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WILLIAM ft WOLBY - Publisher.
| THURSDAY, JULY 9, 1908.
fiJS per ymt la Mrate. Ottarwfae $1 Ji.
Judges of the Superior Court,
J State Treasurer,
Auditor General,
For Jury Commissioner,
At the Republican County Conven
tion in Clearfield Co. on Tuesday the
3rd nit, Cyrus Gordon was renominat
ed for Judge over Oscar Mitchell by a
few votes.
Mr. Cannon of Illinois who is to be
the Speaker of the of Rep-
that he will op
pose way possible any cur
rencuMgisLation next session. As the
has practically dictatorial
r powers over legislation in the House,
' tiie announcement is significant.
The Republican state convention of
lowa met last week and the "lowa
Mm" waa given an airing, but there
seems to be nothing new in it The
Republican party believes that a pro
l&toetive tariff builds up industries.
When the time comes that an industry
does not need protection the tariff can
to reduced or taken off.
It to probable, that the Tariff act
under which we are working to-day is
unjust in some particulars, but isn't it
better to pot up with this possible in
. justice in spots rather than to readjust
tiw entire bill? For readjustment
KM means, of course, a general overhauling
a tearing out of the tariff bill, an un
settlement of business throughout the
An extra session of Congress will be
f called for Nov. •by President Rooee
| velt, aad the time between this date and
| flw regular session of Dec. 7 will be
given over to discussion and ratifica
tion of the Cuban reciprocity treaty.
It is the wish of the Republicans to
> . have the measure out of the way be
fore the regular seesion begins.
' Gov. PENNY PACKER now has the op
"" portuuitv to defend his native city,
through the medium of the muzzled
pries, against the articles of Lincoln
fltaffens, who continues his magazine
articles on the corruption of the politics
of American cities,, and for the July
number takes Philadelphia for his sub
-5 ject Steffens say that the Philadelphia
machine makes its toughs vote in the
aame of citizens who stay at home, be
Iy bogus yote of
at "Minneapolis
irghas tried to,
r other election,
dr. Philadelphia
>le there defend
f their machine."
Et has appointed a
Montgomery Co.
y Commissioner
r. Commissioner
a easy task. He
bureau with an
an engineer, s
trapher. During
will have at his
dollars of State
of two millions
jy boroughs and
road is projected
ist bear one-third
work will be re
-0 be constructed
upon thoroughly
1 in pursuance of
rth in Butler,—
iy recollection of
samite cape and
it are supplaating
irackKr as a noise
! Butler and all
cities flocked to
i, while thoee of
near the coast
iction being, be
the magnificent
it such places as
iry Park.
1 to be in about
treet Station in
al hours of last
ig for a delayed
he never saw, all
o Atlantic City
thousand people
>na of that city
le Pacific ocean
was completed last Saturday and mes
sageswere seat around the earth in
r"V<h» started west from New York,
went via Chicago, San Francisco, Hon
,, olnlu, Guam, Manila, Hong-Kong, Cal
cutta, Bombay, Suez, Gibralter, Lisbon
aad Loadon to New York.
It is only 87 years siaoe the first trans
atlaatio cable was successfully laid, and
now there is not a sea that is not reach
•, ed by the electric spark. Five years
ago when the news came that an Amer
oan vessel had captured Guam there
wwre perhaps not ten thousand people
'- f . in the world who knew where the island
was or anything of its value. Today
oae can send a message to the island
and get an answer promptly. Even the
Philippines were not much known, but
I, for a few dollars one may communicate
with friends In Manila and receive an
■aawwia a few minutes.
A very pretty home wedding took
atace at the residence of Mr. and Mrs.
It B. Conn, of Clay township, on
Wednssday, jnne 24th, the occasion be
ing the marriage of their daughter,
Minnie, to DeLoes L Hindman of West
Banbury. As the clock struck twelve
Miss Fannie Wick took her place at tbe
piano and began to play the wedding
march which summoned Miss Conn and
Mr. Hindman into the presence of the
guests assembled in the beautifully
arranged parlor. The ceremony was
performed by the Rev. S. A. Zimbeck
of Convoy, 0., a former pastor of the
bride. The bilde was attired in a white
gown of beautiful design and carried a
bouquet of bride's roses. Tbe bride was
attended by her sister. Miss Sylvia
< one, who was alio dressed in white
and carried pink roses. Charles Brown
WM bsst man. After congratulating
Mr, and Mrs. Hindman, the entire com
pany was conducted to the dining room
where a splendid wedding dinner was
served. The bride was the recipient of
quite a number of valuable and useful
preeeata The happy "couple then left
for Eadid, amid showers of rice, where
i bey boarded a south bound train. After
a short wadding trip they were given a
hearty reception at the home of the
groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Hindman of West Sunbury.
lbs. and Mrs. Hindman are well and
favorably known in the community.
Mrs. Hindman having taught a number
of years in the public schools, and both
taking an active part in Sunday School
and Christian Endeavor work in their
respective churches. They will live in
West Sunbury where Mr. Hindman is
sngaged in the milling business.
"Coon" Campbell had his hand badly
cut by an electric fan. Sunday.
William Snyder had the ends of two
fingers sawed off at the car works.
Dr. Atwell had the skin of his neck
cut by the wadding from a toy pistol on
the 4tb.
Mrs. Mary Manny of Water street
was bitten in the face by a horse last
A young woman of S. Main St. acci-1
dentlv shot policeman Hoover in the
leg, the other night
A young son of Albert Smith of Sum
mit township had his elbow broken by
falling from a cherry tree.
Three boys named Critchlow of near
Renfrew were thrown from their bugey
by a run-off on . the 4th, and one was
badly hurt.
A son of Wm. Knowles of Penn twp.,
cut an artery in his wrist last Saturday,
and H boy who was visiting them was
kicked by a hone.
Joseph Lindsey fell from a hay toft at
his place on the Freeport road last week
and broke two ribs. Two years ago he
fell from a cherry tree and broke an
The houses of J. M. McKinney and J.
E. Plaisted, and shed on Geo. Henahaw s
place and the Purviance store were
struck by lightning at Petersville, June
Joe Gause, a Slav, workman at the
plate glass works, was caught between
a car on which he was riding and the
factory wall, and was very badly rolled
and crushed.
Warren Pitsley, freight conductor on
the "Bessie" attempted to board a mov
iog car at Harts town a few days ago,
missed his footing.fell under the wheels
and waa cut in two.
Karl Schluchter, the tailor, and his
bicycle were struck by a street car at
Mifflin and Main street, last Wednes
day. The bike was knocked out for
keeps and Karl was badly bruised.
While Robert McGarvey of Mercer
township was helping to roof George
Morrow's barn, last week, his foot-hold
gave way and he fell, feet first, a dis
tance of about twenty-five feet. He
was picked up and taken home, and
though no bones were broken he was
badly hurt
□By the bursting of the dam at Oak
ford Park, near Jeannette, last Sunday,
about forty people were drowned, and
a number are missing. Seventeen
bodies have been found. The Park waa
in a valley, and the dam was above it,
and wag burs ted by the heavy rain.
The town was saved by the P. R. R
Among thoee drowned was Albert J.
Brown, a son of Nathan L. Brown of
Pittsburg, formerly of Bntler, a nephew
of Mrs. Cyrus Anderson.
