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    FALL OF iyoo,
We are now ready for the FALL TRADE and it
surely ought to and will be the banner season lor
our store —if careful buying and exceptional
choosing go for anything—you will certainly agree
with us after looking over our immense stock with
our small and insignificant price, ihe following
are "just a few" of the good things we have.
Jacket SuitH,
RAINY DAY SKIRTS, The only skirt for the Fall,
Ladies' and Children's Tackets,
French Flannel Shirt Waists;
Also the French and other Flannels by the yard,
Blankets and Comforts,
Dress Goods,
Golfing Cloth, Venetians, Prunella, Cashmeres, Cheviots and Serges,
in endless variety.
Our Carpet Department
Is still the "little bit the best" by which it is
termed by people who know.
Mrs. J. E. Zimmerman's
Lowest Prices Always, but no sacrifice of quality.
Women's Stylish Fall and Winter Suits, Jackets, Furs, Capes,
Coats, Skirts and Flannel Waists. Not cheap clothing, but all the
new and striking effects of the season at piices lower than those ot
another store.
Ladies' Fine Covert and Venetian jfeiSJr
oloth Suits, $io.oo; value 12.50. |U
Ladies' Fine Covert and Venetian >
cloth Suits, $12.50; value 15.00. aTJjM 'i (
Ladies' Fine Pebble Cheviot Suits, J
Ladies' Fine Blouse Homespun Suit,
Ladies' Fine All-wool Kersey Jackets, \
color, Castor and Black, $5; value 8.50. Hkf]
Ladies' Fine All-wool Kersey Jackets, Hp I
color, Castor and Black, $7.25; value 10. g\
Ladies' Fine All-wool Kersey Jackets, *
color, Castor and Black, $10: value 12.50.
Ladies' All-wool Pebble Cheviot Skirt,
Ladies' All-wool Cloth and Golf Capes
$5.00 up to 25.00. ' *
Ladies' Fine Fur Scarfs $1.98, 3.98, 5.50 up to 25.00.
Ladies' All-wool Fine French Flannel Waists, $1.98; value 2.50.
We offer the best values of the season at unusual prices. Our
stock is heavy, never more complete—long retarded cold wave leaves
it larger than we care to have it at this date. This is your oppor
tunity to save money. Beautiful effects in all the popular weaves
and colors. Millinery at our well known popular prices.
Values Extraordinary—Fresh Clean Stock.
Extra Heavy Shaped Ribbed Vests, all sizes, 25c; value 39c.
Children's Heavy Fleeced Union Suits, all sizes, 25c.
Boys' Fleeced Extra Heavy Shirts and Drawers, all sizes, 25c.
Men's Fleeced Extra Heavy Shirts and Drawers, all sizes, 50c.
Boys' Fleeced Extra Heavy Black Ribbed Hose,all sizes, 15c and 25c.
Extra size Blankets, 60c; Woolen Blankets 3.50 upward.
The Seat of Life
Is in the nervous system, the most delicate and important
part of the whole body. When the nerves become weakened or
diseased, the head aches, the circulation is retarded and the
digestion is deranged. Little things irritate the temper and worry
the mind, which only aggravates the disease until the whole sys
tem breaks down, and nervous prostration is followed by insanity
or death. Strengthen and build up the nerves and stop this
downward course before it is too late.
"My trouble began with aching pains In my arms and
legs, headache, Indigestion, constipation and palpitation
of heart until I became so nervous and run-down that I
could not find relief until I commenced taking Dr. Miles'
Nervine. It gave me wonderful relief, and Anally ro
stored my health, for which I am very thankful."
SAMUEL II ARM AN, Crystal, Mich.
Dt. Miles' Nervine
strengthens the weakened nerves, rests the tired brain,
gives zest to the appetite and puts new vim and vigor
Into the whole system. Begin to-day to get new life.
Sold by druggists on guarantees Du. MILKS MEDICAL Co.. Elkhart, IncL
fJt CROw\
over the ||
wash tub ||
Make Monday's work easy H
by washing with Walker's •
X Soap. It saves the clothes II
■ BT Follow the new woman's 11
-W way for easy washing, print- H
—ed on the wrapper of W
■■ 1 ' » I HI and you can crow over all |i
II .. % .. ~ the troubles of washday. H
r" » . It torilaius MO alkali. ™
Neatly Dow? At
Wherein Abdnl Finds There Are
Two Gueaftea Coming; to Him.
Having learned from the guardian ot
his harem that most of the women
spent their time surveying themselves
in the mirrors, his royal highness
issued an edict that any so discovered
in future should be burned upon the
cheek. The edict was not four hours
old when five of his wives were re
ported and punished. Next day the
r 1 1
,% • i-"' i; |> |fill. «{M
same five were reported again, and
his highness indignantly exclaimed:
"This must be defiance and obstinacy
Indeed. You were burned on the
cheeks, and yet yon return to your
"But It Is neither defiance nor ob
stinacy, O ruler," explained one of the
five. "We simply returned to our mir
rors to see how bad the burns looked."
