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NOTE—AII advertisers intending to make
changes In their ads. ibouid notify us or
their intention to do so not later than Mon
day morn'nff.
Charter notice.
Election Proclamation.
Jury List for Nov. Term.
Patterson Bros, famitnre.
Stein's dress Roods.
Scbaul & Levy's suits.
Modern Store's nnderwear.
Campbell's fnrnitnre.
Kirkpitrlok's glasses.
and Executors of estates
•in secure their receipt books at the
CITI/ES offlce.
If paid in advance.. 1.00
Each subscriber, by consulting the
little tab on his paper, can tell the date
to which his subscription is paid.
October is the month that tells the tale
Of how Dame Nature dealt the sea
son's yield
The month when erstwhile green doth
turn to pale,
And crackling, rustling stubble studs
the field.
But, just behind this ripening of the
We've" stored the richest gifts neath
God's great dome
The bending loft-the bursting bin-the
golden ear.
Invites this sacred thought of Har
vest Home." —E- D. K..
—ltalian Summer.
—Big fantastic parade Hallowe'en.
—Next Wednesday evening is Hallow
—Altoona had a million dollar fire
last Thursday.
—Butler ia to have a |T,OOO automo
bile hose-carriage,
- Thursday, November 29th. will be
Thanksgiving Day.
—Lest yon forget—next Tuesday a
week is Election Day.
—A. E. Myers sold his grocery store
to A. A. Marshall, Monday.
Some of our merchants are already
baying their holiday goods.
Tbe relief-work on the walls of the
pew fruit store is immense.
—' Another sensation in the McCool
case"— they come daily now.
—Nearly every farmer yon talk to
complains of the scarcity of help.
—The North Pittsburg Realty Co. is
purchasing property in this county.
-Care OD the P & B. will be running
Nov. 15th—that is latest about them.
—'lhe HannaCo. is using tbe Spring
field roller on the road north of town.
—Excursion rate to Mars, tomorrow,
feO cents each, for a party of ten or over.
If yon have a stomach ache
Eat a piece of burnt cake.
—After next Thursday the rate on
the Bessie will be 21 cents a mile. See
-Sheriff Campbell, on Tuesday, sold
his restaurant to J. M. McCall and H. J.
—Several hundred new houses will be
wnder roof in BnMer and vicinity, before
—Our lumber yards are full of
rabbits. Get your guns out next
—Some tough-looking characters
have lately be».-u u*. din the gr'wirbe
of the town.
—The trustees of St. Paul's Orphans
Home examined some sites, about But
ter, yesterday.
thousand, even money, wai
wagered on the ejection, in Pittsbprg, a
few days Bgo.
—Geo. Spang persists in offering to
furnish the boro with those cutb-corner
iron bands at $4 each.
—A year ago Butler voters were dis
cussing the proposition of v oting Butler
into a third class city.
—Five dollars fine for hunting on a
man's land without his- peimission, or
|lO |f he has signs np
The tooth artists and doctors of the
oounty, held an interesting meeting at
the Nixon, last Saturday.
Sneeze before seven
Hare company before eleven.
—ln the yard of J. W. Miller of Mer
cer St ie a curiosity for this time of
year— AD apple tree with new leaves
and oloca^ma.
—Slippery Rock won a toot bail gaxjip
from New Castle, Monday. 22 to 0; aid
(be Pirates a base ball game from
Brain 8 to 0,
—X Missouri mob started to lynch a
fann hand, but when somebody remark
ed about the scarcity of farm hands,
they let him go.
—Under the new rules football is not
M deadly as a railroad collision, rank
ing more nearly with a premature ex
plosion of dynamite.
—The polling place of the Ist precinct,
fifth Ward, has been changed from the
Wiclf House to the Kirkpatrick store
room, two doors below.
~The open season for game birds be
gan last week. It Is said that pheas
ants and <juail are more numerous this
year than for some years past
—The Butler Merchants Mutual Fire
Insurance Co. paid Joseph B. Mechling
of Butler twp., his insurance in full,
within thirty days after the fire.
—Our farmers are putting in long
hours these days in their fall work, the
inability to secure help at any price
obliging every minute to bo counted.
When you have finished reading the
CITI/.KN. including the advertisements,
kindly give it to some friend who is not
» subscriber You will do them a
• A hot stove and some loose papers
made a fire in the "Times" office, early
Monday morning, but it was discovered
covered in time to prevent serious
damage, i
Htiow storuis and high winds pre
vailed in the Rockies, last Sunday.
Telegraph wires were down, and a
packing house in Salt Lake City was
—The New Castle road on both sides
of the valley at Cranmer's Mill is in
very bad shape for this season of the
year There seems to be no gutters
and the water runs down the middle of
the road.
—"llealth Officer Wright of Erie has
returned from a visit to the health au
thorities in Harrisbnrg with the news
tl at the state's compulsory vaccination
la v is temporarily suspended so far as
the school childrpn are concerned. Un
vaccinated children may now be admit
ted to the schools till contrary order p
*re received from Harrisbnrg."—E*.
Charles R. Thompson ia now with
Schaul & Levy.
J. C. Breaden of New Castle is visit
ing at West Sunbury.
