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WILLIAM 0. HEOLEY - Publisher.
t I
tUlftr year la Advance, Otherwise $1.50
President—Theodore Roosevelt, ]
Vice President—C. W. Fairbanks. I
Supreme Judge —John P. Elkin.
Congress—Hon. Geo. F. Huff.
State Senate—George W. McNees.
Legislature—Hon. Thomas Hays, (
Dr. W. R. Hockenberry,
District Attorney—Samuel Walker, 1
Clerk of Courts— L. E. Christley. i
———- |
Hailstones. i
The tremendous downfall of what are
called hailstones across the northern
part of the county, last Saturday even
ing, and the reported size of some of
them—walnuts and hen-eggs—makes one
Wonder how they are formed. The
theory °' the formation of the ordinary
hailstone, or small ball of snow, is that
a cloud or mass ef vapor rises into what
is called the snow region of the atmos
phere and is there suddenly congealed
and falls to the earth; but when the
stones are "as large as walnuts" and
comprised of solid ice, that theory wil'
not do, and the other one is that the
falling rain drops are caught in the
gyrations of a cyclone, carried up into
freezing zone and frozen into hail, ,
then dropped into the rain belt or zone,
and then back again—the alternate
freezing and dropping causing them to ,
receive additional coats of ice, and thus
enlarge nntil they are thrown outside
the gyrations of the cyclone and fall
to the earth.
All this is gness work, however, and
is on the par with our theories regarding
earth-quakes and other things, about
which we really know nothing.
A MEETING of the borough members
of the County Committee and the City
Committee was held in Republican
headquarters, over Eyth's stationary
store, Monday evening, to arrange for
political work dnring the coming cam
paign. Meetings of all the Ward Com
mittees were called for this (Thursday)
evening in Headquarters. All Repub
licans are urged to attend. It should
be conclusively proven this fall that
Butler is a Republican town.
In the several engagements of last
week the Japs were generally success
ful; driving the Russians from their
positions near Haicheng, and advanc
ing their own lines toward Liao Yang,
the railroad town that has been the base
of the Russians for some time.
The last reported engagement was at
Au-shan-chan, from ten to twenty
miles north of Haicheng, which wat
evacuated by the Russians.
At the end of the week one division
of Kuroki's army was threatening Muk
den and another Liao Yang, while the
third seemed to have joined the armies
of Nodzu and Oku, near Hai Cheng.
The Russians were retreating and
eon centra ting—fighting for time and
reinforcements —but the climax was ex
pected to come any day.
army is said to number
•bout 120,000 men, while the different
Jap armies contain nearly double that
number: and besides this one division
ofKuroki s army was said to be in po
sition to interfere with the retreat of
the Russians should they attempt to
change their base to Mukden or Har
Field artillery is playing a very im
portant part in this war. each army has
about 800 pieces but the Japs are the
beet marksmen.
A Jap army is said to have landed up
the Liao river, to the west of the Rus
sian position, and if Kuroki has headed
them off to the north, as reported, then
Kuropatkin must risk all in a general
engagement, for he is practically sur
On Monday a general advance of all
the Jap armies was reported, the inten
tion being to attack all the Russian po
sitions from Liao Yang to Mukden,
simultaneously; and on Tuesday the
Russians were again reported aB retreat
ing to Mukden, to eave themselves from
Kuroki's flanking movement.
At Port Arthur, the Japs, according
to reports from Tokio had penetrated
to the third line of the Russian defenses
but yesterday's papers reported another
repulse for them, Monday night.
The prize court at Vladivostok, after
due investigation,finds that the British
steamship Knight Commander, which
was sunk by Russian cruisers, was a
lawful prize, her cargo being wholly
contraband. The cargo consisted chief
ly of railway materials, which the ves
sel's papers showed to have been con
signed through a Japanese port to
Chemulpo, with the manifest purpose
of using it in the construction of the
Japanese military railroad from Seoul to
the Yalu river.
Y. P. C. U. Convention.
The annual Presbyterial convention
of the Young Peoples' Christian Union
of the United Presbyterian church, was
held last Wednesday and Thursday in
the historic old Harmony church, near
Harrisville. Most of the delegates ar
rived Wednesday afternoon and enjoy
ed a hay ride from Carter station to the
church where, after enrollment, lunch
was served. In the evening Rev. J. A.
C. McQuistion, of Baldwin, spoke on
Giving and Church Finances and Rev.
Purvis, of Grove City, on the Influence
of the Individual on the Life of the
World. Thursday morning the reports
of the committees and the correspond
ing secretaries were received. Mrs.
Bracken, of Harrisville, conducted a
meeting >f the Juuiors and Mrs. R. E.
English, of Grove City, spoke on Jun
ior work. Rev. J. H. Breaden, of West
Bunbury, spoke powerfully on the liq
uor question and the general sentiment
of the convention was in favor of refus
ing all licenses.
Dinner was served in the Sabbath -
school room. In the afternoon S. S.
Atwell spoke, his subject being "Sum
ming Up the Evidence." The closing
address was the convention's feature.
It was delivered by Rev. C. R. Watson,
secretary of the Church Board of For
eign Missions. Rev. Watson, a young
man, was the son of a missionary and
was born in Egypt and educated in this
country, graduating from the Alleghe
ny Seminary with Rev. A. R. Robinson.
Rev. Watson recently returned from an
inspection of the church mission fields
in Egypt and India and his remarks
were very interesting. The convention
voted all its funds to the mission work.
The following officers were elected:
President, Rolla H. McQuistion. Butler;
vice presidents, Eathan McMichael,
Euclid, and Frank Houston, Eau Claire;
Treasurer, Miss Nettie Dougan, Harris
ville, Secretary, Ruth Braham, Harris
ville; Junior Secretary, Mrs. R. E. Eng
lish, Grove City; Executive Committee,
Rev. A. R. Robinson. Rev. J. S. Wilson,
Prospect. Marion Gibson. Slippery
Rock; Miss Nancy McGarvey, Baldwin;
Miss Sarah Douthett, Brownsdale.. Rev.
E. 8. Littell, Zelienople. is correspond
ing secretary. Pastor C. 8. Meanor dis
missed the assemblage with prayer and
The High Privilege of tin-
(John Brisben Walker in the Cosmopol
When American citizenship shall
have reached its highest development,
the duty of voting will no longer be a
careless, perfunctory, ill-studied and
hastily performed act.
There will be a preparatory ceremo
ny, in which the citizen will stand be
fore his fellow men and, with uplifted
hand, solemnly affirm that in exercising
the high duties devolving upon him as
a voter, he —
Has studied with diligence the issues
presented for decision;
Has made carefnl inquiry concerning
the integrity and administrative abili
ties of the candidates in nomination:
Will cast his vote without prejudice,
without personal bias, without influence
by money or promise of any personal
advantage, direct or indirect;
Will, in casting his vote, have regard
solely and entirely to the benefit of the
country at large if the vote be national,
or if local, with reference to the good of
the community.
Eventually the voter will come to
recognize that a failure to fulfil this
duty earnestly, thoroughly and with
highest integrity, should expose him to
the contempt of his fellow citizens, and
should disfranchise him from the exer
cise of the high privilege of voting—and
he will understand that corrupt voting
brings in its train wars, panics, loss of
income, and suffering in a thousand
If, after solemnly making this affirm
ation in the presence of his fellow cit
izens, the voter proceeds to the secrecy
ot the voting-booth, who doubts that he
will not, in nine cases out of ten, act
differently from the careless, thoughtles?,
ill-judging, selfish or corrupt man who
today retards by his vote the destiny of
our Republic?