History repeats itself in gas explosions
as in other accidents. The explosion
that wrecked Elmer Schenk's house en
West Penn street a few evenings ago,
was somewhat similar to the one that
wrecked the Goetz house twenty years
ago. In both cases the gas accumulated
in the basement or cellar. Elmer and
his family were in the sitting room of
their house that evening, when they
smelled gas. The Welsbach lights were
burning. Elmer lit a match and applied
it to the gas pipe at the floor; the flame
followed down instantly to the gas
under the floor; the whole house—a four
room cottage, with kitchen—was lifted
a foot or two and dropped, the walls
spreading from their posts. Almost
everything in the three rooms of the
first floor was wrecked, and yet none of
the grown people nor the two babies
were hurt
Of all the accidents that happened on
the Fourth the one at the corner of
Forbes street and Oakland ave., Pitts
burg, was the most remarkable. A
large flag, over a grocery store, became
soaked by the rain, and the end of it
wrapped around an arc-light wire; then
the wind exerted such a pressure upon
,the flag as to snap the wire and the end
of it fell into a pool of water on the
street Water is as good a conductor of
electricity as is metal, and thus the
pool became a death trap to any who
touched it A young man who was
sheltering himself from the Btorm in a
doorway on one side of the street
thought he could do better on the other,
and started across; his Toot went into
the water, he was instantly killed, and
nobody dared touch him A. man who
started with his family in a surry for
the Park, turned back on account of the
storm; as he neared the pool people
yelled at him to stop, but the noise of
the storm prevented him from bear
ing what they said; when the horses
feet touched the pool they fell, and the
people in the surry jumped out; four
got out on one side and were safe, three
got out on the other and were killed as
soon as their feet touched the water,
and all had to lay there till the current
was shut off.
THE town of Evansville, in south
western Indiana, just across the river
from Kentucky, was the scene of riot
ing and lawlessness for several days of
last week and this, caused by the
murder of a patrolman by a negro. The
negro was put in jail, a mob assembled
to lynch him, the militia was called out
to guard the jail, the mob attacked the
militia, and the militia fired into the
mob, killing and wounding several
The Safe .Deposit and Trust Co.
The Guaranty Safe Deposit and Trust
Co. on July Ist opened their doors for
business in their new home, (formerly
the Balph property) at 225 S. Main St.,
and held open house that day. They
paid $30,090 for their new home and
spent as much more in remodeling and
equipping it and the result is as finely
furnished a banking house,as can be
found in the State. The floors are of
purple marble, the wainscoting of
green and Italian marble, the desks,
counters, etc. of steel and bronze, and
the walls finely frescoed. There are
several rooms for the public and a large
diret:tore room, all furnished as is the
banking room, in weathered oak. Only
the tops of the desks, counters, etc. are
of oak, the lower parts being of steel.
The 50-ton Mangenese steel, safe depos
it vault contains 1000 private bores each
with two locks, the key to one beiug
held by the depositor and to the other
by the Trust Co. and the box cannot be
opened except both keys be inserted.
The doer of the vault weighs 12 tons
and is worked by a time lock.
George C. Stewart, Wayne McJ.
Walker and Louis Berg are the business
The Trust Co. started business a year
ago with a capital of $250,000; today its
resources and liabilities amount to SSOO, -
000, and undivided profits of $42,000,
Beighley Bros, are building a house
east of town for Mr. Campbell.
J. B. CuhniDgham and son of Clinton
twp. were here recently buying horses.
Mr and Mrs. Fish and family of
Cleveland are summering with Mrs.
Fish's sister. Mrs. Dutter
Eva and Katie Barr have returned
from a visit to Pittsburg friends.
Joseph McGinnis and wife of Alle
gheny City, spent their Fourth of July
with Mr. and Mrs. Boehm.
Robert Hays had his face badly
burned on the Fourth, while Scott
Weigle had his right-arm dislocated at
the elbow and broken in two or three
Lulu Shannon of Ellwood and her
brother William and wife of Cincinnati
were recent callers.
Rev. Wilson and Sherman Gallagher
attended Presbytery in tbe southern
part of the county, last week.
P. H. Sechler, wife and family of
Butler drove over to our town and
spent a few hours the evening of the
Frances Dodds. a nurse in the South
Side hospital is home enjoying her
annual vacation.
Lewis Albert and wife have returned
from a visit to their daughter, Mrs.
Masters of New Castle.
The directors of Franklin twp. have
a little worry at present. The people
in and near Mt. Chetnut have asked for
a school house.
Hnnter and McCullough. the new
livery firm, were in Meadville last week
buying horses.
DUANE—At her home in Pittsbnrg,
Jane 27, li*Ks, Jennie, wife of Michael
KURTZMAN —At her houie in LSutlt-r,
Jnly 4, 1903, Mary Kartzman.
She waa baried in Allegheny.
THOMPSON—At his home, 315 Fiist
street, Jnly 4, 190:t, of Bright's di
sease, Elmer Thompson, son of Robt.
M. Thompson, aged 18 years.
BERND—At her home in Beaver Co.,
June 21, 1903, Mrs. Bernd, formerly
of Cranberry township, and wife of
Jacob Bernd, aged 63 years.
FLEEGER—At his home in Franklin
township, Jnne 13, 1908. Rnssel R ,
son of Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Fleeger.
aged 5 months and 5 days.
MeCLINTOOK—At the parents home,
407 Fonrth street, .Tnly 5, 190:!.
Freddie, son of John McClintock and
wife, aged 5 months.
His remains were bnried at Beulah
HOFFMAN—At his home on N. Mc-
Kean street, Jnly 2. 1902, of apoplexy.
John Hoffman, aged «7 years.
Mr. Hoffman's wife died some years
ago and the only survivor of the family
is Miss Susan,
PARK —At his home in Middlesex twp.,
June 28, 1903, James W. Park, aged
78 years.
The deceased was unmarried and was
a brother of William, dee'd., and of
Thomas and John Park.
McGINN IS—At her home in Conno
quenessing twp. July 2, 1903, of
Sneumonia, Mary, daughter of John
[cGinnis, aged 20 years
Her remains were buried at White
Odk Springs church, July 4th.
DITCHBURN —At the home of his son
in-law, Samuel Sherwin, 308 Walnut
St., Julv 5. 1903, George Ditchburn,
in his 85th year.
His remains were taken to his former
home, in Petrolia, and interred in Bear
Creek cemetery.
WILEY—At her home in Clinton, June
27, 1903, Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of John
Wiley, Sr., aged 45 years.
Mrs. Wiley's death was caused by
diphtheria. Three children preceded
her from same disease. Mr. w iley and
his little boy are all that are left of the
ANDERSON—At her home in Clinton
township, Sunday, June 28. 190a,Cora
daughter of Robert Anderson.
Miss Anderson was taken ill with
typhoid fever while nursing in a Johns
town, Pa., hcopiial and when conva
lesent was sent home where she was
taken sick with pnenmonia, which her
weakened system was not able to with
STONER—At his home at the Stoner
Hotel, Kearns crossing, July 4, 1903.
John A. Stoner, aged 32 years, 3
months and 24 days.
The deceased was the oldest son of
Mr. and Mrs. Chess. Stoner and had
many friends in Butler. For nearly
two years he suffered with cancer which
finally caused his death. His parents,
brother and sister and young wife sur
vive him. In January, 1901, the de
ceased organized a lodge of the Prudent
Patricians of Pompeii in Butler and
members of this organization were the
pallbearers at his funeral which was
held Tuesday afternoon, his remains be
ing placed in the North cemetery.
