Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, June 28, 1906, Image 3

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VOTE—AII ndrertiserH Intending to make ;
changes la their ad*. »hooid notify o» of
tbelr intention to do so not later than Mon
day morning.
Executor's notice. estate of Angnit
Notice to Bridge Contractor?
Notice. . _ ..
Butler County National Banks stat
Notice to Teachers.
Zimmerman's Semi-annnal sale.
Evth Bros Wall Paper.
Schaul & Lew's Clearance sale.
Modern Store's Sale
Campbell's furniture
AdMlßlauaCOM and Kx<*:ulors of
rm secure their rece.pt book* -»t tn,
I'lTlifl'S office.
TERMS: $1.50 Per Year
If paid in advance.. 1.00
Each subscriber, by consulting the
little tab on his paper, can tell the date
to which his subscription ispauT
y No Paper Next Week, /
% This office will be closed, next /
j week, and no paper will be issued
I from it. S
—Come to Butler for the Fourth.
—Next Wednesday is the Glorious.
—Dance at Euclid. tomorrow even
—ls extortion being practiced in Lyn
- The floods left some deep holes in
the creek.
—This is Donation Day at the Zelien
oplu Orphans Home.
-Thepicincat the Park, yesterday. -
w.n the biggest ever..
—The V'alvaline Oil Works at E.
Butler, are taking shape. i
—The Spanish-War veterans will 1
reaou at Daßois, July 27-2
—The to.vnship school boards are of
fering £lO and S4O P ER month. <
—The i.ot bath cure for spinal menin
gitis is the only one yet known. ]
—The Jiremeu promiee a good time to j
all who come to Butler for the 4th.
—Old fashioned 4th of July celebra- <
tions ail around, and races at the lake, I
—The Court House will be cloeed Sat
nrd*y afternoons during July and An- (
gust. 1
—The exposures in the meat packing
business ought to encourage home pro- (
—The Buxton farm in Middlesex is <
rei»orted to have changed hands for
S2O, WW. j
—The ball-teams and several hundred i
common people went to the lake,
—The Power Honse of the P. H. N. J
C. & B. trolly line will be located at l
Evans City. '
—Two important Japanese gentlemen,
inspected the Plate Glass works in Bat- j
ler yesterday. (
—Three Kames of ball and*several of 1
tennis, on the 4th, besides the parade
and fireworks.
—There will be ri special Council
meeting, this evening, to open revised I
bids on paving.
—lf your kid is wounded, next week, j
wash the wound in hot water, and then
■end for the doctor.
—Lightning struck the new Court
House at Greensburg, last Friday, and ,
damaged the dome.
—An eighteen-pound turtle, left, by
the flood, was caught on the ball
grounds, last week.
—The buy-at-home business policy is
aound, especially when your home mer
chants sell just as cheap.
—The latest fad is the conundrum
sapper. You are Required to guess
what you are eating. —Ex.
—Dairymen are being advised to sow
a few acres in corn for fall feeding, also
to buy their fresh cows now.
—The Car Works Auditors have a
ball team that have beaten the mer
chants, lawyers and printers.
—"A good way to strengthen the im
agination is to acquire a piece of real es
tate aud then offer it for sale."
—A series of hail storms have Injured
the crops of Berks and Lehigh coun
ties Hail to the depth of from 5 to 8
inches fell last Saturday.
—Hereafter young men and women
caught swimming in the Slipperprock,
near Muddy creek Falls, will be arrest
ed—particularly on Snnday.
—Butlejr, West Sunbury, Farming
ton and perhaps other towns in the
county that we have not heard of, will
have 4th of Jnly celebrations.
—Last Thursday and Friday were the
longest days of the year, and if you
planted yoar cucumber seed on those
day no matter what variety of seed, the
product Is liable to be a foot long.
—A fifty-eight pound sturgeon was
qtaght in the river at Allegheny last
diturday The stnrgeon comes up from
the sea and has been caught in the
Allegheny as far north as the month of
--All the bids handed in at Council
' meeting, last Thursday night, for pav
ing certain street", were too high.
* Council "smelted a mice," and rejected
tbem nil, and directed the secretary to
—A woman who was a party to a
marriage license issued last week in
Franklin has 'ho record for short wid
owhood. Her hnsband died the first
week in June and her second license
was taken out just ten days later.
--The secretaries of the different
School Boards of the county can secure
' the lists of school children of the coun
ty, for conpulsory attendance in their
district* at the office of the Connty
Commissioners any time they call
, Spontaneous combustion caused a
fire in a stable stored full of rdgs belong
-1 itig t > MUX Zief, a junk dealer on Fair
ground Ave., Monday evening. Water
had leaked through the roof into the
rags. Zief stated his loss would amount
to <9OOO.
