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WILLIAM C. NEOLEY - - Publisher
Subject to the Republican Primary,
Saturday. June 1, 1901, 1 to 7 p. m.
(3 to elect.)
W. W. HILL, of Adams twp.
W R HOCKENBERRY, of Slipperyrt>ek.
W. B. MCGEARY, of Butler.
QEO. M. GRAHAM, of Connoq. twp.
J. H. PiSOH, of Worth twp.
JOHN W. COULTER, of Butler.
WM. C. FINDLEY, of Butler.
ELMER E. YOUNG, of Butler
During the latter part of last week
the ripper charter-bill passed the Sen
ate bp a vote of 28 to 18.
In the House the Cooper amendment
to the Grady repeal bill passed by a
vote of *9 to 84, which frustrates Grady 's
scheme and may give the state a new
law McClain of Lancaster, also in
troduced a libel bill and all the libel
bills will be considered by the House on
Wednesday next, the 27th.
Russia has lost no time in retaliating
against the order of Secretary Gage in
creasing the tariff upon Russian sugar.
Count Cassini, Russia's Ambassador at
Washington, is in receipt of informa
tion by cable that his government made
an order abolishing all concessions to
American iron, steel, hardware and
machinery. The effect of the order is
to advance the Russian tariff 50 per
cent upon all these products. American
exports of iron aDd steel manufactures
to Russia last year amounted to about
$10,000,000, and it is believed the advance
of 50 per cent in the tariff will com
pletely kill that trade.
Russia has become one of America's
best customers, and the development
following the completion of the Trans-
Siberan railroad promised to give our
mills and factories additional millions
worth of trade. Politically Russia was
friendly and had made concessions of
30 and 2.'j per cent in tarriffs to favor
American imports. At one stroke these
are alxilished in favor of Germany and
Great Britian, our only rivals in these
lines. All this for a tariff penalty upon
a paltry 1650,000 worth, or less, of Rus
sian sugar.
y The bill to authorize the holding of
"the international exposition in celebra
tion of the centennial anniversary of
of the Louisiana purchase at St. Louis
in IW)3 and appropriating $5,000,000
therefor, passed the House Monday
under suspension of the rules by a vote
of 101 to 41. The opposition was hope
lessly in the minority and the straggle
over the bill was brief.
The Ship Subsidy bill met with de
feat in the Senate.
Libel Law Tinkering.
The first of Senator Grady's serial at
tempts to muzzle free discussion of
public affairs by the press was very
materially improved by the adoption of
the Cooper amendment in the House
yesterday. That amendment, however,
does not make the new bill as good
as the existing law.
It is a clever and pertinent commen
tary to propose in this amendment to
make a statutory declaration of the
constitutional liberty of the press, and
the unwelcomed character of that
amendment is sufficiently illustrated
by the opposition of the supporters of
the Grady brand of legislation to tae
adoption of the language of the Con
stitutiyj* But an example in the way
in w Web the Cooper amendment falls
of it&own standard is afforded
in ittfexcTusion o? the plea of justifica
tion "where the words used are plainly
directed against private character."
Private character in the case of a can
didate for office may sometimes have
the most cogent public interest. If an
emliezzler in private life should become
a candidate for an office of public trust
would Mr. Cooper have the press de
barred from informing the people of
his private character?
As to Mr. Grady's second installment
of press censorship, it is the sort of bill
which the gentlemen in tempory retire
ment at Riverside and Moyamensirig
would pass if they had the opportunity
of the gentlemen at Harrisburg.
There is no need for any snch absurd
legislation. The present libel iB ade
quate for the civil and criminal punish
ment of abuses by the press. No case
has been cited of any honest man who
has been injured invoking it in vain.
There are some reckless and malignant
journals , but their nnmber is happily
few.- -The improvement in public taste
is a better corrective for papers with a
vicious animus than any ridiculous and
extreme measures like the second Grady
Allegheny City had a sensation, Tues
day. A "ran" was made on the German
National Bank, caused by a misappre
hension regarding an issue of bonds by
the Pressed Steel Car (Jo.
At the Zoo in Indianapolis.a few days
ago, a young man engaged in cleaning
the cages of the animals unintentionally
stepped into that of a ferocious tiger,
and was chewed to death before the
force could rescue him. A dozen bul
lets were tired iDto the animal, but he
would not release his hold on the young
man till a red-bot poker was thrust into
his month.
Knox, Clarion Co. had a ijss,ooo fire
Monday night. The losers were Alt
man, Anstin, Haust. Rankin and others
H. C. Frick lately paid SOIO,OOO for
property on Grant St. and Sixth Ave.
near the Court House, and it was
rumored in Pittsburg, the other day
that he had offered a million for the old
Cathedral lot at corner of Fifth Ave.
and Grant street.
Untonville Literary Society.
A literary society was organized at
the Uniouville school house at McCand
less. on Friday evening Feb. 15, I HOI.
After the reading of the constitution
by Jas. T. McCandless, the society was
duly organized and the following offi
cers were elected; President, James T.
McCandlei s; Vice President, George W.
Varnmh; Secretary Miss iva Miller;
Marshall, Frank Varnnm; Critics. Sam
uel Allen and Presley Heck. After
these officers were installed and had
taken charge of their respective offices,
an interesting program consisting of
recitations and a dialogue followed.
Some of these speeches were quite
laughable as well as instructive and en
tertaining and were heartially applaud
ed. A short recess followed, after
which the society was again called to
order by the president.
The regular debate was next. The
question, Resolved that there is
more pleasure in the possession than in
the pursuit, was discussed by E N.
Snyder, A. McCandless and John
Stamm, affirmative, James T. McCand
less and C. Snyder, negative. Decision
two to one in favor of the affirmative.
After the reading of the program for
March Ist fOOI, the society adjourned.
The meeting on March Ist will l>e un
usually interesting as a stirring debate
and one or two big dialogues are schedul
ed. We axe well pleased to see so
many of the parents and citizens of the
twp. in attendance and hope all will
continue to come and encourage the
young people in literaiy work.
Tuesday's election turned ont a great
deal mure exciting and interesting than
it was expected to. It was full of sur
prises, but there was no disorder in any
part of the town as it had been feared
there would be.
The number of votes polled was 1>52,
about two-thirds of the full vote.
The results are as follows:
1 2 3 4 5 Total
Keck, D 204 282 lift) 181 1».>—1011
Anderson. R. 192 150 141 180 199 868
McElvain. R. 307 143 123 126 148- M 7
White. D.... 171 182 195 142 145- 885
Brush, R 138 170 141 158 176 789
Graham. D...113 lffi 111 97 81— 588
Schenck, D...10* 200 19"s 140 1> .-04
Christley, R..173 158 109 157 168— 765
The following ward officers were
First Ward —Council, J. E. Camp
bell. R.: school director, 1 year, Blair
Hooks, C., 3 years, Thos. Alexander, C.:
assessor, Jos. Schnitzer. D.; judge of
election. C. A. Skillman, R.; inspectors.
T. D. Stewart, R. and Harry Crouse, D.
Second—Council, F H. (Joettier, D.;
director. W. Z. Murrin. D.: assessor,
Geo. Millinger, R.; judge, Theo. D.
