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    I'M fcZ CI li/.fc-N.
NOTE—AII advertisers intending to make
chaises iu their ads. should notify us of
their intention to do so not later than Mon
day inornloe.
Sheriff's sale for May 15.
Campbell's furniture.
Modern Store's wlfite fabric*.
Weaver's stocks.
Kirkpatrick's rings.
Butler Ice Co.
AdinlFlsuators and Executors of •'Jj'ij,®
c m secure their receipt books at the Oi l I
ZEN office, and person.-, making putillc sales
thair note books.
"Gentle Spring" is a misnomer this
—Tomorrow. May Ist, is another Ar
bor Day.
—lf the many frosts left any fruit
we're lucky.
A sixteen foot jaw was lately nn
earthed near Plain City, Ohio.
—Batler is to have another brick and
tile works - located on the East side.
—Don't forget Arthur Love's enter
tainment iu Y. M. C. A. hall, this even
—Eugene Pape has refitted his billiard
parlor, and now has a very handsome
—The Water Co. is putting in a new
24-inch main from the data to the
—Don't forget Arthur Love and
family at Y. M. C. A. Hall, this
lts high time we were getting some
fine weather. Some of oar farmers
haven't their oats in yet.
—According to the Times there will
be several million applications for li
quor licenses at the .Tune Court.
—The Conuty Commissioners are liav
ing trees planted in Diamond Square,
and will endeavor to make it look like a
—Nick H.neufiue has a new house on
Brown avenue nearly completed, and
Hernnn Gsvnert is building on West D
—A valmble horse belonging to Wahl
Bros, jumped iu front of a freight train,
and was killed at Wahlville, Sunday
—More hold ups and robberies, even
the Court House was broken into the
other night. Somebody wilJ be break
ing into the jail nexr.
—Small pox quotations are up again,
this week, with one new case reported
that of a m-tiried woman who is quar
autined in her own home.
—W. 11. McKee. of Winfield twp.,
has an Indian spear or lance head made
of hardened copper It was found on
the Pat Deony farm at Ooylosville.
—For the benefit of the Epworth
League of the M. E church, the Ithica
Concert Co. will appear in Y. M. C. A.
Hall, next Tuesday evening, the sth.
—Two of Butler's Councilmen had to
go to Greenville to buy the city a new
team What was the matter with a
Butler county team, bought at home If
—S. B. Cross of 320 West DSt ,
(Dnffytown) Butler, postponed his bee
sale till Saturday, May 9th, at 1 o'clock,
at which time he will offer 25 colonies
of Italian bees.
—The old stone house on the County
Home property has been torn down;
and Sup'd't Graham, with the aid of
the inmates and county prisoners, is
beautifying the grounds
—Local youth and beauty, led by an
accomplished actor presented a very
fine rendition of "David Garrack," to
well pleased Butler audiences, Monday
and Tuesday nights of this week.
—Cherry twp. is enjoying a mad dog
scare. Several cows and dogs bitten by
a stray dog have developed hydrophopia
and died. The Sarversville case seems
to have developed from the bite of a
dog that was not mad.
—At Castle Shannon, in the Mt-
Washington district, Pittsburg, the 88
acres of the Judge Bailey farm has been
sold for $400,00(1 L. C. Wick owns
three acres and the old homestead in
the centre of the tract.
—That Chinese-negro wedding seems
to have occasioned a great stir, among
the press of the Indian Territory and
Oklahoma. They are wondering if a
new race of slant-eyed coons is to be
foisted upon a long suffering public.—
—R. M. Weaver of Pittsburg, dealer
in stocks apd bonds, has opened an ofi
fice in Butler, oyer the Purvis pharma
cy, with J, A. Reynolds ae manager.
They have a number of handsome cal
endars on hands that the public can
have on application.
—The editor of an exchange thus
snmmarizes the situation in his neck of
woods—lt is said that a man who
sqneezes a dollar never squeezes his
wife. In looking over our subscription
accounts, we are led to believe that
Bojne awfully good women in this sec
tion are not getting the pressure they
—One of onr Harrisburg contingent
reports Topi Cooper as being drunk
nearly the entire session. This reminds
as of the story told of Lincoln, when
informed that Grant drank whiskey to
Moess. He wanted to know the brand
so that he could get some for bis other
—Pittsburg was the scene of an unus
ually elaborate wedding, Monday, when
Miss Tljaw, a wealthy girl, married G.
"p. Alexander, E]arl of Yarmouth, Eng
land. A great crowd gathered at the
church to see the votjng couple, who
went to New York that night aud sailed
for England, next day.
- Pennsylvania boys, unless they will
take the risk of breaking the laws, will
now have to give the greenbackers a
rpst between July Ist and Nov. Ist, a«
ft bill putting t|ie frog on the game list
has passed the Legislature and been
signed by the Governor. The new law
prohibits the taking or killing cf frogs
between the dates named.
—At the meeting of Council Tuesday
evening eight new bids were received
for the paving of West Penn street.
T.iese were computed yesterday, and at
tie special meeting of last night the
fqqtract vjfas awarded to Herb Crick
It- iltanniug bpiclf, There wgte
several bids and only about ffeOo be
tween the highest and the lowest,
The new street sprinkler has arrived,
the new team will be here in a day or
two, and then, let us hope, this awful
dust-nuisance will be abated.
