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    the citizen. I
<OTE—AII advertisers Intending to make
•hang s In their should notify us of
heir Intention I" ter than Mon
lav morninsr.
Road Reports and Widow's Apprais
rnents for March Term.
Bheriff Sales for Feb. 27.
Register's notices for March Term.
Prothonotary's Notice.
Bickel's shoes.
Donthett & Graham's overcoats.
Wick's furnishings.
D. & T's shoe bargains.
Campbell's furniture.
Cooper's suits.
Modern Store's dry goods.
Eyth Bros wall paper.
Kirkpatrick s glasses.
Adinlßlstiators and Executors of estate
cm secure their receipt books at the CITI
ZEN office, and persons making public sales
thslr note books.
—Boil your water.
• —The groundhog saw his shadow.
St. Valentine Day—Saturday of next
--Another dairy association was
organized in Butler, Tuesday night.
—Twenty-three hundred scholars now
keep Snpt. Gibson and the Butler
teachers busy.
—The Prospect certificates of nomi
nation were filed too late, and nomina
tion papers were substituted.
—Armstrong county wants to borrow
a gallows. The condemned man is hop
ing that there will be some delay in ac
commodating the sheriff.
—A Flick began workon his new build
ing on E. Wayne St., Monday; and the
Kramer Bros, intend putting up a four
story brick on their lot on S. Main St.
—J. C. Stoops recently purchased the
R. R. McDermitt farm of 140 acres in
Fairview twp., paying $12,000 for it or
*BS .70 per acre. It ih on the line of the
projected Penn'a R. R. and is underlaid
with coal.
—President Ketler of the Grove City
College iu writing to a friend in Butler
speaks very enthusiastically of the
progress of his college and says "just on
Saturday I got a gift of $35,000 for en
dowment and |40,000 for building.
—Eighty-two gallons of whisky is
s»id to have been the amount delivered
to parties near the Car Works, last Sun
day morning a week, and the distillery
aa;ent who did it is under bail to an
s *'er the charges made against him.
| Seventy-five Italians, all men, are
living in one house on the Wm. Grabe
farm in Jefferson twp., and they all are
working on the new pipe line from Oil
City to Pittsburg. A case of smallpox
in that house would spread like rabies.
—The Slippery rock Normal will ask
the legislature for (£50,000, at this ses
sion, for a new building for a museum
and a gymnasium. There is no more
creditable institution in the State than
this school, and we hope the Legislature
will be liberal with it.
—The Union Veteran Legion enter
tained 200 friends, Monday evening
Tney were ably assisted by the choir or
the U. P. church Maj Phipps read an
interesting paper on the battle of Get
tysburg. Next Monday the Vets, will
decide what kind of a monument they
will erect to Gen. Lee on Seminary
—lf teachers are poorly paid in this
State it is not the fault of the State,
which provides generously for the
•ehook. But it is quite proper in mak
ing the appropriation of eleven millions
biennially to insist that a decent rnini
m um be fixed below which salaries shall
pot fall. In many districts there is no
local taxation whatever for schools, and
tome of the balance from the State goes
to paying for the road mending. The
conmnnity that will not do its share
toward education deserves no State
bounty whatever. -Ex.
—Last week, as Rev. A. H. Ginder of
the Chicora and Fairview Reformed
churches, was driving from Buena Vis
ta to Chicora, four Italian laborers on
the now A. & W. railroad attempted to
hold him up and made a rush at him—
tome of them having knives. Rev.
Ginder is small in size bnt is an athlete
and is an ex-foot ball player. He was
pot daunted. Stopping his horse as the
men eaiue at him, he laid them out, one
*fter the other, with four well directed
blows with the butt of his whip, and
bad driven beyond their reach before
they regained their feet.
—A warning as to the result of neg
lecting sanitary precautions, and es
pecially of concealing the presence of
contagion, is given by the reports from
Mazatlan. Despite vigorous attempts
by the Mexican National Government
to check the bubonic pleague it is raging
at that Pacific port and has spread
throughout the state of 3inaloa. Proper
ty worth $2,000,000 has been burned to
stop the spread of the disease, the popu
lation exposed to infection has been iso
lated in detention camps, but neverthe
less the daily death roll is alarming,and
it cannot yet be affirmed that the epi
demic has been checked.
—The sale of a farm in Fairview twp.
at about $85.70 per acre, last week, is
the best price we have yet heard of, but
• friend informs us that some four
thonsand acres up about Slipperyrock
have been optioned at SIOO an acre, in
fee. These new railroads will bring all
the coal and limestone in the county
Jnto market, and our land owners
should hold out for a reasonable price.
Coal is said to run about 25,000 tons per
foot per acre. The surface vein aver
ages about four feet in this county, or
100,000 tons to the acre, and at S2O
per acre this gives the land owner about
ono-fiftieth of a cent per ton for
his coal, which is entirely too little for
his surface vein, to say nothing of the
lower strata. The good coal in this
county is worth from SSO to SIOO an
—The decision of the Supreme Court
of the United States affecting divorces,
will have far-reaching effect. In sus
taining the opinion of the Supreme
Court of Massachusetts invalidating a
decree obtained by a citizen of that
State in South Dakota the Federal
bench held that the six months' resi
deuce required by the laws of Dakota
[ ! did not constitute a legal transfer of
citizenship, being made for the express
purpose of securing a divorce. Conse
quently Massachusetts retained juris
diction and the denree was void in that
(Jtate. Other States have refused to
recognize Dakota divorces, but this i*
believed to be the first expression of
opinion from the court of last resort.
In effect it nullifies all divorces similar
ly obtained and will do much to dis
courage the Sioux Falls indurtry. As
the usual reason for a trip to Dakota is
to enable the petiticner to piarry some
one else the decision of the Supreme
Court that such marriages are {.'legal
removes the chief object.
I W. J. Boyd of Worth twp. is lying
sick at the Hospital.
