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NOTE—AII ad vert (Mrs Intending to make
changers In their ads. should notify u* of
tbelr Intention to do so not later than Mon
dav morning.
Executor s Notice —Estate of Archi
bald Montgomery.
Administrators Notices Estates of
F, M. Cooper and Chas. P. Kramer.
Notice in Bankruptcy -W M. Osborn.
Notices in Divorce Beatty, Bryan
Lyon and Daubenspeck.
Notice regarding A. B. C. McFar
land's papers.
AJmtolaiiif jrs and Rxecul'jrs • t
■ cin secure their receipt book* **t t-jT*
ZEN ©fire, and person - m»kS" ' iwles
thslr note book*.
—Three thousand papers were filed
with Register Davis, last year.
—The Allegheny river is gorged with
ice from Tarentum up to Templeton.
fifty miles.
—At the annuel meeting of the First
Ward Hoee Co., Wednesday evening,
all the old officers were re-elected.
—Butler needs a building inspector,
also some ordinances regarding the
thickness of walls and fire escapes.
—The Bntler pnblic schools opened
this week. Ten of the teachers are yet
sick, but substitutes were fopnd for
—Saxouburg has three cases of ty
phoid, and among John P. Weitrel. a
former policeman here, but he is con
—lt's an "old fashioned winter." sure
enough. This cold spell started Nov.
16th and has held out without a break
ever since.
Kittanning has over one hundred
ca-*od of typhoid and the pec pie fear an
epidemic. Their water supply comes
from the river.
—The stock company organized by
Geo. N. Burokhalter has had plana made
x for a $75,000 opera house, but has not
yet decided as location.
—The capital stock of the Car Works
•is three millions of dollars, and the
stockholders received their first divi
dend of two per cent last week.
—Geo Barnhamer of S. S. Pittaburg.
had no money to buy his six children
Christinas gifts, to he went upstairs,
that evening, and hanged himself.
—The Butler County National had a
prosperous year and declared a semi-an
nual dividend of five per cent Monday,
which puts it on ten per cent basis.
— LOST— On Dec. 2T-th, on the road
between Butler and Greece City, a la
dy's black silk handbag. The finder
please leave same at Citizen Office.
—We direct the attention of our read
ers to tbe clearance and bargain sale
•ds in To-day's paper Now ia the time
f'jr btrg-iins in all kinds of merchandise
—During tae blizzard of last Satur
day n oue of the boys stood aronnd the I
struct corners spitting tobacco, and none
of the girls were out making goo-goo
—L. S. McJunkin, tbe insurance
•gent, has taken in his brother, Ira,
and bis clerk, George Mitchell, as part
ners, tinder the firm name of L 8. Mc-
Junkin & Co.
—A nurse, said to be from Meadville
and who will not give her name, has
been doing noble work in Butler and
bas refused all compensation excepting
actual expenses.
—Near Hudson, N Y., a farmer who
bad no money for Christmas gifts and
whose wife wns'dead, killed his three
ebildren with a hatchet and then hung
himself in a barn.
—At 8 o'clock this morning tbe Wil
liam Ralcton flouring mill, at Prospee ,
now owned «nd operated by Hairy
Both, was destroyed by fire. Tbe loss
is about'ss,ooo, partly insured.
—Near Corry, Pa . a rural mtil par
rier'p horse tan away, upgettipg his
Wagon and also the oil stove therein.
Tbe fvagon took fire, the mail was
burned *nd the man had a narrow es
—At th» regular meeting of tbe 4i
rectors of the U. 8. Steel Co. Id New
York .Tuesday, the dividend on common
stock was "passed," and bnt one and
three fourths per cent was declared on
tha preferred
—Next Tuesday is Greek and Russian
New Year's day. Peter the Great of
Russia having adopted the Greek relig*
ion and calendar. Tuesday of this week
was tbeif Christmas day and the Jew
ish residents of the Rncqian city qf
J£i*hint-ff were fearing another masea
—Oq Tuesday morning of this week
|kb thermometers of Oatier registered
tO to 26 below zero. It is said to have
become cooler that morning after six
o'clock. Reports from other places in
dicated the same low temperature, but
one man in from Prospect that morning
Mid the mercury was bnt 8 below
there. It was the coldest morning we
hgye J)ad and seemed more to on jic
ooupt of the fog Near Boston,
pome thermometers bnrsted at SO below
aero. The cold and fog delayed trains,
pad caused confusion in railroad traffic
&)1 oyer the country.
.-rfho term* of the following mem
bers of council aud suliool board expire
this year and their successors mast be
elected next month:
Fir%t ward —James E Campbell. D
Second ward-Fred H. Goettler, D.
Third ward-J. 4 U
§o>irty ward--(saac MeaU, R.
Fifth ward -J. fi Grohinann, P.
Bci 1001 Directors-
First ward -Thomas AJexsndpfc
sfti to ward-Lev McQnistlon, p.
jt'onrtli ward - James L. Garrowar.R.
Fifth lyarfl -n g, jj,
I don't see how Ritter & Rookonateiu
can sell clothing so cheap—attend their
The second half of the ninth season of
the Pittsburgh Orchestra, Victor ffer
bw, Conductor, will be niven with the
j;Cin' - erL» Hits vf-eg. Frfdtfy evening and
B>Vturo*y «f{-moon, at Carnegie Music
Ball, bchenley Park. This period.
Which ends March lj}th, ipo*. inall
regpects tie tbp ipoei important three
uiubths in music Pittsburgh has experi
enced. a distinctive feature being the
presence of Richard Strauss, who will
conduct his own programs at one of the
March concerts.
Grand Opera Hotitte,
Th« Xmas Pantomime of "Babes in
Si?. iq delighting all
pftsbqrn and it* environments, has
«mi« luoro week to run, beginning Jan.
