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VOTE—AII advertisers Intending to make
if-r- to their ads. •bouid notify u» of
IMrlnteaUM to do so not later than Mon
dar mornUf.
Ex'rs notice, estate of John Wiley.Sr.
Adm'rs notice, estate of Elisabeth B.
M Wiley.
Eut Butler Lote.
H, Bickel'i Fall Footwear.
Modern Store's School boee.
L Miller's shoes.
D. Sc O's Clothing.
Campbell's furniture.
Hone sale.
Wick's hats.
Pgh Organ and Piano Co.
Ik- Admlniau »iora and Executors of e*tJ4t«
E> c*B aecore thrir receipt book* at the GITI
ZEN office, and parsons making public aales
thsir note tx>.k».
—Good troupe at the Park, this week.
—The wet weather is spoiling some
at the oats.
—Will Butler have another Demo
I - era tic paper t
—Finaen Bays"—whatever they are—
p- core deafness.
—Jonn Philippi has sold his milk
route to the Steens.
—The ' Sons of St. George" have or
ganized a lodge in Butler.
I , —Much time is spent envying others
tile happiness which they do not possess
L —[Ex.
Even the criminal court is booming
— B4 enses being OD the docket for next
week'* <ir»nrl Jury,
ii - One • f the most creditable new
iu town ia that of Wm. Kirk-
I? ■■ patrick on N. Main St.
—Lots of Ha tier people drink water—
even the kidj diink at the Lowry House
Mid Diamond fountains.
—The East Butler people come next,
•ad are arranging for a sale of lots on
Saturday, the 19th. st 10 am.
—"Coming through the rye" was
t' BOthing compared to coming through
the water, last Thursday night.
BL —Sumo lxjjrs camping along the Slip
pery, ne.tr Moore's bridge killed turtle
I. "at big as a tub." the other day.
I —Tax Collector Slater took in nearly
|j ftO.OOO last Monday; aud during the 0
i; per cent off days about SIOO,OOO.
—A deal for Main street property
;■ - which may mean a big hotel and opers
house combined is said to be pending.
Er , —The B. B & P. excursion to Nlaga
p ra last Saturday was a great success.
Thirteen coaches drawn by two of their
Mg engines left Butler.
—A young lady of Pittsburg visiting
1 aft Wahl's, on the big creek, was taken
r Sown with small pox, last week, and
1 the bouse was quarantined.
—The new dam now being built on
|; the run in Oakland twp. will covet
I twice as much ground and bold twice
m much water ss the Boydstown dam.
—The residence of Joseph Clinton of
B Oak St., daring the absence of the fam
; tjr, waa robbed of household goods and
. valuables worth several hundred dol
| lan.
—ln the past ninety days over $16,000
la fees and fines have been collected
from dealers in impure foods in Penn
sylvania by the State pure food depart
—Grove City sent a large delegation
|. to the sale of lots In West Bntler. lant
■/ Saturday. Two-hundred and fifty peo
p yot on the train there for Butler, that
fc. *° "' n ' ,r
—Don't forget the concert by A. Loye
paad family, assisted by Miss Belle Da
i via, at Emory Chapel, near Ekastown,
I; aa Tuesday nigbt, the Bth inst, for the
; benefit of the church.
—Vine members of the Bock Fishing
1 Onb, with their paraphanalia, came
E home from their camp on Conneaut
i Lake last Friday evening. They stayed
£ tea days, and enjoyed it.
—Tbe schools of Washington, Brady
Lj. and Venango twp. and Eau Claire sDd
I Ivans City boroughs began this week,
I j& Huh of Bntler and the other boroughs
:. aad townships begin next week.
I —The residence of John Marbnrger of
I aear Evans City was robbed of a watch
I aad fire dollars, last Friday night,
while all the family were sleeping. The
v ball dog had been (aocidently) penned
—The dam-water flooded the lower
W parte of the town, last Thursday night,
i aad destroyed hundreds of gardens.
I Some men who pretend to be dam-
I builders ought to change their signs to
f dam- jackasses.
—The members of the Bntler County
|- Bar had a meeting last Monday after
aoon, aad adopted the "short deed,"
* aow la nee in Allegheny county, but it
K Is a great mistake—a deed without the
; word "hereditsments" in it will not
| stand in law-er.
—Yesterday waa the last day for reg
letration; and the young man who voted
I on age last year, and forgot to register
t this year, will get left at the polls. It
| It well to bear In mind, also, that Sat
arday, Oct Sd, is the last day for the
P payment of overdue taxes.
—The latest addition to the varied
blessings of the telephone is noted by an
exchange, which tells of a woman who,
jg. wishing to visit a neighbor, pulled the
haby's crib up in front of the telephone,
opened the receiver, and told Central if
f: the baby cried to call her up at the
neighbor's. •
—The Connoquenessing Valley Newt
Issued a quarter-centennial special edi
tion, last week, with pictures of its
i founders -Col. Ssmuel and John R.
Young—th« old press, the new editors,
hoainess men of the valley towns, prom-
Inent public snd private pnildingn, etc.
The write-ups were good, and the edi
!fj tlon was a very creditable one.
—The Town Council remsined in see
*' elon till midnight. Tuesday, and most
Of their time was taken up bearing
"kicks" regarding inadequate sewerage,
if and complaints by those who were in
jared by the late flood. The proposed
Curfew ordinance was held oyer till
next meeting; the Penn street bridge
was awarded to the Penn Bridge Co.,
at it was decided to go ahead with
k the Glenn Ave. bridge; some change*
| will be made in the paving of North St.
f those who refuse to disconnect theti
•pouting will be prosecuted, etc.
And jost think, it is up to date cloth
L lag Bitter & Rockenstem's are selling
Ic ■» cheap.
Dyspepsia is most distressing in iti
•fleets. The worst cases on record have
* been cured by Vi<tor Liver Syrnp
f Yoor drnggist has it
Gome now and get into the bargair
I piecing at Kitter & Kockenstein'i.
I Bitter ft Bockenstein's sale of pa k
I late clothing glvee every one a chance
—With two theatre* running tbi"
week. Batter is decidedly gay.
—A jollT croad of Butler young
people drove to Mnddy creek falls and
back yesterday.
—A horse that had been left standing
unhitched, rushed np Main St. last
night. The police should take charge
of unhitched horses.
—A fellow who wanted to see the
President at Oyster Bay. yesterday, was
arrested and examined and a loaded
revolver was found on his person. Esq.
