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NOTE—AH advertisers intending to make
•n:iiie s ill tlieir Hits. sboulil notify us ot
lielr intention to <lc .0 IJ it inter than MOll
- mornlna.
Proposed Amendment to the Constitu
tion 011 Penn'a.
Notice to Contractors.
Notice in Bankruptcy
Cooper & Go's Suits.
Douglass' Cameras.
Doutbett & Graham's Clothing.
Redick & Grohman's Drugs
Machinists tools.
Slibperyrock Normal.
Brown & Cos locals.
C. & T's furnishings.
AUmlnlbti.itors and Executors of estates
an secure their receipt books at tlie Cil 1-
IF.N office, and persons making uublic sales
vhsir note lnx>k s.
—Coatlees men.
Zinc and grinding.
—The shirt-waist man.
—July icicles are scarce.
-How gracefully that Shanghai
Sheng lies!
R. E. lieed has purchased the Mac
Cartney pharmacy.
—Some very unpleasant stories come
from the mouth of the Mississippi.
Zinc and grinding.
—Fourteen Y. M. C. A. boys went to
camp along the Slipperyrock last Fri
—H. Howards, a New Jersey man.
opened a dry goods and notion store at
215 Centre Ave.
—For "ways that are dark and deeds
that are vain" the heathen Chinee con
tinues to be peculiar.
—Walter's mill is running day and
part of each night and putting out 100
barrels of flour per day.
—China may l>e all broken up before
this thing is settled, and there will be
fouie scraps for the pieces.
—lt's no wonder those Mongolians
are given to lying. Queer tails always
came from the Chinamen's heads.
Zinc and grinding.
—The Maccabees excursion to Con
neaut lake will take place Thursday,the
16th. The tickets will be good for two
—Li Hung Chang hns taken off his
yellow jacket, and is now helping
Shanghai Sheng do some Chinese unve
—Now that the Earth has emerged
from the Sign of the Goat, it is high
time for the Much Lung political ora
tors U> begin work.
—Twenty-seven car loads of Collins'
Cigar Cos employees passed through
Butler, Saturday morning, bound from
Pittsburg to the lake
—The pnrple gladiola in the editor's
boqnet, this week, is a needling raised
in Butler, and it has been christened
"Ilevdrick s Heavenly Beauty."
—At the monthly meeting of the
First Ward Hose Co. Wednesday Eve.
E. H. Negley was elected delegate and
John Byers alternate to the State Fire
men's Convention at New Castle.
-The Animal Lawn Fete will be
given grounds of St. Paul's Or
phens' Home on tomorrow (Friday) day
and evening. Everybody welcome.
—We can easilv pay for those two,
newly discovered, islands in the Philip
pines, but isn't there something coming
to Christopher Columbus on this deal'/
Zinc and grinding.
The Tri-Weekly N. Y. Tribune is
th.' Geo. Washington Best of papers,
and we can furnish it with the CITIZKN
at $3 00 per year;or the Weekly Tribune
and CITIZKN at $1.50.
—Wm. McDonald, Dr. Greer, A. O.
Miller, Lew Anderson and others have
organized the Ean Claire Telephone Co.
and have lines toHilliards, North Hope,
Anandale and Ferris, and are building
one to Clintonville.
—The street-car rails are sixty feet
long, and their ends are first clamped
together, and then joined by copper
rods, so as to secure a free flow of the
exhaust current of electricity.
Zinc and grinding.
—The big, bright star to be scon these
evenings, well np in the Southern sky, is
the planet Saturn. The? Scientific
American says, "His rings are very
widely opened out, and with his satel
lites they form a magnificent telescopic;
—Superintendents Painter and Gibson
have agreed upon the third week in
December, 17-21, as the time for the
Teachers's Institute; and Supt. Painter
intends calling upon the teachers of the
county to meet in Butler, tho week pro
ceeding the opening of schools for a
general talk.
Zinc and grinding.
—Capt. Moore of Co. L, 10th Reg.. N.
G. P. has issued orders for the company
to assemble in heavy marching order at
2P. M. today, at Armory Hall. The
Greenville and Grove City companies
will reach Butler, on a special, this af
ternoon, and the regiment will go on to
Harrisburg. tonight, and into camp at
Mt. Gretna. tonight.
Zinc and grinding.
—The "End-of-the-Centnry" steam
ship is 750 feet long and 75 feet wide,
(or, to localize, it would fill up Main St,
Butler, from Jefferson St. to the Dia
mond). It has engines of forty-thous
and horse-power, skips through the wa
ter at the rate of alxrat twenty-six miles
an hour, and the part of her below the
water-lme displaces water that would
weigh 32.000 tons. She's a big thing in,
out of or on water.
Zinc and grinding.
—Mars, Prospect, Renfrew. Eau
Claire, Evans City. Zelienople and other
towns of the county (except Butler)
have base ball teams and do considera
ble playing among themselves. Ac
counts of their games will be gladlv
given place in the CITIZF.N S columns, I
if mailed to us. Why not organize a
Butler county baseball league, for
home players only, and develop some
real lively old-time sport.
Zinc and grinding.
Over seventy boys and men belong
ing to the Y. M. C. A. of Butler, Pitts
burg, Sharpsburg, Wilkinsburg, New
Castle and other towns, have been en
camped at Slipperyrock Park for over a
week past. Tomorrow the camp
breaks and they return home. The
Butler boys, eighteen in number, were
under direction of J. B. Carrnthers.
Mr. Carruthers came home and left
Thursday for Mt. Gretna where he will
have charge of the Third Brigade Y M.
C. A. tentduring the National Guard
Win S. Keister was in town. Thurs
John Graham and wife are at Atlan
tic City.
Earnest Cronenwett and wife are at
Mrs. W. P. Stickle, nee Gardner, is
seriously ill.
