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j THUBSDIY. MAT 25, 1905.
H pgr year la A4*aa«e, Otherwise SI-50
Subject to Butler County Republican
Primary. May 27,1905, from 1 to 7 p.m.
TOHN B. CALDWELL, Jefferson twp.
(better known as Coon Campbell.}
A. O. HEPLER, Butler.
formerly Oakland twp.
JOHN T. MARTIN, Buffalo twp.
DAVID C. SANDERSON, Franklm twp.
formerly of Clay twp,
JOHN H. TEBAY. Eau Claire.
JOHN C. CLARK, Washington twp
formerly of Worth two.
' JAMES M. MCCOLLOCGH, Fairview tp.
JULIAN A. CLARK, Centre twp.
J. E CRAIG, Mars.
J. P. DAVIS, Butler, formerly Brady tp
H. W. KOONCE, Butler boro,
Formerly Penn twp.
Formerly of Brady twp.
JACOB W. GLOSSNER, Millerstown.
O. R. THORNE, Clay twp.
g. c. TRIMBLE, Middlesex twp.
(Two to nominate.)
J. S CAMPBELL, Cherry twp.
N. 8. GROSSMAN, Franklin twp.
AMOS HALL, Bran'shton,
Slipperyrock twp.
NOAH HENRY, Oakland twp.
W. D. HOFFMAN. Baxonbnrg.
JOHN W. BILLIARD, Washington twp.
J. N. MAHARG. Penn twp.
GEO. J. MARBURGER, Forward twp.
& C. MOORE, Clinton twp.
JAMES L. PATTERSON. Jefferson twp.
(Two to nominate.)
A B. EKAS, Buffalo twp.
W. C. FAGAN. sth Ward, Batler.
W. B. SCOTT, Adams twp.,
Formerly of West Sunbury.
Db. W. R CLARK, Butler.
To the Republican Voters of
Butler County.
Having announced my name as a
for Connty Auditor, and find
ing that the canvass interfere with busi
ness matters more than I had antici
pated ao that my personal affairs would
■offer in case I continned, I hereby
withdraw from the contest, extending
my sinoereat thanks to my many friends
for their encouragement and help,
On account of ill health and inability
to make a canvass John A Gilliland of
Summit township withdraws from the
race for the Connty Auditorship, with
thanks to his friends for their proffered
A Card.
I wish to say to the voters of Bntler
county that having bad the grip and
then taken a relapse, I was not able to
make much of a canvass. So I take this
method of asking my friends to do all
they can to help me make the nomina- I
tion for Register and Recorder.
It bavins been reported in some parts
mmagvaafamnty that I had withdrawn my
name as a candidate for Prothonotary
at the Republican primaries on next
Saturday. I take this means of inform
ing the voters that I not only have not
done ao bat never thought of so doing,
and will continue to make every effort
to secure the nomination for said office.
The primary campaign ends next
Saturday, at 7P. M.—the voting begin
ning at 1 o'clock. There are excellent
in the field for every office, and as
the majority of Republicans are actuat
ed by honorable motives, having in
mind the good of the public service and
the merits of the candidates, we can ex
pect an unobjectionable ticket—one I
that will command the united support
of the party at the election.
The ballot box is th'e source of all
authority in this coantry; the primary
la the preliminary step for the selection
of a party ticket, and if every Republi.
can in the county will go to and polls,
next Saturday, and select his candidates
With due regard for their merits as men
and claims upon the party, we need
have no fear of "combines," scheming
politicians or ward-heelers.
The Ohio State Convention met at
Columbus, yesterday, with 1,196 dele
gates present. Sec'y Taft presided, and
he praised Roosevelt's administration
but did not refer to the late flurry over
canal supplies.
At Barrisburg, yesterday, the Demo
cratic State Convention nominated W.
B. Berry of Delaware county for State
Treasurer, and John B. Head of Greens
burg for Superior Judge.
ARMSTRONG county Republicans poll
ed six thousand votes at their late
On Tuesday Mayor Weaver of Phila
delphia dismissed his Sut>erintendente
Of the Police and Fire Departments, on
account of the part they took in the
lease of ttie Gas Works; engaged Judge
Gordon and Ellhu Root as cxmnsel. and
prepared for war with the city bosses
a war that will probably be felt in the
politics of the state. An extra session
01 the Legislature to rip ont the Mayor
is already talked of in Harrisbnrg.
DURING the past three months half a
million people have died in India of
"the plagne. "
THE next Republican primary for
this county will probably be fixed for
an earlier date than "the last Saturday
in May;" but there is one advantage of
a late date, and that is that it affords
ample time *o ventilate any attempted
unfairness, like the preset ' combine."
THE arrest of Marcus Braun, secret
immigration agent of this Government,
at Budapest is explained. He was sent
abroad shortly after the Roosevelt din
ner at "Little Hungary," where he pre
alded. to investigate the charge that]
Auatria was sending her paupers and
jail-birds to ns. He acted tinder special
instructions from President Roosevelt,
and it was said in Washington that dis
closures to be mode in bis forthcoming
report will be startling. Fact* already
ascertained show that more than half
the nations of Europe are emptying
their asylums and jails upon us. £ini
grants are "assisted'' by the Ktate and
municipalities. Steamship tickets are'
furnished, also a small sum of money to
enable the supposed immigrant to pass
through Ellis island. More than one
million foreigners passed through the
gates of that receiving depot last year.
No word has been received from the
Russian fleet for some days and it is
supposed to have crossed the China sea
and to have passed ont into the Pacific
through the Balingtang channel, north
of Lnzon. The Jap fleet is reported at
Masampho, in the channel l»etween
Corea and Japan.
The Russian and Jap armies ic
Northern Manchuria are doing some
skirmishing these days; and the rail
road and telegraph lines between Vlad
ivostok and Harbin are reported de
stroyed, isolating the former plac-?
SOME of the former cotton planters of
Texas, are raising potatoes, this year,
on account of the boll weavil.
THE Jap. workmen on one of the
Hawaiian islands struck because a Rus
sian was made foreman or overseer ant.
became violent.
THE British House of Commons re
fused to listen to a speech by the
Colonial Secretary. Monday night, and
adjourned in disorder.
reiterated his intention to call Congress
in extra session October 10, to consider
railroad rate legislation.
THE grafter is doing great work in
Philadelphia these days. The 75-year
lease of the city's gas-plant, voted by
the Council, a few days ago caused a
riot in the Council Chamber.
POSTMASTER General Cortelyou is
determined to. keep postmasters from
taking a hand in political affairs, and a
circular letter, defining the duties and
privileges of these servants of Uncle
Sam will be issued by him.
REGARDING that Canal order, Presi-
Roosevelt is quoted as saying: "I want
ed to hit the monopolies between the
eyes, and I guess I did, judging from
some of the remarks we have been hear
ing since that order. Perhaps some of
them will not want to put all their feet
into the trough after this. "
ELEVEN of the fastest sailing vessels
on water, running from a single-mast
ed yacht to a full rigged ship, started
from Sandy Hook, last week, for the
Lizard on the English coast, competing
for the prize offered by the Emperor of
Germany. The distance is about three
thousand miles.
IT is hardly possible now te keep
track of the anti-monopoly movements
in the Western States, Missouri, for
example, has just passed a maximum
freight rate bill; Wisconsin is making a
determined effort to force the railroads
within her borders to terms; South
Dakota is thinking of going into the
manufacture of binding twine to defeat
the trust, and Minnesota's legislators
are considering the advisability of a
Bute factory to turn out harvesting
machines. Add such eases as these to
what Kansas is doing in the matter of
oil refining, and we have indications of
an aroused public feeling in that part of
the country which may well give the
monopolists some uneasy moments.