Within the past twenty years, corrup
tion at the polls has increased with a
rapidity that appals those who have
read the history of the republics of
Rome and Greece. Something must be
done to rescue the average citizen from
his indifference to and ignorance of the
power contained in his vote. Men must
be educated systematically through vil
lage societies, and above all, the public
schools must take up the training of
the child to the importance of the func
tion which he will eome day exercise as
a citizen.
Penalties for bribery at the polls are
already severe. But in every town
there must be a society whose business
it is to pursue the briber and the bribed
until the doors of the penitentiary close
upon them. And the only legal excuse
for absence from the polls should be a
certificate of ill health or certified ab
sence from the county.
Hitherto we have neither educated
our schoolchildren in the duties they
will some time exercise as voters, nor
surrounded the voters themselves with
such safeguards as will elevate them to
a comprehension of the high responsi
bility entrusted to them.
And if it continues to go unchecked,
bribery at the polls will overthrow the
The Gallagher reunion will be held at
the lite residence of Furgeson Gallagh
er, dee'd, Aug. 27, 1904. All are invit
Mrs. Arthur Cooper of Slipperyrock
was the guest of her folks not long
The accidental death of Norman
Shanor. Friday, Aug. 5, was a very sad
affair indeed, and onr entire communi
ty is in sympathy with the bereayed pa
rents. Norman was a strong, manly,
industrious young man, and the sudden
ending of his young, hopeful life is one
of the sad things of life.
Mrs. A. W. Shannon is recovering
from an attack of typhoid fever.
Mrs. John Kneiss recently last a pair
of eye-glasses and case, with the name,
G. K. McAdoo, on it. The finder will
be suitably rewarded upon the return
of the glasses.
Mrs. Rachel Albert recently fell down
the stair steps, and sustained injuries
that have kept her in bed for some
Miss Boehm, who has returned from
an extended yisit to Mantua and Erie,
has resumed the leadership of the M.
E. choir.
Mrs. James Blake of Scio, Ohio, was
here, last week, visiting her father in
law and mother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs.
Jat. Blake.
Allen McCall. Geo. Burry, Lyman
Kennedy and Widdie Wilson had a con
test to see who could hoe a row of corn
' across the field first. "The other boys
were not in it with Widdie," says Al
L. M. Roth has a book that tells the
right sign to plant seeds and plants, cut
timber, make fence, cut brush and oth
er things that farmers do. Friday and
Saturday were the days for cutting
I brush and several did so to see if there
is anything in the sign.
Pianos are becoming as common as
bicycles were. Someone has counted 18
pianos in our town.
Maggie McDonald has returned home
from Mt. Chestnut, where she was en
gaged in sewing.
Thomas Cratty and wife, who spent
the past year at Ada. 0., where Mr.
Cratty was going to school, are visiting
their parents at present. John Scott
and boys were down on Camp Run, last
week, remodeling and renovating the
old U. P. church there.
Beighley Bros, were on the Kirker
farm, last week, building a derrick.
Alonzo McCandl6BS has quite a large
hay harvest, aijd Clyde Shanor has gone
out to assist him.
E. E. Welir is talking cf starting a
milk wagon on Sept. 1., in place of Mrs.
Alexander, who is said to be going ont
of the business.
Nels Over lave, who came from
Sweden when Charles P. Johnson did,
is in town to see Charley. Mr. Over
lave is assisting Charley in the present
throng, as Charley has #o many wedding
saits to make. JOE COSITY.
Notice is hereby given that the
partnership heretofore subsisting be
tween Henry H. MeKinney and John
Kohlmeyer, nndw the firm name of the
Butler Engine Works, Limited, was dis
solved on the 24th day of June, 1904, by
mutual consent.
All debts owing to such partnership
are receivable by Henry B MeKinney,
to whom also all claims and demands
against the same are to be presented for
The business is to be carried in the
firm name as usual by the said Henry
B. MeKinney.
June 29th, 1904.
.NotU-e ot Decree of Court.
To all whom it may concern
Notice is hereby jriven that on the
18th day of June, A. D. 1904. the Court
of Common Pleas of Butler County, Pa ,
at M. S. D. No. 3. June Term, 1904,
Made a decree changing the name of
Harvey Pierce Kiester to Harvey Pierce
gO7 Butler County National Bank Bldg.
Robert Sefton of Clinton twp. was cut
across the legs by H splint from a falling
tree while falling timber on Monday
of last week.
An engine and 23 cars of ore left the
"Bessie" at Hnral Ridge, below Cuhner
ville. last Friday and delayed traffiic
for oyer a day.
Norman Shanor' aged about "22 years,
and a son of Cam r> field Shanor of Mud
dy creek twp. met with a fatal accident
last Friday.
He was helping to load logs at the
time, and they had one nearly on the
wagon when the chain broke and the
log rolled back over him. It was a
large log, it crushed his chest, and he
was dead before it was removed.
William Martin of near Whitestown
who was poisoned some weeks ago by
eating cherries and then drinking milk
is now able to be about. The mixture
caused him to make violent efforts to
throw-up. dnring which he ruptured a
blood-vessel in his head and had a stroke
of apoplexy.
Three young ladies boarding with ex-
Slieriff Thompson in Centre township,
were thrown from their buggy in But
ler, last week. Their horse scared at
an auto.
During a storm at Beaver Falls, Sat
urday evening, a street car was struck
by litrhtning and set on fire. The crowd
of picnickers on it were shocked, but
nobody was seriously injnred
The foothills of the Rockies, at a
point near Pueblo, Colo , were the scene
of a terrible railroad accident Monday
evening. A cloudburst changed a usu
ally small stream into a raging torrent
which undermined the foundations of a
bridge. A heavy train, filled with ex
cursionists for the World's Fair, came
along, the bridge went down, and the
engine and three coaches went into the
raging torrent. Nearly all the passen
gers were drowned and swept down the
stream for several miles. Some of the
bodies were recovered five miles below
the scene of the accident.
Elmer Westerman, of Buffalo town
ship. was struck and instantly killed by
lightning while working in harvest field
last Saturday evening. A sndden storm
came up as the harvesters were getting
in the last load. Elmer was standing
near a tree, a pictnre of which was im
printed on his side.
Chas. Helmbold, of Middlesex town
ship, fell from the roof of a porch, last
Saturday night, and was seriously in
Robt. Stroub had his jawbone broken,
Tuesday, by an accident to an engine
in Butler twp.
NIXON -At her home in Brownsdale,
Aug. 4, 1904. Mrs. Ellen, widow of
John Nixon, ag<»d 58 years.
EYTH—At her home in Slipperyrock,
August 4, 1904, Mrs. Rose Kelly, wife
of Frank Eyth. Sr, aged 78 years.
She was a daughter of Patrick Kelly,
dee d, the old hotel keeper of Butler.
DILL.—At the Soldiers Home at Day
ton, Ohio, Aug. 1, 1904, John W.
Dill, formerly of this county.
REIMER—Aug. 6, 1904, Harry Reimer
of Tarontum, aj;ed 10 years.
RANDALL—At the home of her
daughter, Mrs. John Work, in Fair
view twp., Aug. 2, 1904, Mrs.
