Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, January 23, 1838, Image 3

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C A ILL 1:$ 2E3 M.
. _
Tueschii• January 93. F.
.. 1 ' The Peop4es Ca?,:tlidales.•
• 'POW. ['lt Mtn •
D A M Waa l- etlaitil,t(GlPll
ijenlecratle .1141 imasonie Can
efirlate ibr Governor,
zazmlnt Td
apoilrett , cotornn Ih
Siaiuling Coto,ntittec, s for the election on Sitturchiy
nest,-of tawn;L to - the eatintSr Con
.to berffehrOtrthe'lilonthor 10116%1'th* lot..
tholturpdse of choosing ilelega tes to represent
this — county-in - tlie-sth of Al_ar.e,h_Converttfon.
Quo of the o b jects of the Statreporetition will
be the nomination of a_canclidate for 'Gnvernot
Vii this paint tliere.can be,lnit one feeling. JO
--SE.P.II-121TNEa__will..reeeil'e the .11.N.I.N1..:11.011S
_at this particular and most suspicious time, to ex
- -._Another..subjecl enga,cie the altentiort of
°-• -the -CMlVention, upon which there is not quite change, theth /*° " .l) " * "' hi "* .°E. a l' a "
of bankruptcy? WMit need Was there of a imhlic,
so much unanimity—tie-mean the 'niestion in
relation iot . he
n 0 0 . 0 .0011
ot - nsuitahle/t . stottioe imperative .call upon , the' holders of checks at
hat (line? :Oki the Collectorvibe] :
.Preitioncy. * Some are opposed to the'
iftroduCtioti - of the subject at - all - in - 'the .- Con vett'. t o-(1 !.e..- G . .thvermu e "'t- a L 111( the
• tion- , - others are equa • lly anxious that tlic; subject- . e°l ' nflun i t Y' or did l ' e- '44' to '
; should not - Only be freely-discuss'eclibut ilies'
7a nomination should he made-, anti that General :Thu O atf "" c-li° " re ars a bail "Pc public
AV ILIA A 141 HENRI' liA be.the choice. { wrongiwtheir stispicidits; but if:lineal:de
'f-hey--contend tharthevu-i-c-e-of--ourstate-slroulti—and-autple-c;xp4tiation4thust.le=mai.elloAlteLpub
- - t-ti th e 4 tivitttoti. • before these suspicion*-can be . removed. -
Lc luur~l
As _ for otirsett , ssi (10(e. , the cattor • ef . ,: the t One of the circumstances , ;mule pulitiEhy
r ittriti „ g . tio „ .. I ,,, frotti, fray , rif,,„•--m,L, (ho- explosion of 141105U:7n pct bank.. the fact,. that
° following.) feel (mead. at all times it , -- „t wy • t ,„,a et (lie intinediate Ifiends,of the ado tistration
follotv die' voice of flit:, Ocople, - 13t1,1 wi; „iti:iys ' in Ne'Y'Ehtlan.ll Jahn
desire that that, voice
should-be di.stineny ex'f. t Hall ii " w t i-• '''" rie q: lu°d ' S' ' *S •
I Parmenter Idill, - 2:46...eolleetivc c ly-in.
btetr to the -
G odium:meal th Bank; in •a snni - ,
• " Our own indrvidind preference — is easily
known, mu banner. streams Irmo our Mast head, ,*!.'s4-.-°c*di'l4-1 li 6 - `amount --- ainount of its capital of
'and sve hope never to be rolled upon-to bike if T' .:50(), " 0 '”
_ down' until it waves in tilninpli'e'ercoti - uptions
grave.' It is a glorious one! It is stained With
the blood of our coutttry's.foes. It is. brightened
. .
with the halo of a hero and statesmans name.—
The voice of Harrison has beep heard in - die freld'
and the cabinet;-he is honored; loved, andre<er
ed.iti every station—he-has been fairly elected
by a majority of the votes of the- people of the
United Stales; circumstances defeated him—the
peOple were far and With him—he deserves, and
._if:?nother - opportunity occurs, will receive the
gratitude of au iiiitiretr,but still free people. -- •
"A Motional Ccitiventiot; trill assemble in the
(all of '35, and for the 'express purpose of nomi
nating iiettedithae'forthe Presidency: the point
in dispute then is—will it bepnlitic in-Pennsyl
• vaniato express a Preference in..n.State Con ven‘•
lion, by nominating the titan of her choice, or
tyust him and their chance of triumph (for we
verily believe that the only ho of. success.
res Irmthe-tiOnrialtion
'''•.t'o-the movements of a Natio l tial Convention.—
Tile people have the undoubted right to. express
their 'opinions,- and we believe also that it 1.5 their
.".If the people et_ Pennsylvania - beliee - tirat.
their only hope of triumphis-in the nomination
of Harrison, it is their duty to let the other states
know the fart. Without Peimsylvania,
cannotte had. If on the other hand, thatuttani-
mity,of_ action - cad be :obtained by meeting in
. INTatlonal Colivention,.it is equally their duty to
, . say , gu 4 -' ._
- ~ -.,..
• We say then, let olif mother Cumberland bc
- , fully represented, and let her voice be heard. .
-- I)ank if Ike . Vitt ell — S . la (6, I 1-be-serm-li.Y.
the following atatemeMt- 7 the monthly relorn of
oiled States for the first
~.J anuaii7,lB3B,4hat that Institution
,had at that
time, upwards . of $3,700;000 . in her ;rattits in
-Notes in_eireulation, ,
Notes outsiallier, 'of the late Bank.
— of the URitecl..S.tales:
Tile Banks.--Thg following is on nbstract of
ing the' state of. the tanks and Savingslnstitu
pens cif — this Commonwealth, in--41;e- , -MOtrtba of
'JtiquaryMtlaY,. Junp-Ond No - veinbei,.. • •
On the first of June, immediately 'after the sus-'
pension, the amount of notes In 'circulation by all
the banks of the state, was $29,751,295 81
In 'November; it was' -! ; 47,678,567 95
June, the amoutft of in
all the Willis was •
in' November, it was
AstounilivE Varvifuren Trictoiu!-LThe Vari
. .
