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    TM t: CI RIZEN.
lOTE-All advertisers !at«:.dlr.if t<> c..ike
SMC s in ».h-.r aJ>. si; sid n ■ 'y ns ol
.•el/ to > v ■ w 'ban Mon
ty otornioc.
Notice in Bankrc;,tcy estav-of Cha?
Thompson and Geo J Mangold.
Boyd's Rope Leaf Jelly.
Mrs. Pape's Xmas (rixnis.
Leighner's Xmas Goods.
Pape Bros Xtnas Jewelry
C. & T s furniture.
Brown 4: Co's locals.
Greenert Farm for sale.
A<lffl!n!jiidi'>ri and Exe.-u* r» estates
an warure their rw "ipt b<> »■> at the C iTl
iE>' offlot-. and person# biUiij [mtiUcialM
■4i»lr or.t* uootts.
Pay Your Subscription.
It U now only a little over a month to
the Ist of January, when most of oar
subscription* expire. A number have
not paid for the year 1940, and some
owe for several j ears. Of course the
major.ry pay in a Ivance, and thns save
ns the trouble of sending them state
ments, and also save themselves 50 cents
a year on the price of subscription.
Those who wait until after the Ist of
January and then expect to pay th'-ir
subscription for the year 1900 with a
dollar will of course be disappointed.
To secure the dii' jODt of oO cent-? you
must pay in advance—certainly within
the year and that if the only way to
secure it. Ho cdme in and pay up. The
atuxinni* ot those who are three years or
more in airears wi«: be left for collec
"How dear to my heart are the scenes
of my childhood.
When fond recollection presents them to
The orchard, the meadow, the deep
tangled wildwood,
And every ford spot which ray infancy
So sang the - old poet in rhythmical
And millions hare dreamed of bis pic
ture so fair.
But never a word of that one crowning
The old red sunboonet our girls used to
—An occasional fly still lingers.
—Le.-s tlian four weeks till Christmas.
—An excellent turkey crop is reported.
—Football this 'Thursday 1 afternoon.
—Don't longer delay holiday advertis
—We all have much for which to be
—Entertainment in Y. M. C. A. hall
this evening.
—The boys have dropped footfall and
taken to water polo.
- Blank monthly school reports for
sale at the CITIZEN office.
—The new oil field in W. Va. now
looks like a "two well pool.
Home slight changes have been
made in the P. & W. time table.
—Carl Leixhner lias some mighty
pretty things in bis show window*
- News from the sources of snpply of
the Christina* tree says it is being cut
The American hen has already laid
a dozen billion eggs this year and may
her son never set
■•"This is the time of year the eagle
begins to doubt if it is the really
truly American bird.
"Thunder in the Fall
So winter at all."'
Bnt don't you believe it.
—Eleven hundred turkeys were shrp
ped from the IlarrUrille creamery to the
Pittsburg markets this week.
- The Tigers of Pittsburg play bask
et ball with the Y. M C. A Juniors in
the gymnasium this evening.
—The Bntler football team is playing
at Vorotia today. Two weeks ago the
Veronas played a tie game here.
- There is one thing on which the
women folk all agree, that the man's
overcoat will do jnst as well as not for
another winter.
Saturday, December Bth, the Butler
Business College football team goes to
Prospect to line up against the Wad
dell town liraves.
—Our merchants have been stocking
up with holiday g<y>ds some of which
will find their *ay into Ht4>ckin!(s on the
night of Dec. 34th.
—After the electric storm and down
pour of last Thursday night,the Weath
er man will have some trouble astonish
ing the people of this latitude.
- Some slight changes haye been
made in the West Penn time table: and
the local has again been put on the B.
It & P. between Butler and Dußois.
.lost at present your presence jn a
jewelry or toy store indicates a lookout
for presents, which in due conrse of
time will be presented to your friends.
, -The ltentfrow Opera Co. is holding
forth in Butler, this week, and playing
to crowded houses. They are a very
nice set of people and put up a good
—Next Sunday, Dec. 2d, the B. P. O.
E., of Butler, will hold their annual
"Lodge of sorrow," in the Park Theatre
at 2:90 p. in. The members will meet
at their hall at 1:510. The public is in
A plnggjjd ttp aewet H<x» led th<)
bMetn«ntof the High School building
on McKean itreet, with three feet of
water, and workmen atarted to dig ap
the w wer at thro* o'clock Monday
About- four milli in buxlieln of coal
in hoalH were atarted down the Ohio
river during the pant few daya, the hen
vy r»in» making a "18-foot atagc" ;it
the I)avi* Mand dam, while on the np
per W;iter« of the Allegheny and HUH
qnehanna million* of feet of lumber were
started to market.
The farmer* National IJHilk given
farther evidence of aolidity and proa
perity by pnrchaaln# the bnilding they
no •» oecupy from the Younkini broth
er« Tie; deal waa completed tliin we<k.
and the bank'a -tatemeiit, next we< k,
will ahow that they are getting it fair
ahaieol the buninepM of the town
As a great riumU-r of persons mail
drop letters with a one cent stamp, not
knowing that it requires a two cent
stamp at a free delivery office, we pub
llsh the postal rate from Postal Guide
"On drop letters' two cents an ounce or
fraction thereof when mailed at letter
carrier |iostofflce, and one cent for each
ounce or fraction thereof atofiWs where
free delivery by carrier is net establish
Three piec | r „„ a , |; rowa
Co's Iwfi Beds at $3.50, $4,00 and up
Brass knobs on all.
Said the teacher to the grammar class
To which our boys belong:
"Tue horse and cow is in the fieid.
Sow what in that is wrong 1 :
' "The cow and horse is in the field.
Spake one in manners versed:
; "Because, yon kn->w. 'tis more polite
To mention ladies first.
—The marriasre license business is
—Some new announcements for J. P.
: this week.
| —Florist Knt displays some hand
j some mnms.
—The West i-nnbnry Gas Co. is drill
ing on the Ambrose Patterson in Clay
—A Chicago man named Phillips has
cornered the corn market, and corn is
quoted at 50 cents.
—China has a pig tail or two, but
those foreign minister- are somewhat
on tht hog themselves.
—The boys printed this paper last
night, slept till noon today, and have
been gobbling turkey ever since.
Pape Bros., jewelers, have stocked]
up for the holiday trade, with a beauti- j
ful line of jewelry and silverware.