Randall, in 94th year.
She was buried at Eau Claire. She
was found dead in bed.
SAUDERS—At his home in Allegheny,
Aug. 9, 1904, Harry Sanders, aged 28
«- years.
OHL—At Mill vale, Aug. 8. 1904.
Frank E. Ohl, fronierlv of Butler
county, aged 37 years.
FOSTER—Aug. 9, 1904, Win. S., infant
son of Wm. Foster, of Butler, aged 8
DUBLIN —At hia home, 802 West St.,
Aug. 11, 1904, Clinton Dublin, aged
3 mos.
TRUXAL—At her homo in Butler,
Aug. (3, 1904, Mrs. Susan, widow of
Wiu. Truxal, dee d, in her »9th year.
Mis. Truxal's maiden name was Mu-
Collounh, and she was born in Fairview
twp. She was a sister of John McCol
lough, deed, of Butler, and an aunt of
Sol. and Luther MrCpllough of Butler.
Her husband died about eighteen
yelira ago. and her brother, John, in
1884, aged 83 years.
She is survived by her sons Felix of
New Castle, Samuel of Butler and Jas.
of Pittsburg, and by her daughter. Mrs
Stanfler, of Beaver Falls.
She was the oldest member of the M.
E. church here, and was the first mem
ber to be buried from the new edifice.
MUNTZ—At her home in Butler,
Thursday, Aug. 4, 1904, Mr.; Mary
B. Muntz, widow of the late ,J. G.
Muntz, Esq.
Mrs. Munt:'. was the eldest daughter
of the late John Negley, Esq.
She is survived by her three children,
Mrs. Adelaide Fithian, Mrs. Catharine
Crane and Mr. John N. Muntz, all liv
ine here, and one sister and two broth
ers—Mrs. Susan A. Patterson and John
H. Negley of Butler, and Albert O.
Negley of Florence. Ala.
She was a woinau of more than ordi
nary activity in life and waft noted for
her good work ic society and in the
church to which she belonged, and in
her death one of our most widely known
and respectwl citizens has passed
During her long illnesu uo word of
complaint was ever heard from her but
she bore her sufferings in patience and
The funeral services were held on
Monday, Aug., 8, and were conducted
by Rev. Robert D. Roeder, present pas
tor of the First English Lutheran church
of this place, assisted by Rev. D. L.
Roth of Pittsburg, a former pastoi of
the church.
The interment was in the South
COCHRAN—At his home near But
ler, Aug. C, 1904. after a brief illness,
Cecil, son of Fred and Pearl Coch
ran, aged 2 years.
Cecil was an unusually bright child
and his loving disposition and winning
ways had endfared liim to all who
knew him. The parents and friends
have the sympathy of all in their sad
This lovely bud so yonn« and fair.
Called hence by earthly doom.
Came to show how sweet a flower,
In Paradise could bloom.
Ere sin could harm or sorrow fade.
Death came with friendly care.
This lovely bud to heaven conveyed
And bade it blossom there.
AugeiJ called our darling Cecil,
From this worhj of siu and puiii.
Ere his heart had known a sorrow
Ere his soul was stained with sin.
Wo would not ask jou back our dar
Sweetly slumber on,
Till the Savior's voice awakes yon
On the resurrection morn.
E M. Z,
Geoffrey Stengel, one of th»> 333 men
doomed to die over half a century aj(o
for his participation in the German rev
olution of 184», but who escaped to this
country, passed away peacefully and
lull of honor iu Pittsburg. J-Jin death,
at the age of 81, occurred at 1 p.m. Sat
nrday, at the home of his s'_>n, Theodore
The Delight of the
Portrait*, (iroup Pictures, Interior?.
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these long winter evenings.
Make flash pictures that haven't
the ordinary "flashlight look."
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Per pkg. 25c, 40c, 60c.
Kodak Developing Machines
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Peoples Phone 307
Notice 1> hereby frirrn that the following
report willing presented on the fir?»t J-rttur
day of Sept. Court. I'.*>4. being the 10th day
of said month, and if no exceptions are filed
the same will be confirmed absolutely.
Borough Township and School District
In the matter of the division of Ilutler
Township for election purposes. No. - .June
Term. 11**4. Petition presented to Court, and
Georjre C. Pillow,surveyor. Hon. A. L.Camp
bell and Campbell Daubenspeck appointed
commissioners to inquire Into the necessity
of making said division.
On June 1. l!HU f said commissioners filed
their report in favor of ilivUiiu? said town
ship into three voting precincts (a plot of
said divisions can 1>« seen at this office). June
13, ll*>4. Keport presented in op«*n court and
confirmed nisi nunc pro tunc, as of June 11,
Certified from the record this 10 day of Aujr.
Clerk Q. S. Court.
Notice in Divorce.
Eleanor Beatty. "1 In the Conrt of
Libellant, | Common Pleas of Bnt
vs 1 ler Co., Pa., A. D. No.
James Beatty, | 20 Sept. Term, 1903.
Respondent, J Libel in Divorce.
And now, Aug. 4. 1904, Rnle on part
of the libellant to take depositions of
witnesses to be read in evidence at the
trial of the above stated cause.
To James Beatty, Respondent, or his
Take notice that under the al>ove rule
the deposition of witnesses will betaken
at the office of Lyman Grundy, Escj.. in
Taylorville. Christian couuty. Illinois,
before competent authority, between
the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and 9o'clock
p.m. of the 2d dav of Sept., 1904.
Aug. 11, 1904. Atc'y for Libellant.
Notice in Divorce.
Etta. J. Christy, I In the Court of Common
v>s -Pleas of Butler Co.. A. I).
Charles Christy. * No. 8, March Terra, 1904.
To Martin L. Gibson. High Sheriff of Butler
County, Greeting:
Wo command yon that l»y publication,
once a week for four full weeks successively,
you notify Charles Christy. late
of your county. to beand ap
pear In our Court of Common 1 leas,
for the County of But ler. on the fourth Mon
day of September next, then and there, to
show cause. If any lie has, why Etta I
Christy should not be divorced from the
lionds of matrimony entered into with
Charles Christy according to the prayer of
petition or libel filed it said court. And have
you then there this order, and make your
return how you have executed the same.
Witness the Honorable James M. Galbreath,
President Judge of said Court, at Butler
county. Pa., the first day of August. lw'4.
The partnership known as H. Bander.
Ziegler&Co., Millers and Dealers in
Flour. Feed and Grain, has this day,
June 6, 1904, been dissolved Ly mutual
consent, Harry 11. Ziegler retiring.
The business will be earned on as usual
by H. Bauder and son. Thanking our
patrons for past patronage, we solicit a
continuance of same.
Orphan's Court Sale.
By virtue of an order of the Orphan's
Court of llutier county, l'enn'a., to me di
rected, there will be exposed to public sale
on the premises in the Borough of Butler,
Pa., at 11 o'clock A. M. of
Saturday, August 13, 1904,
the following described property, real estate
of Jordan Eyth. deceased, viz: A certain
piece or lot of ground In the Third Ward of
iiutlcr. Butler Co.. l'a.. bounded on the
north by West Wayne street, on the east by
Water street, 011 the south by land of Mrs.
Joanna Koenlg, and on the west l>y Con
noouenessing creek; fronting about one
hundred and ten (110) feet on Water street,
and extending about one hundred and
seventy (170) feet along Wayne street: and
having thereon erected a two-story frame
dwelling house and barn.