Buie:Ales of the city of Pittsburgh havceleetetl
j i...\14
14 .Ikly. MeClin oelk theiiMayor by the prodigiooto
majority of cig ity votai The_ Whigs, pa.s,
'the Baltimore (Ai • nit:: e, have , onlyeleeted,their
. . . .
select councilmen in every ward; dick ecinrxtori
. . .
councilmen in three wards, two montber's in an
,..Othei.and one io•the.last., ILis expected ihat
this Van `Buren victory will ' ! he , celebrated by
in all - partS.Of titecountry. ! . ...
:. We !men from the Cincinnati Gazette etat
.. _
the. House of Representatives of Ohio, have
' passed a law to repeal the act,. which ' pro
liibi6 the C:tablishinent.of a 13raOch,'or A
gency of a I'elingylvaiiia, ll ank of the. United the State of-.011i0..
Democratic Battle,
- ,Th 6 Ballimore.Chronieler of:Tbursdayjast , M:
alluding to.the failure Of 'the pet deposite Bank
.arßoston, spys: -
The lailtlre of• tip Commonwealth Bank . of
'Bosttni, has led to a pevelopament,of.the..ea..
sential aims of the Mtn - WETS Apd Managers of the,
phingerSystem.; The - th;thils of 'its manage- .
inept, as gt,:rFn in - the - Bested Ailas;klisplay
extent of . prolligaeyi . ;
10 ' , '//
The capital -ot:hlie,ik ttas
. $500,909 ts ..president:wasJohiLlC - .Sitips . nn;
cashier, Charles pond: Tlie -following is a list
of its directoys--:h akent)
Adams Bally; John Mills, gliver_FletC . lior,Jl. J.
Elisha Parts; Sawiiel
S. Lewis, F, S Corrut . ll,...otis.Rich; Elprles Hood.
. .
One ot these, John 11fills; is :the prosecuting
attorney:of whimeespress duty .
it ,ivas- to have'warned ,the.goittinent
. againq
Ric e. , :c'esses'of the -Bank under. his Large,
order that it might have taken Steps to 'secure the
government hinds in Lis custody. "SO fad—was he
.froto (loing, that, : as, the' hers appeal:, he,
himself, aided in depriving.the Bank.ofits means
to. meet its obligations do Ahe. Government.'
appears limn- the statement oi the 'Atlas that: it
{{as, only on 'Thursday last, that tlic„Cyllector-pf
the -Port.issiied - the f6ll . o . wing "public advertise-
Notittn.-=4'ersons bolding cheCks -against the
Cintoin House are requested`-- to (pfe.cnl. OICID
eillier at this hank or 'kik Oliige. for paymerlt - lin=:
ill .of_.tLe
Is it not most
_remor "a )le, says - the - A11a 9 7 -41 mt; 1
this nOtice, - callingupon the _ho CrTrof cf~e'cks to
)resent theMs-zitt -13 a •Or paymeht, - orlitrthe
office, vrlier_ev ay fairly presume they would
have reeelved'the bills of, should, have
„been pelilisife - djust thirty six-hours betere the
failure of the bank 'wtt4 made public, and on the
vexy - driy,. , that the directors determined to-stop
payment? Why. should the border: or checks
lirlaiust the Custein House' helve been called ti 'Mn
.It will be-5451 by the extract.published below,
that tltd, National •Achninistration, not content
with the denionstraticiMor the people loudly ex-
pressed at the polls, since the extra seSsionTirave - , - ,
through Senator Wnrcarfott New York, again
brought forward- the infamous- Sul`i-Veasv4
sehe'ine. We suppose that this bill will, as` a
tnatterol course,' pass the Senate by a large Ma
jority;- lout are hope better things of the Iloustr--"
we expect to see that Spartan band which resisted
the mandates of the President - at the extra see-
loon, again by their t'ot . e . s — liefeat this of
• Mr. Wright, from the Comniittee on Finance,
rekrted a hill, imposing - additional duties on cor-.
lain public 'ollicers - as depusitarieg, creating re
ceivers general of the public money,.and to re
gulate,the deposites of the public money. •
bill was read, and ordered to a second
readintr .
rue,-Wright moved that it e made dhe special
, this_day w (tk •
Allc,t.,;((ty,,,_of Kent trid-1
,little longer time. The scnate bad beeri set-
lion a great while, and public expectatio - n
Molt on this subject. Mr:Clay—lnul never seen
a secifoinif that-its-de—
tails were- ninn erons e i , mid he (hemline hoped that
more time woufirte given fur the consjdcration
of a-bill_of - Sb momentous a.cliaracter." •
MOVebster rose, he said, to make two
)n-Teg,ard-toand.other-weasures of
the Goverpment, belnurno disposition,to oppose
delay, with any purpose of thwarting - them.—.
This, however, }vas one of the most important
sajects -before the Senale,'and of great interest
tO_the conmarmityt- he, therefoi e,,desiretLas.Mueh
delay, as was_consistent with a due regard to the
convenience Oithe Senate. He alscThiSlied that
'the' bill and all its provisions - should - be made as
generally• known as possible. .lle therefore
that.the•bill be.made•the special order-for
this-day t wo -weeks;and - that 715;000-ext ra-topies
te'ordered. to be printed. -
,Calhom — expressed a wish. tha.t_the_ post,
iiiiimment might — be only to this day weelc;.anu
not a fortnight, as proposed by Mr. Webster,:-
lie •thought a .speedy action on this important
Measure highly desirable. I t.did not require any
-more . discussion, as it 'was fully discussed 'last
session, and the •cotintry was well,,,Nal.Pilioled
with its merits: _
.?P,770,842 52
547 4 600 45
— The questiey - hiiiiig --- taken on Mr. Webster's
motionohe hilt was.toade the special order for
11di day_ twe weeks: .A yes 22, noes 201tand 15,000
extra copies were °Mere] tole pri.nt.ed,-
7,020,467 17
.__ : ~
We understamt_that another Nail `l‘,lenufac,tory
has been estahlislied_at .New Cumberland, on the
Susquehanna river, in this county, attached to
the DuncintrOn Iron Works, -
The nails are said to be of- a .superior quality,
a_nd but another tweet of the ye/purees_ we
_ .
possess within -ourselves -- of-TEupplyitrr,
qw-n •
4,336,900 73
7,024,013 71
Scientif is Lectuios.