McAboy held Mayor's Court, yesterday
morning, and one of the d. and d a had
s3* GO and a loaded revolver in his
—A rattlesnake was killed in Camp
bell valley, Concord twp., a few days
ago. It was of the yellow-spotted vari
ety. and was basking in the sun on a
lawn when discovered. Every now and
I then you hear of a stray rattler or cop
i perh«wi, but say, did you ever know a
person who died from the effects of a
snake bitet
—A wagon loaded with ground haul
ed from the grading on Walker Ave.
broke down on the P. & W. crossing
between th« Brewery and Negley stone
quarry yesterday afternoon and as a re
sult the 5:20 B. R. & P. from Allegheny
dashed into it and demolished the wag
on and killed a fine gray horse. The
driver tried to flag the train but the en
gineer could not or would not stop.
The team and wagon belonged to Broth
er Tucker.
—The Alaujedas took another scalp,
Monday evening, that of the New
Brighton team. Butler's basket ball
team seems to be in a class all by them
selves. and the way they run all around
their opponents is a delight to the spec
tator. The score was 26 to 5. For But
ler Young threw 6 goals, Campbell 2,
McLafferty 2, Bonner 2. McDowell 1,
and for New Brighton, Mitchell 2 • and
Darrgli one from foul. Campbell had a
hole cut through his lip which forced
bis retirement.
—On a train out of Butler a few days
ago a man had an epileptic fit; and
somebody rushed through the train ask
ing if there was a doctor aboard. Noth
ing can be done for a uian who has a
fit,except it be giving him the air, and
perhaps wetting hi.« forehead; unless he
is biting his tongue, which can be pre
vented by a piece of cprfc. or rubber, or
a twisted up handkerchief, between his
teeth Epilepsy is a disorder of the
nerves, which operates as soon as it
reaches the brain, and it is incurable.
—A small boy who lives in a neigh
boring town crawled under the bed the
other day when his mother wanted to
punish him. She could not get in with
out considerable difficulty, and conse
quently decided to let him remain there
until his father return
ed from work in the evening. When
be arrived and was told about the case
be started to criwl under the bed to
bring out the disobedient son, but was
very much astonished when the little
fellow called out, "Hello, is she after
you. too?"
—A donkey stepped into a store one
day and the proprietor approached the
beast and asked;' What are you doing
here? You know this is no place for a
donkey." "I am here." said the don
key, ' 'because I saw your advertisement
on the fence thai. surrounds my pasture.
I know you too must be a donkey or you
would place your advertisement in a
paper where it would be read by people,
not by donkeys. loneaonine to
day I thought I woal'l be neighborly
and make a fraternal call." —Ex.
—The large meat packing houses in
Chicago now put up oTd«rs for meat in
double, tin cans, with ice between them
and ship the cans all over the country
in refrigerator cars One of our hotels
gets it's meat supply thay way. This
meat is generally delivered thirty days
after it has been dressed, though some
hotel men dictate forty days. At the
Kosher or Orthodox Jewish boarding
house at Cambridge Springs a Rabin
who lives in the bouse kills all the meat
used there, with a long knife, and ex
amines the vitals after the butcher has
removed them, and the meat most be
eaten within three days.
Tuesday eyening Attorney T. C.
Campbell, representing the Sharon Coal
& Limestone Co.. filed a bill in equity
against A. J. Reese and 27other strikers
and secured a temporary injunction to
restrain them from interfering with the
operation of the mines or with the new
ly imported miners.
Sheriff Gibson, armed with two re
volvers and a Winchester rifle, went to
North Slipperyrock, Tuesday,to enforce
the injunctions. A hearing will be had
on the equity case on Sept. Bth. At 2
p.m. yesterday the Sheriff telephoned
to Deputy Hoon to come immediately
to the mine.
Sheriff Oibson returned last night af
ter serving the injunctions. He stated
all was quiet, yesterday, but Tuesday
night the strikers flr«sd about <M)O shots,
one load crashing through the wall di
rectly over the bed where the mine en
gineer and firemen wete sleeping. The
strikers have been refused credit at the
company store and their families are in
A posse of twenty armed men will be
taken to the mines today to install the
new workmen.
West Butler.
AH large crowd, estimated at three
thousand people attended the sale of
lota in West Butler, last Saturday.
These lots are high and dry, and though
a little out of the wax w '" do splendidly
for people who intend working in lbe
Car Works. They sold rapidly, and by
evening a hundred aud ninety-six (IWJ)
bad been disposed of. One man from
Erie county said he want out there and
bought a lot and took a part payment
receipt in three minutes.
.ASSETS $4,258,598 00
The Dollar Having* Fund & Trnst
Company, 527 Federal St., Allegheny,
Pa., makes savings easy by their model
arrangement for depositors. Either by
opening an account and furnishing a
Bank Book in "inms of SI.OO or more, or
by giving Certificates of deposits, with
Interest Coupons payable every six
months at the same rate 4 per rent.
The promptness of this Company in
sending Books by mail and furnishing
samples or Certificates or in remitting
dratt when depositors are absent from
home, and all snch courtesies make it
a pleasure to do business with people
who try to accomodate and please their
Try them and see for yourself.
Two heavy teams of mules—young
and good workers your choice out of
four teams, at Harrisville Creamery,
Butler Co., Pa. They ran iw> seen at
any time except Mondays and Tuesdays.
No. 1, brand new dwelling, good lot,
good street, good neighborhood, posses
sion at once, $25000.
Two houses for $llOO each, one for
SIBOO, one for $1450.
Good 6 roomed house, Oakland Place,
possession 30 days, S2OOO.
E. H N BULKY, Att'y,
S. W. Diamond.
If von couldn t come before come now
to Ritter & Rockenstein's sale.
| 1 don't see how they can sell clothing
' as cheap as Ritter & Rockenstein are
' selling it
C. G. Christie and wife have returned
from their outing in Canada.
Theodore Tack, a New York oil mil
lionare, wag in town, Mondav.
Mrs. M. C Rock ens tein and daughter
are visiting friends in Wheeling.
Mr. and Mrs. Al. Ruff returned, Fri
day, from an onting at Cambridge.
Fred C. Elder is ill at his home in the
Stein bnilding with typhoid fever.
Win. H. Ramsey of Jackson twp. did
come shopping in Butler, Saturday.
Miss Mary Walker of Centre Ave.
went to Atlautic City, last Thursday.
A M. Cornelius and wife are enter
taining R. A- Kellv and wife of Beaver
Mies Jean Fulton of Frazierg Mills is
visiting Mies Nettie Frazier of Ziegler
Samuel Rhodes and son of West Sun
bnry are recovering from severe attacks
of typhoid.
Rev. Cooper and wife returned, Fri
day, from a visit to his old home in Bea
ver county.
Wm. P. Welahons and wife returned.
Saturday, from a visit with friends in
Somerset county.
