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NOTE—AII »drtrtUers intending to make
changes la their ad*. noi fy us of
their Intention 10 do so not Inttr than Mon
da* morulas.
Orphans' Court Sale, estate of Jordan
notice, estate of W. J.
The Butl«*r Fair
Business for sale.
- Reward.
Aatnißlsuaiora and Kxt- .i--r- .-t estatt*
ctil secure lUelr receipt • »■!■-. a: tin-
CITIZEN' ofu -fi. and pervi » t'abllc
Ma: - * ill 11 r rv>t» hook*.
—Excursion season.
—The Ya'as will be here, Saturday.
—The soldiers leave for camp today.
—"Temptation Sales" are the latest
—Mars seems to be jwpular as a con
vention town
—The 24-mile rural routers now get
their |6O per month.
—Don't pick holt-3 in the weather—it
has been leaky enough.
Don't forget the Lutheran Reunion,
next Thursday, the 28th.
—The meat dealers ot Cutler have
not yet raised their prices.
—The Summer Theatre is catching
the boys' dimes, this week.
—The country is infested it prestnt
with doc and medicine shows.
—lf yon sent your dog to the country
tie your cmlf loose for bufjrlars.
—Some Tarentuiu parties ar«- build
ing a big hotel near Saxon burg.
The B. R. & P bridge, east cI
town, was on fire yesterday morning.
—A big. jolly crowd took in the C. M.
B. A excursion to Conneaut, yesterday.
—The Department of Agriculture if
warning farmers against the "ginseng
-Two-thousand Butler county peo
pie went to Conneint Lake, last
—Several hundred Butler county peo
pie went to the dedication at Grove
City, this mornin?.
—The aggregation of monstrosities at
Broad and Clay Sts. drew a tremendous
crowd Tuesday evening.
—Happiness is a matter of habit, and
you had better gather it fresh every day
or you'l never get it at all.
—The Leedom-Worral Grocery Co.
i* receiving their stock and will send
four men out on the road next week.
—F. E. Miller's flonr mill at Evans
City was destroyed by fire last Thurs
day morning. Loss $12,000; insurance
—People who kuow of herbs that will
save life oaght to have such herbs nam
ed and. classified by persons able to do
•och work.
—The drnggists beat the doctors at
base ball ; yesterday the lawyers beat
the druggists, and now the printers are
getting together and will wipe toe earth
with the whole bnnch.
—The Pennsylvania R. R. Co. has es
tablished an "a la carte" or pay for
what-youget dinine-car service on the
trains of its main line which is an im
provenient on the dolls r-a-seat idea.
—Oar grocers are paying 15 to 18c for
batter, 6c aqt for cherries, $1 a bn for
peas. 5c alb for lettuce, 2Jc for cab
bage, 80c a doz for beets, 80c a bu for
new potatoes, 75c a bn for apples, 80c a
doz for encumbers, 20c a doz for onions
—The postoffice department has de
cided that the names of subscribers to
all daily papers delivered by a rural
(terrier uiuht appear on the paper, in
stead of being delivered by the carrier
ID news boys' method.
The Butler baseball team defeated
the Saxonburg team, Tuesday, at Sax
onburg, oto 6. Mel Clark hit the first
ball pitched for a borne rnn. McLaffer
ty also bad a home run. Pitcher Roe
per of Saxonburg had bis hand split by
• batted ball.
—W. R. Thompson of Middlesex twp.
bu a largd brouza. turktsy gobbler, that
has hatched oat a brood of Plymouth
Bock chickens, and he (the gobbler)
takes the best of c;»re of them. The
question again arises, who is the moth
er of those chickens ?
—Cirtiftod copies of the registration
of school children made at May regis
tration are now at the office of the
County Commissioners ready for deliv
ery. The secretaries of the several
■chool boards of the county are request
ed to call or send for same
Last Sunday was a very sultry day,
and In Butler people suffered frcm the
heat, particularly at Sheriff Hoon's
funeral. In Pittsburg there were seven
deaths from heat df.y, and deaths
were reported in several of the larger
tows ot the county.
83,000 people attended the St.
Louis Fair, etch day of last week.
250,000 people went down from New
York to Coney Island, last Sunday; and
alone the Jersey and Long Island coasts
there were probably a million people
people cooling off in the water that
morning—but that's different.
—A writer in an exchange has tried
the following with good results: It is
now tjrne for the troublesome cucumber
bugs to commence their ravages. It
may not be generally known that a
teaspoonful of saltpetre dissolved in a
gallon of water and sprinkled on the
vines clears them of the pests without
injary to the vines.
—Securing the war news from Man
churia will cost the newspapers of this
country and Europe at least ten mil
lions of dollars, before the thing is over;
and then the censorship at both head
quarters is ao ri»{id that the stuff allow
ed to appear can hardly be called news.
The only way to keep track of the war
i* to secure a good imp of Manchuria,
j and sift the actual happenings from the
reports as best yon can.
—A case of chicken stealing which
proved remunerative to the victim is re
ported !ron» Greenville. Albert Martin
a farmer living near that place had 20
fowls stolen recently,and while hunting
for a clna the following morning found
ft pockethook containing fry) near the
coop. Taking stand at an upstairs win
dow Martin was soon rewarded by see
ing a neighbor approach and look care
fully over the ground In the vicinity of
tbe coop. With $2.50 inadvertently
paid by the thief tor each chicken Mar
tin ia not likely to prosecute.
Butler Fnir, August 'lO, 81, Sept. Ist
and 2nd 8
Your chance now to buy fahliionabl-:
clothing at sacrifice prices attend
Ritter & Rockenatein's.
C. W. Pond of Penn twp. was in
town on business. Friday.
W. E. Morse of Buffalo twp. has mov
ed to 214 First St.. Butler.
J. S Wilson of Slipperyrock was iu
town on legal business, Saturday.
