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Vegetable Universal Pills.
- . .
-Inionce should .eontribute td the Comfort, Heath
' • and Happiness of Mankind:"
-,-- off the, eighteenth of May; 1835, these ,now
•tititycelebrated•-Pills were first mail4nown in
"Alte'United - Striteo, although in Europe they tract
. been' previously before the public nearlya
tur'y.' The American public naturally viewed
them with suspicion, but as oil trial they were
found what they professed, it ryas aoorrilisplo7c - ed
-by the greatest. confidence. in feel the. many
_persons -who have commented with them under
the most trying ,circumstances of bodily . afflic
-Ition; when every othermeana and medicine had
proved altogether unavailing, hare been restored
o health and hapPinessi from their use, and the.
• - consequence is, they are now recommended by
• thousands of 'persons • Whom theyhave cured of
- COnsturiptionp linfluenzri,, Colds, Indigestion, Dye
peptilifilleadache, Pains, and a sense of fullness
.1n the back'part of the Head, usually ; the symp
•Billious Scarlet, Typhus, Yellow, and-common
- - , fevers Of all kindsi. - Asthma, Gout, Rheumatism, -
Nervous Diieases;" - Liver Complaint, Pleurisy
InWard 'Weakness, Depressiop of,the' Spirits,
• Rupture', Inflammation, Sore Eyes,,Fits, Palsy,-
Dropay t : Small Pox, Menzies Croup, Coughs, - .
Whooping - Ccitigh; Quincy, &tic, Cholera Mar
kus, Gravel Worms,-Dysenterk, Deafness. Ring.
ing`NOisesin the Head, King's foil, Scrofula, 1
- .Erysipelas; or St: Anthony's Fire,
Salt Rheum.
White,Swellings, Ulcers some of 30 years stand:
ing, Cancers, Tuition', Swelled Feet and Legs, -
Piles, Cestiveness, all Zruptiuns of the Skin,
Frightful Dreams, -Female complaints of every
kind, especially obstructions, relaxation,&c.
• Although Doctor- B. has _ enumerated-by name
the above diseases,_heis, nevertheless of opinion
with his grandfather.; the late celebrated Dr. Wm.
itranttreth, that there is only Gas Disease, an
impurity of the blood,. which 'by impeding the
circulation, brings on inflammation, and-conse
quent derangement in- the organ or part where
such impurity of the blood settles; and that-it is
the different appearances -which this inflamation
oillerangement puts out, that have caused medi
cal men'to designate suph appearances by various
names, but which are in fact, only the saine.dis
case, with more or less violence. Dr. Wm.
Brandreth was so fully convinced of the truth of
the' above eimple 'theory, that he spent thirty
years in experiments and laborious research into
the medical propertica_arthe numerous plants'
composing the Vegetable Kingdom; his object
being, to compose a medicine which should at
once purify, and produCe 'by specific action, a
removal of all bad humors from the blood by she
stomach and" bovicls, as by the continuation co
the use - orsuch a medicine, such humors are
;7 ( 474 014 e; 7..'ilk - A. 1 00.10 ( lik.
—and-perseveres-with-them-will - - - be - satisfied - tha
- Dr. Win. Brandreth fully attained his philanthro.
plc object. It is now an absolute and knotin
fact, that every disease, whetherithe in the head
or feet, irithe brain-or meanestmember; whether
• it, be an outward ulcer, or an inwardabsceas, are
all, though arising from many causes, 'reducible
. to this one grand effect,camelyi impurity of the
klood.. .
- In all eases - they wilt - treicuncl 2 safe and aim"
ple remedy-yet all powerful for-the-removal-of
- the disease, whether chronic or recent, infectiotis
or otherwise ; and what makes them" particularly
_ adapted - for this country, is that there is not the
slightest lhbiliiy to cold' when' taking them, in
deed the system
-_ is absolutely...less susceptible of
culd w.ll,ln_uncler their influence, than at-any
other time; iierefol:c in this climate they are in
valuable. N. dlicr 1() they require" change
• care M any kind, In England these'Pills
--have -- bern-the - ouly medicine - of many--families
for periods varyim; from forty trroixty. years, and'
• -Wherever arCal;e:wirm from it occurred.
' NOTICE.--In com:equ , iiec of the numerous
counterfeits for - hoe, Drug and Chemical
Stores, the public arecisillioned against purchas.
ing of any person exec pt die accredited agents:"
Sininurity Against Counterfeits.
A ICTIRT.TII-- h g adopted—ther-Tollowing
plan to gecure the GENUINE Brandreth Pills to
the public: — F,v4-ry authorized •Agent - musthare
a*Certifioate of, Agency, and it will be seen that
• a &utile forgery MUST be committed, before
any one can procure a forged CeAificate, and arc
"On hatilalialliS-TatiefiaialLia-r-CitIILIV-1 1 1 1 1 11 t ,
We forger.
The following are the appointed agents for
, this vicinity, viz: Wm. Gilmore, Chambersburg ;
• Jacob A. Winrott, Gettysburg ;
; and-Wm. Belli Harrisburg:— ---
- BranAreth's officers fcir the sale of the
above Pills are 169 Race above sth street, and
•34 Chesnut street, Philadelphia.
- /"May13;31337.—tf.
,›lRev. Dr. , Bartholomewhi
An agtoCable cordial, and effective remedy for
,Hearseness,Colds,Pains in the Breast,
Mard - Breathing, and Difficult expectoration. •
For Mulls 4.1 Children in cold climates and wo r m.
The proprietors are aware that there-are many
remedies , for coughs and diseaserof the lunge ;
some no doubt are good, but it haieremained to a
late day to admimbly fitted
.to theie complaints; so powerful and effectual,
,rind yet so perfectly innocent and mild.
Let not the public class the scientific result of
a learned Physician and Divine with the nostrums
',' of the day. Let them make a careful perusal of
the evidences attending this article; their re
spectability, and the .decided manner in, which
'they speak, and they cannot withhold their be
lief to some of its %cones. Let us assure-.them
that a single trial of if will do more to convince
'all of its merits than all they can see or hear on
- the subject. It is quite certain that no injury,
has ever been known to arise from its free use.
An uncommon fact , is, that this remedy is a
syrup, as palatably and pleasant'to the taste - as
'the most popular'Preneh - cordials , and children
takelt always - With the greatest readiness. -
- -
The pyonrietors are now making rapid arrange
. ments to have this ariicle in the hands of every
.. - _ - raftiggihtimil_ apothecary iinihe cotintry:Trifinity:
Ile knOwn to be genuine - by the following signa
ture as below of the' nevi -Gentleman and Phy
sician who is the author of it.
d iM
It is. with great -pleasure that the
,p rietors .
are enabled - thus to bring 'foripard an- article so
truly meritorious as this syrup;•,sin.. rom such a
-- source, and community - who'theytrust - the - have
• occasion for its use may always find it within their
. reach,' both as to places at. which it may, be found,
and the low Price at which it is sold. .,
, A great number of the must wonderful cures
may be seen by calling on Mr. Bolander, Carlisle,
_ at whose tore it is for sale—See-Mr.- Dolander's
• !Also for sale by. S. ELLIOTT. s''
• _
THE Partnership heretokire existing between
- the subscribers, under the firrn<of HALL AND
PORTER, isihis day - dissolved by 'awful) con
sent. - The bopka are in pie hands of William
M. Porter; Who iS atithorizeirto settle (hp - same.
. ••• • NVAL M. PORTER.