Mrs. Wm. McAlpine of South Wash
ington street left Tuesday to visit her
parents in Canada.
Mioses Margaret and Elora Brandon
of N. Main St., returned from their trip
to Europe, Than-day.
Miss Olive Matthews cf the Fifth
ward was the fortunate winner of the
free lot in West Butler.
M. A. Berkimer is attending the
funeral of hie aunt Mrs. Eliza Hays of
Rochester, Pa to-day.
Rev. J. C. Nicholas and family have
returned from an extended visit to rela
tives in the eastern part of the state-
Samuel Wood and wife of Institute
Hill have returned home after a four-,
week's stay in the country near Eakins
Corners. 1
Geo. C Dunn came down from Union
City last Friday, went to West Butler
next day and bought a lot in three
Miss Mabel Barclay haa returned to
town after spending a week with her
parents, John Barclay and wife, of
Anthony Thompson took his three
grand-children to Pittsburg yesterday,
on their way to their home in Parkers
burg, W. Va.
A. Sbarrar, J. W. Powell, Robt Ash
and several other Evans City men at
tended the West Bntler sale of lota,
last Saturday.
Bir Thomas Lipton haa given up try
ing to secure the cup; and he says "this
is the greatest country on the face of
the earth today."
Mrs. Fred Winters and children re
turned Monday from a visit to Cam
bridge Springs, where they were guests
}f the Hotel Kelly.
Mrs, Harry Klingler and daughters
returned last Thursday from a sojourn
'jt several weeks at the Hotel Kelly,
at Cambridge Springs.
Miss Mary Walker, step-daughter of
Dr. Crawford, dec'd, of Allegheny twp.
wld her dairy farm, lately, and bought
property in Emlenton
Prothonotan J. C. Clark, Deputy
Register Geo. E. Thomas and Loo
McEihaney were among the Butlerite*
it the Punxsutawney fair last week.
W. R. Turner and wife have returned
from their trip to Salt Lake City. W.
R says he is a full fledged Mormon
now, though he brought but one wife
Mrs. Flora Hall and daughter. Re
main, of Warren. Pa. have l>een th<-
Kuests of L. P. Walker and other rela
tives in Butler county during the pust
few weeks.
J. H. Pizor of Worth twp brought
bis cousin, Miss Mae Pizor of Plain
Urove to Butler yesterday for tbe
purpose of taking tbe special examina
lion for teachers
Clerk Kiskaddon returned last Sun
lay from bis trip. He got as far West
is Southern Dakota and will tell the
•eaders of the CITIZEN what he saw a*
toon as he gets time to write it.
Miss Myrtle Jamison, daughter of W
D. Jamison and wife of Elan Claire and
Lamont Caler of Allegheny were mar
'iod last Thursday evening in the pres
ence of a large company of guests.
Miss Lulu Davis, daughter of Register
J. P. Davis, and George Elkins, fore
nan of the Wooden Car Department of
;he Car Works, went to Yonngstown,
ast Thursday, and were married there.
CoL John M. Thompsonhas been bed-
Fast for the past three weeks. He has
taken no nourishment for the past few
layb, and his condition is considered se
rious. His brother. Judge Thompson of
lowa, is again here.
J. O. Emery of Yonngstown, 0.. at
tended the annual rennion of the Morris
Family at North Hope, last Wednesday.
About 200 persons were present, Rev
UcNees made an address, and a jolly,
jood time was had by all. Next year's
reunion will be held In Alameda Park,
G. L. Montgomery has secured the
jontract for plastering the Kirkpatrick
Duilding at Butler, the Catholic build
ing at Fennelton and a large building at
North Bessemer. He will have ten men
employed and has other work in view
besides these buildings to keep his men
busy all fall.—Grove City Reporter.
Dr. McKee of Cbicora and a party
From Fairview, Grove City and other
places returned Saturday from a stay of
•everal weeks in tbe lake region north
jt Toronto, They were all looking well
ind feeling good and had evidently en
aed their fish diet. Tbe bass are
endid this year, but the perch are
Wheat, wholesale price tlB-70
Rye, " SO
Data, " 3ft
Corn, "
Hay, " 13 00
Egg". " 18
Batter, " ... 18
Potatoes, BO
Onions, per bu 7B
Cabbage, per lb 2
Chickens, dressed 1H
Chickens, spring, per pair 0"
Celery, doz bunches 30
Honey, per ponnd IB
Lettuce, lb B
Radishes, doz bunches 2B
Onions " 540
Beets, per bu 7B
Cukes, per doz .... 20
Apples, per bu 40-50
Green Corn, per doz IB
Tomatoes, per bu $1 25
The liutler ItUMinnHH College.
The Butler Bnsiness College bss jn«t
closed the most successful term of
school that it has ever experienced.
The enrollment was ItH) students 22
typewriters now in use. and several
wore new ones will be added for the
term which opens Tuesday, Sept. 1, 1608
We are having three times a« many
calls for yonng men who understand
BOTH shorthand and bookkeeping, as
we can supply. Mend for a copy of onr
IMS 04.
Butler. Pa
New lee Wagon.
The new ice wagon of May & Kenne
dy is now in service, and ice will be de
livered to all parts of the city by this
firm. If yon want ice today, call np
Bell phone H7 or Peoples 128 Regular
deliveries. Hend in yonr orders.
Just now you can buy up to date
clothing at way down prices at
The Citizen and the National Stock
man and Farmer, the World's Greatest
Farm Paper from now until Jan. 1 190#
both for VS.CO.
Whatever lightens the mother's bur
den is a blessing Baby sleeps well is
cheerful and strong. No wonder he has
' Victor Infants Relief.
•J<, *■ > NKWK
O 'IXIOIIIII wealth of Penn'a at BUggee
tion and for the age of Robt. Elder
Ail in r , it b. n. of the estate of Otto
Kunze of Allegheny Co., vs Andrew
Beikert, who survives ("has Bauchman
and Adeline Kunze, both dec'd., sum
mons in assumpsit for claimed
to be due on a bond (riven by Adaline
Kanze, afterwards Skiles, as adminis
tratrix of Otto Kunze, dec'd.
N. H and H E. McCandlese vs S L.
Stillwagon. deft, and Frank C. Ralston,
garnishee, execution attachment.
R. S. Montgomery and Thomas H.
Heven vs J. W. Hilliard and School
Board of Venango twp attachment ex
ecution on a judgment of S3O.
Squire F. P. Mcßride of Clearfield vs
J. A. Kendall, asfutupsst foi a balance
of $139, claimed to be due for taking a
block of coal leases extending from
Fennelton to the P. & W. south of
Millers town.
Peter Leiblech of Union ville obtained
a judgment of $21.50 against Perrv K.