' -*-A remarkable cure of rheumatism
is reported from New Castle, and is said
to have resulted from a thunderbolt.
Win. I'attoti wan suffering In bed when
Mis home wax struck by iightning. He
was so severely stunned that be lay nn
conscious five hours. Later hie rheu
matin in to disappear and he has
entirely recovered.
King Kelly konldn't knrn
Elmer Timblin of Concord was a I ri
day visitor.
Mrs. Cal Logan of Jefferson twp. was
i in town, Friday.
President Roosevelt has announced
his intention of going to Panama, next
Dr. Boyle purchased the Dr. Bricker
property on N. McKean St , last week,
for s*ooo.
D. L. Hutchison and wife of Wash
ington twp. did some shopping in But
ler, Friday
E. B. Lyon and sister of L.as Cruets
new Mexico, are visiting relatives in
this connty.
Thomas Lvon. wife and daughter vis
ited Mrs. Lyon's folks in Brady's Bend,
over Sunday.
Rev. Ferguson has been nominated
for Congress by the Prohibs of Law
rence county.
Carl Cronenwett s children are afflict
ed with diptheria. and his wife has a
sprained ankle.
Reuben Shanor of Prospect was in
town, last week, and sonic one mistook
him for Greely.
Geo, Hays of Duquesne Heights, for
merly of Middlesex twp. visited rela
tives in Butler, last week.
Mrs Julia Strong of Cincinnati has
been the gue?t of her mother, Mrs.
Louis Stein, for sometime.
Dr. J. C. Foster, osteopath, has as<*>-
ciated himself with hi 3 mother, Dr.
Julia A Foster, in practice.
Misses Mary Miller and May McCon
nell were delegates to the Sunday
School convention at Harmony, tms
Mrs. Alfred Aggas is the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Alex Pollock of Centre twp.
Mrs. Aggas has returned from a tiJD to
the west.
Rev. Adam Schweinsburg of Wheel
ing visited his mother in Centre twp.,
over Snnday. He attended Synod at
Erie, last week.
Mrs. Geo. A. Hile and Mrs Wm
Patterson of Karns City, and Mis 3 Cora
Kiefer of Kaylor did some shopping in
Butler, Tuesday.
W. H. Larkin is tearing down the
old Donaghy- Wilson-Mitchell house on
N. Main St.. preparatory to building a
modern mansion.
Benjamin Hockenberry of Cherry
twp. visited his daughters. Mrs. Dickey
and Mrs. Bell in Butler, yesterdny, and
took in the picnic.
Senator Morgan of Alabama was 83
years of age. last Wednesday, and ad
dressed the Select Bunch in favor of a
gea-level canal, that day.
H. H. Halstead and John B. Cunning
ham of Clinton twp., and Mrs. Harvey,
a daughter of Mr. Cunningham were In
town on business, Monday.
Eph Campbell of Bntler. son of Hovey
Campbell, dee'd, lately graduated from
a Philadelphia Medical College, and
will locate in a western town.
Mrs. Julian Clark and daughter. Mar
garet, and son, Edwin, had a delightful
time one day last week at the houie of
Mrs. Alex Pollock of Centre twp.
Miss Maude Hays and Dr. J. V.
Cowden were married at the bride s
home, yesterday noon, and left that
evening for an extended wedding trip.
Joseph Franklin's mansion at the cor
ner of E. Penn and Elm Sts., is one of
the grandest in Bntler. If you haven t
seen it you want to walk over that
Archie Davidson became Tax Collec
tor of Butler, last week, and will con
tinue in the office in the Odd Fellows
building, with Ed McShane as assis
Park Brymer is visiting friends in
Butler, and has an arm oft. He lost, it
by an accident in the yards at Jersey
City, last month, and now has a job in
the office.
Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Johnston of
Ziegler Ave. are rejoicing over their
first born, which arrived last week.and
Davis Smith is duly proud of being a
Frederick Ebert of Clinton twp., near
Saxonburg, has not been in the best of
health for a year or two, but he is get :
ting better and we hope to again see
his honest face soon
Mary Miller, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ellsworth Miller, very pleasantly
entertained a number of her young
friends with a party at her home on
Franklin St., Monday evening
Mr. Van Rehan of Cape Town, South
Africa, visited Chas. Trontman over
Sunday. He and Troutmau were class
mates at Lehigh University, and be in
tends remaining in this countrv.
Miss Edna Caldwell, daughter of
Thomas Caldwell of Concord twp. re
turned from a visit with friends in
Grove City, Monday. Her brother,
Paul, finished a term at the college
there, lately, and returned home with
James Hasten Hyde, of life insurance
fame, is said to be looking around for a
French castle to buy as his residence
for the rest of his life This may ere
ate a new point of travel a place
where American policyholders can ob
serve the investment of their savings.
