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    Tho Dinne
Of the Americas working man is gen
erally well filled. In some cases :t is
too well filled. It contains too many
kinds of food, and very often the food is
of the wrong kind—hard to digest and
containing little.nutrl
tjon. As a.come-
a work
-""-*tngman developssotne 9* W
form of stomach t
trouble which inter- Jf
ferei with his health
and reduces his work
*Wher« there MM
13 indigestion or
any otaer indi- j~jl M jjkHTBSy
cation of di»- *■? —f ,
aCn and its ff
allied organs of
tntion, the use of /
r>r. Pierce's Golden / yyi
Medical Discovery / M I
will almost invsn- / / \ Jtj|
sblyprodnce a per- / I\ fc* ■
feet and perm an- SgjW. %
Mr. Thomas A. WjJS Ml
Swfcrts. of Sab Station 11 K \
C. Cclunibm, 0., Bo* I .11
toy. wrlu«: «I was PHI ■
taken with severe I 1 ■
headache, then cramps ~ » *
in the stomach, and
my food woold not digest, then kidney and
liver trouble and my back got weak so I could
scarcely get around. At last I had all the com
plaints at once, the more I doctored the worse I
got until six years passed. I had become so
poorly I could only walk in the house by the
aid of a chair, and I got so thin I had given up
to die, tbinkiag that 1 could not be cured. Then
one of my neighbors said. 'Take my advice and
take I>r. Pierci's Golden Medical Discovery and
make a new man out of yourself.' The first
bottle helped me so ) thought I would get
another and after I had taken eight bottles in
about si* weeks. I was weighed, and found I
had gained twerty seven [vi\ pounds lam as
stout and healthy to-day, I think, as I ever was."
Frrk. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense
Medical Adviser, paper covers, is sent free
on receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to pay
expense of mailing only. Address Dr.
K_ V. Pierce, Uuflalo, N. Y.
"•©ryinf* preparations simply devel
op dry catarrh; they dry up tha secretion*,
which adhere to the membrane ar.d decom
pose, causing a far more serious trouble than
the ordinary form of catarrh. Avoid all dry
ing inhalants, fumes, smokes and snuffs
and use that which cleanses, soothes and
heals. Ely's Cream Balm is such a remedy
and will euro catarrh or cold in the head
easily and pleasantly. A trial sizo will be
mailed for 10 cents. All druggists sell the
60c. size. Ely Brothers, 5G "Warren St., NX
The Balm cures without pain, dots not
irritate or cause sneezing. It spreads itself
over an irritated and angry surface, reliev
ing immediately the painful inflammation.
With Ely's Cream Balm you aro armed
against Kasal Catarrh and illy Fever.
Dr. Humphreys.
After fifty years Dr. Humphreys'
Specifics enjoy the greatest popularity
and largest sale in their history, due to
intrinsic merit. They care tho sick,
■o. CTKZS. raids.
I—Fevers, Congestions, Inflammations. .33
!! —Worms. Worm Fever, Worm Colic... .' tH
a—TeeiSlna. Colic,Cryl«f,Wakefulness .23
4 Diarrhea, of Children ot Adults...... .US
' I—Coat ha. Colds, Bronchitis 'ti
&—Xenralsta. Toothache, Kaoeache 23
•—Headache. Sick Headache, Vertigo.. ,'i!i
I®—Dyspepsia. Indigestion, Weak Htumach.US
11—Suppressed or Painful Periods— .33
"" 13— Whites. Too Profuse Periods. 33
13—Croup, Laryngitis. Hoarseness 33
14—Halt Hheum.Erysipelas,Eruptions.. .38
1» Rheumatism. Ebeomatlc Pains 33
I*—Malaria, Chills, Fever and Ague. ... .33
I*—Catarrh. Influenza, Cold In the Head .33
SO-Whooplnf-Cousii >33
37—Kidney Diseases 33
3H—Xervoos Debility... 1.00
30-1 rlnary Weakness. Wetting Bed.. .33
*»—«rlp. Hay Fever 33
Sold by druggists, or lent on receipt of price.
**- Dr. Humphrey*' Hew Packet Manual
Of all Diseases mailed free.
Humphreys' Medicine Co., Cor. William and
John BU-. Mew York.
Wc often cause ourselves end
less worry and remorse by neg
lecting to do some little thing.