TERMS One-third of the purchase money
down, and the balance in two, ecjual. annual
payments. MARTIN L. GIBSON,
_ Trustee.
The following widows' appralsem'.its of
personal property and real estate set apart
for the benefit of the widows of decedents
have been tiled In the office of the Clerk
of the Orphans' Court of Butler County, viz:
Widow oflWilliam Watson, real estate, Swo.oo
I.yman Milliard, pers'l prop y I.O.&O
" John P. Burton. " " 1.18.81
Thomas W. Kelly. " " :»U»
" George A. Gerlach.real estate 325.00
>' C. W. Ftskp, personal pron'y, 300.00
" John Kalslon, '' ' 300.00
•' Jacob M. iMiller. " " 800.00
All persons Interested in the above ap
pralsements will take notice that they will
be presented for confirmation to the Orphans
Court of Butler county. Pa., on Saturday the
10th day of Sept.. 1901, and If no exceptions
are filed, they will be confirmed absolutely.
! Clerks Office. August 10, 11*04.
Notice of Audit.
In re estate if John i In the Orphan's
11. Sparks, late of [-Court of Butler Co..
Butler county, dec'd. 1 No. 51, Sept. T., I*JOI.
•July U, 1904. J. I>. McJunkln, appointed
auditor to rnake distribution of funds in
hands of Albert C. Troutman. adm'r."
And now, July l.'ltli, A. D. 1001, I, hereby
give notlce.tbat I will dlscharge-the duties of
said appointment on the —trd day of August,
1004. at in o'clock A M. of said day. at my of
fice In Butler, l'a.. whon and where those In
terested may attend if they see tit so to do.
The Register hereby gives notice that the
following accounts of executors, adminis
trators and guardians have been filed In
this office according to law, and will be pre
sented to Court for confirmation and allow
ance on Saturday, the 10th day of September,
I'jOi. at # A. m , of said Gavi
1. Partial account of W. .T. and .T. L. Blake
ley, executors of Andrew Blakeley, de
ceased, late of Adams township.
2. l'inal account of Adam Weltzel, admin
istrator of Gertrude Weltzel, deceased, iate
of But lor township.
3. Final and distribution account of Carrie
M. McKee, administratrix of .1. L. McKee,
deceased, late of Butler borough.
I. Finn! account of James N. Moore, cuar
dlan of Mary S. McOlnng, minor child of Bell
J. McClnng. deceased, late of Butler boro.
5. Final account of Milton F. Mayer, ad
ministrator of Wm. A. Hlnes, deceased, Kate
of West Liberty.
(5. Final and distribution account of Carrie
Gregg, administratrix of Harry L.Gregg, de
ceasen, bite of Butler thorough.
7. Final account of Jane M. Coulter and T.
F. Coulter, executors of T. S. Coulter, de
ceased. late of Slippery Hock borough.
h. Final account of Ida Thornherg. admin
istratrix of William 11. Thornberg, deceased,
late of Concord township, as stated by I. T.
Wade, executor of Ida '1 horn berg.
U. Final account of Isaac T, Wade, execu
tor of Ida L. Thornl>erg. deceased, lato of
Concord township.
10. First partial account of J. M. Galbreath
and J. D. McJunkln, executors of liev. SamVl
Kerr, deceased, late of Harrisvllle, Pa.
11. Final account of J. F. Shearer, admin
istrator of Chas F Shearer, deceased, late of
Huflalo township
1-. Final account of Ada Keiietmun. ad
ministratrix of .John Kellerman, deceased,
late of Hutler borough.
If. Final *K*count of Enos W. Gr iljani, ex-
I ecutor of D. I\. Graham, deceased, late of
i liradv township.
14. Final account of W. I). Brandon, exec
utor of Alkey c. Kerr, deceased, late of llar
risviile borough.
1">. Final and distribution account of Sarah
M. Boyce, administratrix of John D. Boyce,
deceased, late of Adams township.
10. Final account of Sarah I>l nosey, one of
the executors of Thomas Lindsey, decoased,
late of Summit townshln.
17. Final account of William C.\ Fleming,
one of the executors of John Elliott, de
ceased, late of BuiTalo township.
Is. Final account of Leonard O. Strabel.
administrator of John W. Strabel, deceased,
late of Middlesex township.
19. Final account of Charles 11. Hullngs.
administrator of Alfred iluliugs, deceased,
jj»te of Allegheny township.
20. Flnai account of Thomas L. Duff and S.
! 11. Duff, executors of Samuel Duff, deceased,
late of Win field townshln.
81. Final account of William Thome, ex
ecutor of Leonard 11. Pfeiffer, deceased, late
of Adams township.
£!. Final account of P. E. Dierken. admin
istrator of Henry Dierken, deceased, late of
Oakland township
Z\. Final account of L. If. Bell, adminis
trator of W. W. Bell, deceased, late of Wash
ington township.
24. Final account of George A. Brunner
' mer, administrator c. t. a. of George Burn
nermer. deceased, late of Connoqueuessing
95. account of Ida L Morrow, admin
istratrix of Eli/abetii Bai'calow, deceased,
late of Penn township.
20. Final account of Martin Helm and
Frank J. Kost, executors of Benedict Kost,
deceased, late of Butler borough.
27. First partial account of John I/. Groh
man and George Forcht. execuLors of John
C. Grohman, deceased, late of Butler boro.
28. Final and distribution account of David
Garvin, administrator of Benjamin Garvin,
deceased, late of Evans City.
29. Final account of George B. McCrea. ad
ministrator of Mary Amanda Floyd dc-.
ceased, late of Butler borough
30. Final account of Anna M. B. Haas, ad
ministratrix of John Haas, deceased, late of
Jefferson township.
31. Final account of Solomon Dunbar,
trustee of Miles Covert, deceased, late of
J* darns township.
Final account pf Reuben W. Park, ex
ecutor of James W Park, deceased, late of
Middlesex township.
XI. Final account of £lizabet h Durnell. ad
ministratrix of Jonathan Durnell, deceased,
Ja»w of llegheny township.
'Ai, Final acixilint 01 t'b&PPS W Johnston
administrator of Mrs. O. >. .Joi'uuton, de
ceased. late of Butler borough.
Final account of J. M. Covert, admin
istrator of Newton Garvin, deceases, late of
Cranberry township.
J. P. DAVIS, Register.
Notice Is hereby tlvi n (hut the following
roads and bridges have been continued nisi
by the Court and will be presented on the;
:irst Saturday of s j>i< MU-i i '< urt. 1.«'4. U--.ng
ihe 10rh day of said month, aud if no excep
tions are Bled they will be confirmed abso- ;
E. r». No. l. June term. 1>"(. In the matter \
of the petition of rill/ens of Butler township
Vr a re-view for a public road from a point i
on th* l Butler and Harmony road to a point ,
on the Butler and Gl'.liland Mill road. March
7. 1.. t. viewers appointed, who on .<une s .
.«M. filed their report in favor ;>f proposed
road. I >aio:iges assessed to William \\ ach
scouth Now, .Tune 11. r.04. appro Ted
and fix width of road at '£i feet. Notice to
be given according to rules of court.
R. 1). No. 2. June term. l'.«" In the matter
of the petition of citizens of Centre township
to vacate, change and sapply a public road
known as the Dutch Hollow road, leaillait
from a point on said road at the residence or
house of John Ka-al to Jamisonvtlle station.
