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S:M ft* 7car M Advisee, Otherwise SI-50
Subject to Bntler County Republican
Primary. May 27, 1905. from 1 to 7 p.m.
TOHN B. CALDWELL, Jefferson twp.
(better known as Coon Campbell.)
A. O. HEPLER, Butler,
formerly Oakland twp.
JOHN T. MARTIN, Buffalo twp.
DAVID C. SANDERSON. Franklin twp.
formerly of Clay twp,
JOHN H. TEBAY. Eau Claire.
JOHN C. CLARK, Washington twp
JAKES M. CRUIKSHANK, Winfield twp.
formerly of Worth twp.
JULIAN A. CLARK, Centre twp.
J. E. CRAIG. Mare.
J P. DAVIS, Butler, formerly Brady tp
H. W. KOONCE, Butler boro.
Formerly Penn twp.
Formerly of Brady twp.
-JACOB W. GLOSSNER, Millerstown.
O. R. THORNE, Clay twp.
8. C TRIMBLE, Middlesex twp.
(Two to nominate.)
J. S. CAMPBELL, Cherry twp.
N. 8. GROSSMAN, Franklin twp.
AMOS HALL, Branohton.
Slipperyrock twp.
NOAH HENRY, Oakland twp.
W. D. HOFFMAN, Saxonburg.
JOHN W. HILLIAKD, Washington twp.
J. N. MAHARG. Penn twp.
GEO. J. MARBURGER, Forward twp.
8. C. MOORE, Clinton twp.
JAMES L PATTERSON. Jefferson twp.
(Two to nominate.)
A. B. EKAS, Buffalo twp.
W. C. FAGAN. sth Ward, Butter.
JOHN A. GILLILAND, Summit twp.
W. B. SCOTT, Adams twp.,
Formerly of West Sunbury.
DR. W. B. CLARK, Butler.
On account of other business engage
ments, Mr. S. M. Seaton haa withdrawn
from the canvaae for County Commis
Tlie Coming Primary.
The Republican primary for this coun
ty will occur next Saturday a week, be
tween the hours of 1 and 7 p.m , and it
is to be hoped that the ticket nominat
ed will be a fair expression of the senti
ment of a majority of the Republicans
of the county. Every Republican in
the county should go to the polls, that
day, and select his candidate*, with due
regard to their merits as citizens and
desserts from the party.
Ever since this campaign began, how
ever, there have been rumors of a "com
bine" of certain candidates for each of
fice to nominate themselves; and it is a
pity that such a disturbing element has
been introduced into a campaign that
should be conducted in the utmost fair
ness and good nature.
Another matter is the use of money
to secure a nomination. That is being,
and should be, discountenanced all over
- the State. Nomination* Moac«d by.
buying up the "ward-heelers" or pro
duct "workers" of the town and coun
ty have heretofore passed unquestioned;
and as the ' 'workers" and the men who
sell them their franchises are joint
Criminals it is next to impossible to se
cure evidence against them, but it is
high time for our County Committee to
provide some remedy against the prac
An effort is now being made here to
secure control of the next County Com
mittee, for factional purposes, bnt if
the Republicans of each district elect a
representative and independent man for
Return Judge this cannot be dona, and
the convention will have no trouble se
curing a competent and worthy chair
man from its own membership.
Saturday last was the last day for the
Governor to sign or veto the Dills left
by the Legislature in his hands, and on
that day he changed items in the Gen
eral Appropriation bill amounting to
1977,820, bringing the total for the or
dinary running expenses of the state
government, including the Public
Schools, down to $16,800,000.
On Friday be cut a few millions off
the appropriations for the penitentia
ries, hospitals an J charitable institu
tions (reducing the Butler Hospital
from 130,000 to $10,000) but the aggre
gate figures were not given. The ag
gregate of all his cuts on all the appro
priation bills is between eight and nine
He vetoed 123 of the bills left in his
hands and signed the rest
He vetoed the bill for a $4,000 monn
ment to Gen. St Clair, who was presi
dent of the Continental Congress that
adopted the legislation to enforce the
Federal Constitution. The veto was al
so applied to the bills appropriating
$2,000 for a monument to Molly Pitcher,
the heroine of the battle of Monmouth,
whose burial place in the old cemetery
•t Carlisle the patriotic societies of the
state asked be marked with a modest
monument; $9,500 for a monument to
Gen. Geary; SIO,OOO to mark the rest
ing places of Gen. Hancock and Gen.
Hartranft, and SIO,OOO for a monument
to ex-Gov. Pollock; but s'gned the bill
appropriating $22,000 for a monument
toM. S. Quay on the Capital grounds.
The Governor had, it was said, in
tended to cut the appropriation for the
Hanisburg hospital, but the excellent
work of the institution after the rail
road wreck Thursday morning induced
him to change his mind.
At the Republican primary of Arm
strong county last Saturday, the Heiner
faction was successful over the McNees
faction, nominating all its men—Wil
liamson, Ashe, Black, Meales. Stone.
Crawford and Oliver.
At the primary in Beaver county
nearly twelve thousand votes were
polled on account of the "Judge fight"
and Martin won over Holt. For the
county offices Harvey, Mitchell, Pea
cock. Sturgeon. Patterson, McKibben,
Gormley, Swaney and White are the
THE Russian fleet is yet sojourning
off the coast of Cochin-China, in Kam
ranh and Honkohe bays—going out for
target practice every morning and
going back at night.
Daring the past month it bas con
sumed 120 tons of coal, and the Japn
are wondering where it is all coming
Our government haa received "official
information" that the Jap fleet under
Togo has been assigned to the defense
of Japanese ports—which may mean
that the Jape have decided that the j
Russians must make the attack, but
at the same time they are showing
great irritation over the prolonged
ftav of the Russian fleet in waters
tfaimed by the French.
In Manchuria the Jap army is again
(•ported to be preparing to take the of
No great railroad of this country is
better equipped or more carefully man
aged than is the "Pennsylvania"; it has
four tracks between Pittsburg and
New York, has the block-system to pre
vent collisions, and has adopted all the
best safeguards and most approved
methods: and yet. it was the scene of
the most appalling disaster,last WedneE
day night, that has startled this nation
for many a month—one th3t will
probably lead to legislation regarding
the transportation of explosives, new
regulations regardinK the make up of
trains,and the adoption of a safer method '
of lighting passenger cars: and which
will cost the company hundreds of •
thousands of dollars.
The accident and the calamity that j
followed happened ou the banks of the j
Susquehanna, just below Harrisburg
At about 1:30, o'clock that night, an
unusually long freight train, going;
East, was flagged by a shifting engine !
on the same track, and which was!
pushing some freight cars into the yard
there. The engineer of the freight ap
plied the air-brakes, but an air hose
near the middle of the long train ex
ploded, which left the front end of the
train locked, but unlocked the rear end,
and the impact of the rear cars upon
the front ones, derailed two of the
middle cars of the train and threw
them across thp passenger tracks.
A moment later the Cleveland &
Cincinnati Express going west and com
posed of two or three baggage cars and
several Pullman sleepers, and running
at high speed, crashed into the wrecked
cars, and came to a standstill within
the length of itself—the impact throw
ing the sleeping passengers from their
births, and rupturing or causing to leak
the numerous gas-tanks under the Pull
mans, which supply the Pintsch lights.
