Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 26, 1837, Image 4

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- ;io;eitakte .
.; !Maya should contrlbulato..thc-Camfoyi, Health
- .•: .and Happitte,s's of
- On the-eighteenth of May; MSS, these now
Ttritly celebrated Pals were first made 'known in
'the tlnited Slates, althotigh in 'Europe' they. had
been previously before the public nearly a cen
itury.: :The American -public naturally-vievied
• item 'with suspicion.• but as' on trial they were
• . ifotincl,What they professed, it sacs displaced
itty_the greatest- confidence, „In.-fact the many
liter-Sons .who have commenced :with. them under
'the Most trying 'circumstances of bodily: afflict .
. .When every other 'means and medicine had.
• . 'pri#ed•altogether.una - vailing, have been restored
o -health and liaPpinesss fruit their use; and . - the
• 'consequence is, 'they are now recommended by•
thousands of perions whom they baye Cured of
tio I n flu e dsiThul igesti o s•
fp . sla, Headache, Pains,. and & sense - of-fullness
-16thebarilr. ptirrarthe Head; usually the•symp-,
Moms of-Apoplexy, Jaundice, Fever and Ague,
- pious, Scarlet, Typhus, Yellbiv, and . .cernriinn
4" . tiv*.ii:Of all kinds, Asthma, Gout: - Itlieumatism,
• 'Ne'rvous' -DiSeases,.' Liver Complaint, Pleurisy
Inward Weakness, _Depression_ of .i h e-• S pirits, _
Illuptitires, Inflammation, Sore- -Eyes, Fits,- Palsy,
„ 'Dropsy; Small Fox; Meazles, Croon, Coughs,
Whooping Cough, 'Quincy, Colic,•blinlera. Mor
• , . Am; Gravel Worms, Dysentery, Deafness, - Ring
_ :ing Noises in the Scrofilla,
or,St-JAnthony'e Fire, , Salt Rheum,
.White - SWellings,Uleers some of 30 years stand
ing; Canberst-Ttimors. ~S.Wellecl-Iteet. and Lee,
. Piles, Costiveness, • all,. Eruptions the Skin,
Frightful Dreams, Female complaints of every
'loaf], --- espeeiallrobstruetimis, relaxation Etc.
Although Doctor B: has entimerateS,l4.,name
ilie•above diseises, he is' nevertheless. of opinion
.tvitlrliis grandfather,-thc late celebrated Dr. Wm.
Drandreth • that . th ere is only Oxx Disease, an
impurity of the blood,- which by impeding the
'. - eirculation, brings on inflammation, and cease=
StFllt derangement-in the organ or part, where
such impurity of the blood settles; and that it is
the different . appearances..which this inflamaiiond
•orderangement puts on, that' have caused-inedi
-cal mepo,,designate appearances, bycvarious
--pames,- hut-wliclk.are fads, only the same dig?
: case,, with more or less violence.-L_DroVm
. - Drandreth_was so folly Convineed . of the truth.iif
' the above simple! theory, = that lie spcgt-tltirty
--years-in=expel invents
alt - d laborious research . into'
. • • he medical properties tirthe numerous plants
. -composing the Vegetable • Kingdom; his , object
..being to comprise ,a mediCine. whiCh • shOutd at
once purify, ant.- priaduce. by specific _action - . n
temoval.of all badlitimors from the blood-by :he'
_ stomach and • bowels, as by tbecontinuation of
' the use of such a medicine, such' humors arc
sure to be carried. off, and the blood assume a
state of purity; and whoever takes' these Pills,
- -'7and - perseveres - witlf - thtm - . ;wilr he•satisfied that
- Dr. Win. Brandreth fully 'attained his Rhilantbro.
---- Pic -object- "Iris nOw - Airifibscilute and 'known
fact, that evert, disease;_whetber itiac_in-the-head
or feet, in the brain or meanest member; ivhether
it be an outward ulcer, or an inward abscess, are
all;-though arising:front-many 'causes, redueible
• -to - this one grand effect, namely impurity of the
remedy - yet - all - powerful -- for - the -- removal -- of
the disease, whether chronic or recent; infectious
- • adapted for this country, : is that there is not the
slightest liability to Cold when -"taking.' them,
deed the system is absolutely lest; susceptible of
'cold, when under their influence, than- at any
• - Other time; therefore-in-this climate they lire in
' valuable. Neither 'do they require change of
diet or care of any kind: • In England these Pills
have been -the-only:Medicine -of-many- families
for:periods varying from forty to sixty yearS, and
-tE - eireetitailitire4P-riPZ - 1/C4tir
wherever an aberation froiri it occurred.
NOTICE.—In consequence of the numerous
-counterfeits for Sale in the Drug And Chemical
--Storesam public ttre - etuttioned against purchas-,
Ing•of any personpxcept the accredited agents.
. Security Against Counterfoltg.
Dn. BIIANI/RETII has adopted' the following
- plan to secure She GENUINE 'Brandreth PillS to
. the public. iierYiauthorized Agent must have
a Certificate . of Agency, and it will be seed that
-- a double forgery MUST , be committed, -before
shy one can'procure a forged Certificate, and the
person having it in his possession is equally liable
• .
the forger: - •
'The following are the appointed agents for
this vicinity, vizt Wm. Gilmore, Chambersbtirg
Jacob A.. Winrott,Hettysluirg-r-OGILBY - & - Ill'i: -
NER, Carlisle ; and Wm. Bell, Harrisburg. ' •
- Dr. Braridreth's officers for the:Sale .of She
above Pills are 169. Race, abefe; 4th street, :and
34-Chesnut street, Philadelphia... • . •
• May.8,4837.—tf.
• .
Shawls Patent
.THE subserater.h.aylog„purchased of. W.