MASSETH—At Battle Creek, Mich.,
June 30, 1903, Benjamin Masseth, in
his 64th year.
Mr. Masseth's death was caused by
cancer of the stomach with which he
had been suffering for some time. Eight
weeks before his death he had none to
Battle Creek for treatment The de
ceased was born in Rochester, N. Y ,
and was successively a railroad
engineer, hotel keeper at Plumer and
Pithole, and manufacturer of fishing
tools, engines, etc., on patents which he
had bought at Pithole, Sham burg,
Parker, Kama City, Modoc and finally
Butler, having located here and estab
lished a spendid plant in 1889. He
was a director in the Bntler Connty
National Bank. He is survived by his
wife, and several relatives in Rochester
In accordance with expressed wishes of
the deceased his remains were cre
mated at Detroit.
BERG—At her home in Butler. July 4,
1903, Mrs. Martha Berg, widow of
John Berg, Sr., aged 80 years, 11
monthf and 9 days.
Mrs. Berg bad been in poor health
for some months and her death was not
She was born in Binsdorf, Germany,
in_lß22_and was a daughter of Marcus
Eyth. The ramily came to America In
1839 and in 1840 she was married to
John Berg, in the church that stood
near the old cemetery on Institute Hill,
by Rev. Father Cody. She has lived in
Butler since, and of her family but two
now remain alive—Mrs. Kelly of Butler
and Frank Eyth of Slipperyrock. Her
hnsband, John Berg Sr. died in 1884,
aged 72 years; and of her children, she
is survived by five sons—John, Henry.
Louis, Marcus and Charles, and by
tour daughters—Mary, Maggie. Martha
and Annie.
She was a kind hearted, Christian
woman and was beloved by all who
knew ber.
John Siebert of Chicora died at the
County Home, Saturday, aged 24 years. (
Alphonse Lambermont, a well
known employee of the Plate Works,
died Tuesday aged 42 years.
James Semple, aged 23 years, who
married Miss Lettie George of Snore
St. last week, died yesterday at Kittan
J. M. McCreary. formerly of Butler,
died at his home in Homestead, Tues
day, aged 58 years. His death was
caused by hemorrhages of the lungs, he
had been sick for fiye'months.
Albert J. Brown, a son of Rev.
Nathan L. Brown of Pittsburg nnd
grandson of Joseph Brown of near
BrownsdAle was one of the victims of
the flood caused by the bursting of a
dam at Oakland Park near Jeannette,
last Sunday. He and his fiancee, Miss
Eva Wigginton, a neighbor in Pitts
burg and who was visiting friends in
North Irwin, were in the Park, below
the dam, that day and both were
drowned They were to have been
married today. Their bodies were
found in the debris in Brush creek and
lay at the morgue together, with those
of another young man named Brown
and his girl named Bird, who were also
drowned. Albert Brown's mother was
a Starr, a sister of the Starr brothers of
You can depend on Ayer's
Hair Vigor to restore color to
your gray hair, every time.
Follow directions and it never
fails to do this work. It stops
Hair Vigor
fallingof the hair,also. There's
great satisfaction in knowing
you are not going to be disap
pointed. Isn't that so?
41 Mv hair faded until it was about white. It
took just one bottle of Ayer's Hair ViK°r
restore it to its former dark, rich color. Your
Hair Vigor certainly does what you claim for
it." —A. M. BoogaN, llockiughaui, N. C.
gl .00 a bottle. J. C. AYKIt CO..
MHMffiaiwNMMi for
Fading Hair
Pearson B. Nace's
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
Rear of
Wick House Butler °enn'a
The best of horses and flrat class rigs »i
ways on band and for hire.
B«st accommodations In town for perma
nent boarding and transient trade. Bpecl
al care guaranteed.
Stable Room For 65 Horses
A good c ass of horses, both drivers aad
draft horses always on hand and for sale
under a full guarantee; and horses bough
pon proper notification, bv
Telephone Mo. SIS.
Odd Happenings.
Geo. Graham's wife had twins.
May was warm, Jane was the coldest
ou record, and now we are catching it
The Gypsy Queen paid her tine and
costs all in one dollar bills.
Frank Miller of Beaver Co. has a patch
of potatoes, growing without vines.
Some days ago he made an investiga
tion and found that from each seed
there extended several roots on which
were growing a new potato, well devel
oped and of excellent quality Investi
gations in several parts of the patch
showed the same peculiar growth.
Many neighbors have visited the patch
and are amazed at the results. The ab
sence of the vine causes all kinds of
comment and the general verdict is that
after many years of experiments and
labor a vineless potato is possible.
The Grand Opera House in Pittsburg,
the entrance to which is from Fifth
Ave. is being moved 20 feet towards
Fifth, so as to widen Diamond St or al
ley. Two thousand Jacks are being
nsed. and as the house is but a vast
shell the job is a very particular one.
MeCandless-Keiber Outing.
The families of Mrs. J. J , John H.,
Luther F., Clarence J. Reiber accompa
nied by Grandpa Jacob Reiber, Rev. .T.
C. Nicholas and family. Misses Sadie
Morris and Margie McMillan and Dr.
H. A. McCandlefs drove out to Atonzo
McCandless' Valley View farm in
Franklin twp., Friday, July «d (Dwight
McCandless' birthday) and spent an ex
ceedingly pleasant day along Muddy
creek, truests of the McCandless family.
Four big turtles and over a peck cf fish
were captured.
The feature of the day was crossing
the creek on a log. A balloon put up at
noon fell on the farm of Amos Young
in Clay twp.
is the New and Better Breakfast
Food, so different from all others
that it pleases everybody. Get a
package to-day at your grocers.
Tour to tlie Pacific Coast.
On account of the National Encamp
ment of the Grand Army of the Repub
lie at San Francisco Cal.. August 17 to
22, the Pennsylvania R. R. Co. oilers a
personallj'conducted tour to the Pacific
Coast at remarkably low rates.
Tour will leave New York, Philadel
phia. and other points on the P. R. R.
east of Pittsburg, Thursday, August 6,
by special train of the highest grade
Pullman equipment. An entire day
will be spent at the Grand Canyon of
Arizona, two days at Los Angeles, and
visits of a half day or more at Pasadena
Santa Barbara, Dei Monte, and San
Jose. Three days will be spent in San
Francisco during the Encampment. A
day will be spent in Portland on the
return trip and a complete tour of the
Yellowstone Park, covering six days,
returning directly to destination via
Billings and Chicago, and arriving
Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia,
and New York September 1.
Round-trip rate, covering all expen
ses for twenty-seven days, except three
days spent in San Francisco, $215; two
in one berth, S2OO each.
Round-trip rate, covering all expen
ses to Los Angeles, including transpor
tation, meals in dining car, and visits to
Grand Canyon and Pasadena, and trans
portation only through California and
returning to the east by October 15. via
any direct route, including authorized
stopovers, slls two in one berth ,$lO5
eacn. Returning via Portland sll ad
ditional will be charged.
Rates from Pittsburg will be five dol
lars less in each case.
For full information apply to Ticket
Agents, or Geo. W. Boyd, General Pass
enger Agent. Broad Street Station.
Philadelphia, Pa.
Excursions to Atlantic City.
