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THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1903.
XOTE-AU advertisers Intending to make
changes In their -uds. should notify us ot
their intention to do so not later than .Mon
day morning.
Borough Ordinances.
Auditors' Report of Summit twp.
Eberle Bros. Plumbers.
Campbell's furniture.
Modern Store'B sale.
Leighner's Jewelry.
Waverly Hotel.
Kirkpatrick's Jewelry.
Admlcisiiators and Executors of estate
e in secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public sales
thsir note books.
—The next Masonic reunion will oc
curat Alameda, July 15th.
—•'A Hero in Rags'' will be given by
the Brvan Stock Co. at the Park to
l;s a pity the tan shoe has gone out
of style as it is the cheapest and coolest
of shoes for summer wear.
—Some of the newspaper correspond
ents get things wrong, they speak of L.
M. Wise as an anti-Quay leader. Bosh
—J. H. Harvey has refurnished the
Waverly Hotel, and is now prepared to
accommodate all who come. See card.
—Some slight changes have been
made in the B. & O. time table: and a
Sunday evening train put on to Fox
—A new street-car line, to run from
the corner of Main and Clav streets to
the Marshall farm, west of town is in
contemplation -
—The Saturday afternoon flyer to
the Lake, leaves Butler at 3:15 p.m.
and returning leaves the lake Sunday
evening at 7 p.m.
—That gilded bicycle in the show
window of the Ketterer Bros, is a
duplicate of that Li hung Chang pre
sented to his grandson.
—M. A. Berkimer. the undertaker,
went to Dixmont, yesterday, to secure
the bjdy of Mrs. Jacob Brown, of
Centre township, who died, Tuesday.
—An Australian astronomer claims
that the moon controls the rain-fall. If
the Legislature were yet in session a
bill indicting it for negligence might be
—Our farmers finished their potatoes
and corn last week, are clipping their
sheep this and propose going fishing
netjt week if there s any water lett in
the creeks
—So many matteis claim our space,
this week, that oar continuation of the
Land Titles article; onr weekly lesson
in astronomy and some other matters
had to be left over for next week.
—At the meeting of Council, Tues
day evening, it was decided to pave
Ziegler avenue from Centre avenue to
Cupps Way: and Bluff street between
Pearl and Penn. The cost of Mercer
street will be $2.20 per foot front.
—ln Montana the worst snow storm
ever known has frozen tour men and
$5,000,000 worth of sheep and cattle. In
Wisconsin and Minnesota flooded rivers
are doing great damage. Here it is 90
in the shade and no rain for three
—Mars is booming—the Parks and
Link farms have been sold, and Mrs.
CIOJV has had the balance of her farm
surveyed into lcte, which are selling
readily. Dick & Co. of Pittsburg paid
|2OOO for a right of way or street
through the Florence Kennedy lot.
—The B. & O. trains passed through
a warm spot last Tuesday—a lot of
freight cars, the glass house and some
ice houses at Witmer. near Sharpsbnrg,
were burning -and the passengers put
down the windows The town was sav
ed by a bucket-brigade, but if the tur
pentine works there had caught, it
would have gone.
—"Whoever shall wilfully or malic
iously injnre, tear down, or destroy any
letter box or other receptacle establish
ed by order of the Poet master-General,
' or approved or designated by him, for
the receipt or delivery of mail matter
on any rural free delivery route, star
route, or other mail route, or shall
break open the same, or wilfully or ma
iiciously injure, deface, or destroy any
mail matter deposited therein, or shall
wilfully take or steal such matter from
or out of such letter box or other recep
tacle, or shall wilfully aid or assist in
any of the afore-mentioned offenses,
shall for every such offense be punished
by a fine of not more than one thousand
dollars, or by imprisonment for more
than three year*."
—The following graduates and
students of the Butler Business College
have recently accepted positions as
follows: Miss Alice Dilley, Stenograph
er. Wabash K. 8. Co.. Parkersburg,
W. Va.; Miss Bessie Morse, position
with W. H. De Arme, Butler. Pa ; Mr,
Clyde Behm, position with the Evans |
City Bank. Evans City, Pa ; Mr. W. J.
Flinner, position with the Ingersoll
Construction Co. Youngstown, O.; Miss
Jessie Loveless, position with Bell
Telephone Co , Butler. Pa.; Misi Grace
Steinbrook, Bookkeeper and Stenograph
er, Bioadhead Construction Co. Chicora
Pa.: Miss Lillian Sarver, position with
W. E. Cochran, Contractor and Builder
Butler * Pa.; Miss Elva Logan, Stenog
rapher, Pittsburg firm Miss Ora Logan
Stenographer, Pittsburg firm.
For Oorns, Bruises, Burns, Rheuma
tism. Lumbago. Pleuriav, and all deep
seated iufiamatious use Victor Liniment
—the sate, speedy, and only reliable
The New Bank.