Reuben Shanor of Prospect is visiting
friends in lowa.
Mrs. Battit, of Pittsburg is the guest
of Mrs W. W Blackmore.
Mrs. Middleton, of Emlenton, is the
guest of Mrs. A. M. Christie}".
Col. Redic is fighting copperheads and
other snakes in Clarion county.
R. W. Adams of Hooker attended to
some business in Butler, yesterday.
John Lechner of Butler has been
granted a pension of £0 per month.
Miss Bertha Sutter of Sharpsbnrg is
visiting Mrs. John 11. Reiber of Mercer
, Mrs. Lon Shira and Mrs. Jas. Yonng
are visiting relatives at North \\ ashing
Charley Craig of Millerstown return
ed from a fishing trip to Indiana, last
Mrs. R. B. McGinniss and Mrs. Dr.
Greer of Farmington, visited Butler,
Miss Lillian Becker, of Sewickly,
Pa., is visiting Misses Gertrude and
Cora Stein.
John Herdman, the carpenter, is
building a house for Adam Miller in
Butler twp.
Jno. Horner passed through Butler,
this morning, on his way to yisit rela
tives in Ohio.
Miss Nellie Miller of Pittsburg is vis
iting her uncle, W. A. Kamerer, the
West End grocer.
Mi ss Mary Magee, daughter of Prof.
Magee of Mercer, is vititing Miss Eva
Barr of Prospect.
Raymond Cornelius has been enjoy
ing a" three weeks vacation in the fertile
fields of Worth twp. f
Charles P. Ritter of the Pennsylvania
railroad office at Pitt-aim, stopped a
few days in Butler last week.
Forest Huff who has lately been with
the Wilbur Kerwin Opera company,
leaves Butler tomorrow after a few days
stay at home.
Will Findley was at Euclid and Slip
peryrock thii week, and reports the
corn, i>otatoes and oats a good crop, and
hay a fair crop.
Mr. and Mrs. Alliert Ruff entertain
their friends this evening in their N.
Main St. home in honor of their son
Philip and wife.
Al. Bell, the oil man, returned Satur
day from a two weeks pleasure trip dur
ing which he attended the horse races
at Detroit and Cleveland.
Mrs. Martha Marshall and son-in-law,
James Barr, and granddaughter. Nettie
Pennington, of Prospect attended to le
ual business in Bntler. Saturday.
Miss Ella White has accepted a posi
tion with the, Pennsylvania Savings
Fund and Loan Association, of 210
Fourth avenue, Pittsburg, as stenog
Albert J. Naly and wife, of Greens
burg, who had been the guests of Henry
Biehl and wife for some weeks, left for
home, Monday. Mr. Naly now travels
for the "Prebyterian Banner."
Danniul Kennedy has sold his black
smith shop on Cunningham street and
bbuglit the Reitz grocery, next door to
C. A. Kennedy's pop factory on Race
street Success to our new merchant.
Rev. J. W. Davis, of the Church of
God, Institute Hill, and Anna Kamerer.
a daughter of Adam Kamerer, dee d.,
took out a license. Tuesday and married
themselves in the presence of witnesses
in the Clerk of Court's office. There is
a difference of 36 years in their ages.
President James Marshall of Bourbon
College, Indiana state, is stopping this
summer with his brother, J. D., Esq.
This winter he will attend the Universi
ty of Pennsylvania law school. The
college which he and other young But
ler county boys started is very success
Stephen McClellan, now of Brooklyn,
N. Y., was in Butler, this week, visit
ing relatives and friends, and in the in
terest of the McClellan Universal Bit
Brace, of which he is the inventor, and
which is gaining in popular favor. His
brother. Will, is now located in Chick
asaw, Indian Territory.
Miss Theresa Schaul, of Horneilsville,
N. \*., a sister of Mr. Philip Schaul and
Mrs. Philip Nast, and Mr. .T. Meyers, a
Johnstown, Pa.,merchant,were married
at the Nast residence corner of Clay
and Franklin streets, last evening.
After a wedding tour to Cleveland.
Niagra Falls and New York, they will
make their home in Johnstown.
W. B. and Origen McCandless have
half a dozen men at work opening up a
drift from the valley of a branch of
Miuldycreek to the cannel coal beds lay
ing under their father, Coulter McCand
less' farm. Besides their own place,
the boys have leased up the coal rights
of about 400 acres of neighboring land,
and if they can gain shipping access to
the coal they will have a big mine. The
coal is said to be of an excellent quality,
laying in a vein six feet thick.
G. Presley Weigle, Prospect's veteran
school teacher, walked in to Butler,
Friday morning, and made brief calls
on a few of his many friends here. Mr.
Weigle has spent his time since coming
to manhood in instructing the youth in
and near Prospect. He has very little
to say for himself, attends strictly to his
own business and is not a candidate for
any office; but is the kind of a man who
deserves something from the public.
She—Are you sure yon love me,
He—Love you ? Do you think if I
didn't I'd be sitting here sweating out
cuffs and collars, when I might be cool
and comfortable at home with next to
nothing on?
—The powers are allies but the
chinks seem to be all lies.
- Why shouldn't Butler have a
wholesale grocery house. Other towns,
smaller in size and with much less
business to rely on, support good'estab
lishments in this line, and keep their
wholesale as well as retail trade at home.
The American Mirror works is shut
down at present waiting for an exten
sive addition lately built to be fitted up
in running order. The new addition
will enable the force of workmen to be
doubled, and Manager Snell expects to
have 12 or 15 men working in the near
—The Butler hose racing teams are
training for the next races which occur
at New Kensington. They are to last
two days, as the service race is to be
run on Aug. 14th and the hose and hook
and ladder races on the 15th. Both
Rescues and First Wards will compete.