THE excitement caused by the action
of the Canal Commission in buying a
few thousand dollars worth of stuff in
foreign markets proved a "tempest in a
teapot." The purchasing agent of the
Canal Commission reported to it that
certain firms in the United States con
trolling the output of certain articles
were holding up the Commission for
exorbitant prices; the Commission re
ported the matter to Sec'y Taft, who,
after consulting with the President,
told the Commission to buy where they
conld do beat. This was done to the ex
tent of SBOOO worth, and then the trusts
"fell over each other," in their haste to
assure the government that it will not
be necessary to ko »bro»d Cat Uoilduuc
material, but that they stand prepared
to deliver all the steel rails, pig iron,
paint and other supplies required at
prices equal to the lowest to F>e found
in foreign markets, and that ended the
matter—until they try it again.
School Notes.
Dr. Crawford of Meadville will preach
the baccalaureate sermon in Majestic
Theatre, next Sunday evening.
The High School graduating exercise*
will take place in the theatre, Monday
evening; Grammar school, Thursday
The Alumni Association will banquet
in First M. E. church, Friday.
Oil and Gas Notes.
The Market—Remains at $1.29, in
spite of the gusher's 1000 bbls. a day.
Summit twp,—Vance, Frantz and
Kennedy have located a well on the
John Gilliland.
Clearfield—The Malotiey Oil Co's
well on the Frank Mcßride is doing 35
to 40 bbls; Flick & Co. have made
another location.
Adams -Eisler &. O'Brien have an
other good well on the Staples, said to
be doing 50 bbls. a day.
Saxonbnrg— Mike Finnegan is drill
ing for gas on the Wilhelm, and haHi
500 acres in that vicinity; Gahagan &
Co. are drilling on the Miller heirs near
Jefferson Centre; and the East Penn Co.
on the Jas. Higenbotham.
Penn—Parker & Toomey on the
Troutman is reported at 15 bbls.
Parker—Sedgwick las a gusher on
Shakeley heirs on I tear Creek, below the
Pump station, said to be doing 100 bbls.
from the 100-foot.
Michael Kochan was crushed to death
by the fall of steel plates at the Car
Works, Monday night. He was 22
years of age and a foreigner.
Guy, son of Eugene O'Donnell of W.
Penn street climbed a willow-tree, last
Saturday, to see the ball game. The
limb he was resting on broke and he
fell 20 feet. He was made unconscious
by the fall and was thought to be ser
iously injured, but recovered soon after
being taken home.
An Oild Hervice.
At 2 o'clock last Sunday morning the
trains of a pacing circus, on the way
from Clearfield to Bellefonte were stop
ped at the foot of fht Allegheny moun
tains on the spot where the Walter L.
Main show was wrecked 12 years ago.
and there, under the starlight, memorial
services for those who were killed were
The 1,000 people connected with the
show and six bands participated in the
services. The K«v. Charles Sbejtk made
a touching address, after which the
mountainside was banked with flowers
The animals carried by the show created
an unearthly din by their shrieks and
cries, which were answered by strange
animals on the mountain, some of which
came so near that they could Is- seen,
although their species conld nut be ret;
ognizod. It is thought they included
some of those that escaped when the
Main show was wrecked.
Too Many Potatoes.
There are sororiues in alt branches of
business and the cold storage people,
who invested in app.es and potatoes last,
fail, appear to have been running
against them for the past sixty daya.
A dispatch from Presque Isle in the
State of Malue, conveys the intelligence
that more than 3,000,000 bushel* of
sound and plump potatoes are lying in
the storehouse* nnd cellars of Aroostook
county, unsold and with no prosjiect of
being sold thin season Last fall at
harvest time buyers were offering 50
cents a bushel for the crop as it came
from the ground, but the farmers re
wembured the previous spring when
potatoes * >i'l from ♦I.OO to #1.75 a bar
rel, and held on and waited for a rise.
Today Thomas H. Phair, who owns
more than thirty starch factories in tie*
connty, is running every one at full
capacity, and can purchase all the pota
toes he can handle tqr from 15 to 17
c&nUs n bnehe). —Ex,
Memorial l)av.
Rabbi J. Leonard Levy, D. D. of
Pittsburg will deliver the Memorial .
Day address at Slipperyrock. in Chapel
Hall, next Tnesday, at ISO P M. and
Dr. D. C Murphy will preach the
menu rial s. nnon on Sunday at 7 30 P. j
M. The members of O. Bingham I
Post will meet at headquarters, next
Tuesday, at s A M
Ilev Robinson of the I*. P. church
will make the address in Butler
Arthur Love and family will lend
their aid in observing the day at Saxon
At Harrisville. Rev. Kanffman will
preach the Memorial Sermon. Sunday,
at 2:30 p in. in thi- Presbyterian church:
and \V 7.. M-irrin will make the ad
dress. Tuesday, at same place, at 1 p
At Prospect Tuesday. H. I Paint-r
will make the address.
THE Chicago strike is over one day,
and somebody gets killed, the next.
PORTER—At his home in Lawrence
countv, near Portersville. May I s ,
1905, James M. Por'er, formerly of
Clay twp.. in his 71st year.
He is survived by his wife, nee Davis
of Franklin twp.. and three children
SWANEY—At his home in Donegal
twp., May 19, 1905. Michael Swaney,
in his 79th year.
He is survived by bis wife, three sons
and two daughters.
WHITESELL—At his home in Pine
twp . Mercer county. May 15, 1905
John Whitesell, formerly of this
ENDRES—At Columbiana. Ohio, May
16 1905. Daniel Endres of Zelienople,
in his 59th year.
Mr. Endres' death was caused by a
third stroke of apoplexy, which came
upon him while visiting relatives.
SHOUP—At Pittsburg. May 14, 1905.
Miles Shoup of Frteport. a crandson
of Massa Harbison, aged 59 years
HARMON -At his home in Pittsburg,
May 18, 1905, Francis Herbert, son of
Clyde Harmon, aged 5 months.
HECK—At his home in Leechburg.
May IH. 1905, Geo. Heck, formerly of
Batler. aged 42 years.
MCCARTNEY— At the County Home,
May 19. 1905, Edward McCartney,
aged 3M years.
BROWN—At his home in Penn twp..
May 21, 1905. Dr Wm. H. Brown,
aged 42 years.
Dr. Brown was practicing in Butler
during the typhoid epidemic, am', has
not been in good health since.
He was a son of Adam Brown, and
died at his old home. He is survived by
his parents and the following brothers
and sisters: Mrs. A. R Burton of But
ler, Mrs. John Dodds of Denver. Col..
John Brown of Renfrew and Miss Ada
Brown at home.
RAABE—At his home in Saxotiburg,
May 17, 1905, Richard liaabe, aged 32
He is survived by his wife and one
KEISTER—At his home in Forward
twp.. near the Tunnel, Monday, May
22, 1905. James M. Keister, aged
Mr. Keister's death was caused by
paralysis, the tirst shock coming some
years ago He is survived by his wife,
nee Kelly, a sister of Mrs. Cornelius and
Harry of Butler, and four children.
GOLD—At his home in Butler. May 22,
1905, Lewis, son of Braden Gold.aged
4 years.
The boys death was caused by te
tanus or lockjaw, brought on by step
ping upon a rusty nail.
DOUGLASS-At West Liberty, May
10, 1905, Miss Becca Douglass.
McCOY—At her home in Cherry twp.,
May 22, 1905, Mrs. H. C. McCoy in
her 82nd year.
DAVIDSON —At his home in Slippery
rock twp , May 23rd, 1905, Isaac A.
Davidson, in his 80th.
Mr. Davidson suffered a stroke of
apoplexy last winter and has not been
well since. He is survived by his son
Archie in Butler, and Elmer and
daughter Maggie at home.
