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    I'M C . I IX' v
VOTE—AII a-lver - i- itendluK to make
:u:uie R In their am. slumld notify us of
sticir Intention to ■ t -ter than Mon
day mornlnic.
Administrator's notice, estate of Mary
J. Royle.
Buffalo Bill for Sept. 10.
Brown A: Co s locals.
C. & T's furniture.
Bickel's Fall Footwear.
Dairy for Sale.
Redick & Grohnian's corks.
Grove City College.
Adinliiltiian I Kiwutur, •>f estate
;tn seeuro their receipt N»>Ws it tin- CITI
-EN office, and person* makiiii.' public sales
tnsir note book-,.
—See the red pigs at the Fair.
—See the big cattle at the Fair.
—Buffalo Bill—Tuesday, Sept. It).
—Boston is in agony over the short
bean crop
—Did you notice Redick & Grohnian's
window. Its a corker.
—The Butler Business College com
menced to do business again Monday.
—Natrona is said to be having an
epidemic of scarlet fever and diphtheria
—Some Pitfesburgers have put up a
quarter of a million ou the coming
yacht race.
—Afl vMoatbe Simon Young farm
i.i Clay twp.. last Sunday, moved a hay
stack 700 feet.
—The uest areat event —Buffalo Bill's
Wild West Shows --Tuesday, Sept. 10,
afternoon and evening.
—A Yorn state farmer died, last Sat
urday. from the bite of a strange dog,
concealed :n. a nnnger.
—Ti.er»- were 167 prisoners in the
Pittsburg jail, last Saturday, awaiting
trial, four of them for murder.
—Tax Collector Maxwell of Butler
tiok in t- u thousand dollars last Friday,
and eleven thousand, Saturday.
—ln order to give the printers a
chance to go to the Big Fair, we go to
press a half day early than usual.
—There has been no big show here
this year and the people are hungry for
one, bo look for a big crowd at Buffalo
Bill's, next Tuesday.
—The Speeehly sand leases are nearly
on a north and south line, and if they
keep on in that line, they a ill soon be
leasing around Saxonburg.
—The McCall reunion, last Thursday,
was one of the greatest successes of.the
season. Thej* had a fair day, and a
thousand people were present.
—Nearly all the large towns of the
c.iuntry had labor parades, with from
3,009 to 40,000 men in line. Monday. At
Tarentum tbev had a parade a mile
—The great strike continues, and on
Tuesday the Americar Tin Plate Co.,
notified the Sheriff of Allegheny Co.
that their plant at Demmler Station
was threatened by a mob.
—There was quite a tumble in plate
glass at Cooper's corner of the Diamond,
Tuesday night. One drunken man
pushed another against a large glass,
which went to pieces, and which will
cost about S7O to replace.
—Buffalo Bill comes to Butler, next
Tuesday, fresh from his great success at
Buffalo, with the Biggest. Grandest and
most complete Wild West Show he has
has ever had. The papers speak very
highly of his Expo, engagement
—The heavy rain of last Sunday af
ternoon flooded the West Penn Station
and the lower Elm St. district, filling
cellars and doing consideraole damage;
and it also flooded N.Washington St.,
leaving places full of mud and stones.
—On a sharp curve at Heiner station
a mile north of Bruin, Saturday after
noon, six P. & W. lumber cars jumped
the track and toppled over on their
sides. No one was hnrt but traffic was
delayed nearly four hours, and the cars
were badly smashed up.
—The fifth million of people are now
KOing through the turn-stiles of the
Pan. Am. and the travel to Buffalo is
taxing all the railroads. The show isn't
as big as the Chicago fair, measured by
acres, but its snug, perfect and charm
ing, and will keep any visitor busy as
long as he chooses to stay.
The Compulsory .School Law.
I wish to call attention to the new
compulsory schi >ol law which closely con
cerns parents, pupils, teachers, direc
tors and superintendent.
The law should lie in the hands of
each one mentioned and I therefore ad
vise boards of directors to send to the
CITIZEN office, Butler, Pa., where you
can procure copies of said law for a
very small sum—one dollar being
enough to supply a township—one to
each heme. Yours truly,
;sf"We will furnish the above to in
dividuals at a cent a copy, plus postage,
or to School Boards at 50 cents for 05,
75 cents 100, or $1 for 150, postage pre
paid. Send all orders to the CITIZEN,
Bntler, Pa.
Letter to A. K. Klmgensmltli.
Butler, Pa. '
DesarSir: Perhaps you are going to
paint your house, aud don't believe in
Drfvoe. We'll make you an offer:
Paint half your bouse lead and oil;
tha other half Devoe lead and zinc.
In three years the lead and oil half
will be hungry for paint; the Devoe
half will turn water as well as when
If not, our agent will stand by this:
"If you have any fault to find with
this paint, either now in the painting
or hereafter in the wear, tell your
dealer about it.
"We authorize; him to do what is
right at our expense."
D.ivoe lead and ziuc holds color better
than lead; turns vv iter twice as long.
Yours truly.
F. W. DEVOE & Co.
P. S>-Patterson Bros, sell onr paint
in your section.
leirn the habit of saving, it is not what
yon earn but what you save. Any one
can make ui mey but it takes a wi.e man
to save it. Now is the time to start, and
yo'ir deposits made with us will earn
you 4 ]K.-r cent, interest compouudej
evcrv 6 months. Send for onr booklet,
all abmt banking by mail or in person
PANY, 6124 Penn \ve., Pittsburg, l'a
Old Dr. Drummond.
After years of patient study and ex
periment. has given the world a prepar
ation which is an absolute and perma
nent cure for every form of rheumatism.
The price $5, but it is two large buttles
enough for a months treatment, and
will relieve the worst case from the
first dose. Sent by express upon receipt
of price, by Drumniond Medicine Co.,
New York, with full particulars and
testimonials of wonderful cures.
