Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, November 14, 1837, Image 4

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Irtireo'rThatversat rills.
..40,:acecoloutd,tontrgoute to the:Crndflirt,_Reath
,i_—__.,4oiclAsppineAs-of—tilaqkiract." • •
,04,\Ahe:eighteenth, of- May; '1835, these now
c iruly,celebrated ;Pills.were ---- first made - known id
skates, although in Europe they had
'keen.previcusly. before - the public nearly-a cen,
The_American..puhlic naturally - viewed
them. with '
'suspicion but as on -trial - they-were
foiind r What they professed, it. wa's soon-displaced
. the .. - gyeatettt confidence.' In . fact _five_ many
----2 peritoria r-7 Wlici - htn i e'Commenced7with - theitillitder"
'the -Most circumstances of bodily . afllic
• :tibn; When - every' other mean:l - 4nd medicine had
_ tig;_na v_e_b emixest ed _
.01tealth sad ; liajipineass from their use.. and the
Aorisequeticsi ith . ,they are now: recommended by
Alton aacidtiof: persons whoin tliey-have cured of
Cardininption, lap ‘lellati,
COlds. Indigestion Eys
pepsie kleaclaclier-Itainsand-ti.actise of fullnesp
.10 7 thebaok., park
Acna.of..Apeplexy, Jauaclice, - yeiver add• Ague, Uillious,
-Scarlet, Yellow,.and coalmen'
."fekera of, all kinds, Asthma, Gout, Ithettmatisra,
Liver ;Complaint,
. : Pleurisy
'9l the Spirits,
• :11uptdrei, inflammation, Sore Eyes,
.Fits,' Pal4y;
int otisA ": 1 5rnaly Pont; Menzlen. Urotip,• Coughs,
.Whooping Colic Clmlera 19.0 -
• tbiti, 'Gravel' Worms, Uysenter.i., lleafneSS.
. . the Ileac!, King's -Avil, - -Sciorula,
• . trysipelas,.orSti'Anthony's , Fire,' Salt Itheum.
some•of 30"years"Statid
. Angi,,Cancers, Tuniers,l Swelled Peet aiid Leg.,
• Coafiveness, all Eruptions" . the Skin,
• L Prightful -Dreams,...Pemale cornpliiiiits - of every
kindoelPeciallymbstructiOns, relaxation,Pie. •
Althottgli Dector" 11.-lias" enumerated by dame
~i6l;bov.e diseases, !leis nevertlieleits.-4Lopitdon
.. • witfildigrt" --- tinfiWiTeicitlie late celebrated Dr. Win.
that there is-only ONt Ersease, an
,impifritycif the• - bloOd, %illicit' by impeding the
intiamin•stion, nnit-cpnse
--Itiu'etifdrang.ernent-in the iirgan or part "where
impurity of the bleed settles; and that it is
.the'difrereht' appearances which this inflamation
',or erangemerit , puti•on, that-havescapsecl-mesli
- 1••
'cal men tcrdesignatesuch•appearances by - various
• • inahlpe, but- whiolrare hr fact, - only the -sathe , dis,
,iesse;-'3vith more or less -violence. Dr.
Alrandreth was'so fully convinced. Of,the trtilli of
above simple theory, that he spent thirty
&ears esper;ments and laborious research into
medical • properties iirthe' numerous planti
, ,_,_
coMposing toe egetauie Kinktlom• his object
-- •,bettVc:ecimp - ose — a - Miffildir i e which
005 e., ptitify;and• .produciy skoifiC. action
'removal Of alt-had
,humors from the blood by.;he
, :: - stomach and: boWels, - as- by the continuation o
••ttia• use or such a' mediAte, such_litimors r are
-• - - eihiried off, and the blood assume
Stile . of ' purity; and • 'whoever takes these-. Palls;
and perseveres- with them will he satisfied _Oaf
' Dr. Win. Itrandreth fully attained his philanthro•
• piqobjeCt. - - It is now an absolute - and - known
„,fiketi:that every. disease, whether it be in-the bead
„,orifeet, in the brain or meanest member; whetlfbr
It be an.outward
.ulcer, .or.an_inward-abices_s, arc
, Omagh arising from
_many causes, reludible,'
• to'this one grand effect, namely'. iMparity•of • the
• ,
blood. . • . •
lii all Cases they be asafe - and aim
ItreferriVily - yetall pOtrdrftil Tor the'rethoval - Of
• whether_ehronic-orreeent, infeetiods-I
'or otherwise; and what makes them-particularly ;
adapted for this country, is that -there is not the'
sligliteStliability to cold 7:Wheit
.taking them, in
deed the system 'is absolutalY 'less susceptible of
cold . when. finder their, infitiener,_ than -at. any
other time; •therefOrclicthis climate they are in•
• valuable. geithcr do' they 'require change o
• diet or.careof any kind.' England these,Pills
_ have-been -the only medicine- of many families
for periodiVarYing . ...frOm fOrty . to sisty_years, an d
haye'always, ; .p rum ffectua I -in -restoring; health
-*lterever, an abe.rafion from it occurred....
NOTICE.—In• consequence Of' the numerous
cbunteifeifirOr'sale in the Drug and Chemical
Stores; the . publirare Cautioned against •ptirchas
--ht-cif any person except the accredited agents:,
- .Security Against Counterfeits.
• '
S . ttn..nItANDIiETII has. adopted .the following
,plan to accitre the GENUINE- 111 ; antiretliTills'to
tNe public. Ei:ery authorized Agent must:have.
CertiPeateof Agency, anti it-will tie seen that
. - a . dcuble:forgery MUST he committed,' before
'!ant rine can procure a forged Certificate: and the
per.SrinitOrig, it in his possession is equally liable
with the finger. •
, , -The foNowiog are the arfpointed agents for
•this W'n. Gilmore, Chambersburg ;
f-Jacob ik.'Whirtut, Gettysburg ; OGII.BY
Carlisle; and Win. Hell, I larrisburg,
flr(mireth's officers for the- sale of the
aliove .sth street;-and
~34 citestitu - !itri4t," Philadelphia.
-111 V 8,, AZ—if... . _
Seiiti.:llreekty Tc raph.
- -
• published semi-weekly during the ensu
ing-session of the Legislature. 'and contain
full reports - of the, proceeding's of.both bran
ches; taken 4y , Coinpeteut and faithful repor
'' • The acts of the cnming session - of the Le
'gislatnre will he looked to with much inter-
-est; The people expect the party that have
obtained' &t• majority, in the_popAar_branch_to_
• s tViirry Out' their promises .of reforming.....the
• ."-tilrreney
,and banishing shin plasters , from
- 4- ciretiraiion: ThiS subject, together with ;he
llftpinireirient System. independent of nume
_, 00,..:nt1efilfittlerest, are , or them Selves of
---4 tifFicleht - magniturcreare - a - :(lesire,im.thr
, mind -.of 'every intelligebt_citizetcr ,
paper:fillip the seat' of Government. .
