Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, December 14, 1905, Image 3

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KOTI —All adrertlser* Intending to make
changes la their ads. should notify us of
tbelr Intention to do ao not later than Mon
day morn Int.
Bankruptcy notice, estate of Austin
Ralston & Smith's Sale.
Leighner's Jewelry.
Zimmermans coat sale.
Hnselton's Shoes.
Stein's Underwear.
Modern Store's Holiday Goods
Brown & Go's Sale.
Wick's Furnishings.
Campbell's furniture
McGandlees' Pianos
Election notice. Worth Mutual.
Admlnlaif »<on and Executors of est*'"
cui Tecan their receipt books at the
CITIZEN office.
Borough Announcements.
Subject to the decision of the Republi
For Collector of Taxes,
—Teachers Institute next week.
—Monday a week is Christmas.
—Santa Clans is working overtime
these days.
—The sweet buy anl buy season is
with ns again.
—Our storekeepers have made great
preparations for the Holiday trade,
—Anti-toxin can now be had, free of
charge at the Redick & Grohman drag
—Leave yonr order for your Christ
inas turkey at the Fulton Fish Market.
Main St
—Do yonr shopping in Butler. Look
over onr advs, they make Christmas
baying easy.
—Some people of Butler wish that the
Megnire Metallic MeCasket Co. had
never been bora.
—J. Gill Moeer has contracted with
Geo. Schenck for an addition to the
Steelsmith property on Jefferson St
Forty million calendars are distrib
uted in this country, every year. Be
sure to get yonr share before the end of
the month.
—lp» big Wej-man tobacco factory
in Pittaburg is to be removed to Chica
go next month. It ia part of the Amer
ican Tobacco Co.
—All of the young folks, and some of
the old ones, like to dance. tint the
thing can be overdone, a young lady
danced berselt blind a few nights ago.
—Don't forget that the CITIZEN
makes the beet kind of a Christmas gift
to an absent friend—it's like a letter
from home each week. $1 a year in ad
—The firemen were called ont by a
small blaze at the residence of Dr. O.
V. Morehead, Sunday morning. The
alarm was sonnded during church
• service.
—A typewriter company of Pittsbnrg
sent a lot of advertising matter to this
town, last week, and everybody who
lifted it from the poetofflee bad to pay
2 cents extra postage.
—At a well attended congiegational
meeting at the Grace Lutheran church,
Tuesday evening, good reports were
read, officers were elected, etc. This
congregation is in a prosperous condi
—Some poetical thieves stole twenty
chickens from a farmer the other night
and left this tacked to the door of the
Christmas time is coming near. t
We thought we'd get our chickens here, j
—The County Commissioners of t
Beaver county have advertised for bids «
for County bonds, aggregating over (
half a million dollars, to pay for those j
Batler Connty bridge verdicts—one of 1
which bore the ear marks of crooked jj
work. \
—At a meeting of the directors of the j
Pare Oil Co. held here Tuesday is was
decided to commence paying quarterly f
dividends of two per cent on their com- ]
mon stock, the first payment to be made \
in March. The preferred stock has i
been paying 6 per cent. There is tlr
000,000 preferred in sioo shares and <
500.000 common in $6 shares, and a large j
amount is held in Butler. ]
—The Ladies Auxilliary and Board of
Directors of the Y. M. C. A. tendered a
reception to Secretary E. G. Randall i
and wife in the Association rooms Mon
day evening. W. G. Douthett delivered
an address of welcome to which Sec
retary Randall responded. Remarks
were also made by Assistant State Sec
retary J. B. Carothers. Music was fur
nished by the Association glee club,
under the direction of Frank Cleeland,
and the ladies served refreshments.
—Grocer Curtis 8h ira of Locust St.
has a football playing horse. Harrv
Green, the driver,and some other young
men sometimes kick a ball around in a
field near the stable and if the horse is
let loose he takes after the ball and
kicks it deftly with his front feet, doing
as well as many football players. He
seenu to take delight in the sport and
never steps on the ball. Through habit
this horse has learned to go to the sta
ble when commanded to, back the wag
on into the shed as carefully ss though
his driver was handling the reigns, and
stands there until unhitched.
—The National Lead Co., which is
said to control the ontput of raw lead
as the Standard Oil Co. does that of
crude oil. Is reported tt> be trying to
gain control of all the lead factories in
the country, the Davis Lead works of
Batler among them. One hundred
thousand dollars of the stock of the
* Davis Co. Is held in Batler, there being
thirty or fourty stockholders in this
place, and all the Butler stock Is said to
have beer optioned by officials of the
company at par. The stock has never
paid any dividends and the stockholders
simply lose the use of their money dur
ing the seven or eight years it has been
tied up in the lead works. It is not
known if the local factory will be con
tinned or closed if the trusts gets it.
