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NOTE—AII advertisers Intending to make
change* In their ads. should notify
their Intention to do so not later than Mon
day morning.
Bankruptcy notice, estate of J. N.
Johnston. . .
Administrator's notice, estate of A I.
Wick's Sale.
Kirkpatrick's Jewelry.
Schanl & Levy's Sale.
Campbell't Cabinets.
Eyth Bros Wall Paper.
Zimmerman's Sale.
Modern Stora's Sale.
Dnffy's Carpet.
Poultry Show.
Admlnlsuators and Executors of
cin secure their receipt boot* at the
CITI?3N offlce.
Borough Announcements.
Subject to the decision of the Republi
prmary election, Saturday, Jan.
27. 1906—2 to 7 P. M.
For Burgess,
J. B. BLACK, of the Fourth ward.
For Collector of Taxes,.
For Justice of the Peace,
JACOB KECK, of the Fifth Ward.
Subject to the Decision of the Demo
craic Primaries.
—Sales, Sales, Sales.
—Local politics are quiet.
—A woman is due to be hung in New
Jersey, tomorrow.
—Nominate good men for borough
and township offices.
—lt was oold Monday night, and the
mercury stood at but 10 above zero next
—There were some sleighs out in
Butler, last Sunday for the first time
this winter.
—Five Generals were killed during a
late battle in San Domingo, and there
are some left.
—One of the Democratic candidates
for Burgess says "Us Germans we must
stand together, one by each. "
—A 60 foot lot on Fourth Ave. Pitts
burg that changed hands in 1805 for
$1,200 is now valued at $1,200,000.
—Parts of Missouri. Kansas and Ne
braska experienced a slight shock of
earthquake, last Sunday evening.
—The Pittsburg & Butler Street Ry.
Co. lately purchased seven acres of land
at Renfrew —presumably for car barns,
machine shops, etc.
—The Merchants Mutusl Fire Insur
ance Co. of Butler issued 203 policies,
last year, had but one assessment and
•re pleased with their success. ,
—The first (work) train ran over the
elevated railroad on Dnqutsne Way
from Uuion Station to the warehouses
on the Point in Pittsburar, last week.
—One of the big hotels of Minneapolis
burned early, yesterdsy morning, caus
ing the death of ten people, and the loss
of a quarter of a million of properly.
—"Martin Luther, or the Stoiy of the
Reformation," will be presented in the
Majestic Theatre, by local talent, Jan,
80th, under th* auspices of the Grace
Lutheran church.
—One of the old soldiers who lately
went to Andersonville, Ga. located and
dag up some money be bad hidden in
• bottle and buried on the prison
f rounds forty-one years ago.
—gome of the pass-less legislators
will start for Harrisburg, Saturday;
and the Barriairarg boarding-house
keepers are ready to receive them with
open arms and warming pans.
—The United States Civil Service
Commission announces that an exam
ination will be held at Butler, next Sat
urday week, 30th, for the positions of
olerk and carrier in the postofflce
—The printers of this town and, pre
sumably, all the smaller towns, are at
present giving up ten per cent of their
wages to support the printers of the
cities who are striking for an 8-hour
~Our doctors are kicking on the new
law regarding the registration of
deaths; bnt as for that new road law,
every township in the county is fnll of
men anxious to give bond and perform
all the duties of Supervisor, under it,
tor nothing.
—That was a funny thing that hap
pened near the Grossing of Vain and
Jefferson Sts. last Friday afternoon—
the ringing of the fire bell soared a
horse and he backed into the stteet-car
tracks and threw himself.
—The Butler Hospital had 10,070
'■hospital-days," whatever that is, latt
year; also 543 patients, 49 deaths and
136 operations. The patients paid them
ten-thousand and some dollars, and it
cost nearly $30,000 to keep the thing go
ing. I
—The new board of County Commis
sioners of Beaver county gelded, last
Week, tg adyertipe the sale of a $510,000
issue of bridge bonds to pay for the
bridges freed by the county. The bonds
will be sold Feb, 1. They will be 4 per
pent bonds, maturing serially.
•csLast Sunday waj Russian Christ
mas and though it was a sorry day for
them so far an their National affairs are
Concerned, there was considerable
drinking and carousing among the
oolony in Butler, with some hearings
before the Burgess next morning.
—Rev. Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis of
Brooklyn lectured on the IJijjh School
Alumni in the Majestic Theatre,
evening. His subject was
"Qliyer Cromwell'' aqd the lec|qre was
Que of the t)eqt ever delivered in Butler.
At one period shouts of "Go on, go on,"
greeted the spaaker. The next lecture
will be by Hon. Charles Emory Smith,
Feb. 1.
—A lot of farmers along the routs q(
the Pittsburg and Bqtjet Street railway
Jine gouth of Butler are said to be feel
ing bad over the way the new inter
urban line la being built. Th.jy gave
rights-of-way at aboat a fifth what
they would hare charged a steam rail
road company, because they thought
that the new line would be built on the
surface and their farms would be injur
ed but little. Now the work of track
building is almost completed and the
grading, cutting and filling is almost as
heavy as that done on railroads and the ,
farmers feel tbat they have been easy i
Tonr dollar win do donble duty at
Bitter & Rockensteins great sale of
men's and boys's clothing.