The prizes are $l5O, first money in tho
hose race; SIOO in the service and $75 in
the hook and ladder. The following
week the First Wards race at Pliillips
burg, where there is to be $l5O first
money in the hose and $75 in the hub.
Titusville has a tournament Sept. 12-13,
which both teams exjK'ct to attend.
There is S2OO first in the hose race.
Jamestown, N. Y. has races the same
week which the First Wards hope to
attend There are to be piizes of all
sorts amounting to SISOO. at the New
I Castle State Convention in October.
| The First Wards have already won $l5O
this year and will compete *at the places
j named in races where it is possible to
j win $1250. If the team does even half
| of what it has a chance to do, it will be
a big winner.
I I wish to sell my fresh cow and calf.
| Cow 5-years-old. and calf 3 months.
: Inquire of Philip Killian. No. 15 South
Washington St., Butler.
The State Supreme Court, sitting in
Philadelphia, last Thursday, handed
down some opinions and among them the
following frotn Butler county.
Butler Co. vs Dept of Public Charities
Q. S. Butler Co. decree reversed.
Steelsmith vs Aiken et. al C. P But
ler Co. Judgment reversed and new trial
Hutchison vs Clay twp. C. P. Butler
Co. Judgment affirmed.
Allison's appeal. Snyder estate O. C.
Bntler" decree reversed.
There were two decisions of import
ance to the entire State. One of these
upholds the Act of Assembly prohibiting
ticket scalpers in Pennsylvania and
means practically the wiping out of that
business in this State. The other is to
to the effect that it is unlawful to sell
oleomargarine containing coloring mat
ter to give the appearance of butter.
The case of the county versus the
Dep't of Public Charities is the Seften
case. Twelve years ago. Henry Seften.
a native of Clinton twp, but whose Inst
place of legal settlement was in Alle
gheny City, was sent to Warren Insane
Asylum from this county and has been
a charge on us ever since. Our County
Commissioners have made several at
tempts to shift the responsibility for
him. but have always met with defeat.
The Clay twp. case was tried by
Judge Patton of Armstrong Co. and as it
has been affirmed. Clay twp. has another
big bill to pay. The th ree cases reversed
were tried by Judge Greer.
Jr. O. U. A. M.. No. 350 of Slippery
rock vs Geo. W. Cooper, deft, and T. S.
Coulter, adm'r of Sylvanus Cooper,
dee d, execution attachment on a judg
Nancy M. Lewis vs E. A. Lewis, pe
tition for divorce. They were married
in 1*77 and the petition stated his deser
tion after living together twenty years.
John C. Hi spenhide, trustee.' vs Mary
J. Graham. W. C. Kennedy et al, heirs
of Thomas Kennedy, dec a. of Adams
twp., summons in ejectment for the
Kennedy farm if 101 acres in Adams
twp.. which was sold to the plaintiff at
Sheriff's sale Dec. 7. '99.
The surety of the peace, etc. case
against Dr. E. T Sasse of Mars has
been amicably settled and withdrawn.
Thomas Coxen. one of the men con
victed of torturing and robbing Mrs.
Mary J. Brown near Harrisville in 1*97,
was brought into Court, Saturday, from
the Western Penitentiary where he has
just completed a three year sentence
from Mercer county. Lawyers Ziegler
of Mercer and W. A. Forquer spoke in
behalf of the young man and showed a
letter from the penitentiary surgeon
stating that Coxen's health was impar
red by his long confinement. In view
of these facts the court sentenced him
to pay a fine of SSOO and undergo im
prisonment in tli" county jail for one
year. Others convicted with Coxen for
the same offence got sentences of three
years or more in the penitentiary
Coxen's wife was with him in the Court
Room. They were much elated at the
light sentence.
Mrs. Nettie Barr of Prospect, was ap
pointed guardian of her niece, Nettie
E. E. Matierhoff, adm'r. of Martha
Neher has been given leave to sell de-;
cedent's house and lot in Saxonburg.
John Dolan of Mars has been held for
trial by Esq W. A. Sloan, charged by
Geo. Buchanan with feloneous assault
with intent to maim, disable and mur
Louis Schmidt, a natiye of Germany,
has declared his intention to become a
naturalized citizen of the United
Robert Loughrey. son"of John Lough
rev, dee'd. has petitioned for partition
of his father's real estate, 15 acres in
Summit twp.
On his petition, Ernest Lautenslager's
name was changed to Ernest Lauten.
In the case of Geo. W. Lindsey vs
Chas. H. Parker, on the deft's motion
for a new trial, an order was made
granting it if he paid all accrued costs
before Sept. 1.
A new trial was refused in the case of
Margaret C. Brownfield vs Clearfield tp.
and the B. R. P. railroad. The defts
had asked for it. The case will likely
be taken to the Supreme Court.
In the case of Butler Water Co. vs
Geo. Arner in which a verdict of $4.3:5
had been given in favor of the deft., the
plf's, motion for a new trial was refused
but the damages awarded Arner were
stricken off.
Overseers F. H. Negley and (J. S.
Huselton petitioned for a rnle on A. C.
and J. H. Robb, admrs.of W. J. Robb,
dee'd. of Oakland twp. to show cause
why they should not pay SIOO, the share
of W. J. Robb's estate coming to his
daughter, Mrs. Mary C. Hovis an inmate
of the Warren Pa. asylum, to them to
be applied on her maintenance there
A new trial has been granted in the
case of Ulrich Winter vs the P. & W.
railroad in which a SIO,OOO verdict was
given for Winter.
The sale of real estate of L. D. Eshen
baugh, 15 acres in Clay twp. to Braden
and Conway for was confirmed.
On petition of Mrs. Margaret Dnnlap,
partition of the real estate of James
Dunlapihas been ordered.
Wm.H. Miller of Butler was appoint
ed guardian of the minor children of
Martin Armstrong dee'd.
A E. King was appointed gnardian of
minor children of Annie L. Byers on
petition of their father Joseph Byers of
Concord twp.