PLAISTED—At his home in Renfrew.
May 23, 1905, James Plaisted, aged 70
Eli E. Williams of ScrubgrasH twp ,
Veil an KO county, near the Hutler comi
ty line, died last Wednesday, about
(K) years.
Mr». Mary A. Livermore, the famous
temperance lecturer and female Htif •
died at her home in Melrose
Mats., Tuesday, in her 85th year.
JndKe Albion \V. Tonrgee of May
ville. N. Y., American consul of lior
deaux, France, died there, last Kund »y,
of acute uraemia, which resulted from
an old wjund. Judge Tonrgee was
taken «eriously ill some months ago,but
his condition afterward improved and
it was believed his recovery was proba
He was a veteran of the (,'ivil war,
and an editor and lawyer, in North Car
olina, after the war, but it. was as an
author that he is best known. Hi
works include "The Fool's Errand,"
published in 1879, aud followed by
"Figs and Thistles," "Bricks Without
Straw," "John Eax," "Hot Plough
shares," "An Appe-J to Caesar," "But
ton's Inn," "A Hon of old Hurry,"
"Black Ice," "The Veteran and His
Pipe," Letters to a King,""WithGauge
and .Swallow," "PactolosPrime," "Mur
vale Eastman, Christian Holcialint,'
"Out of the Hunset Sea," "An Outing
With the Queen of Hearts" and "The
Mortgage on the Hip Roofed House"
He wrote extensively, al io, on the law
and finance and was for some years
editor of ' The Continent," a periodical
magazine published at New York and
Pniladelphift. He wrote, too, "A Isy
slander's Notes," an editorial page fen
tare of the Cbica«o "Inter-Ocean." He
was editor of the Denver "Times" in
187!), and in IHHO moved to Mayville, N.
Y., where he made his home thereafter
The System ijives
on Good Rich Blood
People Who Lack the Proper Quantity
and Quality of Blood Fall Vic
tims to Every Disease
That's Prevalent.
Dr. A. W. Chase's
Nerve Pills.
The blond is the medium through
which every tis.-me, every organ is sup
plied with the material it feeds upon
and rebnilda itself with. Take away
that nourishment by letting the blood
run down in quantity and quality and
you take away th- power of an organ
or tissue to resnpply waste or rebuild
itself. In other words, the system
starves: color, appetite, steadiness, en
ergy, vigor, vitality all are lost and »i
condition of mental and physical pros
tration nets in. This condition Dr. A. W
Chase's Nerve Pills positively cure by
their power to manufacture good, rich,
nutritious, oxygen carrying blood, a
blood that carries to every organ the
very material it lives and thrives upon.
Mr George Horkins of We-tirighotiMt
Avi flue, Wilmerdlntf, l'.t , saj«
"I begxt: to nse Dr. A. W. Chase's
Nerve "ills in Pittsburg. I was at the
time badly run down, weak nervous
conld not eat cold ail the time, as my
blood wss thin, and (lid not deep well.
The medicine put me in splendid shape
rapidly and easily, giving me steady
nerves a flue appetite restful sleep ;t
general feeling of energy and vigor and
good rich blood th.it showed in th» way
my color came back Tie* medicine is
Certainly a grand one and i am only too
glad to say so.
50 cents a bo* at dealers or Dr. A. W
Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo. N. Y. Por
trait and signature of A, W. Chase.
M D.. on every package. For sale by
Redick and Grohrnan, druggists, I' l '' N-
Main St Butler, Pa.
Funeral Director,
By virtue of sundry writs ot Ven. Ex.. I I.
Fa.. Lev. l a.. &r., issued outof the Court of (
Common Pleas of Butler Co., Pa., and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale
at the Court Hou.v in the borough of Butler,
Pa. on
Friday, tlie —n<l day <»i" .June,
A. D. I 'A-'., at one o'rlock. I'. M., the follow leg
described property, to-wit:
K. I). No. 42, June Term. Cummings. !
All the right, title. Interest and claim of I
Maggie A. ?nyder and I'hilip Snyder, of. in
ind to all that certain piece or parcel of
land, situated in Jflf«>rsou township. Butler j
••ounty. Pa., bounded as follows. to-»it: Be- j
.itining at a post in the middle of the Saxon ;
road thencf sout i «T : j d<'g east hy I
lannxif Arthur In irs and A. SI. Johnston i
Hii r.'-10 jH-n-hes to a tiost: thence south tiy j
lands or John Emeriek Tfi • 1" Derches to a
i>ost: T hi'nci' wt'st by lands of .!amt s Arm- i
strong 11- ; per»*hes to a post; thence north
Jj deg west .">1 peivhfs to the place of l>egin
••ontalnini: lliiriy-two rJ) :«>-ri's and
in perches n which is errected a frame
UwelUnx house and outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Maggie A. Snyder and I'hilip W.
Snyder at the suit of At llulT.
K. I> N' In. Jute- term, l'.«Ci. A. >l. Chrisiley.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Cyrus 11. Knox. Mary If. Knox. of. in and to
all that certain piece or lot of land, situated
In Evans City. Butler county. Pa., bounded
as follows, to-wit: On the north by )."> feet
by an alley, east by H.> feet by Porter Alley,
south by J5 by a <io foot street and on the
west by 145 feet by lot No. :J3: containing one
town lot according to plan of lots as survey
ed by C. 1 . L. McQuistion. Surveyor, to
gather with frame house thereon erected
and other outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Cyrus H. Knox and Mary I). Knox at
the suit of E. S CcSusins.
E. D. No. 40. June Term 1 '*Ki. Jackson a
Troutman. Attorney.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Jos. Kalina, t'has. Kalina and Michael
Kallna. of. in and to all that e« rtaln piece or
lotofl.tud. situated in third Ward, trailer
iHjrough. Butler county. I'.L , lxiunded ai fol
lows. to.wit: Beginning at a point on Mc-
Cool avenvi and the southwest corner of lot
No. PS; thence running along McCool avenue
eastwardly a distance of twenty-five VSn feet
to line of lot No. s7; thence along the line of
lot No. s7 seventy-one and 41-inO (71 41-100)
feet to line of lot No. ; thence along line of
lot No. westwardly a distance of twenty
live (25) feet to line of lot No. K>; thence run
ning southwardly along line of lot No. «'.i H
distance of seveuty-ono and 51-K«J (71 .>l-li«»)
feet to the place of beginning; being lot No.
s» in the John K. Kavanaugh plan of lots,
said plot and plan be;rig recorded in the Re
corder's oftlce, In and for Butler Co., Pa. In
l'Lan ISook N0.2. page i, and being the same
premises that were granted and coveyed un
to Joseph. Charles and Michael Kallaa by
John 11. Cavanaugh et u'. by their deeu
dated July 19th. recorded as aforesaid
in Deed llook No. _'II. page lit. and having
thereon erected a three story brick building,
subject to the payment of mortgage dated
January 'ith. 100). with a real debt of J..||ni.m
said mortgage- being recorded in mortgage
book No. Ti. page !4.~>.
Seized ami taken in execution as tin- prop
erty of Jos Kalina, C'has Kalina and Michael
Kalina at the suit of The Public Trust < 0..
now for usoof International Saving v Trust
Co., see Slerger at Charter Book No. 4. page t.
E. I>. No. •i*. Jnne Term. 1!<05. C. K. Meeder.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Blanche T. l)lght and J. C'. Diglit, of. In and
to all that certain piece or parcel of laud,
situated in ( berry township. Butler county,
Pa., lxiunded :es follows, to-wit: On the
north by landsof Robert Hogg,east by lands
of Anna Bllllngsley and .Mellon, south by the
public ro«d known as (lie Anandale and
New Hope road and on the west by I anus of
H S Ryan; containing l»4 acres, more or less,
being the same property vested in .1. C.