;.-Autddition to this; the proceedings - of Ore
..Stateeraiventions-that will assembleliere:nn_
ethe - 4tlf - ofrklarch to nominate candidates for
•Gin;ernor Will be looked to with interest; and
,The , •proe - e - edirtlruf - -the-Coliven* to
- innieild - the Constitution Will also be gi% , 111 -
. iiiiitilltlifinal.'adjoiffiinittit -- And - also - selec ,-
- ted irr!kins of the most interesting• Con
' Igressilfrial roteedings: . _'"
The'• Terms of the, Telegrapli..4re,_:,
Vizi the session, Semiweekly $2 . 00
• • .3 00-
- ?paying_ two . dollars -in advance
.— •*l4.44e.ceixe , tbe -- relegrapir- ifom -The prey
,-4,l4 3 otltinie to the Abe - session, anct._ six
- ~copigs- w ill-,beaeiit to anyone place
.fur 410
. .PlkiOn :advance. , . , •
2,, , ;Competent,persons•willing to act as agents
inAeirneighborbood, for the usual compen
itl,capg,K44o,os. to state referente.,:i''
• —, 1714E.0
, 4 " :
-- HatT L 5 •
' — iiiiilibriOte SACE
.1 ,, _._ . OF LAND.
7...'' lin pursuance ot-the-laSt willof John Col
. iiicl l / 4 ;doF,e(isec),.- there: will ,be exposed to
. 4..ilablic Aare, on thepremises,'on Wednesday
' :the i r day 61. N ovembe r
----- '," - **aluable-tt'stct-cif-
-4t ,1' STONE.
''''" ,TIMU-LAND sc.
;iiltnitedliflSouthamptim 'township,- Com-.
lahlatidicounty,‘ , Pa.; 'adjoining, the lands of
- Alasietai4ketrga-Vi;,l-41imes r -,fas.-Wallace,-
Ifiathuttlt:WharrYP"Christian lioaker, .end
•titt.e.ontsiningt ONE 'HUNDRED and
, TErTICACRES, or thereabouts. The Jai.'
irtrentements.ere a 1,„00:11CoUsE, and Barn,
. with a - Well of Water near the building S—
. porloifet the land is cleared and
Ina goddi .state,of cultivation. The Terms
offialo.will be .two,thit ds -of the money, in
hatidiAlio.nther third part to remain 'proper-.
. . ' seCoy.a4Vdttring the ,life4ime of the widow.
~ ..'"".- -A , , . , . _ ,GEO. HAIVIII.I4,
• ,:az.r.3: 1 , t 4 ~.. _. • .
: • -: -,.- . -10.EiNC0X," . 1..,.,„ , ..'q
*',:-' ;',. ';',.--''',.:Eiectit,:.ont:4
• - :Ocbiher 1!, inn . , ' : T.? -•.- ,
4.Beatititut Mad opt flair
Is the grandest ornament belonging to Me
:Min frame: • Bow strangely the loss Of it changes
the countenance and _Prernattfrely brings on the
appearancc of old age, which causes - many to re:-
'coil atheing tincOvered, and sonietimea_evemiii
shun society to - avoid the jests and sneers of. their'
acquaintances; the remainder of their :lives - are
-consequently-srientimretirennent. _ Inishort, not
e verrthe loss of pidpeily fills the generous think
ing youth with that beifvy'sinking gloom as does
the loss of his hair:: To averirlill these' unPleas
ant cireum - staiMeS; OF
EOLUNIIIIA stops -the hair froth falling off on
the first application, and a' few bottles restore it
aguii . L. It likeivise_proiloces' eyebrows and whistkersrprevents-the-hairtfrom-turitinalte
.it curl beautifully, and frees it from scurf.
meroui certificates of the -first-respectability-in
support of the virtues of.o/ilridge's Balm, are
shown by the proprietors. .. •
, tryite:id-the
ROBERT %MARTON; Esq., late Mayor of
Philadelphia, has - certified, as may b q seen below;
_to _the big . it:character of bi- following;
Alie — ii - ndersigned . dii7hi . erehy - certify -tharttre
have used the Balm of Cblionbia discovered,by,
J Oldridge, and hive found it_bighly servicea
hhcnot only as a preventative agaiiiltitte . fatling:
Of of hair, but also a certain restorative.
THATCHER; senior,. ,
Methodist Minister in St . George •elmrge,
• No. 86 North Filth street
JOHN F. INCLTS,I3I Arch street.' -
.1011W0-.--THONIAS, AI. D: 10.1 Itace st. --
"JOHN S. FORNEY, 101 Spruce st. ' -
r,,_243 South 7th
JOIIN GAUD, Jr. 123 Arch it. • ----
The aged, an d those4ho persist in wearing
wigs,s may not alWilys experience iii - reitorative
gitalitiei, yet it Will certainly raiie , -its- - nvirtites in
trie'e - Stimation the --- plibirci- , -triien it .is kootvo
that three of the above signers are_more s.o.years
of age, and the others nor less
(Prom the Mayorl •
,; ; •
.-..-Co.r.proswe.ALTiz-or-Ptimartx,mi,l l ;
• pity of - Philadelphia. • _
1:11011tRT WEI All'1 7 0N, Mayor of said city of
Philadelphia, do - hereby . certify that j am 'well.
acquainted with . Messrs P. - John b.'
Furey - , runt *Hugh McCurdy, whose• names are
-=signed-tcy-the-alpve-certificate, titat„they„arg_zen,
tlemen of character and • respeetability,_ank as
'Arrctr - full - credit - should—be:given_to_ilte-said
- -••• •_ .. • " _ .
- In
.witness whereof,. I .have hereunto set my
handi-nnil caused the seal ofithjs-city to be
L. S.) :aired thi§liixtliAny of De.Ceinber.
Observe that-each bottle of the.- Genuine 'Balm
Tins a splendid engraved- wrapper, on which is
represented the -Falls of Niagara, &cl&c.. - - T .
For sale 'at wholesale by COMSTOCK Si. Co; sole
Agents for' America, New' 'York, 'and by most
druggists throughout America.
To Prinlers.--All printers or editors who wily
insert the above, leaded, for 6 months in a weekly
paper, and send one' number of their paper to
the agent, 'entitled to one dozen of the
above article.
For sale by:S. C. BOLANPER
• .I*,gislalive Keystone.^ •
• ,-----
1111311ING - the ensuing session'of the legisr
httureolteMeystone WilLtie--publislied
twice a. week, and containlull reports of the
proceedings in both houses. -It will also con
taityzan- account of the - proceedings 'of • the
reform convention; which (judging from sim
ilar bodies in other states. and the convention'
that formed our present cOnstitution,) will
artily closeAki r session before spring. .
• The.politiCal complexion of the legislature
anti the important aubjects which Will neces
sarilypome before it, wilt render the next
session peculiarly interesting. All eyes are
- turned-this-way-for-speedy-refnrm in our
present defective currency. - IDecidei action
relntiveio the improvement system is'. ar
dently desired . in many quarters. - These.
two matters - of - themselves,_orm subjects of
intense interest to the pedple at large.
On the 4th of March, a democratic eon-•
vention will assemble here and nominate a
I anclidate - for - gpvernorr- . --An-accotintol-thisi-1
1 oge.ther with thevements or:
the party in all quarterstivill '6.e faithfully
detailed. 'From - these circumstances, there
never has;been a time when a paper from
the-seat olgoverpment was of such indisPen-.
sable value to all, the citizens of the com
-monwealth,_.as_it will'be for the ensuing six
months; .
as heretofore:- .----7-7----
During the session semi-weekly
For the year" • .