- We are requested to -tat-- that th--
rumored marriage of a certain young
grocerj- clerk is incorrect, but is to oc
cur later. It was supposed to have oc
cured election day when the young man
went home to Prospect to vote, and on
his return t'> Butler his friends sere
naded him.
—Almost ever}- Christmas season our
dealers run out of Ijoys sleds, and thus
some of the boys who had been promised
sled- are disappointed. Mrs. Pape has
secured a iarge stock of all-steel sleds
for this Xmas season and is booking
Orders and putting th<- sleds away fcr
the night before Christmas. Now is
the time to secure one and while in the
store you will see i h<- finest display of
dolls in the town.
The rain of last week gave this
section of th<- world's surface a greatly
needed washing off, and filled up the
springs and wells;bnt on lan other hand
it flooded towns and cities, threw some
men out of work and caused some rail
road accidents. Part of Allegheny City
was flooded, Monday, and Spang.
Chalfant <fc Co's mill at Sharpsbury had
to close. There were twenty-four feet
of water in the river.
—At noon Tuesday there were 27 feet
of water in the Allegheny at the .Sixth
street bridge, and 28 feet in the Monon,
at foot of Market, and then they began
failing During the flood the I'. &W.
used the West Penn station. A 35,000
barrel iron tank came down the Monon.
and lodged against the Panhandle
bridge, and the railroad people had a
great time sinking it, so as to save the
bridge. The flood undermined the R
R. track below Beaver, on the Ohio,
and caused the Cleveland Fly*-r to
plunge int j th - river, whereby one man
was drowned and one badly woutyled.
/ The tendency of people to make S
Jus- of the advertising columns of f
C newspaper* is result of tVie pro- J
f of civilization. Even the)
/ woman wiio want- a rervant no j
3 longer hangs over the back fence f
V to as 1: the hon-emaid next <loor to J
i find one for her, but advertises 1
S her need. The time is comingS
£ when a business establishment of
> any kind that shall not consider ✓
} the convenience of the public v
enough to use the advert! ,-.. : ng col- •
C inJiin of newspapers will Is: re- 3
/ garded as belonging to the old C
J horse-ear period. Ex. r
Hotel Change* Ilatols.
W'• are told that, the Kteim House has
changed hands, a Mr. Win Mitchell,
of Butler, having purchased the same.
A* w- have is-en usable to see either
Mr. Hteim or Mr. Mitchell we are una
ble to state whether it includes the real
estate or just the good will, license, fur
nishing* arid stock on hand, but more
than likely the latter is the case. We
are sorry to lose Mr. Hteim as a hotel
lceejier, as he conducted a model hotel
and was a credit to the profession, a 1
the same time we extend our best wishes
to Mr. Mitchell. Kittanning Press.
Storm Notes.
At Bakerstowri a derrick belonging to
Ketterer &Co of Butler fell over a
tank and broke it and 300 barrels of oil
ran to waste.
At Wellsbnrg, near Wheeling, some
boys fished a glycerine can out ol the
flooded river and threw it on a bon lire
they had made of drift, wood. The ex
plosion that followed killed four and
fatally injured two others.
Hospital Donations.
It is hoped the farmers of Butler
county will not forget tb<- Hospital Do
nation Day. Any donations they may
wish to give can be left at J. <i &, W
Campbell's hardware store with the j
donor's name attached, and the same
will be promptly delivered at the I low
pita! Wagons will call on streets in
town during the following hours;
'.All streets running east and west
from Pearl to Mifflin and Broad, !»to 11
Washington, Chestnut and Bluff,
from I to 'i p. m.
1-1 in. Franklin and ClifT and Monroe
streets, from I to 2 p. m.
Cunningham street from to 10 a. m.
(Quarry street Water street to Htemui's
Brickyard. Pillow and Sew Castle
streets, from !». to 10 a. rn.
The island from 10 to II a. ni.
Goucherville from !i to 10 a, m.
Mifllin and ,'iefTerson streets, from Ito
3 p. lit.
Duffytown except New Castle street,
from I to 2 p. m.
Main, Diamond and Wayne streets,
from !» to 10 a. m.
McKean street from 9:80 to II a. m.
Iriststute li ill from M to \) a. in.
Sprlngdahi from it to II a, m.
As the w;;gons for this purpose are
kindly loam* I by our business men, it
is ho[>ed each and i-vry one will have
their donation- ready promptly at the
first hour named for' their street. Let.
each package Is-, plainly marked with
name of donor and placed on porch or
Steps in full view of those on the wag
I.eltcr I«» Campbell A '.'Vmpl«*toii,
Butler, Pa.
Dear 'sirs There are two sorts of
furniture. You know bot'n;for you mil
'<ita both One r,rt look • better than it
i" and the other is better than it looks.
Tin-re hui't any other sort
The same, two • irt*- of paint,no mure,
and vrr make etn both we make
o! stuff that i nt worth ,t» freight T#c
lonics t ) the buslne..- have to. lielongs
toyonr bus.ni s you have to.
But this is aside. We put into cans,
with our name on, the very best paint
there is in the world: Dcvoe lead and
zinc It )■, twice as good as lead and
oil lasts twice a long And we take
the, risk of i! there isn't any risk.
Yours truly,
We now have a full line of Mouldings
and Sheet Pictures foi Holiday trade.
, Bring your Pictures very *oou and get
prompt attention; neat work guaranteed.
Hce Brown & Co.
Mr?. L. G. Linn is visiting friends in
Henry Roenigk of Winfield twp. was
in town, Thursday.
Ed. Geshwind of Thiel college is
home on Thanksgiving vacation.
Attorney Galbreath attended to legal
business in Kittanning, Monday.
Harrv Fleming of Buffalo attended to
some business in Bntler, Thursday.
D. P. Kelly and Fred Garner of
Parker township were in town.Monday.
Mrs. Denholm of Wilkinsburg is the
gu«r-t of her sister. Mrs Herb. Harper.
Jamefc Sutton of Evans City visited
friends in Baena Vista and Butler, last
Jos Darling of Chicora has been
arranted a patent for a new electric
W S. Moore and daughter of Muddy
creek twp. visited friends in Butler.
Miss Ste'la Pape's dancing school will
give a reception in Armory Hall, this
E. E. Taylor lately moved to Butler
from West Virg'nia and is living on
West street.
Hon. J. B. SLowaiter, M. C., left for
Washinfton, Tuesday. Congress meets
nest Monday.
Katharine Hepner. of 121 First street,
this city, drew a *1 prize in the Gaz-tte
vote tuessing contest.