Gold for breech of warranty in the sale
of a cow Gold took c.n appeal for jnry
ti iaL
Satnrday at a public sale at the late
Ben Masseth's barn, his oil production
on the Jack and Trimble farm*, Mid
dle sex twji , was sold to Daniel Liirdin
for SIOOOO. a rig and casing on the Chris
Stock farm to Stock for S2OO, the trot
ting mare, Jean, by McKinney, 2:11. to
Dr. for $5lB. The total receipts
of the sale amounted to SI4OOO. Bj the
terms of the settlement Mrs. Ma<*se_th
received SI2OOO. the furniture and the
use of the house for one year. and her
attorney was paid a fee of S2OOO from
the estate.
Saturday Sheriff Gibeon, ex-Sberill
Thomas H<jon and Deputy Hoon wrre
st Slij peryrock 100 Ling after the s'rik
ing iiiii<erc who had received their last
pay the day before In the evening
Gibecn brought four Dagos to Butler to
am-wer charges of riot and alter reach
ing town be received a telephone mes
sage that there hail been a fight and
that the officers bad started overland
with two hackloads of prisoners. The
story afterwards turned out a fake.
Charges of furnishing liquor to men
of known intemperate habits have been
entered against W. \V. Carmen and
Archie Thompson.
Charges of keeping a gambling house
and embezzlement have been entered
against Geo. A, Lewis, formerly of the
Nixon Home.
John Weigel has been appointed Con
stable of Zelienople, vice A. V. Cun
ningham resigned.
Alex Rossler and Frank J. Schmidt,
two strangers who had been actiug
suspiciously and had sold a watch on
the street, last Thursday. were arrested
by Constable Brown and Deputy Hoon
near the Court Honse. They were sent
to jail for 80 days for vagrancy. They
had several bottles of chloroform and a
large knife.
Pat Doyle is in jail on a charge ~>t
surety of the peace entered by his wife,
formerly Mrs. Green.
The one thing that is not disputed in
the numerous trials growing out of the
killing of Goebel, in Kentucky, is thut
Goebel is dead.
Viewers on Monday recommended a
new bridge at the West End of Wayne
The John Schaffner farm, 33 acres.
WHS sold Wednesday at Bankrupt sale
to J. W. McKee representing the South
ern oil Co. for $4500.
A young Butler couple went through
th>- dissappointing process of being re
fused a marriage license Tuesday be
ivinse the groom to be was under age
and had not the consent of his parents.
A charge of a&b has been entered
i<g*inst Geo. A. Linfoot on complaint of
Ar.derson Parbem.
John Hare has l>een arrested for al
le t ed larceny of brass, the third time
snrta a charge has been entered againxt
Joseph Mykouawish, an insurance
ngent at Lyndora. was placed in jsnl
Monday evening on a charge of stealing
*-")H from a ' -oarder's trunk in the house
<jt a neighbor. Sheriff Gibson received
the warrant late Monday evening. Go
ing to the house where Joseph and his
witu whom he had married but two
weeks befo:e, were lodging tie was ad
mitted and entering the bedroom arrest
ed Joseph in bed. The wife was brave
*nd laughing told her husband not to
On Monday Wm. Stalker was appoint
>»d tax collector of Venango twp.
Earl Sisney and H. Sproul plead
guilty before Esq. McAboy Monday to
disorderly conduct on a Bessemer pas
tenger train and were each fined $5 and
Thomas McKnight was arrested Tues
lay on a charge of interfering with an
ifficer. It is alleged he interfered with
Anthony Kober while arresting G. R.
DeHaven sometime ago.
Loui» Brescing of Hilliard has been
charged with agg a&b by May Emery.
Monday William Black was arrested
m a charge of defrauding a boarding
bouse keeper, made against him by H
H. Conway & Son, hotel proprietors cf
Ellwood. who claimed Black owed them
|U on a $54 board bill. Black applied
for habeas corpus and was released be
uause it was shown that $45 had been
received as settlement in full.
According to a dispatch from Punx
untawney, John Ptigh, Jr.. of this coun
ty, shot a farmer named John Buzzard,
who lived at North Freedom, and was
irrested for it and taken to the Brook
ville jail. Buzzard was not expected to
For the third time a Kentucky jury,
last Saturday, convicted Caleb Powers,
Secretary of State in Governor Taylor's
administratou, of complicity in the
murder of Governor Goebel, who was
shot from the secretary of State's office.
The previons verdicts carried a senten
ce of life imprisonment liecause, it was
said, the jury was not sufficiently con
vinced of the guilt of Powers to impose
the death sentence now attached to the
verdict. Whatever may lie the opinion
us to the guilt or innocence of Powers,
the circumstances attending his prose
cution have not been such as to convince
the public that he has had that itn
partial trial requisite to the impeccable
discharge of justice. The SIOO,OOO re
ward offered for the conviction of the
murderers of Goebel and the political
composition of the jnries has l»een
dyninst the prisoner. The contradic
tory nature of the testimony given by
the same witnesses and the general
character of the proofs uj>oii which he
bos l>eeri convicted lacked that coheren
cy that should Ist essential to the infla
tion of the capital sentence upon any
(.'has L Hazlett to O P Pape lot on N
Wsshington St for S47<JO.
Park View Land Co. to N F Leonard
lot in Butler twp for $1(175.
E L Kudert to Paul Rudert 90 acres
in Jefferson for S4OO
C ottage Hill hand Co to Jennie (,'os
grove lot on Cottage Hill for S4OO.
Geo \V Whitebill to John S fiobaugh
lot on N Washington St for $3500.
Thomas Robinson to C II Winrader
lot on Oarfield Ave for S3HO.
C C Shira to Margaret A McMichael
lot in Butler for $2400.
Geo (4 Knox to G M Kennedy lot in
Evans City for $1250.
Amelia Grnver to Isaac Atkinson lot
on Kouth St for SISOO
Geo B Bastian to Vinnie Bastian lot
Zelienople for $4500.
Marsnall & Schenck to Chas A Wag
ner lot in S*»hle Place for $1250.
McJunkin & Stover to Paul Datiben
fpeck and Benj Williams 7 lots on Mil
lerstown road for $2500.
H L Protzman to Mary A King lot at
Zelienople for $1
Sarah A McGowan to Lafayette Mc-
Gowan lot in Prospect for sl.
W A Michaels to Eliz A Potter <juit
claim to 50 acres in Lancaster for S2OO.
A W Mates to Nelson J Harder lot on
South Side, Bntler. for $2500.
Geo E McGill, A M Nichols, assign
merit of MM) acre lease in Coroord for
s7»i(» 42.