Any person forwarding us - 2 dollars, shalt
receive=the Keystone,from.the_time of sub
scribing to the_ close- of-the sesscon-:--or Isix
copies: .
will be sent tooffice any one for $10:
P.oit Masters- »re- invited to act
igen& fOr'the , Keystone, in receiving subscri
fiers find remitting inoney to. us ; and. any
One - Signifying Isis willingness to act as such, ,
shall receive a list of our subscribers, in his.
town and neighborhood, with our terms of
Barrill4 :Parke. '
itarrisburg, Oct. /8, 18,57.
_ _
, .._ ... . . ,
------- : - FOR-FRENT._
_• .Lag Mouse A' Stoble; ------ 7---
. ,;:l'he - vcrliole-of the above property-will lie - sold
If, RIM subscriber will rent that Well knoWns,,, together, or f the Lot spill separate to suit pur
-44 ..large and convenient house, for many years. 'I chasers The terms of sale will be.rnade known
occapiCd by 'Christian - IlumrichT antl more -re-lon the - day-of-isale.. .
. .
' .. . r.,-; cently by others, as a 'TAVERN .CATIimiINE HETnlcx,EXTettfrlX,
g- 44 ,3 fill . HOUSE. The house is remarks- ABRAHAM
HEftilec• . •
li7c. 11, Mt bl ' well calculated for entertaining ~, -
;; , r.;:.,,' . -..:='-.::,' 110,CitlitirSTI' there [being thfte .f,..u, n- N - R l/1 2- 1 -C l4 ------- .-- ---....___.!
statr-ways. - and Vire placesifi'most of the rooms. (alien GE IiETRIMZI • r ,A'
l'iletitituation is very plea%ant and desirable, being October SO, 1837 . -3 w•
on the north west corner of Ilanoverand Louther
stree •A while, for conveniences, it excels any
Alt L. touse_inAC:herottghcr__country.__lftio&_
nese " tt o unusual ildvantages of 12 rooms on the
first do *l2 rooms on the2d floor;-4 rooms on
the 3a fi,or.=.6 ,Cettars-in (louse. .! Two wells of
,water;_ one at the frontdoor on Louther street,
withirpumP thereitiCtlYkother - In the yard at the
kitchen door;) a. Cistern. made to contain eighty ,
gi4 Hogshead - large and convenient stabling,
with carriage hnuse• and sheds;" large and owe
lent gardens-,attached to the buildings; besides
.many convenience s not specified . . For' particu
la,rivenquire-or.-- - - - ,- - --- - • ...-r . . -
"'0 , ..• ~,.:!•.-,-. , CMIISTIAN lIUMRICU
F-041he -ho.use:his, recen t ly. gone under
L !Aurnplel.4§pair . . - -' ~ : I I - - . • .
~ •.. ,_ . _431. "
,:. Ciddiltle,,,Ntiv.'l3, 18Z' ).".
ifl(ll,.'o#lrx..4folf:lF.*'.7i.ATO. '.-##:-*±.:::*Vo.9ol*.ar,
' • 0:5 A
tiontaintok' (4 6 1 - 11 —41 74 . - 10 ' 6
Situated in St. Claii• township,
• dliteglieny County,' Pa.,.
. .
_ .
This Farm - is beautifully- 'situated ott the
waterapf Chartier's_Creek, FIVF. Mills frOm.
the city": of .Pittsburg. The 'Washington
turnpike - rans-with itr - a - few- rods - Of - tire - litre
on the one side, and ,the 'Steubenville turn
pike within -two miles on the other . ; ...die
State'road ; from Virginia 'to Pittsburg passes
through it ; also, a Courity-road-cpnnectin,g
the 'State; road and the WaShington-TUrn
eNkq; .passeathe. door. About 300 acres are
cleared, and in, , a . gaml state of cultivatkon.—
Where are near
.§.. i
• 200A,CRES:.. -
flottom4.lancl, .ivhichfor riehnesS and .fertili
ty cannot be surpassed in"t h e' ; `, state, a large
portion-of, this is - in fneddow, • and enough
might •be made to produce 200 ton& of • hay
annually -; therels a rehe:thiffidante ,-- of buil-.
ding stone,'& lirbe stone; and 300' acres of the'
. •.
-Which - Best Bituminous Coat'
_all be get :out conveniently..—
The timher-ig---abundant-and-Igo'nci.:—.The.
consist of 'a large . &St rate
• • --- CUT . STONE
A good spring and stone MilltirouSe ; two - of
_th.e_btst bank Barnsitttbe tr_nnD:y, 70 by 38.
feet and 60 by 030, with stabling "tfadCTtr - lit -
Av hole, a I ar.g.efra me-Stab lei . ,
Four Tenant- Ilotises
attached-;- with 'stabling a!-frame Meeting
House - find parkonage • house with various.
ntber nut buildings,_Suck . as Carriage houses
Cow house, Corn hause.. Bee house,.Selrool'
than usually found ,on , Farms_in.___WeStern
Pennsylvania.. 'whole-farm is abundant
ly and beautifully watered. . • • .
Beating all kinds of i'ruit, adjoins the Man
sion House.
' In regard to fertility- and quantity of land,
quality .of improvements and nearness to
market, (being only 5 miles-from--Pittsburg,)
this farm is not equalled in- Western Penn
syllania. It will be-"sold on liberal terms,
antlimnietliatepossesibargiiiii: - Inquire of
3011N - ROSS; - ontlie - premists,
or . 3. Et 11.*ALPSANDER,'
N0..209", Market stitet Phil'a.
August 7; 133 . 7.--•-3m.:. -- -
••. - •
:ff i tair*iar.
11E subscriher offers for sale the following
...AL - described-house and:half lotof ground, sit.
uate..on the_north,side_pf_Main - street - in the-bor
otWaTifteirlkle-,---near-19 opposite - Geiirge
itighinhaugles_h_otel; 7 -the west half of lot' No.
CI; 1n the pJaii7ef - saitt .borough—bounded. by
Main street on the sciuth,.,Dr. 'Myers 'on the
west, Dickinson‘nlky(2.3..feet wicle) en the not th,.
and the Widow Creighton_on the east c containing
00 feet in front and 240 - feetist depth: 7 - Th - e - htnt.
dings e are a •
Frame - Weather' boailled
• - •
sco.v im
fronting on Main street with a large • •
• Brickllack
the alley. Said half lot is in a high
state of improveMent, with a variety of choice
Feint Tee and - Grape Vines,
now Wearing, Currant and Gooseberry. Bushes, and
-Shrtibbery,of_diiierent_kinds. . ,
, An' indisptitahle ,title will+be given to the put ,
chaser. Further particulars are deemed' unne.l
cessary. Any_persons wishing to purchase / are
invited to call and view the premises. The terms
will be made known ay • •
• • , t , \ • JACOB SQUIER. •
August 28. 1837.