M. A. Lowman of Meadville was ap
pointed guardian of Grace, minor child
of John E. and Catherine Christie, dee'd.
O. P. Pisor. of North Washington
was appointed guardian of David,
Josephine and Hazel Hart, minor Chil
dren of John F. Hart, dee'd.
J. V. Ritts was appointed guardian of
Merrel Russell: and Alonzo D. Russel
guardian of Raymond and Clinton D.
minor children of O. M. Russel.
Josephine Campbell was appointed
Guardian of minor children of James i
Carlin, dee'd. of Clearfield twp.
William H. Wa'ker has been dis
charged as administrator of John H.
Love, dee'd.. of Clinton twp.
Thos. N. Gilghrist, ex'r., of James
Bailey, has petitioned for leave to sell
decedent's real estate, 80 acres in Marion
Mrs. Dillie Russell, adm'x., of O. M.
Russell, dea'd., has petitioned that
mortgages, stocks, etc., amounting to
SO9. !*2, be get over to her as part of her
share in the estate, which is appraised
at S4O, 58t).
O. F. Schonblom. of Bradford, Pa.,
gdn, of Arthur Thompson has petition
ed for leave to sell his wards share in
the real estate of his grandfather,
Simon Wiles, dee'd., in Fairview twp.
On petition of the Centennial Execu
tive Committee by its attorneys, J. D.
McJunkin and .). C. Vanderlin, all the
papers and records of the Centennial
were filed in the Prothonotary's office.
An order of court was mauc directing
Ezra Liken, trustee, to pay J. 1' An
$12.5 rental on a farm in Forward t« p.
Sherman Gallagher. Frank E. Clark,
Frank Coats, Reuben Byers, Robert Har
vey, S. J. Black and DeHaas Ekas will
meet at 10 a. m., Aug. 30, on petition of
Sarah N. McCandless to assess damages
done her land in Summit twp. by the
P. & W. railroad.
John Reed. Jonathan Mayberry and
John W. Dickey were appointed to in
spect the Armstrong run bridge in
Slipperyrock twp. lieiiry Grimm, Ed
( ward Sefton and John Halsted for the
Denny bridge in Winfield twp. and Wil
-1 ham Eckart, Joseph Ash and Rathburn
> Brown for the Hemphill bridge in
! Clinton twp.
! W. H. McGaffic of Butler has peti
tioned for leave to sell a farm in Slip
peryrock twp. bequeathed him by his
, father, Thomas McGaffic.
, The will of Samuel Miller, dee'd., of
Butler, has l>eeu probated, no letters.
Letters of administration on the estate
of W. P. Farren of Marion twp. have
been granted to Violet Farren.
The private sale by John Kerr, guar
dian of John A. Kiester, minor son of
Geo. Kiester) of his wards one-thired in
terest in 100 acres in Slipperyrock twp.
to Geo. Kiester for sloo was confirmed.
On petition of J. N. Kirker. guardian
of Bertha V. and Irwin Roy Eicholtz. a
citation was granted on Eva Eicholtz.
widow of C. F. Eicholtz and Elizabeth
Drnshel, Matilda Beighley. Fred and
Emma Eicholtz, his children, and Win.
F. Peffer, executor ordering them to ap
pear in Court Sept. 3, 1900, and show
cause why an appeal from the admitting
to probate of a paper filed as the will of
C. F. Eicholtz should not be sustained
and asking for an issue to determine
whether or not he was of sonnd and dis
posing mind and memory at the time of
its making, and whether he was induced
to make it under influence on the part
of his wife Eva Eiuholtz. l\ F. Eicholtz
left valuable real estate in Wurtumberg.
Lawrence county, and bequeathed most
of it to his wife. Bertha and Irwin are
children of his deceased son, John.
Five tramps giving their names as
John Hilton, Samuel Kerr. John Knciss.
Edward Daily and Thomas Murphy
were captured" in a raid made by detec
tives in the employ of the P. & W.
railroad at Callery junction. Several
times five are said to have escaped. The
tramps have lately congregated in large
numbers in cars standing or. the sidings
at Callery, and if trains laid there for
any length of time made themselves
great nuisances in the neighborhood.
Friday they captured several coats and
vests containing watches and money
which oil men had left hanging in a
derrick near the railroad. Two tramps
were arrested for this, but as none of
the stolen property could be found on
them they had to be released. Mondaj*
the five named were tried before Esq.
Gilghrist on charges of trespass made
by the railroad, and each caught a *5
fine and ten days to jail. Not being
able to pay tbeir fines the time was
made 20 days.
Monday three more tramps, Nick
McAtlerman, Martin Byon and Nick
Bullion were arrested, charged with
trespassing on the property of the P. &
W. railroad, and received the same
sentence as the others. $5 fine, costs
and 10 days in jail. There are said to
be about fifty more Knights of the Road
ready for corralling. Callery can furn
ish lots of excitment.
Letters of administration on the estate
of Martin Armstrong, dee'd , have been
granted to Ada Armstrong.
Letters testamentary on the estate of
Adaline Wallace, dee'd, of Zelienople
have been granted to Jas. Wallace.
Mrs. Lottie Magee, daughter of Syl
vanus Cooper, dee'd. has applied for
partition of his real estate, two farms in
Slipperyrock twp.
Bertha Biehl to East End Hose Co. lot
iiußutler for SB3.
Nancy J. Conrad to Nicholas Reott
lot in Butler for $1450.
Guarantee L. & I. Co. to J. O. Gel
bach lot in Butler for SIOO.
Lizzie A. Ivifer to H. C Litzinger lot
in Chicora for S3OO.
Jacob F. Schaffer to S. O. Offntt lot
in Zelienople for $225.
John C. Renfrew to W. S. McKircher
lot at Renfrew tor SBO.
