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    oAnu - sLE Feb: 27, 1838
• . IVIn.• CztAart:- , -DiseusSion : has-lately ,
/nide the subject of - n4gro , - Anfrvage•an
interestingquestickti of Constitutional
— 11 W; nr,Supeeme C'ourt,havit ''' r •defe'r
- rnitted it Ina ease lately argued.
dry, Whose. Opinion was•-writtep OS:.
.. .0 ii,efJusticeGlbson, and ; delivered to . liite for. publication in-the-vol,•
ue which has just left the
.. pre,ss,."l
. ii enti.it_t. a 4...9 i . for - publicaticrm• • ~,-„, .
• . ..Ihe.'Atiestion arose ,upon a 'lveit o f
.• iwrarl.o.the judgement .Of the ° Gotn:no
.Pleas of Luzeette County, in aetitia
. .
by • Wm. Fogg,.negru, againgt
lliibbOnspector, at:ld Levi 1.3a1c1 winand
others, Judged of 4ie E.leeli 'n, for
tiinglhis vote. the -court Belo ti J e
•Pliintiffredp .
~.beidg, ii6ini . 6ll , ...tliatrd hegro,has . pta
Tight•tii . vote.tindei Our present eptvio .
ttit ion,. the judgmcile.rl
:, • .Atespeetfa3Y; ,
• , , FREDI - WATTS.
.V I7 I.LI,TAINI Fiso6, ' •
• . _
- .
otherk- - .
The opinion as lhe Cnuit-was,deliVr!
eeed by Glusot!,-11,J.
'`his-"record. raises, a" second time,
:the dnly . ,questidti on , a phrase in the
Constitution, which has. oecured since,
adept ion.;
,fat,;(l .however • parti z ans
:May have disputed the wisclonn_of its
provisions, no-man has disputed - the
clearness and precision of .its ph reseolo
gy. We liave"often been called 13 i3on
to - enforce its limitations
. 40egislative
power; but ithe : business - o'finterpreta
ti - on'was inciderttal, and the difficulty
was not,.in _the :diction,. •
but .in 'the
uncertainty of the act to which it was
tbe a p-elted.' have, Said, a qbeit len'
_a_phrase_.hasA tl rioe a
It would : be more acCritate
to say thesqme question has
,arisen the
secOnd:tinte.. About the year 1795, as
I have it from James Gibson, Esquire;_
'cif the Philadelphia Par,ihe very point
before us Was ruled by the High COurt
of Errors -- ,an_dA,p - peals . against the
. deelined - an invitation.:to be eonceined,
" in the argument. - and - Mierefore has no
he: .
- = - MemOrandifinzo.f_t- :cause4o,d cause,-.
•to the record. I .have, had the office
searched for it-,..hut - the, papers:had' tab.
leis into such disorder as to preclude a.
hopt.of its : - discovery. -. .Most - of them'
- were cmperfeet, and . many- Were-lost-or •
• ..iiiiiplaced: - •l3ui - Mr:.Gibson's rernent•- .
brance.of thedeeisi r, isperfeet - and etr,, -- .,
titled, to ell ecitifidet.tee.
_That-the ease
• Was 'ntit • reporte s probably - 13 wing .to
the fact that the judges gaVenoreasonsi
an . 44lte:-.43,:mission .iv-,iliepr,goii - e - . - "r2t.: - .
ttella'Slirreiiiift df it 'Wad id have
. pu t
• thequeStion at rest and prevented much
• mitileasant excitement. Still. the judg .7 .
merit is not the less authoritative as ,a
percedent. Standing as the court of
last resort, • that tribunal' bore the
' same. relation to this 'court, that the
Supreme Court does to the. Common
Pleas; and aslts•authority could not be .
questioned then, it can not be question
. ed now.. The point Aberefore .is, not
- open to discussion on original ,grounds.
iles - it - prolier-te-showl-71 ha t-their--dee i
-. -idn4ailininded 'litho trde,.principles
of‘the Constitution. In the (irk section.
of the third article, it is declared that
"in ,:elections by the citizens, every.
ittEEPtAN 'of 'tke .. age.. of twefity-one
3earS, having residttl in the State it'd
' years'. before the eleetidn", and haVing
Within that, titne.pdid a State er . coU:nty_
tax,."_shall_enjoy_the rights of 'an_elec;
for,. Now the argpment of those who
._aisert the claim of the colouretVpopula
tion„,is that a negro is a man; and, when.
not befit ',to involuntary servitre, that
he is tree; . etinsequently that he is a, l
...freeman; and if a freeman in the coin'
mon aceePtation of tlre.tertn,thert a free,;'
man in every accptation of it. This pithy
. and syllogistic Sentence comprises the
Whole argumenewhich, howeVer elabnra.:'
ted, perpetually gets back to the point
- -from, vhichit started. : The fallacy AK: it,
ie itsidstimption that-the_tertkOf • free : .
dont' signified. nothing but exemption
' from involuntary ,service; and that it has,
" not : legal . signiAcatiori.moice OecifiC. The
• . 'freedom of a municipal torpok(tion, or,
---- binr.Fpolitic,. • implies ', fellnWdhip . atii
jtatttcipation of corporate"- rights: but
an inhabitant of an incorporated Aide,'
whets neither se'rvant nor slaye p thetigh
bound bY.it_S-Idvo3, may. be riiik, freeman
„Ili r'esp'ect_ of its goferrnierit. has in
664. been affirmed by test writers, that'
• A babittinee,and paying scot end lot, gives
- nt , i incidental right to . corpora te fre dom,.
lixit thre 'Coiitts. have 'refused to a I otVl-;
7 -- Cilgeiteiierl-Whenhthe-charter— ' med:
to imply, a
it,nd,, when not d - Veit
4 1
front prescription . Of grant, it haslieen
Aleemeci, ii qualificatitin niferely, and -tint
a title;.' - '(Wildox;,ctiapi.;o, pt,, 4:5•13.)