The collision was followed by a tre
mendous explosion—one that shook the
city and surrounding country—that de
molished the cars within its range, and
set fire to the wreckage—one of the
wrecked cars contained twenty-thous
and pounds of blasting powder, and it
had exploded. The fire followed the
leaking gas under the Pullmans and
one after another the gas tanks or reser
voirs exploded, wrecking the cars; kill
ing, wounding and imprisoning the
passengers, setting fire to the wreck
age, and burning the cars and pas
sengers. Ten charred and unrecogniz
able bodies were taken from nnder the
twisted irons and the ashes of one
burned car.
The dazed and half naked passengers
who managed to escape from the broken
and burning cars, had to stand there
helpless and see their late companions,
caught in the wreck being burned to
death. Twenty-three people were either
killed out right, burned to death or
died of their injuries, and many injured.
Four prominent men of Pittsburg were
among the killed. The disaster will be
thoroughly investigated.
Many of the passengers escaped from
the cars before the explosion of the
powder, but these were all hurt by the
mighty concussion that followed.
People in the cars that were not damag
ed by the explosion began to dress
hurriedly. Some of them were partially
dressed, when there came a series of
smaller explosions from the death-deal
ing gas tanks.
The gas tanks blew up one after
another as. the flames which enveloped
the wreck reached the leaking gas. The
floors of the cars rose, the roofs parted
and the cars settled to the tracks a mass
of broken timbers and twisted and bent
Those who escaped saw fellow pas
sengers pinioned in the wreckage, but
fear of further explosions and the fierce
heat of the flames prevented them from
rescuing any of the victims. None of
the fortunate ones had any protection
from the night air and became chiiled.
Those who escaped after the first ex
plosion were almost made naked by the
concussion of the second.
Within a few hundred feet of the scene
of the accident is the Paxtang Electric
works. The explosion wrecked every
window in the building. The clock in
the dynamo room stopped at 1:30, which
sets definitely the hour of the wreck.
The frightened pastengers ran about
like persons crazed. The river showed
dimly in the darkness and all rushed for^
The force of the explosions blew all
the windows and doors out of Lochiel
row. which is a number of tenement
houses a few hundred feet away from
the wreck. These houses are inhabited
by negroes, foreigners of many nation
alities and poor Americans, who work
in the furnaces nearby and at Steelton.
These poor people, who were blown
from their beds by the explosion, did
heroic service giving first aid to the suf
ferers All they had was gladly given
to cover the victims of the wrecked
The men carried some of the wound
ed into their homes. Others carried
the injured into the electric light plant,
which for a time was turned into a tem
porary hospital. The place where the
wreck occurred is isolated and it was
some time before word could reach
Harrisburg end physicians could be
called out.
The women in Lochiel row, some of
whom gave their dresses to cover their
nnfortuate sisters, ministered to the
wounded as they were brought into
their homes. Their bedclothing was
torn into bandages and their heavy
quilts given to cover those without
clothing. By the time the physicians
arrived the injured had been taken care
of in some crude manner.
SINCE the tornadoes and cyclones of
last week the people of Oklahoma have
been digging cyclone-cellars. Five
thousand of them were dug in the
"New Country" last week.
THE Corner's Jury in the Harrisburg
railroad horror says the wreck was un
avoidable, under present conditions,
and that the car of powder was explod
ed by the blaze started by the wrecked
engine. The day will probably come
whin the great trunk railroads will
have separate and distinct roads, not
lines, for passenger and freight services.
The Critical Periods
in a Woman's Life
Are When the Change Comes From
Childhood to Womanhood and Later
When the Organs of the Pelvic
Region Cease Their Work.
When the child changes from girlhtod
to womanhood and again later in life
when the organs of the pelvic region
cease their work, there is a strain
thrown upon the nervous system, that
requires outside aid that there may be
snpplied a proper amount of additional
strength and reaistive power. This
Dr. A. W. Chase's Nerve Pills do to a
certainty by their ability to supply to the
nervous system and the organs affected,
an amount of nerve strength and energy
that enables them to accommodate them
selves rapidly and easily to the changes
taking place.
Mrs. Julia Rowland, of No. 204 Pearl
St., Buffalo, writes
"Both myself and daughter, aged 17,1
are deeply indebted to Dr. A. W. Chase
and bis Nerve Pills. They certainly are
a grand tonic to the nerves I used
them about a year ago. to give uie the
strength and vitality to go through the
ordeal that usually comes to woman at
change of life, and found all the nerv
ousness, crying spell* rnd weakness dis
appear in a hurry. This led me to give
them to my daughter about the time she
began to have the endless trouble soma
girls do in early life, and the medicine
acted equally as well with her. She
grew strong and steady—the color be
came good—the languor and lasnltude
disappeared and she was able to go
about her school duties as usual. I con
sider the Dr. A W. Chase Nerve Pills
unequaled as a nerve and general tonic
in such cases and gladly recommend
them to others who suffer iu a similar
50 cents a box at dealers or Dr. A. W.
Chase Medicine Co., Buffalo. N. Y. For
trait and" signature o? A. W Chase,
M. D., on every package. For sale l>v
Redick and Orohman, drnggiets, 100 N.
Main St. Butler, Pa.
The oil well on the Waldron place,
west of Bntler. was agitated Monday
evening, when the production again ran
np to about 100-bbls. an hour, and it
was said to be doing 70 bbls. an hour, I
yesterday. Lease? have been taken all
aronnd the well, and about a dozen rig*
are up and building, with one or twoi
wells already spudding. Considerable |
money has changed hands for leases.
The highest ligure paid far a lease was
by the Associated Producers Co., SII,OOO ,
for 40 acres of the 8. Barrickiuan heirs, j
The T. W. Phillips' Gas and Oil Co had -
leafed the other 10 acres of the place be
fore the Mcßride well came in for SIOO.
' T. N. Barnsdall leased Waldron's re
! tnaining 50 acres, north of the Mcßride
' lease, for fSOOO. W. G. Donthett secur
ed the first lease in the field after the
well was strnck 30 acres from Andrew
i Leniinou for SIOOO. Mcßride & Co. have
1 the remainder Of the Levi Hoon farm
I now owned by Jacob M. Painter two
■ thirds, and Rainey Hoon. one-third, 20
acres were leased to William Walker
I for $1"00 and 4s acres to John A. Snee
of Pittsburg for s4"ioo. The farm i ost
J Painter and Hoon $2700. Eisler &
O'Brien leased part of the John Hard
ing place, south of the gusher, and have
a well started. Mcßride & Co. aiready
had a lease on part of this place The
Ihuisen heirs farm, east of the Waldron-
Ehmer, has practically been leased to
John G. Jennings and his brothers: the
figure is up in the thousands Mcßride
& Co. hold the C. Duffy place, north
west of their grsher. Jas. McClung
leased 20 acres from A O. Eberhart ad
joining the old campmeeting grouud
for $650. T. A. Frazier has leased 20
acres off the McConnell farm and "iO
acres from David McGowan. E H.
Jennings & Co. are said to have paid
$4500 for aSO acre lease on the Samuel
Schelgel farm, west of the Waldron
Fifty acres of the Jacob Miller heirs,
(Levi Henry, Eli and George Miller)
were leased Tuesday for SI4OO and on
Wednesday 50 acres more for $1800:
John A. Snee is the lessee. Dr. Atwell
and Harry Stauffer leased 25 acres of
the A. O. Eberhart farm for SSOO. Adam
Hoffner has leased the Schlegel heirs
farm. Dr. Atwell has leased part of the
William Miller heirs (Wilson and Henry
Miller) farm. Jos. Clinton and Geo.
