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day morninc.
Aduilntbtiaiors and Lx< t:a.ors of estate
Ctn secure ttu*ir welpt !x)oks at the CI 11
ZEN office, and por^uii*» LitKtng public Kilts
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Tlie next issue of the CITIZEN
will be d»tc«l January 7tli, 11MJ-4.
—Bring yourself to book, next week,
and turn over a new leaf
—The biggest turkey in town, yester
day, weighed 25$ pounds.
—The P. O. and express people are
busy with Christmas packages.
—Old Folks' Concert at the brick
church, near Eakins X Roads, this even
—The new Central Hotel will be four
stories high, have elevators and will
cost *40,000.
—The dog is man's best friend. W hen
a man has a cold tho dog never tells him
what to do for it,
—C. E. Miller's new show-windows
are things of beauty, works of art, de
signed by himself.
—The United Mine Workers will
hold their annual convention in Pitts
burg, January 11th.
—The sail is very lazy aEout getting
up these morciugs and, we are sorry to
say, there are others.
—Our merchants never displayed a
more tempting lot of Christmas goods
than they do at present.
—The people of Pittsburg and Alle
gheny are becoming alarmed about the
ice gorge at S^ritigdale.f
—Tuesday the 23nd, was the reputed
shortest day of the winter, and the
days will soon begin t j lengthen.
—Pittsburg has 106 cases of typhoid,
and in Philadelphia 180 new cases of
small-pox we re reported in live days.
—Sterilizing filters have been placed
in all the school buildings, and the
schools are to open on Monday, Jan. 4,
—Nobody about Butler can remember
of a family named Burnesa living here,
and that Brooklyn sailor is entitled to
another gue*s.
—The "pot-rack" calls of someguinea
fowls led to the discovery of a cave full
of stolen poultry in Plum township, Al
legheny connty, last Tuesday.
—Up to Tuesday evening the people
of Pittsburg had raised a fund of 18,-
727. GO for Bntler and were expecting
more before forwarding it.
—The Schenly property in Pittsburg
and Allegheny is to be sold, accordinc
to the will, and Mrs. Schenley's son will
get the greater part of the proceeds,
valued at thirty millions.
—The work of leveling the walls of
Armory building and Central Hotel be
gan last Thursday morning. The front
wall of the Thompson building fell to
the sidewalk ihe other evening.
—The Farmers Institutes for this
county have been postponed until March
on account of the epidemic. This is all
nonsense, as the damage done here was
done during the hot days of last Sep
—Some fifteen brewing companies,
including tho Butler company, have or
ganized a trust under the title of the
Dnquesne Brewing Company, with a
capacity of half a million bairels year
ly, and a capital stock of $15,000,000.
—The railroad passenger agents are
already arranging for next year's ex
cursions to St. Louis, and also for Hot
3prings, Denver, Yellowstone Park,
and other points that people are likely
to "take in" when they get that far
—The daily puzzle now is as to wheth
er it is to be war or peace between Rus
sia and Japan; but a more practical
puzzle is that of arranging the numbers
1 to 25, in a five number square, so that
each column will add up 65—up and
down, across and diagonally.
—The Bessemer railroad has com
pleted the little job of raising their
track and patting in a new bridge over
the creek between the carworks and
town. In future floods there will be
no under-hanging girders to back water
over the western part of the town.
—Oar stores are jammed with every
thing that is useful and beautiful in the
Christmas line. Never was there a
more elaborate or more extensive as
sortment of goods on view from which
to select a Christmas present. There is
no need of going out of town to do your
Christmas shopping.
—A Centre avenue Italian owns "I
horse which has a funny little habit of
lying down whenever they attempt to
ahoe its hind feet. Saturday they tied
the beast between four upright 4xß
timbers get firmly in the ground, with
4x4 timbers spiked to the sides; a sack
was tied over the horse's head and his
body was tied to the timbers, and seven
men braced up that horse while a black
smith shod him.
—Somebody played a mean trick on
Johnny Richey a few days ago They
opened the gate of his dam, on the
Spring Ran, east of town, and le out
the water, and when Johnny's men be
gan cutting ice each cake cut would
fall two feet to the little water left in
the dam. Johnny says it was a piece
of dam-meanness, and ho has offered a
* reward for the culprit. His ice is but
eight inches thick, whereas it should be
a foot.
—Cliff street from East Wayne street
to the Bessemer crossing on Center ave
nue is being filled with ground from
the basement of the new wholesale gro
eery honse at Centre and the P. & W.
irailroad. This is one of the best im
provements tho city fathers have made
in a long time, and it is a cheap one, as
*ll it costs the boroagh is the wages (f *
a man to help unload the wagons. Con
tractor George Selienclc delivers the
dirt fiee.
—Attorney General Carson has do-
clded that it is legal to fish with "tip-
Hps," "provided it be confined to one
lino with not more than three hooks."
This may be fairly construed as a hand
line, says Attorney General Carson, bat
a series of holes, through which hand
lines are us?d, connectod as they are by
the solid mass of ice, and multiplying
the hands of tbe owner in taking fish
f amounts in effect to a set device, which
is not permitted by existing acts.
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fall suit or overcoat at Ritter &
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freshing sleep, quiets the nerves and
digests food for baby. Test Victor
InfonU Belief and be convinced.
Minnie Wilson vs David B. Wilson,
petition for divorce for desertion.
Lyndora Supply Co. versus Nathan
and Joseph Ivslcovitz, assumpsit for
i4.630.C8. On Dec. 4, a contract was
i make between the parties by which the
i Eakovitzs' were to l»uy the stock ot the
! Supply Company's store in Lyndora tor
75 per cent, of the cost price as inven
toried, and were to have the storeroom s
rent-free for one year. The plaintiii
claims the buyers iefased to live up to
• their contract.