When it oomes overcoat time re mem
ber Ritter & Rockenstein.
If you come Into my store and say
J'ou do not want to bny anything, but
ust came to look aronnd yon are joat
aa welcome aa though you bongbt a
thousand dollars worth, for I know
von will think more of my atore and
business methods than before, and that
makes mv business oetter every year.
Carl, H. Leiuhnkk.
Jeweler and Optician,
Bntler, Pa.
—Fresh nuts and pure candy for your
Christmas stockings at Richey's.
Your list of Christmas gift* will not
be complete nnleaa yon include a Sav
ings Account in the Bntler Saving* and
Joseph H. Trimble vs W. A. R. R
Co.. bond of defendant in f3<>') fil**d to
indemnify Trimble for land taken in
Clay twp.
Geo. W. Cranmer vs W. A. R. R
Co., bond in *3OO filed to indemnify
Cranmer for land taken in Cl*y twp
W. J. Graver vs A. C. »nd E. E.
Price and J C. MeClellan«i, bill in
equity asking that a lease jjiven by
Graver to A. C. Price on 20 acres i n
Butler tp. in 1885, be declared abandon
ed. Graver claims no work has bten
doae on the lease since 18&7.
In its final presentment tbe Grand
Jury said the condition of the Conrt
House was a disgrace to the county;
that the present Board of Commission
ers should at once remave all 1 >ose and
dangerous plaster from the ce'lings and
walls, and the incoming Boa*d should
replace it with plaster or iroi. ceilings,
that the worn out carpets in some of
the rooms should be replaced with lin
oleum or paint; that the storage vaults
be enlarged where possible; that the
stairs at the right of the front hall of
the Court House be removed and tbe
room added to the Register and Record
er's office; that new files be burnished
in the Protbonotary's office: tnat addi
tional janitor service be employed dur
ing the winters, and that a light be
placed at the top of the stairs leading
into the Conrt House basement.
The jail was found in fairly good con-
dition and the County Home in good
Additional true bills were found as
James M. Maxwell, embezzlement.
Daniel Baldresser, selling liq'ior with
out license.
A new bridge was recommended over
Slippery rock creek at New Hcpe.
Partial and final accounts were con
firmed in Conrt, Saturday The larg
est was the partial account o - * Joseph
Hartman, Jr., execntor of the will of
his father. The total assets of person
al property were plqped at $255,470 12,
and credits were cl&imed amounting to
$176,448 03.
Report of sale of real estate of John
Cooper, dee'd, 65 acres in Adams twp ,
by John Feiguson, trustee, to Geo. E.
Dunlap for $3400 was confirmed.
Bruin boro has filed a statement of its
financial affairs preparatory t<. issuing
bonds to the amount of SSOO to pay for
a town hall recently purchased from
the A. O. U. W. lodge for S6OO.
The Coroner's Jury on the death of
Thomas Konack, a hooker on. Mlled at
the carworks on Thanksgiving Day by
a crane operated by Harry Ger' tch, re
turned a verdict of accidental death.
Jesse Heydrick, Surveyor, J. Dal
Smith and "Andrew Rieger were ap
pointed to make a re-view on a petition
to vacate and supply a public road at
East Butler in Summit twp.
W. P. Jamison of Venango twp.' has
been appointed county surveyor to suc
ceed Benjamin F. Hilliard, dee d.
Walter E Bartley. James W. Thomp
son, Wm. Walker, C. E. Shannon. Jas.
Niblock, Frederick Henninger, and Jas.
Douthett were appointed viewers to as
sess damages done to the property of
Katberine Pfeifer in Forward twp. by
tbe B. &O. R R. Co. They are to
meet Dec. 28.
John F. Lowry, O. K. Waldron, John
A. Gilliland, Matthias Bippns, D. D
Quigley, George K. Baker and John
Hntzler were appointed viewers to meet
on Dec. 26 and assess damages done the
land of Mrs. Ellen Elliott in Fairview
twp. by the B. & O. R. R. in making a
D. A. McElvain, who filed exceptions
to the report of the receiver of the
Evans City Coal Co., has petitioned for
an auditor in the case.