The first play after the Pantomime
at the Grand will be tlio Empire Theatre
Jj; snccecs "Trelawncy of ibe
Wells It is a W)tuedv dealing with
the privatb llvea of player folka.
W. J. Hemphill vs Stephen P. Hemp:
hill, summons in trespass for $2,500-
for slander. The plaintiff al
leges that the defendant falsely pro
claimed that W. J. had tortred » note
on him for $75, and ginned John B. Cun
• ningham's name as witness.
Anna Neliis, West street, vs Edward
C. Nellis, divorce for cruelty, etc.
Sheriff Gibson gave the prisoners a
- good Christmas dinner.
Burness. the sailor-coot murderer,
was sentenced to die in the electric
1 chair, in Brooklyn, on the 2tfth nit. He
! claims Batler as his native place, bnt
either the name or place is assumed.
Rnfns Wheele - , the colored youth
who ehot his brothtr last Sept., while
they were returning from Batler to the
Thorn Run Dam. plead guilty, and wa*
sent to the Allegheny county work
house for two and one-half years.
T. W. Brown plead nolle contendre
to a charge of a&b on Bill Hill.and was
fined $3 and sent to jail for 10 days.
Henry A. Hartinan was appointed
guardian of Joseph and John P. Hart
John M Greer wa* appointed truar
diau of John Allison Byerly, son of Har
vey Byerly, dee d.
Motion for a new trial in case of com.
vs. Elk Brewing Co., was argued Mon
Theodore Meeder was appointed guar
dian of Dora, Mary and William Barn
Dr. L W. Grooves was appointed
guardian of the children of the late Dr.
<i. K. McAdoo.
Mrs. Iva Hays, admr.. was granted
an alias order to sell real estate of L
M. Brackney.
Geo. P. Harvey, of Clinton township,
was appointed Mercantile Appraiser by
the County Commissioners, last week.
The County An.litors began their
work, Mondav. It is said to have cost
about sJ<tl.ooo to run the county last
year, and about $24,000 to run the
County Home.
A charge of forgery has been entered
against Lewis Seaton, of Anandale, for
allegtd writing of his brother's name to
a check or note for $275.
Charles B. Adams was appointed
court auditor and commenced his wort.
Wm. H. Walker, surveyor, John C.
Kelly and George Troutman were ap
pointed viewers on petition of citizens
of Penu township, for a new bridge
over Thorn Creek.
On petition of the town council, the
court appointed Jacob Keck, Harvey
Boyd and T. M. Baker viewers to assess
damages to property holders, caused by
the opening of McKee street, from the
first alley west of Dunbar street to
Mulberry street, through the properties
of W. B. McGeary, C. Duffy. Elias
Shakeley, Mrs Stoner, J. H. Harper
and Mrs. Mary Clarke. Some of the
property owners are opposed to the
The county commissioners have con
tinned Josiab M. Kiskaddon as clerk,
Everett L. Ratston, as council, and Jos
eph Graham and family as custodians
of the poor farm.
The Pennsylvania Oil Co. has record
ed leases from G. B. Turner, Abner
Campbell and others or 130 acres in
Wm. Faber, who, while drunk, was
caught Friday evening walking oat of
Carl Schlucter's tailoring shop, with a
pair of pants, knife and handkerchief
under his coat, and who also purloined
a dozen caps, necktie and pair of gloves
from a Fairground avenue Slav store,
plead ((uilty Monday afternoon and got
a year and six months to the work
house, in which to think of the evil of
his ways.
Through her attorney, J. W. Hutchi
son, Mrs. Piper, the restaurant keeper,
has brought suit against George Iteiber,
the owner of the building she occupies,
for |BO,OOO, as damages for the accident
she met with last September.
The State Snpreme Court convened
in Philadelphia, Monday, with Justice
Mitchell, the new Chief Justice, presid
ing. and all the members in their seats,
including the newly appointed Justice
S. G. Thompson. Two or three hun
ied decisions were filed, inclnding the
following in cases appealed from this
Guaranty Safe Deposit & Trust Co..
vs. Herman Liebold, action on an op
tion given by Liebold for 24 feet of his
hotel property, decided by Judge Miller,
of Mercer county, in favor of the Trust
Co., appealed by Liebold and now af
firmed by the Supreme Court, which
means that Liebola will have to make
a deed of the property in dispute to the
Trust Co., for the price mentioned in
the option, $15,000'
Standard Steel Car Co. y». Georgo
Stamm, action on Htapun's option to
the Company for his residenoe and
brick-yard property, decided by Judge
Miller in favor of Stamm; appealed by
tho Company and now reversed, which
means that Stamm will have to deed
his property to the Company at the
price named in the option or agree
ment, $14,500.
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Co. vs
Butler Passenger Railroad Co., appeal
by the Railroad Company for a decis
ion of J ndga Galbreatb. regarding fhe
right of the street car company to cros*
the tracks of the railroad company, de
cree reversed, with injunction to issue
as prayed for, which means that the
street car company has no right to
cross tlje railroad tracks at tbat paint,
unless it lie by an overhead bridge.
The cases of Young vs. Hervey, and
Walker vs. Berbigler, both from the
Common Pleas of this county, were af
The Tibby will case, from Allegheny
county, in which Senator Williams was
interested for a relative, was affirmed;
the verbal contract between C. L. Ma
gee, dee'd, and Jas W. Piatt, for the
sale of the Fifth avenae restaurant
property Was affirmed, as was also the
verdict of the lower court in a case for
damages against the "Pan-Handle" R.
R. Co.. growing out of the disaster at
Sheridan, in ot 1003. and a? this
was a test case, this decision may cost
the railroad company a million dollars.