! Albert A. Reichert.by his next friend,
John L. Reichert vs J. N Timbliu and
Albert Sutton, exrs. of J. K. brown,
dee d,of Clay twp., assumpsit for *520 28,
claimed to be due from the deceden;
for labor and on a note.
Borough of Harmony vs Mrs. L. \
Latshaw, summons in trespass for
*i.s34. Mrs. Latshaw owns the proper
ty in front of which was the walk
containing the hole into which Mrs.
Joeephine E. Shaffer stepped in An?
1900, and sustained injuries for which
she recovered a verdict which, with in
terest and costs, amounted to th>
amount now sued for by the borough.
The writs against J C., J. 11. anil M.
Coulter on land in Centre twp. were re
Twenty-two acres of Lewis Seaton iii
Marion twp. wero sold to F. M. McCall
and Maggie Christie for $350.
The writs against the D. 11. W ullei
properties were stayed.
The writ against John C. Diglit was
Lot of Ottillie M. Raabe in Saxon
burg was sold to Hedwig Helmbold for
The writ against Samuel Snaner ot
Muddycreek twp. was returned.
A special term of court for the trial
of civil will be held commencing
Monday, Feb. 15. Forty-eight jurors
will be drawn.
There was a bloody scrap on Fair
ground ave., Saturday night, and Mike
Ogitch is in jail for agg. a&b.
When Frank Henry Burness, a ship's
cook, was placed on trial in Brooklyn,
Monday, for the murder of Capt. Goo.
B. Townsend. of the schooner Charles
Buckley, on November 10, the prisoner
in a written confession declared that ne
had shot the captain deliberately be
cause the latter owed him money and
that he desired to facilitate the trial be
cause be preferred to bo executed rather
than remain in prison. Burness said
he had previously killed three men.
Burmess says he is a native of Butler,
Pa., bnt no such name appears in our
Charles Caw ley of Homestead was
placed on trial in Pittsburg, last Thurs
day, for murdering his mother, three
sisters and a brother in October, 1903,
and the jury brought in a verdict of not
guilty, owing to insanity. Tho boy
murderer, who was in court and who,
in an innocent, 6inipleminded way,
listened to all the testimony, will spend
the balance of his mortal days in the
insane asylum at Dixmont.
At New Castle last Saturday, Judge
Wallace imposed a sentence of six
years' imprisonment upon A. P. Frank
lin, a well-known farmer of Shenango
township, who was convicted or whole
sale chicken thefts. Franklin went in
to the business of robbing hen roosts.
He used a horse and wagon and stole
wagonloads of fowls, just previous to
the Thanksgiving season.
Charles Barnes, the colored youth ac
cused of stealing a horse from Wm.
Col breath, plead guilty and was sen
tenced to pay costs, a fine of *IOO, and
undergo imprisonment in the Western
penitentiary for 2 1-2 years.
Frank Egan, of Mars, was placed un
der bond in *3OO to keep the peace.
Oh petition of Mrs. Rose Bayer, John
J. Sheiring was appointed commission
er to 'hold an inquisition in lunacv on
Lizzie Eyth, of Butler.
J. Raymond Pavoskey and Antonio
Mattresic were put on trial Friday on
ohargea of embezzlement and obtaining
money by false pretence and were ac
quitted. They were the Butler agents
of the Standard Exchange at the time
Arthur Amisen robbed a few hundred
Slavs, etc., of *IB,OOO and skipped to
In the case of Commonwealth vs Wm.
Say, assault and battery, a verdict of
not guilty but pay the costs was re
Gus Willmar was fined $25 and costs.
He had plead guilty to a charge of a&b.
A charter has been granted to the
Clinton Mineral Springs Co., Ltd.
cOn petition of Mrs. Jane Strut a cita
tion for partition of the estate of Wm.
L. Strntt, dee'd, of Zelienople, was is
Oliver Thompson was granted leave
to sell real estate of John M. Sankey,
Asa M. Patterson was granted leave
to sell real estate of Lewis Patterson,
dee'd of Slipperyrock.
On the constables' returns, rules were
granted on Penn township, Butler boro
and the Bntler Passenger Railway Co.
to show cause why they should not be
At Bennington, Vermont, Tuesday, a
woman who killed her husband to get
his insurance money was found guilty
of murder in the first degree.
J. A. Carson of Mars has been arrest
ed on a charge of selling liquor without
A L Alexander to Josiah Baker lot in
Brady for S3O.
F R Latshaw to Harmony Public
Bldg Assn lot in Harmony for $.5000
Fred Weckerly to Jos Wenn 16 acres
in Jefferson for SI2OO.
Martha M Forquer to H K Wick 140
acres in Washington for S2OOO.
Sarah J Schuler heirs to Otto J Gil
lespie 1 acre in Washington for $250.
M H Thompson to Samuel Williams
25 acres in Clay for S6OO.
Samuel Williams to Adam Klink 25
acres in Clay for $550.
A H Sarver to Lizzie J Painter lot in
Butler for $650.
John S Byers to R S G Campbell lot
in Petrolia for S6OO.
Caroline Brown to A C Brown 101
acres in Forward for sl.
Sarah J Crow to Christian Gelbach
lot in Mars for $250.
Barbara Hauck to W A Ilauck lot in
Butler for SIOO.
Jonathan R Hilliard to Mary aud
Lizzie Hilliard 57 acres in Allegheny
for $200; aleo 50 acres in Allegheny to
F W Hilliard for SI2OO.
W H Miller to John Barry lot in But
ler for S2OO.
Butler Land & Imp. Co. to Joseph
Badger 2 lots in East Butler for SIOO.
