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In anoiner coin= of our patirS7faliel
' found a call for a. meeting of the Young Men I
of Cumberlind county. opposed to the meas
uies' of the present National Administra.
' tion:
- The - main - object of-. t e meeting is the .or
ganization of Our' Party, an the adoption
. of such measures as will enable us, tq act in
concert With our fiietras-in-the-Other gtoun-,,
- ties .orPthe State, to achieve a victory over
the adherents to the causeof-ritilettle,a, 'd
(liso r rginization, which a concentration of
effoit t cannot fail to accomplish.,
---I)%re:tarnestljr"urge-thelroting:Men who
are opposed to the_qmaladminlstration of our
affairsby those now wieldinglbe power of the
oetteral,Qovernment, to•r emern ber that-the
remedy for the many evils which , our coun
try has be en. made to suffer brtlfe usurria•
,rfons , and. inismanagements: of the Present
and late I. , far al Executivei, is in-theirown
bands. The glorious victories achieved in
.other - States over-the , enemies of Ordec:and
good government ought to , stimulate - us to
f ei r ived and redoubled exertion , that our
oWn - state - may be also wholly re'deemed:
That the re-electio n of our honest, firm
and palriotic•Governor` is secure, Cannot ad
mit of; a moments dUbitation, but it is a duty
which his friends owe him, a duty which
they owe their country and themselves, to
Use every endeavor, - which honest men may
exert, 'that his
,' majority, at the—next gtiber-
tiatorial election may be
,"such as to - silente
forever, within the territory of Pennsylva
nia, the croakings of tocofocoism..
.pot - that the doming : -election
of vast importance. ' It may determine• the
issue of °the next Presidential contest.. it is
•big with, the fate of Caesar and of Ro . rne,'..'
an. tf - W - e — permit—apathrand-linactivity_to
toter our ranks, we
,maYlie . curied. for an
other Presidential term with the - wicked
doings or:the - harpies • who are-now,Sucking
—tlie-life-blood_frorn,_ogr_free institutions, If
I ,:iiiefOUtidation R
our Republic be -sapFea;
Until the whole be a Mass of ruins, it will
then . be too latecin make resistance. Young
' Men, remember this,, and by your attendance
at the meeting, on the second Monday of
- April, showyciur disapprobatibn of . the'ruiM
„bus course ichich - is being_ pursued ; by, Van
_-_L -: Buren_ a ntlz. has dep_e_m_d ents, and4.our_ Atte r
_urination 'to preserve fromfurther destruc
tion the liberty wfia - was purchased with
blood. ;
We 'learn froth tlie'Philadelphia Herald : that
Jasurhas written a very curious lettei: .
'to theSeeretary of War, in Which, after- stating
that it is impoesibk to drive the- ladiana from the
Territory, he suggests that they should be allow:
ed to remain—Jtipon'The &prim
.condftiOn, hOtrever;
that if they contrail kinydepredations upon the per
. emo or Property of Mei:Ai:es, TREY :5/TALL DX 137.
ZY KEPECTED Is - 'the 'General •an
nianl''Tlifais'not' the first blilhdee hb his Made.
- -nlaidthenfte
' — WeinVite - artentien-twthe ,- -followltietaltst
which was drhnk-at a recent Desnoetatir
Van Buren celebration at 'Boston.
By Geo. A. Chaptnan--CitafstUrrilY
and the Ban S--' on their last
legs, may . their 'downfall lie Weedy.
and is cleaily e,vinced by this btas
- emous-sentiment.-Let Itthot be• said-that
it is only the Wentifirent of the 'wretch who
offered l,At wag received by the meeting,
- and published olifooggt its proceeding9,,and
is conseqUently the.expression of the *hole
assembly. A virtitouli congregation wotsid
. have . hurled Toni their t idst the abominable
being - who - woid - havh—thtil dared to insula
. high Heaven by the pubhe e.kpeetOlon, of
such a foul and wicked pray
- _
NVEMSTEWS spEraaiii -
The late speech of the gentleman Whose naftie
heads this . rticle; is spoken of by all who heard
- it ai one -bf -the mightiest efforts of this. great
man: The editor.of the Philadelphla, Commer.
cial Herald; thui ' speaks of 'it. r
"A gentletnati of high IntelleCtual sttairithenes
said to us that he hid teed eloquent-spiethes and
hid heard then' made; and he thought he knew
Wlitat• elogni . nee - wow till he listened to Mr.. Clay
lend Mr; Webater a s Istetffiirts In the Senate; but,
herritist confess that he had before no Conception
hi' eloquence andahe pataret of mind:
- Mii-Legare,-the-lame -gentleman _toitl_US,_te-_
mr*id that he hid =listened to all the ; great - am
tors of E.urope. now Thiing, and he bad also heard
Mr. Canning - I but be had never witness ed itny
thing equal to.the great and mighty powers of
— ilr:lltebster.-,—Mr—Preston,-apealtinglf-alr
_Virebster's execution of Mr. Callunin i maid it w
the execution of.Chsrles the First—it was a;my..
al ttetutiont he had flfst arrayed the personage ,
in his royal robes and placed the crown-upon him
• ,bead; artd then led-him fOrth to' the fatal block.
MI inettat Washington, Without distinction
*peak bf this speech . as the greateid the
has ever been made *akin the Walls of Congress;
as unsurpassed and tinititassible.• One gentle:
man in speaking of it said; that (taring the first
day, Mr. Webster set med to take a position upon
Ithe,higbest emineneeof the glohe, and like.sodte
enliossat being, to look. down upon the immense
country that spread itselt,at his 'feet.. His ex.
tended and. poWiefui vision tookln-and, clearly
'saw the whole field of government--the Conti.
bitiortirrency;and every thing.relating to our
aystenft 411 of which-he 'made as clear to others
pa be himself saWit. "It was' impossible," said
pur informant.. Igo divest one's self of the idea
• pal he was li,tening to a being either More than,
'bumstu r or much superior to any human being ite
had ever befope known or conceived." 'l'lie•re.
