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NOTE—AII advertisers Intending to make
chuicet In their ads. should notify os of
their Intention to do so not later than Mon
day morning.
Auditor's Report for 1905.
Sheriff Sales for April 13.
Administrator's notice, estate of John
W. Gibson.
Executor's notice, estate of Conrad
Ideal Clothing Parlor s new goods.
Modern Store's Lace Curtains.
Campbells furniture.
Kirkpatrick's jewelry.
AlßUUiuturt and Executors of estates
cin secure their receipt books at the
CITIZEN office.
—ls it Spring ?
—Chicora ha? a postoffice fight on
—sloo,oCoJofferel for a Butler hotel!
—The late cold spell was bard on
—The landlords and the merchants
have organized.
—Spring began at 8 o'clock yesterday
—This job lot of snow was held over
for higher prices.
—The flowers that bloom in the
Spring tra la, will soon be out.
—lt cost $2.34, per week, per inmate,
to run the County Home, last year.
—The W. &A. is to be extended to
the Allegheny river, ard then some.
—The County Commissioners have
been busy hearing appeals, this week.
—Clear your sidewalks within 12
hours after the snow falls or Gee Whiz.
—The blue birds and robins had
troubles ot their own, last week and
—Franklin township don't want a
' safety" or any other kind of a powder
—lt takes 40,000 tons of copper a
moath to satisfy home and foreign de
mand. . /
—England possesses 28 cows for every
hundred of the population. Australia
has 280.
—The coon pounded the groundhog
on the ear the other day, but couldn't
wake him.
—The peach trees are in bloom down
■aath and the late cold snap did them
some harm.
—The P. E. R. Co is destroying all
its old engines and freight cars. Stock
that cost millions.
—Pneumonia is claiming many vic
tims these days. Nqrse that cold of
yours very carefully.
—Remember that the only sleighing
we had for the winter of 1905-6 was in
the middle of March.
—"Skiddoo 28" is the latest slang.and
invites you to disappear or vamose in
twenty-three languages.
—The County Auditors finished their
work last Friday, after being at it for
08 days, but they went over it all.
—The Butler School Board will pro
caed to erect a High School building,
tills summer, at a cost of about eighty
—The three Russian journalists who
an sentenced to be shot have nnnsaal
and probable excessive evidence that
their articles hit something.—Ex.
—Another little girl has butted into
the "consecrated cross-eyed bear" pnz
sle, and says she saw one on the Dia
mond, bnt it looked like a bull dog.
—Carbon Centre and vicinity bad a
mad-dog scare last week. It was
Booher'a dog, and it bit some boys, and
some other dogs, and then the boys kill
ed it
—The Butler baseball club is to go
into the Inter-state League, composed
of N. Y. and Pa. towns, and M. J.
Bpie§man of Titnsville is to manage the
—Saturday of this week is Democrat
ic primary day. Several names are an
nounced for Delegates to the State Con
vention and Jury Commissioner, bnt
none for Assembly.
—They have been having some great
races at New Orleans of late. They
feed the horses on molasses, down
there, which accounts for their going
so fast and sticking to it
—ln America last year 27,840 auto
mobiles of a total value of $47,768,600
were manufactured. Of these 22.970
were sold within the year. 1,086 for
eign cars were sold for $6,700 each.
—Fifteen examinations will be held
by the Committees in different parts of
the county, on Saturday the 81st, for
Common Bchool diplomas. All the ap
plicants haye been notified of the time
and places.
—Socials at Franklin are evidently
not the tame affairs which flourish In
most communities. The announcement
of one in a paper of that city invites the
public, with a saving clause: "Children
under ten years of age not admitted."
—Perhaps yon have noticed that the
Ist of April falls this year on Sunday,
giving movers a needed day of rest,
whether they flit before the day or af
ter Bnt don't figure too much on the
leisure you will have, or you may be
dlaap pointed.
—All the noise a human being makes
in talking originates in his larynx, and
is articulated with hla tongue,teeth and
Hps. >mt that ventriloquist at the Ma
jestic. this week, can throw bis yolce
into his figures with his mouth shut, or
nearly so.
—The Bessemer railroad is to straight
en eight miles of road between Brim
stone Corners and Ivywood. this sum
mer. The reason being that the ap
proaches to the Bull creek trestle are
carves and the trestle is being damaged
by the resultant swinging of the trains.
—John C. Thorne. Henry W. Keefer,
John P. Glace, Orin Claypool, Harry
Wlmer and others have organized the
Thorne Lumber and Planing Mill Co.,
and bought a lot 90x895 feet on Negley
avenue from tbe Butler Ice Co. They
expect to have a mill in operation with
in two months.
—At the late election the Republicans
of the 2d precinot. First Ward, did not
have a man on their ticket for in»i>ector
because two candidates had tie votes at
the primaries. Will Larkin, Jr. was
sleeted by the Democrats. On a peti
tion to Court, Peter W. Boyer, was ap
pointed to fill the vacancy in the office
of "majority" inspector. The Demo
crats claim Larkin is majority inspector
having received all the votes for the
ofllc? at the election and the only thing
Boysr can fill is "minority" inspector.