B S. Rankin of Fairview twp. visited
friends in Butler, Saturday.
Henry Kemper of Mack;-bnrg. W.
Va. is visiting friends in Butier.
James Blake and wife of Franklin
twp. did some shopping in Butler.
J. Munson McNeese and Walter M<--
Curdy of Brady are serving on the jury,
this week.
A. W McCollough of Butler has been
drawn for a juror at next U. 8. Court
in Pittsburg.
Mr. and Mrs Loyal Lardin are both
seriously ill with typhoid fever at their
home in Clinton twp
William Cratty of Crafton. a sou of
John Cratty. was the guest of las
brother, Milo, in Butler, last week.
Peter Oesterlinsr, Sr. of Summit twp )
intends removing to Butler, and will
live with his son-in.law, W. W. Milter.
Miss Margaret Horton and Orris V .
Fisher were married, yesterday, at the
home of the bride's parents. Mr. and
Mrs. James A. Horton on \V Jefferson
Quinn Redic, who lately visited the
Soldiers Home at Dayton describes that
place as a paradise on Earth,but refuses
to lend his G. A. R. button to a fellow
who wants to go there.
Mr. and Mrs W W. Christy of
Hilliard were visitors in Butler. Tues
day. Mr. Christy has dispose! of his
poultry tnslnessto the Randall brothers
and is making preparations to become a
resident of Central City, Nebraska.
Major McDowell is funnv. But
don't blame him. h« can't help it. At
Franklin a few nights ago he said
"Fifty years ago in Franklin I knew
every man. woman and child, every
horse, every cow, every dog. My an
cestors lie in your cemetery, and their
defendants lie in the street "
Mies Florence E. Norris. daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Norris of Carbon
Black, and D. P. Bnrtner, son of J. P
Burtner of Jefferson twp. were married
Tuesday at the bride's hom'. Last
evening Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Bnrtner held
a reception for their son and his bride
at their home The young couple will
reside at Corsicana, Texas. where D. P.
is employed by an oil well supply com
John B. Caldwell and wife, m-e Nancy
J. Robinson, will today celebrate the
40th anniversary of their marriage, at
their home in Jefferson twp. All tbe'.r
living children —Dr. Clarence of Bakers
town, Dr. Ellery of W. Suffield. Conn.,
Mrs. Sadie Ziegler of Allegheny,
Leverne of Allegheny and Onn, at
home, are present, as are alio their
nine grand children, who with their
friends and neighbors, will make them
pass a happy day.
"Crow on the fence
Rain will go hence:
Crow on the ground
Rain will come down.''
—Counterfeit silver dollars
—While Wm. Dambangh of Jackson
twp. was away from home, yesterday
afternoon, hie house was destroyed by
—About two doieen babe ball players
and spectators were killed and wounded
in the game during the season just past,
and the foot ball people propose doub
ling this during their short season.
—A teacher in a neighboring school
gave a list of questions to her geography
class, among them the following:—
•'What are the two forms of govern
ments" One of tbe pupils wrote his
answer thus: "Penny packer anu Roose
—"Yes, sir, I can say that 1 am a self
made man."
"Heavens! how yon must sufier from
remorse." —Ex.
Borough Mutters
At the special meeting of the Council
last Thursday evening the contract for
paving Pierce avepue waa awarded to
Burns Bros. :it $14,0-><t; and the' itersec
tion of Race and W. Cunningham Sts.
to John Shaffner at $i»,508.
The contractor for First St. vas paid
the balance dne him, $9,809.03.
Reunion of the? 105t!i.
One hundred and sixteen members of
the 105 th P. V. answered roll-call st
Reynoldsville, last Thursday, and
among them were Col. Redic and J. M.
Swartz of Butler, and .las. Bailey of
Mercer twp Ibey had a good time
and enjoyed the best banquet —well,
one of the best that ever happet,*d.
BIK City Minstrel*— I TO-nlglit.
One of the many features to l>o pre
sented by John W. Vogel's Big City
Minstrels, which will appear at the
Mnjestic Theatre, Thursday, Oct. 25th,
is a beautiful and up-to-date dancing
number, entitled "The Great Event." r
Undo Jose Spruceby—Saturday,'
Oct. 12? Hi, Matinee ami > ij;lit.
The theatre-going publics wi'l bail
with delight the good news that our old
friend. Uncle Josh Spruceby" is to visit
us soon. This company, which has
made an exceptionally strong impres
plon wherever it. has appeared, has many
friends here who will await their com
ing with interest. The organization
this year is better than ever, all the old
favorites being retained and capable
new ones added, and now takes rank
with the best dramatic companies tour
ing the country. The play is one of
those homely New England dramas
with a beautiful story running through
it. Undoubtedly a big crowd will at
tend to welcome 'Sally", "Dutchy",
"Out O' Sight", the Hayseed Baad and
"Uncle .Tosh" himself.
Prices—night 25c, !!sc, 50c, matinee,
children 10c. adults 350.
At Yale,—Oct. 111.
The college songs that arc announced
to be sung in the new college play "At
Yale" will be enough to ibsure its
success if there were nothing more ex
citing and stirring in the play. Eight
picked voices have been rehearsing
these songs all summer. The songs
were chosen by Mr. Gilmore while at
Yale, and picture the student life more
clearly and more strikingly than any
other feature could possibly do.