"Then the penalty hereafter shall be
death. I'll stop that business or stop
your breath:"
At the end of two days the guardian
handed in a death list. It took in the
name of every inmate of the harem.
"Now, by my scepter, but must I
kill off my 227 wives in a batch!"
shouted the king as he surveyed the
list. "Ho! Hassim! Make it known
that I am in a hole and that whoever
will help me out of it shall have great
A thousand subjects came forward
with suggestions, but it was Abdul
the knockkneed who hit the nail on the
head when he said:
"O ruler. It is as easy as falling off a
fence. Instead of removing your wives
remove the mirrors."
"By John, but you are right,"
chuckled his highness, "and for having
given me this pointer I make you my
prime minister. Take off your coat
and sail in at once."
"O ruler, I thank you"—
"Never mind the thanks. For having
thought up a cute thing I reward you,
but for having the audacity to think up
a cuter thing than your ruler could I
order 100 lashes well laid on, and if
you want any more come around ou
Thursday." M. QUAD.
The Orleutal Potentate Becomes a
Preventer of Famine.
[Copyright, 1300, by C B. Lewis.)
One day as Omar Kabiff sat In his
palace and reflected on the wisdom of
his rule he heard a great murmuring
In the streets, and calling in his prime
minister he said:
"The people murmur. Go out and
Bee what the chin music is about."
The P. M. was absent for a few
minutes, and then returned to report:
"O ruler of the sun, the people mur
mur because the price of corn Is so
"That's it, eh? Well, go back and
tell them that the price shall be re
duced one-half. Can't no trust shove
up the price of corn in my dominions."
The P. M. went back and made proc
lamation, but still the murmuring con
"What's the row now?" demanded
his highness as he Jingled his bell and
the P. M. answered it.
"O wise king, the people complain
of a scarcity of corn. It cannot be had
at any price."
"X see. .Make proclamation that the
people fill up on 'taters."
"But no 'taters were planted in Per
sia last year, your highness."
"Then let 'em try turnips."
"But, alas, there are no turnips!"
"But beans we always have with, us,
and with plenty of beam; on his table
no one will suffer."
"O king over Persia." said the. P. M.
as he begun to look troubled, "I sold all
the beans to Turkey by your order a
month ago. The sultan derjred them
for his beau shooters."
"Well. then, let my people turn tc
carrots and onions."
"But none have been grown. O
"And maybe you will tell me that
there isn't a cucumber to be found
In Persia?"
"Not one, your highness."
"Say you so? llow is It that, such a
state of affairs lias Came about?"
"By royal proclamation," O ruler,
you had 'JO,OOO farmers beheaded last
year as an agricultural experiment.
You were sueking a new fertilizer."
"Ah! 1 remember. And the S head
ing of 20,000 farmers has left li 10.000
citizens of my capital foodies*?"
"It is truo, O ruler."
"Very well, llnsslin. It's a plain case
of arithmetic without any experiment
In It. To balance the want ol' crops
raised by the 20,000 farmers you will
see to it that 100,000 of my <-itl/.«ns
are made a head shorter. Tli it will
even ttflngs up, give the 'people to
understand that I'm looking < >ut for
their l*est Interests and probably pre
vent an epidemic of cholera."
M. ( JL'AU.
Indignant leather- What do yon In
tend to become after you are 21V
Flippant Son—A man, of course.
HOOD'S ?ILL3 euro Liver Ills, Bil
iousness, Indigestion, Koadac he.
Easy to tako, easy to operate. 2 3c.
Rkhumatism Cukhd in a Day
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism and
Neuralgia radically cures iu I to ) < lays.
Its action upor. the system is ren-arl able
and mysterious. It removes at once the
causes and t'ac disease immediately dis
appears. The first dose greatly ber cfits;
75 cents Sold by J. C. Kedic, and J. F.
Bnluh Druggists Butler \pr q6.
Our 25c box papers.
Our ioc and 15c fine v/riting
paper tablets
Blank books ;j t the old price.
Albums boug'nt before the ad
Kodaks wit! 1 a special discount
in January.
Photograpl 1 supplies always
Sporting goods.
Late fiction.
Bibles cheaper than ever.
Everyday needs at everyday
prices. At
book store
Eagle B'l'd.
Pl*ntinsr Time In Various Sections.
Some of Its I ses.
The hulk of the buckwheat produced
in this country is grown in New York
and Pennsylvania. While a fair crop
may be made on very poor soil, like
everything else, it does a good deal
better on good soil well prepared.
Sandy loams are a favorite soil for
buckwheat, especially when it has
been an old pasture or meadow that is
to be plowed up. but it will on
almost any soil that is not too wet. It
should not be too rich or the crop will
lodge, and no fresh manure should be
used. The ground should be quite
thoroughly prepared.