Mr. Coal), olPhilatOphia, will commence, on
Monday - next, 'in our town; a course of Lectures
on the iniPorfant sciences of Astronomy, Minero.
Geology, and Oectro-Magnetism. Ttris
gentleman has .
,been eminently successfid in a
similar course in out cities and various - parts of
the ~country.. lie carries with him undoubted
written leAtmonials Of scientific ability, and - of
the crOitable antLplsia.cile, manner in witich- - hc
acquits hire if 'a lecturer. furriishcd
witlutp 'extensive aP'aratus for the purutises of
:Amon g these we may name as a
Part, an .01/nosfiherii„G/obe of -large size, and at).
Orfery which' is revitiVed by is iteam engine. W e
think that ou friends Canint tint to be gratified
by an uttendanct . : upon the7com se. insy
be obtained at the thug Store of lir: 11 y Cr . % o r 0
the Lc ctuicrat niatrLine's•lhitel.
. •
Vlar:Vai*.itiTv - Ti;), evax.p---.ll:ntillfirV'9-11*.0..T4
•Ippretallies Library associa.
tion of
' - -January -
The ".apprentices Library •
held their 4th Anniversary . on the ahbve
date, in/the Hall' of "Equal
Several of- the members,cleclaimed; after;
which the .fourth an,nnitt =report tyas read,
hy, the :Seefetary; -W. S. goland.:_, An
appropriate . addfess,sVai Oen delivered to
i he- Samuel-- Alt
Sc,s,ciety• theiadjohrned . .to
hrary -Room, - ; and proceeded:ta-elect_zehiir..
.for the .enSuing, year: r
The. fgltowjag • the'lesult of ' the.
—Mitring ers,•
GEO, D. VDU LltiErs.
• -• Cur'atim, -\ •
Resoiti`e(4---Tht=" - t - he li thanl; -of—t he-So -7 ,
teoderecl. toc the Gentleineli Who the exerciscs . Orthe
/Rev . /yell; That the-pi.oceedingsof thi.s
lisped in the different ptipers of:the
C 4-IVI-EliON,Tre§idept ni -
Mn;- S. Roland, S'ecretafy:=:_
From the Boston Silas qf the . l3lll inst.. •
reality& of the Coaaa~ta~iaaaa~~tettl&
`_ll at fon.
ri fraorilinaty,- of — s - mrsatn - n - i
prodded lye4tertzty in this city
the announcement that the reonz/noil
werlik Bank-;± the. favorite
_pet- bank of
the ditTliThistr - lifiiiii thiSity, c.
ettelusieely. tly-frienth of , Ahe
and, eujoying n)arge .share, of its.
Amunly.,.:ll,all. stopped payinefiL:=Startling
as this event yva,s to a large - ..portion. of
the conimunity,.it.waS no matter ul'
trieaure predicted lathe eultholosT6f — fiTer
Lfltteplitin.of the public had beep_ repera--
edly directeq to coptiirion of
We - regard this disastrOns explosion ns
friends and bencliciaricsof the atiliii - nIP
_trzttion. in this___eitY.___ L., is one or:the
legitimate fruits of the.,experiment.. The
premonitory-symptoms were exhibited
some , months since 2 in We. crash the
two augillary 'pet banktftlitt Franklin
_and the Lafayette: And' now, the mo
ther pet, troth 14v1iiChlkerdiew their-sus--
-tenatice i s lias:l4lien-through With -limit!
The Liank - 4ivhi l chtt paniperohyithythetrv ,,-
-iSh deposites of the giivernm - Oit treastil:e,
undertook to exhaust the energies and
prostrate the - creditml the United States
Branch Bank in this , city, has- itself-IM--
len a victim to the,.esperiment in .which
was a pareice . ps • criminis.. The yetribu
lion is:just ? so far as it concerns itself,
hut, the consequences to the- contrnunity,
are indeed deplorable. • • •
11nt it be bornein,mifid, however, that
this explosion has net been wholly unex
pected—but that it is'a consequence of.
ih systen of. partizan partiz .reward, plunder,ll
and s • latiOn•;Whlch ims been Inought.
_into per !ipseriment." It
'woutirbeitte n 0 te
- -witlytli - e - gtritt - yrrrtl - t - dsttppoid - Tthat7ittath
tutitm,. wl& It have not: yet
. be.eti, i ttircF t ly
stimulated to tit liue. el pan sio n. brtlilltii -"I
mediate application - of gotiernment ..-tno
ney, ar t e invulvo in a colpinoti:,qtin with
these battkA:Which havei-:-'btetiVtlierated .
upon — by•these.means: .We liiie strong
faith in-the sounddess.,ANipacity, ands-up
iiii,lit,, management iictrfTliTtliti - Crger
portion of our bankinr , '': matitutions, We
have -- furnished-primfendugh _abov'e that,
the,coinniunity, were duly warned of the'
codition_:of the government deplane;
e have not learned the.exact..ammint•
of agevernmeitt money; which has been
swampell by this failure, but it is -said
be $.3714000. But there is one notorious
'fact connected with this event of a most
extratirditrary character. , jlis of a pieee•
with Many other vile transactions of the
agents and offiters of tliiiiiilministration;•
The fishermen of Gloucester, Marblehead,
and 9thir seaport towns, ~rlio iin the Ist'
of - Januar*. applied . .fOr the • Lyihent of
the goveroffient beuntrupOittlie FRuc n ts :
of their industry and enterprise, • Were
paid •by the Collector - Of. 66 . - Port in
checks , upon the Comtno,nwealth Bank,
(in which he is,a ; large.'stockholder) for_
Which. checks- they ''received the bills of
.tliat - iii - Stittition. We •are certainly au=
thorned, liythe — eircumstances of th-e—ease
to charge it -directly upon the • Collector,
that he had paid the poor fishermen,
bills, Which he knew tyou• Id. be„,tle •
ated More than: fifty' per cent re the
month was at an end. And the
government officer whO has to charity -to
IteeMlC the Whigs. of br . • ging about the
suspension •of sp,e payments -whit
pratcs.,•about, the • auk 'aristocracy,, and,
talks about griadingthe faces of the poor!