The New Royal Sawing Machine has
nosnperior. It has stood the test for
past 25 years. Before buying see Brown
& Co. and save from one third to one
half on price.
Purified milk 4c ts a quart at the
| Ex-Co. Com'r Samuel Marshall is se
riously ill.
E. L. G»! s .u of Parker twp., attend
ed the f air.
C Johnston of New Castle visited
Butler friends, 2a»t week.
Miss DntT of Washington, Pa . is the
guest of Miss Mary Bowser.
E. S. Kregsr c f Concord twp. was in
town on business, yesterday.
Patrick Mcßride of Coylesville was
in town, on business. Monday.
John Hildebrand, also, wears boots in
summer. He's afraid of snakes.
Miss Schietle of Freeport is the guest
of Miss Rockenstein of Broad St.
Mrs Nancy Heater of Prospect was
brought to the Hospital, Tuesday.
Miss Myrtle Smith of Ravenna, O. is
the guest of Mrs. G. N. Burkhalter.
A. L. Latchaw.- wife and mother, are
visiting Mrs. Latchaw s folks in Butler.
Harry Siebert and wife of Allegheny
is visiting his father. William Siebert.
Mrs. Graham and daughter of
Youngstown are the guests of Mrs. S.
N. Kidd
Miss Georgie Crane of South Main St.
has accepted a position in the schools of
Irwin. Pa.
Maj. Albert G. Negley oI Florence,
Ala., is the guest of his brother, John
H. Negley.
Miss Thomas of Bradford is the guest
of her aunts, Misses Emerick of North
Washington St.
Miss Clara Riley of Etna was the
guest of Miss Kittie Siebert of West
Wayne street, last week.
Philip Graver of Gomersol and Sarah
J. Emery of Cbicora have lately secured
pensions of per month.
Norman Jones of New Castle and
Edward Osborne of Allegheny are the
guests of Cashier .John McMarlin.
John Wilbert, former baker for J. A.
Richey. but no* - located in Zelienople,
visited friends in Butler, Thursday.
Thomas Humes of Clearfield intends
visiting a daughter in Cleveland next i
week and taking in the encampment.
Markle Neyinan of Oakland was in
town. Friday, and said they were leas
ing for the Speeehly in that township.
Misses Rockensteiu and Berg have re
turned from a very pleasant visit to
Pan- America and other Canadian points.
Miss Annabel Lefevre of Middlesex
twp. is visiting Rev Greenlee's family
at Zelienople. She took her new wheel
with her.
H. Walker and wife of Centre Ave
and Cbnrles Jiles and daughter of Penn
twp. spent a day or two last week with
friends at Bruin.
Misi Lillian Ensminger is entertain
ing a party of I'ittsburgers, consisting
of Misses Becker and Keeper, and
Messers Yogeley, Eall and Ensminger.
John Ayrea, John Anderson and Mack
McLaffarty assisted the St. Petersburg
baseball club to defeat Clarion 0 to 8
Saturday. Anderson had three three
Harvey Miller returned home last Sat
urday from a visit with relatives in the
central part of the state,which he great
ly enjoyed. His wife is yet with friends
in Tyrone.
Mrs. MatiWft Deer and her daughter,
Emma, who had been visiting their
uncle, Albert Hiekey. returned to their
home in Etna, last Friday. They spent
a pleawnt month at the old homestead.
R M. Addleman of Venangj twp.
was in town, last Thursday, and his old
friends did not recognize him, as some
days before he bad had his face badly
burned by an explosion of gas.
Albert Arnold, of Mars, is having a
steam auto, built in Pittsburg, with
which to transport nitro-glycerine from
his magazine to the wells. It will be
finished and sent to him, this week, and
people vslio want a ride on it should
send in their names.
Fred Cnlbert, who left New York on
May 1 to walk to Sionx Falls on a wa
ger of SSOOO, arrived there last Satur
day. 32 hours ahead of time. The dis
tance walked is 2,200. Culbertleft with
out a cent and had not slept in a bed
since his departure from New York.
Geo. B. Turner of W. Sunbury re
turned home, last Thursday, from his
visit to his son, who has a cattle range
in northwestern Nebraska. The wheat
crop in that country was light, but the
hay was good, and " the grass remains
good on the ranges. Tha western coun
try is very dry and dusty at present,and
the long ride was very fatigueing.
Some of the corn is burned brown, but
it is good in theivalleys. Mr. Turner
stopped in lowa, to see his bruther there.
Bob Fitzgimmons, who has swung
around the circle and knows whereof he
speaks, in a recent lecture to young men
said: "I never see a young man dissi
pating but I feel like taking him aside
and telling him that he is wasting his
strength and squandering his brain pow
er and storing up for l a legacy of
disappointment and suffering. It is not
a question of morals. It is a question of
self-interest. Life is like • a sparring
match. A man needs to be in the finest
possible condition to have any chance of
President's IViy at the Expo.
Thursday, Sept. .">.
For this great and glorious occasion
the Buffalo, Rochester <te Pittsburg
Railway will inak<? low excursion rates
from all points on ittf lilies.
President's day will be one of the
greatest in the history of Buffalo.
President McKinley will deliver an ad
dress in the Stadium. The President's
cabinet, Justices of the Supreme Court
and the members of the Diplomatic
Corps wiil be present. There will be a
splendid Military Pageant including the
United States Marine Band. 111 the
evening there will be the greatest
Paine fireworks display at Park Lake,
Pan-American grounds, ever seen in
this country. For tickets and full in
formation consult the nearest agent of
the company.
Reduced Itatcs to Cleveland.
The Buffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg
Railway Co. will sell excursion tickets
to Cleveland, Ohio on account of the
G. A. li. Encampment at greatly re
duced fares. Tickets will be on sale
September Hto 12 inclusive good to re
turn until September 15 inclusive
Tichets deposited with Joint Agent
before Septeml>er 15, together with fee
of 50 cents will be extended for return
passage to not later than October S.
Pennsylvania Railroad Reduced
Rates to Indianapolis.
For the meeting of the Sovereign
Grand Lodge, Independent Order of
Odd Fellows, at Indianapolis, Septem
ber 16 to 21, the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company will sell round trip tickets to
Indianapolis from all points on its lines
at rate of a single fare for the round
trip. Ti.-kets will be sold September 12
to 15. inclusive, and will be good to re
turn. leaving Indianapolis not earlier
than September 15 not later than Sept.
2:5. By depjsiting tickets with Joint
Agent September 12 to 23 and upon pay
ment of fifty cents an exteusion of the
return limit may be secured, to leave
Indianapolis to October 7. inclusive.
The Bessemer & Lake Erie Railroad
Company has placed 011 sale at all sta
tions. excursion tickets to Buffalo, on
account of the Pan-American Exposi
tion. With the improved passenger
train service now being arranged for,
making connections with three impor
tant Buffalo lines; viz. the Erie R. R..
L. S. & M. S. and Nickel Plate, patrons
of the road will be given every opportu
nity to visit the Exposition at the lowest
available rates.
j Tne latest designs in Fall Carpets
J fresh and bright as a congress of babies
lat Brown & Co's. They are just from
j the loom. You will find Ingrains
Tapestries Velvets- Axminsters -Body
Brussels in Hal] and Stair Bed Room
j Dining Room patterns. See us before
People say the Butler Creamery C.'o's
| Ice Cream Is the best.
I— 111
Alexander Bros, and Ch;i~ Kelly vs
•T. 11. Shiever. appeal by deft, fiom
judgment of Justice McMicbael of Zelit -
: nople deft, for
! The J. B. Millet Co. for use of Robert
I < r. Newbegen of New York vs Clara M.
• ireenlee, summons in assumpsit for
; 5500, claimed to be due for a set of
' liooks entitled "Japan, described and il
j lust rated by the Japanese' which the
! plfs. allege the deft, contracted for but
refused payment
Mvrtle Latshaw vs Samuel B. Lat
shaw, petition for divorce.
John W. Allen vs W. H. Long, ap
| peal by plaintiff from judgment render
ed by Estj. Ruben McElvain.
Constable Ficht of Adams reported
that Mars parties were committing a
nuisance by dumping garbage along
the public road between Mars and
Myoma, which causes a fearful smell,
scares horses and endangers the health
of the community.
Ailshouse of Forward twp. reported
the Reibold bridge needs tilling and the
new road from Reibold to Renfrew was
not open
Bergbigler of Summit reported the
West Penn s over-head bridge at Her
1 mon was built on and obstrncted the
public road.
Herdinan, Ist ward Bntler, reported
P. & W. blockaded the Centre Ave.
crossing and made flying switches across
the street.
The constables reported many roads
and bridges in bad shape by reaaon of
the late storms.
The will of John Foertsch of Jefferson
twp. has been probated, and letters tes
tamentary granted to Conrad Foertch
and Wm. Zoller: also the will of Regina
Kobler of Butler, letters to Frank
The will of Ann Eliza Orr of Butler
has been probated and letters testa
mentary granted to Stephen Cumroings.
The proceeds of sale of her bouse and
lot on North St. are left to the Episcopal
The will of Leah Bnpp of Lancaster
twp. Las been probated, no letters.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Mary J Royle of Butler have been
granted to Samuel M. Seaton.
A charge of cruelty to animals has
been made against Grant Waldron by
F. M. Swartzfager.
Jacob Miller petition for guardian for
Mrs. Jane Miller of Forward twp. and
hearing was fixed for September 23.
Mahala Boston petitioned for guar
dian for Shepler Boston of Franklin
twp. and hearing was fixed for Satur
day, Sept. 14.
John C. Graham, Esq.. Dr. W. J.
Grossman and Benjamin Williams
were appointed a commission in lunacy
on Mrs. Esther K. Dyke on petition of
Henry Dyke.
The Court has appointed A. B. Hamel
judge of elections for Penn twp. north.
John W. Coulter, Esq., has been ap
pointed guardian of John W. Wimer, a
minor of Muddycreek twp.
Leave to sell the real estate of George
Flowers, dee'd., in Marion twp. has
been continued.
Leave has been granted John Post,
adm'r of Frank Acre, dee'd., of Buffalo
twp. to sell real estate.
The Free Methodist church of Butler
has filed its charter.
The application of citizens of Bruin
for incorporation as a borough was
heard and the charter was granted,
creating the borough.
Sapiuel Phillips has been arrested for
horse stealing on complaint of G. W.
Kenneth Sampson of Evans City is in
jail on a c harge of larceny.
George A. Wick is in jail on a charge
of surety of the peace.
Samuel Severas was arrested and find
for being drunk and disorderly.
O. P. Pisor was appointed guardian
of W. W. and Child Campbell, minor
children of S. H. Campbell.
The a&b cases (cross suits) against
Agnes Umpstead and Joseph Mushrush
has been settled.
Annio Boyd plead guilty to f&b and
was fined $1 and costs and discharged.
On her information an indictment was
preferred against Wm. Bassett.
Mrs. Agnes Snyder of Butler was
bronght into Court and plead guilty to
f&b., but as she refused to make infor
mation against the child's father, was
required to give bond to the County
Commissioners for its maintenance.