J. C. Kerr of Slipperyroik visited
friends in Bntler, Monnay.
W. C. Findley visited his folks at
Euclid and vicinity last week.
Dr. L. H. Grove of Cherry township
visited friends in Bntler. last week.
F H. Bole expects shortly to move to
his newly erected home in Bellevue
C. P. Hitter and wife leave todav for
a visit with friends in Seattle, Wash.
Mrs Mattießeihing left New Yoik.
yesterday, for a trip through Europe.
I. M. Pirn and George Todd of Buffa
lo twp., were in Bntler on business.
Attorney S-iin Walker is about again
after a two-months struggle with ty
phoid fever.
Milton Logan of Wellsville, 0., is
visiting bis mother, Mrs. Amelia Logan
of Jefferson township.
Chris Manny and wife of W. Quarry
St. are happy over the safe arrival of a
new boy at their house.
Robert Plan que tte, the composer of
the opera entitled "The Chimes of Nor
mandy," died last week.
Ex-Judge Calvin Rayburn of Kittan
ning was in town last week as attorney
on the Reed vs Mitchel suit.
Rev. Prugh intends resigning the su
perintendency of the Orphans Home,
which he has held for twenty-one yeare.
W. G. Douthett and Hart Graham,
the clothers, are visiting the eastern
clothing factories, and will be gone for
two weeks.
Wm. A. Hauck, f. r fifteen years man
ager of the Western Union telegraph
office, has resigned, and is succeeded by
John Gall of Pittsburg.
William and Nevin Kerr, twin broth
ers, of Worthington, are 87 years of
age. They were born in Scotland, but
came to this county when boys.
C. D. Cook of Billiards was in town,
Thursday, attending to the affairs of
Mrs. HustOD, who is yet very ill, and to
whom some life insurance is due.
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ruff are enter
taining a little Miss Ruff and are so
well pleased with their guest that they
have decided to keep her all the time.
Mrs. Smith-Jones of New York horse
whipped her husband "because she lov
ed him so." Let us trust that this form
of manifesting affction will not spread.
Miss Lvdia Knapp of Taylorstown,
Washington county, received her ap
pointment as an R. F. D. mail carrier,
last week, and made her first trip over
her route, Monday.
Rev.'Ginder of Chicora belongs to the
church militant, and will, no doubt, at
tain to the church triumphant. He
triumphed over four Italians, last week,
with th<* sole aid of a buggv-whip.
Wm. Carson of Clinton township; A.
W. Boozel of Clay ; Bert Black and G.
E. Chambers of Cherry ; Henry Feme of
Butler township; E. H. Baker of Penn,
and ex-Sheriff W. B. Dodds of Adams
ville, were among our callers, Saturday.
Abram S. Hewitt, dee'd, late of Xew
York, gave away all his fortune except
a modest competence for his wife and
children. Here is a case of a man who
did not "die disgraced/' and he never
boasted of his benefactions nor wanted
them given publicity.
Senator Wellington wants the wealth
of any individual limited to $10,000,000.
That seems unnecessary. We have
scanned the lists of millionaire tax-pay
ers in New York and there are only a
few who claim to own anything like a
million, while Carnegie is assessed at
only five, and Mr. Morgan has nothing
above his debts, so he says. It seems
that the public has a wrong impression
about wealth.—Ex.
—The Common Council of Pittsburg,
passed the ordinance admitting the
"Wabash" to the town, Tuesday night,
after holding it up for two years, and
the R. R. Co has advertised for bids for
a million dollar "Terminal" to be locat
ed at the corner of Liberty and Ferry
Anniversary Sunday.
The coming Sunday. February 8, will
be one of great importance to the Young
Men's Christian Association of Butler,
because of the services to be held in the
Association's honor. Three men of
prominence will be here to assist for the
day. These men are S. M. Bard, State
Secretary; S. A. Taggart, ex-State Sec
retary and W. W. Locher, General Sec
retary of the Y. M. C. A. at New Cas
tle. The services for the day will be as
follows; The Men's meeting in the after
noon will be addressed by S. M. Bard
and will be one of great power. An or
chestra of four pieces will be at this
meeting. In the evening three union
meetings will be held. One in each of
the following churches, Methodist, Uni
ted Presbyterian and St. Paul's Reform
ed The Association's work will be
thoroughly presented and much good
should come to the community through
these meetings. Offerings will taken at
these services for the Association.
I will l>e at Nace's Wick House Livery
barn on Friday and Saturday, February
(5 and 7, to buy one car load of horses
and mares, drivers, general-purpose and
draft horses, 1050 to 1500 pounds, 4 to 8
years old.
Will also buy ten head of blemished
horses, 1250 to 1500. Must have good
wind, not lame, and in fair flesh,
Bring them in and get a fair price in
cash. H. SEANOR & Co.
Two More Special Tours to Flo
lUla, Baltimore & Ohio
Only |54.25 for the round trip from
Butler, Pa.
February 10, via Atlantic Coast Line.
South of Washington tickets include
Pullman accommodations and meals en
route, going and returning, leaving
Jacksonville February 25th.
March 10, via Seaboard Air Line.
South of Washington tickets include
Pullman accommodations and meals en
route on going trip, only, and are good
to retnrn on regular trains until May
ill, 1903.
For detailed information, call on W.
R. Turner, Ticket Agent, Butler. Pa.,
or address E. D. Smith, A. G. P. A.,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Lot and 0 roomed house on E. Jeffer
son St. Ex , almost new, slale roof,
plastered, stone wall, cellar, drilled
well, soft water, $2:100.
Lot and 8 roomed house, W. Clay St.,
hot and cold water, bath, cellar, stone
wall slate roof, plastered, will trade for
farm property
Six roomed house and lot 30x100 on
W. Clay St , hot and cold water, slate
roof, cellar, bath, hardwood mantles,
Five roomed house, lot 00x148 West
D St., drilled well, fruit trees, $2250.