In additiott - to the-facts eint‘odied above,
Wel ea riillifirt Ifeliffoutitufb-01-sTitreirce—
lation of 'the commonwealth lank-,on
Saturday last wAr2:36,060, [cud that, the
ifi tint issued sitke•,o.ool,
'W - d' further learned that •-ilte 2 Ctimmon-•
wealth Insurance office has-sonclulled --to
wind up its-affairs, that inktitution holding -
stock in the - Arokett-banl(o-the_amottn Lot_
tiike, than 1 $:209 ; 0.00, • ;
From the •GYmmhersbitrg
. Iy7tig.
..s.ons;and_otbers .ne 'tnisrule
'and corruption of thelational Adminis•- •
tratitan, met at the Courthouse, on rues
-dayl•,tenirtg; r9th initant,, and were.or;
ganized by calling Joseph .B.,
the ch_tii~, and - appOinting..John Cressler
-andWifliarn Bratton,Esq. Vice:Presi
dents; and •A.,l:'llurixiraw,. Secretary,.
The objectof, the meetilg,vi.up,.:;been
resOlntions Were 'un mously•tdOpreill
-',--resolved, That Captain _Willi - . tii,Smith
and Andrew 131:Rankin. be del ates ,
represent . the county ,of Fran in in the
State 'Comvent'on,. to • be :
held at IlarriShurg, - on March'
and ,that A. I: DurbnraW he,re ommended
,part of. this county, s- a suitable
: person to represent, in part, his Senalo.
yialDistr,ict in said
-Pesoltted,, That he .prese'nt • Sta,te,Ad•
ministration, by Its wise measures, - sound
rpolicy-cand--judicions-economy,-has con,
tribty _ welfare % .prosp_erili_ and
best interests, of the contrnottweaftb„anci
.a- true regard for
,the. advantage . of-the e
peo,Ple, as - w - e - 11 as juStice to - faithful •r - pub
lie Servants, requires..ihe re-election of
°dr ...present Chief "Magistrate•,lJOSEP.ll
RITNLR , to the'ExeCutive Chair of.
Pe:s)l9ll.vania;. and. that our delegates. by
p sup pi); c ice_Conve'ri-
L.tiof ill reflect the :voice and wi • shes'of
teirconstituent4.. , _
Re:solved:, That the:.i.:bfifidepce of this
inee_tirr: in thepatrintism.of Gen. WIL_
.tatents,.-and-Delie.fthnt.h_e is then.ost suit
to‘n inidi respects to be supported as
esti:it - crate fOr Pt esitlunt, in . cippositiOn to
. hetni of the pre.sent - Cotrupt _atirninisz
tralou at:Wasliingtorbye.mains . uniunp:air.
ed. and they .:therefoie 'urge_ hira_ctrn,_
estly on the, considerifflop—of—the-entire
i-nyyposition tcHvi-trrt-i . n. Van—Bur-en-as4lte
I ._rnost.. persCin
Resolved, That the proCeedings of this
intetitt .be its officer's: a nir
t 14)45-h in tht:ll &ere ri t-paPeis..in_Charn.=
•J 0 5..,13 P 1)4 ROY; • Pre e e.t . .'
-JO issi:iat., • •
VitA TT EN; •—' ;
••Pueborriw, ; •
- - -
1 ' 1 1 11 7.1212 ED
On: - 11turs(14y
ltctiiiilc y, 1111'. JO - 111 , 1 - C',AnoritEo;:e;£WOst:.
l'e - iinstfiru' townships, to -Miss
yotingxst_daughter of - Mr.- Andrew - Keri.j . of
this pace., .
,:... - -
On the llth;.by the Ret!;. - 1"). P. ROSen.•
CoovEß, of I),icltkost:kn' township, to
hiss G A if ETTA. PlYhAti:Pf .
NOTle 13 is hereby giycni6 it tli'Corrirriission•
era of Cumberland county, will 'hold- the :Opp&
for the year 18.13,.in the Ilifferent,townships in
county, lit the fiat', sod places as stated Ike
low, for the purpose all per:,ons who
!my apply Ic`ir redress, and to grant such relief,
iiitiThrrairSTia I . l7l.rlrpraTju - st -- untl — rett son b
grit -
FM' Dlckiio - nr-riaLL,WelApennshorough town.
at.the..public hoube Of' J obnolT2ul, in West
jtc to.nsliip, 'on Fr.:day the,l6th (lay
For s.bippensbnrg boro•igh, qt the public house
01:13cnt;:eligh . ; in saitl.bni:ini7;it, ou MituiVily the
ITth day orl•'ebi - nar3 ;
For Southampton an i Shippeashorg townships
:it ow' same place, oq Minala !pike 19th day of
February nest . _
, Fur 11op well
,tuwnship, at the public house of
James Sp . nnsier„.in--Newburgh,. on- Tuesday the
2.l)th'day of FOrt,iary - ife'xt. "
For Newville and Newton townships, •at the
public Iniuse of Michael Ilefllejwlll, ill ,NC‘% ville,
uti .111.thiesday, the 21st (.7 - 5I February next.
Fur NkifTbil add Frauki;,rd townships, at the
same pl.,ce, 00 'l'litiraltv the 22,t day of Ftibru r
ary next. — • • •
the 23d t h February next.
tiotivg• • antl—l4a,t---12-ennshorough_
townships, at the - pu'die. house of Joseph Grier,
in llognestoWn, on &aunt ly the '24th day of
February next.
For 4hc • boroukli .of 7tl,:chan'esburg, at-the
public house of . .lohnli loi•er, in said lioroughon
Monday the 26th day ,afTelirtiary next. ,
For Allen township, at the -public lionie of
David-Shafer, in Itepalslstown; Ott. Tuesday•the
27di'day of February ne.V.. • •-‘ •
!4or Monrbe township, at the public house of
:b.avid Martin, in Churebtown, on I reclizadyy the.
day of February-'next,,,, ,
. Tot. the borough of Carlisle, at. the POrlllllS7
Sionces (Alice; in'Carlislp,Lortinter4gy
711iS; 7 6(11TitYch tie*: _
.IssessoKs •of - each - fownsliip,
are also touilisa; and ktittired to attend• at the'
time and place fixed for the appeal of.their re
spectiye townships.
