Carlisle herald and expositor. (Carlisle, Pa.) 1837-1845, September 26, 1837, Image 1

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tozuom %%%pII.-• 7 Vb. 13.
• _.
• TER• ,
TUE 6.LltLp3t& -DEas.r.o ATM ' liPOSIT011,"
;;'will be issued at TWO DOLLARS per annum;
'to bepaid half yearly in advance. - -
VERTISEMENDSnot exceeding n square
or 4.hree:in'sertiOns; ONE DOLLAR,' and every
übsequentinsertion, Twenty-five Cente,..longer
-.- Letters addressed to .'the publishers on busi
sea, MOST BE POST:PAIL), otherwise they
will not be attended t.o. • -
'- • ,
' -
:Tile 'following persons have been appointed
• ,Agents, for the Carlisle _Herald andtExpositor
'to whom , payment for subscription,and_advertise
iments can be made.
D. SHELLY, Esq. Shiremanstown, Cumb. CO.
:69COTT COYLE.. Esq. Newville,
• ICOpNTZ, Esq. Newburg, ' dq.
Trios. W. HIAIES, Esq. Shippiniiburg, do.
JOHN Wcizinnuadcrt, Esq.. do.• do:
.1. MATEkn, Esq., Hoguestown; do.
'R. WILSON, Esq.,Medhaniksburg, do.
- WILLIAX aurnins, Esq_ ,HoPewell, do..
R. STURGEON, gsq. Churchtown, do.
• Dr. - A.l3n WtirrE, New Cumberland, do. _
—Taos Ilrrearc; Esq , Bloomfield , Perry
— XTBr.AcTr.TEsq; Landisburg, • - do.
WHEREAS, in and by an act of the
'General Assembly of the Commonwealth
'of 'Petinsyliania,. entitled 'can act regula
ting the general eleCtions .This
.‘ 'Commonwealth," paised the 15th day
of Feliruary,, in the yeiar of Our Lord one';
- -thousand seven hundred and 9inety-nitie,
it is -enjOined on _ the _„ShOiff, of each
county within this commonwealth, to
give public notice of such elections to be
held, and tO:',enumerate in . such notice.
—what-officers are to he elected: I, MI
• CH/NEL FrOLCOiVIB, Iligli - Sheriff of
—the- County ---- ct - 00Fnb - Erfaid - , ---- dia therefore
bereby-make , known , and_give_this
,to the electors cif the County' .of Cumber-.
landO.hat on the ' •
, • . Second Tuesday -in October next, •
Qming the 10th 'day of the month) a General
'Election will be held at the several ,election
districts epablished by law in said county, - At.
which - time, and - for the several cifficerkheref,
. Anafter:narned:' they-will vote by ballet viz :
.f to represent theilistrict-coMposing die ecian
ties of Cumberland, Adams, and'Frank, •
lin, in the Senate of Pennsylvania. ...... _
. .
•to represent t4e county--of—t -- in
She House •of n l epre'sentatives of Pennsylva-.
for the Fount; -pf-Cumberlandi- to serve for
• ' 'TWO SHERIFF'S ...
• , TWO CORONER'S :., • . •
, and of the House of Employment ; and
''to settle the pub ] . accounts -of the county
Cs,pri . isidners, &c,,
. .
' And in and by an Act of the General As
semblY, of this commonwealth, passed the.?
37th day of March, 1806, it is directed that
—the-Inspectors of said general election shall
be chosen by ballot on the Friday next pre,
- seeding the first-Tuesday in-October (being .
-'-the 29th day of September next,) at the usu
al place of holding township electioni to be
'held by the respective constables, (who are
ir equired to give at least one week's public
i e
'notice of such election) and the s 'd constable
in each townshipohall be ass' dby two
'qualified to 'vote as shall then present,:and
the Inspectors 'dhosen arc r ' cored by said
act' obe at the proper 'ele on districts on
the day of the general ele lull aforesaid, at:
' nine o'clock in, the morn" g, to do and per- -
form the duties enjoined on them 14 law.—
And the Return Judges of thertspectirte dis
tricts are herety•requirAd to meet at the
Court House in Carlisle, onothe Friday next
ajUt.the 2d Tursday in Octpber next, then
.and there to perform those things required of
'them by the Aforesaid act.
- And in and hy an act ,of the general assem•
bly, passed 2d'Of April, 1821—
Section 1.. Be it enacted by the Senate
and 'House of Representatives of. the Com-L
monweeith of Pennsylvania, in General As
~sombly-niet,—at►d-it is-hereby.
by the:
—.authority -of- the . same, , That--the :Sever - al
qualified electorswho shall vote at any ge:ner-•
• al or special election, within 'this common
'wealth, shall give intd,thi inspector of such
election separate tickets - for each station or
office voted for, which ticket shall contain no
.inorerthari'thiproper number of, names, but'
no ticket shall be rejected by the judges f the
eleation in counting of the votes should _the
same contain fewer names than the proper
.—mumbettrithOstiotand corstners_ex,
- -,4cepted.
~..erticin 4. And be it enacted by the author
ity of the aforesaid. That it shall be the du
ty-of the Sheriff or Coroner; as the caSe may
be, of such and every ,county within this
commonwealth togive__public:potice at-the
---- -sattitctit - n — elikiplace, and in the same manner,
'and under the same penalty thatte is now re
'nuired th --- give notice of any general
that every person Who .shall hold
- coy office of y pointment nf profit or trust un
.tho_govern, of the United* States,
whether _a commleionlofficer or — alferw • • •
• oubotdinate offider dent, whp is or.shall
'be replployed.under the Legislative, Execu;,
tive_or lizdiciary - Depormttepts of the._United_
States; and:also _that, eVery `Members of Con
' r*fess is bylaw inealiable of holding or eiter
. tieing at the sortie time the office or
ment °Chid& Inspectori--or,Clerk of any e
lection in :this state.. ' :
Givetiiiiider my hand' af Carlisle, the .I.t day
f Seifte.mlier, An the year of our Lord one
ousand eight hundred and thirty seven.
*. ,9f .the Indepeildence of the United
-States the 62d: . • _ ' • ..
qPbw.lit 4,1832:: Sheri/.
Aiveryhandsome new Carriage, n'ewesf
atTyle,... with a coriiplete - set.Of dOnble, H r
tetoi.rwill- be, sold cheap txthatiteci
aficie—nteMlA haridecrope,, • . •
. rptirticulars.enquire of the Printer.
icugust 1.8q7. ,
. . 41i..•..4:-_:•'•-,.::•••,,4•.:V- , . .. ' • . •.., , •.• • -:' • • . • , .;z • ~,, .... „
' •::-: , :--"•.:-c,:-.z,•••, ; ', ~; ' ,•;:."1„..:2 ,i*:•, 7 ,•..••• , ,'';' - .'..:, ..: - s • '' '• :-'.- '• • ,- . , -'• , :• -' : , : r• - •.: ::,:- ..•. ; - ~ ..