J. M. Thompson to Robert Leibert lot
in Butler for S4OO.
John C. Renfrew to M. E. Matterson
lot at Renfrew for S9O.
E. S. Milligan to Clearfield twp. lot
for S2OO.
J. J. West to Peter P. Killmeyer lot
in Butler for SI9OO.
M. J. Leonard to Geo. S. Leonard lot
in Millerstown for sl.
Geo. S. Leonard to Mary A. Leonard
lot in Millers tow 11 for sl.
Kate C. Jones to Elizabeth Berger 42
acres in Penn for $3875.
Harry Miller to John T. Kelly, assign
ment of 22 acre lease in Allegheny twp.
for $llOO
Marriage Licenses.
S. Myers Johnstown, Pa
Theresa Schaul Hornellsviile, N. Y
J. W. Davis Bntler
Anna Kainerer ... "
Sheridan Lightner Allegheny
Anna M. Kinter Butler
Walter McCall Franklin twp
Rebecca J. Brown
James E. Campbell Pittsburg
Grace McW. Williams Bntler
Oscar A. Niggle Bntler
Anna C. Eyth
At Pittsburg—Chas. C. Bowers and
Lennie Miller of Cooperstown.
At Meadville—S. E. Wallace and
Grace Christy of Butler.
"Do you take this woman whose hand
you're a-squeezin' to be your lawlul
wife, in flush times and skimp V" "I
reckon that's about the size of it.
squire." "Do you take this mar., you've
jined fists with to be yonr paid through
thick and thin?" "Well, you're about
right for once, old man." "All right,
then. Kiss in court, an' I reckon you're
married about as tight as the law kin
jine yon. I guess four bit'll do. Bill, if
I don't have to kiss the bride; if I do,
it's six bits extra."—Old Paper.
Attend the State Normal School at
Slipperyrock. Butler county. Expenses
for board, tuition, furnished room, heat,
light, and use of text-books will be $59.
for sixteen weeks. A new model school
building has been erected. Methods
unsurpassed. Fall term opens Septem
ber 3, 1900. Students may board and
room in town under permission from
the principal. Send for Catalogue.
Notice to the Public
I desire to inform my customers and
public generally that I have removed
my marble shop from East Cunningham
street to room 3, second floor, No. 213
South Main street, where I am prepared
to give estimates on all kinds of marble
and granite monuments at the best
rates mid lowest prices. Reports that I
am no longer in the business are untrue.
The School Board of Clearfield town
ship Butler Co. will meet at the Coyles
ville school house on Saturday, August
4, 1900, at 2 o'clock p. 111. of said day,
for the purpose of hiring six teachers for
the coming school term. All applica
tions must be ill writing and handed to
the Secretary on or before August 3d,
1900. No applications received after
said date. Wages S3O per month.
By order of the board.
Fenelton, Pa.
M. C. Rockenstein has removed into
Duffy Block 3 doors south of his old
stand where he can be found with a full
line of stoves, hardware, sewer pipe etc.
We still do roofing, spouting and job
bing, will be glad to see all my old cus
tomers at the new stand.
WANTED—Boarding, lodging for a
young man 011 a farm during summer
and fall months, state prices and accom
modations. Address J. Citizen office.
New, four-room house for sale In
quire at this office
Braden's Pure Vegetable Oil. Trade
MV.ri». All Headaches, Catarrh, Nen
rak'ia and Muscular Rheumatism cured
»: no pay ;\ppiy to Hotel Waverly.
.t dav guaranteed agents (men or
women) selling our high grade laundry
and toilet soaps, For exclusive territory
write Milieu Soap Co., 612 P, Adams
street, Chicago.
WANTED —Men to hew ties Good
wages paid. Address P. O. Box 229,
Butler, Pa.
Tfie finest work 011 shorthand ever
published will be used at the Butter
Business College the coming year. if 1
those contemplating taking up the stilr
dy of shorthand are earnestly requested
to call at the college office to examine
this work.
Fall term begins Monday, Sept. 3,
1900. This is the best time to enter.
Brown 6s Co. will sell you the best
wood frame spring on the market for
only $3. See it.
Music scholars wanted at 12S West
Wayne St.
Friday Night's Scrap.
About 10:80 Friday night Conductor
Edward Guthrie of the P. & W. rail
road, Brakemao Joseph L. Wiles of the
I'. B. A: L. E. and some other railroad
men were standing at the corner of
Main and East Diamond streets in front
of Cooper's tailor shop, discussing an
assault which Wiles had seen two men
make on another about two years ago.
Guthrie insisted that Wiles had not
done his duty in not assisting the man
attacked. Finally the argument made ,
them angry and Wiles struck Guthrie j
with his fist on the point of the chin, j
felling him unconscious to the pave- 1
ment. Blood gnshed from Guthrie's ,
nose, ears and month and bystanders ;
feared he was killed. He was picked j
up and was carried into the Central Ho
tel close at hand, and Dr.-. S. I>. and
Harry Bell and Bricker were summon
ed. They had him removed to his home
on S. Main street, where two hour's
work failed to bring him to conscious
ness. Their examination showed he
was suffering from concussion of the
brain and a fracture of the drum of the
left ear.
For a time it was feared there was a
fracture of the skull also. However,
next morning he came to and began
slowly to recover. Monday he was able
to get about the house. The broken ear
drum will cause deafness in that mem
Saturday morning then was much
discussion of the affair on the street, it
being currently reported that Guthrie
was about to die. Wiles has not been
George Barrickman. a son of Abe.
Barrickman of N. Washington St. had
his right arm broken last week, by fall
ing from a hay loft.
Near Harrisville, Tuesday, Mrs. Rich
ard Surrena, was thrown from her
buggy and seriously injured. That
evening she and her husband went for
a drive <vhen the buggy of some drunk
en men, who were liorse-racing. struck
their buggy, upsetting and smashing it,
and throwing the occupants out. Mrs.