Miss Nettie Payne lias returned from
a visit with friends at Portersville
Robert Beaver and wife of Beaver
Falls are visiting friends in this city.
J. A. Bailey of Marion twp. has pur
chased the Tony Allen cigar store on
Main St.
G. C. Hawotth, wife and son. and
Mr? Stratton are at the World's Fair at
St. Louis.
Elmer Brown and wife of Dunbar St
have been made happy by the arrival
of a girl baby. ~
Ex-Sheriff Dodds came down from
Crawford county to attend Sheriff
Hoon's funeral.
Abner Patton of Oakland twp. cut
some timothy, yesterday, that was as
"high as a horse. "
Mrs. D. L. Cleeland and son return
ed, Friday, from a visit with relatives
in Mercer county.
E. L. Beigbley of Portersville attend
ed to gome Cotirt House business in
Bntler, Saturday.
John P. Pollock ii home from Bell
vue, sick, and is with his father, Alex
snder, in Centre twp.
Capt. J. F. Moore of West Liberty
boro. is the guest of his fatber-iD-law.
John Montgomery of Oakland twp.
Frank Ralston of Slipperyrock retuni
ed from a western trip, during which
he took in the St. Louis Fair, Saturday.
Pro. Jobn Clark was called to his
home in Washsngton twp Monday, by
the serious illness of his mother, wtio is
iD her 70th year.
Michael Knanff of E-.Bt Providence,
R* 1., was in this county last week,
called here by the death of his father
Michael Knauff of Middlesex twp.
Mrs. Henry Lewis and ton, Vincent,
of Rochester. PH., and Mrs. D. J. Mitch
ell and daughter. Catherine, of Monaca
are guests of John H. Wilson and wife.
Bryan has already planned to start a
new Democratic party immediately af
ter the election—by which time, it is
expected, there will not be much left of
the present one.
John Cleeland celebrated the 63d an
niversary of his birth. Friday. lor a
dozen years past he has made his home
with his son, D. L. in Bntler. and dur
ing all that time has been confined to
bed having paralysis of his legs from
the knees down. He formerly lived at
Portersville, and at Hadley and Sandy
Lake in Mercer county, and by trade
was a blacksmith.
8. P. McCalmont, the millionaire
Prohibitionist of Franklin whodied last
week, delivered his most effective tem
perence lectnre perhaps after his death.
By the provisions of his will, filed for
probate , he cuts off as beneficiar-
I ies any of his children who indulge in
tobacco, liquor or narcotic drugs in any
form or quantity. The estate passes
into the hands of bis executors and the
proceeds thereof shall be given to the
widow who shall divide it among only
those children who are abstainers from
liquor, tobacco or narcotic drugs.
—"Pie, coffee and conversation," said
Senator Piatt, of Connecticut, ' are the
three ingredient? thit constitute a good
"And the greatest of theee is conver
sation." commented a companion.
"No; pie is the greatest." corrected
the Senator. "It excells conversation
in that it always comes to yon with a
point to it."
—When the sunlight glistens on the
dewey ->bwebs in the morning you'll be
safe in cutting hay that day; and on thi
other band when the chickens mount
the fences, and l>egin picking them
selves, look oat for rain. The cobwebs,
or rather the dew on them, shone bright
during the last four days of last week,
and some of this, and the hay crop of
the county has been put np in good
shape; bnt the wheat-what there is of
it —is late and the oats will not be ready
for a week or two.
—Part of the Penn St. paving was
torn np last week in order to remedy a
defect in engineering. When the street
was paved a large stone sewer or drain
was built across it; bnt a six-inch gas
pipe was allowed to pierce or rnn
through it. This pipe caught the de
liris and clogged the drain and the heavy
rains flooded some back yards. The
trouble was not located until after the
drain through the back yards had been
uncovered; and hence the change in the
location of the gas pipe, made last weel
at great expense to either the boroupli
or the Gas Co., which will probably be
followed by some suits for damages by
the property owners.
REWARD—WhiIe Robert Green was
in swimming, last week, between the
ice bouse and the Kittanning bridge, he
lost his silver, optn-faced watch. Are
ward will be paid for its return to 213
McLean Ave. by James Green.
Union services were held in the Sec
ond Presbyterian chnrch. Sunday even
ing, Rey. E. S. White preaching. Next
Sunday evening services will be held in
the U. P. chnrch, Rev. WorTell will
Lutheran Reunion
The ninth Annual Reunion of the
Lutherans of Western Pennsylvania will
l>e held at Alameda Park, Bntler, on
Thursday, July 2*th, «U Lutherans and
their friends are invited, bring yonr
baskets, free coffee will be served. The
attendance is expected to be very lari*«'
as there will be excursions from Alle
gheny, New Castle, and Clarion Junc
tion and intermediate points on the B.
& O; from Du Bois on the B. R. & P
and from Saltsburg, Aspinwall and
other points on the West Penn.
Addresses will be made by Dr. 8. Fry
D. D. of Mt. Airy Seminary, Philadel
phia and Dr. 8. A Ort, D. D. of
Wittenberg Seminary. Springfield, O.
There will be plenty of amusements
for the children. Mnsic, Boating, Merry
go-round, minature railway, flyinß
swings, etc, come and bring the family.
Picnics and Reunions.
July 22—At Connesut Lake, reunion
ing of the Reformed chnrch, for the
l>enefit of the Orphan's Home. Tickets
July 27—Lutheran's Volksfest a I
Cascade Park, New Castle.
July 2Xth, Lutherans of Western
Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio al
. Alameda Park.
August lo Butler Grocers at Ala
} tneda.
Aug. 10—Students and friends ol
North Washington Institute, at Alame<
Ang. 20—Educational meeting an*l
i hand-shaking of teachers at A lamedi
, Park, beginning at 10 aan.