--Butler County Poultry and Pet
Stock Association Show, Jam. 24, 35, 26
and 27, 1W& Write „tfce Sefcretary,
Virgil Oihada, foe premium U«.
J B. Clark, formerly of Bntler. ha?
nioyed to Mabton, Wash.
W. S. Allen of Parker tw;». was in
tawn on business, yesterday.
T. A. Pearce of Butler tw >. was in
town on business, yesterday.
Oliver W. Stonghton of Cmtre twp.
visited friends in Butler, F^lay.
Edward C Morrow of We t Liberty
boro is serving on the Jurv, 'his week.
Rev. John D. Mcßride of Avonmore
spent the Holidays with t.-ienda in
P. J. Spohn of Summit twp moved to
his new farm, (the Bauldauf week be
fore last.
J. F. Grant and wife arrive 1 at Colon.
Panama, last week, and sent A'ord back
by cable.
James M. Maxwell is report d serious
ly ill of pneumonia, besides suffering
from a broken 'leg.
John Castor and wife of SI -peryrock
attended the Caplan-Friedmav wedding
last week atEllwood City.
Nathan Levy and wife of Wilming
ton, Del., are the guests of their
daughter, Mrs. Philip Schaul.
Prof. Hall, J. B. Mechling, G. Weis
enstein, Rev. Dight and A. Critch
low were among our late callers.
Mrs. McCallister Kuhn of Concord
twp. is down with typhoid, and as she
is well up in years, abont 65, the case is
Warren Albert has finished -awing on
the Henry Hartzell farm in B tier twp
and will now devote his time to team
ing and hauling.
Curtis Pearce, teacher of the Vogel
Bchool in Butler twp., bout ht three
bushels of peanuts for a Christmas
treat for his scholars, and It wasn t a
bad idea.
Thoe. Wiley and Henry Hi-lstead of
Clinton were in town on business, Fri
day. The people of that twp are in a
quandary regarding the new road and
Supervisor law
H. E. Laird of Fairview Ave., who
has been absent for several months past
in the neighborhood of Dayt->n, Arm
strong county, drilling for gas for the
Apollo Gas Co., visited his fajaily last
D. L. Cleeland, the Jeweler, who has
beep the guardian of the Court House
clock for 21 years, or since it began
business, resigned his charge last week,
and H. Grieb was appointed in his
Your dollar will do double duty at
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mUt/l HP"*'- -
'■ v.-
Scene from Spangles.
Nothing more delightfully alluring
and captivating than or The
Wooden Horse." which will be present
ed here neit Wednesday.direc*. from its
month's run at the Broad Street Thea
tre, Philadelphia, has been brought for
ward in recent times. The j>!ay has
proven to be a highly diverting enter
Prices $1.50, SI.OO, 75, 50,;2,V
Matinee and Night.
'•The Hooeier Girl" appeared at the
Grand Opera House last everting for her
first time in this city. Here'* hoping
she'll couie back. May she couie often.
» * 'The Hoosier Girl' is sweet and
pretty, with an atmosphere of the ru
ral. * *"—Springfield, 0., Stn.
Prices, matinee 10 and 25c; night 25,
35 and 50c
This captivating farce comedy which
adds thousands of friends yearly to its
already long list will be seen at the
Majestic, Monday evening, is known as
the one play that has a laugh in every
line. There isn't a dull second iL the
entire play.
The prettiest song that has been
heard for many moona is "And that
Little Girl is You," which is sung with
unique light effects in Wm. A. Brady's
production of "Girls will be Girls. " A 1
Leech and the Three Rosebuds are sup
ported by a good chorus
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sale of men aD( j wear
Our grocer# are paying, for—
Apples ar,
Fresh eggs 27
Butter 85-28
Potatoes so
Chickens, dressed 13 15
Turkey, dressed 30
Navy beans, bu 31 75
Onions, bu. SI.OO
Lettuce, lb. 10
Honey per lb 17
Dried Apples 6
Squashes, per pd 2
Turnips, per bu 40
Parsnips, per bu 75
Beets per bu 75
All kinds of pawing machine needles
at Henry Biehl's.
Get your gas ranges, heatiug stoves
and slack burners at Henry Bit M a.
Do von know that Klingle.'s Snow
Drift Flour is $1.25 a sack and Klingler's
Silver Form SI.BO a sack, both warrant
Your dollar will do double duty at
Ritter & Rockensteins great sale of
men's and boys' clothing.
tttrffens to Write From Well
Lincoln Steffens, the famous writer
on "Graft." whose stories of "The
Shame of the States" and municipal
corruption, are credited with with
being partly responsible for ♦he over
throw of bossism in many cit;es, went
to Washington a week ago on a new
assignment -to follow the trail of
municipal and State corruption to the
National Capital. Steffens will vrite
this new series of "Graft" stories from
the seat of government, and foi tli&first
time his exposures will appear in the
newspapers instead* of in the Mag
The Pittsburg Sunday Disp <tch Aas
sechred the exclusive rights fo the (ob
; lication of this new series tl ,ough» u t
■ this tftritory. The first articl. willap
pear next, Sunday, January 1..
I Overcoats at your price during Ritier
6 RoMmoisteins great sale.
Geo. 11. McMillan vs \V. Wells Wat
ters, sci fa on a mechanics li-*n of
Maggie C. Hoover vs Wesley C.
Hoover, petition for divorce.