Five roomed house, lot 30x148, West
D St., hot and cold water, bath, hard
wood mantle. $2450.
Six roomed house, S. Washington,
Seven roomed house. Clay and Elm
Sts, hot and cold water, bath, etc.,
, large lot. S3BOO.
Last Midwinter Excursion to
Washington and Baltimore
February l», via Balti
more and Ohio Kj.
s!> 00 round trip from Butler, Pa.
Tickets valid for return 10 days, in
cluding date of sale. Vestibuled trains,
standard coaches, Pullman parlor and
sleeping cars. The last opportunity to
visit the National Capitol while con
gress is in session.
Get detaded information from any
B & O ticket agent
The most complete and fully illustrat
ed guide to Washington may lie pur
chased from agents at ten cents per
I have just received a large shipment
of Edison's Phonographs and Talking
Machines and latest Records.
Jeweler and Optioian,
i No. 200 S. Main Street, Butler, Pa.
Geo. F. Myers, of McFann, vs Rosie
Myers; petition for divorce for desertion.
Laura M. Crouch V 3. Lewis P. Crouch.
petition for divorce for desertion.
Margaret and William Barber v
Nicholas H. Hilliard, E. L. \\ asson
Chas. Moore an«l H. D. Little, ejectment
for 21 acres in Washington twp., claim
ed by the plaintiffs, but in possession of
Hilliard and optioned lor coal by him to
the other defendants.
Harrv Baner. trustee, vs Ada Martin,
Sadie E. Ganter. Frankie Horton, et al.
heirs of John Martin, ejectment for a
half interest in lo acr> s on Mercer St.,
claimed by the plaintiffs to have been
sold to them by James Bredin in !86W.
The suit of W. J , J. E and C. A.
Craig vs A. L. Staples and E. D. Buz
zard. was continued until March.
The suit of Salvatore Cavallo and Ro
sanna. his wife, against the Evans City
Coal company for $5,000 damages for
injuries to Mrs. Cavallo, caused by a
stone thrown by a blast coming throt»gh
a window and striking her in the side,
breaking a rib, resulted in a verdict of
$35 for the husband and $65 for the wife.
In the suit of W. A Gcehring for use
of M. M. Goehring vs the Zeno Cleve
Oil Co., owner, and W. A. Goehring,
contractor, assumpsit, a verdict of 81,
365. was rendered in favor of M. M
Goehring. by agreement of the parties.
In the suit of S. W. Coe vs Albert
Pew, the defendant moved for a dismis
sal of the case for want of jurisdiction
and the trial was continued to allow ar
gument on the motion.
The assumpsit suit of D F. Reed vs.
W. C. Mitchell, now of Kittanning. re
sulted in a verdict of 4=71.03 for Ree l.
In the case of Edwin Meeder, assignee
of W. E. Wilkins vs M M. Goehring.
assumpsit, a special verdict was return
ed by the jury, subject to questions of
law reserved by the court.
David George is in jail for assault and
George Miller, of Ball Valley, Venan
go twp , was brought to jtil Friday
night by Constable Ribold on a charge
of felonious atsault with intent to rape
on a commitment issued by Justice Jno.
H.Tcbayof Eau Claire Miller is 48
years old and single. Friday he caught
Lizzie Kelly aged 13 years, a daughter
of Henry Kelly, while on her way to
school, threw her down, tore oft her fas
cinator, and disarranged her clothes
Her cries attracted her father. Will
Murrin and Joe Forquer, who caught
Miller ard took him before Squire Te
Saturday a hearing was had in the
quo warranto poceeding against Squire
W. J Huehes, of McKeea' Rocks and
Lyndora. Hughes' att'ys.Mefsrs Brandon
and Kohler, advanced the claim that
a private citizen could not secure a writ
of quo warranto atrainst a justice com
missioned by the Governor and neither
could the District Attorney. Mr. Hen
ninger produced authorities to show he
was right. A further hearing will be
held Saturday. Hughes' attorneys ad
mitted be held the office illegally and
said they would advise him to resign
when the legal questions were settled.
Hon. Calvin Rayburu has been admit
ted to practice before the courts of But
ler county.
M. A. Choyminski, a Slav, is in jail
for selling and delivering liquor to the
carworks hnnkies withont license.
C. V. Dufford has been charged with
surety of the peace by Mrs. Tillie A.
John F. Rininger, agent for a Ken
tucky distillery, who came to Butler,
took orders among the Lyndora people
for liquor, delivered 80 gallons of whis
key with two dray wagons on Sunday,
Jan. 25 and collected for it, has been
held for court for selling liquor without
license, on Sunday, and for a nou-resi
dent company. He is out on $1,300 bail.
The polling place of the the Ist (Is
land) precinct, 3d ward has been chang
ed from the Coovert house on Neglej
Ave to Gormley Bro's store, corner
Wayne St. and Sullivan Aye.
Citizens of Adams, Jackson, Forward
and Cranberry twps have petitioned for
a new road from near the Conrad Wag
ner place to the Dunbar school honse.
Geo. C. Pillow, Surveyor; Jas A. Mc-
Marlin and Jacob Rice were appointed
Nealy McCool was found in a deler
ious condition and sent to jail for 10
John Mucallena is in jail for carrying
concealed weapons and obstructing
service of legal process.
He pulled a revolver on Policeman
Schnltz when the latter arrested him in
the Bowman House bar on a charge of
surety of the peace preferred by Frank
Gallo. This is Mucallena's second of
Geo. W. Whitehall to Albert G. Kra
mer, lot on South Main street for $5,500.
John S. Campbell to Geo, W. White
hill, same for $4,000.
Marion McMillen to Adam Goeppner,
lot on Fourth street for S7OO.
Chas. S. Kerr, admr, to Mary Faha
lon, 15 acres in Brady for $450.