Schaffner, Jr., have leased the Kradel
place of 30 acres (old campmeeting
grouad) for SSOO.
Last evening Gil Moser, Prof. Grutr
man and Mark Heck secured a forty-'
I acre lease on the W. J. Graver farm,
southwest of the Waldron for SI2OO
KOCHER—At her home in Jackson
twp.. May H, 1905, Miss Ida. daughter
of Henry Kocher, in her 22d year.
GILMORE —At his home near Harris
ville, May 4, 1905. Joseph Gilmore,
aged 64 years.
SEATON —At his home in New Castle,
May 2, 1905, Abner Seaton, aged 74
He was buried at Harrisville.
LOVE —At the residence of his brother
in East Pittsburg, May 12, 1905,
Clarence Love, aged 22 years.
He was buried at Westminster
chucrh, Clinton twp., Monday. His
death was caused by pneumonia. He
was a son of Mrs. John S. Love.
CUNNINGHAM—At his home in But
ler, May 12, 1905, James Canning
ham, aged 42 years.
He was a son of Mitchell Cunning
ham. and is survived by his wife and
three children.
UILBERT—At his home in Pittsburg,
May 15, 1905, Theodore Gilbert.
RUMBAUGH—At his home in Pitts
burg, May 15, 1905, David M. Rntu
HERR-At Cleveland, May —, 1905, N.
B. Herr formerly of Petrolia.
STEELE—At her home in Petrolia,
May 13, 1905, Mrs. N. B. Steele.
RITTS—At her home in St. Petersburg,
Pa., Mrs. Clarissa, wife of Elias ltitts:
stepmother of J. V. Ritts and Mrs, A.
C. Anderson and mother of W. A.
Ritts, all of Butler, aged 03 years.
ADROPOS—At the Hospital, May 15.
1905, of pneumonia, Valois Adropos. a
HOFFMAN—At the Hospital, May 16,
. 1905, Christopher Hoffman, father of
C. P. and C. B Hoffman of Butler.
HUTCHISON—At her home in Pitts-
' '■, 1 ■** O. A. llutob
ison. nee Marie Rider, in her 37th
Mrs. Hutchison was a daughter of
George Rider, and was buried at the
Rider cemetery in Centre township.
She is survived by her husband and
three children.
Hiram Cronk. the last survivor of the
war of 1812, died at his home at Dunn
brook, N. Y., at the age of 105. He
died from old age, simply wasting
Mr. Cronk celebrated his one hun
dred and fifth anniversary last month.
He was bom in the town of Frank'ort,
Herkimer county. N. Y., April 29, 1800,
and spent his early childhood in Wright
settlement, near the present city of
Rome. When Hiram was about 15
years of age, his spirit was aroused over
the second war with England and he,
with his father and two brothers. John
and Jeptha, enlisted in the United
States army and went to Sackett's Har
«<3o well did he carry himself thbt
Capt. Davis declared if he hail a regi
ment of such soldiecs as Hiram he
would take it to Canada and fight the
enemy on his own ground. After hos
tilities ceased, Hiram returned home
and became an itinerant shoemaker At
the age of 25 he met and married Mary-
Thornton and for 60 years they lived
happily, she dying in 1885. Six child
ren were born to them.
Nearly half a century ago Mr. Cronk
became feeble and the board of pensions
awarded him sl2 a month,
Thomas Bishop, author of "John
Brown's Body," "When Johnny comes
Marching Home" and many other songs
died at bis home in Philadelphia Mon
~ Nasal Catarrh quickly yields .o treat
ment by Ely's Cream Balm, which is agree
ably aromatic. It is received through tlio
nostrils, cleanses and heals the whole sur
face over which it diffuses itself, liruggists
gell the 60c. size; Trial size l>y mail, 10
cents. Test it and you are sure to continue
the treatment.
To accommodate those who aro partial
to the use of atomizers in applying liquid*
into the nasal passages for catarrhal trou.
hlet, the proprietors prepare Cream Balm in
liquid form, which will bo known as Ely's
Liquid Cream Balm. Price including the
•praying tul* is 75 cents. Druggists or l>y
mail. Tho liquid form embodies the med
icinal properties of tho solid preparation.
The following widows' appralsem< -itn of
personal property and real estate set apart
for the benefit of the widows of decedents
have been tiled In the office of the Clerk
of the Orphans' Court of Butler County, viz:
Widow i-f Tli< in w I*. Will*/ , |,.|-kunul propei-ty, - (110
'• '• l>. I*. Kelly, •' •> jjiiO
' " Phillip SilimHt, •• » iliif)
•- Samue l Iti-ii, •' :tOO
liarid W. Critclilow, •• / :too
' A'lani Bji-r'y, " 300
• John Pa-iuiu, " •• 300
•' - Chri4l<Stewart. 14 •• 300
■' " John Ward, real Mtttlp, 100
All persons Interested In the above ap
praisements will take notice that they will
'«• presented for continuation to the Orphans'
('ourt of Uutler count v. I'll., on Saturday the
10th day of June. HK>5, and If no exceptions
are filed, they will lie confirmed absolutely.
1.. E. CHRISTLEY, Clerk,
Clerks '.. nice. May 10,190 i.
Notice in Divorce.
William Shoup. I Common Pleas of Uutler
vs /Co.. Pa. A. I>. No. 52, Dec.
Bell Shoup. I Term, I'.KU.
Jiow, March 31. HIOS, two Subpoenas having
keen Issued in this case, the first to Doc.
Term. I!«>4. and the second to March Term,
nun, both «>r which hayo teen returned N. K.
I as to the deft hy the Sheriff, tho Court is
• moved to award publication and notice to
defendant to appear at next term and show
cause If liny she has why a divorce should
not bo allowed potltlouer, as prayed for.
To Hell Shoup, Defendant.
Vim are hereby notified that testimony In
tbo above case will lie taken at the bearing
In court at llutler. Pa., on Monday, June -Jli,
1905. on part of William Shoup, the plaintiff,
asking for divorce absolute from you on tin
grounds of desertion as set forth In his pet 1-
tlon on file in the above case, ut which time
and place you are hereby notified to bo pres
ent anil show cause If any you have why
said divorce should not be granted as prayed
H. F. Bowser. Sheriff.
A. L. Bowser,
Attorneys for Plaintiff
By virtue of sundry writs of Von. Fx., ti.
Fa .. Lev. l a.. Ac.. Ksned out of the Court of
Common Fleas of Butler Co.. Pa., and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale
at the Court House in the borough of Butler,
j Fa. on
Friday, Uie 2nd day of Juue,
j A. l>. IW\ at one O'clock. P. M., the following
' described property, to-wit:
I r. D. No. 42. June Term. 1905. Cummings.
I A l torney.
All th< right, title, interest and claim of ;
Maggie A. snyder and Philip Snyder. of, in
and to all that certain piece or parcel of i
land, situated in JetTersou township. Butler
i*ounty. Pa.. bounded as follows, to-wit: Be
ginning at a post in the middle of the S:txon
ourg road, thence souta 1 i deg east by
lands of Arthur heirs and A. M. Johnston
140 2-10 perches to a post; thence south by
lands or John Emerick 76 »'»-lo perches to a
post; thence west by lands of James Arm
strong U2 l i perches to a post; thence north
.3 deg west 51 perches to the place of begin
ning; containing t!iirty-two CO acres and
136 perches on which is errected a frame
dwelling house and outbuildings.
Seized and taken in executluu :is the prop
erty of Maggie A. Snvder and Philip »>
Snyder at the suit of AI lluiT.