A L Findlev to Maggie Snyder lot on
Lincoln Way for S2OOO.
S W Coe to HJ Crawford and others
wells and lease of 85 acres in Parker for
Magdalena Fiedler to Benton Fiedler
19 acres in Jackson for $475.
Marriage Licenses.
Ellis Fennell Fennelton
Alice Shook Coylesville
Samuel J. Levy., Wilkesbarre
Marion I. Johnston Butler
W. C. Grie3bach Evans City
Clara Alice Moyor Knox
Ira Payne Butler
Emma Blair Slipperyrock
Frauk J. Edwards Verona
Mabel Byers Foxburg
J. W. Eiurick Bruin
Victoria A Gibb Kama City
T. S. Bash Butler
Gertrude E. Brand Indiana, Pa
Jesse R. McCandless Mars
Birdie B. Davison Mars
Theodore L. Kradel Butler
Jennie McClung Centre twp
Franklin Baker. West Liberty
Sarah Lynch Slipper vrock
T. S. Fulto.n Port Allegheny,Pa
Georgia Isenberg; Saxonburg
Elridge Harvey Sarversville
Elizabeth Smith .Carbon Black
Alva E. Hilty Pollock, Pa
Iva P. Faulk Butler
Curtis Monnie Conneaut Lake
Ida B. Patten Butler
Edwm O. Burcher Graysville, O
Kizzie A. Monnie. .J....Conneaut Lake
Mi-s Georeiana Crane is homo from
Irwin for the holidays.
M. D. Fair, of Brady township, visit
ed friends in town, Friday.
W. A. Minteer, <•:' ('• -acord town, hip,
visited friends iu Butler, Thursday.
Hon. W. P. Brabam, t>f ilarri-ville,
attended to tome business matters in
Butler, Monday.
O. C. Watters, of Adams township,
attended to some business matters in
Butler, Thursday.
J A. Shakeley of Connoquenessing
township has moved from liis iurin tc a
lease on Little creak.
W. J. Marks and another of the Belts
family were in a critical condition from
typhoid, yesterday.
A. W. McKibben, of Clinton town
ship, attended the funeral of a relative
in iiutler, Saturday.
K. S. G. Campbell, of Petrolia, let
the ligut of his count- nance thine upon
his Butler friends yesterday.
Supt. J. A. Spielman, of the Cutler
division of the & 0., has been pro
moted to the Chicago division.
J. M. Emery and wife, of Young
town, attended the funeral of \\ ui"
Morris, at Noit'u Washington, Sunday
James Haggerty, a vetern hunter of
Venango county, recently shot L wild
turkey near L..tt ,-anUy, that weighed
10 pennus.
John G. McMarlin, cashier of the
Butler County .National, is able to be
about aicain. after a long tusole with
the germs.
J. C. Barr, of Mars, Jno. "Weigle, ot
Zeiienople, ami i.'. \V. Lowry, ot But
ler, have been drawn as jurors ii r the
U. S. Court, iu Pittsburg.
Mrs, Lepli-j" and Aus. Snauor of
Prospect and lieury Bishop ot Evans
City have lately received pianos from
the Pittsburg Organ and Piano Co.
Chas. Ellenberger, of Fairview town
ship, served on the jury, week, and
helped to nurse nis SICK son and grand
daughter at their home in the Filth
Adau: Klink, of Coal town, J. M. Ir
win, of Oakland, Japbia McMichael,
ol Clay, R. I>. Seitun, of Clinton, J. W.
Sharp, ot Washington township. C. C,
Klever, of Concord and A. W. McKib
ben, ol Clinton, were among our callers,
last Saturday.
William Marshall was the guest of
his brothers, attorneys, J. D. and Jas.
Marshall, tuis week. Bill used to be a
star catcher for Portersville, Prospect
and Slipperyrock, then for several years
at Homestead, then one year in a minor
league and the coming season is with the
Philadelphia Nationals.
C. M. Nolder. the Carbon street gro
cer, has completed extensive improve
ments ou his residence at Third and
Carbon streets, making it one of the
finest in tho institute tlill district.
Since coming to Butlea Mr. Nolder has
built two houses and a store, establish
ed a good trade and has done consider
able real estate business.
Mrs. Leah Keith, of Indiana county,
claims to be 112 years of age She
thought she was dying a few days ago,
and called in some ot the neighboring
girls to sing the old "buckwheat songs,
which made her feel so young that she
'changed her mind as to dying. She has
lived near Grismore in that county for
80 years, but was born in Lancaster
county. When she was a young wo
man her home was destroyed by fire
and the family records were lost. She
savs she was 22 years old when her old
est son, Peter, was born. Peter was
killed at the age of 50 in the war in
1*63. It is now 40 years since the war.
The summing up of these figures shows
the woman to be 112 years old. She
has a granddaughter who is a grand
mother. Before the centennial of Indi
ana county, which was celebrated last
July, an etfort was made tD have Mrs.
Keith come to town to participate, but
her health wonld not permit.
Teacher Wanted.
The School Board of Concord town
ship desires the services of a competent
teacher to teach four months in the
Greece City school. Wages, thirty-eight
dollars per month. Applicants will
please meet with the Board in Middle
town school house, Saturday afternoon,
December 20, at 2 p. m.
By order of School Board. A. L.
Brown, Secretary, R. F. D. -18, West
Sunbury, Pa,
Better Than a Physical Culture
The Brawntawn Method of health and
system building will fit you to with
stand the pranks of King Winter.
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Frederick, Md.
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Insurance and Real Estate, j
If yon wish to sell or buy property;
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Wm. H. Miller, Insurance and Real
Estate. Room 508, Butler County
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38.1 Hubbard ave , Detroit, Mich.
