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THURSDAY, MAY 17,1906.
NOTE—AII advertiser* Intending to make
chances In their ads. should notify us of
their intention to do so not later than Mon
day morning.
Boro Ordinance.
Jury lists for June Term.
Zimmerman's Tailor-made suits.
Schacl & Levy's suits.
Modern Store's Waists, etc.
Campbell's furniture.
Estray notice.
A.lmlnihii»tors and Executors of estates
ctn >ecure their receipt Iwok* at the
CITIZEN ofllce.
—Nice showers.
—Fine growing weather.
—Lots of corn was planted this week.
—The new street sweeper arrived,
—The "Wabash." famous in song, is
now in an oil belt.
—Diamond Park is the beauty spot of
the county at present.
—The Street Car Co. has filed exten
sions for Institute Hill.
—The Glade Run valley, now crossed
by the trestle, is being filled up with
—The burglars were on Institute Hill,
Saturday night, bat a pistol shot scared
them away.
—The barefoot burglar visited the
Soath Side, last week. If he comes to
see you tell the cop.
—The power house of the ne«w trolley
line is being built near Renfrew, at the
mouth of Thorn Creek.
—A base-ballist at Punxsy hit the
umpire on the head with a bat. If this
i* tc be catching we'll all go.
—Straw hats were ripe, Tuesday, the
15rh, and a few overly-ripe ones of last
year's vintage appeared on our streets.
The bursting of u water main in
Pittsburg, last Friday, was attributed
to tbe corroding power of electrolysis.
—An enormous quantity of milk H
shipped daily from the stations north of
Greenville, in Crawford county, to
—Three big policemen and electric
lights all through the woods ought to
keep things straight out at the Park,
this summer.
—The newest trolley company says it
will run cars from New Castle to Pitts
burg in 70 minutes. Butler people will
get on at Harmony.
—Butler has become "sum punkins - '
in stores, one of which has a sign ou
it saying—"the largest stock and lowest
prices this side of the Ocean."
—Superintendent Wright of the Wa
ter company is running opposition to
Diamond Park on tulips. There are
several very pretty beds of theji in
—The P. R. R. Co. is thinking of
building a new passenger station in But
ler. A fast train from Butler to the
Union Station, Pittsburg, would in
crease the Butler business.
—The B. R. & P. intends extending
its lines through Indiana, Armstrong,
Westmoreland and Allegheny counties
to Pittsburg, and is double tracking its
line north of Punxsutawney.
—The new Tort Wayue station A 1
leifheny is being built of reinforce*
li'Winl -i. e. cement with iron rods it
it. They make all parts of a building
of cement now—columns, girders, floors,
and walls.
—lt is said that the Pennsylvania rail
road company will continue its plant
ing of trees for crossties by eetting out
800,000 this year. Nearly 200,000 trees
were planted last year along the Phila
delphia and Middle divisions.
—Quite a number of Butlerites are in
terfested in the Casey, Clark county, Il
linois, oil field; also Harry Faubel.
formerly of this county. Clark county
is in the southeastern part of the state,
bordering on the Wabash.
—Broken glass—parts of glass bottles
—all over the streets of the town, and
here and there ou the roads, are a men
ace to man and beast, and indicate a
carelessness or thoughtlessness that
calls for state and municipal legisla
—A Chicago professor comes forward
with the reassuring information that
the earth isn't cooling and that it it
good for a 100,000,000 years to come.
That will give the Senate time to pass a
rate bill before the real cold weather
sets in.—Ex.
—The bottle glass blowers have a
fight on hands. On account of the in
vention of the Owens automatic blow
ing machines, now in market, and
which turn out a large number hourly,
the manufacturers want to reduce theii
wnges one-third.
—The division encampment of the
National Guard of Pennsylvania will
be held at Gettysburg July 21-28. Gen.
Stewart said that the details of the en
campment would not be arranged until
after the location of the camps of the
three brigades have been selected
—West Winfield has a limestone quar
ry and crusher from which several car
loads of crushed limestone is shipped tc
Pittsburgh every day; also a sewer-pipe
factory that is doing well, a sand-stone
quarry that is overrun with orders, and
is row threatened with a bottle glass
works. West Winfield continues tc
—General comment was made on the
magnificent lot of gray horses with tht
Ilagenbeck show An attache of th«
show stated that they had lost fifty
head through lung fever, and othei
sickness caused by traveling and bac
weather. One died while they were ir
Butler. The show people offered A. B
Richey S6OO for his gray team, but Mi
Richey refused to sell.