Pape. D.: inspectors, John Kolder, D.
and M. H. Smith, R.
Third —Council. J. A. Walter, D ; di
rector. Lev McQnistion, D.; assessor,
W. H. Craig, R : judge. C A. Collins,
D.: inspectors, Geo. McCandless, R. and
D. J. Knittle, D.
Fourth—Council, Isaac Meals, R.: di
rector, J. L. Garroway, R.; assessor,
Geo. Mc.Tnnkin, R.; judge, R. M. Mc-
Farland. R.: inspectors,T. H. Greer and
Claude Garrard, D.
Fifth—Council, J. H. Grohman, D.:
director. C. E. Cronenwett, D.: assessor,
Peter Kamerer, R.; judge, S. M. Mc-
Lure, R : inspectors, W. L Cress, R.
and C. W. Reiber, D
The next town council will have 11
Democrats and 4 Republicans; while 011
the school board the Republicans have
a majority of two.
Oakland twp.. J. F. P. McGinley.
Clinton twp., John B. Cunningham
Mars, P Duncan, W. A. Sloan and
T. H Miles.
Brady—J. M. McNees.
Venango twp—Robert C. Wilson.
Eau Claire—John H. Tebay.
Forward twp—J. W. Cappeau and J.
G. Brown.
Middlesex twp- W. B. Bedillion.
Jefferson twp—W. B. Smith.
Petrolia—R J. Bottner and A. L.
Karns City—Geo. E. McGill.
Harrisville—W F Magee.
Portersville —A S. Marshall
Mercer twp—J. A. Brown.
Lancaster twp—J. P. Goetman.
Concord Twp.
We are having a royal flush of sleigh
ing parties, socials and entertainments
at present. If the f?ood sleighing con
tinues the end is not yet in sight.
Harvey Campbell and wife, accom
panied by A. J Campbell and family
were the guests of Rob't Adams last
R. A. Kinzer, who was taken sick
while on a visit to his father-in-law G.
W. Craig, of Armstrong Co , is at home
and has nearly recovered from his ill
A traveling salesman was attacked
with la grippe while on his journey and
was obliged to take his b**d at the Clark
House last week, where after it few
days medical treatment he was able to
resume his trip.
W. H. Kuhn returned home on last
Monday from a trip through the north
ern part of the county. Will says that
a drive of 30 miles after night in the
face of a blizzard is something never to
be forgotten, particularly when one has
to throw the lines around his neck and
has to depend upon the good sense of
his horse for guidance and safe delivery.
The social and entertainment given
by the Middletown school on Thursday
night was witnessed and participated in
by a large audience. The performance
consisted of essays, recitations, songs
and select reading. A cake walk en
livened the exercises of the evening.
The bidding for plates was spirited, one
young man buying no less than three
plates. The net proceeds amounted to
The next school social will be
held at Oreece City on Wednesday eve
ning the 20th in st.
On Wednesday evening a sled load of
young people headed by S. G. Coulter,
together with a goodly nu in Iter in
sleighs took possession of the home of
Wm. Jackson and his estimable better
half. The young folks nay they were
royally entertained and spent a most
enjoyable evening.
Mrs. Robert Adams is suffering
severely from au attack of articular
rheumatism in one of her hands.
Claude Murtland's latest venture on
the Reed heir's promises to lie a ten
barrel pumper. The well being drilled
on the J. 8. Campbell seems to be plug
ged by a string of tools. Campbell
Bros., Paul Troutman and James Byers
are having rig timlier hauled on their
respective leases, upon which they ex
pect to drill in the near future.
J. L. Cumberland recently purchased
as fine a flock of Golden Wyandotte as
can be seen anywhere.
John Brown is kept busy delivering
farm products in Mirldleton and at the
county seat. His goods are all right
and meet with a ready sale.
G. It. Catlin, of Magic, is suffering
severely from an attack of acute rheum
Mrs. Hughes Christy, of Greece City,
is prostrated with grippe and an attack
of asthma.
Linn Christie, who was appointed tax
collector vice VV. H. Campbell, resigned,
will not qualify on account of failing
health, and Piatt It. Sutton lias been
recommended in his place.
A little child belonging to Adam Beil
stein at Troutman is dangerously ill
with the prevailing epidemic.
Some of our young folks attended the
dance at Charley McAnallens in Centre
twp. last week and report having had a
splendid time.
R. R. Stewart misted his footing in
descending a pair of fteps and fell in
such a manner as to light upon bis
back on the sharp edge of a stone step
His injuries wliile painful are not
serious. *
John Larimer is packing bis tools
preparatory to his contemplated reniov
al from Magic.
The K. B. S. No. 24. Hooker lodge
gave its first literary performance
Friday night. A fine program has been
prepared for its next session, the first
Friday in March. Brethern Mm sur
rounding lodges are respectfully invit
ed'to attend.
Services will be held in Concord
church next Sabbath at 2 o'clock pm.
Also at the R. I*, church at Middleton
at 1 la m.
Mr. Leegmn, a converted Jewish rab
bi preached a very instructive sermon
'at Concord last Sabbath On account
i of being taken suddenly ill lie was un
able to deliver the lecture that night as
| Silez.
VViufield Grunge Institute.
! The farmer's institute at Winfield
j (jrange hall held Feb. 11th and lath
j was quite a success.
The address of welcome was given by
! George Milliroii of West Winfield, and
the response bv G. F. Easley of Silver
I vllle.
Farm and educational topics wer«-
discussed by prominent ntat«-
among them being (Jol Jim. A \VCHMI
ward, J. B. Johnson, S. H Elder, J'rof.
Hayward. of the State College. Albert
M Cornell State Secturer of the Penn
sylvania State Grunge, represented the
interests of tbe grange. lie put forth
a strong plea for the grange and for
farmers to organize and co-operate with
each other. The local talent wan also
well represented at the institute. Five
sessions were held and they were quite
well attended by the farmers The
evening sessions were well attended by
the young folks of the community, who
took advantage of the opportunity to
get, a sleigh ride. All were well pleased
and will welcome another institute.
A Blank Valentine.
The office was crowded with eager
faces awaiting the changing of the
mail. It was St. Valentine's day and of
coarse everyone was expecting their
tokens of love, at the same time think
ing of others who on this day would re
ceive the tokens of love their hearts
prompted them to send. Loud was the
laughter and many the jests when the
display of cotuic pictures was shown.
But there was one who did not tacry to
open his large envelope at the office, but
in the seclusion of his own room and
with a fast beating pulse and nervous
fingers he hastily broke the seal and
drew forth a large plain sheet of paper.
It was of a purple tint and by appear
ance without a single blot or marking
of any kind, but a faint odor of violets
prevailed the air and although disap
pointment plainly showed on his face he
smiled as he tossed the envelope into a
drawer and turned the key in the lock.
He then sat thinking of a dark pair of
eyes and a pretty face that he knew
would be bending over an elaborate val
entine which he had posted with his
own hand, although another had writ
ten that name which was so dear to
This disappointed young man thought
he was a very ill used person. Two
weeks before he had asked a certain
young lady to be his "valentine" but
his answer was the same old cry, "Oh:
this is so sudden, I will have to have
time to think it over.'' And when
wanting to know when he should call
for his answer he was informed that he
need not call as it could be sent through
the mail, and so he had to bide nts time
and wait, but now that Valentine day
was passed, and the hopes that be had
had on that day of receiving his looked
for answer, were icone, the blackest of
disappointment filled his heart.