The Supreme conrt of the Uuited
States in the cases of the Postal Tela
graph company, vs. the boroagbia of
New Hope and Tavlo* i-" . D
v.-i- . . <•" mPennsyl
—uenied the right of the boroughs
to tax at certain rates telegraph poles
for the purpose of inspection re?vr»iug
the ouprenje obprt which
npheld the borough ordinances.
Justice Peckham said that the taxes
assessed wero far in excess of the cost
of inspection, making it plain that the
ordinances are not tl»p interest of po
liM for the purpose of
racing revenue.
I J Mcßride to the United States, lot
In Butler for *4.078.
Geo B Mcßride to United States lot
Bntlcr flWlfi.M.
S Foster Mcßride to United States,
lot in Butler for *4975.
n H Goncber, guardian, to United
Btßtee, lot in Bntler for *«.833.88.
W A Kloffenstein to Theo D Rdlston
lot in Harmony for SBOO.
Thog B White to Kebeccn B fcaird,
lot on Bontfi Side for *250.
John 1! Pontius to Percy h |{eil. lot
on E Walnut street for f 1500.
Mary Gold tu Wamuel Nelson. 20acres
ii) Cherry for 91.
La wall Heirs to Geo Krng, 10 acres
in Winfield for *I7OO.
Nancy Hall to Ezra Firster, quit
claim. 80 acres in Cherry for *275.
T W Terwiliger to Blair Hooks, wells
for *IO,OOO.
Blair Hooks to A same
' W H Alexander to JacobE Daoibach
lot in Harmony for *a3o.
i W J Wreadea, tmatee, to B B Breaden
; Join in Clay for *1
Oliver Thompson, guardian, to Ro
;-a Christy, 44 acres in Cherry for
1 Hedwlg Ilelmbold to John E Muder.
•J acres in Uaxonburg for *7.900.
Lawrence E Walter* to Rav A Wal
tera. 119 acres In Buffalo for *l.
i , N d>*»tler to M E Chantler, lot
In Slippery Rock boro tor *I,OOO.
Same to Andrew Hilgar, lot in Slip
' perr Rock for $550.
Thomas Powell to Clyde E Powell
• six acres in Parker forßl.
A Cumberland vo J Harvey Cumber
< land, quit claim, 50 acres in Concorc
for $725
J J H Cumberland to A Cumberland
quit claim on 100 a ires for $725.
i M L Gibson, Shenff. to Ezra Firster
i 80 acres in Cherry for $1,300.
j A Lotz to Kath Staples, lot in Evaci
j City for $250.
G M Graham. Clerk of G>nrts, to Al
, bert McCandless. 1-10 in 100 acres ir
j Butler twp for $200: also iu 20 acres foi
j William Knoch to Mi».iy M Zoller, 45
acres in Jefferson and 24 acres in Clin
• ton tor $7,000.
Chas and Miles Dausherty to H H
Young, 51 acres in Clearfield for $2,000.
Reed Wimer to Henry and Chas Ban
der, quit claim to 20 acres in Muddy
creek for S3OO.
T C Kennedy to Amanda W Wigton,
lot in Mars for SIOO.
Heirs of Ruth A Marshall to J M
Marshall lot in Portersville for $875.
J M Marshall to E Scheidemantle lot
in Portersville for SIO6O.
E E Abrams to M A Rensel, lot in
Elm street for SIBOO.
W J Hemphill to W B Schoentag 50
aores in Clinton for SIBOO.
Mary C G Smith to S W Glenn lot
on W. Clay street for $3300.
Clifton Deforce to L C Wick lot on
Mercer street for SIBOO
Gottlieb Weitzel to Josiah Shaner 53
acres in Buffalo for SI3OO.
Josiah Shaner to S F Klingensmith
same for SI3OO.
U L Cookson to Samuel Gallagher
lease in Adams for $450.
Smiley R Williams to Lake Trade
Co.lol acres in Venango twp for $2531.-
Sarah Randall to same 27 acrts for
Thomas Eakin to same 50 acres for
Wm N Stalker to sime 81 acres for
$2036. «5.
J C Say to Emma G Smith lot on
Linden Ave for S4OOO.
Marriage Ijcense-.
H. G. Shearer Freeport
Marie Blanche Tonks ... .Foxburg
Mont M McCord Six Points
Phoebe Steffee "
E. H. Jones Portersville
L O. Scott
Rev. Wm. O. Ibach Glasgow, Pa.
Lillian 11. McCollongh Chicora
Samuel Stewart Chicora
Genevieve Byers
Will J. Ball Callery
Martha R. McGraw Renfrew
Chas. C. Braham Harrisville
Minnie I. Cochran "
A. H. Allen Portersville
E. E. Thurber Beaver Co.
Adolph Low Pittsburg
Cora Kennedy "
Arthur Ellis Sprague Marietta, O
Margaret E Given Petrolia
Wm. Taylor Clairton
Stella J. Crawford Parker
Frank Hutchins Hartstown. Pa.
Hattie R. Black Boydstown
Pasl Brenze Lyndora
Justina Farabek Lyndora
W. W. Ramsey Mercer. Pa
Ruth May Wise Vandergrift
Albert G. Lindsey Lima. O
Annie E. Heginbotham Saxon burg
Arthur Willets Turtle Creek
Rebecca Peffer Harmony
At KiltanniuK—Wm. E Minteer of
Nichola and Millie Vensel of Chicora.
Chas. A. Ward of Petrolia and Amanda
Stonghton of Vandergrift; D. S. Cratty
of Kittanning and E. F. Harvey of Chi
At Indiana. Pa. —F. S Bash of But
ler and Gertrude Brad of Indiana.
At New Castle— Johu M. White of
Portersvilie and Mrs. Margaret Wier of
Hartstown, Pa.
At Franklin—C. E. Holmes and Har
riet Coonliffe of Butler.