. Let
-it;nnt ,13C.',541' that - theiegtil • Meaning
of thewordlreeman, iipacular, toPrit
,,. InC.A'-
he''cli:arterit 'ind:Constitutions - Of
• ' It ) . enrittylviania..,..•The,lawd. agt . .ee . d' upon
" . i6:fitiglancliti:Altty;llB62,, use,tVe . Wo4
- itftliitVeifie'iense r inci even : furnish A
difiniti ' , ;47/I'it::'' • "Diery. inhabitant
.'---orif,'ilaiii:iirciiiine.nihi r t,-bi'cii shall be -J
pUrchasero one i un re acres 0 . ,. : ant1 .
. 4.0 i. upwards,. his,heirs and assigns; 2nd
_, eicry,'peiatin:"*o 'Shall have. - --plid , itis
rL Patutige.' , "ancl... shall have "taken ar.i , : . prie
hundrediierefi 'cif,land . at a penny an
• 4cre, - and have, culiliated - .ten.,aeres
:thetieof.;:l . tund, eyerjr..‘persim that ; , larttit.
. beer oa, servant
. bihis service, khst have taken , fip
hi..a'fifty acres Oland. , and •shail have
, twenty thereof, arid' every
,inhahitants, arti fi cer, or other, residgrit
rrin-thg said provigce that pays scot and
I , ,
t lot to be deemed
and accounted
province: and' 'every such Icersim* shall
be capable-'Orelect Mg or Ateing-_--,eleete*
.represehtativs`oftlie.peoPle in nrOyiti.:
vial councilor gettersl assembly of the ,
said province.'-'; NoWc." . Wlty--- this min'.
ute anal el ahem t e 41 eta il .I . lad
.irended that4*lll . trut-servaritis,'and.sla,ves
.should . be - freemen, to every intent; it
•Itad been easier ankmore natural io.say
so. 'Hui it Was not intended.' It .was
foreseen that there would be juhabita . nts,.
neither -. planters •`taxable,. who,
thOugliifree as the Winds 'might bennsafei
deposii3Or' r power;,
iesof popula. and ,'the
• • .
design . was idmitno man, fo.the free
dem,orthn , )r . ov it . ,c.e.whO had-itot a stake.
41'14. l : :T,hat _the freedoin . .of the proVr-,
i nee who had 11;1. stake . i n . it. -%
.T hat
the. clause, which relates to freedom by
service; - iiias - not intended for - rria nu in
ted slaes,.is•evidentfrinviiire 'fact that
there 'were none:, and it • regarded-, not
slavery, but - liniited - servitude , expired
by-effiu x -Of At - thrit - timts - T- --- c - er . .;
taints, the case-or a.manumitted srave,
prof h isAohorn progeny, was not con
templated tO be provided on
the fciunderia.schern'e of policy. I . haVe
qinlied,the - paSsage,,..however, to sho . W
that the *MA fkeernan. : WaS applied, in,a
a peculiar_sense to the, politicaLconipact
Of our .ancestors, resting; 'like -a capo
ratibit, on . a,..eltarter-Sront the crown;
and exactly:as . it was applied' to :bodies
pbbitclat home. --In 'entire consbnalice,
it was deelared,in the Act- of Union,
given at Chester in the same year,. that
strangers and . foreigners holding land
.'aceording to the
,tats a•Treenfatr,',arid•
promising obedienee to the , proprietitry
as as iallegianee- ; to the . erown,
"shall- be held'and-reptited freemen. of
the proiinee and - COUtities aforeaaid"—
and it was further declared that when
a_foreignet "shall make request to.
'governor ;of the jsroVi n,egil i tip• the a fo re- ,
iaidfreeituni", the-sarhe. person shall '
irdinated,on the 'Condition's herein ex
prease_d:4aprig-twenfliallli.-g-S ster
ling in&
sion peculiarly appropriate Co co&porate .
o w i.p:_ Th.o_,,word • in the . same
- aenee pervades.the.Chartor of Privile
.ges, the Act cif-Settlement, an - dthe - Act
_o_f_Naturalization.,-io,the r ,prearrible- - tri.,
the last - Which ~it 'Was- sat d tha t some of
the . . Were "foreigners,hd
not freemen according, tti . Altet.nceefita- .
tnn. of the - laws ofT 4 ttglan*: , "-.1 - t held
Ata . ,place also inlhe-iegisfatiVe sly 1e..0f
erpetmentf.d r Ov i n AO the - adoption of the
,present - 65itstlititien; after which,. the
d -- con-
sent of the freenien,"‘were left out- and
't.he * sub'stituterl,7, --- Thu - s I
,the' instant when the_ phrase on'
Which the question -turns, was pended,
tlieterm freeman- - had a peculiar and
specific sense, being used like the •texm
citizen which supplantetth, to denote
'one who had a voice
The citizens were denominated free- i
men even. in the- Constitution of 1776 I
--,and under the present Constitution,
the word; though dropped in the style,.
-WaS -11 Se d dale gistitire_azt s con v ert ible_
1 7 144. h-el eetors,iaiLlate.,..asAlte_yeay,„l7 bBl,
when in grew into disuse.. In an act'
passed the: fourth of April hi 'that year
for the establishment of certain plecticin
district, it was, for the - first time, used
inilistriminately with that. Word; sirice
itrher, it has been .entirely disused. : H
Now - it will not-be *ter:dell that leg-,
.meant to have it inferred that
every . one not freeman, within_ the
pervieW should be deemed' a slave; and.
how Can a convergent intent be copee„3:
ted from the same ivord itythe Consti,
tution, that everyone ,not. a . .slave is to
be accounted an elector? • Except for!