Surrena had three ribs torn loose from
the back bone and is injured internally.
Her chances of recovery are very slim.
There have been no arrests.
William Harmon, a well to do farmer
of Sugar Creek township, Armstrong
county, and his son, Charles, drove to
East Brady with a load of ice early in
the day, and after taking on a load of
furniture started back home, accom
panied by Frank, the 14-year-old son of
Jacob Ott. living just across the river
at Brady's Bend, who intended to ac
company them as far as his home.
They arrived at the Allegheny Valley
railway crossing just as the Niagara
Express was pulling into the depot, and
although a number of persons shouted
to Mr. Harmon not to attempt to cross
in tront of the train he evidently
thought he could do so, and when the
wagon reached the center of the track
the engine struck it and the two occu
pants, throwing them into the air 30
feet and 75 feet from the travk. killing
both, Frank Ott instantly, while Mr.
Harmon lived only a few minutes.
Mr. Harmon's son jumped off the
wagon just before it was struck and
Both agencies are paying $1.27.
FORWARD— The Forest has another
good well in the Wm. Rafe. It was in
the sand flowing last week.
PLANO —Finnessy is drilling another
well to theßerea grit sand on the John
Leisefarm. Albert and Eshenberg have
the contract.
KIESTER —Capt. McFarland got a
light gas well on the William Renick
EVAXS CITY —The Forest Oil Cos
No. on the Ramsey tapped the
sand last Saturday night and began
flowing at the rate of about 35 bbls. an
CLEARFIELD— SeveraI wells are due
in the McCrea field. Dr. Showalter has
a good gasser in the 100-foot and is
drilling deeper; Kelly has a gasser on
the V. Keiger and is also drilling
deeper: Mannington parties are down
1100 feet on the Mcßride heirs: and the
Forest has a rig up on the Blatt.
ZELIENOPLE— The well on the Wal
lace farm, near the line ill Beaver Co.,
and owned by Campbell, Miller & Co.,
came in good last Friday night, and be
gan to flow at a rate that was estimated
75 bbls. an hour, but when it was turn
ed into a 250-bbl. tank next day
it was making 40 bbls. an hour. The
location is in advance and to the south-
west of some good wells that have rec
ently been drilled southwest of Zelien
ople, and gives the impression that it
shows a connecting producing belt be
tween this development and the Legion
ville pool in Beaver county. The gusher
is located but a short distance from the
Beaver county line,
SUMMIT«*E. S. Dwyer is building a
rig for Say & Gahegan on the widow
KAYLOR —B. L. Barnhart commenced
building the rig on Monday for his No. 7
on the Joseph Barnhart farm, near Kay
lor. The East Brady Oil company are
down 400 feet with their No. 3 on Solo
mon Mays farm at Kaylor Westerman
& Co. on the Wiles farm are down 1,000
feet. The Brnin Oil company are spud
ding on their No. 1 on the James Mc-
Garvv farm at Kepple's Corners. They
are in advance of the Kaylor operations
to the south. The tools have been
recovered in Byers Bros. & Cos. well on
the John Foringer farm at Kaylor, after
a long fishing job, and they are now on
the way to the fourth sand. The New
Kensington Oil company's No. 2 well on
the W. C. Storey farm in Brady's Bend
township was finished on Wednesday in
the fifth sand and is a duster. —East
Brady Review.
An Old Paper.
The Pittsburg Gazette was establish
ed, July 28, 1786, and celebrated the
115 th anniversary of its birthday, on
Monday of this week. It is the oldest
paper in Western Pennsylvania, and has
always been one of the best.
Under the management of its new
owner, Mr, Geo. B. Oliver, there has
been a decided improvement in its news
columns, and the "Old Lady" is grow
ing—both young and popular.
Now is the time to get your bargains
in parlor goods at Brown & Co's. Nice
line of leather goods. 3 and 5 piece
suits and odd pieces at reduced prices.
Six months -drilling lease on al>out
one thousand acres of land and seven
eights interest iu well will be given to
party drilling test well near Sheakley
ville. Mercer Co., Pa. Particulars from
M. M. Prescott, Elizabeth, Allegheny
Co.. Pa.
Oak Bed Room Suits at Brown & Co s
for only S2O. Fnil size Bed. Dresser and
Stand. Dresser has 22x28 beveled
Ask your Grocer for Currie's "Milk-
Bread, ' made only by the Palace Bak
; ery, 370 Centre Ave. Phone 269.
A nice line of Parlor goods at reduced
prices at Brown & Co's.
Buying Wool.
I am buying wool at same location as
' last season, Graham Bros grocery store,
will pay the market price in cash, have
■ no merchandise of any kind to ex
change. W. F. RUMBERUER.
Commencement and wedding, pres
r ents at bargain prices.
; R. L. KIRKPATRICK, Jeweler,
Odd Dressers from $8.50 up. See
L Brown & Co.
Parties wishing to purchase or sell
oil properties, farms, city residences or
r real estate of any kind, should call upon
r Wm. Walker,iu Ketterer's b'd'g,opposite
1 P, O. Butler Pa. Peoples Phone No. 174.
Fine seven roomed house with lot
• 55x125 feet on West Jefferson street,
with city and drilled-well water and
j everv modern improvement.
Six room house on S. Main St., $9.00.
I CITIZEN Building.
Co. E, 134 th. at W J. Stoner's near
Euclid, on August 31st.
The date for the annual McCall re
union to be held at the home of Curt
Wick, has been changed from August
30th to August 23rd.
The old Penu'a Canal Boatmen will
hold their 13th annual reunion at Blairs
ville, on Thursday, August 16. Orders
for excursion tickets can be procured by
writing to Geo. Butledge, Johnstown.