Martin Wright, W. J. Einerick and a
number of other citizens living at the
top of Centre Ave. hill have petitioned
for a writ of mandamus on thi School
Board of Butler boro, John A. Gibson,
Superintendent, and L. F. Hall, Princi
pal, to compel admission of the children
of the petitioners to the public schools
of the Dorough. The matter is to be
beard the second Monday of January,
and in the meantime the children are to
attend the schools, and if the final deci
sion is against the residents of the hill
their tuition is to be paid for.
The motion for a new trial for John
B. McLaughlin, convicted of murder in
the second degree for killing Wm. J.
Hemphill, was argued, Friday. George
Fredley swore that during a conversa
tion with T. M. Porter,one of the jurors
sometime before the trial. Porter had
said, placing his hand on Fredley's
shoulder, that there ought to be a hang
ing. Attorney Joseph Bredin testified
to Porter and Walter Rudiger winking
as Rudiger was going on the witness
stand. Porter denied the alleged con
versation with Fredley, but admitted
that Mrs. Hemphill had boarded with
his mother during the trial.
Appraisers John N. Muntz and P. D.
Sherwin have filed an inventory and ap
pro) sment of the property of the Na
tional Coal Co. at North Butler, placing
its value at $5680.81.
On report of Miles Shakeley, W. J.
Grimes and Dr. J. L. Christie on the
Flinner bridge over Yellow creek and
the Bloom bridge over Little Connoque
nessing, the Court has ordered pay
ment for the superstructure, but that
payment for masonry be withheld until
the contractors for tne stone work made
it comply with the specifications.
The Fisk M. E. chapel of Winfield
twp. has applied for lan amendment of
charter according to the recent law re
garding corporation charters.
A charge of selling liquor without li
cense has been made against D. Bald
resser of Carbon Black. He plead guil
ty and sentence was suspended on pay
ment of cost and entering bond for his
good behavior He is 83 years of age.
The surety of the peace case against
Samnel Falkuer of Carbon Black was
heard, Friday, and disposed of l<y Falk
ner paying the Court costs aud each
side paying their own witness costs.
Levi O. Purvis has filed a statement
in his suit for damages against the B.
R. & P. R. R. Co., in which he claims
that he was told that the train by
which he was injured would s?op five
minutes in Butler, that his wife is an
invalid and needed assistance in getting
on the train; that after he boarded the
train it started without waiting five
minutes; that he passed the conductor
and porter on the way from the car.and
the porter opened the vestibule entrance
for him to step off the train; that the
injuries which he received were due to
the train not stopping long enocigh, the
five minutes, which would have enabled
him to leave it safely after putting his
wife aboard, and were due to tbe negli
gence of the defendant company in not
stopping the train to let him off. He
therefore claims damages in the amount
of $60,000.
Frank H. Murphy was appointed aud
itor in the estate of Lnln Feigel, dee'd,
of Butler.
The Guarantee 8. D. & T. Co. was
appointed guardian of George, minor
child of Wm, G. Beighley. dee d.
T. B. Kelly of Worth twp. was ap
pointed guardian of Paul Mcßride, and
his bond was fixed at SIBOO.
Jos. Eskovitz, a Fairground Avenue
merchant, was placed on trial yester
day on a charge of selling liquor with
out license. Elijah Wheeler, a colored
hoatler wearing a big diamond ring,
swore he bought a quart and a half
pint of whisky at Eskovitz's store. Al
Glenn and some foreigners swore they
would drink two or three quarts of ci
der an evening there and it made them
drank; Wm. Shay testified to buying
whisky; Burgess Kennedy and Chief
Schultz swore Eskovitz offered them
$l5O if they would not prosecnte him
during an investigation last yea.. Co.
Detective Hoon testified to seen ( men
going in the store sober and con i ik out
drank. The case went to the j> ry this
morning. Samnel Blaivis an<. M. L.
Rossner of Fairground Ave. are to lie
1 tried on similar charges.
Chaa. A. Pallmer, who recent, v mar
ried a Mrs. Convery, is in jail on a
charge of surety of the peace, made by
hia wife.
Geo. Morris vs L. L. Wilson, def'. at
tachment execution on_ goods, etc.. in
pcssession of Webster Keasey.
On motion of the attorneys for Ed
ward Lewis, who is defendant in sever
al suits entered by Michael Brown and
his daughter. Anna, of Psrdoe, bail in
the criminal case was reduced from
SOOO to #3OO, and in the civil suits fiom
*I3OO to $80<».