• 43' order of the Cornrnissintieri.`l- .
tite 4 JOIIN IRWIN, Clerk, •
.Commitisioner's Office
Carlisle, Jan. 18,'1833.
of Comtnon,Schnid ppropriation due from the
--State_ta_the.:thirerentAlstria , f Cumberland
canto . .., for the school year commencing the
Ist Monday of.hine t 1338. .
... Districts. ' - 1839
Allen • .' $273 85 Newtdn • $lBB 39
C.irl isle.. . _1506. N, : • 98 40
'lltekinson 328, - 887 N:lliTlilletifir - .7229 - Er3
E. Pennsboro' 293 28,
..S. Middleton 299 10
Fratiy.tbrd'„l 88 .39 Silver Spring, 238'89
Tlopetvell 133:07 ShippensWg b 0.192 ::8
Mechanicsburg 80"92 - . Shippenaeg. tp 718.12
Mifflin • 191" 63 Southampton - 197 . 46
199 - .41.1-'-iY, - ckientibvro -2-57-02.
$3914 83
THOS. 111112ROWES 91
1 -
itileodent gfoeunimoa AS . chuoLV
Secretary's offset", 1-11111hiftlig,
.hilli:try 15th, 18.:S
WIIEIIKAS, ate luta Trebstirer's Repot•t_ it .
mrde:n•s that a Ito•ge 'ttiootint of County. 'lax in
balances. renwins .natstanding in the hands of
colleetoi•:, and it haying becoine.necessaty and
expedient ilea s:d.l . tilitlatiees be eolleCted, • .
Therefore, -
' liciOved, Tbut the Treasi?Jeer be liel•eb) , in,
structeil and ccgoirtal to call upon colltTE:tor front
ivhcint litlancvs ititiwar •to • doe. and to issue
his u••;trcaot3lFor;tlie collectillll to
ul' all hrtlaiices that_ tr ay . be (I I SC tiled alto , the se
oftse tut 1 . 1 . 16 V,
• ".
.I r t Ni ES
. . • RU'll P 3. s'l%lllet. 11%,
Commis• ! lodifis °nice,
'Jail. 16, 1838, 4 .- 7 3 a. )
-i , •
I'Otisfiitagßooks ky Wail, at Newspaper Poslqgg
......,_ ~...
has lorw been in existence twelve months,
land has enjoyed,:dtiring----thatipeAhth a very .
extensive share - of pOblic favor. 7 ~, It has fur
nished, for two dollars and a.lialf, reprints of 1
,London hooka which %Cost the Fe... oveilifty
sevenAlollarshvaddition to.a large amount of
literary matter. revievisrof new books, - -tales
and domestic and foreign news. !, -,
..• .
The original : proprietor; intending_ to de.
I,Vote_lris time and attention.:_to_l, peri•-.
odical:Works ha,s.clisposed of his•iiiterest in '
the Urrinihn±tii - the - presePrpublisher, - who
will make no farther thange,in , its. - general
araiii - Clertliatris - s - aintit' L from - tinuther -offi c e _;
.and ,,itig the. ,name from 'Waldie's'
"to" -, Browntse ' '..-.---...:--------i-‘-‘,.-. -.
.- Brown's Literary omnihnS will. he 'silted
every Friday.pigxning. pripteil On excellent
paper ofa large-size. Irwill contain, .. . '
1.• Books, thePe%v.est.and , best that can-be
procured, equal, every "week" to a London
duodecimo volume, embracing Novels, Tra
vels; .Metnoirs, &c, and only chargeable
with newspaper postage! ' •
2. Literary Reviews, ifrales - , ---- Sketches - , - 1
NUtices of Books,and-information from - the
.world of letters o - every - description.. .
• 3. - The news of the Week, foreign andilo
, , ... ,
The- price will be two • dollhrs per annum
each to clubs.of fiVe-individuals.--T-O-Clubslof
two individuals, two dollars and a half, crave
dollars for the:two. • Single mail-Sidiscribers
three dollat : s. Mail-remittanees to be post
Paid. , . •
As.the'arrangem.enta for this undertaking
are all completed„ the proprietor' asks from
a generous public that consideration to-which
an diffusive.4l`lissheme:of circulatuk_ know 2L !
et fie an
~ I. - • • r i t - - iii- c ti :SW . - 1
I . 'he-'firstlnumber-of-the-New-Seriei-clim• -
- inented - on - the filth 61-January.„lBBB,_freitn
:w-htch period.-or from--any-future- , date, new. l
subscribeyMi?Lcommence. • -
-- .. - -1
f i tZf°l4,o,sitii,astetkatid - agents for periodicals'
thr0qgh6 . 444414911 , aßit,C4nada, are re
qu.Oli' aet; . it , 'ellatt•ROVO'Cli.rinibus, and
i l
.coaintiniCAt.e..i.l 4 . 11,...449priet0r. _ . _
____....____-__...,,,..'. 0 - s,_post - paid,, ,, L. - . -'
- - -.. -._.I..WILLIAM 'BROWN — '
. , . 1
police, the al
med to the
_ •
, > $ll for 1838.7‘„
To bitirif4 litd14:!; , , Vri. Saturday, .Vo . :
if , l7-r 4 1038.
AP rnrzrs.
141V030/4460 00
'—.LP;9OO/4: 0 4441b0.c w fa 0 0 -4,5011,,---I t 9-10,-
4.50 6E4,600,- Ece - ' tcc
F .-- -51 - - -- -Qtr.Fterl2-:5;).--:
"dett'siorl'a,clOges 0125 Whole Tickets-51-10
„ • 25 clo --,,,65
- 25 Q. , larttr do '32 50
~,,,: . ,.:,.L,:, i ,'•
- = -- %:Pii'l - l= :
VIRGINIA STA'r - E - 1. - ;(:)TI . ER Y..
_ For the beticlit of tilb MoiiongTtlia Acatleirry.