I-. I>. No. 10, June lerm, 11XX>. A. M. Christley.
All the right, tit! -, latcmt Ittl Claim of
Cyrus 11. Knox. Mary D. Knox, of. in and t >
all that certain piece or lot of land, situated
in Evans City, Butler county. Pa., bounded
as follows, to-wit: On the north by 16 feel
by an alley, east by 11") fret by Porter Alley,
vouth by 4"> by a foot street and on tin*
v. .>tby 10 feet b y l"t .\<>. 33; containing one
town lot according to plan of lots as survey
ed by C. I'. L. McQuistion. Surveyor, t«»-
u r :it In r with frame 11« >i i• thereon erected
and other outbuildings.
Si and taken In ex< mUosuthe prop
erty of Cyrus H. Knox and Birro*Kii
the Nuit of E. S Cousins.
F. I>. No. IK June Teu.j fife. Jadoon A
Troutman. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Kalina, < has. h ilioa :*.!;«! Ifti
Kalina, of, in and to all that itiln piece or
lot of land, situated in third Ward, riutler
borough. Butler county. Pa., bounded ai f* I
lows, to.wit: Beginning at a point < M -
Cool avenv- and the southwest corner of lot
No. 68; thence running skmg HcCool avenue
east wardly a dlstance of twenty-fire IS) feet
to line of lot No. t»7: thsnce along the line of
lot No. >7 seventy-one and 41-U4) (71 41-100)
feet to line of lot No. 29; thence along line of
lot No. west wardly a distance of twenty
live (25) feet to line of lot No. HO; thence run
ning southwardly along line of lot No. *'•» a
distance of seventy-one and 51-100 (71 51-100)
feet to the place of beginning; being lot No.
s* In the John K. Kavanaugh plan of lots,
said plot and plan being recorded in the Re
corder's otllce, in and for Butler Co.. Pa. in
Plan Book No. 2. page 2. and being the same
premises that were granted and covered un
to Joseph, Charles and Michael Kaii ia by
John It. CavanaugU et ux. by their deed
dated July 19tb. 1902, recorded as aforesaid
In Deed Book No. 211, page 114. and having
thereon erected a three story brick building,
subject to the payment of mortgage dated
January Gtli. 19Ui, with a real deb., of $2500.00.
. said mortgage being recorded in mortgage
book No. 7.1, page 145.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Jos Kalina, (-'has Kalina and Michael
Kalina at the suit of The Public Trust Co.,
now for use of International saving & Trust
Co., see Merger at Charter Book No. 1. page I.
E, D. No. 3S, June Term, 1905. C. F. Meeder.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Blanche T. night and J. C. Dight. of. in and
to all that certain piece or parcel of land,
situated In Cherry township. Butler county.
Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: On the
north by lands of Robert Hogg, east by lands
of Anna Billingsley and Mellon, south by the
public road known as the Auandale and
New llope road and on the west by lands of
K S Ryaii; containing 104 acres, more or less,
being the same property vested In J. O.
Dight, by deed recorded in the Recorders
office of Butler county, in Deed Book Vol
Pago L. and being the same property con
veyed by J. C. Dight. et ux, to J. G. Dueschele
and K. B. Crisweil by deed dated Dec. 10th,
1901, and recorded In Butler county in Deed
Book Vol. 236, Page 4.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Blanche T. Dight and J. C. D?gnt at
the suit of J. M. Dight, now for use of A.
E. D. No. 7. June Term, 1905. W. C. Findlej*,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John Smith, of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Venango
township. Butler county. Pa., t>ounded a>
follows, to-wit: On the north of lands of
Shryock Harper's heirs, east by Cochran's
heirs, south by Andrew Smith, et al, and on
the west by Andrew Smith, et al; containing
six acres and to extend far enough south and
west to include house built on said Andrew
Smith et al, lands which said house was
built by John Smith, being part of a large
tract of land conveyed by T. P. Mllliln. by
deed of Andrew Smith, et al, and by them
conveyed to. John Smith, et al. as deed on
record. Recorder's ollice, Butler, Pa.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of John Smith at the suit of Jolin t".
Gallr way.
E. I). No. 20 and 21. June Term, 1905. J. W.
Hutchison. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
James W. Buchanan, as heirs at law of Mary
B. Boss and Rachel Buchanan.both deceased
and intestate, of, in aud to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Mercer
township. Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wit: On trie north by lands of
George Ilrown, east by lands of Dunlap
heirs, south by lands of Tuer and William
Buchanan heirs and on the west by Mercer
• •ounty line or lauds of Samuel Buchanan*.*,
heirs; containing ninty-fonr vm) acres, hav
ing there on erected a frame house and out
>eized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of .lame?* W. Buchanan at the suit of
Morrow and Black Harris and Morrow
for use of Caroline B, Morrow.
E. D. No. 4:1, June Term. 1905. Bredin, Att.y.
aii tin* right, title, interest and claim «»f j.
rf. o Donneit mortgagor, with notice to W. .1.
Schlagenlioupt, terre tenant, of. In and to
those *wo certain pieces of land, situated In
Allegheny township, Butler county. Pa., to
wit: One of the same known as lvendric
tract and formerly containing one hundred
acres, more or less, bounded on the north by
lands of the heirs of James Anderson, east
by lands formerly of >amuel Crawford now
01 William Karns and James Jolly, sonth by
lands of James Jolly, and on the west by
lands formerly of Alexander Grand n>w
Matthews ami Black and heirs of James
Anderson, saving and excepting thereof s
cei lain piece of t he southwest corner t here
of; containing ten (10) acres conveved by
Walter Lyon of Allegheny county. Fa., ex
ecutor* and trustees of the estate of Dr. A.
W, Crawford, deceased to P. G. Zollinger by
deed dated Jan. Mb, IMS, and recorded in
Butler county in Deed Book Vol. 136, page
ALSO Ail that certain tract known as the
Kisdaddon tract containing one hundred and
twenty-eight (12*) acres, more or less, bound
ed oti the north by lands of Sloan, east by
lands of heirs of William l'ortertieid and
Osmah, south by lands of the heirs of Alex
ander Crant and on the west by lands of the
heirs of William ( rawford, thai conveyance
being made and accepted however subject
to any oil or leases of the said lands
made by the said A . w. Crawford, decease 1
during bis lifetime, being the same nieces <<;
land conveyed to Said J- H. O Donnell.
mortgagor, oy May Walker by deed dated
.November Kith, A. D. 1903, to be recorded.
Beized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of .1. il. O'Donnell, ssewtgager, with
notice to W. 11. ttchlagenhonpt, terre tenant,
at the suit of James Bredin.
E. D. No. 21 and al, June Term. 1905. Harry
L. Graham and W. 11. Lusk, Att'ys.
All the right, title, interost aud claim of
Jacob Schumacker, mortgagor, and B. U.