Get a good picture of your family
and home made at your first op
portunity. Wc make the best at
$6.00 per dozen, Bxio inches and
guarantee them permanent. Let
us know in time to go out.
The Butler Dye Works
Dyeing, Cleaning, Pressing.
Have You a Neighbor?
If so why don't you get
together and have a tele- |L J®
We manufacture them.
Ask us and we will tell A
you all about it. f " '/M
KlectricaJ work of all
descriptions done on short
The U. S. Electric Mfg. Co
W. S & E. WICK,
Hough and Worked
poor*. Hash and Mouldings'
Oil Well Kigs a Mpecliiity.
OSlce and Yard
K. Cunningham and Monroe Hts
•near West Penn Depot,
Your Fortune Qaickly
With small capital. Our llally forecast of
th« Htock and Oraln market lells you how;
palled freo. Opportunity of a flf< time
i« rni nan mm nt ouce.
314 Fourth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler end Graduate Optician
Nest Ooor to Court Hones. Hutlrr. Pa.
11. MILI.KR,
Oi'i'icH— Hyers' BuililitiK -nt-xt to P.
0., Ilntler I'a.
A Covered Yard For llje Shelter and
Protection of a Small Kloek.
Sheep are nsiturally rather timid,
tender. inoffensive "animals, and for the
safety and thrift of a email flock a
covered yard Is valuable. It Is not nec
fssary for It to !*? costly, but it should
be well protected from the weather
and have a dry floor. If it can be con
veniently built as an addition to the
bam and have a door opening into it
directly from the barn floor, so much
the better. In which case it should be
made high enough so that grain and
the like con be stored in the loft above,
as suggested in the accompanying cut.
A shed twenty feet square will'afford
room sufficient for a flock of forty
sheep. It will give sixty feet of feed
ing room, or a foot and a half of rack
for each sheep, and that Is perfectly
ample. Occasionally the upper part.
If occupied with nothing else, can be
utilized to good advantage as a lamb
ing shed, in which the ewes about to
bring lambs may be safely accommo
dated. If employed for this purpose, a
gradually sloping passage, with bars
across every nine Inches to give foot
hold, should be used.
The front of the shed, as can l>e see U »
la half open, a thing most desirable for
sheep in that they need fresh air and
are able to withstand much cold if
only kept dry. The manure, too, may
be left In such a shed the whole win
ter, and if sufficient litter is furnished
the sheep will trample it so hard that
there will be no disagreeable odors
from it.
The shed, of course, will need feed
racks all around on three sides, and
there may be short racks on each side
of the doorway, which will add some
thing to the rack room. It Is desira
ble to have the open part, if possible,
face the south.—Cor. Ohio Farmer.
An Old (titration With Ilenewed Im
portance Tlila Sr»««n.
The excessive rains and cool weather
of the ffrowiiiff season of 1902 have se
riously curtailed the corn crop. In this
Juncture it is suggested that apple
pomace be ensihfl and f<nl during the
coming winter as a supplement to corn
sllnge or corn fodder. The experience
of four yetirs with njrple pomace silage
at the Vermont station, using over
twenty cows. Is a unit In affirming the
nearly equivalent. If not. Indeed, ijulte
equivalent, feeding values of apple
pomace and corn silage. No undesir
able results whatsoever have followed
Its use. Cows continuously nn«l hearti
ly fed have not shrunk, but, on the
contrary, have held up their milk flows
remarkably well. Neither doe* the
milk nor the butter seem Injured In
any respect. Inasmuch, however, as
reports of severe shrinkage occurring
coincident with the use of apple pGin
ace are current, care is advised In feed
ing it at the outset
Why Wot Try lit
Apple pomace needs no special care
in ensiling. If leveled from time to
time as put into the slio and left to it
self uncovered and unweighted. It does
well. Fifteen pounds n day [XT cow
lias been fed at this station with entire
satisfaction. In brief, apple pomace
makes as much milk as does corn si
lage, makes as rich rrillk ns does corn
silage and makes as good batter lis
does corn slluge. It is readily eaten by
cows, it keeps well In the silo, and It
will help out tho winter's feeding.—J.
L. lIUls, Vermont.
Fall and Winter Lellare.