The a&b case of Com. vs John Davis
has been settled by Davis paying the
costs, and also $65 to A. Grienongh, the
The case of Com. vs James M. Max
well was continued until March term
on account of the defendant beim? at
Clarion on the McGuire Casket Co.
The Guaranty S. D. & T. Co. was ap
pointed guardian of the minor children
of Mrs. Laura E. Bowser.
Geo E Robinson was appointed aud
itor in the estate of C. R Terwilliger,
John Duprill plead guilty to a charge
of a&b. Sentence is to be passed, Sat
Louis Menchino and Petro Cappolo
were placed on trial, Monday, on
charges of felonious assault, etc., on
Tony Colossimo. an E Jefferson street
shoemaker. The defendants aoked to
be tried separately. Colossimo told of
the two coming into his shop, sitting
there part of the evening, and bow
Menchino finally attacked him and
slashed him across the face with a
knife when he was not looking He
owed Menchino ss. Menchino fled and
afterwards wa3 arrested at Wellsbnrg,
W. Va. Tbe defendants claimed that
Colossimo attacked first and that thev
acted in self defense.
Menchino was found guilty oi ag
gravated assault and battery, and
Cappolo was acquitted on all counts of
the indictment.
A petition has been presented ng
for transfer of the license of the Stokey
House. Zelienople, from Charles Stokey
to Albert and Wm. Eicholtz.
In the < ase of Jos. Summers vs Mar
ion Coal and Coke Co the defendant
moved for leave to correct their appeal
from judgment rendered by the Justice
in the case by adding entering b«* il for
the costs.
The County Commissioners are inves
tigating a case of alleged cruelty to H
man 90 years of age in Jefferson twp.
A young unmarried woman in the
western part of town is reported to have
had three children during the past few
years, all of whom conveniently died.
The Coroner is investigating the de:-.th
of the last, which occurred last week.
The motion for a new trial for Paul
Milonovitz, convicted of the murder of
Wassil Danchula, was argued Friday
before Judge GalbreatbJ and the argu
ment was a treat for those present
The Clarion county cases have been
continued till Jan. 22.
Hyppolite Bourgeois, a South Side
Frenchman who married an old woman
named Mrs. Snmney, plead guilty tc a
charge o" desertion and was sentenced
to pay the costs and $25 fine.
Frank Bickel, under indictment foi
rape, failed to appear, and his bail was
declared forfeited and respited until
Dec. 14.
Oliver Blair plead guilty to selling
i liquor to a minor and was fined SSO
and costs. Jail sentence was suspend
Tillie Snyder, the young girl accused
of leaving ner child abandoned in the
woods near Sunset Station with a cloth
tied over its month, and under indict
ment for murder, was called in Court
Wednesday morning and plead guilty
to manslaughter.
Clarence Graham of Evans City was
placed on trial Tuesday to answer
charges of surety of the peace, carrying
concealed weapons. The complainant
was Herman Drebert, also of Evans
City, wh<> alleged that Graham, while
in the company of Drebert's daughter,
fired three shots at him with a revolver.
Tne case was settled atter it had gone
to trial.
District Att'y Walker entered a plea
of nolle prosequi in the case of Com.
vs A. W. Krepps, proprietor of a pool
room on Centre Ave., who was indicted
for desertion on complaint of his wife.
The information alleged that the de
sertion took place in Allegheny county
■in July, 1890, and Attorney Hutchison
moved that the bill be quashed, follow
ing which it was withdrawn.
W. J. Burke, S. R. Wier and a
number of other citizens of Aaa-ns
twp. have petitioned to be received into
the school district of Callery borough,
and to have their lands assessed therein,
for school purposes.
Mike Rufan was appointed guardian
of his nephew, Demetrius Krill.
Jas. Marshall was appointed guardian
of Rose Kennedy McCormick and
Bernadetti McCormick.
The case of Com. vs John Shanor, a
new trial of which was awarded by the
Snperior court, has been continued
until March term, on account of the
absence of Attorney Henninger in
On information made by C. B. Mc-
Clnre of Claytonia. W. D. Cravan was
arrested at New Castle, Monday, by
Constable Merwin, for skipping a board
bill of S6B.
Several days ago a young man who
had been a college mate of several well
known local citizens, came to Batler as
a book agent and made his head
quarters at the Slater House on Centre
Ave. A few days later he was arrasted
for defrauding a boarding bouse keeper
in Washington county. J. L. Winter,
proprietor of the Slater Honse and fin
other local man put up $25 to secure the
book agents release and IIOW they nre
sorry, for he skipped without paying
the $25 and without paying Winters |lO
which he owed for board here.
