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    1 M K CI l \y KN.
.VOTE—AII advert!, r- Intending to make
a In their s uotify us ot
ihelr Intention to 1 vr than Mon
lav morning.
Treasurer's Sale, June 9th.
Sheriff's Sales, May 10th.
Daubenspeck & Turner's Shoe Store.
Modern Store's Commencement Sale.
Brown & Co's. Furniture
Campbell's & Furniture.
Evth Bros. Wall Paper.
Wick's Furnishings.
Whitehill's Plumbing.
Wool Wanted
Kirkpatrick's Jewelry.
Teamen Wanted.
AJinlnlHi! Ators and Executors of estate
;in secure their receipt books at tbe CITI
'.SN offlee. and jjersons making nubile sales
4Q9lr note book.*.
"Up, up, as though
They 'd reach the skies
The prices of
Provisions rise
Each day they touch
A higher mark.
Each day the prospect
Grows more dark, >
And soon our woe
Will be complete.
For it will cost
Too much to eat."—Leader.
—This is "strike day" in the city.
—Our march winds are a month late, j
this year.
—lt taKes four barrels of oil to the
acre to kill all the worms.
—Over 1000 people have died with
cholera in the Philippines this spring.
—The Summer Excursion season on
all the roads begin today. See railroad
—Butler has purchased a new hook
and ladder truck, 55 foot ladder, 2300
pounds, for $845.
—Gellert Goehring, the Zelienople
Merchaut. is proud of his new checkered
frout—a of baauty.
—The lead cable d!- tube now being j
put np through Butler by the Bell Co.
contains 200 telephone wires.
—During the past winter tbe Waverly
has entertained fifty-six theatre com
panies and parts of companies.
—The plans for the National Bank
building have been completed and
there'll be doings at that corner, short
--The School Directors of the County
jrill meet in the Court House, next.
Tuesday, May 6, to elect a County
—W. Cooper, the merchant tailor will
move next Monday to the room adjoin
ing the Campbell & Templeton furni
ture store
—All the Bessemer freight traffic is
going over the P. & W. via the Reibold
cut-off pending the rebuilding of the
Bull creek trestle.
—The Prohibition County Convention
will be held in Bntler on Tuesday, May
18th. at 10 a m., over L. C, Wick's of
fice, near P. & W. depot.
" —Daubenspeck & Turner expect to
open their new shoe store, next door to
Wnller'a Drug Store, about May 10th,
with a full line of boots and shoes. See
' J adv. %
—And the land shall be full of prom
ises—Liquor licenses, rural route car
ries, positions in the Court Room,
county offices next time—anything to
get a vote.
—The men who control the Penn'a
B. R. visited Pittsburg, this week and
j among other things decided to build a
plant to ' wash" the air for the new
Union Station.
—Contractor Jos. Graham has a force
I of abont 50 men at woTk grading, curb
ing and paving Brown avenue. The
b. gas and water mains on the street are
> being lowered.
' —The shut down at the Plate Works
caused by the strike of the "layers" in
grinding department yet continues. All
the departments are shut down except
ing the casting hall.
—With one County Commissioner
dead and one seriously ill, Commission
er McGarvey and Clerk Kiskaddon are
haying their hands full. Mr. Eichert is
reported better this morning.
—"Will you please insert this obitu
ary notice?" asked an old gentleman of
an editor. "I make bold to ask it be
cause the deceased had a great many
friends about here who would be glad
to hoar of his death,"
—The wage-earners are making sure
that their wages go up along with
everything else just now. Teamsters
are charging $5 per day, carpenters
$2.75, bricklayers and masons $4 and la
borers $1.75, advances in all.
—A small Speechley sand well at Par
ker and another, or two, at or near
Coopers town has caused considerable
leasing between the two points -thirty
miles apart. All the big companies are
■aid to be doing it, and paying a dollar
' an acre a year.
—The twenty-five Commissions for
those who were elected Justices of the
Peace in this County at the late election
and who filed their acceptances in time
arrived at the Register & Recorder's
last week and are ready for delivery
npon payment of the fees, $6.75. a
—No town iu the county, excepting
Bntler, is improving more rapidly than
Zelienople. Some of the finest resi
dences in the county have been erected
within its limits during the past few
years; the Enameling Works is flourish
ing, and another large plant may locate
—Saturday's wind storm rocked and
swayed the shirt factory building,
which has a large western exposure, so
badly that it made many of the girls
seasick and a shut down for the day
was necessary. Frame houses are also
reported to have been rocked so much
as to make the occupants dizzy.
During the high wind Saturday a
bushel basket left its happy home at
O. M. Phillip's grocery south of the
Court House, promenaded across the
Diamond and down Main street to
Cunningham, then to the west side of
Main and back again to Whitehill's
plumbing store, opposite its starting
—Meat is a drug on the market of
Ell wood City, and the action of the
beef trust is of little interest there.
This condition has resulted from the
building of a big dam in the Connoque
neesing river by the new Ellwood City
Power Company. The workmen have
'■ been blasting out places in the river
for the dam foundation, and ths con
cussions have killed all the fish in the
river. The dead fish float to the sur
face and can be gathered so easily that
meat is not needed there.
Have you tried the 7th Ave. Special
Stogie, its great
A. W. Root is ill at his home on the
• Plank road.
! J. A. Richey wants a boy to learn the
baking trade,
j J. A. McMarlin of Hallstcn. was in
1 town, yesterday.
W. C. Findley spent Sunday with his
parents at Euclid.
Beriah Dnncan of Braddock visited
friends in Butler, yesterday.