Mark of the eloquent Mr. ilioffrilan of Nevi:York,
in reference tolhothe-speeebes.P/Ar...PPY lind
Mc; Wfbster„ , .was somewhat hurghter.exedifig..
ppeaking Of them, these tnen towered SO fir ahoy!
evely'botly.else that they made him feelsw if he
Itad been 9u — e — e - tia into nothing sad ,was no.
1 3 °.‘ 1 $1 , • L.
Tho Campaign toponod...otaii4 to your.
14 Serrie your columns—be firm—be true!"
. The..Hat;risburg Intelligencer of Tuesday last
contains the ...following . reriarks ! 'which
commend tO.the•attentiow.of
_our readers :
'44idates being now' fairly in. the field, the
'great contest to 6e deeidn'TnlyildßEritmilitty'
reasonahly. be etpected M engross, in the interim,
'a large sharSYlPublic attentiOn.. The Mote so;
intennueh ap, it is tiOt Merely n
,question of prefer-.
ente . fOr.this'inah or that, hi , whether be
o:elated or Porter be succeisftiL • Tliiile-far
from.being_thitmly tliteatiturat issue-t if itWere,
in itself it would, we trust, be ,abundantly suffi
*tit to c'kcite to unwearied exertions on the part
or the "friends:of .our excellent Governor: Hut
there.are questions an t interests . ;06144, infi;
nitely more important. is most tird6ntly hdfted;
by theAriendi:of the Arneridan institutions,-that,
on, that eventful'daythe death blow will lie.given
to . .111.1511U4E,.atid:61INRU.f TMS—that' hie
oonititution and LidnyWill're-assert 'theirsupre
micy—Oat the 'spirit of tlespotisth *ill be hum:
bled in the dust, dintiht-xtropearm of Federal
Power, which has been WieldCd to oppreisiOn .
of the People; Will belialsied, : sod the govern.
ment.btotight back to.its primitive simplicity and
legitithate funCtions. Ites, we hatird .nothing in
saying., that the contest of Oetolierinvolves high
, er objects than were ever before depending on
election! A- fierce war "has been going pryl, fdr
itime - years-piult i - between_the.:P.EOPLE.and.tbe
~GOiVilitrilfEit4 + . War his desolated the
I • . .
land. Had the footsteps of .a foreign rhertenark
soldiery . marked Our soil, the rOin could scareely
-hive-been-much . Mort. general or disastrous
This unnatural war will be finally , •determinect in
October. Should the, People be victorious, then,
indeed;Avill the land be made glad. 'Gut should
lie-T-Fetierat—dorriulieri _•-the_spoilsmert—the.
1 mercenary cohorts of Executive Deapotiscrivbear
' off the paltn'of
.vietoty-- .7 then, verily, the Gels
-of . Liberty will, Weep the overthrow of all that
remained of the Freedom Ifeilueatlied us by — our
'fathersr Itlay God torfend .suelt a result:
.What Ts required at our - hinds - in order to In
. .
sure-y iclory7and,place;defeat_beycui.lhe : reach
of possibility?, • It is for the friends of Democratic
principles to be •I'blern, steady to their purpose"--,
to t;e:UItrITED and tonic - tip:-aa•oq riran to the
Wife! Let every matt -of: our -pirty whose
boscirn throbs a.heirt true to. the •holy principles
-- cirLibeity;:loyget4llll:Tarlfelitusee - en - itv thepast
two years; on - die - part of hie political associates;
.that. was calculated todaingen his ardor of unDet, i
firmiitss--letpitri,We . - repeat, pluelc - frOM
icis i- bosorrr]and rea - st - to - the - windarakLt hat - Would.
chill his cothusiasnaor - qBe: him . to lag behind
nit the -noble - - contest to- which heis-noW
by every consideration that c,an animate the pa
triot's breast„of nerve the arm of the injured
-Freeman,.whOse confidence blur been aiMsed , and
whose precious and inalienable rights have been
made "peice meal" and cast upon the 'storm!
The sovereign people are to sit in solertm Judg
ment upon the arraigned criminal LOCO POLO.
ISM, __in_ Octobt_ri_ The confederated_. States
await with awful and all-sorbing interest•the de.
cision .of that day! .1f the fiat pf the People, con
signs the dark virit to the executioner and an.
isnominious grave, the whole land, - to its 're :
. with acclatations of unbounded joy! ' It is in
the total overthrow of•this fell Destroyer ofiaur
Countri's peace, that you are , exorted to enlist!
It will require no ordinary intrepidity-no mean
exertion of power. 'to grapple successfully-zwith_
thiirti'e - td - our - rights-ourpespetity. and -the
well-4164'0t our eointhon,bountry! Once van=
the Lotbfo'cos in aa-'coming contests throughout
the tjniott. The/Presidential 'electioti &Meson
apace...arid favorite, ttte . lieloved
reach the honor designed for
him by the People, in . 1840, with Scarce a
forSakb our k hairidrin ftcto:
-her, however, and should the spaitsmefi through
the mathihery of lederadidation, patronage and .
.gold, triumph over: the People, all is lost. and the
country will be abanilphed to thb iiiages - of the
mad-Writ of_thgrctriabiarn and idoeofocoism/
In view of thes4 •montentisils • *Cblialteigtions,
we exhort the lovers of Whig prinbiples—:the
friends of Liber t y ting'Lawiaild the sworn ene
mies of . exlravagaisei and niiqrate, to shake
their stsplueriess• mid inactivity! .Make , bright
'youriveapiins for the conflict; forget sill
burnings,•if-any-there be among you, and.strike
boldly for ftifir glorious pririclples! Oncifiore
victory exlmninates : 14:10e! I , eritisyl , avia .
hitherto been the strong hold of the enemy—upon
her soiLthey have Maintained the Most protracted
'existence! Our.aisier States all around mi have
:_rineiplet with indi, nation,
and it now reinaina- for Pennsylvania ioTMiiate
their &Orion" example! Shall it be done? Shall
the anxious fears of the patriot forever be put'
to rests Ely the tOtal extirpation of the last vestige
- or:LocofcrObient - frortr-mftonutisl—We-must-fall
.11ir, short of our estirnate of the virtue . and 7 intel•
iiience-of our people; if it be . not our "leasing
duty to record this grand event in October next.
