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.Is akin to insanity. Many a woman re
alizes this as she lies awake hour b>
hoar, peopling the darkness with phan
tom, starting at the creaking ot the bed
or the rustle of
I i'§ I M |( scription cares
|f !iI f f I 'I the womanly
diseases which
' ' I cause nervotis
i ' ness and sleep
lessness. It is the best of tonics and in
vigorants, nourishing the nerves, en
couraging the appetite and inducing
refreshing sleep. Irregularity, weaken
ing drains, inflammation, ulceration and
female weakness are perfectly cured by
"Favorite Prescription."
- My wife was »kk I browi eight years." writes
Albert H. Fulte. Esq.. of Altamomt . Grundy Co.
Tenn. "She had uterine disease and was treated
by two physicans and got no relief. At ;ast I
read about or. Pierce's medicines and we de
cided to .rv his'Fa-rorile Prescription.' I sent
to the drag store and got one bottle and the first
gave ease and ilwp. She had not slfpt any
for three nizhts. Being sere that it would cure
her I sent for five more bottles and wnen she
had taken the sixth bottle she was sound and
]>r. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets should he
used with " Favorite Prescription " when
ever a laxative is required.
Witch Hazel Oil
One Application Gives Relief.
It cures Piles or Hemorrhoids—External
or Internal, Blind cir Bleeding, Itching or
Burning, Fissures and Fistulas. Relief im
mediate—cure certain.
It cures Burns and Scalds. The rtliet
, instant.
It curei Inflamed or Caked Breasts and
Sore Nipples. Invaluable.
It cures Salt Rheum, Tetters, Scurfy
Chapped Hand;, Fever Blisters
Sore Lips or Nostrils. Corns, Bunions,
Sore and Chafed Feet, Stings of insects,
Mo juito Bites and Sunburns.
Throe Sizes, 25c., 60c. and SI.OO
Sold by Druggists, Of sent prepaid on receipt of price
tor William & John Ma.. .NEW YORK.
Nasal Catarrh quickly yields to treat
ment by Ely's Cream JJalm, which is agree
ably arofn.iiic. It it received through the
nostrils, cieau'.es and heals the whole sur
face over which it diffns<s itself. Druggists
•ell the 60c. size; Trial size by mail, 10
cents. Test it and you are sure to continue
the treatment.
To accommodate those who are partial
to the use of atomizers in applying liquids
into the nasal JI*HH ages tor Catarrhal Irwu
Met, the proprietors preparo Cream Balm in
liquid form, which will l»e known as Ely's
Liquid Cre;irn J {aim. Prico including the
•praying tube is 75 cents. Druggists or by
mail. The liquid form embodies the med
icinal properties of (he solid preparation.
Gift of Music
Finds Special Appreciation'Y t
Chistmas- Time.
We show a r.plendtd t'ock of musical
instrument* the loliday trade, and il
you inter,d to purchase any kind of an
instrument for a Christmas nift, this i
tin- place to arm*. We sell pianos at
from $250 00 to *450.00 md m- ke twins
to suit.
Your credit is j<ood at
"The Piano Man,"
,V 7 South M»in Street. Butler. Pa.
Merrill Pianos
VVc have two pianos
that have been used
at concerts wc will
jell at a f,'re.nt bargain.
Kor Xmas presents
i : musical
f.ce us.
6. Otto Ddvis,
Armory Building.
Given n t>rrn<l-wlnnlnir return- H
■ ti»n, flUlnc young tn r n for act tint ■
H dotUnof lire. Forcirciihirs, u4- I
HoitV M«ln
Sheridan and the Reporter.
During the early part of Cm- nil Phil
Sheridan's operations in IStU" against
the Confederal.- foro.-j under General
Joh.tl Early !n the Shenandoah valley
Major General Fonvster Williams ft-11
Into disgrace with the Federal com
mander owing to some descriptions of
battles which he reported. After one
of these articles had appeared he met
Sheridan, who remarked:
"So you have been making fuu of me
in your blanked newspaper'"
••Fun, general:"
"Yes. You told all about those con
founded ambulances ami paid no sort
of respect to the commander of the
snny in which you are suffered to
"There was no exaggeration in my
story, sir. You must admit that."
"Admit n thing: This business has
got to stop. You are ordered to leave
ray department within twenty-four
"Well, general, yon have just been
made commander of the United States
military department Even if I go back
to New York I shall still be within the
lines of your command."
"Oh, go to the old boy if you like. I
don't care where you go!" cried Sheri
dan in anger.
To which the reporter replied, "All
right, general, but I am afraid I shall
not be out of your department even
with his Satanic majesty."
Electric Eel«.
Horses and mules are, or at one time
were, made to play a curious part in
the fishing operations of South Amer
ican Indians who eat the gymnotus o;
electric eel. Humboldt was told that it
was their custom to force horses to en
ter the ponds in which these eels lived,
and when the fish had exhausted on the
animals their ability for the time being
to inflict a shock the fishermen caught
th'-m with nets and harpoons, secure
from risk themselves. The more excited
and angry the electric eel, the more
violent is the shock it inflicts.
