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---C 7 A-R:LtS-.k.E..,
Phe People's. Candidates;
17-M4 laAllittlLHYDna
- .-.77ze Washington count?'l Farmer.
the !Late .7Elcition6; :• •
The reSult.of the recent: elections in
t.inwie ahil-in Virgi~~ia, -are. the sure _press
7mAges - of the total overthrow of the dark spirit
of iocorpeistul It was the cherished hope
-;: of the .4xpaiimeniers, that, though beaten,
routed, annihilated during the .past twelve:.
--months in,seiteral_ of .th'ekstrong lioldS, the
_tidoOf reformation woad he stayedWlieff
.it ailproacitetrthe city of - Baltinfoye., — B.ut
:she, too,' pprgod - herself of their abominable
corruptions, :and,. declared in a. Voice that
, dolefullilteverberatedl i timingji—tbe - lialis - 9 . f
• the 'T'Fbite house, !The reign of Experi
• inent.ghall cease."
= •'.ATIRCIficIA: has followed in the wake. of
• dhe MOnumentateitv.:,_Long_has_the been
A suliket - to the trarnmelS of a corrupt-power
- she beewbound by-the shackles.
_ of - bonlage, hilt at last she -has-redeemed
liptAself, and no tonger can be-claimed as
• _ •
willing-slave of an elkperintentingnml rotten
administration. '•The land of the Father of,
-, - _
his:country - haS -shown- hersblf-worthp: of
his name. - ° •
TIM peOple will lie free 7 —tbolig,h: for a
time they may suhinit to the dictation. and
tyranny 'oflthe governing .powers, they will
- not alWays forbefirwdefend their -constitu
tion and laws. A redemning spirit is with
in'thcm, which, when roused to action, will
lturl.from their high places_ those ~ .vlioltave
proved themselves unworthy of the
s honOrs
which-have been bestowed upon them.
This redeeming spirit IMs already Manifest;
ed itself in various parts of the Union. The
• city of Albany Itas, - responded to• the huzzas
of---the-Baltimore and-Virginia-VietorS In
the 4th Ward of the city, Vhere, says the
Albany Jdernal, we have for eight years
stood contending against - a stolid majority"
. the Regency have been signallyeklefeated,
anti -the Whigs are enabled ' proclaim
aloud the glorious prediction, wAs GOES
Locofocism will soon be_ left without tan
abiding glace, arnt - theTeople will resume
the_pfililege 'which is theirs, of governing
'themselves. We have now the assurance
that prOsperity will ere_ long again visit our
country—that those whose rule has .Well
nigh been the peOple's ruin, shall have to
_surrender the poN: .with which they have
- been gifted, ayi -which' they have used, hot
fot the people's benefit, hitt for their own
• aggrandizement r :and, their own selfish purr
-- poses: -
(Thorp W. Hamersley, Esq., having.
disposed of his _Share •of the Lancaster
Examiner ,&-Herald to george,Ford;:Esq.;
.establishmentwill - ifereafter - he.,con
duaed-by Messrs. - Ford & Richards: Mrs.
Ford has represented Lancaster county in
the . State Legislature forthelait tiro years . .
His — well —known—attainments—are-Lalmill
cient warranty that the Examiner & Herald
will continue. td be. conducted, as it has
heretofore been, with that ability and inde-
pendence which ought to characterize a
free press.,,, v
The Harrisburg
o Pnelligencer has been
' transferred_by S. lif.,Clark, - gsci:,_to Messrs.
R. S.'Elliott#, C. McCurdy. . We rg i gret
—the-loss-of- MrTGlark—as-a-inember-ofTthi 3
corps editorial,—we know however that
the gentleman to whom he has resigned
'his trust. will sustain the : character which
the Intelligencer has obtained as an influ
' ential i -and well-conducted pa!per.
Already are , the benefits resulting from
the suspension beginning to be Vet
unteei. . , •
George, 'aint this heresy? You will be
kicked out of-your party. . •
• We learn that beveral of the PhilSdel
phiaTardis, oe yesterday,: paid specie for
all.demands . loader end defter::
. .
• ITNER SIDE i, to' quarter; - quarter , - has R 1"*""th l "
. • - • - • ••
alrut 200 per cent. within'the Jast *Oh:.
Repot of the auperinieitdciut of, Common
• \Ye proceed•this week - to o :notice this able
and important document, and regret.. that
webave not leisUre,to do' the'exient that
its merits _deserve. • It is a long , and highly
interesting paper, embodying a vast amount
of valuable informatiOn: • _
7- Under the. 'head of "Capabilities and .
prospects - of our Educational pystein,"
PURiONVES places in a strong light the in-.
creasing 'of the community of this
great state for knowledge, which only will
be satisfied by its attainment; and as *a na
tural .coneequenCe. shpws7, that the. system'
Will-init'ettly be ,continued, but will,Wen 7
dory Common Sc,to - O 13,1011 rise up in every
part of the State" to meet this increased
desire; after which " Practical Institutes"
Will - follow ; iii which - teacher S -will be edu
cated-and - prepared to - "Ni'lirOut - this great
systethoTerfection. • These Practiced In
stitutes to be supported in'stich way as to
be free of. cost to . the SiiidA4 While.,at 'the
same time they would fie op - A:only to the i
more meritorious who may vhave in the
Primary. Secondary Schools shown them - -
selves to have talents and applicaton. — The
course of study- in them to be - that-of-n-most-'
thorough' nOsh. Education." _
_To accomplish the establishment of Se ,
condarj Selti'iok, if will require an
,To..establish fowl. Practical, Institutes,±the.