An#. 24. at Alameda Park, reunion of
the Black family, business meeting at
11 a.m. banquet at 1 p.m. CJol. John
A. Black of Jeannette will be present.
Sept. Ist—First annnal reunion of the
Daubenspecks at the farm house on the
H. 8. Daubenspeck farm. Everybody
welcome. Bring well-filled baskets.
Address 11. S. Danbenspeck, Sec'y,
Brnin, Pa.
Insurance and Real Eatate.
to M 'l or tmy property
xnn will And it t<> your advantage to Bey
Wni. tl. Miller, Innnrance and Heal
Fctate. Room fKKj. Butler County
Rational Bank building.
' Channcy Latshaw vs T. C Campbell,
! Constable of Slipperyrock, summons in
trespass for $-000 damages for false
arrest. Campbell arrested Latshaw as
a suspect of having helped to commit
! the robbery of the residence of Nannie.
Maggie and Emma Elliott in Worth
twp aud this is the canse of the suit.
Pittsburg Pump Co. vs Craig-Ken
nedy Hardware Co., assumpsit for
claimed to be due for casing
sold defendants.
Eleanor E. Little vs Central District
I and Printing Telegraph Co , summons
in trespass.
John Forcht vs L. Hammond, mort
gagor. and Carolina Hammond, terre
tenant, sci fa on a mortgage debt of
Dora L»on vs A. W. Bowser, replevin
for 7 stand*. 2 tables. 3 bed->. 2 lounges.
1 bureau. 1 dressing case, :1 trunks, 3
stoves, 3 boxes soap, dishes, etc., siezed
on a landlords warrant
Commonwealth of Penn'a, at sugges
tion and to the use of Robt. R. Eider,
adm rd. b. n of the estate of Otto
Kunze, deed., of Allegheny Co. vs
Louisa Bachman, now Cress, executrix
of Chas. Bachman. dee'd, assumpsit for
?? 10.38 claimed to be due on a bond
given by Adaline Kunze, as adm'x of
Otto Kunze, with Chas. Bachman as
A. W. Root vs Bntler Co., appeal
from assessment of $14,250 on property
on Plank road.
The Oil Well Supply Co. vs the Penn
sylvania Oil Co , summons in assumpsit,
amount of claim fIOOO.
W. M. McDowell, R. A Thompson,
M. D ; and Geo. W. Campbell were ap
pointed a commission iu lunacy on
George Stroble of Institute Hill. He
was committed to Dixmont.
On petition of F. L. Clowes of Insti
tute Hill, a commission consisting of A
G. Williams, Esq., Dr. John Cowden
and Chas. M. Mitchell was appointed
I on his father, Samuel Clowes of Buffalo
twp., who was adjudged insane and
committed to Dixmont.
G. C Pillow, Adam Ekas and J C
Hepler were appointed viewers in peti
tion of citizens of Clinton twp. for a
new bridge.
Harry Atchison was fiaed $lO and
costs by Justice Christie for disorderly
conduct on a Bessie train.
Both the plaintiffs and the defend
ants in the injunction proceed'ngs have
filed exceptions to Judge Galbreath's
decision; the plaintiff because he did not
award damages, and the defendants
allege twenty-one errors.
The new Rules of Court provide for
one new docket, and four new terms of
The three negroes who confessed to
assaulting Mrs. Elsie Biddle of Burling
ton. N. J. were sentenced to 49 years
each in the State prison at Trenton,
after a record-breaking trial. The three
men arrived at Mount Holly at 1:15 p.m
less than half an hour later they had
pleaded guilty, been given the extreme
penalty for their crimes and were on
their way to Trenton to begin their
long sentence.
A tramp who says his name ia Coch
rane is in jail,charged with assaulting
Mrs. Mary Shaffer of Clay twp. It is
alleged Cochrane stopped at the Shaffer
house and asded for food. Finding
no one at home but Mrs. Shaffer and a
child he overpowered the woman and
chloroformed her.
An hour or two afterward Mrs. Shaf
fer was discovered, unconscious. When
revived she was hysterical.
The neighbors were aroused,and sus
picion fastened on the stranger who
had been seen. He was easily located
and captured, and would have been
lynched bad some of the party had their
way. He is said to have confessed.
The case against the three policemen
for the death of Wm. O'Donnell, a .
barber, formerly of this county, is to
come up, this week.
Morgan T, James iB under arrest in i
New York, for passing a check for s3l.
drawn on the First National Bank of
Slipperyrock, Pa., on a jeweler, who be
came suspicions of it and had him
arrested. When searched at the police i
station a number of checks were found '
in his pocket aggregating $1,850, all
drawn on the First Notional Bank of
Slippery Ilock, Pa., and signed John ,
Gardner the checks all being mode pay- (
able to Morgan T. James. There was
also found in his pocket a letter which
was presumably written by his little
daughter, asking him to send some
money, and a letter addressed to a
clothing firm, signed Morgan T. James. ,
explaining why a chock given to that 1
firm hvl not been honored by the
Slippery Rock bank.
Charles M. George, formerly of Clear
field twp., this county, was found
guilty of voluntary manslaughter, in i
the Allegheny Criminal Court, last Fri
day, for the killing of Geo. W. Down <
ing, at Natrona, last April, but was
recommended for rnercey. George, and
the Downings boarded at the same
place, and Downing suspected George
of being criminally intimate with his (
George said the trouble started
through an imaginary wrong he was
alleged to have committed. He said
Downing bud been driuking, and came
to the Union Storage Co., where ho
slapped George's face atid threated to i
kill him. Downing is alleged to have
said: "I am going to make you take a
drink with me, and then I am going to
kill you anyway." The witness took
the krink at a nearby saloon. That
evening he went to his home, which
was Downing's home, and met the
latter, who ordered him to remove his
coat, saying he was going to kill him.
George said Downing then forced him
to get on his knees and then forced him
to get on his knees and then struck him
in the face. The next the witness knew
Downing was over him with a large
knife in his right hand. George said he
then told his antofonist that he had a
revolver and would use it if he did not
erlease him, to which Downing replied.
