Butler citizen. (Butler, Pa.) 1877-1922, July 20, 1900, Image 4

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    I Furniture and §
p House 1
i Furnishings. |
t Bed Room Suit, 522.00
Hard wood, well luade, g Idei. oak finish, -2x'-- in.. • e". clt'l Iflß
mirror on dre*>ser. fall siz*- bed and wa-h stand.
. Odd Dresser, S 10,00 p|^
Brtiitid ytfann ffrtm «ka«d aiedj
A plain bat substantia', white iron bed. 4 feet f > inches wid»- by
5 feet 4 inches long. Cost.- $4.50. fe?
H Parlor Suits
Mah .gany finished framt five piec* - covered in a.^>" r, e'i cr.lor-
S|> of rib Tap.*try It > well made arid n: .-ly finished. Price $32 50 JSgj
Hot Plates, Two Burners. $1.25
Yon burn les- «a-> and keep the h< use cool. Some with two jgj
burner*. others have 3 and coat $2.75.
Side Board i 11.50
jgl Beveled mirror, pattern top, golden oak and w-11 made l§S5
J Campbell g |emplctonjg
throughout the house-—every
shelf and box to be emptied
This 1900 Shelf-emptying Sale is the greatest money saving op
portunity ever offered you, and the fact that it is an entire new stock
of up-to-date seasonable goods v. e intend to sacrifice, makes it the
most attractive —not SIOO worth of stock in this house one month.
We rc-opened our store after our recent fire on June 12th, so every
thing is new, clean, stylish and desirable, but the season is late and
we have too much stock for this time of year. Sale to continue a'l
through July.
Silks, Dress Goods, Millinery, Ladies' Tailor Made Sui's, bilk
Wa : sts, Wash Waists, Separate Skirts, Jackets, Lace Curtains, Wrap
pers, Art Goods, Wash Goods, White Goods. Laces, Embroideries,
Trimmings, Hosiery, L T nderv/ear, Muslins, Calicoe3,Ginghams, Chevi
ots. It will pay you td'see this valuable new stock at the sacrifice
prices we have put on every article in the house.
Mrs. J. E. Zimmerman,
N. B. —Any person desiring a Fashion Sheet mailed to them can
have one by sending a postal card with name and postoffice ad
dress. Our mail order list was destroyed in the fire of April 24th.
At the Old Stand, Corner Main and Jefferson
~ — Streets, Butler.
Htiseltore's Shoes
Takes all sorts of Shoes. Small stores can't have big assort -
ments. If you care how you and yours are shod, COM E HERE!
Hut Oxford
That seems to be th«: cry We'ie going to give our patrons the
best Oxford and Shoe opportunities that they'll heat of for many a day.
WiD appreciate onr Htrect ()xfor<\H
shown hnr>: *in great variety ami not
There are mitt and velvety bla. u and
brown "Kidn," ccd Ktmrtia and t-well
Pateutn. |1 00, <1 25, |1 50 and *2 <X)
buys a prettier tie here than anywh* ro
IjOW in priced; for Htyle and wear,
away "tip in <i." Any pric«* yon want
to i>av
Who work out in all HortH of weather,
we have Ki*elal nhoeH that jirotect,
abwjlutely wet proof, bat don't oont but
*l, *,\ 86, ft HO and 00.
Juiit the **utewt and daintlent
yon ever saw at tWc, Hr»c and 50c.
ilutler'* Leadtni Hho« Huiut. (>i>po*iifl llotel Ixiwry.
Our 25c box papers.
Our IOC and 15c fine writing i
paper tablets.
Blank books at the old price, i j
Albums l»vu}{ht before the ad
K'jdaks with a special discount
in January.
Photograph supplies always
Sporting goods.
Late fiction.
Bibles cheaper than ever.
Everyday needs at everyday
prices. At
Eagle li l d.
Wall Paper.
Next Door to Postoffice.'
Any woman who will take the troubh
to compare ourM with others would not
think nt buying anything but Queei
for Women and only fcl on
at |1 50, 00 and |'i V), are the -.lick
ect Khoee that ever came to town. It
tickles the women half to death to nee
the way they fit. will cost you
50c more a pair at other store*.
Are Your Children's Feet
Properly Fitted?
It's an outrage to fit growing feet in
a manner repeatedly called to onr at
tentlon the past few weeks. If you
! want your children to have faultleis
| feet, HTAHT NOW and have us fit
them with Nature shajie shoes.
ILJICSL' -/ -1/ •!/ if- u At- u\u U / uy v •J/.U J ■■
* * Vn • * *t " * * T * * *
| Cleveland Berea Grit \
* 11
X ! (
Suitable for
I (Jrnaim-ntal and
i Paving purpofcCH.
I This Stone Will Hot "Shell Off."
Price* reasonatjle.
I Work done well
* and promptly,
X Stone yards on
Hast J'.t na street.
* ¥
* Kesidcnce on
i Morton avenue.