At Clarion—Jno A. Sutton of Bruin
and Cora Hugus of Turnipbole.
At Pittsburg—Win. B. bwartz of But
ler and Jennie McKissick of Pittsburg.
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Better Than a Physical Culture
The Brawntawn Method of health and
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tonic triangular tablets. Write today
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Vic'roß' Remedies c&mpany,
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If low price is any inducement at
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Insurance and Real Estate.
If you wish to sell or buy property
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GEM Fij/rpxiCo ,
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Farm Paper from now until Jan. I 100-1
both for J2.CQ,
POP corn"
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Mid-Winter KxciirMionsto Wash
In accordance with its usnal custoxp
the Baltimore and Uhio R. K. will, on
January 21 and February 18. 1004. run
Two Popular Mid-WinterExcursione to
Washington at very low rates for the
round trip, good returning ten days, in
cluding date of sale.
Excellent train gervliw
couches, Pull"**- , standard
— u parlor and sleeping
These delightful excursions afford
splendid opportunities to visit the Na
tiftuai Uaplcal during the session of con
gress. For tickets, time of trains and
full information call on or address W
R. Turner, Ticket Agent. Butler. Pa
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B. It. & P. By. Clerical Orders.
Clerical orders for the year 1904 will
be loaned by the Bnffalo, Rochester &
Pittsburg Ry. Co. as in former years to
ordained clergymen having regular
charge of churchs located on or near Ihe
line of its road Application blanks
will bo furnished l.y ticket apents of
the company,.and should be forwarded
to the (ieneral Patmenger Agent at
Rochester. N. Y.. as early as possible,
and in no case later than Dec. 25th.
No orders will be issned except on in
dividual application of clergymen, made
on blanks furnished by the company,
and certified to by one of its agents.
(ieneral Agent.
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11. B. S.
The Brnin Business School has enroll
ed 28 students in its various depart
ments since Oct. !> We use the cele
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and room can be had for about $2.50 to
|3.ootbe week. Jan Ist wonld be a
good time to enter. For further infor
mation address the Principal,
Bruin Business School, Brnin, Pa.
Mrs. J. P. Mechlins is visitin
friends in Pittsburg.
Ben Price got the nicest -Christina
gift in Bntler. It's a boy.
: Mrs. Lear of Vandergrift is the gnet
of her father. John Hildebr»-.id
A F. Cochran, Esq., of Concord twp
visited friends in Butler, Monday.
Prushia Double of Donegal townshi;
visited friends in Butler. Tuesday.
i Edward Southerland and s.">n of Ma
( rion township are down with typhoid.
R. P. Scott. Esq , has recovered from
j the fever and is attending to business.
| John T. Biicker of Buffalo attended
j to some business matters in Butler,
i Monday.
! Miss Franc Wadsworth. 103 Race
street, was winner of the Mardorf-Eisler
prize doll.
John C. Graham. Esq., has entirely
recovered from the fever and cau be
found at his office.
Allen McCall of Prospect got up a
very pretty Christmas treat for the
children of that town.
Joseph Cooper of Worth and Thomas
Cooper of Brady, were in Bntler on le
gal business a few days ago.
Jag. M. Dnnn and Matthew Jack of
Brady township attended to some legal
business in Bntler, Monday.
Constable Mills of Millerstown was
brought to the Hospital last week. He
fell upon the sidewalk, and broke his
Jas. L. Simmers. Collector of Buffalo
township, made his second return of
taxes to the County Treasurer, Monday
—one day too late for this year's audit.
H. C. Frick and B. S. Coler intend
building a 45 story building in New
York city, with five of the stories be
low the curb, one of which will be a
station of the t-übwav railroad.
Gen. Lyttleton. commander of Brit
ish forces in South Africa, says that the
cigaret habit is playing havoc in his ar
my and that "'the chief disposition of
the present average British recruit is to
hunt some place to lie down and rest."
If England gets mixed up in tbe Russo
Japanese war it will take more than a
lot of tired young men to defend the
Brit'sh Empire.
Rev. Henry Slmnor of Lancaster, G.
W. Fleming of Concord, An«eit Mich
ael of Butler twp., S. A. Leslie and H.
J. Burns of Middlesex. J. C. Vandyke
of Marion, W. N Davidson of Adams,
Thos. Hnrnn* of Cltarfield, A. J. Beik
ert and Levi Logan of Jeffeison, R. J.
Anderson of Clinton, Rev. S. P. Mont
gomery of Gill Hall, Daniel Heck of
Butler twp., D. N. McCandless of Clay.
G. M. Ziegler of Jackson, and A. B
McCandless of Butler twp., were among
our holiday week visitors.
Wheat, wholesale price 70-75
Rye, " 55
Oats, " 40
Corn, " 50
Buckwheat 55
Hay, 18 50
Eggs, " 33
Butter, '* 23
Potatoes, ' 55
Onions, per bu i 1 00
Cabbage, per lb 3
Chickens, dressed 12J-15
Celery, doz bnnches 40-60
Honey, per pound 20
Lettuce, lb 12i
Beets, per bu 75
Cukes, per doz .... 20
Apples, per bu 40-60
Walnuts 75
Hickory 2 25
Chestnuts 4 00
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3 to 4i for be«f cattle, but they must be
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Tcachera' Institute Postponed.
Owing to the serious epidemic of ty
phoid and algo on account of the
rrious illness of Count v Supt. Howard
Painter, the Bntler County Teachers'
Institute is postponed until Monday,
February 8-I°, 1904.in the Court House,
Bntler, Pa.
It is confidently anticipated that at
thattiine Sunt. Painter will again be
able tp attend to his work, and that lo
cal conditions will have so improved as
to relieve all from any anxiety which
would be attendant, were the institute
held at the time formerly arranged.
Very respectfully,
Per Committee.