Humboldt saw this curious fishing on
one occasion: "A troop of horses and
mules was driven Into the water and
prevented from corning out by the In
dians, who crowded round the pool.
The eels, stunned and confused by the
noise of the horses, defended them
selves by the repeated discharge of
their batteries. For a long time they
seemed likely to gain the victory over
the animals, which were to be seen In
every direction, stunned by the fre
quency and force of the electric shocks,
to disappear under the water. Some of
the horses rose again and in spite of
the vigilance of the Indians gained the
shore, exhausted with fatlgue.and their
limbs being beuumbed by the electric
commotions they stretched themselves
at full length upon the ground. In less
than five minutes two horses were al
ready drowned."
nirrploE In Kpcctnclcn.
Some people wear their eyeglasses
or spectacles to bed, for the simple
reason that they cannot sleep without
them on; at least that's what an
optician says, and he ought to know,
for confessions were recently made to
him upon the point. A woman had
repeatedly come to him with the bows
of her spectacles so badly twisted
that he asked her how under the sun
she ever managed to get them In such
a state. He says that he had visions
of some childish hands having a part
In the work, some little one that liked
to play with mamma's glasses.
But the woman xaid that slio had
been wearing glasses HO numb of re
cent years that finally she had taken to
wearing tlicm to JXMJ as the only way
of getting to sleep. Hhe said that It
was only within the past few weeks
that she had had any trouble from the
custom, us she ordinarily managed
to keep tin- front part of her off
the pillow; but lately nlie most have
hail bad sleep, with more or less night
Of his empowers be has two who
have been addicted (<» this habit of
wearing glasses to bed, both for the
same reasons. Imagine some people
trying to wear glasKi-s to l>ed and the
conditions of things In the morning.—
Koston Herald.
I'oppl/ntc Willi n Pipe,
Among the Tehullnn Tartars a cu
rious mode of "popping the question"
Is reported. The Tehullnn CoL-lebs In
search of a wlf«-, having filled a brand
new pipe with fragrant tobneeo,
stealthily enters the dwelling of the
fair one upon whom he has bestowed
his affections, deposits the plp<: upon
a conspicuous article of furniture aiel
retires on tiptoe to some convenient
hiding place In the neighborhood, local
etiquette requiring that he xliould
execute this strategic movement ap
parently undetected by the damsel
of his choice or any member of her
I'resently he returns without further
affectation of secrecy and looks Into
the apartments In a di ual sort of
way. A single glance at the pipe !i<-
left behind him enables,him to learn
the fate of li!s proposal.
If It has been smoked, he goes forth
an accepted and exultant bridegroom;
If not, the offer of his band and heart
has been so Irrevocably rejected as
not to bo worth even a pipe of tobacco.
A <{unlnt Sianillnl.
A curiously whimsical Idea has been
carried out in an KIIKIISII K«r<len at tie
suggestion of Mrs. Kothschlld. Vewa
clipped In the old world formal fashion
of two centuries ago stand by tin
walks nn<l fountains, two cut In the
form of a table and armchair and two
In the form of peacocks. I'.y one of the
fountains tands a quaint sundial.
The shallow of a tall tree fails upon a
huge clo' k face. Indicated on the grass
by figures grown lit gohleu yev. A
h'-nrt shnpeil !s-il marks each corner,
ami lieyoi.4 the figures there Is this
motto In golden yew: "Light and shade
by turns, but lotri- always."
In the photograph line can be seen
at the Findley Studio. The -Artist
Proof photograph on exhibition
now, they are winners and plcasi
all who want an artist is pictuu
St'<p in and see them.
Novelties for Ho'iday irach
now ready liroachcs and button 1
<)F ;I 1J d«- ciiptions ( ''PYINJ; ami
Telephone 7.31
H'd'C, Hutlcr.
Itrsuchrq Mars and Ivvsns City.
* 3') " BU* Av«, ( Pat.burn, pi
R*A V '""PR* CTICA' _V«l«»r., K u , G
' J! CROWN "•! PF.P.JF »'"■ ||
' t JMt' f 11" I«irj WHY NOT Ot V
' 7%»V°ON&7 «»•'•«» CROWN' .
' f DRIOOK «"•'* ■' ""•'•I •
« U'., r i prn TOOTH A 1 11,
■ j yl"■ ■ IMJ. 'J, Y % r* : j
Chemical Paint
of any desired
color, equal to the best oil psnit at less
than half the coat; al<to Formula for best
paint for tin and «hect iron ro<ifs, the
secret ot making them sent post paid for
only 25 cts. Address
Morris' Mercantile Co.,
Niles, O.