Kline, terre tenant, of, in and to all that
certain piece or narcel of land, situated in
Franklin township. Butler county. Pa.,
bounded as follows, to-wit: <Ha the nor! hby
lands of James Cratty and Charles Galla
gher. east by lands now or fermerly belong
ing to heirs of Philip Kllnn. south by lands
now or formerly owned by James Riddle, and
on the west by lands of William Ralston and
public road; containing one hundred and six
(106) acres of land, more or less, being same
land which William Gallagher died seized of
and conveyed by his executor, William Ral
ston by executors deed duly executed and
dated the lHth day of September. A. D. isss.
recorded in the office for recording of deed
in and for the county of Butler In Deed Book
lis, page I*7. to Walter L. Graham and by the
s ild Waiter b. Graham and wife. Margaret
Graham, conveyed by deed dated ihe loth
day of December. A. I). isM, recorded In the
ollice aforesai 1 In Deed Bonk Ml. p i,.- 1 l:<i
Albln Shultz. ami by the said Alhlu Shultz
and Pauline Shultz, his wife, conveyed the
same to Jacob Schumacker by deeel dated
the lilth day of August \. 1».. l-"l. reconb.d
in the office aforesaid in Deed Book 1 ir, page
117, and by the said Jacob schurnucker, et
ux. conveyed Ihe sarin* to B. It. Kline by
de« d dated Feb. Nth, l""l. rec<ir»bni in the of
fice :iforesaid in Deed |{'h»U ISS, pagl
with frame house, bank barn and orchard
ALSO That certain otm-r tract of land
situate in the township, county and state
aforesaid, adjoining the tract above de
scribed and ixiumletl and described as fol
lows: On the north by lands of William Gal
lagher, on tin? east by lands now or formerly
belonging to the heirs of Philip Bllnn. and
on the south and west by lands formerly of i
William Gallagher, containing 1 (acres, more
or less, and beln<g the same laud sold and 1
conveyed by the High Sheriff of Butler Co.,
to E. McJunkln bv deed dated and acknovv
ledged March 6tfj, J*B9, recorded in Butler
county in Deed Book 142. pu:je 4XH and by the
said E. McJunkln, convoyed l»y deed dated
thesthday of May, ifiso to Walter L. (ira
ham. aforesaid. (Kemalnderof chain of title
same as above t ract.)
Sei/.ed and taken ir. execution as the prop
erty of Jacob Schumacker, mortgage, and
B. R, Kljne. terre tenant, at the suit of
Emma J. oadlej*.
E. D. No. 29 and 30. Juno Term, 1905. \V. H.
Lusk AH. L. Graham, Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Walter L. Graham, mortgage and B. R.
Kline, terre tenant, of. in and to all that cer
tain piece or parcel of land, situated in
Franklin township, Butler county. Pa.,
oounded as follows, to-wlt: On the north by
lanm* of James Crattv and K. McJunkln.
east by lauds of Philip Blinn's heirs aud IC.
M. McCall. south by lands of James Riddle,
west by landw of William Ralston and a
public road: containing (100; ouo hundred
and six .teres, more or less, belli* the same
tract of land which William Gallagher, late
of Franklin two, Butler Co.. Pa., died seized
and which having been sold by his executor
William Ralston, for the payment of his
debts by virtue of an order of sab* from the
Orphans' Court of Butler county, was pur
chased by the tlrst party and conveved to
hlrn by deed of said executor, dated the 18th
day of September, IHXm, and recorded in Deed
Book lis of said county on nage 97 to Walter
L. Graham, and by the said Walter L. Gra
ham, and wife. Margaret A. Graham, con
veyed by deed dated the 19th day of Dec
A D. KM, rCt.orfjed in the office aforesaid In
Deed Book 141. page PH. to A'bin Shultz, and
Pauline Shultz. his wife,conveyed the same
to Jacob Bhumaker by deed the 31&t day « f f
August. A. I>. I*'.M. recorded in the ollice
afore taid in Deed Book 147, page 117, aud by
the said Jacob Shumaker and Rachel Shu
maker. his wife, couvevtd the same to B. R.
Kline by deed dated I ebruary Nth, 1901, re
corded in the otllce aforesaid In Deed Book
196. page22Jtogether with all and singular
the buildings aud improvements, streets,
lanes, alleys, passage ways, water, water
courses, rights, liberties, privileges, heredit
aments and appurtenances, whatsoever
thereunto belonging on or In any way apper
taining and the revisions aud remainders
thereof and Las erected thereon a frame
house nod bank baru and orchard thereon.
Seized and takan In execution aj the prop
erty of Walu-r L. Graham, mortgage and B.
K. Kline, terre tenant, at the suit of Jacob
E. )>. No. 4«"'. June Teim, iwfl. Murrin &
Murrin, Attorney.
All the right, title, interest end claim of
Anna Angert, of. in and to all that certain
piece or lot of land, situated in Butler
borough. Hutler county. PH.. tiounded as fol
lows, to-wit: On the north by an alley, on
the east by lands of Emma Glace. sr>uth by
West street, and on the an alley, and
fronting fifty-four [.** l feet on West street
and extending thence northward preserving
the same width a distance of one hundred
and fifty-five [lAft] feet to an allev. with a
two story Ixjard dwelling emoted thereon.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Anna Angert at the >uit of Anthony
E. I>. No. 47 and 4-. June Terra. 1905. A. T.
Black. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of A.
N. McC'anaiess. Analena McCandiess and
Analena \lc« andle&i of. in and to all that
certain piece or lot of land, situated In But
ler borough. Hurler county. Pa.. bounded as
follows, to-wit: On tli** north by East .JeHvr
>on street, east by lands of heirs of (Seorge
Iteiber, deceased, south by Kittannihg m .
:.od west by lot of Mary L. McC-and less,
fronting -0 feet.iuore or iess.on Kit tanning st
and extending ba k same width to lefferson
street, with a one story frame dwelling
theieon, being the same lot decsribed in two
mortgages from the deft, to the pi If., one to
series s. recorded in M. It. (59. page 40. aud the
other to series s#, recorded in M. B. <»'.•. page
121. the judgements from which these *rits
issued being upon the bonds secured by said
Seized and taken in ex 'cut on as the prop
erty of A. N. McCandiess, Analena Mit'antl
l»'ss and Analena McCandiess, at the suit of
Workingmen's Building and Loan Associa
tlon of Butler. Pa., a corporation.
E. D. No. June Term. l'JUfi. F. J. Forquer.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
The French Academy. Limited, of. in aud to
alI that certain piece or lot of land, situated
in Butler borough. But ler county, i'a.
bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a
peg at Corner of lot No. and Ziegler ave.;
thence along Kelgler avenue forty (40) feet
to a peg at tne corner of lot No. a.**; thence
along line of lot No. 'S* one hundred and
forty-five (14o) feet to a peg on liockensteiu
Way; thence along said liockensteiu Way
sixty-one (81) feet to a peg ao corner of lot
No. thence along line of said lot No.
one hundred Jnd fifteen (lli) feet nine inches
to a peg on Zeigler avenue, the place of be
ginning aud being lot No. in YV. S. Boyd's
plan of lots whicli plan is recorded in Butler
'•ounty in deed boo* No. 1!X), page 4'.»w, and be
ing the same lot conveyed by Robert Boyd,
et ux. to th«' French Academy. Limited. b>
deed dated Oct. lull. imC. recorded In said
county in lieed iiook 214. page 66. and has one
large frame hall and dwelling ho«s« erected
Seized and taken in execution a-* tli-* prop
erty of The Frencn Academy. Limited, at
the suit of Louis Verniory, .Julius llorgife
and -Mrs. Alice Houlllon. now for use of
Julius Horgioe. Edward K. Welgand, Mar
garet Clark and Charles A mould.
V. D. No. ."»0, June Term. 1903. F. J. Forquer,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
l>. B. Soler and G. A. Arner. of. in and to all
that certain piece or parcel of land, situated
in Washington township, Butler county. I'a..
bounded us follows, to-wit: On the north by
lands of William Stewart and l>. M. Arner.
east by lands W. J. Wasson. William Barber
and Robert Thornoson, south by lands of
William (>ick< y, L. Stewart heirs and J. B.