—Butler has a base ball club in tbi
Pennsylvania. Ohio • and Marylanc
League which looks like a winner ant
Should stand well in the league race
The local backers cf the team securec
Thad Troy of Benwood, W. Va. ai
manager and captain, and the team con
sists of pitchers Conover, Vashbinder
West, Jutzi, Geo. Johnston and Har
king; catchers W. Daily and G. Daily
first base Sykes-.second Aiben-,short stoj
Sapp; third Lewald; left field Lewald
Troy and the pitchers fill the other po
sitions. The practice games to dat
have resulted as follows: Butler 2, Ze
lieuople 0; Butler 3, Slipperyrock Nor
19*1 Q; Butler Jj, Pittsburg College •.<
Butler <l, Ell wood 3; Butler 0, Slippery
rock Normal l, Butler 3, Bruin 0. Al
» the team have plaved professional bal
* and are experienced men. The horn,
of most of them are in Ohio and We*
Virginia, though Jutzi comes from St
Louis and Johnston from Pittsburg.
W. H Todd of West Winlield was in
Bntler cn business. Friday
"Bull Andrews is again in the lime
light. Thia time he is accused of hog
ging government land in New Mexico.
A. T." Scott and wife left. Monday,
for Ada, Ohio, where they attended a
reunion of the alumni of the North
western University.
Mrs. Mary King aud her son, A E.
King, of Trontman. were visitors in
Bntler, Monday. Mrs. King is eighty
six years of age. and is active and en
joying good health.
Charles R. Thompson, proprietor of
the Ideal Clothing Parlors, and Miss
Angert, were married, Monday, and are
now on their wedding trip. They have
the bett wishes of their many friends.
Jno. Tonko, a Russian in jail on a
charge of malicious mischief, imagined
himself a commander of a Russian war
ship, bnt couldn't imagine himself at
the bottom of the deep blue sea, in the
straits of Corea, so they took him to
Miss Sarah McClafferty, daughter of
Mrs. John McClafferty, and Mr.
Charles Wiest, son of Mr. and Mrs
Joseph Wiest. were married yesterday
morning in St. Paul's Catholic church.
The bride was attended by her sister.
Miss Julia McClaflVty, and the groom
by his brother William.
Joseph Mc-Kee. an old Butlerite, but
now of the E. E. Pittsburg spent Sun
day with his brother-in-law, John M.
Reed. Jos. has done well in real estate
and insurance in Pittsburg, has an of
fice in the Bakewell building and stands
a good chance of being the next Repub
lican nominee for Sheriff of Allegheny
Gov. Pardee of California, in ac
knowledgeing our subscriptions to the
Relief Fund, says "while the people of
the whole country have been very gen
erous to California in the present trying
emergency, and liberal contributions
have been made in many cities, I kaow
of no place which has contributed more
generonsly than Butler, Pa., and per
sonally I shall always entertain a kind
ly feeling toward this particular city
for what it has done for us in our hour
of need." f
—Lewis Matthews, night cook at Sam
Rice's restaurant in New Castle, has
been appointed deputy game and fish
warden to fill the vacancy caused by
the death of Seely Honk. He has been
appointed for the counties of Law
rence. Mercer, Butler and Beaver.
—Amusing the public has become a
great business. In Pittsburg and Al
legheny. on sth ave., Smithfield, Sixth,
Federal and other streets about twenty
arcades, theatjriums, dreamlands, etc.,
attract the attention of the passing
public, by the use of the phonograph,
and Bntler has lately accumulated two
of the same.
The next Grand Jury, the names of
whom appear in another column, will
decide whether or no the proposed
changes npon the Court House will be
carried out. A cew proposition and
oae that meets with some favor, i 3 to
buy the J. Q. A. Kennedy mansion, on
the Diamond, and fit it up for the
County Commissioners and County
—A new cure for consumption put)
forward by a regnlar physician in New
York State works by apparently draw
ing the waste and poisonous tissue
from the lungs through the skin over
the chest, plasters being used. It is a
dull week which does not bring out at
least one new enre, and doubtless most
of the methods used do give good re
sults in some cases. If each new meth
od could be relied upon to enre a hun
dred cases there would soon be no deaths
from the disease.—Ex.
The building and part of the ma
chinery of the Metzgar laundry at
Evans City were destroyed by fire,
early last Friday morning, together
with some furniture in the second
story, owned by Milton White.
School Notes
At the meeting of the School Board of
Butler, last Friday evening. W. G.
Eekles, an architect of New Castle was
employed on the proposed High School
building, provided his plans can be
built after for a specified sum not to ex
ceed $66,000, pins the plumbing and
Oil and Gats Notes,
The Market.—Remains at 81.04,
Coylesyille-The Flick Oil Co's well on
the Agnes Green started off at 8 bbls.
It was shot, Monday, flowed over the
derrick, and burned the ng; the De-
Haven Co's well on the McDevitt is
light; McKee & Co's well on the McCrea
is rated at 15 bbls.