When called before the court Mrs. Sny
der, who is a widow, acknowledged the
child's father to be man
named Hoover, but refused to make
any information against him, saying
she would lay in jail till she died be
fore she would cause any trouble to the
good man who had kept her and her
three children for a year,and if Hoover's
wife had l>een half as good as he was
there would have been no trouble in his
family. She also said she loved him
and if she could not marry him in this
world she would in the next.
In the matter of exceptions to report
of viewers on a new road in Parker and
Allegheny twps. the report was set
aside and the costs put on Butler coun
The case of Com. vs Daniel Crook
shank has been settled.
The case of Win. Zeihervs John Mar
burger and G. W. Sliilling.rule to show
cause why judgment should not be op
ened as to llarbnrger, was continued at
the defendants cost.
W. I. Scott of Lancaster twp. was
appointed foreman of the Grand Jury.
Renigio Bartello anil John Lang pe
titioned for naturalization and the oath
was administered to them.
The divorce case of Elizabeth Miller
vs Alexander Miller was continued by
the parties.
In the divorce case of Ida E. Dobson
vs Dorv E. Dobson was continued to
allow amendment of the record.
Divorce was granted to Lottie Pearl
McElh aney from James Jeddison EcEl
Friday Sheriff Hoon made the follow
ing sales:
Fifty-three acres of A. J. Hflnlen in
Donegal township to Mary Brickner
for $1250; also 11 acres in same to same
for $175.
House and lot of Jas. Ramsey and
Win. Truby on E. Penn St , Bulter, to
A. G. Williams for sl4l.
Forty-six acres of Henry Marburger
in Jackson twp. to James Cooper for
House and lot of Skillman heirs on
South street, Butler, to Harper
Bros, for $553.
Eighty-five acres of D. K. Graham in
Brady twp. to Jacob Snyder for $915.
Thirty-four acres of Elmer E. Christ
ley in Clay twp. to E E. Bell for $275
Forty-six acres of Wilbert Bard in
Slippery rock twp. to E L. Ralston for
House and lot of W. S. Brandon on
Lincoln Way, Butler, to W. A. Stover
Fifty acres of Wendel Osche in Cle
field twp. to John B, Greer for SISOO
The writs against Helwig Grine, 1.
I M. Huselton, Edward Kessehnan av
Mary A and G. W. Stewart were re
The writs agaii st Martha Bole and
John and Hugh Grossman were re
Sixty-five acres of Jas, and John Mc-
Laffeity in Clearfield twp. to Michael
Logue for SI2OO.
Philip Daubenspeck to Wm. H. Mil
ler 3 acres in Donegal tor SOOO.
| James Sheridan to J. I. Sheridan lot
I in Mars for S2OOO.
John L. Albert to Elmer L Albert 24
acres in Centre for $720.
; George E. Welsh to Grace E. Ander
son lot in Mars for SIBOO.
i George W. Renick toJacobG. Renick
i 31!> acres in Centre for sl.
Margaret A Doerr to Carol in G.
Renick, 100 a-res in Slippryrock for
i S2OO.
C. J. Crawford to Mary A Parks lot
in Allegheny fur SIOO.
Mary J. tiibson to Minnie Greer lot
in Washi .-ton twp. for $175
M;irriaj;e Laeen*"*.
Paul Schmoker IJntler
Mary McLifferty "
John Stonghton Claytonia
Birdie Shaffer Isle
Perry Watt Orr Harrisville
Alice Btirdell Moon "
Fleming Snyder Smith Grove City
Jean Eleanor Wilcox Mercer twp
.James N. McFarland.. Rural Valley, Pa
Mary E. Harkleroad Gastowtf. Pa
Gov A Dnnlap Valencia
Mary E. Stephenson Mt. Chestnnt
•Tames Dixon Worth twp
Mary Elizabeth McConnell• ■
Cam Wallace Carnahan.... Clarion Co.
Laura Rignle Karns City
At Pittsburg—W. H. Varner of
Perrysville and Mary Eekhart of Butler
At Pitfsburg—Andrew .T Thompson
ami Estell A. West of Butler.
At Buffalo—Peter Kihn and Lucinda
Heath of Bntltr.
A barn on the W. S. Barnes heirs
farm, near Hurrisville. was burned. Fri
day. together with a quantity of grain
and hay. The fire was started by a
horse kicking over a lighted lantern
The loss, about £IOOO. is partly covered
by insurance.
John Allison's barn in Allegheny
county, just across the line from Clin
ton twp. was struck by lightning and
burned last Friday afternoon: also Sam
Austin's hay house, nearby.
The barn of Park Milford in Alle
gheny twp was struck by lightning and
destroyed by fire at noon of last Satur
day .
The barn of W. S. Coulter of Craw
fords Corners, a brother of John W . o
Butler, was struck by lightning and de
stroyed by fire. la a t Saturday. He and
his family were absent at the time, but
John Kerr, a neighbor. seeing the
flames ran and let the horses out. His
harvest grain and all machinery were
lost. The loss vas partially covered by
iu-u ranc»*
The barn of Perry McFadden in
Virion twp was struck by lighining
il< sinned by fire on Saturday lrght
Aug. 24th. He lost ever} thing and bad
but S3OO ici-nrauce in toe Worth Mut
Mrs. Frishkoiu's barn in Jackson
twp . Davi l Burns' 011 Brush (.'reek.and
Rev. Bou-ijer's in Beaver Co., were
si ruck and burned daring the storm of
last Friday.
Buffalo Bill.
On Tuesday next Col. Cody's great
Wild West Show, with its 1200 men and
horses will arrive in Bntler, and parade
our streets it 10 a. m.
The new features of the show is an
illustration of the capture of Pekin, the
Marine drill, and scenes from the Boar
Reserved seats can 1*» had at Reed's
News-depot. Exhibitions begin at 2
and 8 p. m.