The assessment ordinance for the
sewering of New Castle street v?as pass
ed Tuesday night, and an arc-light will
be placed at head of T. Diamond .itreel
. 5 ■ 1 •11 1 • - '1 •• • • ,
E. H. Abrams has moved to Findlay,
Wm. Feigel of Colorado is visiting
friends in Butler.
Perrv Campbell of W. Wayne street
is on the sick list.
.las. D. Graham of Hastings, Mich, is
visiting friends in Batler.
Wm. J. Barton of Penn twp visited
friends in Batler, last Thursday-
Dr. Holman and wife, of Unionville.
did some shopping in Butler. Tuesday.
M. G. Thompson aud wife of Brady
did some shopping in Batler, Saturday.
Mrs. Geo. E. Muckley, of Bethlehem,
Pa., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Rev.
Dr. Wasson has gone to Baltimore for
the purpose of taking a post-graduate
Z. P. Hilliard and wife of Concord
twp. did some shopping in Bntler, yes
F. W. Strain and wife, of Center ave
nne, spent Sunday with friends iu
Robert Gerrard and Sam J. Black
more have gratuated as registered
John McLanghlin of Clinton twp
showed his boys the sights of Batler,
last Thursday.
Harry Thompson of Yatesboro, Arm
strong county, visited friends in this
place Tuesday.
Harry E. Reiber has sold his house on
Third street to Dr. Bricker and moved
to Seattle, Wash
Jos. Stirling of Bakerstown was rob
bed in Batler, a few niyhts ago,by some
new found friends.
Mrs. Austin Anthony of Institute Hill
fired at some would-be burglars, the
other night, but didn't hit.
I. M Weisz, Esq. of Zelienople was
in town. Monday, lifting his commis
sion as Justice of the Peace.
James Dmaldson, the Plank Road
grocer, is ill with a slight attack of
pneumonia and kidney trouble.
Miss Mina Love, Arthur's gifted
daughter, will take part in the concert
at Y. M. C. A. hall, this evening.
J. H. Miller has the agency for
"Liquid Electricity" —a quick cure for
all pains, internal or external, 25cta.
James G. Grabura of Hastings, Mich.,
is visiting his brothers. Harper Graham
and Clerk of Courts Gedrsie Graham.
George Whitehill. the plumber, is ac
cumulating both wealth and honor. A
new boy arrived at his house, the other
A. J. Kamerer left the Hospital and
went to his home in the sth ward, last
Saturday. He was hurt in the Car
Works, and had a long siege in the Hos
Jacob Fennell has moved from Fen
nellton to 81 Bessemer Ave., Lyndora.
His brother James hauled his goods to
Butler yesterday.
Commissioner McCandless looks like
a Major General with his whiskers, off
His best friends take a second look at
him before speaking.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Freehling and
family, Miss Lila Rigley and Walter
Freehling were guests at the home of
August Freehling. Sunday.
W. M. Campbell and John Martin of
Bridy twp , James Fiudley of Franklin
and W H. McElvain of Butler were
among our callers, Saturday.
.T 11. Pisor of Horr, Mont., visited
his folks in Concord last week, and left
for his home, Monday. He ranches in
the mountain state and has become
R. C. McAboy, Justice of the Peace,
has opened an office on the Diamond—
Maj. Anderson's old office, and John W.
Coulter, attorney, has located in the ad
joining room.
S. E.- Wilson of Punxsutawney has
purchased the Steelsmith property on
W. Jefferson St.. which with the John
Lefevre lot gives him a frontage of 50
faet on that street.
Dr. J. C. Roylp left for Philadelphia,
yesterday, where he wjll take a special
course on eye, nose, throat and ear at
Philadelphia Polyclinic and College for
Graduates in Medicine.
Miss Ruth Scott and Mr. John A.
Martin, of the Wils Miller grocery,
were married. Wednesday at the home
of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
John Scott, on the Freenort road.
Will Hamilton of Denver. Col. visited
his brother, J. C. Hamilton of Mars,
last week. J. C. has been afflicted with
heart trouble for some years, and has
lately been bedfast, but is improving.
B. B. Seibert, of Fairview township,
visited friends in Butler Tuesday. Mr.
Seibert is one the youngest looking men
at G2 there is in the county; and he
served four years during the Civil war.
Mrs* John J. Reiber, of W. North
street, attended the funeral of her un
cle. Jacob Pflough in Beaver couuty,
Monday. Mr- Pflough was in his 80th
year ahd lived a few miles below Zelie
J. C. (Mont) Martin, ot Mars, was in
town Tuesday, securing the plans for
his three-story brick hotel, which he
will build this summer. The plana were
made by Will Foster and he is greatly
pleased with them.
G. F. Alexander, Earl of Yarmouth,
who married the wealthy Mi3s Thaw,
in Pittsburg Monday, was dunned both
in Pittsburg and New York for debts;
and was greatly relieved in the latter
place when he learned that his fourteen
trunKS had not been attached.
J. H. Haryey has made a provisional
purchase of the Waverly House, and
will take possession of it this week.
Col. Haworth's lease rap for two years
yet, subject to sale. His family will
remove to Jamestown. N. Y., but he
will remain in Butler for a few days.
They have all made many friends dur
ing their stay in Butler, who regret
their unexpected departure
Hetty Green thinks, and whatever
Hetty Green thinks she generally says,
that "a large number of divorces are due
to the fact that instead of learning how
to keep house, "the women prink up
and parade around: then the men pa
rade around, also, and the trouble be
gins." Mrs. Green has done some walk
ing about in her time, but she didn't
"prink up" to do it, and it wasn't on the
parade line, either. And she knows how
to keep house, too.—lnquirer.
