Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, November 21, 1837, Image 3

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    ~.11ERAD.AN.WE. , . .!OITQL.
-- BY-izgiv6Lips=.ti- , lmony
TutesChiy_ lliovenibie't 21; -1837.
The- People's
' 111 , 4 ULEALkilittteMit
aoltaaiztaaz (); 1211146121U3
• ;Democratic
- • • didate for - Goveraor;
• _ • . , • •
1fat1%3.. 14 IP ER IftWEW ll. '
STAT UOl~dfl~l~l' iior. .
In acoordaneeol4 the Usui es of the bema
eraticAtitintasenie Par ennsylvania, a State
C i iinention for the nomination of a suitable 'can=
igdat6lehe'stippe - rted•ter:th - e - oftke of Gove'rnor
Tor,the commonwealth. at the'next general elee
lion, will be helifin Harrisburg on the ;fifth cloy
of Arai -eh tiuxt 09384 •
-_:.Thesouoty conatilittees or th - e - seVerareontilies
respeetfullyorequested' to take the
!tires Pr have their respP
represented in the C.
Delegates equ - arro - 11
find. liekesentative
. . .
...that there may full, and equal
...f_the_wishes.of the-whole-party in the
'selection of the candidate. The accomplishint•nt
of that eldeet by the ebniention, that 'is tie.
.cessary tJ "paoclued the oinpFete triumph of ' the'
.'cause.., - • . .. .
- - ilaryisbutg, Now.l, 1337; • - • • ' - -
- • - - -:.
._ TRZYSTA - S - SEVEit.. .. .... -
) . • : -
-...,_;.• . , _ •
_, i Antos ELI,A 11. , 81t, •.•
. rRA NcL JAMES, •
. --- - • . _' - • - BVILLWII %v., TRyilN, ,*
. . IV ILLI ANI • A YRES. ' • .
____ . ...., ; _:___ . ,...l . ____,__..
.• --., ; • - • -- TS?;MVEL - 1 - 1:: - EISTIER,'
.: ~- : • - AIII : .LIAV SMITH; -
- , . • '. ''SAIVIDEL S. WHRTON." '
, .
• -_.„- .. • • A:
Slaie •Conam'ltee
• e.. -
- •
We would invite the attention o f the citizens 'of
Old vid . kn4 to the .the
berlancr. - COU n(y:Tenlperance - Sodiety, lvhiCli - is to
be held 'in the , Gerrnan ',l4efl?emed.Chuech",* dn .
-Thursday., 'Evening neat; The exercises iite to
commence et half past 6 o'clock. -,. :be
:several:talreaes on the, occasion. • •
•',@ho IlLeiinlt in thei:33mpirn Utate:
Majority - the Enipire
_Siate; is
iabotit TWLINt'y TuousA ND. The majority
for Vary Boren at the jai[ 'election: Was
:I'Y_EIGIII TIIOUSANE), - or :nexi;ly . one•siith
of the entire vote of the- State! The Albiny-Y:ve.;
nin e ; Journal. says that returns_ and reports-from
pll the• Counties, lead to the conclusion that there
• •WiII bs-1.0 Whig and ..fa . L.oecanoetwher_s_o.
- • the next Asserribly. In the 'present house, -there
Ire 94 Van Boren-and 34—Wiiik member bur
- Iliereforis.4s7; or a majority of the whole
. : . number ofrnembers!—Phil.'ll.
Vile Opening of the Cumber
. , land .1 1 (Wei Rail Road)) .
The last Week has been a glori(ius week
'fa Alf& Cutnlierland Valley . „.They were
joyous - days7=tala•days, in the 111S - tory - of the
•eltittatiny," and will long remembered,
— With all theliveliness and eathitsiatm, which
the first - impress - inns of thls:imposins•
geant have proclnced. ; : The'-very Heavens
were Kopitiou. All was bt•ight—gia'dsome
• and titer ry—"netboisterousi unseemly
r,und not .a single Unpleasant 'incident. '-to
--•• mar the festivities_ctthe.occasiOn;
• - By e Ari:angeintWo
Managers, and .Chiet-,Engineer,-invicationt-
' were very generally extende,d throughout the
thOse whose feelings or •in terms,'
'connected them immediately with.this great
'work. Many 'at tendt, e cats left flar-
i.L . LT , A,risburg - early - OnAltursdar - meriting;filteil .
: 'most prominent men of the State. Stopping
at Carlisle, 'an MI paint On the l'oacl;'
anothe'r ~tngine and Cara Were: attached,
,Icrotydeirtp - The bell rang.,
„the phisar sounded Ad off started the whole
.___. . ..._ _.
•Iraiti, with pit least 500 . passeitgersy amid the
long; and animating "Hutzas" of. the whole
populace.. ' A .fe w fruit) ti broughttlie trans
• to, Newryille—where the iole surrounding
:.-- touittry)vereassembled, many of whom had
never,. witnessed t.lie alnio:it f - inconceivable
____:ritiwer,of the, - Locainotive.•:,
We. tin l r Offered_ tli e _de lay:: of -a -, fe tt-m i n
' ' kites, lur" - wood - arid - ware r;" .-- 011w a i ds-L
-, forwartls--appeared. to be the propelling
inclination of the whole party.... off.again we
"..-- Istarte&-More - iteani? - "14tiw - i - Ve'gi?eSit'''
.:!:.and.althoughji'ing at the . ratet4- . 00 miles
an heur—the "go ahead" propensity of our
~...touritrymen was scarcely satisfied.. Fi om
• •• ,.':l§Te%villle'Li.O' . §hippeasbu rg ,
,t , he road passes'
_ • *trough theMOSt. polfulOus part,ol- the Val:
~; l ey-for 'the : distance' , ef, 'nearly . 10 'miles, :
there is eitaiinglecuive.' lieVer.ivasthere l '
'a mei splendid road, or a snore delightful.
• - e . u ty -in creaticin;..7 l 4Wtiftiiiii -- ii - ,ilVeilli - ii
, .
.h ß i y p i p d
g e n e,i s ,.
.. ü b r y , , a - i ti nd -
e p ,... u w t , a e
t r i e o , n , gfrreoemte d the on to .; w d n ie--- , -
rou • le4,*itli . anners, and their excel
:.ITit•band . f fnu - sit. : - We halted but a. mo-,..
• -- -Merit to to e'op the company , and:then- - -en± - ..