Christmas and New Year Holiday
On December 24, 25 and 31, 1003. and
January 1, 1904, the Baltimore & Ohio
Railroad will sell low excursion tickets
from all stations on its line west of the
Ohio River. Tickets will be sold to all
points on Baltimore «sfc Ohio Railroad
and connections west of Pittsburg,
Wheeling and Parkersburg and will
not be restricted to any distance as in
former years. Good for return until
January 4, 1904.
For detailed information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio Tick
et Agent, or B. N. Anstin, (Jeneral Pas
senger Agent, Chicago, 111,
lteducecl Kate* to New Orleans.
On account of the meetings of the
American Economic Society and the
American Historical Society, at New
Orleans, La,, I)eu. 2b to Jan. 1, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell round-trip tickets to New Orleans
and return from all stations on its lines,
Dec. 24. 25 and 20. good for return pas
sage until Jan. 5, inclusive, at reduced
rates. For specific information consult
ticket agents.
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man and Farmer, the World's Greatest
Farm Paper from now until Jan. 1 I'JOS
both for $2.00.
Take your old pop-corn to J. A. Ridl
ey's bakery and Confectionery, Butler,
Pa, and get the market price in cash
for it.
Holiday Excursions.
On December 24, 25 and ill. 1903, and
Jan. 1, 1904, the Baltimore & Ohio Rail
road will sell low rati' excursion tickets
from all stations on its lines west of the
Ohio River. Tickets will be good for
return until January 4. 1904.
For detailed information call on or
ttdrlress nearest Baltimore & Ohio Tick
et Ageut, or B. N. Anstin, General Pas
senger Agent, Chicago, ill.
, i The Market—Both agencies are pay
. ing *1.90. and those reported West Vir
! ginia gushers will probably keep the
ni.rket from going higher.
W Ya.—The Standard struck a 2,000
■ barrel well in the Gordon sand. Harri
j son county, W. Ya., last Thursday.
■ ! At present the Standard Oil Co. is
1 disbursing more more money to its
I stockholders than any corporation in
i the world The Steel Corporation ranks
Il.riow it. Since Jan. 1, 1897, the Stand
ard has paid to stockholders more than
*275,000,000 in dividends. Of that
: | amount John D. Rockefeller has receiv
-1 i d more- than si) 0,000,000. Since 1891
the disbursements of the corporation
run close to *375,000,000, or nearly four
times greater than the *100,000,000 cap
ital stock.
Wheat, wholesale price 70-75
Rye, " 55
Oats, " 40
Corn, " 50
Buckwheat 55
ITay, " 13 50
Eega, " 33
Butter, '* 23
Potatoes, ' 55
Onions, per bn 1 00
Cabbage, per lb 3
Chickens, dressed 12J-15
Celery, doz bunches 40-60
Honey, per pound 20
Lettuce, lb 12j
Beets, per bu 75
Cnfees, per doz 20
A pples, per bu 40-60
Walnuts 75
Hickory 2 25
Chestnuts 4 00
Onr meat men are paying 6 cents for
:! to Ij for beef cattle, but they must be
very good to bring the outside price.
Pittsburg Orchestra.
Th ; usual Friday evening and Satur
day afternoon concerts will be given
this week, notwithstanding Friday falls
on Christmas. Mr. Luigi von Kunitz,
the concertmaster of the Orchestra for
seven seasons, will be the soloist at
these- concerts. His important number,
the I'aganini concerto,is a most difficult
piece, and only a virtuoso of the high
est cla-s could do justice to the work.
Mid-Winter Excursions to Wash
ID accordance with its usual custom
the Baltimore and Ohio R. R will, on
January 21 and February 18, 1904. run
Two Popular Mid-Winter Excursions to
Washington at very low rates for the
round trip, good returning ten days, in
cluding date of sale.
Excellent train service, standard
coaches, Pullman parlor and sleeping
These delightful excursions afford
splendid opportunities to visit the Na
tional Capital during the session of con
gress. For tickets, time of trains and
full information call on or address W.
R. Tnrner. Ticket Agent, Butler, Pa
A most complete and fully illustrated
Guide to Washington may bo purchas
ed from Agents B. &O. R. R. at ten
(10) cents per copy.
An enterprising farmer in this section
to canvass during the late fall and
winter among the farmers in his vicini
tv. Must be active, capable and honest.
Work will prove profitable to a good
man and can be made a source of
regular and easily earned income each
year. To it may be devoted as much or
as little time as desired. If interested
write at once to T, M. G., Box 74,
Albany, N. Y.
If it is up-to-date clothing you want
try Ritter & Rockenstein's.
Annual Meeting.
The members of the Worth Mutual
Fire Insurance Company will meet at
the school house in West Liberty, Pa.,
on the second Saturday of January;
1904, at 10 o'clock a. m., for the pur
pose of electing officers for the ensning
year, and disposing of such other busi
ness as may come before the meeting.
S. J. TAYLOR. Sec'y,
Slipperyrock, Pa.
R. F. D. 58 Slipperyrock, Pa.
B. It. & 1». By. Clerical Orders.
Clerical orders for the year 1904 will
be issued by the Buffalo, Rochester <Sr
Pittsburg It v. Co. as in former years to
ordained clergymen having regular
charge of churchs located on or near the
line of its road. Application blanks
will be furnished by ticket agents of
the company, and should be forwarded
to the General Passenger Agent at
Rochester, N. Y.. as early as possible,
and in no case later than Dec. 25th.
No orders will be issued except on in
dividual application of clergymen, made
on blanks furnished by the company,
and certified to by one of its agents,
General Passenger Agent.
Music scholars wanted at 128 W.
Wayne St.