'Nair, the right for Cumberland county, of
ShaW's Patent' Threshing 'Machine, would
• igiform the..Publie that he has on hand and
- v'Aktends 'manufacturing - a• good material, the
ribllve - mentioned Machines, at • hia shop in
-_west: Pomfret . street, Carlisle, ' The sub
'. scriber does not pretend to.say any thing re
specting-the good qualities of the .machine,
but would respectfully refer the farmers of
this totinty . ,*to any .of the gentlemen-Whose
names iue.attachetl , to the Certificate.below,
froni whom any infornriation respecting it can
-- be - had-It-is-but-neces4ry-to_say...that-fer
cheapness, ease of horse power, "iiiirSiinliTe
ness of construction, it has not hil.iksurpas
sed by any 'Machine yet invented. 60,0 r 70
bushels of grain. can be threshed with one
boric in a day, and about 100 bushels with
two horsei. • '" • =Vt.-
The. subscriber has improved the machine
so as to be able to thresh Much faster, with
less power than as heretofore constructed.—
• • The price.of the above roachinels 70.dolhirs.
""' • JOHN FLEMIN.G.'..
.P. S. As-A-proof-of: the--hstitnaticin-in
.• which the•above machine as improved is heht
. .
„Ckhio-and MaSsachusetts,• have given, it,ffie
'decided preference, and the three former of
these- have awarded preMiums to, that effect.
• -
• •
. .
The undersigned hailing each of us pur-
Chased of.Wm. - illair, of the of Car
. lisle, one of his Patent Threshing Machines,
(Shaw's patent,) and upon trial have found
it to answer every expectations in every
—,respe t„ And in_addition to_its..heingint,exceL_
— lent - grain -thresher,- it-has also been-found-on :
experiment to hive, the advantage of'being a
clover seed cleansr. " p_
hp bpr,e_.,,,erisso_
easy, that it is very little labor - Air two horses,
. and the construction of the whole machine is
so very simple, and , so. unlikely to get out .f
order, that-WO most cordially reconiniend, it
to the Farmera'. of Cumberland county, as
• one of the beit machines,We_have met with;
which has - given us • entire satisfaction, and
which will be the opinion (as we believe.,) of
every fariner u_ conhis giving the machine a
. fair trial, •
Join Snider,n 'riankford township ; Samuel
Westheiffer,Newton ; Jas. Sharp, Hope
William Green, Newton; 'Jacob
Hershe,' N.- - Middleton ; Christian Ilia,
'T Dickinson; John Tritt, Southampton; Samil
Trig', West Pennsbororgh; Andrew Paair.
Carliale, Jul
10, 183 T.
• ‘l9orrisonlg 'Pi lls.
A further*upply.of the Oove Pills just regei
ved.(i# , 2s,cept boxes) at thefifoie of -
• • _
Aukt14.213483.r: -
-777 falidreiteii Pills.
A further'eeiiiioeilreiniretli's Universal hills
just rece i ved gt , tiiostore o f
- August 2.8,4837:
. ..
_ By . virtue: of sundry. writs of Venditioni:
ponna to me directed, issued put Of.the Court of
Comtnea.Pleas of Cunsiberlind:•edunty, will, be.
exposed to pUblic Sale; at the 'Court I.louse,flin the
borough.Of Carlisle; 'on 'Monday the . 9th day : of
Octobet; 1837, at.lo o'clock, A.. 14., .tlie
ing,desaibed-Iteal Estate, to wit:— • .
'containing ; twenty - five:'thousand acres of land,
more or legs, situate in Dickinson and South Mid
dleton tOwnships, Cumberland connty, with a
' •
- and'FORGE, Coal nouse,.sigth and Carpentel's
Shop, a large,lfrick Mansion house, and thirty.
.Log Tenantllouses, one •
a two story-stone Ofßee, two large nod excelleh
Barns,. Roe large Stone Stable,.and sevei•arimall
Stablesi'BllB other buildings, Ore Banks, Minerals,
&p.,:;4lli'is property is. un:loubtedly_ one of,t)te
Bea in the State of Pennsylvania, and in excel':
lent order.—Seized and taken in execution as
tlimproperty . of Peter lige. • • ' •
Also, A tract of innd .situate in
Silver Spring!. township,. Cumberland county,
'hennaed. by_lands of the, heirs. of John-Bossier,
Alec'd. and the - Conodogninet: Creek, containing
148 acres; more or less, of which about 920 acres.
are cleareci 4 having thereon - erected a Log Houk
and a Loy; Barti.-:-Seized and taken in execution
as the property of Martha_Cunningham.
All to, be sold b,v"
S.ept,,ll, 1837. ,• •
valuate viTipctig
AV xs Je
11 / lu1u: be expbsed-tii- ptibli6-sale:on Fri
, day-the 20th day of October next, the
-following_desCribed property, ,
- alua,bielrarrn;
situate in bickinaciii- township, Cumberland
county, - , en the Walnut Bottom road.. adjoin
ing laii - clsW George Lee, Myers and
others, and..ahoutiourmiles from Carlisle,
containing . .
-.120 ACRES;
-about - 1 - 00 - acres - of - whielrisclerred in a
good state of cultivation. The improve
ments are a' -
r -
F— Stone Wouse,
alsrouble Log. Barn, and other out bill:filings,
trigethe'r with a .weio:lsl--watcr attlie door.
there:is on .this farneariexcollent , .
The situation of th ii,-.Propertywoldd afford
an excellent opportunity for any person wish
ing to commence the Mercantile business ;
itiiould also be:a - good scitefor a blacksmith .
shop. - • . • .
.. --- ; - 41. - ttemlartawilL - - - 114:41.teir. -- .151i - e — ,
sale by •
. .
. • • James S. Woods,
• Executor of Samuel Woods,'Sen. dec'd.
Sept. 11, 1237:—t5.,
Also, in.sold on said day i
* • (3,.9 aro LB al-0
.more or less,of good LIMESTONE LAND,
,situate , on the• Walnut Bottom. Road, about 8
miles from Carl isle, adjoining lands of . Wm.
Woods, George Beetem, Samuel Carothers,
and others about thirty acres ,of - which is
cleared - and in. a. good state of cultivation,
with a - small Log Dwelling-thereon-erected.
The terms of sale will_be made known on
dap of sale by the subicriber.