J. Q. A Sullivan. Esq., at the 'Cen
tral,' wishes to employ some choppers
and teamsters. See bills.
Howard Keily of Prospect dfopped in
to see us, Friday. He intends leaving
Prospect and is looking for a location.
J. S. Murtland was on the jury last
week, and stopped in Butler with his
daughter, .Mrs J. E Brown, of Dunbar
Francis Byers of Ma«;ic served ou the
jnry ia.-t week and when through v.sit
ed his sister. Mrs. Mary A. Turner, at
A. J. of Great Belt Las none
to the Muller farm near Brimstone
Corners in Allegheny county to pump
for Thomas W. Phillips.
James Boggs of Evans City was in
Butler, yesterday, canvassing for a new
religious wceklv, published at Oakland,
Rev. Thomas Ralph and wife of St.
Clairville, Ohio, have been visiting his
brother, druggist J. F. Balph. Rev.
lialph delivered an excellent sermon
from the pulpit of the U. P. church
Sunday evening.
Miss Lotta B. White presided at one
of the C. E. sunrise prayer meetings in
Philadelphia, last week, and Rev. Clms.
M. Sheldon, auther of 'in His Steps"
presided at one of the afternoon con
ferences. The convention was a great
Oom Paul arrived in Marselles last
Thursday and received a great ovation,
and made a speech Icriticizing the won
duct of the war by the English. He
was received as a foreign monarch in
Paris, Saturday, and sympathy for him
and his cause seems to prevade con
tinental K.irope.
Tli'- First Ward llo.se Co. gave a re
ception to Mjr. and Mrs. tJeorge N.
Burekhalter in th" company rooms
above J. X. Patterson's ►tore, Wednes
day evening. The bride and groom re
ceived a pre-ent of a tine rocking chair.
Monday night, about one hundred lady
and gentleman friends gave them a
great serenade at the King residence
Andrew Carnegie is doing more to
earn the gratitude of his contemporaries
and to endear hia memory to posterity,
than any other living millionaire, lit
is also doing more to soften the pre
judices of the people in general against
the accumulation of colossal fortunes
than perhaps any man who ever lived.
Every millionaire owes Carnegie :t debt
of gratitude for helping to make great
wealth respectable, and teaching them
the responsibilities they owe to man
kind. The millionaire who thinks only
of himself, whoee sole object in pos
sessing great wealth is to have it, and
who never thinks of the good he may ac
complish with it, is only a vulgar snob
or a contemptible miser. Ex.
V. >l. \. Notes.
Basket ball Thursday evening, 8:30
o'clock. Tigers of Pittsburg and Juniors
of Butler. Admission 15 and 35 cents.
Contest for members closes Nov. 30
Membership banquet at dose of contest.
All members invited. New one-, too.
The ithisca Concert Company I)ec.
flth. Tickets may be had at Y. M. C. A.
The Sunday Gospel Meeting 1 p. m. t
W. l>. Brandon leadsit. All men will be
made welcome. Good singing and good
Christ bin Kn «ica\ or.
We have every reason to thank Cod
for what. IIHS lieen done; but as we 10-.k
forward we can see much to do. Tie
work of Christian Endeavor has only
just begun. In a few weeks the new
century will be here. It will come
with wonderful opportunities to the,
host of Christian Endeavorers, and
these opportunities bring grave respon
sibiliti'-H Are we preparing ourselves
to meet them?
liy way of preparing for thin work
I would advise that C. E. rallies be
helrl as soori as possible, wherever con
venieut, throughout the county, awl
then when the new century dawns. let
the Endeavorers heartily co-oj»erate
with their paators in holding evangel
istie services for ten days or two weeks;
that there lie a unit' <1 effort, on the part
of the young |»eople. But before yon
undertake these plans secure the aj»
pr /val of your pastor. (Jod has wonder
ful blessings for tin but we must clairn
Fellow Endeavorers, let UM arim> to
our opportunities, let UM ritit onr gospel
armour on and battle for truth an«l
Hev. .1 W. ItoMK u.
Pre* liutler Co. C. E. Union.
Wheat, oW, wholesale price 70
Wheat, new, " ........ 07
Bye. " ....... 45
Oats, '• 2«
Corn, " 4<l
buckwheat " 55
Hay, " 15 (X)
Eggs, " 20
Butter, " 18 20
Potatoes, new *' 40
Onions, per bu »J0
Beets, per bn 40
Apples, per bn 00-no
Cabbage, per lb 01
Chickens, dressed 10
Turkey, " 1!{
Parsnips, per bn 40
Turnips..... :J0
Klnc and Grinding maki-
I>cvoc J.ead and Zinc I'alnt wear twice
as long as lead ami oil mixed by hand.
Once more I will ask my patrons, to
call and we it fine Line of Oood,. suit,
able for Christmas Oifts consisting of
genuine Ebony, with sterling silver
trimmings, Leather travlirn: manicure
sets, Diamonds Watches, Clocks and
Sterling Mllver, in many styles; Utopian
Fine Art Ware, and a Hue assortment
of Imported Va: '•«. • tc.
I will not try to compete with cheap,
inferior good"; for you can depend upon
it that all ''heap goods, sold at low
prices, are not worth a cent more than
you pay for them.
I will guarantee every article, bought
at hjv store, to give entire .it.i faction
lor the price.
Kcsjiectfullv yours,
f> L CLfc ELAND,
Jeweler, Optician and
Watch Inspector, for
I! It Ac P. It. It v.,
P. B. «c L E Ity.,
P. «t W. Ity.
Brown & Co, have some very useful
Xmas prene|jts. flow about a ' wing
Machine at a aving of *lO to sis to
'i<it;i "Htreit Morris Chair'* ut Brown
i & Co.'s.
In the assumpsit case of Robert R.
Bei-rs vs W. A McCormick. of Mars,
agent for Susan McCormick, a verdict
of £l4O for the plaintiff was given by
The case of Bell Dambach. adin's
C. T A. vs Adelia Petfer. ex'x of F. S.
Dambach. resulted in the parties agree
ing to the jurv giving the plaintiff a
verdict for £IOOO. The suit grew out of
a misunderstanding in settling np the
estate of F. S. Dambach.
In the Hespenhide vs Kennt-dy heirs
ejectment suit the facts were admitted
and a stated case made for the opinion
of the court.