People's Telephone'33o *
**-#-* **** **** ■* <K # #••#* *-# * * *~* * »
. Wc make the strongest,. (
heaviest and mrist service . K
| able milk cans made. f
gal. Cans $lB per doz. ( J
. I . Try Our Cans.
X I. J. KING, 6
| | Grant St, Pittsburg,Pa.^
T' * do >r that I»ant- jaw had this- mscnp
tion o"er it "P'-pilr of hope- Mi ye wh.
cntei here. Wh.i. n, in despairs •>f hop
he cir ;ins the very dr<.fr« f de=t.air
Tb re ar certain forms nt di *.»■*. u
wh: medical iymrsr.ee- and popular su
per *, ion have given the title of Hope
t:-.- That very fact handicaps the -'-i.'Ti •
er- :. rr. -ueh diseases bv : bb; r-g them . i
the . uraee to try to i> (f=.in health This i»
partKularly true of iting diseases A- soon
M SMC fasten? uti tkt the vtetin;
=it» lown. make- fc'i- win and awaits his
late H • wouldn't art that w„;, if he were
bitten Vsy a tarar:
treatrac nt'may
11 i ty:j ted fatallv in con-
J> W—- ",U sumpdo,
|i;'l • P~~f J There is a new in
7/ V '*iv »-1 jjcnption i r that
—WfIJJ V\y d .U. vof dis^e
!|.,l uii.de by ru* binjr
" T I out the a Ist tv.
1 words and leaving
it Hope all ye
who enter here. What Can there be
hope for the suiicrer with the constant
fiu'hed face, burdened breathing
and emaciated body? The record &ays
"yf « " Ninety-eight out of every hundrc 1
cases :n which Dr Pierce's (iolden Medic; '
Discovery has been used have been pe:-
raantly cured. ".Golden Medical Disco
try positively cures weak lur-K- bron
chitis, obstinate lingering cough, bleeding
of the l\:n#rs and kindred ailments, which,
if neglected, find a fatal e-ndlnjf in consump
tion. It contains no alcohol, whisky or
other stimulant
V. ,r medicine is the best I have eve r taicen
wri' ;Mr 'esnie of Vftnbarea. KA'..
kr.sk < Co Mich Last spring I had a t,«J
ffot so bad I had to be in bed all the tin- -
Mv huwtaad though? I had consumption Tt-.
wsnted me to (fet it doctor 1 "-t 1 told him if it
vas consumption they could not help me V.-
thought we -x .uid try Dr ricrr? s Oolden Medi
cal Diso-ee-rv and before I h;, ' one tt
the . Ji<h stepped and I havt since had no sif:-,
of it= .'eturnin? '
Dr. Fieri e> Pellets are tb*j l>est for the
bowels t'ae thein with the *' Discovery."
A \.'FKVEB ta , C'onac«tlon«.
CUTU9 > Ciona. Luag h'rrKr. Milk Fever.
11. 11. / *»PH Lamerii-M. Injuria***.
cvaXM i Rbeumallitni.
t. C.'MIRK THBOAT. Lt*ujiAlc.
cl lu. ) DUlrininrr.
j WDHMH. 11..U, «;rnb».
E, B.) COltiHH. fold*. Influenza, Inflnrned
aria) L' 111»». Pl©tiro-Pneuin«ini*.
F. F. I COLIC*. Ilr|!v«rhe. Wiu-l-Blou n.
cLK£a $ Oiarrhea. Dv««Dierv.
" : "ji '< KID > EV ABL ADDKR ni*OKI>FH*
1 I. >PKI\ niHEA»«EH. Maw*. Eruption*.
cltuob > Lleen. Cir*■*.**-. Farcy.
J. H. ' BAII Co3VniTlo\. -tnrlns Coal.
ct'USb (lndii<ei*(ion. hlomadi Hiasver**.
flCte. eaeb; BlabfteCafi'*. Tra ivrik. Ac., sl.
At drujgrtata or sent prepala on < >f orl'«.
Humphreys* MedlclDe Co., (>»r. WJlOani & f<>bn
St a.. New York.
and Prostration from Over
work or other causes.
Humphrey*' Homoojjuthic Spocif«<;
No in useover4oy<sor», th« only
•ju.ee.;aeful roroedy
tl !■« vial,or ipecial package with powder,for $5
80l 1 »r I* sr'rti-, or »• at p .*• p-;J oo r. • .j.t o* ptic*.
illll'llKEn'lEl*> CO., C*r. WUIUm « J®bu«sU.,^Tor'
A Cure for Constipation.
1 have been troubled with rooKtipal ion ' r
yeur*. it wan rulnltiK my health, my •on •
fort and my complexion, and 1 am uiart •••■
«uy that Celery King haw roatored ull ti:r- ,
ami till* after trying many other uiodl< in« -
that were aappoM '1 to be u'joo, but whl> :i
were of no value whatever. I would liki '
tell ;very Hufrerlnfc woman what Celer;. Kin/
ban done for me.—NeUlc Gould, Medina,' >hlo
< ilery Klnif cores Conmi pat lon anil all >'
i-ur.-f oftli' N erven. Stomach, Liver and K n
cevf Sold by druKClft' '£»■ and GOc.. 8
The Brain and Nerve Food
and Medicine, Quiets Irri
tated Nerves, Soothes the
tired Brain, Builds up the
Vital Powers ot the Body
It Contains no Opiates nor
other harmful drugs.
