Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, October 06, 1904, Image 3

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KOTR— All advertisers intending to make
rhaniTP* in their ad*, should notify us of
to do so not later than Mon
day morn in*.
Sheriff's Sale for Oct. 2a
Jury List for Sept. Term.
Duffy's Fall Goods.
R & R's Locals.
Notice to the Public.
The Butler Business College.
J. C. Powell, auctioneer.
Admlnlsii«i.»rs and Executors of estates
cin secure their receipt books at tbe
CITIZEN office, and person* m-iklng public
sales ibeir note books.
—Chestnuts are ripe.
—The leaves are falling.
—The clam-bake was a success.
—Four week's from next Tuesday is
election day.
—Don't sweep the leaves into the
sewer openings.
—Buckwheat cakes will soon be on
the bill of fare.
—Now is the time to plant your tall
and Winter advs.
—Duffy 's store is making a drive in
blankets and underwear. See adv.
- 'Saxonburg or bust" —was what
some young men were yelling Tuesday
—Baby clothes for three were needed,
and were only ready for one. Triplets
—About a hundred Butler Firemen
and the 16th Regiment band went to
Erie, yesterday.
—Saturday of this week is the last
day for paying taxes in order to vote
at the coming election
—Everybody returning from St.
Louis comments on the size of the
Fair. Some say it is too big.
—The Redding Gas Engine Co. has
secured a location in East Butler, and
is preparing to build a plant there.
—Schaul & Nast have dissolved part
nership—Mr. Naet retiring. Mr. Schaul
wjl] hereafter d<? business under bis
own name.
—"Japanese take pa»e»" is the report
today. They were not issued by the
Siberian Railway officials, but they go
ail the eame.
—Tbe approach of winter, or perhaps
it may be the dry weather, has caused
an advance of a cent a quart in th>-
prioe of milk.
—Philip Scbaul's new adv. will not
appear until next week. He is having
a dissolution sale, this week, and is be
ing kept bnsy.
—lt is said that quite a number of
Butlei voters will lose their votes at the
pqming election unless they pay up by
pexf Saturday.
—Two masked men held up Mrs.
Frank Palen of the West Hide, Friday
evening, and demanded her money, but
■be ran and screamed.
—Eggs have their faults, but there is
no danger of their being "too fresh."
They are scarce at present and our
grocers are paying 20 cents a dozen for
- -¥t>oma< Cooper purchased the leate
of the brick hotel in Saxonbqrg, last
Saturday, from the Gibson brothers and
yas here. Mppday. to secure u transfer
g| ltoans*.
—Three casts of small pox are report
ed to the County Commissioners from
Slippery rock and Cherry twps., near
C jaltown, by Dr. Hockenberry of West
—At tlip yjtoraobjle races on -Bru
fjofc'g Island, Lear Pittsburg, last week,
ftarney Old field ran his machine at tbe
late of a mile a minute, and took most
of tbe prizes.
—wrecks on fhe Bessie, last
Week, seat six ot the big smoke-makers
to the shops There were two wrecks
Saturday—one at Jamisonville and one
ft Branchton
—The friends of Mrs. Lincoln Cratty,
PR4r*Varker gaye her a sunrise, birth
day party, laiit Friday, and tboao of B.
Wimer.near Portersville helped him cel
ebrate his 75th birthday, last Thursday.
—Something over two years ago. H
H. Goucher secured a patent on an au
tomatic sash-lock, and this he has just
sold to a company at Coshocton, Ohio,
for $15,000 in stock and 10 per cent roy
—'+' be Institute Hill "bold up" man
vas at it again the other night, and se
cured the pocket book qf a young man
Who h(id taken bis lady home from a
party, and wqs waiting at q coper for
g street uw,
—Quite a nnmber of our citizens at
tended court last week—trying to find
out what property in Butler is worth
but all they learned was a verification
of Shakespeare's assertion that "com
parison} are qdjotyj *
—Tbe butler basket ball team defeat
ed the Young Americans of Homestead,
Friday eveniug, 80 to 12. Last niicbt
the Collegians and the Regulars played
before a large crowd. The score being
to 16 in favor of the Re^u^ars.
_ o(ju4« o» tbe automobiles appe»r to
b» afflicted with "locomotor ataxia,"
and make more noise than a threshing
machine both in starting and going.
One of them scared a lady's horse the
other day aud she called it an "autogo
inaohitjp '.'
—On the Robert Irwin farm, former
ly Sheriff Brown's, at Browusdale, last
week, a cow walked up a plank to gay.t;
into the depths of a H<>o barrel oil tank.
,fn»l fejl in Tljeve but, liftfa oil aiyi
«he was not drowned. Aftur a day aud
» niKlit her bawling dis'.'lostd bar lo
tion and th-» require<l Rnother - y
to get her ont,
- At the convention of the County
Commissioners of the state at Bcranton,
last week, a resolution favoring biennial
elections was passed, and also one
favoring the election of ward, township
and borouKh officers at the General
Elections None of our Commissioners
atu?ii<l<*t thin year. Neither proposi
tion will probably b« adopted by the
—The English sparrow—the "reed
bird" of the city restaurants -is in sea
son the year round, and so is the real
thing at present, if you can find him.
besides wild duck ut|d rail to Deo. lot.
seaman fur squirrel and pheasant
does not begin till next Saturday, week,
tbe 18th inst. ana for rabbits till Tues
day, Nov. Ist, but it will be all right
for you to get your gun out, Saturday,
and rub and pet it {or a week.
fJMewtly satisfactory, Ritter & Rock
•U«t-in's clothes.
i buy a suit which looks
Harvey Seaton of Zelienople visited
friends in Butler, yesterdav.