A year spun around. A year contain
ing 365 days, each day bringing a new
disappointment, for the long looked for
answer never came. Again it was \ al
entine day and again an eatrer throng
filled the post office, but one who had a
year ago left that office with an expect
ant smile on his face now left it with a
look of diappointuitnt and hopeless des
pair in its place.
Again saeking the seclusion of his
own room and sitting at his desk he ab
sent mindedly places the key in the
lock and draws forth the drawer which
holds that fatal blank sheet of paper
which has not been disturbed for a
year As he once more draws it from
the envelope the scent of violets smites
his senses and for the first time he
notices that it is an extra fine piece of
paper, and taking it to the window, the
better to examine it. he holds it be
tween his eyes and the light and 10,
there appears thereon the face of the
one so dear to him and that has haunt
ed his dreams for a year. His delight
and surprise were so genuine that lor
the space of ten seconds he failed to
notice the verse which the light also
brought to view and which read;
"Oh! Dearest one I send to thee
My one last Valentine,
I am yours, dear, when you want me,
Coiiie and claim mo anytime."
When his eyes follow the above lines
his lips fall on a blank sheet of paper,
(for he had lowered it from the light)
and it was then thrust in his pocket,
and for the nest two hours the train on
which he traveled seemed to travel back
ward, such was his haste to reach a
certain station, but at last the train ar
rived and be was once more before the
door that hid all that was dear to him
With eager hand be grasj>e<l the knocker
and sent a peal through the house which
awakened the echoes to the kitchen
from whence there emerged a damsel
with r< sy cheeks and wealth of ] t
black hair, and her plump arms were
bared to the elbows, and nonr WHS tli
powder with which they were covered,
and on opening the door she spraug for
ward with the cry, ' I knew you'd
come, I told them so, but why bare you
waited so long, dear ;"' This last with
a tone of reproach in her voice, and re
gardless of the foiled coat, made so by
tlonr and dough. 1 took her in my arms
.and told her all. How it had taken me
a whole year to see my Valentine.
J. O. E
The Dark Set-ret.
1 visited at the Dark Secret, one fine
winter day
The sun glistened on the oil derricks in
bright array.
Th* wat Ephcan cook, it beats the band ,
1 a!:- *o much 1 could hardly stand.
WiUron, Thompson and Eph will fce! I
their wives some day witii pride,
How once in the Dark Secret, they did
They always gave their visitors a fair
For they made it a point to give them a
square meal.
A pumper's life is a jolly one.
From the rising until the settiug of the
Away from the city with all its snares.
Out in trie country where they sow the
wheat; arid not the tares.
'1 hey took iu< around to sue the engines
that pump up the oil:
When the engine.-, started with lightning
like speed it made me recoil.
But those hardy boys seem to have no
For they see tliein go every dty in the
There is a fascination i.i the lift* a
pumper leads,
With plenty of money to meet his needs.
When on night turn he can commune
with the stars;
Study Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.
1 shall not soon forget my visit there.
When around their sumptuous board I
fully done my share.
They vied with each other to make me
feel at ease,
And done their very best to please
There is an old saying that pierces like
a dart.
That is "the best of friends must part;"
So I resolutely tore myself away
Thinking 1 had never passed a happier
There is one thing I cannot pass by,
Eph gave us grape nuts for dessert, in
stead of pie.
It was fine, good and sweet.
1 tell yon as a cook, Eph can't be beat
1 hope the boys will visit me and that
right away,
I will give them the best in the house
without delay;
1 will do my best to make them ft el at
And try as they did my best to please.
I must not forget Sammy, the lieagle
He sprang from a race, of great renoun.
That day he took a notion to roam.
He followed me nearly half way home.
Boys may your shadows never grow less.
May you always have plenty and ready
to help any one in distress.
And in the evening of life when your
work is done.
May you have a happy entrance into the
Kingdom Come.
1 must now end toy yarn;
I know you will say it is not worth a
But I enjoyed my visit, it was a treat.
So ends my tale of the Dark Seer ete.
Slippery ICoek.
The Trax farm is situated in Slipj>ery
flock twp. instead of Brady twp , where
this oil well was struck and is the
same farm that Charles Coventry
owned, and sold to William Trax, a
nail cutter from New Castle Pa.. in the
early seventies. As it is the firat oil
well in our twp. we want onr own
The Paul Kiester farm was sold at
i Orphan's court sale on the premises,
Feb. 2, by J. (' Kerr, of Slippery Hock,
and Oscar |> Kiester was the lucky
one. (Had of it Oscar, we all know a
good neighbor when we see him.
Work has IK gun on the Maria Shep
herd farm which lit s north of the Ttav
I farm in Slippery Hock twp., on a lease
I owned by a company from Slipjiery
j Hock.
i Joe Daughertv, of Etna Mills, who is
j teaching school in Middlesex twp.,
i came home on a visit to his mother,
! Friday Feb 8. lie is looking well and
i getting along firtt class. Joe is a model
. young man.
Me -ers Watson and I'ond, of Mt.
Civ 'tnnt, and Oieseinati. of Porters
ville. this county, have purchased the
old Hickory Mill from John B Kiester,
at Kiester, Pa.
Fairview Facts.
There will he a for
yonnu' people on ntrrr p.
m. in the IT. P. chureb. Rev. TT>>— R.
Tfcoinpson, of AJlegheny county, wiil"
conduct the services. All.are cordially
There will be- protracted meetings in
the Presbyterian church, commencing
Monday evening, the isth and continu
ing two weeks,conducted by the Pastor,
Rev. Miller and assistant.
Sarah B. Daffy of Karns City, died
very suddenly last Saturday morning,
age 39 years. Her remains were buried
at West Snnbury 011 Tuesday.
A. L. Timblin moved his kit of tools,
and is running a shoe shop in Butler.
He was home for the election and re
ports that he is kept busy since he locat
ed in Bntler.
Clias. McClung is on the sick list; on
account of old age.
John Gnndeman, a resident of
Sbarpsburg, was up on a social call
with Robt. Scott from last Saturday
until Monday.
James Jamison, who has been em
ployed in a store in Allegheny city,
came home last Saturday,
Pearl Adams was on a business trip to
Butler last Saturday.
Mrs. Fred Lingermau, of Butler,
si>ent a week here with her friends at
J. Adams. She returned last Wednes
The Reformed church will have
preaching every Wednesday night until
Easter week at which time there will be
church every night.
J. B. Storey came home from Grove
City school last Saturday aud remained
until after the electiou.
Harry Fithean has been on the sick
list for the last week.
Miss Emma Hawn has bean visiting
he r brother, W. C. Hawn, for the last
ten days.
Mrs. Nancy McGarey, of Buena Vis
ta, has been visiting friends in this
place for the last week or so.
Plum Jack and Kirg Hindman start
ed to drill an oil well at Woodbine on
Monday of this week.
Mrs Annie Conway, of North Wash
ington, is visiting at J. J. Maxwell's.
