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tOTE—AU a'lvertts' r> iQttndlnjr t<> rr.ake
Oitic » in tln-lr atK - jui i iiolif* uj at
.aelrlotenttfm toUt* «on t later ttau »on
>*y nriuruiiie.
Sheriff's Sales. Registers Notices.
Widow a Appraisments ami Koa<l Re
ports for Der. Term.
Cleeland's Holiday Good:.
Notice to horse-owners.
Leighner s Holiday Goods.
C & T'a Rockers.
Kirkpatrick s glasses.
AJmlnMidi.'M and Kx.-ci.i. - .>f
an secure their receipt book* at the I-lIJ
JEN office, and persons makinz public sales
heir note books.
—First of the Holiday ads this week.
—A Summit twp. tnan found two
cans of nitroglycerine hid under a log.
—Some people are willing to be good
if paid for it, and others are good for
—Tue Hospital has a dozen patients
this week, eight of them being sick with
. —The foot bailer's bang is worn to
ease up the pressure of the laurels on
his brow.
—The best trust in this country is the
trust in the ultimate good judgment of
the people.
—A "meteoric shower " is dne on the
14th, and an annular eclipse of the sun
on the 21st
y -Iy elections as in some other mat
ters it is the bignest [Kill that knocks
the persimmons.
—Manager Burkhalter had to guaran
tee the Devil's Auction Co. S4OO for to
morrow night's show.
—Everybody notices John Bickel s
show window.- 1 . No handsomer shoe
store windows c tti be seen anywhere.
—Tliere is no perseverance in the
wotM fq'Kil to thai a woman will show
in work'ng for chnrch or in removing :i
—A false report has been circulated
that the local horse shoers hare raised
the price of shoeing and they are mad.
See their notice.
—T. G. Sullivan, the well, known
young harness maker, has opened a har
ness store and repair shop, next to the
Allen grocery on \V. Jefferson St.
—Sim Nixon's Centennial Letter is
for sale at the stores of C. li. McMillan.
J. 8. Jack, John Reed. .1. H. Douglass,
Frank Keene, Jack Walker and Charles
—A culvert sufficient to keep the wa
ter off the road is badly needed on the
Saxon burg road in the ravine where
John C. Kelley's farm and the Poor
farm join.
—At the Ccuneil meeting, Tuesday
evening. High Constable Graham re
ported that he had served thirty-three
property holders with notices to build
or repair sidewalks.
—He— "Your left arm is wonderfully
developed, Miss Allstyle. Do you go in
for athletics'.'''
She—"Oh, not at all. That is the
arm I lift my skirt with.'
—A few new inmates were received
at the County Home last week. Among
them were Mrs. Jamison of Venango
twp. who is completely crippled by
rhenmatism: and the child of a Mrs.
Smith of Bntler. Rebecca Allen, one of
the little colored girls, has been taken
to raise by Joseph Mechling of Butler
-Joseph Moore of Jefferson twp. has
95 or 100 spring chickens to sell. Mr.
Moore says that three Bntler men hunt
ing in that neighl>orhood last week shot
eight of his chickens, and some belong
ing to a neighbor and when the latter's
little boy went to the men and demand
* ed pay for the fowls they ordered him
to run or they would shoot him also.
—Throwing corn and beans, ringing
door bells, etc. is great sport for the
kids on Halloween; and even playing
tricks verging on the mischievious passes
fort un that night ;but onWednesdaynight
of lapt week some of . tho larger boys
tore up lioardwalks.smashed flag stones,
threw large stones against doors and
did other damage that makes them lia
ble to prosecution.
—At the meeting of the School Board,
Monday evening, work on the splendid
new building on Institute Hill was re
ported to be progressing nicely, and the
building will be ready for occupation by
the end of the Century. It ought to be
dedicated on Thursday, Jan. 1. I'JOI.
H. A. Krug was appointed Truant offi
cer tt S3O per month, and it was decided
to employ another male teacher for the
High School.
—An interesting war has been in pro
gress between the steel companies and
the railroads for some time. The steel
companies combined and put the price
of rails at ijcifi per ton, which the rail
road men thought too high , then the
railroads combined ard put up freight
charges on iron and steel to the tea
board, intended for export; and then
Carnegie and others bought a lot of
steamers that can pass through the
Welland canal, and propose shipping
rails to Europe from Conneant Harbor,
via the lakes and the St. Lawrence
—Last Friday evening two men and
two women, all young, trot off a street
car at the north end of Main street and
started towards the North Cemetery.
Later nil were seen to be drunk and one
of the women was so helpless that her
cpmp;inions could not move her. The
one woman went away leaving the men
to watch over the other The night
was cold and she would perhaps have
been badly frost bitten if not removed
to shelter. Finally some of the neigh
bor women chased the men away and
carried the woman into ,f. C. Vander
liu s honse where they thawed her out
and afterwards sent, her home.
Letter to Clias. Duffy.
Butler. Pa.
D;;ar Sir: You own several honscs.
Your reason for painting Devoe lead
and zinc should be several times as
strong as the man who owns but one.
...f*'?'* ( 'il was good enough paint
till the merits of zinc were found out.
It was profitable to paint lead and oil
it was then but not now.
The addition of zirt" to lead makes
Devoe lead and zirir: hist twice as long
and cost no more; lea* -a trifle
less not mu -b. Lead and oil is mixed
by hand; Devoe lead and zinc by ma
chinery. -Might as well make one's
shirts by hand us mix paints. Say it
costs *IOO a hou.se to paint lead and oil
and it lasts three years.
Say it costs the same for Devoe which
lasts six years it will last ten years in
favorable conditions, utiles y o n want
to repaint to change the color.
The costs: lead and oif about *'.«> „
year; Devoe #ls probably less.