;I-- • • . •
~ - •
._.• .
.- . : :.,;.' - •, 4s::-P i;,, , ‘,1..2.k•;;. - Y':: --;•,. :.•: .- ._,,,•1•4 .
.. . .
- . '--f- .. ' 'i. ".
~,,s'; '-'s .-•, -1 it7,--,•.*
.. . ,
- r .
.(11 ' ' •'.:: • • ' f . Ak. .
. .-• - •
X. 4 • .... . e - . . ... - 5..7'•
. .. • -
---- - • • - , • . • . . .. • :., • .., :•. .4 .., ..•-• 4:.'t.,'" ' '''''• - . ~.
. . 1 , , 1 7 - 41 , ' ,'.:- '', - 7 ' ' ' '•. %; jr' ', i
__ 7 -; - / ''''' ' l • '. ' or- . .-•-:•'..1.;• - •'• --.-, ' .•- -..•- - ,• 2 :;•. - -:•,..., , ,. „!=i•, - ..-.: . „,-"T .-- • - - "-,-.•••-` --- - - -•••--- - - - ••• -•-,. ' • •, • ' .'.‘...- • , ' ~• .. .• -:-
.. ,
.. ..„
, ....... • .
111.1111.1' XEWSP.IPEItr-DEPOTED TO VIEWS (marl iariwizow t iv • IrliE &FITS amp. ,4crivailes oGittiru rrar (JAI/B. I E I RA riP-40 . c.
, •
. A S the enjornent . c . l, heolth.depencls on. pre
'AlL serving ' the complicated; functions of 'the
in a healtky and vigorous state, through, the 60e
rations- of which.the body.receives its growth; as
nutrition; and its support. - It ean'tio longer be
astonishing that when these, viscera are deranged,
and cannot perforin.their proper funMiofii,. the
'whole system should - suffer and betometbsorriten•
ed. The blood is rnadefrOm4hesontents.Oritm ,
stomach ; has its red colOr ind'vitality given„tottf
by. the action-of the lungs' -and tisit'performs its
,'cirmilationg through the, -veins and .arte.
tie, has its i yellow or ballot's excrement, which'
, may •be termed' its refuse or worn out sediment,
collected"and discharged by theliver. Thesei
viicera, then, arethe antimomar mechanism Or ap•
paratua b 'which the 'blood Fa Manufactured and
-•- ' -• ~ • d-it-is-theretbre-otrialitirthlFATie
state of these should be the first consideration of
the physician. - Now there are various chusesthai
will affect and, derange these organs with which
• the blood has nothing whatek , er to do. -- Thus the
stomach 'may be' utterly debilitated 'in One mo
-ment;-'hy 'affright, grief,- - disappointment, - heat of
the - weather, or any - other - nervous •action - ond - b e
wholly unable to digest:its:food, Is the blood to
- blame for this'? - .A NERVOUS ACTION of long
.continuance, will produce settled DYSPEPSIA,
With head-ache, bile, mental - andphysical - debili ,
ty, ,and funeral'. - retintie - Of other evili. Is the
blood to blame for- this?Ontemperance, kyr-in
flaming_thecoafs of the stomach, and' leaving it
in flacid, prostrate weakness'; 'and :ail- undue
quantity and coati ace or purgative medicine's,
by producilig the same effects, will put this organ
almost out of use .for *digesting wholesome solid
feed,_ and_thus impoverish the blood , and =the
whole system.... Is..the_blood to'blaree_Rir this?---
Again, with regard to the Lungs, it is well known;
that a.sliglitcold,',6o-caskined by thoop.feh er by.
a current of air, will inflame the bronchia, all
down through the branching ,air tubes of We .
that dreadful insidiouifdisease Consumption, with
pustules and suppuration
,pf " the 'lobes, "which,
though7timbly_remedies_rnay r lpreventomearthly
skill can cure. lathe bloedofthe fair and bloom
ing vietfm. to blame fin , 'this? So the liver, when
climate, sedentary habits, intemperance, or ether
prostrating cause& have withir..4,l awa y oi , paraly
zed a with 'distention, heeernes unable/to chrry off
the hae from the z:ireulation
.t.inkinitead,ol dis 7
charging it through the gall der'', leaves it to
I (
come through the skin in ja ndictul and. sallow
fluids, and to rush upon
,the s omaoh in irregidar.
,_amL_excessive:Trivantities..__: 2..the_unfortenht
' blood to Warne for this? N 6! tliese vital organs
are never affected by - the blood, until after trie
blood his been affected by/them" they are the
-Makers and masters, and-itis merely thew- worik
and.their_passive aget — • -:
Itnowingthis to tie' a sotind and , demonstrr
fact in scien nn; ed'" ence, Dr. W.,.EVANS'
system of practice le in faithful accordance:With it.
He aims to keep the Stomach, the Lungs; and the
Liver in vjgortitts and:regular action, as the three
greatjountains of health and life._. For this pur
pose lit , isreseribes his,beautifUlly.efficaaious AP
ERIENT. PILLS (acknowledged by medical men
who have analyzed and recommended them; to be
equal•to-any in . the world) in cases which - require
the cleansing of the stomach and bowels ; and his
celebrated CAMOMILE or TONIC PILLS, in'
eases of nervous irritability, stomachic wealthess,
or general debility. A vast majority of human
diseases having their origin in the general sympa
thy of the principal viscera with the nervous sys
tem; he-thus:seeks disease in the most subtile
fibres of its Mots instead of vainly hoping to ex
tirprite it by plucking; off its, leaves and more dis
tant branches. His APERIENT PILLS' will do
all that any , purgative medicine can do, that is
thoroughly- cleanse the-stomach and-howela
his CAMOMILE or TONIC PILLS, combining as
they also I da, the most delightful ANODYNE
known in medicine, will do, have done, and are
continually doing more to strengthen, restore and
sustain the human- constitution than any other
medicine . that has yet been 'discovered. Of this
he hai innumerable proofs, and' this no man can
.depy without falsehood.