Campbell, el al. west by lanis of William
IMckev. Frank Hll Hard, et al; containing
one hundred and eighty-five (W») acres, more
or less, having thereon two two-story fraim
dwelling nouses, two frame barns a.id out
buildings. two large orchards, about lift v (.>j
at:res of good timber, the balance of said one
hundrea and eiirn t y -fi \ e (185) acres being
cleared and In crood state of cultivation.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of I>. B. Soler and G. A. Arner at the
suit of Johu Berg A: < 'o.«
FRIDAY, JUNE 9th, 1905,
At 1 o'clock p. m..at the Court House In But
K. I>. No. 51. June Term, 1905. Joseph B.
Brcdln. Attorney.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
Johu Vigaro.of. in and to all thai, certain
ph c»> or lot of land, jti! uated in Butler town
ship. i'a., bounded as follows,
to-wit: Beginning at the southwest corner,
t her re in a northeasterly direction along
Bred in Ave. forty feet to lot No. 60; thence
in a north westerly direction along the line
of lot No. tWone hundred andforty feet to an
alley; thence by the said alley in south
westerly direction forty feet to lot No. C»7;
in a northwesterly direction one-hundred
and forty feet to the place of tM'ginning.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Johu Vigaro ut ths suit of Martha
Mechlin?, Assignee of A. W. Boot, Assignee
of L. C. Wick.
E. I). No. s'l, June Term. 1905. T. C. Campbell,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Robt. W. Ilervey, of. in and to all that
certain niece or parcel of land, situated in
Butler township. Butler county, i'a.. tiound
ed as follows, to-wit: On the north by lands
now or formerly of John Fore lit and by Pil
low's heirs, east by lands formerly of Lida
Marshall conveyed by her to Kobt. W.
Hervev, south by lands now or formerly of
G. Beck and by Ihmscn and on the west by
public road and lands of Charles DufTy; con
taining one hundred and ten fls-ioo acres,
more or lets, living same agreed to lie con
veyedbjr John Young to uobt. W. Herve*
by agreement aud recorded In Deed BOOK
3*l, page 410
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Kobt. W. Herve/ at the suit of John
TEEMS OF SALE-The following must be
strictly complied with when property is
stricken dowu.
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes ♦ hf« p'iri' L hi*^f ■'i *-*rTif i-irtltt if Llau
mtßTTjiipaUl, ami .1 list of the Hens, Includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold
together with such llt-n creditor's receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
sui-h portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must he paid in full.
3. All sales not settled Immediately will be
continued until one o'clock, P. M., of the
next day at which time ail property not
settled for will again be put up and sold at
the expense and risk of the person to whom
first sold.
•See Purdon's Digest, 9th edition, page 440,
an 1 Smith's Forms, page ;sn4.
MAUTIN 1,. (iIItSON. Sheriff.
Sheriff'* Office. Butler. Ha.. May 10. r.K).">.
Clerk's Notice in
In the District Court of the United States
for the Western District of Pennsylvania,
Mrs. Ella Campbell Daily, doing business as
Mrs. J. S. Dally, of Butler. Butler county,
Pennsylvania, a hankruut tinder the Act
of Congress of July 1, IWIS, having applied
for a full discharge from all debts provable
against her estate under said Act. notice is
hereby given to all known creditors and
other persons in interest, to appear before
the said Court at Pittsburg, in said District,
on the tfth day of June, 1906, at 10 o'clock
in the forenoon, to show cause, if any they
have, why the prayer of the said petitioner
should not be granted.
Orphans' Court Sale!
Ity virtue of an order of the Orphans'
(.'ourt In and for the county of Butler. I'a., at
O. C. No. Mi, .June Term, A. D. It*)"), the
undersigned administrator, etc , of the
estate of Arnold Vorpe, late of the township
of Middlesex, llutler county. Pa., dee'd., will
offer at public sale, upon the premises, on
Friday- May 26th, A. D 1905,
at one o'clock P. M. of said day, the follow
ing described real estate, viz:
All that certain tract of land situate, lying
and being In the township of Middlesex,
ount v of Butler, and state of Penn a. being
bounded and more fully described as follows,
fo-wit: On the north by lands of Kobt.
Kyle, on the east by lands of J. Burns and F.
Pa«*oe, on t he south by lands of Miss Mary
Ivyle and J. T. Harbison, and the west by
lands of Jaa. Whitesides and Isaac Sayder;
•obtaining forty four acres. 120 perches, be
lie saine.more or less; upon which is erected
i frame house, log barn and outbuilding'*,
ibout acres of good timber, balance of land
*leared and under fair state of cultivation,
young p»'a« h on-hard Just coming into bear
ing of about 2.V) trees, about SO bearing apple
trees, convenient to churches and school,
miles from plank road and miles from
TBKMS Cash upon confirmation of sale
by the Court.
Said described premises to be sold free and
discharged from all liens.
JAMES li, Mc.ii :NKIN. Administrator.
Att'y for Adm'r.
Notice in Divorce.
Mina Keed, / In the Court of Common Pleas
vs -of Butler county. Pa. A. D,
I». M. Keed. \ No. :»« December Term. 11XM.
Now, March .'II. 1905. two subpoenas having
been issued In the alnive case first to Dec.
Term, P.WI. and second to March Term. IUQS,
hotli of which have been returned N. E. I. as
to the defendant by the Sheriff, the Court Is
moved to award publication and notice to
defendant to appear at next term to show
cause If any he has why a divorce should not
bo allowed petitioner as prayed for.
To I). AT. Keed. Defendant:
Von are hereby notified that testimony In
the above case will be taken at the hearing
in Court at Butler, Pa., on Monday, June
:;».th, 1 «#►.», on the part of Mina I teed, plain
11 IT, asking for divorce absolute from you on
the grounds of desertion as set forth In her .
petition on file in the above case, at which 1
time and place you are hereby notified to lie
present and show cause If any you have, why
salo divorce should not be granted as prayed
for. MAUTIN L. GIBSON. Sheriff,
Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Lottors of administration on the ewtate
of Alius haehel A. Htoughton, doe'd., lato
of Concord twp., Butler Co,, I'a., hav
ing been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted
to said estate will please make immedi
ate payment and any having claims
against said estate will present them
duly authenticated for settlement to
K. F. D. 10, Butler, Pa.
W. I). BKANDON, Att'y. 4-13-05
f/ f P.ngtaeerlug. Kloctrlclty,
j /Cs s Bo«>k-keeping bhorttiand,
fy l*reparut<»ry Aradeinic.
*iftd lllglicr Acconutanry
High («radu Schools. I
Klrgantly equipped AIM! LIGHTED ruotm. Positions '
No antiquated inrtli'Kln <»r incn enitileyed. Sure. I
Ererv tocher a rollegu graduate witli experience. |
PlttMnirg, Ahfgheny. HufTalo, Nlagars Falls, and ;
Mexico (ity. Stud to Pittsburg for Catalog* 1
Martin Jennings Caton, IL. D , Preildent, |
In the District Court of the
United States for the Western
District of Pennsylvania.
In the oritu rof j
Charles E. SUites, No. Irts4 t in Bankruptcy
Bankrupt. )
To the creditors of Charles F. Skiles of
rittsburp. in the countv of Allegheny and .
district afore&uid. a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby iriven that on tbn :!nd
<!ay of June, A. 1». imQ, the said Charles E.