'snm - of 40,0Q0 dorlars:annually will be,ne-_
ccssary, allowing six piofe§sors to eaeli
fitl.tutgi I:l'.he_primaryaild secondary Schools
and ltractical_inglitutes would einlgace "4.
complete.and.thorongh English • education,
andas'many Willjnlitubc.satistie c kwith'Pis,
county_ academies, embracing a claSsieal,
-course, w ilLbe ,. necesSa . ry to
.preplire them
for entering college: -
Under the . head. of " Great wants of th-e system," is strongly
. set forth the liecessity.
.for. an increase of apProiatimr; and this he
recommends to be raised: frond"
- fittultVas,t ; he - Sys:tem lias.not-yetin'allipart4.3-
of the state - become sufficiently popular to .
justify i - resort-to an increase in the sc=hool
:tax I-owl : assessed, '
Mr. Buirowes .e'sfirmitcs that 009,000
d - ollws will lie necessary annriallYTO teach
the children of this commei4dalth for six
month's in each year, one half of which he
thinkvought;to . be paid by "the state. The
price of tuition, hecoiding to this calculation,
.will be:oneLdellaria .qUarter_ for each scholar
—a very IoW price certainly,. and which
shows the superiority' of the present system'
over the old ones He estimates the nuMber
of children who will attendlhe
equal to the taxable inhabitants-df the 'state,
which'in 1835 was 308,919.
Our limits 11not allow us to follow
Mr, •Btirrowes through the *hole of his
able report;. we shall therefore briefly notice
sonic of the- most irnporta,:tt facts- we-- have
observed in ourliasty perusal. The num
ber'Of children - since-tliadoption_ofithe.
system lias doubled, while the ,cost, of' in
--StAie tip if -- decreased — one — h - al he.
number of school districts is-over 1000,_ of
which 765 have accepted dig, system: .The
arrangement- of the Free Schools in our
borough, Mr. Burrowes says is " most
Mirable.7. -The number o - schookhouSes
erected is 2,078-609 in progress and 880
more required. The averagekemnponsation
...Ifif.reased - .Nin - $l4 tit_
$18•891 - - ; -- from whiC,ll We Would - infer -that
the 'standard-of qualification on- the part of
the teachers has beenzaiSed. •. As soon as
the state. of the funds will admit the salaries
of teachers should be raised; . as theie well
i fie - d" for' th - e 'buitineSs *ill Snot sdlim'ix;_to'
spending their time and exercising their ta
lents for the " . paltry_ sun' which is too fre
quently given to teachers. The number of
teachers reported. are 3351 male, and 1490
~0 refq.!__
female, making in'all 4841. r r,he primary
schoels reported amount to 4089, 'of which
Ware German, 22 endowed schools, and
17 — cito1V(17 — The )scholair-average
each school, antt the period of 'instruction
nearly 6 months of the past year.. Whole
number taught durilig the year as reported,
are 182,356, - of-whOm 31112 were exclusiye
ly qermatt and 714 Colored. The number
of children taught before the adoption of
The present system as far as can be aseer
' tained, was 80,000, at a cost of about $2,25
per quarter, so that the gain in number of
scholars has been over lomoo, while the•
cost of instruction ha.s been fowered nearly
to one dollar.
Mr. Burrowes, carrying out his,exilarged
views, .recommends I to the Legislature. to
supply 'the• sehOols with a.lllrAry• and ap :
paraius, a matter in . our
. view . ot immense
importanee, and which can be accomplished
'at a . ecimparatively siYiall expense. ".
But we must stop. • We feel that in our
hasty, notice we have not done justice to
•this report.. We 'recommend to our readers •
thatjhey procure the report .and read it for
for the i timeAus spent. •
' . .gp. - ZO v:V;4lli TUst4 Ir,__Wr ~ 5 41. .X:' . X:' - 4 it._tr.MTAP:itt'o4:t--ar4.
It is new high time that some provision',
•be made by-our National qouneils *for the
preseriatign of the lives!' of those who,
travel by Steamboat bn the •ii,;atfirs,of the
West. - We are sho6led Wine after time by
• 1 •
relations of Steamboat disasters, Usually the
consequene4 of negligeneC on the part of
it is thie f an accident:is heard - of where - it
no blame bait be 'attached to those
having, the boat in charge: bu'i in a majori , .
ty of••instanceS they'are pulpable.
' l llieTt;rkat nutidter of. Duman lives which
Within the last few rtiontliS,haye been sacri
-fteed on the western-waters by the Udgligence_
Lezireeklessuess of . steam boat officers, ought
surely to :induce the Federal Government to
enact,some measures which will in future
Oetrent such a criminal destruction' of r life..