Letter to J It Hcnnlnger,
Butler, Pa.
Dear Sir: What's the penalty for Bell
ing adulterated paint in your state*
What is adulterated paint V
Is clay paint'/ Is chalk paint? Is
barytes paintv Is lime paint'! Is ben
zine? Is waterV Is soap? Is mudV
We know what is; what is not is the
question. Apparently nothing is not;
but we're only a paint-manufacturer,
not a lawyer.
Devoe is paint, all paint; and full
measure; no whitewash; no nothing.
We know what is; what is not is the
Yours trnly
P. S. The Butler Decorating Co. sells
our paint. • 93
Molly Moonshine. —May 21.
Dainty little Clara Palmer, who is
one of the beauty beams in Marie
Cahill's "Molly Moonshine," which will
be seen at the Majestic, Monday, May
31, is known in the dramatic profession
as "the girl with the postal cards."
She was probably one of the first to
take up the postal card fad, and is now
the proud possessor of 73.445 of these
creations. Miss Palmer hopes to ob
tain a sufficent number of souvenir
Eostal cards here to cause this city to
e well remembered in her collection,
which now fills twelve volumes. Prices
$1.50, SI.OO, 75c, 50c, 25c.
Persons knowing themselves indebted
to the estate of the late Geo. B. Turner,
or having claims against same will
please make known at once for purpose
of settlement to
West Snnbury, Pa.
Came to the barn of the Southern Oil
Co. in Butler, abont May Ist, two stray
lambs. Owner can get same by prov
ing property and paying expenses.
The Bessemer road is again running
parlor cars in trains 11 and 14. dail>
except Sunday, between Erie and Alio
gheny via Bntler and the B. & <). Nos
11 and 14 run on fast time making nc
stops between Bntler and Allegheny.
It is officially announced that witt
the new schedule, effective May 28th
passenger train service will be inaugu
rated on the Bessemer between Butlei
and East Pittsburg. Two trains eact
way daily except Sunday will be run
connecting at Bntler with Nos. one an<
11 southbound and 14 and 2 northbound
Through trains to and from Allegheny
via Bntler and the B. & O. will 1» con
tinned aa at present.
Your stocking is a bad place in whicl
to hide yonr hard-earped money
Thieves break through and steal, be
. sides it does not earn Interest. Bettei
i plan is to place it in the care of :
. strong, old-established bank like thi
' • Pittsburg Bank for Saving, of Pitts
Iburg, Pa. Write for their special book
let, "Banking by Mail."
Harriet M. McCoy vs C. M. Brown,
trespass for S3OO damages. The plain
tiff states She owns 35 acres of land in
Mercer two. which the defendant has
been trespassing upon by walking and
driving over, plowing, and destroying
the grain and herbage, and tearing
down the fence.
J. H. Convert vs Tony Maroell, ap
peal by defendant fmm judgment of
*llO. Oti rendered bv J. M. Maxwell, J.
Farmers National Bank vs Fred B.
Hawk and Charles B. Hoffnfac. defts.
and Jas. E. Marshall, garnishee, attach
ment execution on a debt of slls dne
by garnishee to defts.
Lochrie Bros, vs Hamilton Bros, tres
pass for $2500 damages for mining and
removing the coal from nnder "0 acres
of land in Washington twp., of which
the plffs. claim to be the owners.
Mand Hepler vs Edgar B. Hepler
libel in divorce, alleging indignities
rendering her conditisn intolerable and
life burdensome.
A very remarkable 810,000 damage
suit was'filed at Yonngstown Monday
by R. T. Hooper, an artist, who alleges
that his delicate touch and steady nerve
have been greatly impaired by an
electrical apparatus installed in his
rooms by the Brenner Jewelry com
pany, over whose place of bnsiness he
has his studio. Hooper alleges the
electrical device was installed purely to
annoy him and has already greatly im
paired his touch. Persons not familiar
with the particular kind of nerve and
touch possessed usually by artists would
believe that Hooper' are working in a
fairly satisfactory manner, to judge by
the filing of the suit.
On Friday last James Gallagher,
Wilbert Kaup and Roy Bracken, three
good looking and well dressed young
fellows, whose aged range from IS to 22
years, plfcad guilty to two charges of
robbery made against them for assault
ing and robbing two Slavs on the night
ot April 21. The defendants told how
they had gone to Lyndora to get liquor
because Bracken, the youngest and
largest, could not get liquor over the
bars in Butler, how they were return
ing through the Car Works field near
Fairground Ave., Bracken walking in
front, and the others about a rod be
hind, when they met their two victims,
knocked them down and took their
money The Slavs appear to have been
knocked down by Gallagher and Kanp
first, and then Bracken came running
back and knocked one of them down
again. From one $75 was taken and
from the other sls and a watch and
chain Gallagher and Kanp claimed,
when examined, that Bracken, who had
confessed to the police after arrest, had
taken the pocket book with the $75 in
it and divided the spoils with them: but
Bracken claimed Gallagher had gotten
the pocketbook. Bracken admitted that
ne had knocked one of the men down
and had received $25 of the money.