Srfkl M »T1 flrug stores oa a positive Liiar
ir.'jK \VVtfc to t free mlvise it J booklet to
j>. Milfli Mtfwaw C«. Clkhurt IVta,
gM Eureka llarn» M Oil l«i tl«* f>«wt
9H preservative of now lc*Hl • r ■/ "
%] and tho l*;*t r«-nov/,t>»r of old
•53 It oil*, V'
aud proUM i><. Pm>
Eureka 1
I Harness Siil
■ cr> your h**it barm*n, yoor '»t*l her
■ n«- ' and your «-»trrlß*'.» top. ur.'l tl«<-V /ffß
U will not 'inly look »<« If r Mi! •«r jr/fl
from bulf pint* '*» i' • 11'■' - |T
M«l< < 7 hlAllnllli oil. to. Al
illlMH—lHi T
Butler Count) National Bank,
Hi it let* 1 Vtin,
Capital paid in - %'*'*>,<**!.'*>
Surplus anil i'rolilu
IKS. Ilartman, President; J. V. Kitts,
Vice I"resilient; John G. McMarlin,
Cm.liier, A. <». Krug, Ass't <!ai>hier.
A general »'LviWltiK liirdw • ' trarisaeusd.
latere** paid on time deposit >
Money 1 <am <J on approved h ■ furlty.
We invite you U> up' ii hn w/'iunt wit )i t Ills
11l I<K<T 'JItH 111/f 1 .li.s.-uli Harm.an, Hon.
W. H. Waldron, In nr. M. Hoover. 11. M< -
Hw< ent y I'. ' <>lll (••* I. ti Mull 11, l,e*lle I'
II tr. 1-tL M.I mi /in. >V II l.arkln, llirry
H(M,I, y, Hr. W i: M.'< iind im lien *la*
Solli VV I. Mark , .1 V. KIM*. A. I. Ketbtr
Butler savings Bank
Hul ler, I J f i.
Capital - »*>.<*>
Surplus and Profit* - f ißs,fxJO.or>
JOS. I, PtJKVtH Prifi lftil
J IIKNKY TROUTMAN ...Vii«-Prw.i'leiit
WM.CAMPHKI.I., Jr. < u l.i.i
IvOITIH 11. hTK:N Teller
DIKK'ToIIS- l"v pli 1.. I'lirvln, I Henry
'lroi-.trnan, W. fi. Brati'lnn vV. a Mfi'lu. .i h.
The llUtl' r Haviritfs Hank 1* the Oldest
liunklnir Instiltitlor.! n lftut.lt-r ' lunty.
(.••iiorul li.iiikliilt tin>^l' .h 11 in .acted.
We solicit account* of ull producers, mer
chants, farmer* and other*.
AII liJilrn ** entrust. 0 to us will rucidve
t prompt at trillion.
Interest paid on iltnn deposit*.
Advertittf in ti»«: < i'l'lZKN,
Three Kmieutldl Points Stnted hf nn
Experienced Flee man.
To rear good queens, equal to tbosf
reared nn+'r the -<warming Impulse,
three essential points must be ol>sorv
I'd: . I
They must be reared from small
larva- Those 12 to 24 Lours old art '
right for the purpom- >tn
gl-er. larvre of all ages from which tc I
rear <4u«*u*. some of the queen* will j
l«e nlm<>Kt worthless. Ixmlittle put.- 1
the limit at 30 hours. but to be on th- j
safe side I would advise the use or '
larva- not more than V 4 • -_-s old f•: j
no queen breeder will ;a that the)
former are l«ett»*r than the latter
The ijuccn cells must In- built In full j
colonies well supplied with voting bees j
The young bees do the nuroing; there '
fore, it Is necessary to have plenty 01 j
jounjr l«es to feed the efMlryo qne*-n
--& large quantity of the royal too<l. j
thot stionji. well developed queens |
may be produced.
They must lie either reared during b j
go< 1 honey How or. In the absence of J
tills, liberal feeding mv T be J Ki-cticed.
Th:s Is highly important and Ss the
only way In which we can r>«r good
qu<-eus after the lioney s.-af-on is over.