Charley Bailey went behind the
counter, with a bunch of money, yester
day morning aud itegan doing business
for the Standard Trust company, of
which he is cashier, as me card iu an
other column. 1
The Standard Trust is a strong insti
stitntion cipatalized at (150,000 and in
cludes among its stockholders some of
the best known business men of Butler
a- v.-fll as Pittsburg people, being also
represented by some of the well-to-do
farmers of Butler county. It expects
to take up all lines of banking and
trust company business and is already
a-i-ured of a very comfortable amount
of business to start with.
Their temporary place i* in the Win.
Forqner building on Main St.—No.
•2Sa but they will build on /he old
Pape lot as soon as they can secure
possession of it.
Interest will be paid on tim*- de
p wit-; and careful and generous at
ten'ion to all business intrusted to it
will characterize the company, whether
in matters of larger or smaller
Months of May. June. July aud
Auzutt. forenoons only, location samb
as last season, formerly Graham Bros
Urocery. now Cohen's lanrain store.
Orders delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
np B*-ll Phone No. 4: or P»-ople's No. .">4.
E E. Laotz, Manager. People's Phone
No. 33*.
Rev. Enterline and wife are enter
taioing a new boy.
John Nelson of Cherry twp , aged $3
years is in poor health.
Fiank Cochran. Esq., of Concord
visited friends in Bntler Tuesday.
11. D. McMnrry of Smnmit twp. vis
ited friends in Bntler. last Friday.
D. A. Logan and wife of Middlesex
twp did some shopping in Butler, Fri
John T. Hovis of Clinton ville has
been granted a patent on a vehicle
Hon. J. Norman Martin of New
Castle attended to business in Butler
Miss May Neglev and William
Neglev of Philadelphia are visiting
Bntler relatives.
Emos McDonald of Franklin and D.
T. Nicklas of Penn visited friends in
Bntler yesterday.
Win Dixon bought a fine horse from
the Titleys of Chicora, last week, and
is ver> proad of him.
J P. Castor, S. W. Moore, C. C.
Badger and other Brady twp. men visit
ed friends in Butler, Saturday
Dr. J. C. Boyle has returned from
Philadelphia, where be took some re
views, and is again at his office.
John Coulter Esq. has sold a house
and lot on Bluff St. for Bvers and
Thorn to G F. Heydrick. Consideration
Miss Elizabeth Campbell, a school
teacher of Bntler, has resigned her po
sition here and accepted a similar posi
tion in Indian Territory.
Mrs. Jennie Jones, who re
signed her position as matron of the
Dixmont hospital for the insane, is vis
ing her niece, Mrs. John G McMarlin.
Miss Ellen M. Stone has sacrificed her
claim against Turkey, for being cap
tnred by brigands, by refusing to break
her pledge to the brigands, and telling
all she knows.
Dr. Hose a Snyder, formerly of Brady
twp , graduated from the Medical Col
lege at Keokuk, lowa. April 29, and was
married at St Louis, May 4th He has
gone to Oklahoma with the intention
of locating there.
H. H. Hallstead brought up the re
turns from Clinton twp., Monday. Mr.
Hallstead has never missed either a
primary or an election since he came
home from the army 88 years ago.
Mrs. R. L. MirColloueh of Centre twp.
and Mrs. John Burry of Franklin twp.
called on friends in Butler. Thursday.
Both ladies returned ». few days ago
from a visit to their sister. Mrs. E W.
Graham at Lima, O.
W. E. Hall of Elwood caiue to But
ler, last Saturday, on a business matter.
Will left Slipperyrock eight years ago
and located in Elwoood. where he now
owns a good house, and has charge of
the electrical department of the big
tube works.
T. S. Green has resigned h : s position
with the Pennsylvania E. R. Co and is
now spending his entire time in Bntler.
He was in the Union Station Pittsburg
for twelve years, was the agent of the
Company in Bntler for seventeen jears,
and at Saltsburg for several jears.
Letter to G. J. Krug.
Dear Sir: Porterhouse, so much: neck,
so much; all the way between.
Just so with paint. Devoe Lead and
Zinc is the porterhouse. Nobody wants
the neck; the between, some say is good
enough for them.
But Devoe costs less, not more, than
between. Lead and oil is between; it is
the old fashioned paint. But zinc has
come in. Zinc toughens white lead.
Devoe Lead and Zinc is the paint.
Mr. John N Deitel, Fair Haven, N,
Y., writes:
Mr. Charles Hollenbeck, of this place
painted his house three years ago with Devoe
Lead and Zinc; his father painted at the
same time with lead and oil. To-day the
son's house looks as well as the day it was
painted, while the father's house lias all
chalked off and needs paintin.- yery badly.
The father says he will paint with Devoe
next time,
Yours truly,
F. W. DEVOE & Co.,
12 New York.
P. S. Patterson Bros, sell oar paint.
Fathers an<l Mothers
teach your child to save by opening a
bank acciunt for him with the Real
Estate Trust Company, 311 Fourth
ayenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Four per cent,
interest on savings accounts.
Capital and Surplus $3,700,000.00.
Insurance and Rea Estate.