Gallagher had been before the Court
twice belore, one of his offences being
the taking of a dress off a dummy in
tront of Troutman's store and parading
it around, for which he served several
months in the workhouse. He had no
| attorney in Court. Kaup had an attor
ney and his mother and aunt were
there. Bracken's mother, Mrs. F. E.
Bracken, his uncle and his attorney
were there. Judge Galbreath, in pass
ing sentence, told Gallagher he did not
believe his story and gave him three
years in the penitentiary and a fine of
$500; Kaup got 18 months in the pen.
and a tine of SSOO. Both sentences were
on the charge of stealing the $75, sen
tence on the other charge being sus
pended. Then the Court told Bracken
that he was not satisfied as to the truth
of his story, knew him and his friends,
was sorry he was marking out the life
for himself that he seemed to be, and
stated that he wanted to make further
inquiry before sentencing him, there
fore sentence wa« suspended until
The U. S. District Court, sitting in
Pittsburg, finished its business for fhii
term and adjourned, last Friday
August Jonas of Kittancing, convictei
of making false oaths in bankruptcy
proceedings, pending a motion for a ue v.
trial was sent back to jail, as he was
not able to secure SSOOO bail. A New
Castle foreigner who passed counterfeit
money was sent to the pen. for two
years; and an employee of the postofifict
ther9 to jail for a year for stealing s<
letter. Vincent A. Rhodes of Beavei
Falls, who entered a plea of guilty to
the charge of detaining U. S. mails,
was ordered to pay the costs and to ap
pear on the first Monday in October.
Jacob Sherer was fined $1 and costs on
the charge of depositing a defamatory
letter in the postoffice at Black Hawk,
Beaver county. All the Enterprise
bank cases and some others were con
tinued to the October term.
At Dayton, Ohio, last Friday, Judge
Brown overruled the motion for a new
trial in the case of Dr. Oliver C. Haugh,
convicted of the murder of his parents
and brother, and sentenced the prisoner
to be electrocuted August 29. He was
taken to the peuitentiary at Columbus
Sheriff A. M. Campbell took James
Gallagher and Wilbur K?inp, the two
young men convicted of highway rob
bery, to the pen, last Saturday.
Attorney General Cars.m filed a bill
in equity in the Dauphin County Court,
last Friday, for the recovery of about
$200,000 in actuaries fees paid by Rob't
H. Foster, actuary of the insurance de
partment of Pennsylvania, to former
Commissioners George B. Luper, James
H. Lambert and Israel W. Durham and
J. Clayton Erb, actuary under Durham.
Attorneys H. H. Goucher, James W.
Hutchison, Ley. McQuistion, S. F
Bowser, E. L. Ralston, T. C. Campbell,
Stephen Cummings and F. X. Kohler
attended Superior Court, in Pittsburg,
this week.
Members of Pittsburg Councils accus
ed of vice grafting will be tried by their
respective branches next Monday even
ing. Each branch adopted a resolution
providing for a trial and the indications
were strong that the cases have been
prejudged in the minds of the members
and that unless something very much
uuforseen occurs they are certain of ex
pulsion. v
Jos. D. Fleming has filed an answer
to the bill of ecjuity entered against hiir>
by C. W. Shatter, in which he denies
that a partnership ever existed between
The Butler Passenger Railway Co.
has filed extensions to their charter
covering nearly all the streets of Insti
tute Hill, a street through the Orphan's
Homo property and E. Pearl St
Philip Hilliard, Esq. has been appoint
ed Register Assessor of Washington
twp., North Precinct, vice Oliver
Christie, who moved to the South Pre
The Superior Court nolle pressed the
case of Anderson versus the "Bessie"
R.R. Co.
W. C. Findley, Dr. W. R. Cowden
and W. H. Ritter were appointed a
commission in lunacy on John Tonko,
a jail prisoner. He was committed to
Former Clerk Isaac Meals lias been
sworn in as deputy Clerk of Courts.
Bert McKelvy is in jail charged with
a misdemeanor.
Frank Pomey is in jail on a charge of
. furnishing liquor to a minor
A charge of wilfully and maliciously
• cutting timber has been made against
William Schadt by Samuel L. Grier.
' A case of agg a&b against Andy
Luchoshok of Lyndora has been settled.