"I don't care if yon have a dozen re
volvers I,in going to shoot you."
George then got his revolver from
his pooket and ared twic.e, Downing
rolling over on the flt>or dead The
wittness saic ho did not know where
the bullets entered the body, as he did
not aim any where.
Frank Morrison to M. D. Kottraba
lot in Butler for #I2OO.
C Duffy to Magdalenu Fiedler lot in
West End for $350.
Alva E Sloan to W P Stickel lot in
Butler for SBSO.
Fannie Pyle to Robert Gibson lot in
Valencia for $650.
F R Luek to Casper Sluel lot in
Zelienople for $llOO.
Eunice C Byerly to Rose Alwine 88
acres in Summit for SI3OO.
Webster K> asey to James S Dotigan
property in Winfield for $2250.
Jas E Marshall, Trustee of J G Mil
heim to W S Wick lot on W North for
Henry Bubl to F C Buhl 8 tracts in
Forward for SSOOO.
A L Findley to Ellen Elliott lot on
Lincoln Way for $450.
Jacob L Kelly to Alfred J Fields lot
on Brown Ave for S2BOO.
Casper Fehl to Mary E Miller lot in
Connoq. boro for S3OO.
Frank iiehner to Margt Batimgartner
' lot in Zelienople for $515.
Annie M McGairk to W D Beach lot
on First St for S4OOO.
Barr heirs to Rebecca J Caldwell 88
acres In Jefferson for sl.
J H McK'nney, Anna Simcox et al to
Jas Gribben 12 acres in Jefferson for sl.
i Made from pure, deep-well water,
and delivered daily by the
People's phone 402. Bell 165 J.
New goods at sacrifice prices at Rit
, ter & Rockenstein's backward season
j A chance to buy seasonable goods in
I season by attending Hitter & Rocken
r j stein's sale.
J !
1 Attend Rittor & Rookonstein's back
r, ward season sale of clothing at greatly
reduced prices.
! Marriage Licenses;.
J. Georire Nnesslein Lyndora
j Rosana Kurta
j Paul Edwin Daubenspeck. Butler
I L. Grace 'Cumberland
' Robt. M. Savage St Louis, Mo
Ray S. Williams Akron. O
Frederick Bair Westmoreland Co
Sophia M Ro=s Centre twp
Vitus Krainbucher Lyndora
Jnliaoe Feitag
Merl L. Miller Buttercup
Bessie M. Fox Renfrew
Adriano Valentine Boggsville
Giorauna Giardine
Harry Kensinger Altoona.
Naomi Sellers Huntingdon
Th mas L. Ekr.s Sarversville
Nellie E. Smith. Glade Mills
Parnell Emerson t -dlerj
Kate May Clark ...
"Say, maw," qneiied Tommy
Toddles, looking up from his picture
book, "'am I descended from monkeyst
" Not on my side of the honse,
Thomas." replied Mrs. Toddles, with
much emphasis.
The Market—Remains at $1.50.
Oakland twp.- Smith Brothers have
a good well on their own farm, and so
have Larkin & Co on the Clouse. They
ale good tor alx>ut 15 bbls each.
Lutherans Volk^fest.
The ninth annual Volksfest of Luth
erans of Western Pennsylvania aud
Eastern Ohio will be held at Cascade
park. New Castle, on Wednesday, July
27th. Last year the attendance there
exceeded 7000 people aud it is expected
that the attendance cn the "27th will ex
ceed that of last vear The congrega
tions of Re". Bre.-ht of Chicora and
Rev. Croi'euwett oi Butler with their
friends will go to the reunion by special
train o\tr the B. <Si O.
Christian Endeuvor t'omentioli
The Fourteenth Annual Convention
of the Bntler County Christian Endeavor
Union met yesterday in Mars. About
two hundred delegates are in attend
ance Those who participated in the
program during the day were Rev. H.
H. McGranahan of Pittsburg; R>-v. G.
I. Wilson of Mars; Rev. C. E. Frontz,
Chicora: P. E. Irvine. Cillery; C. C.
Cox, Allegheny: Carrie B. Alien.Butler,
Susan Breuneman, Portersville: May
Myers, Mt. Pleasant Church; Rev.
Hugh Lieth, aud R. F. McMeekin. Last
evening Rev. C. P. Wiles of Lawrence
ville, I'a., made an address.
The convention is still in session.
Those in today's program are Katie
Miller. Butler; Agnes Stauffer. Har
mony; Tassifl Eberhnrt, Bntler; Rev.
Leith, Zelienople: Bertha Wilson,
Evans City; John H; Bollen, Bellevne,
and Rev. J. C. Nicholas. Butler.
Rev. Parry of ludiana, Pa., will
speak this evening.
United Frets by terlan Reunion
Notwithstanding repotts to the con
trary the annual U. P., reunion will
be held this year at Exposition Park
Conneant Lake, on Tuesday, August
9th This reunion has won a wide rep
utation as being the most largely at
tended and best conducted afiair of the
kind in the country, and is looked for
ward to with great anticipation by the
many thousands who attend each year,
travelling distances of 100 to 150 miles
and farther. The demand for the re
union has been greater this year than
ever before and the indications are that
the attendance will surpass that of last
year, when it was conservatively esti
mated that 23,000 people were on the
grounds, and 22 trains 2OO extra
coaches were called into service to ac
commodate the excursionists.
Amusement Arcade and Repair Shop.
Consisting of about :J0 of the latest
novelties in coin operating machines,
shooting gallery, stationery and moving
targets, cigars and tobacco, guns and
ammunition, small bench tools, suit
able for gunsmith, locksmith and
general repair work. For price, terms
and fall particulars call or address
113 E. Jefferson St., Butler, Pa.
Butler Fair, August 30, 31,
Sept Ist and 2nd.
and Pure Spring Water, delivered daily
to all parts of the town by
People's Phone 190.