..tiered th 'principal .street of the ...borough,
i . .. - - 'amid' a- - crotyd - of :its --
ts citizens; ,r with - c - gpufiy
- flying, - and the, . band playing si Hail Colum-
,After r congratu l ations,
.......,t: heir
a few minutes — lc elay; , we — started ioc
mhersbilrg; our *mate destina3mn,—
Ime:other cars : had been added to
and he croivd'hacl beery increased
wewereto r realizethe consumma
; cherished hopes—the,"Seattered
i—the half heard, almost inaudible
bigan • to swell above the noise
the Engines, and' the increasing
adiiksed us, that we were near
the completion of our journey.
Chambersburg deserves the thanks Of the
Managers•of "the Engineers, and all the.
friends of the etnerland Valley 11 . 9 Road
—she'has acted nobly upon"" this
she felt that her interests and prosperit`r • were
'ail centered in the .completton of tills work— .
arid she gave expression to this feeling, "by
Ilie.warrriest reception and hospitality—her,
beauty—her military— o and young
• all at the deli t, to'sound 'a long loud .
"welcome." The whole party, aceempani
"ed by the military adjourned to Culbertson's
Very tine lickel, to partake of a dinner pre
pared by the, liberality of tliOnanagers.—
Cerlainly SOO were present-;--the whole set
,tif rooms were- 'thrdivn Open., ivith a long_
centre, and numerous sidetables•,:groari
i ing',' under the' &ight - of-the,:very best din
! ner,--we have, ever - Teen, on a similar oda
sion—all .were satisfied—all delighteo,:....
LlCfirth- . - - ,•glee,_and._sentiment
` The hilarious song Lind the 14c:ere:woes
cloquente.'! .._The wisdom of theme nancier""
--and the practical experience, of the
• ." - coilpi," . itartnOniSed,-=etilivening - the
- 6 - elebraTiOn of the 'day, with feelings never
to be forgotten. `/Thus, closes the .fst
entertainment -.of „
other strong ligament has been throtyWround
the interest.of
p:lce - bet w een the. extrettieglias - littnrlY'
[teen annihilated tray the "roair promote'
the mesa kindiy,antliocial intimacies. •
19th Nov. 1837. _
Major deneral'Aiotandedi dismis
. sing the Lletacliment. of Vnlunteers late
lyr assembled at ) Charnhersburg; to.eele.
brate 'the oPening Curnborland•
Valley•Ttail Reatloalte_s_.greai_picasui.e
in awarding to them,h thanks for 0)61
d net. dn ring .The expedition:
.Ij.e,iNpe.cted much' from them-- - and his
.anticipations - have - been more than re - al,
The - pteellent Character : a -both
ofh,cers and •ineri_has been fully suSiain: l
eel bflhe appearance L performance,
cipline and deportment of all. The pc-'
- .l.c_asiini-,:so full of exciting interesl, wp_u Id:
have o(mi:4e-4-slight indiscretions. The
pellect noVelty'ef.the scene: the amaz-:
[lig power, transpOting a - -large-body of
troops in three
. hours 'without fatigue,
farrthei7 than Three days forded marching
could. have doneCthe beduly 'PI the .
i g g-s cene.q4.4 hospi
of friends: thelbud aspirations.of
— patriotThearts: the siiplause
tiled intelligent spee,tatOrS, are 'enough
to inflame more than the enthtisiastic_
ii - Rlor of BUt the Major aithertii
It.n peva nbt hing. tpforgi ve. • To Brigadier
General Dunn; to Colonels , - - Woodhurn'
and 1'oulk; to Majors Magoivan, Ege
and Rehrer; and to the officers and men
lilydtr=their"cotiimind, as well as - t 6 the*
gentlemen of his own staff; the Major
Gencrl - aectirds - laS sincere thants.
* he owes a , farther duty to the
:detaC,lnftent.'_..F6r - them, and for him
self-, he mast acknoWledge their corn--
mun obligationsio others:- The officers
df—tl limner.-and-7-V--
16 - 111.
mmittee o
the app_roval of eyerT_lgood:
.day has given—them a
proof of the biestimable yalue ,of 'such
works' in a different aspect. The le
gions of-Napolsort never made such a
,as' we have. made. But to the
eortfraify - be — alillie praise.. .
_____The__ackno.wled gm e-n s of—the -d e
taehment are also due to the liberal and
enterprisiog propriefoltof the Cars..
The .use of: these' splendid, coinfortabi •
and secure carriages has been, afforde
to us in a manner too" kind and. gen
erous to be passed_ in silence: and. like
•th'e hospitality of our.friends in.chatio•
bersburg it must not be-forgotten. -
By tht Maj. Gen: •"
• :tiding :did de Cp-np.
....Agreeably—to_public_Mitke l alargeand
respectable number of the ft:rends of Gen.
spp.bleiLat the Court FlOnie,.in-iIM-bo-r
-°ugh of Carlisle, on .the evening of the
ISili:instant& . Thetimelli4iiii..called . tO
ordie by-'the appointment of DANIEL
"LECKEV, .F,sq., as l i resitlenl,,w9ndrew,
IMMO; - iFilliam — Palm;-- Isaac' Miller;
&,I*kiin Common, as Vice . L'ye.sidents,
andllielib Ilfeiz, Dayiii S.-Ransha-,5. - C.
'llolander; : ind Enoch y,o . un ii .,.as §eereta
— O
n wo t i tin ; -- tb - o rge - AL - filli I lipS - Alharles-
Rowan 'Si D. Adair, Santo — el. Aeliwartz,
itd .. A ,,, :' Alfred
.Crergh; were. appointed
a . cenimittee . tO draft ieSeldlions,expres..-
siv.o.of the's'nse.of the meeting, • who af
ter retiringl r!:soine..tithe reported' the
cli Weie . tinanietiously nthip
WiltßE A tr,- the 0 0 :pOntii#0,: * oe these •
UnifOrStitei-is approaching iiliiii:.!rapid
strides the, eonsolidationriit- - tt 'puniit. in-.
he Engines—they seemed anima=
it position, and irgoveil as things
00r.V404101t*:. - rp .. ** . o* (if Aqt.i.i_ 7.1p1)9,20140r1;..-
iheAninds , Otthe-Executivei-which-ii-daily:
maniresting itself-=in-some new ink
l'i'on',' and : jugly- creating-apprehensions
for the permanency.and safety4our f free
institutions, and the liberty and indepen ,
ritriaa Try . • r! • atir , sirtift - ..
the recently avowed ; desire of the .present
Executive to the union of the purse with
the Sword _Of_the_tiation his liana,
pro' the design of the. Governmentlo
effect a conseraniatirodef. its Unholy, ptire
pasei anti cOnSequently a glaring attempt
to'oierifirov7th. e - .fiberties - of the onlyfree'
people, on earth, inasmuch as it is
. a• self
evident truth,. that all governments.shoUld
'be.:institiited &One for :the benefitor the
governed,;. 'that all officers . of gov-etn
:ment are the seryantia of the, people, iipon .