Dr. WM. EV ANS'• medical preparations are for
all Stomach and Nervous Diseases., In Indiges.
tion,-Dyspepsia, Billions Affections or Liver Corn--
plaints, Heartburn or Ajoidity in the. Stomach,
Tightness at-the Chest,,goss of Appetite, Pain in
the side, or FlatuleneY, .Hypocliondriacism, Low
'Spirits, Palpitations of the Heart,,. Nervous Irri
tability,Nervous. Weakness, FlnorAlbus. Semi
. nal Weakness,. Indigestions,. General -Debility,
Bodily Weakness, Lolorosis or,Green Sickness,
Flatulent or Hysteral Fainting', Waterloo, Head
ache, Hiccup; Sea Sickness; Night Mare, Gout;
Rheumatism, Asthma; Tic , Doleretii4 Cramp,
Spasmodic Affections, Nausea, Vomiting, Pains
in the Side, Limbs, head, Stomach or Back, Dim
ness or Confusion of Sight, Noises in the Inside,
alternate Flushingri of Heat
,and Chiluess,-Tu
mors, Watching!, Anziety r Spasrus; Bad Dreams,
Agitations, wilt in every
. case be relied by an
'occasional dose of Erions' Camomile Pills.
Ladies, during the time of pregnacy, are often
troubled with Sickness, Vomiting, Heartburn,
Mead-arNe, Tooth - ache, Hysterics,, and other
oublesoma' syliiptoms effeetually'relieped by these
iprepritotione. - - . _ • _—
ARCADE, Chestiut'stregt,Lrhiladelphibi.
---For--ealattheilerixkl-ani-Ex-- -
positor (Oa:
Julie 5, 1837
A first rate Limestone F arm, situate about
6 miles west of ,Carlisle, containing 278
Acres about 200 Acres clear_and in a high
state'of cultiiation; the. balance is- well time
e ed, and there is a large quantity 01-Locust
on the place. -• _ •
The improv,iments are a new
and tenant 1-14tises, a
andlivn Apple orchards.; . ,There is a well
water, • and several _very_ large • springs. near,
the:ll6llSe: The - turnpike Road: from Harr.
risburg Chtunbersburg passes through the
farm, - and the Raß,Road,:pasSes nearly in
,property .. istwelV4lculat6d for ,two
, _
The Ekbove proper i 4 worthy the attentiiin
of 'capitalist, as it will be 5014..1 w. • The ti
tle is indi"sp"utablenquir9 of .
-, • . ,
•',F. : ' , BOSSERIVIAN.f
CarliSle r Sept. 18 i 18.34iir.' • '" - i., "
, -
tancaitei ,Examinee Ilerald„,.
Volksfretinil; .4 ,w. enork ;price & send
charge thIS oilic4c •
Printea gi ) •• Weeily. 1 .
Ge' hillip s A . • Ge . a.- IF .•11•:evoi
Ilialnd's - Vegetable Life ?nisi
, r - , - • aud, •
. A CONTRAST,' • •
_ -
All nations, from the_remotest ages, bave had • ships, but
Columbiks only found out tIM way to America. Ilefore the
time of the" re nt Spanish insviKator, people were only ena
bled to pa le about the-shores. • Just - % o - with the - Life
hitilicjner.. I's, but two-years lancet tinit ventured opop •
an.- unknown , ocean, and- .ll ave discovered the
medicines object I .as in search of—H EALTH.
.Vegetahle medicines
• wern indeed known when . I•commeneetl• thy. search; but
their use was. not" 'Hy - the use of .them, I lave not on
poised: from the dejected • invalid, ;to the hale, hearty h • d
activomfin of business; but, comparatively speaking, I have
renewed my youth. I can thus, with contldenesin_my oWn
experience;hd vile youth._
fellow-citizens' Does the reader
want proof that the VEGETABLE .LIFE • MEDICINES.
are suitable to bisnww case? . haw d on tile at niroLdeci , ,
545 Broadway,. hundreds, from acme of. the, most,
respectable eil - Wri
zenrof this mytiVe landablipitary Carer
qd in,testimony of the virtues of A GOOD. Ve.GETABLE -
Persons Whose minstitations: hove been nearly ruined by
the Mall-infallible" mineral - preparation's of the,day, will •
• bear me witness, jhat the Lifeliledicines, and such only, at
the tine course
.tqfp#Tffifdagood health..
'lneseinediciney have long.been hiiewn'tind appreciated,
for their extraordinary and immediate powers of restoring
perfect health,to persons suffering midermearly every kind
of disease to which the !innate fmmeli liable. •
In manylliiindledintCalifliatid-iiistitite-e-4-iffeji-Iniiii
even rescued sufferers from - the very verge of an untimely
grave, after all the . .ileceptive nostrums of,thedaY had ut.
terly failed; and to many thousands 'they have permanently
secured thatuniform, enjoyment of health, with'out'which
life itself is : but a partial .blessing..' So great, indeed_has
their efilcacyinvanahly and infallibly proved,.that it has.
appeared scafaely less than miraculous to those who, were
unacquainted with the beautifully philbsophicaLprineiples
upon which' they are compounded, and upon Which they
consetmently act. It' was 'to their 'manifest and sensible
action in Purifying the springi and , channels of life,, and
enduing them witlixenewed. tone and vigor, that:they were
indebted for their name, which was:bestowed upon them at
the spontaneous request of several individuals _whose lives
' they had enviously saved. --.
The proprietor. rejoices in the opportunity afforded by
the -universal diffusion of the daily press, fur placing-bur
VEGE FABLE - LIFE PILLS- within the, knowleifim and'
reach of every . individual in thecommunitY. Unlike the.
buster pernicious qua Cher i -6; . whiclubciastof vegetable in.'
-- gr§ . dients, --- the nre•aufg/y vcgetablc, anti - contain
_neither IdereurY. Antimony; Arsenieynor any other min,
ern!. 'in tiny form whatever. They nrelentirely composed
- or extratts thirti rare and powerturplanti, the virtues of
"Whitl4 - 11fOtrgirionricnowirto-severol-Indiantriber;_nnif
recently to some eminent phatnraceutical Chemists, are alto.'
gether uhknown to the . ignorant pretenders to medical
sereririOnd. were nver beibrensininustfred in so happily
efilincibus a combination. - • : ,
The first operation is to loosen the coati erns . ° gotta - Ol
and bowels, the various : impurities and truditiesconstainly
Ett . .ing around .tfir.t : to' remove - the 'haellenkil,Teces.
whichwhich collect in the 'cuprofutioni of the small intestine's.
cleanse these,andleave finch col
, Meted-masses-behind, as to-produce-Lobito al_-coitiveness,
with all its train of_ exils,or sadden diarrluen,_with its im
minent dangers. ThiS feet is well known to all regular
' anatomisit„who examine the' human -bowels - after .death:
and hence theprejudice of these.well informed men against
the . quack medtmnes of.l.lle,agc, The second effect of the
'VEngTATIEE tyvtpix.Ls is to tleanse.the kidneys and'
the-bladder,aud- by- this,meaus,.the'liVer and the lung!,
the healthful action of whieltrentirely . depends upon the.
regularity of the urinary'organs. — The blood ,- which takes
its red color from the-agency-of the liver and ike fangs be
fore it passes into the heartrbeing. thus' 'unified by- them,
and nourished by tbed bowing fiMird clean stomach,
coursesfrody through the veins, renews every' part of the
system, and triumphantly mounts the banner of health i'a_
•--..m ).