If you wish to sell or buy property
yon will find it to your advantage to see
Wm. H- Miller, Insurance and Real
Estate, next P. 0., Butler, Pa.
Spring showing of up to date clothes
for man and boy at Ritter & Rocken
Don't miss it —seeing the new cata
logue of the Butler Business College.
The Spring showing of Men's and
Boys' clothing at Ritter & Rockenstein's
is worth investigating.
If it comes from Ritter & Rocken
stein's it is bound to bo np to date.
Paint lour Bujjtry For Tsc.
to SI.OO with Devoe's Gloss Carriage
Paint. It weighs 3 to 8 ozs. more to
the pint than others, wears longer, and
gives a gloss equal to new work. Sold
by Patterson Bros.
It's the finest you ever saw —the ne«v
catalogue of the Butler Business College.
Free for the askine.
Want a nobby Spring suit? Let
Ritter & Rockenstein s fit you out.
Fewer Gallons; Wears Longer.
Save time by look'ng at Ritter &
Rockenstein's first for that Spring suit
or overcoat
"Perfect" Ovens and Good Bakers,
Get them at Whitehill's.
Interchangeable 1000-MJle ltc»
fund Tickets.
Commencing Juno 1, 100!), inter
changeable 1000-Mile Refund Tickets
will be placed on sale, limited to one
year from date of issue, good only for
transportation of the owner, with usual
free allowance of 150 pounds baggage,
over any of the following lines:—
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad (Be
tween all points east of Ohio River and
between Pittsburg and Kane. Also to
and from points ou Philadelphia and
Reading Railway of New Jersey be
tween Philadelphia and New York.)
Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. (East
of andincluding Huntingdon.)
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
Erie Railroad. (East of and includ
ing Jamestown ami Suspension Bridge)
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
Pennsylvania Railroad
These tickets will be sold at rate of
£IO.OO each, subject to refund of SIO.OO
on surrender of cover to Trunk Lines
Mileage Ticket Bureau, No. 14:1 Liberty
Street, New York, at any time within
eighteen months from date of purchase
This form of ticket will be issued in
deference to requests of numerous
patrons of the lines in interest desiring
oue ticket good over several lines in
stead of having to provide themselves
as at present a ith a separate ticket for
each line they desire to use.
Agents at principal stations of the
railroads named abeve will have these
tickets on sale aud give all further in
formation regarding them that may be
If it is up to date it comes trom
The Modern Store offers
best 36 inch cambric finish
12 1-2 cent percale in light and
' dark colors this week only at
10c a yard. This percale sale is
an addition to their May bargain
sale. See Eisler-Mardorf Co.
.ad. elsewhere in this paper.
H. N. Strpp vs A A Gold, defts. and
Geo. R. White, garni.-hee. execntion at
tachment on defts good* in garnishee
Asa and Lottie Skinner, parents o
Earl Skinner, dee d., vs Jas. A. Bt-nuet
and Matthew H. Smith partners, doin:
business as Bennett and Smith.
Louise Weckerly vs the Fred k Week
erly, divorce.
Bertha Love vs Clyde Love of Butler
Phoebe J. Brandon vs <»eo. J. Bran
don. petition for diyorce.
Squire G. F. Easley of Buffalo twp^
was appointed foreman of the (Trim.
Jury. The following returns have b-en
Prof. Vance, fortune telling
Geo. Cullen. f&b.
W. H. Flick, larceny, four indict
ments. _ . ....
Milt Mays and P. \\ . Davis, violating
liquor license law, two indictments
Paul Kearns, forgery and obtaining
money by false pretense, four indict
ments. . . .
Findley Mcintosh, maintaining pub
lic nuisance.
Jos. Keefer. a&b.
Robert Black, a&b, and surety of the
Thomas McCloskey. f&b.
F W. Wanner, billiard man, setting
up an illegal lottery.
Philip Prosen. maintaining a public
Steve Ojrallic. larceny.
Samuel Bass, colored, larceny
James Rape, malicious mischief, costs
on county.
Harvey Fair, obtaining money by
false pretense, costs on county.
In the case of Com. vs Harry Zeigler,
a&b. the Grand Jury returned ''not a
true bill and prosecutrix. Amanda ami
Ella Stoner. pay the costs. Sentence
was passed accordingly. ,
In the case of Com vs Frank Ot-ster
ling, the bill was ignored and the costs
placed on the pif, Minnie Rosenberry.
The writs against G._ M. Hughes of
Venango twp , J. M. Yard of Washing
ton and John Pfister of Oakland were
returned. .. _ ,
A fifth interest of Ottelie Raabe in
25-"> acres in Jefferson was sold to Heu
wig Helinbold for SOOO, also a lot in
Saxonburg to Helinbold for SIOO.
Lot of Henry Leise in Harmony to
Penn a S. F. and L. Assn for $•»".
W. H. Flick, a young man supposed
to have broken Harry Grieb s show
window and stolen some watches, jew
elry, and to have stolen revolvers
two other men and money from a third,
was arrested by ( fficer Kemper in his
room at Greenwood's Nixon Home, and
part of the Grieb jewelry was found
Kiriako Grafas, a Greek, is in jail for
G. S. Huselton was appointed tax c< 1-
lector r f Ptnn twp vice G. L. Marsh
who failed to qualify.