Ij)ght. by deed recorded in the Recorder's
ollice of Butler county. In Deed Book \ ol
Page L. an<l being the same property con
veyed by J. I'. LMght. et tlx, to J. I). Dueschele
and R. IS. t.'riswell by deed dated Dec. intli.
I'.mt. and recorded In Butler county in Deed
Book Vol. Page 4.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Blanche T. Dight and .1. • Dignt at
the. suit of J. M. lJight, now for use of A.
E. D. No. 7. June Term. W. C. Kindley,
All tic right, title, interest and claim of
John Smith, of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated iu Venango
township, Butler county, Pa , bouuded us
follows, to-wlt: On the north of lands of
-hryock Harper s heirs, ea»t by Cochran's
heirs, s<juth by Andrew Smith.et al, and <.n
the west by Andrew Smith, et al; containing
six acres and to extend far enough south and
west to Include house built on said Andrew
smith et :il. lands which said house was
built by John Smith, being part of a large
tract of land conveyed by T. I'. Mlltlln. by
deed of Andrew Smith, et al, and by them
conveyed to John bruith, ft al, as ueuu on
re.'orti, Recorder's ofllce, Butler, Pa.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of John Smith at the suit of John I.
Gall? way.
E. I). No. 20 and 'i\. Jane Term. 1'.«5. J. W.
Hutchison. Attorney.
Ml the right, title, interest and claim of
James W. Buchanan, as heirs at law of Mary
11 Ross and Rachel Buchanan.both deceased
and Intestate, of. In and to all that certain
or Diircel of iancl, hltuat<;'l In M ?r<M*r
township. Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wit: On the north by laud, of
George it town, east by lands of Dunlap
ii<«lrs, south hy lands of 'l.uei and William
Buchanan heir- and on the west by Mercer
county line *»r lands of Samuel Buchanan s
heirs; con tain IriK nirity-four C>4) aires, hav
ing t on erected a frame house and out
- n- t , A 1- \ - iu t'Uvcut !«»»> tho prop
erty of James . Buchanan at th© suit of
Morrow and Black Harris ami Morrow now
for usi* of Caroline B, Morrow.
E. No. U, June Terra. I«J<*."». bredin, Ait .y.
All t he rixht, title, Interest ar»d claim of J.
tl. O'llonnel, morttfuKor, with nf>tlce to W. J.
r'chlaKenhoupt, tern; tenant, of. In arid to
those iwo certain pieces of land, situated in
ASh tfh'-ny township, Butler county. Pa., to
wit: One of the sane' known as Kenfirlc
tract and formerly < ontainlnic one iiundrcd
;wres. more <>r less, bounded on the north i>y
lands of the heirs of .1 ami's Anderson, east
hy lands formerly of Samuel Crawford now
of William Kama and James Jolly, south l.y
lands of James Jolly, and on tlie west hy
land* furim-rlv "t Alexander Cirand IDW
.Matt In a arni blaek and le irs of James
Andersen, saving and exiepting thereof a
certain pleee of tho southwest corner then*
of; containing ten (10) aeres eonveved hy
Walter l.yon of Allegheny county, l*a., ex
ecutor* ami trustees (ft the estate of Dr. A.
VV, Crawford, deceased to I'. U. Solllnger i»y
deed dated Jan. nth, IWift, and recorded in
Butler county In Deed Book Vol. I'it, page
A IMO All that certain tract known as the
Klsdaddon tract containing one hundred and
twenty-eight (l-X> acres, more or hound
ed on the north hy lands of Hloan, east hy
lands of heirs of NVllllarji l'orlerfleld and
Osmah, south hy landsof the heirs of Alex
ander (irant and on tlie west hy lands of the
heirs or William Crawford, this conveyance
being made and accepted however subject
to any oil or gas leases of the said lands
made hy tie- said A. W. ( rawford, deceased,
during his lifetime, being the same pieces of
land conveyed to said J. 11. O Uonnell,
mortgagor, t»y May (i. Walker b/ deed dated
November I ith. A. I'. it«M. to be recorded.
Seized and taken in execution as tin- prop
erty of J. 11. O'llonnel I, mortgager, with
notice to \\ . 11. Hchlagenhoupt, terre tenant,
i.t the suit of James Bredin
K. I>. No. 2< and :il, June Term. Harry
\,. Orabam and W. 11. Luak, A tt'ys.
All the right. title, Intercut and claim of
Jacob Schumacker, mortgagor, and H. It.
Klln« , M-rre truant, of, In and to all iltat
certain piece or parcel of land, Mltuated in
I*'rank 11 II township. Kutler county, I'u.,
(rounded us follows, to-wit: On the north by
lands oT Jaim <-ratty and Churles Galla
gher, east by lands now or fermerly belong
ing to heir* of I'hillp Minn, smith hy lands
now or formerly owned by .larnes Kiddle, and
on tli•? w«'."»t l>y lands of William ICalston and
public road; containing one hundred and six
(10«) act* s of land, more or less, being same
land which William Gallagher died wi/.f<l of
and conveyed by his executor* William Kal
lon by executors* deed duly executed and
dated the |Hth day of Keptetnher. A D ISMS.
recorded in the onlce for recording of deed
In and for the county of Hurler In fleed Hook
II". page t»7. to Walter J>. Graham and by the
bald Walter l*. Oraham and wife. Margaret
Graham, conveyed by du* d dated »he inth
day of December, A. D. IWKI, recorded In the
oflice aforesaid In Deed Hook ill. page 'O4 to
Albln Sbult/ and by the said Albln Sbult/.
and I'auline-hull/, his wife, conveyed the
»ame to Jacob Schumacker deed elated
the 'ill 11 day of August A. !».. i»'d. recorded
in the ofllee aforesaid In Deed Hook 147, page
117, and by the said Jacob N'humaiker, «t
ux. conveyed the name to K. K. Kline by
deed dated Fell. Hth, ItKil. recorded in the of
fice aforesaid in Deed Hook IM, page !"4i.
with frame house, bank barn and orchard
1 hereon.
ALSO That certain otlier tract of land
situate In the township. county and »tate
aforesaid, adjoining the tract, airove fie
scribed anil bounded and dexcrlhed ax fol
lows. On the north by lands of William Gal
lay,her, on the east by lands now or formerly
belonging to the heirs of I'hillp KMrin. and
on the south and west by lands formerly of
William Gallagher. containing 111 acres, more
or lens, and Irelna the same land sold and
conveyed by the lllgh sheriff of Itutler < 0.,
to IC. McJunkin bv (lend dated and lu'know
ledged March filu, recorded in llutler
county tn Deed Hook II '. pa:;e fss and bv the
said I'. McJutikln, conveyed by deed dated
theHthday of May, if- to Walter I. Ora
il AD), aforesaid. (Hcrnalnder of chain of tit li
same as above i ract )
Hel/.cd and taken Ir. e*» cut ion as the prop
erty of Jacob Hch urn acker, mortgage, and
It. It. Kline, terre tenant, at the suit of
Kmma J, Sadler.
E. I). No, Kit and HO, June Term. !'>>.» W. If,
Lusk A 11. L. Graham, Attorney.
Ail the right, title. Interest and claim of
Walter I/. Graham. mortgage and 11. IJ.