_ James S. Woods
" Sept. 11, 1837: •
• The Pennsylvania Telegraph, anciLancas
`ter Exatpiner will insert the above until day
ctf sale, mark price, and charge'this "office,
_..71.1113L10 exposed to public sale on the
• . premises, on Wednesday the 18th day
of October next, at 10 o'clock Al--M., in
Dickinson township, Cumberland county, the
following described property, vizi The un-_
disputed -part:
,of the- Sawmill - tract of the
elgtate•_of Samuel Woods, senr*, deceased,
containing .
200 ACRES,
more or less, adjoining lands.of Camp Eberts
- and - others,--About-15-acres of this land are
cleared, and the balance is •
Pine tcr, Chestnut Tinalier land,
and a - good - Saw - Milli , sitaatErdtrahOut three
miles:from Mount Hol) , Iron Works on the
Gettgs~ur-~ road._
,Also r another--ract-et-Land i
containing .
26 . 0 - :,LO It - E 5:,
about 60 acres of which are cleared. The
land adjoins the' Sawmill tract 'above der
scribed.. The _improirements are - a TWO
DOUBLE LOG BARN;*- with .an Apple
Orchard thereon, and a never failing- Sprit)?
ater near the house
The land. will be sold entire; plt„the,.im....•
provements- and a small lot of timber land
by it - s - eit and;llle - reiniiiider in lots from # to
20 or 30 adres i to suit purchasers. , •
ALSO,-4).n the same clay, 42 acres of
Chestnut Timber . Land,'
situated on the line between . V.umberland,and
Adams Counties, about 4 miles - from Mount
Holly. Iron Works, adjoining lines,with
wick Wultemires and others. ",fltisland will
be sold entire; or in lots„to suit purchasers.
. Sale to commence-a(10 o'clock of said clay;
when •dtie attendance will,betiven and terms,
orsale Made:lntim - 1.
• • Jame: 'S - Womb •
• Exe.r.utor of Sainuel•Wootls,
... .
• Sept. 11, 1837. .' ....... '
, The GettyabaFg Compiler will itisettihe
above anti' day....Of sale, mark price,' and
charge this office:
__ - • .
/ ,t
.Notwitbstanding the. - suspension of specie
piiymetits 2 ;.Notes of all solvent Bankswill be
receive& astetetofore in payment for riekets
and - orders will meet thelisual.pronliZalteri
.tiqn, if addresseitta.
EIVIORY BcCp. No, 2, Calvert st. l3alt
July, 3,;1837.
The improvements are - a
more or less, of
_ • „
.ebb: - VAVICTI;(i (1 1ttuxvjg.43.1x4.491,-._+.
1 1 11011,RISON'S
ooneral agent Dm Pennsilvania, lifarylOtor,..Dolo:worO;
No south 7th st, Mace Pllnotfel.: •
phii and No.loNurthsty Bo I tith9rj j - the 1204:Of
. .. . .
111IVIII sccuniro wr
- • I - 41i; EV . 2!.. irr. x - 7171.4 AVERBA I. NI EDI CII , TES OF •
TIIE Burnt!' COLLEGE OF - . „
IhrAmi, Lo:./ninf, • ' ' . •
' . WillCil have - obtained the AWobation and
itecommeitifittlon' of I'lionsamNr-Who have been
cured in Constiniption,,Cliolera .Itilorints;lnflania;
the, Liver, YellOW Pever, 'Gout-, Itheuinatisin,
Lumbago, tic DoloreuX. — liropsy, St.. Visttislo
-Dance. Epilepsy, Appoplexy, Palsy, Green Sick- .
iiess i atul.tilkii oliStructiens to which the Female
form is so distressingly liable,- and which gem] so
many.of the &nest portion of the creation to their
tintitnelyz_rxcest . Stitail.Pox,.llleales,.. Whopping_
Cough, Scarlet Fever Asthma, Jandice,..Gravel,
i.Stone,,and -II Urinary, bstructions; pisitila, Piles,
'StliCtures, Ruptures, an • 13ilis in all its Stages,
Cdthtipated Bowels, Worms Scurvy; fichingofthe'
Skin; King's Evil, rottlull Cutaneous
in short, every Comfdaint, Which. the. human
frame is so direfully subject, vinder all their varied
forms and names; as the Ilygeian conviction is,
that mat is subject to only one real disease ; that is;
to the inifinrity if the - go - Wit, from whence strings
every complaint that _c n poseblY assail 'ids corn
plicateft frame, and th ' it is the perpetnal strug
gle) of thiS - vital, pur stream of life, (the
_gift of
Almighty power) to disencumber itself its vis..
cons acrid humors, with which it-has become corn-,
mixed. . •
..... .
. , ..... ..
.... This valuable medicine, being cOmposed,,quo
of.vegetable matter, or medicinal herbs, and war
ranted on oath not one particle of mercural, min'
oral, or chemical substances; (ail of which are un
congenial 'o thb nature of man, and thi;refore de
structive- to limp human frame) is found to he per. ;
fectly harmiessjo.lho most tender'age, or weak-,
e - st frarne, under every
-stage of hurnan_suffEring,
-the most pleasant and benign in its operation;
and at the_same;_timethe.most-eertain in searching
-Ma - the - root - of-every complaint,howeverAeep r &-
of performingta cure - that was-ever 'offered; tothe
world. -This wonderful - effect, lop, is prOdriced
liy the least trouble to the patients by . merely_
Avallowing a Certain- number of pills„andlieing
'called a-few times to the purpPsesra eVacutition,
witthe least possible'Sensatinn of pain; exhatts,
tica f - bodily strength, and Wittoulthe ' fear - of
cathing cold; or attention to dress "or diet, in any
way Ilifferent, from their accustomed habits.
'Ube pills are sold in packets (WO, $2, and,.s3,
- Snd tts. and 50 cent, boxes—the two foriner .con:
list of three boxes each, box of No 1, and
latter,—one-Liarger box
with a disision; the powders are in separate boxes
at 373 cents each.