I ires, Pennsylvania will do her duty—she Will
strike - for LibertY7and LaVii=for 71.4RRISolV' -
aUld RITNE-ii! - • '
Minn Itoprosentativeti
'The- Convention alf4hig Delegates in the
Lindoln Congresslonal
,District, has nownint;ted
the Hon. Dement) ROPITNSON ThoinastoWn, a
candidate to fill the vacancy in Congress, aces;
sionedhy the death of Mr.' Czatati. There. is
little 'doubt .he will be elected. ;Mr. Robinson
hasbeen engaged in mercantile pursuits. and has
been for the last two yettra a member 'of the Seri:
ate Of Maine.. , The Convention appointed, Dr.
tansies ElaxasyArr, of Dresden, a delegate to the
National ponventiOn,, and Zurs HTDI E Esq. of
Dath, his substitute.
A Maine paper says that the. Gov ernor' f that
state had transmitted to the . Legislature, a corral.
pondence with the tederal government, in Wbich j
-on:the Partor-the President.,it Taiiiroposed -that
'Maine should authorize him to , itegotiate. Tor
',0, - osive t ipnal line of, boimdry; to which the, Go.
vernor had otroilgly : Objected. and-inststi !mon
running .the line sceordingto - Itis pderstinding
er the limit, laid doribitrea.ty;
attic iJ aviiitarkr ant( 114x1patilior.
elloveinento` of Elie PeOple I
.Agreeably to notice. 'one of - the largest meet
ings ever held in Philadelphia,
State House Yard on the 19th init, John Swift,
Mayo of the city, presiding, assisted by foutteeit
VicePresillents. - ' •
The following alining other tesphitions *eke
.. •
hesolired,- by the Whig' Citiiens of the City
and, County -. of Philadelphia - , in - General Town
Meeting assembled, that the 'Administration of
JOSEPH HITHER orWaihington bounty; is en
titled-to and receives-the eortlial andlunited
itdr4hri - regard: the true interestalif the'
COMmottwealth, the conservative principles, cffi
'our popular institutions, and • the clierished-rikht
of every state in; the regulation of its own affairs..
to be exerript from foreign or federal.interference.
Resolved, That Joseph ltitner is a self-raised
and self-educated omit, deserves and will receive
the,sap j? ort of the mechanical - and agricultural
piartions of our. coMmtinity—those , Who have
mote direct syttipithy,,with One who has.tittairied
hio present ,eminence by his own exertions or
through Ipophlar assistance thin an habitual
dependant on txecutive favor, who has_tratelled.
tip alUthe 'gradations' of office- to the position
Where reluctant partizans noir seek to raise him,
lleatilvedi • That we regard the, nomination of
David R. Porter, not as the willing'act of the
Party That makes it, but as the registry of a de
cree from Washington, and as the obe'dient rati
fication of ti compromise'. Of antagonist . claims
Made in defiance of the, popular will, and of the
spirit of genuine ind honest Republicanism.
'Restated, That a nomination of David R. Por
ter is in every way worthy of the agency . by which
it was efrectedand identified at that individnal
la with the destructive ptirleiplei now professed
and practised, we trust he ,will receive the: sup- -
port of all:Who think that Jight of properly have
no permanent security, and that Wages of ir)dus-'
try should he made to fluctuate with - the expe
dients and experitnents of speeiilatiie_nhd de
sighing projectors .
__Resolved, That attiring these eniedienia a nd
experiorents, no one is entitled - to mure - etripliatie
reprobation than that iffiiCh under the name of
the Sub• Treasur y, System, Iseeks to separate the
interests of the• People from the Government—
, to rrionopolize . the Coin of 'the country in the
strongs, monopolize'
— tlre - uses.or aii army-of-de—
pendents-to dfitinguish the' wages of honest-in
, dustry from the perqiiisites or official ~service,
I and to create a hew. class of- privileged hard mot
nev receivers under our democratic
• Resolved,' That David It. Porter hailtig voted
in favor, of the sub.tteasury systern, and being
the adopted canclidatetf that party. whose leadets
assertthe doctrine that all who trade on botrowed
capifillalieuld - breakiis=necessatilynnfit-to,guide_
the destinies of a great- commonwealth, whose
resources have been ileielopid only by si-system
of-judieloues,r4diti the hope in-entopinion beifig
vain, that the incumbent wilfliemfriere — ennserva.
tive than the catiffidate,
or that the willing seho
lar inn destructive school Will; When he attains
-the honor that libieeks abandon the habits of his
apprenticeship. -
_2, • - - •
ireaolveil,-__That we !take this, the earliest op.
state,-thatthat the Whigs or- the eity and county of
Philadelphia are united - as one man in giving,th
The farmer OTTW-ishirigtoncounty a cord ial _anrY
enthusiastic-support; and that they have too;ne.
curate - 4i estimate of the pretensions of hisoppo
nent, to be decoyed by "dexterous professions into
even a partial support or him. The escape the
Whig party made in 1835 from a alinflar artifice,
is not yet frogottett. •/
• ,
- • --•eessos.t, „ : -
• Mi.. - Pan lazerek,s nankeen.
" What do our friends,Of the Volunteer think of
tile following, "etitiiired", from.the Frederick
Times, a stiff tran'hireit'paper, but opposed - to
the - Sub-Treksiiry project:
"The Stth.treasury 'Melt May talkend Write as
they please about their friendship to the adminis•
tration--we onsider,them, one and all, as being
I more injurious to it than'the whole
~whig party of
4.lfesmpitiv. sr litr.-Van Burett said, in his mes
sage, he-wou ld- il-TteilhieSeT - Tn - Tlin — F4etTstfe7,:bittk
National . Bank. -They "Bak, they Will hate The
Sub'-trea sury or nothing,: notwithstanding the
known. opposition of a large Majority of the peo.
pie to it. Save us from• such frrends, we say,.
and such republicans too.
— lltttertiarrnin ilonnsar.—A young _man at Lou.
isville,on the erening of the Ist ;init. was robbed
of ii.k,Bo(l. attacked in fient- an4-rear,
and it 'Pistol held to.liS'head• to enforCe
«hile fife abstraction or his property ivsia effect
•6aok phice nine_ in the &Jetting; at
he collier Of sth and Market streeti.