'Ciass /16 I fi,r- IS3£3. .
35,29.1-11,76-1-6,009:-5,009- 3 ,00 0 - 2 , 50 0
.• .2.3(.11-50 prizes - of 1,000! &c &c - .
only $lO-IlalyeAlss,--Qqarters $2 59
Cert.'ibf Packages 0f,25 Whole Twketb $l3O
: do 25 Half
.Do 1 do' 25 Quarter do; - -32 50
• /
Virginia State Lottery.
. Nor the benefit of the town of Wheeiing. •
To be Jritwn at Alu . andria, Va,Aaturday, Feb-
`•rtiary 10, 1833. , -
. „
$30;000--10,600-6,0W-- - 5,00 0 -4, 000-2,500.
—2,000--V,7173 pf 1,900 ,, -20 of 500--28 of
30b, &c &c.
. •
Ticket sl.o..—llaif fl.s—Qoarttir $2 50.
Cart's of packages of 25 Whole 'P ickets .stso
Do do -25 11311 - do 65
Do 25 Quarter' do 32 50
jjrf•Ordcrs 'for Tickets and . Shares or Certifi
cates of Packages in the above Magnificent
Selione - s - , - w ill receive the most prompt attentipn:
and an official account of. each drawing , bent
immediately after it is over to all who order from
us. Addrcs4, • "
• .1 S —GREG PRY' & Co. Managers,
' Washington City, D. C.
ORe ILI.Pta C . O URI!'
OWflslipl at
Court of Cumberland. county, will be 1
I exposed to. public sale op Wedia.sday the !
- 13 - 11 - 11 - /lay i,f January-next,—at the-public hoose..l
East Pear.borough township. said county,
containing 21 - Acres and 107 Perches, more
or leas Being part id a tract formerly cal
led KtelSO'S Ferry place.
: This' property is
divided into three partA,
.and will be sold.
"separate or together,. to suit purchasers.
No. ',That part of the.aforesaitlpro-•
petty situate.ahove the turnpike, and on the
river - Siisquelianna..cohtaining 9 -- /terer, mitt
0. perches, more or less, with that large•and
commodious Brick
Large 'frame stahlev - all nearly new, and moil.?
occupied by 3ohn'tionybeck,,a
• TWO . S TOP:. * '
•rt E "
'Contiguous thereto, .a valuable Lumber Yard
thereon,. and ()tiler necessary improyements,
and beautifully - Situated.. It is - one of •the
best stands a public IMuseNif the county.
No 2. Chat .part whic . h lies below the
Itarrish,org - bridge, • containing-8-Acres-and
-15 per Ches, more or less.' running along the
tut'n.pntte road, ablifirt4l-pei 611-e-s—ifeartlre
roll toad, with a. Lumber_ 3(ard on the river
shore. - _ There is a house occupied_ as a store
and,otti - er improvemeas theretin ereeted.
No. 3. That part situate on the_ turn
pike•road,: containingA-Ae.res, more or less,
with a
rA - =S.I K©IT 5 E 9 '
thereOn'efeCted, occupied by Laymis Banks,
a good - Orchard of select fruit, a-garden, and
oth . er,improVements.' A portion of the above
.property being situated OM the river shore;
: both above andbelow the Harrisburg bridge,
affords the best. landings in' the vicinity; IiaVIT:
log the advantages of the turnpike ;• and Abe,
rail road being within a fete feetof it. . It 'has
for a, !Ong , time been occupied as klanding,
and Lumber Yards.. •to:ofiet ty posses
ses many
. ad,vaptages ;
its favorable situation,
and it s connection with the improvements of
the county, which makes -it well worthy the.
attention of purchaser's. Due attendance will
be-giv - en-wrelltrians of side made known
On the day of sale by'. . _ •
.)Wary .7117Cinney,
, • Administratrmes.
By order of the"
.COUrt-71*Itontak Craigh
ead, Clet k, O.C. •
Decepther‘lB .18'37, •
No:soNorth Foqrth at. ' 11i a e
—Jana a--7:f7it
ruary, 18,i 8
4 ;)C-
l'emisylvania Legislature.
CoireiPoodencle of the Iteralit ar...Expooltor.
. . //o7ishurg--Innuery--?..2,_1_821
• ln the Sanate, this ;Homing, the.AlebaTe On .Icir.'s anti=Patron eesolutioris, Was eon(in tied:
, y--,41.14-41iller of the city: lie was oepostid to
tho sweeping denunciation . ,of the uncenstitution
ality.of the resolution of the National [louse of- 1
Rep‘resentatises.. 11e - 1W reford titoreil Thai the .
words declaring said resolution un'c r onstitutro4fir
be stricken' out, and that it be dechired"an
necessary and dangerous sisumptien of pots t.;"
but this . interferred . with iha -arrangement of
some senators, who in all probability 41 prepares!
- thetriielves upon the resqulrons In the Original,'
shape-so attheirsolicitatiop Mr Miller withdrew
his amendment for the present; - . ,
The-resolution submitted - horn. days since. by
Mr Kelly; authnrizing,the'Governor to - prcsent,a
awoitlitYGenzrat Hugh Brady, ataa testi trioniiii
our appreciation of.his gallant conduct at Bridge
yvaterancl offierplaces during the late w
adopted nem: Con
. .
In the Irquee,:"lVlr Reed of the county,-called
up hii resolution instiu - eting . our
--in-etingreqs-to .: -Arn - ctrean a ppropri - at*ptifi
construction-Of-a-pry-Dockiand--for - the - general
-repair-of the --- Navy Yard - at Pliiladelehia. Mr
- Joluron way opposed to this - etertutt stringof in
'structinne,to_cir congressmen, who,' he thought,
were able enough fo ' their duties
out being directed by the House: hfr Watti•
could nOntee what, - good iturpois • cOnld' be oen
--aWered I.);sr.,the resolution, unless .it would be -to
insure. le Cons 111611 5.0 10 gen ernan roil t
*c - o - faity - thar good work or
forwarding their _interests.. He, with the last
speaker, was op osed to instructing .members of-
Congress subjects with which it 'night bo
.w'ero acquainied.7' Adter
sorrieTifUrther:AisctisSiOn-the. tciufutiod
lhe - better regulatain_of the Banks,
utiops .. , a tli.LOa n • C orrspa [lies within this.
montrealth. The bill provides that from:
terthr-next semi---annuakthi - claration 51-dividends,_
uo haute shall deciar.o.a - ditidend . 66:ll perent.