Cariiale' Oct 30 . 1837
.%.4state „of Or. John P. Geddes, deceased.
- - •
•••': •NOTICV•
.pers ns indebted.tii..the estate of
b •
Mr. 4;obti:P. Geddis,, late of thetiiirough_
- of-Neivville, 2 deceased arc requested - I.r.
Makenayment r without delay, to Ali s.
- Catharine J: Geddes, Executrix, residing
in the borough aforesaid; or to-Robert
.Laiiedrexecutor, 4 •fesiding in - Frankford.
..toWnshior those- having claims against
' r , • y
i ' _
!r , 1,r,:!..e.,;;' - ','_,:r:1:•:? . ,:•7,:a 7.:, ::first;;,;.e
'. 'The Pillei:.: •Atopure no pay. .
- ~• .. PRICE ONE/DOLL:AIL '-. . • -'-
. His Considered of great IrripOrtance 'for the
, •
public to know. the following. facts; • ' ..'t• •
.. About foneyeari ago Solomon Hays; the, per
son to" Whom the.:petuKatetrDi..:Gridley had, on
his death-bed impafted - the .secret'of making as
Liniment to curd the Piles; 'nutliorlzed . it„
put up and sold under ~tlie name of Hays' Lin',
nenti--and enjoined', thatrill_alio_would lase one '
'bottle -for the Pildri, - and return the empty bottle,
shotiftl'have the price refunded. t .'. -. •
. Sfriae.that time..upwattla_of fifty_thousand sot.
'Ales have been sold, out of ,ivhicil, not -ten bare
returned, and these only because the perions did
not use it.properly!! Such wonderfill success,.
probably; never attended, any other article. .:Itis
now determined by the proprielor,:thrt_t_theLptib
bill be made more fully acquainted with its
-virtues, so that those suffering - with that dreadful
complaint-may avail-themselves:6l.itstiseN,Z.. . :;._
There are many thou Sand certificates of . the
most respectable:and .authentic character, many
of - whiCh - may - be - examined twhere-the-article ie.
sold, • .
It is used as an e x ternal application, . and for
many other corriplaints enumerated in the *rap
per is considered retriarkably effective; but. for
the-Puce it has no equal,.and the agents are new
bound to refund in. all cases where it dues not
cure. .
It is being used in Hospitals in our principal
cities with great effect. . .-. ' : ' . , - -
No .Fiction.—This extraordinary chemical eom;
position, the result of science and the invention
of a celebrated medicat man, the intr.duction of
which to!ttie publid was invested with 'the Salem- •
pity . of st.derstb-bed bequest , has since gained a
eputatn unparalleled, fully sustaining the cor
rectness b - the - lamented" Dr. Dridleys - last - can. -
feesion, tha "he dared not die to
kk ,f
'posterity the benefit. of his knowledge on this
subject," and he therefore bequeathed to his
friend and and attendant Solomon flays, the secret
of ,his discovery.
It it now used in the' principal hospitals; and
private practice in our country first and most
certainly ,for the -cure-- of _the Piles,- and_ also so,,
extensively and effectually as to baffle credulity,
unless whereits-effects are witnessed:'. External-
.ly in thefollowing . complainis: '- .
of Fbr Dropsy.--Creating extraordinary ab f (7
i.r.l sorption at once. .. -
*4 All Swellings—Reducing them in a few' 70
a : hours. , ,-
.7il__etsmatism--Aeute_or _Chronic _ivin, "/I
._ _ ..... ___ . •
„quick ease. - , -,.._ .
• Et .. ''''S'or4:, Th, roarßy - cdncersi ulcers-orcolds.--W
- 64 Grottp,-or-Whooping - Coug/i. ,-- -Extermilly --- "i”
O - and over tl)e chest. . --.
4 ., Al l Bruises; Sprains*and Burns— C uring C l l
4.1 in a few hours. ''d cd. Sores and Ulcers—Whether. fresh or long E ., .
standing and Fever sores. •. , - - rrl
U . . to •
° .
Its operations . •
upon adnlts - and - children in re
ducing rheumatic swellings, and looseing coughs
and tightness of the - chest.:by relaxation of the
parts-lias- been-surprising beyond--conception...-.
The common,remark of those, who. have used; it
in the riles, is, l'lt acts like a charm."
- Jt is used only as an external application, and
jts sovereign power iii 'during the atiove naffed
- complaints,. is justified jrrscientific principles. '
Out cif the many warm recommendations this
Remedy has received, the following only.are sub
joined. - Theynre generally extracts horn lelteri
from- persons of highest respectability whose
, - names are - published -- for - obvious - reasons, -
.'t hough the writers have not objected to - have
them --
- • • • Cincinnati, Oct. 91h,, 1836.
"Of all the remedies v. , -- sell, none gives'so'
decided satisfaction as Hays' Liniment . We can
procure, if you desire, the beat reCommendatinni
from some of our must worthy citizens."
BuS'alo, .fipril 10th,' 1837.-
"I hay.e sold all 'lie Ittrys" . Liniment rind' could
!,are Hold much more. Judge—is cured by it, &
has sent at least twenty persons here to buy .it."
' 7 . Vicksburk., January 3d, 1837.
We aro in-want- of -Hays'--Liniment, - and -- the - '
sales are - unciwanniy...gCLOLLlLnd . the art;clc-a .
far, unrivalled. It is used for a i ariety of com
plaints, and apparently. with greet effect in all.
Mr. C.--,, a planter now here, has written
near half alpage about the
.cure he has experi
enced by it, not having g Wore left his house for
months.. He was cured of Piles_iracirty-eight
hours; we will send you his eulogies. which may
be of service to Mr. Hays."
- . . Charleston, S. C., Dec. - 28fh, - 1837. -- -
"I have been distressed for font , years with the
Piles, my sufferings hive been intense, and my
physician'had 'recommended' an operationlis the,
only means of relief. Hays' Liniment was ad.
visecl, and I have used one bottle, and so far as I
can judge 'am fully and,entirely. cured 1 cannot
refrain frqm expressing.'my anxiety- t' have its'
qualities snore 'extensively :known.''.. . -
, • A i •- .• •• . •
-Neto;,Orlea . its' , N0v.'3d,18.34.
"Mr. Hays,—lthave damned Quack Medicines,
Calomel-Doctors,-Lobelia Steamers; Vegetable
.Doctorr and so onto the end, limit of all myself,
einiii...everit.thingitesides.;„hwring 411,sorts_dtrin_
idea about a heap of comfort, h exchanging life
for that place a right. smart chance, hotter than any.
slitout in these parts.-1 have had The Piles for
-ighteen months till I got your Liniment three
Idays ago, and now I am well and have thrown
Physic to the dogs."
----- F --
St. Linda, May 51h, 1837.
"We dont know 'what the people do. with
Hays' Liniment, sure they cannot all have the
Piles, we reckon it is used for Rheumatism, and
coughs, gores, swellings. We have sold a large
quahtity this year, Wyt:_itt_may ,know hy our_last
purchase, whiCh is alligonc, Please send us two
gross-more, and also the articles ordered- last
week, if not already shipped."