Alfred Ekas of Clinton twp. visited
friends in Butler, last week.
J. H. Negley is ill with rheumatism
at his Home on W. Wayne St.
Milton McCormick has moved to the
old Dickey farm west of town.
Miss Mary Graham of the Diamond
has returned from Utica, N. Y.
R. B. McGinniss has sold his livery at
Eau Claire, and intends moving.
J. P. Neglev of Pittsburg visited his
father J. H. Negley, Wednesday.
! Rev. William Harley of Columbus,
I 0.. visited his folks in Bntler this week.
I Esq. John McCoy of Anandale lifted
, his Commission as Justice, Tuesday.
| Mrs. Cal. Logan brought her two
daughters to Business College. Monday.
Dr. J. B. Stewart of Mt. Jewet is the
guest of his uncle J. W. Haworth of the
Harry Siebert aud wife of Allegheny
visited Wm. Siebert of W. Wayne St,
over Sunday.
Miss Aggie Peters of Clinton twp is
j visiting Mrs. Winnet Campbell at 318
j Franklin St.
Ben Chiistley of Slipperyrock is now
in the employ of the Standard Steel Car
Co. in Butler.
Mrs. F. J. Bauinan of Jefferson town
ship was in town, yesterday, attending
to some business.
Jos. Miller of the U. S. Cruiser
"Buffalo" now in dock at Norfolk, is
home on leave till the 9th.
William Miller, the Insurance and
Real Estate man was moved his office to
the Byers building, next door to the
F O.
Frank Colbert of W. Penn St. has
sold his interest iu a hardware store ia
Sistersville, W. Va , and expects to lo
cate in Butler.
A M. Donthett of Brownsdale. can
didate for Assembly has been crippled
in his canvass on account of a lame leg
the result of a fall last-summer.
County Commissioner Eichert is seri
ously ill at his home in Evans City. His
liver is said to have grow to twice its
natural size, and his -bronichial tubes
are affected.
Allen McCall of near Mt. Chestnut
was in Butler, Saturday, wearing
crutches and a glad smile. Allen wishes
us to tell all hjs friends and neighbors
of his thankfulness for their care and
kindness to him during his long confine
Joseph L. Purvis has resigned the
Presidency of the Butler Savings Bank,
after serving for 23 years, and Wm
Campbell, former cashier, was elected
in his stead; Louis Stein is to be cashier
and C. E Cronenwett teller. Mr
Campbell served as cashier for 31 years
and Air. Stein as teller for 17 years.
F. D. Tinker of Jefferson twp. who
has had charge of the pump station near
Great Belt for some years, moved to
Grove City, Monday, where he will be
a partner of his brother-in-law in the
Elumbing and hardware business. By
is removal Butler county loses one her
best citizens, and his friends here wish
him every success.
Mrs. Helen Wiley of Saxonburg. is
visiting at the home of her son, Mark
Wiley. Mrs. Wiley, it will be remem
bered, is the author of a poem on the
death of President McKinlev. which ap
peared in the Times and a copy of
which was sent to Mrs. McKinlev. In
return Mrs. McKinley sent Mrs. Wiley
a beaatifnl pair of slippers, knitted by
her own hands and much treasured by
the recipient.—Oakdale, Pa. Times.
William G. Hamilton, a cattle ranch
man, of Roswell. N. M., was at the
Union depot, Pittsburg, Monday, re
turning to his home after spending a
few days in Pittsburg. "For a number
of years I have fattened cattle for the
market about this season.'' said Mr.
Hamilton. "I recently sold several car
loads in Chicago at a very high price
In former years when I brought my
cattle to market I would be met by an
agent of the trust and offered so much,
and that was the end of it. This year
is was different. Everybody wanted to
buy and I got a\fancy figure, for I had
some good stock."
—Dr. Leighner and Jos. Purvis have
been looking around lately for an avail
able location for a Fair Grounds, but
cannot find one. About forty acres of
comparatively level ground, near enough
town to induce the Street Car Co , to
build a track to it, is needed, and if you
know of such a spot you should tell
them of it.
—Special Agent Conwav of the post
office department has about completed
his work on the Rural Delivery routes
for Butler and vicinity. Eleven car
riers or route agents will be required,
and for these nineteen young men were
examined last Saturday. Their pay
will be S6OO a year and they must fur
nish and keep their own horses and
wagons. Everybody along the route
will be expected to buy a box, made of
galvanized iron, with lock, from the
Government at $1.75 each: and the sys
tem will probably not be in operation
until after July Ist. Several of the
small offices within a few miles of But
ler will be discontinued. Raral Route
carriers will also start out from the
Renfrew, Saxonburg, Carbon Black,
Denny, Chicora and other^ffices.
R. A. White and C. B. Conway are
going over the eleven P. O. routes cent
ering in Butler and taking orders for
the boxes, which are made by a Beaver
Falls firm and are stamped by a U. S.
official. It will take about a 1000 of
them to do the 11 routes and the mail
men will not collect from or deliver to
any other. Each box has two keys for
the family and the carrier will carry a
key that will open them nil,
Tlie Health Meeting. •
A program has been prepared for the
meeting of the Associated Health Au
thorities of the State in Butler, at the
Court House, next Wednesday and
Thursday, May 7th and Bth.
The Convention will open at 10:30 a.
m.; the address of welcome will be by
Rev. Cronenwett, and Prof. Gibson. J.
L. Purvis, and Dr. Byers are on the pro
gram for addresses.
Several subjects will bo discussed.and
the meetings will be interesting to all.