Yours truly,
** F. W. DEVOE & Co.
Fnmk Tinker is home from Michigan.
Israel"Shaffer and son of Franklin
twp. were in town, yesterday.
Bert Roessing i« lying seriously ill at
his home on X. Washington street.
Mrs Mnry Vogan of Plaiio. attended
60 legal business in Butler. Monday,
Mitchell McCaslin and wife of En lid
did some shopping in Butler. Thursday.
.Tr>s.-ph Sttdebaker and wife of Worth
twp. visited friends in Butler, yester
Edward Hilliard and father of Alle
gheny township called on Bntler friends
Japliia Mi-Michael of Clay twp . L. H.
Pfetfer of Evans City and McAllister
Kuha. of Concord twp. wero in town
Rev. F. M. Wilson and wife, of
Brownsdale, were visitors of Mr. and
Mrs. I. J. McCandless 011 Monday, of
this week.
John B. Mcllvain, a well known
young tool dresser of Butler township,
has moved with his bride into 'he Sloan
honr<e at Washington and Cunningham
Linn Anderson of the Census Bureau,
Eli Wolfe of the Machine shop
and L. H. Patterson of the Government
Printing office came home from Wash
ington to vote.
Alvah M. Ganter and Miss Jennie
Armstrong were married at the home
of the bride on Fairview avenue Mon
day evening, and the best wishes of
their many friends are with them.
All Bell and Lew Henlen left Butler,
this morning, and will sail from New
York. Saturday. They are bound for
Burmab, India, where they will drill
oil wells for a company, under a five
years contract.
Ex. County Commissioner S. T. Mar
shall of Washington twp moved to
Butler, three weeks ago anu is occupy
ing the house at 227 W. Clay St. He
has had the grippe and has not been
able to get around.
Mrs. Lizzie Cranmer of Euclid was a
CITIZEN office caller Friday. Her
daughter Mary, who has been ill with
typhoid fever for some time, is slowly
recovering. There are a number of
typhoid cases in that vicinity, among
them Mrs. Burns Mrs Stoner, and
Thompson McGajidless. his wife and
child, all whom are recovering.
Isaac Donaldson. Thomas Thompson
and Mr. Sloan,"all of West Sunbury,
came to Butler .Tuesday afternoon, to
hear the election returns. Mr. Donald
son is'Sl years of age. He is the oldest
citizen of Sunbury, and an active Re
publican. While "in Butler lie stopped
with his son. Isaac Jr . of the Third
W nrd.
Mr. dips. H. Yale, proprietor of the
"Devil's Auction" Co.. is one of the
best known theatrical managers in this
eonntry, and his name is a huge mag
net to over 5,000,000 theatre going
people throughout the United States
and Canada At present he has four
large attractions on the road viz.. "The
Devils Auction Co.. "The Evil Eye ,
The "Twelve Temptations'' and Al. H.
Wilson, The German comedian, in a
new and original romantic play "The
Watch On The Rhine" by Sidney R.
Ellis. Besides the above mentioned at
tractions, Manager Yale is now build
ing at his Studio in Philadelphia, a
new spectacle which promises to be a
revelation in this particular line of
theatricals, and will be seen in the
principal cities and towns throughout
thy country the coming season.
Isham's Celebrated Octoroons will be
at the Park Theatre on next Monday.
This is the fifth Edition of this popu
lar Entertainment and everything :s
new except the Title. The Company
numbers Trirty Five people and give a
performance that is a revelation from
the beginning to the end. Opening
with the funniest of farce Comedies and
clo*hig with Thirty minutes around the
f'he Scottish Reformation.
Another of Mrs. 11. E Monroe's en
tertainments to be Kiven in Bntler.
Over 100 home talent taking part
Rehersals for the home talent
entertainment "Scottish Reformation"
which is being prepared under
the auspices of the First and Second
Presbyterian churches and to be given
at Park Theatre on Thursday and Fri
day evenings, Nov. 15 and 10, have been
in progress ever since Monday evening.
Over 70 participants were present at
the first rehearsal and the work was
given a spendid start nnder the direct
ion of Miss S. Ethel Brown, one of Mrs.
Monroe's assistants.
This "Story <>f the Scottish Reforma
tion or John Knox vs. Mary Stuart",
promises to eclipse the beautiful home
talent entertainment given last year;
"The Story of the Reformation or Life
of Martin Lnther".
Th»re will be more than UK) of But
ler's leading houie talent taking part in
this "John Knox vs. Mary Stuart" and
an universal treat is promised to all
lovers of the good, the beautiful and
the true.
Grand Opera House, I'ittshurg.
The retnrn Miss Victoria Bateman
to Pittsburg as leading woman of the
Grand Stock Co. is proving something
of a sensation in teeatrical circles there.
Miss Baternan in "Sue" this week is
making one of the most pronounced hits
ever known in Pittsburg, and the Opera
House is doing a great business, Miss
Bateman is a magnetic little woman.
She is artistic in her work, and is cap
able of playing emotional and tragic
roles as well as comedy, in fact, she
has nearly every sort of work in "Sue"
that might fall to an actress in a whole
season of stock. The character of Sue
is a complex one, and tin? ingenuousness
of the does not render her incapable
of the height of dramatic feeling. Miss
Bateman is more than satisfactory.
She is great. Her appearance has been
nothing less than a triumph. All the
favor that she won when with the
Avenue stock company is surpassed by
the receptions she is getting in "Sue" at
the Grand. The play has caused some
thing of a sensation on its own account.
It is one of the blronxest and best things
seen in Pittsburg in many years, and
the stock comyany is rendering it x>er
The play for n<-xt week is not less
worthy, but it is of a different type.