Skites was duly adjudicated bankrupt: and
that tht* meeting of his creditors will be
held at my office No. iu N. W. Diamond,
Butler. Pa., on the Sfth day of May. 1906. at
10o*clork in the forenoon at which time Use
said creditors may attend, prove their
claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bank
rupt anu transact such other business as
mav properly come before said meeting.
May ltith. lUttS.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Orphans' Court Sale.
By virtue of the authority contiined in an
order Issuing out of the Orphans' Court, in
and for the county of Butler, Pennsylvania.
:ind tO me direrU'd, I will expose to sale at
public vendue or outer? <'li t!»«• premises, on
Thursday, June Ist, 1905,
:it 11 «>" lofek A If . that v:i!ual>lc parcel and
lot "f late the estate of John Freshcorn
of New Bewick ley township, Bearer county.
Penn'a, deceased, lylnic and being situated
ID the township of Cranbeiry, In ike county
of Butler. Pennsylvania, bounded .1i de
scribed as follows, to-wit: On the north bv
lands of the heirs <>f Michael Freahoorn. east
by lands «»f Basrah Graham's hefrst south bv
miblic road, and west by laiiils of Jacob
Decmer's heirs, containing twenty acres:
this land Is in a high state of cultivation,
well fenced: there i> a ineorchard of apple,
cherry and peach trees on same and an ex
cellent. never failing spring.
TEKMS l)V SALE:—Ten per centum of
amount bid in cash on day of sale, forty per
centum on continuation and delivery of the
deed, and the balance, with iuterest from
the date of conflrmation. in one year there
after: *aid balance to be secured by close
judgment, bond and mortgage on the
Executor, dec., of John Fresbcom. dee'd.. j
Knob t\ 0., Beaver Co.. Pa.
Butler, Pa.
Lift of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 29th day of April. 1905,
to serve as Grand Jurors at H (Quarter
Sessioiis Term of Court, coniuiening on
th' firet Monday of June, 1905, the same
being the sth day of said month.
Bayonet Victor. Bntler Ist w, merchant
Bell Thomas, Washington twp, farmer
Black H C, Clay twp, farmer
Boozel Walter, Concord twp, farmer
Christy Samuel. Penn twp, farmer
Danbenspeck WD. Penn twp. laborer
Donthett I) B, Bntler sth w. clerk
Eicholtz Win, Zelionople, laborer
Faber Earnest. Butler sth w, barber
Fredley Chritt, Buffalo twp. farmer
Harper C 15. Zelienople, miller
Jamison W P, Venango twp, farmer
McDowell Alva. Centre twp, farmer
McGncken Thomas. Clearfield twp, J P
McKee Camdon, Bntler Ist w. carpenter
Micliell Frank, Bntler 4th w, carpenter
Rnff Phillip, Butler sth w, merchant
Scott Winfield, Summit twp, farmer
Sloau J N, Allegheny twp. farmer
sfcuith J D. Centre twp, farmer
Thompson SO. Clearfield twp. farmer
Truver Jchn, Middlesex twp. farmer
Wick John S. Butler sth w. merchant
Winer John E, Adams twp, farmer
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 29th day of April, 1905.
to serve as Petit Jnrors at a Quarter
Sessions Term of Court commencing on
the second Monday of June, 1905, the
same being the 12th day of said month.
Bailey J M. Marion twp, farmer,
Barnhart Win, Millerstown, shoemaker
Barnhart J ,T, Fairview twp, farmer
Barnhart P S, Donegal twp, farmer
Bartley Elmer, Bntler 2d w, retired
Black R M, Cherry twp, farmer
Burtner R J, Jefferson twp, farmer
Fielding John.Slipperyrock twp.farmer
Fleinminz Samuel, Venango tp, farmer
Gant J H, Butler sth w, laborer
Gillman J J, Butler Ist w. laborer
Ginter John Butler 8d w, laborer
Gordon McClain. Clay twp, farmer
Griesbach Gnst, Evans City, merchant
Grabam E E. Saxonburg, teacher
Grnver Phillip, Prospect, laborer
Hamilton Win. Forward twp, farmer
Hawk Joseph Z. Fairview twp, farmer
Hinchberger George, Butler twp.drillei
Kauffman VVm.Slipperyrock boro.labo r
Hogg Jas F. Cherry twp, farmer
Johnston J M, Venango twp, farmer
Jordan Win, Centre twp, farmer
Kelly W E, Parker twp, farmer
Kennedy F W D. Adams twp, farmer
Knox Hiram, Jackson twp, farmer
Lindsay Geo, Summit twp, farmer
Lpitan Jun twf*. fartiHrr
McGeary Elmer C. Muddycreek tp, fa'r
McKinney John, Clay twp, farmer
Mitchell Wm J, Butler 2d w,watchman
Moyer Frank S, Marion twp, farmer
Patterson W G. Jefferson twp. farmer
Reiber Edward. Bntler 2d w, producer
Ken nick Geo W, Clay twp, farmer
Richey A B. Butler 4th w, teafnster
Scott W C, Lancaster twp, fanner
Summony VV G, Clearfield twp, farmer
Staff John, Butler Ist w, retired
Stevenson W S, Summit twp, farmer
Thompson Ira. Franklin twp, farmer
Thompson Milton, ('lay twp. farmer.
Thompson Robt J. Bntler 4th w, retired
Todd Wilson, Wintield twp, farmer
Vaudivort W W,Cranberry twp.farmer
Waldron USG, Forward twp. farmer
Walker Daniel. Parker twp, furmer
10(5 W. Diamond St., Bntler.
North hide of Court House.
Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat work, a 1
121 East Cunningham Street.
Office If&urs, 11 to 12 a. in., 3 to 5 and
7 to 9 p. m.
At 327 N. Main St.
2<JO West Cunningham St.
Consultation and examination free.
Office hours—9 to 12 A. M., 2to
VI., daily except Sunday. Evening
Office - Stein Block, Rooms 910, But
ier, Pa. People's I'houe 478.
Women's diseases a specialty. Con
iullulian and exumiuation free.
Office Hours, 9 to 12 m., a to 3 p. m
People's Phone 573.
1/6 S. Main street, Butler, Pa
Graduate of Deutal Department,
University of Pennsylvania.
Office—2ls S. Main Street, Butler, Pa. j
Formerly of Butler,
Has located opposite Lowry House,
Main St., Butler, Pa. The finest work
i specialty. Expert painless extractor
A teeth by his new method, no medi
cine nied or jabbing a needle into the
turns; also gas and ether used. Com
munications by mail receive prompt at
Office over Leighner's Jewelry store,
Butler, Pa
Peoples Telephone 505.
A specialty made of gold fillings, gold
:rown and bridge work.
12/ i South Main street, (ov Metzer's
thoe store.)
Office in Butler County National Bank
Building, 2nd floor.
Successor to Dr. Johnston.
Office at No 114 2. Jefferson St., over
Q. W. Miller's grocery
Of "Grand Rapids" Furniture arrived last week, wj
C| This added to our present large stock gives us the most j§jj
complete assortment of high grade furniture that this store j|
has ever shown# jg
DINING ROOM FURNITURE—Twice the stock of any previous season and a
complete line of matched Dining Room Suits.