1 Chester Dailey is in jail on a charge
■ of desertion and non-support.
f A charge of a&b and resisting arrest
i has been made against Lewis Scheck
. line,
' John McNanny to Frank E McNanny
lot in Butler twp for $450.
John C Graham, trustee, to Davis
i Smith lot on Plankroad for SSO.
Oral L Sutton to Emily Hartley 5'.)
i- ncres in Concord for sl2<»o.
r Emily Bartley to Lewis F Sntton 12
a acrea iu Concord for S:>(JO.2S.
n ' SO Sterrett to W M Boggs lot iu Ya
. ■ leneia for $2500.
Guaranty L & 1 Co to I G Pollard lot
[ in Butler for SIO3O,
Mrs E M Boy J to John A W Park lot
Mars for #9OO.
Thos Painter, trustee. to Fleming
Bros. assignment of lease and well iu
Buffalo for SI3OO.
W n Hamel to J L Kirkpatrick lot in
Renfrew for £IOO.
D G Brnnermer to .Tas Kay lot in
Connoq boro for £IOOO.
John S Bnlford to ,1a? B Wright lot
on Institnte Hill for $950."
Anna M. Benner to .Tames M. Drill
lot in Jackson twp. for £3<to.
Nancy and W. J. Stiefel to W H Say,
Sr., 28 acres in Bntler twp. for ?:;200.
Edward G. Sproull to L. J. Sisney 1;
acre® in Marion for ?'JOO.
Geo Lang to John Lang lot in Saxon
bnrg for SIOOO.
Heirs of John Lang, Sr, to Geo Lang
saine for £IOOO.
Samuel McComb to Heigh Harper, 24!)
acres in Buffalo for £15,000.
Juhn H Wigton to P B & L E R R.
lot in Brady for £SO.
Cland Gerrard to same, lot in Penn
for £B7.
Sallie F Jacobs and Mrs. Geo.
Fieeger to Mand C Riddle, lot on Fill ton
St. for £1137.50.
Kezia J Hays to W J Ellenberger, 5
acre lease and well in Fairview for
John C Bryson to Minnie B Scott, lot
in Mars for £'2so.
Win, Kavanangh Co. to Iron City-
Sanitary M'f'g. Co., lot in Zelienople for
Clyde Powell to Geo. Morgan, lot in
Petrolia for SOSO.
CC Roberts to Florence A. Duncan,
lots in Fairview boro for £575.
Marriage Licenses.
Frank J. Chriest Greenville
Katherine G. Stewart Butler
Charles R. Thompson Butler
Mary Angert
Tohn" K Woods Bntler
Jean McNair
Charles Wiest Butler
Sara McClnfferty "
C. A. English Zelienople
Minnie Shaffer Harmony
•T. Grey Sanford Bntler
Mary Blanche Speer " „
At New Castle John M. Doutt of
Bntler and Ella E. Woods of Fayett.?-
At Pittsburg W. J. Miller and Har
riett Miller of Bntler.
Xew Looks Needed.
That new locks are needed in our jail
was again demonstrated last Tuesday
night, when another prisoner.a foreigner
in iail on charges of assault and burg
laTy, quietly unlocked everything and
walked out.
Duplicates of all the keys of the jail
!tnd jail building seem to be in exist
ence, and when a prisoner secures a set
all he has to do is bide his time, and
then walk ont. This man selected show
night for going; and after he had been
I )cked up for the night. unlocked him
self through the Sheriff's apartments,in
to the street, taking his keys with him,
excepting one that stuck in the lock.
The matter was kept quiet, but no
trace of him has been discovered.
His name is Adam Rossner, he ie a
Crotian, about 5 feet 10, weighs abont
100, is dark complexioned, has dark
hair and eyes, usually wears his face
smooth, and is a very good looking
John Mininger, yet at liberty, may
liave been at the bottom of the trouble.
Doings of Council,
At the meeting of Council, Tuesday
evening, the borough Auditor's report
ivas received and held over for discus
sion, as the auditors suT-charge several
streets with the amounts received from
the street car company for the paving
uetween the tracks and which amounts
:he auditors say should go into the
borough treasury. It cost about
£50.000 to run the town last year and
will cost several thonsaud more this
year. The millage for this year was
tixed at 8 mills.
Ordinances for the paving of [the fol
lowing streets were adopted and bids
Cor the improvements will be received
at the next meeting:
Walker Ave., Cliff St. between Cun
ningham and Jefferson Sts., East Penn
St. between Franklin Sts., East Pearl
!?♦■ bpf-wppn OnV nnd Elm Sts.