• _ Yours. &c.
definite-length. but prefer that persons•genemlly
who sell the article should exhibit to their cus
tomers the original certificates they have on
hand.--It is for sale by S. C. BOLANDER.
Also for sale at the store of S. Elliott.
Celebrated Rheumatic, Nerve,
--- -Applied-morning-and-nigliharcured Jun
dreds. It gives relief in the swelling or the
glands of the throat, and relieves the numbness
and contractions of the limbs and will take swel
lings down, and inflamations out of the flesh,
rheumatism, bruises and sprains.—lt gives imme
diate relief; it strengthens weak litabsit,and ex
tends the cords when contracted.—Aletv..drops
on sheep's wool applied to the ear of deaf per
sons, will by' constant application, cause them to
hear in two months', time.
A great number ,of ccitificates of the most
respectable and decentcharacter_may—baexam
ined where it isaold.' Please call on 3. C. Bolander
Carlisle, who will give further inforrnation, (*see
Bolander's papers. •
Carlisle, October SG. 1837—1 y. tow. '4B.
Also for sale by 5 . .. ELLIOTT.. ,
j. -- :::' , E L •:)ri E '7,
Fat 1:1';
Dec. /8
and Bone
• ..
' ' ring Adamantine Guards.
. .
-•-. Take notice that, an appenrivill
Be held for the current year at the
house of:Mrs-Woodburn, in the
'borough. of. Netyylllei on Satan.
flay the 50th instant.:. . • ,
'By 'order of cit. 'of Appeals.
•N. It. All persons knowing
blie,iii.elindebted to the Com-
P;itiyi .will • - a tend on said day-and
:tyke jilt% ti: n 1; if not done. suits
will be immediately entered.
By. the Committee.
griVe ear 4",
," It..r.z.zrmarra,H—
nem! arrit iiir Afttrylund, Peluwere, Etc
Nil 3 luutlinllst.-thr.... dUtas bul
o uw Markett., Yailudrl•
and Nu. to 2 , . urtp, sty li3uttUporr, nuur_the-Ptit or,
•HICAL - I SECI:/iVEl5%nr
t aitrAncn UoigYfeitß. 3 / 4 1. 11 1'6n1eth.R4
Tug Batllsu
11 EAtTII,
- WHlCllliavvc obtained tb ,
Itecnntmendation of,l'bonsai
cured in Consiimption, Cholei
tions internally or - externally,
the - Liver, Yellow . Fever, I
Lumbago, :Tic. poloreux.' 1/.1
ness and 'a
form al'aodistressingly liable, .
MEM) , of the fairest portion of the:creation to their ,
untimely gravesvSmall- Pox, :Measles, .%Vhodping.
COUgh, Searlk Fever, Asthma, Jatiitilieeo.3raVej r
Stone, and nil Vrinaryphatruetions, Vistula; Piles;
StiiaittieS;:itiipturea, mid - Siplillis in all its stager,
C;onstipateil llowels,Wordis,Scnivy,itching of the
Skin,- King's Evil, and all Cutarreimsisorders;
--i f
in, Wort, everyyComplaint, which t e . human
friiine. is sii•direfilily subject, tinder all t telr varied
fernifi and names . ; as the: Hygeiait conviction is;
that man is subject to only :one real disease,; that is,
to-the - impurity of the bioodilrourwhence springs
every complaint that tan possibly assail I,tis com
plicated fame, and that it is the perpetual strug
gle of this vital, - pure stream of life; (the gift of
Almighty-power) to disencumber itself of_its vis-,
cons acrid humors, ' with winch it has become
commixecl. -- . . , .
-This valuable medicine, being composed only
of vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and war
ranted-on oath, it.contajning not one particle of
mercurial, mineral, or chemical substances, (all.
of-which are.uncongenial to the -stature of-man,
and therefore destructive_ to the human frame)•
is found to he perkctly harmless to the, most ten
tier age, or weakest frame; under every stage of
Immatrsuffering,-the most pleasant:and-benign in
its Operation, and at the same time the most cer
tain in searching out the rcot of every complaint,
howeVirr - ikeri; and Of performipag ettee that
offered to TIM wonderful effect,.
too is produced by -the least trouble to the pa.
tienta, by merely swallowing a certain number of
pills, - and being called a few extra times to the
purpose of evacuation, with the least poSsible
sensation of pain, exhaustion of boaily,strength;
and without The .fear or catching etild, or atten:.
' o 6_l o _,dii•cq rfaMiet„ist—any-w . ay-7-differentr-frorn
their accustomed habits. • These pills cute in all
cases, , and cannoA. belaken_tolexcess;-:=E:iperi-L
encerilliith is the touchstone of all human. knowl- '
edge; has long-.borne testimony to-the fact; and
'extensive -use •of tm- has afready verified its
truth in this country , ' -. .' '. • ' . ,•- ,
Theie medicines tire by purging,and-yet tit;
7 ,
weak,. the feeble, the • infirm, the 'nervous, the
delicate are in a few days Strengthened by their i
ciperationi-becatrse they clear the body' of its bad 1
-humors; and.. invariably produce . sound sleep.
They are the safest and most efficacious Medicine
to take-to Sea, preventing-scurvy, costlyeness,-&c.
.The operation of this mild Medicine,. - Which ,
conveys immediate coriviction.ofitstltility, from
the first dose is ,as, beneficial to the mind as the.
fiodycfirst -- calming, then curing - all :Mental de
rangements, Eccentricities, Nervous Affectiohs,-
Arritabilities atitintei3tlessness, frotit whatever
Source: complaints which have hitherto notneett
primerly anderstood, - as the Hygeists have - found
them all to proceed from. acrimoniotta - hfirrimita in'
the blood,. and, happily for the present and future
race of mankind, discovered)a cheap and uniVer
.sal. mode:of:1/mi fxingattring„.an d_ preveating.:,-...::
The being cured. of any disease, infirmity, or_
sore, is now no 'more a dubious or uncertainprp-_
cedure—perseverance in the Vegetable Univerr4
Medicines will alWays restore- nature to her due
course. The .literary and sedentary, of 'both
sexes, whose pursuits so much impsir the Neal
,ties, will' find a sure remedr_in the. Universal
Medicines for preserving the energy aid spright
lineas=of the_ imagination, and _ impro 'pg.tbeir
hook)); old age will be attained by th -use of
them,•and passed freefrom pain and infil nities.
- -They-are not--envelopegwith the-myste 'es-of
I ntheriaeslielne_s_4ll.ey otily_requirr to - be a
' vered in with sufficiently large doses, and the pa
•tient will come' off Well;—when a disease is obs.
stinate, patients frequently do nottake `doses large
enough. - .
" The medicines are comprised in three different
articles only, viz: in two kinds of pills; of differ
ent strength or power, designated by No .1-and
1.,2; the first is a powerful, but most mild and gen
tle apefient, or opening; detaching and
partially removing the billions ropy humours,
whilst the No. 2 Pills carry off those. and the
serous acid and putrid humours, incidental to the
body; and act together •as a ferret in a warren,
never resting until every avenue of the human
frame is thoroughly searched, and cleansed of
its impurities. ,
The YegetahleCleansingP.owders are olgreat.
assistance 'to patients and, facilitate the evacuation
of bad humours; they sciften;cleanse, and detach
•the acrimonious phlegm ; are • cooling, and allay
the thirst. _One, two, or three.. powders may be
taken throughout the day, mixed in. half si,tum
bler of water. s% •
._• . • -
The , -pills are - solti-in-packets - oFOTS2; - and
$3, and 25 and 50 cent boxes—:the two for ,vier
consist of three boxes each, viz. one boi
,I, and tWo.boices of No. 2—the latter; onelarger
box with a division; the powders are in separate
boxes at 37i cents each.