George White, of E. (Quarry St. on
Tuesday plead guilty to assanlt, after
being placed on trial on complaint made
against him by his wife.
Wassil Antonio of Lyndora was put
on trial Tuesday for shooting at a wo
man whom he had lived with, be:iting
her and chasing her out of the house.
She fell off the porch and broke her leg,
following which she was a patient in
the Hospital several weeks and was
then taken to the County Home where
she remained until she recovered and
had Antonio arrested. The jury re
turned a verdict of not guilty but pay
the costs.
In the equity proceedings of Thomas
and E- H. Painter, Delilah P. Duffy and
Melvina P. Gill vs Peter Painter, Dr.
J. L M. Halstead and Miss M. L.
Buckley, the latter has filed an answer
stating she and her brother, Horatio,
who is in the Philippines, are the only
heirs at law of her sister, Mrs Geo W.
Painter. Title to a farm in Buffalo
twp. is in dispute.
Midshipman Merriweather was ac
quitted of the charge of manslaughter,
but convicted on other charges and
sentenced to stay within the walls of
the Academy for one year.
Chas McElrov to Thomas Given lot in
Fairviow for #250.
Elizabeth McCaslin to Mary E Mc-
Caslin 100 acres in Middlesex for S3OO.
D B Bowser to K M and H M Bowsar
lot on Pillow st tor $202:).
J A Gregg to H L Rein wait int in 40
acres in Clearfield for 11250.
M B Stanton to N F Stanton lot in
Brnin for sl*iO.
Cottage Hill Land Co to G F Cook
lots on Cottage Hill for $4'J5.
A C King, W A King and W F Sipe
to Walter S Chatlin 3 4 mt in lease and
wells in Clearfield for $3250.
D Baldssser to A and G Baldasser et
al lot at Carbon Black for SBOO.
John H McCoy to J W Gilinore 51J
acres in Mercer for $.125.
C J Gibson to Pgh and Bntler Ry Co
lot in Mars for sl.
W F Anderson to C J Gibson lot in
Mars for sl.
Ntl Liquid Gas Co to Martin L Hay I
:t acres in Zelienople for sl.
E E Johnston to John Spohn, 2d
acres in Summit for SIOOO.
Geo. W Knantt to John D. Krsuff,
52 acres in Jackson for sl.
J D Kuaulf to G VV Knanff, 52 acres
in Jacks >a for sl.
W J Johnson to Elmer E Johnson, 20
acres iu Summit for S9OO.
J H Coe &Coto W H Fisher, leases
and wella la Penn twp. lor S7OOO.
John C Graham «o Peter Kihn lot in
Butler for
Conrad V-ider to William M Miller,
lot iu Entler for fl
Cfcas. HHayto .ias. W. Gibson. 8«
acres in Clinton for $2230.
W J Berber to George Oesterling, lot
in Bntl'jr for sl. _ ,
Lot.i? Aa- d W A Fleming to T A
Font, prop?rt? in Ai'egheny for (10<).
Thomas Green to Kison and Snyder,
lease in Clear Geld for $330.
Marriage Licenses.
Milton Morgan Parnassus
Gr.icie M. Arb
L G. Hines Slipperyroik
Mollie E. Dickson
Tony Yargo Mnrrinsville
Lizzie Chickirko .
Oliver B. Fair Harmony
Blanche Albert Bntler
L E. Wei ton Grove City
Elizabeth McDowell
Victor Armstrong Chicora
Alma Heckard
Mike Mazitdia Bntler
Janie Catafano *
Albert Perfors Butler
Nettie Viola Metz Glade Rnn
Lawrence F. McDonald ...Bntler
Maggie J. McGinnis Kittanning
At Youngstown—Geo. D. Preston of
Pittsburg and Cora Uarnhart of Bntler.
Secured l'ositions.
The following gra<inates of the Bnt
ler Bnsir.es* College have recently secur
ed positions as follov •" : Jerry Eberhart,
Oliver MoGradv and Ralph Miller, all
with Penna. K. R Co., Bntler; Lev
Schenck and Walter Lowry (the latter
not recent), both vith the T. W.
Phillips Gas and Oil Co., Bntler. All
the vrnng men too\ the Bookkeeping
course, and all but one took the Short
hand and Typewriting course, also.
It pays to take both.
Catalogue and circulars free.
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Christmas uud New Year Holiday
On December 2''.. ?4, 25, :50. 31, 1905,
and January 1, 1900. the B. <fc O. R. R.