:whom:it devol veS - to - proteettlienfin their
lives, property,.-busineis and
. hafillinesS . ,.
.as -welt as in all the-rightS- and 'liberties
which bbieng to them as niemberi Of the'
community; •and:that any attempt by ah
Executive officer - 0 sepsirate the interests
of the nation from that of the peoide, and
thus make a distinetionletween the goy ,
erning and the governed; is lc usurpation
of rights which. no real , patriot nor- trite.
friend oflis-country can submit to: And
Whereas : , the wealth and proSperitymt
this nation,- consist in its _ agricultural,
commercial; and-manufacturing business,
which especially requii:ellielostering care
of government 'for-which end it wag insti
tuted ; and as they are dependent on each .
_etheril.their_laterestS _are_tnittuaLvanitas :
their prOsperityconstitntes theT:Wealth - of
the nalion; - .l.he.goVernment Which with,•
holds its protection from those interests,.
opt tol be considered as the: enemy *Of the
people: And as
President Van Buren hat treated the
ristreses - of the people - with — ow — cking - in
saying,that the Go'vellument possesses no
- eonsatutto - nat power -to 'adopt any plan
•of relief; or to.rekulate the eichaites_.of
the country, or to relie*e•inercantile ern :
‘barrassments, or tO correct foreign or
. _
d o R4 1 .7 4 .',,-7-5Y SIR,US:A),O4KV4I I ?9,I4!,Ina Y ,
in-o-nt, w - ortlik - to'be'preservthl?' ' ,
Theeefi re,
. Resolved, That the :course-of conduct-
Which Martin-Van 'Buren ,bas- puriue - d .
'since his election to .the highest office in
-111e . -gift - of- - -the - peoplei - by - tain - peringivitir
their - interests--the - pecuniary wants of
those. : ,..engagett:in . •ineicantile husinessH f
soli- in fact trades professions
evinces a disposition,. which will eventu 7
ly-destroy- 7 ou r -coal merce-Lour . - Oland=
factOrieliand - .baryrin -- ; chantit - cOnfusiOO .
the liberty. of .ou
iinpliciti.doblideiCa.' in the iiierits .and
qualifications_of Getr WILLIAM-HEN-
nue, reconitnend2hini to the 1 - delft's of
country, in.whatever . party they• may - be
found, as -a than who will fill the Presi
dential chair; with-honor to-bimselF, and
a due-regard to the best interests'of -our
country. -
..Reiolved, That this Meeting earnestly
recommend -to the friends of Gen. Wm.
11.1 - larrison, in tl►is county, ° to
immediately in their several townships,
sotirst - troilitrig may be insure
at The licit Presidentiitlsanvass, the elec
Resolved, 'That , this meeting has undi
Minislied confidence in the--present-State.
.Adiniiiiiiration,and that our farmer Gov-'
error, by • • -manly course:in
refermice ti prominent questions
which haiie fight before him, has
shown-that that r canj?e trua'-.
Resolvid, That as otrr Vandal. Demo-
efatic administration hold to.the princi
ple of instruction, a d as by the late dee:
Lions it - has beeT arlyJshown that - the
people—the demo acy of
spoken trim' et -tongued avainst the.
National Administra
--Resolved;That - tittAnille:d "Siateii Bank
of PennsylVania, in so promptly paying
to our impoverished government; the dues
owing it, plainly shows that it is an insti
tution which is at ontkAti honor and .a
blessing to_Penzasylvanui:
Resolved, Tkat we hail with ,joy the
manner in • w lie tie. opponents 'ofthe
present Nationat Administration. in New .
York-li4e-tondticred - them - Serves- - at the
late election; 'find that We assure' them,
that at.the next 'election, Pennsylvania
-will-do likewise, : . * •
, Resolved; Tnat these proceedings be
signed . by .the officersand .kkblisWe'd.
)• ndrew .11.14 teer,
. .
Witham Palm'
Isaac Miller,
Martin common,
hcob. 16(4' '
Da"viJ S. Runshoi t_ •
S. C. - r Secrelariet—_
Enoch ' •
. . rgrdiftltiZED•
Cie the 9th instt, by the Rev. Mr
Skeeher, Mr. George . aughinbangh,
oMlis place j S'ophia
Linger,- of liarrislitlit.
• ,cori the same day, by the same, Mr.
Jo/en Esliver, to Miss Mdria
bob of thl . s_pourgy,. •
On the 16th- inatnnt by.the Rev. J.
Ulrich . ; .d/oranam , Sipe; Missjilarga
ret of Alren townshiii,
Seclqehlroe last evening; Mit. Eiti
lbeila 3400,11 4 of thispiide.
On yestE.K4CR,NIVIrei Breckin
ildge, wife of Jolle.Breetienridge of
• -14 eport,otroOrlioisSe VisAtors
' Ta din H in t Reed,..E.sq; President i ana ffohn
—.S 7 letvesit, aria 'John _.Defever,
Xovonber 1887. ,
the Subscribeis, in pursuance of their appOint
inenePY.ll-M Honorable tourt,:at ..No'vemher ter
* - -..`41 -
Staley_ Cumberland County, ' respectfully make
. • •
this'ourlotirth report, and with which the. term
of our. - such will end. • ' l -, ••
-We this 'day visited the Poor Ifouse,erld were
plensOd•ta 'find - that . tlig .r rules and iegulatiehs of
,the Directors of that Institution,lell.hough.aidu-
Otiii to perform compliance therewith,) have been
carefullY. and -promptly attended to by both the
Stewait and Matron thereof. .• •
• We eitaifilned the different 'apartments thereof,
ell of Which, al; well as the f)trnittaro, beds. and
bedding, were - neat, clean; and comfortable, and
- such as that theAni - eaten.thenoselvosr no reason_
to complain of, The 'ninnies ipie red chin - HUI;
•industrious, - .and- ngreenbly henlthy, which • Vv_c!
believe - rimy princi pally .he attributed to -the ex
.cellent..mannev—in—which-that institiltion is con-
FeW, .very few, have: been the_subjects.of
-'cipline or:punlshMent, during--the last year.: _
Thenumlier of ilibee supportecilhititin iernine
ly-Seven. . • . .