();}ln consequence of the repeated solicitations
of the agents, and for the convenience of the
Public in general, boxes of 50'cents, antl,2s cents
each, can now be had of all the' Agents.
MOR I SONIA NA, the Family Adyiser•
of thdliriti,h Collerre of Health, 3d Edition, price
$275; and PRACTICAL PROOFS of. the
ian'iiystem of Physiology, including the- 4 sOrigin
of Life." " Treatise on• Small Pox ," "Letter on
Cholera Morbus," and many attested cures effect
.edinAhis cp.Antry . ,_as well as in Great Rrit:ait l fith
Edition, -- price '
The Hygeian Medicines. are all imported into
thlicbuntry at a great expense, notwithstanding
which they are sold at the same price as in Eng
land. They have been 6 years before the Amer.
icali public; their preeminent success in relief
olthe tho usands.can testify . "
CAUTION:-In consequence of the high
estimation in which Morrison's Pills are held by
the public, if has induced an innumerable host of
unprincipled counterfeiters to attempt imitations,
.under deceptive•terms thus to deluge the unwriry,
,and foist thew nostrums for the Genuine klygeian -
Medicine;• in consequekee of WhiefOlie
has taken the precautionary measure of having an
Extra Yellow Label fixed on each Packet, signed
by the Agent of each State and District, and by
their Sub-Agents, in every County; the imitation
of which will subject forger ; to the severest
punishment the Law Can Inflict: and it iti ftirther
to be noticed, that pone of theabove. Medicines
can be obtained in •any Drug Store throughout
the Union ; the Drug Stores being the principal
source through which the Counterfeiters vend
their spurious articles., •
-- CRespectable parties may be appointed. A
gents °illiberal terms:. by applying to the General
Depot. No. .3i SOUTII. STRUT, • three
doors below Market street, Philaclelphia=and at
No.lo North street Baltimore, nearly opposite the
Post Office, Where the Genuliite Medi me May
always be. obtained. .
For sale in . Carlisle. at the store o OG L-
W/ .
Sept. 4, 1837. •
stok„ f rod sxchange.
Harrisburg:, Markerstreet, oppiniite to Wilson's
• -7• .
lac) SIB ( DOZMiaI.S7I O
Ilya and sells Notes oral, kin4s. :"Stneks bought
and sold. LOTTERY PRIZ MIS dished, ancl all
information given relative to LOTWEItIES. •
. ..- , .
; s l'e c . . .
Nofat'creta le .fe Pills, and'
. • - b •,.
-- • • ilit (UZI' . l' TTIE
ißks'r,•, - i 1.
• Alip." mt ages , have hel fps, hu
Uitlem vity to qttnaericit, , Ohre the
ti n. of ;utor, in tutite %,:,cC only ena
bled tt cs, Just so wt It tire Life'
ftjt d ci since 1 first ve tured upon
tAt- tad 'e discovered t t crow
It' •cc ' ii. Vegetabl .' itines
. .
.re I'cirnceti m e ch., hut
'heir ‘ti !, 0 them,,l trie not. onlY
asset, did, te'ilte altyhearty etuP
relive T, operatively peaking, I have
renewe! • with conli 'nye in my own
oretie Citizens. Me's the tendert
suitshove on fit at my•office,
t,'llro , . a, f . :::in son eof the. most
respect no tee land, voluntary offer
Ali m i n t i tes c li m trir H .
~ r-t : ne_vira..u u cs-o : 912X.F... ale 1! Alfl,E,'.
Persons" whose comstitutiona been 'welly ruined by
theuall-infollibte mineral pet militias of the day; All ,
hear me witnest, Omit time Life Medi cimaiitintatich unlyiale
the true count to permanent goa d healtli.
._w - ..- ' . • — JOHN MOFFAT.
''inetlicinks Iprie long been known and ',pill:idle:El,
for their eitraordinary and immediote powers of restoring
perfect health, to personistiffet rly-evt:rpk ind
of disease to.which the humon frome is liable.
3n loony ~fiundi•eds of certifted instances, thCy have
even rescued sufferers fitnirt tc ,vvry.verge oran litiate!
'grave, after all the deceptive,,,noltrnms of-the day had nt•
terlyfailed; and to manytbonsanditlky Wye perinnnently
secured that uniform enjoyment- eatth, without tvliich
life itself is but a partial hleisin . great, 'lnked has
their eilkneY invariably and infa ilyy. I , ovol, hat' as
appeared searcety less thak miraculous to los were
unacquainted with , the beantiftilly.philosoph en nk des
titian which- they.are compounded, and up tlt itch t ley
consequently net. It t'll, to their manif.s and sensible
action in purifying, the springs and channels of life - 4 and
enduing them with renewed Aline and vigor, that they were
indebted for their name,•whieli was In-stow. il upon them at
the spontaneous request of several individuals whogelTj es
they had obviouslYsaved._ •
The proprietor rejoices in the opportunity °riled It
the universal dinsion of the daily press,pr placing ht,,
V 01: EMILE: LIP E PILLS withnOlitt, -nowledge ant
reach of every . individual in the COMIIiIIIII y. Unlike the
host of 'pernicious qupekerits, which boast oPvegetable in
gredknts, he Life Pills are talety vegernbtei-und contain
neither Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, liar any-other min
eral, in any form whatever. They are entirely composed
of extracts from rare and powerhil plant...the Airtnes of
which. though long known to Several Indian tribes, and
recently to some eminent pharmaceutiCal ch end sts, are alto
gether 'unknown to the ignorant pretenders -to- medical
_science; and were never before administered in so happily
efileneimita combination.
. The first operation is to loosen the coats of the stomach
and bowels, the various impurities and crudities constantly
settling,nround them; andleo remove the hardened faces
which collect in the convolutions'of the small intestines.
Other medicines partially cleanse these, and leave null col
lected masses behind, as to, produce habitual costs resets,
with All its train of evils, or sudden diarrhoea with its im
minent dangers. This fact is well known m all egolo ,'
anatomists, Who exoni Titlie — lititnars - bowels - ofter - dearturl
and hence the prejudice of these well informed into qptinst '
the qtiack-voediemes of the age. The st•contt . elfeCt4f the
- VEGETABLE - LIFE - PILI;Sif fireltailirevtliriCitTheyfilffit
the bladder, and by this means, the liver and . the lungs,
the henlthful action of-which entirely depends upon the
.regularity of the urinary organs. - The blood, Which takes
its red •color from the agency of the jiver-and the laigs be.
urified by them,
' fore it passes into the heart, being th us p
and neurished b' food 'coining from a clean 'Monica_
courses freely through the veins;renew s every. partpf the.
system, mid tritimplinntly mounts the - banner of -health its
the blooming cheek. . .....