, .
to_ the condnet pastiengers; who 4)11: a .
rating occasionTbecome -- excited' and T urge
Oh their'Captain by clieerS' and aplilaiuje's
until their . own ruin is the result Of their
folly; • ' bu.t.„ if' 'the • captain' were madO
I responsible .in a apereenient for
'every life. lost by reason of accident,' he
I would not so. readily give- way to excite
kocrit-And_the_feelingsLof those.on board.-
Who. that reads . the, horrible, actourit.of
. _
the massacre 'Of the,- passengers and crew
orthe-steamer4llosellean-Aooktipori , .th_
captain as any thing else than a murderer
and a'spicide7 recklessness has Sent
tOL the, grave the in'angied lin : dies-of - some
{tvo: liiiritlied` "persons this own amongsf
the 9:urnberandyridoWs and orphans are
•loTlTtEcrtibtirtithe fate Itusbands-andfath
erit'who-eniruSted-ftheirliOs to a man s 6
regardless . of their . .ssfetYl •
published/Inst week an:nen - tint - of
this - hitrible - catastrophe - ; -- tckliy - welurnish
_details taken from our exelianite
papers. 7 - * •-
_will be ,geren - also that ithe.:Prnnoko
cently- dolbipsedbh6f her boiler flues, - on
hier• upward • passale, •and destroyed the
lives nflrnin fifty to a hundred
• [co3trtiti.N.xCATED.]-
. .
Mr: Phillips : , --Ftititik—l—ex - press----the
sentilneetS of all Who heard- the lectufe of
Professor ALitEN, before the ‘.‘ Society of
Equal Righti;" on Tuesday evening last,
when-I state that it was highly interesting,
instructive and. satisfactory. IlirSubject
was thatlwanch of Natural Philosophy, cal
led Pneumatics. -The properties and 'uses
btlisktmoipketic 7 air,- were. very._. strikingly
presented.; ‘iind if w.e • may .judge .from the
attention and interest manifested by the
eroydea-audionee, who listened to him; we
preSume Mr:TAx.i.EN has
pression as.:. .regards . botli his own abilities
aid the utility .and interest of the study of
Nat Ural Philosophy. .
His introductory-.remarks -on Natural
Science were in an excellent style, and-well
adapted to the-occasion.. They-were alto
gether, practical. 'He .showed the uses .- to
:which _the_science..was_applie_dreasons
shciuld be made a matter of study;
mut-proved-that. scientific-knowledge- was_
necessary in the every day business of life.
There is a great mistake in the popular:
mind on this score. 'There seemsto be a
disposition to regard men of science as pot
practical men, as 'of no benefit to mankind
in the business of the world—while the
truth IS, in the mechanical and' laborious
occupations of life, we are dependent on ne"
class-of-inon-inote—tritin_men of _soence.—
The proposition can be p roved to . a
station. And if by lucid, practical lectures:
of this: kind, this truth. were ;110re:frequent
ly presented, to the public Mimi, a great
stumbling , block" in - the way 'OfiilTqiiilni - edil;.
'eatii'in would be removed ; pNjudiee
-again9l science and seieiztifie men, on the
growtd oftheir inutility.. • •
But to • retorn to the, lecture. ~,After..
beautiful and instructive introductioni - . - in
which the speaker exhibited the utility of
!N . attiral Science in practical life, as well as
Timber of novel, interesting and striking
. .
(experiments were performed- to shoW the
Iproperties of air. It' was proved that air
was a physical body—that we can see, feel .
and - hear it—that it - has weight, - substance .
and - colour. - It is a fact; and can be, and
was proved that the air in which we live and
move; presses with a weight.of 15 pounds
on every : squareinch of - surfaee—which by
J calculation gives
. a pressure of. ahout 36 -
• 000 pounds,- on eiery . common tend man.
I'he only explanation
.or this , apparent ab
surdity,As that .an equaLpreasure of the
elastic fluids in the bodi,7and of the air in
its pores, counterbalance the.external
I Sure,
_This was-but one of . the many stri
-1 king : truths:. piroved during the evening-,--
On the whole, the lecturC was a treat; and
we are .assured was well received.;t
. • We were glad to see so,large an audience
present on the occaSion", and:n.ll%o augUrs
well for the future. W 9 understand, the
SOCIETY or EQUAL RIGHTS has Obtained the
consetit,ioTa Mhos - of_ gentlemen of. ttfe
'toivivto,cleliver'a'regular . series. of lectures,
. .
in their Saloon during 'the sunitner:
are to be... Continued "every two Weeks, on
Ttiesday evening': -As :.their anniversary
'meeting ; Will be held,, and an addreSs
erbd before diem on the 3d Mond'ay of May,
there. will probably be no regular lecture on
the 15th—though the:Society have proxhis . -
e . d to givethe.public regular notice .of, these
. .ctures4....a I it earnestl to be ho ed
thatthey , will'be well attended.
. .
On Tuesday the Ist inst., by the Rev. Mr. Qiiey,
Mr. RlClii:i'CLAnx, of Monroe township, to Miss.
ELlzAnwin ZINN, of West Pennstic;i 4 o.ughlownsliip: .