It is Jerome K. Jerome's brilliant com
edy, "The Way to Win a Woman."
Concerts will be given weekly
throughout the season until the middle
of March except one week in December
when the out-of-town engagements
made demand absence from Pittsburg.
The next concerts are Friday evening,
Nov. i»t h, and Saturday afternoon Nov
ember loth. People living outside of
Pittsburg will find it very convenient
on Saturday's when they visit the city
for any purpose to spend the afternoon
in Carnegie Music Hall, Schenley Park.
Tho concerts last only two hours from
2:15 o'clock. There is always a good
program and as soloist, a superb artist.
For the next concert the soloist is
Miss Lillian Blaovelt an American so
prano who has been honored in all the
great concert rooms of Europe. The
program includes a symphony by
Brahms, an overture by Goldmark and
selections by Fuchs and Wagner.
Tickets can be ordered by long
distance telephone No. 1259.
!•]. Convention.
Persons intending to attend the
Christian Endeavor Convention in
I'lnladelphia, Nov. 20 22. can secure
"card orders'" for half rate fare on the
railroad by calling upon or addressing
Miss L. B White, Dist. Sea, Bntler,
stating which railroad you wish to
travel on.
All delegates will go to headquarters
in the Knickerbocker building, Cor.
Arch and oth sts , where they will re
gister. receive badges, and 1*; assigned
to lodgings for which they will pay 50
cents a day, and 35 eta. for each meal.
The New Royal Sewing Machine beats
them all Price •ji0.75 up at Brown &
Co. 's.
Win. Latr.rop vs Cordelia A. Lathrop.
petition for divorce ?>eeanseof desertion.
Joseph E. Franklin of Bntler vs
Evan Evans and the Evans Mfg. Co.
Ltd., bill in equity to restrain the deft
from manufacturing a "clutch pully"
which Franklin invented and for which
a patent was issued to him and Evans
as joint owners.
George Mitchell has been committed
to jail by Esq. Wise of Evans City for
attempting to burglarize Lewis Goeh
ring's house in Jackson twp. while the
family were away at church.
Alice B. Beighley has filed her trien
nial account as guardian of Estella and
Win., minor children of Minnie Beigh
T. V. Kaltenbaugh was appointed
minority inspector for Connoqnenessing
twp., south.
A. J. Witt was appointed minority in
spector for Oakland twp.
| Charles Wheeler, a local Yankee, is
1 in jail for assault and battery on a young
! lady whom he says he was only trying
ito hug. Later the case was settled.
In the Criminal Court of Pittsburg
: last Friday. Judge Shaffer announced
i that hereafter private counsel shall not
i engage in the conduct of a criminal
i prosecution, except by desire of the Dis-
I trict Attorney ana on the approval of
' the Conrt for cause shown.
The will of John Daubenspec-k of
Parker twp.. has been probated and let
ters granted to H. S. Daubenspeck and
E. H. Adams.
Letters of administration on the es
tate of Mary A. Gagan, of Oakland
twp., have been granted to Daniel Con
way. Also on the estate of Rose Semple.
of Harmony, to John H. Wilson.
A charter has l>een granted to the St.
John's Reformed church of Evans City.
Letters of -adin'n on the estate of Wil
son Smith of Parker twp. have l>eeii
grauted to L. R. Smith.
John Walter, ex'r. of Mary A. Wal
ter, has been given leave- to sell dece-1
dent's real estate, a share in a 30-acre
tract, for payment of debts.
On petitition of Margaret Powel a ci
tation has been granted to Cyrus Har
per, ex r. of John Reefer, dee'd. to show
cause why he should not sell real estate.
John H. Jackson, Geo. C. Stewart,
John Scheiring and Will Allen were ap
pointed official tellers to tabulate the
county vote.
Olive L. Sidler to H. H Goucher lot
on Washington St. Uutler for $1525.
Hulda Painter to H H. Goucher lot
in Butler for $25.
Lewis Savior to L. L. Murtland lot in
Parker twp. for S3OO.
W. A. Springer to Amelia Stein lot in
Butler for SSOO.
Clara M. Reott to Catharine Reott 31
acres in Clearfield for S6OO.
Christopher Seber to Chas C. Simon
lot in Harmonv for £J"O.
Robert Vogan to Hillarv Whittington
28 acres in Brady for SIOOO.
Ed Mover to M. T. McLean lot in
Marion for $75.
Thos. W. Phillips to Jas. A. Dunlap
101 acres in Buffalo for sl.
D. B. Myers to Leonard Slagerhaupt
5 acres in Fair view for $l2O.
Win. H. Orr to vVarren E. Orr, 57
acres in Mercer, for sl.
E. E. Rugh to John M. Miller, lot in
Butler for $1550.
John M. Miller to Annie Rugh, lot in
Butler for $1350.
R. T. Sasse to John Boyd, lot in But
ler for SIOOO.
H. Bishop to P. & W. Ry. lot in For
ward for $l2O.
Marriage Licenses.
m ______
Elmer Gold Butler
Ethel Fink
James A. Hockenberry Cherry twp
Minnie M. McDowell Marion twp
John Brand Jefferson twp
Barbara Bergbichler Summit twp
Austin C. Beigbley Lancaster twp
Clara W. Holierman
D. Ira C. Renfrew Renfrew
Lillian Mae Powell
E. A. Myers Fairview twp
M. J. Hazlett
Alvah M. Ganter Butler
Jennie L. Armstrong "
W r illiain M. Cypher Winfield twp
Sadie E. Boyd "
James 11. Rose Leechburg
Mirsena E. Smail Armstrong Co
Geo. A. Gelbach Harrisville
Jennie P. Morrison "
At Beaver. G. W. Glass of New
Brighton and Annie Strutt of Zelieno
At Kittanning, Jas. J. Maloney of
Chicora and Maud Titley of Ford City.