Rev. Smith, of Jersey City, has under
taken a job that he will be sorry for.
He has announced his intention of
preaching a sermon against the pan
cake hat. An Eastern contemporary
says that it is high time that this sway
backed, poke-fronted, flopping, lopping,
dippy, shovel-shaped creation of straw
and velyet should be the subject of a
heart-to-heart talk. Nevertheless moot
women look well in one of these latest
creations of the milliner's art and with
a pinwheel hat, jauntily cocked over
the larboard eye, and seemingly about
to slip off the back hair, some women
are simply bewitching.
Esq J. N. Pew of Hannahstown came
to Butler last Thursday looking for a
housekeeper. At Mrs. Yensel's board
ing house on Wayne St. he discovered
Mrs. Yogan, a .Muddycreek twp. widow
whose husband died a year qr two ago,
and who was forced to enter the Ooun
ty Home. From the Home she went to
help Mrs. Vensel, but after a short stay
became ill, and was only recovering
when Pew came along. It didn't take
long to arrange terms by which Mrs.
Vogan was to go to Hannahstown as
housekeeper, and later in the day, the
contract was altered so that Mr Vogan
was to become Mrs. Pew, undeV which
arrangement they went home,' Friday.
Fewer gallons: wears longer; Devoe.
On the program Friday night but
cannot tallt, much less sing and recite.
Did you ever try Victor Lung Syrup for
Cough and Hoarseness?
Why have the "B]'*?»", Tired Feeling
Headaches. Constipation or Indigestion?
Positive cure may be had in Victor
Liver Syrup.
Kain or shine coats—the nobby kind
at Ritter Ac Icockenstoin h.
LEUAL news.
Geo. W. Cooper vs Brady township,
summons in treaspass for ssooodamages.
Last October, the plaintiff states, while
driving on the Mercer pike at the Jas.
i Donaghy place the front wheel of his
I wagon dropped into a washout or rut.
i causing him to be thrown to the ground
and sustain a fracture of two ribs which
disabled him for five weeks.
Jos. Earhart vs Western Allegheny
R. R. Co., petition of plaintiff for view
ers to assess damages to his property,
75 acres in Fairview twp. John Fergu
son, James Walker, John T. Martin,
Henry Freehling, G. F. Easlev, A H.
Starr and John B. Dodds were appoint
ed to meet on the premises at 11 a. m..
May 15.
Jennie Wright vs Charles A. Wright,
petition for divorct for desertion.
Nathan Eskovity vs Penn' R. R. Co ,
appeal by deft from judgment of S'J2B,
rendered by R. McElvain, J. P.
Mary B. Ross vs Caroline B. Morrow
and Jas. W. Hutchison, summons in
ejectment for 94 acres in Mercer twp.
G. Frymen vs Mary A. McClelland
and Mrs. J. J. Hay, owners, and R. F.
Grumbling, contractor, sci fa on me
chanics lien of $121.25.
John McKenna of the Butler Engine
Works has appealed from the awarl of
viewers allowing him no damages for
the grading of Lookout Ave.
The Kohnfelder license in Saxonburg
was transferred to Snider Bros , Satur
John Collins, a railroad workman,
was ejected from the Central Hotel,
Chicora. Thursday and in return hurl
ed a stone through a S4O plate glass
window. He was arrested, and plead
guilty to malicious mischief and re
ceived a sentence of $25 fine and 30 days
to jail.
The divorce case of Wm. H Witte of
Sarversville vs Elizabeth Witte, his
wife has heard Saturday and divorce
granted. By an agreement the two
younger children go with their mother
and th oldest with the father.
A decree in divorce was awarded Cora
Ida Marcliall from John Marchall of
The a&b case of Com. vs Daniel Behm
was settled.
A rule was granted on the lieits of
John Amberson of Forward twp to ac
cept or refuse premises at valuation.
J. A. F. Jackson was appointed guar
dian of Lewis B. Brown of Clay twp.
H. H. Gouclier was appointed auditor
and Clerk Graham, guardian ad litem
on p3tition of Wm. M. Lang, ex'r of
Charles Wagner, dee'd.
Harvey Hoover of the South Side
plead guilty to desertion and sentence
was suspended on condition that Hoover
fulfill an order that he pay his wife
per week. This is the first case disposed
of in the local courts under the new Act
making desertion a misdemeanor sub
ject to conviction.
Col. Whitehill, aged 16 years, of
Water St. plead guilty to larceny from
Ed. Troutruau's wagon, and was com
mitted to the Huntingdon Reformatory.
Judge Galbreath made an order fix
ing the first Monday and the second
Saturday succeeding it in each month
as days for Motion Court,thus establish
ing such a court for the first and middle
of each month. After this year the
June term will probably be reestablished
in Quarter Sessions, in accordance with
the preference of moat of the attorneys.
The case of Com. vs Robt J. Guinney
was settled.
A charge of f&b has been entered
against Yalent Sobezik.
Jas. 11. Donaghy and J G. GroFsman
Road Commissioners of Brady twp
have filed an appeal from the report of
Township Auditors J. W. Boyd, Walter
Snyder and J. H. MpDeavitt because the
Auditors have refused to give the Com
missioners credit amounting to $101.60.