Our dealers are paying for
Apples JlO-40
Fresh eggs g{,
Butter 22-25
Potatoes 50
Chickens, dressed 10-18
Navy beans, bn II 05
String beans, bn 50
Tomatoes 00
Onions, bu 75
Honey per lb 10
Dried Apples H
Turnips, per bu 40
Parpnips, per bu 75
Beets per bn 50
Mangoes, per do* 10
Cabbage, per lb 1
Chestnuts, per lb 10
Hickorynnts, per bu $1.50
Walnuts, per bn... 75c:
Buckwheat tlonr 24
Oats ;i!t
Corn ~ .50
Wheat red TO, white 08
Reduced Kates.
Beginning November Ist, 1800, the
Bessemer & Lake Erie It. R. Co. will
sell single trip tickets good over its
main line and branches also operated
lines, on the basis of two and one half
cents per mile, using short line instances
I wh?n necessary to meet the con petition
I of other lines.
I Effective same date mileage l - oks of
this Company's issue will be HI 1-1 good
. "Tor bearer", and will be lion red for
parties of two or more traveling to
gether. Conductors will accept same
for entire party if requested to uo 80.
M Zeef vs Mary Kutock. replevin for ,
household goods, valued at SIOO. and ,
| claimed by the plaintiff.
C. J. Myers va S. C Milliard. replevin
for a sawmill, machinervand tools, val- .
ned at s3oo, with which the parties have j
been working in the western part of the ,
Margaret Maizland vs Charles H. 1
Mainland. libel in divorce, cruelty al-,
leged The plaintiff claims she was.
driven out of the house and had a re-,
volver pointed at her.
Margaret E Postelwaite vs David W. 1
Postelwate. libel in divorce for deser
Agues T. McAJpine vs Lavina McAl
pine, Archie McAlpine, Dr. Jasmine i
McAlpine and Miss Carrie Browu.
trespass for damages for conspiracy to
alginate from the plaintiff the affections |
of her husband," Kenneth McAlpine. |
The first three defendants are the
mother, brother and sister of Kenneth
McAlpine, and Miss Brown is the friend
of the McAlpine family whom the
plaintiff alleges nursed Kenneth Mc -
Alpine while he was ill with appendici
tis last summer. Four other suits pre
ceed this action.
Lizzie Elliott, by her father and next
friend, Charlie McQuistion, vs Neisou
J Elliott, libel in divorce, cruelty al
Sadie Norrn vs William M. Norris,
libel in divorce. They were married in
1890 and Mrs. Norris alleges her
husband deserted het in 1903.
The case of Miles Coovert heirs vs
Thos. M. Marshall was continued on
account of the sickness of a witness for
the plffs.
The case of Etna Mfg. Co. vs W. B.
Enos. was continued on account of the
absence of a witness.
The two cases of Lochrie Bros, vs 11.
K. Wick, and Lochrie Bros, vs Hamil
ton Bros, were settled Tuesday after
going to trial by the Lochrie Bros, with
drawing their petitions for latteral rail
roads through the lands of Wick, and
Hamilton Bros and making agreements
by which Lochrie Bros, hereafter use
the railroad of the defts. to reach their
mine, paying each of the defts. $-000
for this right.
The case of Emma J. Donaldson vs
A. S. Hindman resnlte<l in a verdict for
tbe plaintiff for the property claimed by
her, value iat s4*o. "iO. The plaintiff's
husband, Monroe Donaldson, formerly
of Washington township, borrowed
money from Hindrnan on note. Hind
man entered the note at the time,others
whom Donaldson had borrowed from in
his neighborhood closed on him. and
had execution issued and personal prop
erty on the farm levied on by the Sheriff.
Mrs. Donaldson then filed an inter
pleader and claimed the goods.
The case of Jane R Brown vs Elisha
Stoughton for use of J. Berg & Co. re
sulted in a verdict by which the jury
awarded $256.50 worth of goods belong
ed to Mrs. Brown and $330.50 to the
deft. A note oi James Brown, the
plaintiff's husband was entered and
levy made on goods in Franklin twp.
on which Mrs. Brown claimed title,
On petition for a new bridge over
North Bear creek, Parker twp. at Hir
per s mill, F. B. Aistey, John K. Hoi
lard an I S. W. Lewis were appointed
The will of the late Levi Slater of
Butler has been probated, David SUtor
and Joseph Criswell, executors. Eis
widow receives SIOOO. the children of
his son John receive 70 acres in For
ward twp., his daughter, Mrs. Joseph
Braun, SSOO. and his son David 05 acres
in Connoquenessing twp. and the re
mainder of the personal property. There
are four other children, Clarence and
Mrs. Jacob L. Winter.
Clarence and Levi Slater, Mrs. Jacob
Winter and Mrs Mamie Mames. who
are not mentioned. They claim thtir
father was mentally incompetent ".vliuu
he made the will last August, goi <g to
Lyndoro for that purpose, and are pie
paring an appeal from the probate.
Another will which divided the prop
erty among all the children was made
about one year ago.