U line, terre tenant, of. In and to all that cer
tain piece or parcel of land, situated Iri
franklin township, Iluth•»* county, I'a ,
tiourided as follows, to-wlt.: Oil the north f»y
lanns of Jarnes < ratty and F. McJuukin,
east by lands of I'hlllp llllun's heirs and K
M. Met,'nil. south by bind., of J aims Kiddie,
west by lauds of William Kuiwtori and a
public road; containing (lOli) one hundred
arid six acres, more or |es«i, ireJni? i he same
tract of land which William Gallagher, late
of I'''rank I If* tWD Hut hr i o , I'a,. died seized
and which having Immi sold by Ids executor i
William U.ilitUiii, for the payment of ids l
debts by virtue of «n order of sale from the!
Orphans'< ourt of Hutler county, was pur
cha ed by the first party and conveyed to
him by dei d of *ald executor, dated the J-t h
day of September, 1* 's and recorded In Deed
Hook D* of gald county on nage !*7 to Walter
L. Graham, and by the »ald Walter 1.. Gra
ham, and wife Margaret A Graham, con
veyed by deed da led the |',itb day of Dec
A. I» 1 recorded In theoftjee afo,c*4ld In
Dec»i Hook HI. page 104, to Albln Hfiult/. and 1
I'aulitm HhulU, Ills wife, conveyed the same
Ut Jai'ob Shumaker t»y rleed the -ilsi day of!
Autftist, A D. l*'d. recorded |n the o'fileo
afore .aid in Deed Ikxd. 147, page JI7. and by
the said Jacoi. Hfiumaker mid Itachel Shu- '
maker, his wife, convert (\ the same to If. It. j
Klin* by deed I ebruary »iu. 1001, re
eorded in the office aforesaid In Deed Hook
IWJ, page target her wit I* all and singular
the buildings and Improvements, streets,
lanes, alley*, pa&saxe ways, water, water
course*, rights, liber ties, privileges, heredit
ament* and appurtenance*, whatsoever
thereunto belonging on or iu any way upper- :
falolnif »ii(l lby re vision* »u<i rwmnlndcrs j
and ha? rrrcted thereon n frame
house and bank barn aud or .hard thereon.
Seized and takan in execution as the prop
erty of Walter 1.. Graham, inortcage and B.
H. Kline, terre tenant, at the suit of Jacob
el bach.
E. D. No. 46. June Teiin, 1« Murrln
Murrin. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest end claim of
Anna Angert, of. in and to all that certain
piece or lot of land, .situated in Butler
through. Butler county. l*a.. bounded as fol- «
lows, to-wit : On the north by an alley, on j
rhe east by lands jf Kmma Glace, .south by »
West street, and on tlie west by an alley, and
fronting fifty-four [."►!] feet on West street !
and extending thence northward preserving
the same width a distance of «»ne hundred
and tifty-five [lss] feet to an alley, with a
two story l>oard dwelling,erected thereon.
Seized and taken In execution asthe prop
erty of Anna Angert at the suit of Anthony
E. I>. No. 47 and 4>. Jum Term. 1905. A. T.
Black. Attorney.
All tlie riirlit, title, interest and claim of A.
I N. McCanaless. Analena McCandless and
Analena McCandle.ss, .>f, in and to all that
certain piece or lot of land, situated in But-
I ler borough. Butler county. !*:•-. bounded as
follows, to-wit: On tlie north by East Jeffer
son street, east by lands of heirs of George
Ueiber, deceased, south by Klttannlbg M.,
and west by lot of Mary L. McCandless.
feet.itiore or less. on Kittanning st
and extending back same width to letTerson
street, with a one story frame dwelling
thereon, being the same lot decsribed In tw»>
mortgages from the deft, to the pi IT., one to
series s. re<'orded in M. B. page4o, and the
other to seriesrecorded in M. B. r«9. page
121. the judgements froru which these writs
issued being upon the bonds secured by said
mort gages.
>e:zed and taken in execution as the prop
erty of A. N. McCandless. Anaieua MaCand
less and Analena McCandless, at the suit of
Workingmen's Buildlnu: and Loan Associa
tion of Butler. Pa., a corporation.
E. D. No. 4'.i. June Term, 1366. F. J. Forcjuer.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
The French Academy. Limited, of. In and to
all that certain piece or lot of laud, situated
in Butler borough, Butler county. Pa,
bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a
peg at Corner of lot No. 2.16 and /iegler are.;
thence along Zeigler avenue forty (40) feet
to a peg at the corner of lot No. 2»>s; thence
along line of lot No. ~S" one hundred and
forty-five (145) feet to a peg on Itockenstein
Way; thence along said liockeusteln Way
sixty-one (lil) feet to a peg a, corner of lot
No. thence along line of said lot No. '£>u
one hundred Jnd fifteen (llj) feet nine inches
to a peg on Zeigler ay en u#. the place of l>e
giunlng and being lot No. Si* in \V. S. Boyd's
plan of lots which plan is recorded in Butler
county in deed boo* No. I'Ki. page 49S>, and b«'-
ing the same lot con v eyed by itoliert jioyd,
et ux. to the French Acjidemy, Limited. b>
deed dated Oct. i ;ih. lji."2. recorded in said
county in Deed Book *.'l4. pagetis. and has one
large frame hall and dwelling hous<# erected
Seized and taken in execution a-* the prop
erty of The French Academy. Limited, at
the suit of Louis Vemiory, Julius Horglne
and Mrs. Alice Honlßcm, now f*>r use of
Julius llorgine, Edward K. Weigand, Mar
garet (lark and Charles A mould.
E. I). No. 50, June Term. 15**5. F. J. Forquer,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
I>. B. Soler and (». A. Arner,of, in and to all
that certain piece or parcel of land, situated
in Washington township. But !er county. Pa.,
bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north by
lands of William Stewart and I*. M. Arner.
east by lands W.J. Wasson, William Barber
and Robert Thornuson. south by lands of
William Dickey, L. Su wait heir?, and J. B.
Campbell, et al, west bv lan is of William
Dickey. Frank Milliard, et al; containing
one hundred and eighty-five (IHS) acres, more
or h ss, having thereon two two-story frame
dwelling nouses, two frame barns a.id i>ut
buildlngs, two large orchards, about fifty (s(>)
acres of good timber, the balance of said one
hundred and elenty-tive (»H,'») acres being
cleared and in good state of cultivation.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of D. B. Soler and G. A. Arner at the
of John Berg & ('o.jj
FRIDAY, JUNE 9th, 1905,
At 1 o'clock p. m.,at the Court House In But
h. D. No. 51. June Term, 1905. .Joseph B.
Bredin. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John Vlsjaro, of. in and to all that certain
piece <>r lot of land, sit uated in Butler town
ship. Butler county. Pa., bounded as follows,
to-»v:t: Beginning at the southwest •orner,
ther.ee In a northeasterly direction along
Bredin A ve. forty feet to lot No. M: thence
iu a northwesterly direction along the line j
«>f lot No. ill) one hundred and forty feet to an I
allev; thence by the said alley in south
westerly direction forty feet to lot No. f»7;
iu a northwesterly direction one-hundred
and forty feet to the pluce of beginning.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
j erty of John V'igaro at ths suit of Martha
Mechllng. Assignee of A. W. Boot, Assignee
of L. c. Wick.
E. D. No. s'i, June Term. 1%5. T. C. Campbell,
All the tight, title. Interest and claim of'
Itobt. W. Ilervey. of. in and to all that
certain piece or par < | of land, situated in
Butler township, Butler county, Pa.. liound
ed as follows, to-wit: Ou the north by lands
now or formerly of John Forcht and by Pil
low '•* le irs, east by lands formerly of Llda
Marshall conveyed by her to BobS. w.