M January Shoe Sale r]
W BeginsSaturday.Jan.il li
kl The 8 ever
WA .. md
[I ag ' a result theie's the b :.e-t assortment of broken lots to be clean F'A
1 ed up. We won't carry stock over from one season to another f
! WA All oar finest share included in this sale. Money CAN'T BUY
?4 Women's Shoes ivlen's Shoes |*l
9 J _ Enamels. Box Calf and Yici: j
r J In Enamel. Ideal Kid. box best oak soles: genuine Good
call, lace and button, Good- year Welts. i fi
W1 vear Welts *4 00. :i sft, 3 00. kl
[£ ■ t
Now Men's shoes at £1 00, worth r M i
r A $3 15 - 2 *'• 2 ®°- 2452 00 50. ki!
Women's shoes at s sc worth Bovs'shoes at $1 'X>, worth E? 1 j
kl |l5O. SI 50. TM !
[J i Misses' shoes at -<1 00. worth KM
li Holiday Slippers
ml SI 15. At 25c. 40c. 50c, 75c, $1 00. i N
TM Women's spring heel shoes f 2
rklj at 50e. worth si 00. Men's Wool BOOtS. $
fd InfantQ Stockings.Overs, Rubber
' boots, marked at prices <
f# aii colors and black kid at to close in a hurry. 7J
lftc, 25c, 39c, soc. . W
r V Bargains in every pair of rho*s in the house C me early before fi,
\l g :zes are broken. These prices for cash only No cards punched, fE |
rF. H;.'TEI. I.mWI'.Y,
One lot Ladies' warm lined shoes Regu! r price 25 al ?
One lot Indies' fine dongcl" pat tip shoes " 1 5<J at '
One lot Mists' " " .spring heel fhots " " 125 a. bo
•• •< " " welt sole shoes *' " I 5°1 < "
" Youths'high-cut boac-calf shoes 1 'j 125 al
Cbildretf's fine dongola pat. tip sbots 75 a ' !>
" Men's fine Mtin calf shot s, la^-or Congress.. ' ' '5" 1 <•"
" Ladies'best oil-grain shoes " " '5 7 al
•' Ladies' felt fli • pers -• ] 7.i 35
' Men's heavy working shoes ' " 150 at 1 ■
Boys " 12 5 »t y>
" Holiday slippers " " 35 at 10
'• Children's lace or button sh' vs.. " " 60 35
•' Infants'fine soft sole stiot " " 40 at 15
" Men's fine welt sole fhois, litest styles " " 4o> at 250
Holiday slippers, which f-.'d at 75c, ft co, ft 25 t«» be closed out at a«
Too Many Felt and Rubber Isood .
One lot Children's sprin;; heel rubberi- reduced to ? 10
" Child's rubber > -otjts 'j 75
•' Child's canvas lK»ots
" Women's rubber bootr 1 IO I
'• Men's Storm King rubber fjo its " 2 75 j
'• Men't buckle arctics
" Women's bucVle ftrctics
" Men's fine self acting rub' 5'J
" Men's felt boots and over-. 1 75
Bots* "
High Iron Stands with four last for repiiii.ig) at ■
Sample counters filled with interesting bargains.
Leggins and over gaitcrcs at reduced pi ices.
Jt will pay you to visit this great sale and secure some
of the bargains beinar cfifered
128 S -UTH VAi N ; - " ''JTI.f--
£ /#//!
B (£■s& . .ft N'i '■ OAtTIMOKt,MO. ;
• * -f cy > *fess=s»
long cut tobacco in all the United
States, manufactured with the express
purpose of blending the two qualities,
that of a good smoke and a good chew.
It is made of ripe, sweetened
"Burley," the only tobacco from
which a perfect combination of
smoking and chewing tobacco can
be made. 1
Gail &Ax Navy is known by the -
distinctive character of its blue wrap
per (which has many imitators), it
being to-day identically the same as
forty years ago, and it now stands
for the quality that it did then. You
get the very best, and take nochances,
when you buy Gail 6 Ax Navy.
< ILI 111
Greek-American Fruit and Confectionery Co ;
Fill up the Stocking
With Chocolate candies, 'l'hc "
children will like 't in ami yoti >' **
won't have any regrets, because
these candies are- pure and whole
some. There's no better made, /■,
and we've put the prices as low as
pure fjoods can he sold for. We've | \
every kind. If you can't decide ' , |
wh.it kind to buy, try our mi. id i . ■/\ .-j,.' '■ t t \> J
candies. They're zn cents a " r >„
pound, elsewhere 30c lb. for tin- v J f\X/k - '
same mixed. k ? v>; - • / > 1./)
Oood3 Delivered to All Parts of the Ciiy.
County Commissioners'
Sale of Real Estate.
Tin underpinned County Commissioners of
Bui k r Count v. I*».. by virtue of an order of
the Court of Common Pleas of said County
outhorizins them so to do, will expose at
publi.* -H.ile in the hallwav of the Court House
in Butler borough. Pennsylvania, on
Tuesday, the 11th day of February
at I o'clock p. m.. all the rijrht. title, in
n-rest and claim of County, of, in and to
the following desertbed tracts of land:
No. 1 Twenty-six acres. Allegheny twp.