The Butler Public Library has add
ed another lot of Interesting liooks to
the catalogue. These will be of facial
intercut to the your.g people.
—Two hundred people were present
at the Emery Pizor reunion at J. A.
Vojan's last week. Their next reunion
will beat J. H. Emery's, near Harlans
—White-grass t»ummer hats, -wrnmon
ly called Panamas, are selling In our
stores at $5 each; arid they are tt very
good Imitation of the genuine Panamas,
which are said to l>e woven under water
on the isthmus and sell at from $25 to
SIOO each.
—When it comes to figures that are
away up you may depend npon a Butlu;
bank being in it. The figures in the
statement of the Bntler County Nation
al Bank in this issue go beyond the
three million mark—the highest in the
history of any Butler connty financial
—The Freeport Journal says there is
a new bird In that neck of woods this
year. "It is just the size and form of
the robin, has a rich seal brown back
and wings, is black and white flecked
on the breast, and seems to want to be
friendly. It hops around the lot look
ing for worms within a few feet of the
man with the hoe It probably belong*
to the thrash family, but Is a stranger
in this locality."
--The New Nixon hotel has been
completed by the contractors and is
now being furnished. The second
story is being fnrnishe:l in red, the third
In green and the fourth in brown. All
the rooms are In suites, with a bath and
a telephone for each. They are very
pretty and up to date In every re
spect. The first floor will be occupied
by the office and dining rooms. The
roof garden is reached by the elevator,
and will be a novelty for Bntler
—The Thaw family at t'lttsonrg are
having lots of trouble. Their East
End. Pittsbnrg, home was lately rob
bed of silver-plate, jewels aud presents
valued at $60.000; and the son who mar
ried a pretty chorns girl some time ago,
jhot, and killed an old lover at hern, a
, New York clubman and millionare. at
I a roof-garden entertainment, last Mon
: day night, and is now in jail. The af
. fair reminded New Yorkers of the
I Flak-Stokes affair of SO yean ago.
E E. Abrams and C. N. Boyd vs
Anna D. and Wm. A. LOWTV, ejectment
to settle boundary line between prop
erties on East Diamond.
Ann E. Christy vs Mina and George
Fredley, summons in trespass.
J. M. Yogeley vs Jacob Hetzel eject
ment for a frame meat market building
on Locust St Hetzel failed to pay rent
as tenant, end confessed judgment for
the premises.
A 1 Zeigler vs Gilbert Hook.-, trespa.-*
for SIO,OOO for damages for f-lander.
Zeigler is a hardware merchant in Mars
and was formerly school director. He
alleges that Hooks said ' A 1 Zeigler stole
enough money from the Mars School
Board to build his brick building, and I
can prove it."'
J. H. Stone vs W. -T. Burke, assump
sit for $50<172. Stone states that while
he was living at Warren, 0., Burke in
duced him to move to the latter's farm
near Calleiy, promising him a long
term of years, and to pay his freight ex
pense of removal and other items
Stone alleges a preliminary agreement
was signed and afterwards Burke pre
pared another agreement calling for a
one-year term which Stone signed with
out reading or understanding. He w;i>-
warned off by Burke prior to Jan. 1.
190 C, and now sues for breach of con
When ci'minal court cpened in Kit
tannin;.'. last Friday, a sealed verdict
retui Jed by a juiy late Thursday night
was opened and it was found that C.
W. Baumgardner. a Pennsylvania rail
road detective, and County Detective N.
K. Coller had been found guilty of as
sault and battely and aggravated as
sault and batter}-. This is the sequel to
the Leechburg muddle, which has long
been dragging through the courts. Ira
Butler, a Leechburg furniture dealer,
was charged with mutilating a com
petitor's goods. Baumgardner beinsr
the prosecutor. At the late session of
court Ex-Sheilff J. S. Gallaher was
found guilty of influencing that grand
jury in favor of Butler: Butler himself
has been found guilty of the offense and
now Baumgardner and Coller have been
convicted of assaulting Butler while ar
resting him
In the U. S. District Qourt in Kansas
City, last Friday, the four big meat
packing companies of that town and the
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad
Company were sentenced to pay a fine
of $13,000 each for violation of the
Federal law against taking and giving
rebates. At the same time a New York
broker and his clerk were sentenced to
pay considerable fines and to brief im
prisonmeot for securing rebates. The
cases will be appealed to the higher
courts, but Judge Mcpherson did his
part toward making the law as it stands
respected. The officers of the defend
ant corporations should, also, have been
sentenced to imprisonment.- This de
fect. in the law should be cured by the
present Congress before it adjourns.