A petition for the paving of East Jef
ferson St. between Monroe St. and the
East line of the J. W. McKeelot, which
is at a point near the quarry, was re
ceived and an ordinance was ordered
Mr. McGeary asked if council had
not the authority to pwe the square
between North McKean and North
Main Sts. on East Penn. This petition
Joes not cover this part of the street
which will leave a big gap between two
important thorotares.
The chair suggested council had the
power, but he believed it would be*
better to wait until the street had been
[>ave<l up to McKean and then council
would be in a better position to go
ihead and pave the gap.
The small section of street at the foot
jf West Cunningham street which runs
ilong the creek and which seems to be
without a name, will be paved this
itimmer. It was supposed the street
was a part of Race street, but when
that street tvas paved it was fouud it
did not run to Cunningham and hence
;he gap.
Our grocers are paying ,for—
\pples .... 1 75
Fresh eggs 15
liutter 18-20
Potatoes 05-70
Jhickens, dressed 16 18
I'urkey, dressed 22
Mavy "beans, bu $1 85
Jnions, bu 90
Honey per lb 10
dried Apples 8
I'urnips, per bu ... 40
L'arsnips, per bu 75
Beets per bu 75
—The old Monongahela House, in
Pittsburg, changed hands yesterday for
i million.
—Joseph Schl'cht of the W. Jefjerscn
I'wh market hay the most valuable roos
ter in tho county. It is a big Buff
Cochin and sits on a post in front of the
market. A good adv.
for Sale.
Forty acre lease and 5 wells.
Several desirable dwelling properties.
Four acres and large dwelling in
Butler, £7OOO. E. H. NEOLEY,
S. W. Diamond,
—Why is Newton "The Piano Man?
See adv.
Choice lowa White Seed Oats at
KLINULERS, Butler, Pa.
I have moved my dental parlors lrom
the Miller buildiug'to the second floor
of the new Odd Fellows' Temple, where
my pattons and friends will be welcome.
Doctor of Dentistry.
We are paying the highest price, in
cash, for wool. Call at or address,
107 South Main Street, Butler, Pa.
Painting ami Paper-hanging.
W. B. Scott, painter and paper-hanger,
can be found at 120 East Quarry street.
—Money to loan on first mortgage,
£5.00 REWARD— Wanted, Military
Bounty band Warrants. Will pay £5.00
for tejhug me who has one whether I
buy or not. Dealers excepted.
R. K. KELLEY, Kansas City, Mo.
Thoroughbred Poultry.
Fzirs and Young Stock—Huff Rocks, Wliito
Rocks, Itrown Leghorns, i 1.25 per setting
52.2T, for 2 sett Inns:>).so for .V. Seville Poultry
Farm, end of itrVghton road, Allegheny,
rlibM BbUOI ue 314-EL
'There's Money ia it" Our patent pressi 'l
steel corners ana grooved strips enable you
i to utilize your spare evenings profitably
| making window screens fox- yourself or
m.igliliors. It's ily time now get l>usy.
I -17 street, I'lttsUurSi Pa,
J. C. Say has built six brick houses
on his lot adjoining the Monroe Hotel,
and he and W. S. Wick are now ex
cavating for a business block, facing
E. Jefferson St., with a ten foot alley
between it and the hotel.
Monroe St from the West Penn
tracks to the bridge is bemg paved.
E. Jefferson St. will soon have a two
story brick, banana store.
Theodore has built a new house on
the Limbt-rg property east of old
homestead, en Institute H:i!. .:.<1
Frank intends building one The
Limberg heirs have laid off a plot of
about 28 acres with one hundred lots,
and the paving of the street there to
the borough line would make them very
Earnest Croneuwett is building a
brick house fronting N. Washington
St.. between Clay and Penn.
A. L. Brown intends building on his
lot at the corner of McKean and' E -
Penn, and has given Will Brandon the
contract for a fine house
Mercer and West Penn Sts. are hav
ing quite a boom. On Mercer. Chas
Miller has completed a fine brick honse.
and his brother John is building one
like it: W, H. McGaffic and Howard
Hazlett are building frames, E Preston
Peffer is building a brick, and at the
end of the street W. H Miller is build
ing two store roon.s, with fiats in the
upper stories. A number of honse.- are
under way on the old ball ground and
on W. Penn St.
C. ». Boyd has greatly improved his
store room by pntting in a corner
Prothonotary Lowry is improving
his property on E. Diamond St
Kramer brothers intend bnilding a
brick livery on their lot on S. Main.
St. John's Reformed church in Butler
twp. is to have a $2,500 addition.
An ordinance providing for the grad
ing. paving and curbing of East Pearl
street, a public street or thoroughfare
of the borough of Butler, from the west
side of Elm street to the east side of
Oak street, and for the payment of the
cost and expense of said improvement.