The B & O. R. R. will run excur
sions to Atlantic City on July 9th and
2J!rd, August oth and 20 aud Sept- -**<!•
Kate front Butler, $lO. in coaches, sl2,
in sleeping cars. Secure pamphlets
and full information from W. R. Tur
ner, Ticket Agent, Butler, Pa.
Special Excursion to Buffalo and
Niagara Falls.
Saturday, July 18th, the 8., R. & P.
Ry. will run a five dav excursion rate
of SI.OO for the round trip. Tickets
will be good for return passage ou re
gular trains if used on or before Wed
nesday, July 22, 1903. Train will leave
Butler 10.12 A. M. and at 10.52 P. M.
The limit of tickets to five days will
give excurßionißts a grand opportunity
to visit their friends in Buffalo, also to
tuke side trips to the various points of
interest surrounding the great cataract.
For full information consult B. R. & P'
agents or see excursion bills.
Reduced iiates to Detroit, Mich.
On account of the International Con
vention of the Epworth Leaeue, to be
held at Detriot Mich , July 10 to 19. the
P R R. Co. will sell round trip tick
ets to Detroit ftom all stations on its
lines, July 14 and 15, good to return
until July 20, when properly validated
by Joint Agent, at rate of single tare
for the round trip. For further in
formation concerning rates, routes,
stop-overs, extension of limit, etc., con
sult neraest P. R. R. Ticket Agent.
Tuesday Excursions to Niagara
Falls and Toronto.
Commencing Tuesday, July 7th, and
every Tuesday thereafter during July,
August and September, the B ,R. & P
Ry. will sell excursion tickets to above
named points at exceptionally low
rates. These tickets are limited to con
tinuous passage in both directions and
will be valid for going pissag« only if
used to destination on date of sale or
the day following, and will be honored
for return passage if used within fifteen
days from date of sale. Niagara Falls
tickets must be presented to the agent
of the N. Y. C. & H. R. R. R. at that
point for validation before they will be
good for return passage.
Toronto tickets must be validated by
the agent of the N. Y C. & JT. R. R. R
at Niauara Falls, or the agent of the
Niagara Navigation Co. at Toronto, or
to the purser on steamer. Trains leave
Butler at 10.12 A. M. and 10.52 P. M.
Fare $7.45 to Niagara Falls and $8.90 to
For tickets and full information con
sult the nearest agent of the compay or
address A. F. Raveret. Excursion Agent
Rochester, N. Y.
Dollar Sunday liate to Allcgrlieuy
Commencing the first Sunday in May
and continuing each Sunday thereafter
until October 25th, the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad will sell special excur
sion tickets from Butler to Allegheny
and return for morning trains on Sun
day at rate of SI.OO for the round trip.
Tickets goods on Baltimore and Ohio
trains only. Roturn limited to date of
Parlor Cars on the Bessemer.
Parlor car service has been inagur
ated on the B. & L. E. R. R., between
Conneaut Lake and Allegheny, and
will be continned daily during the
months of June. July and August.
Train 14 leaving Allegheny at 7:15 A.
M., and No 11 leaving Exposition Park
at 1:10 P. M., will have parlor cars at
taclied daily except Saturday.
The Conneaut Lake Limited leaving
Allegheny at 1:00 P.M., Butler 2:20,
every Saturday beginning June 20th:
aud the Sunday Special, leaving Exposi
tion Park every Sunday beginning June
21st, at 0:00 P. M., central time, stop
ping only at Greenville, Grove City
and Butler running to Allegneny will
be made up of first class coaches and
parlor car This improved train ser
vice reduces the running time between
the Smoky City and Pennsylvania s
most popular summer resort to three and
one half hours, and will enable business
people from the city and towns along
the line, who could not otherwise do so,
to spend Sunday at the Lake with their
In The District Court cf the
United States for the Western
District of Pennsylvania in.
In tt.e matter of / No. 2150,
The United States Electric • I"
Mfg. Co.. llaukrupt. * Bankruptcy.
To the creditors of The Tuited States
Electric Mfg. Co.. of llutler. in the County
of ltutler. and district aforesaid, a bankrupt
Notice K hereby given that on the l.}th <fay
of June. IWVJ. tlie said I'nlted States Electric
Mfg. Co.. was duly adjudicated bankrupt
and that the first meeting of its creditors
will be held at the office of J. W. Hutchison,
referee In bankruptcy. No. 114 N. W. Dia
mond. ltutier. Pa., on the irtth day of July.
A. I). 19ft!. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, at
which time the said creditors may attend,
prove their claims, appoint a trustee, ex
amine the bankrupt and teitisact such other
business as may properly come before said
Julv 7th. 1903.
Keferee in bankruptcy.
Bv virtue of an order of the Orphans
Court the undersigned will expose to
Friday, July 24th, 1903,
at 2 o'clock p. m. on the premises, all
that certain tract of land situated in
Clay township, Butler county. Pa.,
bounded ou the north by lands of Har
lan Brook and L. C Wick, on the east
by lands Sarah A. Boreland. on the
south by lands of Samuel Thompson, on
the west by lands of L B. Snyder, con
taining eighty-nine acres more or less,
with a two-story frame bouse and other
outbuildings thereon; well watered and
under good state of cultivation
Terms: Either cash or one-third down,
one-third in one year and one-third in
two vears, deferred payments to be se
cured in the usual way.
Jacob C. Brown,
Administrator of Rosanna Brown, de
J. D. Marshall, Attorney.
Executors' Sale of Real Estate!
I'nderaud by virtue of the powers con
tained in the last will and testament of John
Glasgow, dec'd., the undersigned as Execu
tors of the said will of John Cilasgow, late of
Clinton twp.. Butler Co.. Pa., dec'd.. will ex
pose to sile at public outcry on the premises
Friday, July 10, 1903,
At 2 o'clock p. in., ail of that certain piece,
parcel and tract of land of which the said
John Glasgow, late of the township of
Clinton. County of Butler, and State of
Pennsylvania, (lied, seized, and being situate
in the aforesaid township, county and slate
bounded and described as follows, to-wit:
Beginning at a post, the southwest corner,
on line of land of Margaret Glasgow and be
ing southeast corner of land of Chas. B.
Glasgow; thence south S4 deg. I'.' min. east.
14!k> feet to line of land of John Wiley:
thence along lands of said John wlley north
1 deg. 47 min. east, toSS feet to corner of land
or John Wiley near a hickory tree: thence
north along line of land of John Wiley ss
deg. 30 min. west. 1501.25 feet to northeast
corner of Chas. B. Glasgow land; thence
along line of land of Chas. B. (Jlasgow south
1 deg. 1- miik west. 1470 feet to the place of
beginning; containing tifty-two acres and 40
perches (52 A. 49 P.) as per survey of E. E.
Maurhoff. C. E.. made Oct. -d and 3d, 1901;
no buildings thereon ana being all cleared
except about fifteen acres. Said tract of
land being the balance of real estate of said
John Glasgow, dec'd., remaining after the
portion of western end of the same as sur
veyed to Chas. B. Glasgow under the pro
visions of the aforesaid last will aud testa
TEKMS OF SALE—One-half Ci) eash upon
execution and delivery of deed, balance pay
able in one year from date of deed, secured
by bond and mortgage upon the premises
with Interest at 6 per cent., Bei. Fa. clause,
attorney's commission, etc.
ROBEKT 11. SEFTON. R. F. P. 22,
MARTIN MONKS. K. I'. I). 21.