11. B.—Good western paper-on-sol
vent banks will bc received in payment
for the above
_ • FOR_SALEi___
-will be sold at - public Sale tin Friday the 24th
day November next, -at 10 .o'clock,, A. M.
of said clay, on the - firemises;..the following
scribed real estate, late the. property of John
Hetrick, serf. deceased; viz: '
,township . ,,SittAsti.s.nd Cti
ya,about nudes west of Carlisle, _
A. 01131301,1, •
'Bounded, by hinds of William W.ockls, Samuel
Beetem, and John Calbraith'i 11614; there re
100 acres cleared; - state . of •cultivatio
and. under - good - fence, the residue is covered
witb.thrlying young tlmber.._Theimproy.ereguts
11 (13. IKE CD EZI
adjoining. T!l'ere are two never failing springs
of -water running nem-the - house. alsb - a=-Spring-
Houe and a DOUBLE LOG. DARN, a n d ii
apple orchard of ChOice fruit trees. ALSO;
Situate bout half a mile from the above de,-
seribed farm, adjoining the Yellow Breeches
Creek, and lands of Dr. Wrn.,Chambers,_Henry
Shank, Jr. and others, containing 13i.acres, all
urTilii — good fences, having - thereon.
erected a
fn - the - Carytiometlme - since — a - box - of - POrcelain
teeth. The owner is desired toeall at Aughen
baugh's gotel Where they can be . had by giving
satisfactory evidence of the -.tithe. • •
Carlisle, Nov. 6th, jar. 3
Wanted -Immediately.
THE -subscriber desirous of hiring 3 or 4
- ' gond r MASONS, and also 3 . )3r 4 carpen
,wili.give.ccinstant impioyment . and Abe
highest longest° Ng, Who may call .upon him .
for work: • . . ~ ;, - - . `-'.
Carlisle, Oct. 90, 1837.—. t$
The Piles. No cure'
.-, . .
" It is eon's' erect of great. inipoftance for.ifie
public- *DI w the following,ifactsi •- ... • .
. , ,
• About 5 r : yeara ago, Solomon . Hays, the per-
SoiCto - bniorn the-celebrated-Dr.-Gridley-had,--on
his clFilli4ied imparted • thefeecret of inakh%_a
- Liniment hi cure the:Piles, "authorized it iclObe
put 14)-arld'sold • under 'the name of Illiyo Nal-.
Ineinv:anci -- enjoineil=thatall AV il0:W011 !li '. ie.oine
bottle for the Piles, .and return .the 'empty bottle;
stild have the price refunded:- , • .
— ducelVflime, upwirds of "fifty Sinn - Sand bet.:
tits have been sold; . Out of which,, not ten have
k t 7
real. ••neci;:and these'inily because the' persons' did
not u it properly!! .Such..Avonderful 'success,
7Proba .lyvnever-stterlded-ircrotlrer-artitte;-At-i
-*now determined by. the proprieter,Thatthe pub ! '
lic'Sliall be*made• more fully acqiquted with its
virtues; so thailhose stilTering.ivitikhat 'dreadful
complaint-may avail themselVes or its use.• • -• _
.. - There - are - many - thousand _certificates_of:the
limit 'respectable and'aiithentic charactei, many
of..vihich may le - etamined where . • tne article is
sold. : " :. 1 ..' . - . 1 ". . - - - • .-
. . ~
It is nied .sts,an' external application; and for
many Ma dthercdinplitienumerated - in the'-wrap:
.... - . .
a en
per lx,consalered, remarkably efrectiveri• but for
. 411. e Puss it equal,land the-agents nte now
hound-to refund in all eases where it -does not
~ .
. " it is being used in Hospitals -, '
in our , principal
cities_tvith great_effect."
- No Fiction. -- , This extraordinary cliemical Co.
-position._the restiltof science - and the invei rn dliirn
of celebratedmelt : J4i man, the intri.doetion of
which to the public WitsJnYested with the solem;
n:ty of a deatli.beil bequest, has: since gained a
reputation unparalleled; fully •sustainiitg the or.
redness of the ,, lamented - Dr. - Gridleys last con.
,fassion, that •'he dared not -die without giVjog to
puate - rity:the benefit-of liis""knowletige- en this
subject, and he 'therefore bent tieathed to lii4
.friend and and attendant Solomon Hays, the secret
- tirtiiiilise - OieTy:" -----------. . ---'--. • I
Hit now,ststed.inthe. principal. hospitals, And
the private practice in our country, first and most
certainly or the cure_.of• the Pita, and 'also so
extensirefy,and effectually as to baffle credulity.
-unless whereits efrects'are"WitrieSaed• - • :External=
• ty in the following complaints:
.., _• . "
. -.. _ ~.- . 6 . . 6
'vi . Fur Dropsy-Creating.. extraordinary a -
._3____o(l:p . tioit at once. - " --C
. - M1 Swqlliiikif - - - -R - e'ducing - them in a feW "7C
. Cro., hours, . . . . •
w liltettinaliam-.-Acutebr-Clironic.,-giving:s."2l'
zi quick case. - 0
• Sore
.ThrOal—By.cancers,,olcers or colds:
C 4 CrOup. or Whooping Cikigh—Externally 5 -i
O and over the chest. -
--- All Bruises; Sprains - and Burns-;-Curing ti
g • Sores and Ulcers—Whether fresh or long "El
w standing and Fever sores. ;
• •
. .
its.operations upon adults anit=".children yew
duding - rheumatic - swellings,- and- lotiseing coughs
Ijkilti4Sll - 01 . the . chest by'• relixation of the
.parts, has . beet' surprisingJeyond conception.—. The common remark those •tito have used it
in the It acts like a charm."' ,
f lOs.u.sed only as an exterhal•apphcaCon,..nnd
. ttVereign pottier In curing. the above.named
complaints, is justified by scientific principles.
Out of the many warm recommendations this
'Remetly has reccived, the following only - are sub:
joined. They are generally eWaetsirom - letters
koni persons of the highest . respectablitrivltose
names. art not: published fw obvious reasons;
though. the' writers: have-not objected-3o -Initle
them blown to-such as wish to see•them.
• . •.• Cincinnati, Oct. 91141856.
7" Of all the remedies we -• sell; none giveisir
deChied sstishictionins . We can.
procure, if you dc4ire,' the best recommendations
from . some - of - our - most-worthy citizen" •
.. •
. :' ' Bufferia, Sp r &NM, 1837:
'!I have sold all the Ilays"Limmentand- could
have told much more.. ._ludge-is'cured by it, &
.'lriii - sent at least twenty persons_here to bu y . it."
: • Vickstntrg. January3d, 1837; '
iVenieln want of flays' Liniment,and _the_
sales are uncommonly nod, and the article finis
Co.,' unrivalled. It is used for a variety of corn.
plaintsy and 'apparently with great effect-in all.
Mr. D.' , a planter now here, has. written,'
near half `page about the, cure he has experi
enced b , not having before left Kilionse for
months. Ile was cured of riles in - fo - 4-eight
hours( we will send you his eulogies whieh may
be of 'service to Mr. Hays." ' - • I
, Charleston. S. C.. Dec. 28111, 1837.