The .appearance of the I arm'justifies Us-in' say-
Wig that it is well managed. "
And we .would further state,-that- the benevo,-
tent projectors of that Inatitution„haVe great rea-.
mini° highly.gratified, - upon b eing i nstru-
Mental in, - mimy of the human Itilni
Ty.frcimliVes of
,intemperance, -wretchedness and'
- misery, to life - (if ecinfort.and apparent happi-=
oeis. respectfully - •
• • RuttEnm IRVINE,
' /COBEST fiN6fianwse,.
: tomit CREIGIit . .
C 1 . 1
ar q, ovember.9th,lB3'7: ..
[Certified copy from the record aof the urt
.Quarter SeSsions, . .7 hos. 'Ciafghead. CI ".
. .
. Notice Creditors. .• -
.:Lkake_Notico_fhat_l_hav_e_.applied to the.indges
-of-the CIAO of Common- Pleas of- Cumberland
county for the benefit of the insolvent Jaws of
this commonwealth, and. they have appointed
Tuesday, - the 12tlfday of November,-1.8137, at.the.
court-houst itirOarlisle,•for the hearing of me and'
my creditors, =whet- may attend
ft-you BROWN.--
Nov.einkr. 20 1 1,837..: • • ,
" Letters of Administratiol on the estate of Jobn
Morret deeeased,late of Monroe township, de
'ceased,-having issued to .the• subscribers, residing
Insaid township. All persons-having claims tigitinst
the entate, - Will'imesent them to the subscribers for
pnyment,and b llpersons indebted to the estate will
, :ttrake payment immediately, to
''''!'!'"l".""l4.7A"r'''!`-'"s'S am
Nov.- 20,18377
• Orphan's - Court .Sale.
ny an 'oHer do . grti:if
-.Sale, on •1110N1.416 . thelltit day. of. December.
neit,nn- the premised, a Tract' de
i - Land'aituated in Southampton tow
( !A ship, containing Six Acres, more:or
fkL " less,. having thereon erected, a 'Log
DW ELLING .tioUsß, known' as the late -resi;
deuce of John McCailyi dee!d.,- - Terris made
ktiown on the day of:Sale bf .
..-• ' - • Janes-
-4 1 1
The Subsciriber_rettirnslilS.sincere ibahlas:
to his former customers,' for the liberal tare
of patronage, which. has been given him nd
solicits a contiduance of the. same' as also
'invites : e t hose who may not, es yet,. ha •
giveh him a call, to do so at his sli in North
Hanover Street - , one duor ,Dirt! 9f Mrs. E•
Weise'S &tine. • • I
Having lately returned 'froth' the the citl
of Philadelphia, htinging with him the latest
and most approved fashions, the subscriber
-has-on—hand;a--large-sisiorthient- of
.1 ~
&c. finished in 's superior: style..
Also i : FUR AND - . ZEAL CAPS,'ol•the
1 •st fashions, all . of ,which will _be-sold low_
. ash, or exchanged for country produce.-
, I and set. _.% . •
ANIYFEW 0: FC, Ii CER.7 — '
v. 20, 1837.—t
1 2 1.7 = 10. 1TOTIOM•
The St ,ckholders" of the Hover and
CarlisleTurnpike ROad Company, are here - 1
by,notified, that an election for two, mana
managers. will be held at the house of JOhn*
Overhultz - e - r - 4., fikeeper, in Ciiii - aherliffid -
Count oh Tuesday thei,lth._day_,tif_decenL_
ber next. betn`een :the. bouts of twelve and
-Four- o'clock, , on:said-Aay-_to::ser_velor=one=
year. The Commissioners of Cumberland
and Adams County are likewise notified
to attend at the said time and place, to chose
three managers, on behalf of the Common
wealth, to serve fo:t the like period. By
order Of the Board.
A HoilE and Lot of Gidt'titdi sithate
/For -U4rnit4
- 4 -A• North Hanover St, in which at prekent there
is kept a Grocery. The HOUSE • s
is •large and convenient; having' . a
great number of rooms on each '
floor, stud an excellent Cellar tinder , _
th - e *bole building.. There is in the yard, at the
Kitchen door, a pump and well of first rate water.
Tlie situation of the building is such that .any per=
edit desirous of commencing the mercantile bus?.
nets, would find it to be'sn excellent stand. There
is aliO,,a large , •
Nt7PDXE 411E1101MR
'on Vie - Lot. - :. The Store - Hoorn a nd IYarehouse
hactseparitefrom the_rest_ofthe
if desired. .
For particulars iniuire of tht.Ettßor.:
Carlisle,,lsrov. 20, 1837.- • •
tO Creditors.--
Take Notibe that We hive applied to the jo
es of the Court of common pteas of.Comherla
county for the benefit if the ins6llyent laWa ot tt)
commonwealth, and they lisvelappointeel Tries.
day, the 12th day of lieccifihcr; • 037, at the
muirt:ltouse in L'arliile; for the hearing. of its and
our creditors, when and,ivlterg you may attend
ifyottlitink proper: •!•
• JQI-I N ' STALLER,....:
1~ n'v.-20.=
Estate of,Christian Coover, cicceased.=
• =- NOTICE. . . •
T ETT.EIII.9 or atiminietration tipbn - thes'estrite
I_4 of Christi:in Conve - r, late of Dickinson - toien•
Clintbe-land cminty, - deceasett, , have Issued
irl due, form of law to (lie stiliscriber,' residing on
the fain of said diceahed, sad , township --
Al lifersons having_ claims Against
present tlier.n. , and those indebted will nuke Pay-
dm 4 r
25 1837 6w
TX'S 1.1-,1-E
THE subscriberwoulu respectliilly inform
the.Lailies arlisle :and vicinity that. he
has for sale' • - A •
• ,---0-ei 30171 , 11. 3TTO
• 9 .