At Clarion, Harry G. Brenner of Har
mony and Cora Hawk of Lawsonham.
Zinc ami Grinding make
Devoe Lead and Zinc Paint wear twice
as long as lead and oil mixed by hand.
A Thanksgiving Ottering.
The Young Woman's Benefit Society,
of Shiloh U. P. Church, will give a
birthday party and bazar at the resi
dence of T. J. Graham, of Penn town
ship on Thanksgiving evening, Thurs
day, Nov. 20 1000.
They will serve free lunch from 10 to
11 o'clock.
AH are cordially invited to attend, a
good time is guaranteed, and bring us a
penny for every year you have lived.
\V. C. T. U.
The ladies of the Central W. C. T. U.
will hold a Book Social at the home of
Mrs. Alf. Wick, N. Main St., on Friday
evening, Nov. '.I. at 7:30, for the benefit
of the jail. All are cordially invited.
The price of admission is a good book,
such as you would have your boy read.
Ladies of the Union please notice that
our next regular monthly meeting will
be at :j p.m.. same day. at the home of
Mrs. Levi Wise, N. Main St.
Mits. BURTON, Sec.
Hospital lleport lor <)ctoher
Number patients October 1, 12; ad
mitted, 15; discharged, 13; remaining,
14; ojH rations. 5; births, 1. Donations:
Grape juice, Mrs. Myers and Miss Mc-
Clallertv; jellies, Mrs J. T. Black;
fruit and jellies, miesionary society
Presbyterian church, Crestview; mag
azines. Mrs. Geschwind; apples, Mrs.
T. B. Mechling.
Y. M. C. A. NOTES.
A number of men interested in music
will meet at the Association Thursday
evening at 7 o'clock to arrange for the
organization of a chorus and ochestra for
use in the meetings of the Association.
Next Sunday Mr. C. N. Boyd will
lead the meeting for men. The topic
will be "The needy at our door." All
men are cordially invited to be there.
Beginning next Sunbay the 11th inst.
and continuing through the week,
"The week of prayer for young men"
will be observed all over the Christian
world This Association will hold a
noon day prayer meeting every day;
and all men are urged to come. The
first meeting will be on Monday from
12:15 to 1.15 p. M.
The Physical Work Committee under
the chairmanship of Mr. Arthur Flack
met Monday night for organization.
Inasmuch as the lecture by Geo.
Wendling comes on Wednesday Nov.
14th which is prayer meeteng evening
in the city churches, the time for its
commencement will be S:3O o'clock.
On Tuesday evening the auditorium
was open to the public and made the
headqnarters for the latest campaign
At least :'.OO ladies and 1000 men
availed themselves of this opj>ertunity.
The tboughtfulness of the ladies aux
iliary in prepairing a dainty lunch, con
stating of coffeeand suiMwicbs sufficient
tn satisfy the most voracious appetite for
the moderate sum of .>cttf. was appre
ciated and enjoyed by many.
At times tbe audience burst forth in
rapturous applause, yet was not bois
The public is kindly invited to attend
the Sunday 4 o'clock meeting.
Oak Extension Tables from $4.50 up
wards for a lift at lir< >wn A Co.
Edward Kesselman. the South Side
machinist, sprained his wrist while
lnixing. last week.
Robt. Cochran, who lives at lieil>er.
was burned about the face and neck by
the explosion of gas in his cellar, a few
days ago.
Mrs. A 1 Harper of Zelienople fell
from a chair and broke her right arm.
and Mr- Margaret Stroliecker fell from
the porch steps and broke her left arm.
j last week.
1 At Millvale. along the Bntler Plank
Road and outside the limits of the city,
last Thursday afternoon, a traction car
{ ran into a ton and a half of dynamite,
and the team ran off, but the stuff did
not explode.
1 While Will Steigliner, a son of Barney
jof Summit twp. was out hunting last
| Friday, he rested his arm on the muzzle
of his gun. The gun was accidently
J discharged and his arm, from the elbow
jto the wrist was badly lacerated. He
' nearly bled to death before help was se
• cured it took thirty stitches to sew up
the wound.
1 John Spratt a farmer living about
four miles east of Waynesburg, met
| death Wednesday night through an
1 accident. He had gone to Waynes burg
with a team to haul a stem for an oil
well on the Herrington farm. Thurs
day when two men visited the oil well
they found Spratt lying on the ground
with the stem across his neck. The
neck was found to have been broken
and also the jaw. The rear carriage of
the wagon was there, but the frout car
-1 riage and the team were gone It is
: supposed, from the position in which
1 the body was found, that in unloading
the stem, which weighed a ton. the
wagon was upset and Spratt was thrown
j out. the stem falling on him.
THE MARKET-IS sl.lO this morning.
DONEGAL—Young & Co. think they
have a 6 to 10 barrel well on the Mc-
Guire near St. Joe.
SUMMIT TWP— Ferd Reiber's new
well in the Thomas Lindsev is reported
good for 15 to 20 barrels: the Forest on
the Hinchberger, 10 barrels: and Amy
& Ei filer cleaned out an old well that
put out 5 barrels.
BEAVER COUNTY—Beayer County's
foot development brought in two
new gushers Friday, The Kamerer Oil
Co. got one that started out at 40 bar
rels but dropped to '25 barrels an hour,
on Crows run.
E. H. Jennings & Bros, got a 25 barrel
per hour well on the Thos. Whipple
farm at Legionville.