March 21, IBOt. viewers appointed, who on
June r.«t. tiled their report in favor of said
'hange. No damajes. .June 11,19 M. appn-v
ed and fix width of roa<l at feet. Notice
to be given a<*cording to rules of court.
R. I>. No 3. June term. 10"t. In th» matter
of the petition of citizens of Summit town
ship to vacate, change and supply a public
road known as the road leading from the
Butler and Kittannlng road to the Itutler
tutl Millerstown road ID said township.
March 17. IW4. vieweis appointed, who, on
June s. liXVI. tiled their report in favor of
proposed change. No damages. June 11.
HKU, approved and fix width of road at - >
feet. Notice to be given a-. or ling to rule -
of court. BY THE COURT.
R. 1), No. 5. June term. IJOI. In the matter
>f the petition of citizens of Butler and
Franklin townships for a county bridge
across Little Conuequene.ssing creeli in But
ler township where the creek crosses the
1 public road leading from Butler and Har
mony road to Mt chestnut- near Cranmer's
Mill. March 7. I'.KM. viewers appointed, who
■in June filed their n-pori in favor of
proposed bridge. Now. June 11. 1'.«14. approv
ed. Notice to be given occording to rules of
■ •ourt and to be laid before grand jury at
next term. BY THE C'OI'BT.
R. D. No. 6, Jane term. l'.«U. In the nutter
~f the petition of citizens of Venango town
ship for a county bridge across south branch
of Scrubgrasscreek in said township where
said creek crosses the public road leading
from Kau Claire to Clliitonville on the farm
of J. I'. Miller. March 7. I.«U. viewers ap
pointed. who on May -il. l'.*'t. tiled their re
port in favor of proposed bridge. Now. June
11. Unl. approved Notice to be given ac
cording to rules of court and to !«• laid be
fore the grand jury at next term.
BY Tilt C'OUIiT.
R. nNo .Tone to r:... 1"1 1" t lie matti r
of petition of citizens of Muddycre, town
ship for a county bridge across the south
branch of Muddy-reek. lIJ township,
where the creek crosses the public road lean
ing from Portersville to l'laiu Grove, known
as the /ion road, at or near the farm of 11.
I) I'ayne. March ISM. viewers appointed,
who on May 27. I'.<H. filed t heir report in fa
vor of proposed bridge. Now. June 11. l'.*4,
approved. Notice to be given according to
the rules of court and to be laid befote the
grand jury at next term. BY THE t'oc.-t r.
It. V. No. !<, June term. 100). In the matter
or petition of citizens of Clinton township
for a county bridge across east branch of
Bull Creek, in said township, where the
creek crosses the public road leading to
'1 -trentum * n the farm of Jan i s Kitldlc.
March -v l»0t. viewers appointed, who o.i
May 31, l'»t. filed their report in favor of
proposed bridge. Now, June 11. I'JW. approv
ed. Notice to be given according to rules of
court and to be laid before the grand Jury at
next term. BY THE COUKT,
li. D. No. y. June terra. I'.i&t. In the matter
of tie- petition of cttlaens o[ Buffalo town
ship fvr a public road from a point at the
nortii end of a private road which leads
from tlie residence of A. M. Wler in saiil
township, to a point on the Turontum and
Saxonburg pubii<- road, near a small bridge
mile west of residence .of Willium Painter,
In said township. April 4 Uk'4. viewers ap
pointed. who on June 1. l'.V4, filed their re
port In favor of proposed road. Damages as
sessed to Joseph 11. Shook f7n. Now. June 11
i;«M. approved and tlx width of road at Ci
feet, notice to IK; given according to rules of
court. BY THE COURT.
R. n. No. 10, June tfrm, 1!« M. In 1 Ik> mntli r
of tlie petition <if l iti/A iis of l orwanl town-
to vai-atc. change nn<i supply a public
road In s:ild township kuown as tlie Brown s
Mill r'lrul lojirtiiiff frrtti! A point at Brown's
Mill to the r;iilru;i*l crossing near llltn resi
dence. April 4.1.< H. viewers appointed, who
nri June 1. 1901. filed their report in favor of
proposed change. No damages assessed. Now
June 11. l'.ml. approved and l|xed widtli of
road at:« feet, notice to be given at rdlng
to rule* of court. liv THE COURT.
R. I). No. 12, Juno term. 190-1. in the matter
of the petition of citizens of Clay township
to vacate, change aud supply a public road
In sstd township, known as the llut ier and
Greece City road, leading froui a poiut on
said road at line between lands of 9. M. and
Austin McAnallen to intersection of Butler
and Greece City and lower Sunbury and
Middletown road. April I*. l'JiH. viewers ap
pointed. who on May 20, 1904, Hied their re
port. In favor of proposed chance. No <lam
ages assessed. June 11. 1904, approved and
fix width of road a. 33 feet, Notice to tie
eiven according to rules of court.
It. I>. No. 111. June term, 11)04. In the matter
of the petition of citizens of Butler township
for a public road leading from a point on the
Pierce road lu front of the lijes Uot.-I to a
point on the public road on lands of O. K.
\Valdron, about M rods east of his residence,
where said public road makes a sharp turn.
.May 21,1'«>4. viewers appointed, wno tin Juno
«. IW>4, tiled their report In favor of proposed
road. No damage assessed. Now. June 11.
IUO-1. approved aud fix width of road at .'i'i
feet, notice to be given according to rules of
court. By the Court
Certified from the record this loth day of
Clerk Q. 8. Court.
By virtue of sundry writs of Ven. Ex.. I I.
Fa.. Lev. l'a.. 4c., Issued outof the Court of
Common Pleas of Butler Co. Pa., and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale
at the Court llouse In the borough of Butler.
Pa. on
Friday, the day ol' September,
A. I>. 11*04, at 1 o.clock p. m., the following
described property, to-wit:
E. D. No. 'ti, Sept. Term, I'JO4. Stephen
Cummintrs, Attorney.
All the riff lit, title, interest and claim of C
F L McOulstlon, of, in and to all that certain
pice or parcel of land, situated in Butler
iKirough. Butler county. Pa., bounded as fol
lows, to wit: On the north by West street,
east by No. *J in some plan of lots, south l»y
Bortmass alley, and west by lot No. 11 in
same plan of lots; fronting 4.~> feet on said
Wesi St and extending back same width 11X
ft. to Bortmass alley and on which is erected
a two story frame dwelling house and barn.
Being lot No. 10 iu John \V. Bortmass plan of
lots as laid out by George Pillow in the yi ar
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of TFL McOulstlon at the suit of Al
K. l>. No. £!, Sept. Terra, lUO4. Marshall
Bros., Attorney.