Mr. Wright of the Water Co. has ar
ranged for an excursion to their reser.
voir at Boydstown on Thursday.
Miss Fnhrer will recite "Kentucky
Reminiscences" at the meeting of Wed
nesday evening.
Grand Opera House, Pittsburg.
Don Ca»sar De Bazan—Next Week.
The scene of "Don Ctesar De Bazan"
is laid in Spain during the reign of
Carlds 1, the picturesque scenery and
costuming of the time lending pictorial
charm. The play itself is a romance of
brisk, stirring incidents that follow in
rapid succession, keeping tbe interest
keyed to the highest pitch. Valor, love,
adventure, intrigue, realistic fighting,
are all blended in four acts of dramatic
intensity and exciting climaxes.
WANTED—One good energise
man to take hold of an Established
Tea Route, and represent the Grand
Union Tea Co., in Butler and vicinity.
A No. 1 opening for right party. Small
bond required. Call or address,
New Castle, Pa.
W. E. Moore, successor to the Model
Cigar Store, is slaughtering Meerschaum
J<inies L. Campbell vs Thomas and
Rachel McElroy, trespass for £IOO.
Guaranty Safe Deposit & Trust Co.
vs Hertnrm Liet>old, snmuiona in eject
ment for 34} feet of the Arlington Hotel
property now occupied by Krut and
Morrison. On March Leibokl gave
I the Trust Co. an option to purchase the
property for SISOOO. The option was
accepted, bnt the Trust Co. claims|Lei
bold failed to make deed and the suit
has been brought tor possession.
Another charge of a&b has been
enterad against Lemuel McCandless of
Mars, the complainant being John A.
James Clinton, charged with a&b and
surety of the peace, has been released
on his own recognizance.
Letters of adm'n on the estate of
Robert Elliott of Buffalo twp. have
been granted to A. N. Elliott; also on
the estateo? Willi-ni Lackey of Clinton
twp. to Robert Lackey: also on the
estate of Henry Boltz of W in Hold twp
to Adam Boltz: :us > on the estate of
Rufus N. Patterson of Clay twp. to
Catherine Patterson.
A circuit court of Ohio has handed |
down a decision iu a suit brought by ,
the National Tube Co. cf Pittsburg vs. j
the Eastern Tube Co of Zanesville, i
which is national in its import and one |
of the most sweeping of its kind ever t
rendered by a higher court. The j
courf, in substance, held that a man s \
intellect is not a trade secret, and he j
cannot be enjoined from using his j
brains, even il by so doing he stoould ,
work an irreparable injury to someone ■
'•Whatever sympathy there was for
Mrs. Kate Soffel has largely disappear
ed, and the public has realized that her
mistaken and misdirected zeal in behalf
of the Biddle boys entitles her to no
consideration, and but little leniency at
the bar of justice." So spoke John C.
Haymaker. District Attorney for Alle
gheny county, at Denver, Saturday.
"The first thing I do when 1 get back
home will be to try Mrs. Soffel. I shall
try her on the charge of aiding prisoners
to"escape, because the penalty for that
crime is greater than for the others. I
shall convict her, of course. There is
no escape for her, and I shall send her
to the workhouse for two years The
other charges I will cause to be dismiss
ed. Dornian turned State's evidence.
He will be convicted of murder in the
first degree. I shall have him sentenced
to be hanged, and then I will intercede
with the Governor and secure for him a
I commutation, a life sentence, perhaps.
Within the last 10 years, or since the
death of Father Henrici, the Harmony
Society of Economy has been often
prominently in the public eye Just
now it is occupying a place of greater
prominence than ever before, for its af
fairs are in the hands of the United
States supreme court. A decision will
soon be rendered by that highest tri
bunal which will either continue the
society as a strong, rifh unity, or lead
to its dissolution. The power of Senior
Trustee Dnss is trembling iu the bal
ance. The suit on which this decision
is to be rendered is that of Schwartz
against the Harmony society, John S.
Duss and others. Schwartz and his as
sociate plaintiffs pray for the appoint
ment of a receiver for the society and a
distribution of its assets among the
present members and Schwartz and
others who went out of the society
some years ago.
The Biddle case was in court at Pitts
burg, Monday, in a manner not expect
ed. Christ R. Weller was an applicant
for a license for his place out the
Perrysville road, and it was there that
the Biddies and Mrs. Soffel stopped on
the night of January 30, after the escape
of the morning before Weller was
very closely questioned by both Judge
Frazer and Rodgers about the visit. He
told of how Edward Biddle purchased
six sandwiches, and was a little sur
prised when asked about the bottle of
whisky which was sold after hours. He
explained the sale by saying be did not
think it any harm in view of the long
journey before the visitor. Weller
claimed not to have kndwn.of the visit
of John Biddle and Mrs. Soffel until the
following morning, when, he said, his
wife told him.
W F Rumberger to John Yotinkins
lot on Cliff street, Butler, for $737.50.
Willis Stewart to Eliz Druschel lot iu
Zelienople for $l5O.
Elizabeth McCafferty to J W Dornev
lot on Elm St, Butler, for SI7OO.
C E Tinker to Martha E Bole lot on
N McKean St., Butler, for *ISOO
M E Bole to Elizabeth A Whitmire
same for SI7OO.
Laura Faucett to Lena E Shoup 5
acres in Jackson for S3OO.
Geo R White to Victor W Hutchison
lot in Butler twp for $250.