In western New York planting time
is the week before the 4th of July. In
the extreme north it may be as early
as the middle of May, while in some of
the southern states planting is deferred
until August. It may be sown broad
cast or in drills, and half a bushel of
seed is enough on good soil. It ripens
very unevenly and if not harvested
will bloom all through the season. The
best crop comes from the earliest ripen
ing grain, however, and if not cut
when the first seeds are ripe these will
be lost, as it shatters easily. Many cut
when the dew is on to prevent shatter
ing as much as possible. It must be
handled carefully in harvesting on this
account. In addition to the foregoing
advice the lowa Homestead has enu
merated some of the uses of the crop
as follows:
As to the uses of the crop, it is good
poultry feed and mixed with corn
makes good pork. It is also a favorite
grain for fitting up horses quickly and
giving them a nice, sleek coat. The
straw, if well cured, is relished by
both sheep and cattle, and it is also a
good crop to plow under and is often
used as a catch crop when something
occurs to interrupt one's original plans.
When employed as a crop to plow un
der, two crops a year are often grown.
It is, of course, not as good as clover
for this purpose, but It has the advan
tage that it will grow on soils that will
not produce a crop of clover, and
hence it is often used to renovate very
poor lands. It is one of the best crops
known as a smothering crop for quack
prass or other weeds of a similarly
tenacious character, but when it is
used for this purpose the ground
should be very thoroughly prepared
and the seeding should be heavy, as
much as two to two and a half bushels
per acre, and as soon as it is in bloom
it should be plowed under, and, after
being harrowed, reseeded again the
same season. Qriack grass yields to
this kind of treatment more readily
perhaps than to any other.
Box For Shipping; Belgian Ilarea,
Having had some experience of the
cost of shipping rabbits, a Farm and
Fireside writer has been considering
how to lessen the express charges and
arrives at the conclusion that he will
reduce tlie size of the package as much
SF appiso BOX.
as possible fir st by shipping younger
and therefore f smaller animals and then
by the selection of lightest packages.
He says: Just at the presont time a
great deal of sill pplng Belgians is being
done. In the comparatively few in
stances that 1 li ave been shipping rab
bits, pigeons, et< ~ I have made use of a
light box the upper corners of which
had been cut a - way aud the cover re
placed by light slats. The Illustration
makes this plain. To have the boxes
especially light I prefer to make them
of white cedar or linden, of course well
seasoned. Coi ninon store boxes, how
ever, may be fitted up in this way and
come handy (or shipping small ani
The C'o'»-p«*u In the North.
In advLiinK an eastern New York
correspondent Country Gentleman
says: The btack eyed cowpea is consid
ered the best. Sow I*4 to 2 bushels per
acre. There- Is no need of planting
them until »lie weather Is rather warm,
from the first of June until the last of
July. In many plac<« in New York
they do not form a den «e mass of green
material, as the clin late is hardly
warm enough to fully develop them.
They are often plantodl in the south
after the corn is C to 12 inches high,
three or four peas belnj: put in near
the hill. The corn serves to keep them
up, and the two plants a re harvested
together. A few have si icceeded ad
mirably In raising the cow pea in New
York, but it Is doubtful if fr t is any bet
ter than the Canada or marrowfat pea.
In our experience we hav< • been led
to prefer the marrowfat to the Cana
da pea because the leaves art' broader,
It grows more erect aud clings better
to the oats with which it .Is 50 wn.
The only possible objection to using the
marrowfat instead of tb>e Canada pea
is tlint thf; seed costs about 7f> per
cent more. The green manure crops
should lie plowed under Just before or
at the time they are fully mature. If
.left to die upon the ground, the vines
or stalled do not lighten up the so4l and
produce the beneficial physical results
that they do when plowed under. In
the case of the cowpea It should be
plowe d tinder before frost or Immedi
ately afi'-r Ky«. may tlaen be sown
In order to '-over the gro und during the
winter It should be plowed under
net later than the last 0/ May the fol
lowing spring.
That the musical public appreciate '.he
hi gh standard of the Chase Bros. I'ianc.s
is proven by the fact that the Chicago
Auditorium Conservatory, one of the
leading musical colleges in tlie west, has
recently chosen from several competitors
the Chase Bros. pianos for exclusive use.
That fact alone is an elegant indorsement
of the musical quality and fine construc
tion of these instruments. The Chase
piano is not an experiment; it hf.s been
before the public nearly half a century
Made, guaranteed and sold to you )>v one
of the wealthiest and most influential
manufacturers of pianos.
Ask our customers about us; we sell
these pianos for cash or ou payments.
$25.00 cash payment, balance #IO,OO a
month— anyway to suit your conven
ience. Will give you a new piano at <iny
time in exchange free of charge should
one prove defective. Ask any of our in
stallruont plan customers how we treat
people, Theie are uone whom we would
not be pleased to have publicly express
his opinion of our business principles.
Our store is the- leading one of Butler
county. We sell more pianos than all
the rest put together. Why? Our pianos
are high grade, we deal honestly with
our customers and make them our
friends. Come and examine our pianos
—bring your musical friends with you
You are always welcome whether you
wish to buy now or next year. Get
acquainted with us and the pianos.