Ilervey, south bv land* now or formerly of
(i. Beck and by Ihmsen and on the west by
public road and lands of Charles Duffy; con
taining one hundred and ten W4-100 acres,
more or less, being same agreed to be con
veyed by John Young to Hobt. W. Ilervey
by agreement and recorded in Deed BOOK
:;<*#, pane 4 in.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Kobt. W. Ilervey at the suit of John
TERMS OF SALE—The following must be
strictly complied with wheu property Is
strtcken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other Hen creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on tlie writ
must be paid, ami a list of the liens, includ
ing mortgage search" s on the property sold
togtther with such lien creditor's receipt*
for t he amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
tie furnished the Sheriff.
•*. All bids must be paid In full,
it. All sales not settled immediately will be
continued until one o'clock, P. M., of tin
next day at which time all property not
settled for will again be put up and sold at
t lie expense, and risk of tho person to whom
li i si so
*"ee Purdou's Digest, l*th edition, page 440,
an I Smith's Forms, page M 4.
Sheriffs Ofllce. Butler. Pa.. May 10. !'.*)s.
The following willows' appralsem* its <>f
iii rHiinal projji rly ami rial i -latc Ki-t. apart
for the beiieHt of the widows of decedent*
have been filed In the olllre of the Clerk
lif the Urphans' Court of Uutler County. vU:
Wi.il,» it Till HIM r. Walhu ••, |-« UK/ml ly, "■UK)
|i. I\ K. lly, " " .in)
'■ " Phllll|» " lirnMl, " 3>*»
" Miiiil! l i Ufa, " " HCO
" 1i,,, Hi W. Critchlow, " '.Hft
Ailiim Ityi rly, •• :i(Ki
■ .lolift r«-nii«, :mio
•• I'lirUlolilj."- Ml'-WMI
•• ■ John Ward, nil •-tale, IVXI
All personn loUirHMd In the aliove ap
uralsementu will take notlee that I hey will
l,e pi i ne n ted fur eon llrfjiill lon to I he Orphans'
Court of litnier roiintV. I'a., on Saturday tin
unit day of Jum 1M0.., and If no exeepilons
are (lied, they will l>e continued alj«olutely.
!„ R. CHKIHTI.KV, Cleric.
Clerk* ClHee. May 10. I!*>:>.
Application for Charter.
In the Court of Common Pleas of
Bntler county.
Notice in hereby tfiven that an appli
cation will be iniiile to the aairt Court or
a law juiiffi: thereof, on the 17th day of
June, 11)115, at ii o'clock A. M., under
the corporation act of I H7I, and the
HUpplementa thereto, hy E A. Heitz. li
T. Unrchfield. .1. (J. McElroy, 0. W
Mattern, Kev. <l. VV. Davis, et. al., for
;i Charter of an intended corporation to
be called "The Uutler Brunch of the
Christian and Missionary Alliance,"
the charter and object of which in for
the [ urporte of public worship according
to the faith ami IIHHKCM of the Christian
and Missionary Alliance, and for this
purpose to have, posses* and enjoy al)
the right", benefits and privileges con
ferred !<y the said act and its supple
merits W. 1). B«ANIX)N,
May J Ith, 1!K)0. Solicitor.
letters of Administration on the estate
or' \linH hachel A. Htoughton, dee'd., late
of Concord twp, Uutler Co., I'a., hav
inn been grunted to the undersigued, all
persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immedi
ate payment and any having claims
uguiiiHt said ewtate will preMcnt them
duly authenticated for settlement to
11. K. D. 10, Bntler. i'a.
W. D. BRANDON. Att'y. 4-UIOS
HOIIIMI f 5 Trip.
On account of the convention of the
American Medical AMNOC iatioii, to l>«-
held in Portland, Ore., July II to M,
the Pemwylvnnia Railroad Company
will run a personally conducted toar,
visitiiiK the beautiful reaorta in the
Canadian Kockiea, Scuttle, Tacoina ami
Portland, allowing four days in the
latter city for attcmliuK the HeaaioiiH (if
the convention and for viwltinK the
Bewla ami Clark Kxponition. anil five
ami one half iliij'M In Iho Yellowstone
I'ark, a full ami complete tour of that
wonderland Ticket< covering every
Decennary exponas en route, i xcept
hotel accoiiiiiioilatiotn in Portland, will
i>" Hold at the vmy low rate of Hi'Jl.'i from
all ntationa on the I'cnrinylvania Kail
road, except IV-tabur#, from which the
rate will ♦"210. A apodal train of
hii(h-i<rado Pullman equipmenta will
leave Pittxburif. Monday, July The
route will lie vl.i (JliicaKo and Ht. Paul
to Banff Hot .Springs. Batumi, and
(«lacier, in tliii Canadian Itocklea,
thenc« to tb' l Pacific; Co,nt. Returning
the route will lie throuuh tlx Statea of i
WiiabitiKton. Oregon, Idaho, and Mon
tana, to the Yellowhtotic Park, ami j
thence via Billinga ami Omaha to;
Chicago, reaching New York on July j
i! 0. For further information commit
Pennsylvania Railroad ticket agent*. i
A descriptive itinerary will be Kent on |
application to Heo. W. Boyd, Oeneral i
PasHeiiger Agent, Broad Street Station, |
Philadelphia, Pa. 1
in the District Court of the
United States for the Western
District of Pennsylvania.
In the matter of /
Charles E. >Wi!ts. No. l<i4. In Bankruptcy
Bankrupt. \
To the creditors of Charles E. Skile* of
Pittsburir. iu the county of Allegheny and j
district aforesaid, a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby jriven that on the 2nd
day of June, A. 1). W2. the said Charles E.
Skiles was duly adjudicated bankrupt; and
that the first meeting of his creditors will be
held at niy office No. 114 N W. Diamond.
Butler. Pa., on the S*tb day of May. K*«s. at
10o'clock in the forenoon at which time the
said creditors may attend, prove their
claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bank
rupt ana transact such other business as
may properly come before said meeting*.
May 18! h. IHO.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Orphans' Court Sale.
Hy virtue of the authority cout-tlnsU in an
order issuing out of the Orphans' Court. In
and for the county of Uutler, Pennsylvania,
and to me directed. I will expose to sale at
public vendue or outcry on the premises, on
Thursday, June Ist, 1905,
at 11 o'clock A. M . that valuable parcel and
lot of land, late the estate of John Fresbcorn
of New Se wick lev township. Beaver county.
Penn'a. deceased, lying; and being situated
in the township of Cranberry, in the county
of Butler. Pennsylvania, bounded and de
scribed as follows, to-vit: On the north by
landsof the heirs of Michael Freshcorn. ea»t
by lands of Samuel Graham's heirs, south by
nubile road, and west by lands of Jacob
Deemer's heirs, containing twenty acres;
this land is in a high state of cultivation,
well fenced; there is a tine orchard of apple,
cherry and peach trees on same and an ex
« elleut, never failing spring.
TEUMS OV SALE:—Ten per centum of
amount bid in cash ori day of sale, forty per
rentum on confirmation and delivery of the
deed, and the balance, with interest from
the date of confirmation, in one year there
after; said balance to be secured by close
judgment. lw>nd and mortgage on the
Executor, &c.. of John Freshcorn. dee'd.. |
Knoli P. 0., Beaver Co.. Pa. ]
WILLIAM 11. LLSK. Attorney.
Butler, Pa.
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 26th day of April. 1!»05,
to serve as Grand Jurors at si (Quarter
Sessions Term of Court, commening on
th'- firr-t Monday of Jane, 1905, the same
being the sth day of said month.