An experienced nurse in cases of con
fii ement, can be found at her residence,
910 Centre Ave., Butler, Pa.
B. B.
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other Rtrotrli«r. Our ' - */>' Jli
Now patent A<ljuntal»lo '/ACMC mciti'l
Pin leaven tlie nrallojn v
111 their natural nhnfio; <loe* not weaken tin* bam; It
of ample length, very prartlral and a tfreat Improve*
ment. l>on*t fall to examine It. At your d«ialem,of
ICME M'F'U. CO., Allegheny, Pa
Bi4ugß of Council.
f Town Council met in th>» Council
Chambers. i'nc< lay night for the first
i time since the rooms were given up to
the Relief Committees, over five wtek?
before. Tbe first matter laid before the
Council were the petitions, s>iun«l by
several hundred citizen;-, asking that a
resolution be {-assed submitting to t.be
people, at the February Election, the
proportion of securing a third-class
j city charter. Attorneys A. Ct. Wil
j liaius, H. H. Goucber and J. W.
; Hutchison presented the petitions and
•poke in favor of submitting th<> matter
to a public vote; :.nd Henry Troutuiau
appeared an'' questioned the v. isdoiu of
j the move at this time.
I The Council looked on the city charter
I proposition unfavorably and passed,
without discussion, a motion to lay the
[ resolution on the tabls for one month,
i Even if passed in February, this action
prevents legal publication in time for
the February election, and practically
disposes of the city charter matter for
one y»ar. unless another method
through the State Legislature—is pur
An ordinance was a loj t-d. subniit
ting to the voters of the borough at
next election, the question of a two
per cent increiise in the indebtedness of
the borough "for the purpose of pnr
chasing a suitable site and for the
erection thereon and equipment of a
building to be used for council chambers
and general borough purposes ncd for
the pu(|x>>e of paving the public rtreets !
of s-tid borough and seweriug the public
streets and alleys there. ', jmd for tbe i
installation of an electric fire al-trm
The Market—Both agencies dropped
to $1.85, en Tuesday of last week, and
the hopes of the producers for a 00
market went glimmering The Stand
ard's organ attributes the declino in
crude to that in refined.
Have you noticed how cheap Ritter &
Rockenfctein's are -elling clothing.
He couldn't see by day,
'Till a skilled optician came that way;
And fitted some glasses to his sight.
And now he sees both day and night;
And thanks his stars he flew tbe way,
Where Ktrkpatricb's store in his
track did lay.
We also gell—
Edison aiid Victor Phonograph'.
Eastuian and Paco Cameras.
Photo Sni>})lies.
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
Optical goods.
Field and Spy Glasse?.
Jeweler end Graduate Optician
Next to Court House
Near Court House.
Just Received $ of New Wall
Paper for lUO4.
We are giying big bargains in pict
Full line of Blauk bo>jks an 1 diariig.
Near Court House.
Me i«ir«fu! what
weut - - of an ,nHtni "
.. ~se to accompany them with
has a beautiful, clear, rich touo thnt is
not to be found in any other instru
Pianos and organs at factory prices
to reduce our holiday stock.
Pittsburg Organ & Piano Co.,
Butler Branch Old P O Bldg,,
Wo have removed our Marble and
Granite shops from corner of Main anil
Clay streets to No. 200 N. Main street,
(opposite W. I). Brandon's residence),
where we will be pleased to meet our
customers with figures that are right
Monuments & Headstones
of all kinds and arc also prepared
to give best figures on
Iron Fence, Flower Vases
etc., as we have secured the sule agency
from the .Stewart Iron Works of Cin
cinnati, Ohio, for this town and vicinity.
P. H. Sechler
n k & r it r
Time tible in effect Nov. 2*2, 15HW
Passenger trains leave and arrive a
Bntler as follows;
~:•>«' a tn.. mixed for Pnnxsutawney
Dn Rois and intermediate stations.
10:17 » in. daily, vestibnled d»y ex
V'ef< for Buffalo, connects at Ashford
v -ek days, for Rochester.
6:80 p. in. locxl for Punx'y. D:i Boh
nr.d intermediate stations.
11:35 p. ns. night express for Bnftr.V
and Rochester.
>. ni d iilv, night express from
Buffalo and Rochester.
a.m. week days, accomodation
from Dußois.
S:UI p.iix daily, day express
ir in Buffalo. Mas connection at Asb
ford wtek days from Rochester.
8:4-> p.m. we< k days, mixed train
from Du I?ois and Punx^utawney.
Trains leave the B. & O. Station.
Allegheny, for Buffalo and Rochester
at 9:00 a.in. and 10:00 pm . and for local
jK.ints as far as Dnßois at 5:10 p.m.
Ii & O 11 It
Time taMo effective Nov 22, 1903. lla»teru Sian«l«trd
Allegheny Anomaioilaliok *»>:2o-a-m
AUfzlieny ami Kxi rw *>.-«) a-m
Allegb«Bj Kimii tf»|o a-u»
Elhvood City Act. +1.4" |»ru
Cliiraps New Ca*tle ami Allegheny Ex •'1:40 p-m
Allegheny Expm« I *5:24 |»-ni
All -.}.. :,y A xuin•«!.iti- u p.u
E'lw -k! and New CaatW* Accommodation... "fir r >o jvm
PiKaf'iirgr, Kllwood City au«i New Catftle...,. *6:00 p. in
Kan* ami Bradford Mail +9:42 a-m
A' "MUi -lati-ii.... +4:55 p-m
Fuxhnrgr Accontinflation p m
* Ifculy. * *c«j't Sunday. i Sumiav only.
Trains leave the AllegUeny rtation for
Bntler at 7 ;W, H:ls. 10:45 a.m.. and 1:15,
3:00, 5:30,6:15 and 11:80 p.m. Pittsburur
station at 7:50 a.m. On Sunday at 7:30
a.m. and 6:15 and 11:30 p.m.