• How IT . aotranc- T A-westeco farmer a wifCivaa
retentrioverheard - bya traveller as 'she-wait ad
&Citing lier Oft b - ranches, - M the frdlowing 'he;
roic Martha Washingtonf come
here thia - moment and mind-Aridiew . Jackson and .
.§hakerie4i--whileArthin ireltington
irelps-Napoleoniinnaparte over that mid-puddle;
and.then.ittn and
DinitL . WiusTiti.—The following is the lan:
gunge used by Daniel Webster, on the floor of
the Senat,in rite year 1834:—“Vnder pretence
of a deiigh to feturn a currency which' shall be
all Spenie,, vi e . ire have currency in
Whibh, there will be no specie at all. We are , in
danger (')f being tiferwheldied with irredetrnable
paper=;-mere paper, rsprelenting nothing but ,
broken prdniisee, 'dad faith, bankrupt Corpora
tibnii,;cheated heated creditor; and a ruined' people!"
.... ..Kery man rana-that_ili6 prediction has been
tearfully fulfilled to the very-letter.
giiemicini of the =nous twirnitiatioti
Itrinwn, a Van Buren Editor., who. no
doubt, meant', to break the. collar, .saysi-:-" , 41s
truly democratic principles and 'devoted atterithin
to the interest of his, native state, if abiiirei
every measure of his .administration, call forth
adittlralion and praise even tram those' who tire
• .•
politically oppoied to him,. and thi Oeit vlection
'will show that be posaisspA tite'canfidenie ofjho
people of Pennsylvania." • . :
. ,
Ottosentivrioft.—the Cincinnati itepithilcan;
formerly the organ of th . o.i'aeltson parttin Ohio,
has been tirdscribeil by the party, on account of
the )caning of its editor to Conservation. The
Vostinaster lately addressed , it note to the editor,
informing him that the Post•Offic,e, advertise
ments world in future be given to the Plicieni.
the Phoenlx is published weekly; and circulates
about and Iningred and lift¢ copies!
By the ref/Otte a e. ornmiqee of the LegislettitO
of Maryland. it appears that the . Henke of that
state possess 'at this time Tour hundred and twen
ty-three thousand dollareof specie moie than they
ai the period of suspension.
Taoops' YOll Cary:na - .---flalifax:;datee
tO . :.the 13th instant, hove been reeeivedOtflaston.
The pritiab packet. .Magnet hitt!. arrived :from
FalmoW,:lii . ltiliya„—lt was decided at flatifox
• that no further troo ps , shbuld proceed for.Conada
_10%4 the.navigotion of the•gulf 'ahonid open.,,
O , .•
We take the following excellent remarks from
the Miltonian, a paplet• extensive circulation
and influence. ' , -Let them be read. They bughf
tiibi the sentitheriti of eVerY Pennsylvanian who
has the honor NW irrosfieiiiy of the Retest heart.
li As• this piper . hal endeavored)- fbr several:
years past, to contribute its mite in oppoidtlon to
the Strong-and erbitrary tneAsures of ,the addifflia
iration at Washington; and' as . the. General Ad.
Whittratintrotinitiovernmentds.atilLmorgyeek .
less wider the piesent incumbent, we ihall
tintie'cur endive bnward, until a change irrefFect.
ed. The *eletlion of Governor (tinier iire have
twi6ebtnlosed; because Ake had hoped:to Mitre
found-in Governer *oh* one Wlie Would halm at
least endeavoredlo have redeemed the 'character
of Our Stale ftoin the insults and ignominy which
had been h4iitted'iiiion it. In this we.were sad._
ly disapp - oiritok.
Joseph Ritner bite hillored'tealously and faith
fully for Pennsylvania and her interestiyand while
we differ With him seine Points of policy,
Still we are frie to admit; that he has made one
of the best dovernol9 oUr ' r state has ever- been
blest'. With. He has walked -pretty much after
the fashion of old Simon Soydert Clad his courier'
been Other Wise, and had he approved - the Mon
strous improvement bill of last session; our native
state, would this day,be bankrupl, and our. noble
city In a great measure, on the broad road to
ruin._ But . the Farmer Governor saw thin&
otherwise , : under him , our state , taxes have been
taken off---tliecapital - of the Blink of the United
States has been retained within inir borders, to
aid in building tip towns and eitieiTand assist in
'the conipletion Of our' vast works Of internal im
provement. Under his administration we have
got a_Legislative
_expression of opinion against
the removal of the DepOsites, the wicked'. And
abominable Silti.treasury scheme, and against the
right of- the •officers of the General Government
to interfere in the domestic concerns Of Pennsyl
vania. To all these,scta wesive - a hearty appro.
vat : mid now •look to . Joseph Ritner. through
whose'exertions, the , People are them
selves from Mismanagement, misrule, extmva=
ganceand oppiession.hy remaining true to them.
selves. .• - . • •
--We-have not been_ hasty.-in coining to this de.
termination:- for We, have most carefully sera=
tinized every act-of the present State Adminis.
tration, and although we,.by no ineans l 'approve
the whale, that which WC dil; is • abundant and
-sufficient,—teLasintre_ns, that Rimer is Penn.
sylvania'a last. and ardent trim(!; add- as floc 1 1 11
shoidd reeeite the vote of eiter*Zotiellesjrcm4or
prosperity and perpetuity of sound political
1 ' -
. . •
/ Let but the friend's of H4IIRISON and RIZ
ATER go hand in hind. and a triunipliant • Victory.
I awaits there.
'The — irssiatiint — ptstmasterif — Ellsworthi—Mee,
has been arrested - and is' now ih prison; o b it the
,charge - oftaicjng a sso 7 bi i"rOrfi i litter deposi
ed' in that office.
• A ',HilEkr CRON
-- Aboqts6B eroWs_were_, :killed by
of sixteen Men 'in one clay, at a crow hunt in the
neigiiborhood of Newtown, Ky. A CaptainCono,.
who -presented 387 ticalps,.. is now sixty-eight
years:of.age. Kentucky paper sayti;*"he bas
belonged to the militaiy-defeCtes - of ttie - c - ountry;
from the time of Harman's can - 40 - I;ff, down to
the taking of 'Brock's army at the &Mlle of the
Thamei.. He has probably_killed • lxiore Indians
thttn any man Ming..