The following are among the distressing variety of human
diseases, to *vitteliolte Vegetable Life Pills 'are well known
to be infallible:— .
DYSPEFSIA, by thoroughly cleansing the hrst aryl.
secontkitarnachs, and 'creating a blow of pure, healthyVki
instead of the stale and acrid kind;— Flatulency, Paipiention
of.the heart, Loss of-Appetite, yeartborn end Head-ache, -
Re'stlessness, 111-temper; Anxiety, Languor, end
ehoty, which are the general symptoms of - Dyspepsia, will
-vanish-as a natural consequence of its cure. Castivenessi
by cleansing the whole length of the intestines. with a sol
vent process, and without violence; all - violent purges leave
the bowels costive within two days. Merriam and Cholera,
by removing the sharp acrid fluids' fty which these com
plaints arc occasioned, and by promoting the lubricative
secretion of the ;immix membrane. Fever, of all lands,
by restoring the blood to regular circulation, through the
process of perspiration iugh so
lution of all intestinal to LIFT'
PILLS have been knows
ku three weeks, and GPI
local hithumnatior fro,
joints. -OroNies o//''all k.
the kidneys and bladder.
these important .organs,
Certain remedy for the w
by dislodging from. the
matter to..whtch_thesesi
siuption, by relieving t
mucus, which even sligl
removed becomes harder
diseases. Scurvy, 'Ulcers
feet purity which these I.
the !authors; ScorbutiO.Ert
their alternative circa*
morbid state of which
Sallow, Cloudy, and Gan
use of these Pills fora VII
cure of Salt Rheum,
tent in the Clearness of
Iluenza, will alwayshe• two, eve:
in. the worsreaset, Pit toast die.
trtssing and obstinate .ms pills de
serve a distinct and tixnl4, f t is well
known to hundreds intim c. if these
invaluable Pills, was - hinuel. .......: complaint
for upwards of thirtydhicoeui., out he tried in vain every'
remedy prescribed within the Whole compass of the Metena
Medics. -He howeveri'atlelfigth, tried the medicine which
he now offers to thepnblie,idid he was cured in a very Short
time, after WS reebzery bad been pronounced not only lin
probable, liut.absolutely.impossibfe, by any human means.
tDIRECTIONS FOR USE.—The Proprietor of the Vege
table Life Pills does notfollow the base and mercenary prac
tice of. thequacks .of the_day,in advising peniins to take
his Pills in large quantities:— No good Medicine. cau•polii
bly be so required. Theie pills are to be taken sit bed time •
every night, fora week or fortnight, according to the dikaie.
The usual dose is frorri - 2 - fo - clicettriling" to the constitution
Of the person.- Very d•• icate persons should begin with but
two, and - increase as e.nature_of the case may.require: -
-these-more robust; of very costive habit, may . tiegin with,
3i andincrease to , - or even tPllli, Mid - they,,,will effect a
sufficiently.happy change to guide the patient in their_ for-_ther use. These Pills sometimes . occasion sicknes.i.. and vomiting., though very seldom, unless the stomach is very
foal; •tbis, however, may be considered a favorable syniptom,
as the patient willlind himself at once relieved, and by.per
ievenince will sookrecover. ' They usually operate within
10 or 12 noun, nd never give pain unless the boWels 'are
'very much encuniberedi___They may be taken' by the most
delicate females utid - e - r any circumstances.—lt is, however,
recommended, thatithose in later periods of pregnacy should
take but one at a time, and - thus continue- to keep the
bowels open: and even two may be taken' where the patient
is very costive. One pill - in- a Solution of-two table- :mount
full of water, may' be.gisen to an infant in the following
dos es,.-t t s ta..ll4 silLtmemtwoligartii kap. peemes;S -
c iiidfrioni 'one liitive years of age'', hair a pill—and from'
five to ten, one pill: . ... • - ..
' THE-PHOENIX BITTERS, are so called, -beentise they
possess the Lower of restoring thee:piling embers of health,
to a ;town] constitution ,
as throughout the constitutions the Phte
nix is said be restored to life Mimi the ashes of its own,
dissolution. The Phoinla titters are entirely Vegetable,
composed of roots found only in certain parts of the western
iiiiintriihieli - will infallibly eifie-TEVEIIS-AND-AGIJEB
of albkindli.sVill never fail to eradicate entirely all the ef
fectfdl Mercury, infinitely leoner, thmithe.trant . powerful
Preparations of Sarsaparilla;and will immediately cure the
the'ileknessineuienftuyolng females.; and will be founda .
certain remedy in all eases of nervous debilitit and ireirkness
Of the molt impaired constitutions. As a remedy for Chro
nic and Infilaniniatery - Rheumatism, the efficacy; of the,
Phoenix - Bitters will be demonstrated by the' use of a single
bottle: The usual dole of these bitten is halfm• wine glass
fultrieLwater-or-winei•and - thittnnintirrimay - bt - tliVen two
or three times a day, about half an hour ,beforemea Is, or a -
leis quantity may be takenat all-time:l. To those-who are
afflicted •nth indigeitian after 'meals . , these- - Bitters will
prove' invaluable, as they veripg_iratlYtnereastitheractimi of
the principal viscera, help theiS - to perform their funtrtionii,
and enable the. stomach ..tai ;diseharge . into_the - bowels
whatever ii offensive. „Thin indiimition is 'cosi ly and speedi,
IY, removed, mipetite. restored,' mid the menths'of tliemb•
serbent, vessels being cleansed.: notaitien it facilitated, and -1
'Strength - of body and.enetAl of mind. fire the happy results. 1
For Further particillars of. ItIOFFADS I.INE• I I.l.l.4:trniV
1 PtICENIX . 1111"FERS, apply- at isfr: Muffutts , °Mee,. No.'l
16 Broadway, New York, where the.' PHIS Can be obtained
for Z 5 console Cents or 81 . per box; and the Bittere the r 43 1 :
0r.,E2 per bottle, :6•Numerties.certificates of the wonder- ,
Tul ellleaciefhathi maybe there inspected.. • •,` • : - "I
as's'ume obstinate mid complicated cases of chronic and
inflaniniatory Rheumatism Liver Complaints, Fever and
Ague, Dyspepsia, Polity, Plles,-injuriesfioni thavac ohne) ,
cury, quinine,and othcissliseares of long .Slanding, it may be
found necessary-to take both the Life Pills and Phoenix Bit
ters, iti the doses before 'recommended; ; : _ ••:•.- - : :
N. 1.1:-.These PHIS And the Bitters wilt getall Merekry Out ,
.r_tha. system inflnitely,faster than the . licit preparations of
Sarsaparilla, and are a et:lain . ..remedy for the rushing of
btooitso• ilia lien . rii brill: nlolenrheddoches; tiellouteuru47,
•&e. All persons who arc predisposed to npoplen.lii ' pdti#;.
ate., should "meer be without the We:Pills or. thmilitters,
fee onosiosein tnue.will save life: . They equallietlictitiretf,
lotion of 'the blend, draw all pressure !from the head; rehture
erspirationituid throw elf every itininrity by .the, pore:iv:if I
- : k.r. ' eil 6": at-'th 6:: Dtvit,,, ,,, TStor of
S rEtiii - C 'l''li' -
4.- . to ar Ls _ 4 ' .