D B. Emerick to J. L. Emerick. lot
on Center Ave. extension for $1,500.
Byerly heirs to S. J. McCombs, 240
acres in Buffalo for $10,262.70.
Nelson B. Duncan to J. C. Milleman,
lot in Zelienople for SI,OOO.
D. C Nicholas to Annie N. King, lot
on South Side for $1,500.
Jos. C. Wagner to John A. Wagner,
lot on Cliff street for $2,000.
John A. Wagner to Jos. C. Wagner,
lot on Cliff street for $2,600.
Jos. C. Wagner to W. S. McCrea. lot
at Jefferson and Cliff streets for $1,400.
L. T. Kerr to W. M. Mitchell, lot in
Ean Claire for $1,500.
Martha J Irwin to Mary E Christley
lot on Morton aye for SI4OO.
Jos G Thompson to P G McNanny 4
acres in Adams for $735,
County Commissioners to J B Mc-
Jnnkin and F J Forqner 2fi acres in
Allegheny twp. for $5, also half interest
in 20 acrew for sl3.
Jas Wallace, adm'r to Mis Frances A
Clark 2 lots in Zelienople for S2IOO, also
lot for $1305.
Elizabeth Ensley to Matilda Ensley
48 acres in Jackson for 83500.
J A Easley to J I Post lot on Centre
ave lot for S2BOO.
Lorain II Smith to Sarah E Turner
lot on Fairyi nv ave for s2*oo.
Mfirtha Hildebrand to Walter Scott
lot in Mars for $125.
James Bredin to Jas S Murray 130
acres in Winfield for S4iHH).
L C Wick to J C Haminermiller lot
ou Eytli st for SIHOO.
R. R. MclJeruiott to John C. Stoops,
140 acres in Fairvinw for $12,000.
Henry Wild to lot
in Zelienople for $2,700.
Marriage Licenses.
Andy Bolcar Butler
Annie Motuniak "
John T. Bricker Sarversvillc
Laura J. Lee Tarentum
At Franklin, Pa—T. V. Kelly, of Boy
ers, and Matilda Shaffer of Emlenton.
Also L. B. Summers of Butler and Nel
lie Price of Jamestown, Pa.
At Youngstown, O.—Clarence Walsh
and Bertha Killmeyer of Butler.
At Barbonrsville. Ky. —O. C. Mc-
Clung of Butler, and Jennie Dickinson,
of Barbonrsville.
Pittsburg Orchestra.
The thirteenth set of concerts by the
Pittsburg Orchestra, Victor Herbert,
Conductor, will be given in Carnegie
Music Hall, Schenley Park, this Friday
J evening, February oth; and Saturday
I afternoon. February 7th.
The program this week includes the
"Heroic" symphony by Beethoven which
with the fifth and seventh, is numbered
among the more popular of the Beeth
oven series. The Liszt number is the
, most brilliant of the composer's Hym
j phonic poems, and the Saint S.iens
! piece, which closes the program, is one
I of those characteristic pieces, orchestrat
! Ed with all the skill of this accepted
Good clothing at your own price at
Ritter& Itockenstein's Mid-Season Sale.
Doings in Council.
At the meeting of Council, Tuesday
evening, bills aggregating SI,BOO were
approved and ordered paid: the salary
of Sec'y Fowser ot the Board of Health
was raised to S3O per month and that of
Offi -er MeQuistion to $-">0 per month.
The Board reported 170 deaths in the
town during 1902, eleven of which were
from gnn-shot wounds and eighteen
fiom accidents; asked for an appropria
tion of $1,250 for this year. The High
Constable was ordered to take out a
warrant for a citizen of the Ist ward,
who has been obstructing the sidewalk
an ordinance opening Franklin Street
through the Baldauf property was or
dered prepared, a new sidewalk ordi
nance was passed, and several petitions
referred to the proper committees.
The Finance Committee ree-ommended
that the test of exonerations for- taxes
for 1900 and 1901 be allowed, excepting
the Davis lead works and the Butler
silk mill. The amount said to be due
from the lead works is $660.
Al Crow had three ribs fractured by
a fall, last Friday. A scaffolding at the
Power House of the electric-light plant
gave way.
Large Consignment of Flour.
On Monday, January 26, the Pills
burv Mills, of Minneapolis, shipped a
solid train loSd of Pillsbnry's Best Flonr
to Pittsburg. This train was routed via
theC., B. & Q. to Chicago, and Ft.
Wayne from Chicago to Pittsburg. This
is the largest consignment of flour ever
shipped to this market, and consisted of
35 cars, aggregating 10,000 barrels, 6.000
barrels of which was for Ward-Mackey
Co.. the large Bakers who make the
Celebrated Mothers'Bread,and it would
seem that the phenomenal success they
have made is due to the fact that they
use only the best flonr.—Pittsburg
Leader, Jan. 30th.
Grand Opera Hous«*, Pittsburg.
Clyde Fitch's smart satirical comedy,
"The Way of the World," which was
oTe of the big hits in the metropolis
Inst year, will be seen at the Grand
Opera House, Pittsburg, beginning
next Monday, Febrnarv oth. The play
opens with Mr. and Mrs. Croyden, a
young married couple antomobling in
Central Park. They are devotedly
happy, only regretting the fact that
they are e-hildless.
Tour to California.
The second Pennsylvania Railroad
Personally-conducted Tour to California
for the present season will leave New
Vork and Philadelphia on the Golden
Gate Special, February 19, going via
Cincinnati, New Orleans, San Antonio
and El Paso to Los Angeles and San
Diego. Three days will be spent in
New Orleam during the Mardi-Gras
festivities. Should a sufficient number
of passengers desire to travel UDder the
care of a Tourist Agent and Chaperou,
a delightful month's itinerary in Cali
fornia has been outlined; and a return
ing itinerary to leave San Francisco
March 28, visiting Salt Lake City,
Gltnwood and Colorado Springs and
Denver, arriving in New York April 6.