Fines, however large, will not prevent
great corporations from breaking the
law if they can greatly profit by ao do
ing, but imprisonment of their officials
would act as a general deterrent.
The jury in the case of Jos. Eskovitz.
charged with false pretense, returned a
verdict of not guilty.
A plea of nol pros was entered in the
case of Maurice Pollock, selling liquor
without license, on payment of the
costs by the defendant.
The last case tried in criminal court
wa« that of the Standard Brewing Co.
of New Castle, selling liquor without
license. The Brewing Co. had been
operating in Lyndora through an agent.
Friday afternoon the jury returned a
verdict of not gui lty, but pay the costs.
Monday was divorce day in Couit and
the following were heard and granted:
Maggie S. Morrison froin Van Kirk Mor
rison, Nannie E. Mortimer from Ww.
S. Mortimer, Nellie Osenbaugh from
Elmer Osenbaugh, Ernestine Uaer from
August Baer, Peter Grillo from Maiy
Grillo, Maud Hepler from Edgar L.
Hepler and Eleanor Stephens from Al
beit Stephens.
James Milliron has been appointed
constable of Winfield twp. vice Wm. J.
Watson, resigned.
The will of August Stice, dee d, of
Clinton twp. has been probated. The
estate goes to his wife for life, with re
mainder to his sister, Eleanor Jacobs.
Henry Halstead and J. B. Cunningham
are the executor*
A St. Louis court has decided that
goods brought from a trust need notibe
paid for, the obligation being placed in
the same category as a gambling debt
In common pleas couit at Toledo, 0..
Monday, Judge Kinkade imposed the
maximum sentence of 45,000 fine and
one year in the workhouse on five ice
men guilty of conspiracy in restraint of
trade. The five men, all of them prom
inent in business and social circles, were
taken to the county jail to await the
making out of the necessary papers to
commit them to the workhouse.
C. F. Keister ban filed a caveat
against tl;e probate of the will of his
wife, Nellie B. Keister. No cause for
the protest is set forth.
The charter of the Pittsburg Hickson
Furniture Co. was filed in the Recorders
oflice, yesterday The capital stock of
the company is SBOO,OOO, at fl<>o a share.
Toney Cherry, a native of Italy, and
Alphonse Lajliberinont, a native of
Belgium, were naturalised, yesterday.
Morris Kohn, a native of Germany,
has filed his first papers for naturaliza
A mortgage given by the Pittsburg,
-Harmony, Butler and New Castle Rail
way (Jo. to the Union Trust Co. of Pitts
burg for $1,500,000 has been recorded.
Henry Hale, colored, has been charged
with surety of the peace by Goldio
Charles Kabior, John Lokotis, James
Creapo. William Mehazcnk and Morris
Pollak were sworn in as citiaens of the
United Stateu, Tuesday.
A divorce was granted to Jennie
Wright from Charles Wright.
Harry B. Cooper, ex'r, of Sarah B.
Stephenson, deed, has been granted
leave to make sale of land in franklin
It A Marks, adm'r, to Samuel L Jack
son lot on Three Degree Koad for $750.
Jackson E Ebert to Jacob A Harmon
lot in Butler twp. for SBSO.
Mary Kleinfelter to Anthony Scljaef
fer int. in lot in Harmony for $100; also
to Frank Schaeffer Int. in lot in Jackson
iwt). for #l5O.
]< B Denman to John T Elliott lot in
Butler for S2OOO.
Henry DeWolfe to Elizabeth Witte 28
acres in Winfield for $ .
Butler Laud and Imp. Co. to Maiia
Kirchner lot at East Butler for $58.50.
McCurdy Bricker to Kathleen M
Boyle lot on N. McKean St. SBOOO.
SStauffer to Flora C Chtilfant
lot in Haimony for 4'j"jo.
Jacob to 15 L (ioehring H
ucreu in Cranberry for $4500.
John P Castor to Jas IS Mayer, 72
acres in Worth for SB2OO.
Margaret A Snitzel to Mark G Hibbs.
1 acre in Jackson for S3OOO.
Lulu C Long to James O Long, 11
acres in Franklin for SBSO.
Etta M Dietrich to John itauschen
berger, lot in Butler for $llOO.
M L Starr to Charles A Hawk, lot <n
Butler twp. for
Carey LbaCJt-r to lamea Kildoo, 28
acres in Brady for t?75.
Clerk of Courts to J It Henuinger, 01
acres in Muddycreek for SBOO.
Lillie C Blair to W J Ekis, 30 acres in
Buffalo for SOOO.
E L Kalston to Lottie C Znver, lot in
Butler for SIOOO
Julia Vcge.ey k» \y a 'thorn, lot in
butler for $2280.
Ira McJunkin to P B & L E It It, lot
in Butler twp. for SBOO.