Letters of administration on the es
tate of D. M. Morrison have been i<-aDt
ed to Jane Morrison.
JOB. Earhart has petitioned for «atis
faetion of a mortgage given by N-mcy
Sommerville and others in 1890.
In the case of the State of W Virgin
ia for nee of the Fisher Oil Co. vs V oke,
Steelamlth and Hosford, an opinion wis
filed refusing to enter judgment tor
want of a sufficient affidavit of defense.
In the cane of Christopher Fredley,
ad in r. of the estate of Melissa Fredley
vs Robert Buxton to recover a legacy
charged on defendants land by Friend
Buxton, stated for the opinion of the
court, an order was made directing the
deft, to pay the legacy amounting to
Win. A. Kelly was appointed consta
ble of Bruin boro vice Geo Snow, dee d
The polling place of the Fifth ward,)
Ist precinct, has been changed from the
Wick House to the Kirkpatrick build
On petition of Mrs. Elizabeth Pratt "
citation has been issued on Samuel
Beam to show cause why he shonld not
file an account as administrator of tin
estate of the late George Beam. The
parties are a daughter and a son of Qeo.
Beam and the petition eta teg thai, letters
were granted to Samuel Beam and that
money of the estate is believed to be in
his possession.
Judge E. S. Holt of Beaver on Satur
day refused to grant new trials to Dr. J.
F.'Minteer of Lynilora, who was 0011-
victed on two charges of selling liquor
without license, but sentence was sus
pended on the payment of SSOO and
costs by Minteer.
Samuel Tynauer, who was convicted
of selling liquor without license, WHS on
Friday sentenced to pay the coats and a
fine of SSOO, and undergo imprisonin<'nt
in jail for three months, by uuge Gal
brent h
Joseph Pol Ink, guilty of selling li'jnor
without license, was sentenced three
months and fined SSOO and costs by ]
Judge Galbreath.
In the case of E A Black and other (
property holders on West St. vs the
Pittsburg and Butler Street Ry Co., 1
Judge Galbreath on Friday renders 1 i.n
opinion deciding that the rights of the
property holders in the alley running
east and west between West St. and
Sullivan Ave. could not be divest(«l l.j
the action of the Towri Council in va
cating the alley for the benefit of the
street car company, and that the com
pany could not close the alley and build
their buildings across it, und a pe.-iu i
nent injunction to preveut them iroiii
doing so was granted Exceptions vve.t
filed by the company
In tau uitpeal of M. L. Ralston, a
transient dealer, from the sentence of
Burgess Bell to pay a license of $lO », re
quired by a borough ordinance. Judgo
Galbreath decided that the ordinance
was illegal and \v, restraint of trade,and
reverse* the sentence of the Burgess.
In the case of James E. Kelly vs Mrs.
Eddie Kelly, ailm'x of her deceased hus
band, Abner Kelly of Parker t\y;,. «,o
collect a legacv amounting to SOOO, and
interest, left to the plaintiff by Abner
Kelly, who recognized the plaiuti.f in
his illegitimate son, a decision* was
made rnling that James Kelly had lost
his right to enforce collection of the
legacy through not presenting it within
the statute limitations
The plaintiff's motion fo* a new trial
in the case of Itobcrt St roup of Jeffer
aon twp. vs the South Perm Oil Co was
In the matter of partition of the es
tate of Peter Feil, aee'd. of Mars, on pe- j
, tition of the heirs, W. 11. Walker, Jos.
I Gilkey and Detmore Douthett were ap
. X'ointed commissioners to divide the
I land
The trustee's sale of the Wells Wat
ters property in Evans City was ad
journed till the 80th.
f Saturday, November 3rd. is the last
1 day for filing accounts to the December
r | term.
B I Harry L. Graham has been appointed
i auditor to make distribution of |303 re-
j covered from George Grifely, the ;
i Italian interpreter, amoDK the victims
!of George Grifely the interpreter The
I money was recovered from Grifely
| when he was arrest'd.
The will of the Inte William Dick of
I Prospect has been probated. It provides
i that his widow shall have the use of the
I f«rm nntil she consents to its sale, and
'■ the legacies are left to the children as ,
! follows: John 3, and B. L. Dick and j
Mrs. Ellen Dodda. *1 each, with the
' statf ment thfit they have received sums
, during the decedent s lifetime: George j
Di«-k $600: H. II Dick. $300; Susau A
i La-fcm. |a00; Maggie A. Ralston. |300;
; Abbie M. Warren. *300; Carrie B. Dick,
, $600: William N. Dick, $400; and Cnrtis
Dick, a grandson. SIOO.
The Superior Conrt reversed itself ou
the Follet case from Brnin, and the
case will now go to tbe Supreme Conrt.
1 The will of Chas Peffer, dee d., late
of Lancaster twp. was probated Mon
| day. He leaves hie entire estate to his
l wife, Rachel Peffer. and at her death i:
is to pass principally to a son, Frank B
Peffer. Small legacies are to be paid to
other children and he is to receive the
balance after the death of his mother.
lh>- cases of W. P. Martin and John
F. d;llervsO. H T->bay, assumpsit to
recover royalties cl; lined to be due an
der leases for oil and gas, is on trial.