.That from the - firif day of Itiaynexkba'nlis.shall .
pay their notes in gold o.r,,sil.ver, in` default' of
which their chatteri dr,c declared void. After
the_ first of January, H 11, no banknotes to be
LisaiLurid he:4lc /
. 1 anti tali
The. bill is made the order of the day for Wednes
day the 24th inSta]ii.; --- On motion of Mr Laventz, -
i (tir
.the committee an:banks were directed to Inire
into sonic al le,ti'e'd misconduct in tho co_ iniiitee
appoihted to Sell -the stock. of . th e Wtst- hanch
Bank at .V illiainsport, and if_they find the allega
tions correct, to report a bill declaring said sales
of stock invalid. ...
Tizesday 16. The wheels of IFsislation were to..
day suddenly stopped by tete' melancholy death,
of one of the ablest meinliers of the:lower !louse,
Joscrif MckvAlN-5,..,E-sci. of the city of Philadel
.phia. This cireum;` - tance tbreW a gloom over our
Legislative flails:. The deceased had been ill
for almost a week, but wes:atithistime generally
believed to he. conValescent; it was then with•no
liitle,stfrprise . ind sorrow that his fellow.members
Ignited that 16s body 'lvas discovered, in the
morning, to be devoid of the . vivifying
and that soul, which-formerly gave animation to
thoughts that breathed and words that burned - , -
had taken its upward flight, to join in the higbrr
and holier councils.of the "spii•it land." The
deceased was respected and admired in his public
(:relations, honored-and:esteemedTin:theTrivaie - or
' drom - atiercle o - ,7-Thi - 11 - cruse,
this morning,;_niercly. convened to pay the• ac
_custornel mark of respect to the memory of a de , .
parted - meinbeer—Mr----Fling v in4ery feelingand
appropriate' terms, announced the' death'of his
colleague, "Mr. S.peaker," ssid Ire,..:•'since the
last -meeting of this House, death; with his relent.
les4 'shaft, has been among us, and he has selected .
, not en ordinary--indiVidttalHfor-his--victimTlut -- -
ainimg at the -brightest and Most distinguished,
i has-fized his-arrow where-the misfortune-cannot
easily be repaired. - :It has become my. melee -
choly duty, - Mr.• Speaker, M.:anomince to thiS
Houst,rwithleeling,s.of surrow,:thnt can scarcel
And . words for utieraiice, that. Joseph nellvaine, •
one of the representatives in this Homo; from the.
city-of Philadelphia, 'islto,more."
Mr. Johnson, of Armstrong, between whom and
the deceased theclC - S . est intimacy has for a long.
time existed, then rose and addressed the House
tis ".'Mr. Speaker, Divine Providence
haataitenfronvimougst us our frknd and" fellow- .
member, whose death has ljust been so feelingly
announced-to-this Donse and_the_contryjay, his
calico.. tie, • .
. In this event'-sir, there:is much fot our earn -
Mid- soil:ins meditation: Ilernesakr that a few
days Bike he took an active part in.theproceedl
jno of Our hotly, to-day he • is ritiphered wait'
the spirits of another and a IttitterAvarld. lie,
member that a moment ago, to nfetmany of us
at the fireside Of our homes, t day he meets- us
tw — itrVa' . Orig. bonetcrtire-mansi n-of4a.s-father
Ilemember the keen lustre of his eye, as in strains
of impassioned eloquence he proudly-and ener
getically defended lite great interests of our
State'-=now yhat eye is- closed in the slumber of
the tomb—that tongue is-hound 'with the icy -
Icoldness of the grave." .
ills nottny purpose, ,sir, to speakan eulogy on
the character of the de — c . 6asedwe all knqnr his.
'excellence of heart, his amiability of disposition,
his. sincere and friendship, In all the
relations of• life, . the dicetted. t hschargedall his
whie.ther public d pr domestic; witicii.cliect ,
11.11 fidelity that gained , him Universal love. and
11 deten'sa: well, was Lis,ihtiniate
1-7 • d' '• him•
companion and filen isle met in every
walk of this' transitory life r _ from the fireside of
• ' I
Iris esteemed mu lier W w the halls of legislation.
Aml,pitiMut the expression of my deep sor;
roW.fer the melancholy event • Vttlireli - has so al
ruptlY dissevered the many. endearing ties-
' Our friend having gone; Ve cannot better
charge our duty to his memory, than by the LOOP
tion,of the resolution ylliCh the deceaseCwae
lle - d - up - corturfcditivi.. mempirktn, offei to tbie
House the-last 'session after the announcement or
thedeath of that good Man, Isaae• DOwning,.'Esq:-. -. `,
of Chester. itlr. L : thensulitnitted several reso- - -
lotions 'expressive of the sorrow of the hciuse in
this bereavement,: declaring the order of the
inocession4the fitnoi•itl;' &C., when the Muse: '
. : . . ,
iinnaediatJlPatlit? l ll•lied• • . . '.• • -
In the',`'epa . le," the ciirresponaineprodeedings .
were had, after tyhich tlfat body adjc4rned,' The ''-.7
resolutions Were sulnultted_hy'ilr. Miller; of . the , •
.city, andseconded by Mr. Penroseovhodeliverect.; .
--culogyz-npon the: deceased. -rePresentative:•
.It : ~. fine feeling.and tender- pathos, ancle
was listened--to ivith-S nielancholy-pleasure - :'
H .- ei/nesdoy-17. 'There was no session in , either .'. '.
noose:to-day . , • • . :... '• • ~.