Grove City College offers excellent
opportunities to students of Mechanical
and Civil Engineering. High grade
work in Mechanical Drawing and Me
chanics can be had during every session
of the college year, which begins Sept.
24th. For catalogue and all particulars
address the President, Isaac C. Ketler,
Grove City, Pa.
Mr. Hunies of the loilol Medicine Co.
of Tarentrni, came to Butler, Tuesday,
and has opened an advertising and
sample sta lon the Fair Grounds.
Penii.syl\.»aia Railroad Reduced
Rat<- ■ to San Francisco.
On acco, it of the Triennial Conven
tion of th< Protestant Episcopal Church
to be held San Francisco beginning
October 2 the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company \ ill sell round-trip tickets to
San Franc:-ico from till points on its line #
at greatly : :duced rates.
Tickets will be sold September 18 to
25, inclusive, and will be good to return
to leave San Francisco not earlier than
October 3. ind only on date of execution
by Joint A to whom a fee of fifty
cents mu.-l J paid, and passengers
must read ..iginal starting point by
Noveinbei . 1001.
The Pen wylvania Railroad Company
will also in a Personally-Conducted
Tour to tfc' Pacific Coast on this occa
sion by sp> ial train, starting Septem
ber 23 ail returning October 22.
Round-tri, rate, $lB5.
For fur'her information apply to
ticket agents, or address Geo. W. Boyd,
Assistant General Passenger Agent.
A good selection of Velour Conches
at Brown &: Co's. The springs are not
tied with twine but have steel constrnc
-1 tion guaranteed. The prices will suit
you. See them.
Did you get a five-cent cake of schmer
Reduced Rates to Cleveland via
Pennsylvania Railroad.
On account of the Thirty-fifth Annual
Encampment of the Grand Army of the
Republic, to l>e held at Cleveland, Ohio,
September 10 to 14, inclusive, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets to Cleveland from
stations on its line, at greatly reduced
Tickets will be sold and good going
September 8 to 12, inclusive; good to
return September 15, inclusive; but by
depositing them with joint agent at
Cleveland, prior to noon of September
15, and the payment of fifty cents, re
turn limit may be extended to October
8, inclusive.
For specific rates and further infor
mation apply to ticket agents.
Gnu., WANTED—For general house
work. Inquire of Mrs. B. C. Huselton,
529 N. Main St , Bntler, Pa.
There is no food so healthy, nourish
ing, refreshing or as cheap as purified
milk. Two glasses for 5 cents, or six
gallons for a dollar at THE CREAMERY.
Slippryrock Normal.
Attend the State Normal School at
Slippery Rock, Pa. Expenses low, ad
vantages first-class. We aim to prepare
teachers thoroughly for their work.
Fall term begins September 2, 1901.
Send for a catalogue.
ALBERT E. MALTBY, Principal.
Ice Cream
At retail and wholesale at the Butler
Five If iin<lr<-<t Dollars Will lie
For any case of rheumatism which
can not be cured by Dr. Drummoud's
Lightning Remedies. The proprietors
do not hide this offer, but print it in
bold type on all their circulars, wrappers
printed matter and through the columns
of the newspapers everywhere. It will
work wonders. One bottle will cure
nearly any case. If the druggist has
• 'it hr> will order it, or it wiii be
■ Mresa by express on receipt
• ■■ > rummoud Medicine Co,
York .V-jents Wanted.
' Attend the State Normal School at
I Slippery Rock, Butler Co. Kates low.
1 advantage excellent. Tuition free to
students who intend to become teachers.
Send for a catalogue.
Keduced Fares to Toronto, Out.,
August -7 to September <5.
; <>n account Canada's Great Exposi-
I tion holders of Buffalo, Rochester &
Pittsburg Railway Pan-American ex
enrsion tickets to Buffalo can obtain at
that point excursion tickets to Toronto
| and return at one fare for the round
j trip account of the Toronto Fair and
■ Exposition. Tickets on sale August 27
i to September 0.
C'lfCltCll NOT IIS.
! The Second Baptist Colored church
will hold a camp meeting at the Alaun
■la park on September 7 toSeptember !
inclusive for the benefit of raising
money to pay the debt of the church.
All are invited to attend Services will
continue each day to 10 p m..beginning
at 2:30 p. m. and 11 a. m. Professor
Jenkins haveing charge of music.
THE MARKET—Both agencies are
paying $1.25, this morning.
BUTLER Gahaghan Dale & Beigh
ley 's No. 2 on the John C. Kelly farm
came in last week and on Saturday was
pumping at the rate of 75 barrels a day.
No. 1 is doing is barrels a day: Alf.
Darling of Saxonbnrg is also drilling on
the Kelly and Duff Bros, have a well
started on the Poor Farm.part of which
they have leased. The Forest has
<-leaned out an old gas well on the Kelly
that hail a gas pressure from the SO fo it
sand and the hole filled 1100 feet with
oil on being put through the sand. The
30 foot is spotted and uncertain in loca
tion but its wells are good stayers. The
Forest is drilling on the Mitchell.
The Reiber Gas Co's well on the Pil
low tract west of town, drilled for gas,
begun flowing, Tuesday, from the
Third sand, and was considered a ijood
The Forest and S Reesemen. Tuts
day completed a well on the Frank
Koch tract ,west of the David Pierce
farm which filled 400 feet with oil from
the third sand and will make a five
barrel well.
CONCORD TWP —Duubenspeck & Co's
No. 1 on the Ezra Campbell came in
last Friday and flowed over the derrick.
It was set down as a 120 barrel well
Nearly all of Concord is under lease and
some nice bonuses have been paid. Tom
Caldwell got SISOO bonus for his 30
acres, and is to have a rental and an
eighth of the oil.
PARKER TWP E. Mortimer on Sat
urday completed a 2-barrel well in the
4th sand on the Jas. Story farm. W. J.