Mrs. Rosette Barns vs E. E Wick,
adm of the estate of ft. K. Wick, dee d,
appeal by deft, from judgement of
|1:26 *9, rendered bv I. 11. Cochran, J.
Mrs. Caroline Bowser of Bruin bas
petitione<l for a commission in Icuacv
on her husband, W. L. Bowser, and F.
J. Forquer, Esq was appointed to
summon a jury of six to determine and
report at the March Quarter Session*.
R. M. Sipe, Dr. A. Holman ai d Geo.
W. Yarnnm were appointed a commie
sion in lunacy on Albert Allen, on pe
tition of James H. Allen of Centre twp.
The following cases were marked
settled when the list was called; C. Hor
witz vs A. H. Cohn. Samuel Thompson
vs Andrew Thompson, McCleilind
heirs ys National Transit Co.. L,Piil
Urban vs Bntler Passenger Ry. Co.
The case of D West vs Jas. Long
was continued on account of sickuess. .
In the case of T. Z. Caldwell vs South
PennOil Co the plaintiff moved to
amend and the deft plead surprise,
continuing the case.
The oases of D. Overheim vs J.
Schoentag et al and Laura K. Kelly vs
Mary flogue were continued.
The cases of Merchantile Guaranty
Co. and the Gordon, Montgomery Co.
vs Mrs Clara Greenlee were continued
on account of her illness.
The case of H. A Stauffer, receiver
of the Standard Trust Co. vs C. D
Greenlee was continued from Tuesday
until to day.
The case of H. W. Roenigk vs God
frey Cabot is to be tried today.
The case of Frederick Buhl vs the P.
& W. and B. & O. railroads was taken
up for trial, yesterday, and will proba
bly be finished today. In building the
Reibold cut-off the road passed through
the plaintiffs land, and changed the
course of Connoquenessing creek. Mr.
Buhl claims the new channel was not
deep or wide enough, and overflowed
his land, claiming damage in $2500.
Tela Fresena, Mike Lukas and Mike
Muko were put in jail, Sunday for dis
orderly conduct.
A charge of larceny has been made
by J. Friedman vs Mary Kohlon.
The bonds of the County Commis
sioners, each in the amount of |4'hX)
have been recorded W. D. Brandon
and W. S. McCrea being bondsmen for
Mr. Easley; Stewart Wilson and R B.
Fowser for Mr. Grossman and J. B.
McJunkin and Geo. A Siebert for Mr.
A commission in lunacy was appoint
ed, Thursday, on Peter G Kennedy of
the West End, who a year or more ago
suffered a paralytic stroke.andhat' since
been in failing health. The members
of the commission were Dr. S. M Bip
pus, John C. Clark and F J. Forquer.
On their report he was committed to
The deposition of Telegrapher Geo.
C. Johnston in the case of Mrs. Jere
miah Snyder and Mrs. John J. Green vs
the Delaware, Lackawana and Western
Railroad Co were taken before Judge
Galbreatb, Thursday. The huFbaadr
of the plaintiffs were killed in a wreck
at Bath. N. Y., Dec. 10, 1904 The de
position was taken by Judge James
Bacon ami Attorney A. Flack of Elmi
F. H. Brooks, former Principal of
the Uniontown, Pa. schools, wa.- sen
tenced to two years and 10 months in
the pen., last week, for embezzling
Judge Mestrezat put up a stout kick
in the late decision of a majority of bis
bench, the Supreme Court, on '.he
right to amend license petitiona, but the
majority rules in this case, as in any
Dr. Stute of Parkers Landing has
caused the arrest of Postmaster Turk of
that place on a charge of malicious and
defamatory libel. The action is ba.ied
on a portion of a letter alleged to have
been written by Turk to Win. Parker,
in which Dr. Stute is accused of being
intimate with a married woman; with
having performed criminal operations
on her at divers times; with having met
her at a certain place, and having been
watched by two persons. Thissertence
is in the letter: "He is a fine Mason
(meaning Stute) and should be congrat
ulated upon his achievements,"
"Not guilty, bnt return the stolen
bowl and pay half the costs," was the
verdict returned at New Castle by the
Jury that heard the evidence before \l
- in the larceny by bailee
cbaige brought by Mrs. Anna L. Rani'
sey against Mrs. Minnie Evans. Mrs.
Ramsey accused Mrs. Evans of taking
a bread bowl, worth $3. Mrs. Evans
denied it.
By the decision handed down the
case of Silver et al vs Bnsh et al, from
Armstrong county, the Supreme Corrt,
again decided that gas and oil were not
minerals and that in drawing a lease
each must be named and not placed
under the title of "other minerals."
Court convened Monday morning for
what promises to be a three-weeks term.
When the jury list was called the fol
lowing were excused; Philip Bnrtrer,
on acconnt of his age, 8G years; Porter
Davis. Worth twp,, on account of deaf
ntss; Hiram Gill, James Marsh, Joseph
Holbein and Jacob Schaffer for sickness;
Clark Ziegler was excused for one
week and H. O. Swartzlander for the
The case of David and Viola Lambert
vs W. J, Burke was the first called fur
trial Monday morning. Lamberts
lived on Burks farm near Caljery ftl'd
plaimed Burk was iqdfcbtud to fch- 1 -* '
nruniwtf orobaH- " , - *>r
fed tr> t»- • • hay and grain
mark's cattle, and other things
under the terms of the contract be
tween them. The plaintiffs found it
necessary to move to amend their plead
ings and the case was continued at
their cost.