Ed Lantz has a swollen and painful
arm from contact with poison-ivy.
Absalom Monks of Clinton twp. was
t<4 years of age Tuesday, Oct 4th, and
is yet in good health.
Warren McCreary attended the funer
al of his uncle, Geo. W. McCracken. in
New Castle, last week.
Miss Olive Cribbs of Clarion, former
ly of the Butler schools, Sunday
with Miss Anna Thompson.
McCallaster Kuhn is building a house
on bis farm in Concord twp. for his son,
Frank, who was lately married.
C. W. Talbitzer and wife of Monroe,
Neb. are visiting Mrs. Talbitzer's sis
ter, Mrs. John H. Reiber, of Mercer St
Miss Emily Fisher of Centre Ave. at
tended the wedding of Nettie
Yogeley and John J. Lewis at New Cas
Miss Alice Markel and Mr. John 8.
Robertson, both well known young peo
ple of Greece City, were married yester
Mrs. John S. Campbell, of North
Main street, was called to Ithaca, N. \
Tuesday, by the serious illness of her
Mrs. E. E. Campbell of New Castle
street, left yesterday for Reading, Pa ,
where she will spend the winter with
her mother.
Rev. W.O . Campbell, of Sewickley,
conducted services at the funeral of
Hon. Geo. V. Lawrence in Monongabe
la, Tuesday.
Thomas Morrow of near Bakerstown
visited friends in Butler, last week He
makes a business of wintering horses
for townspeople.
Chief Engineer Wallace of the Pana
ma canal says we owe the French a
debt of gratitude for showing us "what
not to do" there.
Judge J M. Galbreath was at Wash
ington, Pa. ovf.r Sunday, where his
nephew, Roy McKee, who is attending
W. •& J College is sick with typhoid
Wes Rjessing, the undertaker, has
had his office re-papered and re furnish
ed. The young men's Congress meets
there every evening at 7, and their
elders at 8.
James C. Scott of N. Main St. is at
home again after spending ten days in a
Pittsburg hospital, recovering from in
juries sustained in a railroad wreck
south of Pittsburg.
Miss Minnie Armstrong of the Third
Ward is a brave girl. She shot at a
phicken thief, the other night, and the
fellow not only shot back at her, but
also threw a bottie of acid at her.
Benj. Ciphers and Mrs. Sarah Ritchie
of Penn twp., Allegheny county, and
Mrs. Porter of Pittsburg, hope to cele
brate their 02nd birthday, next Decem
ber. They are triplets, and both wo
men are mothers.
Geo M. Graham, Clerk of Courts, re
turned from St Louis, Sunday. His
daughter took hick there, and soon after
her arrival home developed a case of
scarlet fever, which will keep George
out of his office for sometime.
Postmaster Gereral Payne died
of heart disease at his home in
Washington. Worrying over the scan
dals in the Department is said to have
brought on the trouble, which was ag
gravated by a late article in one of the
Miss Mary Butterheld, after spending i
two weeks with Miss Nettie Payne of
Dunbar St., left, Friday, for Chicago to
enter the Moody Bible School, where (
she will train for mission work Miss (
Bntterfiiild has taught school in Butler, (
EvaDs City and ether parts of the coun- (
ty. |
Letter to Crystal Pharmacy, 1
litiller. Pa.
Dear Sir. A man Send me 2") 1
gallons. Generally I use 24; don't think
itll be enough 1
Had 7 left.
Ordered 0 more for another job; 10
for the job .
ttaJ U 1«f I, 1
This comes from Messrs W A & F
Bower, Methuen, Mass They add: j
This has been our experience all '
year. '
New agents always have to go '
through it. After a little, they learn to
guess better.
Yours truly
20 F W Devoe & Co
V. S. Patterson Bros. Hell our paint.
Puldle Sales.
Oct. 1U at 1 p.m., at G. 8. Huselton's, '
Penn twp., stock, farming 1
grain, # '' '
Oct. 11. at 12 o'clock noon, at J. W. <
McGeary's in Muddycreek twp., stock, ;
farming implements, bay. grain, house- j
hold furniture, etc. M. L. Clark, <
A act.
Oct 2(), at JO n.m. a{, Frank Welsh* I
in .Jefferson twp . stock farming iih <
plemeuttf. et<;. J. R. Kearns. Au. t. I
The Two OrphaUH. ,
The most interesting event of the '
coming theatrical season will be the ap- 1
pearanco of A. M. Palmer's all-star '
company presenting "The Two Or- ]
phans" at toe Nixon Theatie, Pittsburg, 1
week of October 17. Mr. Palmer, the
veteran manager' who 1
plav at the ITtflon Square Theatre in
1874, has gathered a company of stars
for this revival, and the enterprise is
attracting much attention on that ac-
count. A half dozen theatrical compan
ies have deen disbanded to enable their
leading players to participate if) this
important reviya}. '
Avenue Theatre, Plttutmrg.
The famous Empire Theatre, New
York, success, "Lord and Lady Algy,"
one of the most delightful comedies in
the English language; will be presented
at 4vemie Theatre by Manager
Havis' players following ' The Cavalier."
The announcement of this play iu a
stock theatre possesses unusual interest,
as it was revived only last season at the
Criterion Theatre, New York.
ItiimmuKe Hair.
The ladies 0? th»> binacopal church
will hold u rummage «ale, owning Mon
day, October 10, aud continuing from
day to day, in the room in the Duffy
Block North Main street, recently oc
curred by the Builders' Supply com
pany. Contributions of articles for the
sale are solicited.
Houe Old Friends.