Imrlng n.y 2i> years' experience in
queen rearing 1 have tried « very meth- I
od which has lieeii brought to public j
notice, and I <:■ nslder Doolittle's meth
od far superior to ai! others. This
ia< thod combines :. essential point*
mentioned alxjve in the highest de
gree. Ky it we ttre enabled to have
qu>-eu cells built in the upper story of
any colony devoted to the production
of extracted honey having a queen ex
eluding honey l>oard between the up
per story and brood chamlfi lb-move
tw( frame:, from the qpti atory of
such a color* \ ar.d In their place put
two frames of unhealed brood. The
object in doing this is to draw a large
force of ntirse liecs above to attend to
the queen cells. Two days later re
move another frame from the upper
story, spread the two frames of brood
apart and place a prepared frame be
tween them. My "prepared frame" is
meant a frame containing a number of
queen cell cups, each supplied ti'ith a
little royal Jelly and a larta al>out a
day old About 1.1 cells are «s many
as a colony should !*• allowed to build
at one time
In order to Improve our stock for
honey gathering we must keep a rec
ord eac! season of our l>est colonies
and rear queens from the stock giving
the best results Have them crossed
as far as possible with drones not akin
of other good stock This is accom
plished by stocking our apiary with
drones not related to our breeding
queens. This Is very important and
must not be overlooked If we desire to
improve our stock. In presenting the
foregoing the Ohio Fanner says that
the writer, a Kentucky apiarian, is
considered one of the l>est queen rais
ers in the country.
I.lee oti Cucninbern.
The standard remedy for lice on cu-
CUIUIMTH, except where plants are very
tender, Is a weak kerosene emulsion.
This should l>e sprayed on when the
lice appear and repeated until they are
all killed. The emulsion is made by
dissolving a half pound of hard soap
•>r a quart of soft soap In n gallon of
boiling water. Add to two gallons of
kerosene and agitate violently by
pumping through a force pump until
the mixture assumes the consistency
of cream When a complete emulsion
lias been made, dilute to "»') gallons. If
this Injures the foliage, dilute still fur
ther, advises American Agriculturist.
An fifiiMvrtMSit Uurallon,
There was one question asked at a
recent horticultural convention which
Is certainly Important viz, I toes the
free use of Itordeoux mixture tend to
ripen or lessen the keeping quality of
the apple, and does It tend to the early
maturity of the fruitV
The only reply was from a fruit
grower of tuuch experience and sue
Cess, who Bald: "I have Is-en spraying
with bordeaux mixture for three years;
previous to that with arHenltes, and the
fruit kept much lx-tter than It did dur
lng the la t three years. 11 may have
been the condition of the weather that
made the difference."
n un«l
Of Important wheat growing coun
tries three alone the United fJtates,
itussla aud India produce an Impor
tant excess over their own consump
five demands. Austria-Hungary Is
also an exporter, but on a small scale.
France endeavors, with varying sue
cess from year to year, to meet her
own consumptive demands. 'P-miany
and Italy are luqK<rters, the latter an
lnqsirtunt customer on the Hussion
A s|s-cies of digger wasp destroys
the apple worm. The wasp Is supj»OHed
to (Mirnly/.e the worm by stinging It
It then lays e«gs upon the worm, and
when these hatch the young larva
feed upon the worm, sticking the Juice
from the carcass and leaving only the
Ihriveled skin
Hoy IH'KUM, which are produced at
the rate of 10 to 2o bushels |s-r acre,
art- a valuable feeding stuff, as they
are quite high in protein, ami to some
extent take the place of such material
as Unseed meal in the ration
Tin; growth of free rural delivery
has l»*cn so rapid that two new |s»stal
divisions have been created In order
to handle the business pro|terly.
A California grower proposi-t a plan
to restrict the acreage of hop to be
harvested next fall and thus Insure
more remunerative prices Because
the Industry Is conllm d to limited
areas In four states American AKTI
eulturlst joints out that the proposl
tlon simpler than the c«>lton problem
ond were hop growers to work In tinl-
Hon It would stand a fair chance of
MOOD'S PILLS euro Llvor Ilia, Bil
iousness, Indigestion, Headache.
Eaay to take, onsy to operate. 23c.
"Mystic Cure" for Rheumatism aud
Neuralgia radically cures in i to j days.
Its action utsm the system is remarkable
and mysterious. It removes at once 11K
causes and the disease immediately dis
appears. The first dose greatly hem-fits;
75 centH? Sold by J. C. Redic, and J. F.
i lPilpVi I>rugK<sts liutler </>.
C Purebloodmeansllfe,healtli,
vigor—no room for dlßcaw J'
J j T/uero tiio veins are Cllctl ( |
1 1 xvitli ricli, red. corpufjclefs. 5j
ULindsey's Improveds
e Blood Searcher ;!
0 lLikc-3 pnro blocs!—cttrcfl 4 1
t i 11L-1, eryfiix>tla:i, pimples, ljoil.'i, 4 1
1 1 tjoru eyes, scald liea/I—lilootl <lhv- 4 *
ca:>csotall forms. ILrre'sproof:
A Wy.'m oror/. M r x, 0 mr>.
1 Dr. I.inflspy*ii BViod BeanJier haa .»
r v.lf d W'.n'lerHWlthni'!. I liaVol* 'i» 1'
& t. ,'il'l' l-wltli Hcmfttia/>'rthlrli/y"" r t 11
$ l/ ii. I «..d thut I>r. T,la'7«ey'fl Jilo-d ,»
fVun-lier wllletloif, tijmrmoiifinß euro *"
luuiiUurtUiOO- Itftiwondfirfal. < I
j) (iWiUNain
T prrmiiußa, PA. \
r At uB Druffldati. W.OO. r
t39 South Main street.