Adams is drilling his No. 4 on the same
farm Steele of Grove City, Friday
brought in a new 3d-sander on the
Porter Kelly farm that is good for 12
barrels a day. On the Oliver Reep farm
the Butler Producers Co. has drilled
throngh the 4th sand where there was a
show for a 3-barrel well and is going on
to the Speechley. They plugged a
Speech ley well on the Courtney which
did not show good for more* than a
barrel a day. E H. Adams & Co last
week got a fine gasser in the Speechley
sand on the John Daubenspeck farm.
Stringfellow of Parker has a location
made on the John Humphrey farm
berry farm Jesse Heydrick & Sons last
week finished a 100-barrel well a few
hundred teet in advance of one of their
old producers.
CLEARFIELD TWP—Coyle Bros, are
drilling on the Engleliart and Stoops &
Titley on the Jos. Neal. Wenterman &
Titley are drilling on the Blatt farm.
Campbell & Murphy are drilling on the
George Lucas.
MIDDLESEX —The South Penn has
completed a small vyell on the Hiram
Flick farm. i
well on the Lewis Albert began drilling
Tu eaday.
The rural drama is as periennial and
as pure as Tennyson's peom, "The
Brook." The people never tire of it
provided the play is kept within the
bounds of reason and the atmosphere of
rustic simplicity. Eleanor Merron's
domestic play, 'The Dairy Farm," is a
worthy example of its class. Like
"Shore Acies," "The Old Homestead"
and plays of the same character, its
morals are irreproachable—in fact it has
been said that the Dairy Farm tells the
cleanest and most wholesome story that
has ever been told in a play of like char
acter. It will be seen at the Park
Theatre on Monday next and presented
by one of the strongest companies en
gaged to produce a play of its class.
SEPT. 10.
| When London Sleeps is the title of
| one of the strongest plays ever written
| and which will be presented at the
Park Theatre on Tuesday September 10.
> It is the work of Mr. Charles Darrell
the well known English playwright
and has met with more success than
any play of its class that has ever
been staged. It is now in its ninth con
secutive year in England and the pres
sent season will be its seventh in this
country. It is replete with startling
scenes and thrilling situations which
are always sure to work the audiences
witnessing the performances up to the
highest pitch of enthusiasm.
George S. Knox, proprietor of the
Oakland Dairy, at 126 Oakland Ave.,
Pittsburg, near Scbenley Park, will sell
a half interest or the whole. Inquire
of him and mention this paper.
Grove City College offers special in
ducements to young men and women of
limited means. The Fall Session begins
September 24. For Catalogue and in
formation address the President, Isaac
C. Ketler. Grove City. Pa.
I will sell my farm of twenty acres,
located in Franklin towns-hip, near Mt.
I Chestnut, good land,with new and good
buildings, fruit of all kinds, spring
water at door, new silo, etc., or I will
j trade it for town property.
Mt. Chestnut, Pa.
Real Estate Broker.
I'aities wishing to purchase or sell
oil properties, farms, city residences or
leal estate of any kind, should call upon
Wm. Walker,in Ketterer's b'd'g.opposiie
P, O. Butler Pa. Peoples Phone No 519
To Whom it May Concern
Walter's Best Flour is the "best"
Makes the finest bread we ever had.
Fine line of Iron Beds, Springs and
Mattresses at Brown & Co's. See our
£3.50 Iron Bed.
For a dish of pure Ice Cream stop at
the Creamery. Ladies' Parlor up stairs.
Brown & Co. can furnish you with
an Axminster—or a Hartford Body
Brussels cheap as any dealer.
Try Johnston's Beef, Iron and Wine,
for your spring tonic.
Get a Tapestry Brussels Carpet at
Brown & Co's. Price 75c up laid.
The fall term of school at the liul'er
Business College opens Monday, Sept. 2,
1901. Read their new ad. on this page.
Oh! yes; they are the best quality
made—those ten wire Brussels Tapes
tries sold by Brown <V Co. The price is
90c laid. They are ten wires.
A I'D 1 >l' NTS.
Lightning struck a '-berry tr»*- *«". t:• \
feet from tile house of Frjinlt Me. i lie
l!l Cleat field township. I:i.-t Frid::» ami
rent slivers of the tree into the house
through door and windows, one sliver
hitting ar.d cutting Frank's little girl.
Manville Winters:* en of McCalmont,
cut an artery in his left arm, while
cutting bards for the thresher on Robt.
Patterson's place Lis - , Thursday.
During the excitement attending the
burning of th • D.;m< n: child a few days
ago, Mr.- David Cupps fell and broke
her thigh.
Freddy, a son of Fred. Miller, the
miller of Evans City, met with a ter
rible accide; t. last Sa. ,ir ity afternoon
He and some other tun s attempted to
jump a passing freight train, and he
fell off with his leg--, across the treek.
and both wire cut off above the
knees. He died thar evening. He was
about ten jears of
W. 11 Grim* of Slippery rock twp :
met with ;s terrible accident. Monday, j
while threshing on the Wadsworth i
farm His foot, was caught in the cog
wheels and torn trff. and fatal results
were feared.
Morris H Grove, brakeman on Con- :
doctor French's passengeY train on the ;
P. & W. road, was killed Monday even
ing at Callery. Grove had thrown a '
switch and signaled the engineer to!
back and while awaiting the approach- '
ing cars, talked with a young son of J. !
F. Shannon. As the first car passed him
he attempted to swing himself upon the
steps, but either his hands or feet slip
ped, and he was thrown under the
Grove was 33 year-, old and unmar
ried. For sometime past he had been |
stopping at the P. <.V W s'ation restaur- j
ant His home was in Harrisburg, to
which place his remains were shipped.
A married sister lives in Allegheny.