M > Adaji - an«i Tinsman. owners or reputed
owners. x>ld to county commissioners by
John T Martin treasurer. June s . 1596. bound
ed north by lands of J Hulzler. bounded east
by lands of \V V Allen, bounded south by
lands of .Tames Hlakeiey. liounded west by,
lands of Nicholas Wafiy. deceased. Total
tax. inter« ->t and costs.
j No. I Twelve acres. Allegheny twp. K A
McGinnis, owner or reputed owner, sold to
county •■ommissioncrs by Cyrus Harper.
1 treasurer. June 13, lsl*s,bounded on the north
Inlands of Samuel McKamey. bounded on
the east by lands of BF Hitchkock. funded
;on the >uth by lands of J W" McGinni
bounded on the west by lands of same. Total
lax. interest and costs. 519.05.
No. , Ten acres. Allegheny twp, Harry
, Thompson, owner or reputed owner, sold to
eounty commissioners bv Cyrus Harper, ,
treasurer. June 13, l-4»s. bounded north by .
! lands of Andrew Campbell, bounded east by j
lands of s A. Campl *-11. bounded south by i
. lauds of Isabella Ellis, liounded west by
lands of Andrew Campbell. Total tax. inter
i .s T and costs. Sl-.T5.
j No. 4 One hundred acres, more or less. Al- i
I lejrheny twp, Anderson Negley (or Niggle), I
owners or reputed owners, sold to county
'i commissioners by John T Martin, treasurer. ;
i June 11, bounded north by lands of Wli- 1
!iam Karns. bounded east by lands of W T !
' < rawford et al; bounded south by lands of
William Kennedy, now P W Albert, et a!:!
, bounded tff-t by lands of James Jolly. Total '
\.i \. interest and <•« 'sts. >44 (>".
No. V—House and lot. Adams two. .1 J |
1 >;tujrherty, owner or reputed owner, sold to
county commissioners by John T Martin,
treasurer. June **, *l>ounded nori )i by
i lands of K ias Irvin. bounded east by lands
of Mar burger, bounded south by
lands of W J Kt-ed. hounded west by lands of
I'A W K li. Total tax, interest arid costs,
330 i'J
i No. 6 House and lot in Butler twp. James
MeCulloujrh. owner or reputed owner, sold to
county commissioners by John T Martin.
: treasurer, June s, lt©6. hounded north by
lauds of Charles Duffy, bounded east by
lands of < buries huffy, bounded south by
I lands of Charles Duffy. bounded west by '
lamisof Charles Duffy. Total tax, interest j
and c 'S s.
No 7 House and lot in Butler twp, ('has i
.Garner, owner or reputed owner, sold to
county commission! »s by John T Martin,
treasjj r«-r,June ". l bounded north by New
Castle road, hounded east by street,
! bounded ->uth by ally, hounded west by J \V
Noble. Y ►tal tax. interest and costs, *l7 iU.
! No. s Thirteen acres. Buffalo twp. Lewis
Bell, owner or reputed owner, sold to county !
. commissioners by Cyrus Ilarpvr, treasurer, i
June i ;.
Vail* r. bound',;* e by lands of I ouis Val- ,
Ui. bounded south by H* »r *e Keam- |
• •r. t>ou tided west hv lands of John Torrence.
T' i I la\, 1•: t e t" n» Ct-t -l.t I
>o . ueri ■*, * leartiel l t .vp. M S> .
<t«»h in.'er, ...i >t i i tiled owner, so"! tu
• ot. . . . :;ii . !.»!•• t s ')j lohit » Vartinl
ireasiir r. J it K »Mt». »wj|ii»(l**d' north l»y ;
I'VlairU.f " heir-', o unde'l j
s«*tii.i ian' s »if John >weeuv and MeGln
ley. bounded w« by lands or I' ,M< tii ;idy. j
Total tax. inter i st and cost "?11 9tf.
.No. pi l'.iur a -rts. Clearfieid two, Mlcba. 1 i
Kerr, owner or reputed owner.sold t-? c- unty
i cornmis-loie i s by John T Martin, tr« tsurer.
June", JsliJO, bounded north by lands of Wrn
Stewart,iMjunded east by lantisof VV S Magee,
Ijonmh <1 south by lands of William Stewart, i
itounUd mest by lands of Wiliiani Stew ait.
f Total tax. inteicst and costs, $15.21).
No. 1J Two in res. Kalrview twp, Carrol or
Karl But/.i r, o • tier refuted own* r.sold to
eoui.ty coiiiniisslont rs by John T Martin,
treasurer, June bounded north by
public load, boi.ii>'* d east by Petrolia
thorough, bounded s »uth by lands of Wm
Wilton, hound* i west li) lauds of same.
Total tax. interest a.id costs. $21.45.