John Neglev of Great Belt visited in
Butler, Monday.
' Martin Monks of Middlesex twp waa
in town, Monday.
E. H. Baker of Penn was in town on
basin ess, Saturday.
Wo, Eisler is about again after a
long and serious illness.
Clerk Kiskaddon had the grip last
week, but is all right again.
Judge Taft has decided to accept a
place on the U. S. Supreme bench.
G. F. Beighley ana son of Clav twp.
did some shopping in Butler, Saturday.
Sain Blank will continue to till out
blanks—and blanked be he who inter
Hon. T W. Phillips iS recovering
from an attack of indigestion at his
home in New Castle.
George Hazeltine of Flick spent Mon
day with his brother. Walter Hazeltine,
and other relatives in Butler.
James Walker of Clinton twp and
George Maizland of Buffalo twp were
in town on business, Saturday.
County Anditcrs Scott and Wilson
came to town Monday, for their money.
They got about S2OO each, this year.
Miss Lavina Dodds of Adamsville,
Crawford conntv, visited her brother.
T. J. Dodds. of Mifflin St., this week.
James Watsoc of Clinton twp. attend
ed the funeral of his brotber-in law,
James Long, near Worthington. Fri
Washington Irving Scott, the great
est literary character in the county so
far as name is concerned, was in But
ler. yesterday.
J. Q. Ray of Grove City was removed
to his home, last Saturday, He waa
stricken with paralysis at the Butler
B. & O. station some time ago.
John Rockefeller has a billion, but is
not happy. He is said to be hiding in
New Jersey, where Missouri writs do
not count, but is afraid of kidnappers.
Rev. Samnel Montgomery, pastir of
the Gill Hall, Pa., U. P. church, has
resigned bis charge there. Rev. Mont
gomery iB a native of Clinton twp..
this county.
Mrs Mary McKittrick of near Union
town celebrated her 108 th birthday, last
Saturday, and danced with her gue->ts
She waa the mother of ten children,a nd
can talk all day.
Linn Borland, manager of the Zim
merman store, returned Monday, from
New York, where be purchased an im
mense line of ready-to-wear ladies suits
and other made-up goods, now arriving
H. H. Goucher. Esq. has rented the
second floor of the Byere' building, ad
joining the CITIZEN office building, on
Main St.. has sublet two of the rooms to
Messrs McCrea and Findley. and will
occupy the other two as his offices.
Blair Hooks returned, last week, from
Illinois after succeeding in leasing up
5000 acres in Clark and Effingham coun
ties. Mr. Hooks had relatives there
who assisted bim. The oil develop
meet begins a few miles west of Terre
Haute. Ind. and now extends over 30
miles through Illinois.
Senator Piatt alone was present when
the Senate chaplain openea the proceed
ings with prayer the other day. The
other Senators seemed content to let
the cbaplin try it on Piatt and, if it has
a good result there, he may be permit
ted to try other cases. Of course no
discreet chaplan would undertake to
cure Aldricb, Elkins or Penrose.—Ex.
—Butler's to have a good base ball
team this year. The officers are Dr.
Wasson, President; M. F. Wright, Vice
President; Chas. H. Douglass, Secreta
ry and Treasurer. They, with Morgnn
Davis, W. C Culberson, J. W. McKee
and R. G. Gillespie are the directors.
Twenty-five hundred dollars has been
raised and franchises can be secured in
the N. Y. & Pa. League, or the Penn'a.
Ohio and Maryland outlaw league.
—An alibi is the best defense an ac
cused person can present—if made
good. Samivel Veller. Sr., an interest
ing character of Dickene' time was a
great believer in alley-bys, also a great
disbeliever in widows, because he mar
ried one. The "wild and wolly" west
takes the lead in alibies, but the north
ern part of this county is some pump
kins in that line. In Chicago they have
dealers in alibies—men who arrange for
them weeks and months ahead.
Letter to Niggle & Ilauck,
Butler, Pa.
Dear Sirs: Have yon found this out?
Yon need less of Devoe lead-and-zinc
for a job than of anything else: less
gallons; less money.
M A Thomas, paint e--, Lynchburg, Va.
has found it out: he writes: "The first
job I did with yoar paint I estimated 87
gallons; had 12 gallons left over. Since
then I nave not used any other kind of
paint bnt Devoe lead-and-zinc; I recom
mend it to all my customers. When I
commence a job, I tack up a card read
ing as follows: M A Thomas, contrac
tor; Devoe Paint."
Putting it on costs two or three times
as much as the paint. Have you found
this out? You can paint Devoe in less
time: less time; lees money.
Have you found this out? Devoe
wears longer than anything else.
Yon don't object to long time between
johs Your customer likes it And yon
like what be likes. It keeps your cus
Yours truly
P. S. The Butler Decorating Co. sells
our paint. 88
The Beauty Doctor. —Mar. 20th.