Executors of last will and testament of
John Glasgow, dec'd. Saxonburg, Pa.
The undersigned will sell at private
9ale a coal farm of 200 acres, lying near
Jamisonville Station, 0 miles north of
Butler, Pa., the coal of the upper vein
31 feet thick, of excellent quality; lower
veins not tested. Immediately under
the upper vein of coal is a vein of fire
clay said to be 15 feet thick and of good
quality. Some timber on the farm, and
surface fairly productive.
Ex'r of Daniel Heck, dee'd..
Slipperyrock, Pa.
J. D. MCJUNKIN. Att'y-
Notice is hereby given that E. H.
Laderer, guardian of Sliepler Boston of
Muddycreek township, has tiled his
first and final accoant in the office of
the Prothonotary of the Court of Com
mon Pleas of Butler county at Ms. D.
No. U, December Term. 1901, and that
the same will be presented to said Court
for confirmation and allowance on
Saturday, September 12, 1903.
JOHN C. CLARK. Prothy.
Protbonotary'9 Office, May 6, 1903.
Letters testamentary in the estate of
James W. Park, dec'd., late of Middle
sex township, having been grarted to
the undersigned, all persons knowiug
themselves to be indebted to said estate
; will make immediate payment, to, and
all having bills against same will pre
sent them duly authenticated for pay
ment to
R. F. D. 24, Valencia, Pa.
W. D. BRANDON, Att'y. 7 9-03
Letters of administration on the estate
of Charles S. Lowry, dec'd., late of But
ler, Pa., having been granted to the
undersigned, all persons knowing them
selves indebted to the said estate will
make immediate payment, and all hav
ing claims against said estate will pre
sent them duly authenticated for pay
ment to
JOHN F. LOWRY, Adm'r.,
425 N. Washington St., Butler. Pa.
P. W. LOWRY, Att'y. 7-9 03
Whereas letters testamentary on the
estate of Dr. J. W. F. Moore, late of
Butler, Pa., deceased, have been grant
ed to the undersigned, all persons know
ing themselves to be indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to make
prompt settlement and those having
claims against the estate will present
the same duly authenticated for settle
ment to
FRANK H. MURPHY, Executor,
Younkin's Bldg, Butler, Pa.
June 30th, 1903.
Notice is hereby given that letters of
administration on the estate of Paul
Trontman. deceased,late of the borough
of Butler, Butler county, Pa., have been
granted to Henry N. Troutman of But
ler, Pa., to whom all persons indebted
to said estate are requested to make
payments, aud those having claims or
demands against said estate are request
to make the same known without delay.
A. T. BLACK, Attorney. Butler, Pa.
Letters of administration on the estate
of John Kellerman, dec'd., late of But
ler, Butler Co., Pa., having been grant
ed the undersigned, all persons known
ing themselves indebted to said estate
will pleaso make immediate payment,
and any having claims against said
estate will present them duly authenti
cated for settlement to
N. Washington St., Butler, Pa.
S. CUMMINCJS, Attorney. 3-19-03
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the estate
of Maria Lemmon, dec'd., late of But
ler twp., Butler Co., Pa., all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate are hereby requested to make im
mediate payment, and any having
claims against the eame to present them
duly authenticated for settlement to
E. E. YOUNG, Adm'r.,
3-12-03 Armory Building, Butler, Pa.
Letters of administration on the estate
of William R. Staples, deceased, late of
Adams twp., Butler- Co , Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to j
said estate will please make immediate |
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Callery, Pa. |
J. D. MCJUNKIN, Att'y. 2-19-02
15 A: O it It
■ Time iivH Mux 17,190 C. K*»t«-rii SuuiOanl
! Sol TH!«»rM»
AH Jiouv A ..|i.l«u*UU :i '3O •-«>»
I All- £li?Dv -ml CWrrkuid Kxpr< f a-to
Allegheny Ex|irec»
EHu««*lCitv A<"c©nimi«Ut»on *1 4*M>-m
Chi. njro. NVw i and All«**!*fD\ Ex... * Uo |»in
AH. -IM D> Exp:. .- ♦S'J* jvm
A !!• -1.« nv A ium~Utk>u *5.-50 (Mil
KIUi-hI u. 1 N u At - • >u.. . -5 50 p-nt
Kh;..*!».l Bradford Mai) -.U.'a-in
Clarion A"*ommudation *4:55 p-m
K..\l.urv A" »iiinuKialit.il *8:00 1> n»
* Pally. * E*cf|»t Sunday. t Sunday only
Trains leave the Allegheny station for
Butler at 7:30, )S:1.». 10:45 a.m., and 1:15.
3:00. 6:15 and 11:30 p.m. and Pittsburg
station at 7:50 a.m. On Sunday at 7:80
а.m. and (5:15 ar.d 11:30 p.m.
KorUn-tmicb ti<-k**t*. Pullman r. -.rr*tfe.n< an.l in- j
«h.|> to W. li. TMiSM:. Agt.
lUHI.T. l\i. j
K. I>. ITII, A. li. I'. A..
litt.-I.ur-, hi. I
It It «V P It IE
Time table in effect Feb. 15, 1903. ;
Passenger trains leave and arrive at
Butler as follows:
7:30 a. m., mixed for Punxsuta'.vney '
and all intermediate stations.
10:12 a. ni. daily, vestibuled day ex- !
press for Buffalo, connects at Ashford,
week days, for Rochester.
5:21 local for Punx'y and Du Bois and
all stations.
10:22 p. in. night express for Buffalo '
and Rochester.
(5:08 a. ni. daily, night express from !
Buffalo and Rochester.
9:45 a.in. week days, accomodation ;
from Dußois.
5:31 p.m. daily, vestibuled day express j
from Buffalo. Has connection at Ash
ford week days from Rochester.
7:40 p.m. week days, mixed train
from Pnnxsutawney.
Time table in effect May 17. 1902.
One hour slower than town time.
ilurthwirff. Daily except Sunday. Southward j
Read up) (Read down) j
2 10 14 1 9 if
I'M I' M I' M.: aril. A.M.I an
6 25 1 F.rie 6 0U II IS
01 12 53 Fair view 0 20,11 4t
5 51 12 42 (iir&rd 6 X, 11 57
6 0"' 1 l- r > ar. .Oouneaut.. .ar 8 11 1 15
4 32 11 15 lv.. Conneaut. lv li 15 11 15
5 3I 12 25 Cran<*«vilU» 6 55 12 15
52812 -0 Alldon.. .. 700 12
5 12 12 07 Shadvlaitd 7 12,12 33
509 01 Springbuio 7 1"» 1;' 3d
5 03 ll s* l Conn«*autville 7 20 12 42
Meadville Junct..