Rate, $275 from all points on the Penn
sylvania Railroad east of Pittsburg,
covering all expenses of railroad trans
portation, side trips in California, and
berth and meals going on special train.
No hotel expenses in California are in
cluded. Tickets are good for return
within nine months, but returning
cover transportation only. For detailed
itinerary apply to Ticket Agents, or
address Geo. W. Boyd, Assistant Gen
eral Passenger Agent. Broad Street
Station, Philadelphia, Pa.
Attend the State Normal
School at Slipperyrock, Butler
county, Pa. Advantages first
class, rates low. Tuition free
to teachers and those who in
tend to teach.
Winter Term begins Tues
day, Dec. 29, 1902.
Fathers aiul Mothers
teach your child to Have by opening a
bunk account for him with the Real
Estate Trust Company, 311 Fourth
ayenue, Pittsburg, Pa. Four per cent,
interest on savings accounts.
Capital anil Surplus $3,700,000.00.
Real Estate Broker.
Parties wishing to purchase or sell
oil properties, farms, city residences or
real estate of any kind, snoukl call upon
Win. Walker,in Ketterer's b'd'g,opposite
P. O. Butler Ps. Peoples Phone No. 519.
Wheat, wholesale price 03-65
Rye, " 55
Oats, " 35
Corn, " ........ 60
Buckwheat 65
Hay, " 13 00
tfggs, " 25
Butter, '' 25
Potatoes, ' 50
Onions, per bu 1 00
Beets, per bu 50
Cabbage, per lb 1
Chickens, dressed 15
Parsnips, per bu 50
Turnips 40
Apples 40 50
j Celery, doz bunches 25
Honey, per pound 25
Attend Ritter & Rockenstein's Mid-
Season Clearance Sale Clothing at
your price.
Butler's largest and beat sacrifice
clothing sale at Ritter & Rockenstein's.
FARM FOR RENT—A ninety acre
farm near Whiteetown, iu Connoque
nessing township, is for rent, immediate
possession, inquire of W. D. Brandon,
Butler, Pa.
Insurance and Real Estate.
If you wish to sell or buy property
you will find it *o your advantage to see
Wlll. H. Miller, Insurance and Real
Estate, next P. 0., Butler, Pa.
Oast Fixtures,
We have them; 50 different styles.
They are in the latest finishes, made to
match the hardware of your house.
Whitichill, Plumber.
Ask lor It!
If you don't see what you want at the
B. H. & P. Cafe ask for it.
They will furnish you with anything
in the market,and cook it nicely for you
on short notice.
The Cafe is open from eArly in the
morning till late at night.
B. It. & P. CAFE.
Stein building, South Main St., Butler.
Supers furnished for Theatre parties.
Bell Telphone 147.
Chas. F. Kinu. Prop'r.
J. (i & W. Campbell handle Armour's
Fertilizers. They now have a supply of
Armour's Farmers Almanacs. Anv
Farmer can have one by calling. We
are now Ixxiking orders for Fertilizer.
The latest assortment of Edison Talk
ing Machines and Records.
Caul H. "Lekhineh,
Jeweler and Optician,
No. 20!) K. Main street, Butler, Pa.
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Concord--The Devonian Oil Cos No.
6on the Starr, was 10 feet in the sand
and making 10 barrels an hour. Friday,
and on Tuesday was reported at 5
barrels per hour. The location is 800
feet west of their big well and about
the «ame distance east of tfce-ir suiali
well on thi l Thompson farm. The well
is important only to the owners, as it is
in defined limits.
The County—C. R. W. in the Derrick
summarizes the operations of the past
month in this connty as follows: "The
month's work will show about 40 wells
completed, giving a new production of
225 bbls There are some 50 wells drill
ing and 2.5 rigs up and under way. Con
siderable experimental work has been
planned for the opening of Spring, with
the expectation of developing a produc
tive pool from some of the deep sands.
Texas —Texas is reaping the aftermath
of its mad boom in wildcat oil com
panies in divers unexpected ways.
Spindle Top is still producing large
quantities of oil but the stock com
panies with glib tongued promoters and
glittering prospectuses have been al
most entirely obliterated.
The Aceiclcnt 011 the 31a.ssacliu
Henry W. Bnrtner, a mtmber of tho
company of marines on board the L T . S.
battleship Masssachusetts, sent his folks
here the following account of the late
accident on board that vessel.
SAN J CAN, P. R., Jan. 18, 1908 □
"I will try and send you a few lines
on the sad accident on the Massachusetts
last Friday. We were at target practice
and while the crew of the 8-inch guns
were firing •» charge of 100 lbs. of pow
der, it exploded and burned ten men so
badly that they are all dead but one,
and he is almost dead.
As soon as the accident happened the
Admiral gave orders for us to go to San
Juan as quicklj as we could, and sent
four doctors on l>oard to help our own.
And we made a flying trip to San Juan,
a distance of 50 miles.
But, when we had arrived, five of the
poor fellows had died and the carpen
ter's gang had started to make the cof
fins and the dead were prepared for bur
ial, and those who were yet living seut
to the hospital. Next morning the dead
were buried with naval honors.
As we were coming back from the
graveyard a signal came that two more
of them had died.
And now we have just got word that
one more of them has died and is to be
buried to-morrow. Just to think what
they have been suffering. It is too hor
rible to relate; some of them were burn
ed so bad you could not tell who they
We had just finished firing the sis
inch gun and were standing about
watching them fire the 8-inch sun. One
of the gun's crewe had just finished firing
and had come out of the turret, leaving
only one crew inside, (ten men). Thev
had fired all but two shots and had on<*
in, but when they went to fire it the gun
held fire, and when they opened the
breech the gun went off, filling the
tnrret with Humes and setting fire to
bags of powder that had just came tip
from the magazine and the men could
not get out quick enough. We manned
the hose and turned the tnrret as soon as
we could, and flooded the magazine in
time to save the ship.