OverShaul & Na*t'« Clothing Store
Inlorrtil) lait. tint AVIil Worli If It
MiimC—A Crop For Poor Soil.
I have found .1 good friend In the
southern cowpea, and 1 always believe
In r-tandlng by my friends Just as long
fis they -tand by nic I consider the
1 southern cowpea a* God's ln-st JJia
nuriul gift to tin i»> >r fanner. 1 umke
that statement with reference to the
p«>r farmer and i>oor soil tiec.iuso I
i cm sure that my friend, the cowpea,
works Is-st !n jHiverty. While it Is well
i adapted to tlu- i«>or farmer, the rich
farmer may a!*. make go<>d uso of it,
; for It Is 11 rrnji for a poor .soil.
Do not con fuse the southern cowpi'D
j with the Canada field pea. Many farm
-1 have inmle a great mistake In this
' yiuy. The field pea ean be sown 'with
1 cats- You may put It In very early
! before the frost is out of the ground,
j The cowpea, however, is a warm sol)
i trop The ground must be warm and
! mellow when it Is sown or will
I never see a spear of It, any more than
! you would see sweet eorn If you under
took to sow It broadcast with the oat
! crop. We must plant It In th? bean
! season if w« wish to get auythlng out
I of It.
The cowpea Is a crop fur the poorest
field you have. It should go the
weakest part of the rotation. l™shonl(l
never be put on rich, strong soil. My
experience with the clovers, and espe
cially with crimson clover. Is that It
. demands a w< il fed soil. I do not
■ think It will ever make a good crop on
a p<-«jr soil without high feeding. I
might say that crimson clover Is like a
some tough old serub. The well bred
Jersey inust have the best of care and
the best of food, and then you will get
a good yield of butter itnd milk There
are, however, some of these tough
ldded old scrubs who, If they receive
good care, with plenty of feed and the
tasti of a currycomb, really seem able
to make u fair supply of milk out of
frosty air and pure water. Let the
n>an bo brother to his cow, and the cow
will have a sisterly affection for lrlm.
A Jersey cow with the same feed would
not do as well as the old scrub, and In
the same way I would say that the
cowpea Is the friend for the rough,
hard places of the farm, where you
eltlier do not care or cannot afford to
use manure or fertilizers.
I i;s<*d to think that a small quantity
of nitrate of soda was profitable In the
COWj»a lMit It Is very easy to
overdo the matter and use nitrate at u
loss. I have observed thai where the
eowiK-a Is grown In very rich soli there
are very few warts or tubendes on the
roots. These little warts or nodules in
dicate that the plant Is olrtainlng Its
nitrogen out of the air Unless they
are present It is good evidence that
the plant simply fed 011 the soluble
nitrogen In the soil, for the cowpea,
like all the rest of us, is naturally lazy.
It lirst looks around In the soil to s<-e If
ample supplies of nitrogen are close at
baud If such t< the case, it Is like
the cat. living on mice captured in a
trap and crawling under the stove to
put on fat. If the soil is poor and but
little nitrogen present, the cowpea goes
to work to take the nitrogen out of the
air and holds it securely for the farmer
to use on subsequent crops.
It must be said that the cowpea is
not well adapted to the small farm.
The reason for this Is that the cow
pea must occupy the land during the
entire growing season. In order to
use it profitably, one must have a farm
large enough to permit this.
With us it Is l«st used In the
orchards and Isiek fields, which are
practically abandoned because the
farmer does not like to use manure
and fertilizer on them. That Is Just the
place for the cowpea, and It will bring
these old fields back Into life and pros
perlty It will do it alone In time, but
will do it more rapidly and with great
er profit If a small quantity of potash
and dissolved rock Is; used with It.
It must l>e understood that the cowpea
must hold a mortgage <lll your field for
one year. It will not grow, like crim
son clover, between two other crops.
It cannot be recommended as a catch
crop to grow between frost and frost
I wolilil recommend the Knrly Hlack
variety. If you try the cowpea, I
think you will 1h» disappointed in the
fall, when the frost kills down the
vines, but when you plow It under lu
the spring and see the crop that grows
after It I am sure that you will agree
with me that It Is one of the best ma
nurtnl crops that the fruit grower can
get hold of Ho say# II W Colling
viood of New Jersey lu concluding one
of his characteristic talks liefore the
State Horticultural society.
%U riotiltnriil I!r«- \II lr*».