Lettuce has become recognized more
as a fall, winter and spring crop than
a summer, and It Is extensively used
because of Its appearance In the mar
ket when most other vegetables are
out of season. The south, east and
west are engaged In raising lettuce,
and It Is supplied to the markets from
early full to late spring. There Is In
deed no better paying crop If one can
supply fresh tender lettuce nt a season
when the market Is not glutted, but
lettuce must lie tender and not coarse.
It is necessary that It should grow
lupldly from the start. Slow growth
makes the leaves coarse and unpalata
ble. This can best In- accomplished by
raising the seed In boxes or cold
frames and then by transplanting later
to a highly enriched open garden. In
tho fall of coarse It must be raised al
most entirely under glass frames, but
as the crop Is a quick grower this can
bo done until very late In the season.
It Is even possible to raise lettuce In
winter under glass where sheltering
buildings keep out the cold. The plants
need to be protected from frost, but
otherwise they can endure qnlte a low
temperature. American Cultivator.
A (•»•»« Trouble.
Ithode Island's geese, whose fame
has gone out through all the land, have
developed a mysterious and deadly dls
ease named by the scientists septi
cemia. Its cause Is as yet not nscer
tallied, and only hygienic preventive
treatment is suggested.
Ae.iulred OrrntnrM,
It Is the saying of a great man that
If wo could trace our descents we
should find all slaves to come from
princes and all princes from slaves.
Clve mo blood acquired In preference
lo blood Inherited—"to be born of one
self," as Tlberlun said of Curtlus Ilu
Hldeshow Man See here, your pa
per said the biggest snake In my statu
fair show was twenty feet long when
It's really thirty-one feet.
Editor Horry, but. we were crowded
for space yesterday and had to cut ev
erything down.—lndianapolis News.
A Chnnve of llenrt.
When a man first loves, he feels un
worthy for no particular reason. Later
he acquires the reason ami forgets to
feel unworthy. Smart Set.
Fnfcuna In Jnpnn.
In the olden times In Japan all tlm
dalmlos (similar to the old Fngllsh
lord; had great sport with falcons, as
they went out to the field to catch other
birds with falcons. The falcons were
tamed well and used to catch largo
birds, ni'mlly cranes. When people now
go out hunting with falcons, the men
In charge hold them upon their fin
gers. As soon as one sees any bird
he lets the falcon rush at the bird; as
soon as tho falcon reaches the bird lie
bites at the throat and throws the bird
down to the ground. Meanwhile the
holder runs to the place where they aro
and catches both of them.
Falcons are not large birds; but, as
they belong to the eagle family, they
are strong and brave and never afraid
to go at any bird lo kill It, but the men
hi charge of falcons of course take
great caro in feeding and taming them.
£ the Holidays 2
P don't neglect baying some presents #
for your friends. We have the goods f
5 for the men folks. *
# Choose something iteful. #
\ #
# Gloves = Neckwear .
d Shirts S Suspenders 5
# Mufflers > Fall Dress tioods d
V Suit Cases ® tmbrellas #
J Handkerchiefs £ Fancy 1 Hose jj
? Night Robes £ Pajamas J
4 ETC. 4
P Come early and get first choice. £
I Jno. S. Wick j
5 HATTER and 5
* Opposite P. 0. 4
the gift question
You'll come to the city some time be
tween now and Christmas.
Bear in mind the importance of ootn
ingito this store.
Where the best of everything in 64
Departments is shown in lavish assort
And sold on a email profit basis.
Toys, Dolls, Games, Sporting Goods,
and Novelties innumerable.
Jewelry, Silverware, Books, Hand
kerchiefs, Gloves, Neckwear. Umbrel
las, Furs, and most everything man,
woman or child wears.
fine furs
We are doing the Fur business on a
scale not heretofore attempted.
Elaborate variety, magnificent Furs,
and Prices that pay yon to come.
Fur Neckpieces, $2.50 to $450.00
Fur Coats, $25.00 to $450.00
Handsome Mink Scarfs, $5.00
Sable Fox Boas, $8.50
Squirrel Scarfs, $8.50
Blue Lynx Scarts, $12.50
Blended Marten, $18.50
Sable, $50.00 to $490.00
Christmas Sale Black Silks—Pean de
Soie, Pean de Cygne, Paillet de Hole,
Satin Kegence, Armure, Armure Bril
lant and Grenadine—7sc, SI.OO, $1.25 to
Note the important values SI.OO
$1.25, $1.50.