ills word' citizen 'which stands in the
.copteitt also as a'term of qualification, an
aflirmance of• these propositions would
extend the . ‘ right of .Stftfrage to raliens;
- and.,to - gdrnit of . an'Y exception to the
argument; . iy force being le'riv.ed' from
_soPposed. uniVersality tif the
term,'would deatroy. it. Once concede
- that - there-may , be a_ freeinin iii line
sense'of it; who-is not soHii--arrother;-
,incitheAvilide ground IS. sit rre nd ered
In what sense then must, the Conven
'On - of - 1 - 79(rire - suppet - ed - tu hurt: used
the terthl QuestionleSs in that . which
it had acquired by irse .in public acts
Ind - legal - prodeedings. - foi -the-leadori
that - dill - Atone statute is to' be exbond;
ed )4136'30. , othe meaning of things
spoken and written, must be as - hatli
been etinstantly. reeeived, i ' (Vaitgh
169.) .On this VrincipleiAt-ia difficult
to disCoVe r i - howth - TWOrd - fieernan, as
used4n previodiptiblic.acts, could have
been motani tO . , eolnincelielid -a • coloured.
rape. As well'afight it be supposed that:
the declaration'of'unQeitial - -a'nd-unali
enable freedom in both our. Consead
tions, Was meant to comprehend
NOthin ivaieVeritnttree"omprehensive
ly-predicate-d-rat—ura practical - 1 n force=
ment of it would luive • liberated every
!flatre,. in ltw,S l ale;'Yet nCiagated, ttitaVe . .:
ry, 104.4aotiptY64 ekist amond tia'
derogation of-it,..Rules of interpreta
tion . denfandTa §ltlety • ierlial eunitrun
iir-notl)ipgrlivr-A,111,6,iral Otole: and
a cnoSiitntion •tp he -consti . ued atjll
more' .even ' a , repriediat
one, heciuie „a ,e6nYnntioll
fOr Masses, • can do . ljttle More than .
marlean outline of fundarriKital printi
ples,"leaving.the interior , gyratinus and
details to 'be• filled up byerdinary
"Conventions itflead_ed ; to
regulate th,o" F eenducl.of nations,"" said
Chif Justice Tilghrnan - in the. Farmere;
Bank v. Smith, 3sBetgit. 81. Rawl - . - 69;
"are not to 'oe construettlilieartieles of
aireemeut - itrtli - e - edhTeton-law
. .
Tbr exrlcqr *ivaltU, anix
!)I*.JllTle - i fnlipi6ii'de 0`0 . 1.0-public tvi*lb-:.
ler 4.-' tra et.' 9f. land : Lildn4o . lo : 4 (.41,1. - 7 :
lwilectlink'these tirlei,. ; ,Styiet ruleS - . 4 . .
-construction , may..b4-,adlietett to —and
:Lit is best tty shouldbe .adhered to,
though sometimes at tbe expenselofjus
-- ; it ---' It - WI - de - -
i But w ere- mu t 0 s are to be
1 airee s ted the.. conStrtmtion. of( , ian:
.aniendinen t,'" weal , reardi - s - to-be: paid
to the spirit . , and intention. " e - What
' haler key, AO theSe,,thart:the.toneof,an T .
tecedmit legislaiiott ' the.
application . of the, disputed terms? '
_'-I.3ut„in - addition teinterPretatiOn from_
usage,- this antecedent _legislation Cur . -
nialtes. other prOols - fthat , -ne. • coloured
race was party. to Our : social compact'r--'
t.AS , Was firstly -;remarked. by • liresident
fox io the matter,of the late,
.eontested .
ele . 'etion - , - , eur. -. anceitors'itettled - the pro,
ii_nee. as-a cointriuiiity,Lof • 'V,ltite'rnen.,
and the blacks 'Were. intrthhiced'ititoit ,
as a race of Islaves— whence . ati. - uncon=
, querable..,prejudice:ofi,es . tate.which-ltaS '
come, doWnAo_ourday;:ipsonmelrthat:,
a suspicion of taint still has the unjust
efrect, of.sinking the subject of-it helew
the common-leVel.. Coniistently?With
•this prejtidice,.is it to_ be . credited-that.
parity of rank would beAllonied to such-!
&race! Let tlfe answered
-by-the -Stnititelrof--1-1.26 - which -- deimari--. -- ;
nated-ii_an_Lidle-and- 7 a-ilothfaltpeoplo; 1
Which direCted 'the ' bind.
outrfree 'negtot.:s- for , laziness or. Vagran
cy ;Av filch forbade them to harhorin,_
d iarr or mulatto:slaves on pain Of-ptinish
pent by fine. or'to deal s _with___fiegro'
slaves.on pain of strips; ..which-annex
-Mt to .tie--inderdiet . or marriage With- a
l white. -- the penalty of reduction. to sla
very; which punished themlcir tipling.
'with - stripes..and--On-a-white----person
with-servitude for, inteitnarriage with a
negra..- --II frevnan,;in:a.political sense,.
. were - subjecti'of these 'cruel and degra
ding_opPretisions; what - ti - Mst have been
(the lot of their brethern in bondage.—
It is also true that degrading
.wer_e_so_metimeassiAsed_to_whit 111(1.1_
-butnevei , ---atr'-iiienibersaalacaite' - ' - in. --
,slovent.debto'Hi, to inclienTeiheworstnf
cthem, - _were compelled: . to make! - Satial
-- factiureb y scir3ittrderbut-that , -::AVai, 1i0.:4,
towed front-a, kindred4pA:-Stift-leitif,tii."-
titma...,prin_eiple.ofthe commck„law--
I.T.ltia .acy:if-': - .1".# remained . '
!ist=fOrcefill:ii - was: repealed by etnfinci •-
jatingjet Of .1780; -:and - it is irrational
to d beheve that the progretia - of liberal;
sentiments was - so-rapid hi' the next ten
- yearsasito-prodnee - a .. determination-in
the convention - of 1799, to raise •this.
d_elireased_raceitsohei eie_LoE t b e_i.i.liit_e_
one. If "such' were its-._pUrpose, it -• is
i_stranger-that the-word- 'choson to effect
rit, should have been the.very-onerche
*sett by the cotivention'of 177616 de ,
signatc , a white elector., "tvery
freeman," it is said Chap. 1,1, _See I: V I,
Hof, the full age, of twenty 'one 'years . .
having -resided in this state for the
space of one whole year before the day
of eledVarA, and paid taxes during that
time shall enjoy .tll - right of 'an' elec
tor." Now if the word freeman were
not potent enough to admit a free ne
ii. iisiirivis - ttillitruit -to-dise-errr-a---degree
of - rma - gio -- in .- the-intervening-plan-oi
emancipation sufficient to give it ade-
quate potency, in the apprehension of
the convention tinder the second.