At the Majestic Theatre, Monday,
Mar. 2flth. Fred E. Wright will again
present his new and elaborate produc
tion of the musical success "The Beauty
Doctor" in what Manager Wright terms
the ''2nd Edition" of the play. This
second edition of The Beauty Doctor is
replete with new features and numbers,
both musical and of a dancing nature
and to the favorites who interpreted
the piece last year have been added
new faces both among the comedians
and in the chorns.
Prices 25, 50, 75 and $1
The Maizland heirs' farm in Clinton
township, two miles below Saxonburg
on the 8-deg road, and one mile from
the "Bessie" is for rent, with immediate
possession, 162 acres—good farm.
Saxonburg, Pa.
Our grocers are paying, for—
Apples 1 75
Fresh eggs lfl
Butter 25-27
Potatoes 60
Chickens, dressed 1(S 18
Turkey, dressed 22
Navy beans, bu $1 815
Onions, bu 90
Honey per lb 17
Dried Apples b
Turnips, per ba 40
Parsnips, per bu 1 75
Beet* per bu 75
There will be exposed to Public Sale
at the Livery Barn of Miller & Robb,
on West Jefferson street, Butler, on
Saturday, March 24th, 1906,
beginning at 10 a. m.--thu entire con
tents of the big livery barn.
The sale will be positive as the build
ing is to be torn down.
We can club the CITIZEN with the
Pittsburg Times at SB.OO per year for
the two, CITIZEN ami Pittsburg Post
for $8.25; CITIZEN and Pittsburg Ga
/atte $4.00.
Cash in advance.
—Why is Newton "The Plnno Man?
See adr.
Amos L. Cooper vs Pittsburg and
Butler Street Railway Co . bill in equi
ty asking for an injunction permanent
ly restraining the defendant from mak
ing a cut more than five feet deep
throngb his dwelling property in Valen
cia. Cooper exhibited a copy of a right
of way given to C. J. Gibson and as
tinned by him to the defendant, which
specifies that the cat through bis lot
shall not be more than five feet deep
Regardless of this he states the defend
ant's contractors two weeks ago com
menced excavating on his property and
are making the cnt from t**n to twelve
feet deep, practically destroying the
property for lesidence. He asks for
damages and that the injunction be
made permanent. Monday the case
was settled, Cooper receiving several
hundred dollars
Harry J. Donagliy vs Sophie Dona
ghy, libel in divorce, whom he alleges
deserted him in ISB9.
Lochrie Bros, vs H. K. Wick, assump
sit (500, for alleged breach of a contract
to give the plaintiffs S2OO if it was
shjwn that a lateral railroad was not a
necessity and benefit. The road in
question was to tun from the Btssemer
railroad near Argentine through the
lands of the deft, to the lands and mine
of the plffs.
Lochrie Bros, vs Hamilton Bros., as
sumpsit for (500 on a suit similar to the
John Berg & Co. vs S. C. McKinney,
M, M. McCall, defts, and Warren Al
bert. garnishee, attachment execution
on goods of defts in bands of garnishee
for claims of S2O and (40 respectively.
Cornelius Lumber Company vs Dick
Lacopnlas and August Keller, eject
ment on a lot in Lyndora which th€
plffs leased from F. X. Kohler and sub
let to the defts, after building a store
and house on it. Judgment for the
property for a debt of (60 was entered
for the plaintiff.
"Judge'' Henniuger aud viewers
Leighner, Dindinger, Irwin, Turner
aud Humphrey held another session in
the Plauk i\oad condemnation matter,
Friday. A number of witnesses for
and against the condemnation were ex
amined. Surveyor C. F. L. McQuistion
and George Schalfaer, Sr. stated they
had examined the Main street. Thorn
creek, Glade Mills and a number of
smaller bridges and culverts for the
County Commissioners, who are oppos
ing the condemnation, and found them
all out of repair and in snch shape as
to require rebuilding at an early date.
The cost of replacing the Main street
bridge and approaches was estimated
at (13.000. and that of the other bridges
together at nearly as much. D. H.
Sutton, one of the witnesses, said he
overheard an offer by Judge Bredin to
sell the Butler county portion of the
road for (7000. The Plauk Road Co. is
asking (10.000 for the road. The hear
ing of testimony was concluded Friday.
Monday evening the viewers made
their report, refusing to recommend the
condemnation. The County Commis
sioners showed that a number of
bridges are in bad shape, and it is prob
able that h»d the viewers reported in
favor of condemning and awarded dam
ages, an appeal and change of venue,
with a repetition of the Beaver county
bridge cases would result. They also
claimed the proceedings were commenc
ed because the road was no longer pay
ing. Judge Bredin, secretaiy and
treasurer of the company, when on the
stand stated the company thought they
should receive (10.000 for the road.
The costs of the proceedings and
view amount.to about (150, and the ex
ceptions to the bills filed have been filed
by W. D. Brandon for the petitioners.