--1-have.heett tfupessed for four years 'with the
Piles, my sufferings have been intense, and my
physician had recOnuttended' an operation us the
-only- meittls_of_telief._'_Days'i. Linimentwas ad
vised, and 1 have' used one 'bottle, and so lar as'i ,
.1100 ant fully and entirely cured'. • I cannot
refrain , fit;na . expressing my anxiety to have its
•qualities more- extesisivelY known. •
- . • .-_•, • • •• • •
, .
4 NeuiOrleans, Nov. 3sr; 1836.
-”Mr. Hayse—lihave damned (black Medicines,.
Calomel Doctors, Lobelia Steamers, -Vegetable
Doctors, and so on to the end, last of all myself,.
_life_and every thing hesidesrhavingall sorts of an
idea about a heap of comftirt, in. exclitiii-g—lifti
far 1 liat-place-e-r igh t - smartchancehotter - thn n any
Arlin in- these parts.—l have-had the Piles for
1 eig.'een monthsitill.l_, gut your Liniment three
days ago, and now I am well and' inife ‘ throwri
Physic to the dpgs." .
St. Louts, May sth, 1837,
. "We dont • knine what the. people do 'with
FIN '9 . Liniment, sure they . cannot all have 'the
Pile?). we reckon. it is used fotritlietnnatism, - and
cough % sores, swellings. «We have sold a. large
quantity this year, as you- may knniF/IY - otiflatt
Rtirchsise v -which is ull gone, Please send di two
gross more, mnd - cilso - the - articles ordered-last
week,.if not already shipped.".
--. a_ • • Yours, 84c. '
AV might multiply such as the above to in.
de t_€ tetgib„,httt prefeethat,persons generally .
who sell the article should' exbibit to theie — itia: ,
tomery the original certificates they. lame on for sale by S. C. BOLANDER,
Also for sale at the store_ef S. Elliott:
- Abtice to -Creditors.
— Take Notice-thatwe have appliato= the-jut*,
es of the court of common pleas of Curnberland
county for the benefit of the insolvent.,!aws.ot this
commonwealth, and, they have appointed Mon
day, the' 13th day of November, : 1837, at the
court•lintise in Carlisle, for the hearing of us and
our creditors, when and where you may attend
. if you _think.proper.- ---
Oct. 17. 383 • .- - -
Stock and Exchange
Harrisburg, Market street, opposite to Wilson's
qmocasmaato .
Buys and sells Notenntall_kintis.• Stocks bought
and sold. LOTkERY PRIZES caski-d;lfid-all
-information-givenrelative to LOWERIES.--
• August 21 107.
Election' for Sauk Directors.
• • CARLISLE BAilit,
.october.32. 183 r,
Notle:4ls hereby, given-to the stockholders
in this - institution, that an election will he
held (*the third .Monday of Novevber next,
'(being the"2oth day,) at the Banking House;
td ; ;thirteen ,- Directors, to serve _during
.yeas then to ensue. ---. •
;-- W. S. COBEAN, Cashier,
.:"October 17;1837. . •
. .
aentrgi agent ror Pennsylvania. Maryland, Delaivareitro;
' -Non south 7th et. three doorrbelow Market U., Thiladel
- North et., Baltimore,* sear the Pott-Cif,
. .
. . . .
. .. T E HOTISIt COLLEctE .01/ : . . .
' . HEALTH, Loisior, • ' • 7 :-. .--- "
- , - -. WHICEi :we obtained the Ap.piobation and
Recommendation of 'thousands, -wholiave beck
-cured- in-COnsumptian,Chblera-kturbus,Litiflama.
-tioas - -interually or externally, 'and all diseases of
the ' Liver, 14110 W VeVer, 001 H, AlletiMatisni,
Lumbago`, Tic Deloretik. DrOpsy, 'St. 'lrish's's
17 - tiance, - EpilepsAAppOplexy,LP-alsy,-Green-Sick,
`ness, and ati . obstructions;tolwhich - the Female
form is-so' distressingly liabl'e,-- - dnd".which send 60
Many. of the fairest portioatif the dreatiori - 10 . their
untimely graves; Small 'Pox, Heagles, Whooping
-ConlicScarlet .Fever,'Ast Inos,
.3 au indite; tirave I;
Stone, and !‘ll l .lrifiiiry , Qbstructions;;Vistida, Piles,
Strictures; Ruptures, Qtul Syphilis iri'all its stages, ,
Constipated 'Bowels, Wolms, Scurvy.RChing - of the
Skin, King's Evil; and.all ;Cutaneous- Disotxlers ;-
:in, short, every Complaint; . which the human
frame is so direfully subject, under all their varied
: forms tind names;, as the' Tlinceian conviction is,
that man is subjec t to only one reed disease / titat is,
'to the . impgrity of thc blood,. from whence springs
'every 'complaint -that can_possiblrassail his com.
pliCated frame, and that it is the perpetual Strop'
- gle•of OAS vital, pure- stream of-life,-(the gift of
- Almiglitfpow,er) to disencuroberitself of its "is.
Cons. acrid • humors,- with-which it has:become
.. ....
Commixed. .'
Tint valuable medicine, being composed only
of vegetable matter, or- medicinal herbs; and war=
ranted on oath; as containing notrone particle.of
mercurial, mineral,• or chemical substances, (all
of which 'are uncongenial to the-nature of Phan,-
and therefore destructive to the •human frame)
is found AP be perfectly harmless to the most. ten
delL,ags,or weakest Rame;-undereyerystage of
hurtran belogit=in
--and at the same time' the nnoat.cer.
tam -in searching out the trot of every complaint;'
however tieep,_tutffof perlbrming a cure that,-was
-ever offered to the world. This wonderful elfett,,
too is produced by the. ;east IN - ruble lolbq pa.
trents, - .hy_nrierely:stystlowi riga - certain number of
ptlls, and being. calleffa few extra times to the
'Purpose of - evacua t ticm., with- the
: least
sensation'of exhatistion of b ounty strength;
and without the' fear of catching cold, or7atten.
tiOn ttl dress of diet, in.-any -way _different; from . -
'their accustomed liabits. These pills cure in all
cases,.."and cannot be taken to excess. Experi
ence, which is the touchstone of all human knowl
edge, has long_ borne testimony to the fact; and
extensive" usiz•Aif them has already ver;fied its
truth in this country. . •'
- These medicines 'cure by purging,' and yet the
weak, the feeble, the infirm, the nervous; - the
delicate are in a 'feet .days strengthened hy . their
pination, because they clear tliebody.Ofritsbad
-Immtirsrtma-jnyiniablyz-Troduce_-sound sleet;:_
They are.the safest and'most ellica'cious Medicine
to take to sea; preventing scurvy,"costiveness Sr.c .
' The e - operatiem of this -
mild:Meilieihe,".%%?ldcli .
conveys immediate conviction of-its utility,. from
-the first dose is as - beneficial to the mind as the
liody; first calming,- then . curing all- Mental de.'
ratigements; Eccentricities, - Nervous Affections,
Irritabilities. and IteitleSsnek s, ' t on , ~ whatecer
source; complaints which ;1% li therto not been
`properly understood, as the / eists`have found
them all to proceed:from acritmilligs humours in
the blood,-.and, happily for the pre ritaild fiftine.
race .of_mankiml, discovered a cheap and -univer
sal mode of purifying, miring Land preventing. .