No 1. Lot. i airvlev. twp. Levi Mcpann, !
owner t r reputed owner. Hold to county 1
mi -loners by John T Martin,treasurer. ,i •• j
IMH/.l>oun*!»d north by lauds of Paul i .out- j
man. hounded east by public ro;. l. t> Minded I
south by lands of N I'ontius. tiounded west i
i by lauds of same. Total tax. Interest and
. cost s. * I I
No l Two and one-half acres. V'airvlew
twp, J i'l!'att>*s heirs, owners or reputed
own*.*. -.dd to eounty eommissioners by
John Y Martin, ir* asur**". Jun* 4 H, isiNKliound
ed n< th by lauds of Pet<*r Peters, bounded
east, by lands of G II Gibson, bounded south
by I;, uds of Mary Keep, bounded west by
. lands of II \\ Keep, total tax, interest and
costs £l4.ii7
• .No. I , Thirty acres, I'alrvlew twp. J II
] Jack, owner or reput«*d owner.sold to county
commissioners by John T Martin, treasurer,
June -, IMWJ. bounded nortli by lands of W W
Murtland, bounded east by lands of Kichard
Jennings, bounded south by lands of T K Mc-
Grew. bound* d w* st by lauds of Minerva
Wallace. Total tax. interest rind costs,s.'»» <M.
.No. Mi Two hits, I'alrvlew twp, Nathan
Mllroy. owner or reputed owner, hold to
county commissioners by John T Martin,
treasurer. June *. l-stlg, boundid north by
lands of I) W Dart, bounded east by an alley,
bounded south l»y public road, bounded west
by laudsof D W Dart. Total tax. Interest
and <•« »-.t s. !?!."»'.!*K
No. 17--one Iftt, FfJrvlew twp. T J Dlns
rni.h 1 , owni r <>r reptil«*d owner.sold to county
coinrrdssioiii j , hv John T Martin, treasurer,
June s. is;*',. Ixuindid north i»y lands of
Nuiicy II Brown, hounded east by iaiuls of I,
B Lupher. houndedrouth i»y laudsof Lowry
Thorne, bounded \wit by lands of John
Andre. Tota4 tax, interest and costs, sl4 i
No. Is One lot. l ulrvlew twp. Nancy 11
(irown.owm r or reput«*d owner, sold to coun
ty comuilssloiii rs by John T Mariln, treas
ure. June s, !>'.*<>. bounded north by I l i Is of
N. i'onlius, boundi d * itst by lands of It
Lu pher, houniled south by lands of
boundid west by lands of John Andre. Total
tax. inter* st and cost 4. s(4 4s.
So. Il» One acre. I'alrvlew t w t *. It V Brown,
owner or reputed owner, sold i*» county com
ndsAjouers !»y John T. Martin, tuasurer,
June .
Dodd.bounded east by lauds of Joatiurt Conn,
IK. und* 'I soul It by landsof w II Brow n,bound
ed wesl by landM of Elizabeth K Brown.
'i'ot;i!ta\ Interest and costs, fil 1..V.1.
No. ;:■> rw*rity-thr»*e a<t*s. Penn twp.
Coovert *V Co., owners or reputed owners,
sold to eounty commissioner by John T
Martin. Ir* i u rer, June M, hound*)d north
by laudsof John Coovert. bounded east bv
lands of Marshall* bounded ioutn
by lands of K A ll* ndersou. Imunded went liy
lands of James liaridlton. T«>tal tax. Interest
ard cost s. $1f».22.
>o. :i Twitnfy slv a res.Putin two, Thomas
Marshall, owner < r leputeil owner, sold to
county commissioners by John T Martin.
treasiir*r. Jute- !-'.wt. bounded north by
landsof Ben j Powell, Ixiuudcd east by
iKHtndt d south by lauds of W T
Martin, bounded west by lands of Mbert
Wlble. Total tax. Interest and costs. r'.'MJ
No. li one half Interest in twenty-six
acre. In Venanyjo twp. Aiulrew Norcnws,
owner or r* put<'i owner, old to county coin
mlsslorieis by John 'I Martin,
.hit < ■ . 1 bounded not lb by laudsof Amos
Se; 11 ' J 11, I Oil tided »*a .t by la lid sof\V G Smith.
l#« • * 11»< i • -11 south by binds of J B McLaughlin.
b« ii (J«d >v» i i»v landsof Kev. Peti*rs. Total
ta%, iut* r« st and cost . -i I lis.
NO. .1 Lot or tract of land In Bulb r boro,
llar\ey B Hunt, owner or reputed owner,
sold to county e«»mmi.doner . by John T
Martin. I rcas!ir , -r. June • . I-'mi. hounded on
all i olnt • by the Pittsburgh Western Hail
ro id T* tal tax. Inter* 1 atnl cost • 1121.