POETinr.—The editor' of the ltaleighliegister
says.."the stars Stud the blue canopy of heaven,
like diamonds glittering in a dark cave:"
The - glection for -Governor-and- other i .statemfi
ficers was held in New-Hampshire the *eck be
fore last. tatty. 1111.4.(iran flUrenrwas re-eledt . -
ed .Governor by a small Majority.
ren~~ tylvri~ttri a iih t re:
torreepOndenoe of thi n Herald 8;,, Expositor.
,Harriaburg, March 27; 1828,
. ,
_ ../1111i 19th.—The Ronde. hits, after trying
alonglhe greater part of the session, hitelY
come monitrously indbityious; they thisiriorning
resolved-to. meet hereafter at 9 o'clock; A. M.
' Mr. Sharsivdoil stlbmitted'a resolution requir
ing all rail rolikktul-canal companies tyreaftis;
the - date - with tilaniairo
files, and spe c ifications of thelr,works, to he cOn
structecl on en nnifoim scale 'suggested by-the
Cabal Conniiisaldners; in Whose office theY'are to
be deposited,
Mr. Smith ottered a resolution authorizing the
clerk to Purcfisie; (or the use of the miMbers;
10,000 copies of the new constitution, al collated
with.. the old, end 'published by J. C. Clarki of
i'hiladelphiaLbut the ilotis'e; believing . that the'
doings of the -contignticiri had already - mist the
state a itacient sum of meney t , negatived the
resolution. , . .
Thejlinprotetitent Bill being Sgelh UnderCdtt
*Were ion, Mr toplan moved to insert 50 in lieu
of 623,000 In the the Mononga
hela Nevigation :Company—Yeas 25, nays 68
Mt Tyler melted to insert - 100 In place; of 451:=
000 in the apprOrlatiori to the Tagascociae ex
tension of the West Br:inch- 7 ,l'6as 23. nays 54.
The appropriation to, the Navigable Feedet on
iholitat sidli of •the Allegheny from the biirough
of Klttahing liehig-ul, gave rise to tt discunion
betireen the members from the nottil west:. It
was opposed by some from,an , apptehension that
It Would require the_construcpott4.l.llsm.eo_as
to intetiopt - thei. steamboat navigation of the Al
legheny. The 'biltrece .of the-second lit ctltin,
which ineludes the ro6Alinler of the appkopria- -
tions to the state rail reedit and cahtilii was id::
opted by a vote of 63. to 31: Some turtherarnsmV
inentr Were - protiosetii but,'-;ther-Were .. iitgatived
by large majorities. •
• In fienatei . the resolution troiti the Acids° lo
adjourn on the 29th 'instant; came up in order,
but *is tiosigoned.until Saturday next; by a vane
'of 14 to 11. Mr Stroh r n reported a bill eu)ksri
xing the canal commiiiioneig to '<teats ri canal
from Pittsburgh to Beaver: •
20th.—In the Mr Rytiti rive
notice that on to-morrow, he would' ask leave to
Whit in a trill to incorporate the West Philadel
phia Institute.
Petitions itiere teceived.and aortal ttnlinyiertatit
reports of comtnittees.inade, after Much tire ten.;
olderatiorrof the ImprOvetnint Bill wee 'tainted,
and much time 'Vent in discussing araendmenti
making appropriaticin.;lo 'autuiry 1'0%04 cipin 4 )
psalm too.numerous dna Onitaportant to then.:
den; after ivhich}he third section *as atit4ittd
bye Vote 0160 to 27. ' t he fourth 'section, making
ipproprittion'to the state' roads, was then read,
and the attack, in the way of imendoient.,*
renewed. *Mi. increased energy; init 'the true
Merida of - the-bill and of-tile _lmprovement eye
ifsertolynt46 resisted every brpak in
upon,lP -1 1MITtaily of tha II W i
to S ail t nflt!
fair proportions, or swell it to an imprudent bulk. .
The object of the enemies of the bill„'hei been;
Seeing they could not by open and fair-attack,
defeat it, to engraft upon it nuinerousobj ections
tie ejiiirejiirilittdhs to obscure and unimportant
_woritailbul!!they did netfinge editY enough in the
morninill to play this game. 'Yesterday lied te
iiiy;the whole ilme di the tiousis wee efinsurne.d
in readily. b.aiiing)tie Yeas anci.neye, And. begs. '
living ihZrdts ` altrFtrdmsinls . Ttri;qtrestion..hatit ;
taken upon the fourth section, it was passed by
~ Vote of 54 to 28. The } remaining sectioni of the
bill,- having • been gone through, the pill .pessed•l
and wai .ordered Id .be transcribed fora third
The Senate did not transitt intich busineiti
- day k as 'the , Imp.rfivement till will doubtless he
sent over to thefit to-inOriiiir„ithey will hereaf
ter have their hands full. - •
21.—This inorning.:Mr•McElwee
offered a resoluhort Which Was laid on' the table,
requiring the' Speaker to ascertain how monk
tnembeis:of thisHo'use are Preaidents, Directors,
Stockholders, or. Contractors In 'any canal, rail
itted or. urnjlike company to which appropriations
Ore liiiidtringhelinprovetnentilill..end also so far
practicable, how Many members aie . tikectly
infuriated in the Opp'roprittions contained In'said
bilk. Thii wait evidently intended as *hit at Me
Steeene, President of the Wrightsville, . York
and .oettysinirg flail heed coinvoity. r . • •
Mr .Fling aubinittecl'a: relolutiOn yr * hlch - was
lbw laid Oh the table, requiring the Secretary of
the tomtnOneinalth to furnish the tiouge with 'a
statement. of all the incorporated latituticini in
this atate; - .showing-tlitir - datea, catiitil, and_
titer incorporated by °the Legislature of under
the general law. -
_ '
The Improvement liiitheine titi on third reid
ink, when on motion of Mr-Johnson, the ligUse
resolved itself loto e committee of the wholCon
the bill. and struck out the 'appropriation of .