I shall never forget those poor fellows
some with the flesh falling off them,
begging for someone to kill them. They
were taken to the bay, and wrapped in
clothes soaked linseed oil.
One fellow, before anyone could catch
him, jumped overboard, but he died a
few hours afterwards.
You will get the papers giving full
accounts of it, as there have been sev
eral reporters on board.
U. S. S. Mass., San Juan, P. R.
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The following widows' appraisements of
person ill property and real estate set apart
for the benefit of the widows of decedents
have been Hied In the office of the Clerk
of the Orphans' Court of Butler County, viz:
Widow of John C. Graham.pers prop'tysloo 00
" Charles Wagner, 200 !M
Robert Kidd. " 21K» !K)
" Michael Fleming, " -*>o "0
" Jacob llutzley, " :KX) 00
'• John Gaibreath, " 00
•' John M. ltrown. " UOO 00
William ('. Miller, " :«*) Oo
Samuel I), ilaalett,real estate 300 00
'* Jacob Krlstophel, pros prop'y .'IOO 00
" W. W. Jackson, " .100 00
Mlnorchlldren of I'eter Kepple, " 145 DO
Widow of Thomas S. Coulter, " M 0 00
W. I). Huff, " 255 77
" I'hllip T. Templeton, " 154 16
All persons Interested In the above ap
praisements will take notice that they will
be presented for confirmation to the Orphans'
Court of Butler county. I'a., on Sat urday.the
7th day of March, I',KW, and If no exceptions
ure Died, they will bo confirmed absolutely.
Clerk O. C.
Clerks Office, Feb. 4.1903.
Notice Is hereby given that the following
roads and bridges have been confirmed nisi
by the Court and will be presented on the
lirst Si.tuiday of .March Court, 11KKI, being
t lie 7th day of said month, and if no excep
tions aro tiled they will be confirmed abso
lutely :
11. I). No. I. September Term, 1 In the
matter of the petition of citizens of Adams
and Middlesex townships for a public road
from a point in the center of what Is known
as the old State or Heaver road, near Mc-
I'aun's store and postottice building In Mid
dlesex township to a point where a public
road known as ti|e Spahn and Glade Mills
road Intersects the Allegheny and Hutler
I'lank road. May 10. 1002. viewers appointed,
who on September 1, 100:2, filed their report In
favor of saiil road.
Damages assessed: W. It. Thompson, $5;
John Johnston. S2O; J. C. and It. M. Wright,
SJO; ilaniiay Bailey heirs, sls; and Joseph
Mangai and children,ss; to lie paid by Hutler
county. Now. September 0, 1002, approved,
and fix width of road »t feet; notice to be
given according to rules of Court.
By tub Court.
11. D. No. 2, September Term, 1902. In the
matter of the petition of citizens of .Marlon
township,for a county bridge over Gllghrlst's
Uun In said township, where the run crosses
the public road leading from Murrinsville to
llarrlsville. May lU, 1002, viewers appointed
by the Court, who on November 10. IUU2, fiiod
their report in favor of said bridge. Now.lie
cember •). 11*02, approved, notice to be given
according to rules of Court, and to be laid
before Grand Jury at nej(t term.
R, D. No. :j. December Term, 1902. In the
matter of the petition of citizens of Hutler
iiorouKh for a county bridge over Connotiue
uesslng Creek In said borough, where said
creek crosses the public road known as West
street Extension. September :i, WO2. viewers
appointed by the Court, who on November
l.i, 1003, filed their report, in favor of said
bridge. Now, December 0. 1002, approved,
notice to be given according to rules of
(.'onrt. and to be laid before Oram! .lurv at
next term. Ny thk ou:kt.
I!. I). No. ti. Dec. Term, 1903. In the matter
»f the petition of citizens of Hutler twp. for
a public road from a point on the But ler and
Wtiltcatown, commonly known as the nor
land road, at or near the house of John I*.
l orclit, to a point ou the Hutler and Gllle
land Mill road, known as the Powder Mill
Run road, at or near the house formerly
owned by David i'earce, now Frank X. Koh
ler. Sept. 10, 1902. viewers were appointed
by the Court, who on Dec. I. lIW2, filed their
report In favor of said road. NuW Dec. I;
li"'-. approved, and flu width of road at .'io
feet, noticu to be given according to rules of
Court. By tiib COOKT.
li. D. No. 7. Dec. Term, ISxrj. In the matter
of the petit ion of citizens of Jackson, Cran
berry and Forward twps. for a public road
from a point on the I'll!sliurg and Franklin
road, at oi-near the residence of Wm. Ram
sey, to Intersect with the Cutlery public
road, at or near the residence of John Tue.n
tier. Nov. M. IIHC. viewers appointed by
Court, who<!>> Dec. I, HUB,', (lied their report
|n favor of said road.
Damages assessed; Frank Rider. s£>. Now.
Dec. 0. IW2. approved, anil ll* width of road
at :ti feet, notice to given according to j-ules
of Court. By tub Couht.
Butlkii (Jot: HTY, SH:
Certified from the record tills 4tli day of
Feb., A, D. irn GEORGE M. GRAHAM,
Clerk Q. S. Court.
need .'no men for different positlonsV If you
are willing to work we can place yon. We
are able to supply, on short notice, any kind
of male help to employers order will tie fill
ed very promptly. Apply, Old Reliable Key
stone Bureau. Its: I'enn avenue, I'lttshurg.
Established 1575. 2-5-tim
Wanted—Two Carloads of Cordwood.
Must contain No. i hickory; will pay u«mkl
i»rlct>. Uuo. S. Schmidt. 498 ft Hutler
St., I'itUburg, I'a. 2-5-lm
The New Railroad.