The will of Robert J. Kiss'ck of
Slipperyrock has been probated, J. 12
Bard, executor.
Mrs. Anna Bradnock has Tiled an
affidavit of detense in the suit for
divorce brought against her by her
husband, M. F. Bradnock, denying im
proper conduct on her part, demanding
the names of co respondents, and dut-s
and places of alleged misconduct and
demanding a jury trial. She also
claims that since the alleged Patterson
occurence of Nov. 25 she and Mr.
Bradnock have lived together as man
and wife.
J. A McGowan has been sworn in as
Mercantile Appraiser, and J. A
Alexander as deputy.
Dr. Patterson has appointed Fred L.
1 Boessing and S. S. At well deputy
A deed dated Jan, 2, 1865 from J. A.
Boebling and Jane, his wife, then of
Mercer Co., N. J., to the Qerman Evan
gelical Christian congregation of Saxon
bnrg, lot for |HO. was placed on record
The defendants not appearing, a writ
to divide the land has been granted in
the partition suit of VV. H. Byerly et al
vh Homer George, John Miller, et al.
Mrs. Mary Marano presented a peti
tion asking that letters of administra
tion granted to the Guaranty S. D. &
T. Co. on the estate of her husband,
Antonio Marono, be revoked because
she did not understand that she was
waiving her rights to handle the estate
when she signed a legal renunciation of
her right to administer. A citation
i was issued on the Trust Co. to show
• cause why her prayer should not be
granted. It is claimed an interpreter
explained the matter to her when the
letters were granted.
Since the new Commissioners were
sworn in tht-y have paid the following
i sheep claims: Ilurvey Fair, Butler t .\p.
|l4 50; Peter Donegal,
Martin Monks, Middlesex, f-'-; Robert
; McCoy. .Slipperyrock, $32; V.'m
i Webb, Clay, S2B; Fred Trimbur. Sti>
j mit, sl2; Jan. M. Riddle, Clinioi., *l
- Many people think more effort would lx
■ made to kill sheep-killing dogs if lea;
' wan paid for the sheep.
I Milton MoClain to W. R. Giluiore,
' lot in Etrier for i-! 000.
' H E Dambach. exr. and Dora the;
Damtach to John R Peffer, lot ii:
Zelienoph for
| R J
in A.daun for fcT'2so.
Mary GriOman to Fred L krause.
1 lor in Bailer for#l<*o.
j E>nc»t Queen to W H Miller. 2.
: ajres in Fairview lor sl, and 61 acres
in Fein-jew for ,
i .John H Xohlmeyer to W A McQnis
! tion. 85 acres in Allegheny for fioou
Silas K.saick to W G Kissick, lot in
S ippervrook fcr s?<».
J vJ HatEmenniller to L C Wick, lot
in Bntler fov *!■
Thomas Cooper 'o H M Taylor. 50
i ace 4 in Worth for £IOOO.
"mnia and F. F Baner to S Mdes
I G >M. 3 acres in Corcord for #ll7. 'j-».
1 Hum % Oo'd to S Miles Gold, 60 acres
! in Concord for flOw.
| Harriet Sarver to Howard Zeigler,
j let in Ztlienople for SIBOO.
' Jane Rnusey to Harriet Coovert, 2 >
] acres in Crauberrv for SISOO.
! ELi-abeth Pisor to .T T Marshall lot
! in Middle town for *■ r >o.
i C O Weitzel to W A Montag 10
acres in Jeff< rson f«r SSOO.
Marriage licenses.
Oran G. Whitner Bueua \ ista
Nette Stewart Troutman
Samuel J. Holiday Butler
Stella Dodds
Stephen Holer Ferris
Julia Doka "
Loresza D. M. Miller Slipperyrock
Rebecca McCpltnont..
Al»h Lijikowitz Cleveland
Yetta Horwitz Millerstown
At Pittsburg— Williams and
Stella Aruiittong of Butler.
At Pittxburg Herman Liebold, for
merly of Bntler, and Bertha Cavanagh
of Zelienople.
At McKeesport—William F. Nolder
ot Elizabeth and Ca:rie M Wishernian
of Chicora.
At New Castle —11. L. McCandless
and Pearl Cooper; also William A.
Wr:gbt and Jcsephi'ic I. White, all of
Slippery *-a<-k
FOR SALE—I2O egg Cypher Incu
bator, good as new. Write,
O. M. PATTER.;I >N. Hilliard, Pa.
Agent for Cornell Incubators.
—Why is Newton ''The Piano Man 7*
See adv.
—Why is Newton The Piano Man?'
See a«?v.
Overcoats at your ,;rice during Ritter
& Rockensteins great sale.
Attwnd the State Normal School at
olil>ptry B'.ck, P.ntlor County. Pa. Ad
vantages Crbt-clasp. rates low; tuition
fre<f to teachers »nd to those who intend
to teach. Winter t nuri begins January
■iad, IIXXV Send for a catalogue. Ad-
Uuckwlieat JMid'.llings
iter htnulrctl.
We Kxcliaujfe Corn tor IJnck
110 lb3 yellow sh.'lled corn for 100
lbs. B'jclcwhent.
135 ! bs yellow ear com for 100 lbs.