SIO,ODD for the survey of ti rail road thin from
_Chajobersbur• to - t'ittsbur.h. after this the bill
came upon third readinemittraa pawed by the
following vote avid sent to - the Senate:.
treas--Mtssrs man, Chamberlain;
of Cambria; Chamberlain ; of .-Crs - wford,
Cunningham, Curtis, Di Iler, Dillingham,
Dlromicit of:Fike;LllmOCk of Susquehanna, Ed
wards,—Ehrnitui;_Farrelly,_Flihg, Ford, Ptinit,
Garretstin,. ilarthe, Hayes, Hinchman,• Hook,
huglics, lviris, Johnson, Karns, Kauffman . , Kelm,
Morrison, Morton, Passmare.
PbrterAedilig, Reed of Erie, Reed of Flif-
IN:delphia; Reynolds- of. Luzerne, _ Richardsort;
Ryan, SaVvtiCY,..:olleitsar; Shortsi,'Smittr, Spack
.man,,Starlr, Stevens, Strobeckei, Taylei, Tyson,
Detvart, -
Nays—Meurs Coplan„Crispiti, Erdman, Feg
elY,Tell,!gel., Gilmore', Golciamith, - GORGAS,-
Hill of Barks, Hill of Westmoreland„liirst, Hop
We, Junes, Ki 'linger, Krebs, Leech, Longaker,
.McClelland, ftfaltvie, Park; Pray, Reynolds,
"OrWestmoreladdi, Ritter, Scabring, Sipes, Ste.
venson, Wolborn, Wilson, WGODIHIRN,
rick, Yost- 32. •
The local oi turnpike appropriation bill was
next taken up, but before it was gone through the
House adjourned. -
In Ser.ateron-fnoticin
bill wee made the order of the' day for Friday
next. .Ilir'.,Willty - itits care of the tiailc bill In ,
the Sendle—a different man froM S. Stevenson,
its guardian in the Hobse. The Senate bill will ,
Scial shape-a , the lionise will not agree to the
amendments—a committee of conference will be
appointed—the committee will not agree, or if
do;lhe report will bb negatiVed bar eitherone or
the other hottse—and so the hole thing will fail
—a result by no means to be deplored. Either in
this or_Aletne other way. the whole matter bill
Thursday Tyrotareitelution for --the :
purchase of 60 copies of Wharton% digeitifilthe
laws of thellnited - Statesi;Came - tip - ori- -- iecond
reading, Wien after being so amended to read
'WM hundred and hay was adopted. The
resoltitfon reciutting the A ualtbr General to audit
and settle the otuatanding debts dt • the Conven
tion, add providing that the debates shall not
ceeti four voluines,passed committee thishwhole,
adcfwas immediately taken upon second reading,•
when Mr. Garretson moved td itrlke out the pro-
Mesari. Stevens and Ford opposed the
motion to,strike_ouL_The motion was sustained
by Messrs. McElwee,. Gilmore and Garrebon.
The 'whole matter wasEnally referred to the
committee . on iictotinia. The local appopriatlon
bill occupied the attention of -the House the
greater part- - of this day, but before it Wai gone
through with the Hodse idjonrned.
In the Senate they. took UP - the report of the
committee of the Whole ;against this-bill granting
this right Of trial by jury to fugitive slaves, whets
M. Oearioriiddresied thetinate for an houi li
a . speech of great gt4ngth and ezierifiti_oPposi
tion-to the bill, which he deetheit tinconatltitticin.:
'al, hid td ifrciva' it 99, bratight a •great deaf of
legal authority and learning to beat' tin the sitbi
NEC — , Iteilifti - dittleittlficeXpedieifek - 6f
this med
sure,'arguing that Of legislation of the , kind binds
cicfree tlite.fepere of the 'slaVe. • Mr... Tames re- .
plied. In .this subjeet he feels an abitorblng in
terest, and hie rtimarks Were Very aralerit. gate
rat of the pOitione of the genitor from Mercer
liornet and overturned With a gOod deal ofability.
'he report of committee was concurred in - - - .-yeaa
17, nays li. Skits bill Mile. • '
.1 0 ,tiday 28.—The committee on tnternal
proireinentaisto Whom. that subject had been re
ferred, rethitte'd &wire* tii a Vurctitusi of the
right to use Fairbink's Patent Spark Extinguish
er' crt the reiltotis'of this CoMmonwesith.. The
cetialderatititt of the' toial appropriation tilt Wit
resumed; leveret timendmeate Wert offered, 'Mine
were adopted, bill moony more negatived:- The
bill wii Passe? on final reading by,the - ettisit*Ott
!of 42. .
!Tie Elands pined the Mil to establish lechool
I •
of arts, end for the endowment of colleges, by a
fote-of 2t to b.
Sttiuritay 21i:—t6e Udine 16.tiey Plisied
coitimittet the electioli.diatricr i bill, comprising
. .
about-1Z) sec:none; The committee on account,'
to whom that•matter hetf,heenystferreili reported
in Nvor ofpublishing: the debate. of the conytM7
Lion in full. hay will comprise shout fourteen
volutne# !L ' - -
ln the ligire,:filei - pasliiiMitrthe resolution ik
adjourn ortiie giikhifS. Iburld,y next.
Corresiwndenie of •lhe New Orleans tuttetin,
- 1101181 bk, Texas:Fell. 25.1552. •
DISGRACE 4 FUL'Ob Friday hest the
Pxisident was stoPpediwthe Wets, tit
rather was accosted; while in thestreet'
conversing with'his friends, by Col‘Wm:
S. - Fisherflate Secretary of War, 10 coma
pany with S. R.. Fisher, late Secretary dl'
Navy, and D. F. Weymouth, late Urns
mlisary. General of-Subsistence. Col,
'..".7FfirgErc — Wfilinirlttrapokrunantar
ktiottn enemy or the President, walked,
up tH Mtn (While the.bther , named' per
soils rahged Ott - melt/et with the Piesi
dent in the centre ' ) both in aft angry man
ner 'lnd spoke him.. The President
who you know' is remarkable fur his po.
.11teness, received. the _gentlenien id his
politest manner.: Fisher. then asked kith
to repeat Or Tetrad certain eitprestkOs
relative to Flinn, to Col 1:). T. Weigh.'