Frenchmen "feel" bad, Germats
"think'' poorly, and Americans are
"worn out" from the same cause. They
need more active livers and richer blood.
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B. B. S.
The Bruin Business School has enroll
i ed 28 students in its various depart
ments since Oct. 5 We use the cele
■ brated Williams & Rogers Actual Busi
i ness Practice. Complete Scholarship
i (good for one year) in either the Short
hand or Business course, S3O. Board
and room can be had for about $2,50 to
, $3.00 the week. Jan. Ist would be a
good time to enter. For further infor
mation address the Principal,
Bruin Business School, Bruin, Pa.
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. right.
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Jan. 1 1005 all three for $2.50. You can
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%dicl{ &
109 N. /Vlain Street,
I3est Service.
Prompt and Careful
Four Registered
Prescription Worl< a
W. S <& E. WICK,
lioush and Worked Lumber of all Kinds
Dixirs. Hash aud Mouldings
Oil Well Ulps a Specialty.
Olfii-e and Yard
E iCunningham and Monroe 8 s
• near Weal i'enn Depot,
Great Wreck on the H. Jt O.
The Duquesne Limited on the B. &
O. was wrecked at Laurel Run, near
I Connellsville, last night and some sev
enty people are reported dead, with a
larger number injured In the list of
dead appears the name of J. L. Edgerly
of Butler. The train is the fastest on
the road and rnn into some obstruction
on the track.
A fire that oriuinatee in the psator'a
stndy, of the U. P. church in Evans
City, early last Friday morning, dam
aged the interior of the church about a
SI,OOO worth, which is covered by insur
A fire that started in a Chinese laun
dry in Tarentum, last Friday evening,
spread to Caldwell's pharmacy, Zim
merinnn's tobacco store. Paint-r's hotel
and Fleming & Corbett's store, and did
damage to the extent of #IB.OOO.
Homer Young, the Plank Road grocer,
is nursing a very sore foot, caused by
steppiug on a spike.
An Italian named Carrol fell bttween
the cars of a Bessemer work-train, with
in thtf borough limits, last Monday
morning, and was cut to pieces.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Mahaffey,
the expert opticians, headache and tye
strain specialists, will be at the Lowry
Hotel, Butler, Pa , Monday and Tnes
d;;y, December 28 and 20. Examination
free No one urged to buy. Over 200
people fitted in Butler. Why suffer
longer with your eyes?
is a cause of headache and other ner
vous affections.
Eye strain is an enormously frequent,
fertile and unsuspecting source of ner
vous diseases and other phenomena ap
parently nonocnlar While eye strain
may often and does produce symptoms
directly referable to the eye irritation
and inflammation of the lids, etc., it is
indeed a noteworthy fact the patient
complains little or not at all of ocular
symptoms. In cases of great eye strain
the patient will heartily aver that the
eyes themselves are perfect and give no
trouble. This is an anomalous and in
teresting but a genuine fact. We do
not gues3, we correct all troubles which
come either direct or indirect from the
Do You Buy Medicines?
Certainly You Do.
Then you want the best for the
least money. That is our motto.
Come and see us when in need of
anything in the Drug Line and
we are sure you will ca!! again.
We carry a full line of Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, etc.
Purvis' Pharmacy
Both Phones,
213 S. Main St, Butler Pa.
uses the Hintermiater piano exclu
sively, and if that dear old man
does, why not you 1
It is a delight to pupil and teach •
er, alike —amateur and artist, alike.
We have a large line of small
goods, worthy the attention of all
intending purchasers.
25c Records.
Pittsburg Organ & Piano Co.,
Butler Branch Old P- O Bldg.,
feed's Wine of
Cod bivcr Oil
will build you up and make
you strong, will give you
an appetite and new life.
If you feel tired and
worn out try our Wine of
Cod Liver Oil and find
It is stronger and better
than pure Cod Liver Oil.
Pleasant to take and is
inoffensive to delicate
Indorsed and recom
mended by physicians
every where. The best
Spring tonic to give you
Health and strength.
For sale only at
Reed's Pharmacy
Transfer Corner
Main and Jtff 11»tii SIF . utler. Pa
| Pittiborg, Pa.
It K £ P It K
Time table in effect Nov. 22, IJH>3.
Passenger trains leave anil arrive at
' Butler as follows:
Leave for North.
| 7:30 a. m., mixed for Punxsntawney,
Dn Bois and intermediate stations.
10:17 a. m. daily, vestibnled day ex
press for Buffalo, connects at A6hford,
week days, for Rochester.
6:80 p. m. local for Punx'y, Dn Bois
and intermediate stations.
11:25 p. m. night express for Buffalo
and Rochester.
Arrive from North.
6:ob a. m. daily, night express from
Bnffalo and Rochester.
9:45 a.m. week days, accomodation
from Dnßois.
5:31 p.m. daily, vestibnled day express
from Bnffali. Has connection at Ash
ford week days from Rochester.
8:45 p.m. week days, mixed train
from Du Bois and Pnnxsntawney.
Trains leave the B. & O. Station.
Allegheny, for Buffalo and Rochester
at 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 p m.. and for local
points as far as Dußois at 5:10 p.m.
Time table effective Nov 22, 19*13. Eastern Standard
Allegheny Accommodation *6:2o«a-m
Allegheny and Cleveland Express a-m
Allegheny Expire* ♦ft 10 a-m
" * " *11:45 a m
Ell wood City Accommodation +1:40 p-m
Chicago, New Castlf ami Allegheny Ex p-m
Allegheny Express *524 l»-ni
Allegheny Accommodation *530 p.m
EUuihml and New Castle Accommodation... *&SO p-m
Pitt»*!»urg, Ell wood City and New OIIUO +6."00 p.m
K»;ie and Bradford Mail ♦9:42 a-m
(larii»n Accommodation *4:56 i»-m
Foxburg Accommodation £8:00 p.m
* Daily. * xcept Sunday. t Sunday ouly.