Co. will soil low r*te excursion tickets
between all stations ou its line west of
the Ohio River.
Tickets will be sold to all points on
B. & O. R. R. and connections west of
Pittsburg, Wheeling Parkersburg and
Kenova. Good for return until Jan.
3, 1936.
For further information call on or
address nearest B. & O. Ticket Agent,
or B. N. Austin. General Passenger
AgK.it, ChicHgo, 111.
Holiday Excursion**.
Tickets on Hale at all 13. & L E. R.
R. stations Dec. 23, 35 and 80th, an<l
Jan. 1 st. return limit Jan. 3rd, ISHWV
One and one-ihird times one way fare
for round trip
lterluced llutos to Stuilmry.
For the benefit of those desiring to at
tend the nie*ting of 'he Pennsylvania
State Grange, Patrons of Husbandry,
to bt held at Kunbnry December 13 tJ
15, th>) Pennsylvania Kailroad Company
will s*ll round trip tickets to Sunbury
fiom all stations on its lines in the
Htato of Pennrylvanirt, December 11 to
14, good to return until December 16,
inclusive, at reduced rates (minimum
rate, 35 r'ents.)
Agents of the Bessemer Railroad will
sell excnrsiou ticket* Dec. 28, 35 and
30th and Jan. Ist, good returning Jan.
3, linMJ, at excursion ■ ates, on account
of Chris'mas and Now Year Holidays
Inquire of agents for complete informa
ITUK s . iiE.
Any oae wishing to purchase the ten
vniumt; of the "A iiarican Lyceum
' text i p b;j/i.d new. can have
' li e I-. u»>, i-.t K greatly educed price, by
aO'lr*. 'Hag ' M' Office, Butler,
j —Why if Newton "The Piano Man?!
> See adv.
( Do You 1
Want The <
j Best Perfume j
\ Try Thelma.*
f Ir id d,iuly and lasting. We
v have a very large assortment \
/ of all the reliable perfumes. X
1 We have them in bulk and f
J also in dainty packages that r
X make a most desirable gift. 7
S No lady's toilet is complete j \
f without a bottle of choice V
J perfume. We will lie pleased €
S to show yon these goods They S
/ will interest you whether you !
1 wish to buy or not No trouble S
\ to show goods \
Election Notice,
The members of the Worth Mutual
Fire Insurance Co. will meet at the
school house in West Liberty Borough
on the second Saturday of January,
(i:stb) at 10 a.m. for the purpose of
electing officers for the ensuing year,
and such other business as may come
before the meeting.
S. J TAYLOR, Sec., <
JAMES HUMPHREY, Slipperyrock, P;i ,
Attend the Stite Normal School at
Slippery Rock, Butler County, Pa. Ad
vantages first-class, rates low: tuition i
free to teachers and to those who intend
to teach. Winter term begins January
2nd, 1906 Send for a catalogue. Ad- i
Winter Holiday Excursions.
The Bessemer & Lake Erie R. R. Co.
will sell excursion tickets at all stations
December 23, 25 and 30th, 1905, and
January Ist, 15)00. good returning Jan.
3rd, 1900, at one and one-third fare for
the round trip. Inquire of agents for
rates, time of trains and other informa
—Wanted—a bright boy to learn a
trade. Inquire at this office.
Delivered daily to all parts of town,
in large or small amounts.
Phones, Bell J 158, People's 220.
—Money to loan on first mortgage,
II i
4 Kll) i*LOVES d
5 CAN E 5
4 Nothing but Men's goods in
d this store The best ot d
0 everything. a
jjno. S.Wick,
. \ 345 S. Main St., J
i 1 (J. Stein Building.) i
F 5 Two Doors North of Wlllard Hotnl. 5
Gems and Silver—
Your Xmas Gifts
What fitter, for relative or
friend, than something of in
trinsic value that will last?
Glorious Diamonds
Sterling Silver Pieces
Watches of Quality
Scarf Pins
You can't go astray
if the gift comes from
J. R. REED & CO.,
439 Market St., Pittsburg
All of Richey'a candies are home
--Why is Newton "The Piano Man 7'
See adv.
Advertise in The CITIZEN.