The only thing in the historY of the
convention, which. casts a doubt upon
the intent, is the'fact - that the weft!
• .
_white was prefixed to ihe word freeman_
l in the report of the committee, 'and
superfluous, Or still more probably be
-Cathie it:was feared that - respectable men
of dark complexion' wOuld often be in.
aulted at the polls by
,ohjectiOni to their
colour. •.1 have hoard it said, thai
'Oallatiu,sustaitted.iiis motion to strike.
ont.on the litter greund. ,What' ever
themotive, the - disseverance is inatiffi-.,
cient to :Wrap the interpretatiop, of
-word of such .settled
,and iletermthate
•Meaning as the one whiCkremained.r
-IA-legislative body'speaks to the judica
yy only through. its final ect, St - ot presses
t s-ttri I rt--th a -ward i
their meaning nil •intluenced.bY the
lsense in which they haVe usually been
yeeieve ati• explanation of them from ,
What-his . 6'C:en moved or .
said iii'debate. :
The-place-nf a judge is his `forum
- the - legislatiVeltalt Where 11e-even
diSposed to,pry into the motives of the
rnerfiliers, imposiibie for
him to dacertain them; and in',attem pt
discover, the ground, on which
the conCliiiiiif - Was attained, it ilatint
.probable - thatfa - rnemberefille majority
could indicete any that was common to
Previous propoSitiOns are merged'
-in- thelact-of-consurnmation . ;_anci - thein
erPretei of it mirit.lOok toAhatalone.
have thought it fair . te, treat .the
iptetition_aS it stands,.... l affected by our
ril eip ale, tt ti Wit h ont.
lustrationsfroin' thlaSe'df ',other
Oft ere::,the " Condition -, the
per toisey. second ,aeotion,
the lotirttriarticteOCilteFederal Coin
stitotion - ‘:::preSettl;:en -04
seetriedrOn`,fiTiKg. 4 , negro i t *W it !ell I ,
s to be.insupe'ranle - ;: o
!iiemberecl, that ciiiiensl4,ai Will -al
freedom. ?s, i ful 'qualifiet-,
Aiorti and itow.,it 'OUltt 'be "enfiferied:lso
asle.overbeor,47l,4ilol -
less 'disabilities.ort:him..iniother. states;
is a ., ,iirobleni-._of. difficult' solution.
-this. !taped, the question::,tlecernCs one . ,
„not'Of i nten ti On', bat of powert and pe. UN'
er so doubtfulls to forbid the: "exercise
of: it. :Evert:man must lenient the:pe
ietissitY;9llbeac i
ts 6: tolteal . Ay tb by 'Alins'e . .r:boe
is,telrieeiTtieptnihi otv the iikilty , ii - thL:wiliCh
it ;is .4
4 014 • Giinsi.deratibns. of mere
with .which, jutlgeit,• - we have nothing
to do;'and interpreting the•ebnstittition
in - the spiritof our ‘ytt institutinntt, - We
•:arer r io,nnO_tkprori . - pupoe'thittrado:of cot
our.are.destitute . ofiitle 'to the eleltive
franchise. Their biond,.hoNtteyer, miv
becomes ,tlilu AupcqssiV94o o Pi!t:
't6 to' toopelp.esltiictive character; anil
then both pviicy , and. justice require
that:prriou,s ttisabil!tie;v ishouid
- IV' the' Amendefl:: 'Sotist i t U
Carolina; f rtnu o llate,:Or free
per.son,of, mixed, hipptl,,,tieeenktett from
n egi ova t theticiurtly:gen.o:atioti
jaclusiye,, , tho:ugh. one ancestor olecie4
generation: -ntay -46Cen ,:a!ltite•
;person ; shall.-vote. for of the
re-glilatiori Sur, ,practiCal .. - purpose,
been attempted here;_ in conseqbetice of
- etiery, :case - of disptited:Yeelet - it:
nou's . f: ..detervp,med :by. no particular
rule but by:the discretion Of theyuclge,•
and thus • a gretit constitutional
even tinder the proposeJ anieinithents
n.f the •constttuOuti,,
sport of •
_aprice; .• conclusion' ive
.reef tlie _could. erred
_in di- .
-recting-that-the pJantiff,could - haveliis
action against l the defendant' fur the re
Judgment. reversed.
The 411e4heny Deiizoci•cii, an uniform
advocate_of the . .adniinistratiuns of Jack"
son,' Yaw Buren• and• j‘s .
nonnced by. the Pittsburg IVliirtury, be -
cause, like thous ands -of-Otlterylin. Buren
ate!' in the state;'.: its editor is oppotiecl to
the sub-treasury,saieme! • In .sp - eali:ing'
of the'instr.uctiog resolutions passed-by
our legislature, tlie editor of the Demo-•
crat remarks,..ihatA`this'distin - ct action.
"tin the part of thelletnocraey
vania, will, jt is iiresunied, consignythe
unfortunate. vuli trtmsu prfliogittUii;
to •tu rulier
11 1 1 7 . i i ; - ot•ea t , 'lj .. itt )
6410f, : )tace1d%
~ivolocrat,.As t .
„,,• ; A -, "
"'toccrlrkansk inone to remain
-,e cos wro atit,t,tt itoltottAttglit2,-a4lll-U-11 7 -
inr himself. . • • emu° .44"-tianktiess - ttoca'rry .out: their
designs- 7 sit,fire ~to:sthe ~illagc of
Waterloo. aja . ,the - Jl'wellitigs of the trinit : :
tfOloo:s::j,ji In al Ai a jo rb 4 y . fa,
to i .cfi I a i
ti`l,l4 - lat ati -b - c:6l - :i e g ett' Tit t us
rrtneasures i , : ,utiOverttually_4iiitgAisitti,2
A war 'bet w eenslie:;t - 4O' tj o s:
to the: Vhillanc en z!,ol7- ' .t,iii : -...NVOrth; their
11 hick is ike - Shiopialter
although Tor some time a dispute - 00kt,
is now., no longer an , - „open:_xptstiOtr, - ;41
When, the baiik . was :up in the AA Se
.yesterdak._ . Garretsbn propos'ed a'l
new .more elTticttially , _reSt . rit.:(
the issuing of npte utidertire denomina
;of: Ave dollar •co ra mon ,- par-
men of sliinplasters: The',Se..tion was
adopted; but the great mass ni the Van
Buten party opposed ii,cno-twithstanding
their loud denunciations of-• Small: notes
Both its and•out 61 the Ilouse.: :Jere we
have them. In the:negative voted MesSrs.