Sheer Goods for drtssy gowns make a
perfect gift.
Sale of Silk Warp Crepe and Eolienne
Black, Blues, Tans, Greens and other
Street and Evening shades—sl.oo yard.
Bong's & Buhl
Department X
Wc have removed our Marble
and Granite chops from corner of
Main and Clay streets to No. 208
N. Main street, (opposite W. D.
Brandon's residence), where wc
will be pleased to meet our
customers with figures that are
Mouuments & Headstones
of all kinds and are also prepared
to give best figurrs on
Iron Fence, Flower Vases
etc., as we have secured the sole
agency from the Stewart Iron
Works of Cincinnati, 0., for this
town and vicinity.
P. H. Sechler
Send in your orders now to
avoid the Holiday rush. Orders
sent in now will be packed,
boxed and held subject to your
order for shipment.
The goods we sell we guarantee pure
and wholesome— no need of goverment
stamps if you bny of us.
JtKASON No. 2. If yon deal with ns
once you're satisfied von tell your
friends that makes trade for ns We
find It pays to give yon satisfaction
111 HMOS, 111 1,1.1 SO Ml. IIUIIMJKPWHT.
tttxl olTnr them to you 'I year old at tl per full
quart, 11 quart* '*>
wlilnlo y KuaranU i'd il y< ur* old, 4; 00 per icul
lon \VV pity oxprodn clinrifeH on all mull
orders of |>~'oo or over. Good* whipped
Son 14 Stnllhlleld Street, formerly
411 Wstcr Street. PITTSBURG, tk.
'Phones: Bell 217*. P. * A. I4M.
& Fine Furs at Lowest Prices. 8
5 We show each a representation of style* and qnalities as ninst win
: the unstinted approval of every customer. Short cluster scarfs with
fi tails and long scarfs in Mink* Marten. Beaver Sable, Isabella Fox,
Stone Marten and all other kinds of Fur.
U Cluster Scarfs, 6 tails, at $1 00. $1.50, $-'s.oo, $4.00. m
K Sable and Marten Scarfs, special, at s">.oo and $0 00. Jo
Real Mink Scarfs, at SB.OO, $12.00, $
Real Beaver Scarfs, at SIO.OO, $12.00, $15.00, $25.00.
We feel justified in claiming for onr coats a sterling worth not to v
?? be approached at similar prices. 0»
J Monte Carlos at $8 00, $lO 00. sl2 00. 815. Jackets $5 00, $7 50, $lO 00. A
6 We guarantee the very best values in Underwear and Hosiery for Uk
Men, Women and Children. Ladies fleece lined underwear, special JK
I value. 25c. Ladies' fine wool underwear, special value, $1 00. Men's
fleece lined underwear, speial value, 50c. Men's heavy wool under-
wear, special value, $1 00. <l|
Special Values in Blankets and Comforts Uk
We have established a high standard even in the least expensive
lines of our Blankets and Comforts, and as a consequence they will 0
give better service than others at similar prices.
Cotton Blankets. 50c, 75c and $1 00. All Wool Blankets, #2 50, K
$3 00, fl 00, $5 00, $6 00. Splendid Comforts, $1 00, #1 25. «1 50, $3 00.
New Dress and Waist Materials &
This stock is complete in every detail containing all the latest and jr.
most fashinable materials at lowest prices. *.
We invite your inspection before purchasing.
|L. Stein & Son,|
Everything to wear!
Hen's and Boys' Winter Clothing.
We serve yon with only one kind of clothing -the rightly mad 9 and tail
ored, stylish in appearance and dependable in service; it embodies all the
best features of the up-to-date clothing up to today ; the stock from which
to choose are immense, the prices are saving ones to you.
Men's dependable
Suits and Overcoats
$5 00, $7 50, $9 00 and sll 00.
In onr finer suits and overcoats we show you the B. Kuppenheimer, that
comprises some of the finest clothing made; every fine foreign and
domestic fabric is represented, with a tailoring and finish that cannot be
improved upon. Any tailor would charge you from $25.00 to S4O 00 for
a suit or overcoat equal to those we show at sls, $lB, S2O, $23.50 or up to
S3O. A splendid line of Boys' and Children's suits and overcoats at your
own price. A tine line of Gents' Furnishings, that will be sure to meet
your taste.
Reliable One Price Clothers,
122 S. Main St., Butler, Pa
Your money's worth or money back.