- The.followingfire among the distressing- variety °clinician
I diseases, to which the Vegvtatile Life. P ails ode
well known I
to be iitfallible:-. • .. 1
1 econd stomachs, and creating - a blow of puraltealtity bile;,
intend of the stifie a tiditerittkind;=Fla i o limey; Palpitation -1
of the heart, Loss of Appetite, Heart-burn and lleadmelia -
Restlessness,' 111-temper, Anxiety. Languor, and •.tlelait
tholy,• which are the general' symptoms of Dyspepsia, will
_vanish as a natural consequence of its cure. Costiveness,
by ch.-wising the whole length of the intestines with a sol
vent process; and without violence; all violent purges leave
the bowels costiveveithin two days. Diarrhera and Cholera; I
by removing the sharp -Acrid fluids by w loch these com
plaints are oceasitottd, mid by prompting the lubricative
secretion - of-t he loosens- membratie.--Eererr-of-hli.kinds„.
by-reitoring the bloodt-to regular circulation, through the
lrocelts of perspirntion in some eases, and the thorough. so.
ution s of all intestinal obstructions in others. The „LIFE
PILLS have been known to cure Rheumatism permanently
in three weeks, I Gout its half that tinie,-by removing
Tamil , rnflam mntitelmthecitusaleamfid -ligamentsOf-the
joints. - Dr6psies of all kinds, by freeing and strengtlaetfing
the kidneys and boulder; they operate most delightfully on
these important organs, and hence have ever been timid a ,
certain remedy forthe worst cases of Gravel. A titan/arms,
by dislodging- from the turnings of the bowels the slimy
matter to which these creatures adhere; Asthma and Con
sumption, by relieving the air vessels of the lungs from the
mucus, which even slight colds Will occasion, 'Which if not
removed becomes hardened, mid produces those dreadful.
diseases. Scurvy, Ulcers, and inveterate sorescby the-pert
feet purity which these Life Pills give to the blood, and aly
the humors;-Scorbutic Eritptiot..and bad complexions, be
their :Otero Tee effect upon th uids that feed the skin, Ms
morbid stn if which oceasitt s all Eruptive complaint
Sallow, Clot and other ding eenble Complexions. The
use of-these-Pills for a verysltort time, will effict art entire
cure of Salt Riteint.Esysilith_a_nd a stsfihing_improvi. ,
mentliTihn fie - in
ess of t sk. CcMnion Colds and In-
Ilhenza. will always be cured by one dose, or by two, even
in the worst'cases. Piles,—as a remedy for this most even
obstinate malady, the Vegetable Life Pills de
serve a distinct and emphatic recommendation. It is well
known to litandrettslti Oils city, that the Proprietor'of these '
invaluable pills, was himielf afflicted with the complaint
fur upwards of thirty;fiecycora mid he tried in vain every
remedy prescribed within the is hole compass of the Meteria
Medics. He however, at length, tried the medicine which
he now °ICY, to the public, and lie was cured in a very short
time, after Isis recovery had been pronounced slot only im
probable. but-absolutely inspasiblic by any human means.
DIRECTIONS FOIL USE. The Proprietor of the Vege
table Life ills does not follow the base and mercenary prac,
tice of th quacks of the day, in advising persons to take
his Pills n large quoptities. No good int-dime can panti
- bly • 0 required. 'these pills are to be taken at bed - nine
eve y night, far a week or fortnight, according to the disease.
T e usual dose is from 2 to .5, accortlim , to the constitution
o the perion. -Very delicate-persons srmuld begin-w ithi bu:'
two, and- increale as the nature,of the ease may require
.those more robust, 'orof very costive habit, may begin with
3,Mnd iticisMse'to 4, or even - 6 Pills, and they will effect a
sufficient_Lhappy change to guide the_patient hi their fur
Hier use. These Pills sums tunes. occasion sickness aid',
vomiting, though very Seldom, unless the stomach is very
foul; tins, liowever,may be considered a favoralile symptotn, 1
as the patient will hind himself at once relieved, and by . per.
severance will soon recover. l'lle . y . ustially operate it ttltin
10 or 52 hours, and- never give pain unless the bowels are
very much encumbered. t 'I hey may be taken by the most
- tlillicate feniMes uliTiliFraTly circunislnTcesT=lFßTltowever,
recommended, that'those its latt•r periods of pregnaCyshould
e butt one at a time, anti thus contintte to keep •the
bow -Is open: and even two may betnken - where the patient
is vet mitre. • One pill in n.solution of two table spoons
full of N . t-r, may be given to an. Minot in the following
doses—a eat spoon full every two hoursti II it operates; fora I
oltild rem one to five years of age, half a- pill—and from
tea to ten, one pill.
T.H E P lICES IX BITTERS, are so called, because they
possess the power of restoring theexpiring embers of health,
to a glowing vigor 'throughout the constitution, as the Plum
nix IS said to be restored to life from the ashes of its. own
dissolution. The Phcenis. Bitters are entirely vegetable,
composed of roots found only in certain parts of the western
country, which will infallibly cure FEVERS AND AGUES
of all kimls; will never fail' to eradicate entirely all the ef
fects of Mercury, infinitely sooner than the most powerful
. preparations of Siatiparilia. and will innuediatcly cure Me
deierminutinn of BLOOD TO THE, HEAD . ; never fail in
the sickness incident to - young feinaleil and will be found a
certain remedy in alLcases of nervous debilitynnd neakness
of the most impaired constitutions. As a remedy fur C heo
vir_ond_ Inflammatory Rheumatism,
atism, the efficacy of the
Phoenix ilitterinViltbe - demanstrated-Wilianseetasingle.
bottle. -The ustial dose of these bitters is half a wine glass
-full, in water or wine, and thniquantity nutty be - taken two
or three-times a day, about kfilf - an hour before . meals, or a
less quantity may be taken At all times. , Tolhose who are
afflicted with indigestio /after meals, these Bitters will
i .
prove initaluable, as they cry greatly increase the netion of
.the principal 'cistern. h p them to perform their functione,
andtenable the atom li so discharge into Me bowels
Whateveriaoffensive. Thus indigestion is entity and speedi.
Isi;removed, appetit restored, - and the - mouths - of-the mb. -
soibent vessels bell* cleansed, sititrititovis facilitated, and
strength of body . and energy of mind art. the happy results
For further parnetilars of -MOFFAT'S LIFE PILLS, and
pIUENIX strrEas, -apply- at Mr. Mo ffi tt's o ffi ce, No.
le-Broadway, New York,-where the Pills can be obtained
fur 25 cents, 59 cents, or 81 per box; Sind' the Bitters for $I
fug efficacy,Of both, may be there inspected. .
In iomenbstinate and complicated - cases of chronic and
inflammatory Ithemmitinn. Liver Complaints, Fever and
Ague. Dyspepsia, Palsy. -- Pies, Warier from the use of met-,
cury, quinine ,and other diseases of long stantling,it maybe
foundineeessaky to take both the Life Pills and Phoenix Bit
ten , In the doses before recommended. .