Exceptions were filed to the Auditor s
report in the estate of Barbara lvoedel.
The executors of John Daubenspeck
were granted leave to sell real estate in
Parker twp.
On petition of John Harrer, Jr. of
Cliff St., a commission in lunacy com
posed of E. H. Negley, Dr. J. W. F.
Moore and Wm. H. Walker was ap
pointed on Lena Stroble, Harrer s step
daughter. She was adjudged insane
and committed to Dixmont.
When court met Monday morning the
court room was found brilliant as a
rose garden in a new red Brussels car
Several important changes and com
binations are faking place among the
attorneys. The firms of Painter & Mnr
rin and"Keck & Murrin have dissolved.
Mr. Painter retaining the office in the
Crattv building which the firm has oc
cupied for several years. F. J. For
quer and W. Z. and John Murrin form
a partnership with offices in the new
Guaranty Trust Co building. John H
Jackson, T. C. H. Keck and A. <
Troutman hereafter will occupy
E L. Ralsten's present office rooms.
Mr. Ralston moves into his old office
over Boyd's drug store, and a door will
ba cut through the wall on the second
floors of the Fisher and Boyd buildings
The Kennedy property on W. Fulton
St. was sold Friday at administratrix
sale to Mrs. Kennedy for $1250.
Henry A. Hoffman of Connoqneness
ing was arrested last Wednesday and
brought to town, on a charge of invol
untary manslaughter, and gave bail in
SIOOO for his appearance at court, with
John Fehl as surety.
The Renno divorce case was continued
until Saturday.
Louis Eiffier, Jr . and Alexander
Sisko were naturalized Tuesday.
The timber case of Timothy Sweeney
v» Butler Co. was argued Monday..
Private sale by .the heirs of Jas. K.
Reed, dee d., and W. C. Findley. adm'r
of 52 acres in Slipperyrock twp. to
Everett G Campbell for SIOOO was ap
Milton Goff was arrested on a charge
of seduction, etc..preferred by Margaret
Regis of the Island
Judge Wilis D. Patton and Attorney
Charles Harrington of Kittanning, were
in town yesterday, the former hearing
a case in Argument Court.
Andrew C. Moser was appointed
guardian of George H., Frank, Wil
bert, John E , Matthew and Win. P.
Batmian. minor sons of T. J. Bauman,
dee d, of Saxonburg.
A nolle pros was allowed in the case
of Com. vs P. B & L- E. R. R. Co. on
payment of costs by deft.
Minnie Rosenberry and Mary Coup
pies plead guilty to charges entered
against them.
The case of Com. vs J. T. Scott,. de
sertion, was settled.
A. M. Cornelius, Esq., Dr. Schultis
and Ph. Clufe were appointed a com
mission in lunacy on Andrew Convert
of Monroe St. on petition of Mary Cou
The ruses of Com. ys Lewis Larimer
aud Ida Campbell of Fairview twp,
keeping a disorderly house and carrying
concealed weapons, were settled.
The case of Com vs Mike Kalo was
Samuel Smith was appointed snpervi
sor of Washington twp.
The Guaranty Trust Co. was appoint
ed guardian ef the minor children of
Mrs Matthias Yost, dec'd, of Bntler.
The petition of citizens of West Lib
erty for incorporation as a borough was
heard, Tuesday. Residents of Brady
twp. outside West Liberty are opposed
to the formation of a borough.
On petition of citizens of Harrisville
for a new bridge. B. F. Billiard, E. C.
Snyder and Charles E. Shannon were
appointed viewers.
Walter Williams plead guilty to lar
ceny of a bicycle from Geo. Ambnster,
the painter.
Divorces were granted, Tuesday, as
follows. Laura L. Benlgh from Cyrus
E. Benigh: Margaret E. Rhodes from
Frederick E. Rhodes; Thomas A. Park
of Middlesex from Margaret Ann Park
Louisa Bell Kelly of Venango from I).
A. Kelly, and Lewis M. Bishop of Evans
City from Rose May Bishop.
The case of George Meyer of Middle
sex vs Rose Meyer was heard and held
ove* until June to enable entry of some
further testimony.
The case of Com. vs Geo. Kalo, agg
ai"tb, was settled.
t J H Long to D.T Stewart lot in Ha<-
onburg for sl.
W A Waid to F D Mat It-son ltlT acres
| in Concord for $17,000.
Daniel Andre to Omega J Kaufman i
I acres in < 'lay for #2OO.
| S G Kaufman to Nancy A McDeavitt
1 00 acres in Fairview for *0<)0.
L.e Ann Hays to Jesse H Dora'dson
12 acres in Middlesex for sl.
Man»t E Damn to Fred W Daum lot
in Millerstown for SIOO.