317 South Main St- Butler Pa
W. S. & E. WICK,
Itouxh and 'Worked Luinberfiof; all' Kinds
Doors, Sash and M Hidings.
Oil Well Hl#? a Specialty.
Otllce and Yard.
E. Cunningham and Monrr • Hi.-v
near Woil l'uun Ih u. t
in Danger.
Every one is in danger who neglects
the warnings of declining health. The
warnings are not as startling as the sud
den shriek of a locomotive, but they are
just as ominous. When the body begins
to lose in flesh,
when the cheek is
jg skin sallow it is
jH iJS nour ' s h n ient. 1 1
sg Vf ? is a condition of
" wea k " stomach,
„ w7//i'3*, . and " weak " stom
'% ach soon involves
,«> SPY* - v r't other organs. Dr.
Pierce's Golden
pO Medical Discovery
" V hJw cures diseases of
N* nS *ke stomach and
tW /)\ other organs of
(\\ digestion and nu
trition, and cures
fifty through the stom-
ach diseases seem
inglv remote, but which have their
origin in the disease of the stomach aud
its allied organs.
There is no alcohol in the '' Discovery"
and it is absolutely free from opium,
cocaine, and all other narcotics.
"Before I commenced to use your medicine I
was in a bad condition (for eight years), and
four doctors treated me." writes Mrs. Bettie
Askew, of Garysburg, Northampton Co.. N. C.
"They, of course, gave me at the time some
relief, but it did not last Ion?. I was some days
in mv bed and some days 1 dragged about the
house. I have used five bottles of the ' Golden
Medical Discovery' and five of the 'Favorite
Prescription' and four vials of the 'Pellets.'
Xow I feel like a new woman, and I want the
world to know it."
Dr. Pierce's Medical Adviser, iooS
large pages, paper binding, sent free on
receipt of 21 one-cent stamps to pay
expense of mailing only , or 31 stamps
for it in cloth binding. Address Dr.
R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y.
A.A. > FEVERS, ConzoHtion*. Knflaiuma*
cures 5 lions. Lung Fever. Milk Fever.
It. B.>fcPRAIX£. Lamenesa, Injuries.
< ures ) Rheumatism.
C. C.) KOKE THROAT. Quinsy, Epizootic,
cuees i Dislemper.
| WORMS, Ruts. Grubs.
K.E.M'OI GHK. Cold*. Influenza. Inflamed
cures 5 Lunu;*. Pleuro-Pneunionia.
F. F. I COLIC'. Bellyaehe. Wind-Blown,
cures i Diarrhea. Dysentery.
G.G. Prevents MIM ARRI AGE.
I. I. £KhIN DISEASES. Manre, Eruptions.
CUEES j I leers. Grease, Farcy.
J. H. 'inn COMHTIOV Slarins Coat.
cures i Indigestion, tetomaeli Ktniciccrs.
60c. each; Stable Case, Ten Specifics. Book, fee., g<-
At drugglsta or sent prepaid or. receipt of price.
Humphreys' Medicine Co., Cor. William & John
fits.. New York. Vetejunart MaxuaxSextFkee
and Prostration frcm Over
work or other causes.
Humphreys' Homeopathic Specific
No. 28, in use over-40 years, the only
successful remedy.
$1 per rial,or special package with powder,for $5
jold by DrntcUU, or lent P" ,! P»IJ 1,11 r.--c ipt ul prlr..
iILMI llHin MED. CO., Car.Wllll.ia i. John Su., *.w York
This Tb Your Opportunity.
On receipt of ten cents, cash or stamps,
a generous sample will be mailed of the
most popular Catarrh and Hay lever Cure
(Ely'e Cream 15a! m) sufficient to demon
strate the grt i merits of the remedy.
56 Warren St, New fork City.
Rev. John fieid, Jr.. of Great Falls, Mont.,
recommended Ely's Cream Balm to me. 1
can emphasize hia statement, "It is a posi
tive cure 'or catarrh if usad as directed." —
Rev. Francis W. Poole, Pastor Central Pres.
Church, Helena. Mont.
Ely'rt Cream Balrj is the acknowledged
cure for catarrh and contains no mercury
nor any injurious druc Price. 50 cents.
[ THE 5
5 COUGH. )
I A pleasant, never-failing s
£ remedy for throat and lung J
f diseases. (
j Sellers'lmperial |
J Cough Syrup <
} is absolutely free from spirituous S
j or otlier harmful ingredients, t
I A prompt, positive cure /
v coughs, colds, hoarseness, uitLi~ l
< enza, whooping cough. /
/ Over a million bottles foM In the \
\ few years attcßtltaiiopu.arlty. C
< At all Druggists. C
u -yvqv-'
Prepare for
Mince Meat
l)l<l your mined rne.tt suit. your taste last
time? No: Then i!<> you Known adulterated
I>randy might have tin- eause. We have
a special lirand furl hi, purpose and offer It
m you 111 T.'s- and ■?!.«••) per full ijuart for the
best. All our other goods are rrotu the best
distilleries and will therefor suit you.
