev. - John Ulrleh,, itfr•
PA - kip' Zeigler, to Miss e llfary .Onn ffedrich , all of
North Middleton_ township. . • -
rOn the the 4th inst., by the satne,llfr. Jacob Korn
hone, to Miss 5T1071114 N . Cll , ltChiVa7Ver, :fill of Allen
_• - '
-On the- same-any -03y 117dst-;
ler, of Ifopewell, townblkip, to Miss Martha Filbert;
of Smith Mitlilleton , • '_ •
This titotting,by.the snme,:lll.r: fpnry:•,..V'entinon,_
,tiLMies llette-IL-Rorkin, both of-South-Middleton
township. • - • • '
- Orft Othcinstiiot;hy thi?. IrteT. D. P. Rosenmiller,
Mr, Afenrrrr GEonitz; to 'Miss ANICA Bo w4fi, b`o - th
of Frankford'towoship._ . • :.T.
Of Dysentery, in I4ewville, on the 91st ult., tit the
residence of his parents, Elijah Wesley; son of Thom
as 11. and Catharine Criswelleged one year, three
months and - seventeen , day s. -
- Will the Lewistown andlilurniagician papersilense
ropy the above?- - • -
Died,lwthis'borough, , otiViredneiday the sth inst.,
MARGARET Amer., daughter of John U. and 'Lacy
D.'Weaver; aged.about 15 months. ' •
This interesting babe was the second and only ro-_
mining child of her bereavettparettts, het 'little sis- ,
ter having taken her. departure 'from the world litit' a
fe'w weeks before 'her. Thnt they are both. now at
rest in thewlitsom °Petals; enjoying the felinity oT
eternal life, the presence of their heavenly Father,
and thecommunion of angels, must be to their earthly.
_parents and friends a 'sweet consolation, and the only
one which can heal the bitter pangs of parting from
them to know and see them no more in this world for-.
i Y
They've yielded up th htrant !wrath-
.To brwhom' given;
They'Ve passed the d some vtile of depth
' ' To fiVe for age hi eaven.
.In:the bright miinsionp oT the bleat
They feel uo•ehnst'ning rod,
•Bitt Aria the sweet, eternal rest--
Of spirits with their God:
• ~, ...,,.. , .
. -
. .
. '
--,, . - . ~. .„
's - ?.
„ • 11".: te. . •• '
• _ 1 ,
n _
. .
--7 .7"TrirLie — ailairrivrla . .
A meeting Of thofieWho desire there-election of
our Present excellent. Governor., Joselili :Tiltiner;-in
opposition - to - the - candidate of . the,Sull.triMmry-par • ,
D.ll. Porter; of theise"vilio are opposed to the ruinous
policy and measures of Martin:Van Ritmo and his
Cabinet, will lie held at the Public Rouse of Chris
tian Zuck, in the borough of Shippensburg,nit Satnr 7 .
day 'the 15th inst., at 2 o'clock, P. M, '
.It. is expected that several addressrswill be deliver-,
ed on the occasion by able speakers.., • .
By order of theComniiitge of Vigilance.
ShippenibuT,"Scpt 4th, 183 IL " - . - ,
For Rent, the house now occitpied by the sutseri..
her; in West Hi g h Street, Carlisle. "PoAmsolion can
be had some - tithe in the month of October. '—
,For terms apply to
Soptemher.ll, 1938.
* 4 . NOILIC e • •
A BSCONDED, yesterday, from the late reside"nce
111;:of the-Rev. Joshua Williams, D. D. deceased; in
-Westpennsliorotigh township, CumberlantPcotimy,
()LOBED, BOY.,napied •
• George Miller, • r
an indented Apprentice to the Farming ,
Business, aged about seventeen tears.—
Had on when he went away, a striped cot- ".„
ton'4rounatihout -lind pantaloons a Straw ' we t
hat , nd laced calf Skin boots. A ll persons
are hereby cautioned agt — iiiisfharboring or employing
'said.opprentied at the peril of the law; as he has sere
tral years of hissipprenticeiltin
MI yet to serve. 4 •
-." L. U. WILLIS, :;Idnittistrator. -
. --Septerniver. _ •
• • NOTICE., •
. , ,
, 11 Election • for President, 17reasinier, Secretary,
A.tind four Managers fOr the Cumberland Va ll 9"
Rail Road Company' will be held at the public honse
of Colonel: George Ferree, ln Carlisle, on the' first
Monday first day) of October next, between the hours
of 10 o'clock, A:111:lind 4 O'clock; . 11y. the
act Orating_ said comp any , it is ",provided that , no per.•
"swill - 611 be perMitted to vote at said election, Unless
lie or she' shall WM (Idly - paid all , the instalment® on .
the shares ' o by him or. her ralbseribed.”.