If uuy colonies have perished during
winter, put the hives lu a cool cellar
to prevent the wax worm from <!•►•
stroylng the combs The hives can 1*»
used to advantage at swarming time,
or if you are In ne«-d of wax the combs
should Is) rendered at Mice, advises au
When a g**d dairy cow Is obtained,
the dairyman should keep her Just as
long as she proven good There Is a
mistaken Idea that cows must always
Isi young to be profitable. We have
|4-en cows 17 years old doing as well
tut the average In younger days, says
a Massachusetts correspondent of
Home and farm
A New York state correspondent tells
The Itural New Yorker that he gets
pole lliiiiis early and cucti 111 tiers, sweet
corn 11 nd other vegetables a full month
ahead of his neighbors hy starting
them In i*>ts under glass In cold
Kngllsh authorities claim that club
root germs persist at Iwist two years
In soli 11(1011 which no host plant Is al
lowed to grow and thinks It prolwble
they will do so much longer.
The iiumlier of plant lice on a trer
can be materially lessened at any time
during the season by a thorough spray
lug with even a comparatively weak
mixture of any g.ssl contact poison
In auinmer j>ure whlnkey
oi cool quilt,y la far
nupeilor to any drink knowr.
lu action on the blood la uliui
hcaiiu'ul and often prevent!
lom: continued dlaeaae.
We offer the rliolce of the below brands ol
whl',key guurantci 'I pure awl ovei six year,
old, ,i ;l 00 per fall <iuurl or *l* quarts • > '•">
mi.'ll, MT. VKBNOH.
1,1 I KKMlkltlkU. 11l 1.1.1 NU Kit.
■ l: ..1.0 AIIIMtH.I IIUM K,
1 a w iUW' y Kiiarwile I yearn old. 13.00 per tin'.
Ml i 0 li or nmll order* of §T>.OO or ove 1 we
Ixix atid Hlilp liromtit'y; ®*pr. is eliarg" ,iri
We Intvi- no iiic-rtH to repre ,1 lit u*. send
nrilcra il Inset ami , iv*» money -
411 Water Slree
Telephone, 21 fltUt.uu, > *.
Opposite II A O. l icpot.
Tlila !• Your Opportunity.
On receipt of tea renta, cash or stamp*,
& generous 1; mple will he mailed of
most iiopnlur < atarih and Hay Fever < '•>"
(Ely> Cream Unlaw iinlTicieiit to dernou
htrat'i the gri il merits of the reae dy.
Wsrreu Ht , New York City.
Hot John Held, Jr , of Great Fulls, Mont.,
recoiumendud Ely's Cream llaliu to nia. 1
can einiihasizo his statement, "It is a jioti
tiva euro for catarrh if tn*d widircoUd.
ltav. Francis W. I'oolo, I'aator Outrall'roa.
Churob, Helena, Mont.
l'W's flreaai Balm is tl»- arknowl«dge«!
earn for catarrh and contains 110 la'-renrj
nor any iujarious drug Frice, 00 cents.
WANT Hi Hon. I mini or woman loiravi
\*,r I Jiff'' a lumi .«•; iHltiry f»''» rrtdfi Lilly ini'i
. it i'M( J 1 1 • Ul'« »1 1 "
, , , . , 1.. ,uttM <J • iivelopi
AMAOI-1( ifeO tux'im bliis-. Ciilcago.
July Clearance Sale
Will Eclipse all Others Ever Made or Heard of.
|'|| Suits of Clothing will be sacrificed for ONE-HALF of their
; ' former price.
This means hundreds of dollars loss to us and hundreds of dol
lars saved to you.
In our eagerness to supply the demands of our customers we
! bought entirely too many goods. This and other reasons which we
wi'l make known later, is why we ofler the public these new goods
Sale Will Commence July 13.
Come in and bring a friend with you; look over the Men's,
Boy's and Children's Clothing, try them on, and if you see a suit
that pleases you pay A of what it sold for anil take it along.
!>„.., onlwvp these goods are all marked in plain figures
IlclllblllUcl and you can see just what they sold for. Do
rot wait till they arc picked over, but come right away, even if you
have to miss a day's work, for it will pay you.
Below we quote some of our prices:
$16.50 SUITS FOI< $8.25
15.00 " " 7.50
14.00 " " 7.00
12.50 " " 6.25
10.00 " " 5.00
8.50 " " 4.25
/•oo " " 3.75
5.00 '• " 2.50
No goods taken back at this sale.
118 8. Main street, Butler, l J a.
SIINGE; 1840.
W ve b nin business in Butler since 1840. Reasonable to suppose we know
something about k< >ds. isn't it? Know where anil how to get the best goods and
lowest p.'cesv Know how to detect find avoid all deceitful and unworthy goods
Our knowledge is used for your benefit. We have a reputation to inaintair
ind our signature to an advertisement means as much to us .is if it were signe<
to a br check.
Shirt Waists and Shirt Waist Materials
White and colored shirt waists, stylish and perfect fitting a
SI.OO. *1.50 and $2.00.
uTt. New patterns in lx>st percales for waists 13Jc.
/ Choice Dimities for waists 115 c and ISc.
India Linens, extra values at 15c, 30c and Asc.
Fancy White Goods 10c, 15c and '.'oo
White Irish Linen for waists 30c, 40c and 50c.