ti 47 12 11 ar. Meadville.. ar 8 '2B 2 02
3 43 1<» 42 lv.. Meadville. . .lv C 02 12 30
ti 20 11 40 ar..Conn.Lake..ar 801 1 :i5
4 111110 1V - lv 6 30 12 58
4 40 11 35 ar .KXJH,. Park. ar 7 50| 1 10
4 40 11 35 Iv •• lv , 7 50 1 10
4 48 ar. LinciiTille .ar 10 25
lv •' lv 7 20 ll 55
4 16 11 10 Ilartatown 8 07 1 31
4 11 11 04 Atlanisville 8 12 1 37
40210 53 Osgood s 2■) 14>
6 10 3 55 10 47 Greenville 530 8 26 1 55
6 05 ( 3 50 10 4<» Slienango 5 3>* 8 3i 2 05
i 3 43
5 45 3 25 10 21 Fredonia 5 58 8 47 2 25
5 27 3 09 10 06 M-rcer 6 V 9 03 2 43
5 22 3 04 10 01 Houston Junction 9 07 2 48
5 0M 2 48 9 41 (Jrove City 6 43 9 25 3 07
4 4S 9 28 Harririville 6 57 3 Id
4 4o 2 31 9 20 Branchton 7 07 9 42 3 26
5 45 3 00 10 27 ar.. . Milliard. .. arlO 17 10 17 5 45
330 200 010 1v... Milliard. . .lv 6lf 610 200
4 35 2 28 9 10 Krister 7 12 9 46 3 30
4 IS 2 15 9 02 Kuclid 7 30 10 00 3 41
3 45 1 50 8 251 Butler 8 00 10 25 4 10
2 00 12 15 7 If- Uleghenv 9 25 12 00 5 35
inn i»ni am a.m.: i»m p.m
Train 12. leaving Grove City 5.00 a. ra.
Mercer 5:2.». Greenville 6:05, KxjMwdtioii i'ark
«.53, Conneautvllle 7:18, arrives in Erie at
S:4o a. m.
Train 13, leaving Erie 4:10 p. m. Con
neautvllle 5;35, KX|H>. Park 6:0/. Greeryille
6:45. Mercer 731 arrives at G vve City at 7:55 p m.
E. H. UTLEY, Gen. Pass. Agt.
Gen. Mgr. Pittsbure:, Pa.
W. R. TURNER, Tkt Agt, Bntler, Pa.
SCHEDULE IN ErrECT June 27. 19J^k
AM A.M. A.M. P.M.. P. M
BUTLER.. Leave 605 , 7 38 ( 10 05{ 2354 35
Saxonburg Arrive 6 34 8 OS 10 M 300 5 03
Butler JuncUon.. " 707 33611 03 325 529
Butler Junction. ..Leave 7 32 8 30 11 47 H25 5 29
Natrona Arrive 7 41 S 44 11 57 335 5 39
Tarentum. 7 47 8 51 12 05 3 42 5 46
Springdale ! 7 57 902 12 17 353 15 56
Claremont 948 12 36 4 08 6 10
Sharpeburg .. 8 19 9 26 12 47 4 16 6 16
Allegheny 8 30 9 3* 1 0«» 4 26 «
A. M. A.M. P. M. P. M.I P. M.
SUNDAY TKAINS. —Leave Butlei for Allegheny
City and principal intermediate stations at 7:20 a. m ,
ind 4:55 p. m.
A.M. A.M. A.M. P. M.;P. M
Allegheny City . .leave 6 25 8 50 10 15 303 6 10
Sharpeburg *>3o 90010 25 ;i3 13j»6 30
Claremont 10 32 .......
Springdale .... » 23104!) ... 641
Tarentum i 7 08 9 32 11 00 3 40 « 49
Natrona ! 7 13 9 36 11 07 3 45 6 53
Butler Junction. ..arrive 7 25 9 47 11 17 351 7 02
Butler Junction leave 7 35 9 55 12 36 4 05 7 02
Saxonburg 8 OS 10 1« 1 05 4 41 7 27
BUTLEB arrive 8 35,10 45 1 33 5 13 7 53
A.M.!A.M. P. M. P. fll. P. M
tS3UNDAY TRAINS.— Leave Allegheny City for But
lrfr and principal intermediate stations at 7:03 a m. and
9-33 p. m.
Weeks Days. Sundays
A.M. A.M. P. M. A.M. P M
BUTLEB lv 60510 05 235 7 2o!
Butler J'ct ar 70711 0* 325 810 ...
Butler J'ct lv 72511 17 351 814 ....
Feeport a 72811 20 354 817 ....
Kjikimineta*-?'t.. .." 73511 27 359 823 ....
Leechburg 44 74511 39 413 8 34}
West Apollo " 8 11 11 57 435 857 ....
Saltsfcurg . .." 84012 27 503 923 ....
Blairsville 9 16; 100 540 952 ....
Blairnville Int.. .. 44 321 ISi 547 10 00
Altooua 44 11 35 545 850 140 . ..
UarrUburg 44 31010 00 100 635
Philadelphia 44 6 23 425 425 10 17
P M.|A. M. A.M. P M. P. M
'Through trains for the«ast leave Pitt#burg (Union
Station), an follows: —
Seashore Limited, daily (N<» roaches) l:3oa.iu
Atlantic Express, daily t 3:00 A.M
P««nusvlvania Limited 44 < N«» rourlio) . .7:15 44
New York " • ... 7:15 "
Day Express, 44 7:30 44
Main Line Express, 44 8:00 44
Harrirtburg Mail, 44 12:45 p. M
Harrisburg Kxpresn daily 4:4£ 44
Philadelphia Express, * B0 44
Eastern Express, 44 .7:10 44
Fast Line, • 9 00 44
Pittsbure Limited, daily for New York. only.
Serond Pittaljurg Limited, ilailv. Sl«*r|»ing
rars to Phlladelpliiii. Haltimoiv and Wash
ington. No coaches 10:00 * 4
Philad'a Mail, Sundaxs orny 8:30 A.M
For Atlantic City (via Delaware River Bridge, al
rail route) 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p. m. daily, t4 Penn
sylvania Limite•!," ati-1 New York liinite.l, 7:15 a. m.
week days.
Buffalo and Allefheny Valley Division.
Trains leave Kiskimiuetas Junction as follows:
For Buffalo, 9.56 a. m and 11.50 p. m. daily, with
through parlor aud sleeping cars.
For Oil City, 7.42 9.56 a. m., 2.38, 6.15 aud 11.50 p.
in. week-dH3*B. Sundays, 9.56 a. m.. 6.15> and 11.5^p.m.
For Red Bank, 7.42, 9.56, 11.17 a. m., 2 6.15, 'J.34,
aud 11.50 p. m. week-days. Sundays, 9.56,10.49 a. m.,
б.15 and 11.50 p. m.
For Kittauniug 7.42, 9.31, 9.56,11.17 a. m., 2.38,5.35,
fi.ls, 7.30, 9.34, and 11.50 p. m. week-days. Sundays,
9.56, 10.49 a. m., 6.15, 10.45, aud 11.50 p. m.
44 a" SU»ps only on or m.tirr to agent to re
ceive isufeteiigers.
'T' St«»|M only ou signal or notice to agent or run
due tor to receive or discharge pasrM*ngers.
Foi detailed information, apply to ticket agent or
address Thos. E. Watt, Pass. Agt. Western District,
Corner Fifth Avenue and Smithfield Street, Pittsburg,
ISca'l Manager. Pass'r Traffic Manager.
GK«», W. BoYD,
(.'enoral Passenger Agent.
Win field It It Co Time Table
In effect May 25th, 1908.