John M and Anna L Thompson to O
D and W C Thompson, as trusteeH lot
In Butler and 65 acres in Butler twp.
Eliza and B. F. Shindel to John and
Anthony Kemper, lot on E. Cunning
ham St. sl.
The Waller Will Case.
On Thursday last the will of the late
D H. Waller was presented to Register
Dan* for probate It reads as fol
I, Daniel H. Wuller. of the borough
of Bntler, Pennsylvania, being of sound
mind and disponing memory, do mulct
and publish my will and testament in
manner following
Ist. I give to my son Charles J. Wnl
ler One Dollar, and to mv daughter,
Mamie Wuller. One Dollar.
2nd. I give, devise and bequeath to my
beloved mother who cared for me during
infancy, and to my brothers and sisters,
namelv, Marv. Jennie, Emms. Charlie
and Joseph Wuller, all my property
both real and personal of whatever kind
and description, shire and share alike t->
them aDd each of them and their heirs
forever: and I nominate my sister Mar>
and my brother Charles Waller tuv ex
ecutors of this my last will sl'd tests:,
Witness my hand and seal this 2e>th day
of march, 1903.
(Seal) D. H WULLER.
Sitrhed, s-'-aled and publish'd by D.°.R
i-1 H. Waller as sud for his last wiil
and tcFtament. and who signed ttte same
in the presence of us who witnessed the
ssme in the presence of the testator and
in the presence of each other
Sternuous objection was made to ihe
probation of the will, and the Register
fiztd Tuesday for a hearing.
After a hearing before Register Davis
Tuesday morning it was screed by the
contending parties in the D. H. Waller
will case, that protest against probating
the will should be withdrawn by the
children on condition of Mary and
Charles Wnller, the brother and sister
of D. H.. withdrawing as executors and
John Lawell being substituted. This
was done aod the will probated, ltight.
of appeal however was riot waived by
the children and they at once took issue
for a trial in Court, disputing the will
on grennds of insanity.
Marriage Ldcenww.
David E. Pierce Hilliard
Clara J. Conner "
John W. Reep Baldwin
Sarah A. Uinstead Chiconi
A. Fred. Weigand Butler
Julia E. Story "
At Pittsburg, Ivan Makar and Fidnn
ka Fil of Bntler.
At Youngstown—Geo. Wolford and
Blanche Titley of Chicora.
By a collision of freight trains near
Harbison station last Sunday morning,
the two engines were damaged, and Jos.
Crouse. a fireman of Bntler had two ribs
broken by jumping from his engine
against a tree.
Isaac Greaves, who resided on his
farm near Harlansburg. committed sui
cide last Sunday by shooting himself in
the head with a shotgun The deceased
was 80 years old and had been in poor
health for the last few years.
A storm in Beaver Co.. last Sunday
blew over a tree that in falling carried
with it a trolley wire and some other
wires. A young inan named Boweu
w«s caught In the wirt-s and killed, as
was another young man who attempted
to rescue him.
Moses Walls of Venango Connty was
almost; instantly killed by a reaoing
machine, drawn by oxen, a few days
lie got down in front of the inackim
to fix a chain that had become unfasten
ed, when the oxen started on quickly, fie
managed to get on the tongue of the ma
chine but could not retain his seat. A
sudden turn and jolt threw him in front
of the reaper. The heavy wheels pas
sed over his stomach and chart, crush,
ing him terribly.
The Market—Both agencies are pay
ing SI.MI
The Herman Gas Co. has struck a
Fourth sand gas well with a 500-pound
rock pressure on the Robert Loughrey
farm, east of Herman
Bntler Of the four well* drilled on
the Wallace tract below MeCalmont,
Young Bros, is doing about 8 barrels,
while Hazlett & McCollough's the
Sonth Penn's and Welsh's about 2 each.
The sixth annual reunion of the
White Oak Springs Presbyterian Church
was held in the church grove last
Thursday. After luncheon Rev. Will
iam J. <irimes, the pastor, introduced
Judge James M. Galbreth and State
Senator Andrew Williams as the speak
ers of the day. Remarks were also
made by J. T. Kelly and Dr. J. L.
(.'hristle and musical numbers were ren
dered by Grohman's Orchestra. The re
union closed with a musical entertain
ment by Arthur Love and family. De
spite the rain nearly 000 people were in
The ladies of Springdale W. C. T U.
will hold their annual meeting at Mis.
J. H. Gibsons, 720 Fairview Ave., Fri
day, Sept. 4th, at 3:80 p. m.. sharp. The
business of the meeting is to elect offi
cers, receive dues and arrange for the
county convention.
Insurance and Real Eatate.
If you wish to sell or buy property
yon will find it to your advantage to see
Win. H. Miller, Insurance and Real
Estate, next P. 0., Butler, Pa.
Ilurry! Hurry and get a big bargain
In clothing at Ritter & Rockenstein's
You are (head if you buy clothing at
Ritter & Rockenstein's sale.
The Citizen, the National Stockman
and Farmer and Success from now until
Jan. 1 1W>!» all three for $2.50. You can
have The Woman s Home Companion,
Cosmopolitan, Leslie's Popular Monthly,
or Household-Ledger, Instead of Success
If preferred.
Now Now Now is the time to at
tend Ritter & Rockenstein's sale.
Music scholars wanted at liW W.
Wavne St.
Come now to Ritter & Rockensteln'
It is a gutter of Taste
with a man whether he prefers a blonde
or a brunette for his wife. It is also a
matter of taste as to the kind of a ring
be chooses for an engagement ring. \Ve
have all kinds of precious stones, set In
many beautiful designs to suit all
fancies, all tastes, all parses.
We also sell
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and f'ac/i Cameras-
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins and Gnitars.
Optical K<KK Is.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Next to Court Honsr
WIIEKKAH, hy reason of tlie formation o
tin- lluiler Havings A Trust Company
h:i< < c*sor to tin- lliill"■ r Savings Hank, the
hitter by a rote of 1U Stockholder* urn! the
Hoard of Directors went Into lluutdall'in
January Ut. 1 '*>:». notice IN hereby given that
Hat'l llutler Havings Hank In winding up 11-.
affairs. Ih« eriMlllom thereof are not I tie,l to
present their claims. If any, for payment at
(he Hutler Having" A Trust Company, doing
business at the old stand
Time Ul>lr flfcctlTr Mm 17, IMS. Ewtt-rn Suunknl
Allegheny Accommodation f&J a-n» !