Elizabeth Frederick to Lyoia »
Swartzlander lot m Millerstown for
sTOO, also to Frederick Damn 13 acres in
Donegal for $250.
livers & Thome to J A Heydrick lot
on liluff St for $2850.
H H bovd to Sarah E Keiner lot in
W'infield for $125.
Jos Wallace to Chas S Fleeger lot in
Butler for $250.
A W Whit-mire to J C Whitmire lot
in Butler twp for $250. .
Leona BTruver to Sarah J W eigle lot
in Middlesex for S7OO.
Eliz Steighner to W Nebel lot at tier
man for S7OO. .
M L Kelly to Mary J L Faber lot lu
I Mars for SI2OO
Frank A Mizener to Lawson vV oolcutt
2 acres in Venango For SIOO.
Oliver C Watters for Mary J Walter?
1 acre in Adams for S4OO.
John II Ficht to Otto Loest:! acres in
Cranberry for S7OO.
Maggie E. Hoover to Michael Hoover
1 cere in Fairviev f< r s''Jo.
Burton Adsit to Rosanna Adsit lot in
Butler for S2OOO.
Rosanna Adsit to Harriett Adsst lot
in Bntler for S2OOO.
W E. "Weigle to Chas S Moore G acres
in Brady for $950.
MarvK Cnbbison to W B Campbell
lot in Harrisville for SOSO.
Frank H Libell to Fred H Goettler
lot on Cross St. for SI2OO.
Margaret M Wilson to W Henry Wil
son 100 acres in Slipperyrock for
Jas Wallace to Mrs Jane B Cunning
ham lot in Zelienople for SI2OO.
Mary Martin to Alfred Miller lot :n
Clay for SIO3O.
P D. Gelbach to H I Glenn lot at
Zelienople for $550.
S S Sterrett to S lot in Jack
son for $275.
S M Sloan to U S Sloan 40 acres 10
Allegheny for $550.
M B Hotelinsi to S McKinney lot in
Zelienople for $337.
W G Stonghtou to A K Sfoughton
lot in Harmony for $3500.
T R Hoon. Sheriff, to J M Thompson
50 acres in Middlesex for >i15,.«.
J A Eberhart to A O Eberhart 15
acres in Fairview for sl.
H. Bleasdale Conneant, O
Arabella Crawford Byruui Cen-er
A. J. Cooper Moddy creek
Margaret Shanor Prospect
R P. McNany Kiester
Mary M. Wolford WestSunbury
J. S. Bowser Sherrett, Pa
Mary Etta Hilliard " .
R. N. Smith .'..Erie
Rhoda M Ort Bntler
Merrell D. McClnre Worth twp
Estella E. Snyder Brady twp
W. 11. Bell Rimersburg
Catherine Humphreys
.John Burkett Emlenton
Halie Bell \ Hooker
Charles Byer Mercer Co
L'iura Kerr
Joseph D. Gibson Washington twp
M. Delia Book
Chailes Kohler Corners
Maria Salina
Frank C. Shakeley Fairvi»-v • w p
D, s> L. Snow
Aitbnr W. Graham Ca l -:y
MH r\ M. West
P. t. r J. Mohen Butler
Rose Geible
Ralph A. Riegle Karns City-
Mabel M. Kapp
,T. R. Young Slipperyrock
Amelia P. Hockenberry... .
(i. A. K. Kncainpinent.
For the benefit of those desiring to
attend the Annual Encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic, Depart
ment of Pennsylvania, at Allentown,
June 1 to (i, the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company v. ill sell excursion tickets to
Allentown from all stations on its lines
in the State of Pennsylvania, on May 31
June 1, 2, 3 4, and ■">. good to retnrn
until Jane 0, inclusive, at rate o f a
single fare for the round trip. For
specific rates, apply to local ticket
Lot 50x104 feet, 5-rootn house, new;
6table 20x20, spring water in house,
SI4OO. „ „
Lot 40x112 feet, 7 room house, SI2OO
Two new houses. West D St., $26000r
$1550 for one and SIOSO for other.
Storeroom and !)-room house in West
S. W. Diamond.
Butler Ice Company
< irders delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
up Bell Peone No. 4; or People's No. .>4.
E. E. LANTZ, Manager,
People's Pboue No. 533.
Dollar Sunday Kate to Allegheny
Commencing the first Sunday in May
lurl continuing each Sunday thereafter
antil Oct. *sth, the B. & O. R. R. will
sell flpecial excursion tickets from But
ler to Allegheny and return for morning
[rains on Sunday at rate of ill for the
round trip. Tickets good on Baltimore
ind Ohio trains only. Return limited
to date of sale
Orders delivered promptly to all parta
if the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
up Bell Phone No. 4; or People's No. 54.
E E. Lautz, Manager, People's Phone
No 538.
Gas i''ixtiires,
We have them; 50 different styles.
They are in the latest finishes, made to
match the hardware of your house.
Butler Ice Company
Orders delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call up
Bell Phone No. 4; or People's No. 54.
E. E. LANTZ. Manager,
People's Phone No. 583.