„ ,
_ cf p- In consequence °Rite repeated solicitations
of tho Agents, and, for._ the convenience- of the
Ptiblicin general, boxes-of 50 cent% and 25 'cis;
'each, can now' be had df all' the Agents.-
MORISONIANI, the lanctilY Adviser
of the Briti,ll,Cpliefre.uf li.:dition, price
$2 75; and PRAVTICATP.IZOOPS-Ottlflyg
.ian System of Physiology, including the "Origin
of Life." " Treatisb oh Small:Pox , ' "Letter on
'Chofera .lilorbus," and many attested cures effect
ed in this country,. its well as ih GrCM-Britain 6th
Edition, price 373 cents - . '
The Hygeian _Medicines.arc all. Imported into
- this country at a great , expense ; mitwithstAiding
which they arc sold-at the same pride ati, it Eng:.
Jand..Tkey - -bat.e_die - eit6. - yearif-befor-thAme t . -
artimblimlitint - reeMnmirstie - eettlfrUirkelitir
_oP the afflicted, thousands can testify
(rj CAUTION:—In consequence of theltigh
eitithation in Which Morrisotes .held by
the public, it has induced an innumemble host-of
unprincipled counterfeiters to attempt ink:Akins,
under deceptive terniathus to delude the untvary,
and foist thelr nostrums for the _Genuine Ilygeian .
Medicine; lb consequence of which ; the , Agent
btls taken the precautionary measure of having an
Extra Yellow Label-fixed on each Packet, signed
by the Agent of each—State and District, and, by,
their Sub-Agents, t iu every County; the irnitatiop
of which will subjebt. the forger to the severest
punishment the Law can inflict: and it is further
-tb be.notited, that none of the above Medicines_
can be — Oh - Oiled in any Drug — Store throughout
the Union ; the Drug,-Stoics being- the principal.
source Bilotti) which the Counterfeiters vend
their spuidous articles., . , .
C - 1 - Zltespectable• parties - may— bb appointed A
gents on liberal te - rms, - by iipplying to the General
Depot, - No. 33 Sou.rn Sm - r.DiTu Smsrr, three
doors below Market street, Philadelphia—and at
No. 10 . North street Baltimore, nearly opposite the
Post Office, where the Genuine:Medicine may
always be obtained.. - • • '
'Sept. 4, 1837. °' •
For sale in,Carlisle. at, the store of OWL:
.& HITNER. , . , •,
NoticC to Contractors.
ROPOSALS will 4e .received by the
tommissionerS of Cumberland county,
on Friday the 22d day of September, A. D.
1837, at the public healgebt G:• W.'Wood
burn, in the borough , of Newville, for gra
ding the State Road •frona Gettysburg to
Periaunty, from' the south 'end of the
.13ritige - over the:Big_Spring, at Newville, for
the distance of 30 feet from safd - Britlie; -
said road Ao,be made, at an ascent of five
degrees from the Bridge to
,the distance of
300 feet. ' . -•-
.Lew c z I Hyei' l ,
•. . •
. • . ,
, .
Jac Zug,
. .
Jas. Willis
-, - ,_ ----- • Commissp cri.
' Attest:4ollN 'IRWIN, Clerk.
--C , MrrilssionersrOlfieei-1 -- - *-
--C rlisle,-Aug.„2.8,.4.8375_::_t__,
Tyn . Subseribei will sell at private sale, - on the
premise's, a - gond Farm in - Mirth - Middleton town
ship, 'Cumberland county, four miles north of
Carlisle, an the road 'leading" to, Waggoner's Gap,
containing ..
.152 ACILES 9 ''
I • 1- •
In a good state of cultivation ; -die greater part
I enclosed in the best , of post fence, nearly new,
.red,and-twenty-seres-are - elearedytlie - reildue
. with thriving • - I . .
-, - -
_ 1
t a nd is also enCloied in good fente.
• ' - . The iniproveinenteare tt.TW,G: . STOftY •
• ' ..
1400 . 11101TSEi. • .i.4:-.. , . - ,
• . . ._. :,..,,,. ul , 11 .,,,
Plaistered; a double Log Barn with .:- - ---_,i-1., : k.,
two threshing floors and a Granery ; and a good,
iLigiao shed and Corncrib 'attached to it' ill
fdrofed.with white pindshingles, *with Other good
out buildings;'im, excellent Apple Drehard, and
a variety of other- Fruit Trees. 9Two Wells of
Water near the , house.: There , are on the farm
N i
. .several good bp ' . 1 of , waled '; one-an - excellent
' \ SIIIAP t
and a creek passea' through it, ' whichtinders it
very, convenient inatbeli water. ' • . ' . -
ALSO,. - -Twenty! acres of . .: - Mountain Land,'
about two and a half mites distant trim Said farm,
An Long's gap :road, with a public road
.° it.
If sold. property Eilutil nothe disposed of before
the'l2th•day of October tie4it, it will Onthat day,
at 10 o'clock, , A.'.M.. be . oFetekl , atptiblie :sale.
Any r person wishing _to . see, said . : piernises,An
view of piaclittsing, will 4!leaserto-calron
mon Sentman, residifig:tietti :the farm, dr:On the
subscriber in'C'arliale. ' • • .
epteinber 41, 1837. ;
80 'Ball. st., 4 .dadra below tice l'ra'reclin Banlc.:j:
'' - • e q p t t. q ......-.:,,.,.,_..:,,,,.,
PersOns at a distance dipOsed to try their
tuck imekL )1 the Id Late
ries-7-one o
their order
, will .receivi
(ii - requetz,
E. W. ItOBINSON. ----
Baltimore, 1114..
DRAWING OF,LOTTErtiks.- - --:Order in Which
!:thO.severaiState Lotteries. will
Maryland -State ,Lotteriesql taws' in. Bahl,
more every other' Monday,. capitals range .
Tanti — lD;ooo, - 20;000 - 1 - 643:30;000;1561
Suite Lotteries draws twice every. week,
Capitals'Vary fr0m , 5.0 810,000 ;.Grand Con
solidatad Lottery draws -once_ evef , y, weeki
capitals 20,000, .25,000,_t0830,000.;..A1.00n-.
dria . Lottery draws once every, other week,
caPr is 10,00,0,.20;000,.30,•000,50,000_;
ginia State Lottery draws every Saturday in
each. week - ,' - capital•prizes range from 10,000,
20,000, 25,000, 30,000 to 0;000. Tickets
in the above Lotteries vary frorri 82, 2, 4, 5
and 10 each, shares in.proporti,oti:
— All tetterP. addre ssed_ to the subscriber go
perfedtly safe. No miscarriage liaSever.oc-,
corned. L
Pell -14; 1837. y .