Rather a strong word with which to describe onr Overcoats, but nothing
more jnild will cover tho territory or do onr Winter Overcoats justice.
If doesn't matter what shape, or size, or kind of tnan yon are, if yon re an
overcoat seeker you'll find what yon're looking for here.
The short, the medium length and the long coats—all are here.
We offer a genuine Frieze Overcoat, ia Oxfords and Black, elegantly made and
trimmed, raw edges, and ..11 seams doable stitched, at the extreme low prioe of
Come this week for these overcoats, as they are going fart.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
Fall and Winter Millinery
;/,*/ Owing to t.l,e beauty of the assort -
| ya '-JL fJS t ' v.:f ment. arid the novelties in the styles, it
'.» ■ . V f: .'' ,''l will pay yon to come and see this ex
H^' 1 "*>s' ■ " hibition of Fine Patterns and Hats of
\ ~T~t'A i i | all il> M Tiptiutis A larger and better
i selection r>i up t<i date Millinery can not
/nilml J*" - be found in the city. W" have what
I I If I °" r '' ,,H toiners want when they want 't,
I ! 11/s " n ® l""'' - '"' they want it. We can
" help yon suit en< h cnstonier.
'all to nee us at
328 South Main Street. - - Butler. P*
Felts Felts Felts
And Rubber Goods
Largeat and mont complete line of Men's, Boys', Women's and Children's
Felt Boots. Knit Boots, bum her man's Htockings with great variety of
Overs to Ht. same, everything in the line of warm goods will he found in
this complete stork ranging in price from 88c to £I.OO. [hi not fall to see
this immense stock and the great bargains we are offering before making
winter purchase as we can suit yon in anything you can think of In this
line ami save you money.
for rue i3oys and Gißbs.
Most complete line of Boys and Oirls good solid school shoes ever
shown in Butler, all weights, all height of tops, all sizes and all at rock
bottom prices. See our line of Boys high cut copper toed shoes they are
the best ever shown in Butler.
w.m to to tototo% if it-if %to*tototo- to- mtototo to to- to- to to W* mto to. to to W-'torty to to- to- to ~to to Mto*to mm to
The Largest Line of Holiday Slippers in Butler
w m &W- to yp- to- M to to- to to & mm mto to mm* ~M: m m m - mto- to- m to~M~to- to to mmm
Fin<? Shoes For badies.
j I)o not fail to see this very popnlar line of Ladies' line shoes. The
sale of the
has been phenomenal All over the country they are conceded by thi'
Is-st shoemen everywhere to Im> the best fitting, fln«st mab-rial and most
stylish tine shoe on the market for the money.
A complete line of Wtill<over, Douqluss and
Fine shoes for Men alwavs on hand. When.in need of anything in line
of footwear gi ve us a call.
!iISH. Main St., Butler, Pa. Op|s>site Hotel Arlington.
Christmas CxiFts.
jTj What shall it be for Xmas?
A Diamond, A Brooch, A Ring, A Silver
Set, A Watch, A Jewel Case, A Fancy
Toilet Set, A Clock or Kinves, Forks and
F • Spoons. Probably one of my nice detatch-
Ikm*'•/ able handled Umbrellas or Gold Headed
• Cane for Father or friend. I have all these
ar, d hund.eds of other pretty and useful
articles which I will thank you to call and
*!?'!!. 3 ~ see. All dealings strictly confidential.
Graduate Optician and Jeweler, 209 S. Main Street. BUTLER, PA.
| Mellon National BanK
of ritts.b\jr£,H
Capital $2,000,000.00
When you travel abroad our letter of
I credit adds comfort, convenience and
I financial safety to your journey.
It also serves to introduce you to our
bankers abroad, who can be helpful to
you in many ways.
514 Snithf.eld St., Pittsburgh, Pa.
L ____
irau 11 ■l■ ■ IB ■ 111 ■■ 1 ■ -Jim„■: 1
Butler Savings Bank,
Capital, - $60,000.00
Surplus and Profits - - $255,000.00
I. HENRY TROCTMAN. . .Vice-President
Louis B STEJN Cashier
DIRECTORS—Wm. Campbell Jr., J. Ilcnrv
Trouttnan. W. I). Brandon, W. A. Stein, J. ».
The Butler Savlnjts Bank Is the Oldest
Ranking Institution in Butler County.