Joe.ph B. Bredin has been appointed
auditor in the estate of Cieorge Renno,
dee'd of Butler. *
Elias Whitley, colored, plead guilty
to a&b, yeeterday. f.tid was fined $lO
sent to jail for ten days.
A pumper named Thompson on the
Scbaffner lease sonth of town shot a dog
belonging to Louis Y">st and John and
Joseph Zahradneck of the Plank Road,
who were hunting around his place,
ana also made them give him ?0. and
the bnnters have retained counsel to
prosecute Thompson criminally.
Fred Sahli of Lancaster twp. is in
jail on a charge of a&b on a commit
inent issued by Squire A. B. Met/..
Thos S Fletcher and others to Peter
L Maher lot in Butler for $855.
Jas, Bredin to A 1 Raff lot in Bntler
for SSOO.
Anualena Hawkes to Naouu Adams
ant 1 . Leone W Kelly q cto It) acres in
Brnin for sl.
Naomi J Adams to Annalena Hawkes
and Liilie M Irwin q c to 10 acres in
Bruin for ft.
John W Everett to Maud L Piper •>•{
acre? in Parker for $725.
Daniel Weitzel to W S Wick lot in
Bntler for S3OOO.
Jas Thompson to Ida Brendt 6 acres
in Adams for $1250.
Lillian B Emery to Sarah J Crow lot
ill Mars for SISOO.
S O Sterrett to Chas W Crawford 4
lots in Valencia for $3lO.
F W Keiner to Elizabeth Feucht 1
acre in Buffalo fo' sittoo.
Jas M Pearoe to ihn A Slater 30
acres in Allegheny for SISOO.
John Cashdollar to W C Cashdollar .
acres in Adsm° for si.
J Ralph Park to A 1 Ruff lot on Peail
St for S2OOO.
Jos Earhart to Saml Slierwin 15 acres
in Fairview for S7OOO.
Tbeo Young to Ja~ Smith properly in
Claj for SSOO.
.T S Stone to R E Stone property for
Annie Rommell to L> M Deets 25 acres
in Don 3gal for {6OO.
Jehu H Brenner to Ed A Horigan 120
acre= in Lancaster for $4200.
J ? Elliott to J E Patton 25 acres in
Centre for $-">00
S P Shryock to h li Brown S}o acres
in Parker fi-r S7OO.
Christopher Fredky adm'r. to R W
B ix'/Od release ou property in Middle
sex i or ssiio.
G Lewis Dufford to S G Guinn lot in
W Suubury "or $2150
Gottlieb Pfeil to Laura Hemphill 68
acres i.i Clinton for 'y, .'OO.
L P Hazlett to D B Douthett lot on
W Pen n st for SI2OO.
Tlieo Vogeley to Johu Schenck lot on
Cleveland tt for $750.
S<) sterrett to W J McMarlin 2 lots
in Vahuc.a for $1«0.
W W McCoraell to Tas S Bortz lot in
H arrisville for SIOOO.
Jaj S Bort/to W W KcConnell lot
iu Harrieville fur S2IOO
J Thto Frederick to Walter Wohland
170 ;:cr s in Jettersu. iur S9OOO.
° v" I'arneu to L E Morgan lot ou vv
I Pen', st. fcr J U 50. •
I Tg> bella Gillespie t<Wm V Powell lot
' Millerscown for fiiOO.
L I Coovi-rt to Lewis Whitmire 3
acres in Adaois for slcT>o.
M.-.rk G Hiblu t.> North Pgh Realty
Co, tha Porter property, :<0 acres in
Jf.cksofi tor sss')o.
E!i May to same 3 acres iit Fovwayd
for *271.
W S Waldron to same 11 acres in
Forward for ♦1C62.20.
A J Purr to same 80 acres in Forward
for if 1900.
Jos Ash to same 65 acres in forward
for iflooo.
The Edward Dambach Go to &ame lot
in Kvaps City for $450.
Marriage licenses.
Andrew Bnrkhard Bntler
Eva 7. Moon"
George S. BolU Carbon Black
Clara L Green .... .. .Saryers Station
Win. J. Neely Hutlur
Myrtle WylautJ,... ..
Frank Toth Ferris
Barbara Sotko "
Orris V Fisher Butler
Margaret Hortou "
Paul F< rfors, Jr Butler
Irene Oesterling "
J. D. White Bntler
Pearl Slav Weß'el Harmony
D P. Burtner. Corsicana, Tex
Florence L. Norris Carbon Black
Albert J. Bhonp Bntler
Elva B. Holliday.... "
John F. M'.lli r Herman
Nora E. Bauer Summit twp
Clande C. Hoffman Oil City
C'ortie B. Sproull Boyer
B. Munz Bntler
Beckie Belkirj..,, "
William Montgomery Cherry twp
Myra B. Webb Clay twp
At Franklin C. J, Bean of Mead
ville and Zella Sloan of Eau Clairo.
At Franklin, A. < • r ockhard of Free
port and Ohriatina Ghost ot Clinton
twp. also Win, B. Hovis and Sadie Mc-
Clelland of Evans City
At Yonngstowu, Mi'ton George Wood
of Butler and Emma Jiess.