Wheat, wholesale price 75-80
Rye, " 65
Oats, " 40
Corn, " 5H
Buckwheat 70
Hay, " 15 00
Eggs, " 15
Butter, " 25
Potatoes, ' 40
Onions, per bn 75
Beets, per bu 50
Cabbage, per lb 1
Chickens, dressed 1H
Parsnips, per bu 50
Turnips 40
Apples 60 75
Celery, doz bunches 25
Honey, per pound 1H
Fewer gallons; wears longer; Devoe,
Ritter & Rockenstein seem to be lead
ers in up to date clothing
Normal Term sit ProNpect.
Prof, H. D. Pyott will conduot a
Normal Term at Prospect, Books free.
Tuition *<>. In addition to the common
branches opportunity will be given to
take up the higher branches. Special
attention to Algebra, Penmanship and
Civil Government. Term opens May
7th to continue H weeks. Junior de
partment for beginners. Write for
particulars. Books free.
Guess I had letter drop around and
look at Ritter <fc Rockenstein's clothibg
thev seem to turn ont the best in town.
We're Sure
An Italian named Maltea sat down
oa the railroad track in the Car Works
yard to take off a shoe, last Friday
morning and a oar came along anil
crushed him to death.
Clias. Johnson, a son of Henry John
son of Bntler fell under a car of the
Wabash near Ft Wayne, Ind some
days ago and had a foot cut off. He is
now in a hospital at the latter place.
A child of Wm. Heckert ol Bakers
town fell into a well containing twenty
two feet of water, last Saturday, went
to the bottom, c.uue up and grabbed
the pump stock, and was rescued. Mr.
Heckert * now in California for his
Tuesday morning, (ieorge, the little
4-vear old son of J. P. hitesides of
Mercer St . fell from their front porch
and cat a gash in his forehead that re
quired five stitches.
Commencement :it Hand.
Sunday evening Rev E. S. White of
the M. E. church will preach the bac
calaureate sermon to the graduating
classes of High School and Public
Schools. Tuesday evening the High
School graduating exercises will be held
and Wednesday evening those of the
Common Schools. John Findley will
present the diplomas to the former and
Carl Cronenwett to the latter. All the
exercises will be held in the Park
Theatre. The class. 24 in number, I<s
girls and 8 boys, will graduate from
Hij;h School. The Common School
class is 4i> in nnmber
Prohibition Convention.
A mass convention of the Prohibi
tionists of Butler Co., will be held in
the Y. M C. A. Hall at 1 o'cl >ck p. m.,
Monday, the 25th inst., to select dele
gates to the State Convention, June IT,
1903. Rev. Dr* Crouch formerly of
New York, Mr. Bundick and Mis* Law
are expected to be present and speak to
the convention and in the evening.
A. M, GANTEK. Sec.
Mass Meeting Sunday At'temoou.
At the Park Theatre Sunday after
ternoon at p:3O all men and women in
vited to hear two gifted orators Mrs. E.
N. Law and Colonel W. T. Bundick.
Tin; Jolly Old Fiddlers.
Are coming and the Park Opera
House will ring with melody and mirth
on the afternoon and evening of .Tune 1.
Not only the old violin players of Butler
county but of M«rcer. Beaver, Law
rence, Armstrong, Westmoreland, Fay
ette and other counties are coming.
The contestants must be 50 years of
age and older and must play only the
50 year old tunes. Fcr particulars ad
dress Arthur Love, Butler Pa.
New Ice Wajfon.
The new ice wagon of May & Kenne
dy is now in service, and ice will be de ;
livered to all parts of the city bv this
firm. If yon want ice today, call up
Bell phone S7 or Peoples 128 Regular
deliveries. Send in your orders.
Unit' l{;ites to St. Louis, >Io.
On .Tu"e 15. lfi and 17, the Baltimo-e
& Ohio Railroad will sell re
cursion tickets from .'ll local stations
west of the Ohio River to St Louis,
Mo., at, rate of one fare for the round
trip, account 31st Saengerfest of North
American Saengerbnnd Tickets will
be good for return until June 25, 1903.
A fee of 25 cents additional will be
collected by Joint Agent at St. Louis.
Mo., at time ticket is validated for re
turn passage.
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin. Gen
eral Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111.
Music scholars wanted at 128 W.
Wayne St
Indispensable iu teething, produces
refreshing sleep, quiets the nerves nud
digests food for Bab}'. Test Victor In
fants Relief and be convinced.
It's about twice as large and twice as
good looking as the last one—the new
catalogue of the Butler Business Col
lege. It's free to those interested.
Those nobby top coats comes from
Ritter & Rockenstein s.
Hollar Sunday Rate to Allegheny
Commencing the first Sunday in May
and continuing each Sunday .hereafter
until October 2. r >th, the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad will sell special excur
sion tickets from Butler to Allegheny
and return for morning trains on Sun
day at rate of £I.OO for the round trip.