General banking business transacted.
We solicit accounts of oil producers, mer
chants, farmers and others.
All baslness entrusted to ua will receive
orornpt attention.
Interest uaUl on time deposits.
Batler County National Bank,
Butler Penn,
Capital paid in - J200,000.00
Surplus and Profits - $140,000.00
Jos. Hartman, President; J. V. Ritts,
Vice President; John G. McMarlin,
Cashier, A. C. Krug, Ass't Cashier.
A general banking business transacted.
Interest paid on time deposits.
Money I laned on approved security.
We Invite you to open an account with this
IIIRECTORH— Hon. Joseph Hartman, Hon.
W. S. Waldron, Dr. RT. M. Hoover. H. Mc
fweeney, U. I*. Collins, I. O. Smith, Leslie I'.
Ha/.iett, M. Klnegan, \V. 11. I.arkln, T. I*.
ML 111 in, Dr. W. C. McOandless. Ben Mas
seth. W. J. Marks. J. V. Kttts. A. L. Keiber
Farmers' National Bank,
CAPITAL PAID IN, $100,000.00.
Surplus and Pro/its, $17,500.00.
Foreign exchange bought and sold.
Npeclal attention given to collections.
JOHN HUMPHREY Vice President
C. A. 11A I LEY Cashier
K. W. 11l NO IIA M Assistant Cashier
J. F. HOTZLKR Teller
John Younklns. I'. L Cieeland, E. E.
Abrams.O. N. IK»yd, W. I-'. Metr.ger, Henry
Miller, John Humphrey. Thos. Ilays, Levi
M. Wise. Francis Murphy, H. Yeager, L>. 11.
Campbell, A. ll.Harverand Han'L Younklns.
Interest paid on time deposits.
We respectfully solicit your business.
In the photograph line can be seen
at the Findley Studio. The Artist
Proof photograph on exhibition
now, they are winners and please
all who want an artistis picture
Stop in and see them.
Novelties for Holiday trade
now ready. Broaches and buttons
of all descriptions. Copying and
Telephone 236.
P. O. H'd'g, Butler.
(tranches—Mnrs and Kvsns City.
Do You Buy Medicines?
Certainly You Do,
Then you want the best for the
least money. That is our motto.
Come and see us when in need of
anything in the Drug Line and
we are sure you will call again.
We carry a full line of Drugs,
Chemicals, Toilet Articles, etc.
Purvis' Pharmacy
H. Q. PURVIH, I'll. O
Both Phones.
318 8. Main St. Butler P«.
j* ■ T1
T&U* //ALI .iT"!
/'J !• *
,Z.J uSLi —.. '
Let us givo you a figure on
tho Plumbing and Gas Fitting
of your homo.
I'l timber,
H. MnluHt.. Both Phones
Binding of Books
Is our occupation. We put our
entire time to studying the best
and latest methods of doing our
work. If you are thinking of
having some work done in this
line I am sure you will be well
pleased if you have it done at
Tfce Butler Book Binder),
W. W. AMON, Prop.
OPD. Court House.
of men are various and
most of them are more
or less out of propor
tion; but a perfect figure
is preserved to appear
ance by the art of the
tailor. We take the
pains to lestore the form
spoiled by nature, not
to a dull uniformity, as
it everyone must look
alike, but toward har
mony—clothes fo» in
See our showing of the
season's newest cloth.
I )AROIl). The Roofing with NO
TAR. Won't dry out. Won't
grow brittle.
ANYONE can apply it. Tins,
Nails and Cement in core of
each roll.
0 EPRESENTS the results of
years of Experience and Kx
/)NLY requires painting every
few years. Not when first
1 S Cheaper than Gravel, Slate
or Shingles.
I \EMAND for PAROID is world
other Facta. Maniple* and Prices are
yonrs if yon will ask us.
£2553=32 35H555m
See the sign direct
ly oppoilte the
Theodore Yogeley,
Kesl Estate and
Insurance Agency.
Z3H S. Mam St.,
Ilutter, Pa.
¥£ I f you have property
in aelt, t nule, or rent
or, wiinl- to Imy or'Jr
rout cail. write or
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List Mailed Upon Application.