Fair play aait 2eo
NE TV C.1214 7 ,01D.47.17' FOR
JOHN ItiVAlti b , Esq.. of Shippensburg, ever
willing to, tleVote his time and talents to Abe_ ser-.
vice of, the public, °lnns hirriself ti thecinsitle,..
ratli - fii - dttli - e - gtical - enhe people of -CuMberland
county, for the office or 811 E El EF,,and pledges
himself, .(according to fushion)-if—elected, to dis
charge .the-.duties better . than esler 014 have
herctcfore been, or ever be after him. .
. • . Your.S &e.
• '1837. •
- 'ir - s - . 13 'ei --•-
- - - ' um can - Mill S. '• •
. ......
e l
Just re: rived from the City, - one case - AKhite.:
and one . c
Se Miked, Tuscan Bonnets fur sale
lo* at the.l Store ort4e_subscribers, -.. • -•'_ .
..' • - . 'OGILBY & IIITNER. ,_
__ .
June 12,.1837:
Stock; iiitiuziwiitime • .
BROKER,. •__
Harrisburg, Racket street, opposite to Wilson',
Hotel, • . •
litiyh , ttinlsellsNotes of all kiiids. Stock; bought
and sold.. LOTII.IItY cashed, and all
information-given relittiie-to-LOTIT f ItIES. -
August 21, 1837:
THE subscriber resitting . at CuMbi . , ,:Hantl•
Mills, inNewCurabetland;. will at all times'
giveilehighest price in eash for wheat.
1 1 / 1 01{11111
Auglfgt 2.1i-1837.-6m.*
EVER AL teachers are wanted in Monroe
township, (to whom liberal wage Swill
be given ) ) who can teach 'leading, Writing,
rithmetic, Grammar, Geography,' and
h other bran ches as are generally taught.
one need apply but such as can come well
ecommeiifed,- •
.Sterchir.4 ofihe Board of BirectoM,
Chierchfowti, 'Aug. 7, 1837: .
FrH> subscriber intending• to move from
•"town-,- offers for sale a .
• ,
• • ‘'
E t., l •
: o i
. •
situate in Main street, and' now in the occu
pancy of Dr. Wm..C. Chambers. Also,. on
the same lot, a•
Two Story Irkfune Building,
now in the occupancy of- The Cumberland
ValleY. 'load Company. • These houses
are near the Mansion House Hotel,
G. Aughinbaugh.• • • •
Any. person wishing to purchase the above
property, will be told the conditions on which
it will besold, by, applying, to the subscriber
at The, afgesaid hotel, who will sell oq very
accommodating terms. • •- •
Sept: 4, 1837. • . . .
TERY ever drawn in the United States;•23d
September, next: See ROSlNSON'S'Ad
rtisement in another, part of this paper.--,
. fer the grand Capital - prize,/should
addregs' OBINSON' withoutitYr*
ment's delay. • • ," •
. •
-- ..- 'NORTH AnIIERIGA: - ',
. .
Insueance Corripaliq
Capital 600,000 Rtillairs. .
THIS Company still continues to make
Insurance on ,all kinds of property through
their agency in •Carlisle. The premium is
reg Wed according to the risk. Averaging
fro n 35 to 40 cents, in the hundred dollars.
Descriptioni will be received;-and policies
dited from the day of survey. ' '
~ . f ,
-4----------- ----- - - --------agen
Jan. 11, 1837.-3 m. '
GMb. ' P !LIN C
[Formerly of Stinbury„ Northumberland
,Begii leaVe .respectfnlly infcirin-the public,
that he has removed to Harrisburg, where he his
taked'Aliat large and spacious three story, brick
hotise formerly occupied .by ,Mathew
corner of Walnut'andThird'streets„
. •
• 14ARRtaliTR'Gr; . P
Wiew of the State Capitol, which he opened:on
trrefiist rlay of May last„and 'where'he hopeslo
continue to- receive that patronage so• liberally
bestowed on his establishment heretofore.. He
• , • I at all lilies 'provided with evO . Y. - tl,iing
necessary...V:ol4e his guests comfortable.' ••••
Jun& , tr. .
Severid Teachers - .are Idante . 'd the bo
rough of Newville,..who can teach Reading,
Writing, - .Arithmetie; Grammar ; Geography
' '''''' .oeher branches as - are...generalli
taught 'in . Common • 'Schools: None need
apply butsthose who can . Come•well reeoin
mended. ' , JAMES KENN.gDY,
. • Searoitdriof the. Board of Directors. :
liewville ) August-Ai, ; '
ii..p ri ittisuppce,of an circler of r -Orphanst Court of
4-Cumberland county, there will be eicpos
'ed"to'bublje--salc OM the premises, on kriday, the
the 6th day of Octolier neV, a Tenet of' •
n • -ive g .Speifth ; lownship, bettvepp_Carlisle• and
liai isburg,' near the Turnpike rood, adjoining .
hula• . of Tiimble's heirs , , John V'o'glezeng, John
I an, Jacob, Molly; and. 'the Conodoguinnet
cretie, containing - - •
22a . ACHES •
rno're Or less',:aboit one ilundiTd_l and - seventy
acres clear; and undei. - good fence; and the-•resi
'dyelligatktimber. ThelTprovenichts arc li.l?rge
. TO Sto , prierc
114- W
• • •
• ••.
Jaarge . :Sione Mink•Barii
a good•tenant house . , With a stable anaexed it::
There is an excellent APPLE. ORCHARD•on the
farm, and Unit of all kinds, There is pleiity:of
. •
water Of' a . gciod , quality: •
TERMS. -* Five hundred dollars, to be paid
when the sale shall be confirmed, Ale 'residue of
Oneihalf ,of - the purchase" money, on the.lst day
of , April, 1838, and the balance 'three
payments, Vithd interest. • '
• - •.. J,ACOTI•ECKERT. '
Sdo 4,lra/ors of•JacobMusicri decd.