' . li • Blocked rover the 'latest
• - and• most app ovcd city
• _-•,
i \
tide j blocks: - .Tite I3onnetts.are finished i i it
stylpuperior to any mariufact •ed in the
. ' rough, and varY ill price actor' 'ng to the
si e aid quality,
_-_ . ;.
k r__
1 le
.-fidishing , shop is situated in North
Harinver street, one - door south ."of Mr:,Eze
kiel Bullock's chair factory..-- - -'-:-. .::-1 ...- .- •
. - • ANDREW G. lI:ECM:ER. ••
.NOV. 20; 18.17..—if, , - • • • ~ - -..5.-1
raluable Reid JEstirde
• _
11 PURSUANCE:of the direction Of the
'wil of Thornas .. .kcenetly, deceased, late of
Mifflin wnship, I will set.' at POilie. Sale, on
'.MONDAY, le 25 - 01 day of Dece"mber next, en
the pretnises,"at ' o'clock in the forenoon,
. ,
.riu. situated •. .... persons to occapy, a • stall of half a:. 14 and
the folloitingAlestir ed . Farm, in.Miffiin
and Frankford tar? ships.,•bounded by the lands
ithe area of the market plaCe, for thypurpose
of vending Meat, for a market. day, having
of George . Bratten John Arown,- Henry 'BOJO -
firs . t paid . to the '
.clerk of . the Matketi Such
and others,•containing 12 acres of patented - land
Price for the occupation of the same, as shall
orfirst *quality of, an about' ITO P
'• • be fixed . . . y authorities
from time to h the '
,•acires of which are -c WO, the resi due covered
With Timber. - The mprovertients are- • -,,- ... of . the Borough.' . - :- -. a 7
~ • , -. • ' Sect. 5. It shall be unlawful for ln • y • • peisot
. I
'a Double' , Log House . ~.,•? fit ,.
to ay_ any article of provisions, (groceries.
txn . ':';,r • '• c , all kinds of grain, and bread only excepted,)
• 2rig,,, _ l , . ..
--' - • KITCHE . N.; ---, -.'.-42.;-,_-:.% . -, • after the hiMi• of sunset of tlt,ningoft the
. , day precedingtlie markets, as e. afilished•by
A Double Log Barn, with two Thkesh- . h ii i .- t . 1 v r
_t ex. tter,__eX e_p_t_m_t le'. arks l couse—
liirFloor's 0 - T47a - 110 - use ereCteracirlitilleri,•r.• And -sh lt-be unlivifut fo'• any person rth
. There is a•stream of never fail. retail any r ti c i e of prOVision (except as be-.
•• ~,..,;::::,;.. .:. i ing water running Past the Int
fore 'eiteeri cl)in-Slidpi or blouses, within'the
q ) e. , ,.. - proviinents. There is silioAn , . -
~ said Boroughovithout . first ltiVing obtained a •
• • -t,i, ' . •
.. • _ ORCHARD . license for that purpose from' the Treasurer
, ..
...... ,
• ••
• of the 1301.6110 i, - and
_iiiid 7 fiii• the same such
-----,.------=—Of-excellent_fi l tit_oo the Fara). -
"--''----' .• 'Tile - above. ,rsym. rsAy.iical aii: - .7PriOras-shall-be-f4so .9t
provi#ops,iliall :for.
er c ini•.. And an -cyjg_ie
rated - for raising Grain or ptock - ois. there offending •against the S e.
are a great many drafts which . ,prodnee eirly pas; felt anq pay; for.the U se. of the,BOrOugh, the
Aire, ci,r-May:be4ut-tlielitty,.lind-there-behig-rtin=•--su•in - of:! etlollar-forieath ofPrice:- -..--- -.
.ningwater,in all thefleld,s except two. The Farm. - *Sect.• 6. It shall be brilwftil for - any perscin '
-will- - suit.tO - be ivided,and: will be sold divided *or persons, ivh - o bai)e...obtainetl a Meuse as
or together; a . will-best•suit purchasers. Persons aforesaid', JO' kail.-provisionsi to purchase
Wishing to it pea. the premiscs . ivil . lcall at the. within.the "usual Market. hcitirs,- any _article
snitcriber's r *donee in (*lisle. • .... .
... . . tli . articles of .proiris . bn,. abolie the quantity
The_ Ye ms of Sale will bo±s l , so lPaY• ; herein limited, to wit:
: Half •a bushel of-buck-
( il
able on the xectitiori of the agreementr - the•reSi-tivlieat. or •corm meal; 4 - quarts of:any kind or
due' of one-li If - ther•purchase money, on• the firrti.huts, 2 dozen of eggs, six ' pounds of,butter, - 12
of April." - liex and-. tne-balahee. in three iimitialT bushels of•Tpotetoes, - one .liushel'of fruit, - 20
payments with urinterest, to be secured- by a lien ' . poinfils of Meat, - (unless a single piezte ihnitlif
09 the-land. .. - . • : . exceed 20.pounds.)* And any person Wend.:
. .
• ' -• Rob.ert .MCFA q
.._i_. --- .ing--tig4iiisCillis..provi4imi, . shall forfeit - and
• %.9,dm. de.b6hii v neoexhlth the TS;w., -o-the-Borough e . the-.sum -Of -five-dol
.-_____--tail.l-dnizesed._ ___ 1ar5......_........L.._.,..,,_ - _ --1 . .,.._ ___________L - z - g - ._
' ___ Scrti_7. If any perso n shall Hereafter. sell_
or offer:for sale; ahy butter whiCh sholl be
folind not to .be .or.full- weight; such; butter -
shalt be forfeited for the tA.C. of 'die Borough,
to be sold by the Clerk-of the Market,.and
..the proceeds.paid - overinto ittiti - U - dsOrilie -
TreaSurer. - -- • • • :'-- ' "
- 2 - N. C Kit,1210:.• , , -
. ---_....• -
iv. St u rgis; Dentist, heks - leave to return
i • • • thanks to Ills friende in Shippetishurg, : &
the eurr9unding eountr-y-,--for_t e itherelliy_with
c. (t
_whielf_they_have_been„ please to patron's - 0 him;
antrweithl'inte'rni them-that ha ing relinquished
hie' design or lesiving honie4or ti piesent, will.
.continne_to ellenti to the cluiy et 111.1-prolessioil
as het:etotore.. - • , -
. . .