The Boggs family will hold their an
nual reunion at the Fireman's Hall in 1
Evans City, on Thursday, August 16th.
A large number will be present, a pro
gramme will be prepared, Saturday,
and dinner will be served for all in Hall.
At a meetiug and entertainment in
the M. E. church in Connoquenessing,
last Wednesday night, a nice sum was ,
collected for the famine sufferers in j
A special meeting of the Nathan Mis- 1
sionary Society will be held in Y. M. C !
A. Hail. Tuesday, August 7th.at 7p. m.
Wheat. wholesale price <>s-68
Rve. " 45
Oats, " 28
Corn, " 48
Hay, " 13 00
Eggs, " 12
Butter, " 15
Potatoes, new " 50
Chicken, dressed, per lb 10-12
Onions, per dozen bunches 15
Radishes, per doz bunches 15 2()
Beets " " 25 30
Blackberries, per qt 8
Apples, per bu 50
Cabbage, per lb 2 I
Roasting ears, per doz 12*
Great I . I*. Reunion at Conucaut !
Lake, Thursday, August
t»tli, 11K)0.
Arrangements have been completed
for the third annual United Presbyterian
Reunion at Conneaut Lake. August 9tli.
1900, for this occasion special train will
be run via the Buffalo, Rochester &
Pittsburg Ry. on the following schedule
at rates quoted for the round trip.
Station Time Rate
Punxsutawney 6:00 a.m.. $1.85
Valier 6:11 " 1-85
Hamilton 0:16 " 1.85
North Point 6:24 " 1.85
Dayton 6:42 " 1.60
Echo 6:53 " 150
West Mosgrove 7:13 " 1.40
Montgomeryville 7:23 " 1.30
Cowansville 7:29 " 1.25
Craigsville 7:40 " 1.10
Fenelton 7:51 " 1.10
Children between the age of 5 and 12
at half the above rate. The greatest
number of people that have ever been
at the Lake in one day attended the
United Presbyterian Reunion of '99, the
Reunion of this year will surpass that of
1899 in every particular.
For particulars address Mr. J. C. Kist
ler, chairman of committee on trans
portation. Buena Vista, Pa. or C. OD.
Pascault, Div. Pass. Agent, Pittsburg.
And other Atlantic Coast Resorts
via Pennsylvania Railroad.
Thursdays, August 2 and 16. are the
remaining dates of the Pennsyl
vania Railroad annual low rate excur
sions for 1900 to Atlantic City, Cape
May. Ocean City, Sea Isle City, Avalon.
Anglesea. Wild wood. Holly Beach. N.
J., Rehobotli, Del., or Ocean City, Md.
Tickets good to return within sixteen
days, including date of excursion.
A special train of Pullman parlor cars
and day coaches will leave Pittsburg on
above-mentioned dates at 8:55 a. in,, arj
riving at Altoona 12:15 p. m.,where stop
for dinner will be made, reaching Phila
delphia 6:25 p. m., in time for supper,
and arriving at Atlantic City, via the
Delaware River Bridge Route, the only
all-rail line, at 8:40 p. m. Passengers
may also spend the night in Philadel
phia. and proceed to the shore by any
regular train from Market Street Wharf
or Broad Street Station on the follow
ing day.
Passengers for points other than At
lantic City will spend the night in Phil
adelphia, and use regular trains the
next day from Market Street Wharf.
A stop over of ten days will also be
allowed at Philadelphia on the going
trip, if passengers will deposit their
tickets with the Ticket Agent at Broad
Street Station, Philadelphia, immediate
ly on arrival.
Tickets will be sold from the stations
at the rates named below:—
Trains leave. Rate.
Pittsburg 8.55 A. M. SIO.OO
Tarentum 7.37 " 10.00
Natrona 7.41 " 10.00
Butler 0.25 " 10.00
Freeport 7.51 " 10.00
Altoona (dinner) 12.35 PM. 8.00
Philadelphia stop
for supper Ar. 6.25 "
Tickets will also be good 011 regular,
trains leaving Pittsburg at 4:50 and 8:30
p. in., carrying sleeping cars to Phila
delphia, and 7:10 p. m., carrying Pull
man sleeping cars through to Atlantic
For detailed information iu regard to
rates and time of trains apply to ticket
agents or Thomas E. Watt, District,
Passenger Agent, Pittsburg.
Great U. I*. Reunion atConneaut
Arrangements have been completed
for the Third Annual United Presby
terian Reunion at Conneaut Lake,
August 9th, 1900. For this occasion
special trains will be run via the P. &
L. E. R. R., from New Haven and
Pittsburg; the Penn'a Lines from
Burgettstowu and Washingtown, Pa.,
Bellevue and Wellsville, O.; the P. &
W. from Allegheny; the W. N. Y. & P.
from New Castle and New Wilmington;
the Erie R. R. from New Lisbon. O.;
L. S. & M. S. from Oil City; B. R. & P.
from Punxsutawnev: and via the P. B.
L. E., from Turtle Creek, North Besse
mer, Butler, Hilliard, Erie, Meadville,
and intermediate points. Stops will be
made at all principle intermediate
The very lowest rates have been
made for this reunion.
The greatest number of people that
have ever been at the Lake in one day
attended the U. P. reunion of 1899, and
the twenty-five trains required to carry
the excursionists were handled in a
manner entirely satisfactory to all con
cerned. The reunion this year will sur
pass that of 1899 in every particular.
For particulars address Rev. J. C.
Kistler, Chairman of Committee on
Transportation, Buena Vista, Pa.
Via Pennsylvania Railroad.
For the Prohibition State Convention
to be held at Pittsburg, August 8, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets to Pittsburg from
all stations on its line in the State of
Pennsylvania at rate of one fare for the
round trip (minimum rate twenty-five
cents). Tickets to be sold and good go
ing August C, 7. and 8, and to return
until August 9, inclusive.