Those who koow "how cruely sweet
are the echoes that start, when memory
plays an old tune on the heart". wiU '
pleased by an offer " Uj ,. Uu, cele•
l rat„d piunu H. Klebec
& Brother, of Pittsburg. Yfefcy wiO
;epd' a i;apy tjf tli' ir ' 's*»»• '
Hoagi"lo»»- -..a Old Time
'■ -jone who will fill out and
aeuu to them the coupon printed on an
other pajfo of thin paper.
First Signs
The first signs of having taken Cold
are a chill or shiver—a scrapy throat or
a sneeze-a disposition to prespire aud
always that tired feeling.
A few doses of Dr. Humphreys'
Seventy-seven will restore the checkr-d
circulation, start the blood
through the veins aud break up the
77 will also break up Colds that hang
on and do not yield to other treatment.
77 cures Coughs, Colds, Grip, Inttu
enza, Catarrh. Pains and Soreness in the
Head and Chest, Hoarseness, Sore
Throat, General Prostration and Fever.
At druggists, 25 L-onts each or, mailed
Humphreys'medicine Co., Cor. Wil
iam and John Streets, New York.
I will attend any sale in Butler Co.,
have had ample experience; leave your
date at the CITIZEN Office.
'( J. C. POWELL.
J Those well dressed men have been to
, see Hitter & Rocken stein.
' | Hanan and Tor rev $5.00 Shoes for
, men. Patrician $8.50 for ladies.
, Daubenspeck & Turner, 108 S Main St
' j Yon would look better in one of Rit
, ter A Rookrattein'a new Fall iuiU.
W. P. Snyder vs W. F. Slocum. tres
pass for SIOOO damages. The plff. alleges
that on Sept. 27 Slocum beat, ticked
and wounded him so that his life was
dispaired of. Slocum has no property
and bail in fIOOO was required.
On petition of John Younkins for the
heirs of R. H. Campbell, a rule was
granted on the County Commissioners
to show cause why an appeal from an
assessment of $4200 on a farm in Parker
twp. should not be allowed. Younkins
avers that the appeal was not filed at
the proper time because of an arrange
ment with the Commissioners by which
he claims they were to reduce the
Chris Domikas vs Standard Steel Car
Co., trespass for SSOOO damages. The
plaintiff, a carpenter, while at work
for the defendant, last year, was knock
ed down and run over by a car in their
yards, his arm being cut off.
Wtii. Watson of Mt. Chestnut has en
tered suit in trespass for slander vs A.
L. Bryan, John Scott and E. L. Shuster
Iu the estate of D. H. Wul'.er, an is
sue has been joined to test the validity
of the will, J. Lawall, admr, and the
mother, brothers and sisters being
plaintiffs and the two children, defend
James E. Marshall was appointed
guardian of the children of Charles
In the matter of the petition of the
town council of Butler borough for the
appointment of viewers to assess dam
ages and benefits in the widening and
extension of Franklin street, the court
appointed Alex.Mitchell, J. M. Leighner
and Jacob Keck, who are to meet on
the premises Oct. 17 The lands of the
P. Baldorf heirs is the property con
cerned in this matter.
Iu the Allegheny Co. Criminal Conrt,
last Friday. J. Henry Jalin was convict
ed of the embezzlement of SOOO.
A divorce was granted. Saturday, to
Elanor Beatty from James Beatty.
Robert B. Lean, Receiver of the Ljn
dora Supply Co. has petitioned lor leave
to sell all the store stock and the real
estate to close up the receivership.
Rules have been granted on John
Wimer of Worth twp. and on the Su
peruisors of Centre twp. to show cause
why they should not be indicted on ac
count of some bad roads
On petition of Assessor O. M Phillips
of the Third Ward, the names of Dr L
R Stackpole, Harry C Brent, Louis L
Monroe, David L. Floyd, John Floyd,
C. W. Irvine and W. H. Griffith have
been added to the Begiptry list=.
On petition of Assessor Geo. McJun
kin the names of John Call and Lewis
Williamson have been added to the
Fonrth Ward Registry list
Tony Cberri has petitioned for natur
The Butler Grocery Co. has petition
ed for a decree of dissolution. W. A.
Gcehring and the lute Frank Hunter
were the principal stockholders
Iu keeping with an order from the
bench at the May term of court. Judge
Doty at Greensburg. Pa., refused the
application of 40 foreigners for citizen
ship. According to the ruling no
foreigners are to be admitted to citizen
ship unless they can read or write. Half
a hundred applications w<*re ...ade at
the recent teru* of court, ahd i£ was set
forth in the papers that they had 110
knowledge of the English language.
Hence their rejection.
August Berger, of Washington county
gave a peculiar reason before a Justice
ot the peace for running away with an
other man's wife. Berger was accused
of e'oping with Mrs. Vincent Chevonar
andjdeaded guilty. He said: "Chevon
ar owed me £17.H0 for goods and I saw
no chance to get the qjonay, $0 took his
wife " Berger stated tnat he had no
great affection for the woman, but
thought she was next best to the money
Both Berger and Mrs. Chevonar were
committed to jail
The stato Court meets in
Pittsburg, ue*t week, and will oontinue
in aessiou for several weeks.
At its sessions two cases of general
interest will be heard—the appeals
from the decisions of the Dauphin
county conrt in the Judges_Salary act of
of I®o3 and the Rues case "
The factH as to the "alary act a;p gen
orally known, f\v.s th 6 liiU.3 cane grows I
out ot A bill'ifor nearly SO,OOO incurred 1
by the legislature of 897 for wine, t
whiskey, beer, cigars and other snp- \
plies, furnished the legislature of 1807 I
by James HUBS, a Harrisburg caterer, 1
while they attended the dedication of 1
of the Grant tojnb, but' tb<- bill waj ve- i
toed by lj6y. Hi*«tiug«. The legislature
of 18M passed a bill authorizing Russ \
to sue the state for the recovery of bin
claim, and this was vetoed by Governor
Stone A similiar act was passed by i
tlie last legislature, and was signed by I
Governor Pennypacker 1
Huss brought *uit last December in
the Daupliin'county court for the recov
ery of tuu claim. The court threw out
the case ou the ground that there was
no contract between the state and the
caterer. RUSH has since been trying to
collect his money from the members of
the legiplntare of 18U7 by asessing each
of thein sls as their prorata share of <
his bill. Few of them have paid any
attention to his assessment ' 1
The cases froity
beard d'lriHi; thu week l>eginning the
if th.