W. S. confidently-assures the' Public that he
an insert .feetiCwilhoui nny 4A . the-bad conse
.nenees of pain. swelling, Scc.,,aii generally up-
Shippensburg, Nov. 20, 1857. ' .
...,.:Estate of Jacob Rik deed,
.All Persons indebted to t he Estate.olia'
cob°, High, Sen., decd; late of Mifflin township
Kuinbedand county, are requested to Analre im
mediate payment tolaccitrliigh, residing in. Ne w-
ton. township; or to Henry Railing, residing in:
Mifflin township, to whom letters of administra
tion on said estate have issuedvfind aU per4ons
having claiins_or demands against the - eetate of
- Alreelsed,ttrife.Eited_to_.ntak.e.knti_wn_the
Sitne' to -either: of the. Adininistrators, without'
1-Admrtgrofluenb ---
- • H ENRY RAILING, S High, Sr. decd.
. Nov. 20, 1887.
FOlt:' - RIENTi,
subscriber will rent thaf well noivq~
large mur.conve hient house, for_rnany-years,
iccupied by Christian Humrich, mut more re,
_ ___cently by others, as .a. TA /EltN
A ~ - i c- i tousf.';- ; - --v e - hnnsz is remarks
lily well calculated for entertaining
; there being three
stair-ways,' and Fire places in most of the rooms.
The situation is very pleasant and desirable; being
on the not tit west corner Of Hanover - and bother
streets; while, for-odnveniences, it- excels any
other house in the borough or country. It pus
sesseit themittstial advantages of 12 ro ins' on the
-first-floor-12 rooms on the2(11160r. 4 -4 rooms on
the 3d floor-6 Cellars in house. : Two wells of
the Witdoor on rl.nutiter street,
with a_ptimp_thereint_thellther_in_the_yard atitite_
- kit - Oen door;) a Cistern made to contain eighty
five Hogsheads; large land convenient stabling,
with carriage Muse find sheds; large and exec
lent zardens attached to the buildings latsiii
many . conveniences not 'specified.
2. Also, one frame Weather boarti . d
Two, Story House, - situated in" East Limber at.,
„withttypCellarsua Garden - and - Stablinottachitl'
tlieereto. ,
Houie iii West . Leuther street, sdjoi ingthe!Gclf:'•
.man Iteforned. Church; • witlia Garden attached'
to it: :for Terms aprily -- 36
20.• numiticif.
.• ran.
r ir HAT Well known Tavern Stand, situated on
_Cuitiberland- arid-Pertr-linb, known . by
• • • . Sierritts Qap. 'this is tine of the best
' " country Stands in . either county.
tilt.. 4- • • •
_ „ The'.Taveivs-.
will tie rented 'alone, 'er with the cleared land
attached-torthe premises, which now is in gabd
Any persow wishing to adirm, - orzrent-tbe
prtipirty,..can beAtccommodated by spplying_jd
the•Subseriber, residing_at the tap. _
',A • • •
Ste 'TM's Gap Nov 6, 1837.
TI! Pattfiershin heretofn•eexisting between'
pridir • the firth's:if - HALL ANP
POtrrEn, is this - day, di isolbeilitij, • m'oteal con::
The books are- in s theinfods hf,
411:1Porlir, who is notheriseillo., settle the
•' ' . • 4 .7 yo Al. M. PORTER..
tat•lisTe;l:l6,l;:3C. 1&7. • .
___' ' TQ_ REGULATE 7'HE ',IfiREETS. .:
. __,._
' - SeiliOn T g‘yn Comicil.Of the B -
rough of Carlisle OE6 i n that, the"' ane e stalls
and :lien . 6f . ili:e Market o,Mise shall be e*-
Olosivelirapproriffrited. to;.botchers- - antr re.:
,taile . re. or_ meat, ho hall use . the stalls - or
'spaces betmte columns for the - Purpose
ofrxposinet eir meat for sale. The miter.
t r.
stalls orbenches shall hp . e lusirely appro.-
priated. to the .venders o provisions mid
- arti:eleket her , than ipeaLti measureless eastfre Or',
qn`mititylh an a qua rteroti.h . ch,Shalinot there'
I 'be and -any person "orper;
..sorii offending against the provisionrof this.
-o_rtlinance shall'iforfelLand_pay_to_the 80,
rcingli_ortarifile the sum of one dollar. '
• 7 Sect. 2: No butcher or retailer ofmeat by
less quantities' than a quarter shall occupy ,
any stall of the Market Hoitise Without first
levingr:obtainedia licsae_therefor fi l on--tfre:
L .
license the sum which shall be ,fixedras the
1 annual rent of such stall,. a's he'br they-may
select:, a stall, being the spac'e between any
two of the columns which support.the build..
ing.- -And any-one offending,againit the pro
visions of- this
shall , forfeit and. ay.
the sum.dt one dollar for eac h offeke. ..
Sect. 3. It shall be lawful, for any vender
'of provisions or articles other than a retailer
-of meat by -less quantities than a 'quarter; to
haven-space upon the outer benches of-the
.Market - . House ;appropriated. to his, her, or"
their - exclusive useT. - -hei- sh y - or they . haVing
first obtained'a license therefor from the bo.
rough Treasnier, and - paid/ler thesame at
the rate per.abnurn which shall be fixed . by:
the Borough Authorities, from tirhe to time
- And'during . the time for which the said , li;
*cense skall be so granted..,:it shall be unlawful
for any mit „elSe to deetipy - thesiiacetioap.
pfopriated, and any
. one offending against this
proviiioWSW forfeit to the per Son
interrupted, the sum of One dollar. ' . • ,
Seel. 4. It shall be lawful fo . t. a erson or
- If s il -
t r
Sat - . - .S. It _shall be antandid
Market„ unwholesome, bad,. or up -
1 MarketableprovisiOnSt and any'one - nflend,ing
,1 against this. provision shall forfeit and to'
[ - the orough the m,pf five dollars for each
I•orice. And ,it shall-bethe duty of the Clerk
o - the,Market Initnediately to remove the'
ffensive-article,- ---, 7
,Scet. 9. It shall' be :the duty of the !Frea
jatOr of the Borough tnissire, a lieensetolany
.fr ersen or- persons applying for the same,:t.-
titling him„her or them,. to the exclusive u e
and occupancy during-Market 'hour*. of a y
stall or stalls in theareaof the M. rket pia ,-
or any space or space's on theo bend s,
i for a 'term not more 'than on -ea or I •ss
• than three monthst the - applic, nt or appli.