'. h Z IL'..‘These Pills mid the Bitters will get all mercury out
of/the system infiffitely linter than the beat preparationsof
SfirstiParilla," and ire a . cetairt remedy foe the - rushing of
flood to the head, or all,.violent headares, fir douleurux,
1 , e .— rs
All neons who are predisposed . ° apoplexy, patty,
Ike., should never be without the Life Pills or the Bitters,
for one dose in time will save life. They equalize the cirCu
lation of the blood, draw all pressure from the head, restore
perspleation., anal throw off every impurity hy . the pores of
the skin , . t -
, .
For-sale at the store of S.; ELLIOTT.
SeptOnber 18, 1881,1 y.. •
One I:lundred Bushels of clean Flaxseed_ want.
etrat the store of the SOkscriber in South Hano
ver Street. ,
Letteraof Administration on the - estate of John
Morret deceased, late of Monroe township: de
ceased, bovittotit4sued to: the subscribers,, residing
in said township. A:1 persons halving claims against
the, estate, will present titem,to 4M...subscribers for
payntent,aud all 'persons indebted to the estate, Will
ino,ke payment tinniediately, to- . .
Slt nwel 'Morret,
GeOrge Brindle,
Flaxseed Wanted
C a rlisle.Sept 18,.18374.
Nov 20, 1887,
3:4 4 1
s )40
3EtecruitinServite; -. •
'MY, a few s
ed citizens; between the
ages of 18 and 34 - y being abotit 5.-feet-6
inches high, of ..„AtO"oof ciarrOter,: i nnd of re. :
srsectable. sttitling ainongeiheir Tenon, citi
zeds. ; None need'apidy tO drier the service,
but those who are—detetimined' to serve the
period ; of their enlistment—which. is. only.
t bre ears,—honestly and ' faith,(0 . 4y,,.,.. ~. ~.,,
_.• _Par oplragoon
, • - • . - soldtes, whin
. . -..-, .
. • . inountrd.
. .
' , • , •. . . ,:7".. • . •.:,
‘•"1 '. I c t d m
This table shows the amount c4e• .
of pay / Which enlisted soldiers,.. I I
-I..ace.ordiOg_to_theit respective • I . 4 , ,s .
railed, are entitled to reo i
eive I A, 2 cke
for their services:
1 ..
I g 1
-' • - P-, t'.
••$ $ $
To the Sergeant Major, final.-
teymaster Sergeant,clef Mu
. -siciaP, Ch'f Btigler—each •16 192-640
To the Isl Ser't - .of a Company is IRO 57ff
' Ordnancegeants • •
All other-Sergeeants--each - 12'144 432'
Corporals . ' - 10 120 360
Buglers 9 103-324
Farriers and Blackimiths '
• _10.120 ' 1 450 1
Artificers •
Private's - . - • 896 288 i
- ,Besides the monthly .pay, as above stated,'
one ra tion per erf_
day is allowed evsoldier,•
which:is amid . ) , sufficient for his subsistence
:•;,-kilio,l_a _large..supplralif derrifortableancl
genteel clothing. Good quarters and fuel
are at all times furnished; and every- atten
tion Will be - paid to making those men Who
may enlist, and-are determined to serve their
country in geod faith; comfortable and ctin•!.
tented with their situation. The best medi
cal attendance is always provided for the
I ski. t.S - Olcher; anuno . ueduction of pay is rtialle
- during the -period he is unable to I_perform
liTs-iltity: •::•Slioultt the - soldier te disab les
of hiS duty, the laws- pro . vide 'a.pen- -
sion fur hill); ,- _ • .
By the-above it 'is seen that the pay - and•
allowances are respectable, and that, With
prudence and -economy,, the monthly pay of
the:soldier maybe-laid up—as every- thing
requisite for.his comfort and.convenience is
furnished by the Oovernmenti including his
sugar - and coffee... : The - prudent soldier,
Ltherglore,_mayreadilk_saV_e_frOne S3OO to ,
-850041 ring-his short .enlistment of 3years;
and at the expiration Of the term 'he can, if
he chooses, purchase-a small farm in any of
western States, and there lettlehimself corti•= -
fortably, on his own land, for the. rest of his
---Rmen - prrING RF. Nj)
llze,rame building in East Main street, for
nzerly_used_ae_the Volunteer printing office.-
December,4oB37.—tf • • - •
-.- - freTrbe sum - of - Twa - Doirihmis
vfilt be given to any citizen,Non-commis
sionedOfficer, or, Soldiar, who shall bring to
this Rendezvous an able-bodied - recruir,"well'
formed, sound, and - otherwise dtilY qualified,
(as above described,) for the duties of a sol
dier, and who shall be regularly enlisted.
80 Brill. st., 4 doors belotu the Franklin Bank.-3
50 3 000 DOLLARS.
. ,
Persons at a distance diposed to try their
luck in either of the following grand-Lotte
ries—one of which drawi alternately every
week,-are respectfully requested to forward
their orders to the subscriber, enclosing the
cash-or-prizetic-kets,-designating-the Lottery
will receive immediate attention by return
mail, and the drawings forwarded - when over.
(if requested.)
R. W. ROBTlsiSetli. -
• Baltimore, Md.
the several State.-Lotteries will be drawn.
Maryland State Lotteries draws in Balti
more every other Mbrulay; — capitals -range
from 10,000, 20,000 to $30,000 ; Delaware
State. Lotteries draws twice every week,
capitals vary from 5 to $lO,OOO ; Grand,Con
solidatacl Lotteryjraws once "every we -k
capitals 20,000, 2.1,000 t 0 .539,000 ;,Alexa -
dria Lottery draws once every other week,
capitals - 10;000, 20;000, 30,000,50,000;
ginia State Lottery draws every Saturday in
leach week, capital prizeS range from 10,000,
' 20,000, 25,000, 30,000 to $40,000. Tickets
in the above Lotteries vary from $2, 3, 4,'5
and 10 each, shares in proportion.
- All-letters addressed to the subscriber go
perfectly safe. No miscarriage has ever oc
Feb. 14, 183747-1 y
' 47V1
l a rEltHE subscriber will rent that well known
.4&..ittrge:iftfitLc29l!oiol l ..b94sCi...f9l` l P9lX - Y*s
occupied by Christian ilunerich, and more
cently by oiler% as a' TAVERN.
sw im] • HOUSE. The house, is rentarka
bly well edlculated for 'entertaining
BOARDERS ; there • being three
stair-ways, and Fireplaces in most of the rooms..
211re_Situation is_very - pleasant arA:desirable,•being
on the north west corner' of Hanbver and Louther
streets; while, for - conveniences, it excels any
othergiouse in the borough or - coutitry. - it pos_
sesses the unusual advantages of 12 rams on the
first floor-_-_-_l2rooms on the 2d floor-4 romits on _
- the 3d- f}oorr-6 - Cellars - in-house -- -Two-wells-of
water ; (one at the front door on Louther street,
with a pump therein; the other in -the . yard at the
- kitchen door;) a Cistern
.made to contain eighty
five Hogsheads; large- mid' conyenient stabling,
with carriage house and sheds; large and exce
lent gardens attached to the buildings besides ,
many. conveniences not specified.
2. Also, one frame Weather,boarded
Tic Story House, situated in
with two Cellars, a Garden and Staffing attached
. .