All**k'hen.▼ mxl Cleveland K*|>r*M KA4) •-m |
Allegheny Expreaa ♦VtlO •-m
" ; *11:40 * m
Ell wood City Accommodation p-tn
('tiicmffu. New Castle ami Allegheny Ex .. *3:40 p-in
Allegheny Express *5:24 |>-m
Allegheny Accommmlatk»u *5:50 p.in
E!lwt>«l and New (Accommodation... *5:50 p-ax
K&:i** and Bradford Mail. +9:42 a-m
Clariou Accommodation *4:55 p-m
Foxborg Accommodation tH:00 p.in
* Daily. *S Acept Sunday. Z Sunday otly.
Traius leave the Allegheny 9tation for
Bntler at 7:30. 8:15. 10:45 a.m.. and 1:15.
3:00. 6:15 and 11:30 p.m. and PittebnrL'
statioL at 7:50 a.m. OnSnnday at 7:30
а.m. and 6:15 and 11:30 p.m.
For through »kkfl«, rwerrati >ns and in
h.tuia«l»»n apply to W. K. TURNER, Agt.
Butler, l*a.
K. IK SMITH, A. G. P. A.,
Pittsburg* P*
D it & p u it
Timetable in effect Feb. 15. 190 li.
trains leave and arrive at
liutlcr a« follows:
7:30 a. m., mixed for Panxgnt>iwn< y
and all intermediate stations.
10:12 a. m. daily, vestibuled day ex
l>r<-s8 for Bnffiilo, connect® at Anhford,
week days, for Rochester.
•"»:21 local for Punx'y and Du Bom and
al! stations.
10:22 p. m. night express for Buffalo
and Rochester.
6:08 a. in. daily, night express from
Buffalo and Rochester.
9:45 a.m. week days, accomodation
from Du Buiß.
5:31 p. u. daily, vestibuled day express
from Buffalo Hns connection at Ash
ford week days from Rochester.
7:40 p.m. we*k days, mixed train
from Punxsutawney.
Trains leave the R & O. Station,
Al!egheny, for Buffalo and Rochester
at 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 p.m.. and for local
points as far a« Daßois at 4:10 p.m.
Time table in effect May 17. 1902.
One honr slower than town time.
uorthwitrd. Daily except Sunday. Southward
K*-»d ip) (Rfetd -lowu)
2 10 14 STATIONS. 1 9 11
I'M.P.M P.M. a.Di. A.M. *ni
0 25 1 20 Krie ; 6 00 11 18
6 01 12 53 FairrW 6 2« 11 41
5 61 12 42 Glrard j 8 K 11 W
600 1 1A fcr..('<iaiieul...«r 8 11 1 1">
4 33 11 Ift IT. . vJouuM&ut.. .IT 6 Ift 11 15
i 5 3.1 12 25 CrmnMTllls i 6 55 111 19
! S 21 12 20 AlMon : T 00 12 2>*
! 5 12 12 07 Mhadeland 7 12 12 33
5 OH 12 04 spriugcUiiu I 7 If. 12 3ti
I S 03 II 5* (s>nn«iu trill. ! 7 SO IS 42
Mfsdville Janet..
i) 47 12 11 *r.. Mewlvllle.. »r 8 28 20J
I 3 4.3 10 42 It M«ulvUle.. .IT 60212 30
6 20 11 48 ar. .Couu.L.ke, ar 801 1 35
j 4 11 11 10 lv " IT 6 30 12 58
4 «> 11 35 ar .I:*]™. Park . ar 7 50 1 in
! 1 40 11 35 lv « IT 7 50, 1 10
1 48 l»r.. LI UMTIII. .ar 110 25.
IT • IT j T 2011 56
I 16,11 10 lUrtttuwu | i 07 1 31
« 11 11 04 AiUmoTlUe ' ft 12 1 37
I Oi 10 53 0»g<«<l 1 » »|| 1 48
0 1< ,1 56! 10 47 (Jmoovillo 530 8 *5 1 &5
'i 0". C.i 50 I<> 4*' .-ili«iian K o 5 38 8 3i 2 H5
(3 4-t
■> :: 2*. in 2l Kr,..1,,n1a 3 5* 8 47 2 2.1
527 ;00 10 (Hi M»ror. « |« 9 ttl 243
'' L"J 3 04 10 01 H'juiton Junction 9 07 2 48
1 •.< 2 II- »41 Oruv.Olty B 13 » 25 307
4 4.- 'J J8 llarriavllle (. 57 3 U
1 4<> 2 31 9 2ii liranclitou 7 07 9 42 3 2H
5 4."| 3 <lO 10 27 ar... iljlliar-1... arl<> 17 10 17 545
3 3f'| 2 00 « 11. IT. .. HilHanl. ..IT « 111; 6 10r 2 00
4 3*l 2 28 9 10 Kelatf r 7 12 9 48 3 30
4 181 •> 15 <1 irj Kticli'l 7 »> 10 00 3 44
3 4l»j I 50 * 25 Butlwr • ODiM ft 4 10
2 On 12 15 7 16J fi 25jla «0j 5 36
l*m j pro am a.m.! pm 'p.m
Tialn 12, leuvlntc Qrove City &.<X) a. m.
Merer Greenville 6:of>, Kxixtltlon I'ark
б.5), Connoautvllle 7:18, arrives In Erie at
8 :Hi a. m.
Train 13, louvlnK Erie 4:10 p. m. Oon
neautvllle 5:35. Kxjo. I'a.k 6:07, OreervUle
8-4">, M-r..T 7 31 arrives at G ot. City at 7:56 p m.
E H. UTLEY, Qen. Pass. Agt,
Gen. Mgr. Pittsbnr«, Pa.
W R TURNER. Tkt Agt, Butler, Pa.
CflHtbULi iii Irrici Aug. 1. 19tfi.
A H A.M. A.M. P.M. P. M
BtTIJB LMT. 8 Oft, 7 38 10 05 2 3ft 4 35
Saxon burg . ArrlT. 8 34 ft 08'10 38 3 00 ft 08
JiuUer Junction.. " 7 07 838 11 03 8 W A 29
ftutl.r Junction. ..Lho 7 32 8 3fi 11 47 3 2ft ft 29
«;.ringd*;t. 7 67 8 02 12 17 S 63 O 56
' 'larcniont 1 9 1812 3<l 4 08 « 10
-.(.arprtjurg, 8 19. 9 2« 12 471 4 18 6 16
All.|ih.njr 830 93* I 00 4 41 «2«
A. M-i A. H.|P. M.|P. M. P. M.
SUNDAY TRAINS.—Uan Butlm for Allegheny
Uitjr and princi|aj intornwdiaU atationa at 7:20 a. m.,
mil 4/>5 p. m.
A.M.<A.M. A.M. P. M. i P. M
\ll«gti.uy City . .Inn 8 26 8 60 10 15 3 03, ft 10
■U.arvat/urg 8 XI 9 00 10 2A a3 IS'aß 20
'i.ar*,mont 1 ....'lO 32' ... ....