Back wheat.
110 lb« Backwhefit Midds. for 100 lbs.
This is tbe test exchange we have
ever been able to uL'ke on corn.
Butler, Pa.
The Roosevelt Bears.
Two jolly, wholei'iiie bears from the
inenntains of Colorado, "Teddy B. and
"I'»iidy G." started east this week.
The two boars are ijood fellows and
knew something or the world—even
tbodg'i taey wero brought up in the
mountains of Color a do.
The story of the adventures of the
"Roosevelt Bears," by Paul Piper, will
lie given in ths Sunday Dispatch. There
wilt be plenty of pictures of the two an
imol tourists.
—Wanted—a brigl t boy to learn a
trade. Icqnire at this office.
Klingler's Snow Drift Flour is fl 2. r ) a
saek, fully guaranteed. Makes a sweet
light loaf of a nutty flavor. Try it.
Sewing machines nt $5.00 and nj> at
Any one wishing to purchase the ten
volumes of the ' American Lyceum
Circle" text books, b-ind new. can have
the same, ac a greatly rednced price, by
addressing 'M" CITIZEN Office, Butler,
—Money to loan on first mortgage,
S v M v,- K
■ Couie to u? for a reliable time piece:
! or if yon have one that does not tell you
j tbe truth bring it and have it re
' paired. We are in partnership with
j "Father Time.' we will put yon next.
, We :Jao sell—
-1 f'iinos
j Edirion and Victor' Phonographs.
aad Poco Cameras.
Photo Sjpplios.
W.ishburn Mandolins apd Guitars,
Optical goods.
I Fi ;ld and Spy Glt.*see.
Jeweler ond Graduate Optician
Next to Court Honse.
:! All Wen's Trousers
3should be made to order. Even the
< ( ready-made kind generally have to be
J [ altered to come any.vhere near fittiug.
f ! Why not
r Have them made Co your measure all
y over, not in spots. Come to us and
ordtr a pair. You will wear them with
a ha'.is lac jon yon iu-ver before enjoyed,
e j Don't worry about our prices. They're
? very reasonable.
Cor. Diamond, Butler. Pa
Oil and Gas Notes.
The Market—Remains at sl.s*
Clearfield—The Thorn Creek C<>'s
well on the Schaffer came in dry, last
week and is abont the second dnster of
about thirty wells diilled, but it will
mak° a gasser. The Rabbit «Nr Co. well
on the Weiiand. and the Flick &- C >
well on the H. Mcßride are both hold
ing up at about 50 bbls. New rigs are
up on the Savings & Trust, C. Steiahni--
and Logue heirs properties, and McK-«*
& Dierken have a small producer on the
Callery Eisler it O'Brien have a pro
ducer on the H. Coovert doing abent
10 bbls. and as it is a mile and a half
ahead cf developments it opens soiiii
new territory The same company his
' located their No. !) on the Jo'nn Staples,
and are selling their oil to the Valva
| line Co.
Penn —The Devonian Co s. No. 0 on
the Powell is doing 5 bbls.. Keefer &
Co s. No. 3on the Mary Sloan has a
good showing: Philipps' 6 on the
j Campbell heirs is light. No. 23 on the
j Martin is due.
' In the 2nd sand development in Alle
j gheny twp McCandless Bros , last
; week, struck a well on the McCollongh
i farm which tilled 500 f*et with fluid
j while the sand was being drilled
! through. It shows for 10 barrels a
i day. Royle Bros, also drilled in a well
on the J. B McJunk'n farm, south of
! the MeCollough, which is showing for
' 10 barrels adav and has a nice gas pres
| sure. A fishing job was caused by the
jars breaking in the sand.
| SALE |
jMens |
jHats and j
; $3 $4 $5 i
# Soft and Stiff Hats at #
i $1.90
J $1.50 grade at $1 J
S £I.OO grade at 65c J
# 50c grade at 25c #
I $2.50 grade at $1.90 I
# 2.00 grade at 1.50 £
1.50 grade at 1.00 t
S Other brands at 75c 2
JBroken lots underwear att
t Less than cost. r
Ijno. S.Wick,
\ 345 S. Main St., £
j (J. Stein Building.) J
5 Two Doors North of Willard Motel. 5
Cotighs, Sore Throat,
Hoarseness and Inflam
mation of the Throat are
Immediately relieved by
Cherry Juice
Cherry Juice wilLcure tho most stub
born Cough, allay tickling sensations in
the throat, soothe sorethroat, overcome
difficulty in breathing, and will
strengthen and clear the voice.
A dry, spasmodic, hacking or croupy
cough is quickly transformed into a
moist or loose cough, which yield* more
readily to the treatment because nature
is assisted in throwing off the secretions
of mncna and phlegm.
Rexall Cherry Juice is very pleasant
to taste and is readjly taken by children
who object to bad tasting cough medi
cines—and remember this, where yon
bny a bottle of Rexall Chtrrv Jlicv
your money is only left qu deposit
If it fails tct give satiafai'tiou in
way, your money is j>ro""~" ~ u s'
Crystal Pharmacy
R. M. LOGAN, Ph. G.,
106 N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
The 40th General Meeting of the
Farmer's Mutual Fire Insurance com
pany of Hannabatown and vicinity will
be held on Saturday, the 18th day of
January, 190(1, the same being the second
Saturday in 6aid month, at 1 o'clock p.
m., in the Creamery bnilding at Mar
wood. All members interested in the
welfare of the company are most
cordially invited.