" The cases from this county t'or this
term are: ,
Weist vs Wuller.
Independent Natural Gas Co vs But- i
ler Water Co.
Durham, triuteu, vs Wick,
yuitfley vg P. 11. K. Co.
An assault that may result in murder
and an attempted escape discovered in ;
the nick of time were two sensational
features of one day in the Western Pen
iteritary, Allegheny, SUFU'tay.
j As the result of a desperate light in
south bloc# of the institution Satur
day afternoon a negro prisoner is in the
prison hospital suffering from severe
knife wounds that will cause
His assailant, another negro prisoner a
notorious Allegheny county convict, is
in solitary cofinement.
Guards the UHtye uifjcovered
p foru( ou a cot in a cell iu the
block was a dummy and a quick
search revealed that the prisoner had
escaped to the prison roof aud was at
tempting to make his way to liberty.
He was secured and placed in confine
While Warden W Jf>,kn.tun
admitted the factj iu both the oases he
lltfcliljed to reveal the names of the
criminals involved, stating that they
were matters not fully investigated and
all the facts must fitst be admitted to
the prison board before they a»-e jn
fUKIHKK'vy N; 2r aH«
Wu Uitlh »-
~~~ uenry DeWolf 44 acres
w infield tor $2400.
Geo Pinches to John Meckolas 41
acres in buffalo for SIOOO.
Paulo and H C Weibel to Harvey J
Laird lot iu butler for $2500.
Chas Hitnp to Pearce & Cleeland 100
acres in Summit for SIOO.
P 1' Brown, trustee, to Edith Stewart
lot in West Sunbury for S3OO.
F P Heydri.-k to J B and Barbara
iSlack, assignment, 4 acres and well in
Allegheny for SOOO.
It. B. Mahood, ex'r, to Chas. \V Wray
lot in North Washington for $375.
Manville Wiuterst<;en to John C. Gil
by, lot in Renfrew for $2.'(5.
John A. Mechling to Florence A.
Duncan, lot iu Fairview boro for S3OH.
A C Wilson to J G Wilson property
, in Venango for $75.
T G Lyon to Henrietta Nicholas lot
on South Side
I John and Hani Younkins to T DSut
. ton lease and we!ls iu Parker for SOOOO
A O Hepler to W E Blauey lease and
wells iu Oakland for $7500.
Chas Unify to TheoC. Schenck lot in
Butler for $200.00.
; Penna Co for Ins, trustee, to Win
field It It Co right of way for sl.
C F Hosford to A E Rejber lots on
Penn and Mercer and North sts for
} $2500 and S3OOO.
r Might as well have the best, try Hit
ter & ttockenstein s for your next suit.
! The well known Torrey waterproof
} bhof 00
D. & Tf., lOtt S. Main H*., Butler.
Marriage Licenses.
Sylvester ,T. Lackey Chicora
Ethel L. Kamerer "
G. L. McCandless Callerv
Ola Mincer
Howard S. English Franklin twp
Verda M Cnrrie Euclid
Paul H. Jones Philadelphia
Anna M. Rieger Fenelton
John S. Robertson Greece City
Alice Markell "
Miller H Douglas Evans City
Artie B. Godard
H. L. Brandon Butler
Frances Carter
At Pittsburg, Wm Meyers of Kane
and Grace Fletcher of Brain; H. B
Wise of Harmony and Ruth Anderson
of Rochester.
At Franklin—W. C. Bailey (or Blair)
of Irwin township and Nellie Gilmore
of Harrisville.
At Pittsburg. L R Chesney and Del
la Kranse of Saxonburg.
A Chicago girl forgot that she had
beenmarried until just before she was
going to the altar a second time-without
the formality of a divorce. The incident
is said to have cansed no surprise at all
in Chicago, where it requires a mathe
matical mind and a diary to keep track
of matrimonial complications
The Butler Business College
Is now in session. Step in and see
one of the best arranged, fiutst equip
ped and most thorough schools in
America. Everybody welcome. Rates
and terms liberal, expenses moderate,
special arrangements for out-of-town
students who wish to board at home.
Catalogue and circulars free Six
months.' night school beginning Nov.
Ist, for $25.00.
A. F. REGAL. Principal.
Butler, Pa.
Notice to the Public.
Bids for the scavenger work for the
Borough of Butler will be received by
the Board of Health up to 8 o'clock a.
w. Oct. 14th, 1004, for one year Con
tract to be let and the work to be done
according to the rules of the Borough
ordinance, Board of Health department,
which can be seen at the office of the
Board of Health.
A boud of £{oo.oo (three-hundred dol
lars/, must accompany each bid f)r the
faithful perrormance of said contract.
The Board reserves the right to reject
any or all bids. By order cf the
Board or Health.
R B Fowser, Sec'y.
Butler dealers are paying
Eggs ua
Butter .... .ao 32
Potatoes . 1 1 4o
Chickens, dressed .15 18
Apples, por bu 40
Cabbage, per lb 1
Lima beans, per qt 13$
Tomatoes, per bn 50
Peaches, per bu SI.OO
Cauliflower, per doz 1 00
Peppers, doz 10
Cbestnufg, per 1"« .. ' }0
Always up to date Hitter (ft Hocken
stein's clothing.