Jane Parkins to Tracy Denhnlm,
Pittsburg, lot in Butle« for s'(2oo.
Mary A McDowell to Mary C < >'Bri" u,
lot in Butler for
Aloyituw to same. lot in
Butler for S2BOO.
W E Cochran to Mrs. Laura E Bow
! ers lot on W Penn St for SOOO.
j M J IjOgtie to Mary Logue 05 acres in
Clearfield for if I'SKI
11 A P McKee, ex'r,. to Jas It Kiskaddon
! 05 acres in Allegheny for SI7OO.
! Sheriff Campbell to H L George 102
! acres in Jefferson for SJ4OO.
• Cottage Hill Land Co to Gilbert Les
! ter lot in Butler for $l2O.
I Geo Knauff, ex'r, to Robt Beers 89
i ncres in Cranberry for SIBOO.
i "
Marriage J^icenscs.
John C. T'>y Mars
; Carolyn N. Black Slipperyrock
' Edward McFadden East Pittsburg
I Edna Shronp Jefferson twp
| Oliver Wm. Robb Rock Island 111
; Corn Emeline McClnre Prospect
■ Alva Ralya Hooker
i Bessie Mav Br"wn Karns Cltv
James Besaut Butler
Emma D. Waliey " j
John Leyland Butler i
Stella Hollabanzh " i
' Michael R Nash SharpsbnrK
I Elizabeth L Killian Bntler
George E. Faulk Bntler
Pearl C. Stear Punxsutawney
Ralph M. Maitland Glade Run
Mary Cappeau Reibold
Clifford A Hoon Butler
Gertrude A. Keck
C. H. Foster Sarversville
Maude A. Walter
W. J. Greenert Butler
Ella Widenhofer ....Herman
John F. Pickard Karns City
Bertha E. Mortimer
William H Witte Carbon Black
Louise Freebling
George N. Morris Carbon Black
Laura F. lindiger Saxonbnrg
John Victor Cowden. Butler
Maud B. Hays
W. C. Muesrush McßriJe
Mary A. Bvera Boydstown
Joseph Krab Forestville
Mollie Hughes
George W. Work Cbicora
BlancheM. Shook
Fred P. Bubak Butler
Erma F. Wilson Dayton, O.
John S. Kearney Braddock
Marie Turgeon Butler
C. L. Chambers Parkers Landing
Ida L. Hogan Allegheny, Pa
At Pittsburg -James H. Adams and
Gussie Horning of Bntler Junction.
At Franklin —John M. Dnnlap of
Butler and Sadie Bailey of Harrisville.
At Mercer—W. V. Tribby of Butler
and Bessie Boyd of Clarks Mills: Wm.
J. Hinkson of Keister and Selma Staub
of Meadville; W. J. McCurdy and
Laura King of Worth; Arnold Bowser
of Bntler and Minnie Unangst of Hil
"Wanted immediately, 200 laborers
and teamsters: wages $2 per day; apply
to D. E. Brown, The Hollenden."
In blissful unconsciousness of the
foregoing ad, that appeared in the
Cleveland newspapers, Brown, assistant
superintendent ot the Crucible Steel
Company in Pittsburg, opened the door
of parlor J in the Hollenden at 7 o'clock
Friday morning in response to a rap
and was greeted by a delegation of
teamsters, who wanted work. He dis
missed them by saying there must be a
mistake, but when he went down stairs
for breakfast bp was stormed by 200, all
seeking employment.
Packing his goods he and bis better
half fled from the hotel and city. Brown
was married in Sewickly, Pa., Thurs
day and his friends inseited the "ad" to
have some fun.
One of the prettiest home weddings
that has taken place in Butler for many
a year was that of Miss Maude, daugh
ter of Captain Thos. Hays, and Dr. Jno.
V. Cowden of Butler. The bride was at
tended by a number of friends. Dr.
Ketler presided,a nephew of the groom.
John \ ictor Cowden, was ring-bearer,
the ling ceremony of the Episcopal
church was used, the bride and groom
knelt on cushions during the ceremony.
An elegant wedding breakfast followed
and the happy couple left that evening
on a wedding trip, after which they
will be at home at 325 S. McKoan St.
—The chances are that the proposed
changes to the Court House will go over
till next Spiing.
—Butler beat Cumberland 10 to 1 at
Ommcsut Lake yesterday and leads the
P. O. M. league again.
—Our Catholic friends and neighbors
fed about two-thousand j>eople, at
the Park', yesterday, and fed them well.
W. O. W. I'icnlc.
Keystone Camp will hold their annual
outing at Erie, Juiy IJ, at the beauti
ful Waldamere.
Train leaves B. & O, station at 7 a.m.