Bayonet Victor, Bntler Ist w, merchant
Bell Thomas, Washington twp, farmer
Black H C, Clay twp, farmer
Boozel Walter. Concord twp. farmer
Christy Samuel. Penn twp, farmer
Dmbenspeck W D, Penn twp, laborer
Donthctt D B, Butler sth w. clerk
Eicboltz VVm, Zalienople, laborer
Faber Earnest, Butler sth w, barber
Fredley Christ, Buffalo twp, farmer
Harper C B. Zelienople, miller
•lauiisoD W P, Venango twp, farmer
McDowell Alva. Centre twp, farmer
McGncken Thomas, Clearfield twp, J P
McKee Camdon, Butler Ist w, carpenter
Michell Frank, Butler 4th w, carpenter
Ruff Phillip, Butler ."ith vf, merchant
Scott Wiufield. Summit t*wp, farmer
Sloau J N, Allegheny twp, farmer
tfcnith J D, Centre twp, farmer
Thompson SO. Clearfield twp, farmer
Truver Jehu, Middlesex twp, farmer
Wick John S. Butler sth w. merchant
Winer John E, Adams twp. farmer
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 2!lth day of April, 1905,
to serve as Petit Jnrors at a Quarter
Sessions Term of Court commencing on
the second Monday of June, 1905, the
same being the 12th day of said month.
Bailey J M. Marion twp, farmer,
8.-trnhart Win, Millerstown, shoemaker
Barnhart J J, Fairview twp, farmer
Uarnhart P S. Donegal twp, farmer
Hartley Elmer, Butler 2d w, retired
Mack R M, Cherry twp, farmer
Burtner R J, Jefferson twp, farmer
Fieldiug John.Slipperyrock twp,farmer
FieinininK Samuel, Venango tp, farmer
Oant J H, Butler sth w, laborer
Gillman J J, Butler Ist w, laborer
Ginter John, Butler 8d w, laborer
Gordon McClain. Clay twp, farmer
(Jriesbacli Gust, Evans City, merchant
Graham E E, Saxonburg, teacher
Gruver Phillip, Prospect, laborer
Hamilton Win. Forward twp, farmer
Hawk Joseph Z, Fairview twp, farmer
llinchberger George, Bntler twp.drillei
Kanffman Wm.Slipperyrock boro.labo r
Hogg Jas F. Cherry twp, farmer
Johnston J M, Venango twp, farmer
Jordan Win, Centre twp, farmer
Kelly W E, Parker twp, farmer
Kennedy F W D, Adams twp, farmer
Knox lliram, Jackson twp, farmer
Lindsay Goo, Summit twp, farmer
Logan JOB Middlesex twp. farmer
McGeary Eluier C, Muddy creek tp, fa'r
McKinney John, Clay twp, farmer
Mitchell Win.l, Bntler 2d w, watchman
Moyer Krauk S, Marion twp, farmer
Patterson VV (4, Jefferson tw|>, farmer
Iteiber Edward. Butler 2d w, producer
Kennick Geo VV. Clay twp, farmer
Richey A B, Butler 4th w, teamster
Scott, VV C, Lancaster twp, farmer
Summony VV (4, Clearfield twp, farmer
Staff .John, Bntler Ist w, retired
Stevenson VV S, Summit twp, farui*r
Thompson Ira. Franklin twp, farmer
Thompson Milton, Clay twp. farmer,
Thomjmon Itobt J, Butler 4th w, retired
Todd Wilson, Wintield twp, farmer
Vandivort VV VV,Cranberry twp.faruier
Waldron USO, F<irward twp. farmer
Walker Daniel. Parker twp, farmer
Zeigler Ira S, Zelienople. producer.
10(1 V/. Diamond St., Uutler.
North side of Court House.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat work, a I
,121 East Cunningham Street.
'<)fHce Hours 11 to 12 a. in.. !i to 5 and
7 to !l p. m.
At "27 N. Main St.
2(KJ West C"nningham St.
Consultation and examination free.
Office hours I) to 12 A. M., 2to
M., daily except Sunday. Evening
(Jfliive Stein Block, Rooms II 10, But
ler, Pa. People's Phone 47H.
/W,AKA K. MORROW, I>. 0.,
Women'* iliteiuM-H a nj>ecialty. Con
tultatian and examination free.
Office Hours, <y to 12 m., 2 to 3 p. in
People's Phone 573.
116 S. Main street,' Butler, Pa
Graduate of Den tal Department,
University of Pennsylvania
Office 21ft H. Main Street, Butler, l'a.
hit. S. A. JOHNSTON,
Formerly of Butler,
Has located optxrtdfo Bowry House,
Main St., Bntler, J'a. The fluent work
,1 H|»eciulty. Fxpert pairilesa extractor
i 1' teeth by hia new method, no medi
cine UHcd or jabbiiiK a needle into tlie
KUIIIH; alwo K" m and ether uaeil. Com
municatioua by mail receive prompt at
SUHOKON DitwrifiT.
t illlce over Berliner's Jewelry afore,
Butler, Pa
People# Telephone 505.
A specialty made of gold filliiiK", K°'d
crown and bridge work.
I2i'i South Main atreot, (ov Metxer's
shoe atore.)
Oflicuin Butler (bounty National Bank
liuilduiK, 2nd floor.
Kucceaaor to I>r. Johnston.
Office at No 114 S. Jefferson St., over
O. W. Miller's grocer?
S largest Furniture Stock 1
j| This Store has ever shown is here today.' jg
jS Parlor Suits, Everything vou 8j
sg Odd (Chairs, Bed need in furnish- jg*
Room Suits, Odd [ ing a home is here jg
sif Dressers, Iron | ie assort
jj Beds, Brass Beds men * * s large.
j!8 Parlor Suit Parlor Tables Large Mirrors IP
Fine three-piece rnahoga- Golden oak or mahogany French plate beveled mir- KS
55gl ny finished parlor euit: finish, pattern top. highly ror, Yonr choice of oak ISC
2seats upholstered in a red polished, lower shelf, round and- gold or oak and sil- JS3S
SSf silk damask A very pret- legs and well constructed. ver frame. Size of plate feSC
ty suit for the price Price $5 18x36 inches fSg
g| $55 Price $5.00 jg
Corner Chair Reed Rocking Chair Rocking Chairs jgl
Mahoginy finish, highly Large high-back reed rock- Choice of mahogany or to9f
pSj polished, curved legs, solid ing chair with roll arm oak finish polished; wood fsi
yw wood seat, spindle sides and shaped seat Very seats, banister back. Neat Vf~^
$3% and well made. comfortable. enongh for any parlor.
gj Price $5.50 Price $5 Price $5.50 g
S Extension Tables . _ , Vernis Martin Bed IS
Iron Bed jss
y~yf Solid oak six ft. long when A finish that will last for
•v? • extended, perfect working A new continuous post rears; looks like brass, fcSg
yCi slides.large flated leg that pattern: no brass trim- but much superior to the £5
bolts onto the frame mak- mings to tarnish; finished ordinary brass bed. Con- |gj
ing the most substantial in green and white. A tinnons post pattern and
table we have ever sold. strong, durable bed. very pretty.
Price sll Price $6.75 Price $16.75 jj|j|
pH Floral and stripes suitable for any room; light, medium or dark patterns.
s»| Prices sc, 7 l-2c and 10c. pp
Office in Butler County National
Bank building.
AT. scorr,
Office nt No. 8. West Diamond St. Bnt
ler, Pa.
Office in Butler County National
Bank building.
Office on Diamond, Bntler, Pa.
Special attention given to collections
' and business matters.
Office in Retber building, cornet Main
and K. Cunningham Sta, Entrance on
Main street.
Office on Main St. near Court Ilouar
Office in Wise huildlnu
fJ* 11. NKGLKY
Office In the Negley Building, West
Office on South side of Diamond,
Butler, Pa.
Mines and Land. Connty Surveyor.