Going to buy a Fall Suit—trj Ritter
<fc liockenstein's.
D. & TV. Special for men, £l5O, fo *
ladies, £3.00. None i,c, good.
108 S. Maiu St., Butler.
The new Brown* at
Yoqr new Fall isuit at Ititter & Rock
One well and complete outfit and 45-
acre lease.
Six roomed hou«e, lot 43x182 feet, all
improvements, £2400.
Six-roomed houce and double lot,
Two new houses and lot, S3OOO
10-roomed house, every convenience .
fyroom house, every convenience,
10-roouj house. S3OOO.
fl-room house, SI4OO.
5 room house, new. $1250.
Southwest Diamond
insuuam E AT COST.
Tiie Butler County Merchants Mutual
Fire Insurance Co. has 13 directors
business men located in different sec
tions of the county—no insurance is
writteu unless the application js up
proved by one or more of the directors.
By taking qo had riafca the association
hopes to keep the cost down to a min
Ask the nearest director to you for
Directors—Edwin Meeder, Henry Ifft,
James Barr, Horace Bard, R. A Marks,
A. Krause, J. H. Harper. A- L. lieiber,
N. M. II. C. Lit*inger, T. P
Mifiiin, Robert Hcott and C, A. Aiken.
Butler Pa.
Made from pure, deep well water,
and delivered daily bv the
People s phone 4«'i. Bell 165 J.
Insurance and Real Estate.
If you wish to sell or buy property
yon will find it tg your advantage to see
Win. H. Miller, insurant!* and Real
Estate. Kootu .VW, Butler County
Bank building.
and Pure Spring Water, delivered daily
to aU parw of the town by
People's Phone 190.
"One price and that the lowest."
Shoes. Danbenspeck & Tqvue*,
108 S Mai n at , Butler.
Trj' thd -.torts that piea»e» both the
purse and mind,
Music scholars wanted at 128 W
Wayne St
>M:M>O To tiotiw hihl Hettirn
\riu Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Coach excuasion tickets on sale each
Tuesday ami Thursday, good for return
within seven days.
- l^pMiiltlu"
ouly *
tj<>u in „.«nl annual exposi
...o united States, opens August
..1 st and closes October 22nd, UM>4.
Low rate excursions via the Bessemer
& Lake Erie R. R. every Thursday
from Sept. Bth to October 20th inclu
sive. For rates and time of trains in
quire of Bessemer A«ents, or address
E. L>. Comstock, G. P A , Pittsburg.
California Information.
California is a big state; large of area,
rich in natural wealth, tremendous in
its scenic features and with a future
full of great promise Every American
is more or less interested in knowing
about this wonderful commonwealth.
A forty page folder with more than half
a hundred beautiful illustrations and a
complete map of the statu in colors has
been issued by the Chicago & North
Western Railway. It contains in con
densed and interesting form, a hihss of
information on various subjects of in
terest, including a list of hotels at Cal
ifornia tourist points with their rates,
capacity, etc. Sent to any address on
receipt of four cents in stamps
A 0 Tallant, General Agent, 504
Smith field Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
Low Itatua to Plttuburg Impo
1 Via B. &O. R. R.. round trip fare
from Butler $1.50 including admission
to Exposition. Tickets on sale every
Wednesday, Sept?ml)«r 21st to October
10th inclusive, good returning three
days including date of sale. Musical
attractions better than ever. For fur-
C ther information see jsjsters or consult
i W. R. Turner, Ticket Agent, Butler,
The market—Remains at $1.56.
In the districts producing Pennsyl
vania oil, which inclnded the fields of
New York. Pennsylvania, southeastern
Ohio and West Virginia. 89* wells were
completed in September. The new pro
duction amounted to 0,211 barrels and
there were 211 dry holes.
Jefferson twp— Henry Keasev has a
good gasser on the David Lefevre. near
No. 2 school-hcuse, from the gas saud:
and a Pittsburg firm has one from the
fourth on the Wachsmuth. The Stand
a.id Plate of Butler is drilling on the
Henry Nicholas between them. These
wells open some territory that has never
before been drilled.
Marion — The Clocking Hen Oil Co.
sold their big gasser on the Win. Ma
bold, Monday, to the .New Castle com
pany. Report bas it that they got $5.-
000." The well had a pressure of about
600 lbs.
Connoquenessing—W. H. and Lewis
Rader have a good well on the
farm on the 100-foot. It was showing
Tuesday for a 100 barrels. The farm
and well are within the boro.
Penn twp—The Phillips wells on the
Campbell and Martin are doing from 50
to t>o bbls each.
S. Shaffner, Jr., has a fair producer
on the Mangel.
No. 3 on the Marshall is doing a bar
rels. and the South Penn's on the Stap
les is reported dry.
OO California, Oregon an
Colonist one-way second class tickets
on sale daily from Chicago to San Fran
cisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Tacouia,
Seattle and other Pacific Coast points,
and still lower rates to Utah, Montana,
Wyoming and Idaho points, via the
Chicago, Union Pacific & North-West
ern Line. Correspondingly low rates
from all points.
Daily and Personally Conducted Ex
cursions in Pullman Tourist Sleeping
Cars, double berth only $7,00 from Chi
cago, ou fast through trains. Choice of
routes. No change of cars. All Agents
sell tickets via this line. For full par
ticulars address A. 0- Tallant, Gen'l,
Agt. 504 Smithfield Street, Pittsburg,
St. Louis Exposition
Auent. of the B. & L. fc. are prepar
ed to Bell excursion tickets of all classes
to St. Louis for persons wishing to visit
the Exposition. Call on or write near
est agent for full intormation.