The circumstances of the case are as
follows: In 1871 Thomas Kennedy, of
Adams township, made a will in which
he gave to the children of his two sons,
John and Alexander, with cross remain
ders, 191 acres. Alexander died with
out issue and John had several children,
now living. In li<7> Mr Kennedy made
out deeds to both his sons for this prop
erty, but placed the deeds in a bureau in
his" room. keeping them under lock. He
told a friend that his children could
have nothing of his in their own name
while he lived, and he intended to hand
out the deeds on his deathbed.
This he failed to do, however, and
when he died, in 1878, the sons secured
the deeds, and ignorant of the law.
thought the property theirs. The deeds
were recorded and the will was filed
Thus affairs stood for 20 years.
John ljecame surety for friends and
was so heavily involved that he could
not meet his obligations. The friends
refused to pay. The land was levied on
and sold by the sheriff to J. R. Hespen
heide, J. C. Hill and W. H. Blakelv
The question then arose as to what the
wiil gave the children of John Kennedy.
Advice of counsel demonstrated that the
land did not Ijelong to John, but the
rrandchilren. If the deed had passed
luring the iife of the elder Kennedy the
children would have had nothing.
They refused to give up the land and
the owners of the sheriff's deed brought
-nit in ejectment. The case has no
Lyman ('. Dodda vs B. R & P Rail
road Co . trespass for *SOOO damages.
The statement avers that Dodds pur
chased a ticket from Allegheny to But
ler and return, September 4th, and two
days later as he was attempting to
ix nd a train at Butler for Allegheny,
the conductor came out on the platform
and kicked him over the heart, knock
ing him off the train. Mr. Dodds is a
son of Ebenezer Dodds, deceased, of
Conroquenesaing twp., and lives in
Beaver Co.
Hiram Christy vs Chas. Daugherty.
appeal from judgment of rendered
by J F. McCoy, J P.
Abraham Ziegler vs the P. & W. rail
road an'J T. M. King and John K.
Cowan, receivers, assumpsit for *SOOO
damages. The statement sets forth that
the railroad, by deed dated July 16,
ls!»7, agreed to abandon back to Ziegler
their old roadbed on his land near Har
mony after the completion of their new
line, also to make him crossings and
wall up a certain spring. It then states
that the railroad has not abandoned the
old track, but uses it for a switch and
Ziegler is deprived of the use of a strip
of land 00 feet wide and 2000 feet long
between the tracks.
The Phillips Gas Co. has petitioned
for leave to file a bond for securing
right of eminent domain and maintain
ing a gas line over the lands of G B.
M. Haverstraw in Winfield twp. The
parties being unable to agree as to dam
Newcastle Grocery Co., successors
to Marring & Howe Co. vs H B. and
Mrs. Maggie McKinney, appeal by pif
from jugment of C. E. Anderson, J. P.,
in a suit for a claim of
William E. Ferry has been held for
court on a charge of f&b, preferred by
Mazie McCollough.
C. 11. Vaughn has been jailed for
violating the boarding house act.
Lee Alexander has been held for trial
on a charge of conspiracy entered by
(ieo. Neyrnan, who alleges that Alex
ander with others conspired to cheat
him out of his pay, sl2 tor painting a
sign on the defunct pickle factory.
William Kennedy, attempted to eject
Pres. Brewster from Kennedy's livery
stable Friday evening. The two men
struggled together and Bnwster drew
a penknife and cut Kennedy severely in
the left hand. Kennedy went to Dr.
Bticker and had the woupd dre-sed and
then made information before Esq.
Gilghrittt against Brewster and the
latter was held for court for cutting
with intent to kill.
Harry f'rookshanks has been held for
trial for desertion on complaint of Thos.
The will of llngh Shaw of Harrisville
has been probated and let tern granted
to Homer J. Hose and and Hui<b 11 Gil
Letters of administration have Vieen
(Cranted to Kli/. tbeth K Nolf on the es
tab; of Parker Nolf, late of Buffalo twp.
An opinion and order has been filed
revoking the -order directing the lbs
triet. Attorney to bring an indictment
of adultery against Harlan Look, of
Franklin tp., and setting aside that
part of the verdict of the transverse
jury at the Lafayette Hmgli'ss trial last
May, which put the costs on Harlau
llook and wife, as the real prosecutors
Catherine Miller to Matthew Wil
liams lot in Mars for $1075.
Harvey If Boyd to Chas ('. Dickey
I I'i acres in Donegal twp. for ijfl
Geo Leidecker to P. l!. & L. K. rail
road lot in liiitler for SSOO.
North Hide Cemet<;ry Assn of Untler
t<» Addison Miller lot for
(ieo. Fisher to Geo. Vanßoten lot in
Butler for $7150.
Mary A, Wilson to K. L. McCleary
lot in Franklin for i^i'Mi.
P. C'. Hell to L. H. Brown and othetH
lease and two wells in Concord for
Maria J. Gardner to Butler Producing
<!ti. acres in Parker for $41)0.
W. 1> Brandon, ex'r to Peter Glace
lot in Bntler for SOOO.
.John Feißel U> W. H Lark in lots in
Butler for sl.
Hummit t.wj>. Hch'sd I>ist. to Christian
Miclial lot for sr>o.$ r >o.
Win Kichenlanb to C. Michael lot for
John M Miller to Anna K Cheers lot
in Butler for slotio.
Margt Gnepner to Fidelity T. AT.
Co. lots iii Allegheny Co for if I
Ha nine I Heaton U> Kli Vanderlln
lo res in VenanK" for if 100
John Vimderlin to Kli Vanderlln same
for $ 1.
Marring*? MITHHISK.
John P. Merry Petrolia
AI lie J. Given "
Iterio Wilhelm Conneaut, (J
Ht»dla Anderson Hummit twp
James 11. Dodds Prospect
Margaret A. Palmer "
itobert C. Thompson '/' lay twp
Anna Dickey Worth twp
J. Frank Dipner Fenelt/m
Ella Minteer Wort lit iigton
Arthur I man Gallery
Tillie Winner Evans City
Evelyn C. Smith ....Pittsburg
Matilda Iteilier "
(trrie N. Young Forward twp
Flora Blanche Covert. . Jackson twp
Charles Dean Butler
Mvi 1 1'- • kwiut g'"
Theodore (; »|M:bm<l . Wn '-hiugton I' '
Itosamia l.nima Austin ftaleigh. N. C
1.. It. Johnston Mercer twp.
Margaret E. Hogg Cherry twp.
Franft E. Hloan Kan Claire
Jennie (!ollingwoo'l f Minbinville
At Piltshurg. .1 C. Hlonaker of Murk
el and Margaret Ewart of ISutlcr.