-' The being cured of - any disease, infirmity, of
. - Sore, no more a - dubious or uncertain:pro.
eedure;--perseverance in the Vegetable Universal
I Medicines will atways - - restore nature-to. her-.due
course , . ,The literary and sedentary, of both•
sexes, Whoile pursuits semuCh impsir the-fa - 61A-
_ties, will find a sure :remedy in-_the UniVersal
Medicines for preserving and-spriglth ,
finess of the'tinaglhaiion, and- improving -their
' health; old age - will _ beattained by the- use of
them; and passed-free from pithi and infirmities::
' They-are not enveloped with the mysteries•of
other medicines; they only reqWre - to be perse
vered in_withTsufficiently large doses, and the pa
tient will come off well;--when a disease is ob.,
stinate, patients frequently do not-take doses large
, enciiigh. , . . . .
' The medicines are comprised in three different
articles only, viz:, in two kinds of pills, of differ
' ent strength. or power, desigitated by No I and
2; ,the:first is a powerful, but most mild and gen
tle apetient,or opening Inedicine,-detaching-and
.partially...removing_the bithous_ropy, Intmouri,:
whilst the No. 2 Pills carry oft' those ainl'+the .
serous acid and putrid humours; incidental to the
,body; and act together as a-ferret in a warren,
never. resting until &Very avenue of the human
' frame' . is thoroughly searched, and cleansed Of
its impurities. -^
The Vegetable Cleansing Powders are ofgreat
assistance to patients and facilitate the
of bad humours; the ten, cleanse, and detach
the acrimonious phlegm , ; . -cooling. and allay
the thirst. -, One, two, or three ;murders may be
taken throughout the day, mixeclin-half-Lium,
bier of water.
_pills are sad in packets .of $l, $2, and
$3, and 25 anil 507 cent - bbxes-Etlie two former
consist agihree boxes each, viz: one box of No.
1, and-twoboxes of No. 2—the latter,_one larger
box with a'division; the powders are in separate
boxes'at 27i cents each. -
(lain consequence oftherepeated solicitations
of the agents, and for . the convenience •of the
Public-in-gener.ll, - 6rixee of 50 cents, and 25 cents
each, can note be Ilactaf all the:Agents.
, - moil isi-ANA, the Pamily- Adviser
1 - oftite-British-C Ilutre ;A ,I 1 ealth, 3d Edition. price
$275; and - PIL "ricAL PROOPS,ot the Hyge--
ian-systern of I byaiology,-inclucling the ' , Origin
of Life." " Treatise on Small Pox , "*Letter .
Cholera Itforbus."- and many attested cures effect
ed in this country; as well asin Great Britain, 6th
Edition, price 34- cents .
-- The Hygeian Medicines are alllinpailid into
this country at,ngreat expense, notwitlistanding
which they are sold at the same price •as in
land., They . have. - been 6 years before the Amer
ican public; their preeminent success in the relief
of the afilicted„.llto usands can testify - -
- Ce• CAUTION.—In. conseryttenc*of the high
estimation-in--which-Morrison a -Pills-are \ held-by.
the public, it has indiiced an innumerable host of
unprincipled counterfeiters - to - attempt imitations„
under deceptive terms thuslo delude the unwary,
and' foist their nostrums for the Genuine Hygeian
-Medicine; in consequente Of which,. the_ Agent
has taken the precautionary measure of having an.
_Extra Y6loW Label - fixed on eaeh'Packet, signed
byThe Agent of each State and District, and - by
of-which will subject the forger to the Severest
punishment the Laytean inflict:- and his further
to be noticed,.thlit none of - .the -- above.-_-Medicines
can be obtained -- in arirDrug - Store throughout
the Union ;the Drug Stores being the principal
source thioughi , vihith the Counterfeiters, vend
azrßewectable parties may he appointedi-A
gents on liberal terms, by applying to. the General,
! Depot, No.. Soo7II 'SEVENTU STIUST, three
'-doors.behw_Marketstreet,_Philadelphia-4nd at
No. 10 Ninilt street:Baltimore, nearly opposite th
Post Office, where the Genuine Medicine may
_always he obtalned.' -
For sale in Carliste - ,TtUtlielitcTfoT3f
• ___
BiicHITNER. - -
• Sept. 4, 1837. . • -
, .
nHE FARM and two lots of Timber land,
belo ngi •to Wm. H. Woodburn; positively be sold at publiesale', on the preen:
ises, , on Wednesday , the 22d day of Novem
berneist: Forklysorjption of :property and
terms - of sale, refer tosthe Carlisle Herald St,
Expositor:previoui to the 22d - inst;"
Assignee 01•Wrn. H. Woodburn. .
Newville, 0ct..24 f 1837.
lilt. EVAN $P
t. .
fl; the.'Onjoymeot `of healttri~epehde'on.p're=
• serving - .the',;complictited fitneiioi s of the
,ima -healthy and_ vigiarous'atatei iltrouh -I.lte-ope7.-
rations of lv hiell'. 7 t he betty' receives its.growt its
nutrition, and its - I:mport.
r it can ho longer be
astonishing that w hen .these Viscera are deranged.
.0(1. cannot -perfOrm their 'proper futiciltut, the
whele'systeed Shciild'suffer and'-become. disorder.
ed,,Tfleblood is inadefrofliihe contents' of the
stomach ; has
by the action ;of the lungs; and us it performs its
duty in circolationg through the veins and axle.
riesi . ltasitsAllolv •tir billions'excrement; which
may be - termed its reflise 'orWaal out7Siilhtieb ,
-collected: and discharged . by the • e
viscera, then:are the antiMonial mechanism o tip."
Partittis by which the blood-is mantifacturAnicl
preserved f and it ik.therefore obvious .that- the
state.of be'llie first Consideration of
the physiciani -- Now.there are various caused thai
will affect and derange these organs With which
the bloodAias nothing,whatever to do..' 'Huss the
stoma.cli may. be- ntterly debilitated in one.; niov .
ment,'.by . :arright, grief, disappointment, heat of,
the-Weither,•or any other.nervoris action;:and be
wholly-tenable to digest its fond. ...fs the blood to
,blame for this? A NERVOUS AdTior , tor long
continuance, will produce. settled DYSPEPSIA,
With head-ache.
,bile, mental and physical dehili.
ty ; ankfuneral ..retinue of other evils;. Is the;
-blood to blame for this? Inteinperance, r by.in4
flaming the coats of the stomach, and Jellying it
in flacid; prostrate weakness ; and an tisolice
cpialitity and, continuance of purgative Medicines,-
by - produeitig the saute effects,.wilt put this organ
almost -out of use for digesting wholesome solid
final, and Urns impoverish the blood and the
whcile system. IS the blood la blame fiirthia?—;
Again, with regard to the Gangs, it is well known,
that a slight . told, cicessioned by. flanap, feet
a currerit.,rifniir, will iitfla'me the brunchhc...all
.darriu:thinitglt brunching' air tubes .of the
flingeicessive moquitros, or
.that dreadful insidious disease, Consrimption, with.