To St. Louis via H. A'- L- A ll *
of the road will sell
sefijon, sixty-day, fifteen-day and coach
excursion tickets to St. Loui* on ac
count of the Exposition, Inquire of
nearest Agent for rates, route, etc. or
write E : D. Comstock, G, P. A.. Pitts
SI.'LOO To St. LOIHK ami Return
Via BuiUtiiuiv «tnd Ohio Railroad.
Coaoh excursion tickets on sale each
Tuesday and Thursday, good return
within seven days.
Cheap hates West
Via Chicago Western Railway,
Fro;u Ilth to Oct. 15th one way
tickets will be sold from Chicago, 111.
at the following low rates. Most CHl
ifornia Points $33.00, Idaho, Washing
ton and Oregon points s,uo 50 to 00,
Montana Colorado and [.Wyoming
point! $25 00 to SBO.OO. Equally low
rates to many other points. State num
ber in party and destination and write
J. P. Elmer. G. P. A. Chicago, 111, for
fnather information.
Louisiana Purchase Exposition.
Excursion tickets on sale at all B. &
L. E. R. R. stations. For information
as to rates. routes, etc. interview agents
or address E. D. Comstock, G. P. A.,
The Chicago & North Western Ky.
has issued a new publication entitled
"California." It contains a beautiful
colored map of the siatp, a list of ho
tels at California tourist resorts with
their capacity and rates; and a most in
teresting series of pictures showing
California's resources and attractions
The prospective visitor and settler
should be in possession of a oopy of
this profusely illustrated folder. Sent
to any addreia on receipt of four cents
in stamps. One way tickets on sale
daily September 15 to October 15, only
|33.00 Chicago to the Coast. Corres
pondingly low rates from all points.
A. y Tallant, Gen'l. Agt. 504 Smiths
Street, Pittsburg, Pa.
The Colorado Special.
Chicago, Union Pacific & North-West
ern Line.
This solid through train, only one
night to Denver, leaving Chicago at
7:00 P. M., reaching Denver next even
ing at 9 o'clock. A perfectly appointed
train. Another Colorado train leaves
Chicago daily at It-.Mi P. M., arriving
Deuver tarly second morning, over the
only double track railway between
Chicago aud the Missouri River. The
last of everything. The Chicago-Port
land special leaves Chicago d«ily at
11:00 P. M., with through sleeping w»r
service to San Francisco., U'ts Angles
and Portland.
Tickets and full information can lie se
cured from your home agent or address
504 Smithfield St Pittsburg, Pa
World* fr'tur.
Ti.e Baltimore and Ohio R. R. will
*eil excursion tickets from Butler to St.
LouU. Mo., account of the World's
Fair, at the following rates: -
Tickets, go<xl for the season, return
ing any time to December 15th wi',l be
sold every day at $23.«0 far the ronni
Tickcta good returning sixty days,
not later than December 15th, will be
told every day at $ 19.10 for the round
Tickets good for returning within fif
teen days will l»« sold every day ntsl-t9O
for the round trip.
Coach excursion ihiew, with return
limit of seven days, will hie sold twice a
week, every Tuesday anil Thursday, be
ginnxiig May 17th, until June 30th, at
*13.00 for the round trip Coach excur
sion tickets are restricted to day coaches. I
whether on regular or special trains, 1
For further parVii-aUi*, ca»> ou or
address nwwt H*hi & ohio Tick
** Of b. Austin, General Pas
bouir** A g en x,, Chicago.
#i:j OO to St. Loins and Return.
Via B. O. R. R
Coach excursion tickets on sale each
Tuesday and Thursday, good for return
within seven days.
Wabash K\curHl«i»H.
SIS.(K) St. LouiH and return. Limit
fifteen <lavH. On Hale daily.
$lB.lO St. Louis and return. Limit
Hixty days. On nile daily.
$22 HO St. Lonis and return. Limit
December 15th. On Hale daily.
$40.00 Denver. Pueblo or Colorado
Spring* and return. On sale daily.
Limit fifteen days
$4!1.10 Denver, Pueblo or Colorado
Springs and return. On Hale daily.
Limit Hixty days.
SIO.BO Denver, Pueblo or Colorado
Springs and return. On Hale daily.
Limit, October Hint.
$42 00 San Francisco, Los Anglen,
Poptland and other Pacific Coast points.
One- way Colonist tickets on sale daily
from Sepr. 15th to Oct. lßth.
Pullman sleepers and Free Iteclining
Chair cars <>n Wabash trains.
Detailed information regarding rateH
and routes to all points West, together
with folder containing map of St. Louis
and the World's Fair ({rounds, cheer
fully furnished on application.
Ash't. O. P. A.
320 Fifth Ave . Pittsburg, Pa.
IMttsliurg Imposition Excursions
Via the B. & L E. It. It. every Thur
sday, Sept, Mth to Oct. 20th, 1004 inclu
sive. One fare for round trip plus
1 twenty live cents admission. Inquire
1 of agent* for full information.
: - ate constitution exposes a
! to ail sorts of ailments. * Do not
; . :csr.y more time and money trying
: >ct<jr each complaint separately.
! /' ~i ' r the Constitution.
I .n-To tie takes right hold of any
TCIU sv. 'em and builds a good
-.lthy foundation.
| i puis life and vigor into the body
icrt mind. -
| 1 hat is t. hat the child needs, that is
What any person who is weak and
! sickly needs. I itality.
People gro-.v thia. pale, even become
| 3 o ill they are obliged to give up their
occupation, v.hcn there is nothing
r-ro::g with tliem excepting they are so
tired, so w. ak, their vitality is'so low.