For through tickets, Pullman rewerrr.tiooa and iu
f »rmatit»n apply to W. R. TfRNEK, Apt,
Butler, Pa.
F. I». f-n If, A. I*. A.,
I*ittidnirp, Pa
O Time table in effect Sept. 13. 1903.
ooOhward. jit Sni«!*y. Southward
I.* h tl ip) (Heal tiowo) '
2 lo 14 STATIONS! i i i
!' M KM P.M. mm. A.M.| pin
7 Si 2 Erie 7 00 12 18
7 0! 1 53 Kairvie* 7 *J- 12 44
6 61 1 l > Glrar.l 7 :{| 11 .">7
7 00 1 15 &r..t'.>no-»at.. .ar 9 11 2 15
5 :t2 It 45 Iv., Oonni»;:t. !v 715 11 45
o 1 Si < 7 ;» 1 15
« 2*. 1 20 AIM.* 8 00 1 2»
l> It 1 05 ShadrUn.l 8 111 I 34
| « OS, 1 03 Spriiigtwio | 8 1«! 1 37
, A 02 12 57 c,,im<.autvi!le . 8 £1 1 41
: 5 40 12 MftvlTillc Jiinet.. 8 15' 2 05
: 6 30 1 08 ar. Meadnllf. ar It 23 * 43
4 43 11 52 lv.. Mea'iville.. ,lv 7 45 1 27
G 05 12 43 ar..Conn.l.ako..ar 8 55 2 15
5 15 12 23 lv " lv 8 3.) 1 52
' 5 40 :ar..Llnenvilie ~ar 10 25
I 2 02ilv •' lv ; 8 25 12 02
5 23 12 Its Hartatown I » 59 2 22
5 17 12 1" j 9 05 2 28
: 5 07 12 00 Osgood j 9 13 2 40
7 10 5 00 11 52!Greenvill'j 6 30 8 23 3 50
7 05! 4 53 11 45 Shenanga 6 ;t?4 9 29 3 00
« 45 1 35.11 22jFredutit& « 5s 9 47i 3 17
0 27 1 2'• II Of, Mercer 7 Jv 10 0-lj 3 35
022 1 15 tl . ; 1;lloufitou Ji. ncfiou 7 22 10 07 3 40
« < 1 3 M 10 41 Uruv* Otlv 7 111" S3 4 01
5 47 l'l 7 5" 4 11
5 4" 3 3S If BraiitliUiu H 0" 10 4"! 4 23
0 45, 1 0- 11 14 ;ir.. . Hilliartl ,.. ar till ti 45
4 :u>' 3 0 7 oirlv... Milliard. .|v T ««o 700 300
5 351 3 33 10 17 Kelnler S 12 10 4(1 4 27
5 In 3 t9 10 03 Kutliil 8 30 11 00 4 43
445 3 fill U 3f. Butler 9 («»11 25 510
3 0"| 1 15 8 15! Alle K heu» 10 25 1 00 G 35
lin pnt a-n a.ui. pn» p.m
Train 12, leaving Grove Ulty «.'*) a. m.
Mercer 6:25*. Shnuango 7:03, Greenville 7:10,
Mea<lville Jet. 7»55 t Conaeautville a,li, arrive-*
in Erie at 9: 4<> a. rn.
Train 13, leaving Erie stlo p. m. (Jon
neautvllle «;3», Jot, 7,1)0, Greeoville
7,lft H'jrwr H r 'll, arrive* at G-ove
City at H.'xi f ii|,
E. H. UTLEY, Gen. Pass. Af?t,
(ien. Mj<r. Pittsbura:, Pa
W. R. TUUNKK. Tkt Agt, Bntler, Pa
fCHKiM Li IN Krrccr Nor, 30, ISUi.
A M A.M. A.M. P. M. P. M
BLTLEB Leave 6 '46 7 35 10 CO. '4 35 * *
Saxnubnrg Arrive 6 68 8 04 10 30 3 00 6 48
Butler Juuction.. " I T !!3 33«10 55 3V, 551
Butler Junction...Leave T 4N I 40 11 38 s 2» « i«
n»tron» Arrive 7 3fl 8 54 11 i» 3 Su| 0 10
Tarentum 7 4.1 86» 11 57 '3 4c. 1 617
Springdaie 7 5;, u U 14 07 3 67■ 8 27
Claremont ! 986 14 '47 4 11 <i 41
Sharpabarg 8 1«' 8 47 12 38 4 18i « 50
Allegheny 8 30.10 02 12 61' 4 30 7 00
A. M A M. P. M.|P. M P. M.
SUNDAY TRAINS.—Leave I!uf!*.; Alleghob}
Oitv and principal Intemuxliai,. atationa at 7:30 m, ul.
%nd 4:55 p. ra.
, A. M. A.M. A.M. P. M. P.M. P. M
Allegheny Clty.lv; 8 an 0 00 10 00 3 ( 0 5 19 H DO
Sharpaburg r > 44 9 11 10 II 3 11 5 31 u It;
Oiaremont .... 10 1» 3 2> 5 4" SI 13
J'rlngdalc I .... 0 34 10 35 3 is r, 57 u
Tarantula 7 11 9 4;, 10 4'. 4 04 f, )>•- j 44
N«tron» 7 17 9 M 10 M 4 |t>! ff tn oj|
Butler Junr. .. ...r 7 25 !(> (is tl 03 4 :.'4 r 17 <0 00
Btitlei Jour....|. 7Mi ij 12 h K i 4 3,, , <( J Q
i,) 1 " 1 ' [ » lio to '0 1 1!' r. ic. t t, 's' 10 no
BLTI.CS. . . ~8 4tjllo 5V I ft Bs 7 :fl 11 ~,
|A.MJa.M.IP. fc.|p. n P. M. 1> M
MNUAY TliVl.'Jc t.MV. Allegheny Clt> for Bui
ler »nd 1 tiM-tpal luttrmodiat'. atatkma at 7:03 a ai. zui
IKI4 V- U).