Brooks, Clark,. Coplani Crispin bint:.
ock, (Susq.) - Fegely, Geiger, Gilinyti.e,.
Goldsthith Hook, James; Laverty . , Leech,
M•tlluoee, Porter, Pray.,4eynoldS, (Lit 4.)
Ritter, I2yan,-1-Sipes; Smith, Steyensiin,
Taylor, :Thompson., Walborn, Wtioth .
litirni and Yost. - . •
—Theßogan -A tl as -o Ft• id a •
"Au illustration of the' beautiel of..the
sub-treasury system may. be founa in a
.littie circumstance, which took .place
yesterday. A draft. for ah. amount un
der B4oo . frorn the Poitmaster . a,t Wash
ington drawn on the Post Office here was
protested fO'r non-payment. Hurrah for
theAtew 2 experiment! Wlio-will say kt is
not working to admiration?"•
trtOc'The, Virashington- Correipondetkt
of the;New York Journal 'of - Courimeree,_
thus describes the great rush of the ladies
at the
,Capiibl to hear Nfr. Clay- in -the
Semite, on Moriday •
ks,:soon, as the doors of, 'the Senate
Chamber were opetted, - The galleries and
floor Were filled withildies and_ gentle
men: , .The.ladies.-took- complete. possesision,of the• floor,--filling up, not-only the
privileged *seats,. Wit all the lolibies.—
The ante Clirnber,s , were, Also' , crowded,
and hundreds who Could not get over in' ,
to •'thern wandered about the. edifice,
lounging in the Library-Siiper4r`Court,
. .1041re- - 11 - afrof_74r.Preierita -
AadieS who- had, taken . position 'oti the
tlooy, were deterniined to inairithip it, at
of therdlei - exatisk
ing - them:: -They. baffled all the attempts
of-the. Surgearn at 'Arena and hiiaisis 7
Hiants to remove' O&M. i•
I ______At—lengLlill'lr.l.Watker_Aino_ved
suspend the , rule excluding-persons friom
the--floor, for:this but- it--whs-aigned
that If (fie lathes once got foOthofild
there,' Ihey-•couTd.never ue rejeetedi and.
that all idea of doing .ariy.--business - mOst'
he given up. Mr: W. , allser's motion, was
withdrawn,. and the'officera fortlip-Sen
ate, then .pfoc.e.e . ded to'clear, the 'floor,'
notwithstanding indignant and,,,,,re
imigeful shOt.:off
from. many hrioht. eyes against theyn,
against the .S.eoute,..'and the Viee. : ?Presi7
:tlent.ltinasdf!" , - ' •
fac,t itt history tlfat.the
t vibe ,of Indkans. "called wtto
a the Mexican Ter_4
ritOrr f,iit rind ; abOntlreittsrhave
fabled tlieiiiiindepetiAddceoagainst :the
W;et:lS.of Sttai‘n 'a Pitt he 'NI eXic tof States
ginekt- - ' 00410 COrfei'' 'dna! riziaeo' 7 , -,4-
; Tfiey, ire more ptimertitiii`Taiiike:and
'dependent" than any
and have been for a century past
tljc terror of the frontier provinces of
'Mexico.- - They, are the Tarters of the
American tiatitinent;-'. TheleWEittiors-are
all splendidly ; mounted, ad as horsemen
tely 'are•tinsurpaised by' any people in.
world..,,the More .than-la hundtediyeais
"ago;•ti intrf 61',. 4. 9ierii went 'to' the 'sea.
shore, and,'were attapkO.d- by 'the Span•
itteds and - all killed; - Mid silica - "
that' the
tribe nev'er been 'known. to venture
near th'cOast,
*.',, .7'I4TV -10 f i.;14 D.ff S. - !-,
.• kranz 1;17,1110'r.
. •• • - Jed. •
• ,
' . ' . ' 310Venielit
• 1 - . 2 i
humours from various quartera . serve
to strengthen the op i nion, that something
:4 - elieus was contemplated by,-the _ (.;;Autili
an - insurgents on' thd - 224: --- The: Alban .
•Plyerkingjoirtral..oooitoilaY'saysi- - '• 4
learn' from ail' intelligent Source, that on_
M‘inday last; , sixteen sleighs passed thro' .
. Pulabki, •
,Qswego county, , with patriois
s,diisiiriedriii-Gravelly,roint, from whence .
a deSeent:was to be: Wade on_Canada...- - 1
The New. Cnmmercial AdVerti,
1:;;!. mentions A similar tumour ;and adds'
.".•-• "We:think 'there is some' reason-to te'••
i lieve !la:an:attack will t;e: r attempiiii - !iii 7 l
;tinolton, With a vie,W .of destroying the
• stearrilioata andi:other=valitable. I).rOPertY.