The tower of the Episcopal church is
being built after which the interior
will be finished There will be 45 feet
of stone work and 350f wood work in
the tower, making its total height 80
feet. John Hobaugh is doing the nias
onary and Geo. Schenck the carpenter
ing. The cost of the new work will be
S4OOO, which will make the total cost of
the whole building complete, about
A committee representing the various
Young People Societies of Butler is mak
ing arrangements to bring Miss Eva M.
Shontz of Chicago here on Tuesday,
Nov. 20th. for the pnrpose of orgrnizing
a Young People's Christian Temperance
Union. Miss Shontz has spoken in
nearly all the large cities of the country
and has attained almost a national rep
utation as an orator and organizer.
Free Training School for Domestic
Servants under the direction of the Do
mestic Arts Association of Allegheny
Connty. Instruction in cooking, latin
drying, waiting and general house
Women over sixteen apply before
Nov. Kith to Miss Belcher, Instructor,
253 N. Craig St., Pittsburg, Pa. Person
al interview 4 OP. M.
Advantages for those doing house
1. Occupation involves no outlay or
investment of capital. Savings accum
ulated. Cooks average salary in large
cities is greater than that of public
school teachers.
2. Healthfnlness of work.
3. Offers a home.
4. Prepares for marriage and home.
5. Work is easy.
Once more I will ask my patrons, to
call and see a fine Line of Goods suit
able for Christmas Gifts consisting of
genuine Ebony, with sterling silver
trimmings, Leather travling manicure
sets. Diamonds, Watches, Clocks and
Sterling Silver, in many styles; Utopian
Fine Art Ware, and a fine assortment
of Imported Vases, etc.
I will not try to compete with cheap,
inferior goods; for you can depend upon
it that all cheap goods, sold at low
prices, are not worth a cent more than
yon pay for them.
I will guarantee every article, bought
at my store, to give entire satisfaction
tor the price.
Respectfully yours,
Jeweler, Optician and
Watch Inspector, for
B. R & P. R. Ry,,
P. B. & L. E. Ry.,
I'. & W. Ry.
Wheat, old, wholesale price 70
W r heat, new, " 07
Rye. " 45
Oats, " 20
Corn, " 45
Buckwheat " 52
Hay, " 14 00
Eggs, " 1M
Butter, " 20-22
Potatoes, new " 40-50
Onions per bu 60
Beets, per bu 50
Apples, per bu 35
Cabbage, per bo 40
Chickens, per pair 80-50
Parsnips, per bu.... 50
Turnips 35
Hickoiy Nuts $1 25
Walnuts 50
Chestnuts $3 $4
I'uhlie Sales.
Nov. iJth, 10 a.m. near Mt. Chestnut
AI. Palmer—everything.
Nov. 10th, 2 p.m.—dry goods and gro
ceries at A. A. Goucher's store in Eu
New Restaurant.
W. J. Mates has rented and famish
ed the Star restaurant, just back of
Berg's bank on Jefferson street, He
will furnish meals at all hours of the ,
day and night, and special meals for
parties. He also has a few, well fur
wished bed rooms for the accommo
dation of out of town people.
A Store full of latest designs in all
kinds of Furniture at Brown & Co.'s.
If you don't care to save money be sure
i to buy elsewhere
Parties wishing to purchase or sell
oil properties, farms, city residences or
real estate of any kind, should call upon
Wm. Walker, in Ketterer's b'd'g,opposite
P, O. Butler Pa. Peoples Phone No. 174.
Quality and price are tioth right on
onr Furniture. See Brown & Co.
WANTED To buy lor 2 wells pro
ducing 5 bbls. or more ilaily in 3rd or
4th sand field. Will pay part cash and
balance in production. Address, J,
CITIZEN office, liutler, Pa.
FOIi SALE Sixty-five hives of
Italian bees. Cheap for cash.
Address H. C. GRAHAM,
Box 14, Isle, Pa.
Grand Itapids Carpet Sweeper for
See Brown & Cxt.
Bargains in organs to quick
buyeis, to close outs tock
1 Piano caseorgan retails
$l4O, sale price S9O cash.
5 six octave parlor case org.
retail $125, sale price S7O cash,
These organs are all new
and fully warranted.
317 South Main St., Butler, Pa.
The New Railroad
A dispatch from Sharon gives the
following particulars regarding pro
posed new railroad from Sharon to
Brown's School Honse, near Harrisville
Station, this county.
The Sharon and Bntler Railroad com
pany. which was granted a charter re
cently to build a road from Sharon to
Bntler county, is. in fact, but another
of the many enterprises of the Sharon
steel company, which is expending
millions of dollars in Sharon in new
mills, etc. The incorporators are
Messrs. George W. Darr, of Pittsburg,
who has been elected president of the
concern: J. H. Moore and Senator Wil
liam Flinn, of Pittsburg; F. H. Bnhl,
John Stevenson, Jr.. and Jaines P.
Whitla, of Sharon, directors.
The proposed line will be 30 miles
long and will run from the steel plant
of the Sharon Steel company through
Mercer and Lawrence counties to
Brown's school house in Butler county.
The railroad will be used exclusively
for hauling coal and limestone from the
Sharon Coal and Limestone company's
property to the Sharon steel works at
South Sharon. Tbecost will be petween
$500,000 and $600,000 including locomo
tives and rolling stock.
The Sharon Steel company has leased
I over 3,000 acres of coal and limestone
! property near Volant and Leesburg, and
have located a four-foot vein of tine coal.
It is said that enough coal could be min
ed in this district to supply every indus
trial concern in the Shenanj") valley for
the next century, and then not exhaust
the supply. Work 011 the new road will
be started soon and a force of 400 men
will commence grading at once.
The aobwHi Air Railway
"Florida and West India Short
Line," is Positively the Shortest
Route to Savannah, Jackson
ville, Tampa and All Florida
Double daily service and through
Pullman drawing room and buffet sleep
ing cars from New York. Philadelphia.