Butler Fair, August 30, 31,
Sept. Ist and 2nd.
Mr. Rumberger having retired from
the wool business, we wish to cull the
attention of the farmers to the fact that
we will pay the highest market price in
cash for wool.
107 S. Main St., Bntler, Pa.
{Sutler Fair, August Jil,
Sept. Isi ami iiiid.
Your chance to s ive money now at
Rittor & Rockenstein's.
Up-to-date clothing at yonr price—at
tenJ Ritter & Rockenstein's clearance
A chance for men to save money—at
tend Ritter & Rockenstein's sale.
Itutler Fair, Aiigust, ItO, 111,
Sept. Ist and -ml.
Music scholars wanted at 124 W
Wayne St.
Butler's greatest clothing sale now
being held by Ritter & Rockenstein.
Fashionable clothing at cut prices—
attend Ritter & Rockenstein'a sale.
Tlic I Sill l«*r Business College
will be re-opened in the new buildings,
with new equipment throughout, about
September Ist. Send for a copy of our
new catalogue for 11)04-5, containing
oyer 100 fine half-tone cuts of buildings,
rooms, students, etc. Now is th» time
to prepare —be ready when the times
are good and business brisk.
A. F. REGAL, Principal.
Buller Fair, August 30, 3i.
Sept Ist and 2nd
Buy new clothing at sacrifice prices
during Ritter Rockenstein's sale.
Butler Fair, A'jgust 30, 31,
Sept Ist and 2nd
It. &(). Excursions.
July 22 to '25 inclusive, the Baltimore
cS; Ohio Railroad will sell excursion
tickets from all local stations west of
the Ohio River to West Baden and
French Lick Springs, Ind., at rate of
one fare plus 25 cents for the round trip,
account Commercial Law League of
America, Tenth Annual Convention.
Tickets will be good for return until
August 11, 11*04.
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore tic Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, Gener
al Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111
World's Fair Excursions.
Low-rate ten day excursions via
Pennsylvania Railroad, July 2. 7. 14, 21
and 2H. Rate, SIB.OO from Butler.
Train leaves Butler at 4.80 P. M.. con
necting with special train from New
York arriving St. Louis 4-15 P. M.
next day.
Special I&OIIIHI Trip Kates via
Commencing June 2* and continuing
thereafter on each Tuesday during
July and August 1901 the Chicago
' (Ireat Western Railway will bell round
I trip tickets at very low rates to Banff
j Hot Springs Alb. Laggan, Alb. and
Field. B. C. For further information
apply to any Great Western Agent, or
J. P.Elmer, G. P. A. Chicago, 111.
O. A. It. Knea 111 pinent
The 21st aunual reunion of the North
Western Association, Department of
Pennsylvania, G. A. R. will be held at
Exposition Park Conneaut Lake, this
vear, Friday, August oth Excursion
tickets will la' sold from all stations on
the B. & L. E. R. R. at very low rates.
Inquire ot agents for rates and time
of trains.
The Colorado .-peciai.
'Chicago. Union Pacific & North West
ern Line.
This solid through train, only one
night to Denver, leaving Chicago at
7:i<o P. M., reaching Deuver next even
ing at o'clock. A perfectly appointed
train. Another Colorado train leaves
'Chicago daily at ll:0l> P. M.. arriving
Denver early second morning, over the
only double track railway between
' Chicago and the Missouri River. The
' lest of everything. The Chicago-Port -
iaud special leaves Chicago daily at
11:00 P. M.. with through sleeping car
service to San Francisco, Los Angles
and Portland.
Tickets and full iuformatiou can be se
cured from your home agent or address
504 Suiitlifield St Pittsburg, Pa
A La Carte Dining Car Service
on the P R H.
To still further accommodate its pa
trons, the P. R. R. Cp. bus established
the a la carte system ot dining car ser
-1 vice for breakfast and luncheon on sev
eral of its uios - popular trains
A la carte breakfast and luncheon arf
served ou the Maiihatten Limited leav
| ing Pittsburg at 3::io A. M. daily for
New York.
All dinners on P. R. R. dining cars,
and all other meals, except those men
tioned above, are table d'hote.
United Presbyterian Reunion
The seventh annual U. P. reunion
wili be held at Exposition Park. Con
tUfat Lake. Tuesday, August Utb. For
p irti.-nl irs as t > rates, time of trains,
etc, addres
E D. Comstock, G P. A., B & L. E.
R. R.. Pittsburg, Pa.
Panoramic Yellowstone Park
The Northern Pacific takes pleasure
in stating that it can now supply to all
who have visited, contemplate visiting,
or are interested iD Yellowstone Park,
a large Panoramic Picture of the park.
This work of art is 42 inches lonn by 38
inches wide, and is done in fifteen
colors. It shows, absolutely, the topo
graphy of Park location of
hotels, geyser basins, canyons,
roads, lakts. mor.tains and all features
of the park. It gives as nothing else
can a connected idea of the region aud
is a valuable picture aud map combined.
Framed, it is ornamental as well as
useful, and is especially suiUd to the
school, class room and library.
This Panoramic Picture will be ready
for distributisn in tubes about June 15,
ane will be sent to any address by A.
M. Cleland, General Passenger aud
Ticket Agent, St. Paul, Minn , upon
receipt of 85 cents. Orders will be
taken now aud may be sent direct to
A, M. Cleland or through any of the
General or District Passenger Agents
of the Northern Pacific in the larger
cities, or through the local agents in
Northern Pacific territory.
sl2 00 fromiChicago to St. Panl
or Minneapolis and return via
Chicago Great Western Rail
Tickets on sale August 0 to 11 inclu
sive good returning until August 25th.