At Cleveland, Oklahoma—Charles
Mechllug formerly of Butler and Mab«d
Lost Tcctli.
While J. M. Hogne of Parker twp.,
Mir Brain, was- flailing buckwheat, in
a U.rn Tuesday, he found a set of
t< elli .v'uioh the owner can have
Uy ~nl'ing uj o:i him.
—Wl.y i J Newton ' The Piano Mm?
See i'dv.
WANTED— Mortgabbmoney. Crafton
Realty Co , Crafton, i'a.
Blacksmith Wuntwl.
Good location, goo.] shop, good house,
and «ood oil-country trade, and every
thing «.>HUy for work. The man that
h is jn.-r left was tuT'; eleven years and
left a good tiade behind him. The man
wan ed must be steady and an all around
workman. A uiariiee man is preferred.
R F. D. 77. Chicora.
We can club the CITIZEN with the
Pittsburg Ga/atte Times at $.1.00 per
year for the two; CITIZEN and Pitts
burg Post for stf.2s and Toledo Blade
CITIZEN and Country Gent $2.25 per
Cash in advance
Money to loan on first mortgage,
roic s * el:.
1 Tour-roomed bous and lot 40x120
| f< < t at corner of Sot'. Ii Ht. and Spring
I | Dill Aye. inquire on premises, 21H
Souii- Sr
II —Why is Newton "The Piano Man?
- See adv.
Dr A. M Neyman tripped and fell
in bis bath room. Monday, and broke
! the bones of his left wrist, bnt is doing
Robert Gahagan of Freeport. aged
abont 27 years, was almost instantly
killed. Tuesday evening, bytheacciden
i tal discharge of an old pistol that he
I and his brother. Dee. had been looking
Oil ami Gas Notes.
The Market—Both agencies are pay
ing $1.58.
Butler twp. —E. E Kelly & Co s well
on the Frazier farm, just west of But
ler, reached the third sand. Monday,
and gladdened the hearts of its owners
by filling up with oil.
Yesterday morning the well was
"shot, ' and threw oil over the derrickj
John Lillie has brought in a l<»-biirrel
producer on his farm two miles east of
Chicora. Thirty years ago James Mc-
Michael located a well in the exact spot
where the present well now stands, but
his friends persuaded »hiin to save his
tnonej', as the location was in an entire
ly dry strip.
The largest well in Venango county
for 20 years was brought in last Satur
day on the Witherup farm. in Bullion
hollow, near Scrubgraaa. It is owned
by Andrew Rabb and made 100 barrels
in 40 minutes, when it was shut in on
account of inadequate tankage, Ex
perts estimate the well will produce
over 1,000 barrels a day. It is located
in the Kennerdell district.
Jury List for Nov. Term.
List of names drawn from thy proper
jury wheel this Bth day of September,
190*>. to serve as traverse jurors at a
special term of court commencing on
the second Mouday of Nov., 1906, the
same being the 12th day of said month-
Baker Elmer, Penn twp, farmer.
Barnhart Wra, Bntler twp, carpenter.
Black O F, Donegal twp, farmer.
Bowers Otto, Buffalo twp, farmer
Boyer ERR, Harmony boro, farmer.
Brown J G, Forward twp, pumper.
Caldwell David, Oakland twp, farmer.
Caldwell D H, Butler 2d wd, machinist
Chambers John M, Clay twp, farmer.
Clouse Frank, Oakland twp, farmer.
Cronenwett Ernest, Butler sth wd,clerk
Douthett J B, Penn twp, farmer.
Gallagher R, Muddy Creek tp, farmer.
Green Thomas, Clearfield twp, farmer.
Harbison J D. Clinton twp, farmer.
Harvey Eldridge, Clinton twp, farmer.
Harnish D N. Butler Ist wd, clergyman.
Heck Pressly, Centre twp. farmer.
Helfrick J W, Bruin boro, pumper.
Heighenbotham William, Saxonburg
boro, laborer
Hutchison John. Marion twp. farmer.
Humphery Edward, Portersville boro,
Jackson R F, Oakland twp, farmer.
Jordan W C, Bruin boro. producer,
Kaltenbaugh John, Connoquenessing
twp. farmer.
Kissick W G, Slippery Rock borough,
Knox Bert, Harmony boro, laborer.
Laird Harvey, Butler Ist wd, laborer.
Midberry James A, Marion tp, farmer.
Miller John, Middlesex, twp, tarmer.
Miller Adam, Butfer Ist wd, engineer
NMcklas James, Butler Ist wd, laborer.
Kader Lewis, Forward twp, farmer.
Kambaugh Jacob, Harrisville borough,
Riddle J C, Clinton twp. farmer.
Rider Orestes, Centre twp, farmer.
Sarver Abraharj, Bqtler twp, retired.
Sedwig T B, Allegheny twp. farmer.
Spithaler Jacob, Forward twp, farmer.
Shafer Anthony.Harmony boro, laborer.
Shantz A B, Jackson twp. farmer.
Shakley John, Evans City boro,pumper.
Shnll John, Marion twp, farmer.
Starnm E li, Franklin twp, farmer.
Thompson H D, Centre twp, farmer.