The directors of the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company and i f the Pennsyl
vania Company at their meetings held
in Philadelphia last Thursday, had be
fore them the plan for the low-gratis
freight cut-off to run from Enon, on the
Fort Wayne road, to Red Bank ou the
Allegheny Valley railroad. The officials
approved the plans and ordered that
the contracts be let at once.
The road will be double tracked, with
enormous freight yards at both ends,
and.will cost at least $0,000,000. It was
said at the meetings that tracks of the
Allegheny Valley, Philadelphia & Erie
and Northern Central roads were in
good shape to handle the new traffic
which the low grade route will give
them, but that big transfer yards must
be built at Sunburv. where the Philadel
phia & Erie road will liai.d over the
freight to the Northern Central. The
yards will cost about $50,000, and it is
semi-officially announced that the
Northern will soon let contracts for their
The cut-off from Enon to Red Bank
will enable the Pennsylvania to send all
through freight to and from the west
around Pittsburg and relieve the con
gestion at that city, and when it is built
and and the freight road through Lan
caster and Chester counties is completed
the Pennsylvania will have a low grade
freight road stretching from the Alle
gheny river to the Delaware The route
from Red Bank is by way of the low
grade division of the Allegheny Valley
road to Driftwood, thence by the Phila
delphia & Erie to Sunburv, and thence
by the Northern Central to Maysyille,
north of Ilarrisburg, and down along
the Susquehanna to Shocks Mills. The
route of the low-grade road is thence
down the fast bank of the Susquehanna
on the bed of the Columbia & Deiwsit
road to York Haven, and thence across
Lancaster and Chester counties to At
glen. From Atglen the main line will
be used to Glen Loch, where connection
is made with the Trenton cut off, which
takes the low-grade freight route to the
Delaware. The road is expected to be
opened from the Allegheny to the Dela
ware within 18 months.
By virtue of a writ of Fi. Fa., issued out
of the Court of Common Pleas of Butler
Co., Pa., and to medirected, there will be ex
posed to public sale, on the premious in
Adams tW|)., Butler Co., I'a.. on
Friday, the Otli day of February,
A.D. 1903, at 1 o.ciock p. m., tlio following
described property, to-wit:
E. I). No. s, March Term. 1903. 11. 11. Goucher,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
Keliecca McCaw and Margaret McCiiw,
dee'd., with notice to T. W. McCaw, admin
istrator. C. T. A. "f the said Margaret Mc-
Caw. deceased, of. in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Adams
township, Itutler county. I' i., bounded as
follows, to-wit: Beginning on the Evans
City road at a point distant eight hundred
and thirty-eight (*.» feet from the corner of
the Pittsburg road; thence along said Evans
City road north and d» greos east, one
hundred apd tifty feet (I."i 0) toau alley.fifteen
feet wide; thence by line of said alley south
87and '4 degrees west two hundred feet to
Garlleld avenue; thence by line of said liar-
Held avenue south 2 and H degrees west one
hundred and llfty feet to a pin: thence north
s7 and 'i degrees east two hundred feet to
the Evans City road aforesaid, at the place
of beginning; and having a two story frame
dwelling house and outbuildings thereon
erected. Helped and taken In execution in
satisfaction of a judgment obtained on a writ
ot Scire Facias Tor the debt, interest, at
torneys commission and costs secured by a
certain indenture of mortgage given by
Rebecca McCaw and .Margaret McCaw to
James Welsh bearing date the 4th day of
December, A I). 1883, entered and recorded
in Mortgage Book 4.1, page 107.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Rebecca McCaw and Margaret Mc-
Caw. deceased, with notice to T. W. McCaw.
administrator C. T. A. of the said Margaret
McCaw. deceased, at the suit of James Welsh
for use of 11. 11. Goucher. Trustee.
By virtue of sundry writs of Ven. Ex., Fi.
Fa., Lev. Fa.. Ac., Issued out of the Court of
Common l'leas of Butler Co., I'a., and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale
at the Court House in the borough of Butler,
I'a. on
Friday, the 27tli day of February
A. I). 1903, at 1 o'clock p. m., the following
described property, to-wit:
E. I). No. 34. December Term. 190"-'. Thompson
& Son, Attorneys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Braden Garvin and Benjamin Garvin, of. in
and to all that certain piece or parcel of
land, situated in Cranberry township. Butler
county, I'a., bounded as follows, to-wlt: On
the north by lands of Barto heirs, Peter
Ehrman and heirs of George Ehrman, on tho
east by lands of George KnautT, on the south
by lands of Newton Garvin and John
Relchele and on the west by lands of Newton
Garvin, William Koerner and Peter Ehrman,
containing one hundred and fifty (130) acres,
more or less.
Seized anil taken In execution ivs tho pron
porty of Braden tiarvln and Benjamin
Garvin, at tho suit of W. J. Blukluy and J. L.
Itlakley, Executors of A. Blakley, dec'd.
E. I). No. 18, March Term, 1903. Thompson &
Son. Attorneys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of .1
A.Croft. of. In ana to all that certain piece or
tract of land, situated In Middlesex town
ship. Butler county, Pa., bounded as follows,
to-wit: On the north bv M. O. Ekas and
Brown hairs, oast by U. I', cemetery and
Martin Bowers, south by lilttman heirs, west
by lands of Robert Huxton and John Parks
heirs, containing 12ZH acres, with frame
bouse, frame barn, frame wagon shed and
other outbuildings thereon erected.
Seized und taken In execution alt the prop
erty of J. A. Croft at the suit of Lewis Dope.