T I.E ! gpaur, skJetT.,iyalnEß , ,26, 18-37
-171 . 02 aa Um
-a m taining about-475 - 491 crek:
'Situated in. St Clair tOuisiship,
411ek t fieny :County,,. Pa. •
FeVe is beautifully situated•on the
waters of Chartier's Creek, FIVE Mills from
the city of Pittsburg: The '.Washington
turnpike rune within a fem rods of the line
on the oneisicle, and the Steubenville turd.
pike Within two miles on:the .ot-bet ; the
6sate road from Virginia - to Pittsb4g passes
through-it ; also, 'a County road connecting.'
the Stoic road and the Washington-Turn-
pike, Passes the. door; About SOO acres are
cleared,-and in a good state of cultivation.'=
There are near • ' •
Bottom Land, which for ficyhess and fertili
ty candot be surpassedin the state, tOarge
portion of thisis in meadow ; and enough
might- be , 4.0 produce "200 tons of hay --
annually there, is 4 great abundance of buil
tn stonev4u4-300-acr_es:of_the 7
Best Biltimituins - Coal,. ,••
Which can all, be, get out COMmtkiently.--
The. - timber. is _abundant :and:good. The
buildings consist dt-a large first rate
,_ •
• -
, .. . ,
~.-,,:- . ..', CUT STONE •
A good spring and stone Milkluntse';_ Vivi:kg
the bes,bank Bar s in the country:7g by 38
feet and 60 bk 30, with stabling. under the
whole,- alarge fra e Stable, . 7 - - . ~,
. . ,
• rour..Tenant.ll,oll,_. l
with r s tabling attached ; a frame Meeting
House-and parsobao. hou'se' iyith Various.
Cow house, Corn .ItiOuSe.. flee house,.School•
- . 1 are,all of a better - Order
than_asitally:foutttl_ on _Farms in Western
Pennsylyania.. The , whole fam is abundant
ly arid 'beautifully. watered:. „ •
Bearing al 1' 'lnds of Fruit, adjoins the Man
sion'Hous .'.
- -
In regard to fertility and quantity of, land,
quality of improiennents and.. tenrnesi •to
marketilbeing only 5 miles from' - Pittsburg,)
this-farm is not equalled. Wekern Penn- -
Ft -will. be. s sold - On 'liberal tertns,
and - immediate possession given. Inquire of.
301 IN ROS ss , the_preiniscs,_
tii• - 1. & r
- . • No. 209, Market kreet Phi Pa.
.._.August 7; 1837.:--3m.
Xez6l4.• ImprOverl-Patent
. . ,
The subscriber respectfUlly informs his
friends and . the 'public generally; .that•lie
continnes• to amstruct at hia.nianufde.tory in
the 80 - rough of, Newville, Threshing and
Clover Machines', and-Horse Power, upon a
new and improved plan; - . •. _
The above machines are constructed of the
best materials the country can offord, and
by the -most experienced Workmen. The
- sub c
\ iv
riberhavingtaken - great pains - in making
man ••/ . • --.
. alluatde.lmprov'ehicitts •
f • •
in these machines, and in selecting the mate
rials•from which they are . constructed ; , he
flatters. himselLthathe shalLbe;-abjejo red
der ample satisfaction to all. who favor 'him
With a call, and that for expeditious work and
durability they ,equal; if not saiiiaSS, - RAY
thing of the kind, that has ye,t been offered - to
the publi4 As he has . constantly a tate
,agsortmentoll haba, persons wishing to pur
chase are respectfully invited to call and. ex
aniline for . themselves.• .. . .
. .
.. " • • WM. B. MILLIGAN. -
'- lrewviye; July 20, 1837. ,
of the
Itfully mt
t found a
, Worms,
le dim)
nd Con
front the
:h if not
the per
, and alt
dons, by
Min i the
te. The
in entire
and In-
. .
Having purchased and . :tried one of the
Threshing -.Machines and Atorse Powei,
inanufaCtured ..by_ W. .B.' Milligan, I . can
safely s.
.that-I.fully--'realized--iny - cxpectm
tions. "
'lt run ' at least one horse lighter, and
the hors walk about one fourth slower, add ,
threSl s - more - grahrirr - the - satnetfine :than
.anyrsine_l have yet.seen, ___ _ •
--'-'- • ••. , .. I , l7lo.l:;triGßA`cEk.. •
' Newton ;. July 8;1837.
W. 13...ltililligati-4 Willingly certify to the
utility of the above Machines, .yours. being the
third Threshing Madhino which I have had
.tidt up in my. barn, besides having seen eight
different ones in operation, and I can safely
say, that in my opinion,' yours 'surpasses any
thing I yet 'have seen for light and slow ttiti-'
-nit) g-aniHOe-ex-pei-lit-ous-wot4t. - " • .
- - ' JAcbis MrE - is; TR.
. .
.• West Pennslircro', july,l7, 1837. ~ • '
I have threshed upon the Machi m
nes . - anu ,
factured in Carlisle; and thituost if noTitirthe
differed kinds of machines . in the county;
and cangay - withuut -- Itesdation — that — thost
I .
manfaeured by W. t. Milligan lin much .
lighter, the horse+ walk-much. sl ttrer, arid
ihrestrek - More - krnin in the same time-Utah
any I have yet' tried. - - .. . -
,• SAtti . iiici.. GALBRAITH
' • liewville, - July; 12, 1827. •.- . . '`- - '
404 g fortnyowhiatititib
toaoi 'ne of your
Clover 'Machines. last
, tvihter; .f , took one half•
.. .chaff
,to. the
clover mill;whichturtied out ten biishelS; .cif
whiChl gave one' bushel for toll, *the 'oilier
half I.shelled upon your machine iii brie day
'at hoe, Mittliatl , ttlielc . LbtishelS and one
fourth of Clean aeecl; : ' '' :• . . -,-- , •.. .