Walters H A, Clinton twp, farmer.
Waxmnthe Arnold, Butler 2d wd, clerk
Zeigler Henry, Zelieno.Ole boro, retired.
Your Child's Eyes
many be defective: if so she will not be
able to keep up with her classmates in
school. Bring her to us and have them
tested. No ch;\rg<p foi. examination.
\VK also sell-
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Poco Cameras.
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins ai>d Guitars.
Optical goodg.
Fiold and Spy Ulaaaw,
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Court House.
) <
e TO
\ Redick &Grohman >
C 109 NorthJ- Main St., S
c Butler, Pa. \
to decide how you'll appear to others.
We're tjouml to tell you though, that
helps yon in yonr basiness. We always
impress thiß 011 cur • ustoiners and help
them select Rood" that are becoming
Our new stock of fall ami winter
suitings are the lineHt and cheapest
we've ever had. Stock's ready for iu
apection and you've our invitation to
inspect same.
Come in and give us your measure
before the rush.
Cor. Diamond. Butler. Pa
\ Rubber Gloves i
1 For \
/ Dainty Hands. S
f Some ladies think that as f
/ soon as they get married, and i
? start in housekeeping, they \
x have to give up trying to be \
C sweet and pretty and just as S
/ charming as possible. \
j Don't do it! You're mak- S
\ ing a serious mistake. Yon \
C can have just as dainty and S
V pretty hands and nails as of \
v yore, if yon will wear Rubber S
% Gloves when doing the work \
f which soils the hands, S
/ All sizes, per pair, ~sc. \
< C. N. BOYD, \
Cold Cure.
Call or write for a free
sample ol our "Guaranteed
Cold Cure
This cold cure is different
from any you have ever taken
and we positively guarantee it
to cure a cold. If it fails we
return your money.
' Guaranteed Cold Cure"
Price 25c.
For sale only at
Crystal Pharmacy
R. M. LOGAN, Fh. G.,
ICS N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Farm for Sale.
About 85 acres of land, with frame
bouse and frame bank barn, with slate
roof, and other outbuildings; farm ; ,s
*"11 adapted to rrnln nnd xr-.Br rf HTW
lug and is in a «coti staie of cultivation.
P.irt of land is splendid for raisin#
:*ries and small frnits; never failing
supply of water which can be had on
any part of farm On Sandy Lake
Grove City road: lino of »a« - ui within
five minr,tej wall; of borough line; with
telephone line passing farm. A good
investment at the price, s<.">.oo per
acre. Address
l.Ov» iJO*
kirove Citv, Pa.
13. 3.
cashmere twill*
Practically a cotton French
Flannel —printings as pretty
and fabric as fine as a French
Flannel, the only difference be
ing they are cotton in place of
New selection from 25,000
yards superfine double fold
Cashmere Twills beautiful
Japanese, Persian, Convention
al and staple patterns for
Kimonas, Dressing Sacques,
Waists and Children's Dresses,
121 and 15c a yard.
Immense assortments choice
Flannelettes, neat patterns —
Stripes, Checks and Plaids for
night robes "and pajamas, 61,
B', 10 and 121 c a yard.
Special lot yard wide Flan
nelettes extra width and
quality that will bring people to
this section in crowds, B'c a
Choice lot Fleeced Wrapper
goods—neat dressy, styles, B'c
a yard.
Lot of double fold fleeced
Jacquards—White Polka Dot
printings on Red, Pink, Creen
and Brown grounds, 15c goods,
8 1 3c a yard.
Women: special genuine
Kid Gloves—new shades of
Tan —# 1.00.
Large assortments women's
Gloves SI.OO to $2.00.
Boggs & Buhl
I.Ht your for *r • J»;v. 1» Kurt
ft hMb&OBfll, HI Ki'Ul til . I' '• ' • 1 * _
Twin"City Tiling Co.
lUnlwo-l MmileU, TIIIIIK »»<l «'l'«n '• '•' » * u
llulMlng. Nortli AVENUF. Alkni.n.jr, l»
Bell rtouue. Uii j tea..r. W.IM I«r
< In Basement of Old Building is >
< The Best 25=cent Meal in Butler.
I 11.30 to 2.30. |
| Friday and Saturday, |
j October sth and 6th. I
# All have a -pocial invitation tocoinr and -« t our luuid->in. lii •» ' J
c Pttten Hate, Bonnete and all lilK- in Fall and Wint. r u.-«i-. /
[MrsJL M. YounS, \
127 S. Main St., \ I
* Paint Sortsfi
its Three Sfaius.
Oil is the life of paint. Dead oil.
dead paint; it peels oil, v.aahn oil.
fall* oiT. You hare to paint again, j
You've there. Well, you have
Svcii getting paint with dead oil in it.
ririces for canned oil. <"
inseed oil and mix it with Hamn<ar
Condensed Paint yourself. Then > u
know you've got fresh paint. i'.iint
that will stick right, look right, \w;«r
right and at the right price.
Men of experience always do tliie. It
n-tve* money and saves work, too.
We'll explain paint pointi at lenjrth if
you will drop in on us some day—be
fore you paint this season.