Francis Murphy of Chicora to D B
Campbell half interest in leases and
nine wells on Chas Roilly farm of Clear
field twp, lease and one well on Daniel
Gravatt farm of Winfield twp, lease
and one well on the John P Miller farm
of Summit twp, lease and one well on
the Lucas farm of Summit twp, and
lease and well on the Daugherty farm
for $-20,000.
W B Cochran to Anderson Parham
lot on Valley St., Butler for $l5O.
Geo W Stidham to Zillah B Harvey
lot in Harmony for $550. *>
Ira McJunkin to Etta L Turner lot
on W Penn St, Butler, for S7OO.
Nellie J Roberts to J E McCutcheon
lot on Lincoln St., Butler, for S3OO.
F N Hoffstot to American Nat Gas
Co release of mortgage for $140,000.
Alois Beck to Hugh Ferguson 120
acres in Butler twp for $15250.
John Hartung to same 4 acres in But
ler for SBOOO.
Maggie M Christie to Rebecca J Korn
lot in W Sun bury for S4OO.
P D Gelbach to D F Sanbach lot on
W North St., Butler, for SIOOO.
Chas Duffy to W S Wick lot on Mon
roe St, Butler, for $3500.
Kate A Fisher to Geo W White 8
acres in Worth for SIOO.
Geo W White to Eli Winter same for
John H Lane to S W McKissick lot in
Clay twp. for S6OO.
Mary A Jack to C R Hays lot in
Washington for $1350.
Margaret A Graham to Margaret
Graham lot in Butler for sl.
Joseph S Gray to W F RumbeJger lot
on McKean St., Butler, for SOOO.
J W Hutchison to same lot 120x180
on S McKean St., Butler, for SOSOO.
D B Campbell to same lot at Water
and West Sts, Butler, for SI4OO.
Mary H Marsh to Margt S Blakeley
lot in Harrisville for $225.
C V Dwigans to Laura H Mulholland
let in Saxon burg for $825.
Rachel A Hechler to Clara E Bezler
lot in Petrolia for SSOO.
Chas J Gibson to D L Rankin lot in
Butler for $2300.
A P Rodgers to F A Griffin one acre
in Donegal for sl.
Nancy E. Pfordt to John Beautn 27
acres in Jackson twp. for SOOO
Maria D. Sutton to Jessie C. Hill, lot
on N Washington St.. Butler for $2300.
Mary L Miller to -Viola Am}*, lot on
W Penn St. Bntler. for SOSO.
Marriage Licenses.
Ammon W. Clowes... .Leasureville, Pa
Sarah Shields Boggsville, Pa
James I. Hogg Slipperyrock
Linda V. Schramm Beaver Co
H. C. Double .Connoquessing
Laura Young Turtle Lake, Mich.
Oscar W. Marshall Mars
Maud Alderson Saxonburg
William H. Knbn Hooker
Lillian Sankey Moniteau
Andrew M. Pounds Jacksville
Irona Hines Slipperyrock
Harry Surrena Ferris
Anna Davis Eau Claire
Gust Smith North Oakland
Teresa Witt " "
J. M. Collar Allegheny twp
Pearl Martin Venango twp
At New Castle—F. W. Cooper of
Worth twp. and Mary Mackey of Slip
A good driving horse, call at 121
West D street, Bntler, and see for your
self. See Clerk of Courts.
You can buy a fine Meerschaum Pipe
cheap at the Model Cigar Store, 320 S.
I Main street.
The Car Works.
At the site of t'ie car works, Sunday.a
thousand Butler people watched the big
plow scoop up the earth and dnmp it in
to wagons, which hauled it to the lower
ground below. The raised level npon
which stood the horse stables is l>eing
graded and the ground ueed to fill up
the floor of the main building which
| will be 3 or 4 feet above the natural or
; former level.
| Tuesday s rain made the soil too wet
| to use the big plow, and yesterday a
' hundred mule teams were doing the
work with ordinary plows and scoops.
One little, yellow mule died, and he
j was laid iu a low place and covered up.
' The site yeas covered with iron beams,
j brick, cement, etc , and about half the
! brick piers for the posts of the main
building were up-.
Every day manv carloads of structnr- 1
;al material for the big works of tne |
Standard Steel Car Company at Butler |
j are leaving the Edgar Thomson works ;
at Braddock The fieight is being sent!
over the Pittsburg & Lake Erie to Ran- I
j kin and thence oyer the Bessemer &
| Lake Erie to Butler. There is about j
! 0,000 tons of this material Nearly half
r is now delivered.
■ The construction of the Standard's
plant at Butler will prove a great pro
! ducer of revenue to the Bessemer, with
j which road the new company will have
j close traffic arrangements. Cars lea\ ing
i the plant vs il! be seat over the Bessemer
j in either direction to connect with lines
: leading to all points Few empty new
i cats will be delivered to the railroads
j owning the new equipment. The cars
will be loaded with material from this
district. raiH coal, etc.. for their Blurt
to the railroad for which they were
built, and thus save the expense of
hauling them empty.
Property Sales.
On Saturday last Wm Ruoiberger
purchased the Harvey Miller property
from J. W. Hutchison, 120 feet front on
McKean St. by 130 back, for $6,500, or
about $55 a foot front
Miss L. Marshall gave an option on
60 acres in Butler to Jos. Foster and R.
W Henry of Pittsburg at $12,000.
Hugh Ferguson of Pittsburg bought
the Alois Beck farm in Butler twp.,
adjoining the Sttel Car Co's property
for $15,250, and also the' John Hartung
property adjoiniug ihe Pierce brothers
for $8 000
S D. Miller, Jr. has sold his residence
on W. Pearl St to J V Ritts.