§ Teachers. Directors. 8
o o
4) Next week will IK* Institute week, or I might -ay f 0
oTeachers. Directors week. Many of you have been ino
o]!iv store before, 1 appreciate your acquaintance veryo
01iighlv, and hereby extend to you all. whether youo
ohave beon here before or not. a cordial invitation too
oraake my store your headquarter while in Butler nexto
oweek. Made it the appointed place to meet youro
ofriends. You are not obliged to buy anything. Makeo
ovour self at home here; take a look at the many ne\vo
oand prettv articles 1 have suitable for < hristmas. ando
oshould you desire to purchase. 1 will make you the©
overy lowest po>-iblc price, or it you have a Watch,o
oClock. Jewelry or Spectacles in need ot repair bring©
othem along. My workmen are experts with many©
©years experience. But whether you buy or not. comeo
©in. I was born and raised in Butler ('o., I expect too
©stay here all my life and appreciate more than 1 cano
©tell vou the acquaintance of all her citizens. 0
|Carl H. Leigh nerf
§ Jeweler and Optician, §
209 S. Main St. Butler, Pa 0
O The Store That Does What it Advertises. <ll
| A Remarkable Coat Sale! j|
jf .last received one hundred beautiful mannish (.'oats, colors, tan. gray. Coverts.
CS black, cro* n: lengths. All to ilj.oo values at special sale price of f 10.00. \
V Mink. Sable, blended squirrel, ri hln coloring as Russian Sable, cray squirrel. '
fox and martin; in flat effects; novelty neck pieces and always stylish and com- ,
fortablc scarfs and lioa effects, with muffs to mat-ch. Neck pieces !mc up to 850,00. '
Muffs to e».00. Match Sets of Kurs Js.so. H0 00.112.50. #!■>.«> up to *75 per set.
1 V Another lot of those handsome Linegrie Waists and colored under slips to (
¥ wear with them. Just what you .iced for evening wear. WaistsSWC, $1.50, &25 up
► Twenty-6 ve handsome Kaln Coats, Tan and Oxford. 115.00 values for #lO 00. <
Every department has the holiday spirit and from the Grandest Christmas i
i Stocks we've ever shown, come these practical and fanciful gift suggestions.
Rolls. Handkerchiefs. Gloves. Hosiery, Bath Robes. Children's Books, I.eather
W% Goods. Hugs. Jewelry. Bureau Scarfs, Stamped Linens, White Uix>ds, Notions, Lace J
\ Curtains, Pilk Waists, Sofa Pillows, Art Embroideries. Baby Outfits, Golf Blouses
i and Vests. Shawls, aprons. Toilet Articles, Umbrellas, Combs and Belts. A
Of course you're interested in tho big cities. Mikado Japanese goods are
I known and sought for by every woman. They comprise such tempting articles as
{ > fancy neck wear, hand-drawn Handkerchiefs, dainty collar and cuff sets, dollies ]
and center pieces. Mlkako means better but no higher.
fMrs. J. E. Zimmerman.:
I 801 l Phone 208. -f ■* 4-1 a p q j
I > People's Phone-126. OUIJCrj X (
IGF . 'ST _
j| |: [A! P2x
lb I
Christmas Presents
are attain in order and we have laid in a
splendid stock for the holiday trade.
Diamonds at less than the present
market price as they were batmht be
fore the last advance. Watches from
the highest grade Elgins to the famous
one dollar Ingersolls. Ring* in all the
latest settings. Silverware that wears
Bronzes, vases, art goods, all the latest
novelties in silver and gold suitable for
We also sell —
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Poco Cameras.
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
Optical goods.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Court House.
luver Studio
Has added a full line of
amateur Photo Supplies, Cam
eras, Films, Dry Plates, De
velopers, Printing out and de
veloping papers.
Anti-Trust Goods
At about one half what
you have been paying.
As good if not better than
the Trust goods.
215 S. Main St. Butler
Do You Buy Medicines?
Certainly You Do,
Then you want the best for the
least money. That is our motto.
Come and see us when in need of
anything in the Drug Line and
we are sure you will call again.
We carry a full line of Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, etc.
Purvis' Pharmacy
Both Phones.
' 218 S Main St. Butler Pa.
' l, « McJ I'N K IN. lltA MC.IUNKIN
fc S. /V\cJUNKIN * CO.,
Insurance <sr Keal Estate
117 E- Jefferson St.,
BUTbER, - - - - PA
Beef "Tvair Iron
and nCi
Extract of Beef, Citrate of Iron
and Sherry Wine.
This preparation is famous as a
system builder and general tonic. Our
preparation differs from all others of
the same name, because we use pre
digested beef, the best sherry wine, and
the iron is in such form that it is quick
ly taken into the system. It is pleasant
to take and prompt in action, making
rich, red blood.
Do You Require a Tonic?