August n, 1837:. • •
'co~The Pennsylvania Telegraph and lancas•
ter Herald Will inseri , the above till sale, Mark.
price, anctchargelhis office.
Order. of Court Sale:
BY virtwe _or a Writ of Pluries order of. sale, to
hie directed, issued out of,the Court of Conitinin
Pleas of efitinty, cBp'd4d - th
public sale on the premises, on Saturday the.3oth
claYTOTSeptemtieinex4 - M - 10 o'clock, A. M., the
following .destrified - property, vi.:.—A'''traCt: of
land, bdunded hy,landsOf dafieirs cif:James Cif=*
fin, deed,.Jacob NYcikle - y, John B. - ) VondelliCh,
40,F1:8:111(10sqq,: PlT,lleks. of lames - LamhertOni
Iraq. dec'd, and'Jolin Fierovii4 containing- •
351 1.011,M5,
neat _pr_itriet 4neasure,--ot—thereabouts t in
thereon erected a one story rownouS
E, an-Ts'
A Large 14o#
. .
~ .. ,
there is an excellent ,stream,, of water running
through. said farrn; . and ibc'tind well Tinibered.
The_conditiati• - . ." Ibe one '.• -of iht
purchase - money -to 'be-paid on the confirmation
of the sale, aria theLresidue in two equal annual
instalments,. without iiiterest, to be secured to•the
satisfaction of the court. 'To be sold as the pro.
pertfef Rolm A Sanderson - still 'others.
MICHAEL noLcoato;
• •
. August 24, 1837.- _ _ •
-Sheriff's Sale. -7--
Ill". virtue orsopcky.writs of venditioni expenas
• tc - ThieHdireeted, iSStica Witr.oT the court.: of::CbM 7 .,
mutt ['lens of Cutnberland couitty, will he expos- -
ed to public sale,at:the court house in the bpr:
ough of Carlisle ; 'on Wednesdiw the 4th day of
October. next, at, 10 O'clock, A. 14.; the -folloW•
ing described real-estateoo ! • •
. • .1 Ilous'e and Lot - of -Ground,
.situate_itate_borpugh of Carlisle, containing 60
feet in breadth, and .140 feet in depth, more or
less, adjoining n lot of. Peter Cufshall on the we - st,-
bn Alley on the North, and Pomfret streetioo the
south, haying• thereon erected a Two StOry Log
Hotta, plastered.• Seized and taken in execution
as the propeity of John, 'Maim • Andlo'be sold
by me. ' . -
Sheri:o6Blw, Carlisle , 2 •
Atignsi 28,A1837.' f
; •
Cumberland IValley
An election for President, Treasurer, Secretor '1
and Tour Managers for the. Cumberland "Valley
Rail Road Company, will be held at - the, house
of George Aughinbaugh, in Carlisle, on Monday
the 2d. day of Gctobcr next, between the hours
of 10 o'clock. A. 111,. and 41O'Clecic P. M. By
the act creating said' Company it is "provided,
that no person shall be permitted to vote at such
election unless he or she shall have fully paid all
the instalments on the shares of stock by him or
:her subseribed..
. J. IV. EBY, Secretary.
-Carlisle,, August 28,1837. ' . •
137) . 'Tlic Pennsylvania Itepoiter, and -United
State 4 Gazette will insert the above once'a week
until the election, anti charge Company.
Assignee-Sale.- -
—WILL-be sold at public -sale on the pre
mises in Newtolr township, Cumberland
county, Pa., on Wednesday thi — lilth4lay o
October next,
Ontaining'-150 Acres,-arid alloWandb, bound=
ed by_jandsbf Sam'l WCune's heirs, Abra
ham Grove,_Peter Tritt..and others; between
60 and 70 acres of which is
First-Rate Limestone Land,
And-the balance -Slate r -of-a-good qu-ality; - --
about 120 acres are clear* and in• a. good
state- ot cultivation. the remainder is well
Timbered. 'The improvements area
Wagon Shea, Corn Crib. &c., a Well of a
hever failing, stream of Water at the-door.
Besides there are several Springs-on-the-pre
mises, one of a very superior quality. There
is , also a young bearing APPLE QRCHARD
.tf---abiout.lafted-treesbesidi, a vane A
of other fruit trees z , ' idvan
tageouSly situated, as, to,market, lying mitt:,
way between Newville and Shippensburg,
5 miles from l each, 130 from Philadelphia,
75 from Baltimore, .and one-half mile from
the Cumberland Valle!) Rail Row,.
One-half of the crop in the ground will
be sold on the same. day.' ._
Also, - 23 Acres - W.ood
situate in Mifflin township, • near the Three
Square' Hollow, • adjoining lands of David
Sterrett and others, and five Miles from jhe
aboVe fart94..ALSO, .
. .
•y • •
Wood Land,. situateihsMililin townshiP,• in
Dublin Gap, nedr,. the Shlphur Springs, and
about 7 miles, from Iskwville, adjoining lands
of James Woodburn's heirs, John Harper;
Esq., and . others .. The terins of sate will - be
$250 of .the purchase.. Money ,to be '.paid at,
the confirtnation - of the arid , one
half of .the'regidue, on the Ist. day of April;
When-possession gaven; and the.
6thar half, en . ..the Ist day of 18SO,
without interest; to be, secured . by mortgage`;
the interest .deducted fht• : :hagl;as it may
besisuit . .purchasers; • •::' ,
, • • • ''.*,TACOl3' SWGVER,
AsSlgnee of Wm. H. W oodburn:-
ivwviile,August 21,. - 1837. • •
'Rea l Eoalo at
: 2.12V120
liE subserikerbein - g desrous-of reinoir
' ing te the west, will sell at'Private' 'Sale
t following valuable property, viz : '
, No. '1 An exeellent Farrii, situate in the
township . ;of Newton,- and county , . of Cam
berland, four miles , west .of . the borough .ef
Nbwville, at the .head of the Green Sprint: -
'arid one mile froni .the Cumberland Valley
Rail Rbad.—
' • NE
.12.0,...A.CA5S . ~.
ot mist imile IllaiiincOme_tta . n/1 3
Ahatit - 100 acres - a - rwhich .is Cleared, and in
a good state of. culti.vathiii,' the residue is
covered : with..GOOD TIMBER. • The i -
prove 1 ents„ are a Double Log__ House, _L o
Barn, Teriant House,. SPrilig_ _House, . and
other bbildings, , This land is well
~. wa! ! .
lere - d - byrthe - Gfeeff - S - pring,..._ - ----•
No. T 2. The one-half of a ' , Fulling 'SIMI],
and a tract of Land, adjohlink.:the ahove,:.--
The improvements are a large
• "
.„ .