U. F D. 41), West Snnbury, Pa.
(1 V. L. McyUISTION,
Office near Court House
Office with Berkiner, ne*t do:>r to P. O
Strictly High Grade j[
Come and see me when ]|
you buy; also sheet music \\
SE or anything in the music \\
\\ line.
\\ W. A. F. GROHMAN, \\
) ! MUHIC Instructor and Piano Tuner,
Next door to Y. M C. A, j|
People'a Phone j i
j f Orchestra furnished for all j [
)• oeoMkraa.
-Jy It u a. Am <> m 4- jI J/. lil A ]jr ft 'fr \ I
Letters testamentary on the estate
of Jernsha Bighatn, deceased, late
of Slip|>eryrock township, Butler
county, l'eim'a., having l»een grant
ed t<> the undersigned, all persons Know
ing themselves to be indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to make
prompt payment and those having
claims against the estate will present
the simie duly authenticated for settle
ment to
8-16 05 Hlipperyrock, I'a.
Letters of administration on the estat«
of Surah E. Dull, dec d., late of Butler
Ixtrotigh, Pa., having been granted to
the undersigned, all persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
please make immediate payment and
any having just, claims against said
estnte will present th«m properly
proved for settlement to
JNO. 11. Dm.U Adm'r..
Butler, IJ)>.
W. C. FrNnr.r.Y, Att'y. fmr
OFFICE— Room 508, Butler County
National Bank building,
j Butler dealers are paying
' Freeh eggs. 17 !
Batter 22
Potatoes 40
Chickens, dressed 17
Apples, per bn 70
Cabbage, per lb H
| Navy beans, bn $1 75
! Onions, bu 1 2">
: Carrots, bn (50
! Lettuce, lb 15
Dressed Pork 7
Honey per lb 15
Dried Apples 0
| A Paint for <
?Every Purpose|
r Yes, we have It, twenty /
2 different kind, from a half >
C pint to a five gallon can. S
/ Let us quote you the 7
r cost of painting your house /
c or barn. ?
> Redick & Grohman)
? 109 North Main St., 7
S Butler, Pa. >
/-wwvwww I
The Butler Wood Fibre
Plaster Co.,
Mfgrs, of the celebrated Blue
Bell Wood Fibre Wall Plaster,
the best and cheapest plaster
on the market.
We are also sole agents for
the following high grade build
ing materials.
Whitehall Portland Cement,
has no equal for all classes of
concrete work.
Woodville White Enamel
Finish, the peer of hydrated
lime for skim coat.
Sacketts Plaster Board, you
can line your house with this
fire proof board at half the cost
of any other material.
Give us a call before build
ing, we can save you money.
Office, W. Cunningham St.,
Opp. Electric Light Office.
Tour to Denver.
On account of the Epworth League
Inter national Convention, to lie held iu
Denver, Col., July ft to !>, the Pennayl
vania Kail road Company has arranged
a tour to Denver under its Personally
conducted System. A special train of
high grade Pullman equipment will
leave Pittsburg on Monday, July iJ, ar
riving Denver at 12:1(0 noon on Wednes
day, July 5 Tickets covering round
trip transportation, Pullman accommo
dations (one berth) K"i"K> and all meals
in dining car when travelling on special
train, wilt be wild at the following very
low rates llarrisburg, $90.75: Altoonn,
SSB 75; and at proportionate rates from
other stations.
These tit kets will l>e good for paasagc
to either Denver Colorado Springs, or
l'ueblo, and will be good for return
passage on regular trains to leave either
of the above mentioned points not later
than July M. Deposit of tickets with
Joint Agent at either Denver. Colorado
Hprtngs, or l'ueblo not later than July
H and payment of fee of fifty cents
secures an extension of return limit to
leave either of the above points not
later than August H.
These lils«ral return limits will enable
tourist to take advantage of the |MR "y
delightful side trips to resorts in the
Colorado Mountains, the Yellowstone
I'ark the Mraud Canyon of Arizona,
and the Lewis and Cinrk Imposition at
Cortland, for which special reduced rate
tickets willl** on sale at Denver, Colo
rado Hprlnga. and Pueblo.
For further information concerning
specific rates, stop over privileges, and
r< turning routes cousult ticket agents
A descriptive Itinerary will !«• mailed
upon application to Oeo. VV. Lloyd,
(ieneral Passenger Agent, Broad Street
Station, Philadelphia Pa. '
B. & B.
No cessation in the call for
Mohairs —greatest in the his.
Tory of that fabric.
It's practical merits combin
ed with the unusual prettiness
of the Bradford, England makes
give it a just claim for popu
larity that can't be gainsaid.
Price range, 35c to $1.75 —
Creams, Blue, Pinks, Tan?,
Browns, Grays, Greens, Blacks,
etc. —plain and varied mixings
In charming effects —small
tailor checks, jacquard effects,
trouser stripes, picote spots,
herringbone effects, plaids, etc.
At least a hundred different
styles at SI.OO and $1.25.
Boggs & Buhl
CJrenter Pittsburg.
Federal St.—Park Way—Sooth Diamo: d.
Sail KrimelHCo & Lou Angeles, C i»l
On May 28 to Jnne 1, inclusive, the
11. & O ft. R. Co. will sell excursion
ticket# from all local stations went of
Pittsburg and Wheeling, alno Ohio
Itiver Division, at very low rate* to
Han Francisco and Los Angeles, Cal,
acconnt Annual Convention National
Council, Khights of Columbus, K ood fur
return CO day* from date of sale.
Decoration I>ay Excursion*.
On May 39 and 80 the Haiti more A
Ohio K. ft. Co. will sell low excursion
tickets to all points west of Pittsburg
within a radins of 150 miles from sell
ing station. Tickets will be good for
return until May 81, 1905.
Pacific Const ami lewis and
Clark Imposition
For further information call on or ad
dress nearest B. & O. Ticket Agent, or
H. N. Austin, (J. P. A., Ohicaao. 111.
Orphans' Court Sale!
lly virtue of un order of the Orphan*'
Court in uuil for the county of Butlor. Pa , 'it
O. O. No. S4, June Term, A, I>. Il**l, tbo
undersigned administrator, etc, of the
estate of Arnold Vorpe, lute of the township
of MtddloMi, Uutier county. Pa., doc d„ *lll
offer lit public sale, upon the premise*. on
Friday- May i26th. A. D 1905,
at one o'clock I' M.of said day. tho follow
liiur doßcrltiod riial vi*«
All «l .it <"«»rtaln tract of laud Nltnate. lying
anil being In the township of MI.IUI. Ml*.
.Viuni* oMlotler, and state of Henn a, being
niore full* described a* follows,
«.,Jlt On th« north by lands of Itol.t.
Kyle on iho eu*i by lands of J, Hurns and t\
i'acoe on the south by lands of Mlsa Mary
Kvle iunl-1- ">'• Harbison, and. Hie we«t !>}
lambi or Jw, Whiteside* arid Isaac Baydrri
containing forty four acres, liXl uerche*. IMI
I he sann'.inore or lean; upon wiileh Is erected
u frame house. log burn and outbuilding',
übout i acre* of good tluilier, balance of land
clt>ar»d an.l under fair state of cultivation,
younir peach orchard Just coming Into Ix-ar
i tig of alsiut a&« tree*, aliout 30 (waring apple
trees, convenient to churches and athoot,
.'miles from plunk mad and 1 miles from
r "'rKltMß ( ash upon confirmation of sale
by the Court. . ~ , .
Hald described premises to be sold frr< and
discharged from all »«">»•„,„ ~ ~A <. ) )K
FUMIN 11. MOJITSSIS. , A<iadiiUtra»u»,
Mt'y for Adm r.
Money to Loon
>n first mortgage*.
E H. Nkoley,
8. W. Diamond.
Adv«rtiM In Tba Oitim.