.._....:17.curday.181...._At .the early hour of fiVe, .!Ite..
i Legislature assembled;-this tporningi , to attend the • •
body' of liti - ; M'llvaine, tolhz.rail• road' depot,
whence .b.: te:charge:_ be, . e - O
committef -bothi -
- li ke
houses., it •w • ()preyed to.tlie. city of Pilladcil•
phic -s f - TheyrisseMbled. aitarajOi, - the tuiiiiil — ,
hotted'. meeting, and ProcCetlfi to their ketts. r
tornql duties. Among'the, petitions presented
,was one, from a comtnit.t.te of the 'Anti- • '
Slwery Society,at present insesston in this place,
- on beititlf of their asking the use of the
Itepresentathe . Hull for the i •purpose of deliver;
ratan Ittglita. The petitinn . heing read, -Mr: 7 11'11- ...-.
vaine,,of Chester, movedithat th'e prayer of .thei -
petitioners hegranted, .This was nigh provokkg
troliti of e.s ettrynust;-nlidni-no—faihionntrie-in
ou E!we - c - F7-Wii - s. ns enlin ns
'her; a ; - thing very -uneltpe-cied ; but . could: --
ineyer consent, to see this Hall:- made the the, trei
for, the 'dissemination of ... incendiary - 7 doetrinew ? -- 7 --
517_ssrs: Pray, _Gilmore_and- Reed- of -:th
fullowed lin tlie — track — of - th - fledford .county
representative,- tt happened, in thiS question, as
1 blieve it dors in most others, -where thereAret.
debates, that it had two sides,' a negative and an
affirmative, a pro 'el' capi`w ell- so , lkfr.'Stevens
found hinnielfOn dud - other 'aide; he' could see
imfrropriety in g'l;inting trie-use . of the-Tian
for the ,purposes asked foe by, the petitioners.;_ it. •
had,- in, Minatterlesa- instaneesi - -beeti 7 granted to: •
almost 'every-one - tha'e - -wonlel ,, ask - 7foriti - lre - m- ---L
membered .
hihited in the ' Spettkr's: chair, and. he could riot
see that fiddling '%•ati rribre.iMpoetant _tqtheir
tltan:un. inquiry into the _ rights of
supported the - re
(pest _of - the Sodiety.. takin - g the'questiMihy
yeas and nays it-uppetti•lJ that for - grantitig - tiro
application thu yc:as were butt 27, nays 56.'
ttc Of-importance Was dente in_either i101.19e.
Priddy 19111. Several rtenncies having
'red in shoat.. Ammitteeq by the Jestase of Mit' •
theSpealcerfilled them as' follows,
IJc - ..llinchman !al - the committee on inland Nao.:k
gallon; MI. Coplim on the ,committee,on the
rency, avid iifr. Wllingliam on the Judiciary Com
tnittce.:.. Mr. Karns some thee ago.: subMittCdia
resolution for. the appointment of a joint Com.
tnittee to hivestigate the sdliiirs of the several
hanks of theAComnionweOth. This resoltition
came up to- y'lati second' reading. -Conce“ing',
that the Committee on batiks wire )• corn
teht to attend to this duty; the resolution, met
with •lpretty watrn , oppoiiticnt, and Was }lna*
postponed for tile present-
On Saturday , the 2Oth,,lnothing of iliterest oc
curred,in eithr House. bills were
passed through -Committee of the Whole, oh
second and third rtaaingi'but they are of no int•
portance to your readers. •
Cr After our paper was put to press we re
ceived news. of the ei•acuation of Navy Island
iincl the di►persicn of the Patriot: Army. Tho'
cannon helOng - ing to the state of New 101 l had
also been given up to Colonel Ayres of the New
,Yerk _militia— •
Liiss of the .Black Hawk.--The Black ' ..
Hawk, Capt. Taylor, left Natchez tin the
load of pUssengerSTlorses, attil freight,
including 500,000 in specie, owned' by
.. -
the United States. • -That night - while on -•-•
the.M itivissippi, a shn.rt distance above the.
Mouth of Red River, she _ burst her boiler; ----,
iclicehlifew Off Oilier upper worliirfOr-
ward of the wheel; and her pilot and en:" .
gineer . ereTin - stant ly-kiljok.--.- - Severa - li--:-- - --
others suPpnied to he lost; the exact - nuin-::
ber.; however, - cannot • lie . aseerfainitt—_-____
four or fivewere _severely wounded; anti:
several others . received slight bruises.--;- --
A large'Tortion ofthe-passengers made
the shore by aid - of'a 'flat boat, and about
75, - 00 . 0 of .the.specie-and n. large portion
oft.he cargo were saved in the same m
ner. • Seven of the horses were killed/ .
The hull of the boat is now ashore partly J
under_witer;;near. where the arcidentoc
cur-red. •• . .
, [Southerner. •..
_.... . ....
. ;s'idurcla,y,"Ttan. .
F..L.01.1•14-4n'the part - tif the week the " • ,
, -- Ofore price ranged_fromsB-25___to,S--50,iduttho.
wagon pride was unitiom at $8: - Since then,
however, prices have declined; io.s.lay the wagon
price ranges front $7 75 aB, and in - an occasional
instance a fraction below the first named rate hits
been.paid,--market unsettledivith downward
tendency. 'the store price to•day is quoted at
8 , ,5-8-25,:-WyLime_hi.v.e_u4_trT.PotiOns of mo =- . -
ment to report. - • •
f I AT. ---None in. market., ; •
** . 0012N.-A parcel of white, afloat, has been
sohlat76c—we -quote white - at 75a76c. Sales of. - .
yellow, from wagons, at 70372,ct5..
W v kIISICKY - .—tilnis are, held et 34..e15; We.
frotn stores at 35 cents-tin some in
stances a shade less has been taken. The wagon -
price of bbla.-is exclusive of the barrelo-
The inspections of the week - comprise 27 hh - ds;
and 951 bbls. all,by (wagons.
TUST received in addiiiiiu to a largetind
extensive tssOrtment of Boots and , Shoes
Supr s . 8c Black' Slippers
• • do
. v i tt ;'. •'1 Kid . do
411.0.4-0,,,a1e by :; , _. _ , GaAs. BiRNITZ:
received :an ;fts'sOknient of Fancy
em. • leather,
.such its. Area's ,and Women'i
Morocco, French do, red. did :green do,
Black:K4, Hatter skins, grudings,,&c.
andlLir by • C, 13.441`ii/Z.