On the 3d inst. by the Rev . P. H. Greenleaf, Rector
of. St.. John's Chore'', Tin?'As f i3. JACOBS, to
On Tuesday 'last, by the Rev. MI. Nilson; Me,
WILLIAM 13 ! , mn , 461 1 : of Air.. Andrew Blair °rads
iilace,_tet_Ehr:A•mmt or StiVilletolirnsh)p,.
Berry county. , ,
. .
• On. Tuesday evening - r ile 11st:instant; .by _the _Bey,
Gln Thorn;WILLIAM Icicp3, of Petersburg, (York
, Springs,) Adamieounty, to Miss ATIIATLINE,, young- .
est tlnughter of J. Bridges, Esq. of‘the . same * Phle.
On the Istint stunt b)qh - e Rev. J,UlriehMr:GEOncr.
HAnKAN, of Monroe township, to Miss - JULIAN
KER, of York eatinty...- a. '
.On Thuysday last, bytbe Bahl), Mr. WIL
LIAM ILlntcr.EY, of Silver-Spring township r -to.Miss
ELtz,t, eldest daughter of Mr. Frederick.Wonder
lich, of Mechanicsburg. , •
Orr the -. 9.7th nit. 'by the new. John Mackey, Mg.
1.-botifotAldripensburg:Lf_,..l__LL _
• .On; the sth ult.:, by - the Rev: Henry Aurtuul,
1.-W-littAx—TEnatur,Ao_lH.4l4.n_r_GßEEN, hOth of
-- - DIED, .• • `.-
OIL Tuesday last, Mrs. JANE• MOORE, :Consort , of'
Mr. 'Milian Moore, of this enunty.
On Thursday .last, Dr. RODEIIT C. Moony; eldest
son of the 11C;7..101111 Aioody, of Shippenshurg. -
' On die 7th ult. ELDER CALyr, aged 6 years, and
JOANNA .1114 E, aged 3 - 3
- ears, eltildrewof Mr. Thomas
ib!tett,tif_Solnitanalttintini4lShip.., .
Bal[imorc, ILI ,5;. 1838.
FLOUR:—AV'e Murk the generally pre9iiing, store
prioe of : the:week nt $7,7.5 much-doing. The
is.light, not exteedingf,l9.,9oo bb's. The wagon
'nice rangc:s from $7,25 to $7,50.
bushels good foreign red, at $1.,95 141,66pdrbuSliel:
has heed - rnadCat $1,82.
Rri.—A cargo Of Susquehanna_ IA 'As sold early in
the wOOlc. at 98 cents. Lastsalei - of- , good-111(1.-at-93
cents. " .
, OATS.—Sales at3o cents, and' occasionally at- 3lets,
CORN.—TIIe market has been fluctuating during the_
week. On Monday; sales of-white were Made at 74a
75c; and of yellow 'at 77a78e. On Tuesday prices
fill, and sales of wlSit - e' were madc_at 76a714 and of
yellow" at Ac: Siam then the supplies have fallen off
and prices 11mq - become bertCritgaiii.7ll l- inioliii r i
of white yesterday and this morning at 71a73 cents
and yellow is quoted at 75a76 cents: .
WIIISKEY.,--Safes of hhds throughout the 'week
at qo centaFirMrlintfirm t6zility;.and so - me - tisk' higher
i for:Mids. Sales of barrels - from stores at 3.2n34 cts;
S'optc holders'ask p cents. The wagon price of bbls.
:1.'44 cents, exclusive of-the barrel.
lions of the week.compriSe 91 hints. and 1011 bids.; of
which 79 olds, and 330 bids were received from the
FLOUR AND MEAL.—]'here has been an in
.ercasedMiami _foC_ Plonr,_and all
_the parcels in,
market that could be obtained at $7 ; 50 per bbl. have
been bought up. Sales of good brands Ohio, at $7-
62i a 7 75, and Superior lwands Penn. at the SRMC
prices.. Conomon to good brawls may be quoted at
$7, 621 to 7,75. Rye Flour is - steady With_ sales at
$4,50. Corn Meal, sales in bbls at s3;so,liltda. $16,-
50 each.
GRAIN.—Sales of several parcels of fair to prime
quality domestic wheat at $1,69 a 1,69, and a small'
lot of very fine white at 1,75. Rye, considerable sales
of Pennsylvania at , 94 cents afloat, and a 97. in
'store; Southern 92 cents. Corn is rather drooping;
-sales-of—miked=nt-7.0,41.i110w 75_tp_80, and,white 75
.e.ents,—Wejplitte_white.7s,,yellow 75 to 79 cents, as
in 'quality. Oats, sales, of Soulliern•at 33 to A
SPIIIITS.--LBriindy and Gin fire in limited request
at steady rates. - N. C. lluni in bids.,sells at 40 cents.
Whiskey has been in better repiest; larke sales in
and_some. ..but
holders now refuse these rates. •
Mal - anti h'e' znelobinal / .9,4nieel
HERALD , affxPbsirrpil- .
Pa. . .• . 74
' THE floard-Of Direct Ors of. the Common , Schools
of the borough of zShippensbUrg,.wish to employ one'
teacher for a Iligh School, two for Secondary Schools,
and two for' Primary Schools: Application Should*
be.made'as soon as possible, as the school t will, go
into operation about the fiest of .lune next. '7l 7
By ortler of the Bohm! .