1.1 list).< .VKKIIOLT,
tAItUK IllOaPtiOlt.
and offer them to you unadulterated 6 year
old at fl.cki per full quart,a quarts, fs.oo
.. i.A.llli AI MHU'S CHUIU,
Whiskey guaraute J :i years old, 12.00 i>er iral.
On all C. p. D. or mail orders of SSOO or over
we box and ship promptly; express charges
prepaid. 1
411 Water Stree
Telephone, 21 ',c. Pittobm fa
Opposite It AO. Depot
R. M. LOGAN, Ph. G., Manager.
Now is The Time to Have
Your Clothing
If you want gooo and reliable
cleaning or dyeing done, there is
just one place In town where you
can get it, and that is at
The Butler Dye Works
216 Center avenue
B»3>_We do fine work in out
door Photographs. 1 his is the
time of year to have a picture ot
your house. Give us a trial.
Agent tor ti e ,|hii.< hlowd .SiiaiiiK
biiuti Co. -,n. a Y"rk.
yynicy^xy jf yyy/
[ Cleveland Berea Grit |
i 1
S Suitable fur Building x
£ Ornamental and *
Paving purposes.
I This Stone Will Not "Shell Off." |
¥ Prices reasonable.
Work done well %
and promptly, *
Stone yards on
East E'na street.
Residence on §
Morton avenue.
People's Telephone 320.
In mental, nervous, chronic and private
diseases of men and women.
Cured to stay cured without the aid of a
truss or a knife or detention from
I will give you a written guarantee to
refund y:>u every cent in case I fail to
t fleet a cure.
626 Penn Ave.,
Pittsburg, Pa.
Have you bought your
M y y <■'» #
) Underwear?|)
% If not, call and see C
f ours before you buy. S
3 We have it (
✓ in all grades. C
C We have a few lots x
j of underwear
/ in broken sizes \
V which will be i
. sold cheap. /
i These sizes are £
j mostly large but we
X have some small ones. /
\ Jno- S. Wick. |
f Hatter and Furnisher, /
i 242 S. Main St., \
? Butler, Pa f
ite P. O.
r 416 W. Jefferson St.,
Full Line of Foreign and
Domestic Suitings.
Good Fit and Workmanship £
Guaranteed. c
J.E.WETZEL Cutter,>
Late of Luke & Sons, Baltimore, Md,
The people to know that the Kind ley
Studio is making a specialty of copying
and enlarging. Crayons an<l water colors
for the llolliday trade will receive
prompt attention. Don't give your
pictures to agents and take chances of
loosing them; have it done at home and
if it isnotr iglit we are here to make it
right. I.atest designs of frames in stock.
See our Cabinet Photos before ordering
Branches -Mars and Kvans City.
Telephone 236.
P. (). Butler.
WANTI J) ll«m«*si man op woman to 1 rave
for lartfe house*; salary s>.> monthly and
txiHiDNi. with lacraiMi position porman
outline low htslf-uddrv*t»ud stamped envelope
MANAIiLU. SM) Caxtoo bid* ..;cnlcago.
Railway. Schedule of Pas-
Trains in effect May 28,
Depart. Arrive
.Allegheny Accommodation 6 i 1) A.M 903 A.M
Allegheny Kxj.r.« 6u5 " 911 "
Ne» Accommodation 8 05 44 9 12 44
Aknm Mail 8 (6 A.M 7 r.u
Allegheny Fast Kxprews 'J 5m 44 12 18 44
Allegheny Exprnw. 3 00 p.* 4 4*» j m
Chicago Kxprew 3 40 pm 12 IS «m
Mail 5 .V> 44 740 i m
Allegheny an<i New r**tle Acccm 550 44 703 44
Chicagt Limited 5 50 9 12 A.M
Kiin*' ami Bradford Mail 9:5.*» A.M 2 s<» R.M
Clarion Accommodation 4 P.M 9 45 A.M
Cleveland and Chicago Kxprem 6 25 am
Allegheny Exprew 8 05 A.M 9 12 A.M
Allegheny Accommodation 5 50 P.M 5 <l3 P.M
New Caatle Accommodation. 8 <»5 A M 7 03 u
ig Rn tmm :i 4<» r.M 5 «»3 am
Allegheny Accommodation | 7 03 pm
On Sataidays a train, known as the tluatre train,
a ill W-ave Butler at 5.5u p. m., arriving at Allegheny
at 7.20; returning leave Allegheny at 11.30 p. m.
Pullman sleeping cars on Chicago Kxpreset between
Pittfbur»c and Chicago.
For through tickets to all points in the a est, north
*e-t or southwest and information regarding routes,
time of trains, etc. apply to
W. R. TURNER, Ticket Agent,
B. B. REYNOLDS, Sup't, N. D., Butler, Pa.
Butler, Pa. C. W. BASSETT,
Q. P. A.. Allegbery Pa
Sup't. W. £L. Div.. Allegheny Pa.