Tillie Snyder, convicted of man
slaughter for binding and deserting her
little child in the woods u*ar Summit
.Station, with the result that the child
died of starvation, was called Saturday
for sentence. Pleas were made to the
Court by her attorneys for a reformato
ry sentence, and after an examination
of the law, showing that prisoners in
the House of Refuge at Morgauza art
kept there in certain cases until 25 years
of age, she was committed to that insti
John B, McLanghlin, convicted ol
murder in the second degree for shoot
ing and killing Win. J. Hemphill it
May, 1905, in Clinton twp., was called
for sentence, Saturday. After a steom
pies for mercy had been made iu his be
half by W. Z. Murrin, Judge Galbreath
sentenced him to undergo imprison
inent in the Western Penitentiary foi
14 years. By good behavior McLangh
lin can secure commutations amount
ing to 5 years and 4 months, reducing
his uctual time to » years and H month*.
An appeal has been taken by McLangh
Steve Bodynak, the Lyndora boarding
house keeper who was found guilty ol
selling without license to his boarders,
was sentenced to piy costs, a fine of
(500 and three months in jail. The
least legal penalty possible.
The case of Com. vs Jas. M. Max
well. in which the Knights of Pythias
lodge was complainant, has been setr
R. A. McDonald, found guilty of de
frauding a boarding house keeper ont of
a(7 board bill, was sentenced to piy
•osts, (10 fine and undergo jail impris
onment for 80 days.
Angelo Kandor, prosecutor in the
adultery cases against Mike Leggins and
Mary Kindal, was sentenced to pay
half the costs.
Panl Milovitz, convicted of tnan
»langhter for shooting and killing Was
nil Danchula in Lyndora on Feb. 11,
1005, was called in Court, Satarday.and
sentenced to pay the costs, a fine of
|IOOO and undergo imprisonment in the
Western Penitentiary for four years
The jury in the case recommended Mil-
Dvitz to the mercy of the Court and he
had been in jail a year before Sentence
was passed. By good l>ehavior Milo
vitz can have two months taken off his
first year, three the second, four the
third and five off any subsequent year,
which would make a total of 14 mouths
and reduce his actual time to two
years and ten months.
George Newman was committed to
jail, Saturday, by Justice Keck on
charges of rape, seduction and f&b
The charges were entered on oath of
Bertha Mincer, aged 15 years. New
man was arrested in Pittsburg.
A rule has been granted on the heirs
of the late M. H. Byerly to accept prop
erty of appraised valuations: viz. (2550
on the farm in Jefferson twp., and
(1004 on the farm in Fawn twp., Alle
gheny county.
Iu the case of Com. vs Edward Den
holm, found "not guilty but pay the
costs" on a misdemeanor charge, amo
tion has been made by the deft to have
ttie "costs* 1 part of the verdict set
Sam Blank, Lyndora agent of the
Elk Brewiog Co. of Kittanning. was
tried, Friday, on a charge of selling li
quor without license. Blank took or
(lers from Lyndora people for amounts
ranging from an eighth to a barrel of
beer, aud the beer was sent to Butler
addressed to the purchaser "in care" of
Sam Blank. The latter received and
delivered it. Saturday moruing the
jnry returned a verdict of not gullly.
This was the last case for trial.
In the cases vs W E Millignn, OH
ver C. Wood .vorthVnd Charles K King,
the smooth bunch of Pittsbnrgers who
went around selling farmers wagon
loads of phonographs, a motion to nolle
pros the cases was allowed on condition
that the defts paid all the cost, and
gave back nil the orders for phonographs
which tney jeenred in Butler, Arm
strong and Washington counties There
were two charges of conspiracy to de
fraud against the defendants, the in
formants being John Kirk and George
The will of Harah Miller, dee'd, of
Washington twp. has been probated.
Her daughter, Emma, receives all per
sonal property and one-fifth of the coal
and oil royalties of testator's farm. L.
C. Miller, a son, receives the farm, he !
to pay his brothers, George Hnd James, •
ami niece, Nina G. <3oyle, (1 each in 1
full for their share in "the estate. In I
connection with the probating of the I
will and sale of L. C. Miller to T. C.
Burns of 00 acres of the farm, a deed ,
dated Nov. 25, lbso, from Alex Young I
to Sarah Miller for 150 acre. l ? for |3OO.
■was placed on record.
E. L Ralston has filed his report as
auditor on the report of the receiver of
the Lyndora Supply Co. The_ total in
debtedness amounted to $31,125 78. and
the proceeds from the sale of real estate
to $7.204.2 4 and of personal estate $4-
643.13. making the total assets sll.-
»4G.37 The costs of the andit amount
ed to $254. The mortgage indebtedness
ami n Jt« d to j and was in such
shape that the mortgagors received
something over fifty per cent on their
claims, while unsecured creditors re
ceived twelve per cent A number of
exceptions have been filed to the report.
The liquor selling against Jos.
and Morris Pollack. Dr. Mtnteer, W. 8.
Brooks and Sam Tynnauer were cootin
n- d until Jrn 1 . One of the Pollacks had
fallen down stairs and broken an arm.