Hngb Young is looking for a black
smith, either to rent his shop or to hire
out, as he is unable to work, himself.
THE "Powers" in China seem to be
gradually getting into each other's wool.
The German General, Von Walflersee,
has proposed a military expedition to
Central China, to which Japan, Austria,
Spain and Portugal have consented;
while Russia, United and France object,
with England, as yet, non-committal.
Our Minister in Pekin has been instruct
ed to enter an emphatic protest.
THE Republican Primary election of
this connty for the year 1895, was held
Saturday, June Ist: and now after the
lapse of six years "history repeats it
Sarvers Station.
Miss Negley and Prof. Russell, of
Great Belt, attended the Institute, aud
visited friends in the neighborhood Sat
There are yet six weeks of the winter
term at the Academy.
The debates at the Literary are in
teresting. The question is; Can the
young uien debate as well as the young
women V
Tiien, as to skating, it is the most
popular part of the school program.
Thuy glide along, and even fall grace
Students at the Academy can have
rooms and board or rooms for se-lf
boarding at low rates. There is a talk
of club boarding at the spring term.
Sarversville was represented at the
Farmer's Institute last week in the
Winfield Grange Hull.
Mr .las Crnikshank visited tho Sta
tioa Monday.
Owing to tho illues Mr William:', of
the Seminary, vvlio was to preach, no
servict s will 1M: held iu Buffalo or West
.ninster churches next Sunday.
MADRID was under martial law last
week, the result of a royal wedding,and
a feeling against a, certain religions or
T«!aelierH Institute.
The Teacher's Institute at Sarvers
ville, Feb. 10, 1901 was held in the
Sarversville hall. It was called to order
at 1.80 by the Chairman John Pollock.
Miss Mary Harvey was appointed as
After the singing of "AmericV by
the uudience Rev. E. P. Harper, of
Carbon Black, conducted the devotion
al exercises The address of welcome
was given by Rev. W. .1. ilazlett and
the response' by Miss Mary Haryey.
Mr. Johnston gave a very interesting
talk on Hobbys and their riders.
J. M Greer, of Bntli-r «ave an ad
,J. M. (ialbreath, Esq., of Butler,
spoke on our country schools.
lie v. W. .1. Hazlett spoke in behalf of
the twp. high school.
Miss Winnie Phillips recited The gal
lant brakeman.
A'tdresse.) were made by J. C. Smith,
(i. W. Cramer and C. F. Smith.
The evening session was opened with
a song by several young ladles, subject
Twilight is falling.
The various subjects was disposed of
as follows: Nobility of motive, It. E.
Allen; Recitation by Emma Ruaz, Arch
ie's mother; Orthography, Miss Zetta
Hartley; Recitation, Sadie Krumpe, A
message for mamma iri Heavon; The
use of new words, Miss Lida Bverly;
Examinations, L. J. Hollman; Teach
ing and i- s purpose, O. H. Grab*; Reci
tation, Lila Milliard: Address by Wm.
Findley, of Butler; Beading and Liter
ature. Prof. W. G. Bussel, of W. Snu
The large number present showed
that the people are interested in edu
cation and this is great encouragement
to the teacher.
Notice To Taxablcs.
A Court of Appeals for the different
townships and boroughs will be held at
office of the County Commissioners,
Butler, Pa., on the following dates;
Allegheny, Venango and Parker
townships, March 18tb; Washington,
Cherry and Marion townships, March
20th; Slippery Rock, Mercer and Worth
townships and Harrisville and .Slippery
Rock borough, March 23nd; Brady,
Clay and Concord townships and Sun
bury borough, March 25th.
Fairview and Donegal townships.
Millerstown, Karris City, Petrolia and
Fairview boroughs, March 27th.
Oakland, Center, Franklin townships
and Prospect borough, March 20th.
Mnddycreek, Lancaster, Jackson
townships and Portersville borough,
April Ist.
Zelienople, Harmony, Evansbtirg and
Connoquenei'Biiig boroughs and Conno
iiuenessing township, April !ird.
Forward, i'enn and Middlesex town
ships, April .'»th.
('ranberry, Adams townships Mars
and Valencia boroughs, April Nth.
Jefferson, Clinton townships, ami
Saxonbnrg borough, April 10th.
Buffalo, Winlield and Summit town
ships, April 12th.
Clearfield and Butler townships.
April 15th.
Butler borongh, Ist ward, April 17th.
Butler borough, 2nd ward, April 18th.
Butler liorough, <ird ward, April 19th.
Butler borough Ith ward, April 22nd.
Butler bori ugh. sth ward. April 2Urd
Assessors are required to be present
on the day of appeal for their district.
County Commissioners.
AT I liST:
J (". KISKAUIION, Clerk.
Commissioners' office, Butler, Pa.,
February 18th, 1901.
159 South* Main street.
MA GEE—At his home in Mars. Feb. 7,
1901, John Magee, aged 83 years.
LBLACK— At htr home in Marion twp .
j tVbriS. T9Ol, Alda. only danghter of
' Joshua T. Black, aged 19 years.
Miss Black's death occnred after a
ten days illness with pneumonia. She
was a member of West Unity U. P.
j church and acted as organist.
DUNCAN—At her home in Middlesex
I twp., Feb. 17, 1901, Mrs. James Dun
i can. aged 70 years.
I Her death was caused by pneumonia
Her husband died some years ago. She
i was married twice and was the mother
I of E. O. Thompson, and Sample Duncan
of Middlesex twp .and also of Mrs. Wm.
' McKibben and Evaline Duncan, who
lived with her at the time of her death.
: DUFFY— At her home in Karns City,
i February 10. 1901, Sarah B. Duffv,
j aged 89 years.
I RODGERSON —At her home on Ilickrry
s street. Butler, Tuesday, February 19,
| 1901, Emma, wife of John Rodgerson,
i aged 2S years.
Obituary Notes.
E. W.a Nevin of Pittsburg, a noted
composer of music, died suddenly at
New Haven, Conn, last Sunday.
Ex-Judge Chas. E. Taylor cf Venan
go county, died at his home in Frank
j l;n. Tuesday, in his Toth year.
Ex-State Librarian Wm. H. Esjle.died
at his home in Harrisburg, Tuesday
B. & B.
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(/••pa. tm-ltl X.
I.stal< of Jobn Critchlow, dee'd.,late of
Forward township, Hutler county, Pa ,
letters of administration having been
yratiie-! to the undersigned on the ahove
mentioned estate, notice is hereby given
*.o fill persons knowing themselves in
debted to said estate to make immediate
payment arid those having claims against
the same to present them duly authenti
cated for settlement to
A \V. Ck itchi.ow, Adm'r.,
Kiebold, Pa.
Vrwk 11. Mohphv, Attorney.
Lettirs testamentary on the estate of
John J. Reiber, dee'd., late of Butler,
Hutler connty, Pa , having been granted
to the undersigned. all person knowing
tliemself ind> lited to said estate will
please make immediate payment, and
any having claims again-1 said estate
will present them duly authenticated
with vouch-, rs ."ttnehed for settlement to
John H. Rkjuhr, Ex'r.,
Hutler, Pa.
Letters of admiiiis'ration 011 the estate
of Mrs M J. Kllause, dee'd., late of
Summit twp., Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
person* knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said t state wiil present them duly '-»u
--iln nticated for settlement to
Carbon Centre. J'a.