caiits therefor, paying to the Treasurer the
follawing_annual- rent,-t o-Wit —For-stall& Nos.--
'.'l and 26, the stint of twelve dollars;larstalls
LN_Os._ - _ - _2 . _apti-25rLthe - sunr - of - 19 dollars.fef
stalls Nos, 'l2 and . 1:3, the'sum of 11 dollars,
- and for stalls Nos. 11 and 14, the sum olnine
&liars. For. all other sta s in the Nardi
- - East-wing-orthe-Market -Ho se,4lte-sum of
nine dollars; and for, all - cal) .1. stalls in - -the
South West wing-of the Ma • et-House,-the
sum of eight dollars., An, the applicant or
applicants, fur or.-spaceson the outer
- benches of the Market House, payingto_the_
said Treasurer, the annual rent of twodoltars
for a space of forirleet, or one didlailancip„
haKfor a space Of three feet,
_as marked, de-,'
signated and numbered on the said benches,
which said several rents shall be - paid out 4.•
terly . inrarl,Vatice. And it-shall be-the duty
"of i the-sa'd Trensiirer_to keePtinentry in-a
book for t tat purpose, of the numbers of each
__y stall_and_space,:_andLtheilamee.of
th ersons to whom the-license therefor ha.
' ued, and -the rime= for-which-if - big iggilvd;"- - -- -
Sect. O. It shall be unlawful to use any
Trandr-force-oriiiriTence-inth e - act - of - purcha
sing or removing, or attempting to remove
any - article or articles- of provision without',
the consent of the owner. And . itshall be
unlawful for - person or persons; to use
any fraudulent or dishonest practice either in
buying or selling during market holits in the
--marketplacerand any - lnweiffendingtrgainst
these - periViOns - shall - forfelt - and pay - he
ough forthe irse - of - the - persoffirikfted . the.
~sum of two dollars.' • '-
lea. 1 i....1t Is hereby orclained..that the
- st - ds to be used - `by butchers in crittitig tip
their meat, shall be made, orplank about
three inches thick,•with feet to. stand- upon;
do properheigth, and to he in length;.not
exceeding four feet; and in breadth not ex
ceeding - two feet 'lit, inches t and that the
same shall not he yemaiiiiii the
Market -House; 'ext.ept. in Market hours,
unless title stitne Shallhe so turned tipnp - the
permanent benches between the coltimns nal
that - theptiter surface thereof; shall not!be
exposed' to:filth or Uneleanneik. And, ho
lie rirtirrery- - persona shall.. hririg_ w Mil tiTtliiri
, Market..nouse or the.enclosurewitieh-sur- I
- rounds - the - sanye - anriblockaricart;7wlts
t'on,,.cgt:..fa . te Oil any kind; or any otheitiring
not •euthoriaed -by this 'ordinance.. And it
shrill be unlawful for any pqrson or persons
to.. bringl.' intb..and _leave. within v the said en -
closure any head, feet or the- offarof airy ani
'Mal ; and-ail Y--person or_petsoul-,offendirig
tagainsflin-retf: The provfsons' of this „section
shaft forfeit 'and pay: for each Offence the
sittb-oftwo dollars. , _ - ---..-
_ .... ..........,_..-..._ . . ,
--- A-0; :12. It is hereby Ordained that. the
Clerk of the market, shall always keett fot
the rise of the corporatia exact 'standard
weights- and ineasnreN as the same are or fixed,hy the laws of Pennsflianini
and that 'iv shallheitis duty price 'never)*
three month; - or Oftenerif h hall be there
-to required,, to try the - weights and measiires
of all inhabitants tiftlie,said borOngb, Who
buy. or ,sell„by weight or ;measure; and all
and every- weight T -or....ineasnr' used bribe
,Sairt, ,bOrough, , either for buying or. selling,
whi6h shall be.-found either .greateror les'.
than the-standard • Weight or measure, shall
be-taken into the cuStotlY of the - saidclerk;
‘'vhoseduty. itsiktai he under-the direction of
the , ..burgessei•or either .of them-to reduce or
to increase the same toll& true standard;and
the expense, of doing the same. - shall be paid
to' the Borcatgh - by the person ow leg . )or . oc.
ion m pei sons to cut, break, mash, deface
or otherwise injure - die Mar kerllouse or - the around the Same, or any otlierimi.
4troveinent or ornament which now is, o
hereafter shall be made, withinLthe_said.---
=Market House Siltaiirorally other of the , -
public uares. of the Borought or to cut,
break,_mark_,.deface or otherwise-injure:any --
public building or house of worship which
now is or hereafter may be, enclosed within
an of the - public squares of the Boroughi
and-it shall be unlawful for aity crowd of men .
or' boys to assemble in the Market house or
enclosuretei th - e - f - iif - thaf, - for the put=
pose of amusement or otherwige,_an _roi
a nyperson - OT - persons to use or °Cap t he
- benches in the said Market House for" ny -
- 7 \
purpose "'whatever, eXcept. daring Market
hourst and any person or persons' offending m
against the provisions of this ordinalice limit
forfeit and-paylo the said Borough the sutra
of twenty dollars-. -
Sem 15: It shall be unlawful for ank Per
son or persons to construct anciput up in the -
said Market house, or cause 'the same to Eli
dove, any beam, hook or device for any pur.
pose 2 , Addition to the game 1 .
preseat constructed, without first - having Ob:.,
taine the consent. of the- Town Couneil
theret , and any person offending against this -
frOVI ton'shall forfeit and paythesUm of two..- ~
dollars: and the Clerk of the Market Is here"-,
by required to remove the,,,same:'
Seq. 1 . 6: It shall be the duty of die - Tama: ~
rer ence-iir ev'ery- three months to furnish - re _
t he cler_k_of_the mar::et - Irlist - of th -- e - Persbna
who have paid rOr and taken out licenses for .
stalls or , places in - the Market House, and
kf any of the said stalls shall be occupied or
used by any person or perstins who ,have not
taken out alicense for the same, it shall be
the duly of the said Clerk imtnediately -to
make report. in writing thereof to the Treas.
urer, whose ditty it shall be to procure pro.
cess to be issued against such person or per.
sonslor the collection.of the penalties int:
posed by this act. Provided, however, that
any person or persons may obtain permission
frora_the 'Clerk of the market- to- occupy-it --
stall or half a stall in the said IthyleocHouse
for one day during market Hours, At paying , _
therefor to the said Clerk thr`sum of fifty
cents for the use of a stall or twentyi
five Cents for half a stall. And if the
torrform the duties required of him_ . .
ill :iict - IteiltitlßM. it and iuy the sum f
fifty_ cents _fo each -individual--so occupying '
rill c--stalro talts-witlinur-lie.enSe:laffrOr
each and e ery .market day the, same shall
i ‘
be so occupied: . v .