-.pustules and suppuration of the lobes, which;
though 'timely retriediei 'May prevent, no earthly
skill - can._ctire: - --Is the blood of the fair and bloom.
ing_victim to blame for this? Srithe_liver, when
Climate, sedentary habits, intemperance,-or tither'
prostratiag'causet: have Withered away or 'paraly
zekit wdli distetition,-becomes actilire-to carry.tdi
the bile-from-the eiretilatiom - ank instead_ of dis
charging. It through tlte gall
- bladder,
bladder leae's It to
come through ihe :skin in jauMliced and sallow
fluids, and to rush upon the Stomach in irregid:ir
'mid - excessive • quantities.- - Is . the unfortunate
_blood to blame for-this No?' these vital ()tabs
are never afreeted 7 by - the blood; loud after the
bloodinis_. been affected by them t they are the
makers and -masters, audit is merely their' worik
and their passive agent,- . ,
to ,be sound and .detnoustratecl
-fact in science-and experience,-Dr.-M: EVANS?
.4ystetnlifrpractice.isTiufaillolif acc - 011ance_with it.,
lie fliills . to keep the Siam: ch, the Lungs,:andA
Liver in vigorous and regukte action, t 6 ilia three
great fountains Of healtil and Por — tliiirptir-.
pose he prescribes his beautifully eflicaciaits:A
Ail ENT PIAS (acknowledged by medical men
who have analyzed and recommended tht(m, to be
equal to t i ny in the:world) in cases which rvqttice
the cleansing of the stomach and bowcla ; and his
celebrated CAMOMILE or TONIC:PILLS, in
cases. of nervousirritability, stomachic weakness . ,
or . general 'debility. A vast-majority of human
thypithe priticipaY.viscera.witli the nervous sys
tem ; seeks disease in the most sirbtile
fibres of its roots, ittstecUliT vainly linping - lo
titp"ate stßyPlueking .011 its leaves and More dii
.tant. branehes, this APERTENT - PTLIA — UiII
alrttiat any -purgative medicine,calt.dn„-thtt:is
thoroughly cleanse the• stomach amt,howels ; and
IiticAMOWILy. or TONIC PILLS, cotithiniart - s .
they.. also .det, the .most delightful •• ANODYNE•
- known-ittmediCinit, will-doi.have-done,..and...are
contitUally doing morelo Strengthen,restoreand
Sustain the human constitAitin 'than: anyother.. I
Itiettteitielltat ,ItaiS yet .been clrseovered. Of this
he has innumerable proofs, and this no man can
detiy.without falsehood.
Dr..YVM. EVANS' mediCal preparations are for
tr Stornath and Nervous Diseases.. In Incliges.
lion, Dyspepsia Billions Affections or. Liver Cam
plaints, ..11eaktburn or `Acidity in the StoMach,
'lightness at 'the Chest, Loss of A ppetite, Pain in
the side, or Flatulency. •Ily pochondriacism., Low
Spirits, Palpittdiorts orthe :11,-tirt,. Nervous Irri
tability, Nervous AVeakness, Fluor Alin's, SetM
vostf Weakness, lit t I igesti s,- Get - whir I ity;
Ilodily — Weakness, Cotorosis - or - C.Wett — Slekaes'C
Flatulent or nystern I Paintings, HyStt , rics, Dead
:mite, litectip, Sea S)ekness, Night. Mane, Gout,
Rheumatism, : ,,Astlints, tic Dolereux, Cramp,
-Spasmodic- A iTectionti,- Nausea, Voiniting, Pains
'in the Side, Limbs,- head, Stomach or Back, Dim
ness Or
,Confitsion of Sight, Noises in th e Inside,.
alternate I' Itishings of heat anti civilness,'Tu
mors, Watchings, Anxiety, Spasms, Had Dreams,
.Ag - itations, will in every case be relieved by an
, occasional dose of Burins' efimontile
Indies, during the time of pregnaey. arc' often
troubled Sianess, Winitinft / 'HeartMilli -
Head:ache, Tooth•tehe, Hysterics, and other
t rout)] egome_ symptoms cffictually_reietied t by.thsse
ifeep - arations. . ,
- •
Dr. W:11. I , 7,VANS' MEDICAL; OFFICE, No.
ARCADE, Chesnut street, Philadelphia.: •'
.E9sale_atlhe [(enlist arza V.i
positor Office.= •
June 5, 1837
80 Bali. al, 4 doors Celow thi rianklitr-Bank.
50,000 DOLLARS.,
Persons• at-a-di st ance-di posed. to.t
lock in either of the following granil Lotte
ries4,,one of which draWs aliernately• every
week—are respectftilly requested to frirwartt
their orders to ate subscriber, eiicfosing the
cash or, designating the Lottery
will receive 'immediate attention by return.
niail;:and'iltedraivingsfOrwaided r wh n o _ ter
(if requested.) '
E. W. )2,?131N_S
• • - • Baltimore. Md.
DRAWING OF LOTT4RIF.S.—Order in which
the several Le Lotteries will be draWn.
Maryland SMoLotteries draws in Bald
more everv.other Monday.. grpitals rau.e
from_lo,ooo, 20,000 to_s3o;COO ; Delaware
State Lotteries draws twiceever* week;
capitals vary from 5 to $lO,OOO ; Grand Con
oliditad - Lottery_ draws once_ - every -week, -
capitals 20;000i - 2.5,000 to $30;0001-Aleilan-
Aria Lottery draws once every other week,
capitals 10,000, 20,006, sommoormo ;
glom State•Lotterr draws every Sattirday in
- each Week, capital prizes range from 10,000; -
2000, 20,000,..30,000 to $40,000. Tickets
in the above Lotteries vary from $2, 4 4, 4, 5
and-10-eich, Shares in:proportion. _
• 11 letters •addressed to the-subscriber go
pe ectly safe. No miscarriage has ever oc
cu red. •
Flaxpeed Wanted
One Hundred.Busliels or clean riiiiieetl 'sint
ed at the store 'of t!te Subscriber in South nano.
ver , Streef. ' • . -
`,Carlizili . \Sept 18;.1837,
2,02 Figv2.:Z171102,4%
Souih•East of
. Markel Square, Carliele ? Pa.
OOLT.Strrariiii,* 01:Mt*
The IndiairsootiliCl
For the prevention and cure - of Coughsi
Colds, Asthurias, ‘porisumpliOns, ,§pitting of
Blood, and-iliseises of•the-breast and lungs,
-- DOctor-Cia-rhoit4r .. eeman,.therOprie , .
tor of We specific,
:resided upwards of. far
yeara among, the : di ff erent tribes of : Wartlit_
American I diali - i,larr &With :unwearied 'dill
gence used, eve ry.rheana. in his, rimer- to,
quire a.knotvledge. .the:different remeies
used by - them. for "the eure of
:thei:nlek and -
wounded-; and moreparticularlYthote - Whick.