at-that place:- ,'l'lle - s . pleudid boat Great
i - Bi•i fain is anchored Flihse'uride'r - the guns:
- nt - Point-rFrederickTand will prObilbly be:
-salt,AltOuld. an attack he . mfick.. - ----: 7-77-
It is'kotiwn. that :A.l : a`clkeriiie . • was at'
Watertown a fitiv days ;igo, and that the
arsenal at that Place had-lie-0 broken in
-40,• :intl. ar
ken away, in:preparation, - presuinal,
kor-the contemplated attack upon Sings
; OW, whielris - Withi -a• short - tlay's •tnareli
of Watertown - , and which is nuw a'ccesilAe_
tor any Itirce on .-tlie•ice :
The inhabitants of 'Kingston were
pris'ed'ul the lconteniplated attack. and
amply prepared for it. Th 4 force in the
town was 1200,. and 1200 more were
close at hand,: : A detachment of artillery
had:arrived•from Montreal." . . -
- the-;
Correspondence of the Amirican
Btfirr_ALo, Feb, 510th, 1,838._ 1
I - •
Doubtless you
. will be interested. in
lirtriting the progress of .events . 'ln this
°civarter.. • -
1 here
has been another atrncii
in this disgracenitAit:ofkii.,_
facts are ;11 .. __xWirleit rtf7 , ole4:-• il - gd
fiehdlike Hseht.inu - 4:l4:7rdisciivpred;' , .-a - nd
warrant wer - e::yest,erday is tied foi:, four.
of the priticilkd But two have
vet been caugh t F l , ; -:,l7neit.e .11Japr. clos'e
(one of the lStajild .711ertleb)-:.and . _ . a
Mr. Parker: The eltatitination commen- ,
ced yesterday, and has been continued
throughout to day, and is nut yet (5 o'-
clock P. M.) brought to a close: The
greatest efforts are being made to shield
the culprits, - stille theinvestigation
—as it is
.strongl," suspected that , many
would figure in the business who are not
At last silence is broken. The-B - uftato
,Advertiser oldie ElGth informs,•that • on
Saturday night, 24th inst., several hun
dred men being assembled at Comstock's,
eight miles faint Buffilo,. on the, lake
shore, it was
.apprehende'd an•invasion l i,
was meditated, and Cot \\Lords immecii
ately started - with the small force of iegtt:- -
'ulars and 4 volunteer companies untie'.
his c-omroimtlT'ro - .l:riwiTtrgr.rbEi - i7:71.V•11 - 017
within '2OO yards of Comstock's, the road
- -- was - fou n d-to-be-Int rri ead 1-I : fettee--
and - oth - er obStacles. These were al
.most immediately removed--the . cry
was r aised anfong those assembled at the
tavern, ''the regulars are coming!" and
these gallant invaders cif
: Canada mostly
150 took to the ice or the lake
with thcje terins.—They, sere pnrsued, -
but having stime two or three, hund..(Al
yards the start, _were. not overtaken.;---.
They; hOwever,. left a hoWitzer,
.and a
• The night was pie'rcing cold, and it
was . feared ---that % Abe,. men •the , lake
. ,
would Peri sit, •.towitritS 4. mcirning they.
began to!Tertirn;-some of theirs • frost bit-.
ten, and all heariily disgusted with - the
enterprize 'they had_ undertaken. • Not
man, so far as can be ascertained,' suc• - . getting into Canada. They'
were alctibt eie,ltisively from this Country
principally from Genessee and Niagara .
counties . and had probably been induced
to embaik,in the scherne-by. others,we
have, the sagacity to•rernain concealed.
They . had .no .and were illy pro-_
vided. •
• ..It is deserving Ofretnark that. 'every
foil ntl ed In a day or two a terwai ds, in= fo .- t - otinited - on -4- 4 4- exao4tiali n n - -oPloinlf-.
fertnution was received herei'itatingllutt Chaie, been. confirmed to the_ very
he 7 v
dtter:. •
larwe . n utnber. of • 'Arnerioana, some-ac- •
• T
• It he BAtish• residents in Bu ff alo have
-coupt“nr-ten-thonSandeliad-Uniteerwitn. • ._ __d against the --
'l%lcKenzie, and- designed . to. capture
; McNabb, on Gen. Scott.
Kingsitiii and Fort Henry;• - bra: - coup, "de •
NornEa AasrINAL 13 - 3 K
Main: '6n . Saturday, inforination Onlast Friday. ight, til'';',2,3d; the Arse
.authorities by one, nal' at Batavia •:.-witS. ThrOlien open,. and
tif-the-United!-AtittesElleptityL - IdatsliutsZ:s72l(egs ntarningntiOn - 1790 .. . I b•LiTiir
who . stated that there was cause to appre,.:7_ powdey were stoten; cannot such . and
i lietid an extensive' - organizationfee the;stmilar occurrences begireventeill Outt- .
Purriase, said ilvat the gniernnient had, ne rage upon Outrage
. is...'perpetptged,, and
f4rce at hand to.restrain the People,,anii
t'Sticaraely antsteps . appear to be-.taken by .
we were therefore to expect art attack. atettuthorities_ lireventlike . laWless
ic " ri
brio bring the offenders to justice..
• Had any other ina.n . then . Matkeniie
, FRoNTIERJyr:D.ETROIi.—By: inforrna
6ettn the , phittee of theAlacqet; the tale (ion which we have received froni!baroit
w°l4l ( U down to - Mitlil we learn that - at - that date
atia , aqs,takeri
.eare,to - "keep himself out of a ll The
an patriots sO far from
ranger, if he could !only Lid
'a sufficient ' being,etnCentrated,' and - 4414t I
Duni* Altier i eina arrant fenlap,noughl . .io: c 4
i n,a46, . scaitery'd,alOng ,41e i htke
te l .frikhit;r" -- hj:4; - : there . could be no doubt 1, shore
,n. strait - 019,w jitiieties' , - ;iti almost
that be:Weeid them on , anittiatl ii s hoeletiS , and.. atarv-ttlx -
tempt hpwhiclf-they. would be the - oniy ; 54 11 :it ar roti::i" ,truly
sufferers,,TAlko the :That
number.-,lielkeetned •',to haye_found,art an
at preseiif • suspectctL... •
-is-no-Use-for-ldws or-penitentiaries. •
; The. Albany 9orrespoildent of, the Cou
tier an&Enituirer, tinder dated the 24111
I instant, sayst-- , .. •
I "The disturbances connected with
t Canadiin affairs, - may soon: be expected=
to break out afresh:. A gentleman in,
•Wliont Ican placc - reliance, says; that'a -
I number of men, :amounting -to to at least
-1.5_06; ft owthe-northern part of Mill State,
i ; - are actually embodied oii - some one of the
i•"TliouSiiiii tiliinds'.' in the St., Lawrence.