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$ The Best Possible Time for Purchasing < >
0 Merchandise During the Winter Season j J
X is the Immediate NOW! <|>
V We wish to clear up Winter lines of LADIES' SUITS, V
O TRIMMINGS and UNDERWEAR while the demand is (, >
O great, and to make room for our immense Holiday stock, 4 >
which is here and which is receiving additional supplies |
0 daily. Don't torget this is the best time also to make
Q Holiday selections. And, speaking of Xmas gifts, do you
know it's becoming more popular every year to make , .
Sensible Xmas Gifts, J [
A SUCH AS < 1 .
4Furs, Coats, Dress Patterns, Gloves, Hand-' 1
4 kerchiefs, Millinery, Blankets and Haps. !t
We have all these sensible articles as well as a *I *
choice selection of
Art Goods. Bric-a-brac. ;;
Dolls and Xmas Novelties;:
But about the- first mentioned articles—Jackets, Suits, *
Skirts, Millinery, Furs, Dress Goods, Blankets, etc., —these < >
lare not ordinary' values; it will need but a casual glance to i ►
convince the most critical that we are offering unusual values i >
at singularly low prices. { >
/ 11 Monte Carlo, Ripple Back, Norfolk |
"*J I I Blouse and Coffee Coats. Price, Ji c i
SB -5°- ? 10 -°°, U P to $35-°°- Styles ex- !
'| ' / 1 Norfolk Suits, Blouse Suits, Jacke '
1 / J * JF&W Suits and Walking Suits. Prices. sio.oo,
, $11.50, sls .00 up to $40.00. See our Y
<' M (GO© Special Suit, Silk lined Jacket, drop silk (
(' >\l //< * I skirt, $21,50. Exclusive styles. ( l^
!; Skirts ;[
, i Walking Skirts, Dress Skirts in Cloth, Cheviot, Silk, 1 %
> Velvet and Novelty Mixtures. Prices, $3.98, $4.98, $6.00, , *
, > up to $25.00. Styles exclusive. C
FUR S j;
Isabella Fox. Sable Fox, Mink, Marten and Russian Fox. |
* All the popular Furs that are worn. We guarantee you a '
< > saving of 25 per cent, on furs. < >
( > Velvet Cords, jtJw\ 0 !
< > All new, stylish,' in design and colors. *O/ f >1 >
4 ► Sizes 1 yeav to 6 years. • \ ( >
Sizes 4 years tp 14 years. 1
J . Prices $1.50 ■ .
( > A big range to choose from. j >
All goods we show are the kind that are made for the
best retail trade at prices that meet the most moderate ( i
1 I means. W® ask you to pay our store a visit of inspection. (
j Mrs. J. E. Zimmerman.
< > KiKKSßutler, Pa. . i
Holiday Gifts
SometliiuK new in I'ocket Books, all Biases and prices for Ladies nml
Gentlemen. Wo frame pictures and do It correctly, largest line in But
ler, a picture in a nice Rift. Stationary in fancy boxes, just the thing you
are looking for. See our line of IDO.'t Wail Paper. No trouble to show tfoods.
Patterson Bros'
2:ifl N. Main St. Phone 40(1. • Wick Building j
Wliole»nle Oetilei-H the
jj Finest oF Luciuors,
A 1 ess, Beers o ncl Wi rfes.
' Medlclnul Trade Kppeclnlly Solicited.
People's Phone 578 Hell Phone 21S |
322 Soutli Main St., Hutlcr, Pa.
I If
I! • \\
J[ We have been supplying this section with the best and purest o
liquors in the market,whether for medicinal,social or household j;
purposes. Our name on every bottle is a guarantee that the
•if contents are absolutely pure, and to be relied upon. Here are ■;
some of our list to select from: jj
\l Silver Ago Rye, 8 years old, bottled In bond or out of bond. j|
$1.50 per full quart.
II Guckonheimer, Finch, Overholt, Dillinger, or any other lead- jj
Ing whiskey, SI.OO per quart, or 6 quarts for $5.00. \\
|| Cabinet Pure Rye. 4 years old, $3.00 per gallon,
j! Possum Pure Rye, 3 years old. $2.50 per gallon.
• ! Wines, Gins. Rums and Brandies. 50c, 75c and $1 per quart, n
We handle only pure liquors, and our stock is complete f
* with every assortment and brand. Send for catalogue and X
I price list mailed free, and then let us have you Holiday order, X
! Max Klein, jj
I 822 Federal St., - Allegheny, P«. |