Tiuie table in effect Sept. 23, 1900.
S«>nhward. Daily except Sunday. Southward i
(Read up) (Read down) I
I' I A M I' SI I' M
11 .Hi 542 Erie 112 lo 415
1- 23 S 20 Fair\iew 12 35 4 40
12 13 8 lo'Uirard 12 4s. 4 53
1 S 18 ar. .Couneaut.. .ar 1 37 0 «>0
11 IM) 7 05 IT.. Gonucaut. . .lv 11 00 4 32
11 66 7 50 ( ranesville 1 07 5 17
11 50 7 4.VAlbion 1 12 5 25
11 35 7 Sprinjclxiro 1 27! 540
11 J> 7 23'(\>nneautville 1 5 4»'>
11 10 7 «»5 Meadville Junct.. 1 54 6 05
11 60 7 50 ar .. Meadville.. ar 2 :ij G 45
10 2i> <i 2<»iv.. Meadville.. .Ivj 1 u5 5 15
11 7 20'ar..Con. Lake..ar 2 05 C 16
10 50 6 50'lv..Con. LaXc..lv| 1 36 5 44
7 ar.. Linenville ..ar (i 20
« 20jlv - 4 lv j I 5 45
10 ."4 r. 4hjllart*town I 1208 (i l'J
1»> 4'.' 43 A<lamt>ville { 12 13i 625
10 40j ♦> 34 (togtHMl J 2 23 G 35
6 10 10 33 (i 28 (Jreenville 6 35 280 6 43
ti 05:10 26' « 22 Slienango C 42 2 37 i C 50
5 48 10 07 f, (•3 Fredonia G 57 253 7 0»
533 (♦ 50 5 4'.» Mercer 7 13 3 11 7 25
5 20 9 45 5 43 Hou«tuii Junction 7 ly 3 17 7 31
5 08 9 28 5 25 Grov® City 7 4<> 3 37 j 7 50
4 67j 9 12 llarrinville 7 51 3 4'.»
4 51 'J 08 Uranchton 8 01! 3 57;
540 94- nr.. .Billiard... ar 942 5 40!
3 05| T ft". 1v... Hilliarti. ~lv 705 3 U»!
4 47? 9 03 Keinter 8 05 4 01!
4 33i X 48j Euclid 8 20 4 171
4 OO 1 S 18 Bnller 8 50 4 45 !
2 15; 7 00 Allegheny 10 20 6 20i
LA.M.I ! | P.M. 1
Sup't Tranap. Gen. Pass. Agt,
Greenville. Pa. Pittsburg. Pa.
SCHXDULE IN Brrccr Nov. 20, 1900
A.M A.M.A.M. P. M. P. M.
BUTLKB. Leave. 0 25 8 06 10 50 235 6 06
Saxonbnrg Arrival) 6 54 8 30 11 15 300 5 28
Butler Junction.. M 7 27 3 63 11 44) 325 5 53
Butler Junction.. .Leave• 7 31 853 U 52 325 563
Natrona Arrive 7 40 9 01 12 01* 3 34; 6 02
Tarentum 7 44 907 12 Oh' 3 42 6 07
Bpringdale 7 62 9 16 12 19 3 62 1 fb »
Clareniont (9 30 12 38 4 06 f6 27
Sharpebnrg 8 11 9 36 12 48 4 12 8 311
Allegheny 8,24 9 48 1 02 4 25 6 43
A. M.|A. M. P. M. P. M P. M.
SUNDAY TRAINS.—Leave Butler for Allegheny
City and principal intermediate stations at 7:30 a. tn.,
%ud 5:00 p. m.
IA. M. A.M. A.M. P. M. P. M
Allegheny City.... leave 700 85510 45 310 610
Bhan«Viurg 7 12 9 07 10 57
Ciaremont I 111 04
Springdale 11 18 .... 6 37
Tarentum 1 7 39 9 34 11 28 3 4ii 6 46
Natrona \ ... 7 43 9 38 il 34 3 60 6 51
Butler Junction..Arrive 7 50 9 47 11 43 3 58 7 00
Butlei Junction... .leave 7 60 9 47 12 18 4 06 7 00
Saxonburg 8 17 10 l>9 12 41 4 35 7 24
BUTLER arrive 8 42 10 32 1 10 5 06 7 50
A.M.|A.M. P. M.|p. M. P. M
SUNDAY TRAINS.—Leave Allegheny City for But
ler and principal intermediate stations at 7:16 a m. and
9 30 p. m.