All the right, title, interest aud claim of
Ida C Cubblson and \V L Cubbi*on, her bus
band, of. in and to all that certain piece or
parcel of land, situated in liutler borough,
Butler county, Pa., bounded as follows, to
wit: On the north forty foot by an alley,
east one hundred and eighty five feet by lot
now or formerly of W.I Black, south forty
feet by Cleveland street, west one hundred
and efghty-Hve feet by Grand ave; being lot
No. Bin the Frank Morris plan of lots; also
being the same lot described in the mortgage
accompanying the bond upon which the
judgement from which this writ issues was
confessed and which Is recorded iu Mortgage
Book 71. Page 117.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of IdaO Cubblson and \\ L Cubblson,
her husband, at the suit of I G Pollard for
use of John Berg hick ler,
E, I). No. 3'.). Sept. Term, 1904. Williams A
Mitchell, Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Margaret.! Mattern anfl A .J Mattern, of, in
and to all that certain piece or parcel of
land, situated in Hutler borough, Hutler Co.,
Pa,, bounded as follows, ot-wit: Jlexliintni;
at the northwest corner of Said lot on an
allev; thence in an easterly direction along
saicf alley forty (1M feet to a post at tfce
northwest corner of lot No. 70 In same plan;
tt.ence In a southerly direction the
western Injumlary line of said lot So. 70
Dty foot, mi-rt* or leu, to a post on
Centre avenue; thence in a northwesterly
direction along said Centre avenue forty
t wo (I-) feet to a post on the southeast corner
of lot No. in harr.e plan; thence in a north
rrly direetl<»n along the eastern boundary
line of said lot No. to sixty-four (til) feet to
the place of beginning; being lot No. <)'.» in
rhlllip l>aubens|>e(rk - plan of lots in Spring
dale in the of Hutler, I'a., surveyed
and laid out l>v CeoC t'illow. C. E.. and hav
ing thereon erected a one and one-half story
frame, shingle roofed, dwelling house ami
out buildings: being the same lot and prem
ises that were granted and couveyed unto
Mr-.. Margaret .1 Mattern by Lyda .1 Klsh
and .los K Fish, her husband, and Ada
lYarce, by deed dated May -nth, K and of
record in the Recorder's office in and for
Hut lei county, I'a., in l>eed hook No.
L'age \Z\ See.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erly of Margaret I Mattern and A J Mattern
al the suit of David E Dale,for use Uaurant v
Safe Deposit Co.. now for use of David K
I Jule.
E. D. No. 27, Popt. Term, 11104. W. H.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
W x.' Pontlous. of. in and to all that certain
piece of parcel of land, situated in Donegal
township, liutler county, I'a., bounded.us
follows, to-wit: Heginning at a point on line
of land of L W Kalor at a corner common to
land of F McNally and the land now lieing
described; tbpncu by land of K MeNaMy
north 1.40 d«;g east four hundred thirty-nine
and six tenths (l »U.r») feet to a point at corner
of land of George W I'ontious; thence bv
land of George W Pontlous south *7 deg
east two tnousand eleven and four-tenths
C4J11.4) feet to a point at corner of land of
MrsCatharino 11 Frederick; thence by land
of Mrs Catharine H Frederick south .'t dnr Vj
min west three hundred u;id Uxty-flve
feet to a bolul at corner Qf laud i.e.\t herein
descriljeci; thence by said next herein de
scribed tract north W deg 4:i mln west four
hundred fifty-four and seven tenths (4."» l 7)
feet to the place of beginning; containing
eighteen and six-tenths (!*.«>) acres.
>el/.ed and taken in execution as the prop
el ly of W C l'ontlous at the suit of .1 M
E. D. No. U5, Sept. Term, lliOi. \V. 11, Lusk,
Ail the right, title, interest a?id claim of H
R Kflne. of. in nnd to nil that certain plect :
or parcel of land, situated In Franklin twp.,
' Hutier county, I'a.. bounded as follows, to
wit: On the north by lands of James A I
("ratty and E Mc.lunkln, east by lands ofl
Philip Blumns heirs and K M McCall, south
by lauds of James Kiddle, and west by land*
of William liaistoii and a nubile toad, con J
tabling one hundred and *\x acres, more or I
less, and being the same tract of land Which '
William Oallaher, late6f Franklin
liutler County. Pa., deed seized and which I
having beep sold IVy bis executor, \Viii!»ini j
HuiitOii, to* tliu t»» h»-» debt by
virtue of au order of sale issued from the
Orphan's Court of Hutler county, was pur-I
chased by the tirst. party andc-mveyed to him j
by deed of said executor dated the lsth day :
of September, lasa, and recorded in Deed
i Book 1!» of said county, on Page S7; together
| with all and singular the buildings and ttu
! proveraenttf. streets, lanes, alleys, passages
i ways, waters, water courses rights, liberties,
privildges, hereditaments and appurteu
, .tuces whatsoever thereunto belonging or In
; any way appertaining and the revisions
j aua remainders thereof.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
i erty of B K Kline at the suit of Jacob Gel
! bach.
j E. J>. No. ad, Sept. Tt-rm, IJO4. \V. H. Lusk,
All the • .ght, title. Interest and claim of B
K Kline, of, in and to all that certaiu piece
or parcel of land, situated in Frankiin twp.,
Butler county. Pa., t>ounded as follows, to
wit: On the north by lands of James * ratty
and Charles Gallagher, east by lands n»»w or
formerly i>eSnugin< to heirs oi Philip Blinn.
south by lands now or formerly owned by
James Kiddle and on the west by lands of
William Ralston and public road; contain
ing one hundred and six (lor.i acres. more or
les»s. being same land which William Galla
gher died.seized and conveyed by his exe u -
tor. William Ralston, by executors deed,
executed a id dated the Isth day of Septem
ber, A. I>. I* k n recorded in the «»!li -e for re
cording of deeds in and for the fount v <>f
Butler, in Deed Book 11*. Page '. l :, and having
thereon erected a frame house, bank barn
and orchard.
ALSO- All that other certain tract of land
situated In the township, county and state
aforesaid, adjoining the tract tirst above de
scribed and ttounded and described as fol
low?*: On the north by lands now or former
. ly of William Gallagher, on the east by lands
j now or formerly belonging to the heirs of
• Philip Blinu and on the south and west by
lauds formerly of William Gallagher; con
taining thirteen (l.i) acres of land, more or
less, and being the same land sold and con
veyed by the High Sheriff of Butler couuty
to E McJunkin. deed dated ackdowledged
March 7. lv*'.i. recorded in Butler county isi
Deed Book lIJ, Page 4V»; and by the said K
McJunkin, conveyed by deed dated May >tb,
{ ed In Deed B >ok I*-. Page 490, and being the
l same land included with land tirst above de
Seited and taken in execution as the prop
erty of B K Kline at the suit of Emma J
1 Hauler.
E. D. Nos. 50 and M. Sept. Term. 1901. H. C.
Coulter, Attorney.
All tl.e right, title, interest aud claim of G
J llaben, of, in and to all that certain piece
or parcel of land.situated in Butler borough.
But ler county. Pa., bounded as follows, to
wtt: Beginning at an alley on the eastern
end of said lot, thence southwest along Jef
ferson street extension one hundred and
four and 'J&.li-O (104.95) feet to a stone, thence
northward sixty-two and sO.IOU feet to lot of
Clarence Snyder, thence eastward ninety
five anil 35.100 (&.&] feet to an alley and
thence south along said alley six [t>] feet to
piece of beginning; being the same i«»t con
veyed to George ,1 HaU-n. by deed from John
M' lvet and wife dated July H*ri.