The case will be heard in Argument
A decree in divorce has been granted
to Agnes Lonitz vs Geo. Lonitz of
Saxon burg.
Henry Young of Evans City petition
ed for aii order permitting the authori
ties at Dixiqont Hospited to allow bis
wife, Louisa, to return home
John Miller was appoined guardian
of Gilbert Acre.
A citation to show cause why real
estate should not be sold was granted in
the estate of Wm. Caldwell, dee'd.
The Butler Savings & Trust Co. was
appointed guardian to Samuel S. Gold.
An unusual thing - was done in the
Allegheny Co. court last Wednesday.
The jury in the Devlin murder case fail
ed to agree, and the Court discharged
the jury and also the prisoner.
Justices of the peace in Pennsylvania,
by a recent enactment pf the legisla
ture, get i|3 per annuin for taking care
of the election boxes The pay of clerks
of election boards is now $3.50 per day
in this state,the governor having signed
the legislative enactment to that effect.
Another legislative bill which has met
with the approval of the governor is
that watchers at elections must be
residents of the district or division
within which they apt,
The will of Mrs. Maria Burke of But
ler, disposing of 32 shares of Pennsylva
nia Railroad stock, has been probated.
On petition of Mrs. Margaret Lutz of
Harmony, Dr. S. E. Ralston, J. H. Wil
son, Esq. and H. M. Wise were appoint
ed a commission in lunacy qq her hus
band, Jesse Lot?-
An information has been made againsf
Milton G, Goff by Nora Regis.
The Pennsylvania Supreme court has
discharged from custody Arthur Words
worth, q member of the Eighteenth reg
iment, National Guards of -Pennsylva
nia, of Pittsburg, who was arrested for
the shootiug and killing of Win. Dur
ham, a union minor at Shenandoah,
Schuylkill county, during the recent
anthracite coal strike.
James E. Bowser has been arrested
for dynamiting fish.
James Gagan of Chicora has been
pharged with desertion by his wife.
Louis Eiffler of Summit has petition
ed for naturalization.
Cath Kamerer to A J Daubenspeck
lot in Butler for s^jQQ.
Samnel Boner to Bertha Ulrich 105
acres in Cranberry S4OOO.
Anna L Pense to J B Black quitclaim
to 4 properties for S9OO.
Isaiah Black to same, same for $750.
Perry N Black to same, same for S9OO.
Henry Burtner to J Henry Long lot
in Saxonburg for SBSO.
Reed & Weigand to Fannie Lane Jot
in Butler twp- for $425.
Mary 4 Surrena to Geo A Gerlath lot
in Harrisville for SBS.
Herman Ruediger to Fred Wecherle
10 acres in Jefferson for $835,
Thos K King to Louisa Rudert lot in
Saxonburg for 11800.
W E Graham to John Jones lot at
Hilliard for $525.
Elizabeth and W H Witte to F W
Witte 7 acres in Buffalo for $2500.
John C Graham to Sarah E Anderson
lot on Plank Road for $l5O.
Orvington I Riddle to Qavid E
Dale lot on N McKean st for $31)00.
Harry A Reiber to Agnes M- Bricker
lot on Third st for SIOOO.
W II Daun to John C Dann lot in
Middle Lancaster for $450.
G S Gahaghan to Oath Gerberling
lot on South Side for $2700.
Alf M Reiber to John Reott lot on
Park st for sllsO.
Charles Duf£y to Daniel }V Graham
lot in Btitler twp! for &Jot|.
Walter L Scqtt to W Qliver Purvis lot
in Mars for $1250
Maggie Eyth to Mrs M J Bickel lot on
West st for S7OO.
Frank Kronejierg tp, Ww and Charie»
lvroneberg acres in Jefferson for SIOOO.
S W McCollough to H A Leopold lot
in Millerstown for $420.
John Schenck to Lewis Kramer lot on
Cleveland St for SSOO.
Albert D Weigel to Luella B Weigel
lot in Harmony for $3:35.
Ph Daubenspeck to C R Bartley lot
Brov.*n ave to- s*loo. . . . •••
L H Brown -to T M Barusdall three
fourths ihteT'-st iii lease oh Jtyurtland
I and Swartzlander farm, and half inter
[ est in lease on G P Campbell farm. Con
. cord twp.
L P Hazlett to Lucy E Krug lot on N*
McKean st for SI2OO.
H A McNamee to Lucy A DeFoggi 20
feet on Centre ave for £f3o<>.
Sophia Milleman to Annie Mohr lot
in Zelienople for $1650.
Michael Mcßride to Smith McCreight,
trustee, 40 acres in Venango for $2200.
E L Oesterling to Mrs A E Hershber
ger lot on Pine St for $2700.
L C White to Jerry M Rapp lot in
Whites town for $325.
J C Daubenspeck to E L Turner lot
on W Penn st for S7OO.
F M Hossack to Sonth Penn Oil Co.
lease on 10 acres in Allegheny for SIOOO.
C'larassa Birchfield to A C Brown 101
acres in Forward for $25.
Minerva E Bole to Elizabeth J Stuart
lot on W Clay for S3OOO.
Daniel Kennedy to J P Forcht lot on
New Castle st for $2500.
D E Dale to W H DeArme lot on N
McKean st for $3500
Geo Biedenbach to Frank Biedenbach
79 acres in Clearfield for SISOO.
Marriage Licenses.