On Tuesday Wm. Walker sold for E
E. three oil wells on the Abrams
farm to Crawford & Gregory, and for
J. M. Day two wells on* same place to
same parties. A wooden tank on that
lease, nnmber 77 has been in use con
tinually for HO years without having
the hoops reset.
Letter to A. J. Nicholson.
Butler. Pa. ,
Dear Sir; which of these two, is the
better argument?
Painters condemn ready made paints;
lead and oil is your paint.
Or this?
Devoe lead and zinc lasts twice as
long; and the dealer, who sells it, backed
by the maker of it. fstablislied 140
years, guarantees it. Devoe is your
Yours truly,
77 F. W. DEVOE & Co.
P. S. —Patterson Bros, sell our paint
in Butler.
Same location as last season. Owing
to other business engagements will only
buy during the months of May, June,
July and August, and only in forenoons
of each day.
at Graham's Grocery, Butler. Pa.
A Sure Thing
Now is the time to lay away a few dollars
at 4 per cent for a rainy day When it
grows, we will advise you for the asking
how to invest it, or we will invest it for
you to the best advantage. Your account
\sith us is protected by a capital and
surplus of $3,700,000. Write for informa
tion ' How to Open a Savings Account
by Mail." Real Estate Trust Company
311 Fourth Ave., Pittfcburg, Pa.
Pennsylvania Kail road Summer
Excursion Tickets.
On May 1, 1902, the regular Summer
excursion tickets via all rail routes to
all the principal Summer resorts east of
Pittsburg and Buffalo will be placed 011
sale at ticket offices of the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company.
These tickets will bear the usual
Summer excursion limit of October 81.
The Pennsylvania Railroad Hummer
Excursion Route Book for 1902 will be
issued, as heretofore, on June 1.
House and lot on Coal St., SIOOO.
House and lot on 3. Washington St.
Small farm with good buildings near
Eeight-roomed house and 110 feet
frontage, Third street, $3900.
Seyen-roomed house and good lot, dry
cemented cellar, Lincoln St., S2OOO.
Lot 00x180, 6-roomed house, South
Washington street, $2400.
Six-roomed house Fairyiew Ave. ex
tension. lot 105x130, drilled well,
orchard, splendid cellar.
Seven-roomed house and good lot,
Centre Ave., every modern convenience.
Will rent or sell.
Lot of 72 feet frontage, and six-room
ed house on Washington St.
Farm of 210 acres, Brady township.
sl7 per acre, coal right reserved.
Farm of 80 acres, 3 miles from rail
road, SI2OO.
Six-roomed house, Fairview Ave.
For Rent, eight roomed house on W.
Qurry street, every modern conveni
E H. NKG LEY, Attorney,
Southwest Diamond, Bntler, Pa.
Ask for It!
If you don't see what you want at the
B. R. & P. Cafe ask for it.
They will furnish you with anything
in the market,and cook it nicely for you
on short notice.
The Cafe is open from early in the
morning till late at night.
B. R. & P CAFE,
Stein building, South Main St., Butler.
Suppers fnrnished for Theatre parties.
Bell Telphone 147
Art in Wall Paper.
Where all the colors come from, and
where all the patterns come from are
only known to those who make them or
put them together, but it is a fact that
the wall paper patterns of today are
works of art that excite both admira
tion and wonder.
Alfred Peats & Co. is the largest wall
paper firm in the United States-G.
Moser of the B R. & P. Cafe, Stein
building, S Main St., is their agent for
Butler—and an inspection of his sample
books will astonish you, both as regards
patterns and prices.
The prices range from 5 to 50 cents a
l>olt of 8 yards for both paper and
border, and the books can be seen at all
times at the Cafe—34l S. Main St.
In view of the great and unprecedent
ed success of the Butler Business Col
lege, and in order to further systematize
and facilitate the work of the different
departments, and to provide for the
rapidly increasing attendance. Prof.
Regal has leased the entire third floor
above Newton's music store. This will
increase the capacity of the college one
An archway has been cut which con
nects this with the large study room of
the college. This entire floor will be
used for the shorthand department.
Fall term begins Monday, Sept. 1, 1902.
Send for catalogue and circulars.
A. F. REGAL, Prin.
Single and Double Ovens at
I Before selecting your Spring hat cal
and see Pape's New Millinery Store,
113 S. Main street.
Hot Plates, the kind that last, at
Music scholars wanUo at 128 West
Wayne St
The wind-storm of lift Saturday tore
the tin roof off the May <fc Kennedy
stable?, and tumbled over a lot of tele
graph and telephone poles
An Italian employed in the gang
widening thf deep cut at Euclid was
struck and killed by a passenger train
while at work Saturday morning His
name could not be learned. A brother
lives at Brockwayville. Pa.
Earl Shull. aged 22 years, an innate
of the Western Pennsylvania Hospital
for the Insane at Dixmont, was killed
some time l>etween Friday midnight and
Saturday morning on the Ft. Wayne
tracks near Dixmont The crew of
engine No. lfS found the body and re
moved it to Glen field. When found the
body was lying beside the westbound
passenger track It is tiyrught he was
struck by a freight train. The hospital
authorities took charge'of the body and
the coroner was notified.
Shull's home was iu this county and
he had been in the hospital tor about a
year. Friday afternoon about 3 o'clock
he slipped away from his attendant ou
the plea of getting a drink of water and
went into the institution. He got out
a side door and managed to get off ihe
grounds About 15 minutes later his
absence was discovered ami a number
of the guards sent to look for him. but
be was nowhere to be found. Word
was sent along the line, but he was not
It is thought that he hid some place
until after nightfall and then started j
along the tracks.