1 o say that I:it-Tone is worth its
weight in gold to thi e suffering from
;. '.ick of energy is to speak lightly of
it. It is invahiabta n? it i»cgitw its
\7o:k with tho llrst dose ard in a
remarkably short space of time the
patient is restored to a liv&lthy vigor
ous condition.
Many miserable wrecks have been
transformed into strong happy men
and women by this marvel of .recent
medical discoveries, I 'in- Tovc.
Good for little *na big folks
CQe Fle*»ont to tak--.
Sold on a positive guarantee oj
Near the Court Honse, Butler, Pa.
St. I.OIIIS Excursions'
The B. & L. E. road will sell law vate
excursion tickets to St. Louis on ac
count of the Louisiana Purchase Expo
sition. inquire of agents for rates and
other information.
World's Fair Excursions.
Low rate ten-day coach excursions
via P. R. R., Oct. 5, 13, 111 and 20
Rate $lB 00 from Butler Train leaves
Butler st 4:30 p. m., connecting with
special train from New York arriving
St. Louis 4:15 p, W, ne\tday.
U. O. Excursions.
September 15 to October 15. inclusive,
the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Comp
any will well one way Colonist excur
sion tickets at greatly reduced rates to
points in the West and Northwest.
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or 15. N. Austin, Gener
al Passenger Agent. Chicago, 111
I'arior Car Between Chicago
and Omaha,
In addition to its already remarkably
complete train service between Chicago.
Council Bluffs and Omaha, The North
western Line has inaugurated elegantly
equipped parlor car service through to
Omaha without change leaving Chicago
10:15 a. in. daily arriving Omaha 11:40
p. in. Buffet, smoking and library car
on this train ah o open to parlor car pas
sengers. Othei fast trains leave Chica
go 7:00 p. in., 8:00 p. m. and 11:00 p. m.
viaily over the only double track railway
between Chicago aud the Mo. River.
Information and tickets can be secured
from your home agent or address
A. TallantG. P. A.
504 Smith field St. Pittsburg, Pa.
Reduced rates to the Pittsbusj;
On Thursdays, September 13, 22 and
29 and October 0, 13, and 20, 1904, the
P. R. R, Co. will sell excursion tickets
from stations on the West Penn Divis
ion to Pittsburg.and from other stations
of the West Penn Branch to Allegheny
City, at half fare, with admission to
the Exposition added.
Thse tickets will he good going on
regular trains leaving stations at or be
fore noon on day issue, and will be val
d for return passage until the follow
ngday, inclusive.
Colonist Rates to Colorado and
other Western Points
From September Hto October 14. in
clusive, the Pennsylvania R. R. Co. will
sell one-way Colonist tickets from all
points in its territory to Western and
Southwestern points at greatly reduced
rates, thus affording a specially attrac
tive opportunity to visit the growing
and rapidly developing crop-producing
sections of the great Western Empire.
Detailed information as to rates and
tinits of train* can be had of all Pa. R.
R. ticket ai'ents.
Joyfully exclaims many an hki»l jiersou
after having obtained glasses from tin
We take particular pain* with all who
come to u* for glasses, but especially so
with |*x>ple beyond middle age, as we
realise their necessity for improved
vision. All examinations free.
We also sell —•
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman uu<l Poco Cameras.
Phofci .Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
Optical goods.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Corn-t House
Look a Bit
and don't use undue haste in ordering
your Fall suit or Fall overcoat. Im
ported and domestic gix>ds comprise the
makeup of our line of
We build garments fit for a prince
and ouly charge every day prices. One
suit like we make out-wears two of the
ordinary kind. To be properly dressed
for either society or business means
buying clothes from us.
,Cor. Diamond, Butler, Fa.
B. & B.
new dress stuffs
Large new choice assortments now in
! —selling at small profit prices.
See the new Eoliennes—rich silk and
wool. Plain and Novelty Stuffs for
dresf-y gowns, SI.OO to $2.25 a yard, in
cluding Monochecks, lattice spots,
broche. picote, and hroiderie anglahe
effects in the shades this fruitful season
approves, including those which the
ultra fashionable hold most precious.
Voiles, 25c to $2.00.
Imported Voiles. 75c, SI.OO and $1.50.
Special line 54 inch Suitings—man
nish Kerseys in hazy broken checks— •
Grays. Tans. Greens, Browns, Blues—
sl.2s. Send for sample*.
Our mail order catalogue is now
ready—free for those who want it.
Supplementary to our regular mail
order catalogue, we have now on the
presses a new Book Catalogue—more
complete than any we have ever issued.
All the very newest fiction, bays' and
girls' stories, juvenile toy hooks, Poetry,
Bibles, Prayer books, Religious Treat
ises, Dictionaries and Cook Books
catalogued for easy selection—sent free.
Boggs & Buhl
4 Selling as 3 hat is no *
? no great shakes—but \
4 selling such a hat as the #
j Imperial j
{ at $3 is Something *
2 They are guaranteed. *
£ We have dozens of dif- £
ferent shapes. £
£ Have just received new 2
f Shirts and Neckwear. £
j Knox Hats, 1
; Imperial Hats.
jJno. S.Wick. I
# Peoples Phone, 015. #
The Hunting Season
Is Approaching.
We have on display the most complete
line of hunting outSs ever shown in
15 different styles of Hunting Coats
ranging in price from $1 to $5.
A large line of guns and rifles in price
from $2 to S4O.
An immense stock of loaded shells.
A complete line of leggins, cleaning
ro«ls, kuu cleaners, recoil pads, lielts.etc.
Everything for the dogs—collars,
leads, chains, whips, muzzles, dog
cakes, etc. At
241 H. Main St.
Sporting Goods.
to Exposition will find the
Ladies' and Gentlemen's
Dining ami Lunch Kooms,
19 & 21 Park Way, Opp. Boggs & Buhl's
(Near Ft. WayneStation) Allegheny, Pa
f-asy and Quick!