Harry Snodgrass.. Jacksonburg, W. \ a
Delia Gabagan Saxonburg
S. R Kerr Ean Claire
Myrtle Kimes
Tom C. Montgomery Grove City
Bertha E. Brown W. Sunbury
Steve Goncha Butler
Mary Riffen "
J P. Pollock ...Bellevue
Jennie E. Cnrrie Euclid
Win. Rieger Butler
Ella Brown "
Geo Vine Butler
Jessie Mitchell Indianapolis
Valentine Sobszik Butler
Appollonia Krnpa
Geo A. Mytinger Butler
Sndie A. Dumbaugh
Josheph Weber Bradys Bend
Annie McLaughlin .. . Karns City
Albert Miles Coovert Mars
Minnie H. Bolhurst "
John A Martin Butler
Ruth Scott . "
Edward J. Mahan Glade Mills
Gertrude W. Gibson Penn twp
At Pittsburg, O. C. McClain of Mc-
Donald and B. C. Barickman of Bntler.
At Youngstown, O.—John Tack and
Margaret Snyder of Bntler.
New Street Railway.
On Friday last Gov. Pennypacker
granted the application of the Cottage
Hill Passenger Railway Co. for a char
ter: and as soon as the Town Council
passes an ordinance granting a franchise
to do so the company intends building
a street car track from their Hill,
through Butler to the Car Works.
Arthur Love and Family.
Butler County's own humorist, inusi
eian, author and composer, Mr. Arthur
Love, assisted by his accomplished wife
and daughter will give one of their best
programs of music and laughter at Y.
M. C. A. hall this evening. Mr. Love
was raised on a Clinton twp. farm and
is well known to Butler audiences. His
wife is a sweet singer and soloist on
many instruments, while the daughter,
MissMina.is an honor graduate of a well
know conservatory of music.
We predict a crowded house.
Orders delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leaye orders at Park Hotel, or call
tip Bell Phone No, 4; or People's No." 34.
E. E. Lantz, Manager, People's Phone
No. 533,
Fathers and Mothers
teach your child to save by opening a
bank account for him with the Real
Estate Trust Company, 311 Fourth
ayenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Four per cent,
interest on savings accounts.
Capital and Surplus $3,700,000.00.
Insurance and Real Estate.
If you wish to sell or buy property
you will find it to your advantage to see
Wm. H. Miller, Insurance and Real
Fetate, next P. 0., Butler, Pa.
Dollar Sunday ltatc to Allegheny
Commencing the first Sunday in May
and continuing each Sunday thereafter
until Oct. 35th, the B. Q. R. R. will
sell special excursion tickets from But
ler to Allegheny an*} return for morning
trains OP Sqnday at rate of $1 for the
round trip. Tickets good on Baltimore
and Ohio trains only. Return limited
to date of sale.
Halt itates to St. Louis, Mo.
On ApriJ 2fl, 37, 28, 30, and May 1,
1903, the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Company will sell excursion tickets
from all local stations west of the Ohio
River to St. Louis, Mo., at rate of one
fare for the round trip, account Nation
al and International Gfopd ftoads Con
vention and Dedication Ceremonies,
Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Tick
ets will be good for return until May 4,
For detailed information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, General
Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111.
Orders delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
up Bell Phone No. 4; or People's No. 54.
E. E. Lautz, Manager, People s Phone
No 533.
What you must haye in the home—
food, water and a good Liniment. None
surpasses Victor Liniment for any and
all accident cases-
It's about twice 3s large and twice as
good looking as the last one—the new
catalogue of the Bq|ler Business Col
lege. Jt'a free to those interested.
Those nobby top coats comes from
Ritter & Rockenstein's.
School teachers, We will be ready for
yon any time after April Ist. By secur
ing a thorough training in bookkeeping,
shorthand and typewriting, you can
double or treble your salary. Call and
see us or write for information
Butleu CO^LBQB.
Spring showing of up to date clothes
for man and boy at Ritter & Rocken
Don't miss it—seeing the new cata
logue of the Butler Business College,
The Spring showing of Men's and
Boys' clothing at Ritter & Rockenstein's
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Have you seen our finely illustrated
catalogue for 1903-4? If not, send for
a copy, or when in town call at the of
fice and get a copy.
Butler Business Cgu-euh,
Fewer Gallons! Wears Longer,
If it oomes from Ritter & Rocken
stein's it is bound to be up to date.
It's the finest you ever saw—the ne
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If it is up tp it cf«wes worn
' ' 6c, KCH'-KENSTEIN'S.
Guess I had better drop around and
look at Ritter <& Rockenstein's clothihg
they seem to tarn oat the begt in town.
Normal Term at Prospect.
Prof. H. D. Pyott will conduct a
Normal Term at Prospect. Books free.
Tuition s<!. In addition to the common
branches opportunity will be given to
take up the higher branches. Special
attention to Algebra, Ana
7th "tfl continue tt weeks. Junior de
partment for beginners- Write for
particulars Books free
Martin McCandless, who for a dozen
or more years past has been a prominent
brick-work contractor in Allegheny,
was fatally injared Friday by a fall
sustained by the collapsing of a scaf
folding on which he was working His
most serious injury was a fracture of
the skull from which he died Saturday
morning. The deceased was a son of
late Associate Judge Abraham McCaud
less and was born and raised on the old
McCandless hcmestead a short distance
west of town. He was about 50 years
of age and leaves a family.