The two Reott boys charged, with a
boy named Wellner, with stealing from
a dozen or more residences, were re
leased oa their own recognizance
Wellner is to appear in Court March
Thursday afternoon the jury in the
case of Cow. vs Hem er-on Surreua,
charged with the burglary of the house
t f Mis. Violet Famn, brought in a ver
dict of not guilty. The verdict was
probably due to the testimony of Sur
rena's brother-in law, Gilbert Walters,
and his wife and sister, who swore Sur
rena spent the night at their house,
three miles from the Farren place.
R. L. DuHaven and the Independent
Bretving Co. have appealed to the Su
perior Court from the ruling of Judge
Gal breath refusing them wholesale li
Henry Wilson, ex'r of the will of
.Terusha Bingham, dec'd. of Slippery
rock. has filed exceptions to the account
of Amanda Cooper, adm'x of the estate
of Zebnlon Cooper, deed, of Worth
twp. Notes amounting to S3OO are
claimed to be due the Bingham estate.
Mrs Bingham and Mr. Cooper were
brother and sister.
.Tunnet Bell. Thursday plead guilty to
f&b, and was sentenced to pay the
costs, a fine of $23 $25 to the prosecu
trix and $1 per week for maintenance.
The will of Jacob Ader of Winfield
twp. has been probated. In addition to
amounts already given his son, Charley
receives SIOOO, and the residue is divid
ed between his son, Wm. ami daughter.
Catherine E , A. C Krug is executor.
luai Zidovosni, alias "Peanuts," 15
years old, without parents, and three
months in America, plead guilty to lar
ceny of a juit of clothes, liat, etc. Sen
tence was suspended to give the boy a
chaDce. A Jefferson twp. man took
John Buccos was appointed guardian
of three minor children of Micheal Sen
dry, dee d, of Lyndora.
Samuel Landos was released as bonds
man of Samuel Shamberger last Thurs
day. Before his release was granted by
the Court, all the costp, which had al
ready been paid by the county, had to
be made good by Landos, and it cost
him one cent iess than SIOO. Justice
Keck received $4, Clerk Christley $9.54
Sheriff Gibson $1 25. Sheriff Campbell
$2, District Attorney Walker $7, Coun
ty Detective Hoon $17.20 and the wit
ness fees amounted to $59. Landos is
said to have spent over SIOOO in follow
ing aud capturing Shamberger.
Gov. Pennypacker rtspited Frank
Johnson, last Saturday, and there was
uo hanging in New Castle jail, Monday,
as was expected.
An answer has been filed by Blair
Hooks. President of the Callery Brick
and Tilo Co., to the equity bill of J. F1
Thomas against the company iu which
it is claimed Thomas owes the company
C. G. Christie was appointed auditor
in the estate of John Cooper of Adam?
On petition of Mr. aud Mrs. James O
Harbison an order was made by which
they legally adopt Susanna Houim of
Lawrence county as their child. The
child is one year old hei mother has
been deserted by the father. The name
was changed to Faith Harbison.
After serving almost 17 years of a life
sentence for the murder of Mrs. Paul
Rudert, Alexander Killen of Tarentum,
a prisoner in the Western penitentiary,
at last has succeeded in interesting in
fluential men in his case, with the result
that they have become satisfied of bin
innocence and will endeavor, to secure
a pardon for him. Bishop Canevin and
Rev. Donahoo, pastor of the West End
Presbyterian church, are at the head of
the movement. They are making si
thorou«h investigation and have already
unearthed valuable testimony indicaf
ing Kilien's innocence. Prominent cit
izens of Tarentum are lending their
aid. as the cons«nsus of opinion in that
town is that Killen is suffering unjust
Mike Matthews, John Frttz, Mik*
Bunko, witnesses in the case of Com.
vs Sam Blank were not in Court when
(railed. Attachments were issued and
they were arrested by Deputy Voroun
and each fined $5 and costs by Judge
Attachments were issued for Ella
Wrare, Steve Shere, George Olah, John
Scbnltz. Miko Takos and Elizi Andryna
witnesses in the cases of Joseph and
Morris Pollak.
Iu the pace of Com. vs A. W. Kreps,
charged with desertion by his wife, the
Court made an order dismissing the case
on payment of costs by Kreps. In com
menting on the case Judge Galbreath
said "If what each said is true they are
bcth entitled to divorce."
The case of Com. vs John Shanor,
adultery, was continued until June on
payment of the costs accrued at this
[.dm by Shanor, who claimed he could
not get his witneeses for the present
E. A. McCandless has been appointed
supervisor of Adams twp. vice W. J.
Blakeley, reeigned.
Henry Feme has been appointed
guardian of Timothy Frederick, minor
Hon of Adam A. Frederick, dec'd. of
Summit twp.
Jesse Mudison, a colored boy of
Lyndora, was placed in jail. Monday on
a charge of a&b. for kicking another
boy in the groin.