Gku, R. Wmpik. Attorney.
Ivstute <if I'eriy J. Brown, late cf Sutn
mit township, Butler county, Pa., dee'd.
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned nu the above,
mentioned elate, notice is hereby given
\ii all person* knowing themselves in
debted to sail! estate to make immediate
payment and those having claims against
the name to present them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
F'-ank 11. Mukmiv, Butler, Pa.
I.etters of administration on the estate
of Simon f'aricktnan, dec'«t., late of But
ler township, Butler county. Pa., having
been granted to the uudersigntd, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
sai'l < .t ite will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
saiil estate will present llieni duly au-
Ui"tilicaicd for settlement to
Mas. UKt.t.K C. Baricman, Adtn'x ,
Butler, Pa.
MATI's St yotJNO, Attorneys
I,enters of administration on the estate
of William J. Clelaiid, dee'd., late of
... i.ddyereek township, Butler County,
Pa., having been granted to the under
signed, all ]«-i ,011s knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
immediate payment, and any having
el-m m against saifl estate will prevent
tin m duly authenticated for settlement to
Ika L. Ci.hi.ani), Adm'r.,
Wimerton, I'a.
Coknki.iuS FK Son. Alt' vs.
By virtue of sundry writs of Von. Ex.. Kt.
Ka.. Lev. Fa.. Ac.. Issued out of the Court of
Common Pleas of Butler Co.. Pa., and to me
directed, there wilt t>c exposed to public sale
at the Court House In the borough of Butler.
Pa., on
Friday, the Ist day of March, A. D. 1901,
at l o'clock P. M„ the following described
property, to-wit:
E. D. No. 39. March Term. 1901. MeJunkin &.
Galbreath, Attorneys.
Aii the right, title, interest and claim of
Mary E. smith of. iu and to all that certain
piece ur.parcel of land, situated in Jefferson
township. Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wit: Begiuulug at a post, the
southwtstcoruoron lineof ilenry Bauldauff;
tliencc north by same ten and 2i-100 perches
to a black oak; thence north eighty-seven
and \i degrees east by Charles Wagner seven
and 1-lOth perches to a post; thence north by
Charles Wagner one degree cast forty-two
perches to a post ou roaci; thence along said
public road north fifty-one and degrees
east twenty-one perches to a post; thence
along same road north sixty and degrees
east seven perches; thence along said road
north seventy-eight degrees east thirty-one
perches to a post on line of Michael liyerly:
thence south by said Michael Bverly one and
>. degrees west ninety and one-half perches
to a post on line of said Bverly; thence west
eighty-nine degrees south fifty-nine and
£>-100 perches to the place of beginning; con
taining twenty-two acres and forty-nine
A LSO—Of, In and to all that certain piece
or parcel of land, situated In Jefferson town
ship. Butler count v. Pa., bounded as follows,
to-wit: Lot number four beginning at a post
in middle of Coylesville road, on corner of
lot number two; tnence north 89 and 'i de
grees west along line of said lot numbered
two, nine and 1 10 perches to a post, on R. K.
street; thence north forty-four and de
grees east along said H. K. street four and
i-10 perches to a post on corner of lot No. 6;
thence north 6:1 and degrees west along
lineof said lot numbered i'-.|l:"and 4-10 perches
to a post, in middle of Coylesville road;
thence north 14 and H degrees east along
said Coylesville road 4 and 5-10 perches to a
post the place of beginning: containing 4:.'
and 6-10 perches, strict measure, having
thereon a two story frame house erected.
ALSO—Lot numbered 6 lieginnlng at a post
In middle of Coylesville road on corner of lot
numbered 4; thence N. 09 and H degs west
along line of said lots 12 and 4-12 perches to a
post on R. R. street; thence north 4t and Yi
degrees east along said R. R. street three
and seventy five one hundredths perches to
a post on corner of lot number S: thence
north 09 and 14 degrees west along said lot
numbers. 15 and 1-10 perches to a post lu
middle of said Coylesville road; thence north
44 and '1 degrees east along said Coylesville
road four perches to plae-e of beglnulug; con
taining 49 aud 3-10 perches, strict measure.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Mary E. Smith, at the suit of Mrs.
Magdalene Keller.
E. I). No. 31. March Term, 1901. Thompson
& Son, Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John Kennedy of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated in Adams
township. Butler county. Pa., bounded as
follows, to-wit: Beginning at a white oak at
the southeast corner; thence by lands of G.
Wallace and Lawheads heirs west two-hun
dred and thirty-eight perches to a post;
thence by lands or Gllleland heirs and
Samuel Marshall north 3 degrees east one
hundred and forty perches to a post; thence
by lands of James A. McMarlin et al east
two hundred and thirty perches to a jiost;
thence by lands of T. W. Kennedy south one
hundred aud fifteen perches to a white oak
the place of beginning; containing one hun
dred and ninety-one acres and having there
on erected a frame dwelling house and bank
barn, and mostly cleared, being the same
tract of one hundred and ninety-one acres of
land conveyed to said John Kennedy, by
Thomas Kennedy.by Deed dated 10th March.
IS7B. recorded in the ofllce for recording
Deeds, Ac.. in Butler county. Pa.. In Deed
Book No. M, Page 571.
Seized and taken tn execution as the prop
perty of John Kennedy at the suit of Andrew
E. I). No. 4.">, March Term, 1901, Frank Kohler,
All the right, title. Interest and claim of I).
O. l'isor and Mary A. Pisor of. In and to all
that certain house and lot, situated in the
Borough of Butler, Butler county. Pa.,
bounded as follows, to-wit: Beginning at a
post at the southeast corner of an alley and
Cecelia street, forty (40) feet to a post, on a
corner of Cecelia street,and lot No. 25;t hence
east one hundred and sixty (ItiO) feet to a
post on an alley: thence northward along
said alley forty (10) feet to a |x>st; thence
west along an alley one hundred and sixty
(Mo) feet to a post the place of beginning.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of l». <). Plsor and Mary A. Plsor at the
suit of Francis Kost and Martin Helm, exo's
of Benedict Kost.
E. 1). No. 27, March Term, 1901. McFarland,
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Alexander Dickey and David E. Dickey of,
in and to all that certain piece or tract of
land, situated in Butler township. Butler
county, Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit: be
ginning at a post it the northwest corner;
thence by lands formerly owned by Silas
Pierce, being a part of the tract out of
which this land Is taken, north eighty-nine
(»!i) degrees east two hundred perches (200) to
a post, the north east corner; thence south
by lands formerly owned by said Silas Pierce,
thirty-two (38) perches to a post, the south
east corner; thence by said latids formerly
belonging, to Silas Pierce, south eighty-nine
degrees west, two hundred perches (20U), to a
post the south west corner; thence by lands
now or formerly, Robert and A. Lemon,
north thirty-two perches to the northwest
corner, the place of beginning; containing
forty (40) acres strict measure, as per draft
and survey by ('apt. Pillow, of Nov. 20tu, A.
I>, ls7l, with all rights, privileges and appur
tenances IM-longliig thereto on which Is erect
ed a good two story frame dwelling house,
good barn and other outbuildings.