I 9 23 10 49 .... 8 41
Tfirantuni 7 I* 9 32 11 00 3 40 « 49
N.ttn.ua 7 13 • 36 11 07 S 46 H 5:1
ltiitl.r J unction.. irrlTe 7 25 9 47 11 17 3 51 7 02
iiotl.i Junction..,. luaTH 735 956 12 36 406 7 112
-vatonburg 808 10 IS 1 06 4 41 7 27
llli'TMß arrlv, 8 36 10 46 1 W4 ft 13 7 63
A M. A.M. P M. P.M. P. M
HUNIIAY THAIKS.— laan Allagb.ny Oity for But
kr >.nd [.rliiclpai inlarmwllat. atationa at 7:03 a m. and
D !3 p. m
WaakalfeTi. Hundaya
'A. M.| A. M.|P. M. A.M. P M
Bcrtta.... ... IT, 8 05 10 06 2 36 1 7 201
Butler J'ct ar 7 07 11 03 3 26M « loj ....
ButUr J'ct IT 7 iftill 17 3 #11; 8 14
Fwport fcr 72811 £0 354 817 ....
Kwklmliictaa J't.. 7 »!|| « 359 ft 23i ....
l«*cl.burK " 748 11 39 4 13 BW\
W«a| Apollo ** 8 11111 ftT 4% ft »7
Haltal.urg "iB4O 12 27 »03 923 ...
lilalraTlll. ~ 9|« 100 640 952
BlalnlTllln Int. . .. <' 924 1 33 ft 47 10 00
Altooua " 11 3ft ft 46 8 ftOj: 1 40 .. ..
Ilarrlal.nrg " j 3 10 10 00 1 001 636
Pliilad.lpl.la " «23 426 4 26] jlO 17
IP. M. A. M. A.M.IIP M. P.M
Through tralna for tba uaat laaT. Plttoburg (Union
Station), aa followa
ttoaahure Uadtwl, daily.(No coacliwi) 1:30a.m
Atlantic Kxproai, daily 3:00 A.*
Pxt.fiaylTanla Umitwl " (Nuouachia) 718 "
N«* V'.rk " « •• ... 7:15 "
Day Ki|.r«oL " T : »0 "
Mali. Lii . Kapr.«a, " 8:00 44
HarrUbu.g Mail, - 12:4 ft r.M
Harrinburg Kl|.r«aa dally 4:49 "
I'hlladalpl.'a Kxprma, ' 4.51) "
Kaat.ru •• 7:10 «
faal Line, * .9 00 "
I'lttel.urg l.lmltMl, dally for N.w York, only. 10:00 "
SocODd I'lllaburg 1.1... It.-!, dally. Mlo«l.liig
tar« to ridbvlnlphlii, Ilaltlinorii and Waal.-
Ingtuu. Nuoov:he» 10:18) "
Phlla.l 'a Mall, Sui.da l a only ,8:30 AM
Kftr Atlantic I'lty (Tin IB,laware Hirer lirldge, all
rail route) 1:30 a.m. "B«aahor«
and 9:18) p. in. .tally, "PenunylTania 1.1n.1t«d,"
and New York llmltvl, 7:15 a. m. week d»y«. 1000
p.ui. .lially, will, thrill#!. elKi'iilng can.
Buffalo ami Altaa y ▼alley Dlvlaloa
TralriN l«*nvi" Kmkliniimtaa Junction M follows:
Wot BaCuo,t<Mi •» aa4 11 ft i> u«. daily, with
throuKh parlor »n«l «l««*plnK oar*.
fur Oil City, 7.42 \tM a. rn., n lft and p.
01. »'«>«*k-4lava. .Hundayn, U.M a. rn., *Llft and 11.5"p.m.
r.»r IU4 ilank, 7.42, tt.ftr., 11 17 a. m , 2 :w, fl.lft,
and 11 60 p. rn. ww»k <hyi. Hundaya, VJM, 10.41# a. ni.,
«I ft and II.MI p. rn.
For KilUnnlttK 7.42, 9.81, 11 17 a n».,S..*lft^.3A (
6.lft, 7..'M1, ft.a'M, and 11 .SI) p. m. Hnn<Uya,
W. V . I'».4'x» ». m. t «.lft, I<».4r», and 11.&0 p. m.
"u" HU/ t m only ni, or not ice to ag'-nt to r«»-
"f -f.. only on fciKiia! or notlca ti# nt or
dr« t«»r In r« > %« or dl • Harge |<ummoik«t«.
KOl iirtall«kl In for ma lon, apply to ticket a|(«uit or
adilriiiw Thou. K Watt, I'iwwi Agt. W*<ataru Ulatrlrt,
ourii«r KKlti Avonu* and MtnlthA< Id Htraat, I'lttaLuiK,
VN W ATM Kill ItV, J. It Wr>OD
'.on | M>knag«*r. I'nw r Traf?l< i.
I.h<», W. I«»yJ1,
'ieiinml r**H< ngftr Agant.
Wmlii-lil K It ('<> Time Tml>lo
In efTix:t May '3sth, 1903.
i.. »rm ».-.t DkMI 7 *H t 46
" 7 45 :i 0»»
" Iron Hildirr 7 ftftl »10
" WlnAald Junction 810 ;j y,
| " I#an4B H »» a ,i:>
M Butlar Junction n Jtft a4O
A nl*f I'utlar 10 4ft ft M
Arrlva All«ghco> U 'AH ft (fa
ArrJ BWnWIUe 12 ii 140
1,.,..ve iilalreTllle * 111 2 to
" A IteghMiy I 8 60{ 303
'• I! utl«r | 7a« 2 36
•' liu'ler Junction 110 «); 440
" lj«l.e 10 031 4 4.3
" Wii.n.l'l J unction 110 18; 4Ui
•• Iron llritige 'lO *: 106
Arriv* Waat Wlnlald (10 Id) ,'i Jfi
Train* at4,p ut Lai<« au«l lr«#n ll»ld|f«> only on to
Uk« on ft l«M»*4. .11 [Buwt<n<■>a.
1 Trains llonn4M tat Hutlrr Jun> tlou with.
Tralna ICaatwaid f«»r Fraaport, Vandargrlft an)
HlalravllU Interaction
Train# Wnlwrd for Natrona, Tarantuni and All*-
Tralna Northward for M«sonhiira, and HuilMr.
Il.il. ItKAl.nll,
• Uanaral Managar.
1 my South Main Ht.