Are you weak, worn out, run down
and nervous'/ Is yonr blood thin and
impure? Are you pale and haggard,
lips white? Do you become exhausted
from very little effort, your sleep rest,
less, yonr appetite poor? If you have
any of these symptoms use onr s Beef,
Iron and Wine.
If the result ia not satisfactory we
will gladly return your money.
Price, 50 cents a pint.
Nurses' Directory.
Crystal Pharmacy
R. M. LOGAN, Ph. G.,
106 N. Main St., Butler, Pa.
The Little Details
are what go to make merchant tailoring
so innch better than ready made cloth
ing. Such things as the button holeH,
the sewing on of buttons, the binding,
the pressing and many other things.
They all make for
Now that yon have experienced all
the advantages and disadvantages of
the ready made, you will be better able
to appreciate the difference in our
work. Just order a suit or overcoat
and learn how great it is.
Cor. Diamond. Butler. Pa.
Gibson's Livery
(old May & Kennedy stand)
First-class horses and rigs.
Excellent boarding accom
Good and clean waiting room.
Open day and night.
Holt's Greenhouses,
E. M. HOLT & Co. PROP'S.
Salesroom 247 S. Main Street.
Floral designs for funerals, parties,
etc., a specialty.
Oar carnations are now in their prime.
Vs x£r > ' var,ety ° fappr ° pr,atechr,st -■
Dress Boots for Women SI.OO to $3.00 11
Dress Shoes for Men $1.25 to $5.00 Si
a House and Party Shoes for Women—Styles innumerable ■
Slippers for Men . beautiful styles, 50c to $1.50 gl
Warm Shoes and Slippers for Women and Chil- jH
||j dren including the famous "Alfred Dolge" Felt Shoes. H
t ! Baby Shoes—Felt and Leather, etc. S3
Opp. Hotel Lowry. 102 N. Main Street. a j
i Furniture for 1
1 Christmas Gifts! I
would enjoy more than a piece of Furniture?
1&L Women appreciate furniture because it makes thelgg
*rjj home more comfortable and beautiful.
=5 ' ' f-V*
S! $5.50 Music Cabinet * S
' 1 Mahogany finish, solid ends and top; open front
with brass rod for curtain. I £*
gj $ll.OO Morris Chairs j S
Large massive golden oak frame, well made and
polished; upholstered in green velour.
j $5.00 Rocking Chair g
Mahogany or golden oak, highly polished, low or
high back, solid wood or venier seats. Strong and g
j|Jj $2.50 Carpet Sweepers g
1 Alfred A. Gambpellf
[Duffy's Store |
Christmas is almost upon us and the question of ||
is easily and fully answered by a visit to our store.
Black Silk DKMS or Waist, a pretty new Carpet or Bug
or & good new Winter Coat.
A box of Linen Hankerchiefa, Silk Mnffler, or an
• Umbrella.
A pair of Dress Kid Gloves or Woolen, Box of Socks
or a pair Holiday Suspenders.
A pretty Fnr Scarf, with Muff to match. A good
Dress or fancy Silk Waist. Kid Gloves to match her
if dress. Stamped Linen or Battenberg
■j- Cnte little White Fnr Setts.
| All the above, are good, useful presents, and prices are right.
Duffy's Store.
j Facts^^
? It seems to be customary with some stores to be advertising
f bargains at all tiinf.s. Every reasonable minded person knows a
1 that no man ia in business for hla health. We re not. Neither is C
I the other fellow. We sell reliable goods at a legitimate profit; r
; we are entitled to that; but to be selling at less than cost most C
\ everv day in the year, as some advertise is, keep your eye open, 1
C something is wrong. Yon are not Retting value for your money %
1 or you are getting unseasonable merchandise. We do not ad- /
/ vertise a sale at all times but we do exchange with you for your S
S ilollnr the best dollar's worth of merchandise that money ran C
' buy. We sell reliable makes onlv-bought from firms that J
Ht/nd back of and replace every dollar s worth of merchandise
/ that does not prove satisfactory. C
C We want you to examine our Hamburger Suits and Overcoats a
\ before buyinK-they are beauties. It is not necessary to go into #
V details as most every person in Butler county knows what loaac >
{ Hamburger & Son's Clothing means. It is like exchanging /
V dollars when you buy here—and facts are proofs. So call ana De ■
C convinced. V
See Window Display. (
I Douthett & Graham. j
i I 306, 308, 310 Fifth Avenue, IS? ortutt ThI*ACTUAL }
' 'i h Br gin atvay —»
ISubscribe for the CITIZEN