Seized and taken in execution as the prop
erty of Alexander Dickey and David E.
Dickey at the suit of Samuel Wallace.
E. I). No. 85, March Term. 1901. MeJunkin &
(,'allireath. Attorneys.
All the right, title. Interest and claim of
Joseph D. Ilenry of. In and to all that cer
tain piece or tract of land, situated In Cou
noquenesslng township, Butler county, Pa.,
bounded as follows, to-wit: On the north by
lands of heirs of Samuel Dufford, dee'd., on
the east and south by lands'if Daniel Ralsley
and On the west by Powder Mill road leading
to Mount Chestnut, and containing sixty-five
(«.'•) acres, more or less and having thereon
erected a frame house, barn and other out
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Joseph D. Henry at the suit of Q. O.
E. I). No. 35, March Term, 11*11. S. F. A A. L
Bowser, Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of T.
A. MeCollough of. In and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated In Muddy
creek township, Butler county, Pa.. lioundud
as folic ws, to-wlt: On the north by lands of
W. I'. MeCollough, on the east by lands of K.
L. MeCollough. on the south by lands of Wm.
MeCollough heirs, and on the west by lands
of W. It. McKee; containing thirty-four
acres, more or less, mostly cleared and In u
good state of cultivation.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of T. A. MeCollough at the suit of
Eleanor A. lialhigher.
E. D. No. 81, March Term, 1901. Lev Mc
yulstion, Attorney.
All the right, title. Interest aud claim of
Patrick Mcßrlde aud J. A. Mcltrlde of. In and
to all that certain piece or parcel of land,
situated in Clearfield township, Butlercoun
ty, Pa., liourided as follows, to-wlt: on the
north by public road, on the east by lands of
Daniel McMahon and Michael Cramer,on the
south by lands of John McCogln and on the
west by lands of McClafTerty heirs; contain
ing 65 acres. DON Of less, and having there
011 erected a t wo story frame dwelling house,
frame barn and other outbuildings.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Patrick Mcltrlde and J. A. Mcßrlde
al the suit of Jareckl Manufacturing Com
E. I). No. li'J, March Term. 1901. W. A &. F. J
Fonjuer, Attorneys.
All tlio right. title, Interest und claim of A.
It. (illison ami .1. W. Norrls of. In HIKI to all
t hat certain tot or parcel of land, situated In
IVtin township, llutlor county, I'a., bounded
as follows, to-wlt: Commencing at the south
west corner; thence by lands or .tame* Mar
slialls heirs, north I anil Vt decrees west 2s
and 1-10 perches to a post; thence by lands of
J. (). A. Kennedy south 40decrees cast 23 and
|>-I0 perches to a post, on the Hutler anil
Allegheny plank road; thence along said
road south •> and 'A degrees west 21 and 2-10
perches to a post, at the place of lieglnnlnff;
containing 255 square perches,strict measure,
and having thereon erected a Imard dwell
-1 nix. stable, hall and other outbuildings.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of A. It. Utbson and .1. W. Norris at the
suit of John Berg A Co.
K. I>. No. <l*. March Term, lUOI. J. C, Vander
lln. Attorney.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
Haiti)* A. Livingston. which was of Joseph 11.
Livingston, dee'd., of. In and to the coal and
other minerals In upon or under two hun
dred and thirty (230) acres of land, more or
less, situated In Washington two..Butler Co..
I'a., iKiundeil mi the North by disputed land
and Samuel Milliard, on the east by Samuel
Milliard, and lion. K. Me.lunkln. on the
south by lauds of and on
the west by A. Snyder, diaries MulTy and
(■ardner known as lot. No. 15, 2nd district of
donation land.
A;lzed and taken In execution as the prop
erty "if Sallle A. Livingston at the suit of
Sarah E. (iahrlng.
E. I>. No lis, March Term. 1W»I. i.e. Vander
lln. Attorney.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
Sallle A. Livingston,ex'x of J. II Livingston,
dee'd.. of. 11l arid to all that certain piece or
parcel of laud, sit uati'd In Washington town
ship. Hut ler county. I'a.. Imunded as follows,
to-wlt: On the north by lands of Sarah
Jenkins, on the east by lands of Sarah
Jenkins, on the soul-li by A. I>. (illlespln and
on the west by lion. E. Me.lunkln laud, and
containing fourteen (U) acres, more or less.
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
erty of Millie A. Livingston, executrix nf J.
11. Livingston, dee'd., at the suit of Sarah E.
El». No, March Term. ll«H. W. l>.
Ilrandon. Attorney.
All the right, title. Interest ami claim of
Nelso.i Smith, oec'd., and L. It. Smith, ad
ministrator, of, in and to all that certain
piece or parcel of land, situated In I'arker
township, Hull :r county, l*a., bounded as
follows, to-wlt: On the north by lands of
Thomas 11. Smith, ou the east by lands of
John Henry llauhetispeck, on the south by
lands of ('hrlstonher Hoover and on the west
liy lands of Win. A.Smith and Adam MofTner;
containing one hundred acrew. more or less,
and having thereon erected a Iwo story
frame house, frame barn and other out
Seized and taken In execution as the prou
dly of Nelson Hmlt h, dee'd..and L. It. Smith,
ad m! tils t rat or, at the suit of John 11. Hhelyer.
El». Nos. 22 and 23. March Term, l!»Jl A. M.
( hrlst ley, and Coulter <t Maker, Attorneys.
All the right, title, Interest and claim of
James A. Thompson of. In and to all that
certain piece or parcel of land, situated in
Cherry township. Ilutler county, Ha., Imund
ed as follows, to-wlt: On the north by lands
of Alex Porter ami Samuel l'\ Mil ford, on the
east by lands of heirs of Allison Thompson,
mi the south by lands of Christy and Samuel
Nelson and on the west by Jno Crawford and
William (irosstnan; containing one hundred
and twenty live (1:2..) aires, more or less, ,5
acres of which Is cleared and cultivated, and
having thereon erected a frame house and
barn. ,
Seized and taken In execution as the prop
iTly of J IIIIH.H A. Thompson ut (1)6 suit of K. I
H. flays anil John Lutz. I
' E. D. No. 71. March Term. 1901. John C. I
Graham, Attorney.
AH the right, title. Interest and claim of |
David Miller and David Miller. Jr.. or David
(j. -Miller, of. in and to all that certain piece
or parcel of land, situated In Center town
ship. Butler oounty. Pa . bounded as follows,
to-wlt: On the north by lands of Andrew
Albert, on the east by lands of Brewster
lieirs.on the south by lands formerly of John
Cress, and on the west by lands of Thomas
Stewart .et al;contatnlng one hundred and ten
(ilu) acres, more or less, and having thereon
erected a frame house, frame barn and other
! outbuildings.
Seized and taked In execution as the prop
erty of David Milier and David Miller. Jr..
!or David y. Miller at the suit of Catherine
: Carson for us > of Mary C. Thaw, et al.
j Also at IO a.m., of salil clay, ou
th«' premises in Butler:
E. D. No. 70, March Term. 1901. Ira Me-
Junkin. Attorney.
All the right, title, interest and claim of T.