• ,T. E,BY(..VecritOr,9„,.,
Carl) pl.i; 8;18'38."-St. • • -
lfsaireliasers aid a ahe
lOulortnie Giotto, Citasundri And Cassmetts
the Store ' - ' ARNOLD 8t
Ai ‘4uPul d nRiN. SHAWLS.
Sallior's 4-4,-6—a, 7-4 aiat 8-4 'Merino ShlWid
are Orem& ter sale:decidedly cheaper' then they can
be himght alecwhere 4 - • '
Sept ' ARNOLD - Er ttr:*.
. .
m: . o amm .-. •
t y. 1 . a . n .,,,,r 0 d =t; t ti . v , R ii i , j l L n . s
1 5 7it t VI 3 f air . 1 :u1 1 : -
Tavern, in Newton Avnsbip, on the Walnut Bot a to ( rn is ,
at 12 o!clock;on . Frlday the 12th October next ? - - ' ,
.'Tract of #atenited. Wood
. ,
'• ' - • •
13ltutite in Neivtirt and partly in Sonthampton town-.
ships, bounded by lands-nrYloore' and Biddle, , ,Jacob
Palm, John F.itzmiller, Jacob 'Crefimc.ii and Jacob
Keller,•containing 149 acres; More or less. ' • '
This land is covered ,with the finest Timber, and
Las a stream of water passing thrbugh it sufficient Or
a Saw Mill or Fulling Mill.
Terms 9f sale, one half the purflmse Money paya
ble on, the confirmation of the sale by the COurt, and
the residue 'in oneyenr, with interest, ' •
. • - SAMlfFlL•rittotiEs,
. • adnihotrator of .Taro' R,hodca , de cease x,
Septeniber.ll;lB3B.. .
1N pursuanse_of n decree of' die Orphave Court,.!
. will expose to publii Sale, on the iirconises„hts
of Win Holmes, deceased,' . •
' On. Saturday the -29th day of Ocitib er• •
next..n tract of first rate Limestone Land, satiate In
North Middleton township, . Cumberland • county. •
liounded by'latida orJacoh Zinr,l3lrlch Witrickler f lany"
[alum Ilolmetr. and the Poor liouse Farm, containing -.
89 'Acres and 28 perches, about 4•5 acres of which are
- claired, the t.e . iitlite covered Witli — tinsW; On - trill - . • .
property there is a fine . spring oflimestono water.—.
The above property will lie offered for sale entire or
Part, so as to snit purchasers.. • - •
Terms df sale made known on the day of sale,
• - JOSEPH .CeLVER, ' '
..adminitai-ator of William Hobiter, tkeens44
SepteMber 11,1838.—ta.
-ARNOLD & CO., are J ust receiving and opeelOg:. - •
a large.assortment.of DRITt GOODS, snitable ter fan
sales, to Whicitthey invite the Attenaon of thoie who
wish to pnrChasegooo Goode cheap, ,as they will be
ennh&U toot a Goons_ dedidedikkieeEfo - fitak.
had ever Wen ofibreil•in this place,- eonsistioglittinns--
Super English and German 'Merinoes, • -
French and Welsh '•do
Green, Claret, .and Colored'Siltes;
Illack andlline.Black -
White Red and Yellow Flannels, .
-- MErificTS&Tilv tCand-liandker'oliters, - •
Furniture and Chintz Prints; -
- • Merino and Wooded Hoie, -
'Stiper Black-Silk—Velvets.
'Super—Velvet Cords,
Extra and Super CLOTHS; -• • -•
Fine Lendon.Cassidteits, , .
PlaiOnnd Strlped•Sattinetts, • - • . •
Pilot Cloth and Lion Skins • -
Fur.and flair Caps, &c.... 1 / 4 43:43t0..'
-All or Which Will he sold on the most actaatividing
terms, and decidedly - cheaper than can be bought else
.Purchasers are:lnvitedOpal andsndgo for
themielvei3. . • • .• • .•
ENTtpursnance of an_order of the Orptutnit Court,
,pf Cumberland county, will be cuptteed to - Wile by
publio . auction - or,outery, on the premtses,Ou • •
Friday' the sth day: o".l42ctoker nest,
the following (lest:kited:tract of laind. r tittrprope4 oT
John Grahani,into,of:eabl.eountY; dec4isoll,
A Tract of •Pateuitediaand;
situate iii Hopewell township, about three tulles esull
hof NeWbortt. and sic west 0(.1414411e; boundedlty
lands ofV r illitun othori6.oonig
more or less, 15C acres of whiolocart - eleired, ate
the remainder well-timbered,
... q
Twenty Scree f -good Meadow, .