Seized anil tr.kesi in execration M.Stlu- pr »p
--i erty of G .1 liaben at the suit of hutler
Borough and the Western Reserve Woolen
B. D. No. 4% Sent. Term, 11)04. Williams &
Mitchell, Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of J
O McGinnis, of. In and to all that certain
\ piece cr parcel of land, situated in Washing
, ton township. Butler county. Pa., bounded
as follows, to-wit: Oh the north or north
west by the Parker City or Lawernceburg
road, east by the Ueiiry vViles farm, on the
south by the John McNaugbton farm, and
west by a portion of the original farm of
which this is a part and portion the whole
1 being known as the Fithian farm; the por
tion of the tract above mentioned and de
scribed, embracing and containing forty (40)
acres, same being cut oil" the original farm
by a line following the Parker (ity or Law
re nee burg road, fifty (50) rods, beginning at
the northeast point where said road enters
the original farm, then by a line south
through the original farm of the McNaugh
ton farm so as to make forty (40) acres and
• having thereon erected a one aud one-half
i story log or frame, weatheriniarded, dwel-
I ling house, stable and outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of .1 O M.' ■ Lnnis .n til-- suit of Irm o
Fithian. for use of John Forcht.
E. I). Nos. 11 and U. Sept. Term, 1904. Mir
shall Bros, and A. M. Christley, Attorneys.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of W
J Powell, of. iii and to ali that certain piece
or parcel of land,situated in Butler lx>rough.
Butler county, l'a., bounded as follows, to
wit: One half of lot No. To, being the west
half of .-aid lot., bald half Louudcd and de
scribed as follows: Ou the north by lot No.
11. east by half of said lot formerly sold to
Rrana Olty ipink. soatk by lftcOool a venue
and west by lot No. 71, iu plan of John K
i'avauuugh, said plan ncorued In IMan
Book No. I'age 2, the said Vi lot being
feet on McCool avenue and extending uacK
60,40 feet to lot No. 1J aforesaid.
ALSO—Lot No. 71 in same plot bounded on
north by lot No. I:.', on the east by H of lot
No. 70 aforesaid, on the south by McCool
avenue and on the west by lot No. 72; being
2b feet by 0y.50 feet,
ALSO Lotofsame plot being lot No. 7-.
bounded on north by lot No. IJ. on east by
lot No. 71. en the south by McCool avenue
and on the west by lot No. 73; being 'Jj feet
by feet.
ALSO—Lot No. Uin same plot, bounded on
north by West Wayne street, oast by lot No.
s in same plot, south by lot No. 68 and west
by No. 10; being 2T> feet by G'J.JO feet.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of W J Bowel I at the suit of Farmers'
National Bank.
E. D. No. 47, Sept. Term, I'Jo*. W. 11. Lusk.
All the risht, title, Interest and claim of
Adam Kanffmaa and Nannie \ Kanftnan,
of, iii aud to all that certain piece or parcel
of land, situated in Zellenople borough, Bu -
ler county, 1 1 a.. bovnded m follows, to- wit:
Beginning at the northwest corner of Mrs.
Wetser and widow Wemeir lots; thence cast
adjoining widow Welaer Lot* twenty-nine
a.i.i .16 perches t«> a post on ; n alley: thence
south seven perches along said alley to a
post; thence west adjoining lauds of Fred
rick Welby twenty nine ana perches to
a post; thence north adjoining land of Mrs.
Weiser seven perches |o % poet at the place
of beginning; containing one acre, more or
ALSO All that other piece or parcel of
land lying aud being situate In the Borough
of /.elieuoply, county and state aforesaid,
bounded as follows: On the north by lauds
of John Blamenscliens heirs, on the east by
Cemetery Lane, on the south by lot of Cath
erine Welser and on the west by Main street;
containing one-half acre, more or less, hav
ing erected thereon a one and one-half (IV%)
story frame dwelling house and frame stable
and orchard.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Adam Kauffmauand Nannie A KalN
man at the suit of Peter Kader. for use of
John Kauifman. now of Lewis Kauffman.
Kx'r of John lvautfman, dec'd.
TEUMS OF SALE—The following must be
strictly complied with when property i»
stricken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on the writ
must be paid, aud a list of the liens, includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold
tog» ther with such lien creditor s receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
'J. All bids must be paid in full.
2. All sales not settled immediately will be
continued until one o'clock, P. M., of the
next day at which time all property not
; settled for will again be put up and sold at
I Hie expense and risk of the person to whom
lirsfl sold.
K «'e Pardon's Digest, 9th edition, pag<- 4lc,
an I Smith's Forms, page 884.
Sheriff's Office. Bu tier. Pa..
Notice is hereby (riven that letters ot
administration 011 the estate of Watsor.
E. Dunkle, deceased, late of Parker
township. Bntler connty, Pa., have been
granted to the undersigned, to whom
all persons indebted to said estate are
requested to make payment, and those
having claims or demands against said
estate, art requested to make the same
known without delay.
MEAD. W. DUNKLE, Adm'r.,
P. O. Box I<>>, Parkers Landing, Pa.
A. T. BLACK, Attorney. a-10-<)4
Letters of administration, C. T A., ou
the estate of Catharine A. Dunn, dee'd.,
late of Franklin tp., Butler Co., Pa., hav
ing been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves to be in
debted to said estate will make immedi
ate payment and those having claims
against the same will present them duly
authenticated for s"ttlement to
JOHN M. DUNN. Adm'r.,
R F. D. 10, Butler, Pa.
J. D, MCJUNKIN, Att'y 4-28-04
Letters testamentary on the estate of
William James Patterson, deceased,
late of Slippery rock borough, But
ler county, Pa,, having been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves to be indebted to said
ertuto are hereby requested to make
prompt payment and those having
claims against the estate will present
the same duly authenticated for settle
ment to
Slippery rock, Pa.
Special Offer
To those purchasing photos
of groups or views, Bxlo, at
50c each, to the amount of $lO
I will present free a fine 20x40,
exact reproduction that will
stand v/ashing and not fade
away. No bum work, 'out a
fine permanent Bromide en
largement, fully guaranteed.
This offer is good till October
Ist, 1904
The Outdoor Artist,
The butler Dye Worksi
Consultation nnd examination free.
Office hours—'J to 12 A. M.. 2 to»
il., daily except Snmlay. Eveninpf
Office—Stein Blink, Rooms 9-10, But
ler, Pa. People's Phone 478.
Office in John Richer Bnilding.
Office Honrs—l> ll A. M., 2:805:80 p.
M.. 6:30-8:150 P. M
Sunday—o-10:45 A. XL, 1 3:00 p. M.
Xight calls 331 X. Washington St.
People's Phone 730.
R"X»ms C and 7. Build'ng,
Sonth Main St.
Chronic diseases of genito urinary
organs and rectum treated by the mos
approved methods.
Hemorrhoids and Chronic Diseases a
W H. BROWN, 11. L> .
)' • Office in Riddle building. Diamond,
next door to Dr. Bell's old office.
Office Hours: —9 to 11 a. m., Ito 3 and
6 to 8 p. m.
After April Ist, office in former Dr.
Peters' residence, No. 121 E. Cunning
ham St, Butler, Pa., next door to Times
printing office.
ni.AKA E. MORROW, D. 0.,
Women's diseases a specialty. Con
sultatian and examination free.
Office Hours, 9to 12 m., 1 to 3 p. m
People's Phone 573.
IJ6 S. Main street, Butler, Pa
At 327 N. Main St.
1 R. HAZLKTT, 11. D„
L« 106 West Diamond,
Dr. Graham's former office.
Special attention given to Eye, Noie
and Throat Peoole's Ph'. ue 274.
300 West Cunningham St.
Formerly of Bntler,
Has located opposite Lowrv House.