C. Llmberg and Kev. C. A. Limberg. dee'd..
Susana Llmberg aud Theodore C. Limberg.
admr's. of the estate of said Kev. C. A. Lim
berg. dec.d.. of. In and to all that certain
Siece or parcel of land, situated partly in
utler Borough and partly in Butler town
ship. Butler county. Pa., bounded as follows,
to-twlt: On the north by lands of St. Pauls
Orphan Home, Sarah E. McOlure aud Wil
liam Cochran, on the east by public road
known as the Hutler and MUlerstown road,
on the south by said Butler and MUlerstown
road, and on the west by lands of Susana
Limberg ana St Pauls Orphan Home; con
taining about 28 acres.mostly cleared aud in a
goexl state of cultivation, with good orchard
?elzed and taken in execution as the prop
erty of T. C. Llmberg and Kev. C. A. Llm
berg. now dee'd.. at the suit of Otto Limberg.
now for use of Maggie C. Turner.
By virtue of writs of Ven Ex..Lev Fl.lssued
out of the Court of Common Pleas of Butler
Co., Pa., and to me directed, there will be ex
posed to public sale, at the court house. In
the borough of Butler, Pa., on
Friday, the Bth day of March, A. D. 1901,
at 1 o'clock p. m., the following described
property, to-wit:
E. I). Nos. 2 and 6. March Term, 1901, W. A. &
F. J. Forquer, Attorneys.
All the right, title, interest and claim of
John Urossman, of. tn and to all that certalu
piece or parcel of land, situated In Clay twp.
Butler Co.. Pa., bounded as follows, to-wit:
011 the north by lauds of Mitchell McCaslln
and Japhlel Mcsllchael, on the east by lands
of Samuel and John Sutton, on the south by
lands of Win. J. Stouer and O'Neal and
ou the west by lands of C. F. Brown and
lauds formerly of Geo. Baker, 'now Johnston;
containing 95 acres, more or less, und having
thereon erected a good two story frame
house, two story board house,and frame barn
and having a good orchard thereon.
Seized and taken tn execution as the prop
erty of John Orossman at the suit of John
Berg & Co.
TERMS OF SALE-The following must be
strictly compiled with when property is
stricken down.
1. When the plaintiff or other lien creditor
becomes the purchase*, the costs on the writ
ruust be paid, and a list of the liens, includ
ing mortgage searches on the property sold,
together with such lien creditor's receipt*
for the amount of the proceeds of the sale or
such portion thereof as he may claim, mus
be furnished the Sheriff.
2. All bids must be paid in full.
3. All sales not settled immediately will be
continued until one o'clock, P. M., of the
next day at which time all property not
settled for will again be put up and sold at
tire expense and risk of the person to whom
first sold.
*See l'urdon's Digest., oth edition, page MO.
and Smith's Forms, page 354.
THOMAS It. HOON, Sheriff.
Sheriff's Office. Butler. Pa.. Feb. 6th. 1901.
Jury Lists for March Term.
List of names drawn from the proper
jury wheel this 21st day of January,
1901. to serve as grand jurors at the
regular term of court, commencing on
the first Monday of March, 1901, the
same being the 4th day of said month:
Covert W C. 3rd wd Butler, restaurant,
Davidson A W,2nd wdßutler.mcrchant,
Emrick D B, Bntler tp, carpenter,
Eberhart A O, Butler tp, fanner,
Eastley G H, Donegal tp, farmer,
Emrick George, Parker tp, farmer,
Feme Henry, Butler tp, farmer,
Fulton E M, Middlesex tp, fanner,
Glenn John W, Mercer tp, farmer,
Hines Louis, Brady tp, farmer,
Hartnng George, Forward tp, fanner.
Harper Cyrus, Cranberry tp, farmer,
McClymo'nds Calven, Muddy creek tp,
Maxwell J, 2nd wd Butler,tax collector,
Morris Wm, Washington tp, farmer,
Marten Wm T, Penn tp, farmer,
McNeese J C, ilrd wd, Butler, farmer,
Patterson W G. Jefferson tp, farmer,
Swartzlander Harvey, Fairview tp.
Simmers G W, Buffalo tp. farmer,
Worthington G W, Mercer tp, farmer,
Wade John, Buffalo tp, fanner,
Welsh W J, Jefferson tp, farmer,
Weigand Ferdinand, 4th wd Butler,
List of names drawn as pettit jnrors
from the proper jury wheel this 21st
day of January, 1901, to serve as petit
jurors at the regular term of court
commencing on the second Monday of
March, 1901, the same being the 11th
day of said month:
Andre W J, Fairview tp, farmer,
Albert J W, Franklin tp, farmer,
Barnes W H, Lancaster tp, farmer,
Becker James, Franklin tp, farmer.
Barnhart David, Oakland tp, farmer,
Barnhart Joseph, Millerstown borough,
Blackly W J, Adams tp, farmer,
Clark Frank,Connoquenesring tp,farmer
Colbert W R, sth wd Butler, engineer,
Clntton Jonathan, Worth tp, farmer,
Daubeuspeck John, Parker tp, farmer,
Eakin M.Eau Clare boro, carpenter,
Fehl Andrew, Connoijuenessing tp,
Graham Thomas, Penn tp, farmer,
Gallangher John, Butler tp, farmer,
Hepler Joseph. Buffalo tp. farmer,
Infield G E, sth wd Bntler. .laborer,
Knjch Herman, Saxonburg boro, gent,
Kerrey E E, Worth tp, furtner,
Kamerer Peter, !>th wd Butler, assessor,
Kelly T Z, Venango tp, farmer,
Keister .1 B, Slipperyro< k tp, farmer,
La very J W. Penn tp, farmer,
Ltitz John, lstwd Butler, carpenter,
Litzinger Henry, Millerstown borough,
Liebold Herman, ilrd wd Butler, gent,
Miller J F, Venango tp, farmer,
McGeary J W, Muddycreek tp, farmer,
McKee James F, Prospect boro, printer,
Martsoff Henry, Center tp, farmer,
McAntosh Kenneth,Fairview tp,farmer,
MoCollough A M, Fairview tp. farmer.
McGill George, Harrisville boro, wagon
Monks Martin, Middlesex tp, farmer.
Mangold J G, 2nd wd Butler.merchant,
Miller Daniel C, Center tp. merchant,
Metz Andrew, Lancaster tp, farmer,
Painter James M,2nd wd Bntler,grocer,
Rivers John. Winfield tp. farmer,
Roth L M. Prospect boro, dentist.
Shane J C Washington twp. fanner,
Smith Milton, Winfield tp, farmer,
Steward II E, Washington tp, teacher,
Schenck Alt S. Ilrd wd Butler, book
Scott Aldo, Fairview boro, clerk,
| Snow Robert M, Butler tp. carpet
Wachtnuth Wm, .lr, Butler tp, farmer,
Zigler O W, Harmony boro, merchant.