3. Also, one other Weather-boarded
Rouse ln"West Louther street, adjoininglhe, Ger.
man Reformed Church, with a Garden•attached
to 'For Terms apply to • • '
Estate;of Jacob ,
• All Persona indebted to the Estate-of. Ja
cob Nigh, Sen., de6' . d, tote of. Mifflin township
Kuinberiand county;.are'regnested to,
,make im
mediate payment to Jacob High,iesidtng in New
ton township, 'or to Henry'Railing, residing in'
Mifflin township; to - whom litters of atimittistrar
lion on said estate liu've issoi4l; and .all persons
haring - claims or dstinuida againsi the estate of
said deceased, are requeired to matio . krionm
same ,to either 01- the Admita:strators; without
delay- . .
jAcon HIGH, .Rdmes.dif'Jtscob
HENRY • RAILING, I High. Sr. deed,.
Nov 20; 1887.• • •
.__,.- , N,
Is the grandest ornamentbeiouging to the LA=
'man fraMe.
_How strangely the loss'of it changes
the ceiffileiniiieFlimi - preinainrely brings on the
appearance of old age, which-causes many tei re;
coil at being uncovered, and . .tiometimes everrt.
shun society to. avoid the-jests and sneers of. their
acqtmintanees; the remainder 1i,..... - ..,..: -
conseyiently'spent in retirement, '.ln-short, not
ever_tjne - loss of - propertylills; the generous think
.ing youth with that heavy sinking gloom as-does
the loss of his hair. To avert all. these'unpleas
ant circumstances, OLDIUDGL'S BALM OF
COLUMBIA tluips - the - hair from'
tilling eis'.on
the &St-application, and a few bottles restore it
• again. ft likewise produces eyebrows and whis.
kers; prevents the hair from turning grey, makes
'lt curl beautifully, mid. frees it from scurf.- NU
hierous certificates of the first respectability in
support of the: virtues-of Oldridge s Balm, arc
-shown by the prOprietors. : • -
ROBERT - WHARTON,. Esq.; late Mayor o
Philadelphia,.has certified, as mat• he seembelow
bailie high . character . ..of- the ... following
. .
The undersigned do herehy certify..that we
have.'used the Balm of Columbia discovered lig
.r. Oldridge, and .have found it hi.hlv servicel-
e not on y as a preventative agaiiist the falling
,ff of hair, but also a certainjestorative:!
AVM. THATCHER, -- seninr, • ;; .
Methotli4t Allister in St. George. charge,:
No. 86 ~slortli Fifth street.
'JOHN P. INGLIS, 331 Arch street..
JOHN D. THOMAS, M. D. 16. Race st.
JOHN S. FURNEY, 101 Spruce at.
HUGH WCURDY, 243 South 7th st,
• - JOHN GARD, Jr. 123 Arch, at. ' -
The aged; and - those'.wliti persist in %venting ,
Wigi; may not - always experience - its-restorative
qualities, yet it will certainly raise its virtues in
the estimation Of:the pullic, %OieTit ifiti known
that-three of the above signers are iitore,so years
of rage, and the others-not less than SO. •-* -
[From the 111ityor.]'
City of ! P hiladel [Ana.
T, normal' IVII AlRI' ON, Mayor or said city of
Philadelphia, do hereby: certify. that I am well
acquainted with ,Messrs - . - I), 'illgie4„ _NM .S,
Furey, and Hugh - McCurdy, whose names are
"Sigifediollteabore , teertifreiattvthattherareTem:
tlemen of character - and respectability, and as
such full credit.shootd be given to the said -cer
-tigitte. .-
• . .
. .
In witnegs _whereof; I , have hereunto_ set- my
hand, and caused the seal of this citydo be
[L. S.) affised this sixth• day of December, &c.
Observe that each bottle of the Genuine Balm
has a splendid . engraved wrapper, on which is
represented:lhp Falls of Niagara, &c.
For sale at wholesale by ComsTocrc & Co. sole
-Agents-for , -Arnerica r -New- Nork,-and-by-most ,
druggists throughout America.
To Printers.—All printers or editors who will
insert the above, leaded, for 6 months in'a weekly
paper, and send one number of their paper to
the agent, shall be entitled to' one dozen of the
above article. --,--
- -
• . GEO.
Formerly . of Sunbury, Northumberland
County, • lea . ve respectfully to inform the public,
thai he has removed to Itarrisburg, he-hai
taken that large and spacious three story brick
house formerly occupied by Mathew Wilson,
corner of Walnut and Third streets,'
.In.viesv.,e4he State-CaOitolayhich_b_ e_sertened n
the first day of May last, and where t hopes to
continue to receive that patronage so, liberally
bestoWed on his establishment heretAbre. He
will at all times, be provided with every thing
necessary to make his guests comfortable.
_ _
Oar 53stIr• . ,
II,E; subscriber offers for-'sale the. following
----: idescribi - drhouse and halflotof ground, sit.
nate .oit the north side of Main street in the laor=
ouglt. ot - Carlisle i nearly opposite Mr. George
Aughinhaugh's hotel—the west half of lot No.
61, in the plan of said borough 7 -bouncled by
Main street Ton -the -sou tit, -Dr.-T. - -, - Myers on the
weit;:niekinSOtititU.o.l23..feekAite)...on_lile...nortb s
and the widow Creighton on the east; containing
30 feet in front and 240 feet iri'depth. The buil
dings are a :, :
. --,4 Frame . freatherbogrded
..::.;.i , . . i
.tt ; t: to a .- , • .
~...:.- - -.:...-
7 . .''' : ;!•:t.,1 1 1 .. ' ;. 32.a_v_a_m q ,±
w -
fronting on Main street with a large
1 • Brick •
fronting on • the alley. Said half hit is in a high
state Of improvement, with.a \ variety of choice.
Fruit Trees and argpe.Vines,.
now bearing. Currant and Gooseberry Bushes, and
_Shrubbery_ot_dillerent kinds. •
An indisputable, title will be given to the pur•
chaser. - Further particulars are, deerriail 'unne
cessary:- Any persons wishing-to purchase, are
invited to call and view the premises., The terms
will be made known by
. • • .• •-
Augtist 28, 1837.
A ificautitul flea
For sale by S. C. BoLAttriEa,-CarliSle.
Also for sale by S. ELLIOTT. '
Harrisburg, June , 1837
t4Fuither alp& of.l:ltnndretha Pills, in •80
cent boxes, just receivetl,"and for sale, at
e stole • ' ' • " e
Nov. 27, 1837.
Estate of Christian Cootter,'ltteceased.
TTEIIS of adminiattatiun upon the estate
11. 4or Coiwer. lute of ek bison
.sliii),; , ',Ctimlie-Lind (annoy, deceased, hale issued
i i i duel foriii Oaf W to lite subscriber. residing on
(lie Ihrin or said deceased, in Sil " t. , Y11.4i111),
.Mrpersons hoeing chinas against said estate will
present tlieni, and those indebted w ill nriike 114.
ment to . . ,• . ....- •
AD.tll COOVT.II, Adair.
Sept. 25, 1837.-6 w. Ca9 ' •
Real ~ •
~ .
.• . • Valuable lEiilate . -
I -. * • -
N P-1-112 SU A NCE,of -the direetion:oftlte
will of 'Thomas Eennedy , deceased, 'late of
Mifflin township; l'willi.sell at l'itblie•Sale, on
MONDJ.V.,the.24I.t dity of . •
th—e—iiii-miNiTtit7lfen O r ,Clc - Tekflic forenoon,
the follnAkinplesitoed. 'Farm,a—ffl— .sittlAted in Mifflin • ,
itts - Frankfort! town At 'ps.,,bounded•by the lands^ .