West l'erinsborOgh;:iulfl7‘ 1837. '
ao.ll.ol:l6lxtrea• -, 2.,
Thi...subseiiter'aiiitild also inform'the — pub:
lid that he hag comthenced" the • . ,
in.ilt itsibranChis, and is prepai•ed. to exg-,
cute' a . ny... : .oxder that line, - either.M gon•
stfutting ..Barouchei, .Gigs, &Attie's,.Dtiat'
boras, , sch. in,repairing done
the shortest notice , and on,theirripsr.ttasona.
ble Thb ',ars invited 'to call.
and eitatnine 'for. Oeinselvg ,-as he intendi;-
Iteeping a bonstain sofifilv cellaiit.V. •
•W. 1114.141 GAN.
JuliL2rl - 81r; •••;
, ero C. avv:tainior;'
-.,d:P7ltleivedleat flowers enrich',,
From vaijOita gaiikais ditill'sd with care."
For the Herald* 4
. .
, Eve watcle.d thee; in the Orphan's tears, tt;
When l friendihrtd
diiubts,'and woei, and earnest feare,
•Held the ypting soul in thrall:
WhiU tarniue, hrthe vacant - eye,
Bespoke its chilling p&wer•; , -
Betrayitd it.s_heavy,,power.
r-ve_stcod beneath.the..bertgitig ,
•'-•:Whe'n.staritlcy • •
Traced - on the brilliant caotiy: . . •"- •
' The witness of thy ' .• .'
I've Ka16141 the-floods of moonlight
On tree, and hill, and-tower'i • •
And there; before its holy c l l,
H -
• _ave lc,ssecl thy saerCtl -
• "The lightnings paint,. thee in the sky ; .
The thunders shout tlit,praise -'
While in continual itarrnoni , ,
e storm thy lit die Is s /.. •
An'd when its-fury sit is spent, •
And citilet.waves her-wand.; . :
-- - - i'lleCtlten,'llty - ballutved nape is blent
• With all the sail and bla n d:.: •
• - Bright morning, in the-r . 61yeist,. i
. ..Betrays thedlit'ller:blu It ; -.-_
... Cahn Evening s tylien the ay - is least,
graesents thee in her hush ;• . . '
,— . Thy-euidgriahtthe spheres-;,..._
- 1 ---- , --- Thy-Monument the hilli;
' .`The deals are thy relieving tears'; -
,l'hy name is itithe rilta. . .: _
Young love ewhen sighs proclaim ft's life,. •
- Breathes 'out thy presence still ; • --
And in the itea'rt's fast-yielding strife, r
We see - thy,sacred will:
The mother, when her eyes behold •
The pledge-of holyjoy, \`\ is
Would not exchinge htr bliss for go d— .- .
For thou art in the boy!
When deep contrition bends the ince
Livfore.the shrine of prayer ; -
When - husired is pleasure's noisy glee,
Arid grief boWs weeping there, -
Then may the soul in silence feel
And . While it ears Great N'ature's seal,
Behold that Nature's God!
' e 1:11C K , oyr ~7v4 or ,
- On the...Misitige.
the Major calls this "ohy takin the
bark Off on't,' we .don't know What will
be left of the lil.nber by the time be_has
got the 'squ'are !;:pri't`-- but we will
by any remarks of our own, detain emir
readers from a 'productions, the perfect
good temper of which; is c only .equalled by .
its true and unalloyed patriotism . • •
'Nigh the wreck of the Two PoliiesiZ
ReiVrinwity Sept, 14, 11337. S
To Uncle Sans. 7 • _ .
My OLIS . hay . e-been readin ,
the Message over from top to bottom-and
froth bottom to top—and from the mid-.
dle on't belt's' ways—and. I roli'd it over
-jest as-a-car penTerti oes - a - fogi - and d rayed '
chalk lines to gtt the
_square on't and
sharpen'd my, ax, began to chip off,
Iris more than a day's pp, mid I don't
know that I can promise, in Oh, letter,
to do more than git the bark off. . It is a
plagy long Message, seein that it speakS
of ony one matter- but this comes frolit
outt•reat Folks' in office usin sicli tong
words, and Stringin on 'em together, like
-ingins-,--svlten--a few short--ones--- 4-iia onei-kt.
tell the same• Story.
I remember; one day *fie,n I iris to htlin',
Uncle Joshua got a letter from Washing 7.
ton,"frodi afriendpf hisin whii had gone
-there--to-ask-Ihe Gineratto - makev'Uncle -
Joshua PostmaSter. told a long
story about 'the 'delai—and that, the
Ginerat was sick- - -alid that the doetors
said that he was now 'coatiratlescent."- ,
, Con - ,t - whatP- - asked -, I A un t
tWhi' conivallesent,' said Uncle Joshua,
rubbin his spectacles. " ia natu re
s hat - 10 - mfitailit. no w,' ask'd - Aunt - Nab
by -
agin w 4 •l'don*,t know,",,!says Uncle
“but aliT hoPe is it ain't the
nartie Oil new parl,o —it is one or tothe‘r;
I am afraid,andif_jt is tile Tatter,. we
mast all lirtiali\r . OuttUnd turn 'Conwal
lesent'f'ai soon as possible, ;.on 1 shan'i,
git my • ollite, that's Sariing'--and jest_
then I - came in, and it was.welt,l did, or
Uncle joshua would a. had all no"witing :
ville, call'd to a public.. meetin, and the
hull Jackson - party, would bare gone
right over to thexConiirallesent party'
in tio,mme. But as loon as I
Joshua, what the, rale meanin of the
'WOrd , Aviis—antt that., it,was (my ;the Doe
€ o e B way :of s.ay,lo , qh4 , ' Cineral`piii . 'llitt•
tin better'—.'Well,,l! '' says,!frie,
iiss worse; -feirii. 4 B - a hard . mattir,
maJori'to chai*:A44'llalitt:'or;;C- , Partir;
but whir in matur6trlian - nay . nn
-- r'Efittifl.,hetter! is plain, AnOlinpi,",but
'Conwallesent' 'is jest no, word at all.
was,afraid,' . says Aunt Nab!ly;
dy,afeb y. ' d e-s tick s. ' • sails
Uncle 'Joshua, ltpoiv'd warret,that
'--for a d'op, would jest - as - soon - Fdare'bite
tehot pudd 9 h sto bite the Ginerall'—•
And So w!! , alr6onoluded the West way
was to use ,plain language--andit has
been alesson,lo me. ever since:,
~Now,astO this rrieSs ge, .eyery . ..bod'y
thiriliS.he:lt . noW's whn it ineqns,..and all
f) ?