Fare, including car fare to park, $1.50,
children 75e. Reduced rates on all en
tertainments at Park to all Woodmen
and their friends. Come along and en
joy the day with the Choppers on the
shore of beautiful Lake Eiie.
Our grocers are paying ,foy—
Apples 1 75
Freah eggu 17
Butter 15
Potatoes 05-70
Chickens, dressed 10 18
Turkey, dressed 22
Navy beans, bu 81 85
Onions, bu 1H)
Honey per lb lii
Dried App10a...... ..... ! 8
Turniiia, f>er bu... 40
Parsnips, per bu 75
Beets per do* bunches 80
August 21, 22, -.'{ and 24,
I i> <) O.
I'lciiles unci Reunions.
Woodmen's annual picnic, at Erie,
Thursday, July 12.
July 17 to July 31. Y. M. C. A. boys
tamp at Avonia, on Lake Erie.
Oil Men's Association and National
Transit employees, at Conneant Lake,
July 20.
Aug. 15—Masons at Conneaut Lake.
Anyone who fails to get a copy of Ti.e
Pittsburg Dispatch ne .t Sunday, July
I, will a rare treat. Everyone
»nows The Dispatch Is the "best al
ways," but there are some reasons why
next Sunday s paper will eclipse any
other paper in this or any other ter
First, a beautiful picture, 10*15,
worth framing and tit to adorn the wall
of any room in any house, will be given
absolutely free.
Next Sunday's Dispatch will contain
the first part of "The Lady Evelyn" by
Max Pemberton—a novel of charming
romance, lightning action, extraordi
nary mystery. It cost $150,000 to secure
the riu;ht to publish this novel and
eleven others Isjfore they are published
in book form. The Dispatch was suc
cessful in securing the ught to publish
them in its territory- oro. complete
novel every moutL.
The Four percent. Negotiable Certifi
cates of Deposits issued by the Pitts
burg Bank for Savings, of Pittsburg,
Pa., are deservedly popular. The read
ers of this paper having funds on hands
aud desiring a safe and profitable in
vestment for the same should write the
hank for a free copy of their booklet—
Certificates of Deposits. Mention this
paper when writing.
The School Board of Concord twp.
will meet to elect teachers, July 7th, at
Hooker, at 1 o'clock p.m. Wages $lO
per month.
By order of Board.
I. P. MunTtfA>.'l.. 1-ieu.,
Karns City, Pa.
Whereas, my wife, Maiy A. Tiinbhn,
j has left my home without auy cause
• whatever. Ido hereby notify all per
J sons not to furnish her any ov
any goods, clothing o. credit on my ae
touut, au i will pay no bills contracted
by her.
Karns City. June 22, 1000.
For Sulo.
j Several desirable dwelling properties
>1220 to SISOO in price
«i. H. Wise;LEY,
! S. W Diamond, Butler.
Rev. Hetrick having been elected to
the pastorate of Bethany Reformed
chnrch will be installed, Snnday even
ing at 7 :50. Preaching strvices in the
1 morning at 11. Member? and friends
! invited to be present at these services.
Rev Hetrick is a jfraduate of Frank
i lin and Marshall Seminary with the
i class of 190f>. and cooies direct from
' school.
The following statement was ismud
liy Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore, la?t
. Friday: "The cardinal has received
notification from Rone, through th e
apostolic dele:rati3n. th»t the holy father
' has jfrant-'d a dit-pensatinn from abstir.
, euce for Friday. Jrtne -9. the feast o:'
1 SS, Peter and Paul "
i St. Patrick's Catholic church at Sugar
' Creek will on July 3 and 4 celebrate it
centennial. The church is largely at
tended by people living in Butler conn
ty along the line of Armstrong county
and th£ celebration will be most inter
Members of Knights of Malta listened
to an appropriate fn& very eloquent ser
mon by Rev. Nicholas in Grace Lnther
an church, last Sunday evening. Com
munion will bp held in that church
nest Snnday Preparatory services
Fridny evening an<l Saturday afternoon.
At the annual convention of the
Yonng People's Union of the Beaver
Baptist Association, held at Prospect,
lust Friday, the following officers were
elected: President, Rev. D. Percy
French. Sharpsville: vice president, L
L. Tobin, New Brighton; secretary and
tre;:surer. Miss Alma Broadhead. New
Castle: member of executive committee.
Rev. Purvis, Sharon The
were elected officers of the Bible school:
President. Rev J. R. Campbell. Beaver
Falls: vice president, Professor .1 R.
Sherrard, New Castle: secretary, Mrs.
S. W. Crawford, Prospect; treasurer,
Chester W. Hunt, Harlansbnrg.