Trains leave the Allegheny station for
Butler at 7:30, 8:15, 10:45 a.m., and 1:15,
3:00, 5:30.6:15 and 11:30 p.m. Pittsbursr
statiot at 7:50 a. m. On Sunday at 7:30
а.m. and 6:15 and 11:30 p.m.
For through tickets, Pullman reservations and in
formation apply to W. R. Tt'RNER, Agt,
Butler. Pa,
E. D. SITH, A. G. P. A.,
Pittsburg, Pa
Time table in effect Sept. 13, 1903.
northward. Daily except Sunday. Southward
Read up) (Read down)
2 10 14 STATIONS. 1 5 lT
P.M I P.M l'.M. a.m. A.M. pm
| 7 23 2 20 Erie 7 00 12 18
7 01 1 5.1 Fair view j 7 26 12 41
6 51 1 43 Girard I 7 & 12 57
1 7 Oo 1 15 ar. .Conneant.. .ar 9 11 2 15
I 5 32 11 45 It.. Oonneaut. . .It I 7 15 11 45
! 6 33 1 25 Cnneerille 7 55 1 15
6 28 1 20 Albion 8 00 1 20
6 11 1 05 Shadeland 8 13 1 34
i 6 08 1 03 Springboio j 8 16 1 37
j d 02 12 57 Cooneautville 8 23 1 43
| 5 40 12 3> Meadville Junct .. : 8 15 2 (tt
6 30 1 oS,ar..MeadTille.. ar 9 23 243
4 43 11 52 lv.. Meadville. . .It 7 45 1 27
1 6 08 12 43 ar. . Conn. Lake, .ar 8 56 2 15
i 5 15 12 23 It " It 8 33 1 52
I 5 40 ar..Liiieaville ..ar 10 25
:12 02ilT •' It 8 25 12 02
5 23 12 IB Hartatown i 59 8 22
5 17 12 lOAdanisTille 9 05 2 28
5 07 12 00 Osgood I 9 15 2 40
7 10 5 00 11 52 Greenville 6 30 9 23 2 50
7 05 4 53 II 45 Shenango .638 9 29 3 00
6 45 1 35.11 22 Fredonia 6 58 9 47 ; 3 17
6 27 1 20 11 08 Mercer 7 1«10 03 335
6 22 1 15 11 01 Rotutun Junction 7 22 10 07 3 40
6 01 3 56 10 41 Grove City 7 14 10 25 1 4 01
5 47 ;10 2e,llarri»viile 7 50 4 14
5 4o 3 38 10 20 linuichton 8 07 »0 4'J 4 23
6 45! 1 OS 11 14 ar.. .Hilliard... ar 11 14 6 45
4 3o| 3 ou| 7 OOllt... Hilliard. ..It 7 00! 7 00 3 00
5 351 3 33 40 17 Keister 8 12110 46 4 27
5 18 3 19 10 03 Euclid 8 30 11 00 4 43
4 45 2 SOl 9 35 Butler 9 00 11 25 5 10"
3 00 1 15 ( 8 15 Allegheny 10 25 1 00 ( 6 35
pm I pm Am a.m." pm p.m
Train 12, leaving Qroye City 6,00 a- m.
Mercer 6:2i>. Shmango 7:03, Greenville 7:10,
Meadville Jet. 7,55, (Jonneautvllle 8,18, arrives
in Erie at 9:40 a. m.
Train 13, leaving Erie 5:10 p. m. Oon
neautvllle 6;36, Meadville Jet, 7,00, GreeD vllle
7,40, ShcuaDgo 7,52, Mercer arrives atG-ove
City at 8,55 p u>,
E. H. Utley, Gen, Paas. Agt,
Qen. Mgr. Pittsburg, Pa
W. R. Turner, Tkt Agt, Butler, Pa
gQBUTCLa IN Xrncr Not. 30,1903.
A M A.M. A.M. P.M.jP.M
BUTLER Leave 8 25. 7 35 10 oft! 8 35 4 55
Saionburg Arrive 6 8 0| 10 30: a 00| 8 28
Butler Junction.. " T23836 10 M S 25 1 554
Butler Junction... l* Lave 7*j 8 40.11 3d 3 2".i 8 00
Natrona Arrive 7 38 8 52 11 48 : 3 39! 6 10
rarentum. 7 43 8 59 li 57; 3 46, 6 17
Spnngdale 7 65 9 13 12 07 367 6 27
Clareiuont 9 35 12 27 4 111 6 41
Sharpaburg 8 19 9 47 12 38 4 l»i 8 50
Allegheny 8 30 iO 02 li 11> 4 7 00
A. M. AM- P. M- P- M. p. M.
SUNDAY TRAINS.—Li.ve But lei for Allegheny
Oity and principal mUt mediate rations at 7:20 a. m.,
tad 4:55 p, m.
lA.M. A.M. A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M
Allegheny City. lt 63090010 00 3 &198 50
Sharpsburg i 6 42 9 11 10 11 S 14 5 31 9 02
Ciaromont . -. .... ~,,10 18' 325 540 913
Spnngdale , .... in 34 10 a"> 3 4"* 1 557 9 «
Tarentum > t 11 9 45 10 *6' 4 02 6 lo| 9 44
"J*trona i 7 17 9 58 10 53 4 10 6 1« 9 SI
Butler June ar ;78a10001103424 62710 00
-lutlei June.. . lv 7601003 12 Sol 430 63J10 06
jaionborg I 8 20 10 30 1 19 5 06 6 6x 10 30
BUTLEB 8 4610 5V 1 47 6 38 7 W 11 00
lA.M.IA.M, P. M. P. M. P. M. l» M
6CNDAY TIIAINS. Leave Allegheny City for Bnt
ler and principal int<sn»e«Ua»e Matlona at 7:03 a. m. and
9*33 p. m.