For further information apply to any-
Great Western Agent op J. P. Eluier,
G. P. A. Chicago, 111.
si:t.OOTo St. Louis and ICetiirn
Via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
Coach excuasion tickets on sale each
Tnesday and Thursday, good for return
within seven days.
ltiiMßia-Jap War Atlas H) cents.
Three fine colored maps, each 14x20;
bound in convenient form for reference.
Tbe Eastern situation shown in detail,
issued by The Chicago & North-West
ernß. R. mailed upon receipt of ten
cents in stamps by A. Tailant, 504
Suiitlifield St. Pittsburg, Pa.
to Colorado and Return.
Via Chicago, Union Pacific & North
western Line. Chicago to Denver,
Colorado Springs, and Pueblo, daily
throughout the summer. Correspond
ingly low rates from all points east.
Only one night to Denver from Chicago
Two fast traiLS daily A. Tailant 504
Suiithfield St. Pittsburg.Pa.
Low ICate Atlantic City Excur
Via B & O. R. R.
110.00 round trip from Butler; tick
ets good in coaches only, sold on July
16tli and 28th, August 11th and 25th,
and September Hth. |2.00 additional
for tickets good in Pullman cars. Re
turn limit 15 days. Apply to W. R
Turner, Ticket Agent, Butler, for tick
ets or further information.
World's Fair.
The Baltimore and Ohio R R. will
sell excursion tickets from Butler to St.
Louis. Mo., account of the World's
Fair, at the following rates: -
Tickets, good for the season, return
ing any time to December 15th. will be
sold every day at $2H.60 spr the round
Tickets good returning sixty days,
not later than December 15th, will be
sold every day at lIU. 10 for the round
Tickets good for returning within fif
teen days will Is* sold every day at 515.90
for the rojnd trip.
Coach excursion tickets, with return
limit of seven days, will be sold twice a
week, every Tuesday and Thursday, l<e
ginnsng May 17th, until June 30th, at
SIB.OO for the round trip. Coach excur
sion tickets are restricted to day coaches,
whether on regular or special trains.
For further particulars, call on or
address nearest Baltimore & < )hio Tick
et Agent or B. N Austin, General Pas
senger Agent, Chicago.
JHI.'MH) to St. Loins anil Return.
Via B. O. R. R
Coach excursion tickets on Bile each
Tnt Hilny and Thursday, good for return
within seven days.
Service on New Wabasli Line,
to Start July tinri.
First train leaves Pittsburg at 8.80
P. M. that day, with three trains daily
The Wabash Railroad Company
takes pleasure in announcing the open
ing of its new extension to Pittsburg.
The first truin will leave the Pittsburg
Passenger Terminal. Liberty Avo. and
Ferry .Street, at H.ilO P. M . Saturday
July 3ud. This will be a through train
to Chicago and Bt. Louis, with direct
connections for all points west of those
Beginning .Inly :trd, three regular
daily trains will be operated on oonveu
ient schedules leHving Pittsburg at
8.80 A. M , 3:80 P. M. and 8:80 P. M.,
Eastern Time.
With the trains a new route will be
offered to prospective travellers from
Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio
to the St. Lonis World's Fair, and to
Toledo, Detroit, Chicago, Kansas City,
Omaha and all parts west, southwest
and northwest. The rates are low and
A safe, quick and agreeable journey,
with courteous attention to the wishes
of patrons is assured by this line to the
travelling public.
Inquiries for further information will
receive prompt attention by addressing.
Ass't. d. P. A.. Wabash R, R,,
820 Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
#Li,o<) To St. Lotlin and Kcturii
Via Baltimore and Ohio Railroad.
Coach excursion tickets on sale each
Tuesday and Thursday, good for return
within seven days
Special KOIIIHI Trip I C m- via
Conimeucing June 8H and continuing
thereafter on each Tuesday during
July and August llMt-t the Chicago
Mreat Western li'iilwuy will sell round
trip tickets at very h>w rates to Banff
ll<>t Springs Alb, Lnggan. All) and
Field.B. (!. For further information
apply to any Ureal Western Agent, or
J. P Elmer, U. P. A. Chicago, 111.
Reduced Rates
Yellowstone Park
For the season of 1'.'04 I he Northern
Pacific announces a great reduction in
rate'* from ( liieaijo, !St. aul, I>u
lutli and other Northwestern point* to
and through Yellowstone Park. These
reductions materially decrease the ex
pense of thf park tour.
New Hotels have been built. Old
Faithful Inn. modern in everv re
sj>ect, constructed of loss anl boulders,
is located near Old Faithful geyser ami
is probably the most unique structure
of the kind iu the country and bound t;»
b- ome a favorite. A new uud stn r <-iy
hotel on the banks of Yellowst >ne I,.ik
makes this the most reposeful ap.it: m
park Each of the park hotels now has
:i capacity tor ii.">o jjuestss i* electric
lighted, steam heated and has a good
urehe»t ra.
Season extends from June I t>
September JtO. Route via X P. R .
Livingston and Uardlner.
Inquire of any agent of the N. P. 11.
or write to A. M. Cleland, Gen.
agent, St Paul Minn., for particulars,
and send six cents foi "Wonder
land lOOl."
*SO OO California and Return
I'ersonatly \ ondueted
Special trains from Chicago to San
Francisco without change, via the
Chicago. Union Pacific and North
Western Line leave Chicago August 18
and August 2->th. Itinerary includes
stip overs at Denver, Colorado Springs
aud Salt Lake City. Low rates, choice
t f routes returning. Tickets on sale
daily August 15th to September 10th.
Two fast trains daily over'the only
double track railway between Chicago
tnd the Mo. River, and via the most
direct route across the American Con
tinent The Overland Limited, solid
through train every day in ihe year.
L-f-s than three days enroute. Low
rates from all points. Write for itiner
aries of special trains aud full informa
tion to
504 Suiithfield St .
Pittsburg, Pa.
Kxciirsions to Atlantic City.