The following widow's appraisements of
personal properly and real estate set apart
for the lit of the widows of decedents
have been tiled lu the ofllco of the Clerk
of the Orphans' Court of Hutler County, viz:
Widow of John C. Kraft, per property £HO 00
" Jacob l-'etter, per property.. ;too 00
•' William Kavanaugh, person
al property 2U"> <K>
" •' Patrick Corcoran, personal
aud real property Is 7 50
'• '• A. J. McCoy, personal and
real property .'IOO 00
" " John liaubenspeck, real
estate :«« '»»
All persons Interested In the above ali
praisumentH will take notice that they will
lie presented for confirmation to the Orphans
court of Butler county. Pa., on Saturday, the
Ulli day of March, A. !>.. Iltul, and If no ex
ceptions be tiled they will be confirmed ab
Clerk's ofllce. February 4th, IWII.
iklAAdh 50 YEARS*
B n L J ij i L J
™ /1 I I j i ■
1 I iLlft m M
' Copy rights Ac.
Anyone sending iy)ketrh and description may
quickly ascertain nir. opinion free whether en
Invention la probably patentable. Communica
tion* strictly confidential. Handbook on I atente
Ben! free. Oldest agency for securing oatenu.
I'ateiiiN taken trirouah Munn k Co. receive
9pre la I notice , without Charge, In Ibo
Scientific American.
A tiandiomnlr lllnitmtxd wiwltly. Ifrwt «*r
ciil«tl«»u of any sclentlOe Journal. Terms. F.i a
year ; foar months, sl. Hold by all newsdealers.
MUNN & Co. 18 '"""—• New York
Uruuch omoe. <B£> r HU Wuhlnirton. I). C.
Hotel Nixoq,
215 N McKean St, Butler,
Having rented this hotel for another
yeiir, I again invite the patroHugo of
of my old friends and the public gener
jjlj February Offerings High=Class ffi
This Stock is Fight in Quality; in Styles in
Variety. Never any of the mean kinds here if we
know it. All goods fairly priced. The prices }«;
J©? marked in Plain Figures.
Mantel folding beds in Golden Oak finish Simple in construe
tion and well made. Hits woven wire spring with sparrel supports.
A convenient piece of furniture to have if yon are short of bed rooms.
all SIDE BOARDS $22 Us
Golden Oak, polish finish 4S-in. long. Has beveled mirror* jSj
one lonjr linen drawer, two small top drawers and double doors be- M
low. Well made and nice enough for most dining-rooms. «C^
g| PARLOR SUITS $32 |g
Five-piece Suit covered with Corded Tapestry in assorted feag
yH colors Frame finished in Mahogany. A very desirable suit at a
reasonable price.
I Campbell ft Templetonl
Important - Announcement!
We Have Sold Our Store Property.
In consequence thereof will offer our
entire stock of Diamonds, Watches,
Clocks, Jewelry, &c., at Auction. Com
mencing, Saturday, February 23rd, at
2:30 p. m Sales every day at 2:30
and 7:30 p. m. until stock is sold out.
112 South Main St.,
Auction Sale of Fine Horses. &c.
There will be sold to the highest bidder at BUHL'S LIVBftY STABLES,
in EVANS CITY, Butler county, Pennsylvania, on
At 9:30 a. m.. the following articles:
Mated Teams and Single Drivers. In the lot are quit© >\ number ot wtlHied
horses with lots of speed and knee action. This is admitted by horsemen to
be the finest lot of horses over offered for sale in one stable in Butler county.
Ten Top Buggies, two Surreys, one Phaeton, one Tool Wagon, one 2-seated
Spring Wagon, one 3-seated Platform Wagon, new; one steel tire Rnna'.ouf, rue
rnbber tire, both new: one 2-seated Bob-Sleigli, new: lot of Portland Cutters, lot
of Buggy and Sleigh Poles, double and single Driving Harness. Everything
first-class and up-to-date.
Ten head of Cattle, three Milch Cows, all fresh s<t,m: seven In ad of Young
Cattle, among them one Bull Calf, 1-year-old: one 8011, 2 > eai> ■>;<!: oi e Berltliire
Boar, 18-inonths-old: one Sow, same age, will have pitrs about the fir : ot April.
Farm Implements, Heavy Harness and Hay. One Pony Deorint? Binder, two
Deerini; Mowers, three set of Heavy Harness, forty.tons of Hay.
TERMS—A credit of Nine Months on all sums ovt r or,.
F. C. BUHL, Manager,
JOHN A. EICHERT. Auctioneer. EVANS t ITY, Pa.
Livery Barn for rent. Possession gheu at once.
HOURS:— 9 a„m. to 12 in; 1:30 up. in
to 4 p. m.
Office tecond floor of the Al. Ruff
building on S. M«in St., and resilience
corner North ami Washington streets.
Bell 'Phone No. 45 and People's Phone.
Butler, Pa.
Office No. 45, S. Main street, ovi-r OHY
New Troutman Building, Butler PN.
Office if>6 W. Diamond St., [D r
Graham's old office.]
Hours 7 to 9 a. m. and 1 to 3 and 7 to
8 p. tn
137 E. Wayne St., office nours. 10 to
12 a. m. 1 and to 3 p. m.
Office 236 S. Main St., opp. P. O.
Night calls at office.
300 West Cunningham St.
Has located in the new Stein building,
with all the latest devices for Dental
Artificial Teeth inserted on the latest
improved plan. Gobi Fillings a spec
ialty. Office next to postoffice.
Formerly known as the "Peerless
Painless Extractor of Teeth." Located
permanently at 111 East Jefferson St.
Opposite Hotel Lowry, Butler. Will do
dential operations of all kinds by the
latest devices and up-to-date methods
Successor to Dr. Johnston.
Office at No 114 K. Jeflersou St., * oxer
G. W. Miller's grocery,
Armory Building, Butler, Pa.
1} H. NEGI.RY,
Office in the "CITIZKN" building.
Office in Reiber building, corner M.un
and E. Cunningham Sta. Entrance on
E. Cunningham.
Wise building, N. Diamond St.. Butlei
Special attention given to collections
and business matters.
Reference: Butler Savings Bauk. or
Butler County National Bank
111 H. t.t.TVHEK.
11. ATTORNKY a r 1 i.v .
Office :n Wise ' -MI 1 'inn •
Room li., Armory bml«au.,
Office at No. S. West Diam iml St.. rtut
ler. Pa.
| It. ItREDIN,
Office on Main St. near Court House. ,
Office near Court House.
Karl Schluchter,
Practical Tailor and Cutter
125 W. Jcfferstn, BuUer, Pa.
Bushnling, Cleaning and
Repairing a Specialty
J. V. Stewart,
(Successor to H. Bickel>
Salo and Boarding Stable
W. Jeflcrson St., Butler, Pa.
Kirat clas.s equipment—eighteen,
good drivers—rigs of all kind
cool, roomy and clean s.ablcs.
People's Phone 125.
If your present glasses fail to give v<>u
ease and comfort there is somi-thiug
wrong. Is it your glasses or your eye*-?
That is die \itnl question with y- u
Eith< r is bad enough and dangerous
let alone. I liki to discover unusual <\ <•
defects, tlie kind that puzxle th nverage
optician. Satisfaction guaranteed.
CAl<k H. bfclGHNetf,
09 S. M ain St. BUTLER PA
W. S. & E. WICK,
Rough antl'Worked Lumberjof *!IJKIuds
lliHirs, Sash aiul Moulding*.
1)11 Well ltltfs a SjM i tulty.
Office and Yard,
E. Cunningham and Monro* St*.