Bargains in organs to quick
buycis, to close out stock
1 Piano case organ retails
$l4O, sale price S9O cash.
5 six octave parlor case org.
retail $125. sale price S7O cash,
These organs are all new
and fully warranted.
: 317 South Main St., Butler, Pa.
School Notes.
The Junior class of Grove City college
have elected the following officers Pre--
dent. Albert B. Chesbro, Petrolia; vice
president, Mary Butts, Natrona: secre
tary. Alice Butts, Natrona: treasurer.
G. L. Swank. Butler.
Additional answers to the petition of
the school directors of Lower Providence
township, Montgomery county, for a
mandamus to compel t'ae State author
ities to pay the district the share of the
school appropriation on the basis of
$5,500 000 annually instead of £5.000.000
as fix< dby Gov. Stone, were filed last
Thursday by State Treasurer Barnett
and Superintendent of Public In-<trne
tion Schaeffer-
The answers allege that the district
has been paid $1,500. which is more
t'aau it is entitled to receive for the
current school year, and that, therefore
the respondents cannot be mandamused
to perform a duty which they have al
ready performed. The district is en
titled to receive £1,415 25 on the basis
of £5,500,000, while its share under the
reduction made by the Governor is
THE MARKET Both agencies ad
vanced two jxlints, Tuesday, and the
price was £1:07, and yesterday it was
the same. There is no market today.
CONCORD TWP—Bnrke & Cos well
on the Jauies Sutton near the eastern
edge of Concord twp. was completed
last week, and was thought to be good
for sor i> barrels. There are about ten
producers on Mr. Sutton's old place.
MAGIC—J. H Byers has a 25 barrel
well on his own term and is drilling
three more.
Hoch Bros, have a good well on the
Lew Sutton close to the Byers.
Nichols & McGill are drilling on the
Clark Stonghton farm with the expecta
tion of stopping in the gas sand,but if the
pressure there is not satisfactory they
will go to the lower sands for oil.
BRI IX—The well Steel Bros, drilled
to the Speec'nley sand on the Fleming
farm showed little oil, but is a strong
The South Penn test well on the John
Copley, 1400 feet north of the big
Copley well in Lewis Co., W. Va.. is
only a 25 barrel producer, a big dis
Sick People.
John Grant, formerly of Harmony,
underwent an operation at a hospital in
ParkersburK. W. Va., on the 10th for a
fracture of the skull sustained eighteen
years ago.
Joseph Barger has the typhoid fever,
and Sammie Wallace, Ethel Summers,
and Nettie and Gannie Miller are sick
with a disease supposed by some to be
jaundice at Sherwin coal mines.
Last Friday the football team went
to Franklin and were defeated 1) to oin
a lively game.
Robt. Ritchey, Harry McPherson,
Fred. Weigand and Ed. Waddell played
football at Parker, Saturday, for Parker
against Kittanning. The latter won 5
to 0. Rube went to Kittanning after
the game, and kicked up a big row on
the train en route.
Emmet at W. Sunbury.
The celebrate'! Indian orator, H H
Emmett, who will lecture in Academy
Hall, W. Sunbury, on next Tuesday
evening, Dec. 4th. promises that his lec
ture on "Somebody's Business," will be
first class in every respect. It is in
structive and at the same time it
abounds in wit and humor. In these
qualities Mr. Emmett is par-excellent.
The lecture will be one to be enjoyed
by all.
A Great Poultry Show.
The Meadville Poultry Fanciers' have
completed arrangements for the third
annual show of that club, to bo held at
Meadville, Pa., Dec. 10 to 14, J9OO.
Among the attractions in the way of
an advertisement will lie a threy day
fox chase with a liberal prize for the
winning dogs. Already have one of the
finest and largest fox ever seen in this
A grand special of $35.00 is offered
for the fiye largest exhibits and slls is
divided up among different classes, and
all told there are over 22ft specials. No
strings on them.
Premium money will be paid on or
before the last day of the show.
Premium list is now ready and can
be had by dropping a card to H. L.
'Lamb, Sec y., Cambridge Springs, Pa.
Greenert Farm for Sale
A nice level farm of 60 acres, at Jef
f arson Centre, a small village with
store, school and church, 2 miles from
station and '1 fiom Butler; 2 producing
oil wells, 2 orchards and buildings there
on; all tillable except '1 acres of timber.
For terms inquire of
24 Garfield Ave., Butler, Pa.
Farm for Sale or Rent.
• The John Reffer farm in Cranberry
twp., 120 acres, 20 acres in large oak
timber, balance tillable and in good
condition. 20 acres in first class bearing
orchard, eight roomed frame house,
large frame barn, easy access to good
markets, well watered, underlaid with
coal, no oil lease, will be sold or rented
cheap. Address
2!) th and Liberty Sts..
Pittsburg, Pa.
The undersigned offers his farm of
eighty four'Hl) acres, located in Brady
township, one mile north of Isle P. <).,
on the Franklin road, for sale. It is
partly cleared and partly covered with
timber; about 40 acres are underlaid
with coal I offer also 25 acres in same
two., i mile from Stone House and one
mile from Ilallston Station on P. B. &
L K, It. K. with some fine timber and
fruit, and a coal mine ojiened thereon
Address, I) K. GUAIIAM.
liox I I. Isle, Pa.
Plumbing in the Country.
Plumbing in your country homes can
be done just as well «'» in lUitler by put -
tin>; in a Ilider Hot Air Kngitie in your
cellar to pumo the wsiter into a Gal van
i zee Iron Tank in the Attic. Have jilenty
of hot and cold water for your bath
room, sink and lawn. Good fire protec
tion. We have put eixhtof these pumps
in Butler; they make no noise; use very
little gas; no wear and tear; nothing to
get out or order. Would be pleased to
show you these pumps working. Ulti
mate* furnished. Come and see our
show room, finest line of plumbing H o '"'''
in the city; all connected up .is you like
to see them. Anything new we have it.
Gas stove, >;as fixturs, pipes, anything
you need at
WiiiTKM ILL'S, The Plumlier.
Next to County National Hank.
Hutler, Pa.
'I'll«• Meiiliiianl Air l.ini- Kullwsi.v
"I'lorldit mill Weal India Short
Line," Is l'ositiVel> Hie Slioi°l:*s|.
ICollte to SllVilllllHll, .IlK'liMOll
\ 111 <-, lumpu UIKI All I'lorlilit
Double daily service and through
I*llll in'ill drawing room and buffet sleep
iiiK eiijn Irom New York, I'hiladelphia,
lialtiniTire. Wawliinnloii and Hiehuioiid.