Brockway Graml Concert Com- !
Something about Paul G. Ueeb one
of the company. The Brockway Con
cert Company will appear in the Star
Course January 2*th. *
Mr Paul C. I3eebe is easily one of the
three leading violencellists, besides
being a composer of no mean ability.
He studied under the well known vio
loncellist and composer. Victor Herbert,
also in Germany under Hugo Dechert,
solo 'cellist of the Royal Orchestra. lie
enjoys the hearty recommendation of
both, as a soloist and chamber musi
cian. Mr. Beebe's repertoire includes
compositions by Beethoven. Schumann.
Grieg, Richard Strauss. Georue
Schumann, Martucci, Servias, David
Popper, etc
Wheat. wholesale price 60-65
Rye, " 50
Oats, " 41
Corn. " 63
Hay, «' 13 00
Eggs, •• 13
Butter, •' 18-20
Potatoes, *' 85
Onions per bn 65
Beets, per doz bunches 25
Cabbage, per lb 02
Chickens, dressed 10
Parsnips, per bu 50
Turnips 35
Cucumbers, per doz 15
Tomatoes, per bu 75
Peaches 75 1.00
Apples 60 80
Plums 1.75
Elderberries, per quart 03
(1. A. li. Encampment at Cleve
land, September 10-14.
For this occasion, agents Pittsburg &
Western Rv. will sell Excursion tickets
at one cent per mile, to Cleveland and
return. September Bth to 12th, inclu
sive, from all ticket stations in Penn
sylvania, good to return until Sept. 15th
without validation in Cleveland. Upon
deposit of ticket with the Joint Agent
of the Central Passenger Association,
before noon of Sept. 15th. and the pay
ment of a fee of 50 cents, an extension
of the return limit to October Bth, may
be obtained Rate from Butler $2.70.
For further particulars inquire of near
est ticket office.
The new fall goods in all lines are
now arriving at Brown & Co's. Do you
want your home made beautiful -see ns.
FOR SALE—Two second-hand top
buggies, two sets of buggy harness and
butcher shop fixtures and chopping
machine. Inquire at 121 North St.
The best all wool ingrain Carpet at
Brown & Go's. Price 65c per yard laid.
Order your milk and cream from the
Creamery wagon, as it passes your door,
or call up People's Phone 339, and the
wagon will stop at your house.
Bed Room Suits at $25 Solid Oak —
French mirror—swell front dresser and
stand. See Brown & Co.
If you want a drink of fresh butter
milk stop at the Creamery. All you can
drink for 5 cents.
Music scholars wanted at 128 West
Wayne St
Wall Paper
Clearance SALE
60 per cent on the dollar
It will pay you to at
tend this sale.
Patterson Bro's
236 N. Main St.
Phone. 400.
Wick Building. ,
Double Vision Glasses.
G'ass conifcrt dep- uds ill a great
iri-akiire upon accuracy in frame a-tj-ist
tneut. Doubly *0 in bifocals or doubt
vi-ion glasses A ftacti >ll of cariation in
the fit of a frame JIMv bring annoyance
Much of my success in Optics is due to
acjurate frame fitting. My double visi
lenses give perfect satisfaction for both
near and distant visiuu and my frames
never pinch, pull or hurt—prices low—
satisfaction guaranteed.
Karl Schluehter,
Practical Tailor and Cutter
125 W. Jc-fferson, Butler, Pa.
Busheling, Cleaning and
I Repairing a Specialty
/ >
< Kuririreu-year c
J Neither time, moisture nor i
mould can affect jellies that are C
( _ sealed with paraffiue wax. Fill f
v your glasses or jars, pour a film J
J of paraffiue over the surface, S !
\ ami the jelly will keep fo' a %
f century it you want it to. V
x Paratfine is white tasteless 1 J
% and odorless, and is proof \
I aganst moisture, acids, insects \ '
J ind germs It preventsevapora- £
tion, granulation or change of /
/ any kind. A pound of paraffiue \
X goes a long way and can be Q
f used over and over again year /
V after year. Just as good for /
3 covering preserves, fruit butters S
\ and jams. y
[ Paraffine
f Wax. |
• especially refined for sealing /
/ purpose*. : \
j Pharmacist. ?
? Butler, Pa. \
Ity virtue of an order of the District Court
<>f tlie I'nited States for the Western District
< f Pennsylvania, in the mutter of John Mc
l aniney. No. 1535. in Bankruptcy, and to me
directed, there will be exposed to public sale;
at the premises in Renfrew. Butter county.
Pennsylvania, at 10 a. m., of
Tuesday, September 10th, 1901,
All that certain tract of land situate in
village of Renfrew. Butler Co.. Pa., bounded
and described as follows: Beginning at the
southwest corner, thence by lot of R. 1..
Ivlrk pat rick northeast 100 feet, thence bv
lands of Renfrew northwest (<0 feet.
thence by lands of Renfrew southwest 100
feet, thence by depot lot southeast 60 feet to
tht> place of beginning.
This property will be sold free and dis
charged from the liens of all judgments and
mortgages, or other liens whatsoever; of
which all Judgment and lien creditors are
hereby notified.
TF.RMs OF SALE— Purchase money all to
be paid on confirmation of sale by the Court.
Butler. Pa.
Notice is hereby given that letters of
administration in the estate of Mrs. Mary
j. Royle, deceased, late of the Borough
of Butler, Butler county, Pa., have been
granted to Samuel M. Seaton, resident
of said borough, to whom all persons in.
debted to said estate are requested to
make payment, and those having claims
or demands against said estate are re
quested to make known the same with
out delay.
Butler, Pa.