Weoks Days. Sundays
|A.M.|A.M. P. M.IjA.M. P M
BUTLKB lv, 6 25 10 sf» 2 35 ! 7 30 5 00
Butler J'ct ar 72711 4o 326 820 660
Butler J'ct lv 7 60 11 43 3 58 j 8 21 8 15
F eeport ar 753 II 46, 4 02' 8 25 8 17
K skiminetas J't M 1 75811 60 407 820 821
Leech bnrg " 81012 02 419 1 841 8
Panlton (Ap0110)...." 83112 22 4 40H 868 860
Saltsturg "I B£6« 12 49 5 08 , 9 23 9 16
Blairsville ~ < 9 28 1 20 6 41! •62 9 46
Blairsville Int "I 9 3fl ... 50] 10 00
Altoona " 11 36 .... 8 60M 1 60 . ..
llariisburg " I 310 .... 1 00j 6 4"»
Philadelphia " 623 ... 4 25 ;10 20
IP. M.IA. M. A. M.IIA.M. P. M
Through trains for tlie east leave Pittfburg (Union
Station), as follows:
Atlantic Kx press, daily 3:00 A.M
Pennsylvania Limited ** 7:15 "
Day Express, 44 7:30 44
Main Line Express, 44 8:00 44
Mail, 44 .12:46 r.M
Phila.l<*lphir Express, * 4:60 44
Mail and Express daily For New York only.
Through buflft sleepr; no coaches 7:00 44
Eastern Express, '* 7:10 44
Kant Linn, 4 8;30 44
Pittsburg Limited, daily, with through coaches
to New York, aiul sleeping cars to New York,
Baltimore and Washington only. No extra
tare on this train 10:00 44
rhilad'a Mail, Sunda) i oiuy 8:40 A.M
Fm~ Atlantic City (via Delaware River Bridge, all
rail route), »:00 A.M, and H:3O I' M, daily.
Fot detailed information, address Thos. E. Watt, Pass,
i Agt. Western District, Corner Fifth Areuue and Smith
-1 field fctrret, Pittsburg, Pa.
*enaral Manager. Qen M r> aai tr. Agent
In effect Nov. 25, 1900.
KAMTERN TIME. +l* +4O *l. | ♦!<; -J
I'ittiriiiirK t lw« v « H-nil p.m "i pJ>» I'.™
AII.-KII.MIV / P. & W. Ma » 00 111 (10
llutler 5 OS 10 12 ,11
KenoUuii 5 3l| 11 51
S 4U 10 « 12 01
Cuwanavllle 5 6Ui
MuiiteomeryrlUe 5 .V'
Writ Morturuve 6 Oj<i I i
E. Im. « » 11 'l2 4.1
North I'ulut <J Ml
Hamilton 7 00j
Vulirr 7 10
I'iinxMitKWtiey ar .7 OS 1.2^
lv li 2o 7 2.. 12 10 2 .JO 1 30
111K KUII « as 7 40 12 22 2 41
Curwrnavlllo ar 8 20 +4 20 4 20
CifarlifM ar H *l2 *i 45 4 45
I>II 1t.,1a 7 10 N 15 12 50 .1 20 2 17
FalhOiwk 7 1.7 !>..<• 12 57, :i :«> 2 24
Hna-kwayvlile 11.11 l 1 10, 3
1 45; 4 24 3 1H
JohiuoiiiliurK 1 67 4 5.1 3 31
Mt. Jow.'tt 2 4«| 5 41 4 1»
Bmlfortl ar 3 3'i l « 30 S 05
IMIWIIfI ar 1 0:1 p.m
llunal.i ar | 0 25| 720
ltocllMtcr ar | 7 SOj *45
I ! p.m I I a.m
asms NQA
KASTKK.N TIMX +» | +l3 *3 +U *7
1,-av.- ,1111 urn a.lll p.m p.m
K.H-lu*ter I 7 45 H 85
liuKkln lv J OCO >0 00
Halamuuca ..Ivj II l-i 1
llra,lf.,ia lv 7 45; 112 10 12 20
Mr Ji vv.-H * 42 12 S9 1 OS
JuhiuH>iiburK » 27 ! 1 43 151
ltlilgway » 5H] 2 OO 2 07
Hria kwßVrlllr 10 37, 1 2 32 2 4o
Kail. Creek 10 54 2 44 K 30 2 5.
thilMn 11l 0"' '! 40 2 55 B 30 3 10
<'l.-urfli M lv' | 11+3(1 7 OK
r»HI«llllii IV; j 11+40 71»
IHTKIIU 11 3li 7 13 3 00 0 OS, 3 42
I'unxxiitHM uny 1.1 II 4."> 7 2« 3 38 « 20 388
lv a. 111 7 30 335 |i.m 400
Vallar ! 7 41
lliuiiilK.il ; I 7 411 ;
North Point 7 53
1 lay ton I it 11 4 09 4 31
iCt-i&,* ! »ti 4 so 4 43
W«t M.-Kr«v.. I * 45
Montgomery villa 1 I H 54
Cowuuvllle I j 9 00
t Yalgvville I II 11 4 57 ft 23
Hon 9 22 . 5 33
llutler 1945 534 i« «>
Allegheny I IV A W. HTEL 045 1730
I'lttuhurK / arrive 1 I ».ni p. mJ 1 a.m
* Daily, t l>uily excejit Stiuilitv.
Trains If ami ti aro »olid ventibulSd
etiuijiia-tl with handsome day coaches
and reclining chair cars, also cafe cars
daily except Sunday.