Excursion t<> Niagara*
The Woodmen of the World have ar
ranged for an excursion over the P. B
<& L. E. to Niagara Falls on Thursday,
August 23. A special train will leave
the P. &W. station at oa. m., Butler
time, arriving at the Falls at 1 p. m.
Tickets will be good for five days, but
anyone wishing to return the same day
' can do so, as arrangements have been
made for a special train to leave the
Falls at 9:00 p. 111. A stop off at Chau
tanqua without extra chai ge will be al
lowed. Anyone desiring can return by
boat from Buffalo to Erie. Fare for
round trip from Butler is $4.00 and a
proportionately low rate from all
stations between Butler and Greenville.
As this will probably be the only popu
lar low rate excursion run from Butler
• to Niagara this season anyone wishing
to visit the Falls or Chautuaqua Lake
' should avail themselves of this oppor
—The street-car line is up to Mc
. Kean St. and heading for the West
Peira depot. £04015
The Only Way
Of getting what you v ant is
to purchase from reliable
sources. You may not need
our goods often,but when want
ed >ou want them prompt
ly and want the best. The
sickroom is no place for ex
periments. Our prescription
department is the most im
poitant one with U3 and we
leave nothing undone to
secure only the best. A drug
may be pure but not up to
the standard in strength.
Nothing short of the best is
thought of with us.
Our trade is laige enough to
keep goods moving so that
we have no old stock. Our
methods of doing business
we think will warrant you in
coming back. Every article
bearing our name is guaran
teed to be just as represented
or your money back.
C. N. Boyd,
On the Diamond.
Near the Court House.
Special Excursion to "Cascade
l'ark," New Castle, Account
Lutheran's Yolks Fest, Wed
nesday. August S, 1 !><><».
For the occasion arrangements have
been made with the Pittsburg & West
ern Ry. Co. to rnn a special train to
New Castle and sell excursion tickets at
the extreme low rate of 75c, which in
cludes ride in Trolly Cars and admis
sion to the park.
Train will leave Butler at 8 a. in.,
city time. Returning will leave New-
Castle at 7 p. m., city time.
Itasc Hall Excursion to Alle
gheny, Friday, August lltli."
From stations on P. & W. Ry., Bruin
to Carl)on Center inclusive. Fare SI.OO
for round trip. Tickets good on date
of sale only. Special train leaves Bruin
5:37 a. in.. Central time.
Account G. A. It. Encampment.
On account of the Thirty-fourth
Annual Encampment of the Grand
Army of the Republic, to be held at
Chicago. August 27-31. inclusive, the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company will
sell excursion tickets from points on
its line to Chicago, at rate of single fare
for the round trip.
Tickets will be sold on August 25, 2(>,
and 27, good to return until August 31.
inclusive; but by depositing ticket with
joint agent at Chicago prior to noon of
September 2. and the payment of fifty
cents, return limit may be extended to
September 30. inclusive.
Account Knights ot Pythias,
Biennial Conclave.
For the Biennial Conclave., Knights
of Pythias, at Detroit, August 27 to
September 1, the Pennsylvania Rail
road Company will sell excursion tickets
from all stations on its line to Detroit,
at rate of single fare for the round trip.
Tickets will be sold on August 25. 26,
and 27, good to return between August
28 and September 5, inclusive; but by
depositing ticket with joint agent at
Detroit not later than September 1, and
the payment of 50 cents, return limit
may be extended to September 14,
S In the prices of stiff r
J and straw hats. /
In this sale all our
new styles and
shapes in stift and
straw hats will be
included and you
have the benefit of
all that's new at the
"Crash Price."
Jno- S. Wick,
242 S. Main St., Butler, Pa
Opposite P. O.
fChase Bros#'
Are used in thousands of homes.
They've been before the people for the
last 40 years, making and gaining new
friends each year. Musicians and Judges
of Pianos speak a good word and the
highest praise for the Chase Bros. Pianos
As state representative for the manu
facturers, I am in a position to sell you a
piano right, and on terms to suit your
convenience in every way.
Kindly call at my wareroom and ex
l amine for yourself "the pianos—they are
there to be seen and heard. Made and
warranted to you by one of the wealth
iest manufacturerr in the country, you
run no risk.
Hoping to count you on my list of
- customers, lam
Yours for business,
1317 South Main St- Butler Pa
The Rush of the Season
Should Occur this Week.
The value of an honest dollar is as much in the
Spending as in the making.
If looking for good values come to us and we'll bet the best suit of
clothes in our store to a straw hat we'll sell the
clothes. Here are some sensation
ally low prices in suits.
All Our $7 Suits, Cheviots and Cassimeres $4.90
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All Our $lB Suits, Absolutely All Worsted 13.50
And our special line at #7.50 which can
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Can You Do As Well Elsewhere.
Schaul & Nast,
137 South Main St., Butler.
| The Surprise Store I
M 108 South Main street, Butler, Pa. <
► '
4 Overalls, Jackets and Pints \
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i The Keystone Corduroy Pants are made from
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rJ Uamhornor Q ventilated workrooms. The artist
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Clothing ing new fashions. The styles here *
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r,A Walking The best interest of the public >
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ioq N. Main St„ Prescription Druggists. Butler, Pa.
A Brownie Camera for si.oo
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We have all kinds of Kodaks and fresh supplies always, at
Douglass' Book Store.
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New designs every few days.
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Branch Studios,
Mars and Evans City.
Telephone 236.
It uiay mean a fortune to you. I pro
cure and sell patents.
R. S. HARRISON, Patent Attorney,
427 Fifth Ave., Pittsburg, Pa.
I West Winfield Hotel,
® W.G. LUSK, Prop'r.
Q0 First Class Table and Lodgings.
fix Gas and Spring Water all through
(gj Good Stabling
Insurance and Real Estate
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