The twenty-ninth annual
of the Bntler County Sabbatl. School
Association met in Harmony and
Zelienople Tuesday morning. Early in
the morning the delegates commenced
arriving and by the time the convention
was called to order almost a hundred of
them were in the Grace Reformed
church of Harmony, where the first two
sessions were held. Every delegation
was met by the wide-awake reception
committee who wore white caps and
badges, and were escorted to the place
of meeting. Nothing was left undone
to make all feel welcome and soon,
whatever natural feelings of backward
ness there remained in the hearts of any
delegates were banished.
We catvolnb the CITIZEN with the
Pittsburg at §3.00 per
year for the two; CITIZEX and Pitts
burg Post for $3.25.
Cash in advance.
Summer Theatre.
The show at the Park this week is
immense. The balloon-man fiailed to
The LaMarrs, Spanish trapeze artists
will give free exhibitions jytcli day at
3 and S p.m. The bill at the theatre in
cludes, Chas. B. Lawler and daughters,
singers; Tom Gilland, Finegan's friend:
Feme, the Messenger Boy and his dog:
and a good sketch team.
Agents of the Bessemer Railroad will
sell excursion tickets July :ird and 4th,
good returning the sth. at very low
rates of fare. Special attractions at
Exposition Park. Inquire of agents for
rates and time of trains.
We are paying the highest price, in
cash, for wool. Call at or address,
107 South Main Street, Butler, JV
$2.00 C'omicaut Lake un<l lle
turn $2.00,
Going Saturdays leaves Bntler 7 and
0:30 a m, or 3:20 p. m., returning leaves
Exposition Park, Sunday 7 p m. or reg
ular trains Monday.
Painting and I'apcr-liangiiig.
W. B. Scott, painter and paper-hanger,
can lie found at 120 East (Quarry street.
Conneaut Lake Week-end Ex
Special train leaves Butler every Sat
urday at 3:30 p. m , returning leaves
Exposition Park every Sunday to Sept
ember Dth inclusive at 7 p. m., arriving
at Butler 0:15. Fare for round trip all
trains Saturday returning Sunday or
Monday $2.00. Connection made via
Meadville with trolley 'ine to and from
Saegertown and Cambridge Springs.
—Money to loan on first mortgage,
—Why is Newton "The Piano Man?
See adv.
duly 4tli Excursions.
Excursion tickets will be sold at low
rates of fare between all points on the
Bessemer & Lake Erie R. It. and to
points on connecting lines, July :!rd and
4th, good returning the stb. Inquire of
agents for rates and time of trains.
Spring Opening
The first opening this spring
of a bottle <>f onr own make
IJeof, Iron and Wine will
bring cheer to many families'.
all winter you become listless
an<l tired and have not the
ambition for extra spring
Our Beef, Iron and Wine
Is the "Spring Tonic" that
brings back red cheeks, red
lips, new blood, new life.
"Remember" we make our
own, it is not shipped in.
Every bottle guaranteed, your
money back if it fails.
Price 50c Pint.
Crystal Pharmacy
R. M. LOGAN, Ph. G,,
106 N. Main St., Butler. Pa.
W S. & E. WICK,
Kuukl) and Worked 1 urubor of %!l Kinds
Doorx, Hanh and MouldlriKN
Oil Woll IUKH a Suoclalty.
Ottioo auU Yard
U (JuriQltiLrliarii and Monroe Htm
near W«»t Penn Itapot,
Ttr u'K PA
|ft. R. Shan<?r,
Fire and Life Insurance
Room 50b, Butler Connty National
Bank Buildiug, Butler, Ft.
} Rubber Gloves S
For 5
I Dainty Hands. ;
| Some ladies think that as
, / !>oon as they c;et married, au-1 /
? start in honsekeepitj}?. they
x have to give ny trying to be \ j
C sweet aud pretty and jnst as "S ;
/ charming as possible. \
? Don't do it! You're mak- S
\ ing a serious mistake. Yon \ |
I can have jnst as dainty and !
\ prett}- hands aud nails as of \ j
v yore, if you will wear Rubber J
i Gloves when doing the work \ •
/ which soils the bands. S j
/ All sizt s, per pair, 75c. \ ;
\ ll
f'M %
: • ■ •. s! &-■
A. f
Wedding and
Commencement Presents
are now in order. In onr stock of
diamonds, watches, rings, brooches,
cut glass, vases, decorated china, fancy
clocks and a complete line of Sterling
and Rodgers silverware. Prices right
according to quality. We purchased a
largo stock of diamonds before the
recent advance which we are selling at
less than the present market.
We also sell-
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Poco Cameras.
Photo Snppliea.
Washbnrn Mandolins and Guitars.