IriOtitliv the President refuted to notice it;,
he ,theft reqiiested• to know if he held him
reisponalble for his expressions 'andl
actions; th'e. President replied; : . that, for
hitofficial sal; he Was resptinsibie to the
petiple=his• constituents, tint for his .per .1
stinalacts:he Was Personally iesponsillie.
Fisher then requested to knb* it he ;
Gell.•Hpiiston, Would receive'
tit which the President replied he
.wouldi Here the scene ended., have
doubt it was 'their intention to attack
him, but were awed by big coolness,'and
perhaps they felt not quite sure, but
what they wiatildo catch a Tartar. In -an
hoirr or twit after their• sheeting, a chal
lenge was handed ttt the President troth
W. S. Fisher.. The President im
hiediately referred it to hiSitervantr boy
Wcieri k who carelessly put it in 'his pocket,
.saying, informed the-Atectind that *Lis
then getting, ready tit Start tri_NaCogdrich.
Es, and that he would - think-of the affair;
eVents said ,he, I shall glib lithe at=
tention Bitch a.thing inerjts. Thus en
ded this disgraceful affair to all parties
corireintif, — Twit-filltee-xcepticiiv-of-Gen
Houston, who has _with his usual-tact;-
made the gentlemen get the iltorit of
affair as yoit *lll tic tinutit think. The
Preiident started-for-Nacogdoches on
Saturday morning, report says he brings
back - a wife, however,
_1 do riot pretend
- • •
-There Wis of
tiorior - si_fe* days since, between 'a'Capt.
Antignire .and,..a Mr. 'Johnston but the
civil atithority
inen, and liotind theta - tt - keep the-pearl.
'Philadelphia Jlhrketi
For the Week: en d ing -March 24.
FLOUR &S 1 tiALj Gnocl bianderlf Flout. hit,e
been in request rot- export; and a from 11 hi 5000 b%
hay e n take n ats7,So, list' bode., high
Not much can now be had at $7,50. Sales °TOT
Gioit $7,621, a d
,Rye Fluur has sold at $4,75. Coin Meal, sales,
Very large, and the market has .been cleared at
$3,25 in Wills, and $l6 aft in hints. Illtiekwhetit
Flom , is down to $1,371 ] a 2,25 per cwt. • . I
of 403 bushels of Wheat I
have sold at $1 62 a 1,65 for prime dutneatie, and I
$1 50 fur fair foreign. Rye , salts at 03 a 95 . ..c15.
furnlomestig,..„ ; Corn is higher, dales of soult)ein
Yellow atAOO cts. - afloat. Pennsylvanid at the
Same price• from store: pats, ,aalesby the targb
Lufsout.hernat 33, cts perhu:sliel.. • "
•ITlei ric . eis.
For (he week enditig March 24.
r LOU It—city
. Mills, .$7;75; extra $B. How
ard-strelli-,from ons..s7,so4.frotikAlotts
s`l,6oGRAlN—Wheat, f`oreig;i a 1,65; dOmes
tic $1,55 a 1,60; Mit sales, but doubtful if it would
now hring within, 5c -I, e.r bus el—Gorn,,~Whi[e
65 a 6 . 6cuellowi 67868; Oats, 31 a 32c. • Wye;
foreign, 85c; domestic 82 a 85c. •
CIAITE.IISEED—Scarce and in deifiand at $8
for ptinie. • I
WHJSKFAC—Vrorii wations, 28ct from stores in
htlds 32c; bbls 33 'ets.
.0n the 24th inst. by the Rev: Dr. Greenleaf,
Dr. M. Itoatrisoxvor. the United States
Nana . , to Mini um, dingier of Commtidure JCEIC
D. Elliott cirthe Uniked States Navy.
On ThUrsd_ay th e Ist inst. .by tits Rev;
John Moody, An. Huctt Mctrnit, of Indi
tins, to. Miss ELLEN GIBBS, of Cum
herhiinrconntie,--Pa, -
On Thursday, the Bth inst. by the Iley.
H. VVildon, Mr. Juin; HATTON, to Ml as
Ettzait wilt, daughter of . Mr. Martin AuFh7
inbatigh, all of SoUthativion township, CUM
berland county. • '
In this boiough, on Monday morning
Jogs HawnTin, at An , advanted
On Sqfidaymorntng.laat, In tbld tioriiugh, at the
tesidance of Jason W:Eby, E. Colima JAMES
NEAL, ibrinerly High' Stiehit Of Cumberland
ic - o — tiftlf ;VOA 61-y
A Philadelphia
• ri7 I HE., proprietors of the - lartest FaMity Netts
-I_, paper - published in Philadelphia. tieing en
gaged,in other business, will dispose of their Im
diense list:tipon moderate terins. Soy otie
ling to embark in the buldneas. The-paper would
be a source of great' profit to Purchasers who
could givo,their nndividpd.attentioit- to it.
&Mile, *arch 26. 11538.:::;4w . _
_ -
{KUHR übstribet thankful for past -fagots re
-4,1- spec fully informs his friends and the psblic
generally, that he still continues to manufacture;
and,has constantly-on hand, c large B;nd - tellers!
assortment of Hats=-consisting of g . * • •
,IW6ile, Black; and Drat
• SILK nil's ;
Naniafideired ihe Wed sty
Of ciWashiOni, Black itpirwhite
iteavir and Oiler Drabs,;"
Caster, Roram; and Boy's Rids, 'of 'eve t -14 80 0p.
Ike has ;just received the New York Spring
faihimis: and employs the miNst ,qlel.-
hist. ..d. e4perieucet
workmen, he tlattetabimself that he shall be able
tOsender ample satiaTaction to all,who may favor
him with a call. His shop id fiont street,•neat
door to Allr.ltelfieman s Inn. Tli lltittliP are
igtvitod to pall and elynnine for themselves. I
. .101111 CAST.Y:
Iltirch 21, 1638.--If 17
. 1), •
$50,000 !P.!
Nearly u many , prizeaas blanks
For h benefit or the Petersburg Benevolentl
• Mechanic Association. • .