Week Daya. Snnd:iy.
A.M. A. M. P. M A.M. P M
BiTun . IT 62A ... 236 7
" ll,lor Jet ar 7 23 3 Sfl . 8 10 ...
Butler J'ct I. 7 sr. ~.. 4 3ft 8 t l
,M I 'V or . , ">r 7 V.....' 337 817 ....
KnkfminetM*. J'i.. ..«» 7 aft' :j 4,> g 2.1
Uechbum •• 74S ;3 54 8 3(1
"•■Xt Apollo " 8 111 413 8 67:
Mtobarar " 840 tirg Iti
a ""!'!"-; » >•- 5 40! 964 .! "
Blalnrrillelut " 9»4 •■ •. ftjl. lnoil .
Itarrlaburq..., « 310 ..... l ia, i« -a
Philadelphia « H43 , ... 4 i3lO 20
V. M.!A.M. A.M. IP.M. P.'M
Through trttiua fur th« nairt leave Pltlel u'if fL'nlou
Statlou) ( aa followm— "
Vtlantlc Rxpreaa, dail» Sofia*
M 4iihatUn limited " /\o T'IIU-IIMMV " 't-'ta ••
NeT?!.'"'" Lio .'. ilr J " 1 " V " """ "■ -'l'-H "
i>ay Kxpreaa, u » !'• u
Main l.iue Kxpreaa. « t ,J. >.
r'hiUil'a and New Yoik " . ..... MW
ilnrrlnyUtf Liptima tally i »•,(. ««
l'hllailelp!*a 1C.pr,,., ' JS „
Kaatern fcxpraw, .. ... ; " - 7;10 ..
"aat Una. • Vol< ,
pi m V', rI J . Spßciu, » ''"By l "' N "™ York. only. 10.00 "
Ihlladelphia .Special daily. Sl.wi.inir
i-ara to I'iillniii.lplii;., llaltiiiiore ami Wjali
iiiKtoii. No ciifti'lioH ' ij) ]i/| «i
fhilMil'tt Mail, SIIIKIH} I 8 A.M
For Atlantic C'ltjr (vU Holnwaro lliier Bri(]«r«
| rail route*) bCO a.to.au<i p. ui. iUIIv.
NVlv.ii.Lu Liiniti-d," u.» l .\\jw X'A tyvW'A ?A) •
wo«ik ilayn. ' " • ** ,u t .
For w".-* Ve KI " V Jnnctloß follow*:
1 .atiU, 9/»G a. iu Mini 11 Jit) p. ui. ilailj, with
inmiiKli l»arlor and nlo««piriK car*.
For Oil City, 7.42 9M a. m. # «.i6, «.lft and 11.V
--m. vnM.k-«lH>«. Huudays, U./iti u. m., 6.16 mid ll.&>p.ni.
For Wank, 7.42, ».M, a.m., 241 ft, 8.15, 10.15,
mi«l 11.60 p. m. w©ek-d.»}ii. Hundayw, tf.60,10.40 a. m.,
H. 16 and ll.M) p. m.
For KittaiiiiiiiK 7.42, V.'M, 9.56,11.14*. m. t 2.3.5,5.33,
«.l r », 7.27,10.15, *ud 11..M) p. iu. wook-day». Buiidayn,
10.40 a. in., 6.16, 10.44, and 11.50 p. in.
"f Btopo only on n>Ki>*l or uotica to i»u»nt or n»n
ductor to r«H«dv« or dii«-luii')(i' piiN>M<iiKt*rN.
F- i d«Uil Inl irmaUcu, uj jiv to ti< ki I •« rat • I
aildrww Tbo*. K. Watt, l'an*. Agt. Woatwn Dlntrtct,
o>iru«r Fifth Avmin«* and Budthdeld t>tr«ot # ritt4burg,
(lou'l Manager. l'»w'r Tmilk Maiut^or.
G»J, W. lk»Vl»,
Ucufiml ruxbMUger Ajf' lit.
Winikekl It uTo Timo TaUlt)
In effect Nov. a()th, 1903.
irmon. AM pm
• Wlnflald. ....7 1
" Iloggnvillo 745 II 00
" Iron Bridge 7 56i 310
•• Winflnld J'inction 810 326
" H 2*i 3 &>
" Itutlvr Junction H 26 3 40
Arrive I'utlw 10 66 5 ii«
Arrive Allegheny 10 02 6 05
Arrive It lAJ navlll<* 12 46 6 2"
I K 1 * v - BDi
i . . nMinnii tso tsi
•* Allegheny « 001 3 <»•>
M l«otl#*r 736 236
•• tin tier Junction 10 16 440
" Uu»* lo i % i 13
" Wlufield Junction 10 "4) 4 fs»
" Iron Bridgr 10 441 s<«
" iw.ggnvilla I(j [a* 5 1*»
\rrive Wift Wintleld (10 05 5 *F»
Ti ill - top .i? Lane an l Iron Bridge only on K lag t-.
take on or l. ave off nweongers.
Tralim t'«»niiiM:t at Butler Juuction with;
Tralun Fiifttward for Freoport, Vauderfcrift and
Blaimvllle InterMK'tlon.
Traiiin Woetaard for Natrons, Tarcutuui and A lie -
Train* Northward for Haxouhurg, Mm w. «»d and Hut
11.0. USA LOB,
Omtieral Manager.