Theodore Freebling of Winfield twp.
met with a serious accident at Saxon
burg Station, while loading feed and
fertilizer His team became frightened
at the freight train: he went to catch
them and was thrown under the wheels,
both wheels passing over him
Charles H. Dnerr, 19 years old, of
Sarversville. died at the West Penn
hospital in Pittsburg last Wednesday of
hydrophobia. Dnerr was a machinist
by trade. About four months ago he
was bitten by a shepherd dog. The
dog v/as fastened to bis kennel iu the
rear of the house and he became en
tangled in the chain. Daerr was un
tangling the animal when it snapp<jd
ed his hand The wound was slight
and Daerr never felt any effects from it
until Sunday, when his hand became
swollen, and he went to a physician.
On Tuesday the physician advised him
to go to a hospital. His condition be
came worse, and Tuesday morning he
became unconscious and died three
hours afterward. The dog which bit
Duerr was well-bred and never show
ed symptoms of rabies. He was a son
of Geo Duerr of Buffalo twp.
J. C. Bryson had a leg broken at
the Mars brick and tile works, while re
pairing the building lately burned.
Letter to Harry Hineliberffer.
Butler, Pa.
Dear Sir: The cost of labor in paint
ing a house is three times the coat of
the paint. You seem to save a little
when you buy a lower priced paint, but
you certainly add to the cost of labor
when you pay for spreading more
gallons. '
You don't even save oil the paint.
Devoe Lead and Zinc costs a little more
than mixed paints, but it takes fewer
gallons, and the cost is actually less
Wears longer too —longer than mixed
paints, longer than lead and oil.
You don't save a cent.
Mr, C. Loch, a painter in Magnolia,
Miss, writes:
After years of experiments with mixed
paints, 1 And tbat your paint covers more
surface to the gallon than any I have ever
used. For density and wearing qualities it
cannot be excelled.
Compared with lead and oil: A honse
belonging to the late President of the
Croton River Bank, at Brewsters. N.
Y., (cost $31,000) was painted with lead
and oil in 'B4 at a cost of #4OO. In 'B7
three years—jt was repainted with
Devoe at a cost of $350 In '97 the
house was still all right
Results: lead and oil—coat S4OO, wear
three years: Devoe—cost $350, wear ten
Yours truly,
F. W. DEVOE & Co.,
9 New York.
p. S. Patterson Bros, sell gur paint.
Butler Ice Company'
Orders delivered promptly to all parts
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call
up Bell Peone No. 4; or People's No. 54.
E. E. LANTZ, Manager,
People's Phone No. 533.
I want a few, bright, young men to
represent an incorporated company, in
their home territory in Butler and Arm
strong counties. Two and a half dollars
a day guaranteed. Experience not
necessary. Apply to
128 West St., Butler, Pa
Reduced Kates to
For the benefit of those desiring to
attend the National Conference of
Charities and Correction, to be held at
Atlanta, Ga., May 5 to 12, the Pennsyl
vania Railroad Company will sell ex
cursion tickets to Atlanta from all
stations on its lines, good going May 4
to 6, inclusive, and good ti upturn to
reach orjgina} starting point on qr be
fore Mayl6, at reduced r^tes.
lioltar !*m»duy llqtp to Allegheny
Commencing the first Sunday in May
and continuing each Sunday thereafter
until October 25th, the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad will sell special excur
sion tickets from Butler tq Allegheny
and retqni for morning traips op Sun
day at fftte of FJ.QO for the round trip.
Tickets goods on Baltimore and Ohio
trains only. Return limited to date of
Low Kates to Points In tl<e South
and Southeast, West and
On first and third Tuesday of April,
May, June, July, August. September,
October and November, 1903, the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad will sell
Homeseekers' Excursiqn tickets at
greatly reduced rates to points in the
South apd Southeast, West and North
For further Information call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
Ticket Agent, or B. N. Austin, General
Passenger Agent. Chicago, 111.
Butler Ice Company-
Orders delivered promptly to all parte
of the town.
Leave orders at Park Hotel, or call qp
Bell Phone No. 4; or People's Na 54-
E. E. LANT& Manager,
People's Phone No. 533.
Low Hates tu Points tu the South
unci Southeast.
On tlrst and third Tuesdays of April,
May, June, July, August, September,
October and November. 1903, the Balti
more & Ohio Railroad wil\ sell one
way Settlers' tickets ai greatly reduced
rates to, points in the South and South
For further information call on or
address nearest. Baltimore <% Ohio
Ticket Aaent, or B, N. Austin. Gen
eral Passenger Agent, Chicago, 111.
Low Excursion Rates to San Fran
clseo and Los Angeles.
On May 2, 3 and U to IS, inclusive, the
Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Company
will sell excursion tickets at extremely
low rates to San Francisdo and Los An
geles, Cal., account General Assembly
cf the Presbyterian Church in the U.
S. A , and National Junior Ordej of
United American Mechanics, good for
return until July 180%
For information concerning rates,
btop overs and other details call on or
address nearest Baltimore & Ohio
ticket agent, or B. N. Austin, General
Passenger Atfent, Chicago. 111.
Reduced Rates to St. Louis.
For the benefit of those desiring to
attend the Dedication cerejnopifcii of the
LouisianaPurchaseEspo.ftt St. Louis, Mo,
April 30, ta May a, and the National and
international Good Roads Convention,
April 27 to May 2, the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company will pell exoursion
tickets to St. Louis and return from all
station? on its lines, April 28, 37, 38 and
39. good only on date of sale and good
returning to leave St Louis not later
tban May 4. Tickets must be executed
bv Joint Agent for return passage, for
which service no fee will be charged.