1 \ | A All-over-embroideries, tin kings, and laces, hand
I' 1, Wl] some and cheap.
-'' I ,)Summer Dress Materials.
)P7"t Fine Ginghams, great values, Bc, 10c and 15c.
Best Denims for skirts l'JJc.
fi 3 '/y \ Linen Crash for skirts 15c and 18c.
" White Duck and P. K. 121, 15c and 20c.
Lawns and Dimities 10c, 15c and inc.
Ribbons and Fixings
Are needed to complete your summer outfit Jt W
No. 40 and 00 Fancy Hibbons—worth 40c to 50c at 25c.
No. 'SO Plain Taffeta llibbon 25c. f
Pully Belts 25c, 50c, 75c, and s*tl.«X». UJ
Fancy Stock Collars 86c and 50c. Hsl iBI 11l
Velvet Ribbons, Linen Collars. Ties,Gloves,Hosiery, Under -Jllllillj
wf ar. Cmbrellas, Parasols and everything needed at right prices * ——
( NefYork j™
;Tri-Weekly Tribune 3 Dlts '
The first number of THE TRI-WKRKI/V TRIBUNE was published Novembe
20th, 1*99. The immediate and cordial welcome accorded it from Ivastern an
Western States insured an unexampled success.
It i:. oubliahed on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and each number
complete,*up-to-date daily newspaper, with all important news of the world up 1
hour of going to pre:;s. ,
Contains all striking news features of THE DAILY TRIHUNK. Special \Vn
Dispatches, D jinestic and Pc .cign Cot Short Stories, Humorous lllu
strations. Political Ca;toons, Industrial Information, Fashion Notes, Agriculture
Ma'ters, Comprehensive and Reliable Financial and Market Reports.
Profusely illustrated with half tones and portraits of prominent j>eople
Regular subscription o. ice $1.50 per year, but we furnish it
And the CITIZEN 1 Year for $2.00.
NPW YORK l or nearly sixty years the leading Nation!
tijiijiivC f.imily newspaper for progressive fai nets an
WLLhI.Y IKIBUiNL. \ liag. rs
Its Agricultural Department is unexcelled, and Market Kejior s an sutliorit
for the country.
Contains all the news of the Nal ion and World, with interesting ami instrui
tive reading for every member of every family on every faun and in eve ▼ villan
in the I'nited States.
Regular subscription price SI.OO per year, but we furnish it
And THE CITIZEN I Year for $1.50.
Send all orders to THE CITIZEN, Butler, Pa.,
* \ 4 m
00 J WATCHES, 2 °
oj CLOCKS, {
2 4 Wc repair all kinds of # *
% j Broken Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, etc J C>
$ Givo our repair department a trial. #
Wo take old gold and silver tho same aH cash. * m
5 s 122 S. Main St., Butler, Pa. J 5
A <|uick and sure cure for Rheumatism. <lout. Lumbago Neuralgia an.
Sciatica is Dr. Ilolton's Rheumatic Tablets.
Dr Ilolton's Rheumatic Tablets give almost instant relief and is prepared from
oneof the very la st formulas known for that disease. It is the result of deep an.
untiring research of a hospital socialist.
Price s<x: a box of sixty tablets Prepared onlf by The Ilolton Chemical Co.
K*j N. Main St,, Hutler, I'a.
Anton Krut, Jr.,
Wholesale and Retail i<l/)RIbI.
Choice Roses, Carnations, Palms, Ferns and Bedding Plants
1>! CORATIONS an.l Ct'T I'LOWIiRS always on hand[and furnished for al
occasions. I- ine Floral Work for Funerals a specialty, made by an e*perten. .
designer who has had 15 years' experience in I'ittsburg.
Main Oflice at Hutler Green Houses, West <>( Court House
2\2 Lincoln Street, on tie Island. _
Branch Oflke, Arlington Hotel Building. South Main Street.
People's Phone 355-2, Main Oflice, Green Houses.
355-3. Office 011 South Main Street.
Orders by mail or telephone promptly attonded to.
When you are in need of Cut l'lowers or PlanU, call and see my stock, whicl
is the larger., in the county, as I have , S ,ooo feet -.1 ga* and a s arms of groun.
devoted to the growth of Cut l'lowers and Flowering Plants only.
Reading Millinery House:
I Clearance Sale ij
A - * rS^V #% , T
old Butler County, and as we are one the oldest firms
still in the ring, we deem it our duty to celebrate in a measure, that
is, by making it the "BANNER YEAR" of our business.
We have just opened and placed on exhibition, and we may
add, on Sale, one of the most complete lints of SPRING GOOD 3
ver brought into this city. In this line the following are " nclude.i:
Punjab Percales, Lawns, Dimities,
Silk Ginghams, Laces, Embroideries,
Puffing, All Overs.