No, i Hons* and h»t, Butler boro, T J
Moiittfomtrv. owner or r*»ptiled owner, sold
tocounty commission* > . I j Join T Martin.
ti*asur» i, Ji.ne |s',nt, bounded north by
. ; 11 • ■ ■ b ii v o M Baker,
hotiiiib d o lib by an alley, bounded we .1 by
Mrs K N Lytle. Total ta*, interest and
No. »i Two l*»ts, jiutlcr lM»r*». Samuel
ira *. fi-rd. i i,i rnr ri fiutiMl owner, sold to
n 1 lonei - by John T Martin
fr .ui* r. J urn M . hound* d iiorlb by
Jan ■ • I' IV* rn*. boundud east by an alley.
:»<Hindi <| south by l.ocust nt ri-et, l»oiind**d
i ; oln itreet, r« ital tax. Interest
and cost s. »•;»91.
» On* half iuteii t In lot !u Butler
boi •, |jay s ■. h* i : hley. owners or reputed
own. r . . id (o - ounty * , ornmi .>lon*Ts bv
( v r u . Harper, I re a .u r» i. June is. I-'h.i otin(f
ed ii'»rlh b.v an alley, hounded eat by an
allt v. Isiundi i outh bf liOt No 5, bounded
wist hv llroad street. Tax, Interest ami
costs. slli.Tti.
No tin** lot, I alrv lew boro,lt \V McKe*'
own« r or t < |uit ed ow iter, sold to county eom
mlssiouei , hv Joliu I Mart III,t reasurer. J un**
\ l -'. i i bound* d nor I b by I'nlon Hall. IK Mind
ed east by an ill**y, iKiunded south by Petro-
II a .tr*«t. boil id*«l west •»y Main street.
Total tax. lritcrcftf and <*osts, its.
N .. • ' On* I• >t. l aii \ lew bor*». Joseph I
11 , o 11er or i • |uit ell owner, sold t o county
comml ilonei , by John T Martin, t tea surer.
nd north by Presbyterian
chur. h, bonmli d * a*t by Tetiipb'ton,
bound* south by Brown lln*', botimb d west
by via in . t reel Total tax. Intercut and
cos I < • ' ,'.!JI
N-. i (| ton Jot I alrvlew b*»ro *# W
son, owner or r* puted owd* r, so'd t«i county
con,mi .on* is by John T Martin, tr* astir* t,
Jutie - I "• bouiuhd Itoith by Htllihurv
.• i • i hounded ea-,l by M« l\ ** . bounib**!
south by ft tough toi . Isiunded wi 1 by Mc
Ke*'. Total tax, Interest and cost*.
No ii Lot let rolls I Ito en burg,
or r* put ed owner, >l*l to count v com
i | loiiri i •! .i 1 In,lri a tur* r June
j bier i« *1 iKirth by I'entVal hot*d,
IKIUIMI* <1 * a by 'I I leiiholm, h«»unde»l out h
by Main «' r*'» t« bound*'*! w* •' by * ential
hot* To Ita ■ . Int* r* . ami cost
4 \i. lioii • and lot. tinhtiry IKUO, Jef
fer • <i< A lieu, oAu< ior reputed owner, s«»l*l
to county mmlsslon**rs t»y John I Martin,
tr* a-.uii i. J tln*' . ! "i. houtided itorl h by J A
»l, . (Kip . . oumb •! ea it ny Main ' re* t.
~ «. i Dtifl ird Isiunded west
, 1 v Tot a i tax. int* nnt and (xMtm,
l Two lets* Hunbury boro* JeJft v Ml
A lb ti, owner or reputi'd owm r. sobl to coun
ty 1 ., • 1 * i oyJohnT Martin t• • i
uis'i Itiii* MIU tided nor th by f ' 11111 1
and J a incs Wilson, bounded * ast by Main
street, hounded south by John Mc* bllntf,
hound* dw* st i-y an alb-y. Total tax. Inter
est and costs, fL.VU.
All lan*!-* sold will subject to th*» ap
proval of ill*' Court of ( ouimon Pleas, on »«•
t urn «»f sale made &i Marcb term of * 'ourt. as
r*vtulred by law.
A l I i.st: J J M* liABVKV.
J. *'. Ki 1 K Al'i'os, JOHN W GILLI>I-11..
* hI k. JhllN A Kit'IIKBT.
* '<*t1111 v * 'oinmlssloiMT *.
Commissioners' Office, ifutlcr Pa., Dec**m
h* i met
OK KICK —Ncxt/toor to CiTZKiN office
Butler. I>a.
everj <lay that its better to
pay a little more for clothes
made to measure than to
try to save a few dollars,
simply because the few
thereby saved sacrifices the
value of the clothes. It is
impossible to cheapen the
workmanship of good clothes
without destroying their
Give us your order for our
S3O sack suit and we will
give you an interesting j
example of comfort and j
economy. Our abundant i
assortment of new fall goods I
affords every opportunity for |
a choice selection.
That Dangerous $
| Cough|
1 May lead to something more V
\ serious if not cured soon. C
C ° ur S
/ Syr. White Pine Comp.