WM. RANXIN, Sce . y.' '
. .
'May 8, 11338,--w. .23
. .
TIII subScriber.hai for sale at the Carlisle Iron
Works. and at C.llC.FarbmeN hotel, a few bushels of
very superior Dutton Weed Corn.. -The:' Dutton Corn
is decidedly superior to any other Corn grown in this
section of country, as it yields from 50 to 100. bushels
per acre, •weighsabout.sAlbs to the bushel, and ma-.
tures in 90 days. i. , .
• •
May 7,1839; . 23..,
Unavoidable circumstances 11 . ave .4elaziett
visit to Ciudisle, still longer than helad anticipated.
tie giyes notice that he wdl poeitively be in Carlisle.
-and reidyfoe business, on Friday the 1 1th qtAfily.
• G. TV.
1N1a . y,7; 1838,
Subscriber respectfully informs the .citizens
.of Cutriberland bounty that he still continues to carry.
on the abOve business, at his shop in West, High.
Street, in the - borougillorearlisle, and formany-yeatik
occupied by . Mr. William Alexander, where he huiti;,
now-on hand a large and excellent assortment of •
Saddles,llßllogneS ilarr - Wtafgalef t
Sze..ike:-whieh he wi l l seal on the most acconimo-.
dating terms.
Thankful for past, favors, he respectfully asks ti
,tontinuanee of the priblie patronage.. •
Carlisle, May 7,1838.8 w. . ' 23
• Ai: V 44. . • "
YOU•nre °Niel:Jed to parade at tfie Armory, in the
borough of : - _
• Tuesday Ott 15/ii - 0 ay
amineo'clock, m. fully equipt
speption. 13y oider_of eriptain_Samuei (;i'cip... •
.. T. B. THOMPSON, P. S.
AfnY 8,1838
krtrivi watatavfilivu:Doi
St the New Inolesale and .Retail Store'of
ARNOL - D - & - CQ.
Messrs. ARNOLD & CO. would yespeetlidiv in
form the cititenw of Carlisle - and - its vicinity, that.they
haie-just received from the cities of..M. , 'w- York Ee
Philadclphia, and are now Opening - a large-and - splpm• -
did assortment of .. , •
. British, French; and dmerican,
IPLapTiginee,E)Og ,
an eamintertizi,
Vesting% 'Summer -- Cloths; -- Ternvian fancies, and
other gocklii suitable for gentleman's wear. Also,
superior Italian Lutestring, Gros de,.N . aps, Gros de
Swiss, and large assortment of • .
• •-• satins, &.o. &c. • - '
.:The are respectfully' invited to call and.
judge for themselves, as they 1011 find their goods de
cidedly CHE3PER than they can be purchased
efseWhere.- -
Carlisle, May 1; 1833. - • - -
• _....
. . . CA KAMA'. BANK ,? - •
- . " . Slay .1, 1838. . ,_ 75 •:.
~ _ •
'lilt linard of Directors of this institution, have to
(14.11c'elareiLilividend of-'3i-pmeent,,for_the,last_six_
months on the
Stock paid in: The same will
be payable to stockholders; or their legal represen . -
tattves on Dr after the' lltlrinst. ' ..- • . I ;"
Attention-. 'Rangers
The 11th company, gilth Regiment,.P. M. will pa
rade: at the public - house at'. jI 71iam Strain, in the
-borough-of-Carlislk cnv-atatolay the :Ttlf- inat;-at ten
o'clock mu the forenoon ; also, on Tuesday the 1.5t4
ins!: at the same time andthlace, _properly equipt for
review and inspection. -- ..iv order of the_Capt.
'ay 1,1838
45s±r-:opeltin F , at the New Store of ARNOLD
50 dozen ladies white cotton hose, : •
20 " • Fancy • " " -
20' " " English and•spun silk hose,. •
1000 pieces inu lins > ' • • • •
50 " Checks..
Together with a larm eputatity of Cords',. &aver
teens, Anglo-Citssirnereh, Cross Cloth:, Linen and
Clifton Drills, Pittsburgh cords, &c. &c. All of
which they 'offer unusually cheap, wholesale or retail
_Atty . 1,1938
Sweet and bitter Almond Kernels for sale by
G. W. erabb
Virgioe - Stale Lotte r y;
For the benefit'of the Town of Wellsburg.
Class No. 3, for 1838.
To• he drawn at: Alexandria, Va. on Satin day, sth
May, 1838.
$4;0042,500-2,001125 - or - $1 2 000, &c. •
Tickets only $lO-11alves ss—Quarters $2 50.
Certificates of packages of TY Whole Tickets $l3O •
. Do. do.. 25 nalf do. - 63 00
Do. do. 25 Quarter do. 32 50
~Virginia' State Lott,gy.
For the beriefit of the Mechanical Benevolent BOCiety
of Norfolk.
• , • Class No 3, for 1838.
To be diawn,at. Aloxanaria,Na., on gaturilny, May
1248 M.
Brilliant 5r&7710
CAPITAL 40,000 dollarsls,ooo ilii.10;000 do.