Trains 'J and 7 have Cullman Sleepers
between Buffalo and Pittsburg.
(ien'l Paw*. Agent,
Hochester N. V.
139 South Maiu street.
(jver Schaul & Nasl's Clolhlnj Store I
< y The Finest tn A largest and bestX
Aline of NI stoßk of Doll l
< > The C»ty. f■* ll *- iages X
Leading Millinery House
4 V We as usnal the largest stock of TOYS to be found in the City, C
{ £ for Xmas: Dolls. Drums, Doll Gocarts, Balls, Doll Carriages, Horns, Sled*, f
f Work Boxes, Albums, Fancy Vase 9, China Novelties.in fact we have every-' P
F thing suitable for Xmas Gifts for old and yonng and at prices that will' r
rsave YOU money. Now is the time to buy what you want and have it laicM %
( J away for later del'very. Avoid th* rush. i 5
iHas Commenced.!
|jf Early Buyers have first choice,
and our assortment of useful pieces jg
§[ of Furniture# suitable for Christmas
§} presents, is very complete#
31 m
a ROCKING CHAIRS, $2,50 jg
Mahogany finish, cobbler seat turned spindles, shaped seat and ISC
made of hard wood. Only a limited quantity, so buy early.
yvf Quarter sawed golden oak; pattern top, highly polished and fin- JjsS
ished around the edge with a neat moulding; has turned legs and a
r*r* lower shelf. A beauty for the price. Kstj
J VASE LAMP $1.75; 2S 2.50S 3.50S 5 §j
jg-S| A complete assortment at above prices. All handsome,decorat- y—g
ed globes, and vases to match.
i Campbell ft Templetoni
Me"er Jonrai S Go
From the manufacturer direct to the wearer.
Three-Quarter Coats
Made of Oxford material, half fitting
back, velvet collar. Retail value dfci Q >7K
$25.00, at WlO 4 O
Ladies' and Misses' Coats
Made of black Kersey, silk serge lining,
box front, latest model. Retail value A \ OA
$775, at $
Double breasted tight fitting coats,
made of extra quality Cheviot with 4j> 1 f) fl f)
silk serge lining, at ™
Tailored Suits.
Made of fine quality black Broadcloth,
double breasted, tight fitdng styles,
lined throughout with taffeta silk. dt.O (! O
Retail value S3O 00, at yfyj
Persian Lamb Coats.
Leipsic dye—high grade garments. Re- jit 7"S () 0
tail value $115.00, at
Broadway and I2ib' Street Boylston and Trtraonf.
Cite Paradis, No. 5.
The People's National Family Newspaper.
New York Tri-Weekly Tribune
Published Monday, Wednesday and
Friday, is in reality a fine, fre.h, every
other-day Daily, Kiving the latest news
on days of issue, and covering news of
the other three. It contains all import
ant foreign war and other cable news
which appears in TIIK DAILA TRI
BUNE of same date, also Domestic and
Foreign Corresjiondence. Short Stories,
Elegant Half tone Illustrations, Humor
ous Items, Industrial Information, Fash
ion Notes, Agricultuial Matters and
Comprehensive and Reliable Financial
and Market reports.
Regular subscription price, if 1.50 per
We furnish it with THE CITIZEN for
$2.00 per year.
Send all orders to THE CITIZEN, Butler, Pa.
A " ffltti TAFT'S HHILAO£LF|iU >
T ' Vifef JMn 39-sth Ave., PlttjOui-g, f.
> T«IU We're PR ACTIC A' Y<i"Hi(! H.
1 if<T Jl CROWN PF.IHjc «<" :
•J.J« Jflftof I'liuliurf—WHY HOT D'
A #fc ImiYOURS? "»'<« CROWN'
BRIDGk* work redtic^l
l|S5 PER TOOTH *1" ,
F>, H y iifl'Mitli inMlr, ON LY Ht j
Insurance and Real Estate
Ci.r-s Drunkcnnes:..
Write tar A ,'af INSTITUTE,
fr** M <t4«rinii it*..
Booklet. rrnnmcMi.r*.
BiuUlii young an and women to
meet the daaaaad* ol tbU notpimii
coaaiidal ago. for olrcul*r» addi aw
P. »llFmgfl^U»>.H>liit»
New York Weekly Tribune
Published on Thursday, and known for
near'y sixty years In every part of the
United States as a National Family *
Newspaper of the highest class for farm
ers and villagers. It contains all the
most important general news of THE
DAILY TRIBUNE up to hour of going
to press, an Agricultural Depart
ment of the highest order, has
entertaining reading for every
member of the family, old and
young, Market Reports which are ac
cepted as authority by farmers and corn
try merchants, and is clean, up to date,
interesting and instructive.
Regular subscription price, Si.ooper
We furnish it with THE CITIZEN
for 11.50 per year.
Wall Paper.
Next Door to Postoffice.
Funeral Director.
245 S. Main St. Butlec. PA