1. The annual accounts of the com
pany will be open for inspection by the
2. The president will give a con
cise account of the company's affairs.
3. Election of four directors to serve
for three years.
F. W. WITTE Secretary.
Marwood, Pa.. Dec. 15, 1905.
Spring Chickens
Wanted at the
; Fish Market,
We will pay 12 cents a
, pound for Springers, and 10
i cents for old chickens—live
1 weight.
Oscar A. Niggel, Propr.
200 N Main St., Butler, Pa.
> 1 OaH ami Otisolinc Kngiu:\s
' From two home ;.ower up. I'or farm use.
' uloctrlc llghUug |>iant», or for powor of any
J Kin,]. Write for eutuliyfUe Bad lutorruatlon.
.. ' -10 Third Avenue. l'lttstburK. Pa.
To Be Frank |
| you have really never j|
eaten a true soda cracker |
« until you have eaten m
I Uneeda I
1 Biscuit 1
The only soda cracker |
which is all good and M
A always good, protected
from strange hands by a \
« dust tight, moisture JSTtf x m
proof package.
| Do You |
I Want The
? Best Perfume ?
\ ' / #- / # | \
I Try Thelma.
i It ia dainty and lasting. We S
V have a very large assortment \
r 1 of all the reliable perfumes. C
I We have them in bulk and (
J also in dainty packages that /
\ make a most desirable gift. | /
I No lady's toilet is complete j \
without a bottle of ohoice C
J perfume. We will be pleased t
J to show you these goods. They \
/ will interest yon whether you !
J wish to bny or not. No trouble X
\ to show goods \
I C. N. BOYD. I j
Schedule in effect Jail. 1, IIKXi,
Tral s leave BUTEES as follows:
F r All«gheny>n<l way rtaiioriH, f:ls mid 10ii> ».
m, an I 4.21 p. in. ui-i-k 7.30 ». m. and 5.05
p. m. Sum
i" •»r an.i way otatlou<» BA1 «. m. and 2.30 l».
m. wr. k days.
For It'airerillw IdlckmUou, AJt<>»na,
Pliilrt-l. li.liia and thu Knit. 6.15 and 10.35 a in. and
2.;» |>. in wwlt day*; 720 a. in Suodays.
as follows:
For Buffalo 8.40 a.m. week day*; 7.20 a, ni. Sun
1 »r Hod Bank and oil Hey, 6.15, 8.40,10.35 a. in.
and 4.30 |». m. k <lay*; 7.2u a. m. and 5.05 i». m.
Sundax *.
For Kittanuing and way ."tation>«. Qls an«l 10.35 •».
in. and 4.20 (•. in. week d.tv-; 7.20 a. no. and
p. m. Sundays
Foi detailed information, apply to ticket a**ut or
tMldroM* Tho*. E. Watt, f tut*. Afft. Western Diatrict,
W) Fifth Avhiui**, Pittsburg, Pa.
W. W. ATTKltnt ttV, J It. WOOD
GEO W. Bv)VL). G jueral Paaiiou^er
B IC&P it It
Time table in effect Nov. l!>. 1905.
Passenger trains loave and arrive at
Bntler a* follows:
7:30 a. m., mixed for Punxsntawney,
Du Bois and intermediate stations.
10:33 a. in. daily, vestibuled dp,y
press for Buffalo, connects at Aanfor"'
week days, for Rochester.
5/>0 p. m for iv- n _ T , oifl
and intermediate
ii .jl v.
night express for Buffalo
- xwochester.
0:10 a. m. daily, night express from
Buffalo and Rochester.
0::!0 a.m. week days, accomodation
from Dußois.
4:50 p.m. daily, vestibuled day express
from Buffalo. Ha« connection at Ash-
Tord week days from Rochester.
8:07 p.m. week days, mixed train
from Du Bois and Punxsntawney.
Trains leave the B. & O. Station,
Pittsburg, for Buffalo and Rochester
at 0:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m., audfor local
points as far as Dußois at 4:20 p.m. On
Snnday the 9:00 a.m. train runs to Buf- 1
falo and Rochester.
IS & O it It
Time table in effect, Nov, 1905.
Trains for South and West,leave Bntler
—town time: WEEK DAYS.
G:2oa.m, Allegheny Accommodation.
8:00 a.m, Allegheny & Cleveland Ex.
9:10 a.m, Allegheny Express.
11:40 a.m, " "
1:25 p m, Ell wood Ac
8:35 p. in, Allegheny Ex.
5:20 p.in, Allegheny Ex.
5:35 p.m, Chicago, Ellwood, N. Castle.
5:50 p.m. Allegheny Ac.—New Castle.
8:00 a.m, Allegheny & Cleveland Ex.
10:S3 a.m, Pittsbnrg Ex.
3:35 p.m. Allegheny Ac , New Castle.
Chicago and Cleveland.
5:50 j'-ni, Allegheny Ac. New Castle.
9:42 a.m, Kane & Bradford Mail.
4:55 Clarion Accomo.
Trains leave the Allegheny station for
Butler 7:00, 8:15, and 11:00 A. M.,
and 1:15, 3:00, 5:30 0:45 and 11:35 P. M.