[Trusses |
/ The Kind . (
V To Buy. ! C
V ' Yon can bny Trnsues for al- ; J
J most nothing or you can pay a x
\ high price for them, bat the %
i price of a Trnse does not prove C
\ : that it ia Koinif to be the one )
i yon need. Every ciwe haa to \
Vi be fitted individually. That V
J ' is where we have h:vlonr (ireat Q
\ stircess in Trusses. No one f
J \ goes ont of onr store with n v
\ j Truss th; t does not tit perfect- /
fly. Therefore a fjreat many /
V pti.ple aro 1 /
J and st-mliux their friends to ca )
\ to be fitted. If you are wear- C
i V ing a Truss and it does not I
? feel rij;ht, or in the right y
\ place come in and see as about j \
i it, no matter if vou did not j
C buy It from us. will tell C
/ you whether it is the right #
J Truss to wear. We will give \
S yon the benefit of our twenty- j q
I five years experience. Private I
\ apportments for ladies. \
I C. N. BOYD, ]
\ Pharmacist, S
i Diamond Block. /
/ Butler, Pa, ?
) People's Phone 83. j
This girl is a "high born
lady." Her aesthetic nature
floats away among the clouds,
as she sits improvising on the
bought of the
Pittsburg Organ & Piano Co,
Butler Branch, Old P. O. B'd'g.,
Attend the great 30 days
srcrifice sale.
Sheet music and all kinds
of small instruments.
Eyth Bros.
Big Bargains
Wall Paper
Next to Old P. O.
Reed's Wine of
Cod biver Oil
will build you up and make
you strong, will give you
an appetite and new life.
If you feel tired and
worn out try our Wine of
Cod Liver Oil and find
It is stronger and better
than pure Cod Liver Oil.
Pleasant to take and Is
Inoffensive to delicate
Indorsed and recom
mended by physicians
every where. The best
Spring tonic to give you
Health and strength.
For sale only at
Reed's Pharmacy
Transfer Corner
Main and Jefferson Hts.. utler. I'a
Do You Buy Medicines?
Certainly You Do.
Then you want the best for the
least money. That is our motto.
Come and see us when in need of
anything in the Drug Line and
we arc sure you will call again.
We carry a full line of Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, etc.
Purvis Pharmacy
H. (J. Punvis, PH. (1
lioth Phonos.
218 8. Main Ht. Butler Pa.
H. G. Allison,
Funeral Director,
Bell Phone No. 3.
Bakerstown, Pa.
Insurance and Real Eslate
i>I'TI.KU , PA.
' Office with lierkmcr, next door to P. O.
New Fall Clothing!
We are now ready to show the largest and
best line of Men's, Boys' and Children's
Clothing ever shown in this city.
We want you to see our new
Hamburger Suits
before you buy; they are beauties; all made
with padded shoulders and firm front Will
keep their shape just as well as the merchant
tailored suits.
A peep into our Furnishing Department will
delight you. All new styles in Hats, Caps
and Men's Furnishings now on sale. Call
and see us. Yours for clothing,
Reliable Clothiers.
Most Complete Line of Fine Couches ME
j|| this store has shown in months# IB
Not a single old couch in the line. Large as-16
sortment in red or green Verona at $25.00, $30.00
SBj and $35.00. Plenty of the lower priced ones in red 25
gg or green figured velour at SIB.OO and S2O. Cheaper K
ones cost $ 15.00 and $ 11.00. IK
m S
Mahogany finish, highly polished, upholstered K
seats. Neat and pretty parlor pieces. Price $lO. 10C
?§[ Chairs and Rocking Chairs jg
Jgto match the above Divan—same in pattern and finish.
ESJ Price each $5. 55
8 9x12 RUGS ®
S Tne new Fall patterns are here and plenty of g*
jp{ them to select from. Fine Wilton Rugs in red, green |B
or blue grounds at $37.00. Body Brussels Rugs In
all the different colors at $25.00 and $27.00. Fine
jHf Brussels Rugs at $20.00 and a good substantial one at fS
*g| $ 17.00. All-wool 9x 12 Rugs at $9.00. 1g
i Alfred A. Campbells
122 South Main St. Your money's worth or money back.
Men's and Boys' Spring Clothing.
The finest ready-to-wear attire that is made. We
have the facilities to search out the best that the
market can afford, and it is now ready in a complete
Spring array on our floor. Everything that a dressing
man can desire for his attire can be found here at a
smaller price than he would expect to pay for such
smartly tailored garments.
Mens Suits >
and Top Coats sl2, sl4,
at $7.50, $9, #l6,
$lB, S2O, and up to $25.
We show Men's Spring Overcoats which, like all of
our attire, could not fit or wear better if they were
custom tailored.
If they told the truth con
cerning my pianos, myself, and
my way of doing business I
would sell all of the pianos
that are sold in Butler.
When a party come* to you with a
Htory concernlnK >ny lraninowi, uk them
t<> call at my atore with yon and repeat
It in my presence.
I hiii here for btiHinenH. and I am liap
i>y to nay I have lotH of It. My patrona
are my frienda, I alwaya refer to
tbein. A»k them.
1 can Rive yon a lint or over 800
patron* to whom I have aold piano*
*ince 1 came hen- four yearn ago.
Aud if you will tinil any of tnem who
will nay that I have not been honorable
in nil iny dealing with them. I will
pri'wntyon with it piano.
TriiHtiiiK to have my juat *h»re of your
patronage. I nw your* for bualneaa.
Your credit is good at
W. R. Newton's
317 S. Main St., Butler, Pa.
Music Department!
We have added a mimical department
i/<>od iii uaic Inatrnment* and
everything that belong* to a rnnaic store.
Call and in*|>ect the famon* Merrill
I'lano • >ne of the l>e*t high (Trade
piano* on the market. We can aell It
on "itny payments.
W»nt a Violin, Mandolin. Banjo.
(JuitHr or Accordson, we have them.
Hend for our catalogue of 10c abeet
mimic, containing over HHM) titles, and
we have them all Id stock*
We will get any piece of music yon
lie. d. in fact we Hre in *hli|ie to supply
nil your want* in the mu*tcal line at
Ne*r P. 0.. 241 a. Mftinßt
We have removed our Marble
and Granite shops from corner of
Main and Clay streets to No. 208
N. Main street, (opposite W. D.
Hrandon's residence), where we
will be pleased to meet our
customers with figures that are
right on
Monuments & Headstones
of all kinds and are also prepared
to give best figures on
Iron Fence, Flower Vases
etc., as wc have secured the sole
agency from the Stewart Iron
Works of Cincinnati, 0., for this
town and vicinity.
P. H. Sechler
%dicl( &
109 N. /Wain Street,
sUTi»en, PA.
Qest Service.
Prompt and Careful
Pour Registered
Prescription Work *