• never failing stream - of wafer ruusiinglimossOt it, 's
well of water near 'the home, a
TWO ,'S'TO.I?.. Y ,STONE _
: 4 .; 1 e. s AVELLING. HOUSE.
• LOG . 11.141,1N,' •
tel tither improvements thereon erected. The crop.
in the ground belongs to the aeliant awl is thereby)
reserved. •Possetnion will_ba ;Ilea on the_ firs t Of ..
The terms of th,.••alv.ive sale are, ime-tildrd of the
'purchase money - to be paid on the at' Ap5.11,1839,,
and the residue in five equal annual payateitts Ahere
after, the Whole to be secured by regovizenee in' the
Ortilisns' court, with approiet seeurity,opowthecon
firm:Aloe or stile: • , •.-
Administrritor of John .Grahatil, Sisiestsed.
September •t I , 1858. .
0 RPILL7r,i; • COVRT SALE. •
N pursdanee ofd decree of the thehaue CouriA
j . - aill - expose to . paths ode, on late pre/sleek Oil
- -
Tuesdaij the 236141 . 0itviber s 'NeeT 7- :
a Tan Yard Property, situate hirCilia township, '
Cumberland county, abodt-i rzdles -irom
hounded t hif lands of Jasob - :Nonni, John
Christian Whistler and otheas,ttnir soistaining One
Acre and 110 perches, haring U,preois arested.a
. • • ,2 S;0131 lair, Mouse,
- '
• "..t. - TAN 110 .
' t * T44 " •' 1 Bark.:Sliids and ran-Vats,
Btc.. Also, n Tract of Land in .tae sams township;
ounded-by.-lands-of-John_Ntaitey_Xliristian Whist,
ler and others,•containing 15 acres. Aboat IS acres
of this tract are Cleared, the
„resider. :oorered with
dolt-in.' timber. "The above properties are now iw
The possession
real estate of William Holmes, deceased. Coiiditi-;, •
ons made known on the day of sale.
Administrator V" Win. Wawa. deceased.
September 1.1,18 W -7— • . !
Ch:capei Walla Ever.•
FIZENtH MERINOES are offered laver fott
cash than they ever have been in this market by.
Sept. 11. ' ARNOLD Ec CO.
The Best and Cheapest Mus:
iii,,iicavited and unbleached; for Bale In'town,*
A lupply or,the above Pills lekeid eouetsntly o 4
hand. --Asohey are received ch'rectlyfromainSran.
dretlea Office in Philadelßhia; thiey are WARRAXTII)
ocilAit, the Agents cautionary advertisement to thn •
Contrary notlinvthstanding. ~ •• • • • •
. . • • • Sc ELLIOTT.
, At his Drug. Store in Carlisle.. •
-4 ceptember 11;1838. • • f •
• • - nova FoR.
The 04scriber lislah4 one mile 'east of Spprint;
Forge; has .tor isle a nenaber.oeStf c re e 61.. 0e ..ut54 9 ,
.whieh will b e laiaporill o g-rita T il ti sT 3 i van.
Sh[itionbei. , ll, 1 • ~„ .
(k =7
ge:- • 7sl-rwr -
Utf.' 614 v:" •
PROPOSALS will lie rteeived at the 'office elks
Franklin Rail Road‘Company, until the 1.50 s
for laying down the superstructure of eleVen mile* of
the road, between (Awrobertihurg and' Green Castle. , "
description.A of the:work in be &hie, fantbek Nab,' 7.
application to
~: Von SALW:
300 ,LCIREO,
••• ' • Po.llit: REA •. - • •
TllE:anhaeritier Videlicet to rent his Mtiti*ANT
GIIIST MILL:;.; 'ith'4lrunbf. Stenea, situate on the
Sisquelumnßiver, '
'thou& bf the lAttle Jidda
ta Creek, With Witter • auffielent to drive it. every day .
in' the year t every; ine#sil ent, order. The
b u ildi n g is of stone, stories high,. and: is within
eight Oflbectinal,lit,Thrben' i altliidandfivorablrilte. -
"t ed for'Ai b t ain . l 9 l 3 : o 3 P I 'o l 9 retuiiilvairiteCandi
and of the; iiurronrido . g..ebutory. Peaseradoit - will tiet
given immediately' or in 2 menthe.' . " '
~ArArence--.'l F rederink Niratta,rEsqr,'Onidielejy;
; " ' ' 'AMOS,./C.4.IVEM:
• ; jeelir 'Old riesTPl/ f i n 4 a*
Angnat -0417' ' • •