.Main St.. Bntler, Pa. The finest work
a specialty. Expert painless extractor
of teeth by his new method, no medi
cine used or jabbing a needle into the
s;nms; also gas and ether used. Com
mnnications by mail receive prompt at
Offi(;e over Beighner s Jewelry store,
Butler, Pa
Peoples Telephone 505.
A specialty made of gold fillings, gold
crown ami bridge wort.
\r J. HiNDMAX,
12.4 South Main street, (ov Metzer's
shoe store.)
Office in Butler County National Bank
Building, 2nd floor.
Successor to Dr. Johnston.
Office at No 114 E. Jeflerson St., over
G. W. Miller's «rocerv
Artificial Teeth inserted on the latest
improved plan. Gold Fillings a spec
ialty. Office next to postoffice.
Office on South side of Diamond.
Butler, Pa.
Office in Butler County Natioral
Bank buildint?.
Office at No. 8. West Diamond St. But
ler, Pa.
Office in Bntler County National
Bank building.
Office ou Diamond, Bntler, Pa.
Special attention given to collections
r.ncl business matters.
Oftice in Reiber building, cornei Main
an»l E. Cunningham Sts, Entrance on
Main Htreet.
Office on Main St. near Cotut IIou9«
Office In Wise building.
Office iti the Negley Building, We3t j
Ofßce near Court House.
Klines and Lnnd Conntv Surveyor.
R. F D. 4'J, West Sunbury, Pa.
Office with Uericniir, next door to P. O
fitters of administration on the estate
of Lyman Milliard, dee'd, late of Wash
ington twp , Bntler comity, Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
I«>rsons knortinK themselves indelttedto
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to
R. F. D. li), West Sunbury, Pa.
In re estate of Qeo E. Miller, dee'd ,
late of Bntler Borough, Pa.
Whereas, letters of Adm'n Cum
Testamento Annexo in above estate
have been issued by the Register of
Wills, to the undersigned, all persons
indebted to said estate are requested to
promptly pay, and any having claims
will present them properly proved for
Adm'r C. T. A.
W. C. FLNDLEY, Att'y.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
J. W. Monks, dee'd., late of Middlesex
twp., Bntler Co., Pa., having Wen
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
meet, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly
authenticated for settlement to
REV. W. A. MONKS, EX'r.,
JA*. B. MCJUNKLN, Atty. 0-23-04
S i-2 Price Sale of §
g We have placed every Outing Suit and Straw HatO
at exactly 1-2 price. Nothing reserved. We want to-©.
IJ make a clean sweep of all our Summer Suits. We never O
JJ carry goods over from one season to another. Here isO
W the range of prices: Q
0 Now is the time to buy one right in the heart of the §
season, and if you v/ear an IDEAL Suit you have the 52
0 satisfaction of wearing the best at the Lowest Prices. (I
0 Any child's suit in the house at 1-3 to 1-2 off. 0
§ Ideal Clothing and!
|H<at Parlors, 8
o ' 0
0 228 South [Main St., Pa. 0
P. S.—All clothing sold by us cleaned, pressed andQ
repaired tree. V
4> F 0
B. & B.
To make this August's business the
greatest in the store's history, we pro
pose the following—with the firui con
viction that such choice goods so low
will accomplish the desired ends.
•V 2 inch all wool American Voiles —
Navy Blue, Brown. Tan, Cream aud
Black. 35c -worth ?5e if they're worth
a nickel.
Regular 25c, :>2 inch fine Madras, |sc
—assorted size Black and White, Pink
aud White, Blue and White and Green
aud White even width checks—and
quite a satisfactory selection of teat
broken checKs in pretty color combina
Should yon want to take advantage
of these opportunities, come and see the
goods—if you're t:o far away tell your
desires to our Mail Order Department
cjlor and stvle—and you'll Ret a liberal
lot of samples.
We will also be clad to put yon on
our list for a new 1904-05 Fall aud
Winter Catalogue which describes the
merchandise and wares of these 07 ag
gressive and thorough departments do
ing business on a small profit basis.
! Notice:—We prepay Express, Freight
or Postal Charges on all purchases of
$5.00 or more to all points within Five
Hundred Miles
Boggs & Buhl
You Must Be Measured
to have a fit. We make hits with onr
fits in fashionable to order clothing.
There is no good reason why you should
wear ready-mades when we can make
you a suit for $25.00. Does that not
tempt yonr purse to open and say
"Get It"?
A made-to-measure Suit
is the c >rrect thing to wear. Satisfac
tory in every partiuular—style, comfort
aud price. We are at your service for
coat, vest or trousers—or suit'complete.
The best cloth may be rained by poor
cutting. Oar cutters are experts.
Cor. Diamond, Butler, Pa
Easy and Quick!
To make the very best soap, simply j
dissolve a can of Banner I.ye in cold
water, melt lbs. of grease, pour the
Lye water in the grease. Stir and put
aside to set.
Full Direction! on Every Package
Banner I.ye is pulverized. The can
may be opened and closed at will, per
mitting the uae of a small quantity at a
time. It is just the article needed in
every household. It will clean paint,
floors, marble and tile work, soften water,
disinfect sinks, closets and waste pipes.
Write for booklet "Vies of Banner
Lye " —free.
The Peon Chemical Works, Philadelphia
;C. F. T. Papej
< )
S 121 E. Jefferson Street. / j
£ Better fix up lor this hot £
£ weather. You will feel 5
# comfortable in our cool *
€ light underwear. All the r
# new stuff —all grades. i
£ See our linen-mesh. S
J We are showing all the r
t new patterns in neglige t
# shirts and very "nifty" S
€ things in fancy hosiery and #
J neckwear. t
| *
\ Straw Hats I
i i
| half price. |
# Every straw hat in the *
5 house, all clean new stuff. (
lino. S.Wick,!
# Peoples Phone. 615. #
Binding; of Books
Is our occupation. We put our
entire time to studying the best
and latest methods of doing our
work. It you are thinking of
having some work done in this
line I am sure you will be well
pleised if you have it done at
Tfce Butler Book Bindery,
W. W. AMOK, Prop.
Opp Court House.
Pearson B. Nace's
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
Rear of
Wick Houas- Butler Penn'a
The beat of horses and first class rigs ml
wavs on hand and for hire.
Hest accommodations In town tot perma
nent boarding and transient trade, tspecl
al care guaranteed.
Stable Room For 65. Horsea
A good c ass of horses, both drivers aud
draft horses always oil hand and for sale
a full guarantee; and horses boupb
you proper notification hv
T©i»?i)noue No. 21
OFFICE— Room 508, Butler County
National Bank building.
j See the slgo direct
opposite the
Old Pesiofflce, kTJ
lhe;>doi'4 Yogtlay, rjn
k- il L'siate and fm|
lasurinc; Agency, PJ
2. 8 S. Main St.
Butler, Pa. J
tf you liav.- property ¥^3
tj sell, trade, or ren ,I""J
or, want to buy or 4V^
rt-nt cail. or gfe fIE
ohonc me.
Lis! Mailed Upon Application
Do You Buy Medicines?
Certainly You Do.
Then you w,.n the be>t for the
least money. 1 hat is our motto.
Come and s«.e us when in need of
anything in the Drug Line and
we are sure you will call aga'n.
We carry a full line of Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, etc.
Purvis' Pharmacy
Both Phones.
213 8 Main St. Butler Pa.