The Guaranty S. I). & T. Co. was ap
pointed guardian of Edward Gibson of
Commissioner Siebert and Constable
Rice took Mrs. Charleton and her
children back to Allegheny county, last
Saturday, aud they had quite a time
getting her started.
The State Supreme Court has affirm
ed the decision of the Court here in the
case of Purvis et al against the local
Carpenters Union.
On complaint of A. Krieg before
Justice Maxwell, Geo. Walker has been
held for trial for surety of the peace.
Krieg alleges Walker threatened to tar
and feather him aud "put him out of
the business."
Wm Twentier has been appointed
Road Supervisor of Cranberry twp, to
fill a vacancy caused by a tie vote be
tween Jas. Graham aud John Reiser.
The will of the late Wallaco M«-
Quistion has been probated, his son W.
W. Jr., being the sole devisee.
The case of L. O. Purvis vs B. R. &
P. R. R. has been continued.
John Renison of Adams twp. has I
been adjudged insane and committed to
Dixtnont. '
The commission in the case were J. I
M. Painter, I)r. L. 11. Stepp. and Jos. !
Gilkey. Renison has SHOOO personal j
estate and $5000.00 in unincumbered
An appraisuieut of the estate of Mrs.
Elisa Passuvaut, deed., of Zelieuople
shows personal property amounting to
Judge Galbreath has filed an opinion
refusing to graut a re hearing on the
application of the Independent Brew
ing Co. for the reason that the company
mainUinod a brewery in the Third
ward nnd an agency for a Pittsburg
branch of the same Co. in the Second
ward under the same license
Margt L Brown to Anna Dietz lot on
Mitllin st S7OO.
Chas E Pearce to Blair Hooks lot on
Shady ave for #3lO.
A M Campbell, Sheriff, to Mutual G
B <Xr L Aasu lot on Mifflin at for fc-2900.
Peter A. Rivers to C A Abrauis lot on
C3ntre ave for £1:300.
Tbos Robinson to Geo W Amy and
Howe Lvon 7 lota ou South Side fcr
Eugene T Norton to C L Norton prop
erty in Adams twp and Mars for sl.
Lemmon C Miller to T C Bums 1M(
acres in Washington for SISOO.
Snsan and G W Shaw to John C'Clark
lot at Morton and Sumner nvrs fur
S B Martinconrt and C A Abrams to
Fred Rowland lot at Franklin and
Howard .sts for jfiJIOO-
Wilt Walker to Mary D Redic lot on
Monroe at for *:}3oo.
E T Walker to Miller Hutchison int
in 38 acres in Oakland for S2OO.
Mary M Crawford to W H Crawford
lot on Ridge are for $350.
Rosa Alwein to Adam E Morian :>s
acres in Summit for SISOO, also lot in
Butler for SIOOO.
W M Gibson to Mrs. S J Arntll, lot
in Bruin for $225.
J W Barricger to Anna M Barringer,
lease and wells in Allegheny twp. for
H A McPhersou to Wm. F Swartz.
lot on Locust St. for $.2700: lot on Second
for $2600; lot on Locust St. for $3200.
W F Swartz to John W Borland, lot
on Carl>oii St. for ss<»o
Martin Monks to Moin Oil Ca. leaser
and wells in Middlesex for S3OOO.
R M Bowser to Hugh A McNainee,
lot on Pillow St. for $2305.
John to Jas. Bryden, 25
acres in Cherry for $250
Jas Bryden to Margaret A. Grossman
property in Cherry for S9OO.
Sarah C Gibson to H L Warner, 44
acres in Buffalo for $2050.
W H Parker to H L Warner, 78 acres
in Buffalo for $2500,
Theo. Schenck to Flaudelia M Covle,
lot on Fourth Ave. for $2500.
Robert Davis to O J Gillespie, prop
erty in Washington twp. for S3OO.
W E Slater to N P Winner, lot on
W. Penn St. for SI9OO.
John H Reid to W H McGaffic, lot on
Mercer St. for S2OOO.
John W Powell to Geo. Powell, two
thirds int. in U0 acres in Buffalo for
Lizzie J Painter to Geo. C Powell,
int. in same for sl.
Uatler Borough to Butler lee Co.. lot
near garbage furnace forsl.
Marriage J-licenses.
Jehu G. Kaylor Kay lor
Laura E. Grant North Hope
Harry M. Christy Keister
Eva M. Smith Bovard
Robert E. Sloan Eau Claire
Mary McCandless... " *'
J. A. Jolly Venango twp.
Lizzie Jamison " "
John W. Greer Valencia
Sara J. Blakeley Adams twp.
George Ketterer, Jr Butler
L. Frances Wadsworth "
Ollie J. Graham Bntler
Genevive Stoner "
At Pittsburg—Lewis Wbitniyro of
Mars and Lillian Pryor of Allegheny.
At Kittanninir, Mike Suchonnic of
Butler and Katie Lucas of Leechburg.
For Sale.
Forty-acre lease and 5 wells.
Several desirable dwelling properties.