1 Hound trip winter tourist excursion
tii ketaare now on sale at all principal
points to .1 neksv Tampa and all
Florida points. Trains arrive and de
part, at Pennsylvania Km I rood stations.
For further information call on or ad
dress W C, Hhoemaker, General Kast
! ern I'assenifer A Ken 1., 1 ',;o<i P,roadway.
New York; C. L. New Miij(
land Passenger Aicnt, <WMi WashniKtou
street, lloston. Mass., W. M McCouneU,
General Agent, l liil New York avenue.
Washin«toii, I' C., or the General I'ns
sender AKentat Portsmouth, Va
K H i JOHN. 1> H. A I,LION,
V I*. & G M. Gen. Pass. A^t-
Full! Yoti l«;t we're rull. Haven't
any standliiK room even. Drop In at
lljil North Main street and see for youi
Music scholar* wauted at i/H Wc»
i Wayne St.
Dr. R. IT. Ferguson will make the
opening address at the Svnodical Sun
day School Convention to be held in the
United Presbyterian church on Tues
day and Wednesday. December 11th
and 12th.
A meeting of the Young People's
Christian Temperance Union was held
iu the U. P. church. Monday evening.
An address was made bv Rev. J. S ilc
Kee and remarks by Revs. Harnish and
Prugh. A committee on nominations
was appointed to secure a successor to
Pres. J. G. Runkle and select a treas
urer. Another meeting will be held at
same hour and place next Monday even
ing. The Com. appointed for
pose have arranged the following pro
gram: Singing: prayer; address by
Kev Worrell: solo by Prof Stratton:
paper by Miss Ella Purvis, "The Young
Woman's Influence for Temperance";
singing: report of nominating Com.
Eyery one interested in the work,
especially young people, cordial! y in
The Ministerial Association will meet
iu the Y. M. C. A. parlors on Monday,
Dec. 3, at 2 p.m. Dr. E. S. White will
lead in the discussion of the tcpic, "The
Preparation of a Sermon.''
Two Sundays ago Rev. McKee preach
ed a sermon roundly scoring vice and
vicious practitioners in Butler. During
the sermon be told of a loosely conduct
ed drinking club (which is said to be
located on the South Side) and also told
of two men and two girls who were
found drunk out along one of the rail
roads, that the party remained lying
in the woads all night, and the next day
the father of one of the girls, a farmer
living near Butler, came to town, found
his daughter lying there helplessly
drunk, and took her home. Now it is
"learned that two days later this same
girl was back in Butler drinking ill the
club room exposed by the minister, that
sue was taken ill, removed to her home
and died on the very day that the sermon
was preached, a victim of drink and
exposure. Will anv conscientious citi
zen say the preacher was not justified
in talking plainly?
A preacher in Southern Missouri,after
having announced that he would preach
the following Sunday ou "Hell and Who
Will Go There," received several letters
from parishoners threatening dire veil
finance in case he dared to make use of
their names.
\( ( II HINTS.
Xeal Strawick ot the Island had two
bones of his right hand broken in a fighj
with Grove City College students at
that place, Saturday, Nov. 17. He did
not discover the seriousness of the in
jury until a week later, when he had
the hand dressed by a physician. Stra
wick says the students attacked him and
his brother Will who were working at
Grove City.
Wm. Daugherty, a brakeman on the
Bessie, fell between the cars at Branch
ton a few days ago, had one arui cut off
and was badly bruised. He was taken
to the Mercer Hospital, where he died
last thursday.
Mrs. Orr of Bruin fell and dislocated
her shoulder, and broke her collar-bone
and two ribs lately.
One of Dr. Bricker's team of Star
Pointer colts slipped and fell at the cor
ner of Main and Jefferson Streets, yes
terday afternoon. The pole broke and
the other horse fell on top of the horse
that was down. Then a crowd wither
ed around and held the horses till the
harness was loosed.
Telegraph operator Frank Walker
ran into a plumb tree's branch while go
iiiK from bis father's house to his own
on Fairview Ave. during the storm Sun
day evening and received a long, pain
ful gash under the left eye.
Lovers of music, pantomimic and
scenic effects will have a treat in the
production of "Next Door," which will
open at the Park Theatre, on Dec. ">th.
This species of entertainment, especially
the trick property part of it, has an
abiding hold upon theatergoers of high
and low degree, and helps to prove the
assertion that we are all children when
the appropriate moment comes around.
Grand Opera House, I'ittsbuig.
Commencing Monday, Deeemlier ilrd,
the Grand stock company will be seen
for one week only in that brightest and
best of comedies, "The Man From
Mexico." This will be put on with all
the sujierb stage equipment of the Grand
Opera House, which by its excellent
company and expensive productions of
the very best plays in the country has
made Pittsburg first among the cities
of the country in the matter of stock
The Pittsburg Orchestra, Victor
Herls-rt conductor, will give the fifth set
of concerts this season in Carnegie
Mucic Hall next Friday evening and
Saturday afternoon. The program this,
week contains some exquisite music'
from ' The Meistersinger", the prelude
to Act :i and the "Dance of the Appren
tices and Procession of the Mastersing
era", then there are two Hungarian
dan(*:s by Brahms; these dances are
based on melodies of the Slavic race and
are very beautiful and effective. The
symphony is Beethoven's "Heroic".
I'ersttiiiilly-Coiiilnet«'<l Tours via
IViinsy I villi ill I tii i I roiwl.
The Pennsylvania Uailroad Company
announces the following Personally
Conducted Tours for the season of 1900-
11)01 :
California A thirty five-day tour will
leave New York, Philadelphia, Harris
burg and Pittsburg February 11 The
party will travel over the entire rotite by
tln? "Golden Gate Special," the finest
train that crosses the continent.
Florida. Three tours to Jacksonville
will leave New York and Philadelphia
February 5 and 111. ami March sth.
The first two of these admit of aitojonrn
of two weeks in the "Flowery State."
Tickets for the third tonr will be good
to return by regular trains until .May
81, 1901.
Tickets for the above tours will be
Mold from all principal points on the
Pennsylvania Railroad. For detailed
itineraries, giving rates and full infor
mation, address Thos. E Watt, I'assen
ger Western District, Pittsburg.
■excursion to Allegheny.