I - TheiViiir kjng open cif theersermLat Wat
-1.-ertown-yon-haVe heard bf... The fever ex.,
tendi along the 'whole frontier. . The at- .
:iaek-on'therCanadians, it.,was believed,
was to be simultaneoUs at various 'points.
Persons at a. distance- from- the fronti t er
can have no just conception of the feeling
that pervades qui' citizens:. • . .
, .
From kingatciii (tr. c.) Her. Feb: .20
• Warninr , .'ivhich we gile in onr,
last number., has . . soon proed to be well
attack .y#s -to niatle:.On_:_l . C.-ingSton
fuithwith.. tie and his. gang were An,
'latch .elated athavitig run away f . OmN
. s A s 11 tit
weld d. new.take the ~ ball_•bx: the_ horns,,
shoulder him 0 . 01 his.fuvotite:,fielh•le4o
his*plaae with_Mackenzie ,and:
orii:tei had a friend iii. the ruft;. who lad
ette*ed o • spi k e ..the:4lun's, od the •intglit
*hell the attack mad&
periintia . ipt.init.,whitt) a baspialuil
4 „, 1 ,- could -attach, Iris . tlis
tnis,etl froni tb la service.
Well if-our neiolitiora cliboae 'to . be
come banditti, we must prepare toenter
tain'theitieCcording,tci.their.ileserts, and
a warm welcome they -will. surely re
_ •
Iymediately—on . the.yeceipt of: th'irifl
fortnation._-a_rifle company' was'Orthed
and rifles dtstribtited to them. .A volun
teer gtinrd or -100_10A watch all night at •
the court house;', and is' -renewed—every
night. :Piquets weee.sent . out.j s p all dir
rectionsi, and, grins olt the-bat:oo6s Jtt_i
MissiSsauga. Point
imte: of d•Rmlfr pounders, were-
. loaded
with_calttnister sliyt,.. : tlies`e-guns corn- ,
'nand, with . tr . croiss , 'ltre;: the • whole ; field
of,ice in front y(the,town i ,and-can_arrest
the...adijance.of any part -'that•directiOn'._
The guns af,..the Fort,'and at lie A) rif,elt
Ronses are 1050;00 to _porit . ‘.out destrner-,
invaders,-,2 . seycrairstreeia*t., - ,'
harti€ailed.= On Sunilavdeaptuips Flick
wood atid . _oltirk's.ct-iitpariies of.-:.Le_trox
militia arrived' iit,town; with Capt.. • Fra-
liclOs' troop
. of horse . ; andj-yester•tlav oth- 1
tut:rived. , • .
-- These - various reinforcements auirtlie
voluntetr ,coinpanies• increased • the
st rengtli - of:tirts - g - arriSor - 10 - up ,- . :
warils of 1, 2 00 men besides ssveral bun
aretls•reaoly tt a monreitt's •notiee. The
54t1 Regt. Frimtenac, 15260 strong, can be
tirouglrt in at Short • Warning: .Besides,
out' strung forte inartillery .gives Us' a .
ten-Told u iority over, the .pirates, 1.6
say nothing-or ottrer,tlefetice - s: •
Friday forenoon a detachment of the
ktiyal--Artillery, under Lieut. Willan's,
arrived-be're-from MOntrea';. and yester
day-they, "with the part) , pre . vitiusly ;here,
and some of tbelt.Alarine'„and Terth vol.;
(weer .. were -exercised with
grtris - brCihe ice, in ferint of the town, Bring
iartridie • •
" Wetiel not thio4 own •towtiamen .neek
1 - , a pe:u s ial:ir r airyziiiiirliii - o r ent ettaittiiii - CO
r.4l6sioti - , iiiiittl- - - lir-EIi4WC -2..- --witi,
rtlfele.itc„r, , tin_ t , 136_ , tzatioyi
o i,iM : 7 -•:. - •t - e' - ' 4,1 - 110117e - liervice.—
.AVii - ellitcrat 211' . c vas retilly eontem plati
7 61 - - - - - 11.,--t - li - e=A -- itiorit;ans - --oy• - -•tiotT:titirr - ditty
earety't.,oosigtsjil beini, - "i•eptirgd - iii:f:i:e ,
..41:1a4a41t , -,-1,10i , _,04 tii'''.`slirprising,'
- KiiiiistO6;"Ke tliisig„',Widl - ISilt impossible.
tesitlei," - ii,liite.liff Pisitfets - on the roads ev:
i ery,,fteen tiiile,s, nee kept up all
ilt>trridic - ingston, and oa \Voir-Island; and
ill) Itirce-couliKiipPri;ach thili• town hot we.
I• - .
__ _.
must hoe - - - least. two -hours! - : - potice - til
, ~.--„,,,-----
tnere approach. ----' • -
FireONTIEL3: —
ATI•Emf-rtn . ri ,- ;v i tigtos OF CAN.%DA Acr-Bliit•
• 'WQATIF:.TitYiNd. ---t An -experien
ced write; saysittatunebushe,o(Agix seed
gtiiuntkvith.'eight:biishils `of ()As; ia
ter - fle !ibises than:sixteen oats '
iiiiineiand will effesdnaLfy cure the hots,--
If his .
..helthe case, 'lke
much cheaper, food fur, horsee
thwolitsAliy th emselves , fut u 4 1,1tilej
of fla'x' seed ' w ould iui goil'etat i ly‘,'Cest more
than lour bualteis , oy'wets; leayltig savingi
of 4 every 16:: .I,vis•-.lyortli - a,
1 trill, York
- - •
••••: . , •
ri b Oltikt'll yank - 1m the r
deneyi' •• •• •
. • .
J r,-- 4tre - take fids occ . asiuil,"b ecause i ve
that tike-til4es requirt il, to reiterater•
oor , Often expreslied and sincerely enter... • 4
fained opinion that Gen. WILLIAM
II AItRISON .is the only 'matit;,:,,who •
carry the state of Pennsylvieniii'att
forAhe Presidency. inopposititm l ,to
the . ,ldco toCos. We have not:room , here -
-to-go over all •the grounds on • WhiCh we
fuw,d our faith;
,uti,.,they appear to ' •
be so clear and Onincumfoored
•Must - C - Otyince.;he, mind of every .