Leaves West Win fie Id 7 30 2 45
44 BoggsviJle ?45 300
44 Iron Bridge 755 310
u Wiafield Junction 8 10j 325
44 Kane 820; 3 35
44 Butler Junction 8 251 340
Arrive Puller 10 451 5 13
Arrive Allegheny. 9 3S 5 09
Arrive Blairsville 12 56| 5 40
Leave Blairsville 8 11 2 25
44 Allegheny • 8 50 301
44 Butler 7 35
44 Butler Junction 10 00 440
« Lane 10 03 443
44 Wiufield Junction 10 15 455
44 Iron Bridge 10 25 505
44 Boggsville 10*5 515
Arrive West Winfield 10 50 5 30
Trains sb.p at Lane and Iron Bridge only on Flag to
bike on or leave off passengers.
Trains Connect at Butler Juuctiou with:
Trainii Eastward for Freeport, Vandergrift and
Blairsville Intersection. ....
Trains Westward for Natrona, Tarentum aud Allf
-15 Traius Northward lor Saxonburg, Delano ami Butler.
Genera! Manager.
Notice if* hereby given that John H.
Schaupp,guardian of ("atherine Schaupp
at Ms D. No. 27, March Term,
will present his final account for con
firmation in court. Saturday September
12. 1903.
Prothonotary Court of Common Pleas. '
Breezy effects in Shirts S
: f and Stravy Hats f
i a for Men.
■' We have a store full t
0 *of the newest things in>
$ o Shirts and Straw Hats. \ t
F X *
# u Our line of Straw
Hats includes every- > 5
| # * thing from z #
i> TO "j
i BEST «j
i J Sennit, Split and Milan ?
i s braids and they are #
| money savers.
\ Jno. S. Wick j
£ HATTER and J
Opposite P. 0. 2
V People's 'Phone. 615 T
1 ■ A pair of our fine Oxfords will E
' ■ add to the appearance of one's 5
, g summer dress and carry out a 1
I cool effect for the feet thereby B
giving solid comfort to its owner. B
The range of our Prices.
; 98c
SI 25.
i S:
These include Pat. Lea. aod
Dongola Kid heavy or light
soles, Pat. or Kid tip.
Our f'.'.OO. 50, $3.00 Oxfords
show a larger variety and more I
novelties in ties. F-;
; Ketterer Bros
) iU S. Main St. |
Shoe repairing a spe< ialty. h
First class work guarantied. B
• Certificates for Sewing B
Machine given with each I
[ purchase. r
!MrW «rugs
1 I have purchased the C. J.
, Harvey Pharmacy, in the Stein
building, at 345 S. Main St., am
remodeling and restocking the
store. 1 have twenty-two years
experience as a pharmacist, and
compounding of prescriptions
will be under my personal at
Pure drugs and honest treat
ment guaranteed.
When in town shopping, stop
and leave your packages.
J. L McKee, Pharmacist,
Stein Block. S. Main St., Butler. Pa.
Binding of Books
Is our We put our
entire time to stud) ing the best
and latest methods of doing our
work. It you ate thinking of
having some work done in this
line I am sure you will be well
pleased if you have it done at
Tfee Butler Book Bindery,
W. W. AM ON, frop.
OpD. Court House.
L 111 min
Warning against
This summer is the worst we liave lia<l for
yeiirs, everyone Is complaining about Moths.
We Guarantee to Kill all Moths
anil tlerin life with our CIIEMO, disenfeetinß
your room at the same time.
I'sed and >ol(i by—
Hauler. Close & Johns,
Joseph Home Co..
.1. A. Thompson .V Co.,
11. L. Traw>. Decorator.
.1. G. Bennett .V Co ,
IloKßs & Ituhl
uml many other places. We will In- nleased
to clve all information about "CHEMO."
;■ I'hones: Bell liiss Court, l\ A. 711 Main.
Fie Bidii.. Liberty St.. Pittsburg, Pa,
\\M. O'DONOVAN. Proprietor.
New l'ltrlor Car Line.
The Bessemer & Lake Erie road has
established and will maintain parlor
car service between Conneaut Lake and
Allegheny daily dnrintf the summer.
Parlor cars will run on train 11 leav
ing Expo. Park at 1:10 P M. and No. 14
leaving Allegheny at 7:15 A. M., Mon
d y to Friday, inclusive: the Conneaut
Liike Limited, leaving Allegheny at
1;00 P. M., every Saturday, and the
Sunday Special leaving Exposition Park
at (1:00 P. M., central time.
These trains run between Bntler and
Allegheny in both directions without
m flr
•'•. ynyy. y y ty y
11 The Modern Store's |
\j '
(R -*-***JlHMe*-****'***S **** - 3 V • *-**. **■*# ff
li hZ iis 1 er- Nlei rd orf Co., £
# SOUTH maw STREET ) QQ-g Mail or Phone orders promptly |0
i $ S:c^ s ' I i and carefully filled. g
: Wtt&MSW &XVW&X WW *
Excursions to Atlantic City.
July 16, ami :iO, August l:i and 27
anil September 10 are the dates of the
P. R. K. annual low rate excursions for
1903 to Atlantic city, Cape May, Ocean
City. Sea Isle City. Avnlon. A nslesa.
Wild wood. Holly Beach X. J., Reho- i
both, Del.. or Ocean City, Md.
Tickets good to return within sixteen
days, including date of excursion.
A special train of Pullman parlor
cars and day coaches will leave Pitts
burp: on above-mentioned date at N55
A. >!.. arriving at Altoona 12.15 P. M ,
where stop for dinner will be made rea- '
cbing Philadelphia 0.25 P. M.. in time <
for supper, and arriving Atlantic City
via the Delaware River Bridge Route,
the only all rail line at 8.35 P. M. Pass- i
engers may also spend the night in
Philadelphia, and proceed to the shore '
by any regular train from Market i
Street Wharf or Broad Street Station on
on the following day
Passengers for points other than At
lantic City will spend the night in Phil
adelphia. and nse regular trains the
next day from Market Street Wharf
A stop-over of within limit will be
allowed at Phila. on returning, if Pass
engers will deposit their tickets with 1
Ticket Agent at Broad Street Station, ,
Philadelphia, immediately on arrival .
1 Tickets must be deposited with Agent
on arrival at seashore destination and j
properly validated for return trip,
j Tickets will be sold from station* at
the rates named below
HATE. Tickets jrood
Tickets good In Pull. Car Train
only In In connection Leaves
Coaches. with regular
Pull Tickets A. M.
'Natrona SIO. OO sl2 00 7:13
Butler 10.00 12.00 0:05
Freeport....... 10 00 12 00 7:28
Philadelphia, A r ... 6 25
Atl«nt'c City " 8.35
Returning coupons will Ihj accepted
on any regular train except the Penn
sylvania limited and the Chicago Liui
ited aiui the St. Louis Limited.
For detailed information in regard to
rates and time of trains apply to ticket
agents or Mr. Thomas E Watt. District
Passenger Agent, Pittsburg.
Low Excursion Kales to ISalti
Jnly 18 and 19, 1903. the B. &0. Rail
road Company will sell low rate eexur
sion tickets to Baltimore. Md , and re
turn, account Annual Meetinir. Grand
Lodge B. P. O. Elks, good to leturn un
til July 25, subject to an extension until
July 31, dv deposit of ticket with Joint
Agent and payment of SI.OO
For further information call on or ad
dress nearest B. & O. Ticket Agent, or
B. N. Austin. General Passenger
Agent, Chicago, 111.
Pennsylvania Chatauqua.