that - par t . on"i'..that , as any' of the 'Con=
"walleseent' 'natui. 'out-it is so. ifigarid .
over, prity.rouch-e efyliolly sviallows it
"right down./ But that -ain't my' , way: .I'
Inowthere is:alivOitwO sides to . artiew•
ter, fatter, - .If I. We . time; 1., mean_ to
"rub ofratl the ingar7'snegtildingi.and . tee
What filth on't; and then if - IrEnd - sitllif
, rale" . grit,' • I'M go it,, and fady . tpo
,bodY to, go it ; byt. if - on the . contfary, I
'find it won't hold: 'Water and ain't Sound.
doetrins; - I Won't go it,, and no .min in all'
'lloiingville - -, will '_go it: _Every ,!body
says, •that I' havellearn spe a k MA(ind
. 'every.ibody Is.talkin...of.nothing else ~.jist
`flow,) that t . ere , ts'no mlstaWlit
k-tneSsige . ---lioiv I illink-4—ste--a-060.
Man y.misla,lr es about it.NThe. first- Mis
take is , . it' i s too long . at both eends, and
not short ennugli. in c the Middle,-,-seein
now thattlia 'Globe folks have lost the
, peintin on't, you won't see so long.a
ononpitrin one spell, so long as the Con
sarvoilfves follci . keeii .the printin.—,mistake is, is says n leitle too
much, about separotin 'The Government"
from.the. go ne al .consarns of the people,.
"and .as 'p s s for the goose ..aiiht
sass fo'h_tbb .g.ander,. Congress began
'"'lt off. try. The - Experiment, first on
linp.v..._ . lint—
the.printin liae-!`and, sea - tow,
work, and-. the first: thing :we'sec:' is the
Globe folks thathaint been separated now
!forrgOin on over 8' years front iti - goOd
8350,000 Tit- a year of 'The GOvetn,
anent,' 'round riglic - arid: another pig:
got-holt; ,I don't like -to see a man or a
pig lose his fit; unless heAlesarvesiit, and
If-F-can find put., - that'lthe Globe. fcilks
-dont desarie _ tci lose - theirs, they shall
'the piintin' of. all - my etTe*lita;
no thin.' _
The rie . N.t.•'miitake is t inTilkiVoo:sev•
erely Agin-t hp___Banks,lang',lseparatin-all- 1
tonsarimof Etha.,G,over_nment, -from them. i
I should ~like to know now,-- who. first l
ask'd to be tonnected=ivas ;it 'the r t'd'e=
etnment' Or •lthe Banks?' Mr. Kindle,
Iperhaps:daa_anSwer this,,and tell vs whO
I lsent-him round among the banks- 7 some
fou '' ' days . .ago. The banks; to be sure,
have got a .pritty.,..bad...iiamejiSt-towa'
list so the old quaker's dog got a bad
character, and come
,near . the loss of his
life by it; his master said he would not
kill hirtt','liut Illgiv'e-him-aTbad-name.'-
- 'Bad ilog, bad, 'clog,' says-he, and. away
went poor - Towser, and afore he got
round the.cOrnor; the boyS all atter hint'
—With' ticks and stones-- , -"bad dog, mad:
clog;' an • the folks tcampere'd,!and the
old rep n slain'd the - doors shut; and
it.'"Was 11 upon all over` - with poor:
Towser_ fit had'itt been for his gittia
to the river • an Las soon as he took to
the - water - and swam like a duck—every
body stop'd
r _aiia said. 'well, that_ dog
halm got the hidrafoby,' And jistisoit
will be with our Banks, they will git
afloat to* rights, and then a good -inany
folks will ;say it was a great mistake to
-abuse -ent---so, I dont -think If -Uncle
Sam' cuts sick shines as hehasosf late,
that he. will find a bank or 'a natural per-.
son' as Mr. Wright Says; ready iii -take,
him in as a partner Elgin on . any day—=
espetiallY if, lie.goes on the principles
of 'separation' himself jit‘ when it suits
WU, without tegardin his 'agreetileict of
copartnership,'--'as- he-idid. a;-spelV ago,.
-with the United States Bunk. ,
. The 'greatest -mistake 'Uncle Sam'
himself, from. any class orportion of the
.people- - ;-for it-wartet'forthelthe peop!e'.
of 411 clisses*-on whose .earnins he lives:
-he would have a shoe to his foot
or a shirt to his hack 2 —who on. airth is
'Uncle Sam'.-tin his .Olvn hook—r-unles he
means to put'on a cocled_.hat like Bonit
part, or, some sich kind folks, and'say
he is 4 The,--C3overntneeit,' and his - word
is - Law,oltl forth“-snA:
. th a i he witl
keep:/ias owriThtm — und - lrunt--trurst.:.the:.
peopli with it, or loan it, to em, as other
folks , do, 19.1'. general ,prosierity-I
guess. lithe l'Phigs Or the old Federciliit:§
_put all,nck awl . _ said: - he
. Wais' ohe of !heir party, 7 . ana he talk'd so
'..the.'dajoei•Ufs,.uFonld :soon grease-his,
fiddle-Strinks so he eaukrilt a varse
otraiikqe Mod& qr (God save the King ,
- __Pmher..:=-The'faCt is 'Uncle is
auside'rahle of-a inait so . tang - as he. re:
tneinhers that lie is one of the huilpeople,
and not. ofa party only, Atiii-the'.he May'
:Cut a . shine fur a spell with recall's
hisportilL7thenaturenf.'th4 great' family
of the ,people' -is such, that 'as soon as
(hell. feel lie treads - .on any .o 4 t their toes'
grutrihle, and espsylaily-, - tlient
folks that pay-the. taxes-Ifey..doit:t sVe;
Why they Aylib are eali'd on because iitey:.
have ~ earte.d• pi•Operty, ttipay:the' ttiste s .
should alsci'be held - tipits Citeatte,; . i 3 OVlieut
folks• as habit gut'_.any
thiris the, doctrin4.?'.thei! ,the pest wayls .•••
A rich ntiw:44ll:;ilg..ealked, an by.
;tiOttie.foiltii,pr'ekiv itindli•aantlie.q4k . or did
of iiia..dOg.:pow .Wliat-titi'airth i can o . ;•rielf
man tlo,'scuts° his.ntop ey'ipllils cduii, -,
itigold,.'l4o : iilver in
21 qt*, iflie:') any
twit in hiniolie. , .4ri'nwS he didint 'nuke his
money way--.noi • no . ; lie keepsit- mo
yin—.lte,lattos • it , Ottt to tlietn that haye
MEW' SIatVMS ) 118,14.