• • •
: D011111114E.STONE:
• mw•
Smith - Shop, .Frame' Barn, and other build
•• . •
• No. 3. A tract of Modutain land in Mifflin
township, containing 10 Acres,.-covered with
first rate Chestnut" and .Chestnut Oak. Tim.
ber. .
No. 4. Oneothetrti•a`ci of,
situate in Flopeival—township, Containing
12 AcreS, covered with the best of Chestnut
and Chestnut - Oak' Timber. The above
properties will 'either be sold separately or
together,,as - tnay best; suit purchasers. --Any
person desirous of purchasing; Will "call . .on
the subscriber reSiding.on the premises,•
Augus l Br.4B3,r.
4 cOpposilioia is $11:0 Life .
• ••
. v .
AND COAL - V - A.R.D - ,
pr 7 at "subscriber takes this nietho.l of-inform
ing life public,' that. he. has this Spring and
limner,. purchased an extensive- assortment_ of
v • Pine
. P
. •Ratters_l.- ,
Scatatling r •—•
Assorted lengths and sizes and qtialities,
Birds.nye and Cnigiv iple, _ •
— Ash and- plan. .I.3umbei,
_Long atkd Short• Shingles , Hogshead and Harrel
Staves, -
i . T
or Hard COAL, of the first, quality, forStoves,--
' Grates, Furnaces,-&C. Also,.the IliturninouS or
fine Coal, from - Kartbaus; Reeds and Di. - 111iyt's
celebrated banks in Clearfield' county. To provb
the fact
„ . .
. .
Lumber ordetc'orCtiCriiT)Sitiodehte
!prop.— Bills 'for lumber will be .sawed ariy
time, with speed and' correctness. -The subscri
ber-returns-his thanks. tO customers for thO
liberal patronage thus- far bestowed . upon him,
and solicits their future patronage. The public
may'rest asst 41 that no pains shall' be - sparedlon
my part, to accommodate .at the lowest prices,
any article. in the Lumber or Coal line. • •
Mormleysbitt; A ug: -21,1E07.
. • •
I will sell at public sale in the town . ofLisburn,
Cumberland county, nit Thurxday.the sth day of
adjoining that town, beloniting to the estate of
Andrew Carothers; Esq. dec'd, containing.
126 acr •
esof 'tai l Lanai
a large part of which is Meadow, upon the Yel,
low Breeches Creek. The." z'provenients are a
good Ttilp Story . • .. •
• -Dwelling' House, •
a LOG BARN, and a small Orchard. ilierewill
be sold at the same time, a tract of about 15 acres
of Chestnut timber Land, which lies abo lit two
miles from.the farm: ... •
. ALSO, oil &thirday-the7th day of October next,
at the Court House in Carlisle; - a
A p tlirt . ) TWO STORY
' 4 ;_ , 3 ),# 11 ,, 41 , , ,:''' Brick House,.
arid a lot of ground, situate in the south side of
High Street, a few'doors west of the Court house.
in which Andrew Carothers, • Esq. resided.
There is excellent STABLING upon the lot, and
a well of ivate&in the yard. The situation of this
property. is 'one of the-most desirable,- either-for
private. residence or, public busivegs. terms
of sale of the aboye properties ,411 be made easy.
Frederick Witis,
of Andrewtarotherti. Esq. dec'd.
August 28, 1837. , ;
' - Estatc., - af,Mant Manes,
. Letteia a:Administration upon 'the Estate or.
Adam Mariesmith, late of Allen township, Cum
-berland county, deceased, have issued—in—dile
Torm—a-law--40- . the : Subscribev r -resicling...in_said.
township. All persons having claims . against
said estate will present them,.and those indebted
ill-:make payment to I '
- Augui,f .2 2,1837.-3 w.• • 39
THE subscriberoffers. for sale the following
described house and half lot of ground; sit;
_uate_o.n.t streetin_ the _•or
.ough Carlisler - nearly opposite Mr: George
Aughinhaugh's - liiffel—the-west .half-of-lot No.
61, in-the plan, of said borough—bounded by
Main•stredron the south, Dr. T. Myers On .the:
westiDickinson alley (23 feet wide) on, the north,
and the' Widow Grei h the east, containing
39 feet in fro eet In depth.
dings - are • - ,
re .• .
Frame • TatherboOded
, .111 1 1 ,;: , 4 •
. _,• , __, •
fronting on. Main street With large :
' 7 ' . - Brick Hack' wilding/
fronting on,.the alley. Said hall -lot •is in a high
state of improvement, with a. varitty of choice
Frut Tree§4iii d Grape V4ies - ,.
ilOw.boring, Currant and GdaSeberry Bushes, and
Shrubbery of different kinthw • .• '
•••• An inclisputable title will be given to the pur•
, chaser. urtlier : partienlars are deeined unne
cessary., Any, persons- wishing to purchase, are
invited to call and. ieW the ,premises. The terms
will barnacle known 14, A- , -
N.'13.--Good western paper on: insol
-i•ceived in payment
for - the move_ • ••••
Svc *axe*
To the voters of Cu er and' county:
FELLow t'pr.rzz.r.ts • -.
I offer *self as a.candidiiie for the,Offtee o
.SEER IFF, at the ne*t general election.,-=- .
I be' favdiea' ivith: a majority, of 'You'r
.votes, 1.-shall . endeavor to discharge the dutiei
('arlisle,.4l4,.il 17, 1111 -7.
To the free and independent Citizens of
• Cumberland Cpunty:-.. •
. .