• Class No. 3 for'lB3 8. • •
To be drawn , at Alexandria. Va... on.flaturdayi
21st April, , 1838.. • • •
.751filitiber Lottery—.l4 drawn ltallobi;
iilbsllll CENT SCIIICISIC:' 7 '
/ Capital Priie .of $50,000
Splendid erise of . 10,000 •
•_ . 1 Prize of • 5,000
1 . do. , 2,000
.•i do• , • -* 1,6 a
.10 Prizes of • 1,090
' * lO . do• • 750 , •
' 12 • dd• • . - 500'
- 75 'do` .- 00
100 do • • l5O •
725 do - . , .125 EcC: *
fiCketioulpslo,—Ainre's fii •
t'dl• ps6ksiges of 25- W hole tiOtall 8130 . 00
do . do . .25 Fl4lr 'dd 65 00
do • do' 25,,gparter. dd 82 SO
-$30 2 COO Otipitat. ,
Class No 2 fur 1133/3;
To be drawn at Alexandria. Alt; Sattirday, April
• - 14, 1838.
epleddid Bchemea3o,ooo—iopoo-006-
3 ,140--3,000-L2,500-2,000-50 01 /,000-20
of 500! • • •..
Ticket $lO, shares in proportion. ••'
Cer of peckagei Of 25 Whole tickets $l3O 00
do 'do • .25 half -cfe; . 65 .00
ad do- 25 Quarter' 32 AO
For endowing the 'l.stuirg -Academy and for
other purposes. 1493, for 144". V
To be drattm at Alekinclria, Satdrday
April 28,1835.•
agpitsa'rizes- i -30,090 dolts! 8,000 clollsi,4Aoo
3.0001 2,5002 1,0174! 100 prizes of 1000,
• Ticket's only slo—shares in proportion.
Cer of packages of 25 Whole tickets,-
do-, do 25 flair do 65:00
Ofdrs Shares of Certificates
of - packagti - in the above Magulfieent Schen - les,:
will receive tha most, prompt attention, and.all
official account of each draWing sent immediately
:after it is overt° all who order filom us. - Address
I). S. GREGORY tr. Co. Marligeri.7 -
Waslcingtoli City; U. C.
Jr -
IHarcl~ 26, is3B—td'
. .
—rlik;Eaublcribers have - josereceived
Cif lir Siewirt; (formerly occupied by_
:Minutia directly oppesite
Pochrirtert hotel; in the borough of Shippett . sburg;
a large ussortment,Ofseri!sonable
:itityfo,ll, , , , -,:whicii-nr:e_iuperfin awl common-Lon-jou'
, . _
eamitnereti ;
Fine and Cummon Stiitinetts; a handsome assort
-ment of -
For Gentlemen's wear, painted' ". lawns. and Nltts ,
line, Gingitains, London tirid 4 Arneritair'pritus;
Black and Yanby coloured Italian Lute'strings and
ged-Jle-nap, Silk, and Hernatd ShaWIS add Hand
kerchiefs, 8-4 Damask linens. English strawi Flo
rence Braid; and Tuscan Bonnets, liibboUS, - &Ca
- • : Lteitittg ,Shoe*. •
atisses' and Children's Lasting shoes.
Young and Ohl lij+.44m, imperial and lita'alt Teas, •
Vresll,l together with a general assortment of:
whieh they will sell at Prices tor.;iTircilie tames.
They most respeethilly• solicit the public to
give them a call, ,
Js & D. K. WUNDEiILiCtI, & Co.
ajtotaitry produce taken in eidhange for
S,liippetisburg.bfirch 22. 1838:.;-tf U'
CUST received genuine silver plated Honks
and Eyes, and for sale bjr C. 11ARNIXE.
ECEI'VEDliesh ground Wheat Flour, and=
for sale by C. II'AI.INITZ•
bASII 'WILT iltaingEn AND TIII.DTriI .
TIII1TT•1110111r. ' 9
WE, The People of the, Co t 3) onwealth
Cf Peprisilvinia, Ordain and -establish this
onetitution for its Goverim'ent.
Section I. The legiSlaiive p'oWer of this
Commonwealth shall be vested itya General . '
Assembly, whicyshall • consist of a Senate__
and House of itepresentivei. •
Section WThe representatives shall .be,
chosen anunally, by the Citizens of the city of.
Philadelphia and of each county respective. , •
ly of he second Tuesday of October
?Rodin 111. fin person shall be a repre
entative who shall not have attained the age
of twenty one years, and have been a chi.
zen and inhabitant.of the State three years
next pre - Ceding - hity.election; and;--the lan •
year thereof an inhabitant of the7tfitarkt is
and for which he shall be chosen a refire.
;tentative, unless he shall hive been absent
on the public business of the United Statei
or of this State: ' :; • •'
Section IV. Within three Year; afterthe
first meeting of the General. Assembly, and
within every subsequent' terns, tsf 'seven
years,.an"enurnetatton of the taxable inhabi
tants, shall be such' Manner as shall
be directed bYlai,W. The riomber of repre
sentatives shelf attire Bei/era_ periods ~ cif
making snob enurtieration,"be- fixed by flit "
Legislature, and.apportionecl awn the city
hi Phi)adelphia and the several counties,:
aeeordin; to , the number of taxable inhabi
tants in each:' and shall nb/cr be lesi than
'tasty` or greater thin one hundred. • Each .
enmity shalt:have at least one representative,
.but no ettinny hereifter erected shill!, be en • .
titled to 'a separate , rzpre"septltion until -a
sufficient number of taxable inhabitants shall
be contained withliiit, to entitle them to one
representatiire' agEetiably to the-ratio which
Shall then be established. • ' • , •
Section V. the.senators shall" be.thosen
for three year by the , citizens of Philadel- ,
phia,und of the'several counties tit the same
time, in the same Manner., and se the same
places where they. stud) 'vote foi repiesentav
Section VI. The:number of senators shall,
at the several periods of making the enume ,,
ration before: mentioned, be 'fixed by, the
Legislature and appal trotted among the, dis
.trits formed AS hereinafter direcletig4tecortt
ins to the. npmber
each and ,shaji . never fin thaw one
fourth, tpy greater than riOd;thirp;otifler
Winter. of