'good characters° and a - o
re. indus us—he
huildS, honses, takes a share in rail roads .
and canals and banki, and yoliwon , ,t catch
himtdoiog any thing that willScheels pros-
perity,he ,don't very ofteri•twant . Oflice,
and Wild did he caul - nit - nor tit -. : -
'. _ The hlessage i iSifaitlif - full - of the caterer,
'that brought to' into our present °troubles%
, a9d - is tmy title on that "point, as-far as it •
goes—but it don't - tell`the .- hull story , , ,If.._ . -
I had tell'd that shark of °Zakel Bielyasit
watch (wizzing‘ sp—and beginnin jeAt ie=
ter it`began ‘ itotz.i . folksmould not :know to
this day whatinadelt itizao—but I her i'l l t ,
at the beginU'n'onit and_ tell 4 how Zekel
twitcked out t e balance wheel or ,klicker 4 -4
and then the o d watch. that had been main—
as true as_ the_ tides.or timritYie4is--werit --
‘NViz ,- *li i e. enhl; and.sban went to s sllliStr, \ .
—and - jest so kyvas in
twitched out their iltlicker , just about this
same time, and 'tviz'cl' always jest as we - -
dith "`"
ellirtii - Tinore: about_ this. herfte l r •
:--and in my next too:II try . ', •
what I' - ,consider' another_ mistake and a •. •
iiretty-important-oneAcio.r-and that IS
bout 'private bankin' being conaidtr,dtet-' "7" . '
ter than coiporate. banksiiis a fang sto.
,ry to show that 'bank is a small part • •
of the . Banking business—and _ -- that the - •
most dangerous part of a . very differed;
naturand that all Our Banks could • pet
git along' easy enuf.- - if
. iLiras,ony _
own-bauk ,had to: parin.'specie--
allthis.Livill-try - tcr - show, , :anti - then. ---
.see...how_it'coines about tholbonki suspad.. '
iiiYind- -- ipecie and yet iiray'fie as sound al.:-
ever, odd. weshall - then see, that "is ony .
one thing mote . thOn any "other . thing-4.• .•
1mmy..14 - about-this•-statt-Of-thiligt,
icore'r attion'• of pritaie .bankers::-% • cmpbibte
bankbills, now in the work of times.M4r, •'• •
oat he - worth - as - nth - a as, fiOld _arid. silver
-.but the hardest currenty . " I guess - folks - •
holds nowi,:a;_days, - is the:currency of privace,-
bankers at home and abroad.
~, dtitigt knot? .
sartin--but that is. my notion =-and if so I•••••
thihk 'the Government': is -mistaken
bankin...aa the,_beit, - amt .
1_ would aatitt you''Uncle.SotiVto separate—
L from-all-that-kind of currency.. • .
- 1 - have only one .word • more to say CA.
at-is,-no-to-let-Gov-' ---
eminent talk to mulch of 'separation; a' •
did when Str'uck'off •B Phiribtri
.Ununt from the new coin; I 'did batlike •
that—but I thought Itivould stop there,'
-not- my it in other Matters. ;Alta' •
fact is. ' , the GatrtiMetA.! : - iint ',Under - - •
Sam' alone, or ~'Uncle Sam',
grty,:alone--it is the people's prop . ertiyi.
and no matter_
how much 'Uncle Sam• •
may try-to separate hirnheff, the people . ;
wont ; let . him—for without 'the-ptOple, •
the-hull- people, and no•thin:but
they know.thatl 'Uncle Si'a *add . • •
soon become a poor and rag ged
. bld ••
: anti • ve• •no -money .to-pay his ilebta;
and no one would4okt..his note;.tliere;•-,
fore, .1 Say, 'Uncle Sam,' don't say any .
thing•.more about separMn;.but stick td_ ••
the•old sigd board, 'E . • •
.and if you want any 'furth er a
sick .kind folks 'about
any good 'citizen would like : to ap:point
your elteCUtors, aryd guardians of,)our
estate' and children, and to take gout!.
care of- }four widow, if you left-• one; •
these kind of folks M'e.'safest, tho' the
may not be .as..-liood politicians; ,and
iltin!,t_di'scard a man- tho• he May cwu • -
/iMise Ws' Or • new land, and
: paid • hill
neighbour too much for 'em—this-103U;
nesa at. hoticieis • better(as bad its -• •
called!) • thair speallalion ronnd. Gape
Horn, •any , where :abroad,
_for . tlth -
'profit and loss'. is . home—if A .•
paid B too much, it'lS•tiO 'Matter, its'all
at, home: .and.these Mistaites. Soott._COt,
thernself- r -and
_depend . 'on't, it man Whi',
owns, a 'leetle land,. .'house .14 or •
farm a new town •Or the skirts of ad
ald ; Onci - won,Vove --- aivaiia - Note•fttr".l4B - .. ---
best interestA -Itii . ;;e:outitry,:than. if Ito •
lived.on •tht pay ; f an of fi ce,..or .
his - earnins „talkin 'politics, and drink id
whiskey t atr - eleCtion, • -This is aotirtd
doctrine, 6 icle Mid you don't• -
find it to in practicp•=tte - 0 tibt; your
friefid •' - ~. •
J. .DOWNING--Major
, •
,CgOididisitiiftor Sheiiira
To the NElectors of rl
. . A candidate: for thUmffice. eif •
SH Elt 1 FF,' at the insuidt nelyerat giectioti .
and respectfully solicit your trotei I
be so fortunate as to be ejected, *at nilijr.
assured .thitt flocking Shall be ;wanting otkiik
ar -anal_F—sta - ffion... •
genral sakplacooll •
.. . :14.11QtrtiEt LF:II2IG
SpTing t'owohip,. Attu:l4:lB37.s.:,ii
.• .NOTICIEti. •
• ALL persons inhetied In tte estate of lisit,sts, •
Wott, late - Of South blitltlleton township, CUM,
beiland cdonty l deed, tire requestga .to matte
payment td, the. subicriber, residing in the
ough or Cott*, and those haring Oilms
cud estate. twill present them ptliperly , ;(*e.litibiiit-7
te. for settlement. sf . -
• , C A t 40,TH E 116,. ;
Aligust 28,1837. • • '.•
Several good good leaeliersareavratttedby.AOSOhisi '
Direetora.of'Southr ktiddleen'to;Wriahtiß . ''.ltntile%,, •
dlate applicatitOr should be Ode.; 'APPIY
lion Jo Stewart, : oe.,'.;r - •
hn t ote
• ~, , r1it0.M.16:•C1D21074:44;
~.4iitiOst 28, 18.37. •
' -
A friil -Jars of "Vrench. Ituord".7.-raper . SbeL
used Sufi Shal Uur dea u. Alaionde.,
. •
o ;! °
-fA -