Four acres and large dwelling in
Butler, S7OOO. E. H. NEOLEY,
S. W. Diamond,
Attend the State Normal School at
Slippery Rock, Butler County, Pa. Ad
vantages first-class, rates low; tuition
free to teachers and to those who iutend
to teach. Spring term begins March
27th, 1900 Send for a catalogue. Ad
—Wanted—a bright boj- to learn a
trade. Inquire at this ofhee.
—Why is Newton "The Piano ManV'
See adv.
—Money to loan on first mortgage,
upon friends is the suggestion of sou
venirs for the wedding day. In our
stock you will fiud many articles in
silverware, rich cut glass, clocks, vases
and hand painted china suitable for
presents. Wedding rings in endless
variety. Prices right according to
We also sell—
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Poco Cameras.
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
Opticul goods.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Court House.
pAROID. The Roofing with NO
TAR. Won't dry out. Won't
tjrow brittle.
ANYONE can apply it. Tins,
Nails and Cement in core oi
each roll.
REPRESENTS the results o
years of Experience and Ex
requires painting every
fewyears. Not when first
T laid
S Cheaper than Gravel, Slate
o r Shingles.
I \EMAND for PAROID is world
Other Facvd, Samples and Prices are
yours if you will ask ns.
W S. &E. WICK,
(tough and Worked 1 timber of all Kinds
IHMITH, Sash and Mouldings
Oil Well I'.IKK a Specially.
OlHre and Vard
R. Cunningham and Monro* Ms
n»*r Went Penn l>npot.
in-rT fit ' \
See Ihe Sign directly
opposite the
Old roslolHce
Real Eitate and
loturanrc Ajjcnoy,
238 S. Main St L 3
Hutler, I'a. J
If you have prop< ri v Tk|
to mill, trade, or rent I Idß
or, waut to buy or
rent call, writ" 00 A
uli.ne me. U|
List Mailed Upon Applioatlon
\ like the old fashioned C
Syrup of Tar and Wild v
/ Cherry for coughs and f
f colds. This is one we }
\ have sold for fifteen \
\ years and it constantly J
/ grov/s in favor. Pleasant \
# to take. Gives prompt }
\ relief. Stops that tickle- i V
\ ing sensation. It is a, J
V ; good safe remedy to ! \
C have about and }
/ many a trip to the \
j doctors or druggist, j v
/ Same goods, same size 1 <
f package and same price /
\ as we have always sold /
\ it. 25c. r
\C. N. BOYD, |
P Dimond Block. Bctler. j /
/H. Shan<?r,
Fire and Life Insurance
Room 508, Butler Comity National
Bank Buildinj* Butler, Pa.
| Spring Hats j
i Soft Hats in all t
# Shapes and Shades t
|| Spring Neckwear. $
|Jno. S.Wick,|
t 345 S. Main St., 2
{ (J. Stein Building.) S
J Two Doors north of Willard Hotol. j
[sole agt. I
JKnox and Imperial Hats. J
B. & B.
Lace Curtains, 35c to $7.75
a pair, and others higher, lower,
and in between —that will con
vince all who come that we in
tend to make it pay to give this
store your preference.
Over 350 different patterns
—all new, fresh and perfect.
20 styles at 75c.
22 styles at 85c.
22 styles at SI.OO.
26 styles at $1.25.
20 styles at $1.50.
21 styles at $1.85.
34 styles at $3.00.
49 styles at $2.50.
24 styles at $3.00.
—and there's plenty of pairs
of each and every pattern.
Quality of the curtains, class
of patterns and prices to be the
real and final test.
Also great collection of
foreign Curtains.
Those who want something
exceptionally fine should see
our Princess Curtains.
Hand made Lace —the pret
tiest new Curtains brought out
in years.
We have exclusive control
of them for this market.
Sill lengths (2 1-2 yards),
Full lengths (3 1-2 yards),
$12.00 to $25.00.
Boggs & Buhl
106 W. Diamond St., Bntler
North side of Conrt House.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat work, a
Eye, Ear Nose and Throat.
i OFFICE HOURS—9 to 10 a. m., 1 to 3 :
|p. m., 7toßp. m. Sonday by appoint-!
181 E. CnunioKliam Street, Bntler, Pa:
! Consultation and examination free,
j Oflice honrs—9 to 12 A. M., 2to
M., daily except Sunday. Evening
I Office —Stein Block, Rooms 9-10. But !
ler. Pa. People's Phone 479.
Teeth extracted absolutely painless'
Take Vitalized Air or Nitrous Oxide.
All work satisfactory.
127* S Main St., " BUTLER, PA.
of Dental Department,
University of Pennsylvania.
Office—2ls S. Main Street, Butler, Pa
Office over Leighner's Jewelry store,
Butler, Pa
Peoples Telephone 505.
A specialty made of gold fillings, gold
crown and bridge work.
Office in Butler Connty National Bank
Building, 2nd floor.
Successor to Dr. Johnston.
Office at No 114 2. JeSerson St., over
G. W. Miller's grocery
Office in Butler County National
Bank bnilding.