John Strauss of Albion Pa . formerly
of Butler and Ed Stone of Greenville, '
were hurt by an accident on the Bull 1
Creek trestle, last Thursday and were
taken to.the hospital.
Strauss' spine was injured and at first j
he was supposed to be dangerously in- !
jured, but he is doing nicely and will
get well. Stone had an anklo broken,
and will be laid up for some time ,
The accident was caused by the i
engine leaving the track just as it
moved upon the trestle. It tore up th"
ties, the heavy ore cars that followed
hit the girders and two went down witL
several cars of ore following them.
The engine remained ou the trestle and
the rear cars were saved by the rear
brakeman. The engineer saved him
self by jumping from the tender. Stone
jumped from the gangway and the fall
of about twenty feet broke his ankle;
Strauss was front brakeman and also
jumped, but his back struck something
that hurt it It was said that it would
take two weeks to repair the trestle and
in the meantime the Bessie people are
hauling some ore over the P. & W.
Will Angert, aged ten years, of the
Wand, had his nose and eye badly rut.
Monday, by catching a ball with hi.*
face instead of his hands while at play.
The Market —Both agencies are pay
ing $1.20.
Venango twp—John Worner & Co
are starting a well on the Great Scott
Venango twp—Tebay & Co. are drill
ing their No. 3 on the John Miller farm
in Cherry Valley. No. 2 came in three
weeks ago and is doing 5 or 6 barrels.
Frances Murphy has sold his oil in
terests to his partner, D. B. Campbell
for |20,000.
Speechley—This week the South Penti
has brought in new wells on the J S
Campbell and Mac Kuhn farms.
Barnsdefl's well on the Sarah Mnrt
land made a sixty bbl? flow the other
Clearfield—D. B Campbell's No. 11
on the Chas Reilly came in Wednes
day and shows for a good well in the
third sand.
Eisler, O'Brien &Co have struck a
well on the Monier farm south of
Clinton twp
The barn of Wm. Steinhanser in Jef
ferson township was burned, last Thurs
day. Two cows perished in the flames.
Sparks from engines and high winds
were a bad combination, last week, and
several oil well rigs were burned.
There will be an illustrated lecture
by Prof. Robert Turner, of Boston, the
oldest illustrated lecturer in the United
States, subject Ben, Hur, a tale of
Christ, in St. Peter's German Catholic
church, on Franklin street, Monday
evening. May sth. Admission 25 cents.
Doors open at 7 o'clock, lecture 7:45.
Proceeds for the benefit of the church.
Gas Fixtures,
We have them: 50 different styles.
They are in the latest finishes, made to
match the hardware of your house.
A new and complete line of fliillinery
at 113 S. Main street.
Insurance and Real Estate.
If you wish to sell or buy property{
you will find it to your advantage to see
Wm. H. Miller, Insurance and Real
Estate, next P. 0., Butler, Pa.
Yon can find the latest and newest
line of millinery at Pape's New Store.
Farmers, we have just received three
oars of choice recleaned seed oats, which
we are offering at lowest market prices
When I Say That
The Davis Sewing Machine leads all
others, it is not merely to fill a column
with an advertisement. I mean that no
other machine is so simple' I mean
that no other machine is so finely made!
And that no other machine is so easily
run! The "Davis" is polished like a
watch; it will not kill a woman to run
it; it will do more than double the
variety of work, without basting, than
any other machine can do. All other
sewing-machine men acknowledge this,
but snys, "Onr's is the cheapest." But
I say that to buy a cheap sewing ma
chine is not economy. The best is al
ways the cheapest. I also sell Behr
Bros' Matchless Pianos. For further
imformation address
McCandless, Pa.
Real Estate Broker.
Parties wishing to purcli'Sse or sell
oil proDerties, farms, city residences or
real estate of atiy kind, should call upon
Wm. Walker,in Ketterer's b'd'g.opposite
P. O. Butler Pa. Peoples Phone No. 519.
"Perfect" Ovens and Good Bakers,
Get them at Whitehill's.
Great reduction in Steel Fire Proof
Safes. 575 lb. reduced from £45 00 to
$25 00. House safes 75 lb. $8 00, 125 lb.
•til 00, 200 lb. sls 00 with combination
locks. Catalogues for the asking.
P. O. Box 667. Pittsburg, Pa.
WANTED -Farmers to bring thei
last year's pop-corn to John Richey'sS
142 South Main St., Butler, Pa
Big Wall Paper Store
Next to Postoffice.
We are not selling out—we are
still buying in—and those who
are looking for good, clean, fresh
up-to date wall paper will find it
here, where we are always at your
I'Phone 453. 251 S. Main St.
Wheat, wholesale price 73 75
Rye. " 58
Oats, " .. 48
Corn, " 68
Hay, " 12 00
Eggs. " 14
Butter, *' 23-25
Potatoes, ' .... 100
Onions, per bu 1 50
Beets, per bu 50
Cabbage, per lb 2
Chickens, dressed 14
Parsnips, per bo 50
Turnips 50
Apples 1-1 50
: Celery, doz bunches. ... ." 25
Honey, per pound 12
Butter is 6i cents higher now than it
vas this time last year, eggs are
c- nts higher: cheese is not materially
changed; poultry is from 2 to 5 cents
hight-r; potatoes are double what they
were a year ago; onions are alxmt 25
cell's cheaper by the crate or bushel;
wax be»ns and green beans are $1 less
ou the bushel; strawberries are about
the same, and turnips a half chexper.