For the Pennsylvania Chatauqua, to
be held at Mt. Gretna' Pa, Jnly 1 to
August 5, 1908, the P. R R. Co. will
sell special excursion tickets from Bnt
ler and principal intermediate points, to
Mt. Gretna and return, at reduced
rates. Tickets will be sold June '2."> to
August 5, inclusive, and will be good to
return until August 13, inclusive. For
specific, rates consult ticket agents.
Keduccd Kates to Atlanta, Ga.
For the benefit of those desiring to at
tend the National Convention of the Bap
tist Young People's Union of America,
to be held at Atlanta. Ga., Jnly 9 to 12,
the Pennsylvania It. R. Co. will sell
round trip tickets from all stations on
its lines to Atlanta, July <> to 9, inclu
sive, good going on those dates and
good to retnrn until Jnly 15, inclusive
at rate of single fare for the round trip,
plus SI.OO. By depositing tickets with
special agent at Atlanta on or before
, Julv 15, and payment of fifty cents, an
extension of final return limit may be
obtained to reach original starting poiut
not later than August 15. For specific
rates and full information concerning
stop-overs, consult nearest ticket agent.
Dollar Sunday IJate to Allegheny
Commencing ihe first Sunday in May
and continuing each Sunday thereafter
until Oct. 25th, the B. & O. R. R- will
sell special excursion tickets from But- I
ler to Allegheny and return for morning
trains on Sunday at rate of $1 for the
round trip. Tickets good on Baltimore
and Ohio trains only. Retnrn limited
to date ol sale
Low Kates to Points iu the South
and Southeast.
On lirst and third Tuesdays of April.
May, June, July. August. September,
October and November, 1903, the Balti
more & Ohio Railroad will sell one
way Settlers' tickets at greatly reduced
rates to points in the South and South
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin. Gen
eral Passenger Agent. Chicago. 111.
Low Kates to Points in the South
and Southeast, West and
On first and third Tuesday of April,
Mav, June, July. August. September.
October and November, 1903, the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad will sell
Homeseekers' Excursion tickets at
greatly reduced rates to points in tLe
South and Southeast, West and North
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore <& Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, General
Passenger Agent. Chicago, 111.
Low Kate Tour to Denver
For the benefit of delegates and
others desiring to attend the Twenty
first International Biennial Convention
of the United Society of Christaiu En
deavor, to be held at Denver, Col , July
9 to 13, the Pennsylvania railroad Com
pany will rnn a personally conducted
tonr to Denver and leturn. leaving
Pittsburg Tuesday, July 7, going via
Chicago and arriving Denver Thursday.
July 9. Returning the tour will leave
Denver Thursday July 10. arriving
Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and inter
mediate stations July I*. Special trains
of the highest grade of Pullman equip
ment will be run on a fast schedule.
Each train will be in charge of a tonrist
agent, chaperon, and special uniformed
baggage master Round-trip rate, cov
ering transportation to Denver. Colo
rado Springs, or l'aeblo and return.
Pullman berth and all necessary meals in
dining car to and from Denver, will be
as follows: Pittsburg, $58.00. two in one
berth, $49.50 each. Round-trip rate,
covering all necessary expenseson going
trip and railroad transportation only rc
turning, on regular trains until August
31, Pittsburg, $17.50. two in one berth,
$43 25 each Proportionate rates from
other points. Pullman accommoda
tions and meals are included only while
tourists are using special trains. Speci
cial side trips from Denver at reduced
rates. For reservations of space, tick
ets, and full information, apply to near
est Pennsylvania Railroad Ticket
Agent, or direct to Geo \\ Boyd. Gen
eral Passenger Agent. Broad Street Sta
tion, Philadelphia, Pa.
xxxs>'oo<>oe<xs t
8 JaoKson $ Poole, j!
| ••'Hl|w|lH'- J!
| \ MADE TO ORDER. i >
{ | * SHOP, E. WAYNE ST . j
JI.OO in-r year if paid In advance, otherwise
|!.">o will be cnarged.
ADVERTISING KATES—One Inch. one time
$1; each subsequent insertion SO cents Ciuh
Auditors' and dlvo.-ce noticess4 each; exec
utors' and administrators' notices each
estray and dissolution notices ?2 each. Read
ing notices 10 i i nts a line for first and 5 cents
for each subsequent Insertion. Notices
amougloeal nevrsltems 15 cents a line for
i> ich In sertlon. Obituaries, cards of thanks
resolutions of respect, notices of festivals
and fairs, etc.. Inserted at the rate of ■"> cents
a line, money to accompany the order. .<even
words of prose make a line.
Kates for standing cards aiid Job work on
All advertising Is due after first Insertion,
and all transient advertising must be paid
for in advance.
All communications Intended for publica
tion in i his paper must be accompanied by
the real name of llie writer, not for publica
tion bu. a guarantee ,>f gt>od faith.and should
reach us not later than Tuesday evening.
Death notice" must he accompanied with
responsible name
Anrone sealing a sketch nnd description rosy
quickly ascertain om opinion free whether an
invention Is prohnhlf patentable. Communlea
tlons strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents
sent free, oldest agency for securing [patent*.
Patents taken through Munn A Co. receive
iptcUl nut ice, without charge. In the
Scientific American.
A handsomely illustrated weekly. reeat cir
culation of any scientific Journal. Terms, S3 a
year: four months, (L Boltl by all newsdealer*.
MUNN &Co. 36,Broadwa »-New York
Branch Offlro. <35 F Bt-. Washtr.etno. D. CL
WIIV DO voir KEMAIN II>LK wiien we
need 300 men for different positions? If you
one willing to work we ran place yon. Wo
are able to supply, on short notice, any kind
of male help to employers order will te fill
ed very promptly. A'gply. Old Reliable Key
stone tlurrau. 11J2 IVnn :;venue, Vlttsburß
Established t*?:>. 2-5-« m
THE Established
Hi! o.\I) .i«fifiural NEW.Sjiw*T,
Leading Agricultural Journal of
the Wor d.
Every department written by specialists,
the highest authorities in tliolr respective
No other paper pretends to compare with
it in qualifications of editorial staff.
Gives the agricultural NKWS with u degn e
of completeness not wen attempted by
indispensable to all country residents who
wish to keep up with the times.
Single Subscription, $1.50.
Two SubsciibtioDS, $2.50.
Five Subicripilcrs, $5.50
I.AHUKIt t l.t LS
Fonr Months' Trial 1 rip 50 cents.
will bu mailed free on rttjuost. It will pay
anybody Interested In any way in country
life to send for them. Address 1 lie publishers:
Albany, N. Y.
taken at this office.
Both papers together.£.'.oo.
Pasted on your paper, (or on the
wrapper in which it coutes,) for
a brief but exact statement of
your subscription account. The
date to which you have paid is
clearly given. If it is a paat date
a remittance is in order, and is re
spectfnlly solicited. Remember
the subscription price, SI.OO a
year in advance or $1.50 at end of
Butler, Penna.
isSTlf the date is not changed within
three weeks write and ask whv.
F amiiy
We often cat*se ourselves end
less worry ami remorse by neg
lecting to do some little thing.
Get a good picture of your family
and home made at your first op
portunitv We make the best at
$6.00 per dozen Bxio inches and
gdiranfee them permanent. Let
us know <n time to go out.
The Butler Dye Works
Dyeing, CStaning, Pressing.
I Wm. Foster, j
\ Architect, j
f Plans of all kind of buildings V
N furnished on short notice. f
i Office in Berg Building, J
p Btitler. Pa V