An enterprising farin<T in tliin »«ction
to ennvofw dnrin« tho late fall and
winter among tb« farinera in hi« vicini
ty. Mn»t lit* active, capable and honest.
Work will prove profitable to a (,'ood
man arid can lie made a source of
nnft easily earned income each
year. To it may be devoted as much or
as little time us desired If interested
write at once to T, M. U., Box 74,
Albany, N. Y.
\ AND $
j (Peptonized)
? \
V. hen you buy a beef, iron '
, % ! and wine, why not get a good
>' one? Much that is sold under «'
that name has but little to (
commend it as such except the }
•j name. We prepare a Beef, f
j f Iron and Wine that is com- I 1
A posed of the purest extract of J
f beef, the most digestable form S
\ of iron, pure sherry wine and f
) a high grade of pure pepsin.
This is a splendid tonic and V
>i blood maker. Will agree with
( the most delicate stomach. C
• • Prompt results will follow its S
/use in impaired nutrition, im- | 1
l>ovenshed condition of the : p
; blood and in general debility, f
j We have customers who J
V speak of it in the highest : /
f terms. Be stire and ask for S
i Boyd's Beef, Iron and Wine /
j peptonized. Full pint bottles C
\ 75c. S
i Near the Court Home, y
S Butler. Pa. C
Do You Buy Medicines?
Certainly You 90.
Then you want the bebt for the
len<t money. That is our motto.
C. me and see us when in need of
a n thing in the Drug Line and
we are sure you will call again.
We carry a full line of Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, etc.
Purvis' Pharmacy
Both Phones.
213 S. Main St. Butler Pa.
Reed'sr Wine of
Cod biver Oil
will build you up and make
you strong, will give you
an appetite and new life.
If you feel tired and
worn out try our Wine of
Cod Liver Oil and find
It is stronger and better
than pure Cod Liver Oil.
Pleasant to take and is
inoffensive to delicate
Indorsed and recom
mended by physicians
every where. The best
Spring tonic to give you
Health and strength.
For sale only at
Heed's Pharmacy
Transfer Corner
Main end Jiffcrici £ts., utler. Pa
%dicl< &
109 N. (\\a in Street,
3UTkeR, PA.
IJest Service,
Prompt and Careful
Four Registered
Prescription Worl( a
I We want
your trade by [
deserving it
The quality in our values, I
our prices and increasing
sales proves this more than
ever. We appreciate your
trade, and will do our best
to please by giving you
better shoes for less money, I
a greater variety and larger I
selection to pick from. $
Merer Bros
| Couponß on the piano
i given with each pair of
S shoes.
224 S. Main St. t
W. S & E. WICK,
I: mh iiti<l Worked I.umbor of •«'! Kind*
!> "Tit, Susli and Moulding*
Oil W.-ll Ulks » Specialty.
Offlcr nnd Yurd
K CunnlmtliHin mid Monro* Ctn
■MM WNt Fean IMoot,
Clearance Sale!
Basinets has been dall, and every man. womin and child in Bntler f
,* county knows the reason why. We have entirely too many winter \
\ goods in onr store We have made np onr minds to sell xhem with- %
r" ont respect to their renl value Onr motto always has been never to >
• carry croods from one season to another, and we believe this to be a /
good business principal —therefore, we have decided to clean np our \
5 heaw goods. /
i Yoa can now bny an overcoat in onr store in Men's. Boys' or Chil- £
i dren's at 20 per cent disconr.t- We have 500 Men's overcoats, 200 /
• Boys' and 100 Children's. \
We have 75 Men's suits in all sizes that we will sell at half price. »
We have this mmy more we will sell at one-tbird off. y
, One lot 250 Men's shirts, odds and ends, which fold at $1.50 and /
f #I.OO. go at 50c Another lot in regular sizes at 50c. Another lot, S
new goods, with BO reduction at all.
We are determined to onr eoods into money immediately, and \
j if yon are needing anything in onr line, we will save yon money.
/ Yonrs for Clothing, f
> Douthett &. Graham. \
' —IS OUR CRy~- i
J •• .. ALL NEW PAPERS OF 1904 *
f e are showing Florals, Burlaps, Tapestries. Ingrains, Damasks a
"nplexes, Emtiossed Silks. Dresden Strips. Varnished Tiles, Crown ef- j*
p tects, Panel elfects. Drop Ceilings. Two-Third work—All the latest and j!
. np-to-date designs for parlors, halls, libraries, dining-rooms, kitchens.
* sleeping-rooms and bath rooms Also a full line of Mouldings, to £
r match any color of paper. Call and see for yourself. r
I Patterson Bros.
Ma ' n S,re<>t ' B ° ,h I>hones - Wlck Building.
| 1
I ; : 4| I
/J A
Begin the New Year at BROWN & CO'S, kl
X.Tf with a large stock of Furniture and Car- M
■ r J Many bargains to offer you during January. rJ
Come in and aee us.
- rtflTri itftii iHh Ai A difci nt
Our woolens are in and ready for
your inspection. You cannot put off
buying much longer so better come
in, and look things over.
Buffalo Woolen Blankets.
Shaker Flannel Comforts.
Woolen Dress Goods.
Our Fur and Wrap Department is
| - more complete than ever.
m Every thing in Furs from the cheap
r est to the best.
m All the latest and newest cuts in
H Coats, Jackets and Capes.
WHY men * inc * our suits anc * overcoats so much
"" * better than others sell for the same price.
WHY we a ' wa y s h°ld our old customers and are constantly
" * winning new ones.
WHY s0 man y People thing this is the best store at which
H to buy your clothing.
WHY y° u should do your trading here, come in and learn
"" * about these
This week men's and young men's black Thibet and fancy
Casimere suits, $12.50 values for $8 75.
This week blue and black Kersey any Oxford Frieze over
coats. sl2 50 values for $8 75.
Schaul &Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.