Whereas, a petition has been present
ed to the Town Council of Butler
borough under the Act of Assembly of
April 23rd, 1889, by two thirds of the
owners of property representing not les3
than two thirds in number of feet of
properties fronting or abutting on East
Peral street, a public street or thorough
fare of said borough regularly laid out
and opened, praying Council to grade,
pave and curb said street.
SECTION 1. Be it ordained by the
Burgess and Town Council of Butler
borough, and it is hereby ordained and
enacted by authority of the same: That
said East Pearl street between the west
side of Elm street aud the east side of
Oak street sha'l be graded, paved and
curbed. The paving to l>e of vitrified
brick or other suitable material, and
curbed with stone curbing or other
suitable material, in pursuance of the
provisions of the Act of Assembly ap
proved April 23rd, 18S9.
SECTION 2. That two-thirds of the
cost and expense of said improvement
shall be collected from tho owners of
the real estate bounding or abutting on
the said street or part of the same' so to
be graded, paved and curbed, by an
equal assessment on tho foot front
bounding or abutting thereon.
Ordained and enacted in Council this
loth day of May, 1900.
President of Town Council.
Secretary Town Council,
Approved this ltitli day of May, 1906.
\ was hoiicst
pMIjV your grandfather's day.
. ||jjjis of his misdeeds.
{yaßr friakcr of
(m to - -
4 considers his
SvJ* just as important as
can be sure oftffl
old-fashioned •
■V isfaction here.
guarantees (is hats;
W? through us..
■ .*»■ l ii 'iii u3
r Manhattan Shirts here in a J
| big variety of patterns. 5
J Spring and summer neck- *
S wear in silks and wash £
P goods, 25c to *!. do. #
j> Big showing of Summer £
| underwear and fancy g
| hosiery. t
jjj 341 S. Main St.. I
£ (J. Stein Building.) i
J Two Doors North of Willard HoM. J
SKnox and Imperial Hats. J
We have engagement rings that will
iiutnhiue the lovelight in your fiance's
eyes aud make them sparklo with joy.
Our stock of Watches has just been
replenished with everything new and
desirable in Hamilton, Elgin and Wal
tham. In back combs, shirt waist sets
and hat pins, we have the new spring
We also sell
kiui&on and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Poco Cameras.
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins aud Guitars.
Optical goods,
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Qoticiart
N<jst to Court House.
<V- i.l Mi.vxrs. Boiler*. Engines, M;><-hiu«
Tools, Tee liails. Beams. Columns, i'ip.
l'lates. Blowers. Corrugated Sl:..e.s t'asli
paid tor Scrap Iron :uid Metals. llOllKli
HoWES, Rivey Avenue, Allegheny, I'a.
72J North.
/ We Have >
\ \ limited Number, s
\ The Home Formulary. N
| / A most valnable collection of S
C F . mnlas for home nse, nuui- r
f bering nearly '2OO. If you will /
J (ill out the coupon below .mil /
\ present it at Boyd's Drug Store N
t we will present yon with one of r
/ these books FREE. The origin- f
V al ot this book co?t five dollars r
) per copy. We will send by /
x mail prepaid if yon cannot call r
/ iu person. Better call soon. /
i 3 they won't lust long. f
coupon. | \
jx Home Formulary. |S
X |f NAME # £
# ADDRESS j| \
hC. N. Boyd, §>
: I Druggist, I
? | Butler, Pa. | C
\ x 'i* % y %x%% yy y xy x %
|V\. Shan^r,
Fire and Life Insurance
Ilooin oOs, Butler County National
Bank Building, Butler. Pa.
Spring Opening
The first opening this spring
of" a bottle of our own make
Beef, Iron and Wine will
bring cheer to many families.
all winter you become listless
and tired and have not the
ambition for extra spring
Our Beef, Iron and Wine
is the "Spring Tonic" that
brings back red cheeks, red
lips, new blood, new life. *
••Remember" we make our
own, it i.s not shipped in.
Every bottle guaranteed, your
money back if it fails.
Price 50c Pint.
Crystal Pharmacy
Rn*T LUbAIV, Hi, b.,
106 N. Main St, Butler. Pa,
Notice to Contractors.
The Commissioners of Bntler and
Armstrong counties will meet at the i
Central Hotel, Freeport. Pa., on May
:2-nd. 190 C, where they will receive seal
ed proposals until 10 o'clock a. m. of
said day, and opened at 11 o'clock a. m.
for the construction of the superstruc
ure and substructure of a joint bridge |
to be erected over Buffalo Creek at the
month of Rough Run near West Win
field. Proposals will be received for
reinforced concrete superstructure and ,
concreto substructure; also for steel
superstructure with concrete and brick :
road way and masonry or concrete sub
Plans and specifications are on file in
Oommissio-ers' office in B'ltler, also iu
Commissioners' oSjce at Kittaining,
where they oan be seen.