Reduced Rates to New Orleftu*,
For the benefit of Vuose defying to at
tend of the American Medi
«il Association at New Orleans, La,
May 5 to 8, the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will sell excursion tickets
from all stations on its lines to New
Orleans, on May 1, 3, and 8. good going
on those dates and good to return reach
ing original starting point not later than
ten days from date of sale, at reduced
rates By depositing ticket with Joint
Agent at New Orleans between May 1
and 12, and payment of fifty cents, an
extension of final return limit to
30 may be obtained.
ilau fixtures,
We have them; 50 different stvles.
They are in the latest finishes, made to
match the hardware of your house.
WHiTKyill. Plumber.
I Trusses j
/ The Right Kind \
/ To Buy. v
x You can buy Trusses for al /
J most nothing or you can pay a S
\ high price for them, but the f
/ price of a Truss does not prove \
N that it is going to be the one ✓
/ you need. Every case lihs to \
x lie fitted individually. That \
J is where we have had our great C
\ success iu Trusses. No one /
/ goes out of our store with h \
\ Truss that does not fit perfect- C
I ly. Therefore a great many /
v people are wearing our Trusses /
/ and sending their friends to us y
» to be fitted. If you are wear- \
V ing a Truss and it does not V
/ feel right, or stay in the right /
\ place come in and see us about \
f it. no matter if you did not I
\ buy it from us. W'e will tell \
/ you whether it is the right /
/ Truss to wear. We will give S
\ you the benefit of our twenty- v
1 five years experience. Private /
\ apportments for ladies. ; S
C. N. BOYD. \
\ Pharmacist, S
I Diamond Block. /
? Butler, Pa, ?
j People's phone 83. J
\ | Bell Phone 148 D [ V
Grand Opera House, I'ittsourg.
The stock company will furnish Pitts
burg theatre-goers with a striking nov
elty nest week in Clyde Fitch's delight
ful drama of New York social life,
which Miss Amelia Bingham presented
in Pittsburg last season to a succession
of crowded houses. While it is a play
of contemporaneous New York life, its
themes and situations are native to any
city in the country. The story tells of
a wealthy New York family, which
consists of Mrs Hunter, in her
days a pretty bnt humble woman, who
had succeeded in marrying into the
aristocracy, etc.
—According to palmistry, a woman
with a loDg thumb will always do her
best to have her own way. And so will
every other womad.
Boarding house, store, large and
small farm. Easy terms.
C. WITMER, Nottoway, Virginia.
Tiie Big Show Comintf.
The announcement that Ringliug
Brothers' Worlds Greatest Shows will
exhibit in Pittsburg will be received
with more than usual interest by the
people of this neighborhood. The
Ringling Brothers have a name that
stands for all that is new, novel and en
tertaining in the circus Unp, and the
management announce* that this season
the show has been enlarged to such an
extent that a whole extra train is used
in addition to the four trains of last
season The show is now transported
from place to place in eighty seventy
foot cars, constructed especially for the
Ringling Brothers. In connection
the circus proper, in which the avenic
performance is unexcelled, the Ringling
Brothers are this season presenting the
beautiful and sublime spectacular pro
duction of Jerusalem and the Crusades.
This pantomimic play necessitates the
use of 1,200 actors and actresses and of
almost three hundred horses. It is pre
sented on the largest stage
exhibitional purposes, upecial
sion rateg have been arranged for on all
lines or travel by Ringling Brotheis, and
those who desire to go to Pittsburg
where this great circus exhibits Monday
and Tuesday March 18 and 19 can do so
at a comparatively small cost. This
will be the only point in this vicinity
where the circus will exhibit this season
and no one should miss the opportunity
to see it. Watch this paper tor addi
tional qnnqqnpeffignts.
We know we have the best ofjal
grades of high class novelties, but to
have the public know it is our aim.
If in need of anything in our line it
will pay you to give us a call and ex
amine goods and prices before pur
Next to Poatoftice. 951 S. Main St.
$ Cabot Institute. 1
Spring Term Opens sy
April 14th, 1903. 0
"J" Full Normal and
■s£• Classical Course- 0
C. W. Johnston, A- B„ 0
& Principal- 0
& J. M. SCOTT, See., 0
Carbon Black. Pa 0
Saxonburg Station, xs?
W P. R. ft.
Sold In Butler
in the
Past Three Months
Speaks for Itself!
New Pianos
Arriving daily.
Come and see them.
Your credit is good.
31? S. Main St. Bntler Pa
Office — Byers' Building—next to P.
O. BuUer Pa,
That handsome sewing machine
will surely come to your home if
you only work a little. Jnst ask
your neighbor for the cnpon in
yesterday's purchase then listen
to what they say. I never saw
such a striking display of Spring
shoes on exhibition in the front
windows: all the new shapes,
new styles with high heels. That
"Uncle bam Shoe'' for men and
women is a hummer, every pair
is guaranteed. Then the prices
are so reasonable. Its the most
reliable shoe house in our city.
Merer Bros
I 224 S. Main St.
' Shoe repairing a specialty.
First class work guaranteed.
Certificates for Sewing
Machine given with each
purchase. \
'With the approach of Spring
you need a blood cleanser
and tonic.
Don't forget that
R. & G.'s Sarsaparilla Comp.
is just what you need.