Navy beans that Inst year were #2 20,
this year are quot-d at sl.9o;coffees ru;: j
a little cheaper; salt fi-h is bare'y !
changed;canned goo is notef* w s.
except in tomatoes, which are highi r,
while other things are lower, and the
canned meats are practically the same i
as last year, except iu such things as
sardines, which are lower The new
crop of molasses is a cent higher; the
fancy r«-fin»-d brands 1 or 2 cents lower.
Dried peas are up 40 cents: salt is down
25 cents; sugar is lower this year by
about 00 to 00 cents on the 100 pounds:
hams are up 2 cents; breakfast bacon
has advanced less than a cent, which is
the limit in the change in the price of
dried beef. Mess pork, pigs' feet and
tripe are quoted the same, and bologna
a shade lower. Flour ruled higher a
year ago than now, the spring patents
standing at 4he same figure, the straight
winter 10 cents higher, and the bakers'
spring a dollar higher. Graham flour
is 50 cents cheaper now.—City Ex
Some Reasons.
Charles W. Armour, head of the
Armour interests in Kansas City, said
that he knew absolutely nothing of the
existence of a combine or trust among
the meat packers "If there exists such
a combine," were his words, "I know
nothing about it, and if wnat is claimed
is true it is very strange that I have not
heard of it lam going to give a few
reasons why meat prices are high The
dry weather iu Kansas, Oklahoma,
Northern Texas. Nebraska and parts of
Missouri, Kansas and lowa last summer
has had the effect of cutting down the
r ceipts of live stock in the five great
markets of the world to an astounding
degree. The decrease in receipts in the
five big markets mentioned are. not in
cluding the last day of the present
month, as follows, against those of
April, 1901: Hogs. 225,000.; cattle, 44,500
sheep, 154,000.
"Coal during the last few years has
advanced from 25 to :J0 per cent in price #
Pig iron, which a few years ago cost us
1> cents a pound, now cists us 28 cents,
taking yesterday's closing market for it
Salt has doubled iu value. The lumber
which we use to make our boxes has ad
vanced on average of $7 per 1,000 feet.
Everything else has advanced more or
less, while the price of labor is either
about the same or a little higher."
Let us give you a figure on
the Plumbing and Gas Fitting
of your home
318 S. Main St., Both Phones
Now is The Time to Have
Your Clothing
If you want good and reliable
cleaning or dyeing done, there is
just one place In town where you
can get it, and that is at
The Butler Dye Works
216 Center avenue-
We do fine work in out
door Photographs. This is the
time of year to have a picture ot
your house. Give us a trial-.
Agent for tbe Jamestown Slidn
Riind t'o —Mew York
In the photograph line can be seen
.it the Findley Studio. The Artist
Proof photograph on exhibition
now, they are winners and please
all who want an artistis picture.
Stop in and see them.
Novelties for Ho'iday trade
now ready Broaches and buttons
of all descriptions Copying and
Telephone 236
P. O B'd'g, Butler
! Rrnuches— Mars and Evar.g City
About Kodaks!
We have both Kodaks and
Cameras of all description.
Amateur photo, supplies of all
kinds and of the best.
Keep your eye open for the new
folding pocket Kodak to be out
soon. 20 per cent oft Kodak
prices this week. Films, Plates,
Papers' and Chemicals.
Free dark room for customers
Near P. O.
241 South Main street
Funeral Director.
S. Mam S>. Butle*-
XT A CI) \VT\ T( s The Worßt I* 08 "
JA u OI A I Ll U sible spaviu can
be cured in 45 minutes. Lump Jaw,
splints and ringbones just as quick. Not
painful and never has failed. Detailed
information alxmt this n<-w method sent
free to horse owners by T M. CLUGH,
'X noxdale, Jefferson Co., Pa.
J Medicine for
V We make constant effort i
( to keep our prescription S
i department before you, for »
X there is no telling what f
/ hour you may need our f
S services. Remember we C
; r are idst as careful about f
v the quality of goods, and V
j l kind of service for your f
i i domestic pets as if human \
/ lives were at stake. We (
S have hundreds of prescrip- \
v tions on our files that were \
/ written for animals, and \
} they receive the same care C
C as any others. You may /
/ have a home recipe that S
has be-n in the family for
/ >ears, bring it to us and J
\ -.ve will fill it just right. \
x J We keep all the standard /
/ condition powder for cat- \ J
I tit; also disinfectants for S
j keeping the stable sweet S
\ and clean. j \
\ We keep remedies for j C
/ dogs, birds and all domes- v
3 tic animals. C
> C. N. BOYD, |
f Diamond Block. /
( Butler, Pa, )
shabby and look badly worn,
but perhaps you haven't tme to
bother about them and perhaps no
one will notice your clothes any
way, so you forget about them.
But this forgetting is a mighty big
task when your mother, wile or
sifter presists in reminding you of
your seedy appearance; you'U be
gin to believe she's about right,
but before you rush off to buy
another suit which is quickly
made and quickly worn out, take
a little time to see our showing of
new importations (exclusivestyles)
and learn for what little money
you can acquire the habit of wear
ing clothes made for you; made
by hand in our tailor Shop in
We take the pains to fit you.
By virtue of sundry writs of Ven. Ex., Kl.