Commencing Hunday, May Oth. the
.Sunday excursion fare from Butler to
Allegheny will be one dollar for tickets
«o<id going on train leaving llutler at
8.00 a. in , (Jitv time, returning on train
MVißft Allegheny at 1,10 p. in. dtf
Important (hiuiKcn of Time on
It. It. A I'. By.
Accommodation trains !•' and J4
which were withdrawn November llth
will Im placed in service again Monday
next November 'JOth, I IKK) to run between
Dußols ami Butler. Will make direct
eomiection at Butler with I'. Ar W.
trains to and from Allegheny Train
Ml will arrive ar liutler 11:45 A. M.
Train I I will leave liutler at 5 O.'i I' M.
Eastern Time.
" WANTi;i> to Ixirrow $15500.00 on
property first class, value SOIOOO.OO
Ixt'oonit and mortgage Property Increae
ing in value eyery month. "
VIl Mc('llntoek Ave., Alhtghcny, I'd
IJrown iV. (Id'S in the place to get
your llolidny Furniture
FOK SALIC Sixty live hives of
Italian bees, Cheap for cash
Address II C. GUAIIAM,
liox 14, Isle, I'u.
Ladles Writing I'esks in quartered
oak $•) and up. See ISrown & Co.
Nice line of Folding Beds at IJrown He
('o 's Hee them.
Parties wishing to purchase or Mill
oil properties, farms, city residences or
real estate of any kind, should call upon
Will. Walker,in Krtterrr's b'd'g,opposite
I", <l. Butler I'a. Peoples Phone No. 174.
WANTUU to borrow slH,o*io on first
■ hiss properly.first liond and mortgage,
5 per cent , address
llill McClintoek Ave., Allegheny. I'a
\ Beauty's >
\ Refuge, j
/ The finer or more del- '
1 icate your complexion, (
\ the more it will sufler from ?
/ the weather for several X
? months now. Just a little C
x lack or a little excess of \
C mositure in the atmosphere C
j and chapping will result, v
S Those who care little for C
f beauty at least care for ?
J comfort, and there is com- )
1 fort in a smooth, soft skin. C
/' Keeps the skin like velvet. /
/ We make it. It is harm- /
/ less as dew. We do not S
€ > believe the skin can pos-
\ i sibly chap where it is used \
( properly, or stay chapped C
/ after it is applied. (
> C. N. BOYD. •>
? Pharmacist,
Butler. Pa. ?
Letters of administration on the estate
of Mrs M. J. Knause, dee'd., late of
Summit twp., Butler Co., Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Carbon Centre, Pa.
GEO. R. WHITE. Attorney.
Letters testamentary on the estate
of Mrs. Elizabeth McCandless, dee'd.,
late of Adams township, Butler county,
Pa., having been granted to the under
signed, all person knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
'inmediate payment, and anv knowing
themselves indebted to said estate will
oresent them duly authenticated for
settlement to
J. F. SHANNON, Ex'r.,
Callery, Pa.
Estate of Perry J. Brown, late of Sum
mit township, Butler county. Pa., dee'd.
Letters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned on the above,
mentioned estate, notice is hereby given
*.o all persons knowing themselves in
debted to said estate to make immediate
payment and those having claims against
the same to present them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
FHANK H. MURPHY, Butler, Pa.
Wherea? letters of adminstration have
this day been duly granted by the Regis
ter of Butler Co., I'a., to Oscar Keister
on the estate of Paul Keister, late of
Slipperyrock township, said county and
State, notice is hereby given to all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate to make speedy payment, mid
those having claims against said estate
will please present them properly authen
ticated for settlement to
Aug. 3, 1900. Administrator,
Keister P. 0,, Butler Co., Pa.
Att'y for Adtn'r and estate.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Simon Ba rick man, dec'<l., late of But
ler township, Butler county, I'a., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, and any having claims against
said estate will present them duly au
thenticated for settlement to
MRS. 8K1.1.K C. BARICKMAN, Adin'x.,
* Butler, Pa.
MATHS & YOUNG, Attorneys.
Let tern of administration on the estate
of William J. Cleland, dee'd., late of
Muddycrcek township, Butler county,
I'a., having been granted to the under
signed, all j>ersonN knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate will pwsciit
them duly authenticated for sett lenient to
IKA L. CUOAMD, Adm'r.,
Wimerton, Pa.
In purMiiuiH'ii of 1111 order of Nitle tanned to
her from t In; < op han't < Jourt of Hutl«r coun
ty, th« utiderNlKiiiHl executrix of Henry l>.
Alegler, late of MM* lloroiitfh of Harmony,
nalil county, doceaMed, will ofTer for wale ut
nuhllc outcry, 011 the pn nilH«'H In llartiionv,
Hutler county. PH., nt 10 a. in., on
Friday, the 30th day of November, igoo,
tlm following dencrlhed real i itat«:
AIT that certain lot or parcel of land ftltu
at"<l In the Itorongh of Harmony, llutler
county. I'a , hounded on the north hy M«rc«r
HI red . on the east t»y lot of Oil Well Hupuly
i ornpany, on the Mouth l»y the I'lttnhurg »v
Wen tern itallroad and lot of Mill «• tmiti
brother*. and on the went I»v lot* of Mllle
rnan Brother*. I*'. M. Mitchell'* heir*. ti. It
>wuln and Ira <J«n>pcr.
Having a frontage of l*rf» feet, more or le-*n,
on Mercer Htre«*t, and having erected thereon
a two Htory hrlck dwelling houfte. containing
II room*, a two and one half *tory frame
Ktore loom in»7». a one *t«irv frame iitore
room 1 H,x M, ntalile and other out hiilldlngH.
Thin property will HOLD nuhject to the
||ei» of a flint mortgage tin reon upon which
there Indue tin* mini of llfteen hundred dol
lars and accrued liiteroftt
At 2 p 111., on the name date, on the preni
IHCH all that certain lot or parcel of land sit
uated In the village of Middle l,anca*ter,
Lancaster towiiHhlo. llutler county, I'a.,
hounded on the north hy lot of John rdeg. on
the cant ;»y Me reel ICoad. on the nouth hy lot
of .laiiM'N Hcott. and on tie" went hy lot of
I nglMi liiit he ran church, containing ahout
three fourths of an ace anil havlntf i-recteil
thereon a I wo ntorv log dwelling, containing
Ml* roonm. a two utory frame hulhllug um d
an a puhllc hall and dwelling, a frame harn
and other outbuilding*.