July 21. August 4 and 18, and
September 1 are the dates for
the Pennsylvania Railroad annual low
rate excursions for l'.M>4 to Atlantic City
Cape May, Ocean City, Sea Isle City,
Avalon, Anglesea. Wild wood, Holly
Beach. N. J. Rehoboth. Del., or Ocean
City, M. D.
Tickets good to return within sixteen
day s, including date of excursion.
A special traiu of Pullman parlor
cars and day coaches will leave Pitts
burg on above mentioned dates at 8.55
A M., reaching Philadelphia ti.25 P. M.,
in time for supper, and arriving Atlan
tic City, via the Dele ware River Bridge
Route the only all-rail line, at 8.35 P.
M. A stop will be made for luncheon
en route. Passengers may also spend
the night in Philadelphia, and proceed
to the shore by a regular train from
Market Street Wharf or Broad Street
Station on the following day.
Passengers for New Jersey points
other than Atlantic City will spend the
night in Philadelphia, and use regular
trains the next day from Market Street
Wharf. Passengers for Rehoboth, Del.,
or Ocean City, M. D., will use regnlar
trains fin the following day from Broad
Street Station.
A stop-over withiu limit will be al
lowed at Phil'a returning, if passen
wiil deposit their tickets with the Tick
et Agent at Broad Street Station, Phila
delphia, immediately on arrival. Tick
ets must be deposited with Agent on ar
rival at sea shore destination and prop
erly validato#Vor return trip.
Tickets will l>e sold from stations at
the rates named below; —
KATE Ticket* Good
Foxburg SIO.OO *l2 00 1.80
Butler 10.00 12 00 6.15
Freeport 10.00 12.00 7.43
Altoona 8.00 10.00 12.35
Philadelphia... Ar 825
Atlantic City.. ~ 8.35
Returning coupons will be accepted
on any regnlar train except the Peuu
sylvauia Limited and the Chicago Lim
ited and the St. Louis Limited.
For detailed information in regard
to rates and time of trains apply to
ticket agents or Mr. Thomas E Watt,
District Passenger Agent, 860 Fifth
Avenue, Pittsburg.
Special Kouml Trip Kates via
Commencing June 28 and continuing
thereafter ou each Tuesday during
July and August 1904 the Chicago
Great Western Railway will sell round
trip tickets at very low rates to Banff
Hot Springs Alb. L'iggan, Alb. and
Field, B. C. For further information
apply to any Hreat \Vestern Agent,
or J P. Elmer G. P. A. Chicago 111.
Pennsylvania ('hautaii<|iia.
For the Pennsylvania Chautauqua,
to be held at Mt. Gretna. Pa., July 1 to
August 5, 1)104, the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company will sell special exeur
sion tickets from Butler and principal
intermediate points, to Mt. Gretna and
return, at reduced rates. Tickets will
be sold June 25 to August 5, inclusive,
and will be good to return until August
16, inclusive. For" specific rales con
sult ticket agents.
fi 1835 R. WallaceX
J Silver Plated Ware M
■ epoon »n«l y\ will convince you that it is
boup Ladle x unequalcd in the beauty of
plate' / I our other specialties in the
Ralston & Smith
110 W. Jefferson Street.
Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
lie*t Accommodations In town
i For Transient Custom.
PHONES: People's 125; Bell 5L>
1 Rear of Bickel Building, S. Maiu St.
Butler, Pa.
A delicate constitution exposcj a
:hild to all sorts of ailments. I>o not
.-vasteany more time and money trying
to doctor each complaint separately.
Doctor the Constitution.
\'in-Tone takes right hold of any
weak system aud build* a good
healthy foundation.
It puts life and vigor into the bo<:y
and mind. «■
That is what the eliilc* r.c '
What any persrr. who is v. <
sickly needs. I 'itality.
People grow thin, palo, e\ i:
io ill they are obliged t-» i; 1 v, ;
occupation, when there
wrong with them except in;.- i..'V -iv no
tired, so weak, the ir v/. .i - low.
To say that I': T r i; vo-t'.i i'.
weight in pok' to" >s:
a lack of eneri'T ,: • c
it. It is i-y^i-.iat': :.s • . k ■
work wit"', t- f • . ' >
remarkably . r* t• • c
patient is resti;riu t . i r
ous conditio...
Mary n:i t-rab'c b or.
transformed is to - : ••'•a
and women by ; eut
medical disco •
Good for litt!. . ":s
too. Plcasar.t t- i '. -.
Sold on a j-o-itl'. • -J
Near the Conrt House, Bntler, Pa.
B. & B.
Never since this was a store have BO
many opportunities been offered by im
porters and makers to bny choice goods
for lesa than their real market value.
Lately we have sent out buyers
ioto the market and bought more
medium and fine Wash Goods and
Dress Goods than this store ever before
owned—price concessions in every case
being of a startling nature.
Therefore, now is the time for our
thousands of mail order customers to
get what they want and save a lot of
If it's convenient, come personally.
#I.OO and $1.25 plain Crash and neat
Mix American Woolens, 50c
45 and 50 cent all wool Dress Goods,
Anderson's 40 and 50c Madras, 18c—
made in Scotland, and the best made in
the world.
If what yon want isn't here, send and
we will take care of your order prompt
ly—and give von the benefit of any re
Remember we prepay Express,
Freight or Postal Charges on all pur
chases of $5.00 or more to any point
within Five Hundred Miles.
Boggs & Buhl
Quality and Price
are prime factors to lie considered in
selecting jewelry, but design and work
manship should also be considered. Oar
stock of watches, rings, silverware and
jewelry will bear the inspection of the
most critical.
We also sell—
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Poco Cameras.
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
< >ptical goods.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jawelar and Graduate Optician
Next to Court Home.
at what we offer. Less trouble,
of course, to take our word for
this or that piece of goods in
this big assortment of suitings,
etc., but by looking through the
lot something paticularly appro
priate to your style may be
Good! Then we'll take your
order and your measure and
make a handsome and perfect
We guarantee you'll like it.