Fa.. Lev. Fa.. &c., Issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas of Butler Co., Pa., and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale
at the Court House In the borough of Butler,
Pa. on
Friday, the 16th day of. May, A. D. 1902,
at 1 o'clock P. M„ the following described
property, to-wit:
E. D. No. 30, May Term. 1902. E. E- Young,
AU the right, title. Interest and claim of
Jacob W. Rice, of, In and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated In ButUr
township, Butler county, Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wft: On the north by lands of
Michael Sterb's heirs, on tho east by lands
of Leonard Uerr. on the south by lands of
•John Cranmer. and on the west by lands of
John Cranmer and Perry Gold, containing
fifty-six acres, more or less, and having
thereon erected a two story frame dwelling
house, fram barn and outbuildings.
Weized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Jacob W. Rice at the suit of George
E. D. No. 22 May Term. 1902. F. J. Forquer,
All the right, title, interest and claim of A.
G. J?rederick, of. in and to all that certain
piece of parcel of land, situated in Summit
township, Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wit: On the north by lands of
Adam Rettig, Frank Reott and Alex Berg
beigler, on the east by lands of Jacob
Swartz and Jacob Knouse, on the south by
lands of Henry Binsack, and on the west by
lands of Christina Keck, containing one
hundred and six (108) acres and forty-eight
perches, more or less, and having thereon
erected a frame house, frame bank Darn, and
other outbuildings, with good orchard there
on, 90 acres cleared and under good state of
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of A. G. Frederick at the suit of Andrew
E. D. No. 8, May Term, 1902. A. T. Black,
All the right, title, interest and claim of
W, E. Martin, of. in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated In Venango
township. Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wlt: On the north by lands of R.
M. Sloan and AI Hunter.on the east by lands
of \V. M. Milford and Thomas Davis, on the
south by lands of Park Jamison and on the
west by lands of Llcurgus Sloan, containing
one hundred and sixty acres, more or less,
and having thereon erected two frame
houses, frame burn ond outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as tho prop
erty of W. E. Martin at the suit of W. H.
TERMS OF SALE—The following must be
strictly complied with when property is
stricken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes the purchaser, the costs on the writ
must be paid, and a list of the liens. Includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold,
together with such lien creditor's receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, must
be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid In full.
3. All sales not settled Immediately will be
continued until one o'cldck, P. M., of the
next day at which time all property not
settled for will again be put up and sold at
the expense and risk of the person to whom
tirst sold.
•See Purdon's Digest, 9th edition, page 446.
and Smith's Forms, page 384.
THOMAS R. HOON, Sheriff.
Shenff'sOfflce. Butler. Pa.. April 28. 1902.
WALL PAPERS were never so
pretty in color and design as they are
this season.
A wall well papered is a thing of beauty,
it gives tone ana finish to an apartment
which is obtained in no other way.
Everything in the latest and best desigus
of the best manufacturers are here at
prices that you can't match. Come in
and look over our large stock before you
buy. We can please you,
Picture Framing a Specialty.
Patterson Bros..
236 N. Main St.
Wick Building,
Phone 400.
-'l A
i 39-sth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa k|
We're PR ACTIC A' _yUoin g th, [*!
Hr?Sf 2* CROWN -U'l BF.ilJjt work j[j
V R-2 l'lltsl.urs— WH Y .NOT DO FN
Wind BRIDGE work reduced fc *>
? |L WVF I|S5 PER TOOTH Also the IP
vs t-ost set of Teeth made, o N LY MJ
119 South Main (treat
| Watch r l T his Ad. |
( The New Slioe Store,
S Opening About £
b MAV lOth, I
/ IMext Door to Savings
\ |
"occupy it in ten
Spring Clothing
The styles were chosen with critical discrimination and our, mag
nificent display represents the best selections from the leading makers
We Want More Men and Boys
To Know Our Clothing
We want more Men and Boys to see it. The better they know
our clothing the more they will be astounded and delighted by its
qualities, styles and all round excellence.
We are willing to rest our case on the goods themselves. Let
them do the talking.
Satisfaction Guaranteed or Money Refunded.
Schaul &Nast 9
137 South Main St., Butler.
The Latch String is Out!
A Generous Hearty I nn L ftrc |
Invitation to LUUlVvro.
•' We want you to see our store and stock, want you to be
come acquainted with us. Need not be a bit afraid to come
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Furniture and Carpets
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We Eclipse All Previous Efforts
this Spring, reaching out for more business and getting it. No
such thing as standing still in a healthy business—giving
values unprecedented and
\ Prices that Preclude Competition
Bell Phone 105, (across from Duffy's store,) Butler, Pa.
a Reliable House 1
| Furnishings. |
Sgjt Standard qualities of Furniture and Carpets from j||C
2|5 the most reliable manufacturers fairly priced and
jtHI qualify guaranteed, If interested in Bed Room lUg
Suits you should see the new line, |p*
' All hard wood, golden oak finish and snperior workmanship;
j=a| made with the same care as the higher priced ones. teag
rag Hard wood, golden oak finish, pattern frame, beveled mirror,
SC! brass trimming, and a handsomely carved bed. The suit ooata
5| $22-50. , t , E
Golden oak finish, swell top drawers, French plate beveled gS
mirror, bed richly carved and ornamented. The suit costs $27« CaS
A dozen kinds to select from. An entire new stock of Velour
Couches in red or green gronnds with neat set patterns. Most of RS
SSS| them bnilt on the all steel, wire-tied construction that we guarantee ISC
not to break down. Large roll head Conch with roco-co base, full J535
y>i size, with six rows of tufting. Price S2O. Another, not quite so YS-9S
yg? large, with five rows of tufting, at sls Hand-tied Couches in QJgg
red-figured velour with mattrass tufting, at $lO- jjgg
1 Campbell ft Templet on®