On Sunday at 7:30 A. M. and 6:45 and
11:35 P. M.
For through ticket*, Puli mm. nwrvutioim and in-
P>rumtiou apply to W. It. TURN Kit, Ak*.
Butler, H.
J OS. P.TAM.KUT, A. ti. l\ A.,
Pfttuhurg, I'a
Election Notice,
The members of the Worth Mutual
Fire Insurance Co. will meet at the
school house in West Liberty Borough
on the second Saturday of January.
(13th) at 10 a.m., for the purpose of
electing officers for the ensuing year,
L and such other business as may come
) before the meeting.
S. J. TA Y I.OK, Sec .
■ JAMES HUMPHREY, Slipperyroek. Pa
Our Corner Clamp j.*- TH
mado the I 'ACMK" ! \'l
much *u|»erior to any pC&j i -i r V- .' i A
otber rdreb'her. Our | 1
New Paleat Adjustable -• *»CMI
Pin leaves tno scadops
/ In their natural shape; does not weaken the oar*; It
of au»i>!« length, very practical and j *i cat Improve
* incut. l>ou't f*ll totxaulinelt. Afyour dealrrs,**
ICME MTU. CO., Allegtornjr, Pm
W'iulieltl it it Co Time Table
In e Sect-if a v 29th, 19(3.
L**»m WntWinßeM 7 30 2 46
M '7 45 3 00
M Iron Bridjce 755 310
Wiufield Junction 8 10 3 35
" Ijwp 8 30 3 35
*• Butler Junction 8 25 3 40
Arrive Puller 10 33 5 05
Arrive Allegheny... .. 5 00
Arrive Pitt-burg 10 25
Arrive Blairsville 1 05 5 42
Leave Pittsburg 3 05
Leave Blairsville 7 50 2 15
" Allegheny 825 20
44 Butler 810 230
*' Butler Junction 10 00 440
44 Lane . 10 03 443
14 Wiufield Junction 10 1"> 455
" Irow Undge. 10 2:» 505
« Boggaville 10 35 515
Arrive Weat Wiufield 10 50 5 30
Trains stop at Lane and Iron Bridge only on Flag to
take on or leave off paaaengars.
Trains Connect at Butler Junction with.
Trains Eastward for Free pert, Vandergrilt and(
Blairsville Intersection.
Train* Westward fjr Natrona,Taronturn Allegheny
aid Pittsburg.
1 r*.'ni Northward tor Saxonbnrg,Marwood%nd But
TIME TA3LE In effect September 17th. 1905.
(Read up) Dally Except Sunday (Readdown)
'to ! JlT| 1- | ~ I9|ll |l3
p. in. p.m. p.m l si aiiu.nm. | a .m.a.m. p.m.
10 05 I Oik 00 Bu<Tnlo(riaLS-lU.)! 8 4&10 00 200
p. in.p. in. h. m.| a. u>.,p. m. p. In.
7 l:t| 1 J3.10 2-> Erie 7 Ofy 1 08 4 57
6 51 10 0-.' Fairview..... 7 2« t 21
V !<> 10 j W 4". _(iirar<l 7 4cil 1415 33
j, ji |;i j; < nmv.-vill.'. hiv '■ i'
•i ">* 1 ;V 'lo uo".\r..t ()iuiemit..l.v 7 our.' 01 I. lo
5 10(12 011 7
« -il'l-rtf, 9 a#! Albiou. IBUS 1 flit r. ftj
f6 10(12 35(9 l(*..._sha-leland (8 14W 10(6 01
60712 3Z 9 07 1 S|>rin(?bom_...| 817213 t\ 07
r, n-■ l'j j; a irj . ( imiK'ttiitvilli'../ 8 lo 12
"7 07 12 4.'> o it ArTMeadrille Lvl 1 jto,~l sfi 4
4 r.B 11 2"! 7 30 Lr..Mca>lTitle. Ar 9 »>. 3 12 7 07
(i 4012 1«' KS3A. f 'ou't Lake_.Lv! 7 > r A 228 525
5 2"i 11 56 7 Ml,r.('o»'t Lake. Ar 8 531 245 C4O
5 4 < 10 ft'Ar..Lines vllle..Lv 8 27 C 17
5I , "ill « 43..; M. ailville Jet... 8 4Si 2 871 K32
f5 27 (11 55 8 27 llartstowu.... f8 57 f2 414 C 46
6 13111 41 8 12 Oskchxl 9 p> f3 0M 7 00
6 0.11 85; 803 GreeQTille 9 20: J)H7 08
5 (XUI 2- 765 Shenaugo.... 9 25| 3id7 15
4 4111 12 738 Fredonia 9 42 1 3 7!«
4 2b 10 58) 7 23 Mercer 8 68 3 48 7 48
4 DiiO »"• 700 ....(!ruTe City ||o 83 4 lo( 815
fS 17110 23 a.m. llarrlsTille (10 38 f4 22'p.rn.
8 11 10 18: Branchton |lO 43 4 28--
2 1" 7 0-*. ... I.v_..Hillinr'l ...Ar 11 SO fl 17
3 ;<7lO 11 I Keister to 4?iTSI
3 2310 02 1 Euclid 11 OV 4_48.
_jll 05) Ar. _. Kay lor ._J,V 3 20i 28
„ ... i 7 28' 1,v..-Knylor . ..Ar| ' 6 20p.m.