Optical goods.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Conrt Ho"* ri
Noting ' lo Bridge Builders
The Commissioners of Bntler conntv
at their office in Butler, Pa., until July
•5 at twelve o'clock noon, will receive
sealed proposals for building the follow
ing bridges:
FIRST. McFann bridge over Glade
Kan in Middlesex township.
SECOND. Bonnie Brook bridge in
Summit township.
THIRD. Hilliard Bridge in Washing
ton township.
Bids will be received on steel super
structure on each of the above bridges.
Separate bids for the repairs of masou
ary of the Bonnie Brook bridge; also
new masonary for the McFann bridge.
Plans and specifications are on file for
all the above work and each bidder will
be required to submit with his bid a
certified check for ten per cent, of the
amount of the same; otherwise bid will
not be considered.
Bids will also be received for rein
forced concrete bridges having th<i
same clear span, clear heighth and
The successful bidder or bidders will
be required to give bond equal to the
amount of contract
The Commissioners of Butler county
reserve the right to reject any or all
ATTEST: Commissioners.
' you buy the
wm hat
W Water, but the jHRt 1
I Imperial sheds
I wear too. It over-
I lasts s3'& worth.
S This is the home of Knox
r and Imperial hats. No other '
£ store in Bntler Co. has them. j)
4 Summer Shirts with separate 4
# and attached cuffs, and with r
J collars "anil cuffs attached. 5
a Two hundred dozen Man 4
F liattan and Empire Stute J
? Shirts to select from j
a Straw hats in all shapes in «
J »;plit and sennit brands.
J 341 S. Main St ,
i (J. Stein Building.) #
Two Doors North of Willard Howl. |
I have moved my deutal parlors lrom
the Miller building to the second floor
of the new Odd Fellows' Temple, where
my pations and friends will be welcoux-
Poso H BAYS.
Doctor of Dentistry.
~ . ~
1 I The Big I
I i dissolution Sale!
§ ; Wc R ive you Mr warni^J|j|
(§) y r | t: : • lin the mercantile history of
(y) p: 1J •, -i° \ i I Butler county will come to a @
(|) I 1 C^°SC ° n Cyen " l ®' @
jij 1 man walking or ®
I fj I' ■
® f f '?| If if fe |||!j| I can afford to over look the @
® | 1- yfi I Ij mamm °th offerings before the ©
@!jf- Jf ; ' Ij /| • li: I! closing of this sale. For the g
Ideal Clothing and Hat Parlors! i
@ 228 South Main Street. ©
© P. S.—All clothing sold by us pressed and repaired free. ®
(2X2X2X2X2X2) SKsXs) (§X§X°)(2X§X§)(§)©®
< lias been entirely re-arranged in our new store room. It S
? is larger, more roomy, light better and everything pos- (
( sible has been provided to add to your comfort. S
\ Now if you wish to see this alluring millinery, you must visit this department. ?
/ All are welcome. Our imported French model hats, as well as the fascinating J
) models created own workroom, embody in them all that is stylish, all that is C
1 new, all that is tftsty and becoming. Nothing we could say would make this f
S splcndcd collection more attractive than it is. r
\ Opposite the "Bickel Building," 127 Main St. )
in Dollars
isn't the first thinu to be considered in buying a piano. There is
| more than just money value in musical quality.
JT The BEHR Piano-
I IVJn' would be a good investment at twice its cost. Real wear, worth.
*1 vlr yy durability and distinctiveness, —these are essentially BEHR
qualities. To be sure, call and examine.
I L>-1522J u. P. 1). 45, Euclid, Pa.
27th 27th
Semi- » 'f' M ffi Semi-
Annual Annual
Sacrifice Sacrifice
27th Semi-Annual Sacrifice Sale
For THURSDAY, JULY sth, and
CONTINUING up until TUESDAY, JULY 10. Year after year these SACRIFICE
SALES are eagerly looked forward to by hundreds of women who know from past experience
the remarkable values that are offered at great money saving prices—they know the word
SACRIFICE, when used here, is carried out to the fullest extent of the word. Every Depart
ment included in this Sacrifice Sale. Our rule is never to carry over goods from one season
to the next. If you need any article mentioned below there are two things to remember —first,
all the goods offered in this sale are new, up-to-date styles—and second, that one dollar has
the purchasing power of two during this Sacrifice Sale.
w j • 5 Suits, Wraps, Skirts and Waists.
1 O / Wrappers, Kimonas artd Dressing Saques.
II IL Misses and Children's Fine Hats and Millinery.
Misses' and Children's Dresses, Capes, Underwear.
Muslin and Knit Underwear, Hosiery, GloVes.
Neckwear, Ribbons, Laces and Embroideries, Belts.
Art Goods, Corsets. Handkerchiefs, Aprons.
JULY s'to'loT Inclusive. MRS. J. E. ZIMMERMAN.