Tickets goods on Baltimore and Ohio
trains only. Return limited to date of
Low Rates to Points in the South
and Southeast, West and
On lirst and third Tuesday of April,
May, June, July, August. September,
October and November, 1903, the
Baltimore & Ohio Railrohd will sell
IJomeseekera' Excursion tickets at
greatly reduced rates to points in the
South and Southeast, West aiul North
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore <& Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, General
Passenger Agent. Chicago, HI.
School teachers, We will be ready for
you any time after April Ist. By secur
ing a thorough training in bookkeeping,
shorthand and typewriting, you can
double or treble your salary. Call and
see us or write for information
Rain or shine coats—the nobby kind
at Ritter # Rockenstein'*.
The May Bargain Sale at
The Modern Store was such a
success that it will be continu
ed for another week. See
Eisler-Mardorf Co's ad. else
where in this paper. The
percale sale will interest the
ladies especially.
4* ill'Jx.,
£ '"V: <'
.A W /
11? 1 vv
is always desirable and can bo obtained
at Kirfcpatrick's. If you purchase a
watch or clock or have your old one re
paired, accurate time is guaranteed.
Watches from $1 up. A tine lot of
rings, chains and silverware just re
We also sell—
Edison and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Paeo Cameras.
Photo Supplies. ,
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
()ptical goods.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
N;*t to Court House
Our $3.50 and $4.00 line
of Men's Shoes are
.Memorial S«*r\i<-«'s.
The fuinnal Memorial service ari«l
sermon in memory of the TiO silrt.t de
fenders of the Flag who lie l>uri*d in
Butler cemeteries will be held ;it
Bethany Reformed church. West North
Sr. on Sunday evening- May iMtb at T
sermon hv the pastor. Rev Comrade S.
C Long.
All comrades of the G. A. K, Camp
45, 1' V L . Womans Relief Corps No
U7. Sj> mish War Veteran? and Co. L
Uith Rex't. N. G. P. are invited to meet
at the Post rooms at 7 p. m. sharp,
marching from there to the church at
Farmers' Picnic.
There will he a farmer's picnic, Tucs
lay June 'Jnd 1903 at grove on W. .T
Stoner's farm, near Euclid Station in
Clay twp. All are invited to come.
Bring your baskets. Now farmers,
take a day off, come ami meet your
fellow farmers and have a good time.
Tfiere will be i*ood speakers present.
Come one, come all.
By order of Committee.
W. 11. MILMRON, Pns.
Agents of the Bessemer & Lake Erie
Railroad will sell excursion tickets be
tween all stations. May and 80. stx. 1
returning June Ist. 190:!, at one fare for
the round trip, on account of Decora
tion Day.
Have yon seen our finely illustrated
atalogue for 190:5-4".' If not, seud for
,i copy, or when in town call at the of
fice and get a copy.
Decoration Day.
Excursion tickets will be sold between
ill stations on the Bessemer Railroad
May 29th and :!oth, liutited for return
•Hiue Ist.
Decoration Daj Excursions.
On May 29 and 30, the Baltimore &
Ohio Railroad Company will sell low
rate excursion tickets to all points west
of Pittsburg within a radius of 150 miles
from selling station. Tickets will he
irood for return until June 1.1903.
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, General
Passenger Agent, Chicago. 111.
Low Kates to I'oin's in tlic Soutli
and Soutl cast.
On first and third Tuesdays of April,
May, June, July, August, September,
October and November. 1903, the Balti
more & Ohio Railroad will sell one
way Settlers' tickets at greatly reduced
rates to points in the South and South
For further information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, Gen
eral Passenger Agent. Chicago. 111.
The hat a
0 of toda\J #
J is the hat we J
5 want to sell \Jou. S
0 Maybe it is a SOFT HAT. #
S Maybe it i 8 a STIFF HAT.
# Or maybe a SILK HAT. f
t In any case we have the 5
; HAT \
5 and it costs nothing to 2
j try it on and owning <*
# doesn't cost much. #
\ Come and see our new £
J Shirts and Neckwear, i
Jno. S. Wick
4 HATTER and #
J Opposite P. 0. J
W People's Phone. 015 #
! Certain grades of Spring
Footwear under-priced.
Just for business purposes
only we've marked down
the prices for this week.
Ladies' spring oxfords
and fine light shoes,
Ladies' Patent Leather
orfords, very stylish for
summer wear,
$1 69.
Men's Patent Leather
shoes and oxfords Bal or
blucher cut,
$1 98.
Ketterer Bros
224 S. Main St.
I Shoe repairing a specialty.
First class work guaranteed.
Certificates for Sewing
Machine given with each
W. S & E. WICK,
Koutfli and Worked Lumber of E!1 Kind*
Doors, Hash mid Mouldings
Oil Well ItIKS a Specialty.