Week Daya. Sunday!
A.M. jA. M. P. M A.M. P M
Butlks. IT 6 25:. . . 235 720
butler J'ct ar 7 23' 325 8 10; ...
Butler J'ct It T25 .....jaSS 8 14'
Fee port kr 7 28' '3 37 817
Kaklininetaa J*t. . 7 3Si .3 42 823
Leechburc « 748 .. .! 3 54' 8 86? ...
Wert ApoTlo " 8 111 1413 ; 8 571 ....
Salteburg ..." 840 1 442! 923 ...
Blairsville 9 161 520 9 62;
Blalrarille Int •' 924 . 630 10 00
Mtooua "< XI as 850 140 ' ..
Harriiburg " 310 j 100 6 SsT....
Philadelphia " 623 I 423 10 80
P.M. A.M.A.M., 1 P.M.|p.M
Through traina for the east la&fe Pitt*fcurg (Union
Station), as fellows:—
Atlantic ExprqM, dally 3:00 a >
M«nlit,t»aw l<!>uitei| •• (No c.*che*).. .3:35 "
Pennsylvania Limited " (No coaches) . 7:15 "
New York " " •• 7 j5 «
" .'.'.'.'7:30 «
TlAkin Lin© Kxproti, "
Hiilad'a and New York
Express, " 12: oi Noon
Uarncburg Mail, •« 1«i:46 p.*
ilarrisburg Exprem iaily 4^o"
Philadelphia Expr<*»« • 4 : w »
Kaatern Kxpjeaa, •• . .7:10"
Cast Line, * "
New Vtirk M|moial f dally for New York, only. 10:00 u
Philadelphia s>j»etial daily. Sleeping
cars to Philadelphia, Baltimore and Wash
ington. No coaclieit 10.-00 "
Philnd'a Mail, Sundays oniy .V.V. .8:30 A.M
For Atlantic City (via Dolawar. Kiver Bridge
rail route) 8:00 a.m.and kUO p. m. daily, "Penn
sylvania Limited," >v'.4«i X«w York limited. 7:15 a. m..
week days.
and AUeeeheny Valley Division.
Trains leave Kiskimiuetas Junction as follows:
lor Buffalo, 9.56 a. in and 11 p. m, daily, with
through parlor and sleeping cars.
For Oil City, 7.42 9.56 a. ni„ 2.35, 6.15 and 11.50 p.
m. week-days. Sundays, 9.56 a. in., 6.15 and 11.50 p.m.
For Red ilauk, 7.42, 9.56, a. m , 2 35, 6.18, 10.15,
and 11.60 p. m. week-days. Sundays, 9.56,10.40 a. m„
б.16 and 11.50 p. m.
For Kittaiiuing 7.42, BJI, »46,11.14 a. m.,
6.15,7.27,10.15, 11.50 p. m. week-ilays. Sundays.
9.56, 10.40 a. u., 6.15, 10.44, and 11.50 p. m.
"I ouly ou Hignal or notice to agent or con
ductor to receive or discharge passenger h.
Foi detailed information, apply to ticket agent or
addreos Thos. K. Watt, PaM. Agt. Western District,
Corner Fifth Ayenae aud Smith field Street, Pittsburg,
(ien'l Manager. I'ana'r Traffic Manager.
General PtMseuger Agent.
WinfieUi IVuTo Time Table
In effect Nov. 30th, 1903.
Leaves West Win field 7 3l» 2 45
" Boggsville 745 300
44 Iron Bridge 755 310
44 Winfield Junction 810 3
44 Lane 880 335
44 Butler Junction 825 340
Arrive Butler 10 55 5 38
Arrive Allegheny . 10 02 6 06
Arrive Blairsville 13 45 5 20
Leave BlairMville 7 50 2 35
44 Allegheny 9 00: 300
44 Butler ! 7 3."> 235
44 Butler Junction 10 15 440
44 Lane 1 10 18 443
44 Winfield Junction 10 30 450
*♦ iron Bridge 10 40 505 ;
44 Boggsville 10 54V 515
Arrive Went Winfield jlO 05 5 30
Trains stop at Lane and Iron Bridge only on Flag to
lake on or leave off paiwengers.
Trains Connect at Butler Junction with.
Trains Eastward for Freeport, Vandergrift and
Blairsville Intersection.
Trains Westward for Natrona, Tarentum and Alls
Trains Northward for Saxonburg, Marwood aud But
B. G. BJtAU>&,
G-.iwal Manager.
Everything in fall saita and overcoat
at Ritter & Rockenstein's.
Chilling damp winda give yon cold
and you feel very bad. Victor Lung
ISyrnp ia a pleasant and efficient remedy
for colds and conghs.
Yon will find just what yon waut In
)a fall suit or overcoat at Ritter &
Rocnenstein'a, Their price ia alwaya
i J BEEF, \
< IRON . j
\ AXI) j
< WINE, )
( |
} | When you buy a beef, iron j
C j and wine, why "not get a good t
j I one? Much that ia sold nnder ?
Q j that name haa bnt little to /
j comuiend it as such except the
C name. We prepare a Beef, I
) Iron and Wine that ia com 1
C posed of the purest extract of X
€ l>eef, the most iligeatable form S
C of iron, pure sherry wine and I
j a hijfh grade of pure pepsin. /
C This is a splendid tonic and S
1 blood maker. Will agree with /
3 the most delicate stomach, v
( ; Prompt results will follow its <
) use in impaired nutrition, im- j
/ ' povenshed condition of the \
j \ blood and in general debility. I C
* We have customers who I J
C | speak of it in the highest \ J
€ terms. Be sure and ask for j
f Bovd's Beef, Iron and Wine f
peptonized. Full pint bottles C
\ C. N. BOYD J
J Near the Court House, ?