To make the very best soap, simply
di olve a tan of Banner lye in cold
water, melt 5 '2 H»s. of grease, pour the
Lye water in the grease. Stir and put
aside to set.
l-ull Directions on livery I'ackaje
r,(inner I.yt i > pulverized. The can
may be opened and closed at will, per
mitting the u:.e of a small quantity at a
time. It is just the article needed in
every household. It > v >" clean paint,
floors, marble and tile work, soften water,
disinfect sinks, closets and waste pipes.
Write for booklet "Uses of Jiunner
lye " —free.
The I'enn Chemical Works, Philadelphia
learn the barber trade *lx week* time at
Nossokoffs Barber School,
1405 Peun Avenue, Pittsburg. I'h.
1 ■" ■ '
Duquesne Vehicle Co
Fall Clearance of all Pleasure
Vehicles—2s to 50 Per Cent
400 to 404 DUQUESNE WAY.
■ Rail of 19CM-. 1
K These cool nights mean that the warm weather isß
H over, and it behooves you all to look out for heavierß
■ goods. In our spacious stores you find, not only the!
■ largest but the lowest priced stock of Woolens in the B
■ country. ■
■k Consisting of the Following: S
I BlflnkfitS ! c °tton Heavy Spreadl
I Comforts • A " Wo °' Woolensß
B Dress Goodsn
B i InrIoPUiOQP i F,eece Lined Flannettesß
H UIIUCI WtMl ) and All Wool E
K Flannels §
ft' In our Carpet Department which enjoys an enviableß
■ position not only in the county but out of it, will be found. B
■ Hemp Carpet and Straw Mattings, the cheapest Floorß
■ Coverings All Cotton Ingrain. Half Wool Ingrain. B
9 Hartford two and three ply all wool, the very best make inß
■ the world. Body and Tapestry Brussels, Velvet Carpets B
■ and the Acme of Carpet prefection Hartford Axminsters.B
■ Then we have Small Rugs, Large Rugs, and Druggets, B
B Brussels and All Wool, in endless variety. Linoleumns, B
I Oil Cloths! IM }Hundreds I
■•of Patterns from which to choose. B
B NOTE —Our prices are the old prices in every Department B
I Duffy's Store. I
| [Now Rapidly !
[j Arriving. <
rj Everything in the Furniture line, the newest and .
*k 1 est t0 ac ** i 1
r A Fine Bed Room Suits, Combination Cases, Odd ,
k* Dressers in oak, mahogany or birds-eye maple; .
wA Parlor and Library Tables, highly polished, is quar- L
tered oak or mahogany; Rocking Chairs in solid
f seats, mahogany or polished oak, leather seats and k
v' backs. F
r Iron and Brass Beds, Parlor Suits of three and k
V five pieces, with a variety of odd pieces in chairs; F
¥ Divans, Davenpcrts and Sofa' Beds. L
Our display of Dining Room Furniture will be of *
r the very best in Tables, round or square, with Buf-
L fets or Sideboards and Chairs to match. {
y Don't fail to see our line of fine Couches, covered
* in velours, veronas, imitation and genuine leather. (
[\ BROWN & CO. \
M No. 135 North Main St., Butler.
I Fall and Winter Millinery- 1
tg Arrival of a large line of Street Hats, Tailor-made •£
T and ready-to-wear Hats. All the new ideas and
3: designs in Millinery Novelties. Trimmed and Un- &
T|T trimmed Hats for Ladies, Misses and Children. All
3? the new things in Wings, Pom-pons; Feathers, ifc
Jf? Ostrich Goods, etc, etc. A
I Rockensteln's i
1 Millirxery Emporium,!
828 South Main Street, Butler, Pa.
IH greatly lessened by comfortable footwear. THE flexibility of
Shoes for women makes walking a pleasure. All the attract!veneM, a y
mid service of a custom-made shoe is found in the Patrician. Inere
27 styles to select from.
People s Phone 633. 108 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
We Welcome You | [
' To our Fall 1!H)I showing of Millinery, Suits, ( t
Wraps, Skirts, Waists, Dress Goods, Silks. Neck-
wear and Trimmings, ltain Coats, Misses',' >
""" M Children's and Junior Coats. < ►
Women who wear tailored garment* from this
/'store liave the double satisfaction of knowing
/ V /\ they are proi>erly dressed and have received >
y \ value for their money. .
/ / \ Ifl.Ti forTourl«tOoaU. worth JH.OO
I I s.W for Tourlht worth 12.40 )
L | l • 10.00 for flu© Ta!lured Hultn, worth $15.00 |
I fl |Y I 2.1* 'or Ladles' line Tailored Hklrls. worth 4.00 , i
, // K I B.W for I-IKIU K' line Tailored HUlrtH. worth fi.oo |
I i< j 4.M for Ladle*' Hue Tallorod Mklrt*, worth ..SO < I
| I f We make a specialty of Skirts for Jaree >
'' W men—bands up to 87 inches. New Silk Waists,
0 ? W\. colors brown, blue, »U» black, SB.OO. well worth
I $7.00. sß.&n buys a Rain Coat, real value 918.00.4 j
\ All the new weaves and coloring, also black, in
< > / I\i \ Dress O.H>ds and Silks The store is so full of' , r
J, f 1 ' \\ the new in every department that giving \
' I M \is far beyond possibility. We extend yon a
1 I 1 lia | cordial invitation to ootne and see.
( 1 > / the popular STOKE. < >
|Mrs. J. E. Zimmerman!
! !> EijSffiSi.* Butler, Pa.