Many of our customers testify
of its merit§
Large bottle —small dose.
Prescription Druggists,
ioq N. Main St., Butler. Pa.
Both Phones.
Music Department!
We have added a musical department
—good music—good instruments and
everything that bjejongs to a music store.
Call and inspect the famous Merrill
Piano. One of the best high grade
pianos on the market. We can sell it
on easy payments.
Want a Violin, Mandolin, Banjo,
Guitar or Accordeon, we have them.
Send for our catalogue of sheet
music, containing over }GOU titles, and
we have al) in stock.
We will get any piece of snusio yon
need, in fact we are in shape to supply
all yonr wants in the musical line at
Near P. 0.. 241 S. Main St.
T)AROID. The Roofing with NO
TAR. Won't dry out. Won't
grow brittle.
A NYONE can apply it. Tins,
Nails and Cement in core of
each roll.
REPRESENTS the results o
years of Experience and Ex
i~)NLY requires painting every
few years. Not when first
1" S Cheaper than Gravel, Slate
or Shingles.
HEMAND for PAROID is world
Other Facts, Samples and Prices are
yours if you will ask us.
111-11 STOCK
I have purchased the C. J.
Harvey Pharmacy, in the Stein
building, at 345 S. Main St., am
remodeling and restocking the
store. I have twenty-two years
experience as a pharmacist, and
compounding of prescriptions
will be under my personal at
Pure drugs and honest treat
ment guaranteed.
When in town shopping, stop
and leave your packages.
J. L. McKee, Pharmacist,
Stein Block. S. Main St., Bntler, Pa.
Lincoln College,
Rogers, Ohio.
Spring Term opens April 14th.
Normal Term, six weeks, be
gins June 23rd.
Commmercial, Ncrmal.Classic
al, Musical and Art De
Write for particulars
P. O Box 143, Rogers, Ohio.
The Butler County National Bank
Commenced Business August 18th, 1890.
Statement of Condition at Close of Basin**.", Thc-sdnjr, April 9th, 1603.
L iaua. .$1,C3"J.918 07 Capital $ 200,000 u l
United States Bonds 100.000 00 Surplus and Profits 164,700 1 i
Blinking House and other Circulation 100,000 €0
Real Estate 147.H35 80 Deposits 2,039,06*11
C i-h and due from Banks. 633.054 41
508.8-28 28 $2,503,828 28
r , I. Jno. Q. McM&rlin, Cashier of tlitf
Attest above named Bank, do solemnly swear
TnecpH RIRTU IV tb.-*t the above statement is true to the
Lksi i" P H \7.t i r '" "• t of ">>' knowledse and belief.
B. MASSKTH. Directors. .TNO. G. MCMARLIN, Cashier.
J. V RITTS, I Subscribed and sworn to before me,
this 13th day of April, 1903.
F. X. KOHLER, Notary Pnbli<\
We take pleasure in c.Uliuj; your attention to the above statement, anl
respectfully solicit your business.
Interest paid on time deposits, subject to withdrawal at any time without notice.
President. Vice President. Vice President.
A. C. KRUG, Ass't Cashier. W. S. BLAKSLKE. Ass t Cashier.
& G»
/ l)o you know no time to Waste,
] J O'» H<*HlS are selected with Rood taste,
A J ,"*i j' Jiff' styles are always here, S
J '| nE latest too, through all the vear. f
j I I AMBI'ROFR suits are always /
j |"llE lime Is uow. without a doubt, S
V T time that you should pick 'em out J
J D 't jft» OUR prlcei,too,are of much concern j
■ P-MPBfeW CV JI'ST try us on ce you soon will learn f
S Jrlsla rjffirn C fOQI>S bought here are up to suufT. V
\ WA*3cR°BRO3: Bi'limS Btiiiti II C
CLOTHINO. |K|H that is quite enough.
C when In doubt, as to the best, r
J ivw | | ERE are the goods that stand the
\ J| N'l' when goods are not right, we C
i by them stand j
J M«BE i'in not be said by any man.
Furniture and Carpet
Our present stock of Carpets is worth talking
about, worth your seeing and buying. Our new
and taking styles are finding their way into the j
best homes in town.
Designs suitable for rooms of every size and
prices suitable for all size pocketbooks.
of every description in up-to-date styles and
H reliable makes.
Furniture for Parlor, Dining Room, Bed
li Room, and every room in the house.
ii Large, well-selected stock at prices that will
be a saving to you.
No. 136 N. Main St. (Bell Phone 105) BUTLER, PA. i
__ m —rr=^-==========
{The Furniture 1
I And Carpet Stock §
lis very complete. |
31 This store has never before offered J§s
If so large an assortment of House lis
j|j Furnishing. St
Igj Lace and Muslin Curtains, jgc
Tapestry Portiers and Wall Paper, jg
3( Decorated Dinner Sets, Toilet JE
a 8 Sets and Gas Ranges. j®
m H
agj Axminster, Velvet and Brussels |g>
j|| Carpets, Matting at less than regular jg
sg prices, A 25c quality at 20c. g|
lAlfred A. Gampbelll
Formerly Campbell & Temple ton.
Will Buy
Oil Productions
From 100 Barrels up.
Address, with particulars,
42-44 Times Building, New York City.
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
I Jeweler and Graduate Optician
j '»>xf Imr to Conrt Itrniie Butler. Pa
Mnsie scholar* w«nted at 188 W.
Wayne St