O '
We have no hesitation in , ing that we have the Largest, M 0.4
C >mp!etc, and best assorted st of CARPET in Butler County, i >-
eluding the celebrated Hartford Axm'nster, Sanfor.l & Wilson's Wi'-
ton Velvet, the old reliable Body Brussels, i, 2, and 3-t.ly Ingrain,
Rugs of every price and description, Art Squares, Druggets, and t»ur
"Centennial Rug," size 36x40 inches, all-wool, at 25 cents c..ch; a
veritable celebration in itself.
Butler, Pa.
t-'atterson Rro's
3rd Mid"Summer
Clearanee bSale of
Sale Begins Monday, July 23rd.
We have a large stock of all grades of wall paper and it must ?11
go as we do not intend to cai y any goods over until next season.
Here is a money saving opportunity that you can not afford to miss.
See our Remnant Bargain Counter. Window Shades at Cost.
Patterson Bros.,
236 North Main Street, Butler, Pa
Wick Building. Peoples' Phone 400
Clearance Sale
Great reduction in every article pertaining to MILLINER -
A great variety of TRIMMFD HATS for Ladies, Misses and cliil
dicn, all reduced to one hall the former price. Sailors, ribhons,
chiftons, flowers, ornaments, straw, braids, nettings; also all untrim
med hats, sacrificed at bargain sales, not regarding cost as we need
the space for fall goods. Sale will continue a'l during month of
August at
South Main Street, Rutler, I'a
Farm For Sale.
I will sell my farm in Washing
ton twp., located about three
miles west of North Washington,
containing about 150 acres, with
good house, barn, outbuildings,
springs and orchard, underlaid
with coal, and two producing oil
wells, on easy terms. Inquire ot
R. 0. Rumbaugh,
Nixon House, liutlcr, l'a.
llwaJK- . V- -
You will find yourself if you don't
t>urch»se h Cleveland or C rcaccnt bicycle.
They arc built like it watch and will hint
for yents C'etxent #35.00 to
Cleveland to #s<> < >. (tool second
hand wheels iio.oo. We curry a com
plete l'ne of tires and bicyclea parts; i»lwj
Cameraa of all kinds and f'hoto Supjilic.i;
ulso the Kdtaon and Columbia talking
turtchiii •' from #V"" up. A new,, lot ol
Records just received.
Jeweler and Graduate Optician-
Next to Court IIOUNC
WtE IWSHlicori^
Vftsurjiaiied lor cure of C?UOHSvC?LD!>
>A< ACfb ■
' In decorated fin Bones-PocKel vtt
2R C per BOX • ,
ioM by Of u'jqiMj. • verywWc or
' J i/cLsirf on rece'l" of i>rlc#»
Eyes Examined Free of Charge
Jeweler and Graduate Opticla
Next Ooor to Court Hot-v:. Butler. Pa
&<*!*■**». K>«lUk IHw*4 hat
Orlclaal aad Only ««••!•«. A
JL>\ •arc, uoii* ul M\
ft II DrauM I »r 0 OU M%X
LMpQA«M7frcii4 In K*4 mm) (Mi ■ataJit«\%V
Vk aaalai vlUt t»l«a ribton. Taka
W •iiw. toHHTWH m*«Wla ▼
I I * iaMaWim At i>r«cct«te. ar aa»4««.
I u Jr l » *•«»«• tor aertlaalaf*. t'nl»«niala ul
I M J9 " Ka»rf War Ladl**," <a UW», >y Mill
At *ll I'ruMiiU. (llfkratfr rbrmlMil ("a,
«40« ||Ju«a N«««r«*. P>
Vtv-iO*® --DENTAL H00M5." M
I ' * 431 IS9 " sth AV«., PlM»durn,r .jj
t! • «, du 1 .Y'K'li'd'i" if
H J* CROWN ">'l »."jj
». '• - v A® of nil'i urn- WIIV <<OT no w
" -'ft /WiYOUn37 (jnow\ . A
Ytf 1 ORIDGE work rmlnrwi i. }t
' 'Vf Uili PER TOOTH Alt. 11..!*
• i J (m«I Ml iifT(«tli iniuli*, ONLY 1
Pianos and Organs.
MeI'ANN I». 0.. Hutlor Co.. Pa
It you want H piano
r.r organ drop nie a
1 "ic and I will cill
u.ion you.
How ninny wit.h
/ iniiUiTH In ri'i'iilat
lnu watclioa left with
k tliom tor ropulm at
'v 11■ in |it to IIWIU r them
, ' run to tlu' Hi-i oiiit.
s Ank youreelf <'< -
/ jftL idder your |i!i»t ox
/itorlnnci' mill when
/ M? you want ri'iilly ox
J ///* pert work <lonii and
I (L WlUlt to feel hilt' Hlll'd
I IIP I hut your wateh I*
llgyT runnlnc iii eloaely
1 \W ' UN It I'llll lit' lllllftl' to
.. " run. llrlnK llto till).
'\ vft I' ... I guarantee that
No a .» H. Main Wtroet Itutler. I'a
Cures r'i.i.
eejey '
■JT^- k: ,-
sr |?ure , :,:l:;. ':
KookilL rrrTMiu