1 J with N
j S Eucalyptol and Honey, /
( is the remedy for it, promptly re- /
j lieves and speedily cures all throat 1
C and bronchial affections. \
* Price 25 50c. C
j (If you suffer from headache, 1
S Redick's headache powders will \
C give prompt relief, it your dealer C
X does not have them \»e will send /
N them to you by nt:u', of /
t 4 doses 10 cents.)
/Reaick & Mrohman,N
J Prescription Druggists.
5 U9 N. Ma il utler, Pa (
v'v/'-' >A/\/
\jM li s
Don't Suffer
from the cold. Don't wear
unsuitcd to the season. Oct
something that is warm and
We Sell
I>r. Deimel's linen-mesh underwear.
Dr. Jaeger's sanitary wool "
Jaros Hygienic fleeced "
Wright's health "
anil many others.
Have some broken lots which
we are selling v- ry cheap. Drop
in and look at them.
Jno. S. Wick.
Opposite P. 0.
■f¥=s 5
Extreme Pleasure
will fifiult from the use of glasses ptir
chnsed at Kirkpatrii k's The latest un
proved methods are used and glasses
furnished at prices to j>leas;- you. Vou
will also liud here all that is new anil
desirable in Cameras, Plioto Supplies,
Washburn Matidolint ' Guitars and Vio
lin;.. IJdison, Columbia ai'd Vict ir Talk
itiX Mat.'hines.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician
Nril to Court House
'&Wi, : ' 7 '<>>})
L t 3&S
New Wall Paper.
Call and see our line
for 1902 up-to-date.
Remnants at Bargain Prices,
I'. VV I)evoe A Co. Pure Lead and Zinc |
Picture Framing A Specialty.
Patterson Bros..
I \
2y> N. Main St. ,f
Wick Jlnilditig, ) ]
Phone 400. 11
'*-{*-Sh{ want
-V. IS / every
y reader
, ./ x&» of
s-4 W"
at our store for a
Free Sample
Mermen's Talcum
The best powder for the toilet, for the
baby anil for chapeil and roughened
TVe carry a full line of household
drugs and toilet articles. You will find
our prices lower than most.
Try us with your next prescription.
Reed's Pharmacy
Cor. Main and Jefferson Sts. . Butler, Pa
Special Notice.
"Bicycles at cost' to close them
out, come early and get a bargain.
All kinds of repair work given
prompt attention at
Geo. W. Mardorf's
Bicycle Store . Dd Repair Shop,
109 W. Cunningham St
20 feet is Ihe proper distance at wbict
a normal eye should clearly dislinguiat
letters y» of an inch.
Not oue person in a thousand can tel
« hat constitutes normal or perfect vision
Less than one in every hundred hai
normal vision.
I can show you what normal vision is
Can give it if glasses will accomplish it
Normal vision.
Kasy vision.
Restful vision.
Consultation and a lvise free.
fcl.i■».. <CR'S ENGLISH
c° 1 -c* jp *
S . «'»•-. I,J»«IIC«. risk I>ruK»: *t f««
i 1111 ki . "X S fti.\<4UKll 111 IUmI tin
Qplrt . .. i h blue rlobot
TaliCi. . Thm* daui. "hiiiw Mibali
lOfttomniiit I•<»)':;!»«•««. liny of your U.tigftw
~r 4-ikl ... I•« l*nrli<alar Twli
m.Ktial • mI " ll< J*«-l f*»r
by rmU ' » . » 000 t. kmonialii sold b
:» ) Pr«»CM ' •
Mcutlon hl« onucr.
I madam Dsan's
A »aff, certain rrllrf for Hupprr«sod
M^nxt-nation. Ncvit known tofall. Hafe!
Hnn*! Hpoedy! Siitlsfact ion (iuuni
or money lU-fuiided. H>iit propald for
f 1.00 tier (Hl*. Wlllaend the,ll on (rial, to
foe paid for when relieved. Maniple* Krec.
Hold in Butler at tho Ceutre Ave
Pearson B. Nace's
Livery Feed and Sale Stable
K«.ar of
tA/ick House Butler Penn'a
Tho bunt. of horn*** and drat Cliinm rijfn al
wnvsori hand and fur him.
ltost accommodation* In town for prrma
nent hoarding and transient. trudn. Hpecl
il earn jcuarantotMl.
Stable Room For 65 Horses.
A K<»od nIuMM of horsoH. both drivers an<
draft bones always on band ami f«»r «al<
under a full guarantee; and horiei hough
pon proper notification hy
Tploohono Mo. 21#.
everywhere can earn $6.00 per week In «part
time or evening*, addressing envelope*, no
money required, hundreds of worker* now
employed, proof *enf free anywhere lo ihonc
tending addresHcd envelope lo FKANKLIN
CHEMICAL COMPANY, M.lO Filbert Street,
Patronize The New
I'.dC.S and CIIKKSE.