Letters of administration on the estate
of William D. Renick, dee'd., late of
Slippervrock twp..Butler Co. ,Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Keister P. 0., Butler Co., Pa.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
David Park, dee'd., late of Middlesex
township, Butler Co , Pa., having been
granted to the undersigned, all persons
knowing themselves indebted to said
estate will please make immediate pay
ment and any having claims against said
estate will present them duly authenti
cated to
Bakerstown, Pa.
E. H. NEGLEY, Att'y.
Jury Lists for Sept. Term.
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this i:ith day of July, 1901,
to serve as petit jurors at a regular
term of court, commencing on the 2d
Monday of Sept.,the same being the 9th
day of said month.
Ayres H A, painter, Butler 4th w,
Burtner Pli, gent, Saxonbnrg,
Borland Chas, clerk, Butler sth w,
Bupp Wm, farmer, Muddy creek twp.
Bippus John G, gent, Butler sth w,
Campbell Howard, farmer, Concord tp,
Caldwell John B, farmer, Jefferson twp
Campbell A L, farmer, Petrolia,
Criley Linn, Sr, farmer, Concord twp,
Cooper John L, farmer, Connoq. twp,
Deemer Henry, farmer, Cranberry twp,
Dunwoodie Gilbert, farmer, Mercer tp,
Drushel Conrad, farmer, Lancaster tp,
Davidson Rupert, farmer, Adams twp,
Enright Daniel, glass worker. Butler
Ist w,
Eberhart Jonathan, farmer, Fairview
Esterling Geo, carpenter, Butler sth w,
Elrick J M, druggist. Jlarrisville,
Fennell F, farmer, Clearfield twp,
Fernie Christ, farmer, Buffalo twp,
Greer John M, farmer, Adams twp,
Gilliland John, farmer. Summit twp,
Gerner Henry, farmer, Winfield twp,
Graham Gilford, farmer, Cranberry tp,
Harper Herbert, merchant, Butler Ist w
Heberling H E, tinner, Portersville,
Harbison John, farmer, Muddycreek tp,
Hillings Alferd, farmer, Allegheny twp
Howe J K, minister, Mars,
Klofenstine John, baker, Harmony,
Krause Fred, barber, Butler Ith w,
Moser Jefferson, farmer, Oakland twp.
Mahood A M, farmer, Concord twp,
Milheim John, carpenter. Butler sth w,
Pfeiffer Jos, farmer, Buffalo twp.
Rape Edwin, farmer. Forward twp,
Schantz Charles, farmer. Harmony,
Smith Wood, pumper, Jefferson twp,
Starr A P, farmer. Concord twp.
Thomas Milton, laborer, Butler sth w,
Thompson Rob't J, gent. Bntler 4th w,
Vamlerliu H F, slater, liutler 4th w,
Vance Jas, driller, Bntler sth w,
Wickerly Win, farmer, Saxonbnrg,
Walker Alexander, farmer, Connoq. tp,
Wright .las, grocer, Bntler 'id w,
Wonderly Wm, stonemason, Buthr tp.
Wolferd Perry, fanner. < lurry twp.
New Livery Bam
W. J. Black
Is doing business in his ncv b un
which Clarence Walker lias erect <1
for him. All boarders anil tc mi
sters guarranteed goo.- attention
Ham just across the street from
I loiel Butler.
He lias room for fifty horses
People's Phone. No. 250.
139 South Maiu.street.
Sept. 3rd to 6th.
* li The ponies will be running
to beat the cars; the pigs are
bigger than a house; some
pumpkins haven't any seeds;
and the corn—well—you just
M ought to see it.
What's more
You needn't put up a
t cent to get in.
* *"•' WHY?
* With $5 worth of the best
shoes in the State we'll give
you an admission ticket
Will soon be at an end Don't wait longer for this is a great
opportunity, and this sale is a matter of Dollars and Cents to
you. Your gain and our loss The deep cut price on these
suits make them go. That is what we want—to sell every
suit. Cost of these suits not considered in this sale.
All we want you to do is to call and examine these suits. You
will be convinced of the bargains you get Note following prices:
Actual selling price sl3 to sl6 deep cut price fio
" " " 12 " 15 " " " 9
44 « II gII J 2 " " " 6
8 " 10 " " " 7
6 " 8 " " «• 4
Actual selling price sl3 to sl6 deep cut price $9
1. «c <> j2 " 15 " " " 8
" " " 9 " 12 " " " 7
•1 <1 « g <• IO » a a g
« « .< 6 « 8 .< « «. 4
Actual selling price $5.00 to $0 deep cut price $3.00
«• " " 4.00 " 5 " " " 2.50
a ,i a 3.00 " 4 " " " 2.00
2S o » 3 » •« « KSO
■ I « It I.JQ " 2 " " " 1.00
All Straw Hats go at Half price.
All Brown Stifil Hats go at Halt price.
One Lot Underwear was SI.OO a suit now 50c a suit.
Men's Vests (wash goods) worth from SI.OO to $2.50 now 50c.
Men's Crash Suits—plain linen and fancy stripes—half price.
All Bicycle Pants go at half price.
Miscellaneous Bargains throughout the store.
Enough said—you know the store.
Cor. Main and Cunningham Sts., Butler, Pa.
A General Clearing Sale
Of Clothing.
Every Line of Goods in the House
marked down.
We must have the money and the
room to receive our LARGE STOCK
for the coming season.
Come to us for Clothing for MEN,
Come to us for Furnishings, Hats,
Caps, Trunks and Valises.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
? SOUSA AND HIS BAND, Sept. 4th to Sept 17th. J
/ WALTER DAMROSCH, Conductor. Sept. 18th to Oct'r Ist. /
S ORGANIZATION. Oct'r 2d to Oct'r 12th. f
) ORCHESTRA. Oct'r 14th to Oct'r 19th. I
S jrsiw attractiow*. i
Subscribe for the CITIZEN.