FELtow Cyrzzasts,z-11 hereby ,oiler myself . to -
your consideration_for_the_loffiee - the - ; -
at•the - next - gencial - ;electibm -- Shottld• - yowttilfit
preper to give me your sutrage for thst office,
pledge myself to do the. utmost to diseliarge urk .
duties with promptness. and impartiality..'----:-
• - • GEORGE RU.OLEit.
- Has \ Pennsborotigh.township,l, .
_____, r lB37-.---te;.• • -- ,
Do the . Voters of CumberlandFELD,* cotoixF.NB:;; - •.
• I take to libcrly or uttering — myself:lu
consider ion for the•oriCe•of ••—• " •
. • . • . Siteritt . /
At • ho_ ensuing general election.• Should •I be •
elected 1 pledge myself to do my / Utmost : to dis:
',charge the duties incumbent _ ,upon me;•witli
unetuality .andpatiSfaction to alrconeerned: .
gonthampton township ; '.
jtine; I'2, 1837. ./5 ' • • .
To the free - awl / in . dep . ndeitt-electgrs of
Criberlarid colt - iffy:
1E.r..L.0w CtrziErits:. - . •
At the soli / citation of a number of my filehds
in *aviOus.Sections of the county, I,ofFer *self
to . yotif Ansuleratibn as . a •eandidate for the of
fice eneral elec
tioni„, and respectfully solicit your voteafiifiddit ----
offiCe. Should you favor me . with a majority of
yOur.- - suffivgcs, I shall be .extremely - thankful - -
for the same, and .shall discharge the
- chiffe - a of' th4 - 15iffee With impartiality, fidtlity s
and lenity. •
The ,Public's liurbble servant,
• WILLIAM DEAN;,•-- 1.
• - Monroe township,. April 1.7,1837.—te.
To the' „Electors of Curitheriami
_ .
. .
- FELLOW CITIZENS,-=I kerebypffer . myself a
ciatlitistq rev the office
• ' 1 IFF •
at thF next
,general election, and most resricctfully
solicit your votes and interest. Should you, thin
me Wcirthys)f ;your choice, by electing me to s
office, I prOmise you that,ll will use my-best-en--_
deavors tol . cliscfiarge-m4 arduous and responsible
duties, faithfully -and honestly towards. all eon; ,
corned. _LY.our_humble_servant,--
_ JOHN. MYERS -7- 7 -
Di•Cliiiion township, April 11,
To.the Eleelgr . s,of Cumberland County - _
:—TECIIOW - TilliZ - eld'Fr •
offer myse l lea as candidate for the office
or - SHER/PP, at the ;,ncii - general election, and'
shall be thankful if 1 - am faaorccl.with'a majority,
of your suffrages for sail office.
• •'‘' -- PAVII3I - LEM, •
Spring to%vris _
. ,
Aprill7, 1837. .
Fellow Citizens of Cumberland County.
k \,
I offer mysolf aa a iniliciate for the o ffi ce o
SIIERIFF, of ihiS co nty, at the neat general
electiOn, and — respectfu ll y solicit your sulfragei
for the same, , .
•Ncivyille, April 17,1837.
To the ludependent Electora of
,Cumber 4
'land county.
Being encourages by a;humber of niir:
friends in the tipper end of the cotintY and
- elsewhere - , - I• hereby offermyself as, a Can
didate ',for the office, of SHERIFF,.- at.the-2
ensuing genei!at election, and request your,.
suliport for the same. If - you - elect me, I
pledge myself to fulfirtlie duties of that
portant station with strict fidelity and cleM
ency, and to the best of my abilities.
The public's humble.servant,- •
___Southampton township, 2 te. -
April - 17, 1837. •
,5 •
To the Independent Electors of Cumber-.
land county.
Having 4een encouraged vy a number of
my friendo offer myself asa candidate for
the office 6fiSHERHT, at the next general
ensuing elettion; and will be thankful for
your support.
.Carli'sle, April 17; 1837.—te.
- 1-take -the-liberty_of_ offering myself as iicandi.
date for the
of Cumbertand county, at the nextgeneral elec. ,
tion, and most respectfully - solicit'your votes for
the same. I f elected I pledge myself to dis c harge
the duties of raid , office with humanity, =par. ,
tiality, and . fidelity. •
Very restrectfully yours,
April 1837.--te.•
To the , -:Eketbre of Cumberland-:Countyl
jvc_Low CFrlzaws:--Meirwen_ e encouraged, by ma
-- kii of MY - friends ilirouibout th e coun t y ,, I 'Wei
myself as a candidate for_the office of Sheriff; at
the netct generaty.lfion, and respectfully solicit
your votes. fiyotild e deleted I pledgg_myagle . '
to perform the duties f the o ffi ce with fidelity
and _impartiality 4..._ - ''' .__ ' ' '-.--
Carlisle, April 17, 1837.-
the office of SIIERRIFFiat the next general—
election,-and most respectfully - solicit -toter
votes and interest. Should feu thinkAtis(
Worthy-o( your choice by electing.sio - t o sa id
offiee,l promise you to distharge the dutiel
of said office faithfully .and - honestly to a 1
~Silver Spring township, Z ,
May 15. .1837". •
5 •_ te.-
-A s the Voters •ql:Cumberland
.... joingyt .
Belng,solieited - by a - number of fried & thrtigh - ; ---
out tl<county, 1 place myself befOre the pubfie
as a eMidiclate for the office tif.AVIERIFF, at ths4
nekt - General : Election, and would feel thankfiul.
for yOur support. •
Carlisle, May 11, 1837.
.To the.Actore• of .Coiriberlarid-.Vouizisii
FELLOW:Clrizzigii = •
Encouraged by a niiinner of finY.frietids
different *seetions of t 4" County, .1 offer mysell
•a s a candidatesfor the office of SHERIFF , a
the ensuing general election, 'and respectfully -
solicit your votes,. If elected, I shall
to, discharge7tile - AufreTOT the - Taffee to tile sat;
'lsfaction.of the public. • . •
•_ . JOfiEl4l WAGGOWEit.
.-. L~