Stock always fresh.
the highest rash price for Poultry, Hut
ter,Rj(KN ••"I lli'le.i.
11. A. RBIBER,
•Phone 533.
W S. & E. WICK,
Koiikli and Worked 1.11 mI••• r ofj -t!I/Kind*,
I'ooi-n, Saali and Moulding!*.
: >l l Well Ulkn a UptM'lally.
< >nii«> and Yard
IL .I'uiinlniiliiiiii mid Monro* Hla
near n«Nt Ponn I»«uyt.
• in-rri r*
WANTK U 11 one* t man or woman to inre
for laric liotnt# , Hillary 'lf> 11100 thly and
Mi» iiml, wlili lnerea*e; piiMlllon pcriuaii
i' utilHCl«>" aol t• atWrmaßd at-uuiiwd ou»alop»
HANAuKH. 110 (Ufton bldg., OhlfMO.
< ► New Store, J New Store,O
< ►Jefferson St. 1 Jefferson St j 1
The latest fall novelties, newest styles and most nobbyl
< Mine of Millinery ever shown in Butler county is now open fbr» >
■ —s
Richey's •
it New Bakery, |i
Hlee Cream Parlor!)
\l AND 1/
pßestauraqt j>
(| Meals at all Hours. j)
S | Bread, Cakes, Ice Cream, | /
/* Delivered to all parts of town. | 1
y 142 S Mam Street. k s
NjE People's Phone 190. j| /
A Charmirg Creitim).
The recovery of the fin < s
painting of the Duchess of Devon- A I
shire, has revived interested i i the /Vf" 1 /tS fljSS?2j£x /
Gainsborough. We are sh wi:ig ■rt \*j I
this picturesque type of hi de *k£j
ve'"pcd in a variety oi materials p»V A -e- si
The mode's are very beautiful ma .1 V _, x,
attractive and are distinctly stvl- 'j"»
ish. Quality is up to our usually /
high standard.
• - -- -■
328 South Main Street - - J.jtl r ?i
JsL % Fal ' aDd WiDlef e^l)ts<
t'~f\ l Have a nattineyp ob* ut M:em that
/j h Npv // \\ mark the wthiti, it won't do to
pf [ft IK Ijptl (J tn wt«r the last vear's oi tput. Von
/ NL r a_K*J Vj yl won't get the latest things a' the
rAX f~? IW ttock cloil ien-«ithe». The up-to
|/ IVV \J date tailor only tan •.< pply tb»m,
A [r\ I. ..I, r-J .if you want r.ot < l!> tl.e latcs: IJ
I I VJ 1 ill « things in cut nod fit ai d work-
I I ill I ni«nsbip, the Gncst in duiahiliti,
/ I I where e'sr can *ou gel • -trl<ina
-2 I | HI 11 tions. you get tbi n. at
K F. C K
G. F. KECK, Merchant Tailor,
42 North Main Street All Work Guarantee' 4. Qutier, p «
State Normal School
F.xpenses for Spring Term of Fourteen Weeks to students who intend to teach
Only Forty-One Dollars! s4l
It is the constant .<iui of the management of this scnool to direct every effoit
toward improvement in the
Preparation of Teachers for Their Work.
Students may board and room in town. Tuition free toftndents over seven
teen years of age who shall sign an agreement binding them to tench two full
annual terms in the Common Schools. Such students mm t ulso receive ngular
Instruction in the science and Art of Teaching, in classes devoted to that ol j»ct,
for the whole time for which such allowance is drawn.
Spring Term begins March 25,1902.
Send for a Catalogue-
ALBERT E. MALTBY, Principal.
l-or sixty years the NEWYOKK WHJBKLY TRIBUNE
has been a national weekly newspnpe<, lead almost entirely by
farmers, and lies enjoyed the confidence and snppoit of the
American jx:ople to a degrte ncvir attairid by an> similar
A publication.
is made absolutely for farmers and their fain lies. The fir*t
*y f \\ T ' number was issued " ovetnl>er 7111, 19 1
1"H \/\ Kvery department of agricultuial industry is covtrt-a I»y
' -*—4 " * Njiecial contributors who aie leaders in their rtspeclixe lin«s,
and the TKIHUNK l-'ARMIiR wil'be in every sense « high
class, up to date, live, cu'orpriiing agricultural paper, profuse
ly illustrated with pictures of livestock, model farm liuildings
I 1 and homes, agricultural machinerv, etc
J j Farmers'wives, sons and daughters will find special [ ages
for their entertainment.
Regular price, $: to per xear, but \oil run buy it with yonr
favorite home weekly newspaper The CI I I/liN, one year
Pfor #1 75 or CiTi/.sM and Tif-We« kly Tri rue for #2 00.
\ f )I>| > Send your subscriptions a- il moLey to THF CITIZEN,
r\l i"V I\ Butler, Fa.
Send your name and addresi to NEW-YORK TRIBUNE
FARMER. New-York City, aud a free sample copy will be
mailed to you.