5;000t - . - -2;500 - -t2;2932 - ,00tY- - - -- 773 - Tif -- 1;000==-7 - 5 - 01`
5,00, Itze..llte,_ •
- Thikefs only sloll 7 ll 4 ss—Quarter $2,50. '
Certificates of Paiikageii of 25 Whole tickets,- 130 --
:' Do. ' do. 25 half do. t 65
. Do: - , do. • 25 quarterdo. . 32,50
. ~ • c..--.. .
_-- - Firgznza ,State,„l4ollPry.. :. •
• — FOr the benefit of the Monoligailia Academy,
' ` - • Class No. 3 for 1838. • .
TO be drawn at: Alekatidein;lriegiiiirt, Saturday th
19th of May, 1838. .
. . .
• Splendid Scheme : '
highest Prize 30,000 Dollars-10,006 d 0.5,000-
3,000-3,327-3,000-2,300-40 - prizes of 2000, &c.
..„. Tickets only $l9--Italves $5,-quarters $2,50
_Certificates ofpackaas of 25 whole tickets 130- •
. Do. do. 1 ' -25 half — 7do . "65 .
4 - Do. do. 4 25 quarter do . ..32 50
Tiro-liar/ State Lotteru - LA
-----Folghe-benefitrof.the-tnwn.of-N v l, tcelieg—.
.. - Chum No. 3, for 1838.
To he drawn at -Alexandria, Virginia, on Saturday,
May 26, 1838. . ..?
14 drawnNtinihers; in each Package. '
Gratid Scheme:
CAPTrids 30,000 Dollars-10,000 do.--6,000-,..5,000
—4,000-3,000-2,500-200-2,001-25 prized, 'of
1;000 25 do. of - 500, Sim - • " ' -
Tickets 10 dollars—half 5 dollar*--tinarters 2, 50.
Certificates of packages of 25 whole tickets $l2
, Do: 00,__ 25 half, do• 6O
Do. • do. 25 quin:ter do .y SO
o:7f.)rders for tickets and, shares or certificates of
packages in the above magnificent scheme, will re
ceive the Most prompt attention, and no official ac
count of each • drawing sent immediately after it is
over to all who order from us. . • Address
D. S. GREGORY di Oci.'Managers,
tragingtan. City, D. C.
. .
IS hereby given, that Jetters testamentary on the
estate of Adam Reeie, late of.SoUthampton townaltif),
CutOberland county, deceased, have. tssued , in due
form of law, to the subscriber, „rho -resides •in the
aforeistid township.: •All persona having claims or.
demands'against the estate of said deceased, are re
quested to make known the sarne,without delay t and
those indebted to said estate to pay their said debts to
• .April IG, 1838,-6.w. ' • • • .
LADIES will.iind a splendid a asortment of Painted
.Littnu,''Jacoatts, CambriCs, Chintzes and snousline
fantasies, mouslinc de Lnings, and also a complete as
sortmeoS.9f Freneh,Dernsan and Swiss Goods, which
17de - 6 — offered Cheaper than.they can 74 int - Fe - based' et:6= l
where t ,hy • , , 'AIINOLD Ss 40. '
' For Stile..
fin excellent and comm - tidiotis Two Story
.with the lot of, ground on which it staii6 of about
THREE' AcitES--having thereon a nuirniveof
choicp Fruit Trees : a Well of never-failing water
at the door, stabling, &c: :The - property . tkpleasant
ly situated in Silver-Spring township, Cninberland
county;Pa., one quarlcs of s mile west of, 13ricker's
Mill, on the turnpike road leading from larrisburg
to Carlisler—Terms reasonable; enquire of S. Hep-.
,burniEsii., Carlisle; or of the subscriber on the prem
- 2 --April 23, 1838. • • • •
~~ ~~.
~ ~ ~~'
• YOU are ordered to parade nt the public I'9llo of,
JORV . TREGO, on the ;Walnut Bottom Road, on
Monday the 7th. day 'of Miy, precisely nt 9 olclock,
A. M. Also on Thursday the. 19th in the' borough
of JVRIFFILLE, at -10 o'clock, A. M. of said day,
completely-n(IMM for:drill. • .
By order of.Gcorge Miller, Captain. .
J. M'KEEIIA.;:s7,
• pril:2;4-1-89
N, 13,--The Court of A.
- •.
WRF.REAS .Taco(, Trotzel, did on the 2(ith day of
last March, execute to the-auhserib_er_asleciLeassi.._-
meat of all his effects; inchtd ing his books and nationnth
for the benefit of his creditors. Notice is hereby gi
yen to-all thoseindebted to the said .liwohWetzel,on
bond, note, or .book acconntoir who ntay have onset
tied , accounts with him, that I will retain his books
and 1)111)&6 in-my hands - for settlement, until the•lsth
day of May next, Mice which they will he put into the
hands of a Magistratelorthe purpose of collecting all
11'1.411 . 64a ' • •
WM. M. PORTER, .681 gnpe
Carlisle; Aril 1838.---3 w. • "
TILE Subscriber, residing at
hatin hand ar.tiqualltity
Bran, Shorts Shfp
which he will sell low for OA. , •
tOU'ore of to parnae - on your usual ground,
on Monday the 7th day of ollity next, 0..10 o'clock,
A. M., in summer uniform, nod alio) on Tuesday the
15th,*at' the:inune 611)6 nod place, arms audaccoutre 7 ,
iiipßits - itogood - order.