By virtue of a special writ of Fl. Fa..lssued
out of the Court of Common Pieas of Butler
county. Pa., and to mo directed, there will
he exposed to public sale, at the Court
House in Butler. Butler Co., Pa., on
Friday, the U7tU day of February,
A. 1). UKX). at one o'clock, l*. M., the following
described property, to-wlt:
E. I). No. 27 and 2N. March Term, 1903. N. C
McCollough and Forquer, Attorneys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
William .I. Logan, of. In and to all that cer
tain piece or parcel of land, situated in Mll
lerstown borough, But lev county. Pa.,
bounded as follows, to-witj On the north by
lands formerly of heirs of Andrew Barnhart,
42 feet-, east by lands formerly of Leopold.
1 OS feet; on the south by Sllpperyrock street.
42 feet and on the west by Simpson avenue
one hundred and thirty-t wo feet, and having
thereon erected one Iron clad build
ing :»lx7o feet, and one small coke shed.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erth of William .1. Logan, at the suit of J. L.
Martin and Mlllerstown Deposit Co.
TERMS OF SALE-The following must bo
strictly compiled with when property Is
stricken dow>).
1. When the plaintiff or othor lien creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on the writ
must be paid, and a list of the liens. Includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold,
together with such lien cro<lltor's receipt*
for the amount of tlio proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must bo paid In full,
3. All sales not settled Immediately will lie
continued until one o'clock. P. M.. of the
uexf day at which time all property not
set Mod for will again be put up and sold at
the expense and risk of tlio person to whom
lirst sold.
•See Purdon's Digest,, 9th edition, page 4ltl,
and Smith's Forms, page 3H4.
MARTIN L. tiIBSON. Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. Butler. Pa.. Feb. litou.
If so, the chances are that yon have
eye trouble. Come and see us. Wo
test your oyes free of charge and fur
nish you glasses as low us quality will
permit. Can't be too careful of your
eyes if yon expect to have satisfactory
use of them in old ajje.
We also noli—
l£diaoti and Victor Phonographs.
Eastman and Paco Cameras.
Photo Supplies.
Washburn Mandolins and Guitars.
< iptical goods.
Field and Spy Glasses.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Neit to Court Houw
For Sale.
Beautiful, levtl
oiiio FARMS,
All sU«'s; near markets; prices and
trriu.s reasonable. Hend for my list of farms.
One hundred bushels a day capacity; rail
road slillng; within 25 miles of I'lttsburg. At
present In operation and making money
SplendHl I,,l'utiou mid established trade
Oilier business reason for selling. lor par
ticulars. address,
3-3-41 Empire Building, Pittsburg, Pa.
> Indigestion r
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1 Catarrh of Stomach S
l Are you troubled with \
\ these? Would you take a f
V good remedy if you could /
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V tory." We know it does /
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C. N. BOYD, 11
\ Pharmacist, ' S
C Diamond Block. /
/ Butler, Pa, ?
j People's Phone 83. }
\ | Bell Phone 146 D. j \
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on any
in the store.
Good for
10 days only.
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B. B.
Comment not necessary when
we ofler, —-
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Wool Striped Waist Cloths, 15c
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All White and All Black Moire
Velour, 27 inches wide, 75c
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Bogo-s & Buhl
Department X
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as well as
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modities in a short time than in
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£ B JENKINS & CO., Inc.
Hankers an<' Hrokers,
114 Fourth Avenue, PitUburif, Pu,
■——■— l r -
Low Prices For
ti ci ry C )fferir\{ss
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ODD DRESSERS We have ne.it hard wood Dressers as lov |
as $7.00; others ir. combinations for $8.00; fine golden ?
oak Dressers, French beveled plates, at $14.00.
EXTENSION TABLES —Solid oak Extension Tables, legs 1
bolted on, workmanship right, at $6.50; others at prices }
ranging Irom sS.oo up. Sizes in 6, Bor 10 ft. A large
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CAR LOADS OF IRON BEDS. Springs and Mattresses of all
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BED ROOM SUITS —Never had a better selection of Suits |
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French plate, cast brass trimmings, veiy neat, well made
suit for $25.00. Other suits at $28.00, $30.00, $35,00
and upwards. See the line.
I No. 136 N. Main St. (Bell Phono 10.5) BUTLER. PA.
Mrs, j. e. zimmerhan|
|!A Continuation of Theirl
;j; Semi=Annual |
ij: Sacrifice Sale. |
1 Notwithstanding the fact that the sale last week was the
most successful one they have ever had, their stock 4$
of Winter goods is still too heavy, it must be Cf
They have made still further reductions on Winter Wraps
and all ready-to-wear garments. Price on
Ladies', Misses' and Children's Wraps ►
Reduced to 1-2 Former Price. >
Silk Waists £ price. Woolen Waists £ price. Greater < >
sacrifice prices on Undcr-muslins. One lot Corset 4 >
Covers price. The same price as last week on 4 >
4 > Ready to use Sheets, Bolsters and Pillow Cases. 4 |
( > Sacrifice Prices Continue all Month of January. ,£
Mrs. J. E. Zimmerman.]
, k Bell Phono SOP. Rutlor. Or, 4 >
'i 1 People's l'hono 12ft. tJUtier, t-'EI. 1 I
C. 6. jWlfefe€R'S~j
Great Clearance Sale.'
» glen's Felt at 10c a pair.
All Holiday Slippers to be closed out regardless of cost. |
All our Boys' and Girls' good solid school shoes to be
j closed out less than cost.
Jan. 25th we take stock and until this date we are going
to clean up all broken lots and reduce our stock and in order
to do this quickly we are going to ofler some record breaking
prices. We are just finishing up by far the largest year's busi
ness we have ever had and we feel after the immense amount
of Boots and Shoes we have sold in the last year, we can al- £
most aftord to give balance away.
Space will not permit to give in detail all the great bargains |
that will be offered here for the next twenty days, but will
say, bring a very little money here and sec the great amount
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Full line of Walkover and Douglass fine shoes for men.
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Fin<? Shoes For badies.
For anything in the line of footwear try
Sir. 8. Main St.. Butler. Pa. Opposite Hotol Arlington.
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