Office and Yard'
E Cunningham a.;d Monroe Sts
near Went t'unn Depot,
Our $5.00 and $6.00 Line 1
of Hanan and Torry
can't be beat
[Trusses j
/ The Right Kind \
/ To Buy. v
V Yon can buy Trussed for al /
✓ most nothing or yon can pay a S
\ high price for them, but the 5
/ price of a Truss does not prove \
S that it is going to be the one J
S you need. Every case has to \
X be fitted individually. That \
✓ is where we have hadonr great t
1 success in Trusses. No one 7
/ goes ont of onr store with a \
S Truss that does not tit perfect- C
% ly. Therefore a great many /
X people are wearing our Trusses /
/ and sending their friends to ns y
» to be fitted. If you are wear- \
V ing a Truss and it does not V
/ feel right, or staj in the right /
N place come in and see ns about \
\ it. no matter if yon did not %
\ buy it from ns. We will tell \
* you whether it is the right ; /
/ Truss to wear. We will give \
1 yon the benefit of onr twenty v
f five years experience. Private 7
\ apportments for ladies. S
\ Pharmacist, S
( Diamond Block. (
? Butler, Pa, ?
j People's Phone 83. J
v Bell Phone 140JD. \
With the approach of Spring
you need a blood cleanser
and tonic.
Don't forget that
is just what you need.
Many of our customers testify
of its merits.
Large bottle—small dose
Prescription Druggists.
ioq N Main St.. Butler. Pa.
Both Phones.
B. & B.
Less Prices on superior
goods and more varieties to
choose from.
Test us on these claims.
Best English Mohairs—solid
colors, fancy novelties and
Blacks —many effects—4s to
56 inches wide, 50c to $2.50 a
Good light weight worsteds —
dainty and correct shades light
Greys and Tans with delicate
White pin checks—s4, inches
wide, $1.50 quality, $1 00.
15,000 distinctly different ef
fects in fancy, fashionable Cot
lons —best the makers produced
for 1903, 10c to $2.50 a yard—
Madras, Organdies, Dimities,
Batistes, etc., etc., —all swell
and smart.
Best White, Jap, Corded
Wash Silks, 45c ones, 35c.
Louisene Stripes, Checks
and Medium Plaids, 20 inches
wide —correct Spring Colorings
—7sc and SI.OO quality, 55c.
Double width —Striped Black
Silk Grenadines —great variety
of choice styles, SIOO, $1.25
ones, 75c.
Send for Spring catalogue
and 1903 Lace Curtain Cata
Boggs & Buhl
Department X.
Will Buy
Oil Productions
From 100 Barrels up.
Addrecs, with particulars, i
* 43--U Times Building, New York City.
■l-lii-fti-lt j
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Uptician
V«ut FVinr to Conrt Hotme Butler. Pa.
i Our $3.50 line of Patrician
for the Ladies do
look neat.
! Standard Trust Company I
j CAPITAb ------- $150,000.00 |
Paid on Deposits. *
Prompt and Careful Attention to all.
C. D. GRfceNkEE, President. I
I C. A. sAlbEy, SectjJ. and Treasurer. |
|Eberle Bros.,*
S Estimates given on ail kinds of work. 7
We make a specialty of *
* 354 Centre Ave.. Butler, Pa. C
b People's Phone. 630. C
New Spring Clothing
Now on Sale.
>J"e are prepared to show you fft VW' U
new spring goods We have done /■, . j*
everything possible to make our / j Jl jf 1 *— 1
spring showing far above every j 1
thing we have ever shown in the I , **
past, and we believe we have sue I j i
ceeded. We are now ready to In 1°
show yon the latest things in J U I \ \
Men's, Boys'and Children's Cloth 1 W A
ing Also a full line of Famish MF yfll \
Take a look at our Hat De ] |
pnrtuient Itefore yon buy vonr A? III! £
spring hat. We believe it will # I I I n /-/ft. .
pay you. ? I/\
Yonrs for Clothing, '
' /7 'hopM 3 ]\
Douthett & }J w
Graham. S?' $
Prices do the Talking
Furniture and Carpet
Full from Basement to Roof.
Reliable Goods from Best Manufacturers.
IRON BEDS and > and
and and
No. 13G N. Main St. (Bell Phone 105) BUTLER. PA.
I The Furniture Stock m
M '
Sis Larqer and More Complete Than Ever.®
Parlor Suits, odd pieces) Rocking Chairs or Couches,
a® plenty of different patterns to select from: all new up- Jg
jiH to-date pieces at popular prices, W
B Parlor Suit Parlor Suit n
, SS| Two-piece mahogany fin Five piece Hnit in mahog
i.sh suit, covered in red nny finish covered in KiS
and green damask, nicely damask; each piece in a ggv
Si polished. different color. #
x|j Price 525 00 Price $35 00 «
1 Couches Divans g*
Choice of red or green One in mahogany finish,
3§| velour, built on a guar covered in silk damask, BEg
anteed construction. highly polished. ygap
g| Priee sls 00 Pnce sls 00 Jg
Spf The Largest Showing of Brass and Iron Beds this £!fjS
5H store has ever made is here this week. jjg|
: gj jg
iAlfred A. Campbells
Formerly Campbell & Tompleton.
Our $2.50 line for Men
and Ladies you must
see to appreciate.
Daubenspeck Tamer,
108 S. Main street,
Butler, Pa.