By ordcr.of E. jf: Piddle, Captain. ' -
. R.-A.• NOBLE,
April IC,, 1838. - • ; ,
THE Partnership beretoloye 7 existing . between the
,subseribers;trading under the firm ot.Ogilby & !M
-iler, was this day dissolved, by Mutual..eonSent. Ail
persons - indebted to the late firm; are requested to
make pitymerit, and those...llmi* demands to,peesent either,or trio. anbseribers.,---
GEORGI:I.Ii'. 1 - I.I.TNEXt.
April 10,1938.--3 w
To ,the Honorable the ;Wges of the Court
of: Quarter- "Ses,sions Cumberland
county: . ' - . . ._ • .
_ . .. . . . . .
• - .The undersigned;alipointed bythe, Court 'of.Quar-,
ter Sessionsois Visitors, to the Poor-house and House
of Fimploymetjti-if&said county, respectfully beg leave
to subinit this their first report : • - --- .
Within a few days past; in discharge of the-duty as
signed them, the Undersigned proceeded to said esta-
Llislunent; and 'were • politely conducted through the
the entire building mid inspeeted each apartment,anir
also the•farm, and penises attached. .They found;
those who arc there, supported by the public- bountyt
comfortable and , contented. The apartments were
clean and well ventilated, nil.. every thing in order,
Every arrangem,entlappeared to be judicious, and the
Thole digcipline °Lille establishment excellent. Many
of those enjoying its qv/tillages . were cheerfidly en=
'gVqri'ifvaYioitmvtnptovrtrevgsliitable - to - theirnbilitr, -
On the whohgwehelieve the Institution fully meets
the intentions 'of its establishment, 'the expectations
and, wishes of thehenevolent, mitt:tem . & comfort to
those who are so unfortunate as to require froth the'
n u asyltun to
_protect theitticomAnisery,
iiiiriiiiii. . 7.. -""' -- . --- • - ' •
All of which is respectfully tftlbniitted.
Wm. M... Henderson,• '
George Mc. eely, . Visitors
George • Pleming: •
. county, ss,_
• Ido certify the above to be a true
copftaken frrin the
s oriintil, as filed.
•,* In testimony Ittereof, I have hereto put
••411) . my signature and affixed the seal of the
• : 11. Court of General Quarter •Sessions In
• find-for said-cotinty i the-37th of April;
lIAS reihoved his Office to the Drug Store in
Ilaniwer street, a few doors north of the corner, mid
dieeelly opposite George W. Shenfer's Dry Good
Carlisle, May 1, 18:38. 3i.
'Ow subscriber 1011 give constant:emplovment 803
liberal warms ton first rate whigkep barrel cooper, of
sober aial Igibitarlrontediatonpitheation
notstbe male ( 19 -
1, 1838.
• • ARNOLD CO 4 .
TIAVE a large assortment Table,Towling,
_RustiMantl.hurlap.LlNENSt---4-47.4nta1 - 84 - Ta=
ble l)japer. A very superior article of 8-4-10-4
12,1 German and Irish Sheeting, all of which they
offer AvlicifeSale or retail uncomminily lovr-for-cash:
May . 1, 1.838. . • „ '
tters or Administration, pendente lite;upon the
estate of ,Tainealleatty; late of-Newton township;-de
ceased; have-been-grantedin-duelortii r luAte.Regi6-
ter -of Cumberland comity, to John'Beaity: and John
Shannon,.of Said couty. All persons flaying claims
or deutands against the estate cf said decedent are
.requested to make known the same to us without de
a ......anul—those_indebted are res nested to settle and
will be field at the
ruse off° Trego, on the rth day of SlaTy7-
New Ciimberhint
111n,y 1,.1A35:6w.5
Attentiolna_ Artillerx.
Dissolii n` ~f'ParlH&skip:
discharge their accounts.
April 2,4838.74 w.
. .
• IS herehy given, that Lettes of AdmintstraticiMen
the estate of William end, late of Carlisle, Cumber
land county, deceased; have this • day issued in due
form of law to the subscriber, who resides in Carlisle:
AU persons haying claims or tleMands against the
estate of the said deceased, arc "requested to make
known the same without delav—anti those indebted to
said estate to pay their said debts to
. •
:GEORGE CART,..Rdner: •
April 0, 1838. • •
'NOTICE. - •2.
1111 creditor. will take notice that I hare applied
to the Court of Common Pleas of Cumberland coun
ty, for the. benefit of the InsOlvent Laws, and said'
court hire appoiod Monday the 13th day of Angust,
.1838, for the hearing of the and my creditors, at the
Court House; in the borough of.Carlisle.
April 9,1838.-3w.§, •
. .