Baltimore, Washington and Richmond.
Ronnd trip winter tourist excursion
tickets are now on sale at all principal
points to Jacksville, Tampa and all
Florida points. Trains arrive and de
part at Pennsylvania Railroad stations.
For further information call on or ad
dress W. C. Shoemaker. General East
ern Passentrer Agent. 1206 Broadway,
New York: C. L. Longsdorf. New Eng
land Passenger Agent. 306 Washington
street, Boston. Mass.; W. M. McConnell.
General Agent. 1434 New York avenue.
Washington, D. C., or the General Pas
senger Agent at Portsmouth, Ya.
V. —P. & G M. Gen. Pass. Agt.
Winter Excursions on the Penn
sylvania Railroad
On November 1 the Pennsylvania
Railroad Company will place on sale at
its principal ticket offices excursion
tickets to all prominent Winter resorts
in New Jersey, Yirginia, North and
South Carolina. Georgia, Florida Cuba,
and Central America. The tichets will
be sold at the usual low rates, with the
usual liberal return limits.
The magnificent facilities of the Penn
sylvania Railroad, with its many conec
tions and through train service, make
this the favorite line for winter travel.
An illustrated book, descriptive of
winter resorts, and giving routes of
travel and rates for tickets, will be fur
nished free after November 1 on appli
cation to ticket agents.
The undersigned offers his farm of
eighty-four (84) acres, located in Brady
township, one mile north of Isle P. 0.,
on the Franklin road, for sale. It is
partly cleared and partly covered with
timber: about 40 acres are underlaid
with coal I offer also 2~> acres in same
twp., i mileftom Stone House and one
mile from Hallston Station on P. B. &
L E. R. R. with some fine timber and
fruit, and a coal mine opened thereon
Address. D. K. GRAHAM,
Box 14, Isle, Pa.
As it has been circulated throughout
the county that the Butler Horse Shoers
Association has raised the price of
horse shoeing in Butler, we a committee
of said association wish to inform the
people that the story is not true and the
price is the same as before.
Do not believe any stories from out
side parties.
Com. of Butler Horse Shoers Ass'll.
By order of President,
FOR SALE - A farm of 65 acres in Spring
township, Crawford county, good frame
house, seven rooms, two good barns and
all necessary out buildings, well wa
tered, two orchards, land good, school a
few rods from house; will sell cheap,
good reason for selling. Inquire at
Hotel Waverly.Butler.or T. J. Horrobin.
Box 127, Springboro, Pa.
Music scholars wanted at 128 West
Wayne St.
Notice to Hunters.
Hunting is strictly forbidden on the
farms of the following persons in
Centre twp., Bntler Co., Pa.:
Anthony Thompson, Gill Thompson,
J. P. Elliott.
J. F. Schcup, J. E. Davis, John Pat
ton, James Hutchison, John Jackson,
Christ Myers. J. W. Hervey, S. W.
Sopber, W, T. Gold, R. C. Borland, J.
P. Millinger, Noah Henry. L. A. Mil
lingar, J. F. Balph. T. J. Moser. A. J.
Pat ton, W. P. Davis, Matt. McCandless,
J. N. Gold, H. C. MeCollough, W. M
Wick, A. J. Stoughton. li. C. Stongb
ton, R. A. Stoughton. D. Rankin,
C. W. Hoon and W. T. Hoon
and all trespassers on such fa»*uis will
be dealt with according to law.
A. W. Johnston, Peter Bowers. R. D.
Notice to Hunters.
We, the undersigned members of the
E. J. T. Game Protection Association of
Jackson township, Butler county, Pa ,
do hereby give notice that persons found
hunting or trespassing on lands con
trolled by members of this association
will be dealt with according to law:
L. N. Stokey, J. M. Wilson, G. W.
Nixon, A. L. Wilson. C. W. Liken, L.
J. Kersting, G. N. Wilson, H. Yoegele,
D. Kugel, F. Yoegele, Wm. Fulton, L.
Beahm, H. Frishkorn, H. Marbuger, G.
Geohering, F. Zinkhorn, C, Mar burger.
Hunting is strictly forbidden on the
farms of the Bamnan heirs and John
Graff, near Saxonburg; and anybody
found hunting on these farms will be
Hunting is strictly forbidden on the
Humphreys, (or old Judge Story) farm
in Parker township near Bruin and all
such trespassers will be prosecuted.
Plumbing in the Country.
Plumbing in your country homes can
be done just as well as in Butler by put
ting in a liider Hot Air lingine in your
cellar to pump the water into a Galvan
i/.ee Iron Tank in the Attic. Have plenty
of hot and cold water for your bath
room, sink and lawn. Good fire protec
tion. We have put eight of these pumps
in Butler; they make no noise; use very
little gas; no wear and tear; nothing to
get out or order. Would be pleased to
show you these pumps working. Ksti
mates furnished. Come and see our
show room, 'inest line of plumbing goods
in the city; all connected up as you like
to see them. Anything new we have il.
Gas stove, gas fixture, pipes, anything
you need at
WHITKHILL'S, The Plumber.
Next to County National Bank,
( Butler, Pa.
Excursion to Allegheny.
' Commencing Sunday, May (Ith. the
Sunday excursion fare from Butler to
i Allegheny will be one dollar for tickets
i «ood going on train leaviug Butler at
1 8.05 a. ni., City time, returning on train
i eaving Allegheny at 5.30 p. m. city
The citizens of Tarentnm have organ
ized themselves into a vigilance com
mittee to hunt down a thief who has
been robbing houses in that town for
the last six months. A reward of S3OO
is offered for the apprehension of the
thief. The culprit is believed to l>e a
young man well connected in Tarentnm
and Pittsburg.