Office at No. 8. West Diamond St. But
ler, Pa.
Office in Bntler County National
Bank building.
Office on Diamond, Bntler, Pa.
Special attention given to collections
end business matters. '
Office lu. Wise building.
OBice in Reiber building, cornel Main
and E. Cunningham Sts, Entrance on
Main street,
Office on Main St. near Court Honei 1
Office on South side of Diamond,
Butler, Pa.
Office near Court House.
Office In the Negley Building, Wejl
Office with Berkimer, the Undertaker
Spring Opening
The first opening this spring
of a bottle of our own make
Beef, Iron and Wine will
bring cheer to many families.
all winter you become listless
and tired and have not the
ambition for extra spring
Our Beef, Iron and Wine
Is the "Spring Tonic" that I
brings back red cheeks, red
lips, new blood, new life.
"Remember" we make our
own, it is not shipped in.
Every bottle guaranteed, your
money back if it fails,
l'riee 50c Pint.
Crystal Pharmacy
R. M. LOGAN, Ph. G.,
106 N. Main St.. Butler. Pa.
APRIL 2 and MAY 3
Only $9 00 Round Trip
Tickets Good 10 Days
Colonist Far<?s
To Principal Points in
California, Arizona- Colorado,
British Columbia, Montana-
New Mexico- Oregon- Texas,
South Dakota, Utah, Wash
On Sale Daily Until April 7,
For Tickets uud fnil information
call on or addreea Ticket Agenta
Baltimore & Ohio 11. K
ritt*burn'» UXIIDK Ctilnne Kei»taur*nt, ,1
iIT Third avenue, I'lttnlmrn. I'a ltolkiou* |
Hn«iy, Yockoma itnd tli« ln-*t kind i I j
< )ol«>n« Tea *ir» our wpoOaltK-M.
lor Complete Farm Lwt
of AIICRIiHny Count* VHTUM.
W. F. WEITERSB i:TBE.\. _ j
Tl» C. Ohio strMt. Allvghtnf, Pa. |
I Patterson BrosJ
Successors to Brown <sc Co.) g
I Furniture and Carpets. |
3 We respectfully solicit a share of your
® patronage. @
® New goods arriving daily, inviting
jg your inspection.
|| 136 N. Main Street, Butler, Pa.
Just received the largest assortment of sewing machines we ever hadH
Kj in stock. We have an expert sewing machine repair inan at reaaonableH
li. j prices. ra
I Henry Biehl, I
m 122 N. Main St. I'eo. 'l'hone 404. H
} ■ New Laces anil Embroideries. New White Goods and Muslin Underwear < >
< > Some people think there is no Milliuery sold in February —this is the ' *
t i case in some stores —but not here. Women are always interested in pretty < |
new stylish Hats If the price is tempting and wo certainly have priced
< ) onr New Spring Hats tempting enough. Then the prices we have put on 1 '
t balance of Winter Millinery i» most seductive-Ostrich Tips Oc per bunch < >
—Untrimmed Hats 9c and 25c, formerly SI.OO to *100; any Trimnwd
i I Hats in house for SI.OO, formerly fci 00 to $10.00; sale of Artificial Flowers < ■
i 1 . for less than J price: sale Ostrich Plumes less than } price; J off regular < |
price on all Silk Velvets. . .
, 1 ( Swell Spring Tailor Made Suits and Jackets. < >
5 l Handsome New Models to choose from—Eton Coats—Pony Coata and 4 }
j? hip length Jacket effects, three-quarter or full length sleeve skirts with
€ ► new draped circular sides, pleatod front and backs, delicate new shades
Aof Gray. Green, Alice Blue, Lavender, Navy, Old Rose and Black—Suite < >
\ of exclusive style and beauty. Prices range $20.00, $25.00 up to 115 00
Q New Style Spring Q>vert Jackets, two specials, at ss.o* and #8.98, <
worth $8.50 and $lO. New Spring Style Rain Coats $10.98, value $15.00. | |
J New Spring Style Separate Skirts $3 98, $5.98 up to $20.00. New Spring k
y Style Lingerie Waists 98c, worth $1.50. New Spring Style Lingerie
4% Waistß $1.50, $2.25 up to SIO.OO. <
Jk Dress Goods at less than * former prices. Wash Goods at less than } (
y former prices. Dress Trimmings at less than \ former prices. Winter
A Wraps and Furs at less than J former prices. Greater money savjng op- { I
jf port unity has never been offered you. 36 inch Butler Taffeta Sil* wc,
j * aold it .
jjMrs. J. E. Zimmerman.;
>4 Hell Phone 208. Blltler. Pa. I I
» People's Phone 126. L,ullcl ' '
I Great Cut Price Sale I
| of Winter Footwear I
I Will Open Saturday, I
1 January 6th at 9A. M. I
1 Sharp. I
1 Come and get some of I
| the great bargains. I
Opp. Hotel Lowry. 102 N. Main Street. I
. ikmmm If w iwi