So - ni4ii surpasses us'inaitlird
ration for . the talents,- - patriotism; •
quenciiiptl - public OerVites - of HENRY
ci.tiV-; . ,:reew,eicel us :in the
. e4iination'-'
- which:We - fix - open lel lectuol
and acknywleilgai of, 'end :reiefince for -
the, i principles, constitution of thip
union, pusseSsril'• and Often, eshibited.,.by, -
DAN EEL' WEB:ST - Ell., .tlieSe•
I 4iAlraCt:',c9 iisiderations , the'; -
1 - A - ctLinf c:ondition - .4 the' public , mlnd; anti' `
es;pe . _o4ll3; at the situation i;f: Petin - sp. lama
ty of ihis_state_ composed iof -whigg'-i and --
antimirsods,_ among whom are. large
n friends - of GeMlitcliStint-,•; -
Is nut Pen n syl vania:L-,has she .not
been thoroughly tlOttoteratic„ . stittei--
not these .q.O e tits'
ing Mind at oncesto considerations - which
show the otter_ impossibility of:obtain:4P'
the vote of this state rdr - either of the di . s-
a or
nguished *statesmen- whom .t have just .'•
named? eau ,the anti-Van•lßured. partr„
In f i le Uuiuu succeed-without Pennsylva
Granting that-.they can,, which-we .
.held to be highly improbable, is it not Our
policy here4o.get such-a.canditlate as will •
carry us triumphantly through the conflict
soil--snatch. the 'ke vstene from the 7,,rasp Of: ". •
:the ''spOilers?r - Oen..l:lA - 11RI8CIN is the -
luau to . do iperience,
?act; and while we are in favor,!)l - k s gtltifi.,: ; ;:,.-,-
•Naihnifil Convention; we-Aludlf_9l6(ceisr,,e.-_,.--•
to hope that. its
the' hero of ,TAlo,.eritii - oe*lLl.he
the-tortStrt . , I nct no ato S. di: . Rep.
Arike-Stab-Travitry , SirJacpue -- 7,
lOs urge:4-as a tl,.a Igape e: Jayormf
thiS" . titi:trieLl ex pcitient,"
iwactit'af. 6peratitin! - Arid what are its
YlTeliTSE: — . WliTriTlS — "lll - t - !- ufetali.ic
)-far.t- M0ney .. ,,01 -
the-day of: pa--. • •
per, antl - thatii - veavaiier IntMey
I searee than e.vetio
vds:he . for,o,,, - ;'jritt"....- --,.. '...
true that. busiaiiis i• - prostratifritterin-;,:_
portzttiorrs into our "ennintereitil cities have
atomst ceas'ell--:-tliatsttiresin;•ll.4si% which
eat Lawn eninotatuletl'a rent of $6006;
ii ''brims Int r-t h a
"many ol them are entirely closed, and.that• -
the revenue _of the general govertitnetct. •
that port has fallen off at. least btu:it:al? .
are certainly Fie•rs ; -and. what--
J(4l(i t.targiftnents do - they atrordip favor
of the legalization: . of the sub-treasury ' "
.seltenie? - York Rep.
ill Etna GE w alfg.r._
It appears that thiS personage, in,' his -
resignation of his cotiptrollership. at •
V as hingtonOinty-/Estruek-for7higlter-,wa•L-.-----
ges" after all. His imlignatton at the
lippoint-ingot—of—Mr:--Multlenbirg_ al • -
Minister ((Oust
as it appears, to frighten . a fatter place out .
of the President. : AccUrdingly he has
;smoothed his.ruilled dignity by accepting
the Collectorship of the port
which rises his salary to '54,500,
instead, 0f_5:3,500 per . annum,-Which he
receiireti at NVashitigniti. Mr. )larker,
the collector whom lie displaces, fakes hix
comptrollership; but we think that in this
case_"a fair_ekchatig , ,e iS a ititibeu,nittas- ;
touch as Barker loses 81000 a -yt a.: by the
transaction. .; qt forge NVoli hereafter, ,
account of this. eibinitien, uf ., his ventr'ity .- ; - .
can be nothing more 0144 a "SpectaClepf
derision to his enemies and 'inelattchoV•
pity to his
,frieittls.";—:l: - ork:Rcp. • . .
h .Itight of Instruetion: -•
• ,
• ...Wonders. will nevei'-iease," is anold
and true edi ,, e, and, we no's • proceed to .•
notice .an instance_ of its verity. The - ,
Lancaster Journal--a thorough bred bed . :
foto iew spa per,-edited. by. .th a t Avorst,..atitiL__ '
' most unprincpled of all,, kinds of 'Mild-,
cuss. -=a - recreant fe‘leralist_mfedibisi
tlemoiracy--a class of men' liflio afiyays
prove, that "One: re.negatle is worse limn
ten 'Turks"--this paper—the. imMediate
otaan ellatne BuCkanan— F r id ay.
0 ,
tanie_mit.in_a_liing_LAirtielel.;„allainst_ the
iighi. Of a lOgiSlature-to instruct Senators
14 - the U. Statesl - l - f -- . - In - years:jost - pattAie - I : 1.
iegislative‘,po:ver-to-instrtie'rfand:Ole - c0n . :„..„ . . , ..
Isecitient da ty .Of the 'Sentinir to "Obey - or
''resign," ha've Wen a favorite: dogma of
the'4ack.soir and Van .Bureit pally. .• Un
der i ta- OPera den iSp ra g a 4', Leigh,..Tyier, ..
.lcitig,_ ; l3ltiCk, and n.lm . nr,thodos, pilig
ciaus have been drivel . from the .Senalii •
-.Chumberond all the an . tlietnits.,:onil de:"
nuneiaiioniorpartyhave Veenn - heaped Op,
on theitethts;Of.SoOtharil,Kinght Anil:1106 '-
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