9_36f Buifer- 11l aßj 8 10( 400
1 |s| 8 15' lLT.Allegheny.Ar! 100 0 86v
p. ma. m.l | p.m. p. m.ip. m.
Train No.l leaving Greenvli'e at 8:47 a. n>.;
Shenango 6:s4:Fredonla 7:13: Mercer 7:27: Grove
City 7:50; Keister 8:17; Butler 0:00, arrives in
Allegheny at 10:28 a. in.; connects at Qm<n
Junolion with truins to ami (rom Kaylor, and
at Branchton from llilliar l and Annandale.
Train No. 2 leaving Allegheny at 3:00 P m.;
nutlcr 4:45; Keistor 8:32; (trove Cily 5:55; Merc. r
0:21; Friflonia 6:38; Shenango G::>6, arrivwi in
Greenville at 7:00 p. m.; connects Qaeen
Junction with trains to anil (ruin Kaylor, and
at Branchton for Hilliard.
General Ma;.**er. Geu 'l 1-ass. A cent.
B. B.
Money savers to get here
Shelf Emptying Dress Goods,
Suitings and Silks, also Sale of
new 1905 Undermuslins.
One will give better yardage ,
for less money than ever pur- j
chased —the other choicest i
selection new Muslin Under
wear at small profit prices.
25c Dress Goods, 15c —50c
Dress Goods, 35c.
75c and £I.OO Dress Goods,
SI.OO and £1.25 Dress Goods
and Suitings, 75c.
£1.25 and £1.50 Dress Coods
and Suiting, SI.OO.
£2.50 and £3.00 Tailorings,
Drawers —plain and fancy,
25c to £1.50.
Corset Covers, French styles
—very fine, 25c to £1.50.
Petticoats, 50c to £3.00.
Night Gowns, 35c to £1.50.
Borers & Buhl
Annual Meeting.
To the Policy holders of the Butler
County Merchants Mutual Fire Insur
ance Co.
The annual meeting of the Butler
County Merchants Mutual Fire Insur
unco Company will be held in Reiber s
Hall, Butler, I'a , on Monday, January
loth, at 1 o'clock P. M . for the purpose
of electing officers and the transaction
of such further business ss may proper
ly come before it.
Sec'y. President.
Funeral Director,
I Great Cut Price Sale I
I of Winter Footwear 1
| Will Open Saturday, I
I January 6th at 9 A.M. |
1 Sharp. i
I Come and get some of Bj
I the great bargains. 1
'» ' Opp. Hotel Lowry. 102 N. Main Street. o
( Is the greeting we Wish to you <
/ We intend to make yon happv by offering a few SPECIAL BAR'S
S GAINS. Remember this is not onr f^emi-Annual Sale, but a chance tor 2
J you to bay desirable merchandise of which we have one or two left of a%
\ lot which we want to turn into money regardless of cost of same. You/
J have known us to truthfully advertise in the past and we want to have \
\ you feel that you can have the same confidence in us now. X
For a Few Days we Will Sell \
f Ono lot of Men's Overcoats, desirabte patterns and up-to-date styles, S
/ fov one-third off regular price. V
7 One lot of Boys' Overcoats at one-third off regular price. /
One lot of Boys' Overcoats at half price. J
\ One lot of Raincoats,exclusive patterns, at one-third off regular price, f
C Other, the newest and beat, hand-tailored, swell stuff, at a very low #
J rearular price. t
\ Children's Sweaters, one-third off regular price. (All small sizee). J
J We will say no more. This chance means money to you. While we r
J lose money directly, we save by turning this merchandise into cash. Your 1
V gain. Your chance. Don't pass it by. We will take care of our trade, f
> See Window Display. \
| Douthett & Graham.
Preparatory to the ANNUAL STOCK-TAKING
we will offer remarkable values at our PRE
CLOTHING. Owing to the extensive assort
ment it is impossible to give a detailed descrip
tion of all articles. We have planned to make
this sale of greater importance than ever, and
will place on sale thoroughly reliable and stylish
apparel at figures that are below all possible com
petition. There is something worth investigat
ing in every line of the magnetic bargains.
187 South Main Street, Butler, Pa.
1 Takes the place of Pan-|
1 try and Kitchen Tables m
2 - A ' Hoosier" Cabinet takes the place of both palVgj
try and kitchen table. Its large cupboards, its commo-ffjjg
K dious drawers and bins, hold everything a pantry wUL B|
It is absolutely mouse and dust proof and it costs farF—<
less than any built-in-pantry. Besides, it can be mov- (gig
ed to the most convenient place or into the best light
p; A Hoosier Cabinet takes np no more space than a kitchen table. lgj
fessf It is ninch better since the table space is all available. gj
gj Prices 512.50, 14.00, 16.75, 18.00 and 22.00. g
1 Extension Table $11.00.1!
•g $19.00 Slack Burner, $15.00. j§[
5 Alfred A. Campbell!
•ft Our New Spring Wall Papers are Here.
6 *g
*ii j u m
VPatterns are new, up-to-date and cheap.
t&Kitchen, Bed-room and Dining-room Papers at Bc. ai|j
!i? Double Roll.
Ijißig Line of Mouldings and Window Blinds. j|
% * All Kinds of Books and Stationery. %
1. E£ytH Bros., 1