We are sole agents for the paint you
■at without oil—and i:'K. 1- i th
famous Hammar Condensed Paint.
Gallou of paint, gallon of oil. Sitnf'. e
uiough. Absolutely fresh \ new.
Guaranteed for flv<» y . ear3 . We "an
♦how you in minute* how Ilammur
"wised Paint will save you money,
nt least 2.> per rent in cost and 100 per
cent in wearing qualities.
Also dealer in Lamps and Chimneys,
Roofing and Hponting. Washing Ma
chines, Cresm Separators, Oas Manths
Burners and (ilobe. Stoves. Gas Ranges,
Hardware, Cutlery, Sewing Machines
and Supplies. All kings of sewing ma
chines repaired.
Henry Biehl,
People's Phone -MM,
122 N. Main St.. Butler, Pa.
******** **** .♦*■****•*** «-**»
I "The Nixon" |
x •»
I- ■ 1
I Butler's Newest ij
| Best Hotel. |
t Beautifully appointed in every j
§ detail. E<inipped with every f
x known modern convenience. 1 #j
Z rooms singb - or ensnite, with X
| 0 r without bath. Cuisine and f
$ service of the highest standard |
J Privnte dining rooms Evening jj
* Dinner, Orchestra and Roof f
I Garden. Location very centre |
§. of business district. Rates s2.')o I
| to f!,V) jK-r day, American plan. J
* Luncheon, 50 cents, Evening *
I Dinner, 7"» cents.
X *
£*** *;**-# ****** ** * * *** * ***•
or FINE N t-\\ n'!"■' ' t 11
I I rf, WKItl. *I - \ ' I' :
iiri> BOOM si'iTF.-. i**' i ' OINII i 111 .
i I II TO MA It'll, u : i: •-
AM. Bi:A-« BF.Im 1 ; ~vM»I * i
j'.n. <;o F"i: u •
MIKBOK ol»I» \ '"-I' '
*:t <rniEi:S AI #IS Nl» '! «
FOR 17 &A OAK < HIRR OIIK . #*?■. *
*M> #1- WITH : L«» MIKI:<' . I.A I
■tooM itr«.s in noYAi. wit t"N i \ r,
write fti, cio roit |WI im.wonm »•>!
#l.l. BKOSBELS Bt'fc', SIZE »
j VELVET, WEKE |M, NOW ♦.-» <•> "-.urits
\ NI>«IO, oir> ll not HI I
I.OOK fOB 810 < N WINI> W
Cold Weather Clothing
We are Showing the Largest Line in Butler.
We here mention only a few of the many bargains
that we have for you.
Men's Corduroy Pants, all lined 5i.25 worth $2.00
Boys' Corduroy t Long Pants, ali lined. . 125 worth t.75
Men's Jean Pants, all lined.. 65 worth 85
Men & Jmh Pnntr;. ait lined """ i.uu «vi(U> k-^j
Men's Blue Flannel Shirts _ 50 worth 75
Men's Heavy fleeced lined Underwear— 44 worth 50
Men's and Boys' Heavy Sweaters 48 worth 73
Men's and Boys' Heavy Wording Shirts ... 39 worth 50
Men's and Boys' Working Shirts. 25 worth 35
Men's and Boys' Winter Caps 25 worth 38
137 Sooth Main Street. Batler P»
@(o)(o)(o)(o)(§)(§)©(o)©®(oX§ygys)(®)(2)®©(§)@X§)@(8)© ®
@ ' -s of any piece of furniture on
Zl ©
©I .•. f* ' - «e
JS* :
' IPS tne ' ar K e sc e are V
s, s
' beat.®
X wfr - qual A
1 ■ a ' e always welcome ataß
0 SfilL The Store that Saves P
1 Patterson Bros. §
to IQC IU (I/loin or - a » n aild ®i
XBrown & Co. lOU N IViain Mifflin St |
I Campbeirs|
i Good Furniture. *
2H ?, v Sf-9 The worthy kind that wtfl last for*
! years Never before have we shown
I ]o| 'fa \ so many choice pieces It is the
iIM J V most complete stock we have ever MB
| fS I shown. kg*
sgj Parlor Table %TMO Rocking GJwfr
Pattern top. fanry »um»>l W ■« ' l»>t< .* of K' ■•!*" ■•k « r n *^'
Jfet ' E
Jfc£t ««• n'"'s2
fjjf| conntrnctioo j *•>')
|| Odd Divan $16.75 VH©nr Coucb 916.75 g
>. ~t ii[ .■ i-r.-r lin -r— t. Bj
ga ~|u.-h Wuori Uni«t- r ]»
I■, • 'if WWiIW 'PMBBI n *' t ]0(
9| nicely iH.liKh-l. I» « f.itt - »i»l w-ll m*.!.-
H Oak Dresser $15.00 Iron Bed fll.oo f
Pattern » *w«»ll t»p «lr»w» - - '»' • ntlßn BK
fcrf N-v♦•if I i :rr r ;•••-' ' ''* m*i •* I :i
SSU Str. !.. ami ilornMf < <r..- ..f ti. wr nr. »:i j M tnmm.inc
101 Drw fall pattern* I-% bwl that will la*t a hfetiw M
1 Alfred A. Campbell!