A band of female gypsies have been
making trouble in Franklin and vicinity.
The other day a traveling man, who
; was on his way to the Pennsylvania sta
tion. when two gypsy women stopped
him and asked hiin for a quarter which
he gave them. When they saw that he
: had money the entire band attacked
him and rifled his pockets taking several
! dollars.
The band next went to a grocery store
! where they ordered a lot of groceries
which they said they would pay for by
j telling the storekeeper's fortune. Be
| refused to submit, whereupon they
started a fight and in the melee got
| away with the goods.
1 -
j Letters testamentary on the estate
lof Mrs. Elizabeth McCandless, dee'd.,
| late of Adams township, Butler county,
j Pa., having been granted to the under-
I signed, all person knowing themselves
' indebted to said estate will please niak*;
j 'mmediate payment, and any knowing
I themselves indebred to said estate will
! ureseut them duly authenticated for
settlement to
J. F. SHANNON, Ex'r.,
Callery, Pa.
Estate of Perry J. Brown, late cf Sum
mit township, Butler county, Pa., dee'd.
I.etters of administration having been
granted to the undersigned on thealjove,
mentioned estate, notice is hereby given
•.0 all persons knowing themselves in
debted to said estate to make immediate
payment and those having claims agaiust
the same to present them duly authen
ticated for settlement to
FKANK H. MURPHY, Butler, Pa.
Whereas letters of adminstration have
this day been duly granted by the Regis
ter of Butler Co., Pa., to Oscar Keister
on the estate of Paul Keister, late of
Slipperyrock township, said county aud
State, notice is hereby given to all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate to make speedy payment, «nd
those having claims against said estate
will please present them properly authen
ticated for settlement to
Aug. 3, 1900. Administrator.
Keister P. 0., Butler Co., Pa.
Att'y for Adm'r and estate.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Simon J-fcyickinan, dec'fl., late of But
ler township, Butler county. Pa., having
been granted to the undersigned, all
persons knowing themselves indebted to
said estate will please make immediate
payment, aud any having claims against
said estate will present thetn duly au
thenticated for settlement to
Butler, Pa.
MATES & YOUNG, Attorneys.
Letters of administration on the estate
of William J. Cleland, dee'd., late of
Muddycreek township, Butler county,
Pa., having been granted to the under
signed, all persons knowing themselves
indebted to said estate will please make
immediate payment, and any having
claims against said estate will present
them duly authenticated for settlement to
Wimerton, Pa.
Are the windows of the soul and may
need glasses. You do not know whether
you need glasses or not until you have
bad your eyes tested by an expert opti
cian. It|is strange, but nevertheless true,
that a person may have defective eye
sight and not know it. Call on us and
have your eyes tested free and the glasses!
themselves sold at very moderate prices.
We also cell Cameras and Photo supplies
of all kinds. Talking machines from (5
Jeweler and Graduate Optician-
Next to Court House.
I have as fine a line of Watches an any
one would wish to see. New and up-to
date designs and prices that would as
tonish you. Ido not have diffoNOl
prices for different people—but »ne
price for all.
I am receiving my Holiday Goods
right along and would be pleased to
have yon call and look at them.
Watches and Jewelry Repaired.
CAKk H. fceiGHNGR,
209 S. Main St.. BUTLER, PA.
Full t/inc oV Foreign and
Domestic Suitings.
Good Fit and Workmanship
Guaranteed. C
J.E.WETZEL Cutter,>
Late of Luke & SODS, Baltimore, Hd, S
It may mean a fortune to you. I pro
cure and sell patents.
R. S. HARRISON, Patent Attorney,
427 Fifth Ave., Pttaburg, Pa.
We Give l6tol
and always have. In sell-
WtZSft' £oods over the coun-
ter we give you sixteen
ounces to one pound and
down vveight at that. Tliere
is a very common error
abroad as to druggist's
weights, many believing
that when they buy Cream
of Tartar, Borax, Sulpher
or any of the thousand and
one items that druggists
sell they get Apothecaries
weight—l 2 ounces to the
pound. This is an error;
we give you Avoirdupois
weight, 16 ounces to the
pound. Apothecaries
weight is used only in pre
scriptions or in the prepar
ation of medicinal prepara
tions. One pound Apoth
ecary consists cf 12 ounces
of 480 grains each, a total
of 5760 grains to the
pound. One pound Avoir
dupois consists of sixteen
ounces of grains each,
a total of 7000 grains to
the pr ind. The Avoirdu
pois pound is heaviest by
240 grains, because it con
tains sixteen Avoirdupois
ounces. You get 7000-
grain pounds here and the
finest quality of drugs that
money will buy.
c. N. SOYO,
On the Diamond, Butler. Pa.
Near the Court House.
That the musical public appreciate the
high standard of the Chase Bros. Pianos
is proven by the fact that the Chicago
Auditorium Conservatory, one of the
leading musical colleges in the west, has
recently chosen from several competitors
the Chase Bros, pianos for exclusive use.
That fact alone is an elegant indorsement
of the musical quality and fine construc
tion of these instruments. The Chase
piano is not an experiment; it has been
before the public nearly half a century
Made, guaranteed and sold to you bv one
of the wealthiest and most influential
manufacturers of pianos.
Ask our customers about us; we sell
these pianos for cash or on payments.
£25.00 cash payment, balance SIO,OO a
month—anyway to suit your conven
ience. Will give you a new piano at my
time in exchange free of charge should
one prove defective. Ask any of our in
stallniont plan customers how we treat
people, Theie are noni whom we would
not be pleased to have publicly express
his opinion of our business principles.