- of - ;eorge ouratten; in - Brown, , Henry Brini --
nd others; containing 2 - cres of patented• land
- (l:fist :quality of Slate and , Gravel,
,about 170 . '. .
acres of which are cleared, the residtm,i4overed •
wit,lt Timber. The impr o vements ar e -•- - •e • - ,
. .
• '•
- . ? .-- - - r? . -*•"• ' '. '' • +snf-;. . .
A 33ouble . :LoglErouise.• .;;''''' frit ••• '
. • , Araytk • „ - • -- zw.c - v du, • 7 ' - - •
ICI '.r 'CM N. . . , i.:-..,'-' - , ..z.:.,;:
4 .Dobble . 0 ., 1 - 30i.ii, witit tw'o Thresli.- -,
'Mg Floors-and • umieerected for. a niatillery:.L.; . ,
- : ' ' h ere, is a:stream of, never-fail. .
: ___.. lo ,_
~ - 2 .. ., ..„ .1 , ..e-o i -::,,, , .:::.---- inewater:reiiiii . nglias . t-th i e'in.. ' --
-- - -1',1, , ,:.t.,, , ,-- - provements. ,- - , 1 here ts-a so-an
.':Wfe...:• . - -Szi„., ,r,
(. 'E
ORCIIA ' RD ' '•
. , • .of excellent frult on the 'Fart''. . .
••••'--..-'-'-----.--,_ The above Farm is well Olen- ^
toted for raising. eitheir,Grain or_gtocko as. there, ,
are a great many drafts which .produce early pas. , •
turei•or May he cut for hay, and, theie being run.'
-ning , Waterin-all the-fields except-two.--The Farm -,--
' will suit to be divided, and 'will be sold divided •
or - together, its will beat suit-purchasers. - Persons
wishing to inspect the premises will call at 'the
Enbscriber's residence•in Carlisle. . ~- . - '.
_ 'the - Terrill or - Sale wIll:be:-415 pa y -, -
- ..61.5-......t."..;,....,inup ve Me' agreement, tee real.
due of tine-balf the purch/se money. owthe first -
- of - April next, and - the - balance - in - three - annual .
payments without interest,to be, secured by lien . .4
on the land. : ...,,,, .
El I
Nov. 20, 1837
._ As, • •
, : "
4,-.Thetiubseriber returns hissincere thanks
to his.former customers, for the liberal share -
of patronage; whith has been given him and,
solicits a continuance.of the same; as also he•
inves those•-who may
_pot, as yet, have •
-given - hintUtll - , - yrdo at - his - stroil - irrNarth
Hanover street, one door. north of Mts. K.
.Hayinglately returned from the the city
of Philadelpnia, bringing-with- him-the latest
and most approved faShioM-, the subscriber"
has .on hand, a large assortment of - •
finished - in a superior style:
latest fashions, all-of which will be sold low
I for, cash, or exaanged or country prodUce.
Cal; and see.'
Noy: 20; 1837.--tf
7 - 51
_ .
NEW 8110 E; HAT, CAP
tiND al `to;
THE subscriber having commenced - Abel
above business, at his store — room - in South ,
Hviiitii 7 eFiltsiTeliFF-ffiTOFTel'iTifelliffaiii - e''' 7 '
liOtel, - bas received a large- and-generid as- •
sortment of water proof, - - - Leather and GUm- „
elastic civet' shoes. '' ,- •
Men's" Sewed Calfshin Boots, Black. do
. : Pegged Kip dO • Kip sewd do
_Waterproof '.. •- do CalfskirishoeS
- --- Coarse ...- • do - -Kip 'do
- : - Ankle buckle . ' do-. --Leath-W.-do
Jack bowing - . do , Pumps. ,
Ladies' Gum Lined Shoei - _ •
• .
• • : Shoetees
_ r Le tiler welt Jeff's heel')
aither Boots • '
• . • Morocco Paristies • .
•Seal Springs
English Kid Shoes
' - - : Brunelle do -• •
;•' Morocco - do •
• --, '—Boots
• : Kid Slippers• .
'• : do Straps
- Socks •
Misses' Kid Springs Boys Kid-Brogans
: . Welts :__Thruck_lmots •
• : Morocco Shoeters •• : Calf do •
Kid Slippers AValking Shoes
Child' morocco ankle:ties' Child'n_ pumps
: Leather : : Las!.l; b o ots_
• : Peggedponroes• , ' : Socks •
: Morocco boots • Youths' Brngens
—:-Leather.Wertz. •
Also Men's Black 'Prusian - Mole Skin Hats.
- Plain Black — Russian `tlu —
Fine Beaver._ do
Supr : Silk • do .
Black Coney _ • . do .
Plush do
. Silk . •do
Drab .do _ do
• : Coney
do • (extra) do
: A stracan lamb skin caps, Fur
Otter, Muskrat, Coney, Hair.. seal, Silk
Plush, Cloth. - and "Select Caps, Fur capse.
collers and gloves. all_of have__
recently ' been selected, and are of the latest . -
fashions. He offers them at reduced prices,
to.hisiriends. and_ the_public_generally.--.
Thankful for past favourtvhe hopes hystrict • '
attention-taitii•busirtessi-terecerve - a - literal ---- "
share of public patronage., :• _
. , • Charles Barmtz.
Carlisle, December 15; 1837. . •
DR. Wig. EvANs's CmtanatiLtc Toxic -
BENJAMIN SOWN, corner of Shippen and
George, streets, Philadelphia, ,affected for
'which be Was
-not able to write his name—
his symptoms Wefe._'eructation; daily spas.
modicpains in'the head„ loss of appetite pat.
pitation of the heart, giddiness and dimness
of sight, utter inability of engaging in any
thing that demanded -vigor or courage, sick
ness - at - the stomach," 'impaired apiietitee
coldness and weakness 'of the extremitiei.
'emaciation .and - extreme, debiliw v distinbed_
rest, a , sense of-pressure and weight at WC
stomach after eating,, great mental despon
dency,' severe.flying pains irr the chest. back
and side, costhieness,' dislike for society.
and conversation. „Mr.--11,, has made trial of
various medicines now before
.the.public, bn't
itoltb effect,' until, observing--in a-public pa--L,
paper some cures performed by Dr; William
Evans's Camomile Tonic 'and Family-Avv - b ,
ent Pills, he-Was induced to giye them • a trmb:
of which , he , is at anytime happy to sate
that they effectually cured him of the s aboie
distressing disease. '
Persons who doubt' the , .above dire, ..are
most. respktfully directed to the
t ionvd person. at the , IiOT t •% 1 ; , Gbt VOW,. Fi f
SiliplTO and Georges streets.
lir.' V. EVANS!S_Otetre al. Office for
the gale'-Snf . big:excellent Mettieine:li at - 110.
19; N. NEIG11:1"1 - 1'ST: PhilisdelpYii 'vtht iv
his Medicitie;c4n always,he diniqiied.-?' w .,,,,,
. For sale : at this Oillee. '. .
Robert McFarlane,
.ddin. de bonis non with - else
will annexed.