\ Butler, Pa. N
Fashions latest fanoiea oonceived by
the skill of the gold aud silversmith Are
to be seen here in their greatest pro
fusion. A shining array of gold, silver
and nickel watches, from the famous
#I.OO Ingeraoll to the finest product of
the Elgin and Waltham factories.
Diamonds, Art Goods, Silverware
that wears, a magnificent stock of rings,
chains, charms, scarf pins, brooches,
enff bnttons.rich out glass and novelties
in gold and silver, suitable for presents.
We also sell—
Edison and Victor Phonographs,
Eastman and Paco Cameras,
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins Guitars.
Optical goods.
Field an'i Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Court House
I We want
your trade by
deserving it
The quality in our values,
our prices and increasing
sales proves this more than
ever. We appreciate your
trade, and will do our best
to please by giving you
better shoes for less money,
a greater variety and larger
selection to pick from.
Ketterer Bros
Coupons on the piano
given with each pair of
224 S. Main St.
Inspect Your Eye Glasses Closely
And yon will find that all the minor
points have been attended to aa care
fully as the most important feature.
They fit. The price is what you should
pay, no more, no less. No charge tor
M> Holiday lines of Jewelry, Dia
monds. Cut Glass, Hand painted China,
Gold Vases and Bronze Statuary are
arriving daily. Come early and select
j-our XIUHH presents and have them laid
away till wanted.
Graduate Optician and Jeweler
209 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
An experienced nurse in cases of con
finement, can be found at her residence.
910 Centre Ave., Butler, Pa,
TSee tbe *ifa dl.rett
opposite the
Old Poatotllct,
Theodore Vogeley.
Real Estate aad
ranee A(ency,
238 S. Ma>a St.
Better, Pa.
It you have property
to sell, trade, or reot
or. want to buy or
rent caii. write or
uhone me.
List Mailed Upon Application
I Fall-1903-Wintcr I
I Our woolens are in and ready for I
I yourinspection. You cannot put off I
■ buying much longer so better come H
■ in, and look things over. ii
■ Buffalo Woolen Blankets. |1
I Shaker Flannel Comforts. 3
9 Woolen Dress Goods. fj
B Our Fur and Wrap Department isn
I more complete than ever. • j
■ Everything in Furs from the cheap-B
Best to the best. f|
■ All the latest and newest cuts in If
I Coats, Jackets and Capes. |J
WHY men our suits anc * overcoats so much
"U. I better than others sell for the same price.
WHY we alwa y s our customers and are constantly
IILII winning new ones.
WJIV so many people thing this is the best store at which
to buy your clothing.
WHY y° u s^ do your trading here, come in and learn
"HI about these
This week men's and young men's black Thibet and fancy
Casimere suits, $12.50 values for $8 75.
This week blue and black Kersey any Oxford Frieze over
coats, $12.50 values for $8.75.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
Holiday presents i }
Nothing makes a nicer present than a fine picture well framed. Our f
line of frames and sheet pictures can't be beat: the largest and finest #
line ever shown in Butler. We are strong on fancy box papers, pocket 0
books, toilet articles, perfumes and other useful presents. Don t forget £
that we make picture and mirror frames to order of all kinds. Largest *
and np-to-date line of mouldings to select from. Come in and look £
around at the fine display of noyelties. Low pnces on everything. S
Patterson Bros J
236 North Main Street. Both Phones. Wick Building.
| Brisk Activity Marks Opening of
I Fall Footwear Campaign at Miller's Store.
I Emerson said: "If a man can write a better book,
■ preach a better sermon or make a better mouse trap
I than his neighbor, though he build his house in the woods,
■ the world will make a beaten path to his door." The
I same rule applies to the merchant and is the real secret
I of this store's great success and large and growing pat
■ ronage. We do not stock this store with the goods we
B could make the biggest profits on, but the ones that wear
■ the best, look the best and fit the best; in short the
■ goods that are the best and most stylish and make
I permanent customers when once worn.
I Compare these witn all others. The style of a
B has become proverbial. It ie a
■ (V A shoe that preserves the natural
■ AJ U outlines of the foot, yet actually
■ a 'tW'T'f/ makes it look a full size »maller_
B Thevara the utmost heigh t_ of
■ V» 11 | style, ease and durability. The
H highest praise you can give a shoe is to say "it has the style of a
Bf Dorothy Dodd."
■ Our new Fall Styles of "Walkover" are beauties.
H Made in all the new and snappy styles. Compare them with oth ®™ **
B |5.00 and $6.00. We have 9 different styles of this very popular make.
■ All styles and widths. The strongest Union Made Shoe.
another very populer make of Men s Fine Shoes. They ha\e a
■ wide reputation for style, fit and durability and are a strong Union-
I abwe are only a few of the many stylish and durable fine shoes
■ carried by this store, and a sample of the kind of goods that has ma
■ this the largest aDd moat popular shoe store in Butler count}.
I See our stock of Boys' and Girls' School Shoes.
|C 6. /Wilier,
I 215 8. Main St, Butler, Pa., Opposite Hotel Arlington.
What more pleasing »
Xmas Gift or
New Year's Gift
could be presented to any one who has not a bank ac
count, than a bank book showing that a nice little snm
has been deposited to their credit at 4 per cent, annnal
interest, compounded every 6 months, in the
Qermania Savings Bank
Wood and Diamond Streets