• '. Letters of Aihninhitration on the, estate of William
Lindkv,Jatks of West •Pennsboiettigh township, de
'een Bed;baying' been issued te the: subseeibeb in due
(brie of laWlyesidiog in.snid teiriphip, all persons in
debted to the estate . wiir nuke• immediate paytiOnt,.,
and those having"elatos against the estate will:present
Ih - eta - char authenticated - for - settlement:---1 . ..-..- .
• .-_: ;IA.MESIINDSEY Atiministtatom
-,--pri a .,1,838,+-31v," .. . • 10' „.
Afore' and Betttr.
The Wliigs Trilcmpliant Jlgain,Se•
have for nearly three - months lias) •
Lheen recording Succession of great, •and - ' •
many of them.unexpeeied Whig _victories, •
• •
in diffefent parts'orthe
.Union ; of stateil •
distrie*--eittes and towns. liwas•buf last
L-week we had the .gratification of
. announe-.
ing-Itife:unparalleled F il icepqA th e _wi,• g „ ".
e_ause In , the'reriemtition - of Baltimore '-and -- -
Rhode Island . from •the - thraldoni 'Of
Bureriism and-government-tyranny.' •. .
; This.week we have the additional Pleas:.
nre - ot - redording - two - more - signal - triuMpbs —, 7
of- the Whiks. One •in the . cdpittl of the
empire state, Van- Buren's home, the' head . .
quarters Of the Regene3r, 'where The Whigs•
for the first time have carried-every-ward,-in
the city by handsome . majorities. The
other is-the-entire redemptioh-of -- thp '-'!An
cient Dominion," - • •
which has lieon so Jong.e.stran.g4 from
)ath of -Duty, byfollowing false lights,_has • •
-.l_,tuty, by
.1. ing 1.
at length turned in lier JnajesW and might
herseducersi and like n migt
bears down all before . her.
IGHA3tU: -~~
Retunis are received from more thanlifty
counties and cities in which
has been so: . great ,diready, that should Were . :
he he cliano in the remainder..of_the,state r i
Whio : have nosir_*.a . decided. majority in ..
joint' meeting; sufficient to elect a Whig
United States Senator in the place of a, Van
-Buren-. one ; anal perhaps. instruct JlM:other
- .
Slit of his seat, as tiFetto - n7l - tenjarnirr - Wa.
kiii4 Leigh wo. two years since.
_ -
Its,the *Congressional district-lately_repre
sented_by_J„M.M..Batton; reisigned,
of the strongest Van- Buren districts' ii;t•
Virginia) Mr. Banks, the Van Burencandi
date, is said to be elected by-a majority of
The. result thus far, contrasted with last
year; stands thus c--
' , 1838 . 1837
Whig V. B._ Whig V. B.
In 54 Countics,&c. 51 "14 28 37
Making a-cIear,WHIG, • GAIN of 46 out
Of only 65-heard from.. . • •
A sum for- the Globe,—:lf 65 give:4o,
clear Whig gain, by the rule of three, what .
Every county - in John. Rafidolph's
Roanoke). district, save one, (and'ithat sends
. a
__geodVonservativel_has : electe,a Whig:._
delegates. • •
:The Washingtefil..Globe and . Richmon4 •
Enquirer both. give up Virginia as lost;_but
promise they will beat us next year.. Well,
poor souls, let them try it again, they have
done so well this time they should have
another chance for their lives.
too, stands•ont in•hold relief-that hot-bed"
of "treasons, stratagems and. spoils," lids
been regenerated.; notwithstanding • the
steamboat and scow loads of voters that
were brought up the:riverand landed on her
wharfs for The avowed purpose of voting
at her . , charter erectioiiit — Yet Albany, the•
head quarters of that , regency whick . has ,
ruled the State of New York for years past,
as it were with a rod of iron, and has been
rapidly extending the . same direful influ
ence' over other--parts -Id- the .Unionyes,,
oven in Albany, thelYhigs have carried
every, ward by handsome Majorities for'tfut
:first thne r -to-theAtine-ofiabout-SIX-lIIIN-1-- --
DRED. The average' majorities in -thp. .
wards -are- as follows: •
- • Ist ward 216 4th wardB3
, • 2d Al - sthr 60 '
,3d 196 Total - 590
___lo7_!_!,ds goes . Ike 4gi • Ward, 'so
She State." • `
Cold Comfort for the Loco Focos.—Mr.
VlrgiTl)7l l arEs Wis. probably, sump - 6W y
the skin of his teeth, as Loeo Foeo mem
ber of 'Congress :in the Oxford district,
Naine-6ne of the strongest holds of Van=
Burenism in. its - last- desperate . : stOggleS.
The Whig gain, , howeyer, from last fall is •
'403 votes !!! .
The vote, so far as ascertained - stands
Parris,.(Loco Foca) , 3536
Long, (Whig), •. 3274
Scattering,.. • •—1
• .
•,. . - . • • 1,,4_592•
. •- reco.Foco majority
The vote for Governor •last T in the
same towns-stood•thu"s:-..
Parks' majority - 894 •
There are 1,9 small
„ towns -1
to be' hear
will not vary the 'resat niueli.
It, is, howver to be re,rnaiked, tbai 11opia- •
jority over all candidates ,iff noW
ota?, It will probably reach, 41:4 •
Paks, 11.) - 4245
Tent - - 3349