Side Board S2B \ r T"j7"i) Solid oak six ft long when extended,
S I__ ' J' c. perfect working slides, large Anted leg
j|§| Golden oak. all quarter- ■ I) >) ),) l'S that onto the fram « making the
» sawed stock, polUh finish, ■
swell top drawers,beveled I Dj)
?M T rcr : fi ™ tclaS8 u COE ' I Dining Room Chair $2 35 H*
consider a special valne I * i ¥0&
—■ ' n P- ventre seat, made of fine quarter jgj
sawed golden oak. Very desirable and jj-gg
NEW PARLOR SUITS—A very complete line. Some Bg
» -■ have wood scats and backs: others with wood backs
■ ■"t aQ d uphostered scatss also with upholstered seats and- JUs
3f Five-Piece Parlor Suits $55 Three-PieceParlorSuits $55 Divan sl2 50
Large, massive mahogany Fine mahogany finished Mahogany finished frame, fepv
finishe<l frame, seat and frame with wood banister wood banister back nice
back upholstered in a rich back, all highly polished. ly carved, seat upholstered l^jf
ysf green verona. This is onr Seats upholstered in n fine with a green damask. A
jgSj niost popular suit. silk damask. neat, pretty parlor piece
pjf IRON BEDS AND BRASS BEDS—The assortment of brass and iron IsS;
beds is now very complete, a large shipment having arrived this week
gj VERNIS MARTIN BED sl6 75 f§|
JSgl A finish thit will last for years: looks like brass, but much superior to the ord i- C*. i IS"
nary brass bed. Continuous post pattern and very pretty. ■" r- | g
*gj IRON BED $6 75 He
?3Q A new continuons post pattern; no brass trimmings to tarnish, finished in green and
white. A strong, durable bed. zr ISS
3§ BRASS BED SSO Ifp ifi
New continuous post pattern, satin finish with polished brass trimmings. Finest i tflf
bed for the price we have ever shown. pße
Si WALL PAPER—Largest stock of popular priced papers we have ever shown. All
" prices quoted are for single rolls. igg
Pretty floral patterns in Floral and stripes: suits- Large line of patterns in
I3fl light and medium colors, ble for any roam: light, dark and light stripes or fey*
suitable for bed rooms and medium or dark patterns. florals for the hall or dining ISSC
kitchens. room I
: Oftice in Butler County National
Bank bnilding.
Office at No. 8. West Diamond St. Bat
ler. Pa.
_ I
Oftice in Butler County National I
Bank building.
Office on Diamond, Bntler, Pa.
Special attention given to collections
■ and business matters.
Office in Reiber building, cornei Main
and E. Cunningham Sts, Entrance on
Main street.
Office on Main St. near Com I Hon*
Office in Wise bnilding
Office in the Negley Building. Weit
r Oftice on South side of Diamond,
Butler. Pa.
Mines and Land. County Surveyor.
R. F D. 49, West Sunbury, Pa.
Office near Court House
Office with Berkmer, neit door to P. O
Letters testamentary on the estate
of Jerusha Bigliam, deceased, late
of Slipperyrock township, Butler
county, Penn'a., having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persona know
ing themselves to be indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to make
prompt payment and those having
claims against the estate will present
the same duly authenticated for settle
ment to
!)-lti 05 Slipperyrock, Pa.
Strictly High Grade i
J! Come and see me whenK
\\ you buy; also sheet music I
|[ or anything in the music $
\\ line. f
\\ W. A. F. GROHMAN, I
• \ Music instructor and Piano Tuner, *
] \ Nest door to V. M C. A. "
) r People's Phone Z
% Orchestra furnished for all X
occasions. Z
Funeral Director,
Insurance Sc Heal Estate
117 E- Jefferson St..
SUTbER, - - - - PAJ
Wan<p/I Ageijls to sell IOIHT. up; m;ikrs
VValllLU fi mau <iu iLa sober in fire
ml nut !•>: ut'iu! '£*\ AdarottK
K. H. HAMILTON CO.. Sohuylor, Va.
IVP ICuilH I Benin* Pipe
New »to W iwHiiiil rail*. New 7 to 12 Incb
Beams. HOMER BOWES office and Yard?,
River avo., near Sixth St. Bridge. Allegheny.
Pa. I'hone va Cedur.
I Huseltoq's I
B With Spring there comes other B
I yfcSkto things besides Anarch winds ' I
8 Wm\\\ 1? Our spring styles In Shoes for instance, S
I s^ owjn ß newest shapes and many little ■
I niceties tnat ot her stores don't have andH
■ won't have fl
I The Tan Oxfords will please you particularly, B
I we are sure. £
I When March winds blow don't let those shabby last 9
■ winter's shoes be seen peeping out. Jolly up the purse■
I holder in your house and bring a little more money to usß
■ —it won't take much to fit you out most sweetly. AndH
■ give Jack a tip about a new pair for himself. 3
I Huselton's °H|
xxxv>oooosooo< >OOOOOOOOOOOO
;; Oar Entire Stock of Spring Cloth Suits < j
j : at 1-3 off the Regular Prices. }.
' * This sale is sweeping in its character, and affects our entire stock ' /
< \ of Women's and MisiWs Tailor tuade Suits. Not a single one has A
been overlooked by the price cutter. Materials are Coverts, Cheviots. |
< ' Broadcloths, Mohair, Checks and Mannish mixtures. Remember 1 . '
i i there is not an old suit in this collection. All are this spring's models | >
< > $12.50 SPRING SUITS REDUCED TO $ 8.48 >
< > 15.00 " " " " 10.00 >
i \ 20.00 " 44 44 " 13 98 Jf
< > 25.00 44 44 44 - 17.98 />
< > 35.00 44 44 44 " 23 98 ),
* > Hand-made chiffon and horse hair braid hats $2.98. All the latest O
< > style polo scoop hats, Charlotte Corday and tnrbana, priced $1.98, L
$2.98, $3.75, #4.00 and to SIO.OO. The trimmings are beautiful; velvet, |
' ribbons, ornaments and flowers. This is a flower season. We have * *
( > them in all the new pom-pom effects and roses, lilacs and violets. < i
priced 19c to $:! 00. Untrimmed hats 50c, 75c, 98c and up.
! ! Hosiery AND UNO6RWEAR.
{ i Savings range from 1-4 to 1-3 on every purchase. /, '
{ ) Misses' and children's hosiery; full seamless fast black; 15c values. J*
per pair lie. Misses' and children's finest ribbed lisle hose, 25c values! '
1 19c per pair. Ladies' fine lace lisle hose. 25c values, 19c per pair * *
\ > readies' fine black, tan and white hose, 50c values, ilsc, or three pairs 4 >
for $ 1 00. Ladies'. Misses' and children's fine ribbed vests and pants 1
< ' in all sizes—high neck, long sleeve, low neck, short sleeve, wiDg * '
{ \ sleeve, sleeveless garments, union suits, knee lengths. We make a < 1 >
specialty of extra sizes for lar«e women. Price range—children's
garments 5c to 25c. Price range from 10c to SI.OO for ladies' gar- M
{ \ ment. Also full assortment of ladies' and children's muslin under- ( >
wear. |
{Mrs. J. E. ZiramermanJ;
X Bi'll PlionoSOß. Bllt1i»r Ota i t
I# People's Phone.l». oul '" I 1 Q 1 i >
Letters of administration on the eetat*
of Sarah E. Dull, dee d., late of Batler
borough. I'a., having l>eeu granted to
the undersigned, all icrsons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate wifl
please matte immediate payment and
any having just claim* against said
estate will present theJi properly
proved for settlement to
JNO. H. DULL, Adm'r.,
W. C. FINDLEV, Att'y. 4-A6
i OFFICK—Boom 606, Butler County
! National Bank building.