Our store is the leading one of Butler
county. We sell more pianos than all
the rest put together. Why? Our piauos
are high grade, we deal honestly with
our customers and make them our
friends. Come and examine our pianos
—bring your musical friends with you
You are always welcome whether you
wish to buy now or next year. Get
acquainted with us and the pianos.
317 South Main St Butler Pa
R. M. LOGAN, Ph. G., Manager.
B. & B.
nothing like good goods
to interest people.
There's lots of talk about
premiums, discounts, and other
schemes that sound "fetchy"
when advertised.
But goods of sterling worth—
and prices keyed down to the
smallest profit—are the backbone
of this establishment.
And if you want to know what
sound advantage there is for you
in that way, send for samples—
any sampleable goods you want
and get our Catalogue.
See for yourself the style—
quality—and—price evidence we
put before you.
All wool solid color Venetians
36 inches vide, 45c yard.
All wool neat checks and Plaids
36 inches wide, 20c yard.
Handsome 36 inch Zibeline
Vlaids, 35c yard.
200 choice style Fleeced Wrap
per Goods—and for waists and
dressing sacques—6], 8, iocyard.
Top-notch variety of rich, new
Novelty Silks—smart for waists —
65c, 85c.
42 inch choice, dressy Black
Pierolas, 75c yard—goods that
belong in the Dollar and $1.25
Send for our special Holiday
Catalogue—so you can seleet
Christmas Gifts early.
Boggs & Buhl
Department X.
Karl Schluchter,
Practical Tailor and Cutter
125 W. Jefferson, Butler, Pa.
Busheling, Cleaning and
Repairing a Specialty
I Advertise ill the CITIZEN,
Don't waste your money but
Put us on the list for vour next
1 And you will be doing what many other shrewd men have done In
j the past few days, and you will profit by it.
Sensible Business Suits, plainly made, but with good service
in every line. Good trimmings and careful finish- just the sort for
business purposes,
The Banner $lO Suit. We've made a record of quality at this
season we have done better than ever before. Any man a judge of
good values will note the superiority of these over the usual grades.
These suits cannot be duplicated jn any store for less than $13.50.
Men's Overcoats. Meltons, Kerseys, Coverts and Vicunas—-
made full box and half box back—cut long, short or medium; vciy
stylish finish, and all sizes, 00
Finest Overcoats in Faultless Style. A representative
showing of every fabric in a most extensive choice of style and finish.
Many lined throughout with silk-we sell these at the unusual price of
Suits $5.00 to 22.50. Overcoats $5.00 to 25.00.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
Stf More Plain Facts About Good Clothing. b
■ That concerns all who are buying for their fall and m
1 winter needs. \
.1 PRICE FACTS that demonstrate the great super
wl iority of this store and its goods. This next month will 1
be a busy one if people compare the advantageous ofler- *
VJ ing we make. *
Have you seen our new Black Suits in Military cut J
wA with padded shoulders and quilted breasts?
OVERCOATS. The Raglan is the newest thing.
We have them in Oxfords at $12.00, 15.00 and 18.00. t
m THREE PIECE Suits for boy's. We have them
Ti at $4.50, 5.00, 6.50 and 7.50.
m Russian Blouse Suits for little folks; they are the very W
t' newest out.
W Drop in and take a peep at our new goods.
r Douthett & Graham. M
gj Come and See the New , jg
i Rocking Chairs, {
-r- 34 new patterns in ROCKING CHAIRS added
to our previous stock gives you an assortment of 87
different styles to select from.* This collection con/
Set tains a complete assortment, ranging in price ||SS
jjs2.so to S7.SOEACH. j|
Golden Oak Rocker $3.50, |j||
511 Solid oak polish finish, high back and turned spindles. Choice
of solid wood or cobbler seat. Its nice enough for your parlor.
Curved Veneer Seat Rocker $5,00, |g
Light, durable and very comforrable. High back with a hand-
soinely carved, quarter-sawed oak, panel in a rich golden nmsn. a
very handsome chair for the money.
Plenty of the higher priced Rocking Chairs to show kgg
you when you come. JS|S
1 Campbell ft Templetonl
The'. ,
We are speaking of the ap
pearance of even, - suit that
comes from onr hands. Each
one is invariably a fine cut, a
fine tit, and the finest dressers
in town wear them.
We make every endeavor to
please you. Our fall stock of
goods challenges your admir
Wedding Suits a Specality.
(ooper &• (o-,
Leading Practical Tailors.,
The Keystone Orchestra,
Is now ready for engagements for Par
ties, Picnics and Dances, and Guarantee
the best of music at reasonable rates.
Prof. Gus WickenhaQen,
228 Ziegler Ave., Butler. Pa
139 South Maiu street.
fjver Schaul & Niit'i CfofbldJ Store
Fall term begins, Monday, Sept. 13,1900
I—Practical1 —Practical Book keepers. 2 —Expert
Accountants. 3 —Amanuensis Shorthand,
4 —Reporter's Shorthand. s—Practical5 —Practical
Short Course in Book-keeping, for those
who merely wish to understand the
simpler methods of keeping books. 6
OITR TEACHEHS—We have four at present
always as many as we need, no more.
POSITIONS—We expect to be able to place
at least twice as many graduates lu posftlons
the coming year as we have the past. We
could place three where we placo one If wo
only had more of the right kind of material
to work on. Young man, young woman. If
you have a fair English education, and are
Industrious and persistent It will be to your
Interest to take at least one of our courses,
and lot us assist you to remunerative em
"Hie finest system of shorthand ever pub
lished will be used In our school the coming
year. Call and examine It. Bend for a copy
of our new catalogue and circulars.
A. F. REGAL, Prin.,
319-327 S. Main St.. Butler. Pa.
Wall Paper.
Next Door to Postoffice,
Funeral Director.
245 S. Main St. Butler. PA