Cor. Diamond, Butler, Pa
Funeral Director.
I A Clean Sweep Sale I
B Hundreds of pairs of high- ||
|f Jm/\ grade, seasonable Shoes ■
I * or e summer w ear at El
A l° w prices which stand i|
TBf/ absolutely without a paral- f j
£sm y ' e '- have made the |i|
JE~ fJi most extensive prepara- 11
if ticns possible for this sale, 11
✓ \/ JJ Q ur ear jy shipments of £1
Fall and Winter FcTotwear H
r made it imperative that |gj
stocks be reduced imme- El
diately. jj
These shoes most vacate the room they now occupy to make room Ml
for the new. Those who appreciate superior shoes at unheard of re- H
dnced figures should not miss this opportunity. H
Men's Fine Shoes. #1.75 and #1.2.5 grades, now IMfc K3
Men's Fine Oxfords, #5 and #2.50 grades, now $1.98 li
Women's Fine Oxfords, #1.75 and #1.35 grades, now 95c km
Women's Straf) Sandals. #2 50 and #1 grades, now OHc H
Women's Fine Kid and Patent Shoes, #:i.so and #1.50 grades, M
now $2.:*9 and #1.19 II
Boys' Fine Shoes, #1.50 and #1.25 grades, now 9/5 c ■■
Children's Patent Oxfords, #1.50 and #1.25 grades, now 89c HI
Better shoe the wholeJamily. Yon can save from 25 per cent to Fa
50 per cent. Come early, these go.xi< cannot last long. The biggest p3
thiDg in shoe selling this town ever saw. W
HUSELTON'S, gSffiwry. I
mp xx nexxxxxxxxx xseae xwx9
• The Bargair\ Counter' M
Unfavorable weather and trade conditions that have existed all M
!f-eason are responsible for more than the usualquantity of desirable
merchandise finding its outlet by way of the bargain counter. K
Stocks are larger than usual at this season of the year and extra- U
ordinary reductions are made to move them. K
SHirt Waists Reduced. $
Entire stock of "Acorn" brand fine shirt waists at one-fourth off, J0
and some at one-third off former prices. S
White Goods Reduced jn
A trreat chance to get bargains in white goods. 50c goods re- JK
duccd to 29c. 35 and 25c goods reduced to 10c and others in proportion. Uk
irj Wash Goods
AU wash goods greatly reduced. :J5 and 25c fine wash goods ff
now 19c. 20c and 18c tine wash goods now 121 c. 15c wash goods u
now 9c. W
U Bargains in Every Departmei\t Uk
X Silks, Dress Goods, Laces, Ribbons, Underwear, Hosiery, Notions &
tR and domestics all contribute their share of bargains.
|L. Stein & Son, |
§ First Summer Clearing Sale! jj
833 P^ r cent, off|
0 on all lines of Men's Suits, Hats and Rain Coats for theo
0 next Ten Days only, and many other lines such as Chil-0
0 dren's Clothing we will sell at 1-2 price, Straw Hats too
0 close out at 1-2 price. Our stock consists of the finest 0
0 lines of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing evero
0 carried in Butler. Don't miss this sale. Golden oppor-0
0 tunities come to those who wait. Q
0 Our Goods are marked in Plain Figures and a call
0 from you will convince you of the great money saver to 0*
0 all buyers of Clothing at our Parlors. 0
§ Ideal Clothing and§
1 Hat Parlors, |
© « x
© 228 South /Wain St., sutl*r, Pa. ©
# P. S. —All clothing sold by us cleaned, pressed andg
repaired free. 0
| Semi-An^^
f We only run two sales each year, one during January and February V
> and the other during July and August. The object of these sales Is to rid \
t up all odds and ends after the season is oyer. V
\ We never change the price which is marked on each ticket in plain /
( figures and when we sav 4 or i off it means something for the customer. 1
j We have too many goods in our store now but the falling prices will f
C soon move it j
/ O(1 Men's Suits, all sizes in both Sacks and Cutaways go at one-half I
S Z <)'' former prioe. y
f Men s Suits. Many of which are the very newest in style and such 1
\ «~)UU makes as the famous Hamberger & Sons go at i off former price. V
V ') T A Men's Suits at 20 per cent, discount and all the Bal including black }
] LOU and all makes at 10 per cent, off former prices. V
C | ijA Boys' Long Pants Suits running In price from #5.00 to #IO.OO, all ~
% lUU go at #2 50 per suit. X
I N OAA Boys'Bnlts tn both Long and Short l >ar,ts KO at i former price. J
✓ ZUU All the balauce at 10 per cent, discount. V
) Men's. Boys' and Children's Straw Hats all go at one-half price. Aleo /
C all Wash Suits one-half price. J
f Come early and get a real bargain because we never advertise what I
r we do not have in store for you. g
j Douthett & Graham. >
ili il' $ ft
| Mid-Season Clearance Sale |j
11 Great Bargains in Millinery. &
:; 1 1
* * Recent immense purchases have been com-laded, wliich have niven jj >•
• i as exclusive and original millinery at which do not represent the » «
II H coat of material* Thi* enables as to sell all Trininied and Untrimmed « £
t * Hats at one-third to one half the regular price. This Rives yon an op- j;;;
• ♦ iiortunity to l>nv Swell Hat* at extraordinary prices. Extra Special, »•
II i: Nobby ready-to-wear Hats, in stylish flare, and tnrban shapes. Large * j
* t stock of light Tuscans, Cnban flats and Leghorns for Children. Iro- ;; ;•
» « inense stock of Braids All the latest things in Domestic Braidf, both * •
II II as to colors and patterns. Kxtra value in Kibbons. Couje and see na. £ £
H Rockensteln's \l
I*l K2y Month Main Street, Butler, P*. aj