A certified check of $500.00 to ac
company each bid.
Tha Commissioners reserve the right
to reject any or all bids
William Seirert, i
N. K. Grossman, Cotn'rs.
G. F. Easley, \
Roijt. K. Orohsman, Clerk.
See the Sign directly
opposite the
Old Postoffke
Theodora Vogeley, In
Real Estate and ■^l
Insuranre Agency.
238 S. Main St IS
Butler, Pa i MB
If you have property Vim
to sell, trade, or rent a
or, waut to buy or
rt ut caii, write or MM
uhene me.
list Mailed Uoon Application
h. S /McJUNKIN cSr CO.,
Insurance & Real Estate
117 E- Jefferson St.
SUTfcER, - - - PA
Men's Suits
Young* Men's Suits
We still have a small scattering of medium and heavy weight
garments v/hich rather than put away in camphor we
are pleased to offer you at prices which will
induce you to buy.
{ 187 South Main Str«»t, Butler, Pa.
| Ideal ClotHiriffl
© ©
1 — AND — 1' i
| Hat Parlors. {
I " i r ii, z..zL I
I % I
H ' Seven out of ten men call g
® for gray suits or top coats. ©
|j ' As usual this store is §
® \ r; • prepared with a <f
1 • j , c -5i of all the newest crea-1
|| 1 I; tions in gray. We have the §
@ I | gun-metal gray, the oyster ©
i§® I 1 gray, the silver gray, the g
pearl gray and many other ®
shades. Our garments S
are cut long, shapely to ®
F the body. Prices range !|
|[ f l / ! / Hit $lO - 0010 $30.00. |
U l *?: ,'j JJr / Children's suits of §
I every description. ®
* Stetson Hats all colors, |
dimensions and styles. @
1 Ideal Clothing and Hat Parlors!
§ 228 South Main Street. ft
® P. S.—Ali clothing sold by us pressed and repaired free. (8)
\ has been entirely re-arranged in our new store room. It S
) is larger, more roomy, light better and everything po«- y
( sible has been provided to add to your comfort. <
\ Now if you wish to see this alluring millinery, you must visit this department. /
f All are welcome. Our imported French model hats, as well as the fascinating j
/ models created in our own workroom, embody in them all that is stylish, all that is v
) new, all that is tasty and becoming. Nothing we could say would make this f
S splended collection more attractive than it is. . /
S Opposite the "Bickel Building," 127 Main St. /
\ isn't the first thing to be considered in buying a piano. There is
more than just money value in musical quality.
X—'<\V* £ The BEHR Piano
I \ \ would be a good irvestment at twice its cost. Real wear, worth,
M, A llf yy durability and distinctiveness, —these are essentially BEHR
<jtr qualities. To be sure, call and examine. ,
I Euclid, Pa.
P. H. SeCHbGR.
212 N. Main street, Butler, Pa.
X Ladies' and Misses' Tailor-made Suits, <(
' Enthusiasm on our second floor knows no limit. A J
' ' steady stream of Bargains in Woman s Coats, Suits,
* * Skirts, and Waists are pouring from these special sales
1 * into hundreds of homes. <I >
< > White Shirt Waist Suits J J
( * Special Sale of Suits. Hundreds of beautiful white
< '' shirt waist suita, Eton suits,
<> HO Tailor Made Suits #23.00 jacket suits. Prices, HSO. >5.00, < >
• .i .* 22.50 $5.98, s<.so, $9.50 up to $-£5. I
,> 20 » " ;; ••••• i 3 -®® White Lawn Waists. < 1
* ' Another great sale of white . .
<# c„ n ,M(o QLrir+c waists. Five hundred handsome <
Z separate OMI la. white waists, embroidered and J \
' lace trimmed, long and short .
i One thousand beautiful sej.ar sleeves. '
. . ate skirts in white, gray, blue f or waists worth #1.23 { (
\ ' and black. White separate skirts, < )f<c • • <■ •• 1.50
{'► 98c. #1.48. #1.98, #2.48, #2.98, * Ll <j ...,1.75V
. I #3.98. #4.98. Colored wool skirts, 148 " " " .... 2.00{ >
l i> priced *l9B, #4.98. #.5.98, #<>.9B, ' . .. 2.75 I
< ) $7.98, #8.98 up to 825. Each and ' '
( i every one a bargain. Every Department at its < >
i > Millinery. Best. < >
; ; ,t,h and character tm- "fuST ££'< !'
;; v gis £:
Mrs. J. E. Zimmerman.|
| I' e op'l'e ' son e .126. Blltler, Pa. /
Advertise in the^pITlZEN.
£jjm£ '