Scc. 17. It shall be the duty of the Treasu- •
rerio grant and issue a license to any person
or persons apPlying for the same to retail pro::
.visions of-any kind-br-to- keep and - maintain - " _
an :oyster or eating house within the said Boi:
Tonal,: far the term-of one year, be, she or -
they so applying for the same having first
paid to the said Treasurer the sum of twd _
dollars; and any-person orperstnit - i ivhoihall ----
keep or maintain In oyster or eating house
in the saiii'llorough w' RUt-having obtained
a license therefor Wien forfeit and pay the ,-
stint ol' five dollatir. -, _
.Sect. 18. It shall be the duty or the Hilli -
Constable on the second Saturdays of April:
filly, October, and January, to make due en* •
quiry & report to therreasurer,all and every
person or persons, retailerit •of provisioni
within this borough; and if person °rpm:-
sons shall be found retailing without a license,'
the Treasurer shall cause process tirbe lasued
against siich person lir pers = o o ff ending,
for the penaltiei in- such ca aided. -- -- -
--- S"ra - 19. ,- It is hereby rAtiiied Ilia - the -
space An - the 'Sotith and - East sides ief thsi
Market douse are hereby, appropriated
during market hours for the"use of wagons.;
carts, or cat rkages, and the owner or , driver ,
there'd' shall back - his - wagon: netts Or cat.,',
ringe in sticli way as that the _bind ; pate --
theieof shall be next the Mir House, and - ,
ppeson r,rpettiall
. 3 , 00 Q neenr river, of •
a wagon; cart, or ca rriage. in shop suffer
4..1ie Aurae t: reinhid anklength of timeduring
markrt hours ih ank other position aliall'fOri. ,
kit and pay the Wm of one dollar. •And it 111
hero* also ordained that wagons iadened' •
with wood, rails, boards or .other lattiber ,
shall clot be permitted; during market hi )
to neenpy-any of - the spate on - thex &Vitt Or
East side of the Market House; iiiid arty per•
sou or persons offending against this pro-
vision shall forfeit and pay the sum of one
dollar: • - • -•- •
-, si.c.t. 20. It , is hereby ordained that all laws - '
lleretofore passt - d, -- which are altered or sup.
piked by this ordinance are hereby repealed ., -
Pfissed the 31st Octcher,.lBB , 7.' „ . .
~ _ . - FIIF.IrK-WATT.S. -
--- - - Preeldehrof nigh: Cauiliiil; .: .'
Alftest-4Azos v v ‘„, n
W. orr, CIO*.
November 6,:1837.
cuping the said weights or mefitiurki2 . and it -
any person or personsisiithifi the 3ald borough
.shall knciwinglY sell anyrirticliby-weight_or _
measure under the just statula4 so toe kept '
•or shall buy by any weight ot measure above •
such 'standard, he khe or the}! tittb'cingthereci--
of duly, conviCtecl;fdr_every stia Offence gag
rorr ' Corr. -li
- .
* titiP
pose &lying 'or selling. shall ref s e on ,
mand beitiglinade in - theday time bit' the said
clerk of the Marktymproducelar deliver .
the " - ei ghts_ or mea su resbY-w h left -be - r -- --
either-.lbuys or sells,' to the . said_clerk, for _
the purposeofll'elhg testedby the said stitnd
aid 'weights and MeatitireS, and being there. •
d 1 •legally•Conaicted-Stiall for - every%uch'of.. --
-fence forfeit and pay tathe' use of the said • .
corporation the sum-of twenty dollars. 'And
it shall be the duty of theclerk.isF the ttlitW.' -.
ket:te;-attend , every-rn
market. ornhig art, WC --
market !Muse, .- where the Saidlystaedird
. weighti and. raeasures_shul! l)e kePt...inlho--7-t
--huoSe:prthiitled -for keeping-the same, , and
alt artidles/ offered for iale• Other than but• .
ter, put up in prediSe.quantity) ithe . prica of •
which shall-depad .11 pini weight or measure:
- shall if brought to the said house; lieliyhint . .
justly Weighed and ineasiired. and he shall •
be paid by the seller foriveighing each draft
not exceeding ten pounds, one cent; .and if •
over -ten- and not - exceeding - twennind . a: :
two' c t;4;—atid if exceeding-twenty a d not
eicie Mg fifty poundS; three cents ;• andit
more than fifty - end-not exceeding one hun
dred pounds, fotir 'cents; and if more thatt.; •
one hundred pormli„:Ax ceiits; . and for mess* -
s "ring all kinds of articles soidby the bush
-e , or less .quantity; lie shall - receive if Untlet
_half alitsliel, one - cent-fir each measure; if 7 --
above half a bindle' and not more. thaiiMie
.bushel, • tWo .cents;._ and two sitits for ever . y .
beshel he shall haVisomeasuied in addition. ....
And if the said clerk 'shill be called-upon ti.t .
any pet-son or_personsAnying or selling
Fatiel. es- bY weight - or measlire,'.to weigh-or .
measure the same at any' other time that) od --
.the Morning - pf the prescribed .market filiyai
,: .
'and within market
.hours,! the seller shall• • -
pay to the said clerk double the rates abovd
,trientioned-,-_ l :_ - ' i.__ - -7 -- ..: ---- 77,_-.7± - =_-:-:---.-7....:=7.—....:
, :..S__
eet.l i.:NO z h tick stersellerlofCakeit--:-'
- strairh - z. permitted AO occupy- any : stall- or, sit. .:
Within the line of - plists and fact pivements '
_put around.the-Mgrket House, With intentind , :
to sell at-any other tinte.than during market
-hours; hor shall they then occupy the Mari •
ket Millie unless they have a licensefor tha -
_purpose,:tinder. the:penalty of - one'dollar td .. -
be paid to the Borough. • ' . -•-" -.•-.- -.
Sect. il. It shall be unlawful.for any Der;