Thin property will he Hold nuhject to the
lien of a llml. mortgage thereon upon which
tin-re 1» due tho#um of *l* hundred dollar*
and accrueil In to rent.
| |:KMH Ml HAM. One third In hand on
the confirmation of the *ale hy the 'ourt und
the remainder In I wo eijual. annual Install
men! ■ with Inlereil from ditto of Mild «'onllr
mat ion tn he tecureil hy IMIIKI and mortgage
»»n the t»reinln«*n which Khali contain ail at
toruey * eornviil*Hloit of II ve percent le cane
of collection, or the pur<'ha«er may pay the
entire hid In canh at hl» election.
Kveciitrl % of llenry l>. /.legh r, de«-'d .
Nov. I :i. ll*N> llarniony. I'u
Ilnvi' you bt|(Uii to tliitilc
of Chrlntmaa? It is not 100
early, for sonic of (he pret H
thing* 1 11.111 hi'.' tin^
M-H'ion ur.i now ill my stock.
Take tune by the forelock
:iiid secure the best things
while you can. I'll hojd :S
them till you want them.
All dealings strictly con
fidential, Jjp
CAI<Iv H. beiGflN6K,
209 S. Main St. BUTLER PA.
HOOD'S PILLS cure Liver Ills, Bll
lounnesn, Indln.-ntion, Hnnilacho.
■«ay to tokn, omy to operate. 20c.
Don t waste your money but
Put us on the list for vour next
And you will be doing what many other shrewd men have done in
the past few days, and you will profit by it.
Sensible Business Suits, plainly made, but with good service
in every line. Good trimmings and careful finish- just the sort for
business purposes, "J
The Banner $lO Suit. We've made a record of quality at this
season we have done better than ever before. Any man a judge of
good values will note the superiority of these over the usual grades.
These sjits cannot be duplicated in any store for less than $13.50.
Men's Overcoats. Meltons, Keiseys, Coverts and Vicunas-—-
made full box and half box back —cut long, short or medium; very
stylish finish, and all sizes, #B.OO.
Finest Overcoats in Faultless Style. A representative •
showing of every fabric in a most extensive choice of style and finish.
Many lined throughout with silk-we sell these at the unusual price of
Suits $5.00 to 22.50. Overcoats $5.00 to 25.00.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
Si More Plain Facts About Good Clothing.^
■ That concerns all who are buying for their fall and
1 winter needs. M
<1 PRICE FACTS that*demonstrate the great super
wl iority of this store and its goods. This next month will
be a busy one if people compare the advantageous offer- W
yl ing we make.
Have you seen our new Black Suits in Military cut A
YA with padded shoulders and quilted breasts?
OVERCOATS. The Raglan is the newest thing.
We have them in Oxlords at $12.00, 15.00 and 18.00. >1
■ THREE PIECE Suits for boy's. We have them 4
H at $4.50, 5.00, 6.50 and 7.50.
M Russian Blouse Suits for little folks; they are the very M
t'l newest out.
Drop in and take a peep at our new goods.
r Douthett & Graham.
This proves that our methods to give our trade everything that is good and
•rustwortliy—stylish and reliable in Footwear—have l>een eminently successful.
Huselton's has long been the acknowledged leaders in reliable Footwear. Onr
Fall and Winter Stock excel all precedent in all points of quality, variety, style
and lowness of price.
Women's High Class Footwear.
Imported Patent Leathers at fi 50, $3, $3 50 and $4
English Knamel Leathers at $3 and 5°
Finest Vici Kids »t $2, S2 50, I 3 and $3 5°
Finest Itox Calf at $2, $2 5° an " $3
Finest Ideal Patent Kids at i $2 5° and ®3
Special in Women's Shoes.
rine Patent Leathers at $' 5° and
Fine black Vici Kid at $1 25. $1 5o and $2
Women's Heavy Shoes, Calf and Kip.
Unlined kip and calf at §l, 25 and $1 40
Oil grain, Kangaroo grain and calf at st, $l 25 and $1 50
We Sell the Famous "Queen Quality" Shoes For Women.
15 different styles, all leitliers, all shapes, AA to E. These are finer shoes than
outers ask you $3 50. Our price, >3 00.
Men's High Class Footwear.
Imported patent leatheis at s3> ®3 s°. $4 and
English enamel extension Holes at $3 s°> '4 and f5
Vici kid. velour calf at $2, $2 50, $3, $3 50, $4 an ! J5
Hox calf and cordovans at $2, $2 50, $3. $3 5° and $4
Oil Men's, Famers' and Mechanics' Shoes.
Kid and oil grain, high cut, bellus tongue, two-»oled and tap, at..si 50, $2 and $2 50
Veal calf, satin calf at &'• t 1 5° f 2
Jpsncstown high cut, copper tip shoes, In kip, heavy soles, water proof. Bengal
calf, oil grain, veal calf, at s'• 2 5 and $1.75
Neat, stylish shoes of good material and best workmanship, at si, $1 25 and
$ 1 40. Sizes 11to 2.
My profits are shared with my patrons in the"remarkably low prices at which I
place high grade shoes 011 their feet. You can save money enough here to justify
coming a long distance. Huselton's is headquarters for all kinds of rubber and
felt goods, knit stockings, including Misl'.awaka knit boots and nou-snag rubbers.
Kutlor'H Leading Hhoo Huuwtv Oypo»it© Hotel Lowry.
C. E. 7V\ILLER) shoe e MAN,
Makes a Grand Offer to the Trade.
We Must Have Money, We Must Have Room.
We arc making a big change in our building. New basement
new front, another story and a large addition on the rear. Our large
and increasing trade makes it necessary for us to make this change,
and to make this change wc need money and room. Our fall goods
arc all in and our building is packed from cellar to roof. While we
don't prosposc to lose any money on these fresh, seasonable goods,
we intend cutting our profits so as to make this large stock move
quickly. To our old trade wc just have to say to them, we arc going
to close some goods cheap; they know what it means.
We wish to say that when we advertise a sale of goods it is
genu«'ne and the trade knows it and approves and profits by it. We
wish to impress on your minds that just now wc arc having a Cireat
Sale of Shoes, just such as you need at this time of the year. Better
take advantage of this sale.
Panne want your
* T dptJO, | Watch and
* Jewelers Repairing,
j J We also take
1 Watchmakers same as cas^
We are headquarters for Diamonds, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silverware,
Silver Novelties, lilark Kbony Goods, etc. We have presents suitable for old and
young, lar>/<- and small, mid at prices that will make you glad that you called at
| rape's to buy, KverytlHng as rep presented or money refunded.
13j South Main Street .-.llutler, P«
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