,heY prevent and Cure the Coitstimpd •
Aim,. and. Com p la ints : ial - theihreakatidineP., He •
observed the' Indians ,we-e - suhjer:t to nu.
memos and -.similar, complainW to:titoSe of -•
white- people and - -frout‘. : their, inbde :
eit i ni sed -- to - thoiricteinency--
of all_weethers, :man . - of - their tornplaints
were compli c ate and 'Although, •
many 'pi' :their diseases were of 'such - a tta- •'
tore as . would, with . :people . : in a civilized
State haVe terminated iiiconfirMed conSump
tions,j; yet, during •the.'time he was wick
them, .ha ilid not hear of caie - .who died 'a
consumption. •
.So happy : aret they : in' their 'knoiviedge..of
remedies, and so certain of- their effects-.:
When applied in time, that : it may be said "a
true 'consumption ig,aldisease 'never:known' •
-or heard - among them." The truth of ; this:
observation corroborated-by all who.
have had:the : opportunity of , becoming , .-60-
An - ail - Wed with these people.' It bd. -
asked w hy• they : are exempt from these'com-'
Plaint!-4 The., reasOm is• obvintis ; because'
they immediately seek for relief„ and pre- •
-vent thmie complaints which insensibly. un- ,
clertnine the Constitution', and bring on incu
ra:hle consumption,, - • - • •
- 13illIbEdirection accompany each boltte--:
cif the Specifie s pointing our - in a conspicuous
Manner, all the- -syniptoms in the - different
stages of-these distiessing,cliseaSes ; also-Para--
ticula rdi tections- respecting Diet- and •
-linen, and-how-patients-are to conduct them-.
selves through every stage until health
stored; for vain and useless would be--the
:prescriptions-of-the-ablest- -pbysician±ac--,
coin pained withthe'most powerfulnterlicines
if his directions are not — faitlifully - - adhered
to. . .
. -
-_llle_public-are` informedbat,the'deposi.i
'tioni of two hundred and eighty 4even,per4
sons have been taken before the iproper
tlintities of the:city of Lancaster, Pa. all corn.
Pletely; cured of The most desperate: :cases
of consumption, sontemf'which are detailed
In the bill's accompanying the bottle.
.The . price each- bottle. of INDIAN •
.SPECIVIC is One Dollar, ankeach envel .
' the genuine Specific is. signed by . Dr.-1
Clarkson a rk the initials C..F. on
the seal of each bottle:: , None - can
.be gene
tit.d.wit bout thissignattire ; a base coinpesk,
tion-having :been atteMpted-To--be'imposed -
on - the public by a counterfeit imitation of
is:ext ranttlinary . article. .
•117' t constant supply of. !ha - above s,pec
ifie4 is kept constantly on sale, by SAMUEL
.I?,LLOTT,, Carlisle, and
_by - Samuel Wilson
Shitipemburg, • =•.
Dec: 14, 1836.—1 i.
liter. Dr. Bitrilliolqinesils
Aii agreeable 'eath:o;old effective 'remedy 6i_
Coughs, - Iloarieness, Colds, ll'ains in the Breast.
Hard Breathing; and Hifficult. expecteration:
For d4dults F 3 Childien in cold
H"rhe'tffnpriet9rs-iire , giware . Mat thererate.inany-' .
remedies fur toughs and diseases of the lunga;•
some-no , dOtrutlare-good, but it has retrained to a
bite day to discover im article sn adMirably fitted
fo - tlieseT 7 eOftiphiliTt powerful 7 and effectual; -
and so,perfrctlyinicocent and mild.
TLet.ff;t - thelitiblic - eliss Bit; scientific result of
a learned. Physician and Divine with the - iiostrums --:-
of..the day. Let.theur make a curefid perusal 6r
the evidences attentlitjg - this article; their re
spectability, and the decided manner in which
they speak; and they cannot withhold their be
to some of its virtues. Let us_ assure them.
that a single trial of it will du more to convince
all orits merits than Allotticy can see or hear ott
the subject. It is quite certain that nO injury
Ins ever been known to'arise from its free use. -
.9n uncommon fact that this remedy is a
syrup._asy . slutiatly s ou l - pleasant to - ilielsste - fts - :
itie most poPlaiTiMch. cordial's and. Children. -
take it always with the greatest readiness: -• •
• Th'e pron - riet ors are now making rapid arrang&
meats to have .this ariicte in the hands of every
(froggi"..d and-apothecary in the conntry'; . " lUmay
he known' to he genuine" by. the following • signa.
lur e as h t low of the Rev. Gentleman and Phy ,
iiician_wha - k the author of it.
It is with great pleasure that • the proprietor*
' are enabled thus to bring forward an. article se
truly meritorious as this synifs, and from such a -
source, and they. trust the community who have
i;ieasionFrits use mayldwaysfind it within their'
reach, both as to places at which it may be found ' ',
aml_the [OW price al-Which it is sold.
. A great comber of tiv most wonderful cores
may : be seen fly calling on Mt. - 1101ander,
st wlMse_tore kt is Mr sale. See BolaMler's
papers. -
Celebiated IthenimMic, Nerves
• and -gone
Applied nuitning and night,--hus—curetLintn:
clreds. It given relief in the swelling or the
of the-throat, and relieves the ntutdmes4;, : .
and contractions of the firths and will' take - met.
bags down, and• iufkonatione, out of 'the . -
rheumatism, bruises and sprains ft gilles immet
,hale relief 4 it sirengthens:.weak.limbsitntLeX,•,
tends the cords when contracted.—A fettl drop
.on - sheep% void ,applied to the ear.of deaf pee."
sons, will by constant application; cause them to ,
hear in two,piontlis! time. ".'• •
A. great number .of certificates of the most
respectable and decent character may. be exam !
toed where it is Please eafi-on C.•floTander
Carli4lic who Will give -further inforination, drieet:
- Mr:ll6lander's' papers., , .
Carlisle, October 36,1837. - - , --ty. . 48....
G.EO. PR CE, - - •
._,. . . _ .. .. . '
Formerly--of—Sunbtery,-- orilitinii.erhind.:x
.. • • • Coun ~• - " ' .-----
..0 - • .- .-.
.._ .tg,ileaie , res ectf yio..inforrn he_pubre,-
Oat he bits remov o Han." urg, w here be has
taken thatlike - titid - spacious - t t e-story-bilok
house., formerly occupied by - Mathew. Wiliam, . -
corner of Walnut and Third streets, .." , ^• . , •
In View of the State Capitol, which h op nett on
. - .
the.first day.of May last, and , where he opes to? ,
mitinue to receive that patronitketo liberally
bestoWed • on' - his - establishment-heretofore. ..Fle___
will at all times; be . pftitided with, every. thing
necessary tp make his guests eomfiirtable.
. 1 -•••-. ' • -: G. PRINCE."
thrrrisbur ; lone .1837. • :: • : tf.
Estate of Christian Convex., ,rteceised.
ofadminhttration upon the estate
of Christian Coover, late of Dickinson
Dickinson town. .
ship, Cumbe-larul - county, deteated-hareihntied.
in duelorm of law %odic subscriber, thsiihNgjars
Ole' &map , ' said deceased, in .
All persons having claims against 'sitigl,estate
preent' them,",anit'those indebted will Make pay.'
ment to' , ;
Sept, 25, 1837. r .6*. • „